Report: Anthony Davis Injures Ankle, Could Be Out Two Weeks … Olympics?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — An ankle sprain suffered in a Sunday workout could cost Hornets rookie Anthony Davis the next two weeks and possibly a spot on the team that will represent the United State in London during the Olympics, according to multiple reports.

“I heard that Anthony Davis sprained his ankle yesterday but I don’t know how serious it is,” USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo told Sam Amick of “It was in a workout. I’m not going to worry about that unless I’m advised at this point.”

“Just getting a report that his ankle is serious doesn’t mean anything to me until we get an official doctor’s report on what that means. Does it mean he can’t practice for a week? Does it mean he’s out for a month? You know what I’m saying. I don’t like to speculate.”

Asked if there would be any wiggle room at all regarding the inability to add names to the Team USA roster finalists, he said, “I don’t know for sure. I’m not 100 percent certain. So that will be another call.”

The No.1 overall pick in the Draft last week, Davis was added last month to the player pool for the U.S. Team, a group that has been ravaged by injury defections recently.

Heat stars Chris Bosh (abdominal injury) and Dwyane Wade (knee surgery) had to drop out last week, joining Dwight Howard, Derrick Rose, LaMarcus Aldridge and Chauncey Billups on the list of injured players who will not be able to participate in training camp that begins this weekend in Las Vegas.


  1. ontifex says:

    who cares, no offence but we have a dream team, this kid is not needed, and he is needed in his new team, but no in the olympics, i hope he dont become a gred oden 2.0

  2. mojobag101 says:

    Me thinks he tripped over his Uni Brow.

  3. mojobag101 says:

    Me thinks he tripped over his UniBrow.

  4. Rocabye says:

    Honestly the Olympic team doesn’t even need a Point Guard. You have 3 players in Kobe, James, and Durant that can create their shot on anybody. Having a pure PG would almost be a waste, because the team just doesn’t need it. Put a scoring PG out there and call it a day. That means Westbrook or CP3. I love Rondo but that guy is not a scorer (yet).

  5. Celtic fan says:


  6. People relax USA will win the Olympic as long as Lebron n Durant are playing n rest of squads r okaaay starter n yes including Kobe so deal with it becuze his time is over now n it’s all about Lebron n Durant.

  7. Elden says:

    I really don’t think it is fair to the NBA players if a new kid on the block is chosen to play in the Olympic game. Many of the professional players have earned their right to particpate in something this great. I know Anthony Davis is an outstanding player, but there are several pros who have a lot more experience and are healthy. I don’t know if Odom is still on the roster, but since he hasn’t played a single game in months, he should not be included. Rondo is an excellent point guard, and it is unfortunate that they chose Westbrook instead.

  8. Bmeg says:

    James yap is a beast!

  9. dattebayo says:

    In 1992 they had a College kid on the team, it was Christian Laettner. The next teams never had one for whatever reason. Who decides whether someone from College will play on the Team and why would they let Davis play in Athens?

    C: Love, Chandler
    PF: James, Durant, Griffin
    SF: Iguodala, Anthony
    SG: Bryant, Wade
    PG: Westbrook, Williams, Paul

    Rondo, Garnett, Smith, Gay, Granger, Gordon, Harden could also make the team…

  10. genohenyo says:

    LOL. kobe fan here. I still wanted to see him play but seriously, the youngster will outplay him

  11. Most recent Roster says:

    My Lineup:

    C – Chandler
    PF – KD
    SF – Lebron
    SG – Kobe
    PG – CP3

    2nd Unit:

    6th Man: Melo (SF)

    Rotation: Griffin (PF), Bosh (C), Westbrook (SG), D-Will (PG)

    3rd Unit: Odom (C), The Love (PF), Iggy, Harden, Gordon

    … Grand canyon between even 3rd Unit and 2nd Place Team in London … may as well UPS the medals to Team USA now.

    Just sayin’

  12. HATERSstfu says:

    haters need to stfu bout kobe….without kobe this league is boring…and it was Kobes leadership and dominance that they won the Olympics…soo all you Lebron fans get off kobes Nuts…smh at ignorance

    • wadefan says:

      kobe didnt dominate in the olympics.. the only reason he even had the starting position is because they didnt want to have him butt hurt the whole time.. wade came off the bench and led the team in scoring.. best player in the whole tournament last time around.. kobe is great, dont get me wrong.. but wade won them that gold in china

  13. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Al Jefferson would be a nice addition to the US Squad. Everybody forgets him, too bad.

  14. jiggsnegapatanSMCEBU says:

    sorry… Ginebra Gin Kings will win the series.. G-Beach go!!!!!…

  15. Rens says:

    So sad Rondo dont wanna play for USA anymore, he really is one of my favourite PG’s in the NBA. But even with those players being injured, USA will win this man, they got so many players who are great, even are players that won’t go with them that would make an impact in every team.

  16. Mudpackers says:

    Ohhh..USA is out of players its a questionable win. Spain,Greece,Lithuania,Argentina and Brazil are well prepared if they don’t give their best it a big UPSET again!!!

  17. nbafan says:

    Davis needs to play in the olympics, if he is right to play. He would really really benefit from the experience as have most of today’s past superstars have benefited from olympic glory. MUST

  18. D says:

    Between KD, Lebron, Kobe, and Melo the USA has nothing to worry about.

  19. why not let RONDO be in the roster? he has proved himself in the league as one of the best PGs around and he can be a great substitute for CP3,

  20. why not put RONDO in the roster? he can be a high-caliber PG and he can substitute to CP3.

  21. Rocabye says:

    Lebron James and Kevin Durant. Honestly the rest are filler, besides Kobe of course.

  22. BIGMatta23 says:

    The 15 player squad that is left to choose from consists of the following players and this is all they can choose from –
    Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant, Tyson Chandler, Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant, Rudy Gay, Eric Gordon, Blake Griffin, James Harden, Andre Iguodala, LeBron James, Kevin Love, Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, Deron Williams.
    Obviously Odom, Bosh and Wade pulled out this week.
    Pick your team.
    Simple really. – Anthony Bryant Chandler Davis Durant Griffin Iguodala James Love Paul Westbrook Williams.

    Harden Gordon and Gay miss out!!!

    • Troll says:

      i would seriously take out westbrook for gordon. but it probably won’t happen. they have 3 PGs and only 1 SG in Kobe. Gordon needs to take DWade’s spot.

  23. LeKing says:

    take all of them away.

    get adam morrison and kwame brown! haha!

  24. Boxing Kangaroo says:

    My God, some of you people are dopey!

  25. kantankruz says:

    And it begins….

  26. Jegi says:

    Jerry colangelo should call the white mamba, isn’t great? black mamba + white mamba = autowin

  27. Flying Raijin_41 says:

    it’s ok! team usa can replace anthony davis..andrew bynum, roy hibbert, or even Deandre jordan…

  28. Choker says:

    Olympic Team
    – KG
    – Chandler
    – KD
    – Josh Smith
    – LBJ
    – Iguodala
    – Kobe
    – Gordon
    – Cp3
    – Nash

    – Hibbert
    – Melo
    – Wallace

  29. karoLT says:

    Josh Smith as his replacement…. isnt it time to give the man a chance for his talents… He would be ideal for Olympic play a do it all defensive monster

  30. Sharquay says:

    Call up Adam Morrison.

  31. John says:

    Greg Oden 2.0?

  32. GoBulls says:

    Now we have 7 players out of the potential roster. If we lose anyone else, then I might go as far as to say that Team USA won’t get the gold this year.

  33. Rich says:

    USA Olympics Committee need to start paying these players; otherwise expect ‘injuries’ to happen to these players missing the olympics.

  34. 6&3>35&0 says:

    Any one thinks that Davis is gonna be the next Greg Oden?

  35. geras says:

    1. Spain 2. Russia 3. Lithuania 4. France 5. USA – final standing in the Olympics. Sorry, guys…

    • Snap says:

      Delusional Spaniard detected.

    • Alexies says:

      Kobe Bryant
      Tyson Chandler
      Kevin Durant
      Eric Gordon
      Blake Griffin
      James Harden
      Lebron James
      Kevin Love
      Chris Paul
      Deron Williams
      Russel Westbrook
      Andrew Bynum

      Starting 5

      Paul PG
      Kobe SG
      Durant SF
      Lebron PF
      Bynum C

      Still have enogh to kick everyone’s ases

  36. copyninja says:

    Luke Walton can replace him…LOL!

  37. magicman101 says:

    They aren’t injured… they just aren’t getting paid so it’s not worth their time… punks… all punks…

    • nino says:

      Thats true…its all about a money…watch my country Macedonia in preolympics qualifications…its starts in one hour…Players take nothing for playing for my country…But stars like Wade, Howard etc. wants some cash for defending the colors of their country…

      • Alexies says:

        That’s because Macedonia is broke, they have no choice but to play for nothing

    • Peter says:

      ur crazy man, i mean ofcourse the money thing is big, but i really highly doubt they dont wanna play just cuz of a few extra dollars in their accounts. The exposure you get during OLYMPICS and all that can replace any money lost in the long run. And plus…these guys have to keep in mind they gotta play next year…so what good are they if they are injured for their main teams?? kinda silly if u ask me.

      • wadefan says:

        the money isnt a big deal.. they all played before without getting paid.. how is it a question of money now.. last time wade was coming back off an injury.. took the bench job so kobe’s ego didnt get bruised and still led the team in scoring.. he definitely takes pride in that.. but this time the injury is right now.. not a couple months ago.. he needs surgery.. he isnt going to wait and get surgery at the beginning of next season.. possibly damaging his knee even more

  38. Sam says:

    Pick up Favors from the Select team. In need of a PF

  39. Ben says:

    Oh no. Greg Oden.2?

    Good god, I hope not…

    • Z says:

      Nah, he sprained his ankle, that’s just something that happens when you land on the side of your foot and roll it. Nobody goes an entire career without minor injuries like this. Blake Griffin broke his leg and missed his entire rookie campaign, though he’s answeres a lot of questions about durability since then, I think.

  40. Jay says:

    It’s alright Kobe be great

  41. LAL says:

    Bad luck. Really sorry for him

  42. QuestionMark says:

    I really wanted to see Davis play and how well he plays in the Olympics, Howard, Rose, Wade, and Bosh are out, so looks like Durant and Lebron will have to handle everything. I hope Davis can still play, would love to see his talents in the Olympics, especially defensively.

    • kobe says:

      lol lebron and durant…….. you forgot who made them win the gold medal 4 years ago… kobe

      • Troll says:

        kobe? was that why WADE was the leading scorer for the team, even coming off the bench for kobe?

      • wadefan says:

        how the hell did kobe win them the gold.. wade was the best player in the entire tournament.. came off the bench so kobe’s ego wouldnt get bruised and still led the team in scoring

    • EZfoRPREZ says:

      durant and lebron is all we need. lol.

      • Stepfon says:

        He must ve missed the olympics cuz Bron Bron and KD was murdering bodies all over the floor

      • MightyNZAllBlacks says:

        you must have missed the olympics mate coz kd didnt play in em, he stered in the world champs. kope was their best player four years ago

      • LeCHOKE says:

        It’s the biggest stage. and as hoop fan. i’ll give my bet to the most veteran their. KOBE BRYANT!

      • njclark1337 says:

        No mention of D-Wade? He led the team in scoring, despite coming off the bench.

      • Basketball Fan says:

        ohh dude that was four years ago.. It’t LeBron’s time, and KD got the scoring title this year, NOW present time! … just saying… just wanna see some slaughtering from USA Basketball