Lakers Enter Fray For Steve Nash

HANG TIME CAPITAL BUREAU — While the Toronto Raptors and New York Knicks have made strong pushes for free-agent guard Steve Nash, the Los Angeles Lakers have quietly entered the fray for the 38-year-old guard and are making a strong bid to acquire him, according to a league source.

The Lakers, with a payroll already projected in excess of $83 million next season, would only be able to offer Nash an exception starting at $3.09 million for next season. It’s unlikely Nash would take that, so a sign-and-trade deal would be a more realistic possibility.

The Lakers do have a viable starting point guard they could send Phoenix in such a deal, Ramon Sessions, who became an unrestricted free agent after surprisingly opting out of the last year of his contract. Forwards Jordan Hill and Matt Barnes are also free agents.

The Lakers have also been looking to rid themselves of forward Metta World Peace, who has two years and $15 million remaining on his deal. But the Suns aren’t believed to be interested in World Peace.

Nash is mulling offers from the Raptors, who reportedly have a three-year, $36 million deal on the table, and the Knicks, who only have the $3 million exception to offer as well.

A source said Tuesday that Nash is allowing the Knicks time to try and create a sign-and-trade deal that would be palatable for Phoenix — and also get Nash a higher annual salary. But the Raptors put a crimp in New York’s plans Tuesday when they reached a verbal agreement with restricted free-agent guard Landry Fields on an offer sheet worth $20 million for three years.

Fields was one of the players the Knicks had hoped to include in a potential sign and trade with the Suns. But the league’s rules prohibit a team from trading a player who has signed an offer sheet as part of a sign-and-trade deal.

The Mavericks are also looking at Nash, who left Dallas as a free agent in 2004 for Phoenix, after Nets free agent guard Deron Williams opted to remain in Brooklyn on Tuesday. But the Mavericks, according to a league source, have other possibilities if they can’t get Nash, including Clippers free agent Randy Foye, and Aaron Brooks, who played last season in China.

Because Brooks, who had played most recently in Phoenix in the NBA, wasn’t on the Suns’ roster at the end of last season, he can’t be used by the Suns as part of any sign-and-trade deal.


  1. Bettyel says:

    They traded Derek Fisher who was born in August 1974 for Steve Nash who was born in February 1974 because they said Fish was too old. Go figure!

  2. adamy says:

    Lakers should trade andrew bynum and metta world peace for dwight howard and pau gasol for josh smith so that the lakers could have a big three.

  3. Trade KOBE please! says:

    Bottom line is Kobe should be traded to save LA from future mediocrity. GM should ask Kobe to opt out his “No Trade Clause” and be willing to be shopped for some big time younger players. Maybe to Celtics, Clippers Bulls or San Antonio.

    LAKERS for Life, but please please, now is the time to trade KOBE. He’s done already.

    • finally a smart laker fan…who understands that the organization is bigger than the player….KOBE WILL GET TRADED and he is the one that will ask for it….just wait and see

  4. Rings for LAKERS says:

    It all depends on what the lakers want more. Hope for the future or for the Lakers to win 2 championships more with the mamba. Kobe is obviously so great and has the rings to prove it. Nash never did have anyone around him to get one. (Dallas maybe but,Kobe’s lakers always knocked Nash out of the playoffs. Nash has maybe 3 years left and with his will to win and intelligence and the compliment h e will be to the entire laker team. The lakers should win the next 2 titles because honestly Bynum has been dominant. So laker fans and organization I just feel as if this move will get his 2 championships and put us 1 over the celtics. This is something I want to see and, not to mention beat Lebron and the heat in both those…… Think about it!

  5. AK says:

    wow lots of idiots comenting, if the lakers could get a long term young pg they would, ONLY PROBLEM is the new salary cap fines set in from the lock out, and Nash is just what the Lakers need.

  6. Faye's Dad says:

    Nash wont fit for the lakers, almost all possesions is handled by kobe, alone, they should trade gasol for an athletic forward, or lets say josh smith??I think sessions is just on a learning stage, give him some time to adopt

  7. Lakerboy24 says:

    Lakers should go after Kyle Lowry man, Young, athletic, and coming into his prime. Give him a 4 year deal and we’ll be solid at the PG. Also, the Lakers should get a decent SF to battle for the starting job. With that I think could be a serious contender.

  8. ScareCrow says:

    Lakers must acquire Allen Iverson as point guard and Center Kareem Abdul Jabar..^^

  9. Matt says:

    Lakers have a younger guard in sessions. Age is not inversely proprtional to getting a championship. Those people asking for a younger pointguard should check the nursery. Nash is always underrated because he is overage. F-*-kc.

  10. Shakril says:

    For winning a Championship now, Nash would be a great fit for the Lakers. He proved that he can feed Big Men, and the Lakers have to of them. Watch how Gortat played with Nash. Imagine him with Gasol and Bynum. If the Lakers geht Nash, they could trade away Metta World Peace, and other Players to free some Cap Space, and get some Draft Picks or younger Talent which are available and can help the Lakers in the long run. If they keep Bynum or get Howard, they have a Centerpiece for the Future they can build around and still winning now. And Kobe has enough years left. I dont expect him to reitre in the next 5 years so enough time to get younger. And if Nash retires after 2 years with 2 possible rings? It sounds good to me.

  11. Marvin says:

    it just shows that Lakers are somehow desperate that they wanted to win the title this season. But for me, Nash isn’t the player who could bring the title to Lakers, they need someone who could exchange with Bryant or probably who could get along with him to help the team. The only thing Lakers doesn’t have is a role player Point Guard that Rajon and CP3 could do. 🙂

  12. Abdul Kayani says:

    Nash to the Lakers would be a waste of time for both Nash and the Lakers. Kobe and Nash can’t coexist simply because Nash is the traditional PG, meanwhile Kobe is the franchise player who likes the ball in his hands. Lakers need a scoring PG who can drop a couple of dimes though when he has the ball in his hands

  13. dwade3 says:

    trade bynum and matt barnes for nash marcin gortat and shannon brown

  14. Akash says:

    Lakers should get Jonas Valančiūnas, he is one hell of a player

  15. Raptorsfan101 says:

    Lakers are already got enough talent. Nash should go to a team which needs him somewhere else ( Toronto)

  16. BRB says:

    Wall supposedly has become a problem in the locker room and is having issues with ownership….sounds like another Howard is getting ready to blow up.

  17. BRB says:

    Nash doesn’t make sense for Lakers. All of these weird dreams doesn’t work. If Kobe wanted a real PG, he should be trying to work out a sign and trade for John Wall. Washington is trying to dump payroll and wants expiring contracts and picks. They may even take Metta…which would be a blessing.

  18. joelito corgos says:

    i would rather get steve togeher w/ dwigth release all free agents and trade the rest.for salary cap space that would be competitive be a champs again…….

  19. coolkid says:

    LA is getting no one.. there going no were when kobe leaves there team is gone kiss it bye bye knicks have no one to trade since raps recently are taking fields nash is going to the raptors fields with nash i see championship and lakers put your bid up allitle bit higher this is nash’s decision i thik he’s going to toronto

  20. akosibonik says:

    how can you say howard-nash-bryant will win 2-3 rings? lakers fans are desperate. they won’t even compete with OKC in the playoffs. these laker fans are so desperate for a ring, the best way to get a ring is to get howard. how will you play nash or kobe together? they both handle the ball almost all the time. that’s why this won’t work, as well for miami, lakers and the heat do not need nash. do you think nash can guard a russellwestbrook, or a cp3? i doubt, he maybe a good offensive player, but not as a defensive player. so why bother? there are many talented and potentially skilled PG’s in the NBA. get a PG who will compliment kobe(or dwight if ever). the only hope for a laker championship is howard+kobe. be realistic laker fans.

  21. CallZitLikesISeesIt says:

    Laker wish list for a REAL shot at a ring regardless of long term ramifacations…
    (I know, I know I”m “high” but here goes)

    Nash …(dreaming)
    Howard… (reality)
    Gasol… (thats the REALLY “high” part but I think last year he was burnt out from playing so much BB in the off-season. He”ll
    ….still be better than MOST anybody the Lakers can get for this position, He’s still under contract and remember he DOES have chemistry with Kobe and DOES know what it takes to get a ring. I’d blame it on the coach and his “system “first!) Nash, if anybody, will make him “all that he can be”!
    Ron Artest…note to Ron,change your name back, REBOUND AND DEFEND! don’t shoot unless under the basket, now sick ’em
    Chaucy Billups…off the bench. Nuff said.
    Jordan Hill…off the bench Get ‘er done already.

  22. Howard says:

    As much as i dont like Dwight Howard i prefer the Lakers pursue Him. Steve Nash is a great point guard but he is too old to play ball. if Nash becomes a Laker who will fill Pau Gasols spot? Just saying.

  23. fads says:

    could u say wat ther rosters for each team would be i didnt quite get that

  24. Chris says:

    ‘ the Suns aren’t believed to be interested in World Peace.’ lol

  25. China says:

    雷阿伦 Miami heat

  26. mao says:

    if nash will play with lakers i guess thats great cause he is really the missing piece on lakers roster but please give him a better offer..he deserve it as well..if that thing happened..for sure..lakers will go to finals again..

  27. PG says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Nash going to the Lakers would be straight up foolish? Kobe takes at least 20-30 shots a game. Hes the kinda guy who wants the ball in his hands almost all the time. Getting a great, old PG with a player like him just doesn’t make any sense. Just like the situation with the Knicks bid. Melo is going to want the ball and pretty much eliminate the PG position like he did with Lin. Hes in a tough spot. Knicks, Lakers, and Raptors want him. He won’t be needed all that greatly in NY or LA, but theres essentially no chance for him winning a championship in Toronto. I feel sorry for the guy.

  28. JHCT says:

    I hope Lebron stays in Cleveland.

  29. BuffaloBills says:


  30. shazam says:

    Get rid of a 37 yr old and acquire a 38 yr old.

  31. Moses says:


    Received Lost

    Steve Nash Ramon Sessions
    Matt Barnes
    Jordan Hill

    Michael Beasley Pau Gasol
    Derrick Williams

    Dwight Howard Andrew Bynum


    Antawn Jamison
    Rashard Lewis



    PG – Steve Nash Steve Blake
    Darius Morris

    SG – Kobe Bryant Andrew Goudelock
    Darius Johnson Odom

    SF – Metta World Peace Devin Ebanks
    Rashard Lewis

    PF – Michael Beasley Derrick Williams
    Antawn Jamison

    C – Dwight Howard Robert Sacre

  32. NashtyMar says:

    nash should join the Heat,, because he is a former suns,, somehow related,, heat from suns,, jhahahhahahaha

  33. the Prophet of Basketball says:

    Bring back Jordan Farmar….last time he was with the team we won championships he is ready to start now and can defend Russell westbrook and is still young enough to play with quick point guards

  34. toink says:

    what the lakers need is a coach “a Phil jackson” type coach .. since the departure of phil lakers has been a so-so team.

    • CallZitLikesISeesIt says:

      I totally agree! If Phil (or someone who was a RESPECTED coach, not Brown) was running the Lakers the players would be lining up to come to L.A.

  35. anthony says:

    trade kobe for any team player, lakers have a descent 1345 and number 2’s ball-hogging is limiting the lakers team play

  36. Nils says:

    T_T … the suns don´t want the World in Peace

    “But the suns aren´t believed to be interested in world peace.”

    cruel suns T_T

  37. Nash is too old for LAL. LAL need a young players for rebuild showtime. KB will be play for 4-5 yrs and now nobody replace him. Without starplayer like KB, Lakers saga will end…. soon.

  38. thomas says:

    acquiring steve nash is a good move but acquiring howard is a bad thing bynum is the best center in the nba. not a joker like howard

  39. mario says:

    I d prefer Dragic but Nash has 2-3 good years in him so he ll be a perfect addition for the last years of Kobe. Sign free agents Jamison n Kirilenko or/n Beasley to add quality depth at both forward spots. I d love a trade of Gasol for Smith but Hawks’ moves show they wont trade Smith.

  40. miamiheat HATERS!!! says:

    nash go to BOBCATS! hahahaha

  41. Domenic says:

    Ok a few people are saying take Nash as he is available and their aren’t any other decent PG’s available, here are a few decent free agent pg’s available.

    D. Williams (resigning)
    A. Miller (resigning)

  42. kmoney612 says:

    Championship next yr ??? LAKERS heres how for sure.1st trade that 32yr old PF along with head case Metta peace out.In a 3 team deal with my TWovles and ATL.With my Wovles getting their guy they want in PAU and without really wanting to take on World Peace.With the TWovles sending 21yr old PFD-Williams,PGLukeRid,SGWebsters buy out team option a 2013 1st round pick a 2016 2nd round pick.AND CBMiller who is retiring and will be bought out right after trade.To ATL who is blowing it up and wants to get younger and save cash for the next two yrs.With ATL sending back PGTeague to Minnie while shipping Josh Smith and PGHarris to LA.Then u gotta go get DHoward from the Magic and if u get D12 u kno Hedi Turk or JRich is coming with him.So LA sends CBynum,SFEbanks sign in trade PGSessions a 2013 1st round pick 2015 1st round pick and a 2016 2nd round pick then LA signs and trades PFJHill to TWovles for a much needed draft pick back in a 2013 2nd round pick so that leaves PGHarris,SGKOBE24,SFJRich,PF#5JSmith,C#12DHoward then fill in the rest of roster with players looking for a ring that will play for the minumum.And that will tie KOBE with AIRJORDAN with 6 rings i dont think it gets any more simple than that that.Over an out.

  43. omg.. nash is the best point guard in his season…go go go.. l.a.c beat them all 🙂

  44. syoks says:

    the most important with nash now is to have a championship ring, not the money by this time, because he only have 2 to 3 yrs in his career..and the only team that can give ring to him that easily are the miami heat, every body will be surprise this coming days,bec. its so quietbetween him and the heat..

  45. awgj says:


  46. Peter MEMAN says:

    Gooooo LAKERS!!!!!!!!!! Go and Get Howard and Nash.,,.,.,.,.

  47. armin halvadzic says:

    Nash makes Lakers better in the very first game. Totatly different team. Get rid of Bynum get Howard. Too good to be true but I can hope . Howard Gasol Ebanks Kobe Nash.

  48. John says:

    Also, guys lets remember that Dwight Howard wants nothing to do with the Lakers, he wants to play in Brooklyn and if the Magic don’t trade him there this off season he will be signing in Brooklyn FOR SURE next summer.

    Nash to LA in a sign and trade for Pau. We will be making a push for Dragic, so we’ll be fine at PG and those of us who watch the Suns saw how good Sabastian Telfair can be when given the opportunity, he played very well down the stretch last season.

  49. John says:

    I still cannot believe the Suns Ownership didn’t didn’t deal Steve when they had the chance to get Derrick Williams or the #2 pick last year SMH! They are now left to try to squeeze something out of him, but at least he’s giving Phoenix the opportunity, unlike that fruitcake Amare, just flat out left without giving them the chance for a sign and trade.

  50. Chris says:

    The Lakers need to sign Nick Young. Because he is what the lakers need. Young and can become an all star. The Lakers are looking to get younger. but in reality all they need is to fix their bench and sign someone like Nick Young.

    • GabisOne says:

      Nick Young? Seriously? The worst decision maker in the league? The guy is a blackhole on offense, get the ball shoot the ball, and an absolute disaster defensively. Horrible, horrible idea.

  51. GodGIven says:

    I think Allen should stay in Celtics,! they had the chemistry! go for 2012-13 championship!

  52. boombooroomboomboom says:

    are you guys crazy? steve nash is the perfect guy for LA!!!!!! he spreads the ball~!!!!!they need someone to get the ball away from kobe’s hands and its nash….wow!!!!!! together with HOWARD n NASH = pick n roll? men that would be really awesome to watch!!!!!!!!!!!!and dont forget our hero KOBE.. with still gasol playing with us..that would make LAKERS the real LOB CITY.. just sayin

  53. Min says:

    I think the Lakers should get rondo or some young point guards cuz nash is getting old,he can only play like 2-3 seasons min., but nash is a good player,just old. Andrew Bynum is a young,and good player who is almost like Dwight,but if the Lakers want Dwight Howard,(in my opinion) they should do this. Sign Dwight Howard from free agent(if he goes to free agent),and maybe if the Celtics accept,trade Bynum and Sessions for Rondo.

  54. ABBO24 FOR LIFE says:

    showtime will be back to the lakers if they will sign nash..

  55. NASH FAN 4 LIFE says:

    If he chooses LA I will not be a lakers fan. I will jump bandwagon and join the Thunder if he goes to L.A. HATE THE LAKERS 4 Life…..

  56. NASH FAN 4 LIFE says:

    NO LAKERS….. They stink 4 life…. Ever since phil jackson left you won’t win another ring. Kobe stinks and they got smashed by the thunder. NASH stay in Phoenix or go to MIAMI to win a ring.

  57. Serenit says:

    What the Lakers need is a good point man like Nash who can deliver wide open shots for the team. I think, the Lakers players are going to have higher percentage shots if they can find chances of loop-holes against the defense; and having an experienced point guard like Nash is a wise move for the Lakers.

  58. batez says:

    Lakers need someone to help them win now regardless of their age!! They arent in rebuilding mode with Kobe in the final years of his career they want it right now! & that makes Nash the perfect PG for this team as long as they dont have to trade away any major pieces (any of the big 3) to get him.

  59. dam you guys are stupid says:

    hahhaahhaha you foolssss..

    its not about the rings, its about selling tickets and more money.

    nash = huge atraction= big money

    get it…

  60. another example of a kobe trade is to the celtics for rondo…bradley and sullinger

    • URan Idiot says:

      um, ever heard of a thing called a no-trade clause? duh

      • hey clueless laker idiot…..ever here of WAIVING your no-trade clause……because kobe will realize that he will NEVER EVER SNIFF another title with the old slow washed up lakers… missed my entire point…..KOBE WILL ASK FOR THE TRADE..GENIUS…………1 more thing for you kobe worshippers….kobe could care less about the LAKERS…he cares about only i thin.. HIMSELF…and where that 6th ring will come from … GENIUS…WAKE UP…you kobe fans make me laugh

  61. Anthony says:

    Lakers with Nash,Kobe,Bynum and Gasol will be the favorite to win it all the next 2-3 years

  62. ChrisBrown says:

    If LA pull this off it would be a steal trade. If Nash do go to Lakers I wouldn’t like to trade Bynum and Gasol anymore. Trust me this trade makes sense for the Lakers, the Spurs already prove they still got it even if they’re old.

    • pakyaw says:

      youre right.. Spurs prove that they’re old ,thats why they’re always come up short….thats what gonna happen to Lakers too,if they do this move…this is not about how many battle u win,its about wiining the war….SPURS got the best record and got the best coach ,they still lost…

  63. zer02her0 says:

    I bet 100million even if nash plays for the knicks they wont have a chance to be champs. I dont think nash would want to play for the lakers aswell. I hope he goes to toronto or just stay with phx and play with eric gordon 🙂

  64. Mark says:

    I know Steve Nash is Steve Nash… But given he’s quite old, I’d be going after Goran Dragic in a big way if I was looking for a Free Agent point guard.

  65. oli03 says:

    look guys.. it kind of funny to see how all this thing going I dont know about Steve Nash but the Lakers make him cry like a little kids didn’t get his candy. on West coference final game 6 or 7 i forgot in that locker room look its hard for him going to the Lakers and not only that as a member of Suns, look Kobe said it on one interview ” I dont like them…specially Nash get his place for MVP!!. it is so hard for him to go there ” blaspheme” but if I’m really looking to get even one Championship before go out, Lakers is perfect place for him ..Think man ” Gary payton with Miami, now Jason Kid with Dallas” he did so many great things on this league to end out like Barkely, Iverson, etc…he need a place to get a ring. now for the Lakers not a bad choice but you really need young back up point guard to keep up with all those rondo,rose etc.. and some good shooters.. those really can shoot the ball not kind of Barne, Artest all that, we need shouters. yes good point guard but last time i check we win 2 championship wth a old starting PG okay. you need a good and solid bench to went championship…. so think about it..guys

  66. kobe84 says:

    Nash would be a perfect fit, the team would have much more fluidity. Nash running the show with Kobe and whoever else they go after. Nash is perfect, better than Ramon or Derrone for the the Lakers. Mitch, please go after Nash, hard.

  67. an example of a trade the lakers MUST make is to the 76ers…kobe and artest for dru holiday, igoudala, evan turner, and moultrie ( the rookie)…..hint laker fans…….kobe is from philly

  68. laker fans are in a permanent stae of ( kobe ) denial……the only move the lakers can make to save their franchise year from years of mediocrity… is to trade kobe ( while he still has value) to a contender for multiple players…PERIOD!!!

  69. JW says:

    I doubt Nash will want to go to the Lakers. He doesnt fit their style, and they dont fit his needs. More than likely, all money being equal, he will go to Toronto or NY. He is Canadien and has ties to Colangelo and others in the Toronto organization. He lives in NY in the offseason. Those are drawing cards. Plus, NY has the most talent, including Stoudemire who Steve has played with before. If he just wants to win a championship, and doesnt mind the fact that he will turn into a spot up shooter, he will go to Miami. LA has a superstar that is like Jordan, and demands the ball most of the time. Nash’s game is to create and find open shooters. How long do you think Kobe will put up with that? His ego wont allow that to happen, so the marriage of Nash and the Lakers will fail quickly. Plus, the Lakers dont have anything the Suns want, as they have finally given into the fact that they need to start over and get young. That means there will be no S&T between the Suns and Lakers.

  70. PG at Heart says:

    Nash going to Toronto would be personally great for Nash in terms of what he could do for basketball in Canada, but would pretty much close the door on his championship aspirations. Nash to NY actually is quite interesting for both sides. Nash gets to be on team that would be a “potential” contender for an NBA title. At the same time, NY gets instant experience at the PG position as well as a mentor to cultivate Lin as a longer term PG replacement. I’m sorry, but Carmelo has to go. NY should be shopping him around to see if they can find a more TEAM oriented player. Roy Hibbert might be a good fit for NY as a true center and move Tyson Chandler to the 4.

    • Bball247 says:

      Too bad you’re a GM at heart lmao. You forgot about amare….they don’t even need a center! wow…….

  71. OD says:


  72. JONN AQUE says:

    Nash has 2-3 years left, Kobe has maybe 2-3 years left of GREAT basketball. That means 2-3 more rings. Win NOW!

  73. michaelteniente says:

    Sessions is a regular season player. Come playoffs, all the weakness of his basketball is exposed. Why do you think the Lakers aren’t in a hurry to sign Sessions? Nash is the real deal and everyone knows it.

    Get it done!

    mike t.

  74. Mr. Vacation says:

    This would be a great pick up for the Lakers! For years we have wanted a true point guard to facilitate and spread the floor. Nash is not the greatest on defense, but he is smart and definitely a true point guard that can score when needed. Bottom line is, Nash would make the Lakers much better and has proven playoff experience which any true Laker fan understands and knows is a must for the team to go anywhere in the playoffs.

  75. noooo says:

    he not goin to lakers he is gona go to toronto!!!

  76. 360fadewaydunk says:

    BIG YES!

    get nash, and keep gasol. he is a good compliment to him.

    here’s my dream lakers:

    C – howard
    F/C – gasol
    PG – nash, dragic or aaron brookes
    SG – kobe

    reserves: keep steve blake & matt barnes

  77. michaelteniente says:

    Nash? Yes! Session is a regular season player who’s shortcoming are brought to light in the playoffs. That’s why the Lakers are not pushing hard on Sessions. Nash is the answer for the pick-and-roll offense either to Bryant or Bynum.

    Get it done!

    mike t.

  78. Chad says:

    No way Steve signs for the Lakers.

  79. Cla says:

    Do not go to the lakers Nash. I’d be like Derek Jeter going to the Red Sox, or Tom Brady to the Jets

    • Bball247 says:

      Ohhh, and not like roger clemens, johnny damon, or babe ruth from boston to yanks? ohhh ok =)

  80. wardzkie says:

    all the comment are well fined,.. so lakerz u must go for the gold get nash before any body will get it first.

  81. Realist Laker's Fan says:

    This would be one of the best things Lakers can do. Sign NASH!!! He might be old. But he is one of the best 3pt shooters in the NBA. U want some1 to spread the floor, he is the man to do it.

    My next move (if they get Nash) is trade Bynum for Dwight. I wouldnt be surprised if a starting line up of Nash, Kobe, Artest, Pau and Dwight dont win 2-3 rings.

    • Realist Laker's Fan says:

      I mean i wouldnt be surprised if they DO win 2-3 rings. My bad.

      • Ben of Laoag city says:

        Let’s go lakers, get Steve!

      • LAKERS + HOWARD+NASH= ring says:

        yess it will happen…… I cant wait for the lakers to get another seven footer lol its all good we will be kings

      • GoBulls says:

        If that happens, then the lakers would become the next Miami heat, and we don’t want that do we?

    • Realist Laker's Fan says:

      Miami heat was forged when all 3 superstars signed the same contracts with their previous teams so that they can all be FA at the same time and join the same team together.
      The Lakers are looking to sign 1 good FA player in Nash and hopefully trading for another in Dwight.
      Theres a huge difference between Miami and Lakers. Thats kinda like saying OKC who have signed Durant, WB and looking to Keep Harden & Ibaka the same as Heat. NO. OKC was built through the draft. Lakers are looking through Trades & FA. Heat was done by 3 superstars to join 1 particular team during FA. I guess thats why its called FA, they can choose to go where ever they want and play for wateva team they want. They won a C’ship out of it didnt they?

      • Francisco says:


  82. kobe says:

    get NASH!

  83. 76ers says:

    Steve Nash would be a perfect fit for L.A Lakers

  84. Jovany says:

    What’d be crazy is if Magic traded for Steve Nash, and Dwight all of a sudden had another change of heart.

  85. dfrg says:

    why does la get rid of D fish, then go after a guy even older than him? Kobe, Pau, Nash aren’t gettng younger

  86. Jovany says:

    I think Lakers should go after Kyle Lowry to be honest, a while back Chris Broussard said that Lowry would like to be traded if they signed Dragic, because rockets saw him as more promising. Lowry ain’t no scrub, and is better the Ramon Sessions in my opinion. Yeah, he’s no superstar talent, but he’s a good point guard to have run with Kobe for a few more years. For now, i think Lakers are thinking to clear cap space though, so if they do anything crazy, it’ll be more likely them trading a bad contract, like World Peace.

  87. JMF says:

    what kind of mentality this LA owner..they have released fisher due to age problem but now trying to acquire nash who is older than fisher..what the heck…

  88. amie-lebron says:

    no its not a great pick for him to choose LAL.i think its be better if he make a deal with the big 3 of miami heat with james wade and bosh if he want eis first ring…..

  89. nel says:

    go get steve nash and dwight howard lakers…………….super big 3……..

  90. Malcolm says:

    I like this

  91. thumbs up lakers! go for nash!:)

  92. niathabiti says:

    Wow! The lack of basketball knowledge in some of these comments is scary. Lakers have a 2 yr window with Kobe’s contract continuing to destroy any long-term flexibility. Signing Nash to a 2-3 year deal would be better than anything else they could do, apart from convincing ORL to send Howard. It’s not for 2 more years that they could blow up the team. Nash is still one of the top 5 PGs in the league. Still.

  93. Chris says:

    Nobody does the pick-and-roll like Nash and Stoudemire so Nash would definitely end up as a Knicks.

  94. renz_garnett says:

    imagine if lakers have nash bryant and howard on the same team..

  95. peaceout says:

    Who says the suns aren’t interested in world peace…everyone is interested in whorl peace

  96. AngryLakerfan says:

    The Lakers need a young pg, and the talent is out there. I understand that Steve Nash is amazing right now and has been. Yet, I wonder for how long will that last. Pg’s like Nelson, Dragic, Brooks,Caleron, are available I don’t understand why they are not considered as a possibility. Or even why the Lakers don’t pick up sessions, he is young has played already with the Lakers why not pick up his contract.

    • purpngold says:

      The players you mention are good players, but they are not the type to lead a team to a championship playing their respected position. Mitch can clearly see that, Sessions is good but needs to develope an outside shot, better pick and roll play and learn how to get the ball to the right player at the right time. He wasnt able to do any of that in the last playoffs. He’s game has too many holes, it would take him 2-3 years to be a well rounded pg. Nash doesnt need training on any level, experience makes all the difference. Kobe needs experienced players around him, not interns hoping to learn the ropes no disrespect to Sessions. I think he would be good coming off the bench if he remains with the Lakers but I doubt it.

  97. zak says:

    @riot Fisher is the slowest PG in the league, starting or bench. I love his game. But he was getting torched by subpar guards every night. Then they rotated Kobe on the Nashs, Rondos and Westbrooks, in the 4th quarter. Sometimes it was too late. Nash is just as old as Fisher but plays 5 years younger.

  98. KnickerBocker says:

    Nash wants to join a contender not a pretender, he needs a championship now. the lakers will do no good kobe wants the ball in his hands and they are pretenders they cant beat okc. Knicks are contenders just the heat are a tough matchup.with melo ,amar’e and chandler they have the best frontline in the NBA and melo’s ball handle is terrible so they nee a point guard so melo canwork off the ball and without lin they only have douglas. Bibby and davis are leaving so they need a point gaurd to play. and remember nash and amar’e’s pick and pop.

    thank you

    • jordan says:

      sorry to say this but brooklyn going to run new york

      • Bball247 says:

        Jordan, I kinda feel the same way if they pull off getting howard. If not they still have a really good line up, but if new york gets nash it’s going to be one hell of a clash. (no rhyming intended)

      • mrkva says:

        raptors r better than the knicks just watch

      • chitown says:

        The Knicks were stupid and basically traded half of their roster for Carmelo “ball hog” Anthony. They wasted money on Tyson Chandler, even though he won Defensive Player of the Year, he isn’t worth all that money. Their whole roster last year had ball hogs. Carmelo, JR Smith, Lin (sometimes). Amare can’t play defense for life and has mental issues (punching a fire extinguisher). The Knicks need a good point guard. Steve nash is the answer to their problems.

  99. weSC says:

    Ok did somebody really compare Fisher to Nash?

  100. mike says:

    maybe lakers should need a younger guys who can guard dwayne wade and please try to get dwight howard and remain andrew bynum to have a stronger defense inside the lane so that lebron cannot drive across the lane.

  101. riot says:

    they got rid of derek fisher and now they want steve nash?!? they said fisher is old, so what about steve nash? and to think fisher has a lower salary than nash…..they should have not traded fisher. and lamar odom.

    • Enrique says:

      Comparing Steve Nash with Fish? Seriously? I love fish and am a total Laker fan but Steve is better today then fish in his prime. He can shoot, and see the floor better then anyone. He could exploit the defense when they are double teaming someone else. Get him and Kobi has number 6.

    • Peter says:

      Nash is still one of the best distrubuters and pure shooters in the NBA, and is all but guaranteed to average a double double.

      Fisher is not.

    • Frank says:

      Comparing Fisher to Nash is like comparing you to somebody who actually knows what they are talking about.

    • DJ3 says:

      Nash is also 2,000,000x better than Fisher. Heck, even a 6th grade PG is better than Fisher.

    • Kenneth says:

      Yeah, Fisher and Nash are both old player, but the main point is, Nash play too much better than him.

    • only laker fans says:

      What ever happened to “more rings means you’re better?” you all are such hypocrites. derek fisher has 5 rings steve nash has 0. you guys are the same ones that say kobe is better than lebron because he has more rings. but outside of team accomplishments, yes nash is better than fisher, and lebron is better than kobe

      • CallZitLikesISeesIt says:

        As of TODAY, I would rank LeBron over Kobe in a heartbeat. If Kobe was in his “prime” it’s a different story!

  102. OKCfan15 says:

    if the lakers have kobe, nash, gasol, and bynum they are a real threat to win it all. it would be a smart move by the lakers to get kobe his sixth ring.

    • Francisco says:

      true kobe does not win , somebody else does it for him , when they lose somebody else gets the blame, trade kobe the perpetual robin bryant lol

  103. Malcolm says:

    Although people will be against this because they think the Lakers should rebuild and get younger. Remember that the Lakers are not that kind of franchise. They don’t rebuild, they reload. They don’t sit there and try to start anew. This is why you never see them try to rebuild around young players, the Lakers are a championship or bust team every year. That’s there mentality. So this trade for Steve Nash, although I’m not sure it would happen (but would love it if it did) will be what the Lakers need to make another run for a championship for the next two years. And after those two years are up, they will try and reload again. This is just how they work.

    • Canada Rocks! says:

      Very true, when was the last time the Lakers landed a future all star in the draft? L.A has a history of winning and that combined with it’s overall allure brings talent to them. Although Jerry West helped. Miss that guy!

      • URan Idiot says:

        when was the last time the Lakers landed a future all star in the draft? Um, ’96, a guy named Kobe.

      • URan Idiot says:

        Oops, my bad, ’05, big guy, dumb sometimes, bynum lol

      • ApeHead says:

        The last time was in 1996 when they traded Vlade Divac to the Hornets for Kobe Bryant. Might as well call it a 13th overall selection by the Lakers.

      • URan Idiot says:

        No, the last time, as I pointed out by correcting myself, was when they drafted Bynum 10th in 2005 and became an all-star this year. duh

  104. Chris says:

    “But the Suns aren’t believed to be interested in World Peace.”

    What a bunch of miscreants.

  105. Baller says:

    Nash wants to go to Knicks but he wont play for the 3.09 mill. He may as well play in Miami for that money and almost guarantee a title. Look for him to go to Toronto or Dallas unless Knicks can pay more. It would be a treat to watch him play with the Lakers tho….Nothing against Landry fields but I dont think hes worth that amount of money.

    • michael says:

      I think that was kind of the point of the offer sheet, to offer him more than he is worth to ensure he would sign it and throw a wrench into the Knicks sign and trade plans so the Raptors can land Nash. It could be a huge mistake if Nash doesn’t sign as the Raptors could be stuck with overpaying Fields. If they are able to sign Nash (who they will also be overpaying at 12 million a season) it will be well worth the extra money they are paying Fields as Nash would help the Raptors bring in crazy revenue. Nash, even if he doesn’t help the Raptors win any more games will help create so much revenue as ticket sales will increase and merchandise sales will also be outstanding, Nash is already an absolute hero to Canadian basketball fans and I am sure Nash Raptor jerseys would fly off the shelves in Toronto and it would create a positive buzz around the team and I think with Nash and some of the young players coming up the Raptors could compete for a playoff spot next season.

      • Kenneth says:

        I think Nash want to win a title in this 2-3 years more than being a HERO, In fact, Lakers, Heats and Knicks are too much batter than Raptors.

      • skrutz says:

        I’m pretty sure Nash is more about the game and the fans than getting a ring. He is already the Canadian basketball legend, and playing in Canada would only make it more so. I think he’d be pretty down with that. Plus, much better pay.

      • LAKERS FAN says:


  106. bucketnekkid says:

    And quite frankly there aren’t many teams someone like Nash wouldn’t be able to help.

  107. allen of pampanga phils.. says:

    i want big three for lakers,,, if they will acquire howard and nash together with bryant,, i believe that the lakers will be the 2013 nba champion on 2013…

  108. bucketnekkid says:

    Lakers don’t need to get younger! They are a rebuilding team. For now they just need players who can help Kobe to contend while he still can.

    • JK9 says:

      Yes they definitely don’t “need” to get younger, but it would help. I agree though that the Lakers for the time being need to build any type of team it takes to win right now with KOBE and nothing less.

  109. Patnubay Calaycay says:

    it will make a perfect pick and roll for the center of the Lakers,and if will happen maybe they will back in the best offensive field goals percent of the league and that will Steve Nash big contribute for the entire team so that he’s the one of the big carriers for the Lakers not just Kobe Bryant,for him nothing is impossible.

  110. ?MIKE JONES? WHO says:

    “. . .the Suns aren’t believed to be interested in World Peace.”

    LOL.. Raptors are getting trolled, HARD!

  111. Dave says:

    Nash and Jamison, even though they are older would help a great deal. Nash can still flat out play and Jamison can’ too.

  112. skrutz says:

    Please, no Nash in purple and gold! Blasphemy!

  113. Siyavash Gh says:

    I hope nash go to lakers and allen go to brooklyn, same as dwight howard

  114. William says:

    I think that Howard should go to the Lakers. That is the team that has the greatest possibility to win and it would totally fit him.

    • DJ3 says:

      The team(s) that have the greatest possibility to win are the Thunder, Heat, and Bulls. The Lakers are old and won’t win unless they rebuild, get a young PG to help Kobe, Pau, and ‘Drew, or trade Pau or ‘Drew. Dwight can’t sign with the Lakers, and the Magic don’t want Bynum. So it’s not happening.

      • Reb says:

        The bulls arent going anywhere rose is out..and noah is not short the bulls are not going anywhere

    • Vinj - LAKERS fans since 1995 says:

      AGREED! D Howard is a great prospect for the Lakers.

  115. LAL4Ever says:

    WTF Mitch ????
    We dont need an OLD PG . Get a young PG

    • chitown says:

      They should look at Goran Dragic or Jeremy Lin

    • randy buelna says:

      dumb dumb…. young point guards turn the ball over and crumble under playoff pressure, no other runs a team like nash and the weak link of the lakers is the point… get it

  116. Jason says:

    Let’s sign Nash Mitch. We will be in the mix next year 🙂

  117. RipSonics says:

    Any chance Nash will go to Heat?

    • chitown says:

      no becuase the Heat can only offer a small mid level contract to Nash, which he doesn’t want. Plus, the Suns are looking for a sign and trade and the Heat won’t trade any of their players. Im pretty sure the Suns don’t want Mario Chalmers in return

  118. kantankruz says:

    Sorry LA, you ain’t getting Nash.

    Not even a Raps fan, but I REALLY hope they get him.

  119. fonzy says:

    i hope the spurs get tyreke evans or OJ mayo. gary neil and danny green are not ready for primetime playoff games.

  120. TTOTambz says:

    He did say that in a radio interview on 98.7 ESPN New York with Stephen A. Smith and Ryan Ruocco

    If you were to sign with the Miami Heat would a championship be less gratifying if you won with them as opposed to going somewhere and beating the Heat?

    “It’s a good question. The truth is I am bit old school. I think for me it would be hard to put on a Lakers jersey. That’s just what it is. You play against them so many times in the playoffs and I just use them as an example with the uttermost respect for them and their organization. I think it was Larry Bird that was like he wouldn’t play for them type thing. I kind of have that tendency. (then further in the same quote)…do you go there and everyone is like you went there and won a championship? Who cares? They won it the year before without you. Or is it better to go somewhere else and knock them off?”

  121. Edward says:

    Suns will give Nash for a trade

  122. Willl says:

    i thought nash said he didn’t want to play with the lakers because he said it would not feel right after all those lakers suns playoff series and that they are rivals

  123. math says:

    lakers should be looking to get younger guys not a 38 year old guard ……………………………

    • Wat says:

      I know right, they shouldn’t waste money on a guy who has like 2-3 years left in him. They need a guy, mostly a point guard, who is ready to join a top flight team and be a part of their franchise for the next 5-8 years. They need someone who can handle the spotlight of Los Angeles and take this team on his shoulders when Kobe leaves.

      • Canada Rocks! says:

        Those guys are not available. Nash is!

      • Big Boy says:

        Lakers need somebody that can finish out the rest of the years Kobe has so the can start to rebuild after Kobe leaves.

      • tdot says:

        if i was lakers i would go fter steve nash no matter the age , you want to no why ???
        bcuse lakers want to win more champonships nd wil NEVER REBUILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • QuestionMark says:

      Agreed, Nash has about 2-3 years left, Kobe is declining, Lakers won’t go anywhere at all, if Nash retires in a year or 2 and Kobe in 4 or 5 years. I would try for Lin maybe if I were the Lakers.

    • Simon says:

      Gotta agree with you on that bro.

    • exactly….they need to trade kobe and set up their organization to compete for the next decade…..otherwise they will fall hard for years to come like the celtics did and the post ewing knicks did…..if the do not trade kobe…watch and see ..the chris paul/griffin fast rising clippers will rule la for the next decade…….watch and see…FAKER FANS

      • Juzmista says:

        Kobe has a no trade clause in his contract fella

      • Realist Laker's Fan says:

        3 words…………..”No Trade Clause”……heres another 2 for wat the lakers want to do “WIN NOW”

      • Greg says:

        are you dumb? kobe still has like 6 years left in the tank.

      • willspur says:

        HAHAHA – the lakers would never trade Kobe!! He’s still probably in the top 3 players in the league – what a ludicrous suggestion!

      • TUGSB says:

        WHAT are talking about Kobe will never leave LAKERS. KOBE IS one of the great players in this league right now. Kobe is soul of LAKERS . If Nash will play in Lakers Nash will win his 1st title …………..

      • JL says:

        Trading Kobe will be an insult to him. He did so much for the Lakers, and you’re saying, hey nice having you, thanks for your contributions. Now see you later. If I were the Lakers, get rid of MWP and trade Gasol to the T-Wolves for Derick Williams, a draft pick, and maybe cash or try to trade Bynum for Howard. They should also try to sign Jeremy Lin or trade for a young point gurad instead of bringing in Nash.

      • kobe will waive his no-trade clause ..HE will beg to be traded to try to beat jordan in titles to a team that has a chance to win

    • Vinj - LAKERS fans since 1995 says:

      LOL, the Lakers must get Westbrook. ^_^

      • pakyaw says:

        KOBE still has 6 years in tank?LOL.! are you dumb? they cant even past on a 2nd round playoffs for 2 years in a row now…

      • neitel says:

        yes, they cannot past the early stages of playoffs, but that is because #1, they’re centers arent playing well, world peace is more a distraction than ron artest, blake can hit some shots but is not consistence, pau made some eroneous turnovers, bynum cannot hit free throws, kobe miss key shots to close out…so, the lakers MUST rebuild. Kobe cannot be traded at all, he is under contract. The Thunder will always be in the Lakers way, for several years actually. The Lakers must find key pieces, to get past the thunder, and if blazers get hibbert watch out, teams in the west must trade and sign accordindly to beat the thunder, not beat the mavericks or sacramento…the Clippers are a new LA team and becoming very popular, as you saw, not much experience got them in trouble with Spurs, but with more experience, they will become a problem for LA and eventually the Thunder. With rules about cap space and luxury tax, teams like LA and MIA, have a very hard time paying top dollars, and smaller market teams benefit from this rules, like Charlotte, Nets and Wolves. If i was Nash, i’ll take 36 million dollars and play for canada, who is willing to pay a 30+ year old top dollar? besides the celtics of course….i’ll take the money cause i dont have not even 1 million. If we talking championships, then Nash should take 3 mil, and join the Heat or Lakers.

    • Troll says:

      nobody has the talent that steve nash has. nba teams play each year to win a championship. if nash has 2 years left in him, this is there best shot to win another championship. kobe and gasol arent getting any younger either. lakers are in championship mode right now, so take championship caliber players. who knows where they’ll be at in 5 years.