O Canada! Toronto Raptors Raise The Stakes For Nash, Offer 3-year Deal

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — If you thought three years and $34 million was too much for the Boston Celtics to offer Kevin Garnett at 36, you’re going to cringe at what the Toronto Raptors are reportedly offering Steve Nash, 38, to return home to his native Canada to continue his career.

But if you feel the way we do about both of these NBA elder statesmen, the three years and $36 million the Raptors put on the table to Nash, per ESPN.com‘s Marc Stein, is right on the money for a player that could make the Raptors a factor in the Eastern Conference playoff chase as well as revive a franchise.

The Raptors are just one of several teams believed to be in the running for Nash, who is also being courted in free agency by the Suns, Mavericks and Nets. But they are the only one of the four capable of offering the two-time MVP the chance to come home and put more than just his face on Canadian basketball for generations of fans both old and young.

Nash playing for the home team would cause havoc, the good kind, for the Raptors. He would also be reunited with Raptors boss Bryan Colangelo, who as an executive in Phoenix years ago acquired Nash in free agency and set him on the path to those two MVPs.

But there is work to be done if the Raptors want to make this hoop dream a reality:

It has been widely anticipated that Phoenix would offer him a new two-year deal worth at least $20 million, but it remains to be seen how far Suns owner Robert Sarver will go when the bids start coming in.

The Arizona Republic reported Friday night that the Suns “do not appear willing to meet (Nash’s) wish for a three-year deal” and Suns officials are already fighting the perception that they selected North Carolina point guard Kendall Marshall with the 13th pick in Thursday night’s draft as the first step in dealing with Nash’s eventual departure.

Nash earned nearly $12 million last season and averaged 12.5 points and 10.7 assists for a team that, with no 20-point scorer, nearly snagged the last playoff spot in the West.

Nash was born in South Africa but is a Canadian citizen and was even hired in May as general manager of the Canadian men’s basketball team.

This process will take better shape Monday, after Deron Williams meets with the Mavericks and Nets. If he makes an immediate decision about his future it should clear things up considerably for Nash, who has not set a timetable for finalizing his future plans.


  1. sean from ny says:

    i think nash should not go to miami, yes the goal is to win a championship but whats the point of winning if you didnt have to work hard for it, whats the point if you just join forces with 3 other great players…..i think the best choices are new york or dallas, with new york being the best…..every1 complains about melo being a ball hog but that problem becomes fixed if you have a proper PG, as we saw eariler this year with lin in the line up, and he gets to play with his old buddy amare in a big city market of new york……if you wanna leave behind a legacy in the nba go to ny or dallas if you wanna become hated in the last couple of seasons in the nba, than pull a lebron, go to south beach and be hated for the next couple of seasons where ever you play

  2. Zach Gillette says:

    I don’t think Nash should go to the Heat because the Heat aren’t going to win another championship.

  3. Brandan says:

    I love stevie nash, he is such a talent at this age, i hope he chooses Miami, not because they need anymore talent, but because i want him to win a ring, it may not be a perfect fit, but i think it would be more beneficial to them if they could have lebron get off the pointgaurd spot and play a 3/4. i absolutely love Steve i just hope he chooses a team with potential to win a ring, he has had the most fulfilling career possible he just needs a !!!!~~RING~~!!!!

  4. Ben H. says:

    If Nash goes to the Raptors, they will need to bring in another talent. They will also need a little more bench depth. That being said, they would do really well. If some of these players on the Raptors were on better teams, they wouldn’t be discounted so much…at least that’s my opinion. Take it or leave it, right?

  5. Steve says:

    What I observe is somehow almost every center or power forward who plays with Nash looks so good/ much better in the game (eg. Marcin Gortat)

  6. MartMoney says:

    Nash to Atlanta!

  7. Braidis Evergreen Slator says:

    He won’t be in Toronto long. He is 38 years old. Hope they don’t trade a lot of good young players for him.

  8. Travis says:

    The Raptors have signed old guys before Hakeem Olajuwon, Charles Oakley, Dell Curry, Jalen Rose and you know what happens when they get here they get injured and then they sit out for most of the season taking up cap space. Dwane Casey is a defensive minded coach and Steve Nash is not a defensive minded player. Steve Nash is 38 I doubt he’s going to start playing defensive now and even if he does start playing defense expect him to get injured $35 million dollars down the drain. The Raptors should wait for him to retire and then throw him into the corporate office the same way Indiana did Larry Bird. Every time the Raptors start making the right moves they make a dumb one let Nash do what all the Geezers do – Go to a team that can help him win a championship.

    By the way Steve Nash just like Charles Barkley is a great player not known for his defensive that’s why Cuban got rid of him Defense wins Championships period! Vince Carter left the Raptors for this exact reason, Bosh left for this exact reason, Lebron James left Cleveland for this exact reason. Stop wasting money signing geezers 82 games is a long time good players all know they have until their 33 years old before it’s a wrap if Bryan Colangelo signs Nash good chance he’ll be fired when Nash’s contract expires!

  9. DeanSmith says:

    Nash, at 38, is being offered 3 years. With his injuries and mileage, he has max, 1 decent year. Raps will be left to pay the difference, further jeopardizing the future of this team. It’s definitely nice, and a marketing ploy to sell more tickets and jerseys, but long-term – doesn’t make sense for this young club. There needs to be some cap room left to sign longer-term FA. Short-term, looks like gravy – this team needs a superstar to lead. Nash’s time has past. Let’s hope BC can draft like OKC did. Raps need to make the playoffs this year – with or without Nash. BC’s get out of jail cards are running low.

  10. AWALRAPS says:

    if we can get Nsah a championship is reaching to Toronto…Barn Jonas Nash DD Ross… SPURS ROOKIE SHOWED THE WORLD ONE YEAR MEANS NOTHING IF YOU CAN PLAY BALL

  11. Evan says:

    great smart move for brian colangelo with steve running the point and then having jonas and andrea down low is a nice way to start next year. hopefully steve will accept the offer

  12. james francis ryan says:

    even if steve nash doesn’t win a championship he’s still a good player. many “greats” did not win a ring, it’s the dedication and hardwork that you put into your game that will be remembered. (some players won a championship just by sitting on the bench) peace out!

  13. Andrew says:

    Just as someone else mentioned, Nash is a family man. However, more than anything, he loves being with his daughters most. (I know this because I know a personal friend of his.) Where do they live? Oh, look at that, the same city that is celebrating this year’s Championship. I think those will be two HUGE deciding factors for him, should he come to choose the Heat.

  14. Sam says:

    Nash go to Miami, great organisation, everyone is willing to sacrifice pay checks, minutes, numbers just to win. Don’t be like Stockton he doesn’t get the respect he deserves because he doesn’t have a ring. As messed up as I think that is needing a ring for validation is just how it is, don’t worry about Toronto for now if you still have some in the tank after you win a championship go play for them and even if you retire I know your the type of guy to back their and help that organisation.

    Good luck.

  15. lakerfan says:

    Except subject

    Lakers should try to trade World Peace : threre is two possibilities:
    MWP + Steve Blake for Tyshaun Prince and W.Bynum
    MWP + S. Blake + Mc Bob for Iguodala

    Come on Mitch!! !

  16. retio brown says:


    Nash wants a TITLE, not to babysit a team searching for a leader. Don’t get me wrong, It would be amazing to see Nash in Toronto, however its almost like a slap in the face.

    Nash signing scenerios

    1. Dallas – J-Kidd can’t play full games anymore so having a one two punch with Nash would be a killer combo.
    2. New York – Lin needs a foot coach to help him cut down on turnovers and tripping over his own feet and Nash (Soccer Background) can guide him. Also him and Amare have some unfinished business from when they were team mates in Phoenix. Let just say The Knicks would lead the league in pick and roll conversions. (Nash to Amare/Chandler all day!!)
    3. Toronto – Won’t Happen (Even though it would be amazing for the city of Toronto)
    4. Lakers – After losing Fisher the Lakers lost some real leadership and toughness. Sessions isn’t mature enough to compete with Chris Paul if these teams end up playing in the Western playoffs, however Nash could help the Lakers become a running team again, something they lacked in the OKC series.
    5. Phoenix – Re-Sign with the Suns and live in quiet desperation.
    6. Chicago – ????????

  17. gerald29 says:

    steve nash the most love player in the nba

  18. Bob says:

    Nash has literally said he wants to get tht championship more than anything..and the raptors wouldn’t do tht for him….he shug go to the Knicks heat or the bulls…..he cud go to the bulls for a year and start while rose is out……and then wen rose comes back, you could hav the best backcourt……..but tht could only b for a year

  19. irfan says:

    If he wants to be in hall of fame for sure, better win a ring and come to the HEAT to be sure 99 % ; this is really ridiculous who wants to play in toronto, man even if he goes there the toronto will be 7th or 8th at best;

  20. ocanada says:

    welcome home nash n for ppl saying come to new york hahahaha lakers and miami hav the best chance including brooklyn if they get howard to win a championship with nash okc ye rite as well i dont want to c nash play his final yrs as a bak up to westbrook im not saying toronto will win a championship nxt yr if we sign nash but to be honest we will b a playoff team also canada needs this more than u guys wanting a ring, him coming to canada would b special to canadians giving hope to rap fans that anything is possible n if there are any teams that need this it would b toronto

  21. Spooky13 says:

    Imagine Nash at the Heat. That’d be an unbeatable line-up and it’d be hard to bet against them for another championship. get a ring first Nash, then go to Toronto in a few years if they’ll still have you.

  22. Jeane says:

    If the

    suns are smart hey will hire
    steve for the three years
    as a player teacher and manager. If he is not able to play the whole games he could not be replaced as a team man. I am afraid the Suns are headed in the wrong direction and Steve could bring them back and keep them a great Suns team again. He could finaly win a ring in that position.

  23. badman says:

    Even if he doesn’t win a ring as a player, he still has a chance at getting into management and winning there. This one is all up to him.

  24. Sensi says:

    nash already said he wants to retire in canada, with the addition of nash the raps will attract bigger names

  25. IC says:

    This is terrible decision by the Raptors. With so much money to throw around, why oh why on Earth would they spend such an astronomical fee on a 38 year old? I understand the Canada connection and the fact that he is still a pretty solid player who average a double double. But he is far from being the type of marquis player the Raptors need to change the direction of their franchise. They are resorting again to the same old tired formula of picking up veterans who are past their prime: Hakeem Olajuwon anyone? It’s almost as if they are scared to try to bring in some heavy talent. If you have a small market mentality, you will have small market results at the end of the season, i.e. you will end up nowhere near a championship. We need a big name in Toronto. Start making some serious moves Colangelo. With that kind of money, you can do a lot better. I know he’s Canadian, but that’s no reason to splurge on a player whose players is only going to get worse each season because of his age.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Nash can still average 20 and 10 while shooting 50% from the field and 40% from the 3pt line, so Raptors going for him is a good decision, plus he can teach the Raptors backup PG a thing or two.

  26. zer0toher0 says:

    Do you guys think that joining other superstars to get a ring is good for your so called player legacy? Thats really foolish in my opinion. Superstars that join forces just to win a championship is a disgrace to basketball and to all sports…

  27. BellyNelly says:

    Nash should join the Raptors with Baragnani and they should sign Jeremy Lin!

  28. zer0toher0 says:

    “THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME” welcome back to Canada Steve Nash!

  29. KG21 says:

    Steve will be a better fit to OKC. that’s it.

  30. Carl Angelo says:

    oh my GOD it’s a Big Deal!
    STeve Nash is my Favorite Player and the SUNS!
    so if he Goes to Toronto Canada.it’s ok for me…..
    i think tis better be Good for Him to Play for his own Country.

  31. Fefe (Nets) says:

    VALANCIUNAS (sorry)

  32. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Whatever happens, don’t forget that JONAS VALENCIUNAS is coming. I think he can be the real deal if not next season as a rookie, then the other as a sophomore. If Nash comes, the Raptors will be a legit Eastern Conference team. Bargnani could finally play at PF. With DeMar DeRozan & Terrence Ross, the team will be nice.

  33. Westbrook says:

    If Nash wants a ring..The Lakers is the best team to be with…Cmon Nash come to the lakers!!!

  34. Ginebra says:

    Hell! if steve nash wants money for the rest to live Go home to T Raps and expect no ring coming, if he wants to be considered and remembered as champ go to Miami,Lakers,Boston,Spurs,New York,Chicago except Dallas coz their corny and honestly they have no impact even tho theyvd won a championship in Nba world is like Oh theyv won a ring and besides he has been there and nothing happen and miami if you cant have nash go for chris paul and ray allen instead.

  35. mmja says:

    wherever you will go im still your big fan.. hope you win your 1st ring

  36. shisuxc says:

    where ever you go nash we will always support you! you’re my all time favorite player

  37. The Oracle says:

    I hope you guys realize that he would never play for the Raptors. They have no chance of winning a championship in the next three years. He is probably going to end up in New York (His favorite city and where he stays in the summer) with Amare or back in Dallas where he can be reunited with Dirk.

  38. Nick says:

    I think that Nash should reunite himself with Amare and take the Knicks’ point guard problems away. The Knicks are a loaded team that just needs a ball handler and a wise decision maker. Steve would certainly get a ring or two with the Knicks. (no doubt)

  39. skullz says:

    I recon Nash is one of those Rare players who play for the *Love of the game* not for Money or Championship team.

    With Raptors offering $36 Mill … I don’t think Nash will sign up for that but at age 36 who really knows?

    None of us know only Nash knows where he is going, if he even knows himself?

    Congrats Nash I love ya like most of us do:) Best pointguard in NBA ever

  40. Scott Gud says:

    I love bascket ball and am a good learner but i luck the access 2 do so, can u pliz help me? Find me on facebook. ‘Scott Gud’, is the profile name. Thanx;

  41. ram says:

    Eventhough Raptors signs Nash, they cant win championship nor even go to Finals cause their other players are weak … wrong move by Steve … anyway Goodluck Raptors this season.

  42. HEat26 says:

    Nash has given Phoenix everything he could. He doesn’t owe them anything. Afterall it was the Suns who started talking about trading him because he was old, so they showed disrespect first. I would love to see him win a ring, and if thats what he wants, the BEST place would be with the Heat. Lebron would have to become the Lebron from Cleveland (The Scorer, Durant would stand no chance in this scenario) and Wade could continue being Wade. Bosh would benefit greatly from this as well. HOWEVER, Miami doesn’t have the money (unless Nash signed for a very low deal.) And as much as I hate to say it, I don’t see Nash going to a team like Miami, just because of all the drama that has been developed there from all the Lebron haters.

    Aside from Miami, in pursuit of a ring, I don’t see any other team that would make sense for a ring. He won’t sign in the Western Conference, and there is no contender in the East that need his services. Boston and Chicago are the only teams that can compete with Miami, and they don’t need Nash.

    SO if he wants a ring, Miami it is. NY, Indiana, Orlando? Waste of time, they will make the Playoffs but thats it.

    If he’s content with not winning a ring, or really doesn’t want to play in Miami, Toronto is the way to go.

    For all the feel good stuff that comes with him coming back to Canada and reviving that team.

    In all honesty, there is no wrong move for Nash to make here. He has earned the respect he’s got, and noone in the league right now deserves to go after what he wants more than him.

  43. HEAT is no fluke says:

    Oh and btw the HEAT don’t want Nash and aren’t even romotely interested in aquiring him. No knock to Nash he is a fantastic point man but all he would do is mess with the teams chemistry , a team that came off a title year doesnt need to reinvent themselves or have a completly new system. Now Ray Allen, thats a much higher probablity for them. The greastest shooter in basketball doing what he does best, spotting up for three’s. Funny thing is if Ray Ray really wants to come to Miami he will have much easier than he does in Boston. He wouldnt even have to run routes much, just hang out in the corner and LeBron or Wade got you. Good luck to Nash wherever he goes but we don’t want him down here.

  44. Bob says:

    If he joins Toronto, the team will surely step up: him, Bargnani, DeRozan and Valanciunas…. they might even pull for a 8th place considering the average level of the eastern conference.

  45. nashty says:

    to LAKERS!!!

  46. Jonny says:

    Hopefully he stays in phoenix and retires a loyal player just like every organization used to have, instead of being a quitter and joining a winning team and becomming a Vince carter…lmao. The suns are a sg/pf away from serious contention, especially with that amazing bench of theirs.

  47. Michael D says:

    Nash would never win a ring in Toronto. Not sure what he’s searching for. If it’s financial security, Toronto sounds like the best bet. If he wants a ring, New York or Miami will give the best opportunities..

  48. Dfern25 says:

    Alright lets get one thing straight about Nash, he himself has come out and stated that he is old school like KG. He will not join a rival team or hell any team from the west for that matter. He has said himself he doesnt like the lakers for obv reasons and would never sign a deal. He said that he rather beat them than play with them. IF you think for a second that nash would go join a team with Wade and bron on it you have another thing coming hes a better person than that. He may not win a ring but he will at least go out on a high and no one will ever have to say “well he had to leave his team and join a competitor to win” people forget just how competitive this league used to be. What happened to the good old days when players used to show loyalty to their teams? granted players did get traded here and there but what Lebron and wade have done would never have been done in the 80s or 90s. Nash is like that, i can see him going to Toronto he would leave a leagacy that may make Canada look at basketball in a different way all together with his arrivial. That would also help the national team thats showing signs of producing talent of the last few years.

  49. phamie says:

    Nash it’s up to you, wherever you go, your fans will follow and I’m one of them.
    And I love to see you in a PHX uniform nxt season.

  50. dimirije says:

    If Deron doesn’t go to Dallas I think that Nash should.

  51. dimirije says:

    If Williams doesn’t go to Mavericks I think that Nash should sign with them.

  52. armin halvadzic says:

    To me,Nash to Raptors makes no sence. Yes,it’s kinda cool because he would he playing for his home team but at 36 I don’t know what’s the point of playing if you know that you’re not gonna get the ring. I say Miami,Dallas,Lakers or Miami.

  53. lance says:

    nash to okc is the best

  54. shut up says:

    who cares what yall “want for nash” . just cos you post a comment isnt going to weigh in on his decision. ring or no ring, this man is the second best pointguard to ever play the game

  55. NosTRADEamus says:

    I must admit that Nash won’t make Raptors a championship-caliber team.
    But the upside of this is that, Nash would retire at home, however far it may go..
    best of luck to Nash, you might not get a ring, but you’ll still be among the ranks of Pistol Pete and Jerry West 🙂

  56. justcallmeKD says:

    Iverson + Nash to Miami.

  57. Douggie says:

    I find it sad that the NBA has gotten to the point where all that matters to fans is that star players join an already great team to win themselves an NBA championship. Especially in the case of Steve Nash. He’s accomplished a lot in his career and he’s given the NBA great memories, he’s one of the few players in the NBA that can be recognized as an elite player without putting up 15+ shots a game. He truly makes teams better, and the league better. I can’t think of one time where he’s been in trouble or done anything wrong, the guy deserves to be happy and coming from a neutral side I think he can achieve that by playing in Toronto. Championships are great to have, obviously. But Nash has just recently become the head of Basketball Canada and I think he knows the best way to help get the program rolling is by getting young Canadians interested in basketball instead of hockey, he has a chance to revive a franchise and a fan-base that hasn’t had anything to cheer about since the “Vinsanity” era. With their young talent and new head coach who’s brought over a tough defensive winning culture, I think Nash has the chance to do both basketball in Canada, and ultimately the NBA a great service. We gotta start thinking together people, we all wanna see the NBA thrive but the way it is today with really there only being 3 or 4 teams that seriously have a chance to win a title, is pointless. Nash going to Miami isn’t a smart move!

  58. Charles Barkley says:

    Raptors are a pathetic, weak, soft, waste of space.

    Nash, do not join the Raptors, they won’t change. Play for a winning team.

  59. nick says:

    nash do whatever your heart tells you to do! no matter what im always going to be a suns fan and Nash fan!

  60. Karlos of T.O. says:

    The Toronto situation is more ideal for Nash than it may seem at first glance:

    1) Canada factor: Legacy defined not just by rings but by giving back to his homeland and helping a long-struggling franchise return to playoff form, helping their prospect Andrea Bargnani into the Dirk Nowitzki esque talent he has the potential to be (and has shown signs) and may be with Nash leading the charge — so why go to an aging Dirk in Dallas? (I know, friendship. fair enough but he is also reuniting with GM Bryan Colangelo in Toronto, who will listen to every idea or grievance that Nash has no doubt) + Team Canada has close ties to Nash (who now looks after it) and Toronto is the headquarters, so he can have both careers simultaneously, be all basketball all the time except (see #2)…

    2) The Toronto International Film Festival is arguably the world’s most important and takes places every fall in T.O. Nash, many may not know, has said before he would like to become a film producer after his NBA career is over. Toronto has also offered Nash some extra cash for his possible investments.

    3) Retirement never looked so easy, breezy when you’re making 36 mil over the next three years and, in the meantime, Nash is already a rockstar in a Toronto that will worship his presence. The basketball love and environment would be huge with him in town and the money was also a sign of respect that other teams are not showing the two-time M.V.P.

    4) No win-or-bust pressure — as there will be with Miami with their expectations, or New York with its shaky roster, as well as a shadow of a Dallas team that has many roster holes right now, or a Brooklyn team that isn’t really interested in Nash so much as just creating hype in a new city. In Toronto, where the rebuilding project has been going on carefully for years, the one hope of a push for the playoffs is entirely possible with Nash in TOwn and is something a competitor like Nash would like anyway — a reasonably measured, competitive pressure. Nash can really just focus on playing and whatever other extracurriculars he has happening.

    Steve, sign it sir! Raps is a solid deal and a final good guy gesture and even if Toronto isn’t your first home (Canada is sweeping), this has got to be the most feel good way for you to go along the path to becoming an NBA dinosaur.

  61. mikey says:

    all you guys saying nash to the heat are complete NOOBS
    nash needs the ball to be good and james/wade will have it 90% of the time. get real.
    nash should help the knicks. d12 is a crybaby

  62. Shakil Mirza says:

    Just a quick question, how much is toronto’s budget…if we do spend 12 mill a a year for nash, do we got $$$ for other Free agents

  63. ram says:

    If Raptors can get nash it still wont be enough to make them a good team they wont even make the playoffs unless they add a serious sf and a conventional big man unlike bargnani.. nicholas batum would be a huge step up from james johnson at sf and for big men, they should trade calderon and another player or whatever required to obtain big men that teams are looking to trade possibly luis scola, chris kaman? maybe even josh smith as he has asked to be traded although it seems unlikely hell want to go to to the raps or that they can offer enough for him.

    • jkid says:

      dont need big men… all we need is PG and that is why they are going for nash! we have Jonas at C and Barg will play his true position a PF

  64. Word bond says:

    Nash should give KOBE MAMBA BRYANT HIS 2 MVP awards back to LA LAKERS ! He’s a buster who got lucky on P.C. Raptors will never win anyway. Laker Nation don’t want no ” make ur teammates better player WHO NEVER WON anything !

  65. Word bond says:

    Nash should give KOBE MAMBA BRYANT HIS 2 MVP awards back to LA LAKERS ! He’s a buster who got lucky on P.C. Raptors will never win anyway. Laker Nation don’t want no ” make ur teammates better player WHO NEVER WON anything ! Nash will stay in phx and get his butt kicked by both LA TEAMS AGAIN

  66. Raps says:

    I like Miami but they aren’t even in play for Nash right now! They are going after Ray Allen… so give the ‘Go To Miami’ talk a rest!

    As for the other teams in pursuit of Nash – NJ, Dallas, or Phoenix, they will be as much contenders as the Raptors (with Nash)… Joining the Raptors will be the perfect ending to Nash’s career.. I would love to see that… Plus, if he comes here, he will be adored like no other athlete (besides Gretzky) in Canadian history.

    Plus the Raptors will definitely have a decent team with Nash (4-5 seed in EC) –

    C – Jonas Valanciunas
    PF – Andrea Bargnani
    SF – Demar DeRozen
    SG – Terrence Ross
    PG – Steve Nash

    Bench –
    Linas Kleiza
    Jerryd Bayless
    Amir Johnson
    Sonny Weems
    Ed Davis
    James Jones

    Hope they can make some noise next season..

  67. RPG says:

    Sarver will once again let another franchise type player walk away because he refuses to open his check book.

    Robert Sarver is the worst NBA owner and the worst thing to happen to the Phoenix Suns since Jerry Colangelo left.

  68. jc james says:

    nash join the lakers we can trade blake and sessions can come off the bench and he would learn so much from u help kobe get number 6 while getting your first plus u can be a big part of the team unlike in miami

  69. ss says:

    Nooooooo Nash needs to win a champion. He isn’t at the stage of his career where he helps a team enter the playoffs! Toronto would be the worst team for him to go to, and I bet money isn’t a huge factory in his decision making process so hopefully he won’t go to Toronto. Go to the HEAT Nash. And become a champion.

  70. Jayjoe14 says:

    For the Toronto/Canadian fans that would be nice but for Steve Nash it wouldn’t be nice if he goes to the Raptors. He is still chasing for a ring. Those typical homecoming happens to players who already have won a ring/rings just like Shaq returning to Cleveland. I really do believe that Nash would take his talents to South Beach. He doesn’t need money anymore.

  71. Klynester says:

    If Nash goes to Orlando I think it makes sense…with that move most probably Dwight will stay and then they can become a contender for a championship with the right chips on hand they can also make it to the top of the mountain! just sayin’ but if he wants a contender go to the Spurs!!!! (hehehe spurs fan here!!! )

  72. Money says:

    im canadian, and i hate the raptors. they are a disgrace. nash to heat or knicks!

    • Brando says:

      You say your Canadian but I bet your not from anywhere near Toronto… The rest of Canada hates on Toronto for the amount of pro franchise’s we have. Well guess what, were the only city who can sustain them all… Just like the Heat… LET THEM HATE!…

      We are Canada’s team and bringing Nash home would be a lift for the country and not just the city… Have you ever heard the ovation he gets when he comes to play in Toronto?… Imagine that at every SOLD OUT home game of the season…

  73. DWADE says:

    nash needs a ring and will get a ring in miami if he chooses to go there!

  74. Imparcial says:

    Nash isnt signing with miami cause there is no money for him there and also bron and wade will demand the ball
    Nash isnt going to NY cause he knows melo and all knicks drama out of the court

    Better options for him are signing 3 years minimun 36million in Toronto, Nets or Dallas
    Once he arrives good free agents shall follow and a good team should be built

    It is better for winner when you play as underdogs and win rather than be the tale of the lion
    Nash is a winner

    • LJFanForLife says:

      He doesn’t care bout money.
      And Lebron and Wade would not demand the ball from a veteran such as Nash.
      They would trust him and his experience as one of the greats of all time.
      P.S. Lebron is a huge playmaker not just a scorer. He would set Nash up perfect for big plays everytime

  75. If you a Nash Fan says:

    He needs a ring Go to Miami boston Okc Lakers or a caliber team

    • TKNPIMP says:

      he is a laker rival, but could sign with kobe and co. okc and boston are out. options are: miami, ny, dallas,

  76. dfrg says:

    that would be a ????????????????????? move

  77. Realist says:

    Honestly if you think nash is going to a franchise for money you got no idea. He’s either going for one of two reasons:
    1) to leave a legacy behind in the most positive light
    2) to be in the history books as a NBA champion

    If he is smart he will forget the money and play vet wage and be an integral part of miamis makeup and claim one. He might become hated by some but at least he can say he earned it and actually helped. He would be wasted anywhere else as far as seeking the ring. It’s a touching love story if he goes back to canada and plays out his remaining years, but why not just stay put in pheonix if you’re not after the ring? My 2 cents anyway.

    • wow... says:

      becuz hes canadian 😐 pretty sure u would love to play ur last yrs in ur country as well

  78. Welcome home nash, playing for your home country is way better than winning a championship. You would be a canadian icon for life and that would be the greatest feeling in the world.

  79. No Miami says:

    Nash is a competitor. He wants to compete. If he joins Miami, he won’t be competing, just letting Lebron do everything. He wants to help a team win, not just be on the team that wins.

    • LJFanForLife says:

      Nash would work perfect with Lebron and Miami.
      the pick and rolles would be perfect and Nash is a Solid 3 point shooter.
      He deserves a ring and you just have 2 admit Miami is perfect for that job

  80. Josh Collin says:

    All the pieces align nicely. Would Nash help us win a title? No. Would he get us into the play-off mix? Maybe… but even that’s not the point. Raptors fans have been craving something to cheer about since Vince and Tracy ruined us (and their careers) by doing exactly what Nash is refusing to do. A leader with HEART is what we need and what we have never really had, especially at the PG position. Canada is calling Nash!

    Oh yeah.. and to the guy who says he will not be remembered…. if he joins the Raptors and gives us 3 years of memories… Canada will enshrine him and he will cement his place in his home country’s history and heart.

  81. Liwei Wu says:

    I think he should go to Miami to pursue a ring.

  82. Edward says:

    Suns should trade Steve Nash ollin for good player

  83. Anthony says:

    Makes sense that Steve Nash at 38 years of age may join a team whose mascot is a dinosaur…quality dinosaur though if they can get him.

  84. mister says:

    i just hope nash would go a team where he can be a champion…one of the greats all time..

  85. megatron says:

    I just want a Toronto jersey that’s worth buying

  86. GORAPTORS1957 says:

    if he comes to toronto it will be epic go raptors GO!

  87. Cyrus says:

    Not in Raptors! Nash must go to a championship caliber team. Phoenix Suns is still much better than Raptors. What a waste.. If he’ll go to other teams, just put him like in NY, Dallas, Miami etc.. Don’t want him to be disappointed like Bosh.

    • lol says:

      if u think phoenix is better than the raps ur gona hav a bad time lol raps made a huge jump this season if u didnt know also we were plagued with injuries jonas didnt come also new coach even without nash we r a playoff team nxt season so with nash we can b a top 5 seed in the east believe it

  88. Anthony says:

    As much as I would like Toronto to become a contender, I rather have Steve Nash get a ring. Steve Nash isn’t getting any younger, and I don’t see how Toronto’s young players playing at a higher level during the amount of time Steven Nash has left in the league. It would be great for Toronto to have Steve Nash help them gain good knowledge/experience to become a good contending playoff team.

  89. Ryan Barbera says:

    it would be a good fit because toronto is a high scoring team, but it is not the best place for him to go. Nash is 37 now and spending time in Toronto would be a huge waste if he plans on winning a championship. If he wants a ring he should try new york or miami. Otherwise, him joining Toronto makes them a 4 or 5 seed playoff team at best.

  90. CB_SN_LBJ_DWade says:

    please pat riley pick up nash!

    • Bball247 says:

      Please nash, go with dallas and shut this guy up lmaooooo! Gah! He can join a team and with key parts win a championship, he doesn’t NEED to join the heat. Hell, he could join the pacers and if they sign hibbert and hill back they’d beat miami no doubt. I still don’t see miami as the greatest team, and I hope the stars don’t go there so everyone can see what I’m talking about.

      • LJFanForLife says:

        nobody see’s what your talking about.
        if there not the greatest team then explain how they came back from being down in the Pacers & Boston series??
        Then basically made fun of the Thunder in the finals who i’ll admit was the better team going into the finals.
        If the East doesn’t do something then Miami will continue to make runs to the finals.
        P.S. We beat the Pacers without Chris Bosh if u didn’t check. Imagine Miami with full strength and perhaps Ray Allen next year.
        Pacers won’t handle it even with Nash

  91. BryanColangelo says:

    ^ there will be no canada if steve nash joins a contender and wins a championship.

  92. Bulls says:

    For Nash its not about the money, or he would stay with Phoenix as they can offer him a lot of it, and on a 2 year instead of 3. Nash is looking to engrave his legacy and that may be trying to win a championship with a team full of stars (Miami, New York) or he could bring more interest to Canadian basketball by signing with the only Canadian team in the NBA. Im a Bulls fan but im also Canadian so I pull for the Rap’s against every team but the Bulls. To see Steve Nash in a Raptors jersey would be fantastic. That would be something to get excited about for Canadian basketball. That being said, I wouldn’t be upset or mad if he chased a championship with a contender like Miami or New York because Nash is one of the greatest PG to play the game, as well one of the finest men in the NBA as a person, and he is the one guy that deserves a Championship. So good luck to Steve Nash wherever he may sign, and if its in Toronto ill be purchasing a Nash Raptors jersey as he will be the saviour of Canadian basketball.

    • Bball247 says:

      Lebron is trying to get stars for a REASON, he knows that what made them win this year isn’t going to be enough in coming years including next season. You really think he cares about people who deserve a ring?? B…S…lebron cares about LEBRON getting a ring. That’s why he wants ray allen, steve nash, etc.

      • jkid says:

        it is sad how you cant get over Lebron winning and dominating the game.. Get over it. Lebron took over the MIA and thats why then won. HEAT STAFF knows it.

      • LJFanForLife says:

        Yo Bball247,
        If Lebron was wearing your teams jersey you wouldn’t be saying anything.
        He’s the best in the game right now and u can dislike him

  93. Jegi says:

    I don’t think nash will play for the raptors, I want him in a championship caliber team, he deserves a ring more than any veterans in the league right now.

    • lol says:

      playing for ur country helping fans that doubted their team for yrs and starting a new basketball era for the raps in my opinion is way better than a ring

    • nash! says:

      theyre offering a 3 year deal and with the incredible shape that nash is in he could keep playing for awhile, thats enough time to build chemistry, plus with all the key guys they have in place right now (barg, demar, valenciunas…) who knows they could go pretty far into playoffs

  94. Lieutenant Dan says:

    Nash will be the first superstar Toronto had since Vince Carter

    • NBEATZ says:

      CHRIS BOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • RaptorsFan2099 says:

        SuperStar not All Star
        I love Chris but he wasn’t a SuperStar. Nash will get the title just because he is Canadian.

  95. GoBulls says:

    I’d hate to see Nash end his career in Toronto sadly with the 2nd worst team in the eastern conference (yes Cleveland is better)

    • Draft says:

      Why does raptors only get an 8th draft pick?

    • Matchoman Sandwich says:

      Where do you publish the records that you are getting your info from, cuz i just checked NBA.com and it looks to me that the Raps were a few games higher than Cleveland in the win column, is there something i’m missing here? Oh!, you can see the future and Cleveland has more wins at the end of next season…….we’ll see!

    • QuestionMark says:

      Except this year if they get Nash they will be in the Playoffs for sure, especially if Bargnani can stay healthy, Bargnani averages 20+, Demar averages 18+, Nash averages 15 and 10, Valanciunas averages 10 and 10, Raptors have a good shot.

  96. CsFan92 says:

    did this guy say you cant buy a championship ? coming from the heat who have 3 players with max contract!!! LMAOO DKM bro. Nash come back to canada man!!

  97. Rob Hennigan says:

    If Nash wants a ring before he retires he should NOT join the Toronto Raptors.When Vince Carter was in his prime they never got past the semifinals.Nash come to Orlando.We need you to help end this soap opera.Dwight will stay if you join.So if they ask you where you are going say “I going to take my talents to Disney and join the Orlando Magic.”We will put Jameer Nelson on the bench for you.So please sign for at least 3-4 yrs. P.S Don not go to Miami they got a big three give them competition.

  98. wodecki says:

    nash should go to magic 🙂 they need him

  99. kayel says:

    well nash if you go to raptors you can take money but no ring….you better go mo miami for the ring…

  100. Canadian says:

    Give Nash a break… I want this man to play on the raptors, but I rather have him play on a championship team and actually win a ring. This man deserves a ring. Please Nash, don’t come to Toronto. Go get the ring first!

    • RaptorsFan2099 says:

      I have to agree with LoveOfTheGame. He is trying to put down roots. He thought he had that with Phonix but then they started talking about trading him and how he was getting to old. I hope Nash goes to Toronto to help out Toronto. We need other big party. Don’t you remember when the Blue Jays won. The city was crazy. I’m not saying with Nash they will win. What I am saying is that with Toronto Nash has a home and a place to work after he is done playing.
      Come back home Nash.

  101. MIami Fan says:

    No Cash In the world could buy a championship.. If Nash Goes to a plays he cannot win a championship he will not be none as a Winner Of one Just a good player.. He has lots of money Join the heat or a team tha could win a championship

    • LoveOfTheGame says:

      Winning a championship isn’t everything. Sure it’s every player’s goal but it doesn’t make or break a player’s career. Unlike other players, Nash doesn’t want to chase a championship. He wants to be part of a team and organization that wants to work hard and fight to win. Nash does have a lot of money but he doesn’t want more so he can blow it on fancy cars and houses everywhere. He’s a family man that’s trying to set his entire family up for multiple generations since he has the opportunity. Even if he does not win a championship with Toronto, the amount of experience and knowledge that he can give to the other players on the team, if they win, he can still claim to be a big part of that. He wants to help a team, not go along for a free ride.

      • 416 says:

        I am torn between the idea of having nash winning a ring and nash going back home.

      • Rocket33 says:

        Well said LoveOfTheGame and 416, I feel the same way.

        I’m sure he’d love to win a championship but piggy-backing a team to get it would only damage his legacy in my opinion. There is no place for Nash in Miami, Boston, San Antonio or OKC. Miami don’t need a run the offense PG because they have LeBron and the rest are all sorted at that position. And none of those teams will have any money to offer him. No matter how rich you are, 3 years at $36M always beats the league minimum.

        The only place I could really see him going to is Dallas but I think their championship window has closed. And if Deron Williams signs then no place for him there either. Perhaps a 1 year gig while Derrick Rose heals? But 3 years at $36M and a chance to go home to Canada and help an up and coming team win. That would be a great way to go out for him even if he doesn’t ever get to win a championship.

      • Lucas says:

        Sadly, Nash does want the ring. Obviously, it is every player’s dream to win a championship. Nash wants to go to a team that can compete. I don’t think Toronto is that team unless they can draft more players that can compete. The Heat, the Knicks, the Mavs, or maybe even Phoenix (Nash finds Phoenix to be home, but they have not been able to compete; but they might change their layout of players) would be good choices. The Heat seem a bit more of a choice, having won a championship, but Chalmers is already a good starting PG. The Knicks, however, don’t have a good starting PG (Lin, maybe, but Nash is more experienced, and Lin could learn), and Nash could be reunited with Stoudemire, his good friend. Dallas also would be great, although Nash may not be a starting PG, with Kidd, but he would definitely be in the starting lineup, and he would be reunited with many old friends: Kidd, Nowitzki (Probably not spelled right), Marion, etc. Phoenix is obviously a choice, for he came from there, but if he chooses them, they need to shape up.

      • Bball fan says:

        Winning a ring of course is an ultimate goal to a great player, that’s why MJ was chasing so hard, that’s why Jason Kidd, Gary Payton had tried so hard to get one. that’s why you dont hear these name (Karl Malone, John Stockon, Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkely, etc) much. Without a ring, you will never be mentioned as a champion.

    • Thunder says:

      well u see, the best teams in the east already have point guards, except the heat. life would even be fair if he signs there. the bulls have rose and the c’s have rondo. nobody is scared of the knicks, pacers will be in trouble if they don’t resign hibbert, philly too young.

      • Basketball Fan says:

        Right, every players dream is to win a championship, if he didn’t care he’ll just stay in phoenix, but he said two things, “if the Suns don’t get more good players and are not competitive I will leave” and the other “I would listen, I have a lot of respect for the guy and that organization” referring to LBJ and the Miami HEAT, where he has a huge chance of winning a championship, Mario Chalmers has explosions of scoring but he can’t run an offense like nash does, pick n roll with bosh, lebron, even udonis haslem and maybe wade I mean that’s toooo many threats for other teams to stop,

    • shhh says:

      whether he gets his ring or not, he is an amazing player.
      if getting a ring is the only measurement of your nba greatness, then sun yue, josh powell & adam morrison should be up there.

    • nash this guy is right play for the MIAMI HEAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. Klas647 says:

    This would be a good look for Nash+Toronto. 6-8th seed in the East if he comes here. He gets to finish his career at home and help develops the loads of young talent on the Raptors.

  103. Yap Canada is a championship team n will win championship next year with Nash??

    • shhh says:

      raptors will not win a championship by just getting nash. but it will be great for their fans, and give boost to young players.

  104. Johnny says:

    Im so happy!!! Hopefully he doesn’t take longer than two days to respond to this.

  105. King Chaos says:

    I love Brian! With all the money we have, we go after one of THE GREAT Point guards. Him Demar, Terrence, and Andrea will cause Chaos!!!