Williams Is Eye Of Free Agent Storm

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Welcome to crazy Deron Williams, you’ve known  for months it was coming and it’s officially just hours away.

With the clock ticking down to midnight, the buzz is growing about the one player at the eye of the storm.

Williams, the All-Star point guard who ranks as the most coveted player on the free agent market, is reportedly focused on two main teams. The Brooklyn Nets and Dallas Mavericks are set to battle for his services, with the winner getting not only the player regarded by many as the best point guard in the game today and one of the all-time greats, former Nets and Mavericks star Jason Kidd.

In the latest and perhaps most interesting twist yet, per ESPN The Magazine’s Ric Bucher, Kidd is prepared to follow Williams wherever he goes. And Williams is scheduled to meet with both the Nets and Mavericks Monday:

Williams is spending the weekend playing golf with Kidd in New York’s Hamptons, sources say, yet one more indicator that the Nets have at least a fighting chance to keep Williams and add Kidd sometime after free agency begins Sunday.

Kidd, who has indicated that he hopes to serve as a backup to Williams either in Brooklyn or Dallas, also recently purchased a home in East Hampton, a source close to Kidd said.

Another source with business ties to both Kidd and Williams says that the two already have decided to play together for the Nets next season. However, multiple sources say Williams is still torn about his decision.

Williams has said he wants to make the decision before training camp for the U.S. men’s Olympic team begins in Las Vegas on July 7.

The path that leads to Williams could also include another prize. With ongoing rumblings that Orlando’s Dwight Howard would like to join Williams wherever he goes, there could be even more drama on the horizon.

How much longer do the Magic, with a new front office crew in place, want to continue to play this game with their prized big man? Howard’s commitment to the franchise is tenuous, at best. He’s given no indication that his future plans include sticking around Orlando for any extended period of time.

There’s also Steve Nash to consider. He’s the second point guard on most free agent wish lists behind Williams, with potential suitors everywhere from Orlando to Toronto and Phoenix to New York.

If the Mavericks or Nets strike out on the Williams/Kidd package deal, Nash would be a sweet consolation prize.

Then there’s Ray Allen, who is expected to be courted  by the Celtics, Heat, Suns and Knicks, among others. Does his situation change now that Kevin Garnett has agreed to a three-year, $34 million extension with the Celtics?

And we can’t forget about the comeback kid, Brandon Roy, who is returning from a seven-month retirement (due to injury). According to Yahoo! Sports, Roy’s narrowed his list of teams he’ll consider down to the  Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks, Indiana Pacers, Minnesota Timberwolves and Golden State Warriors:

Roy and his agent, Greg Lawrence of Wasserman Media Group, are likely to host officials from most, if not all, of the teams in Roy’s hometown of Seattle, sources said. Each of the finalists have connections that intrigue Roy, sources said.

After leaving the NBA at the start of last season because of chronic knee problems, Roy has recovered after undergoing the platelet-rich plasma therapy procedure that Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant had in Germany last year. Some teams pursuing Roy privately say they’re willing to offer a contract for longer than one season, despite his knee issues, league sources said.

The opportunity to play with Dirk Nowitzki and possibly Deron Williams – as well as a respect for Mavericks owner Mark Cuban’s winning culture – is a lure for Roy with Dallas. The Pacers’ young core and new general manager Kevin Pritchard – who drafted Roy in Portland – is an appeal in Indiana. Timberwolves coach Rick Adelman has former Blazers assistant Bill Bayno on his staff, and point guard Ricky Rubio and forward Kevin Love intrigue Roy. The possibility of playing with Bulls guard Derrick Rose and for coach Tom Thibodeau also interests Roy.

All of these questions and more will be answered starting at midnight, when free agency kicks off and the real craziness begins.

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  1. Pediong says:

    Dwight Howard if i want a ring go to LA Lakers

  2. 6&3>35&0 says:

    If D-Will(and Jason Kidd)signs with dallas Jason Terry will leave dallas. I think the Heat will try to get him before Ray Allen.

    • Bball247 says:

      I doubt that, and here’s why. I think those who are going after brandon roy will be going after terry, because those teams are looking for a potential sixth man SG. =)

    • Bball247 says:

      PLUS, terry’s not a PG…like kidd, he’s an SG…=| but nice try…

  3. Pat Riley The Don says:

    4 potential HOF? What about 5 definite HOF in Boston last year? KG, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Rondo and Shaq?

    • Bball247 says:

      Shaq?? Are effing serious?? Who cares?? You know EXACTLY what he meant, let me go get kareem abdul-jabaar like it makes a difference. =| Shaq was WASTED!

  4. Shteev says:

    KG just signed with the Celtics, Ray ain’t going to Miami!

  5. Flying Raijin_41 says:

    hoping to d.will, j.kidd, brandon roy and jason terry to dallas…

    • Bball247 says:

      They’d only be able to get two of those people, maybe three if you take out d-will lol.

  6. Bob says:

    Ray Allen in Miami would be WOW!!! I’m in for
    D Will in Brooklyn and Nash to the Knicks running a crazy wide open offense

  7. Bok says:

    I hope D-Will considers Lakers,then work out a deal Gasol for Josh Smith. Lakers should be on a rebuild mode now.

    • Bball247 says:

      If that happened, that’s a recipe for “instant west champ stew”. Sorry spurs/thunder fans…lol

  8. iori yagami says:

    It will be sure fun to see ray allen on a heat uniform, but i think he’ll stay as a celtic. because Kg just signed for 3 three years. As for deron williams, it would be best for him to go to Dallas with Dirk. Nash to go to New York. B-Roy to go most likely to Chicago, and trade Carlos Boozer! get a deffensive power forward.

  9. Who That Guy says:

    the pacers struggled against the heat coz they no one who could create their own offense a healthy Brandon Roy would be a great fit & with George , Granger & Hibbert on board miami big three would be on locked down

    • Bball247 says:

      Roy and paul george and george hill all play the same position, I see nash a better fit for the pacers. Or another good PG free agent that would give them the lift they need. Honestly, I would worry about hibbert and blazers offering him a max deal. Because if the blazers get their way, pacers are screwed. Sorry lol…

  10. Brian says:

    Please B Roy come to the Chi!!!! I mean him and D Rose in a Bulls uniform is just what the dr ordered!! But Ray with the heat is something I would wish the league could stop. I mean that’s 4 potential HOF in one starting line up. I mean that’s almost the whole east all-stars lineup.

    • Ben says:

      I agree with Brandon Roy coming to the Bulls. But if Ray Allen went to the Heat, I think he’d come off the bench.

      • Brian says:

        Yeah you are right. But still just imagine Wade at the point, Ray at the 2, Battier at the 3, Lebron at the 4 and Bosh at center….UUUUHHHH that’s something i would hate to face at the last 3 seconds of the game lol

    • foodpyramids says:

      “4 potential HOF on one team”

      you don’t think boston has had 4 potential hof on their team since kg/pierce/allen + rondo got together?

    • dattebayo says:

      4 potential HOF playing together is something you don’t like to see, huh? It must’ve been hard to watch the 80s Celtics and Lakers and the modern Celtics with KG, Rondo, Pierce and Allen and in 2011 also with Shaq. Shaq wasn’t healthy, but he was solid in his first 20 games or so…

      I wouldn’t worry though, Ainge couldn’t screw up so bad that Allen cant be resigned in Boston, right?

      B Roy would have to come off the bench in Chicago, because of Rose and Hamilton. In addition they probably won’t give him much money or a multiple year contract, which he would want. I mean, Rose’s future is a little bit shaky and he will have to prove that he recovered fully and his injury won’t limit him on the court

      • Bball247 says:

        Rose will be fine, they got someone to replace him for the time being which gives him pure focus on recovery and not how the team will survive without him. Roy, will be happy just to be back in the nba. He knows it’s just business and that any team that signs him will be taking a risk and I doubt he’ll want a 4-5yr deal knowing what he did. Right now he’s just trying to prove himself and he knows it’s going to take a season or two to do that. People expect results, not miracles.

    • Bball247 says:

      He’ll most likely go back to boston now that garnett’s back. I mean, they started their run together and I think they all want to shut people up talking about their age by taking the series against the heat next time around. (if any of the teams face each other of course)