Orlando Cold To Nets’ Deal For Howard

HANG TIME CAPITAL BUREAU — Despite Magic All-NBA center Dwight Howard’s desire to be traded to the Brooklyn Nets, there is currently nothing on the table from Brooklyn that interests Orlando, and there’s little likelihood of a deal between the teams, according to a league source involved in the discussions.

The Nets are going forward with their plans to rebuild their team without Howard, working diligently to acquire guard Joe Johnson from the Atlanta Hawks, and will proceed with that and other moves even if they can’t convince guard Deron Williams to re-sign there, according to a league source. But Brooklyn is hopeful that Williams will want to play with a revamped team that includes Johnson and a re-signed Gerald Wallace and Brook Lopez. Wallace agreed to a four-year, $40 million deal over the weekend, and the Nets hope they can keep Lopez as well.

The Nets “are not going to wait” for a Howard deal, the source said.

The Magic’s previous management team had been working on a Howard deal with the Nets for months, but those proposed offers included Lopez as the centerpiece of the potential package, as well as future Draft picks. And Orlando never agreed to those proposals, either, leading Howard to vacillate before deciding to “opt in” for the 2012-13 season and honor the final year of his contract. Howard reiterated his desire to be traded to the Nets in a meeting with Orlando’s new GM, Rob Hennigan, last week. Over the weekend, Howard denied reports that he felt “blackmailed” by the Magic into opting in for next season. Hennigan said in a meeting with local reporters that he wanted players on the Magic “who want to be here,” which would, seemingly, not include Howard.

The Magic fired former GM Otis Smith and former coach Stan Van Gundy after the team’s first-round playoff loss to Indiana. Orlando has just begun the search process for a new coach to replace Van Gundy, who took the team to the Finals in 2009.


  1. Anonymous says:

    my bad, half of the draft picks can go to both orlando and indiana

  2. Anonymous says:

    there should be a three team trade with the nets magic and pacers with dwight going to brooklyn and roy hibbert going to orlando and brook lopez and kris humphries and first round picks going to indiana

  3. BigO says:

    Howard opted-in because he wanted a max contract. He gets much more money with a sign and trade than signing as a free agent.

  4. NAHK says:

    Dwight is stupid because he waived his opt-out clause. He could’ve been a free agent by now but he decided to stay with the Magic. Now he REALLY REALLY wants to go to Brooklyn. He basically lost the power to control his future by not opting out. And since the Magic can’t find a good deal with Brooklyn, there really isn’t a good chance Dwight goes there. I am sorta a Nets fan, I’ve seen them play since 2005, since they had Kidd, Carter, Jefferson. They were pretty good, but had no size (the reason they lost to Miami in the playoffs back then).

  5. Vino Kulafu says:

    Since there’s a lot of drama, Dwight should be involved in a 3 team trade, Bulls should trade Scalabrine to Orlando, Tyrus Thomas back to the bulls and Dwight to Charlotte, then force retire him. Many players are looking for a chance to prove himself for less money. He is being paid to play his best, to play what he loves best, but why does he keep on whining?!

    • I need, I mean, Dwight Howard needs to be traded in Brooklyn because they got a new Arena there, and the russian billionaire is quite generous. And I like russian girls 😉

  6. bernard says:

    With the addition to joe johnson to the nets, they are already a rather formidable team. But what i cant see is why not nets packages humhpries and lopez with a first round pick in 2013 and 2015, for howard. Humphries is a very good PF, Lopez when healty is considered very good as well. Add two picks and i think the magic get a great deal.

  7. b-rad says:

    I would define a “best” player as someone who can take over a game and carry their tem. Howard does not have that ability. He just does’t have the low post game like the better centers throughout league hitory. He’s overrated and now between his soap opera BS and that back injury quite frankly I think his stock has fallen signifigantly. Teams should think long and hard about giving up too much to aquirre him. If he really wants to join the nets he may have to wait until next year.

  8. John says:

    I really don’t see why any team would want Dwight if he’s bringing this kind of baggage. He got his coach fired, the GM got fired, and he’s demanding to be traded likely for not much in return. He’s destroying one team, I wouldn’t want to bring him onto my team where he can do his damage there too.

    Otherwise, I don’t see a very good trade available anywhere. Not only would it be hard to broker any kind of mutually beneficial trade involving Dwight, but if you add the condition that Dwight has to land on a team that can guarantee him a championship, it becomes about 10 times harder to find an adequate trade. and the Nets are perhaps the most impossible trading partner, they have nothing worth trading for.

  9. arnold ray says:

    Dwight better understand he works for Orlando Orlando does’t work for him Get’s too much BAD advice Needs to Grow UP!!!!!!!

  10. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Lakers2013Ring: you said you can guarantee that Kobe gets another ring before he retires.
    NO YOU CAN’T: you just can root for your team, as an avid Lakers fan. You’re not the GM nor a NBA player so you cannot guarantee nothing.

  11. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Every body saying that Joe Johnson is overrated…are overrated themselves!!!!!!!!!! Yes maybe HIS CONTRACT is overrated, but his talent is NOT (and I think personally he is underrated and has a lack of love, which is crazy because he has never been a crybaby like Kobe was before, Melo was, James was & D12 is right now).

    Anyway, this is a good move by the Nets management: not waiting for D12 even if he desires to come, because Orlando will not let him have his way out so there is a high risk that he won’t come to the Nets. They trade 5 players for Joe Johnson, which can make D-Will stay because it shows him that the management is making everything to surround him with talent, even if the Howard trade is not possible. And let’s not forget that Gerald Wallace is getting resigned & that this trade enables the Nets to keep promising guard MarShon Brooks. Lastly, I think that the deal to get draftee Tyshawn Taylor is good too.

    GO NETS!

  12. JJ says:

    Trade Howard to Hill, McRoberts and Murphy, so he can go to Lakers and get D-Will
    Know the Lakers have a big chance at getting the championship ring and Have A BIG Five!!!!!!!!
    Starter will be:
    World Peace

  13. Emils says:

    dwight to golden stae!

  14. odarig says:

    Nets got nothing to trade for Howard if they acquired Joe Johnson… Nets traded five player for Johnson…

  15. HOWARD says:


  16. Jack says:

    im not sure about cap space but if the rumors are true how about:

    Gasol – Timberwolves
    Howard – Lakers
    Williams + Beasley – Orlando
    ( maybe add some first rounders from L.A. to entice Magic )

  17. bardoy says:

    the best way trade is howard for chicago and get he 3.

    boozer,noah and hamilton.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hey John, wise guy Kevin Garnett’s still one of the BEST players in the NBA, just cause he’s 37 years old he still killed this season AND this post-season, if you watched him this season, you’d know that!

  19. Lakers2013Ring says:

    The Lakers will never win another ring with Kobe on the team? Kobe is washed up? Didn’t Kobe almost win the scoring title? And even with a Gasol that didn’t show up in these last playoffs, the Lakers could have easily been up 3 to 1 games on the Thunder. Kobe will get another ring before he retires I can guarantee that. All the Lakers need is another star player to go along with Kobe, and either Bynum or Gasol whoever is traded. If the Chris Paul deal would have went through, Kobe, Paul and Bynum would be holding up that championship trophy right now. Even with outside having a solid bench. The heat only won the championship because D-Rose was injured, because the Bulls were favored to win and they dominated the Heat throughout the season enough said, for you bandwagon Heat fans. Wade will not hold up for another 2 championship runs with little rest in the off season, due to playing longer advancing in the playoffs and finals, he’s already breaking down.

    Don’t hate on the Lakers because they are better than your teams throughout NBA history and in the last decade and will be in the future.

  20. Charles Barkley says:


  21. Bob says:

    I’m glad that the Nets are moving forward and trying to build a competitive team tired of waiting for that little princess called Howard. I think with all the stunts that hes pulling his options of landing in a good team are decreasing day after day. There won’t be cap space in the Nets if DWilliams resign and LA doesn’t want/need Howard since Bynum is young and talented. Just stay in Orlando, after all you got Disneyland there.

  22. Praxiis says:

    Best players in the NBA are Dwayne Wade, Derrick Rose, Dwight Howard, Lebron James and Kobe Bryant is past his use by date…

  23. JOHN says:

    i have 3 options for a Howard trade win-win situations…
    1.) MAVS!! dallas has more money than before to sign a couple of all stars in the free agency (can be D-Will or Nash if they can’t get D-Will) if they get D-Will then Howard will be more likely to play for dallas. Mavs has a lot of offers to give, they can give away haywood,marion, carter or any trades they’d like… it’s a win for the Magic cuz they’re not really gonna lose that much with a trade with the mavs cuz they have great players to offer.

    2.) BULLS! well the Bulls has nothing more to prove to Howard cuz the Bulls are in good shape and if Rose returns healthy they can make another deep run in the playoffs… Imagine that EPIC Rose-Howard tandem with a Defensive Minded Coach the bulls have. That’s what you want as a Bulls fan if you want yur team to defeat the heat, you want to defend the paint to prevent easy drives. If they can pull the trade while keeping Noah, Deng, or Gibson you have a championship team right there and once Rose returns healthy. Good trade for Magic also as obviously the trade will involve Boozer and some other guys maybe Gibson, Noah or Deng with him… or maybe even trade their future Bobcats 1st round pick… another win for Orlando and for Howard if he really wants to be champion.

    3.) LAKERS! it’s very unlikely but still possible…. maybe another Shaq-Kobe tandem but with Dwight as Shaq… Orlando can get Bynum and even Gasol if they want cause surely the Lakers will make big changes after what happened to them 2 years consecutively… Win for Orlando and for Howard. If Howard wants to be a champion he needs to let his ego behind and play as a team with one goal in their minds.. Same thing for kobe, he will likely need howard for a 6th Ring…

  24. J says:

    Come to Korea!
    You can win as many rings as you want in K league!

  25. Shaquille O'Neal says:

    My name is Shaquille O’Neal
    I’m ready to play for the Miami Heat I want to get my 5th ring so Kobe would stop drinking his milk

  26. Phil Jackson says:

    I’m the best coach in the NBA!

  27. Shaquille O'Neal says:

    The best players in the NBA of TODAY!!!
    Lebron James,
    Kevin Durant,
    Dwayne Wade,
    Tony Parker,
    Rajan Rondo,
    Kevin Garnett,
    Dirk Nowitski,
    Deron Williams,
    Derrick Rose,
    Kobe Bryant (MJ wannabe) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3DZNIpujeo&feature=related

  28. pacman says:

    ginebra! ginebra! ginebra!

  29. D12 Get on the next plane to chicago, Go to Loul Dengs house and pack his things grab Carlos Boozers stuff and also Omer Asik’s also tell them to take charlotte’s 1st rounder with them to orlando and also chicago’s 1st rounder because you and derrick have some championships to go and collect

  30. gerald wallace says:

    payin me 10 million a year is not bein overpaid, i do everything, i hustle all the time, i play defense, i play hard. the overpaid players are michael beasely, paul pierce, carmelo, joe johnson and so on with these B players

  31. Andre says:

    some dudes here are in fantasy land

  32. lakers_forever says:

    i think what the lakers need to do right now is leave andrew bynum and pau gasol alone, those two big man have the tandem that is hard to match in the paint … in my opinion they should try to acquire quality bench players that can fill the empty space of the role of lamar odom when he left.. 🙂

  33. Patrick says:

    I think the drama queen howard just want to stay in Orlando with the new GM. That’s why he act like shakespeare. First he takes his option for the 2012-2013 season and after that he wants to be traded to Brooklyn. What’s wrong with this guy?

  34. am a miami heat fan says:

    am a miami heat fan btw, for me if howard will go to miami, i will be happy but it cant because there is no money left. the best trade for howard to win championship are BULLS, MAVS, LAKERS and BOSTON…. just think about this guys. this is coming from a miamiheatfan. howard should pick one of these teams or play in some teams that cant reach to the finals.

  35. me2 says:

    just let the drama queen go

  36. Dwight opted in for another year because he did not know if that back surgery was going to be successfully. Since he feels it was, he can request can a trade with a big payday on board. Otherwise, think of the consequences of a bad back surgery.

  37. SYDALE says:

    I’ve said it numerous times… The trade should be Dwight to OKC for Perkins and Ibaka… throw in a 1st Rd Pick and maybe an extra player to make the money work… That’s what should go down if Dwight was serious about winning championships…

  38. abdullahi says:

    Yes dwight howard it’s your last opition the, los angeles lakers. You really want to go there because you ganna create the big five in LA, Dwight Howard, Brandon Roy, Kobe Bryant, Paul Gasol, and finaly andrew bynum.

  39. Kamote says:

    The best revenge Orlando can give to Howard is trading him for Cousins and Tyreke (plus draft picks or FAs). Let him be the franchise of an organization in limbo. Orlando might be able to do good with cousin’s talent and can also choose to dump Jameer with Tyreke around.

  40. Mavs says:

    Go to the mavs Dwight beast team

  41. Lakers-R-Us says:

    @ incredible superman and rip lyl! That’s hilarious! Do you know any more good jokes to tell! Maybe there’s trees now in Miami that grow money! And Pat Riley can pick the money off the trees to pay those guys! What a comment!

  42. jjjj says:

    rip lyl.. you dont know basketball then. Miami doesnt have enough money to sign all those players you mentioned..

  43. Logic People... says:

    I’m not going to trash all Heat fans, because they have their share of intelligent supporters, but the ones who go online to talk about free agency/trasdes have no idea of how the league works financially. If you think the Heat would be able to afford Howard without trading at least 1 of their Big 3, you don’t know anything. The earlier comment about the Heat signing Howard AND Deron Williams in the offseason was so stupid it gave me cancer.

  44. rpballer says:

    i thought howard is a free agent

  45. rip lyl says:

    miami heat 2012-2013 squad

    deron williams

    8 peat baby!

  46. Lakers need Kevin Love says:

    Kevin Love is the best power forward in the game!

    I am thinking three way trade between Lakers, Memphis and Timerwolves

    Trade Bynum to Memphis, Marc Gasol and Pau gasol to to the Wolves.
    Lakers get Kevin Love and Rudy gey
    Memphis get Bynum and Artest
    Wolves get Marc and Pau gasol

    • DARRICK FLYE says:

      Pleeeeeaaaaase!!! EVERYONE! Understand this! THERE IS ONLY 1 PLAYER IN THE NBA THAT ANDREW BYNUM WOULD EVER BE TRADED FOR. Dwight Howard. NOBODY ELSE! So please….no more Unrealistic fantasies1

  47. Incredible superman says:

    miami heat & superman
    icredible Incredible Incredible

  48. i love heat says:

    howard welcome to heat

  49. heat fanat says:

    Welcome to the “Miami heat” Dwight its your last option, otherwise stay and play unhappily in Orlando next season.

  50. heat fanat says:

    my dream miami heat is
    wade lebron bosh jones + dwigtht howard
    this team is unconquerable
    it s incredible

  51. dude says:

    @Yave You must be out of your mind if you think Atlanta is gonna trade Smith for Turk. Smith >>>>>>>>>>> Turk. Can’t believe you would even propose such a stupid trade.

  52. edward says:

    Dwight only wanted Brooklyn because they are the only the team that has/had money to give him a max contract and he could start his own legacy and have to live up to anyone else’s standards…going to L.A he would have to live up to Kareem, Shaq and other dynamic bigs they’ve had…he doesn’t want to come to Houston (thank god) as well because then he would have to live up to the like of Hakeem so his only other option would be Dallas and we know he doesn’t want to be there with Dirk so he’s screwed and practically deserves this because had he just not sign away his option he wouldn’t be in this situation. He was too busy trying not to get the reaction LeBron got when he left and will end up looking worse than LeBron in his situation. He needs to grow up ASAP and he can still find somewhere go and possibly link up with Chris Paul since Chris currently turned down the extension the Clippers offered

    • Rocabye says:

      If Dwight had brain cells he’d realize the only reason Lebron got the reaction he got was because he made a huge media circus out of the whole thing. Dwight should have just quietly signed the papers wherever he ended up, instead of vocally dancing back and forth like a child choosing between cereal boxes.

  53. Sean says:


  54. Sean says:

    Go to BOSTON

  55. Ron says:

    Drama Howard…

  56. fish sticks says:

    @ Realistic Lakers fan- I doubt Nash would go to the Lakers. Too much bad blood. If, and only if, he decides to take less money to play for a contender, I think it would be Miami.

  57. Bryan says:


  58. mister says:


  59. J-Short says:

    I cant really say nothings for sure but that the Magic will pull the trigger on some kind of trade. They wont let D12 just walk and leave them with nothing.

  60. specialfriedrice says:

    @ Frank, wth, Kobe and D12 have similar games????? How did u come up with that??? What r u playing nba2k and throwing up 30+ shots a game with D12,

  61. dwight need to come to brooklyn we need to gather more players so deron can stay we need a more elite starting line up i really dont no why we kept gerald wallace his washed up we need to let him go or trade him pickup o.j mayo or get a offer to eric gordan if we cant get howard sign chris kaman do not pick up joe johmson beacuse hes not worth all the money we will give up get a offer to nicolas batum he is a future all star i think and then once we have a elite team i gurantee the brooklyn nets will make to the 2nd of the playoffs faster then the knicks who will never get it togather

  62. Sam says:

    Magic need to get rid of Howard to Rocket they have a lot of players to give and a good pick, and try to get rid of Hedo. Nets have just dug themselves in if they get Joe Johnson, and resigned Wallace for 40 mil overpaid those two are overpaid. No teams are going to be contenders out of this trade because of overpaid players Hedo, Wallace, Johnson and Magic to reluctant to let Howard go.

  63. Yave says:

    Someone please explain if possible or not(financially as well): Turkoglu goes to Atlanta in exchange for J-Smoove(Josh Smith) because he wants to be traded too and he and Dwight go WAY back.

    • Yave says:

      By the way he could play the 3,4,and 5.Starting lineup PG Jameer Nelson SG Jason Richardson SF Josh Smith PF Ryan Anderson C Dwight Howard.

  64. SJ says:

    What if the Nets used Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez in a package deal along with a first rounder or two for Dwight Howard.

    • Swala says:

      SJ that is what I am thinking….I don’t see why else they would go to the effort to get Johnson. They still need to sign Lopez to be able to trade him though.

  65. Realist Laker's Fan says:

    Best trade for Magic is LA’s Bynum. Bynum is only 24 yrs old (some1 double check that) and shows alot of potential. He just finished his last 2 saeasons without missing any games due to injury. Possibly hinting that he may be overcoming his injuries.

    Then the Lakers need a decent PG. I would love to get Nash to the Lakers, if nash is willing to take less money and play for a championship ring.

    I think a Starting 5 of Nash, Kobe, World Peace, Pau & Dwight will make some noise and will be legitimate titel contenders. I wouldnt be surprised if they Win the title with that group easily.

  66. Sixers ! says:

    swala howard calls himself a loyal guy, so i guess him opting in makes him feel better about himself thinking he is loyal. Now it seem as if the hawks are trying to get howard clearing a nearly$ 100 million contract in joe johnson and about 10 mil in marvin williams. if that doesnt make howard want to reconsider, the hawks are keeping josh smith and if you didnt know howard was josh smith’s best man at his wedding. looks like josh smith is going on a recruiting trip this season.

  67. Swala says:

    I still don’t understand why Dwight opted-in. Why did he opt in when he wanted to leave. He could of been a free man this off season and gone straight to the nets with no dramas what so ever. In turn his arrival at the nets would of caused D-will to re-sign straight away and from the Brooklyn could of begun to put those other pieces in place… What was Dwight thinking. Ohhh yeah and this Joe Johnson deal is a huge mistake. The Hawks signed him to wayyyy to much money and now brooklyn are going to be tied up with this ridiculous contract for the next 4 years…dont do it Brooklyn, your smarter than that.

    • Swala says:

      Just thinking about it all…Maybe Brooklyn are trying to get Joe Johnson to package with Lopez to trade to Orlando for Dwight. That could be a smart move.

  68. Sixers ! says:

    the reason howard opt in for the final year in his contract was to help orlando. He didnt want them to have nothing after leaving in free agency like lebron and cleveland. he wants to go to the nets but wants to get traded rather than leave free agency so orlando can get somthing in return. Now it is still possible for howard to get what he wants in playing for the nets, the only thing that has to happen is a trade. joe johnson for howard. simple as that

  69. Bulls2012 says:

    If Howard tells the Bulls he will give Chicago a chance…THe bulls have the best to offer Orlando…

    Magic will get Noah, Deng, Taj, and the 1st round pick from charlette

    Bulls will get Howard

    Rose at the point
    Boozer powerforward
    Howard Center
    Rip shooting guard
    Jimmy Butler at the small forward? maybe get a veteran to fill that roll and have jimmy playing lock down D off the bench

    Ill take that lineup against the Heats anyday of the week!

    • Knickfan says:

      I like taj at my 4 rather boozer at 4, then they need to get another versatile sf

  70. ka says:

    Dwight Howard the ONLY team for me is the nets lol just come to the lakers already once you play with kobe Bryant you will not want to leave. Beside the nets is moving on without you and when free agents come around 2012-2013 the nets wont be able to sign Dwight Howard come on they gave too much money to Wallace and are hoping to resign lopez and if you can see around the league there is a price to pay for center. Bigs are getting over paid and Williams going to get a max deal if he sign with the nets plus taking on Joe Johnson lol by the time Dwight walk nets won’t be able to sign him.

  71. AlexN says:

    I had an idea for a Pacers trade, sign and trade Hibbert with a max contract, but I don’t know who the supporting pieces could or would have to be, Paul George maybe? But I doubt Pacers would want to part with him

  72. aaeeddd says:

    dwight howard is coming to the miami heat, book it

  73. gatorade90 says:

    dwight + rose = RINGS. yes sir, make it happen!!!!!!

  74. Tully says:

    I like Dwight Howard, but he sure has been frustrating to watch the past 6 months, Why on earth did he agree to another year in Orlando, only to immediately turn around and demand to be traded yet again? It makes no sense.

  75. kevin says:

    why doesn’t joe johnson go to orlando, while dwight goes to new jersey. add some other stuff in the deal too.

  76. Karl says:

    Howard and Turkoglu to NY and Melo and Chandler to Orlando. That’s it.

  77. lakeshow says:

    the lakers arent trading buynum for dwight if they do trade it going to pau for josh smith..

  78. Dude1394 says:

    A player traded cannot be amnestied. So hedo if traded cannot be amnestied.

  79. hey says:

    thats not possible financially and its a stupid trade. you know nothing

  80. Hey says:

    Can someone please explain if this is a possibility (financially)? If possible, could we trade Dwight and Hedo to the Grizzlies for Jefferson, Gay, and/or Conley? Our holes are really at C, SF, and G, so it would be a good trade. Our lineup:
    PG Conley
    SG J-Rich
    SF Gay
    PF Anderson
    C Jefferson
    Overall not the greatest, but lots of talent.

  81. shoei says:

    the gm should get rid of nelson and hedo and get a couple of great players to play around howard

  82. Ya Da broke-Len wont make it to the final without d-Howard that’s fo sure. I dont get it why is broke-Len getting joe?? He gets injured every time when it matters the most n no show.. I thought the magic were gonna do extreme makeover of their roster to keep Howard To help to keep him in Orlando but they r not doing anything beside firing Stan n Otis which they did deserve to get fired for not winning anything for many years. Other teams made moves on draft nights n trades n singing free agents so what the heck Orlando doing? Oh wait they r taking a part in Howard Disney drama… Orlando please shake up ur roster n get young guns to surround Howard. I want two super team in Florida 😉
    Maimi still running the show in beast east n haters will still hate cuz they only know how to hate its in their blood.

  83. kobe fan 830 says:

    the GM of orlando should trade Howard to L.A. for L.A center Bynum and if they want can get pau. and maybe d-will will go to L.A

    • Frank says:

      The problem with that is that Howard does NOT want to play with Kobe and Kobe does NOT want to play with Howard. Both have similar games (they need the ball in thair hands) and if they don’t get it, they pout. Kobe said some not-very flattering things about Howard, so no matter how much sugar you put on a lemon after you cut it, it will still be bitter.

      • hooplover says:

        kobe will play with me if he thinks it will get him #6! lol……….he’s a big man, he’ll swallow his pride and welcome his chance at a championship, (dwight howard) with not so open arms!, and when dwight realizes he has nowhere to go, he’ll humbly accept!

  84. Justice says:

    Maybe the Nets can get Joe Johnson, Deron, AND Dwight. Why is everybody just saying they can only have two? We all thought the Heat could only have two and they ended up getting three. Its possible. Im keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂

    • ttt says:

      They gave too much money to wallace and if they want to resign lopez and williams plus take on the johnson deal, omg I am no mathemetician but that will be a financially tied franchise in a hurry

    • Dude says:

      Think about it. Miami basically had no money commited for the upcoming season at that time. What do you call the $40 MILLION dollars that Gerald Wallace just signed for? Come on, be serious.

  85. Roy says:

    Welcome to the LA Lakers Dwight its your last option, otherwise stay and play unhappily in Orlando next season.

  86. KB24 says:

    I think the best trade for the magic is getting Andrew Bynum not Brook Lopes, he wants to go to the nets “to win a championship” but I don’t see it there.

  87. Karl says:

    Draft picks in Howard’ trade??? No. If Nets signs D-Will, the team will reach playoffs. Nets will not have a higher pick in 1st round.

  88. Nobody says:

    The Nets are in no clear direction over the past years. I kind of pity them. So, what are they thinking of trading for an overpaid, overrated player like Joe Johnson? For the Magic, take the Houston deal as they don’t really mind renting Howard just for 1 year for the price of clearing Martin and Lowry’s salaries. But the downside to that is having to take on those salaries (Martin and Lowry?) along with Turkoglu for the next years. You could take the Nets deal too because at this point, get something now no matter how unfair the deal might be or get nothing at the end of the season.

    • DARRICK FLYE says:

      You shouldn’t pity the Nets. This is a good move. The Nets, The magic, and the rest of the league is letting Dwight Howard know, you’re not gonna hold us hostage. Joe Johnson is only overated because he hasnt had a true point guard beside him since Steve Nash. D- Will, and Johnson, Crash, Lopez….and a power forward whos serviceable, wih Marshon Brooks off the bench. is a Playoff Team. Howard will end up in 1 of 2 places. The Lakers are willing to trade Bynum for him….and really not much else. Or he’s gonna end up in ATL…Ferry, is clearing cap space for him to come back to his home town.

  89. Milenko says:

    Howard and Hedo to LA – LA will use amnesty on Hedo
    Pau and Richardson to Minnesota
    Artest, Williams, Milicic (or Pekovic) and Beasley to Orlando

  90. Amitpal says:

    Magic best option right now is Dwight Howard for brook Lopez, Marshan brooks, and bunch of draft picks. They aren’t getting a better deal. Dwight not willing to go other places make it hard. Although if the rumors r true and Houston r willing Lowry, Martin, and Patrick Patterson that’s a great option. But they better make it fast.

    • TTKIN says:

      Lopez isnt under contract now so that deal cant happen. They would have to resign him, and he would have to approve the trade otherwise he wont resign with them at all.

    • Micah S says:

      @Patty ARE YOU KIDDING ME? idk how long you have been watching basketball, but Westbrook and Garnett? Westrook isnt even a top five PG nevermind player, and KG isnt a top 20 player anymore, the best players are Lebron Durante Kobe Howard and Rose, and the top five PG’s Rose Rondo Deron Williams, Chris Paul and Tony Parker

    • TTKIN says:

      Bynum would also be a better deal than Lopez. He has maturity issues, but everyone is hoping Lopez comes back from an injury that is very similar to what just ended Yao’s career. Brooks shows promise as do draft picks, but there is no guarantee theyll work out. Bynum already is the second best Center in the league, they know what they get if they trade for him.

      • Amitpal says:

        Very true but Bynum has had his share of injuries as well. But either way I thought Dwight didn’t want to stay in la and the lakers wouldn’t rent him. Houston might but lakers wont. But u make a good point.

  91. VC says:

    Come to BK Dwight

    • Joel says:

      D Wade makes LeBron who he is today…#Champions

      • Tommohawk says:

        my recollection of D Wade in the 2012 finals was that he was a bit of a liability for the most part. Lebron carried him and Miami to the ring. Still a great player but he needs to take form through to post-season which is tough now he’s 30.

      • Gman says:

        Liability because of his injuries, and he still played well.

  92. Patty says:

    David, The best players in the NBA are Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Lebron James, Westbrook, and Durant.

    • Dennis says:

      False… Thats not all there is….

    • John says:

      Kevin Garnett? Maybe a few years back but not right now. Not so sure about Westbook either to be honest. Maybe Chris Paul and Melo

    • Bulls2012 says:

      Drose is better than Westbrook anyday when healthy…

    • Wildbill says:

      Who really cares..! Miami will win it again next year anyway.

    • Joel says:

      D Wade should be on that list…#makethat2rings #notafluke #champion

    • Jose Deanda says:

      Bro your forgetting about Deriick Rose, He will always be better than Westbrook

      • Peter says:

        Neither Rose or Westbrook are on that list…

        If any PG’s are on that list they would be Chris Paul, followed by Steve Nash and Rajon Rondo. They are guys that dont just play hard, but make everyone on their team better – and no one man can beat a team.

        Lebron and Durant are on the list, as is Chris Paul. Much as I dislike the guy, I have to put Dwight Howard on the list as well as probably Kobe.

        No I’m not a Lakers fan, I’m actually a Celtics fan…but you cannot dispute Kobe’s numbers and even at his age he is elite.

    • NBAfan says:

      Common now….DRose, Kobe, Lebron, Durant, D12…that’s the top 5….Wade? nah…he is older than most people realize and his style of play will not allow him to be top tier for long…his time has come and gone….he peaked quickly and he is already dropping…

      this year’s ring belongs to LEBRON!!!! Other than Wades’ 41 pt performance against scrub teams early in the play offs, he hasn’t really done much other than block Fisher in a key moment in the finals….and that’s more FISHER’s FAULT than anything….

    • Jones17 says:

      Dwayne Wade, Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Derek Rose…the list is long. Kevin Garnett? Have you watched the NBA in the past 3 years?