Mavs, Nets Get Best Pitches Ready

HANG TIME CAPITAL BUREAU — It is D-Day in Brooklyn. D for Deron Williams, and Decision, and Dilemma.

The Nets will meet with Williams and his representatives today, hoping to convince the 28-year-old that they have a plan in place to surround him with enough quality talent that he can compete with the likes of the Heat, Celtics and Bulls in the Eastern Conference. But Williams will also meet with the Mavericks, who will approach him with a simple argument: we’ve won a championship, and we already have a superstar, in Dirk Nowitzki.

The Nets have not, a source directly involved in the negotiations said Monday morning, reached out to Jeremy Lin, the Knicks’ free agent guard. Nor have they explored looking at the Hornets’ restricted free agent guard Eric Gordon.

Brooklyn’s only fallback if Williams goes to Dallas is Steve Nash, who met with the Raptors and Knicks Sunday and will meet with Miami, Indiana and his incumbent team, Phoenix, in the next couple of days.

The Nets’ group meeting with Williams does not include principal owner Mikhail Prokhorov. But the billionaire entrepreneur has met with Williams several times in the last few months, detailing the vision he has for Williams and the franchise to become global icons in the next few years.

Brooklyn hopes it can finalize discussions with the Hawks that would lead to a trade for All-Star guard Joe Johnson on July 11, the end of free agency’s moratorium. (The moratorium prohibits teams and players from entering into contracts until the league and union set next season’s salary cap number.)

The Nets already have reached tentative agreement to retain free agent forward Gerald Wallace with a four-year, $40 million deal. Wallace, a source said, agreed to take less money in the first year of the deal than the $9.5 million he made last season to give Brooklyn more cap flexibility for additional deals.

The Mavericks have spent the last year creating cap flexibility for this summer. Even though Dallas technically is only $10 million or so under the cap when factoring in cap holds and first-year salaries of the three Draft picks the Mavericks acquired last week, the Mavericks can easily clear another $13 million by cutting the non-guaranteed deals of Vince Carter and Brandan Wright and using the one-time amnesty clause on center Brendan Haywood, who’s due to make $8.3 million next season.

Brooklyn’s appeal to Nash will be the same as it makes to Williams. Nash spends his offseason in New York’s Soho neighborhood, and the Nets will tell the 38-year-old that they will get enough players to play with him to be able to compete now.

Numerous reports Sunday said the Raptors offered Nash a three-year, $36 million deal, and also indicated they’d be willing to give Nash a front office position with the franchise when he’s done playing. The Knicks can only offer Nash the mini mid-level exception starting at $3.09 million, and could only create additional room if they worked out a sign-and-trade deal with Phoenix for Nash.

The one player that would make sense in such a scenario is second-year guard Iman Shumpert, whom Phoenix almost took in the first round of the 2011 Draft before selecting Kansas forward Markieff Morris.


  1. Jarek says:

    Dirk, hibbert, and dwills in Dallas…sounds like ring number two for dirk

  2. bk all day booiii says:

    all ya are dumb the brroklyn nets got enough money to pay for d will joe and dwight and still have money dis new york we get money not non ya broke a$$$ states lol get your fact right hahahahaha

  3. muhz says:

    People need to stop making up lineups like they would on their xbox or ps3. This is getting ridiculous.

  4. Charlie says:

    Dallas only need is a good center and Dwight Howard is the answer. That’s it.

  5. DALLAS says:

    to MIAMI…you just won a championship bcoz ur team is overated…without chris bosh and your team were tottlay get shut by chicago..that’s the fact

  6. christian says:

    @uoykcuf so funny mavs not a contender mavs always make to the playoffs and they won a title when all expexts them to exit in the 1st round dont estimate the heart of a champion thats dirk

  7. coolitdude says:

    i like the idea of 3D (Dwight+Dwil+Dirk) possibly with most electrifying threesome better than the Heat and Celts.

    With Joe Johnson already at Brooklyn, Nets is a NO for Dwight.

    Someone can advise how many millions is the cap per team per season? 100mil?

  8. mAC007 says:

    Dwill toLA. Bynum/Gasol trade for dwight howard. thats a real championship team.

  9. BKNets says:

    Deron Williams will not win in Dallas they are getting to old, he has a better chance on waiting to see who he can bring to the Nets

  10. HeatfaninNy says:

    Heat will repeat. You want a ring? Take the minimum and play in southbeach. For the next 5 years, everyones career is ruined. Its a dynasty and i dont think any team can stop this.

  11. tony22 says:


  12. tony22 says:


  13. Dallas 214 says:

    Ill say this thought if we still had Chandler at Center Dwill would easily have come back home.

  14. Dallas 214 says:

    All the signs are pointing to Dwill and Kidd going to Nets as much as it hurts to say it might just go that way. I think it would be interesting if Dallas could get Howard and Nash though. Cuban isnt dumb I know he has all the bases covered if we dont get Dwill.

  15. Jerome says:

    Deron can’t win in Mavs as long as they don’t have a solid big man

  16. TonAstorga says:

    Like I care where Dwill goes, Nash to HEAT with PAT “The Creator” RILEY ^____^ anything is possible. Just saying.

  17. Glenn- FILIPINO says:

    GO to LAKERS D- WILL and tie-up with Bynum,Kobe. It would be a great TRIO.

  18. Chad says:

    Dirk, KG, Hibbert, D-will and Kidd – A back-to-back championship is a sure thing if these guys go together. If they can still add Ray Allen then maybe they don’t need to have a coach!hahaha

  19. Chad says:

    Dallas needs Garnet more than D Wil if they want another ring.

  20. AC says:

    If Deron choose Brooklyn:

    C B.Lopez
    PF K.Humprise or via free agent
    SF G.Wallace
    SG J.Johnson (via trade)
    PG D.Williams

    Bench: M.Brooks, G.Green

    If Deron choose Dallas:
    C D.Nowitzki
    PF (via free agent)
    SF (via free agent)
    SG J.Terry (if he still around)
    PG D.Williams

    Bench: R.Beaubois (if the name is correct)

    In terms of experience Mavs have it but in longer terms as for both teams is concern its clearly the Nets have the advantage. You choose, You decide, At your own risk… Go Brooklyn!!!

  21. kopekdess says:

    Deron should go to Charlotte Bobcats! Oh no wait… he should go to Cleveland Cavaliers!

  22. Everything can happen if d will goes to dallas then dwight wll wanna play there for less money but with big chances of winning a ring,pay attention to dallas people they can set up a really big roster for this season

  23. MIAMI says:

    Gosh Dallas just won a championship ring becoz Lebron sold his game and have a threat to his GF. I dont think Dallas can really win to MIAMI that time around. Lebron having 8 points in finals? geez who would believe so? even when he’s in CLEVELAND he’s unstoppable check it out you guys. I guess if your in that situation you have to loose the game.. unless he wants to make sacrifice for his career. NOW is redemption watch out how he controls the game.. unlike the 2011 it’s totally different person…

  24. D says:

    There’s no way going to Dallas get’s D Will a ring, unless Dwight went with him. The Mavs simply aren’t getting by the Thunder without some big changes.

  25. mister says:

    It’s still going to be OKC and SPURS in the west..MIAMI and BOSTON in the east..

  26. langka says:


  27. langka says:

    3D – DIRK, DERON, DWIGHT go Dallas triple threat

  28. Jason says:

    D-will to Dallas? for what? These Dallas fans are funny, Who say that just because he will play with dirk they will be a championship contender??? please people be realistic, First of all besides dirk dallas is GARBAGE and second who would choice boring mexican town of dallas over NEW YORK??? COME ON!!! I live here in dallas and they is nothing to do here.

  29. David says:

    Howard wants one team yes and that team is…………………… CHARLOTTE BOBCATS LOL!!!!! jokes… Howard’s definition of 1 team is just which ever team Dwill is in that is the team i want to go to…. So Obvious… At the moment its the Nets but what if Dwill goes to Mavs then it would be the Mavs… He is so predictable….

    For Dwill I think he is staying.. He can see that the nets are truely trying to contend NOW!!! resigning of Wallace and possible trade of Joe Johnson.. and if they resign Lopez man thats a good team they just need a decent 4.

    Dallas is OLD. Dallas said that if they land Dwill, The Jet is out of there…. meaning they will become weaker and the bench is questionable too…

    I am a laker fan so yeah I would love to see Dwill in a Laker uniform but I know it aint happening EVER!!! Nets will never take on Gasol for Dwill. I remember in Utah Dwill saying I dont like scoring 30pts, I just want others to step up and man he will get that from the Nets this season and possibly the Mavs and even the Lakers.
    If the lakers somehow pull off Magic again like the Kwame Brown for Pau Gasol Trade, but this time Pau for Dwill man I would be a happy man.

    Stupid Cavs owner dashed many Lakers dreams… of having CP3… just coz he is still raging about losing LBJ….

    BUt yeah he staying with Nets.

  30. Flying Raijin_41 says:

    the atlanta hawks will never give joe johnson to the nets even in-exchange for 6 players…and imagine if joe johnson does go to nets, brooklyn nets has no reserve to help them….the best decision d.will is to go to dallas…

    • BIGMatta23 says:

      Sounds like you really know what you’re talking about…The ATL Hawks will ALWAYS give Joe Johnson to ANY team that will take that contract from them!

  31. Vic says:

    1st of all a lot of ppl up here really basically don’t know anything …

    2nd of all d-will best chose is the nets because Dallas is an older team a smaller window to win …

    3rd of all nets still have a chance to get d. Howard … Three way trade or package Lopez and Johnson to a team like Houston or orlando for Howard … The door isn’t shut on Howard to Brooklyn which most of these so called experts say ….

    Howard wants 1 team he’ll be there ….

  32. LebronFanForLife says:

    If he wants a championship and a huge pay cut.
    Then he’ll join Miami

  33. Jaykilla says:

    i can now guarantee d will is keeping his nets jersey on. the nets are looking good with jj now and it will bring a few big names to brooklyn, starting with an elite pg!

  34. MAVSFAN says:


  35. kobe fan 830 says:

    D-WILL go to L.A with kobe and maybe howard mite go there and you are going to be playing with kobe 5 time champ

  36. Awesome says:

    He is going to the nets because they just traded for joe johnson from the hawks so they can definately make a run in the playoffs if they get a solid pf through free agency

  37. BillyTheKid says:

    D Will should stay in Brooklyn. Even if he does not win a championship after building the team around him at least he will make the most money.

  38. Jay Quiz says:

    I don’t think the mavs have enough pieces to convince Williams to go there too, in my opinion Brooklyn is a better choice for him, with the way it’s going and their aggressiveness, I’m seeing Brooklyn contending in the next few years, that’s also the reason why Dwight wants to go there. Money, fame, and promise all in the same place.

  39. EarvinBryant says:

    Cant count out the lakers yet, all we need is a decent point guard and some consistency from our big guys. Hey rings dont lie. in 12 seasons we have been to the finals 7 times and got 5 titles I guess people forget stuff like that. none of the teams mentioned in this blog have come remotely close. Lakers are a dynasty, think about it folks, lakers are the only recent champions to repeat since the 97-98 bulls. better hope we dont get our hands on a quality FA

  40. SYDALE says:

    Deron Williams should come to the Sixers… We make Jrue the SG… and Turner becomes our version of Harden… forget about re-signing Lou…

  41. Blah says:

    Williams is clearly waiting for Dwight to come to the Nets. Once he does, he’ll resign.

  42. Lakers says:

    D-Will should go to LA Lakers he would play much better with the likes of Kobe Bryant, Andrew Bynum and maybe even Gasol.

  43. Red&Yellow95 says:

    Even if the Mavericks clear all that cap-space, and do sign Deron Williams, who would they have to help them out? They’d be forced to carry the load, because two max contracts won’t allow much room to sign good players.

    Bottom-line, the Mavs would not be able to afford Marion, Terry, Kidd etc. Unless somebody can give me some salary cap information that proves me wrong, I don’t think they can do it.

    Williams will go back to New Jer- I’m sorry, Brooklyn, where the money is and where he hopes they’ll get DH12. In the meantime, I guess Joe Johnson and Gerald Wallace will have to do. Unwise decisions.

    Dwight Howard isn’t going to end up in Brooklyn this season. Orlando is tired of his garbage, and will trade him to whichever team offers the best package. Which is NOT Brooklyn.

    Most likely? Houston. Good players in Lowry and Scola, along with a heap of younger players. Already have said they’re willing to risk him leaving after one year.
    Possibly Lakers too if there’s a three-way or four-way deal going down, but would they be willing to lose Bynum and Gasol?

    He’ll stay for that one deal, and have to decide whether to lead approx. 50 million on the table or leave the team and hope the Nets didn’t blow all their money on overrated players.

  44. Mateo says:

    Chinco you are one of the leats knowledgeable people about Basketball I have ever met the Owner can’t just give more money there is a limit haha your a true sports fan and don’t even know how things work.

  45. Jared says:

    I dont see the aging Mavs contending for a ring with OKC and other teams

    • chris says:

      Thank you.. everyone is saying they have a shot at a title? tell me how with the spurs and OKC running the show there.. even with DWILL they cant beat either of those 2 in the near future and there old as sin so they dont have long to contend

  46. danny says:

    d-will will go to brooklynnnn, new team, new fanssss, the first player to embrace the city, now thats whats uppp. who ever said going to dallas is a garanteeing a championship? they still gotta go thru lakers,clippers, okc, and the spurs for a few years more ppl. for a new and upcoming team brooklynnnn is where itsss atttttttttttt.

  47. Houston says:


    2013 NETS


  48. Houston says:

    D-Will You need to go to dallas even though i am a rockets fan you in dallas would be awesome

    2013 DALLAS starting lineup
    Jason Terry
    Shawn Marion
    Dirk NewRINGski
    and that center

  49. getdwight says:

    mavs should concentrate on getting dwight howard, nothing else. if they sign Deron williams they will never be able to get dwight and will never again win a championship.

  50. Dmavs nativep says:

    Do the right thing and go to mavs

  51. Reyes says:

    Go to mavs then we have some mature and young guns who will make,us a championship calibar team

  52. AN says:

    As of right now they will only have Dirk and Dwill and thats not enough to beat the Thunder. The Wst has always been really good, and now the Thunder are ready to set up their own dynasty in the West. The Spurs can still crush the Mavs and there are teams like the TWolves, Grizzlies and Clippers that are getting there. DWill’s only chance to make it to the finals is to stay in the East cuz Dirk is getting old. So he should stay with Brooklyn.

  53. willie says:

    dallas will be the 2013 champs… or at least finalists against the heat 🙂

    • Paidonjok says:

      Dallas have an aging lineup so DWill going there only looks good for 1-2 years. They didn’t take advantage of the shortened lockout season to make it far so they are done now.

      Dirk, JKidd, VCarter, Marion, Odom, Terry, and Haywood are too old to be of any use from here on.

  54. mjmaq says:

    you know what? i’m feeling something this offseason dramas and situations…theres gonna be a huge press and fan conference in big d.. BIG 3-D my man..!!!

  55. Awesome says:

    He is going to the nets because dirk won’t be as good in 2-3 years and they will have to drop all of their decent role players to get enough cap room for dwill so it will be dwill dirk and a bunch of scrubs. jason terry is gone in free agency they have to release shawn marion for cap space and no one else on the team is really that good. On the nets it would be him, gerald wallace, brooks, mayo or another good free agent sg such as terry, whoever they trade brook lopez for which can get them quality pieces, then after this season dwight will be a free agent and it will be dwill, brooks, free agents drawn to ny because of dwill and dwight, gerald wallace, dwight, and morrow, kidd, farmar, and draft picks coming off the bench. so brooklyn looks a lot more promising then dallas.

  56. JR says:

    DWill will have a tough road to the finals in the Eastern Conference.

    The West is a better option, even with OKC there. The Lakers are aging.

    If he wants to win and win early, Dallas is far and away his best option.

    • chris says:

      the lakers are younger then dallas, just so we clear that up about the lakers aging and dallas being contenders.

  57. tripleDinbigD says:

    Dwight is not goint to the Nets. I am hoping the nets get Joe Johnson so Dwight will have no chance going there. Besides, they will have to trade young talent and recieve bad contracts if any feasible trade for drama queen was made. What are these Nets fans thinking honestly?

  58. JR says:

    Dirk Nowitzski is a superstar.

    He beat Miami D-Wade and LeBron. That is a fact.

    DWill will be a great pairing and then Dallas will sign Dwight Howard in a year and it will be the big three!

  59. Paidonjok says:

    In order for DHoward to come to BrookNets, the team need to sell everyone (except for DWill) just to clear up cap. They will keep JWallace so that’s a huge chunk of money gone. The discussions with DWill have not been completed yet so that will be something to look at too.

    This could be a pipe dream….

  60. lakersfan says:

    best place for deron williams to win a ring wud be L.A.

  61. mati says:

    sorry to every mavs fan but DWiLL will go to brooklyn because dwight will be with him, and even dough there not gonna win a title for the next couple of years, they are both young players and for the future you’ll see thunder and nets in the finals

  62. Please Explain says:

    I still think Deron picks the Nets, I just dont see how they pair Howard with him this year

  63. Please Explain says:

    Those of you who say the Howard will play for the Nets this year, please tell me how that is possible? What ammo do the Nets actually have that would cause the Magic to let Howard cry his way out of Orlando…

  64. Chino says:

    As far as I know if they get Wallace, Johnson, Howard and Williams I think it will be possible in case you haven’t heard the owners has the ability to offer the money. Now if you look at it, if they get the four of them an estimate there will be 8-10 million dolllars left for the team they need a bench of course. So 8-10 million dollars is a small amount but if the owner offers to donate more money then by hell they can get those four plus a good bench. The owner of Nets is Mikhail Prokhorov he has an estimated fortune of 15 billion dollars he can just give 100 million for the team that simple it’s a small amount for him. If Nets are desperate to win a championship their owner must act as soon as possible plain and simple.

    • Austin says:

      you don’t know much

      • chris says:

        good response lol.. u can go over the luxury tax and prokohov could do it easy with chump change.. plus im pretty sure if MIA can get bron, wade and bosh all o nthe same team then its MORE then possible getting dwight dwill and jj… crash has admitted to taking a paycut this year so that the nets can sign mroe of a bench..

    • hoopfan says:

      can’t wait how the trade deals will go this season.

  65. MavsOrNets says:

    The Nets do not have the firepower to trade for Howard…and the Magic ownership will not let Howard have his way by trading him there. They will choose the highest bidder. Now, DWill can wait another year and Howard can play for the Nets…but it wont be this year.

  66. 123germany says:

    as much as i wish for dallas to finally get dirk another real star-player.
    even with d-will joining dallas , the mavs lack of a big man, brendan haywood is just a joke – sorry to say.
    and still – u have to beat okc and the heat – im not sure if the mavs with d-will can do it
    but im pretty sure the nets will not

  67. bsj968 says:

    If DWill goes to Dallas he is on a contending team next year no matter who else they get. If he goes to the Nets it depends on who else goes to the Nets. There is no guarantee Magic will trade Dwight to the Nets. Dwight will try to follow wherever DWill goes. I see Cuban trading away anyone/everyone except Dirk to get Dwight and Dwill on the same team. 3D in Dallas baby!

  68. EZfoRPREZ says:

    it will be best if D-Will Stays in BK, Dallas on the other hand has about 3 years left with all star potential (no offense dirk fans, i love his game as well) as for if deron stays with BKN, he has youth and they will land Dwight in this off season, making your brooklyn nets line up to be , Deron , Brooks/ Mayo / Johnson, Wallace, Humpries, lopez/ Howard. That sounds like a well put all star line up if you ask me.

    • Manav says:

      How do you get Howard? Lopez is a RFA, Hump is a UFA. Magic wont just give him to you. That lineup also does NOT work financially. Deron 20 mil. Johnson 20 mil. Howard 20 mil. Johnson 20 mil. 60 mil on 3 players with no money left for a bench.

      • EZfoRPREZ says:

        well, Brook lopez is the best orlando will get for dwight, no team will take dwight based on one year and hoping he stays, we all see where dwight wants to end up, And we dont really need johnson, We can take o.j mayo . Or if not granted another year in OKC, Harden.

      • Austin says:

        @EZfoRPREZ. Lmao thinking you can get Harden who will demand close to max, Wallace, Howard, and Williams. Also, i’m pretty sure lakers would be more than willing to give bynum+fillers for Howard which makes Lopez not the best option for Orlando. By far.

  69. Manav says:

    For all of you saying youll get Johnson, Dwill, Dhoward, and keep Wallace. You CANT have 4 max salary players. WIth just Dwigh, Dwill, Walalce you have 8 million to get other role players. 8 million players to get about 10 people? Not happening.

  70. Paidonjok says:

    Doesn’t matter where DWill go. There is no championship chance for Nets or Dallas for the next 5-6 years.

  71. redbear18 says:

    He will go to Dallas if he wants to win now, but there’s a limited window. He will stay with the Nets if he wants to be THE star, and if he is content with not winning right away, but being a contender in the years to come with a wider window. Overall, he has a better chance of winning a title if he goes to Brooklyn, as Dirk probably only has about three good years left, then will retire right as D-Will is hitting the peak of his career. The Nets make the most sense for him.

    • 123germany says:

      if he stays in brooklyn, then for sure only because dwight joins the nets.
      in a team with dwight ur never THE star – in dallas he can shine bright with good performances, since dirk is not a guy who needs to be the franchise-guy, im pretty sure he enjoys all this fame but thereis no doubt that he can step a little bit back

  72. DWHAT says:

    Just trade Kidd and Marion so you can get more salary cap space. then it’s the big 3 lol maybe 4.



  73. Go Mavs says:

    He will go to Dallas and crown him self a champion along side Dirk.

  74. Jovan says:

    Go to dallas! And it will be D will, Brandon roy, Shawn marion, Dirk, and Dwight! OR camby 😛

  75. MavsOVRNets says:

    If Deron wants a ring, Dallas is OBVIOUSLY the better option. Nets aren’t even close to winning a ring. Dwight isn’t going to Brooklyn this year. Just because he wants to be traded there, doesn’t mean he will. I highly doubt the Magic front office will give him what HE wants after all the drama he’s caused. Gerald Wallace is no where near the caliber of Dirk. And the Mavs are most likely going to resign Kidd and Terry and use the rest of their cap space to sign quality players. Deron wants to win NOW, and if he goes to the Mavs he can. He can’t wait for a young nets team to mature and bulid up. Mavs will ALWAYS be contenders (and ALWAYS be in the playoffs), unlike the Nets. And if he DOES go to Dallas, he can win the championship this year, and then the Mavs can pick up Dwight in 2013 free agency. Mavs know how to play the game, and their front office can take care of business. Mavs>Nets ALL THE TIME.

    • Justice says:

      Dwight IS going to Brooklyn. The Magic have to send him where he wants to go. His contract runs out after the end of this season, so if they trade him to a team he doesn’t want to go to, he could just leave when this season is over. No team is gonna trade away their good players just so they can rent Dwight for one season. Teams are going to want Dwight to promise that he’ll resign with them. And the only place he WANTS to do that is Brooklyn.

      • bullsfan says:

        Actually the magic don’t have to send him where he wants. Theres many teams that would be interested in picking up dwight howard. Even if they can’t guarantee that he would resign after his contract is up most teams would gamble on being able to build a successful team around him so he will want to stay when the time comes

  76. renz_garnett says:

    he cant win in dallas.. just wait for dwight’s decision..

    • 123germany says:

      dwights decision?
      he allready chose it : drama

      no team or player should adapt to dwight, he just madea fool out of himself

  77. angry birds says:

    2013 nets :

    jason kidd

    2013 dallas :

    and etc. hahaha

    • uoykcuf says:

      I don’t get the etc and hahaha, does that means they’ll only have two players?
      People needs to stop making up teams.

      • brian says:

        yeah have you started to notice when a team is starting to turn a franchise around how greedy they start to get? RING A BELL ALL YOU POLITISIONS? HAHA.. this post will probely be deleted just as fast as i put it up/haha

  78. tgmetsfansfool says:

    nash? wash up? get out of here..

  79. mavs37 says:

    d-will is from dallas so hopefully that factors in

  80. jhgfduu says:

    dirk only got like 4 years why will he want to go dallas in brooklyn he has a better chance mavericks are old nets young and we might get dwight howard

    • RickJames says:

      Better chance in brooklyn?? The Nets are rebuilding with no guarantees. Just b/c they are trying to bring in as much great players as they possibly can doesn’t automatically make them contenders.. The nets haven’t won over 30 games the last 2 seasons lol

  81. Maka kobe says:

    Go to Lakers if you want a championship ring!

  82. DWHAT says:

    DWill go play with Dirk, Terry, Kidd, Haywood, Marion. DREAM TEAM.

  83. DWHAT says:

    D-Will and Dwight at Nets, nuff salary cap space and as for the dallas, they can also try.

  84. Dafuq says:

    Dafuq is with you guys? D-Will will probably play for Brooklyn with Dwight. Nuff Said.

    • laryok says:

      Not happening with Joe Johnson and his ridiculous 90 million contract

      • Jarek says:

        Plus dwills is from Dallas and with drik and possibly hibbert they could win another ring…if dirk can win with chandler and Kidd he can win with dwills and hibbert

  85. Mino says:

    Come home to Dallas Deron!

    I saw you at a finals game versus the heat a year ago, just 2 rows from me in the stands. I hope to see you next year at the finals, but only this on the court in blue

    • LS1Kid says:

      Yeah I agree, Iman is too valuable for us, but What we should do is go after Felton, he is a free agent and did great when he was with us before the Melo trade.
      Felton, Shump, Melo, Stat and Chandler would and will be a great starting 5

  86. tgmetsfan says:

    if getting nash means trading shump, then there is no way in hell that deal will go over. can the knicks stop targetting old washed up point guards? if they are going to contend, they have to get younger.

  87. KingJames says:

    Go to Dallas DWill !!!!! PLEASE,Dirk and you,dream team haha.

  88. MiamiSHORTSEASONchump says:

    if Deron will choose money, then he will go to NETS.. but if he wants to win a ring then Dallas is the best place for him..

    • Luke says:

      If Deron wan a ring he will go to the nets, the have Gerald Wallace coming back and Dwight wants in making it a more suitable place to be for a ring and if they bring in Joe Johnson they will be and elite team in the NBA and my favorite to win the championship

      • laryok says:

        Do you math Luke. 90 million 4 year contract from Joe Johnson means Howard can’t go to Nets. No way that’ll happen.

    • uoykcuf says:

      I seriously don’t consider the Mavs a title contender anymore. Interesting to see what pieces they can add if they got DW.

  89. AAG_SR says:

    Come to DALLAS D-WILL! Its where you belong! Play for a championship!