Reports: KG Returning To The Celtics

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Kevin Garnett contemplated his future and decided against walking away from the game he’s given the last 17 years of his professional life. The Celtics All-Star is returning to Boston for three years and $34 million, as first reported by Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports.

Garnett, 36, spent the first 12 seasons of his career in Minnesota and the last five with the Celtics, where he won a championship in 2008. Garnett turned back the clock in the Celtics’ run to the Eastern Conference finals this season and averaged 19.2 points and 10.3 rebounds during their playoff run.

His surge during the postseason is what spurred Garnett to postpone retirement, according to the Boston Herald, for a little while longer:

“The decision came down to whether KG wanted to keep playing,” said one source. “And once he decided that he did, it was going to be Boston. He wasn’t going to leave Doc (Rivers) and those guys and play anywhere else.”

“Kevin was absolutely great this season, and he just wants to keep going,” said a source. “And when you look at how he was playing, there’s no reason for him to stop.”

Garnett’s return allows the Celtics to move on to other pressing matters when free agency begins at midnight. Ray Allen is a free agent and is reportedly a target of several teams, including the NBA champion Miami Heat and Phoenix Suns.


  1. jukes says:

    Man some of the comments on here are whacked !!!!! KG is the defensive core of this celtics unit and is there to guide and mentor the young rookies coming through. When guys like Nash are getting similar contracts and Tim Duncan there is a reason. Experince is so important. I am not going to say we are going to win back to back or anything but next season is going to be fun to watch. The east will be a much harder comp than it has been over the years. – If the nets can click they will be solid, the knicks look like the final have made the right moves. – Jason Kidd to guide Jermey Lin was a smart decision. The Heat and Bulls will be in the playoffs again. And the pacers should be solid still. And who knows what will happen with Dwight. From a basketball fans point of view next season is going to be awesome – also looking forward to seeing Rubio back too in the west.

  2. Ya buddy! Him and Rondo really took over last year with Pierce being hobbled by injuries and Allen also. He’s in Miami now while Garnett remained loyal. By far my favorite Celtics player behind Pierce!

  3. Fan says:

    10+M for KG at this age? Still think is a little bit too much, but not as bad as what they gave JOE JOHNSON! Boston FANS cross your fingers and hope this doesn’t turn into a HAWKS team! LOL!!

    Could of have him to take less and sign HOWARD or sth. Now with RAY RAY gone, C’s need more cap to reload the core group.

    Man, don’t compare KG with BRAND and LEWIS!! You might as well compare his contact to EDDY CURRY! (Championship Center) Those are bad contacts, that why the league INVENTED the new CBA with the waive an EDDY CURRY option.

  4. CeltFan says:

    this was a god deal. kg made almost 22 mil last season and now hes taking only half of that. big paycut considering how many other teams would pay more to have kg on their roster. the intensity, the heart and everything he gives out there on the court plus all the intangibles like mentoring sullinger, melo and maybe even joseph plus the leadership. how can people say this deal is too much. this is a real bargain. maybe they can have enough cap space to sign OJ mayo.

  5. celticsbancrupt says:

    celtics will suffer from this contract for many, many years to come. celtics can get 19pt 10reb player for very, very much less. why dont celtics get mcroberts and develop him like a kevin love?

  6. clint says:

    12mil a season less than what he was on. great deal celtics

  7. ram says:

    i hope the first five of CELTICS THIS NEXT SEASON … Rondo, Terry, Pierce, KG and Green , but backcourt Ray allen and more bigman for defense … Go CELTICS …

  8. Paul says:

    new lineup for the celts!!!! RONDO,BRADLEY,PIERCE,GREEN,KG!!!!! <(o_o<)

  9. dew says:

    Congrats to KG on the new deal. Glad to see him staying in Boston as I look forward to seeing what other moves the Celts might do to revamp their roster this offseason to remain competitive in the East.

    • im an avid fan of boston celtics since the big 3 build…i like these guys much and the team and coaching staff especially
      doc rivers,you know these guys are very humble and i think ray allen should stay in green like kg because these team isolated with these 3 people especially allen hes a big part of these team…pls danny get ray..

  10. xetinratz says:

    good move for the C’s, KG will be a good mentor for sullinger and melo, he can make those rookies hard, play defense and give 100% every night.KG is a born leader..even if ray allen goes to other team, big 3 is still alive..KG pierce and rondo..go celtics.. ubuntu!

  11. mister says:


  12. karoLT says:

    KG is going to play for 2 Years & retire… Just like Sheed wallace. Celts should look to pick up a Forward like ilyasova or a 2 guard like Kevin Martin rather than trying to sign Allen back…

  13. Amir says:

    Just get OJ Mayo or Craford from Portland , Jeff Green , and M Pietrus do not sign Ray he is done the only team that can use him is LAL or MIA and get some scoring PG

  14. Jason Ramroop says:

    Kevin garnett can still play but i don’t think he can give the celtics good productivity for 3 more years. they should of just signed him to a 1 year contract then after that he can retire, or if any other team wants they can gamble and see what he brings to the team. I just think that signing kevin garnett for more than 1 year is taking a risk.

  15. Chicky says:

    In my opinion it’s the right decision to stay together. But 34 million for 3 years are too much. He’s 36 and I don’t think that he will put numbers in his final year that justify this salary.

  16. Henrik Jensen says:

    Its nothing, he got almost 22 mil last year, which means with the possible 9 mil he gets next year, they still have an extra 13 mil dollars to pull away to get OJ Mayo + a veteran for another championship run or two. great deal for both parties

  17. eric says:

    its all about loyalty people….. its the celtics being loyal to someone who gave them their all. thats the difference between being in beantown and anywhere else.

  18. ko0kie says:

    funny, 3 years ago people wrote KG off after his injury.. I always said he his the heart and soul of this boston team.. especially on the defensive end.

  19. Juan says:

    Garnett may be a step slow in on the slidding over to help out, but these still a fact that he alters shots grabs rebounds and can still hit the outside shot while putting in effort to get up and down the court. A lot of players younger dont have the energy the mental toughness.

  20. Celtic fan says:

    You guys obviously never watched the playoffs to say this is a bad deal. KG looked like he was 25 and tore up in the playoffs. Hes still one of the best in the game, and signing him for less would be an absolute joke

  21. veilside23 says:

    i think its a good move for the celtics since they got sullinger .. kg can be the greatest mentor for pf and centers.. kg still has a couple of years….

  22. ty says:

    u guys are gunna hate but kgs still got it hes only 36 will play till hes 39 hes one of the greatest powerfowards i have seen old or young kg will continue to fight in the lack of talent east and guarentee the celtics will win another ring before he retires if they can build a good young supporting cast around ray, paul. and kg i say the celtics vs heat in eastern confernce finals 2013

  23. bu says:

    A point on Ray Allen. Bradley is a great on ball defender & improved outside shooter with good cutting skills & aggressive plays. However, he is NOT YET a starter material bec he lack size & real scoring threat to the opposing team & their 2 guard. So if Allen is in good shape after surgery, & wants to come back, he WILL be the starter. Allen does have some ego may not enjoy coming off the bench. From these few months, I see him willing to sacrifice if he’s not 100%. He’s not stupid accept looking stupid on court if he kept chasing other team’s 2 or 1 guard & get blown by everytime & in-your-face. These guys are smart guys & they know who they are & where they’re at. Not the simple “oh I wanna start” like Dennis Scott said.

  24. Jason says:

    Good Deal, C’s need KG to train Jared Sullinger on and off the court

  25. bu says:

    I agree with what Liogomez said. When you look at KG’s +/- & if you follow those Celtics games closely, he IS THE HEART & SOUL of the Celtics. Other teams would love to pay 20m/yr to get him!!! He’s the perfect fit for Celtics’ system. So, 11m is a GREAT deal, GREAT BARGAIN esp if you consider the intangibles & things you don’t see on court that he brings:

    Great morale driver
    Teaching & setting examples for the young ones (where would Rondo be without a steady force & someone say & deliver like KG) – also good draftees coming in, along with other guys if Celtics can bring back such as Jeff Green, Pietrus,….

    He clearly is a guy who’d give himself up for the team as shown.

  26. kevin says:

    forget tha heat tha heat is weak they had 2 get lbj an bosh 2 finallly win 1

  27. kevin says:

    the cs goin all tha wayy they gon sign ray allen back they got the money tha heat not getttin him an jeff green comin bck

  28. tabletz says:

    34m for 3 years is worth. Besides it does not mean he will play until he’s 39, he considered retiring this year so if he slowed down this season then he can just retire when the season ends, he does not want to go out of the league and retire in a bad shape anyways. There’s also no playoff caliber pf/c in the free agency aside from garnett and duncan. if he averages 15 and 8 in 30 mins during the regular season then it’s worth. A lot of guys out there can’t do that for 10mil a year. Kwame Brown got 8mil last season for sitting. I would rather pay 10mil for garnett even if he just sits, he’s great for the younger guys in the locker room.

  29. rick says:

    Wow! What a steal for BOS. KG is a true IMPACT player and game changer any given night, unlike many supposed ‘big men’ in the league making serious bank per year who chronically under-perform *cough* Andris Biedrins @ 9M/yr *cough*

    Barring major injury (which could happen to anyone), this re-sign keeps the C’s consistently in the Playoffs and contending for the Trophy for the next 3 yrs easy, especially the way KG trains/maintains his physique. Teams like my home team Warriors could only wish to be so lucky :{

  30. iori yagami says:

    how can anyone say this is too much, for a guy that is the focal point of defense. A born leader and a guy that breath and lives basketball. For me, KG is the parameter in which all teams in NBA today would want their power forwards play. Yeah, his 36, i still believe he has a good 3 more years in him. its the competition that still drives him. one of the most skilled power forward.

  31. Green Machine says:

    Banner 18 and 19 will come the Celtics way in 2013 and 2014. You heard it here first. I mean, with KG,Pierce,Bradley,Rondo, Sullinger , Melo, etc…. they have the goods to claim the next 2 NBA championships.

  32. bostonbob says:

    mold sullinger under kg i like it. we’ll be in contention regardless

  33. Vip81 says:

    Good news for the Heat, at least they will sweep them in the first round so KG can start his recovery after his 8.8ppg 4.2 rbg 2012-13 season-:)

  34. hans1429 says:

    11M comes with the extra duty of babysitting melo and sullinger so that they’d be ready for primetime when garnet’s contract is up. that is, if sullinger’s back refrains from being a speedbump.

  35. Heat_Back-to-Back_Champs! says:

    Ray Allen Wont be back to the Cs because the Cs dont have the cap to sign him. Ray will join the Heat to win another title!!

    Heat 2k12 and 2k13 champs back to back!!

  36. Who That Guy says:

    GREAT NEWS!!! not just for the celtics but for NBA fans all over the world .. welcome back big ticket!

  37. Chris says:

    he’s back…. hope I could watch him play live before he retires…..

  38. LBJ Rules says:

    34million for a fossil to be?? To much money for a old man… He still playing good but the Celtics need shooter a Center and a little bit help off the bench and spending all that money on KG they don’t going to find that… So sad for the Celtics to good for the rest of the east team… Heat back to back Champions

  39. Vince says:

    He didn’t turn back the clock. The Bulls just happened to lose D.Rose and that’s how the C’s made it back to the conf. finals.

    • makeitwork says:

      why are these people blaming rose’s injury? Did you watch series vs miami? Chicago bulls is an overrated team. This made me sick.

  40. DrGuj27 says:

    If Celtics NO longer had Kevin Garnett we would be a losing team. He does so much that haters dont know.
    Yeah, he’s old, but he’s not going to be playing over 35 min.
    He is a professional with body shape, and he wasnt slowing down a BIT last Season and Playoffs.

  41. uoykcuf says:

    If they give this kind of money to KG, does that mean they are not planning to bring Allen back?

  42. Frank A. says:

    KG is worth it because of his play, wasn’t sure if he had 3 years left in the tank but I counted him for 2. Active in every category, is not a liability, and still brings it for 35 strong minutes a night. There are other 36+ year old who are worth 10+ million so why not KG. I think it also is a contract dealing with player-organization loyalty.

    • uoykcuf says:

      if you put it like that yes, 10M for a year is reasonable. But how well can he perform when he’s 39? Does he still worth 10M a year? I am pretty sure celtics like him mentor the rookies as well but that’s just a bit too much for a guy that’s definitely going downhill. I respected KG the most but my suggestion would be 10M for this year and see where it goes from there.

  43. alex says:

    Jeff Green coming back and Avery Bradley will be the keys to this team. If they can play up to their potential

  44. TJG says:

    I don’t think it that big of a risk; Garnett seems like the kind of guy that, if not producing up to the standards he expects from himself, will simply retire and allow the Celtics some breathing room to go in another direction.

  45. Matt says:

    This will soon backfire on the Celtics, i love KG and his game but at 36 he doesnt deserve it. People say he deserves it because of what happened in the playoffs, and yes he played great, but we dont even know if he can play and full season or even average 50 games over the next 3 years. It was a bad contract to give, something that teams seem to be doing on a much more regular basis now days.

  46. don says:


  47. KGfan says:

    I’m a big fan of KG but along with the others here, he’s too old for this big of a deal. Plus, he was contemplating retirement after this season. You would think they would sign him for a 1 year deal instead of 3. KG has it in him for another great season but I don’t know 3 more. Will the 39 year old KG still average 20 and 10? Or will it be another Shaquille O’Neal case where you can see the old age in his game?

  48. ry says:

    3 more years giving illegal picks for his teammates…

  49. mr-plow says:

    Anyone who says 11m is too much to pay him look at Elton Brand. That scrub gets 18m a yr to do nothing!
    KG is the glue that keeps the celtic puzzle together. Nobody ever wants to let him down,he will be a great teacher/role model for Fab+Jared too!!!

  50. Reggie says:

    Kg deserves every penny of that contract. He will remain great till he retires. I’m not a celtics fan but I’m glad kg is back, hes one of my favorite players to watch cause he always gives it his all when he’s on th court.

  51. Andre says:

    Kevin Garnett’s contract is pretty friendly looking at what he could have been paid. He was getting paid 21M per year. This contract has him getting paid 11.3M per year… That’s less than Rajon Rondo’s “cap friendly” contract at about 12M per year. This gives the Celtics options in Free Agency to fill out the roster. #iamaceltic

  52. Bry says:

    Elated that the big ticket will be back, don’t necessarily love that 3 yrs deal would prefer 2yrs but at 11mil it’s ok.

  53. This is a great move for Celts,the coach is here for three years, kg the cornerstone is here for three years, ray will now stay, Paul and the rest will be healthy , the draft choices will be taught well (CELTIC STYLE) and add another Sharpe shooting
    two guard with some size, and one more small forward with some (TRUTH) qualities and here we come NO.18 and maybe NO.19, P.S. CELTIC FAN 4 LIFE. LARRY.

  54. Liogomez says:

    I dont understand why some are saying thats too much money for KG…. its 34 million for 3 years which means he’s gonna earn about 11 mill a year….. regardless his age this guy put up numbers like nobody else in his positions in the playoffs hes worth more thsn that still..and he defends.
    Compare the numbers
    1. Kobe Bryant LA Lakers
    2. Rashard Lewis Washington

    3. Tim Duncan San Antonio

    4. Kevin Garnett Boston
    $21,200,000 (with new contact is now 11 mill a year)

    5. Gilbert Arenas Orlando / Memphis
    6. Dirk Nowitzki Dallas
    7. Pau Gasol LA Lakers
    8. Carmelo Anthony New York

    9. Amare Stoudemire New York

    10. Joe Johnson Atlanta
    11. Dwight Howard Orlando
    12. Elton Brand Philadelphia
    13. Deron Williams Brooklyn
    14. Chris Paul LA Clippers
    15. Kevin Durant Oklahoma City

    16. LeBron James Miami
    17. Chris Bosh Miami
    18. Dwyane Wade Miami
    19. Paul Pierce Boston

  55. Ultimate VIP says:

    This is a brilliant move by Ainge to wrap up Garnett for less than market value. At the very least he could waive in year 2 or 3 and someone will no doubt claim so they can take money off the cap. Celtics are going to be strong again, but are going to have to fight off the young Raptors to win division.

  56. Jesse says:

    The Celtics have paid him too much butt im just glad that he is still playing for them… I am A huge Celtics fan.

  57. AlexN says:

    I’d of extended his contract until the same year Pierce’s ends, think that’s in 2 years, 11 million a year is better than 21, and if they resign Allen with the same kind of salary cut, he’d be on 5-6 million each year, so it seems a lot but it would generate a decent amount of space to sign at least a couple of players. Just hope that’s close to how it turns out

  58. beantownallday says:


  59. Celtics Girl says:

    Anyone who says that KG isn’t worth $34 million for three years is full of it. He has been playing for 17 years and gone hard for all 17 of them. His numbers speak for themselves, who else do you know at the age of 36 and in the NBA for 17years can put up 20 pts a game and grab at least 10 rbs?? Yeah okay point proven. As far as the money is concerned it’s a 3 year contract for $34 million…divide that by 3 and you have an average of about $11.3 million a year…not much different from what other stars make in the game such as Kobe.

    • Idoubtit says:

      About 1/2 of what Kobe makes, actually, and for a much more valuable player.

    • makeitwork says:

      yeah! Those idiot think the contract is 34m/yr. Or maybe they dont know how to compute in division.

  60. peewee says:

    This is great that KG is coming back because now he can expect what it will be like now in the playoffs and he can be ready to win Boston another Finals trophy

  61. me says:

    ddd I understand your part wisdom and faith but you are delusional if you think this will be a gain for KG or / and the Celtics..

  62. noodles99 says:

    How did Celtics sign KG if free agent signing period does not begin until july 11th?

    • Makeitwork says:

      correction. its july 1st. i dont know. correct me if im wrong. bec. KG is in the celtics thats why they can sign him. only they cant do is sign a player in the other team.

  63. LA says:

    As a laker fan, this is great news!

  64. me says:

    NOOO enough about this, it’s over I mean come on, just let this go. Next season starts in september and these oldies gonna have what, 2 months to rest and rehabilitate those injuries in a season that takes as long as six months and yet still they wanna keep going? Now I don’t have no problem with faith, I myself had faith in this team this year but unfortunately that is NOT enough. I hoped KG would be the big man in this and RESIGN but he chooses not to and that’s unfortunate because this team needs to break the big 3 up and bring in new talent so I believe this decision will be their downfall. Ray is also coming back no doubt, if KG n pierce is in then he is as well. Now I understand their value but what happens when they get injuries and that is guaranteed to happen, then what? They need to rebuild around new players because when the big 3 is all out of energy, is injured or whatsoever Rondo alone would not be able to hold it down. And it showed in that game against Heat where he cored 44 points and they still lost!….

  65. Bertus says:

    with or without Ray…Celtics all the way! KG is back and it’s great!

  66. Hornycheck says:

    Well, if hes numbers are still 15 p and 10 rb 2014/15 then its worth it. Absolutely legend.

  67. ddddd says:

    It is not about money. It is about pride and loyalty. KG has made enough money to last a long long time. However he is still ballin. Taking stock of the guy’s age and abilities the celtics were about right on there. I think too that the spurs will probably offer TD a similar contract. Very productive players with knowhow who’s minutes need to be managed appropriately due to wear and tear. Managing minutes appropriately helps aging veterans look like they drank from the fountain of youth. Doc and Pop are very good at managing minutes for their veterans. Spo and the Brooks simply got through by the virtue of their stars performances. Apples and oranges here in a way. Neither the spurs nor the celtics are at a point in which they can get through on their stars alone, which is why both teams have been trying to supplement the nucleus with younger players. I betcha every penny in my account that the nets would give their right legs at this point to get either one of these vets….. As long as Doc is in the house and there are no freak injuries, KG will average at least 15 and 10 for the rest of his career…. I will bank on that one.

  68. Celtic Fan says:


  69. Rony says:

    KG is the heart and soul of this team I would love to have him at age 45 thats how important he is to this team and a natural born leader.

  70. Shaun D says:

    People stop worrying about the years, he’ll probably just play two. And the money through the that time frame still keeps them under the salery cap. LETS GO NETT

  71. HeatfaninNY says:

    Celtics are preparing for the distant future not the next 2 years. Ray Allen to the Heat? Hell yeah!!!!!

  72. 802617 says:

    Well worth it, especially if we can find another big man able to spell him a bit more.

  73. Yave says:

    I respect KG and what he did in the playoffs is amazing.Even though I don’t like the Celtics I hope they win at least one more ring for him.

    • Ariel says:

      You call losing a 3-2 series lead to the Heat AMAZING.Had Lebron and KG switched places, lebron would of been crucified but KG get called AMAZING .. Celtics overpaid. they are limiting their salary cap to get a better bench

  74. marvinong says:

    This deal made me scratch my head too but I agree with the guy who said that KG seems to be there to be a mentor to the new guys coming in. Looking forward to good seasons with Sullinger and Fab Melo.

  75. Phaudy says:

    He worth even more! Look if Garnett decided to go to another team he’d get a near 20million for one year. You guys think if the could pay 15million for KG he wouldn’t do it?

  76. nick says:

    As if there’s anyone that’s more loved by the fans in the free agency to pick up. Smart move because it ensures that they keep another star in town with all the talk of Ray Allen leaving. Garnett’s STILL a beast, and even more so now that he has to calculate his moves instead of relying on the youthful athleticism he used to have.

  77. ccb says:

    I wish he had signed for a mid-level exception or something, that way we could sign good free agents and strengthen our roster. But good decision KG, welcome back home! TRUE Celtic indeed! Hope Ray comes back too..

  78. reprezentedmami says:

    3 yrs for $34 million? I’m sorry but that’s wishful thinking. That means he’ll be 39 years old… almost 40 when he’s done with his contract. That’s paying KG a lot of money and thinking as he gets “OLDER” he’s gonna get better. DUMB move!

  79. beantown says:

    kg is a loyal guy and only wanted to play under doc rivers if he was going to continue his career. we can and will beat the heat this year and next!!!

  80. renz_garnett says:

    they should get a potential center and shooting guard,, we all know ray allen will now go to bulls or heat totwin chamopionship.. garnett is about pride..

  81. Mohcel says:

    People are so ignorant. This move is to teach the younger forward/center to play ball. Good move Ainge.

    • Radu says:

      good point

    • Knixfan says:

      Good move I agree. Especially with Sullinger and Melo.
      KG will make sure those young guys go hard.

    • leopark says:

      I doubt Ainge would want to waste a few million dollars to teach other FW/C on other teams. In this CBA where the cap is pretty much a hard cap, this move will kill Celts’ flexibility to go after a few more guys. Even LBJ and DW only made 16M last year I think.

  82. yw0819 says:

    Reblogged this on yw0819 and commented:
    AND KG’s return instantly improve the future projection of Sullinger and Melo

  83. Mike Beez says:

    The final 2 years KG’s purpose will be to serve as a wax figure.. One who will mold both Fab Melo and Jared Sullinger into forces in the nba. Mike Beez knows best.

  84. jerry says:

    people look into age way to much…the guy just averaged 20 and 10 in the playoffs, hes a professional athlete with an unbelievable will to win..He’ll stay in shape…Good move by the Celtics.

    • dattebayo says:

      He put up 19.2 and 10.3 in the playoffs, so no “20 and 10”. Dirk scored more, but he played with 3 Centers and only got 6.3 rebounds. And James had 30.3 and 9.7, that’s no “30 and 10” either but its close.

      Beside all that, Garnett was amazing in the postseason and I am glad they could sign him again…

  85. Garrett says:

    Guys, you do realize he can retire if he wants at any time

  86. Kamote says:

    Love KG, but I wished Boston would’ve not gambled so much… as it was already known, if KG plays, it will be for the Celtics. They shouldve negotiated for a lower pirce (hey KG is already financially made, just wants another shot at the ring). The money wouldve been spent for better bench players or young stars to be developed. Boston still has a shot to winning the title, but sad to say, next year isnt about the Big 3 anymore.

  87. Tyler says:

    dude is a monster. he’ll retire after we win back to back chips in 13 and 14.

    • frank says:


      • dattebayo says:

        You two are funny. Sure, it’s a possibility, but really unlikely to me, because a repeat is really hard to pull off. They need to resign Allen, a better Center and someone who can score like Jeff Green was supposed to be. If they get all that together and stay healthy they will compete for it, no question. But the competition won’t sleep either.

        The Bulls will be back with Rose and since ACL injuries don’t seem to be career killers anymore, he will come back strong. Miami has just tasted what it truly means to be a champion and they will be hard to beat. Indiana has grown and they have a complete team, if they can hold on to Hibbert and Hill, they will be back for more. The Knicks finally have a working system defensively. Training camp might be a great way to come up with an improved offense to really utilize the frontcourt talent beside Melo. Since everybody always says the Western Conference is stronger than the East, I should probably not the Spurs, Thunder, …

      • makeitwork says:

        this sickening me. Bulls? Bulls is an overrated team. Indiana? Underrated. But they cant win. Knicks? If they good coach maybe and melo stop being selfish.

      • bygun says:

        guys… stop smoking!!!

      • dattebayo says:

        @makeitwork: you’re sickening me too…
        So this years Bulls, the best team in the league with the then reigning MVP is an overrated team? They lost Rose and Noah in the first series in the playoffs for good. Do you think the Celtics could have won a game against the Hawks without Rondo and Garnett? With Pierce and Allen getting nothing done on offense? No they would have lost the 1st Round and if Rose and Noah would have been healthy, they would have sent the Celtics fishing in Round 2. Indiana had a much better record than the Celtics, some would argue that makes them the better team.

        And I didn’t say nothing about the Celtics losing to either of those teams, I just said there will be competition and the Celtics will never pull off a repeat in the next 2 seasons.

      • makeitwork says:

        @dattebayo as expected you are overreacting. Did you watch series vs miami? Accept rose is an overrated and bulls is overrated team. You think PG can lift a team in playoff? Season is just a warm up for playoff. And you watch the 2011 ECF? Lok what happened. Rose is healthy. They have best record in the league. But they lost to miami. So you think your bulls and rose is not overrated? Ok, rose is mvp. But in 08 kobe is mvp and the celtics is the champ. And 09 and 10 lebum is mvp the LA is the champ. And you think all season mvp can be a champ and your team is a one man or two man team? This is not 1 man game this a team game dude. Just accept the fact. Im not lebum fan but a hater. Rose is too far from lebum. Just sleep and dream lebum will goto yuor chicago. Nd i will belive in you they will become a champ, maybe.

    • leopark says:

      Hard to see Celts win against Heat AND OKC but like your positiveness!

  88. Daniel says:

    Well its better than the $21 million they would of had to pay him this year if they didnt extend his contract….

  89. Kevin says:

    a contract that gets me is the potential off to d-will from the nets….100 mill for 5 years??? thats sickening!

  90. Kevin says:

    Not to totally disagree with you, but check his numbers….19ppg and 11rpg in this years playoffs????? then tell me he ain’t worth it!

  91. John says:

    got to be kidding, 3 years for only 34 mil? KG’s worth more than that, atthough he’s 36.

  92. I was expecting a 1 year deal not a 3 year one when the guy was contemplating retiring.

  93. Almin says:

    Respect this guy a lottt.. but a bit much

  94. Clayton says:

    3 years 34 million? The dude’s 36.. I love Garnett to death.. but… huh..?

    • James says:

      Agreed….this decision will soon backfire for the Celts.

      • helloo says:

        I disagree…. to my point…. please answer this question truthfully!! production-wise is KG still the top 5 PF or C in the league? He could play both those position (if the answer is YES in any of the two) The Boston got themself a bargain at only $11 mill per year (which will probably be $9 mill his first year,$11.5 his second, and $13.5 his last)… if he gets injured his second year, he may retire and void the contract! I mean players like that dont dip down in production unless injured! Good investment in a player with still alot to prove!!

      • Celtics Fan Forever says:

        It’s a win/win situation. KG is going to give everything he’s got no matter what. He’s proven age is not a determining factor and the younger players will continue to benefit from his experience, commitment, and matchless work ethic. KG is a professional. I’m going to buy a jersey! Go Celtics!!

    • Behrad says:

      u just said it right there…he’s 36 and putting up 20 and 10 numbers in the playoffs. He deserves the money

      • BATMAN says:

        Dude, Im a Garnett fan but this is a bit too much for Celtics. How can they recruit players who can contribute if they give garnett 34M for 3 years.

        i was expecting a shorter and lower deal.

      • RgR says:

        11 million a year ? Doesnt sound so bad to me, I believe he’s still more effective then people like Lamar Odom making 10 million a year

      • leopark says:

        Odom will get bought out of the contract soon! And he only made 9M, but 34M for 3YRS really is too much for this CBA

      • google dakidstripez says:

        Thats actually taking a paycut if you check his past contracts but 34 million only means his jersey will hang in the Garden forever and 3 years only means we want every drop of basketball he has left……


      • MinneLakers says:

        Dude I don’t like this deal.. Yes KG is worth the money but with the tight salary cap, he should have taken a smaller amount for his team. How are they gonna find good players to surround their vets if their vets take up all the cap space.. Next thing you know, Rondo will be asking for more money, Allen will be coming back with the same deal or a relatively lower one but still high for my standards and Pierce will get a raise (Although I think of all the Celts stars, Pierce will be the one to sacrifice some doe coz he’s the one who wants more championships among the big 4)…. I think this is a very bad move for the organization and for KG himself…..

    • Makeitwork says:

      helllloooo?!?! what can you say about kobe?

      • leopark says:

        The Lakers are already paying for their mistakes signing Kobe to that monstrous deal. They have no flexibilities whatsoever to go after all-stars that they need, have no money to pursue guys to improve their bench either.

      • illone says:


        The Lakers issue is not Kobe’s contract. He was 37(?) points from being the Scoring leader last year, and he didn’t play the last game. The Lakers problems are:
        * Ron Artest not playing anywhere near his contract
        * Matt Barns not playing anywhere near where he should
        * Steve Blake just not playing, but getting paid
        * Bynum not playing consistent enough.

        Of this group, the only one I’d definately bring back is Bynum. And if PG prospects are looking bleak, then Blake.
        Pau is playing as well has I think he can play, which is pretty good.

    • dattebayo says:

      Considering Kobe gets almost as much as that for one season (coming up at 27.8 and 30.4 in the next two seasons) , how can you say Garnett ain’t worth it. Did you expect him to sign for the veteran minimum, seriously? I mean he was arguably the best PF in the playoffs despite his age (maybe second to Dirk, but Dirk didn’t get as far as KG).

      I am glad they signed him and the way he keeps his body in shape, there probably won’t be any severe injuries that could limit him. Celtic fans should be glad he is back for 3 more runs. If Ainge can get 1-2 roleplayers and Pierce and Allen come back healthy, they will be a force to be reckoned with.

      I am looking forward to 4 Celtic-Miami and 4 Celtic-Bulls games 😀