Celtics Hopeful On Allen, Green

At last February’s trade deadline, Boston Celtics president Danny Ainge sounded like he was ready to break up the team’s vaunted Big Three of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen to start over in 2012-13, either rebuilding around Rajon Rondo or dealing Rondo and starting over altogether. But a few months later, the Celtics look like they are determined to keep the band together and make another run at a championship next season with their veteran core.

The Celtics, according to sources, are increasingly optimistic they’ll be able to re-sign unrestricted free agent forward Jeff Green to a new contract, and are also more hopeful now they can keep Allen in the fold instead of losing him to the Miami Heat. The final decision is Allen’s, of course, and he’ll weigh offers from several teams (including the Heat and Grizzlies) in the next few days.

But Boston is hopeful that the last few days’ worth of events, starting with Garnett’s decision to agree on a three-year extension, combined with the selection of Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo in last Thursday’s Draft and the team’s strong showing in the East finals, will convince the 36-year-old Allen to accept the team’s two-year, $12 million offer.

That offer is more than what Miami, which only has its mini mid-level exception starting at $3.09 million, can offer Allen. The Grizzlies have their full mid-level exception starting at $5 million, however, and want to sign Allen to replace O.J. Mayo, the now-unrestricted free agent that Memphis did not tender with a qualifying offer last week. The Celtics had initially targeted Mayo as a primary free agent possibility, but now believe he’s going to get more money elsewhere. Several other teams, including the Pacers, are interested in him.

Allen’s decision could also hinge on which team can offer a starting job. The veteran didn’t complain publicly, but he was not happy when he lost his starting job toward the end of the regular season to second-year guard Avery Bradley. But Allen’s increasingly balky right ankle — which ultimately required surgery last month — slowed him noticeably and took away much of the elevation on his usually-deadly jump shot.

Ironically, though, it’s Allen who’ll likely be healthier at the start of next season after Bradley had to undergo surgery on both shoulders after the playoffs.Β It’s not clear if Miami would alter its starting lineup for Allen.

The Celtics will also have their mid-level exception to use to pursue another guard who can play both positions and help ease the burden on Rondo. Dallas’ Jason Terry is one of Boston’s top targets.

Meanwhile, the Celtics believe they’re “close,” as one source put it, to reaching agreement on a new deal with Green, who missed all of last season after undergoing open-heart surgery in December to repair an aortic aneurysm. The team had initially reached agreement with Green on a one-year deal before the season began, but once his condition was detected during a preseason physical the team rescinded the contract, making him an unrestricted free agent.

However, Green has passed a series of markers by physicians in the last few months and is expected back on the court next season. Last week, the NBA ordered that the Oklahoma City Thunder — which traded Green to Boston in 2011 as the centerpiece of the deal that sent center Kendrick Perkins to the Thunder — give the Celtics a 2013 second-round pick. This was because the league determined the Thunder’s medical staff had not provided their management with all relevant information regarding Green’s condition before the Thunder traded him to Boston.

Green’s agent, David Falk, said on Sunday that Green will give Boston the first shot at signing him. Falk will be in Boston on Monday as Sullinger, another of his clients, is formally introduced to the local media, and will discuss Green with Ainge and other members of the Celtics’ brain trust.

“He’s developed a very good relationship with Doc (Rivers, the head coach). And now that Sullinger is up there, as the Garnett era winds down, I could see the two of them as bookend forwards,” Falk said.

Green struggled with some of Boston’s defensive concepts during his first months with the team, but his length and athletic ability would give Boston much-needed front-court depth next season along with Sullinger and Melo. The Celtics also hope to re-sign free agent center Greg Stiemsma, who visited the Timberwolves over the weekend.


  1. RJ9 says:


  2. Nate D says:

    I’m cool with the Terry signing, but I feel that resigning Ray would also be very crucial. We need as much backcourt depth as possible, even bringing back Pietrus would e a plus. And I believe if Melo lives up to his potential, resigning Steimsma wouldn’t be necessary (but I’ll definitely miss TheSteamer). But all in all I believe Bradley and Jeff Green (if resigned), their production will be most key to a long championship run. Go C’s!!!

  3. James Wong says:

    No doubt that Allen is one of the best shooter and can be considered as one of the best player in his prime. But as what I have said, “IN HIS PRIME”. His not getn any younger anymore. CELTICS is rebuilding. You can’t REBUILD with the old ones. Invest your money to someone else. If you can get OJ MAYO and HINDRICH or MAYO and KAMAN, much better to invest your money with. Sorry Allen.

  4. Les says:

    An excellent team that has the potential to go right to the top. Steimsma, Hollins, Terry, not needed to make that happen. O.J. Mayo would be a plus. I believe Sullinger can and will give the C’s 20-25 solid minutes. Fab (10-15 minutes per game) will be the true shot-blocker/positive energizer that we missed last season. A healthy Avery Bradley is cruicial to a championship. When he went down, I felt our chances slipped getting by the heat. W/ Bradley (the Wade factor), we would have been in OKC. The Lakers, and SA will not be in the Champs in the forseeable future. C’s can and should take the next 2 of 3 (KG’s last year). The Heat are not quite yet a true Championship caliber team; OKC didn’t show up. There will be no repeat IMHO.

  5. CeltFan says:

    I want ray to stay but i think there is a possibility he won’t. Though going to miami would be so unlike ray allen, it is not impossible. Also, i think they should let Hollins go, and pursue OJ mayo instead of Terry, he is not fit to be a celtic after he trash talked them and all i just don’t see him in green. They should resign jeff green too and maybe even wilcox.

    2012-2013 i a great year for the celtics! πŸ™‚

  6. KG40 says:

    Ray Allen, please come to Miami Heat so you can get your second ring!! It’s so funny how a fan like me can come from despising you, to be so close to loving you (if you sign with Miami) in a matter of a year.

  7. Cav Loy says:

    This is damn legit… I think the Some fans are just so ungreatful towards Ray Allen… How many shots he made trying to lift the celtics up at the last minute with bone spurs? people should respect him more. 😦

  8. Choker says:

    Ray Allen has been a celts for years…. I say let him decide where he chooses to go. Ray Allen can go to the Heat. With their playing making wide open 3 pt shots for Miller, Jones and Battier, Allen can fit there. Not to mention he can replace Miller because of Miller’s condition and the hearing the rumor he might retire

  9. Davon says:

    Sorry guys….but Steisma can block shots but is basically a bum, and so is Hollins….Hollins makes a mean face, but never liked him…..Welcome back, Walter Ray……man, listen, with a healthy Walter Ray, a strong-knee Pierce and a cage KG, with Fab and Sullinger…..we don’t need nothing more but a better shooting JJJ and a health Avery and #18 is ours…..hands down….anyone who can’t see or fathom this doesbn’t know basketball…..and for those nuts who claim Ray can’t do what Ray used to do…..I’d like to see these dolts/morons try to move around and set picks with bone spurs in THEIR ankles….in life u gotta show up, adn Ray always showed up….people saying that Ray can’t play anymore are the same people who probably had to swallow to keep their lunch money and never played a lick of organized ball, unlike myself….THE CELTICS ARE SUPREME….PERIOD… and next season, with a healthy core…..THEY WILL PROVE IT

  10. Nathan says:

    Ray Allen is HEAT’S # 1 Priority….. He Is definitely going to Miami if possible BECAUSE He wants to WIN….. and so do the rest of the HEAT …… Ray Allen wants to win a SECOND NBA CHAMPIONSHIP. Allen knows if he brings his talents to south beach with the best players in the league that he may just do that. But the money is the only problem for Miami, so Ray Allen could land any where….. most likely the Phoenix Suns.

  11. Jose Swaggaboy Castillo says:

    Ray Allen is going to leave the Boston Celtics and sign with the Miami Heat and the Miami Heat will have a big 4 Lebron James, Dwane Wade, Chris Bosh, and Ray Allen and the Miami Heat will be the most dominant team in the NBA.

  12. Dwight Howard says:

    Dwight Howard to Celtics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

    • Davon says:

      bo, please….hell no…..we don’t want that problem…….too doofy and stupid…….we will be fine

  13. Bob Ley says:

    Steimsma is GOOD. Get rid of Hollins!!!!!

  14. heat fan says:

    Ray Allen will leave boston. miami is the easier and better choice. with the rumors of the Celts interested in Mayo and Jason Terry, there isn’t enough balls to go around. With the Heat, he knows he will get open shots and opportunities. The problem with Boston is that they are getting older and even though they still have kevin and pierce, they are still not as young as they used to be. they will wear down in a 82 game season. and they you will rely on a bunch of young players to get you through. and lets’ not get it twisted, boston was only in that series against miami because bosh was out for the first couple of games and garnett was able to go off. when bosh returned garnetts productions dropped. so lets not think they still have enough to beat this new Lebron and a healthy Bosh and wade. they will be even better next year because they are resting and getting their health together. ray allen will leave boston. who has put them out the last two years. why not join them if you can’t beat them

  15. Celtic fan says:

    Re- sing Allen but dont get terry he’s old ,, yes he is good but we need more young players

  16. Bernie says:

    I reckon we trade our whole team for Kobe. Yep, Kobe only, he is sooo good he could win a championship all by himself….Just ask him.

  17. rashard lewis says:

    Jeff green aNd micheal beasly There young scorerd get them danny! πŸ™‚

  18. YHER says:

    Doc taunting Lebron after Game 7 East finals., to join C’s but it was only a mere joke….Meaning the C’s is the team to beat 2012-2013 coming season…..Watch out Lebron’s Heat….He started a joke… πŸ™‚

  19. NMaster says:

    u have to keep greg he is better than jeff green and also get jason terry on the bench because he can make shots for himself

  20. don says:

    Jeff Green asking $9 million per season?


    • Davon says:

      yea, agreed, don….this guy ain’t worth 9 mil….but he is still a good fit for C’s and a core player…..now he’s got heart….no pun intended

  21. ed says:

    boston shuld go hard after mayo, and beasley. they are both young and can score.

  22. argel says:

    boston need center like perkins and glen davis

  23. BellyNelly says:



  24. Jesse says:

    “Boston much-needed qualify front court” What kind of editing or proof reading goes on with this blog? There seems to be typos such as this one leaking through the cracks each week.

    In other news I believe Allen will re-sign with Boston as he will get sufficient minutes, and will continue with a system he is comfortable with.

  25. unanomous says:

    steimsma is good at rebounding and so is hollins they should re-sign them both

  26. Matt says:

    If you go to the Heat Ray, I aint mad at ya. You helped bring back the Championship to Boston, and over the Lakers, no one will forget you and the rest of the big 3 for that. Best of luck where ever you decide to end your career.

  27. heat champs says:

    common ray… sign with the heat… the reason danny ainge pursue allen back bcos he afraid of the heat to be come complete team bcos of allen… common ray… if the celtics struggle again this next season. ainge find a way to trade you back!! so common ray the fan’s in south beach are waiting at you…

  28. Bobo says:

    Hope Shawn Kemp sing with the supersonics. I can’t wait for the season 94-95

  29. android 11 says:

    i love the celtics the way they played in the playoffs,they gave the heat a hard time in east finals,im pretty much sure if their lineup still intact this upcoming season,plus the addition of sullinger and fab,and if they get a good vets,well the heat team will have have a fight again.and lebron will shake his head agin.gudluck celts..

  30. Sick says:


  31. TonAstorga says:

    Ray Allen will be a Celtics FOREVER!!! Thats for sure! Have his jersey in my closets! Miami Heat Fans HERE!!

  32. Judge says:

    Ray Allen has proved himself at boston and im happy for him to do what he likes, his turning 37 and if he wants to experiment, then by all means he should do it! and this is from a boston fan.

  33. LeBronster says:

    I don’t like Allen being part of my favorite HEAT team.., i think it’s much better to all of us for him stay in Boston.., i respect Allen but he’s a liability now unlike before… he can’t keep up with Miami’s flashes in pick n’ roll… i’m feeling someone big will be the addition in HEAT’s roster instead of a guard…

  34. Danny says:

    Jason Terry in Boston? Pleas Do you really need this guy? I am still burning from his remarks from Boston Dallas game last year where he said !! OLD AND SLOW AND CANT GET UP AND DOWN THE FLOOR !! i A CELTIC FAN SAY NOW REALLY DO YOU NEED HIM? Danny?????

  35. zac says:

    trade alen for mayo!!

  36. Jeff Allen says:

    my uncle is ray allens cousin, and he personally told him that ray will resign, Up the C’s

  37. sweets says:

    stay In Boston RayRay

  38. chocolate rain says:

    i would like to have mayo instead of terry.

  39. ram says:

    I Hope Celtics will re-sign Ray allen and Jeff Green , terry rather will be great though! release Stiemsma and Williams … Celtics need some big man but must sign more on guards or forward … go celtics … good luck next season

  40. roderic silang says:

    Get allen and terry plus another swingmansay pietrus and daniels

  41. the Truth says:

    Really hope they don’t resign jeff green because he is such a mediocre player. Doesnt have great potential at all. They can get better pieces instead because he’s still pretty young. All celtics need is a good center..an ACTUAL center who is a dominant presence and a few players who can actually score off the bench and the title is theirs.

  42. CT14 says:

    Rashard Lewis for a low price as versatile backup for either Garnett or Pierce (just like Jeff Green) might be worth a shot as well. Sure the Cs need help at two guard and center but the Rockets have signed the next best (defensive) option in Asik. I’d go after Jason Collins, Joel Przybilla, Kryrylo Fesenko if I sought quality, low price defensive-minded bigs. As for shooting guards, Terry is good but closing on 35. It’s like you’re looking for a smaller, same aged version of Ray Allen. OJ Mayo would make sense, he’d be good for 14 PPG at least. Personally though, I’d try and get Landry Fields, then re-sign Mickael Pietrus as backup. DeShawn Stevenson as backup could also make sense. Toughnosed defender and capable corner shooter.

  43. Rodel says:

    ray allen has been a perennial starter and he”s coming off the bench was also the result of his ankle injury, not because bradley is more proficient. i think RA should consider returning. Cs roster now is much better and competitive. its interesting to see how youth and experience work out for the team. i also hope coach doc rivers will give more playing time to his other players like jajuan johnson, moore, and hollins.

  44. jedje says:

    hope Ray Allen will sign again with the Boston

  45. mr-plow says:

    If Ray has ANY heart he’ll stay

  46. ShaqFu says:

    not a celtics fan, but loved their draft, loved their heart and effort against the heat. Can’t wait to see what they do next year with more actual talent on the roster.

    • CsFOREVER says:

      I hate the fact that you arent a Cs fan. You seem like one of the most reasonable opponent’s fans ive ever seen. Im a die hard Celtics fan, and was surprised we made it as far as we did this year. I said all postseason that there is no team in professional sports that has the heart that we do.

  47. matt says:

    solid bigs!! no big contract for stiemsa!!
    Terry would be great, as well as mayo!!!

  48. NosTRADEamus says:

    sorry but Celtics would just get as far as Playoffs.. Can’t think of them as a title contender yet.. just get some solid bigs.

  49. celtics fan says:

    the boston still need ray allens services,he can still play,the way he played couple of years ago.

  50. Rafael says:

    I hope celtics will sign Eric Gordon..

    • Matt says:

      This is my hope as well, but probably won’t happen, but also we got to find someone who can take the pressure off Pierce as a scorer off the bench. I really like what we did with the Draft if Sullinger plays to his potential and doesn’t have back injuries, theres Garrnetts replacement, when he decides to step away. Now we need to start putting more shooters and a tough inside pressence with Sullinger around Rondo and we will easily transition from the Big 3 era in a year or 2.

  51. Celtics Time says:

    If the C’s can sign Allen, Green and Terry… Good Times! Man I am pumped for this season!

      • leirda says:

        you can’t sign terry and allen at the same time on the same team, it can only happen on fantasy mode, boston can only sign one of them but it would be very good to celtics if that happens. terry, green, or mayo any of those players can play doc’s system. in a few years after garnett retires they can capitalize on jared sullinger and fab melo, those two can be a great support cast for rondo.

  52. kumag says:

    it would be awsome to see the big 3 on green again and be a title contender, and hoping that they stay healthy the rest of the season

  53. jpman says:

    Ray Allen will be coming back to the Celtics and get Jason Terry too.

    • dattebayo says:

      People like you should learn and realize, no playoff team can sign both Terry and Allen, it’s either one or the other because both want money and at least 2 years…

    • John says:

      I dunno about Terry….he might want to stay in Dallas if they get D-Will. Also, Nowitzki is there. We’ll see…

  54. Daz37 says:

    i personally feel allen needs to stay with boston he knows the system so well who would care if your on the bench. i feel he could become a great six-man if he puts his mind to it. If Allen went to another team like heat same thing play on the bench behind wade and a new system would mean less touches of the ball in heat or whatever if boston big 3 wants to keep playing let them every1 can see big 3 still big gave a great work out on heat for game 7 with young players coming in boston looks good for the future.

    • J.J says:

      Ray needs less ball time now. If he is signed to the Heat, he’ll be able to save his energy for when he goes on. If Boston keeps him, it’s either they put him on 6th man, or keep him on starter, either way, Ray will retire earlier than he might while he could be in Miami just sitting and playing 20 minutes per night.

  55. Ganan says:

    Let’s go BIG 3!!!!!

  56. me says:

    do not re-sign steisma please, Boston has got potential in Jujuan Johnson and Sean williams, plus hollins (unfortunately) is likely to be back too..invest the cash in someone else

    • Davon says:

      Hollins is a stewed bum….get rid of him…..makes mean faces and can;t play a lick a ball…….I’m in better shape and got a much better shot and crossover than him, and I’m in my 40’s……we will be fine, get rid of the bums and bring back Walter Ray…we good, yo