Report: Blazers Offer Pacers’ All-Star Center Hibbert The Max?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The price tag for big men in the NBA, both the stars and the wanna be stars, is always high, just ask guys like the Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan or the Mavericks’ Brendan Haywood.

The price for big men in free agency, however, can get a little wild. For proof, look no further than the reported $8 million the Houston Rockets are offering restricted free agent backup center Omer Asik of Chicago or the reported max deal the Portland Trail Blazers have offered All-Star center Roy Hibbert of Indiana.

The Pacers have not offered Hibbert a max deal, according to‘s Sam Amick, a move that all but forces Hibbert to sign the Blazers’ offer sheet.

Drafting 7-footer Meyers Leonard didn’t answer all of the Blazers’ big man needs. Adding Hibbert to their mix would, theoretically, give them an ideal frontcourt pairing with LaMarcus Aldridge.

But like the Bulls with Asik, the Pacers have the right to match any offer to Hibbert.


  1. James Lee says:

    Houston is plain stupid to pay Asik that much. Morey is overrated.

  2. toygun says:

    8M for Asik is too much, Hibbert doesn’t deserve a max contract, he’s inconsistent play should be considered even if his an all-star last season

  3. Blazer fan says:

    If Asik comes to Portland I will NOT watch that cheater playing for Blazers!
    Start watching at 4:15

    Don’t know why that happened? Check out Asik’s free throw stats and it’ll be clear.
    Do not think he was cheating? Look at the reaction of the player on a bench with a yellow towel over shoulders.

  4. Jayjoe14 says:

    Great deal.

  5. Dilan says:

    I’m not a Blazers fan but Roy and LA frontcourt would be incredible. Hibbert is young and has so much potential!

  6. Sham Lewis says:

    Am I the only Bulls fan who’d rather have Kris Humphries than Carlos Boozer?

  7. pads says:

    is it possible for the bulls to re-hire Hinrich?

  8. Nowitzskii says:

    Lol.. Hibbert should choose pacers. Hibbert and West will be great if R.Hibbert improve.

  9. Bulls2012 says:

    Theres no way Hibbert is worth a max contract..I rather have Noah all day bz of his leadership, hustle, offensive rebounding, defense, and not afraid to take the ball up the court…If Noah master that 10 ft Jumper thatll be awesome and learn some post up moves….Hes a top 5 center in the league…PROVE ME WRONG!!!

    and for Asik..some people dont give credit to Asik he is a game changer big man. Hes prolly the best defensive center in the NBA and goes straight up every time a person drives the lane….PEOPLE THINK TWICE WHEN DRIVING IN THE LANE WITH ASIK ON THE FLOOR..The Turkish hammer please please please stay with the Bulls..Coach Thibs will give u the best chance on imporoving into a all around center…


  10. Joey says:

    Roy Hibbert and LaMarcus Aldridge now thats a great combo and with batum, Lillerd, and Mathews now thats a run for a tilte. All I see is Damian Lillerd throwing those dimes to the big men. BlazerFan4Life!!!!

  11. 6nba5 says:

    look i have nothing against what he is about to make, but he isn’t worth no max deal, he isn’t a game changer, he doesn’t command attention, he doesn’t even get double team, i mean thats a 100 million dollar bust, look at rashard lewis…… 100 mill for what, he has been on 3 different teams since. like i said nothing against what he is about to make, but is he truly worth 100 mill, big men are hard 2 come by but not at the cost of 100 mill

  12. deadmann1992 says:

    Roy hibbert is a legit all-star big man. he has a great skill set and improves every year. Stop hating on him because half of you don’t even know what you’re talking about. Great move from portland. They obviously want to get better and if they get hibbert, all they need is a good point guard.

  13. deadmann1992 says:

    I laugh at you fools who don’t think roy hibbert has game or the skillset as a big man. This was a smart move from portland. Portland would have a combination of two big man who can score in the post and not a lot of teams EVEN have one that can do that. Stop hating on Roy Hibbert. This guy has proven to be an all-star and probably will be a multiple all-star

  14. D Lion says:

    Signing Hibbert would be a good move for Portland. Then we have a good starting C, a backup prospect in Meyers Leonard, LaMarcus Aldridge starting PF, and hopefully JJ Hickson as reserve. Sounds like a pretty tough front court to me! Plus, We would need to have a good option at C if Batum is a T-Wolf next year : (


    July 1, 2012 at 2:45 pm

    If you thought Hibbert didn’t make a difference in the Heat series, you’re the exact fan the NBA loves. You can’t notice the refs helped Heat all the way through that Pacers and Thunder series either I bet.

  16. DREAM68 says:

    Like Victor Manoel said, when it comes to BIGS teams tend to make off the wall offers that are ridiculous and just over inflate the TRUE value of a REAL CENTER. Kwame Brown, crazy offer a few yrs ago.

  17. 6&3>35&0 says:

    Don’t know about the Rockets offering $8 million to Asik, But the Blazer’s offer to Hibbert was smart. It will make them better down low with Aldridge and Hibbert if he signs with them.

  18. gingers says:

    As a pacers fan i hope we keep hibbert. he can hit the outside shots and his post game is getting better. He is also the only size the pacers have they need to keep hibbert for sure if he goes elsewhere we just took a step back, even if we somehow end up getting brandon roy.

  19. brad says:

    If you thought Hibbert didn’t make a difference in the Heat series, you’re the exact fan the NBA loves. You can’t notice the refs helped Heat all the way through that Pacers and Thunder series either I bet.

    • Average Joe says:

      Not with this officiating conspiracy thing again. The Heat may have gotten some calls in their favor. So did any team in the playoffs. The Heat got some calls against them. Guess what, other teams did. You just noticed the “controversial” calls in favor of the Heat because that’s what you are looking for. There were bad calls in the postseason, yes, but you must understand that there is no conspiracy here. Just officials calling the game the way they see it.

  20. Kelly says:

    What NBA Centers are better than Hibbert? He is skilled as any and younger than them all. Howard and Bynum are the only ones that would rate ahead of him and yet in Portland matched with Aldridge they could be really good! I think all you Pacer fans are undervaluing him.

  21. G.J. says:

    REALLY? PACERS WERE ABLE TO COMPETE WITH HEAT WHEN HIBBERT WAS ON THE FLOOR? WHAT? LMAO… NO….REALLY… As much as I wanted the pacers to win, hibbert didnt do much but stand around. Hibbert was suppose to dominate. Being 7’4 250 plus, he was suppose to man the post, especially with bosh out. He was suppose to avg 25 and 15 nut failed miserably. He couldnt even defend Haslem. smh…this guy is overrated. I’d take Kris Humphries over him. You’ll get a double double nighly. Hibbert is soft!

  22. Osama says:

    As a Spurs fan I hope Hibbert joins us. I know Timmy D has mentored him so maybe that can be an incentive. Plus with Pop’s coaching, Hibbert can truly become a great. But I wonder how much the Spurs can offer him? I know Tim will take a pay cut this season but will there be enough to get Hibbert? I sure hope so!

  23. JJ says:

    This is NOT about how much Hibbert is worth. This is about how much the Blazers think are willing to spend to make the team better. If they think they can spend a max contract to have a long term C, it’s worth it. Remember, Pacers were able to compete with the Heat when Hibbert was on the floor… He’s a diffference maker, for sure!
    Blazers are also after a PG and they need to sign Batum, so this is not over after getting Hibbert (who I love!). This just gets more and more interesting.

  24. Sajjad says:

    I think the blazers are trying to sabotage the pacers cap setuation so they can have a run at Paul George next season they know the pacers will match any offer for Hibbert

  25. Victor Manoel says:

    @ LordP

    Man, don’t you remember last year, when Kwame Brown got a 7 million contract from the Golden State Warriors? People go crazy about big men and frequently overpay for them…

    • LordP says:

      Yeah that’s a shame..i’d rather play with Karl Landry at 5 instead of Hibbert even if Landry isn’t a center..

  26. willie says:

    hibbert and asik aren’t worth their offers …yet… but if they improve, at least as good as bynum or marc gasol, then maybe the max will be worth it

  27. Lofton says:

    I really hope that the Pacers and Roy understand that the blazers are not going to be any closer then the Pacers to winning a championship. They don’t have the depth or the cap space to give them a long term chance. If he stays and they add Eric Gordon. They could be a great team for 5 to 6 years into the future. Porland will not be set up that well. They will once again overpay for a big man and be disappointed. Love ya Roy but I don’t think your staying.

    Pacer Fan!!!

    • Peter says:

      Hope Portland steals Hibbert from the Pacers…will be karma for them stealing David West from Boston last year.

  28. yellowman says:

    hibbert haria una pareja temible con lamarcus, m encantaria este fichaje para los blazers .luego iria a x un escolta-alero en los agentes libres que queden

  29. LordP says:

    Guys that’s a joke..max offer for hibbert and 8 milion deal for Asik….lol i can’t believe that something like that come out from a GM…i agree with MJ

    • Peter says:

      Hibbert is a 7’2″ All-Star center that’s barely in his mid 20’s who produces on both ends of the floor. Why is anybody surprised he got offered a max contact?

      The guy has potential to become the best center of this generation in a couple of years.

      • Peter says:

        I do agree on Asik though..that is a joke.

        I don’t think I’d pay more then $2M bi-anual exception for him, and even that’s pushing it. When I heard Boston were looking at Asik it scared the hell out of me – all the guy’s good at is low post defense, and Fab Melo can give Boston that on a $1M rookie contract.

        8 million though? Are you kidding?

      • Average Joe says:

        Asik has the potential to become a solid center in the NBA. If you play basketball, even just in the summer leagues, you will realize that teams with true centers usually dominate teams who don’t. In the NBA level, this is taken to extremes since there is a scarcity of true centers, the seven-footers. And you do realize that a true center can impact a game just with his presence on the floor. So yeah, I agree with the Rockets trying to get Asik for $8 mil. They have some of the best big man coaches who can teach Asik the ropes of the NBA middle (Hakeem and McHale). Don’t be blinded by the price tag. Houston is known for having an eye for talent and I hope they land Asik

  30. Eduardo says:

    I’m a huge Bulls fan, I want the Bulls resign Asik for a modest amount and package him off with Boozer. If you look at a team like Houston; if we traded Asik and Boozer and get Scola and Kevin Martin in return, I think that is a win-win situation. You have to keep in mind even though Asik is a good Defender, he will never be a starting center; and as for Boozer, need I say more.

  31. matt says:

    Not the Turkish Hammer!

  32. Nosleeptillbrooklyn says:

    What if they are looking to offer a deal to Brook Lopez, which they know the Nets won’t match, but which would still be well below the max deal Portland have offered Hibbert !

  33. Mike says:

    “Meyers Leonard” not Myles.

  34. Brian says:

    I am sorry but that’s stupid!!! Why offer Asik that much??? I’m a Bulls fan and have been since the 80s and I hope the Bulls let him walk. He ain’t worth it. Save that type of hurdle for Gibson, a player who has shown more as a potential starter. Asik, I enjoyed your stay though not long but we bid you farewell.

    • Average Joe says:

      You do realize that the demand for big men (centers, not PFs like Taj) is enormous. Even if their potential to become a great player isn’t that good, they are nevertheless the anchor for every defense. They can potentially be the focus of a team’s offense as well, if they have any semblance of a post offense. This is especially true for seven-footers or those approaching seven feet in height. Though centers are generally the most difficult position to develop, they can dominate a game just with their presence. I love Gibson, don’t get me wrong. His energy and hard-nosed defense will make him a favorite of all coaches but I’ll take Asik over Taj any day.