Twilight Zone Orlando: Yet Another Trade Request From Dwight Howard?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — As if things couldn’t get any crazier for Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic this year, the start of free agency brought the latest and most bizarre twist to their saga (and that’s saying a lot when you consider where this story has been since December).

According to multiple reports, Howard has asked the Magic for a trade to Brooklyn, the second time he’s asked to be traded since training camp. And per ESPN The Magazine‘s Chris Broussard, that’s just a part of an increasingly outrageous rift between Howard and the Magic:

Dwight Howard met with new Orlando Magic general manager Rob Hennigan on Friday and told him he wants to be traded to the Brooklyn Nets, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.

Howard and Hennigan sat down face to face in Los Angeles, meeting for the first time since Hennigan became Orlando’s GM nearly two weeks ago.

Hennigan was noncommital when Howard told him he wants to be traded to Brooklyn, sources said.

Hennigan did not tell Howard whether he would trade him. His intentions were merely to hear the thoughts of the Magic superstar.

Howard picked up the option for the final year of his contract with Orlando on March 15. But since then, he has grown increasingly disgruntled with the organization, even telling people close to him that he feels the Magic blackmailed him into signing the “opt-in” clause.

Howard shared his feelings of being blackmailed by the Magic with the NBA Players Association last week, sources said. He — either himself or through his representatives — approached the union wondering if he might have a legal complaint against the club.

The goal of such a complaint would be to eliminate his “opt-in,” thereby allowing Howard to become a free agent this summer.

Sources said the union has no plans to pursue any such legal action against the Magic.

The trade request is bad enough. But the blackmail charge is just downright foolish, unless there was some backroom dealing that hasn’t yet come to light.

The fact that ‘sources” say the union is not interested in pursuing that story line would suggest that the claim is as ridiculous as it sounds. Howard knew exactly what he was signing at the trade deadline when he firestorm from his previous trade request and dust-up with former Magic coach Stan Van Gundy (video above) was the talk of the league.

A divorce between Howard and the Magic is almost inevitable at this point, never mind that he is under contract for another year. The Magic cannot afford much more of this embarrassment at the hands of their franchise player.

If a divorce is what Howard wants, one source confirmed to us late Saturday night, that’s exactly what he might get. But there’s no guarantee it will be to the Nets, who according to Yahoo! Sports are also discussing a possible trade for Hawks All-Star guard Joe Johnson.

That said, the Magic have don’t have any obligation on them to move Howard now, next week or any time before the end of the 2012-13 season.

Howard had the power in this situation on March 15, before he signed that document waiving the early termination option on his contract and gave back control of this situation to the Magic.

All he can do now is continue to demand that trade request that he’s actually never admitted to demanding and wait until the Magic do something.

In the meantime, he’ll continue to draw the ire of observers who have grown tired of a soap opera that seems to play out the exact same episode day after day.

TNT’s Charles Barkley vented his own frustrations Saturday before playing in Dirk Nowitzki‘s Heroes Celebrity baseball game in Frisco, Texas, per

“Dwight needs to make a decision because I’m sick of hearing about it every year where he’s going to go and I told him he needs to grow up and make a decision,” Barkley said … “I don’t want to hear this stuff ever year coming up on the trade deadline. Make a decision and live with it.”

Amen, Chuck!



  1. GORAPTORS1957 says:


  2. Magic Fan says:

    Funny hearing all those lineups people put forward.
    Firstly, Nets

    Joe Johnson
    Gerald Wallace
    Kris Humpries
    Dwight Howard
    Would never happen! Nets wont have the cap space and signing joe johnson they would lose most of their trade bait.

    Would never work again! How are Boston supposed to sign him with barely any cap space and who would they trade to magic if you want that lineup?

    Orlando holds the cards in this saga and whoever can put forward the best deal will get him.
    Lakers arnt willing to give away both Pau and Bynum in a package and that is the least orlando will accept. Kobe has also said Howard would be the 3rd option and that wont sit well with dwight.

    i hope he stays in orlando. He needs to try and entice another all-star caliber player to Orlando intsead of bolting off to a larger market where he will play second fiddle to deron williams, dirk nowitzki or even third at lakers.

  3. V says:

    Man, I can’t believe how people easily write off the Heat! Most probably because of hate and jealousy. While I do agree that D-Wade is becoming slower and older and is becoming injury prone, you peeps are still forgetting one important thing. The leader of that team is LeBron James. And if somebody can carry a team on his back, it’s him. Plus, I expect them to get help this summer. Allen, or Nash maybe. The JET will also be huge for them. 2-4 more titles for the Big 3 baby!!

  4. howard fan says:

    Howard Go to Celtics!!!

  5. mister says:


  6. mister says:


  7. John says:

    Howard and D-will in brooklyn = Championship team?? well not that but more of a contender uhm… 7th to 5th seed is possible with the duo… but no championship… well i think all of that “GOING TO BROOKLYN” idea of Howard will change if D-Will goes to another team… Mavs for example can get D-Will, it’s a 50-50 chance cuz he’s also from texas.. playing for the hometown could be great for him and together with Nowitzki… Then maybe the Mavs can make a trade for Howard.. Another option i would say would best benefit Howard if he goes anywhere is to land in the Windy City together with his Adiddas Buddy, D-Rose.. well if they can somehow make a trade to the Magic using Boozer and some other guys, picks and cash it can possibly be done. Once The Bulls get Howard and a Healthy Rose in the playoffs then we maybe seeing a Miami-Bulls rivalry in the East.. but getting another consistent go-to wingman with Rose and Howard would make their chances greater… see it like a modern day JORDAN-PIPPEN-RODMAN bulls team but with no Pippen if they can’t get a wingman for rose… KOBE-HOWARD duo?? Gasol and another guy for Howard in a trade?? it is somehow possible though…

  8. Rafael Enrique Merino says:

    Dwight, ¿do you really think you´re going to win a championship with the Brooklyn Nets? I´m not going to say what I´m thinking about you, because this is not too good

  9. uoykcuf says:

    Just finished reading an article on yahoo on Howard. If everything was true, this guy certain took the worst case scenairo. From never ask for trade to trade me since all-star break, from no problem with SVG to trade SVG(and suceeded), from I have 3 teams in mind to only will resign with 1 team, from resigning to blackmailing him. Either Howard is really an idiot or he just has a really bad rep team.
    Can this top the “decision”? I guess we’ll all stay tune.

  10. Extremedriver says:

    How bout’ this lineup?? D12, STAT, MELO, Landry Fields, Jeremy Lin

    • Extremedriver says:

      People need to stop disin’ the Knicks! They made it to the playoffs with a few of their key players not 100% healthy, and or nursing injuries! I say send Howard to be a Knickerbocker baby!

  11. motard says:

    go to celtics…howard team up with celts..twin towers garnett and howard

  12. alex ventura says:

    the la lakers are slow……they need him but they don’t say it…………….come on lakers

  13. rico phils says:

    Trade him already. Orlando Magic doesn’t need an unprofessional ingrate like him whose always whining… Make a decision and live with it. Stop weaving another story bout the franchise tricking you into opting-in, you signed in, own it. Man Up!!!

  14. Rabee says:

    i am not much of a lebron fan but because i like the magic let me repeat i like the magic dwight howard should just leave he is acting like a kid he is messing up the whole organization the magic are spoiling trade him for joe johnson and with him get a couple of draft picks and let ryan anderson develop in the paint on his own.

  15. Patnubay Calaycay says:

    I want Dwight Howard goes to Lakers while Pau Gasol and Orlando will catch him into the highest offer than Dwight Howard not by himself,unless Pau will find other team to take a good offer to deal with him….

  16. Patnubay Calaycay says:

    I want Dwight Howard goes to Lakers while Pau Gasol and Orlando will get him into the highest offer not by himself unless he find the other team deal with him….

  17. Robert - Basketball Fan says:

    He all of sudden seems to be spoiled and lacking in maturity. The sad part about that is that no matter where he goes in the league – the team team that gets him will immediately become so much better!

  18. Patnubay Calaycay says:

    @Eric Wangar…thats not gonna happen dude,it makes an over price tagging individually….

  19. mister says:

    Dwight would be never be the same as he was in Orlando after free agency….he can never win a championship with that kind of attitude..

  20. ccb says:

    Dwight Howard is the most immature and childish star that has ever played this game, he totally ruined Orlando’s patience and fans’ respect for him, they should have called him the “Big Baby”!

  21. TS says:

    Silly of him not to opt out of his contract last season. Its obvious to everyone that he does not want to remain with the Orlando Magic. He could have saved himself and a bunch of other people alot of time and a big headache if he had just gone when he had the chance. Now yet another season, where all we’re going to hear is Dwight Howard crying about how he wants to be traded, no never mind, he wants to stay. Sick of it…

  22. b-rad says:

    Supermoron strikes again! The nets don’t have much to trade for him so if he goes there it will be him and D-will, maybe Humphries or wallace can stay although i would want one or both in a trade. Now how effctive will he be with that back injury when he comes back and how long will he last?

  23. the finishline says:

    I meant more stars are gonna have to team up just to compete!

  24. the finishline says:

    D12 needs an elite PG to compliment his game. Besides if Miami can team up and win it all, more superstars are gonna have to win it all just to compete now. Just wish two stars had the marbles to go to a small market team and change the landscape ya know

  25. Nik123dj says:

    If D12 wants to win a championship, he needs to move to Celtics and start from the bench. And then go from there. Also if you wan’t to win, you have to give something away from your game, which Dwight might not be ready for it yet.

  26. Zee says:

    “That said, the Magic HAVE don’t have any obligation”

  27. Rob says:

    Here’s what I don’t get – of all the teams who would become championship contenders with your arrival, why on earth would Dwight want to go to Brooklyn with the hope of teaming up with D-Will? Williams is one of the most immature superstars in the league, Utah shipped him off way before the trade deadline weeks after Jerry Sloan resigned. I mean really, those two teaming up would become the NBA’s most volatile house of cards. If they don’t win championships, it’s going to be interesting to see whether they would blame each other, or blame everyone else around them.

  28. Derrick says:

    oh and that comment about d rose being injured the truth is one man cant do it by his self d rose wouldnt been able to make the playoffs cause last yeat they got whooped. the chicago bulls is the new cleveland with lebron without lebron cleveland is nothing without rose chicago is nothing hes gonna do the same in a couple years i gurantee it. basketball iq

  29. Derrick says:

    imma lebron fan but the next time i hear someone say dwight go to the heat imma shoot them because they dont need the whole starting all-star team the NBA is ruined everyone wants to team up what ahppen to competing not destroying.. AMEN
    Dwight make your choice to go to brooklyn but your gonna have to deal with the fans. also dont end up like carmello and barely make the playoffs

  30. glock93308 says:

    Dont understand why he wants to go to the Nets. They may not even make the playoffs let alone win a championship. And who does the Nets have that the Magic want? Brook Lopez? Humphries? Even if they traded their whole team not including Williams for Howard it still wouldnt be worth it for the Magic.

  31. George wilson says:

    I wish people would stop acting like MIA and OKC are the best teams ever, there were so many injuries this year tht the championship came down to which teams could stay healthy long enough make it there. if DRose hadnt got hurt miami might not of even made it to the finals, i guarantee that neither of miami or okc will win it all next year

  32. chandler says:

    k i used to like howard a lot and i didnt mind the immaturuty that much but hes gotton annoying and he is not “all that” so se ya

  33. Jerbaxx says:

    why did dwight fire van gundy and smith then, if he wanted to get traded. JUST BRING DWILL TO THE MAGIC AND GET AND BETTER SMALL FORWARD TO AND ALLEN IVERSON!!

  34. the real superman says:

    I’ve been trying to tell you guys all along… The guy is a flake!! He wants to be me but he is not man enough. I’m going to gift him a new nickname… “The Big Expedition”, why? 1st, cause he damn sure ain’t a big diesel…2nd’ cause he’s been on this life long journey to be like me… Went to Orl…. stole my nickname “superman”, 3rd, his baby mama… is on my baby mama’s show “bball wives”, finally, now he is going to move into the house that I build in L.A…. plus dude is almost as bad as his “ex-coach” that he recently had fired… master of panic… you put some pressure on and his mind goes blank….

  35. thisguy says:

    the nets have absolutely nothing to give for dwight howard. their best chance is trade dwill or 2 of their best big men which i highly doubt will happen. so its as good as done. If dwight is going somewhere, its not going to be in brooklyn

  36. LA Dwight says:

    Dwight should just move to LA so he hangout all day with hugh hefner. That way, he can find an alternative career if things don’t work out for him.

  37. superman12 says:

    Joel, Redirkulous is 34 years old, no way hell get 7 rings.

  38. superman12 says:

    Dwight Howard could be traded to the nets for Gerald Wallace and Brook Lopez

  39. Sharquay says:

    I would trade him to the Bobcats and see how he likes playing for the worst team in history. Shut up Dwight…

  40. 6&3>35&0 says:

    Won’t happen because there is no one to trade for him that the Magic will want. Howard should opt out if he wants to go to Brooklyn.

  41. bball fan says:

    A doable deal would be to get deron williams, dwight howard, and ray allen to the nets.

  42. schmarz says:

    he should go to celtics, dang theyd be a powerhouse in the east the way they played in these last playoffs they coulda won the title AND they were injured now with sullinger and fab melo and joseph with the drafts and if they get dwight howard and get green back and avery bradley, dang they really can win it next year, my opinion dwights best spot is boston

  43. Joel says:

    I think him and D-Will should go to Dallas and team up with the Redirkulous one… It would be the best for all of them, they would probably get a ring if not several…

  44. Rafael says:

    It’s funny how LBJ is bashed for leaving Cleveland but at least he played out his contract and left as an unrestricted free agent. None of this soap opera of demanding trades, getting the coach fired, allegations of blackmail. What Howard is doing is so much worse. A total lack of respect for the franchise.

  45. Jay-Z says:

    Not official to the media yet, but my team made moves. Can i hear y’all say HELLO BROOKLYN!!! Welcome Dwight

  46. Ray says:

    It is unfortunate that in this Superstar, I WANT MY WAY ERA, a player (Dwight Howard) who was adored by fans and the media just a few years ago has simply made himself appear as a SELFISH-IMMATURE MAN, who has no loyalty to ANYONE. But let’s look at the issues, 1. The problem with Howard’s trade request, the Magic don’t want any of the players Brooklyn has to offer, inclusive of Lopez, perhaps with the exception of D-Will or they would have made the trade already. 2. If the Nets sign Johnson, and D-Will; Howard doesn’t get to the Nets now there isn’t a whole lot of money to go around and stay UNDER the salary cap with the new CBA agreement, ask the LAKERS about that one!, 3. This is a matter of who will blink first, Howard’s reps know this, the RUSSIAN Billionaire owner knows this and they must force the hand of the Magic. If the Magic sit on this trade and wait, Howard will be forced to deal with another team, or take a HUGE pay cut to play for the Nets in two years, and 4. The new GM for the magic is a shrewed negotiator look him up and you will see his background. This is not Otis Smith, and a business decision by the Magic is to get a “Star” in return, not a bunch of draft picks (HOUSTON) or some by the way players!!! This matter appears headed out West, where the Magic will be in high gear to get the Lakers involved. What organization is suited to deal with such publicity better than Kupchak and the simpletons out there. Expect to hear a Bynum for Howard offer soon. Then this drama will really be in the place it belongs, HOLLYWOOD ANYONE!!!!

  47. KOBEshigawa says:

    We all knew this was coming, and yet, we’re all still so appalled that it’s happening. It’s not so much disgusting that he’s demanding a trade, but rather that he’s saying the Magic “blackmailed” him into this. Awful. Regardless, if Orlando has to make a deal, it has to be with the Nets, if for no other reason than they can dump all their awful contracts on the Nets, who have the most cap room possible, even with the Gerald Wallace signing. More specifics here:

  48. L.J.B#6 says:

    Hey Dwighty Howard,Some people are born for greatness and some are born at the wrong time. L.J.B and Miami have the east for next 4 years. And Dwighty Howardy am sorry K.D and OKC have the west . Chris Paul tryed and he got swept.

  49. DaBulls says:

    i say trade carlos boozer luol deng and cj watson…..for dwight glen davis and jameer nelson

    • Denzo says:

      Glenn Davis and Jameer cant play the defense that coach Tibbs likes to play. Davis isnt quick enough, and Jameer isnt big enough. To be fair it relies on team chemistry, the whole unit moving and contesting as a single unit – and those 2 would not fit. Gice us Turkoglu and Howard and take.. I love my Bulls I dont want to trade anybody! 🙂

  50. Abhishek says:

    Go to the LAKERS man…Kobe will take care of you very well with a ring in you’re hand as well

  51. jaycee says:

    go to lakers dude sure you have ring and more rings to come:)

  52. Damon says:

    i think it will happen…but if not…he can go:
    1. Celtics
    2. Grizzlies
    3. Sixers
    4. Mavs

  53. JustOMatic! says:

    Howard is the Bizarro Shaq! You know, like the dumb superman in the comics? Everything comes out backwards and the things he does are alittle dumb. I don’t think he’s really that good to begin with..At least Shaq had moves Offensively.. He should be traded somewhere where he can’t do a thing towards winning a ring. Sign him and trade him! Send him down to the Dleague even.. This stuff has got to stop with him, what ever happened to that church going boy that first came into the league?? He needs to be made an example of with this Lollipop garbage he’s doing….

  54. GD says:

    @Sean Sealy

    At first Chris Paul and Deron Williams at the same team? Seems there are not enough minutes for 2 elite pg which would take over 50% of the salary cap.

    You do also realise LAC would have to make a trade for Howard, so which package would you make for Howard which doesnt include CP nor Blake?

  55. Matchoman Sandwich says:

    Too bad Pampers doesn’t make diapers in Howard’s size, He would be the perfect spokesbaby for them!

  56. Qtrback says:

    Dwight, whats wrong with coming to Boston for 1 year to win that ring?

  57. ddddd says:

    Dwight Howard is theoretically an adult.. I say theoretically only because of his age, not his maturity. He opted in. The magic can do whatever the heck they want with his contract. If they want to trade him to Houston then go for it. If they want to trade him to the Lakers then go for it. The thing that stopped the trade to the lakers last year was the conversation with Kobe on how Dwight would make a great 3rd option behind him and Pau which ultimately eliminated the lakers from contention for his services beyond his contract. Dwight wants to be the man. However its not that simple.

    To say that he was blackmailed by the magic is horses—-. He knew the contract that he signed. Heck even Lebron waited until the offseason to leave, even if it was a very poorly orchestrated 1 hour espn special. I would like to think that these short sighted trade demands have to be a breach of contract in one way or another. No matter where he is traded to….. It is about getting the best trade value possible. Brooklyn doesn’t have any contracts at this point that could make even a number close to Dwight’s salary. Plus any contracts signed right now by Brooklyn would have to wait until midseason to be traded anyways according to the CBA. Mathematically impossible here bub! The magic are in control. Make the most of it and if you have to trade him to Timbuktu then so be it…. Let the bidding war begin.

  58. vincent says:

    Charles Barkley is right, basketball athlete should decide whether to stay or not don’t leave the team hanging.

  59. Sean Sealy says:

    I think Dwight Howard should be traded to the Los Angeles Clippers and team up with both Blake Griffin and Chris Paul because the Clippers already made some moves during the draft to clear some cap space so that way they can try to acquire not only D12 but D-Will as well and they have a more talented team than the Nets do now plus they added Lamar Odom to help that bench out and Blake is about to receive a 5 year contract extension so the fact is that Dwight Howard should go to the Clippers and by teaming up with Blake and CP3, they’ll dethrone the Lakers from the top of that Pacific Division and be the favorites to knock off OKC in the west.

    • Clippersfan4471 says:

      Sorry Sean but the Clippers don’t need, nor can afford D12. We’re struggling to fill out the roster as is and if we want CP3 to stay we need some money available next year. Griffin =$20m per, CP3 =$23m per. Let’s just develop BG and hope DJ spent his Summer hanging out with Hakeen down in Houston.

  60. Spiller says:

    Look I’m as annoyed as most of you but he actually did the magic a favour by signing the opt-in. Other teams will clear their roster and their draft picks for him. The ex-GM probably suggested that move. Maybe the new GM doesn’t want to adhere to the oral agreement, that’s why he’s calling “blackmail”.

  61. j29 says:

    send.. howard to OKC. traded to perkins and westbrook. then acquired steve nash.. for much better pg. position. 😀

    • Bball247 says:

      You’re on the right track, I wouldn’t trade westbrook though seeing as he’s so young and in top 5 of best PGs in the nba. I would give them perkins and harden seeing as they need to either get rid of harden or iblocka. I can imagine dwight and iblocka plugging up the paint, OKC would become “blOKC city” lol! Plus they would get a way better inside game and better rebound wise. Orlando wouldn’t really come up that short either seeing as they would get a big man who can rebound and is good offensively. I’m sure orlando would want iblocka and perkins, but thunder would be in the driver seat because they’d be offering a really good SG who is consistent and young, orlando needs that right now. They’re going to miss dwight’s 30-40pt games and they’ll need some offense from a player who can start and give up 20pt games with potential of giving you 30pt games.

      • Bball247 says:

        Excuse me, I meant to say perkins is good DEFENSIVELY*. Not offensively…

      • Clippersfan4471 says:

        Could be a good trade for both BUT…..Orlando isn’t giving up D12 for Perkins + Harden OR Ibaka. Perkins + Ibaka + Harden and then you might have a deal. And to be honest, they can’t afford to have Westbrook, Durant and Howard, so Westbrrok gets thrown in instead of Harden and OKC go searching for a starting PG. That sounds more realistic (in this crazy worls of NBA trades).

  62. willie says:

    poor sekou, he has no idea what barkley was saying… seek or sick? what’s the right word, sickou? hehe 🙂

  63. Sarai says:

    I used to like D12 and had so much respect for him, after all this free agency I don’t even want to hear about him. What a childish and immature person….MAGIC get rid of him ASAP, do your franchise a favor.

  64. el tinedor says:

    send him to Bobcats

  65. Alessio says:

    He is a moron, that’s all i can say.

    Orlando should have enough with him and his diva persona.

  66. chris says:

    send Dwight to the Celtics!!!!

  67. JJ says:

    Go to the Lakers Dude!!!!!!!!!!! you’ll have your ring their…………..

    • Lakersfan says:

      Am sorry but Kobe has said that he can careless about Howard, and he will be a distraction where ever team he goes, if things don’t go the way he spected, he is acting like a little kid that doesn’t get his candy throwing a tamtrum, he said that he will never be like Lebrom James when he was asking for a trade all the drama he caused in clevland, he is right he is doing it worse, we don’t need him in Lakers uniform, don’t take me wrong he is a very good player but he is much of a destruction.

  68. oldiegoldie388 says:

    Dwight Howard is very immature and indecisive. He needs to stop playing mind games with everyone and make up his mind. There’s no doubt that he wants to go and play with Deron Williams, but that doesn’t mean that they will be better
    than my favorite team the Heat. GO HEATTTT!!!!!!!

  69. dattebayo says:

    First he wants to be traded, then acts like nothing is wrong. Then he waits until the last possible moment to sign the extension and claims he did it out of love for Orlando. Then he goes to management to deliver an ultimatum and gets the gm and coach fired (well i agree with letting Otis go, he didn’t make any useful trades and a lot of bad ones). Somehow he can’t tough it out to play even though almost everybody else everywhere plays hurt (Pierce, Allen, Wade, Griffin, Bosh, Stoudemire, Turkoglu, Nelson, …), especially Turkoglu played with a broken face. And now, after the organization did everything he could have possibly asked for (fire coach and gm, build a new stadium, …) he claims to have been blackmailed to sign the extension and asked again to be traded? Seriously???

    There used to be a time, when the dominant Centers (Olajuwon, Ewing, Robinson, Russell, Chamberlain, Jabbar, O’Neal, Parish) were professionals with a love for basketball and a desire to win. Now we have Bynum and Howard, two of the biggest kids you have ever seen getting paid millions. The most you hear about Bynum is when he throws an elbow to unsuspecting players, getting himself thrown out of the game. The most you hear about Howard is where he will play and not how he plays…

  70. bo0diep0p says:

    Used to love Diwght Howard because of his Game and Attitude outside the court… kinda reminds me of a young Shaq… but this, right now, is downright foolish and childish…

  71. Mark. NYC says:

    Dwight Howard is sickening. You see how uncomfortable Stan is when Dwight arrives. Howard knows he doesnt want to stay, why are you messing with stans job? Immature idiot. Dragging everybody down with your free agency. If you didnt opt-in you would be a Net and Stan would be working. Starting to become a BIG LIAR

    • uoykcuf says:

      the worst thing is EVERYONE freaking one knows that Howard didn’t want to stay and YET they still fired SVG hoping that will pleased howard. Pretty pathetic! Worst thing is Howard insulted us by saying some loser excuses and expected us to believed that? You don’t like SVG so what? Say it like a man! You don’t want to stay in Orlando? Say it like Lebronze!(at least better than this one minute I am fine, the next I am not) You are 6-11, 260lbs, don’t act like a women! I am ranking this over “the decision” from now on.
      P.S. IF you go to the Nets/whatever team, make sure you order a better fit jersey.(lose the XS, skinny fit is not IT)

  72. Jay-Z says:

    our own big 3?

    PG – Deron Williams
    SG – Joe Johnson
    SF – Gerald Wallace
    PW – Kris Humphries
    C – Dwight Howard

    honestly speaking, that line-up DOES NOT look bad

    • BENNY B says:

      Make it happen, bro. That line up does look tight. Just wore a roca wear shirt last night…

    • JT says:

      would look good… exceot they cant afford it.

      • Hawks Fan says:

        They couldn’t get all of them back. Sources said to get Johnson they would have to give up Morrow, Farmar, Petro, and a sign and trade with one of the free agents. If they do that it takes away one of those forwards and doesn’t leave much talent or cap room to get Dwight and devon with.

    • thisguy says:

      With that line up they would be nba champions. But I highly doubt joe johnson will be coming to brooklyn any time soon and deron williams is still deciding between 2 teams so dont get your hopes up.

    • Bball247 says:

      It’s not bad if that were a possibillity, I mean I don’t know who the nets could deal in order to get howard. They’d probably want wallace, humphries and some other people. I’m just saying, you better think about what you’re going to give up to get him before making that lineup. But I agree, that lineup would make noise.

    • Jonathan says:

      Good they should make a team like that but I think Allen Iverson should have been there somewhere.

  73. W/E says:

    Brooklyn nets?!? they will have to trade half their team AND deron williams to get D12….and he will be even more frustrated there cause he will be playing for a bottom seed losing team with no hope for even taking the 8th place for a playoff appearance…good for the Magic,they had enough of him, its time to take care of D12 and make sure he gets what he deserves…

  74. frank says:

    I’m with Chuck too. No more soap opera please!

  75. lbj69 says:

    howard is retarted.

  76. underdog says:

    like lebron, if howard wins a championship, it would just mean nothing if he does that through forming superteams.. This ‘superstars’ not wanting competition and just teaming up is irritating.. Howard should just retire and return next season if he doesn’t want to play in any place other than brooklyn because he would just ruin the team chemistry of the team he would be sent to..

    • sreezysri says:

      Is there a rule in the NBA that says superstars cannot team up? Nope. Where was all the hate when the big three came together in Boston? Those guys were superstars, but no one said anything. Why? Because they were old? Personally, I don’t like Lebron for the whole Decision fiasco, but I think it is stupid to criticize him for joining a team that increased his chances of winning a championship. Lots of players have tried to do it, but it hasn’t worked out every time. Barkley couldn’t win the the ring when he joined Houston. Malone couldn’t win when he joined Los Angeles.

      If you want to talk outside of basketball, people started RIDING the Eagles bandwagon when the ‘dream team’ was formed. Where was the hate there? How about when Oswalt, Lee, and Halladay joined forces in Philly? Where was the hate? I feel like people just want an excuse to hate on Lebron, which is irritatiing. Also, just because a group of superstars doesn’t mean instant victory either, as we all saw last year when the Mavs killed the Heat. I am tired of ignorant fans blurting out stupid things. It makes us real NBA fans just look stupid.

      • G says:

        There is a big difference in teaming up, not making a lot of noise about it and just play hard and the way LBJ and the Heat did it!

      • skrutz says:


        It was an immature way to do it (the Decision and all that), but LeBron has clearly grown up a hell of a lot since last year. Last year they couldn’t quite walk the talk, but this year there was no talking, and all playing.

      • uh huh says:

        @G not making a lot of noise? you must have missed a certain hour-long special

      • Bball247 says:

        No, you’re wrong about that. It wasn’t that they formed a “super team” guy lol! They conspired(WAY ILLEGAL) which is what everyone is talking about. Not ONE of those teams did that, everyone knows about it except for few I guess. All of the nba teams were given a petition and had even just ONE team signed it it would’ve stopped the heat from having lebron and they would’ve been penalized heavily. Though no team signed it because this is a competitive sport, and everyone was up for the challenge. So expect to see more teams doing the samething, and they’re younger too with more depth. Their reign won’t last long, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is their only title. One big thing is because dwade is showing signs of knee problems which takes his entire arsenal away.

    • Alberto Levy says:

      I totally agree with you. From the biggest Bulls fan living in Miami.

    • uoykcuf says:

      maybe i ask which team that won a championship didn’t form a superstar team? And you list those runner up as well.

      • ev1398 says:

        mavs, 2006 heat,

      • Bball247 says:

        ev1398? LOTS of teams!! You can’t count draft picks buddy, sorry. For one, draft pick ranks don’t have a high percentage of working out. Bulls drafted pippen, and jordan, spurs drafted duncan and parker, etc.

      • uoykcuf says:

        ah, mavs eh? Didn’t they have terry? Marion? Chandler? D. Stevenson? Caron Butler? Sixth man of the year? Defensive player of the year?
        Ah, 2006 Heat. They don’t have Mourning? Payton? Shaq? Antoine Walker? Posey? Haslem? J. williams? PLEASE!
        I can do this all day.
        Championship teams needs more than one star, no matter is via trade, free agent, draft. It’s not the process it’s the outcome. The Heat won this year and nothing can take that away, same as they overacheived last year.

      • bball2016 says:

        how about the 2004 pistons? the only “superstar” you could even consider they had was ben wallace who was a defensive monster, and he averaged oh idk, 2 points a game?? LOL. they beat the superteam lakers of kobe/shaq/payton/malone by playing like a TEAM. that group for years never even had a player average over 20 a game…

      • uoykcuf says:

        Oh my, bball2016,
        As fun as seeing that piston team torn the laker’s ego apart, you have to admit they are all super star players.
        When you got DOY, because he average 2pts? He average 9 pts per game. Even if he average 2pts so he isn’t a superstar? Since when superstar only need to score? He leads the league in blocks and rebounds in the same year.
        The piston team score only 90.1 per game. Billups, Rip, Wallace and Prince average 17, 17, 14, 10.
        Mind you the 80’s piston squad that won 2 titles, Thomas and Dumars average 18, 17.
        Sounds like superstar to me.
        All day baby, all day.

  77. JR says:

    Wow. Let us all beware. You can be stupid, say stupid, and do stupid things… But when you are that same person and you make millions of dollars…you can appear to be very stupid, sound incredibly stupid, and always seem to operate in stupidity. Is it the media attention blowing things out of proportion? Or, is this guy really this aloof, misguided, delusional, unaccountable, and uncouth? Sometimes the attention that comes with money and popularity can inflate the bad things you do. And then sometimes you look bad all by yourself. Dwight’s mgmt. team is not helping him.


  79. Eric Wangar says:

    Howard should go to Miami Heat with Steve Nash, Kevin Garnett and Joe Johnson

    • Bball247 says:

      Lmaoooo! How old are you??? #1 They can’t even afford one of those players, let alone ALL of them. #2 If those guys created a team by THEMSELVES(supersonics) they’d win a championship. I’ve heard some comments dude, but…you take the cake dude hahahahaha. Man, I haven’t laughed that hard in a good minute. I guess I should thank you?

  80. hans1429 says:

    talk about tantrums.. worst unprofessional act in basketball history. sign an opt-in then try to void it. you one selfish dude dwight.

    • MackDaddy says:

      He signed because of his back issues. A back operation is pretty risky… and if he’s under contract for 1 more year at least that covers things a little bit if something goes wrong.

      He made the right decision to re-sign, but now that the operation went ok he definitely doesnt need the Magic anymore.

      He’ll be traded before the start of the season… because if the Magic stuff this up they’ll get nothing for him later on.

  81. natefilewood says:

    Oh….. and re-hire Van Gundy!

    • JDish says:


      But seriously, no way man. The Magic need a fresh start, new coach, new GM, rebuild smartly. Trade Dwight already and get the best return possible and move on from there. I don’t see anyway how Orlando can’t look at this and just cut their losses, and start climbing out of this hole of a circus. Start Making Smart Decisions!

  82. natefilewood says:

    What a punk! I used to love D12, but now he can do one! Does he seriously think he’ll win a championship in Brooklyn? Get lost you dropkick and get out of my beloved Magic…

  83. percy says:

    trade howard already . . .he won’t win a championship as long as the heat has their guys and the thunder has theirs . . .it’s a two team league for the next few years. . . howard is a 15 yr old immature kid . . .who cares about him by now . . .he’s the new lebron james . . .he’s gonna get booed wherever he goes . . .glad for lebron howard is making an a** of himself to take the attention off him

    • Bball247 says:

      Remember I said this, It won’t be for the next few years. Thunder? Yea? They’re like 21-25 year old players on an elite team, but heat? Nah, dwade is wearing out where his knees are going bad. I’ve seen this a hundred times, and his style of play will wear them out even more. Plus, too many teamsm in the east were balanced but just playing with each other in the playoffs and such for the first time. There too many teams with lots of depth that are young and hungry and have gotten some experience of the playoffs. I wouldn’t be surprised if miami gets it’s only championship with the 3…honestly.

    • CoachD says:

      2014, is the year where all three of them has the option to go to other teams. This is how we will all remember HEAT won the championship in a 66-game season.

  84. NBAfan says:

    wants to play for other team….. signs eto

  85. ohyeah says:

    i’m seek of hearing? don’t you mean SICK? :))