Nets ‘Very Close’ To Acquiring Joe Johnson From Atlanta Hawks

HANG TIME CAPITAL BUREAU — The Brooklyn Nets are “very close” to acquiring six-time All-Star guard Joe Johnson from the Atlanta Hawks in exchange for guards Jordan Farmar, Anthony Morrow and DeShawn Stevenson and centers Jordan Williams and Johan Petro, as well as a protected first-round pick that came from Houston, according to a league source.

The deal, the source said, would be completed whether or not Brooklyn is able to convince free agent guard Deron Williams to re-sign with the team. Williams is entertaining an offer from the Dallas Mavericks as well.

Brooklyn, however, is hopeful that Williams will want to stay after the addition of Johnson, whom the Nets coveted before he became a free agent in 2010. The deal also allows the Nets to keep promising guard MarShon Brooks, who played well for the team last season as a rookie and would help comprise a strong three-guard rotation with Williams and Johnson.

The trade would dramatically change the look of the Hawks’ roster and eliminate Brooklyn from being able to make a potential deal for Magic center Dwight Howard, who wants to go there. The Nets would be taking on the final four years and $89.2 million of Johnson’s contract, after agreeing over the weekend to a new four-year, $40 million deal with forward Gerald Wallace.

That would give Atlanta significant cap relief going forward; the Hawks have made the playoffs five straight seasons, but have been unable to add much significant talent outside of the team’s core group the last few years because they were hamstrung by Johnson’s $124 million deal.

The contracts for Farmar, who opted in to the final year of his contract over the weekend, Petro and Morrow all expire after this season. Jordan Williams has a club option year after this season. Stevenson would have to agree to a sign-and-trade deal to Atlanta for the deal to work.

Howard reiterated his request to be traded to Brooklyn last week to the Magic’s new general manager, Rob Hennigan. But the Magic weren’t interested in any of the proposed deals Brooklyn had on the table for Howard, and the Nets decided to move ahead with the Johnson deal. Brooklyn officials are meeting with Williams Monday.

Yahoo! Sports first reported the talks between Brooklyn and Atlanta on Friday.’s Sekou Smith contributed to this report.


  1. Howard – C, Horford – PF, Smith – SF. defense wins rings. lets go bring Dwight back home

  2. ATL says:

    To all you Pigs who talking about Joe, he make the Hawks a playoff team for 7years.
    The Hawks still holding on to there Garbage # one pick in Marvin Williams.
    The only players that the Hawks should have kept on there team for next season is AL Horford ,Jeff Teague and Joe Johnson.
    You must remember its only a few players in the league are put to defend the best players every time night in night out.
    And it doesn’t mater if he playing the same position as them, as i said one in a few who you get it from at each end of the floor.
    He was the Green light and the Red light for that team he play at each end. Now i don’t have them to win 20 games next season.
    Big AL Horford is time to call out . Get out of there AL Horford.

  3. Bulls2012 says:

    What some people dont understand…The Nets getting Johnson basically means Howard is not going to the Nets…Joe Johnson is gonna get paid 90 mill for 4 years….Dwill gonna get a superstar contract..they signed Wallace for like 45mill..That means theres just no way Howard is going to Nets even after hes a free agent….unless he takes a big cut of money but knowing how immature howard is and any superstar is that wont happend.

    I give credit to the Nets owner for going after above average players…Even after they struck out on James Bosh Boozer Lee couple years ago.

  4. htk35 says:

    PG DWill
    SG Joe
    SF Wallace
    PF Howard
    C Lopez
    There squad would be too nice and would have everything and Miami wouldn’t stand a chance

  5. FR3d says:

    This deal does not make D-Will stay in town, because with that roster they won’t be contenders. For the Nets, it’s Dwight and D-Will or bust, Joe Johnson does not weigh much in the equation if I’m brutally honest.

  6. cjf says:

    overpaid for such skills… he’s salary is even higher than kobe, lebron and durant. No offense joe, i admire how you play but those three guys that i mentioned before are, let’s just say, a “bit”(lol) better than you but is not getting paid the way like you. brooklyn will have a good starting 5 but their bench wont get any deeper.

  7. zer02her0 says:

    Joe Johnson is very much overpaid in my opinion he is just a mediocre all star he is in the category of gay, igoudala, granger and chris bosh. Altpugh he has skill he is still far from being a superstar thats why absorbing his contract is really a bad move for nets and also this might close the doors for dwight howard which in my opinion is the best player to make them go forward…

  8. Player history says:

    I’m sure Joe Jonhson will be richer for giving him yet another overly high contract that is not worthy for a player like him. Overrated players like him makes fans excited but in reality they cant even come close on becoming a Championship caliber player. No offense but i rather get younger player than paying some all star that doesn’t shine.

  9. Somewhere says:

    Well, it’ll be better then the past few years for the Nets, but I don’t really think that they’re a contender, even if Deron stays.

  10. HornaCek says:

    we saw all last season, that Lopez can score only because of Dwill. And Nets bench after this trade? Sounds like Celtics bench, bunch of plumbers.

  11. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Even if I wanted my team to have Dwight Howard, I’m very happy if Joe Johnson (one of my fav players) comes even if D12 goes somewhere else (hope he doesn’t go to Lakers tough). I love Joe Johnson and as someone said, a starting lineup with D-Will, Joe Johnson, Gerald Wallace & Brook Lopez sounds good, with MarShon Brooks still there. Kris Humphries in the starting lineup would have been nice (with Brook) but it seems unlikely & I guess he’ll go somewhere else.

    But if D-Will goes, it’ll be sad. Hope that the resigning of Crash & the coming of Joe Johnson will make him stay in for the Nets.

  12. Hawksfan says:

    If Johnson would go to Nets, hawks must find SG and B. Roy is best man for the job. if they can pull this trough somehow.

  13. LakersFan says:

    Trade Humphries.

  14. Rj says:

    Orlando needs to hold their ground and not give howard what he wants. With Brooklyn resigning Grerald Wallace $40 mill and trading for Joe Johnson owed 90 mill (hawks) theres no way howard can be on the same team as williams. The nets will be over the cap. Mavs have a slight advantage but heres the thing… the mavs really dont have the pieces to offer orlando for howard. And we all know that orlando will not go empty handed again like they did in 96. The only trade I see that makes sense is involving the lakers Andrew Bynum. As a laker fan I dont want howard in a lakers uni. But as stated before the magic will not go empty handed for a second time in their franchise. The nba has started to become more of a joke

  15. Rj says:

    Orlando needs to stick to their guns and not give howard what he wants. Im tellin ya the nba has become more of a joke since treating star players like babies. Players somehow seem to forget that its as well as a sport. And people call bynum a drama starter? Please howard has been complaining ever since he signed that stupid extention. Why would anyone want howard at this point? He would wind up doing the same exact thing. Howard will not be able to sign with brooklyn since they got joe johnson whos owed 90 mill and signing Gerald Wallace 40 mill. Brooklyn will be over the cap limit anyways. And honestly orlando will not go empty handed like they did in 96. The chances of the mavs getting dwight is slim, I think the mavs dont have enough pieces to offer orlando for howard. Some say lakers are the best team to land howard but honestly as a laker fan I dont want this clown repping the purple gold.

  16. ATL says:

    Let’s not jump the gun yet remember DH have back problem. Its best to see what look like when he comes back. They need teach them Atlanta born players like Dwight and Josh how to make a jump shot 6feet or more from the hoop.

  17. nam says:

    that was stupid 5 players traded by only 1(joe johnson) O.o

  18. Kiwi says:

    No way they can keep Humphries…hes overdue a raise and they cant pay him the max for an extension…theyll struggle to keep d-will…still a lot to do for brooklyn

  19. Emils says:

    Dwight to Broooklyn!

  20. Dmitri says:

    If tthe Nets have D-Will: PG, Joe Johnson: SG, Gerald Wallace: SF, Humphries: PF, Brook Lopez: C, and MarShon Brooks: Sixth Man, (which is seeming like the best case scenario as of now), I think the nets future as contenders would rely on Brook Lopez developing into a top 5 center before any of these key contracts expire, because without Brook Lopez being top 5, I don’t think this decent roster surrounding him will be enough for a title. But if Brook Lopez DOES become a top center, watch out for the Nets!!!!!

    • Dmitri says:

      Also, I say fire Avery Johnson and hire Phil Jackson. He can make any team a contender.

  21. Dwyane Wade says:


  22. Kasper Kjaer says:

    Can they not use Johnson in a 3 team deal, that involves Orlando so he ends up there and Howard in Brooklyn?. Can’t believe they want Johnson with Wallace and Brooks.

  23. kneeger says:

    PG: Deron Williams
    SG: Joe Johnson
    SF: Gerald Wallace
    PF: Kris Humprhies
    C: Brook Lopez (Or hopefully Dwight Howard)

  24. manny_nashfan says:

    Johnson is a selfish individual you know. I do not like his character. He left Phoenix because he felt insecurity in his role. He will do that again with the faltering Hawks. Dump Johnson, no word of honor.

  25. egggrriiieee says:

    why just done create a 31st and 32nd team??? The Anchorage Icewolves in the West and The Baltimore Cruisers in the East??? i dreamed of it last night actually…harharhar….

  26. flip says:

    I like this trade, i personally think that brooklyn does not need Howard and that he wasnt gonna be able to go there anyway because the magic are gonne trade him to make the magic better not to make howard happy



  28. tony22 says:


  29. tony22 says:


  30. tony22 says:


    • uoykcuf says:

      It’s alright to use punctuation.
      It’s not okay to have run-on sentence. In your case, paragraph.
      *Knicks, *they are, *roster, *Championship

  31. asdf says:

    PG – Deron
    SG – Johnson
    SF- Wallace
    PF – Humpries
    C – Lopez

  32. manny_nashfan says:

    Johnson is a selfish individual you know. I do not like his character. He left Phoenix because he felt insecurity in his role. He will do that again with the faltering Hawks. Dump this Johnson to garbage, no word of honor.

  33. ice says:

    with this deal. the nets will definately get to the playoffs next seeson

  34. Vinicius Naccor says:

    Brook Lopez is overrated! And bad move for Hawks

  35. dexth says:

    Dwight why not choose Mavs.

  36. Ironhide is Dead says:

    trade josh smith to the kings for thornton!!! Cousins-Robinson-Smith-Evans-Fredette…now that’s a starting five!! Go Kings Go!!!

  37. Anthony a fan since ABA says:

    Great trade, Johnson is awesome and hoping everyone knows Brooks is the rookie shooting guard not Lynch who is a running back in the NFL. We have been horrible since Kidd left. This brings hope back! I have been a fan since the Dr. in the ABA. The Nets were awesome nd respected then. Not like the past few years.

  38. Mahmoud says:

    They’re giving too much away, if i were them i would at least keep the first round pick that’s protected

  39. imtodope says:

    well hawks let me say u trade a start for players that arent all that good you get a lotery pick and win 5 game out of 82 bad choice

  40. bowcheck says:

    Give Joe a break
    Its not his fault he is overpaid, i mean, who wouldnt take 90 million in 4 years

  41. omar says:

    man why would you trade joe hes the best thing that has ever happend to this franchise since dominique. now who other big time free agent shooting guard is on the market. he is a little overpaid but hes defenitly worth it . in big time down the strech of a game he always comes up big.The only good thing coming out of this trade is the hawks cleared up some cap space.The hawks should definetly be trying to get D12. If not this hawks will be trash. They should also let go of marvin he has been doing nothing for this hawks team ever since he got drafted.Man I cant believe the hawks drafted marvin over chis paul or dwill.

  42. Hi my name is.......... says:

    If they do this deal I think Howard won’t go to Brooklyn

  43. Josh hawks fan says:

    as a hawks fan I am freaking excited. Thank god we got rid of that contract

  44. Dimple says:

    Thanks Joe Johnson. We’ve had some amazing games with you but it’s time. Your contract is suffocating this franchise. Good luck in the big apple.

  45. Brandon says:

    Nets are desperate to win so they have traded as much bench as possible for Gerald Wallace and Joe Johnson. The Hawks aren’t in that bad of a place they just got off the hook for 30MILL PER YEAR. The guys they got help but I don’t really understand why theyy do it this early in the offseason.

  46. dani says:

    joe johnson is a great player, but with that money u can make better teams.

  47. rpballer says:

    hey nets got a good deal but thats not going to help ATLANTA a lot.

  48. NYJameZ06 says:

    this trade is weak they all aint getting rings

  49. mister says:

    yah..Joe Johnson, just another good player who won’t be getting a ring..just adding up to the list of Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, Grant Hill etc….

    • pakyaw says:

      PLEASE…dont put Joe Johnson on same categories on the players you mentioned above…those are all HOF..J Johnson is not,and he will never be HOF….he is just an overpaid athlete, THATS IT!. i’ll take shane battier anyday over him…

  50. ATL says:

    Remember Hawks pick Marvin Williams over Deron Williams and Chris Paul.

  51. Go Mavs says:

    D-Will come back to were you spent your childhood!

  52. NBA BIG MAN FAN says:

    The Hawks shouldn’t trade Joe Johnson because if Josh Smith leaves, and he leaves, then the team will be nothing. None of the players the Nets want to trade are as good as him anyways.

  53. einOpfer says:

    the nets already used their amnesty clause on travis outlaw.. thus would be not possible to amnesty jj

  54. Go Mavs says:

    Hey, I know this is off subject, but Go Mavs!

  55. ATL says:

    Every one in the NBA is been overpaid just get it when you.

  56. redowl says:

    Joe Johnson is overpaid. Atlanta should not have lost to Boston in the first fround last year. They need to put an axe to that entire Atlanta roster and start fresh.

  57. bu says:

    JJ is not a superstar & 1 dimensional, def not worth the $. The Hawks see it clearly & try to work smtg out to get good pieces fm trade (not easy) & cap room for the other free agents. Nets, may use this as a fall back plan or some kind of insurance policy in case DH cannot be signed on favorable trade, or to show D Will that on paper the pieces on the team is v good if he cconsider staying. That’s what it sounded like to me.

    DH’s personality might clash with D Will, & so will Johnson for his ball hog playing staying. With JJ, is still better than trading for DH esp if Lopez plays well on both ends like he was before the injury. A Johnson has never shown a successful system developed in the Nets. So either piece they acquired, it’ll make them stronger at every position no doubt but hard to see them functioning well immediately as a team. Then you add in the factor playing in Brooklyn with so much distractions………….

  58. ATL says:

    Hawks need to build around AL Horford

  59. mike says:

    ok Joe johnson isn’t a bad player but he is not worth 90 million and 5 players. That would be a mistake.

  60. PrimeTime says:

    Joe Johnson is the most overpaid NBA athlete, thank god Atlanta Hawks got rid of him. Overrated athlete. pshhhh..

  61. ATL says:

    That moron said this is josh smith team. Have you ever seen him play like he know what he is doing? He play like a moron all the time he bin in the NBA. You can’t build around him. Hawks let go of Marvin and Josh keep Joe and build around Al.

  62. illvillekid says:


  63. illvillekid says:

    man i cant believe joe johndon is gone 😦

  64. Marcky says:

    What a trade…. I can’t believe that NETS will get Joe Johnson… D-will Johnson tandem will not have a ring but if D12 and D Will maybe have a chance to have a ring….

  65. ozsportsdude says:

    Maybe now after Joe Johnson, Rashad Lewis, Gilbert Arenas and god knows how many others that if you give a Max Deal to someone who is not a legitimate superstar like Lebron, Kobe, Wade, Howard (who I hate but still) etc then it kills any chance you have to contend for the length of that deal and beyond. I feel like praising Atlanta for freeing themselves from that albatross of a contract but then again if someone smashes my car I dont praise them for fixing it afterwards, you just expect them too and its the same situation here.

  66. Joe Johnson says:

    about time Joe joe is gone. the hawks will do much better without his constant 1 on 1 game. now they need to get rid of josh smith, then they will actually be a team

  67. jake says:

    Oh gee, another large market super team being established. Who would’ve guessed it. Yawn

  68. GoBulls says:

    Just piecing together several good players will not make the nets a championship contender; however, they might sneak into the playoffs. If all goes well for the nets during free agency, then we might see them in the no. 6 seed in the east.

  69. Jeff says:

    Joe Johnson will play for the Nets next year, then he will let him go using the amnesty clause and make a run at Dwight Howard

    • uoykcuf says:

      Seriously? Okay, I got one too then.
      Kobe will play for the Nets next year, then they’ll let him go using the rapist cause and sign Michael Jordan.

  70. Matt NJ says:

    1. For people saying this is a dumb move because now the Nets cannot get Dwight Howard, you have to understand Dwight has been toying with the Nets organization for the past year and a half. Everyone’s making a big deal out of Dwight recently saying he wants to be a NET. HE’S BEEN SAYING THIS FOR A WHILE, AND HAD THE CHANCE TO BE TRADED BUT DECIDED TO STAY IN ORLANDO LAST YEAR. Orlando seemed uninterested in sending Dwight to the Nets without looking at possible trades with other teams. BUT, Dwight being the character he is ONLY wants to be a NET and Orlando isn’t about to get less in return for the big man JUST to give him his way.

    2. Deron at point, JJ at SG, G-Wallace at SF, Possible return of Humph at PF, and Lopez at C (Lets not forget last time Lopez was healthy he was the second best Center in the east, behind Dwight,)

    BENCH: Marshon Brooks who we know is turning into a great scorer. The high flying Gerald Green. And the recent draft pick Tyshawn Taylor.

    We all know that Dwill can drop 35 on any given night when put into the SG roll. Not saying it will happen alot but if TT can step up as a PG Dwill can slide over to SG when the team needs a big scoring night from Dwill.

    I think the Nets can at best be a 6 seed this year in the East. As a nets fan im just happy we dont have to worry about the Dwight situation any longer.

  71. Tully says:

    I like Joe Johnson, but that contract is just too much of a burden. That’s a Tim-Duncan-in-his-prime kind of contract, not a better-than-average shooting guard contract.

    • Bball247 says:

      You don’t know what you’re talking about, a SIX-TIME all-star shooting guard and he’s just…better than average?? I didn’t even know he was a six time all-star and I knew just by watching him play and his highlights that he’s one of the top sg’s! Yall are crazy, and unknowledgable…I swear, I take people like you guys’s money in pools ALL THE TIME.

      • Big Dan says:

        You are an idiot Bball247. Every one new that contract was too big for Joe Johnson, everyone was talking about it when it happened. You keep replying on everyones post like you know everything about Basketball and you know absolutely nothing. And Its not POOLS you idiot it’s pool.

  72. Edward says:

    D-will nets player is not going to play for the nets

  73. K-RockSki says:

    If this deal goes though, I see the Hawks making a move for D. Howard. If they can entice him to bring is services back home and hook up with Josh Smith they can build strong around those two guys. Atlanta is a major market city and a very entertaining place to reside. That’s if he want to go back to his original home.

  74. Jaykilla says:

    joe to the nets might be the start of something. even if they just tacked on a big contract with his remaining 4 years being a hefty price, it still puts thoughts in a lot of free agents heads that brooklyn isn’t waiting around and that they are eager to start the free agency off with a bang. expect to see a few more big names come to the nets in the near future

  75. Ballin says:

    You can’t trade for a player and then amnesty them ppl. L2CBA

  76. Patnubay Calaycay says:

    D-Will becomes a Lakers hot point guard eventually…..

  77. MARK says:

    Thank You Nets we in Atlanta who don’t settle for just making the playoffs APPRECIATE IT!

  78. Michael B says:

    This trade was a no brainer…Hawks were never going to win with Joe Johnson! The $$$ the Hawks are going to save and have to spend for the future is invaluable. Congratutions to the ENTIRE Hawks organization.

  79. ahzdanny says:

    Who thinks of trades like this? Considering what both the Nets and Howard reportedly have been hoping for since God knows when, trading for someone as overpaid and overrated as Johnson makes no sense.

  80. Brandon says:

    WOW! Joe Johnson is a good player but not worth everything Nets are putting on the table. Joe Johnson NEVER got the hawks anywhere in the playoffs ever. Bad move by the Nets IMO.

  81. Ralf says:

    It’s pretty obvious Nets will get Johnson just for a Dump. They will free cap space by Waiving Johnson through Amnesty.

    Then they can get Dwight Howard plus Derron Williams plus another All Star to form a Big Three as well.

    • NetsNation says:

      Nets will not amnesty a player who is owed 90 million dollars. Even if the Nets owner is a billionaire, he’s not crazy enough to just give away 90 million dollars to sign another super star.

      • Gerald says:

        Nets used ther Amnesty on Travis Outlaw. This will be a horrible trade for the Nets that contract is riduculous

  82. Ryan says:

    is anyone else as alarmed as I am about how bad the spelling and grammar is on all these fan’s comments? Ha ha

  83. Harley K says:

    i hope they trade howard to a bad team but its hard for them because not alot of people are willing to make a deal they should dump him in housten for some of their young guns to just get him outa town and start to rebuild their team. or laker if they are open to giving up bymun and some other players(i doubt it but your never know kobe sould make a run with howard but i really hope he goes to a bad team so he can lose ALOT dam cry babby

    • lakerfan says:

      Dwight in L.A. would never work!!! in Orlando they spread the floor for him to get easy buckets, in L.A. he’ll have to create his own shot (which he can’t) and the lakers are the worst 3 point shooting team in the league so the paint will be clogged up, so much for spreading the floor…

      • lakerfan says:

        If you don’t like bynum in L.A. wait til howard gets there, it’ll be a castastrophy!!! The lakers can’t get much better defensivly and that’s all dwight has to offer. He’d be the 3rd option and would rarely see 15 pts a game if not less.

      • Realist Laker's Fan says:

        The best thing to do is maybe get Dwight, just for his Defense. Pau will get more touches (which he really does need) and will be the focal point in the post offense once again. Dwight will get his aswell, but he will be the 3rd option. Lakers keep their Giant frontcourt and as Dwight is quicker and more athletic than Bynum, we wont be as slow. Dwight also brings it EVRY NIGHT easpecially on the DEFENSIVE side.

        We just need a decent PG, someone like Nash who can shoot from the 3 with deadly accuracy. As if Nash wouldnt be intrigued to play with Kobe, Dwight & Pau.

        Starting 5:
        NASH, KOBE, WORLD PEACE, PAU & D-12.

        Not bad if u ask me :D.

      • Bball247 says:

        What so realistic about what you said? lol! You must’ve not heard that nash and kobe don’t like each other and don’t want to play on the same team. So there goes your “realist” ideals down the drain lol.

      • Realist Laker's Fan says:

        Hey Bball247. Have u read HTB lately. Lakers are trying to acquire Nash. It seems like i am a realist afterall lol. Kobe is not interseted in Beef anymore. He has nothing to prove. He knows that and that is why he is just after players that will give him the best opportunity to win more rings. Nash provides that. He prolly still hates the Suns organisation, but he did try to recruit Raja Bell to lakers afterall?

  84. karoLT says:

    a good deal that cud have been sweeter, i hoped for gerald green or marshon brooks who can replace JOE… It’s time to build around Josh Smith… It’s his team now 🙂

    • Dude says:

      Too bad Smith doesn’t want to be there. Looks like Horford’s team to me.

      • Mike says:

        I always thought that Josh Smith was the elite talent on the Hawks team. This prooves it. , otherwise GM would have easily traded him away instead of Joe Johnson and Marvin Williams. However, Joe is an incredible talent. He needs to be on a winning team and not THE man.

  85. HonestGuy says:

    Great trade for the Hawks, looks awful at first but remember that J.Johnson has a huge contract, and let’s face it, they’re not going anywhere with this current roster, might as well blow it up and rebuild.

  86. Eduard says:

    D-Will Joe Johnson Crash Humphries B-Lopez.

    • Nolan says:

      Now that is a starting 5 with no bench! They traded their whole bench away for joe johnson and now they can’t afford to sign any bench guys!

      • CoachAiree says:

        Pull a Miami and get veterans who can play a role

      • chris says:

        says who? besides johnson (if this goes through) and crash and dwill (if he signs) .. who else is earning anything close to big dollars? humphries isnt on anything big, lopez is an RFA, you could proably bring his brother over for dirt cheap, and reisgn many free agents out there to have a decent bench..

      • Bball247 says:

        They still have a scorer off the bench, they still have lynch and they could just get some veterans who can play defense.

  87. Jimmy the #1 Hawks fan in the world!!!! says:

    I love the Hawks and Joe Johnson and I am devestated to see Joe Joehson leave us. Not once have I ever thought that he was over-payed. Not once did I think he was over-rated! This is just horrible!

    • negrokiller says:

      you moron he is garbage.

      • jsmove says:

        how is he garbage but he is a 6 time allstar u sound very stupid

      • Bball247 says:

        You’re nuts, this guy can score sickly whether it’s inside or outisde game, he’s good defensively, and can even take the winning shot with no fear. He’s got ice in his veins this one, and any team who gets him will no doubt be better for it.

      • Zach Gillette says:

        He completely destroys offensive flow and can’t score without being one-on-one. He takes very poor shots as well.

    • BBall Fan says:

      he is over-payed, and he is over-rated…..

      • Bball247 says:

        over-rated? Change your name from Bball Fan to Hockey Fan or Futbol Fan, because your name is misleading. You know squat about basketball, unless you just like to watch balls bounce…I won’t discriminate…

    • Rich says:

      If Joe Johnson is not overpaid, then everybody else are underpaid.

      • uoykcuf says:

        Overpaid? maybe. Overrated? Obviously not, Without JJ, the hawks have no closer, scorer. Will they ever play ISO anymore?
        Interesting to see where will J. Smith goes.

      • blobby says:

        he may be a little over paid but JOHNSON GOT SKILL!!! Hes a plus for both teams Atlanta saves money and Brooklyn gets a good presence and a very good scrorer.


  89. deshawncoy says:

    I am a fan of Joe Johnson but please, Nets, stay away from him. He has under 90 million left due to him for the next 4 years. Wait for Howard. Or.. what I’m thinking, they may trade for Joe then flip him somehow for Dwight in Orlando later in the summer/season. Lol might be crazy enuff to happen

    • TTKIN says:

      Orlando wont want Joe Johnson’s contract. Unless theyre eager enough to dump Howard, theyll take his contract and immediately amnesty him. But that’s not happening here, otherwise Orlando woulda flipped him for nothing by now.

  90. helloo says:

    This is exactly why you never put all the eggs in one basket!!… once you fail all the eggs break!!! The Nets will be financially burdened with Johnsons contract for years… The Wallace contract was not that bad…. he is a good man and I believe he took a big paycut…. now if they sign Williams they will have no $$$ to get anybody else of much value!!! They were a mediocre team last year and will remain that way for years as those big contracts grab them by the throats and squeezzzz

  91. chris says:

    danny ferry is going to cleveland my hawks!!!! smh!

  92. Jake says:


  93. TTKIN says:

    Anything that keeps that crybaby Dwight Howard from getting what he wants is ok by me. This deal would prevent him from crying his way out of Orlando…God I hope this deal works.

    • LeCHOKE says:

      Well, this move is good. Deron at PG, Joe johnson at SG, Gerald wallace at PF, Brook Lopez at Center.
      Quite good.

      • xmen300 says:

        brook Lopez will be at Center, pls dont forget Kris H. a good rebounder for PF.

      • Mike says:

        actually at 235lbs and no stranger to playing a small forward , I’d plant Joe Johnson right at the small forward spot and let your promising rook Mashon Lynch take the shooting guard , TWill PG , Wallace PF , Brooks Center and I wish you guys the best from down here in Atlanta. He’s a darn good player. We need to rebuild. U’ve got some kick butt players.

      • Bball247 says:

        This is GERALD wallace, not rashaad. He’s a 6’7 small forward, not power forward. They can sign humphries back if they need to, he’s actually not all that bad. It would be lopez c, humphries pf, wallace, sf, johnson sg, and d-will pg. That’s a pretty good lineup if you ask me, very playoff worthy and even contender worthy.

      • TheNBAGuy says:

        or PG: D-Will, SG: Joe Johnson, SF: Wallace, PF: Humphries C: Lopez and MarShon Brooks as 6th man
        and remember D-Will might leave to Dallas. if not the nets can land howard and possibly make it far to the playoffs

      • kILLarifIC says:

        why would wallace play power foward?? hed be at sf… semi-nba fans

    • Matchoman Sandwich says:

      yup, me too