Hibbert Favoring Portland’s Max Offer

Free agent center Roy Hibbert is now leaning toward wanting to play with the Portland Trail Blazers next season, a day after the restricted free agent got a verbal commitment from the Blazers that they would tender a four-year, $58 million offer sheet to him, the maximum he can receive under terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, league sources confirmed Sunday.

Hibbert, acquired by the Indiana Pacers (from the Toronto Raptors) on Draft day in 2008, had long expressed his desire to remain with the team that traded for him and helped him develop into an All-Star last season. But the 25-year-old was apparently blown away by the presentation made Saturday in Washington, D.C., by the Blazers’ contingent, which included Portland’s new general manager, Neil Olshey.

The Pacers would still be able to match any offer for Hibbbert when the July moratorium expires, but teams generally work out deals for players who express a specific desire to be elsewhere once they become free agents.

The Pacers are still likely to match the offer, because Hibbert has become one of the league’s top centers and his skills as a passing big man are a rare commodity in the NBA these days. But a source indicated Sunday that the organization would have to take a look at the offer before making a definitive commitment.

The team’s owner, Herb Simon, has OK’d a decision to go either way depending on what the team’s new basketball operations group, led by team president Donnie Walsh and general manager Kevin Pritchard (Portland’s GM from 2007-10), ultimately recommend.

The Pacers are also looking at adding guard help in free agency, having had discussions with Hornets restricted free agent (and Indiana native) Eric Gordon, as well as the Grizzlies’ unrestricted free agent guard O.J. Mayo. Indiana also hopes to resign its own starting point guard, George Hill.

The Blazers’ attempt at signing Hibbert could complicate their hopes of retaining their own restricted free agent, forward Nicolas Batum. Batum did not get a contract extension from the Blazers before last season’s deadline for such deals, and said he would explore other offers before deciding what to do. Batum met over the weekend with representatives from the Minnesota Timberwolves, but had not yet received an offer as of Sunday afternoon, according to a source.

SI.com first reported the proposed deal between the Blazers and Hibbert, and Hibbert’s interest.


  1. sgood says:

    pacers are matching this

  2. BROY says:

    2012-2013 Blazers Starting 5
    PG-Damian Lillard
    SG- Wesley Matthews
    SF- Nicolas Batum
    PF- Lamarcus Aldridge
    C- Roy Hibbert/ Meyers Leonard

  3. bunbury says:

    i cant wait to see alridge and hibbert play together. GO BLAZERS!

  4. kitoy says:

    im wondering if hibbert will end up injury prone in blazers..

  5. BROCK says:

    I see no source that credits the statement “Hibbert is leaning towards WANTING to play for the Blazers??”

    I believe he loves Indiana. Can you please clarify where you heard thid Mr. Aldridge? Just a matter of opinion??

  6. ethan says:

    no one has signed anything. you can’t sign anything till july 11th. so that gives the Pacers 6 more days to convince roy not to go to Portland.

  7. Kerry Mason says:

    Wells: Let’s just say there’s a good chance Big Roy will be hanging out at the Nike Employee Store next season.

    Mike Wells, Indianapolis Star,

    Berger: Why do you say that?

    Wells: I just feel like $14 million, almost $15 million a year, I just look at it from the Pacers standpoint. I don’t think they want to go that far with him. Obviously if they really wanted Roy they could have started at about $14 million but instead their offer was lower than that. That’s why I don’t think they’re going to match it.

    Berger: So you think Hibbert will be a Trail Blazer this season?

    Wells: My personal feeling is I think Roy will be in Portland next season.

  8. PDX Dave says:

    Portland taking great advantage of the new CBA. Is Hibbert worth the $$? Portland sure thinks he can. They drafted to benefit Aldridge and this move is another Aldridge boon. If Hibbert goes to PDX Aldridge will average 28-32 pts.
    PS- There is absolutely NO WAY they would start Hibbert at PF. That’s what Aldridge is best at, and Hibbs would mean L-Train wouldn’t have to play C any more.

  9. John says:

    Hibbert to PORTLAND

  10. Sammy says:

    AGREED! with Sione GO PORTLAND Hibbert wants a REAL PowerFoward!

  11. Sione says:

    I agree ^ Stop the **** Talking ! and just knoow that hibbert will be coming to portland!

  12. NBA-Guy says:

    Hibbert and Aldridge would pretty much be the best front court in the league if they played together. Both could play down low, and both can hit the 15-17ft jumpers. They would be a pretty opposing PF and C combo. You add in Batum (if they re-sign him) and then Wes Matthews and Damian Lillard (Rookie), that’s a solid young team that could grow together.

  13. hethsale79 says:


    The blazers want to use hibbert as a PF??? LOLOLOL Uh try again. Why the hell would we do that>??? We wouldnt thats how

  14. tsloverjohn says:

    I believe the Pacers will match the offer, they have no one else. I heard Hibbert, in interviews, saying he would like to stay in Indiana. I think Indiana is the place where he has the best chance to succeed and play for a championship. The Pacers signed Hill today to a 5 year deal, I don\’t think Hill would\’ve signed if he wasn\’t sure Hibbert would be back. Hill would have had several teams after him had he not signed, I know the Spurs wanted him back. If the Pacers find out that Hibbert wants to go to Portland, I say Hibbert screws himself, because the Blazers want to use him as a power forward, seriously, a power forward?

  15. thomas bone says:

    sam bowie?

  16. Mark says:

    $58 million over 4 years is not to outrageous of an amount to pay for the best free agent center. Portland needs a big man and needs one now. Hibbert has proven that he can play. Do the Blazers really want to wait 2-3 years to see how Leonard develops? What if he is a bust? If he does turn out to be a center that can start in the NBA he can take over after Hibbert’s contract expires. Hibbert would be good for Leonard. Adding Hibbert to the Blazers roster along with Aldridge and Lillard would be a great move. Even better if Batum was included. I think Portland is on the right track.

  17. skim says:

    Tough situation for the Pacers. I wouldn’t consider Hibbert a max guy. Matching Hibbert for the max may mean not being able to retain young talent in the future. It certainly means the Pacers won’t be able to pursue any other players except resigning George Hill and getting some veteran minimum contracts. Still though, if they lose Hibbert, they’re back to being an 8th seed. I think Hibbert really does want to play in Indiana. it’s a perfect situation for him, and he’s really close to the fans with Area 55.

    • bunbury says:

      sounds pathetic— playing for indy is the perfect situation for Hibbert!!! really! portland always find ways to put themselves with a playoff team. they only have one of the richerst owners in the nba. also, as you can see he is willing to spend.

  18. pacers fans we dont have to worry we are not loosing hibbert… He will stay and thats a fact… yeah right pacers are gonna let him go… lol

  19. gg says:

    Hibbert has 50 good games and the rest he doesn;t show up which means 32 games he is useless ,check it out

  20. Zach Gillette says:

    This isn’t smart. There is not one thing Hibbert can do that Meyers Leonard can’t. Period. Play and train your rookie before replacing him.

  21. Stupid blazers, im not a blazers fan but his not worth that contract… Oh well who cares.

  22. Melvin says:

    The Pacers need to do whatever it takes to retain Hibbert. They would be fools to allow him to be sifted out of the organization and traded to another team. PAY HIM WHAT HES WORTH!!!!

  23. ghildkrist says:

    why blazers offered max contract on roy hibbert? why? GREG ODEN… why?

  24. IndyRick says:

    This offer has “grudge” written all over it. Pritchard has to outbid his old team and salary strap his new team. Hibbert still disappears in too many games to get the max.

    • T says:

      Yep… Some serious grudge going on here.

      This reminds me of what Portland did to Utah when they signed Paul Millsap to an offer sheet.

  25. reido says:

    McGee to Miami!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Fefe (Nets) says:

    I hope that Hibbert stays put and plays for Indiana next season.

    But I’m not worried for the Blazers even if they don’t get Roy Hibbert. If they can keep Batum, it’ll be nice. I think that Damian Lillard & Meyers Leonard are very good picks. I just hope that the Trail Blazers won’t be unlucky this time and that their players stay healthy.

  27. RONphil says:

    Hibbert, Aldridge, Batum, Mathews, Lillard 🙂 Go rip City!!!

  28. Doremon says:

    wow could the east get any weaker

    • bob i says:

      Doremon – The top 3 teams from the East (Bulls, Heat, and Pacers) beat all of the West teams and please do not forget that Miami won it all convincingly!

      • Doremon says:

        The Pacers are a joke…there is a reason why Bird is leaving…he knew this team was a one hit wonder and they have pretty much peaked. The three seed wouldn’t have beaten Orlando with a health DH12. Danny Granger isn’t going to get any better and I don’t see Paul George being a T-MAC anytime soon.The bulls are the only legitimate team in the east along with Miami. We can’t nitpick stats for this and this but if you actually watch the whole season…season by season then you would know the east is not up to par with the west. Teams like Philly would have never made it to the playoffs in the west. OKC had to go through Dallas, LA and San Antonio. Miami had to go through philly, Indiana, and Boston?

  29. AlexN says:

    I don’t like the idea of a team having to match another team’s offer to be able to keep him. Surely the player should get to decide whether he wants to take more money or go to the team he’d prefer to be at

  30. b roy 7 says:

    i agree with you james portland on the play offs or semis

  31. James says:

    If Blazers land Hibbert, keep Batum, and hope Lillard turns out to be a promising PG, then Portland can easily be top 1-4 team in the West. If they get a goot shooting guard, Western champions could be possible.

    • Indy Kene says:

      Hibbert is staying in Indy.

      • pimpinjordan619 says:

        Bye Bye Big Man oh to erase the Oden nightmare will feel so good. Sorry pacer fan I would hate it too.

    • Jeremy says:

      Hibbert has grown leaps and bounds sense entering the NBA, this is a great move. As for a shooting guard Wesley is shooting lights out these day’s And Will Barton was considered one of the best senior’s in the country in 2010.
      I do however think Shannon Brown would be a wise grab.

    • NOLA Fan says:

      Let us know when you wake up from that dream. It seems like a “goodie” though, we better not hold our breath…

  32. The Dark Knight Rises says:

    Whats a “poison pill” offer?

    • Dakota says:

      I believe it is a front-loaded contract. One that would kill a teams salary cap space immediately but would gradually go down in price per year over time. I’m not sure, but that’s what I think it is.

      • Dakota says:

        Actually, it is any type of contract that makes it hard for the team that owns the rights to a player to match. Like there could be specific clauses that make all the money of a contract guranteed if something happens. It also could be a front-loaded or back-loaded contact for that matter. Really, it is anything that makes a contract hard to match.

    • bunbury says:

      it sounds to me that poison pill means that the blazers (in this case) know the pacers current position and offered Hibbert a contract that the pacers WILL NOT be able to match.

  33. tom lewis says:

    i would love to see the blazers actually go out and get some experience on this team experience that is still in there prime thats the only way were gonna win so i think going after hibbert is a very good thing and i think they should keep it up lets go after some free agents

  34. Chase says:

    If Hibbert leaves Indiana, it will be a huge blow. The Pacers have no legit back up centers and Hibbert is arguably the Pacer’s MVP.

  35. joma eusebio says:

    There are very few 7-footers in the NBA roster that can maatch the potential of Roy Hibbert of the Indiana Pacers. At 25 years he will be a dominant force in the paint for many years to come. Portland would be lucky to get him in the next season.

  36. Robert says:

    Hibbert is not a “MAX CONTRACT”- caliber player. The Blazers must be extremely desperate. Another terrible contract, looks like you can create a new collective bargaining agreement, but you can’t stop NBA owners and management from making the same mistakes. Happy I’m not a Blazers fan.

    • wadefan says:

      how many centers are better than him right now though.. dwight.. bynum.. after that there arent really any locks.. bogut i suppose.. lopez if he comes back extremely well from his foot injury.. not many.. hibbert is up there

      • Indy Kene says:

        Don’t forget about Marc gasol…he’s pretty good himself. But Hibbert should stay in Indy. The Pacer organization has help mold hibbert into the player he is today.

    • Abe says:

      The NBA is void of true 7-footers who can protect the paint and score in the low post- Hibbert is one of the few. Although Hibbert may not be worth the max contract, there are not an will not be many players like him in this generation, and considering the bigman troubles Portland has gone through in the last few years, I could see this move paying dividends in the near future.

    • Pippen says:


      • mic says:

        There is no need for 7 footers anymore, unless they’re dominant like a howard or bynum. Speed is the future of the nba as we witnessed in the finals, Does hibbert worry the heat? I think the pacers would be better off spending there money elsewhere, like eric gordon

    • bunbury says:

      the blazers must be desperate! hahaha. are you upset by the fact that pacers will lose him?

    • Zach says:

      I believe the center they picked up in the lottery is far more than enough for the 7 footer they need.

  37. Charles says:

    Hibbert was drafted by the Raptors, not by the Blazers

  38. Rams says:

    Hibbert will stay, he just want a big bucks. Blazers crazy about the max offer, Pacers will offer a 12-13mill a year..

    • wadefan says:

      if the blazers sign him to an offer sheet indiana cant offer him anything but the same deal or better.. if he signs it.. thats his choice.. indy can only retain him by matching it or beating it.. its not a bidding war

    • pimpinjordan619 says:

      Does not work that way Pacers must match Hibbert has already agreed to Blazers offer so no wallet no mre big man

      • dennis says:

        i do not believe he has actually signed the offer. However, if he has this would only give more reason to why Larry left. He said it was time. Well, IF once again, Herb will not spend the money and get the players back into camp that Indy bult than that is all the more reason to justify why it was time for larry to go. He did not want to be the guy who wanted all these guys but the owner would not spend the money. No matter what Herb says now- he would be stupid to not just get it done. Stop the insanity. Why would he let donnie make a decision on players that have been here under someone else’s leadership? Absolutely, stupid.

  39. myu says:

    its good for hibbert financially…but to think they didn’t take care of their big man before is already enough for hibbert to decide to stay in indi..

  40. Doug says:

    Small point, but Roy actually came to Indy via the Jermaine O’Neal Toronto deal at pick 17.

    • pimpinjordan619 says:

      Six degrees of seperation O’neal came from the Blazers now hopefully he will be in RIPCITY

  41. Herr says:

    I’d trade Batum for Hibbert so that’s fine. At least Hibbert has shown his potential. Batum’s inconsistencies make me wonder why so many teams would gamble away so much for potential.

  42. Blazers33 says:

    Im a Blazer fan, and I would love for us to get Roy Hibbert. Too bad we cant get Roy in free agency

  43. GoBulls says:

    If the Pacers can match that offer, then Hibbert will stay with the Pacers. If they come close, Hibbert will probably stick with the Pacers. But that max deal is pretty enticing

    • mark says:

      Apparently you don’t understand how thios works. The only way the pacers keep Hibbert is if they match the offer. There is no “coming close” that allows him to stay with the Pacers. The offer sheet that is signed is a contract, but the original team has a right to match it and retain their player. Some teams structure their offer in a “poison pill” manner to make it difficult for the original team to match. Houston is attempting to do that to Chicago for Asik.

      • Wiz FAn says:

        Well according to the artcle they offered it to him, but it doesn’t say thar he has signed it yet. I would say they that Indy still has a chance to get a home town discount. Once he signes it though…thats a wrap Indy would be stupid to match it.