Wilcox Ready To Resume NBA Career

HANG TIME CAPITAL BUREAU – Free-agent forward Chris Wilcox has been cleared for full-court contact, his agent said Monday, as the 29-year-old attempts to resume his career after undergoing aortic surgery last March. Wilcox had been playing well for the Boston Celtics as a reserve when the team’s doctors noticed what the team called a “significant” enlargement of his aorta. As a precaution, Wilcox was shut down for the season and operated on at the Cleveland Clinic March 29.

Doctors performed what is known as a “Modified David” procedure, in which a graft was attached to a small piece of Wilcox’s aorta to prevent it from enlarging further after he finishes playing. There was no valve replacement or bypass procedure performed.

Wilcox’s cardiologist, Dr. Matt Hook, of the Wake Heart and Vascular Associates in Raleigh, N.C., cleared Wilcox for full contact in the last few days. Wilcox has been working out in North Carolina the last few weeks, lifting weights and doing cardio work, and is planning to go to Houston to continue his workouts with player development guru John Lucas. Wilcox shot 59 percent from the floor last season for the Celtics, averaging 5.4 points and 4.4 rebounds in a little more than 17 minutes per game.

“After the great year he had with Boston, I know Chris could be a strong contributor for any team,” agent Jeff Schwartz said Monday.


  1. GREENC'S says:

    hope wilcox comes back.. he was starting to get into a rhythm with boston then he got diagnosed.. and ‘booyah’ are you in the NBA??no?? then dont question wilcox’s career until you get to the NBA.. him and green should provide spark off the bench.. i think rook jared sullinger will be HUGE this year

    • Rob says:

      Wilcox is the most under-mentioned C’s free agent and the guy played hard for us and played well. I really hope the C’s get him back!

  2. wood1695 says:

    Only Jeff Green had a heart problem and chris wilcox got injured

  3. booyah says:

    What career?

  4. Big Ticket PH says:

    get well soon to Chris and Jeff… we do need key reserves to lessen the load on Captain Truth (Pierce) and Big Ticket (Garnett)… hoping for Banner 18… 🙂

  5. Cactusball says:

    Two Celtics players with heart problems last year…. wow. Celts should look into bringing him and Green back, they are key reserves.

  6. me says:

    I know some ppl gonna diasgree but I don’t care, Wilcox should remain in the Celtics. I don’t know how much more cap space they got with KG and whomever else getting contacts but Wilcox and Rondo on that alley oop = unstoppable. IMO he is not the best defender but he can dun on anyone and is very athletic, way better than Steisma. Hopefully they won’t have to renew Steismas’ contract now…

  7. yoyo ma says:


  8. TheRealRayRay says:

    Boston needs your size and fire

  9. Dieymen says:


  10. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Get well Chris and see you soon on NBA courts!