Dwight Howard Finally Speaks His Peace, Reiterates Trade Demand!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You had to know this story wasn’t going to have a happy ending.

Magic center Dwight Howard has made sure of it, now that he’s finally broken his silence about the bizarre turn of events surrounding his future with the organization that drafted him and the one he is demanding he be traded to. All indications for the latter is Brooklyn, even though Howard still refuses to say it publicly.

Howard, in an interview with Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, reiterated his demand for a trade request from Orlando and shot down an ESPN story that cited sources saying he accused the Magic of “blackmailing” him into signing away his right to enter free agency this summer:

“I never used the word blackmail in reference to any of my dealings with the Magic,” Howard said. “I never said that. It’s defamatory and it’s inaccurate. I know what blackmail means and any report that I used the term incorrectly is inaccurate.”

Howard met with new Magic general manager Rob Hennigan on Friday in Los Angeles, and said he told Hennigan of his desire to be traded. However, Howard insisted he was merely repeating a position he had made clear to Magic officials since waiving his ETO in March.

“This was not the first time [that I asked for trade],” Howard said. “I communicated this to [Magic president] Alex [Martins] and [former general manager] Otis [Smith] way before Friday that I wanted to be traded – months before this meeting with Rob Hennigan. That was all way before Stan [Van Gundy] got fired.”

Howard’s bottom-line declaration that the Magic trade him now, to the unspecified team on “his list,” or play out the season and watch him walk away in free agency after the season leaves all involved in the same position they’ve been in for months.

It also guarantees that the divorce between Howard, the Magic and the city of Orlando will be as nasty as anything we’ve seen in recent years. That list includes the nasty split between LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Howard’s denials about using the word blackmail and his bruised ego — the result of the media and fan backlash he’s faced since this ridiculous affair began — don’t change the fact that he’s been dishonest from the start about his trade demand.

This is the first time he’s actually come clean publicly about that.

Howard had every opportunity to control his own fate before March 15, when he signed away that early termination option in his contract. The minute he signed that waiver, he sealed his new reputation as the biggest drama king in basketball.

No amount of success in the future will erase the preposterous plot twists of the past seven months from Howard’s story. He’s gone from being one of the most beloved players in the league and the leading vote-getter in fan balloting for the 2012 All-Star Game to a player held in the same regard as James was after “The Decision.”

There might not be any burning jerseys this time around, there’s no hugging this one out, as George Diaz of the Orlando Sentinel made clear this morning:

I think I can speak for the entire City of Orlando on this deal.

See you. As they say in my original language: Fuera!

When and where do you want us to sign the divorce papers?

Here are some of the printable comments on staydwight.com, a web site created by my friend Ryan Totka hoping to persuade Dwight to stay here and continue chasing an NBA title with the Magic:

“He’s a childish, diva [expletive].”

“OMG just go already…”

“Maybe it’s time to shut down staydwight.com and start a leavedwight.com page.”

“If u need help i will help you get the hell out of city beautiful myself!!!!”

And so it shall be.

Howard wants to go to the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets, but let’s hope new Magic Rob Hennigan plays hardball and doesn’t take the table scrapes the Nets can put together.

The Brook Lopez era?


One thing is certain: The Dwight Howard era is over in Orlando.

And at this point, fans would rather kick him out the door than thank him for the memories.


  1. madrasrulz says:

    Phoenix will take him. Keep Nash, bring Howard in and hire Barkley to keep him in line (at the club!).

  2. madrasrulz says:

    Phoenix will take him. Keep Nash, bring Howard in and hire Barkley to keep him in line (at the club).

  3. nhard says:

    Atleast #6 didnt want or said that he wants his coach fired..right? Lol

  4. lacolem1 says:

    To you people still clinging to the opinion that what Lebron did was in any way comparable or worse than this D12 situation….stop. By not signing an extension, Lebron told the organization there was a chance he’d be out. Hell, he was nationally criticized for it. Not only that,he cut off communications with the franchise after the playoffs, and was nationally criticized for it. So…tell me how the Cavs were led on again and how they couldn’t prepare to move on at the beginning of that year’s free agency.

    Dwight’s not a bad guy, I’m sure. But he’s immature and indecisive. It’s hard to even figure out if he wants to be the center of attention or just another piece of a championship contender. He’s all over the place, oscillating between faux loyalty and nasty contempt. He could’ve avoided all of this by simply not signing the opt-in, but he did, therefore leading Orlando on and contractually obligating himself to a club he doesn’t want to be with.

    This situation is way worse than Lebron’s, Melo’s, or even Shaq’s back in the 90’s. There actually aren’t many non-criminal situations that compare to it in all of sports history.

  5. James says:

    Howard if u want a ring. U have an option.
    1. Go to lakers tandem w/ kobe en take away ur ego.
    2. Think about it u want a ring den go to a better team like lakers. Kobe doesnt play long yrs. it about 2 to 3 yrs. hell stay in lakers if he’s retires ull be the one who rather be superstar in lakers.
    3. Covince d-will go to lakers en guess what in 1rst yr. at lakers ull gonna win a ring. Nothing but surely.
    4.the team will absolutely give u a ring is only lakers,boston or okc. Use ur head d12

  6. noi159 says:

    the okc trade for howard makes sense harden, ibaka, perkins.. i think that would be enough… okc knows its going to be tough to get both ibaka and harden once payday arrives so why not wise up and get a superstar now…

  7. Mani says:

    Amare for Dwight anyone?

  8. L.A Trey says:

    The only way Howard has a chance of winning a ring next year & moving forward is with the Lakers. Thats a team where big men have always thrived. OKC has no chance of winning. Mavericks will be losers for another 5 years. In Los Angeles he will be around serious-minded hungry contenders with over a combined total of over 100 years of championship pedigree. With the talent in L.A. he can easily win 4 rings which would make he better than Shaq anyway (thats one of his goals anyway) especially he Howard can stay in better shape than Shaq was. Orlando has proved they’re not about winning & the only ten that makes sense for Howard is Los Angeles. If he stays in the east he will have to go against Labron every year, just like Carmelo could never win in Denver because he had to go through Kobe very year. Howard going to L.A. is also the only deal that makes since for Orlando as well because its they only opportunity to get back the only other good-to-great center in the league whose a big time shot blocker & more of a offensive threat than Howard. You saw what Bynum did to Dwight in the finals.

  9. NosTRADEamus says:

    Magic-Nets trade isn’t really possible.. Have it a three-way deal where Magic would acquire a decent big man. maybe Pau? McGee?
    how bout like this:
    Dwight -> Nets
    McGee or Pau -> Magic
    Lopez -> Nuggets or Lakers

  10. KG21 says:

    Don’t ask for Howard to win championships in the NBA. Probably in the WNBA.

  11. Danny says:

    dwight howard to chicago trading for Noah, boozer and Deng, and get andre Iguadala from sixers to bulls. resulting to sure Championship:))

    it will be better for bulls

  12. NBAfan says:

    BLAKE + some bum for D12…..both teams will benefit….D12 will make the clips a title contender and Blake and go on making highlights and get huge stats in ORL….

  13. Lakers2013Ring says:

    The Lakers will never win another ring with Kobe on the team? Kobe is washed up? Didn’t Kobe almost win the scoring title? And even with a Gasol that didn’t show up in these last playoffs, the Lakers could have easily been up 3 to 1 games on the Thunder. Kobe will get another ring before he retires I can guarantee that. All the Lakers need is another star player to go along with Kobe, and either Bynum or Gasol whoever is traded. If the Chris Paul deal would have went through, Kobe, Paul and Bynum would be holding up that championship trophy right now. Even with outside having a solid bench. The heat only won the championship because D-Rose was injured, because the Bulls were favored to win and they dominated the Heat throughout the season enough said, for you bandwagon Heat fans. Wade will not hold up for another 2 championship runs with little rest in the off season, due to playing longer advancing in the playoffs and finals, he’s already breaking down.

    Don’t hate on the Lakers because they are better than your teams throughout NBA history and in the last decade and will be in the future you cry babies’ lol.

  14. D12noMORE says:

    just leave already!

  15. D.H says:

    Howard should go to spurs with big easy. howard can be a better player with the spurs

  16. HeyHey says:

    so many haters in here

  17. Me says:

    la la la is an idiot. james had wade n bosh. kobe had shaq fisher fox odom bynum pau. jordan had pippen rodman kukoc omg. every star needs help. and remember jordan won his 1st ring at 28. lebron is 27. hop off hater. and d12 is playing games with orlando fans. this is actually worse than lebron, he should of just left

  18. Howard, come to Miami! We can deal with your drama as long as you bring your game with you:)

  19. KWat says:

    Its hard for me to understand how all you people are bashing DH. What about the Orlando Organization he has asked for better players to make Championship runs for the last 2-3 years. The Organization has failed to produce these players which I’m sure they have promised him they would do each year. I could realistically see them last year promising him all these changes in personnel to make Orlando a championship caliber team, if he would just give up his opt out clause, but to NO avail they continue to not produce. That my friends is why he has had it with Orlando and wants to move on to greener pastures. C’mom who hasn’t in their life/job been promised something would happen if they would only do something only to be stabbed in the back or taken advantage of. Its No Ones fault but the Orlando Magics Organization they are losing a Franchise Center for the second time in their existence

  20. --- says:

    greedy athletes who control the game and their destiny. it’s sad. you’re already multi-millionaires who are set for life. stop being babies and be glad you were given the talent you have. if you truly believe in yourself and your talents, you can win a title without putting a powerhouse team together (lebron, bosh – garnett, allen). powerhouse teams are ruining the nba.

  21. Andrew says:

    Dwight Howard is not even a dominant center I really think he’s good because their are no good centers in the league that can score or defend. Dwight Howard barely scores 18ppg with his time in Orlando as the center piece there he should be a shaq and dominate the paint. If you need defense and rebounding i recommend you trade for Dwight.

  22. Wake up people!! says:

    Okay does anyone here remember Barry Sanders the great running back of Detriot Lions. In sports you as a player are only a commodity when you have value. If Dwight gets injured and his game is affected do you think the Orlando organization is going to care about his family and his future. Also Look carefully at the pieces that were put around Howard, sorry to say but that was garbage pieces same as Lebron. The organization had it’s turn let this man live and move with his decision. Second what free agent in his right mind would want to join an organization that treats it’s best player like a hostage like its their right. He is not your slave. Again people wake up!!! stop being selfish and put yourself in his shoes with your dreams of and then telling you stop being a drama queen. It’s messed up the way the media is portraying this stuff and how sheeple eat it all up.

  23. Kaos says:

    If there are better options in trading this Big Man, TRADE him ASAP so the Magic can have the decency coz this guy lacks HONOR and RESPECT for the MAGIC.

  24. Glosh says:

    D.will. K.Bryant and D.howard on lakers nuff and win a championship. Nuff said.

  25. el tinedor says:

    send the drama king to Bobcats

  26. Oliver says:

    By Blackmail I think that he means that they kicked van gundy out even though he never asked for it, and the magic now expect him to stay because they think that was what he wanted, and now dwight will look bad after leaving, and having kicked out our coach and gm…. Its just my theory…

  27. Hey says:

    To all fellow Orlando fans: Good riddance to Shaq 2.0, get ready for the trash rebuilding process, let’s hope it doesn’t last to o long. Go Magic!

  28. kb24 says:

    Dwight Howard should get traded to lakers, him and Kobe will be great!!!!!!!

  29. me says:

    man after reading most of these comments, I can’t help but shake my head at how sensistive folks are these days….

  30. N.B.A says:

    8 years in the nba and still no good more than six feet away from the hoop that’s bad. And this the player all the talk is about? OMG come on. Ebaka 2nd year and he is much more improved than DH.

  31. young tuko says:

    let him go anywhere, can get over it

  32. Volourn says:

    Orlando doesn’t deserve a great player like Howard. Fans and teams tend to underpapreciate players when they have them and are then shocked when players want to later leave to go somewhere where they be appreciaetd. Same thing happened with Shaq, and he doesn’t regret his decision to split from Orlando after 5 championships.


  33. Kyle says:

    D12 ain going to the lakers. Howard wants to be the offensive focal point on a team and Kobe told him if he wants shots he Gunnar have to wait until Kobe retires. I wouldn’t want to play with Kobe anyways, dude still think he 25 and taking too high a volume of shots. Even Phil Jackson said he wished Kobe played like lebron, using his brain more than ego… If Kobe used his teammates more in the 2nd round, the lakers could have beat the thunder, they blew two leads with Kobe shooting every shot, Bynum and gasol having 11 shots between them? I love kobes game but dude need to evolve his game man, play more like a point guard, he is too smart not too.

    This whole thing with Howard will be blown up by the media, we dont really know what’s going on inside that organisation.

    Lebron overrated? 27, 7 and 7 for his career, lol please. And now that the monkey is off his back it’s gonna get easier. Kobe will never see another finals game, sorry to tell you. I’d love to see a lebron vs Kobe finals tho before he retires, I’d love it.

  34. LBJ:) says:

    Dwight just wants to be the best player on a losing team

  35. N.B.A says:

    They should have to pay back 20% when they try to leave before there contract is up.

  36. Dudy says:

    Its funny how people are quick to change their opinon about some one. If u are a fan of someone your a fan no matter what, this is really gettin me upset how yall are comparing him to Lebron,Listen if your not a fan y do u care? Dwight is going to always be the best center in the league with or without haters!

  37. me says:

    Honetsly, it won’t be as “nasty” as LBJ’s incident. IMO though, I think he should go to a team either when he’s a free agent or through trade, that no one really cares about like the Celtics. Lol. That doesn’t mean C’s are wack it’s just if he went to Heat it’ll definitely create a big fuss. I think amongst the championship teams (which is what he’s looking for) Celtics are the least cared about…

  38. Dudy says:

    I dont care what yall say I want him to stay and will never treat any player that was apart of the orlando franchise with disrespect, I lov watchin orlando play and Dwight is my favorite player and if he left I would be sad but he still bemy favorite player in the league but Orlandowill allways be the 1 and only team I root for. Yall on here bashin Dwight y this situation is not like Lebrons, yall should stop listening to the media so much especially chris brousard and steven a smith and until Dwight is traded I’ll have faith he will remain in orlando, and if u arent an orlando fan u shouldnt even have a comment!

  39. Robert says:

    Dwight Howard has no idea what LOYALTY means. He is really making himself look immature and deceitful. It was painfully clear last year that he demanded to be traded. When he started getting killed in the media he retracted his position while behind closed doors, he continued to press for a trade. However, in the public, he continued to LIE about wanting to stay in Orlando, and win in Orlando. He even went as far as to OPT-IN which he claimed was showing of his “loyalty” to Orlando. In truth, “loyalty” would be better represented by signing an extension. Now he’s back to the same old nonsense. Why go through all of that fraudulence? Why not just admit you want to be traded, admit you asked for a trade, or just SHUT UP!

  40. loldwightsmh says:


  41. angie says:

    I still don’t understand why D12 waived his opt-in clause. This could all be over and he be signing with Brooklyn had he not did that. He has made such a mess of this and wherever he ends up, he’s gonna have some work to do to repair his image. At least LeBron made a decision to become a FA, and made the decision to leave. He took it on the chin for the manner in which he left, but now, Dwight’s making that look like nothing.

  42. brian says:

    Youknow what im noticing is that players are starting to be able to say where they want to play and get there way. its not like it used to be where your franchise player sticks it out for you thru thick and thin. these guys are on the move every 4-6 years., and the role players move around more tyhan a ping pong ball. im a die hard nba fan but the lack of committment of these players is really starting to be apperant. GO SAC KINGS!

    • me says:

      lol @ “GO SAC KINGS” Demarcus is gonna leave sooon, he’s just like those playas you wre referring to. And BTW lack of commitment is a confusing way to describe their DISLOYALTY, because they ARE committed to the game…

  43. Yave says:

    Would be funny if Orlando wins a title without him.

  44. DaBulls says:

    ok…dwight think about this….you can go to new york..heres the trade….tyson, melo, lin for jameer richardson and dwight….or, you could go to the hawks….for horford and joe johnson, and you could take j rich and jameer with you…….or…you could go to chicago even though i love joakim…you could go for joakim boozer and cj watson and you could bring along ryan anderson…..and maybe a late first round draft pick…..think about that dwight… bulls already a contender….hawks would be instant contender, and knicks would be instant contender

  45. akdidd says:


  46. bammbamm says:

    well who wants to be stuck on a team that cant even win in the first round of the playoffs would you this game is not about loyalty anymore or they play for the game it’s about money and were they can get a ring. how long before he is in purple and gold? anyone

  47. Mark Cappellanti says:

    I would ask for expiring contracts and first round draft picks for the rest of the decade.

  48. Robert Harris says:

    This guy is the worst. I feel bad for any organization that ends up with him. Who could even want him after all of this garbage anyways?

  49. ontifex says:

    July 2, 2012 at 12:20 pm
    DH to OKC …. Trade Ebaka, Safalosha and Fisher…
    DH to NYK …. Trade Amare, Tyson and Baron Davis
    DH to MIA …. Trade Bosh, Shane, Haslem and Chalmer
    DH to CHA …. Trade the Entire Roster…

    R U kidding me right?… way too much overated

  50. Bill says:

    Love how the media is framing it as another “The Decision”, and how the fans went from love to hate when really the fans don’t give a blank. Drama queens.

  51. trixtir says:

    I would have him start the opening tip then bench him and not let him play during any games and tell him you dont want to be here, then we dont want you playing on this team, and then trade him to the bobcats as late as they can cause you know joirdan wont have a winning team for him.

  52. dreadop says:

    Trade him to miami, for Bosh and battier or Bosh, Miller. seems like a fair deal. not sure though.

    • NBAfan says:

      I think bosh deserves to have a legit 1st or 2nd option…not a third or even fourth one in Miami since Wade and Lebron hogs the ball all the time….

  53. UFC iTard says:

    Should that be Speaks his Piece?

  54. Biljun says:

    A young man who didn’t want to appear the villain and signed an opt-in without representation. Everyone is killing this kid. Immaturity for sure. But he put the Magic in the position to at least get something in return and not relive the Shaq decision. Wanting to be liked by everyone is his main fault along with exhibiting more loyalty than most others would have. Financially I would have completed the rest of last season and just left. Shame on all you perfect people.

    • me says:

      Agreed. he just didn’t wanna let the city down..oh n the trolls too, I meant fans / bandwagoners

  55. Yo says:

    Here we go again, yet again, the media painting an image for someone. Despite everything that transpires, i don’t think that image of howard has tarnished, it has in the media’s eyes and they have to sell their story.

  56. JJ Moore says:

    I dont see this as worse than Lebron, I mean for 1 he’s not the hometown hero, 2 he’s at least gave the organization and fans a heads up that he was leaving so they can get something in return, instead acting like he might stay and leaving the fans and team depleted, and 3 the Majic organization is to blame as well because if they would have traded him last year like he asked then this would not be an issue.. He’s getting a bad rap because the Majic dont wanna let him go and he obviously has been wanting to leave since last season.

  57. The Truth says:

    It s amazing of all the negativity regarding DH, ownership has never been loyal to it’s players, it is a business people (just like any other business, you have the right to be employed wherever you desire
    ‘. Abouth the so called quotes, most are bogus and do not represent what the speaker has said. Dwight, at the end of the day, always do what is best for you, let the fans vent, it is to no avail.

  58. Jay says:

    Well at least Dwight will live via trade, meaning Orlando get something back, which is better than what happened to Cleveland

    • NBAfan says:

      this is what I called above getting Lebroned…how is he a villian? He is being upfront with a request to get traded…Lebron played everybody making it seem he just decided the night before…yeah right. In the end, Cleveland didn’t get anything back, not even a couple of borderline all stars….NADA…zero…that’s worst than asking for trade…MAGICS just trying to hold on to him…

      D12 is dumping you ORL….get over it and move on…stop CLINGING to him….atleast he has the decency to dump you…Lebron just up and left all of a sudden….

  59. mr-plow says:

    d12 is the most overrated clown in the nba.
    Hit your free throws bro then you might be worth 10m a yr.
    hes great defensively but so are alot of other players.. i.e.
    tyson chandler

    • Jimmy says:

      Don’t see Tyson Chandler put up 30 points and 25 rbs any time soon tho….

    • NBAfan says:

      I like Chandler…but he is a poor man’s D12 at best…please..

      I’ve never seen a 2nd team all-def team win the DPY award…they stole that from d12….politics!!!!

      D12 is by far the best C in the league….Bynum is a very very FAR second….and WHOEVER is a very very FAR third, fourth, fifth…

  60. Maximillian says:

    From what I can see here. People need a new player for them to hate since Lebron is out of the picture now that he had won a championship, so now haters are turning to dwight howard. Just because dwight doesnt wants to be traded to another team so that he could at least win a championship doesnt make him a villain. He have the right to go to another team since he doesnt think that magic got what it takes to win a championship with their current roster.

    • NBAfan says:

      I think people hate Lebron less NOT because he won a ring…it’s because he shut his mouth, and just played basketball for once in his career…..

      he didn’t tweet….he didn’t call himself king…no extracurricular PR activities….didn’t care about highlights…didn’t care about anything but winning that ring…and he did…

  61. bbb says:

    Knicks should trade Melo & Chandler for DH. I like Chandler too, but his role will conflict with DH.


  63. Corey says:

    I noticed a lot of people saying this is worse than what Lebron did to the cavs. You have to put your personal feelings aside. These guys are grown and can do what they want, even it is not that noble. Dwight is at least giving the magic a chance to obtain something for the loss. Lebron waited until all other free agents were gone and most major trades had been made including keeping jamison and williams because James asked them to. Lebron left cleveland with no options and no time to acquire anyone else. Personal feelings aside Dwight is at least giving the magic a chance to get a great player from the nets, if Lebron gave cleveland that chance things may not have been as nasty.

  64. Orlando Swag says:

    i dont think any of you guys that dont live in orl understand what trouble hes put us in maybe the cavs fans understand but they were surprised with LBJ leaving so they got over it fast but here in orl this guy has been stretching his leave for over a year changing his mind everyday.

  65. Dwight Howard says:

    Dwight Howard to Celtics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

  66. Moe says:

    I think the person that had this situation between Howard, Stan Van Gundy, and the Magic was Jeff Van Gundy. Stan made the name Dwight Howard a hose hold name.

  67. 101Fan says:

    Everyone who goes into the finals has their back. meaning they have 2 or more players to rely on. not just a great superstar can win that. Look at it. LBJ at CAVS? nahhh.. he didn’t win it. but going with CB and wade thats better. at D12 case in his championship struggles he’s not just one great superstar for the team because in the finals, players are stepping up. Like turkoglu and lewis outside connection. and nelson and alston giving it to howard. So, even if I do hate LBJ, I accept the fact also that he’s one of the greatests. so, guys, move on and see what are the rotations that gonna happen this summer. d12 to brooklyn nets way better having D-will and wallace at his back plus tons of young guns.

  68. gatorade90 says:

    dwight + rose = rings. make it happen

    • NBAfan says:

      D12 and Drose…..that’s interesting….athletic freaks…one offensive, one defensive…the 1 and the 5….oh man….that’s nice….

  69. DWADE says:

    for those of you who think that d-will and d12 could possibly be on the same team as kobe and world peace and either bynum or gasol, YOU R CRAZY. the lakers are already way over the salary cap and doing those moves would significantly make it worse. it would put them like 60 million above the salary cap which in luxery taxes will cost the lakers around 130 million every year they are together. GET BACK TO REALITY

  70. uoykcuf says:

    This is Dwight Howard way of saying to Lebron, “Anything you can do, I can do better!”

  71. kraiden04 says:

    Howard need try get 1 championship and i know he want, for me he need trade to newjersey nets with D.williams and newjersey need stay with B.Lopez or get other p.foward for help Howard in the paint for me is good J.smith (Atlanta Hawk) i think is free agent and get other good shooting and stay with G.Wallace. Newjersey need get 1 dream team like Miami or OKC. Howard im bealive you, i want the best for you, if you choice. GOGO Howard

  72. Jovan says:

    If i was Magic, No way in hell would i trade him to where he wants to go. I would do what is best for the team and not him.

  73. Lorens says:

    Sooo… Teams have the freedom to deal players despite their quality and wish to remain in the city, but players don’t???
    Completely absurd. Players are asked to be loyal by their teams, yet they teams trade them when they like? I think this is completely unjust, and both team’s and players should be free to choose… Or remain together as ‘an equal rights marriage’. Otherwise, one of the two parts of ‘the marriage’ has more rights, which is totally unfair. Poor guy, leave him alone! he’s got his right to doubt and to choose, for Goodness sake!

  74. genohenyo says:

    All Dwight haters. I’ll laugh at you all when dwight gets his ring. hahaha

  75. SYDALE says:

    Going to the Nets is not the way to get a Championship… Especially via trade… The Nets would have to give up all their complimentary decent pieces and draft picks… Even if they do re-sign Deron Williams… Do they really think they can defeat Miami with a 2 man squad? Hell… they wouldn’t beat the Pacers, Bulls (with a healthy D-Rose) or the Knicks…

    So, Dwight must be about the glitz and glamour of New York… because if he really wanted a ring… He’d want to be traded to OKC… (Orlando would get Perkins, Ibaka, and 2013 1st Rd Pick) Then… being teamed up with Durant, Westbrook, and Harden… the Thunder would be the next great dynasty…

  76. underdog says:

    now i’ve said this in another post., if howard wins a ring teaming up with deron., it won’t mean anything just like lbj’s ring right now.., because they’re just teaming up with established franchise players and not wanting competition. Pippen was homegrown. Kobe was just potential when shaq arrived. 05 pistons won by sheer heart and offcourse suffocating defense, no superstars.., unlike these days where some of this markets are hoarding these talents and killing the competitiveness of the league. Look at the east right now, only about 3 teams could compete., seriously, this trend is irritating..

    • me says:

      I don’t understand you. Are you insinuating that Dewayne is not skilled enough?…your statement is hypocritical. If D-Howard wins a ring in BK, it’ll be EXACTLY like LBJ’s win cos see there was dewayne in the Heat b4 LBJ and Bosh arrived.

  77. dan132294 says:

    This might have been answered but what does he do if he is traded to Houston or GSW. Then the Nets trade for Joe Johnson and sign D-Will where will he end up.

  78. sirsparhawk says:

    Yea I think Id be happy with a good team with a good relationship with the teamates over being angry all day long and upset everywhere I go. Everyone is acting like they know dwight or their lives depend on him, stfu and watch basketball. I dont watch teams I watch players so Ill follow dwight where ever he goes.

    • LBJ says:

      DH to OKC …. Trade Ebaka, Safalosha and Fisher…
      DH to NYK …. Trade Amare, Tyson and Baron Davis
      DH to MIA …. Trade Bosh, Shane, Haslem and Chalmer
      DH to CHA …. Trade the Entire Roster…

      • me says:

        lol at trade the entire roster…

      • sirsparhawk says:

        ROFL I would, idc what anyone says dwight is amazing and Id gladly give up ibaka fisher and maybe sefelosha, he is good on the perimiter but dwight more than makes up for it offensively and defensively. I agree with the trades tho hehe to bad they wont happen.

  79. sirsparhawk says:

    Any team with another superstar can get dwight a ring, just look at shaqs history, almost every team he went on won a ring. Then again shaq was uncontested in the most dominant center in the league title, dwight isnt as big but is better skillwise imo. Idc what team he goes to I will watch his games. Id like to see him and D-Will tear up NJ.

  80. akosibonik says:

    the difference between LBJ and dwight is that, LBJ tought he had a chance to win when he left cleveland, but not like howard, who is he?? he is not the best center now, i will take al jefferson, tyson chandler, over him, or roy hibbert. howard’s superman is not that good compared to shaq’s. the bottomline is, he will never win a championship until he pairs with another all star. maybe dwill, kobe or steve nash. BUT he has to realize, he CANNOT do it alone, he’s not that a great player.

    • Jimmy says:

      Take Al jefferson, Tyson or Hibbert over dwight?
      You have got to be kidding me, D12 put up more number then all 3 of them combined silly fool!!!

  81. NPont says:

    FYI …”don’t change the fact that he’s been dishonest from the start about his trade demand”… it should have read “doesn’t”

  82. Al Johnson says:

    “This is the happiest day of my life. They hate Dwight more then me now” — Lebron James

  83. Yeahhh says:

    forget the money i prefer 6 millions ,and be happy everyday whit my team my teamates winning games and championship, than 12 millions and be mad, and crying after playoffs lost…

  84. Sk says:

    His name should be changed from Superman to Super-Baby!

  85. Yeahhh says:

    Ray Allen go to Miami if you want championships

  86. Houston Rockets 4/Life~~ says:

    Trade him to the Charlotte!!

  87. Yeahhh says:

    i love Miami , wade bosh lebron…, But HOWARD-LBJ on the same team, that’s crazy, that’s better than kobe-shaq…

    • xebetche says:

      no way… DH is 1/4 of the player Shaq was at that point of his career.

      • Yeahhh says:

        whit Kobe-Shaq vs Howard-LBJ the matchup iss Shaq vs LBJ is true howard is not the player shaq was, but he have monstaer games, he blocks shoots he get rebounds he dunks off the feed, and he is one of the best low post centers this days……. or not?

  88. pete says:

    orlando fans should show some respect to dwight!! maybe he is wrong that he wants to be traded maybe not!! either way he could refuse to sign the one year extension and now he would be a free agent and orlando would get nothing out of this!! instead he signed the extension and gave another opportunity to orlando to get something back for his departure!!! that is some sort of commitment! maybe he did it because he knew that he is not going anywhere good as a free agent, maybe because he didn’t want to do what lebron did 2 years ago, or maybe he just likes the attention!!! EITHER WAY orlando fans should acknowledge this

  89. piston fan says:

    kick dwight out of orlando and in the nba.his not a professional.dealt him to afganistan to fight with the taliban


  91. xebetche says:

    Does this guy have an agent that helps him take care of business!? The issue is not him requesting to be traded. The real problem is related with his lack of decision and maturity. He is prejudicing his career, the Orlando Magic and players that play with him. It doesn’t matter where he goes or with who will he teammate. Dwight Howard does not have enough maturity and commitment to win the NBA league.

  92. pads says:

    Orlando should better trade Howard and you there will have peace of mind. This player with that kind of attitude doesn’t deserve to build Team’s future on his shoulder. immature! and selfish….

  93. JDish says:

    Hey forget about letting this whole circus that Dwight Howard (DH) has created get us down. I really think that the Magic have a great chance to turn this negative situation into something real positive. TRADE DH ASAP and get some great players and/or future draft picks in return. No reason to continue letting this issue with Dwight Howard fester any longer, MOVE HIM OUT, give him what he wants, BUT give to him smartly. A team has to be desperate to get him and willing to give up some good pieces for him. I support Orlando and hope for a great team in the future.

  94. NBA ALL DAY says:

    How is this worst than what Lebron did to those fans in Cleveland? Dwight Howard is telling all you he WANTS to be traded. James led that city on when the worship the guy and never once said he wanted to leave. Then he announced in front of THE WORLD that he was 2 good for them. I feel bad for magic fans but this in no way compare to the Cleveland situation. Don’t make Howard a bad guy.

  95. rick says:

    oh mah boy D12, as long as OKC and MIAMI is healthy you ain’t getting a RING!

  96. bu says:

    I love what John said above esp on DH. James’ disappearing act in the east finals v celtics when still in Cleveland plus no drama till the time of the “Decision” much better than what DH did with his dance all over the place. It cleary showed his immaturity & disrespect for a professional org like the Magic. It’s fine to go build your own dream team but at the least, give respect to your teammates, your coach & the organization. Magic did their best to surround DH wl many good players. And, after watching DH for a while, it clearly showed that he’s a star only a few weapons.

    For all of you who commented here & has been following the NBA for some years, esp watching DH, do you notice this limitation from him? Remember what Garnett & Pierce once said in dif occasions during playoffs, that, DH is “predictable?” If you watch him enough, he IS VERY PREDICTABLE. If you take away some of his strengths he doesn’t really hv a lot in his arsenal of moves & shot making to scare anyone.

    And, here’s a guy who thinks he’s the new Wilt Chamberlain. Star, he is of course. Great defensive player, yes. Superstar? please! Mind of a mature adult? Hahaha!

    Though, like Jordan said above, he also shouldn’t answer to the media as the media is simply try to stir things up for their viewership.

  97. trueballer4life says:


  98. ABC says:

    Dear Dwigth,
    Please come to our team. We forgive anything you did not say, anything you did not do and or anything you did not intend to do. We will be sending a memo to your GM offering some stiffs in return for your praiseworthy talents.
    And if things don´t turn out the way we both intend, we get salary relief next year and you can hit the free agent market!!
    Yours truly

  99. MGS12 says:

    Dwight you want championships? Get your drama over and done with AND PRACTICE YOUR FREE THROWS!!!

  100. John says:

    trade him already! he made his point to you orlando! trade him for something or leave him be and get nothing in return as he will surely not sign again with the magic when his contract runs out… thinking wise i don’t know if Magic can really get something big for Howard in a trade with the nets… it’s a Win for brooklyn but not for the magic… trading wise, try trading with the bulls maybe they can get Noah and Boozer… maybe even Deng., Also a win for both teams and for Howard, once Rose returns healthy they can get the job done. Another, Pau-Howard trade? Kobe-Howard era?? (reminds me of Shaq-Kobe) maybe add another one in to make the trade…How bout Atlanta??? Smith-Howard or Johnson-Howard?? maybe possible though… another option can be trading howard for a non-all star with future high drafts as they will need those drafts in rebuilding…

  101. MJ23 says:

    @ JORDAN – You are absolutely correct my friend. I really dont see how a whole city (like Cleaveland) be as ignorant as they are with their comments about hating LeBron James. The Decision?!? Well, who said they needed to watch it anyways if they don’t care if he leaves or not?!? Seriously. This is their job. Would anyone work for a company they feel they wont grow or have opportunities?!? A Higher Pay is not enough to keep a person if they have goals in life. You should be happy for these people if they succeed ’cause it just means that they have the courage to make decisions that change lives for the better. Grow up please.. People..

  102. Mino says:

    I felt bad for Cleveland, now I feel bad for Orlando.

    • Jimmy says:

      Watch basketball, leave everything else aside, maybe you wont feel as bad….ppl love drama……not basketball!!!!

  103. Ro says:

    Dwight has done the right by Orlando his has given them the time to arrange a good trade that will work for the club. Time was runnuing out at the end of a very short and hard season. As much as everone would like to bag him, he has done the right thing by the club.

  104. Joe says:

    What happens if D-Will signs up for Orlando ?, would D12 change his mind ?
    Is his wish for money or for a ring ?. This kind of attitude would change if the salary were less than 1 million a year.
    I don’t think any player deserves the salary they gain just to create the circus they always create around them. NBA should fine any player who makes a comment about his job’s status.

  105. EZfoRPREZ says:


  106. Wolf_3kz says:

    Dwight stay in Orlando the fans love u Rod likes u. Dont be like Shaq and LeBron dont make the same choice they did. think about it if u leave ur jersey would be burned like LeBrons and he deserved it but u don’t u. are a great Center the one who can lead a team to championships. u have the right to leave but if u do u are making a mistake. I’m dreaming about u staying in Orlando dont ruin my dreams. u showed me what i can do. you are a role-model . my dream is to go to the NBA and play for Orlando but when i do i want to play w/ u.

  107. TheRightChoice says:

    I think that Dwight Howard made a smart choice but i really prefer him to be in the Heats just because the Heats doesn’t have a great center running. Bosh is more of a power forward then a center so i really hope that Heat will be his second choice

  108. Dennis - Bulls Fan says:

    Just another reason I like the Bulls!

    • joe says:

      if i were the bulls, i’d be thinking about trading deng and boozer for howard. not that there’s a guarantee he would stay, but come on. you’re going to turn down the chance of playing with drose for 4-5 years? ‘D Howard and D Rose’? That would be scary. It has the plus of getting rid of boozer’s overpaid contract, and even though i dont think deng has done anything wrong by ‘defying’ the bulls and playing for his country in the plympics, this is one way of handling the situation. Thibs would also set howard straight too, none of this drama in Chi town. Best defesive player in the league, with the best defence coach, with one of the (if not ‘the’) most explosive offensive players?
      but i acknowledge this wont happen hahah just thought i’d share.

  109. Sk says:

    They should change his name from Superman to Super-Baby!

  110. Celtic4life says:

    Man! Say what you want but we(Boston Celtics) will be glad to take D.Howard off your hands to shut all of that Heat ring talk down. He would have a better chance getting that ring he wants in Boston than Brooklyn.

  111. dl says:

    Would be funny if they traded him to the bobcats

  112. LBJ says:

    dwight howard trade don’t have impact to nba no matter what team he will be because Miami will get the 2nd peat championship!

    • lebronheat says:

      YEAH!!!!!!! than we can watch the heat repeat back to back champs and watch lebron take over the league (in which he has) and all his haters can be left with nothing to say more cuz of his rings piling up! also sorry kobe lovers…kobe is old and washed up LETS GO HEAT!!!

    • Peter says:

      Good luck with that…you need to beat the Celtics first. This time they actually might not have half there team missing!

      Not saying that Miami doesn’t deserve their title – they fought hard, played well and they did earn it. But trying to suggest they are a clearly dominant team is far from the truth when they almost got eliminated by a 4th seeded Boston team missing half their roster.

  113. phisch13 says:

    My bad just realized Melo did go to syracuse, but you got the point.

  114. TTKIN says:

    Is Dwight trying to be considered the biggest woman in the NBA? He complains more than a high maintenance girlfriend who just caught you in bed with another chick.

    • Celtic4life says:

      You would be mad if you are thrown in a system that does not work and people keep saying we are going to get you some players to compliment you and nothing happens. Van Gandy would just sorround Dwight with shooters and think that’s going to win a championship. The only time that was working was in I think 2009 when Orlando went to the championship and lost. After that everybody seen what they were doing and shut that down.

      • Nicepherus says:

        The only team I can remember winning a championship by surrounding an elite center with shooters would have been the Houston Rockets with Hakeem Olajuwon. I thing Dwight, as good as he is or has been still has a long way to go to even be closely compared to Olajuwon.
        Gooo 2013 Timberwolves! (Maybe they can break out of the cellar finally hahaha)

      • Peter says:

        No Dwight is a whinger, a child and a joke.

        And no, he certainly cannot be compared to Hakeem – even on talent alone, making that comparison would be downright insulting to one of the most complete players who ever played the game.

  115. John says:

    Dwight’s conduct has been much worse than the Lebron decision to leave Cleveland. Dwight is getting to be on-par with Allen Iverson in terms of being a liability to his organization.

    Despite there being about 25 star players in the NBA, only 2 or 3 of whom can win a championship in any given year, some of these player think they’re entitled to a guaranteed champion in any given year that they play. Nope, sorry. If you’re getting paid $19.3 million a year, then you need to shut up, play basketball, do whatever your team tells you, and be content if you don’t ever win a championship. For a yearly salary of 1% of what Dwight makes, I would shovel excrement and not say one peep about it. If Dwight wants a guaranteed championship, he should try playing for $10 million a year instead of $19 million.

  116. LOLakers says:

    Trade to Miami for Bosh and watch us steamroll every other team out there!!! Miami 10 peat!!!!!

    • Celtic4life says:

      Sorry Bosh does not compare to Dwight…you would have to give something else up.

  117. Flying Raijin_41 says:

    trade dwight howard and get a 2-3 decent player to make a fresh start..stupid lakers fans, the lakers can’t do that because of the new cba ruling….try to understand that….

    • Celtic4life says:


  118. karoLT says:

    a dishonest and a liar like Dwight Howard will never win a championship… KARMA

    • la la la la says:

      he will cuz hes great

      • Peter says:

        But he’s really not great…

        He’s a one dimensional offensive player who rebounds and blocks shots. Hes great at rebouding and great at blocking shots, but his entire offensive game is pretty much ‘dunk’.

        He is not a go-to scorer. Why do you think Orlando put so much pressure on Indiana without him? With no Diva’s around they could actually focus on TEAM BASKETBALL for a change.

    • Celtic4life says:

      People said that about Lebron and guess what????He shut all that talk right down. Now there is a lot sad faces walking around about but he don’t have 5 or 6 like Kobe or Jordan. SO! At the end of the day he is a champion and if Dwight goes to the right team he will be one too because there is not alot centers that can match Dwight that’s why everybody wants him.

  119. Jose Andres says:

    Hay que pedirle a Dios que por favor Dwight no se vaya, yo soy de Costa Rica y desde aqui estoy llorando para que Dwight se mantenga en Orlando, la vez que fui a Orlando en el 2008, gaste $128 en una camisa de Dwight. Please Rob you can’t let that this thing happen right away, you would have to do something, the franchise and the Orlando Magic nation is depending on you

  120. LeCHOKE says:

    Hey D12, Want Championship ring? Go sign for Boston Celtics. ❤

    • Peter says:

      No thanks…

      As a Boston fan I do not want this childish tool coming to Boston. Give me Marcus Camby or Chris Kaman over this girl scout any day

  121. hiphopaintdead28 says:

    dwight the diva

  122. Henrik Jensen says:

    newer in a million years david Stern would allow Howard to Lakers for just Murphy and Jordan Hill, JJ, your stupid, come on man, it would newer happen, put on top of that Pau Gasol or Andrew Bynum, and we can talk.

    • Peter says:

      I don’t believe Stern would have any say in it…

      He blocked the Hornets trade because Hornets were essentially league owned at the time, and so Stern was essentially their ‘GM’ until they got another owner. He denied the trade because as their ‘GM’ he didn’t feel it was a good trade for the Hornets and what they were trying to achieve.

      He is not the GM of Orlando or LA – he doesn’t have any control.

  123. bjohn says:

    Dwight has spent enough years trying to became a champion in Orlando, its time for change and if that means moving on to another team then so be it. Dwight has his future to build and if he’s smart he would let no one dictate his actions but himself. I’m sure that no matter where he goes Brooklyn, L.A it dont matter he’ll continue developing his greatness as the most dominant center in the NBA and eventually win a championship.

    • la la la la says:

      completely agree

      • FormerMagic says:

        You’re right. Hopefully Dwight will be able to develop into a well rounded center instead of being the trash man for a bunch of 3-point chuckers.

    • Peter says:

      Your entire argument is voided by three simple words you used:

      “if he’s smart”

      Have you not paid any attention to Dwight the past 2 years? Clearly smart is one thing he is not…

  124. Sharquay says:

    Superman? I don’t think so. More like Lex Luthor to me…

  125. memo says:

    trade howard to the miami heat center….

    • la la la la says:

      yay lets make miami even more of a bought team if he goes there i am protesting the nba cuz they didnt let paul goto la but they will let howard go there but lets face it that will never happen the heat wont pick him up heres wat i think thoug if the heat pick him up they will b the most unstoppable team in the nba and i will seriously protest cuz that would take away the competitiveness of the game i mean that might as well b an allstar team they could probly beat the allstar team if they got howard

      • ??? says:

        Do you two know anything about basketball and salary caps. Its practically impossible to get dwight to miami. The pay cut he would have to take is astronomical for you two dummys that means its a very big pay cut! now go talk about how good you think kobe and jordan are for “winning” all those championships by themselves. Oh and i dont rate kobe. He is a selfish player. I love jordan though so im not being bias.

      • Peter says:


        See that little dot above? It’s a full stop. USE IT!

    • Peter says:

      Yes, because Miami have so many valuable trade chips such as oh I don’t know…Juwan Howard? Maybe Joel Anthony? Those guys are surely valuable enough to accept in a trade for a perennial All-Star and potential franchise player…

      I’m actually starting to regain respect for Miami, but then these moronic Miami fans come along and remind me of why I hate them.

  126. Jordan says:

    Man I am so sick of everyone hating on the players for making decisions that are best for their career. The media gets up in their faces and demands an explination of what they are doing.. well guess what, ITS A BUSINESS that is built on the players, and they are their own product, so I don’t see why they should answer any questions. It was the same with the lebron trade, he made a decision that was best for his own future and it panned out, though he got a whole lot of ignorant criticism. I’d like to see one person who is judging these players live a day in their shoes and scruitiny they have to endure, just to play the sport they love and the game they have worked everyday of their life for. Lets start to remember its about the basketball.

    • la la la la says:

      i must agree but i do hate james cuz hes overrated

      • Celtic4life says:

        Overrated?????????In what way? because if we go to the stats there is not many people in the NBA that putting up the numbers he is night in and night out. Go do some research buddy! You can hate how he made his decision but the decision was made now get over it because he will have more rings bet that. AND he still young so he has a lot of time to set his legacy.

      • MJayed says:

        Man you have horrible sports knowledge not a LBJ fan but he isnt overrated and he will go as 1 of the all time greatest. Jordan had pippen and some awesome role players. Kobe had shaq and then turned around and had players such as gasol artest and both had pretty nice players off the bench.

    • ballin2amaze says:

      yeah but as bball player you’re expected to atleast give the fans a solid decision, LBJ though he up and left the fans atleast he made a solid decision and went with it. Howard took his fans on a wild circus befor signing 1 year with the magics to ultimately not even complete that year… atleast have the guts to tell your fans the truth you owe them that, they supported howard and bought the tickets to see him, they bought his jerseys and anything howard related..

    • joe says:

      agreed. you also used a key word: ”demand”. i notice that this blog is villafying dwight with his ”demand for a trade request”. ??? anyone else pick up what’s worng with this statement? dwight ”asked” to be traded so that orlando could get something for his departure. he doesn’t have to stay, he doesn’t owe them anything because they paid him to play there, and he did! this is a business. let him play wherever he wants and stop complaining! i personally don’t care where he ends up. he’s a great player, from what he’s shown he’s a good person too so quit this nonsense.

    • Peter says:

      Dude – you either paid no attention to the past two seasons, or you have clearly never held a decent job.

      This guy has released rumours that he wants to be traded, then publically denied them and insisted he loves Orlando…then released more rumours he wants to lear, then denied them. Then publically stated he wanted to leave, then said that he was tricked into wanting to leave and got bad advice and that he would stick around. Then he asked to have his coach fired, then insisted he didnt. Then he declined his option to be a free agent and said he wants to stay in Orlando. Then he got both his coach AND GM fired. Now he said he wants to be traded.

    • Peter says:

      Remember this is not just a game, this is a job – Orlando Magic is a business.

      If you tried doing all of the above at work when your contact extension time comes along, how long you think before they fire you? If other potential companies hear about it, how many of those do you think will consider hiring you?

      Answer: None. In the real world, nobody will hire a ‘professional’ with an attitude like that. Especially when this person is essentially the face of your business.

    • Peter says:

      What Lebron did was different.

      He essentially told his current business that he really loved the company and he loved working there, but he simply got a better opportunity elsewhere that they couldn’t match.

      He just messed up by having a public celebration when he got to the new job, talking about how badly he was going to dominate all competitors (including his old job), and so naturally the old place felt a little offended.

  127. underdog says:

    I think Stern should give penalties to this kinds of player behavior. He should not get a pay if he do not want to play. Man, they are paid millions of dollars to entertain people not to make this kind of drama causing problem to a whole city.

    • Peter says:

      I say suspend him for a season without pay.

      Then bring him back as a free agent (as they do with Amnestied players) and that way the highest bidder out of all the bad teams get him.

      That could work 🙂

  128. WTF says:

    Definitely worse than LBJ did to Cavs! 😦

  129. cesar says:

    with this attitude howard have right now… other teams (managers) will think twice having this player in his team if will be good or will be the same as orlando suffered…..

  130. MGS12 says:

    Wow! Howard is making LBJ look like a saint…

    Yes it’s his prerogative to look for what’s best for him. It’s business. It’s his livelihood!

    But c’mon… BE MAN ENOUGH TO MAKE A FIRM DECISION AND LIVE WITH IT!!! If you want to go then go. You are showing people more and more how such a man-child you are!!!

    And i imagine how many crucial free throws you’re gonna miss again this coming season. Instead of focusing on improving the major flaw of your game during this off-season, here you are playing your drama again… The people of Orlando deserves better…

  131. let em know says:

    this guy is such a clown… this is way worse then anything lbj has ever done.. king james was a free agent the did what was right for his family and his career.. at this point no one can say he was wrong.. this clown howard is what fans should be burning jersyes over.. those tweets alone would piss me off if i was a Magics fan.

    • hahahahha says:

      LBJ is still a joke, anyone else that calls him king is a clown.

      • pakyaw says:

        LBJ IS A CHAMP NOW!…so the joke is on you….hahahahha..

      • la la la la says:

        agreed and heres the thing lebron james had to have dwayne wade chris bosh and a bunch of other notable names like shane battier in order to win a championship because hes really not as good as people say kobe and jordan r way better then james. james has 1 championship and it took him a long time to get it and dont forget he had been to 2 previous nba finals before he finally got that ring he is a great player but he cant b mentioned as 1 of the best of all time cuz he hasnt proven it unlike jordan and kobe

      • Celtic4life says:

        @lalala Kobe will never win another ring with the team the lakers have and with all of the rumors of trades. Nobody on the Lakers fill safe expect Kobe from getting traded and that’s not a good thing. The lakers could have made a run if they just would have got Sessions and had fisher come off the bench and not put Odom & Gasol on blast with the trade rumors. That basically broke up the Lakers with all off that. And as far as Lebron is concerned he is a Champion no matter what people say and people can stop saying he had to have Wade and Bosh to win. Yeah Kobe had Shaq, Gasol and other good player, Jordan had Pippen and other players. I can’t name one player in the history of Basketball that EVER won a championship by themself. If so….THEn WHO?

      • ballin2amaze says:

        I’m orlando fan all day but LBJ is the greatest player in the nba and he proved that in game 6 vs boston(something i rly hate to admit since i rly don’t like lebron).People who say Jordan and Kobe have won their rings alone are disrespecting the players that helped Jordan and Kobe get their rings, a NBA championship is won with team effort thats why great players like CP3 and D12 have not won one yet b/c it takes team effort, the only thing you can give individual players credit for is getting an MVP or various NBA titles but not a NBA championship….lets not forget kobe had shaq and fisher, and then after that gasol, bynum and fisher. and Jordan had pippen and lets not forget dennis rodman who lead the nba in rebounds

      • Crazyyy says:

        Did you just say James needed Wade and Bosh and a bunch of notable names like Battier?

        Can I remind you that James won his first ring being the best player in his team? He also won the Finals MVP? I’ll go straight to the point. The first three rings Kobe won was because of Shaq! Not him.

      • Sick says:

        Kobe is just not great and will never be… just riding with his team mates
        How does MVP he have????? lalalalala

      • Sick says:

        so shane is one of the notable names now?
        before miami haters say they only have 3 players,
        now there are bunch of notable names… LOL
        Haters = LOSERS

      • NBEATZ says:

        I’m sorry, Kobe did’nt have a more dominate Shaq, a younger fisher that averaged almost 14PPG. He did not have Bynum, Gasol, WMP.Did Jordan not have Pipen, Horace Grant, SteveKerr, one of the best 3point shooters of all time, did he not have Dennis Rodman. Kobe and Jordan did NOT win that on theire own. Did Bird not have McHale, Parish. Did Kareem not have Magic and Worhty, did Duncan not have Parker and Ginobli. From what I recall, MOST Champs have a 2nd or 3rd star.
        Look at the 2004 Champion Detroit Pistons,they had 4 All Stars. Ben Wallace, Rasheed Wallace, Rip Hamilton, Chauncy Billups. Garnette had Pierce, Rondo and Ray Ray. LBJ had CB and Dwayn.Can you really hate LBJ…………………….As for Howard, what the hell is he thinking. He used his star power to getrid of a hell of a coach, in the end the get rid of the GM, and now he wants to leave them with…………….Lopez??????????? What an idiot. At least James did not say he wouldcommit and then haveeverything change around him and then split anyways. The only reason the NBA world hated LBJ was because he wanted to telivise it………………..Is it wrong to make more money,????????????????????????? The NBA champion is not made with one star and a bunch of roll players, that just how it is. GET OVER IT

      • cool knicks fan says:

        A 3-time MVP, a 9-time All Star, Finals MVP, and a champion. He’s supposed to be a joke? LeBron haters make me laugh.

      • dd def says:

        james took a long time for a ring? what about nowitzki? or jordan? how long did it take him and the bulls just to get past the pistons!

  132. Scisca says:

    Can’t they just get D-Will to Orlando? That would make D-12 happy and turn the Magic into a major contender.

    • ballin2amaze says:

      d-will doesn’t want to come to orlando he alrdy said orlando wasn’t one of the teams he wanted to go to

  133. JJ says:

    Let him Go…………Let him go to the Lakers, in exchange for Jordan Hill and Troy Murphy….!!!!!!!!!!! The Lakers can be a Team to beat and have again a ring that they hadn’t have in two years….. so let Howard go to the Lakers

    • Crazyyy says:

      Can you please study a bit about basketball? Jordan Hill and Troy Murphy will never amount to D12’s projected salary. Also, Lakers are now in all efforts to prevent luxury taxes.

      D12 will never win a ring in a Laker uniform. He’ll have better chances in Boston with Rondo, Garnett, Mayo, Pierce and Coach Rivers.

      • Troll says:

        don’t let the homer fans get to you.

      • la la la la says:

        he can win in la if he goes there la will probly dump bynum which in my opinion is good cuz he only plays half the time. that and la is going after deron williams so those 3 could win no problem. ok well some problems but that can b worked out and by the way u guys r giving the guy a hard time cuz he wants to win a championship and the magic just rnt gonna give him a championship u guys r just mad cuz the greatest thing to happen to the magic wants out cuz if he gets on a decent team he will win a championship lebron james is an overrated player he won the championship this year cuz that is a completely bought team. now the boston theory of him winning a championship i think if they keep kg and pick him up boston will definately win a championship. but he does need to b less of a drama queen about this and try to do things not involved with the media. i fealt the same way when kobe was trying to b traded or those stupid remarks bynum said like all year in la if howard comes to la and bynum leaves i will b happy.

      • Celtic4life says:

        That’s right! That would be a way better team then going to them BUMS the Lakers or Brooklyn. Celtics on the raise>>>2013!!!!!

    • pakyaw says:

      jordan hill & troy murphy?.. how about try BYNUM or GASOL?… do you think orlando gonna trade their star player,to a scrub player? of course they want something in return… your one of those HALLUCINATING lakers fan….and they dont need D12,what they need is a point guard!

      • la la la la says:

        u guys can have bynum fine by me bring in dwight howard to la dwight howard is twice the player that bynum is. as for pau i dont think la would get rid of him if they picked up howard because bynum and howard r both centers pau can play pf and having pau and howard together would b dangerous plus u throw in kobe world peace and possibly deron williams this team will b deadily lol

    • cool knicks fan says:

      Who would trade Howard for Murphy and Hill. The Lakers would benefit only for basketball reasons, but the luxury tax would be too high. The Magic would NEVER pull the trigger on that trade. You’re just dreaming you Laker fan.

    • GG says:

      Jordan Hill and Troy Murphy…, Get off the crack buddy!!! If anything, Bynum and Gasol for Dwight would seem like a more realistic deal… If they could somehow incorporate a deal where Jamer Nelson is included in the trade, then the Lakers would get the point and centre they need. Maybe add Ramon Sessions in the deal, At least then the Lakers would be back as a serious contender… And I’m a SPURS fan!!!
      If Dwight goes to Brooklyn, he’ll have DWill, Wallace, Humphries (double double guy) and possibly Joe Johnson, so if Orlando do send him to Brooklyn, Brooklyn will be a serious threatt… But who is Brooklyn gonna give up, Lopez, Humphries and….? Atleast the Lakers can give Orlando Bynum and Gasol. Better yet, send Dwight to the SPURS, if he’s serious about winnig!!! Maybe he can help the Spurs stop Durant next season… (Dreaming, I know…)

  134. Looooooosssseeeerrrrr!

  135. Filipino Idiot says:

    This is more preposterous than what James did in Cleveland. Trade him now and forever have your peace, Magic organization.

  136. Magic Fan says:


    @DwightHoward: “I apologize for this circus I have caused to the fans of our city.””The fans deserve a better hero and I will make that happen. I love and appreciate my fans and this city.
    “I have gotten some bad advice,” Howard said. “I apologize for this circus I have caused to the fans of our city. They didn’t deserve [any] of this. I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart. I will do whatever I can to make this right and do what I was put in Orlando to do.”

  137. John says:

    Orlando is better off without that drama queen.

  138. CM2 says:

    I had thought LeBron is the worst. Congrat D12, you can now the REAL VILLIAN

  139. sshhh says:

    this is actually worse than LBJ divorce

    • Next year, we will do it again! says:

      I agree, at leat LBJ did it cleanly over one summer and not over 2 seasons and countless back and forths. But the good news is, Dwight will take the villan role away from LeBron so LBJ can be even more focused at repeating and other player will feel less scruitiny in joining the Heat.

      • JJ says:

        I dont see this as worse than Lebron, I mean for 1 he’s not the hometown hero, 2 he’s at least gave the organization and fans a heads up that he was leaving so they can get something in return, instead acting like he might stay and leaving the fan and team depleted, and 3 the Majic organization is to blame as well because if they would have traded him last year like he asked then this would not be an issue.. He’s getting a bad rap because the Majic dont wanna let him go and he obviously has been wanting to leave since last season.

      • Peter says:

        Uhh what?

        Dwight is far worse then Lebron. This whole thing has been the most childish and immature episode I’ve seen in the history of the NBA. Dwight is an absolute tool, and considering the amount of money he makes his immaturity and lack of professionalism are an absolute joke.

        Orlando needs to trade dwight to a lottery team with no cap space so he has no chance of winning and no chance of having any quality players put around him – that is sound punishment for his disgusting attitude. I say send him to the Bobcats in return for their three best players – that way he’ll be left on a team that’s just begging to fail.

      • Niko says:

        Yeah JJ, He did let them know by not resigning that he might leave, LBJ left the Cavs depleted of 1 player through free agency, they also got picks in return for Lebron. He didnt gut the whole front office & Head coach, then leave anyway, If Dwight wanted to leave he shouldnt have resigned, its that simple.

    • NBAfan says:

      LBJ set the precedence….now, no franchise wants to be LebronED….

      The only thing LBJ did “right” was he did it first….now that Dwight is trying to do something similar, the franchise is doing everything they can to not come out a complete loser out of all this like Cleveland did.

      Think about it. Because Lebron didn’t tell the CAVS in advance (even though he decided to join Wade in advance), the CAVS couldn’t trade him and get a couple of players of similar value. ORL doesn’t want to end up like the CAVS.

      They don’t want to get LebronED.

  140. JumpingRabbit says:

    Here we go again, Orlando

  141. Rakim says:

    Do what you have to dwight … but dont be a drama queen … Just do what you gotta do once for all

  142. KG21 says:

    He can’t beat Robinson anyway, Magic better trade him to a decent player with great attitude

    • DJHENRIMIX says:

      man! I’ll let my emotion talk for me cause ima be quiet………………………….

      • Jacky says:

        trade howard to okc for harden, ibaka and perkins

      • Emily says:

        ummm no, thanks though! We would rather keep Harden, Ibaka, and Perkins in OKC – we are pretty drama free….

      • Bball247 says:

        You poor thing emily, you must not have heard that you can’t have both harden and ibaka. You have to get rid of one sweetie lol!