Report: Griffin Agrees To Extension With Clippers, Paul Plays Waiting Game

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The Los Angeles Clippers didn’t waste any time handling their business when the free agency floodgates opened at midnight.

They offered extensions to both of their All-Stars, Blake Griffin and Chris Paul, getting an agreement from Griffin on a five-year extension worth up $95 million while Paul declined to accept his three-year, $60 million offer, per The Los Angeles Times:

Griffin, who is locked up for the next six years, will earn $7.2 million next season.

Paul, who will earn $17.7 million next season, is in the last year of his contract. He is waiting to sign an extension after next season, which is a better financial decision, said a source close to the point guard.

Paul can sign a five-year, $108-million extension with the Clippers in July 2013.

Contracts can be agreed upon but cannot be signed until July 11.


  1. AJ Nair says:

    Clippers need a healthy Billups to get anywhere close to finals. Are Clippers planning to re-sign Billups? Odom might be a 11ppg 6rbs guy this season. Cannot expect anything more from Odom.

  2. wade says:

    hopefully with that much stars in the team they could co-exist…

    and blake griffin and chris paul’s salary will hurt them in the next 3-5 years
    because both are greedy enough not to leave some money on the table
    not like what the miami’s big 3 did…

  3. Pedro says:

    Clippers fans please chill.
    Odom will help but BG must become a better shooter and defender and a playoff player.
    His highlights wont get you wins in the postseason.

  4. Jose says:

    Lamar odom will definetly put the clippers on their way the conference finals. And possibly nba finals!

  5. jc james says:

    i agree and i know odom is gonna show out hes bacc in la watch out and im a true laker fan but man clippers are serious now

  6. QuestionMark says:

    Clippers have a chance at the WCF, if BG and CP3 don’t struggle like they did against the Spurs, maybe if Odom goes back to his sixth man game then Clippers will be pretty good.

    • Bball247 says:

      If odom comes back to his sixth man game, then the clippers are gonna be a PROBLEM. That’s a no doubter…

      • King_Gee says:

        Well odom should be getting back to that form. He’s got what he wanted, to be in l.a with his wife lol

  7. Don Felipe says:

    Make the Blake-face!

  8. dattebayo says:

    What is the world coming to, when Blake Griffin gets a better contract than Kevin Love?
    (that was my Jeff van Gundy runt of the day)

    Love owned him in every matchup and in addition is capable of hitting a gamewinner. Yet he only gets 15.5 million per year from the T-Wolves and BG would get 19 million a year. I hope Love will resign for the max after 3 years and he won’t have to use his player option for the 4th year…

    • armando says:

      signing nba contracts is not only bout how good are u on the court

      marketability plays a big part too

      sure Kevin Love did stuffs that helped the team

      but viewers prefer to watch someone like BG32 leap on every player he could

  9. chastonmediajournalism says:

    BG32 is not worth that much YET.

  10. Rich! says:

    man these guys make some money lol…. chris paul turning down a 20m a year salary to get a 21,6m a year salary (on avg)… just seems crazy 🙂
    Clipz need a allstar small forward and they championship worthy!! Be interesting to see what Odom can do playing his sf/pf role.

    • wadefan says:

      its not about the 1.6 extra a year.. its about getting a 5 year instead of a 3 year.. a 3 only get him though until he is 31.. when he is less likely to get another max deal.. a five year gets him to 33.. also the contracts are almost always back end weighted.. so the extra money he will get in the last two years of a five year contract will actually amount to a huge difference for him