The End Of The Road For KG? … No!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — None of this was guaranteed.

Not one second of the past 17 seasons was a lock for Kevin Garnett.

Maybe that’s why he’s always played with that unrelenting fury, that snarl on his face and that chip the size of a boulder on both shoulders.

It all makes sense when you trace Garnett’s steps from his hometown in South Carolina to his stint at Chicago’s Farragut Academy alongside Windy City hoops legend Ronnie Fields and then into superstardom in the NBA.

The Hall of Fame beckons. But no one was sure how the experiment that was KG would work out when he bucked the system as a high school senior and became the first prep star in two decades to forego his college eligibility and declare for the NBA Draft.

Being just a couple of years older than Garnett myself, I remember thinking he must have been an absolute lunatic for thinking he could do something like that. Deep down,  I was rooting for him to succeed. And not so see him start a movement, which came in the wake of his decision, but because he played with the sort of heart and unbridled passion that those of us who love the game unconditionally have always admired and respected.

That’s why this morning marks a strange mood here at the hideout. The  prospect of Garnett retiring — he’s a free agent at midnight, but Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports is reporting that the Celtics and Garnett have agreed to a three-year, $34 million extension), gave us pause.

If this was indeed the end of the road for KG, if he was done playing the game the way only he can, it would have been the end of an era. Sure, Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady, Dwight Howard and all of the others high school stars who followed Garnett’s lead directly into the NBA will go on, some longer than others.

But KG is the OG of the movement, the trendsetter and the man whose courage when was still just a teenager, changed the game. It wouldn’t have been easy watching him walk away from the game right now. His high school buddy Fields serves as a constant reminder of the thin line between KG becoming a legendary figure in the game instead of a sad footnote in the history of the game.

There was a definitive shock to the system when Garnett burst onto the NBA scene. Purists swore his skinny frame and raw game wouldn’t last, that he’d be lucky to survive his first season. So for him to go on to define his for his era and beyond, along with Tim Duncan, of course,  is rather remarkable.

His tireless work ethic and outright refusal to fail served as inspiration for many of the high schoolers who followed in his footsteps. They’ve talked about it for years in locker rooms around the league. You only wish it had done the same for more of them.

Watching Garnett finish this season with the Celtics convinced me that retirement shouldn’t even be an option. He still has the chops to play at an extremely high level. He’s still a factor in this league, should he choose to crank it back up for another year.

But I’m sure Garnett took a look at this most recent Draft class, saw kids half his age walk across that stage and shake hands with NBA Commissioner David Stern the same way he did all those years ago, and felt the footsteps of Father Time closing in on him. He knows that this is a young man’s game, that every player, including the all-time greats, have an expiration date.

If he’d made the call to hang it up today, how can you, Celtics’ boss Danny Ainge, coach Doc Rivers, the city of Boston or anyone else on the planet do anything but respect his decision and applaud him for a job well done?

None of this was guaranteed anyway, not one second of the past 17 seasons was a lock for Garnett. And yet he’s given every ounce of his energy to the game for 17 seasons.

It’s good that we haven’t seen the last of him in a NBA uniform, a Celtics uniform.

But make no mistake, when he does decide to hang it up, he’s earned the right to go out on his own terms!


  1. KOBEshigawa says:

    Overall, it’s a good deal for KG. He was unreal this year, and the C’s are poised to contend next year, so they had to resign him. But 3 years, 34 mil is a lot for a guy who spent the two seasons before this very hurt. This deal was more than anyone else would have offered, for sure. Wrote a bit more here:

  2. thetai says:

    I’m a huge garnett fan.You and Jordan are the reasons why i learn to love the game called basketball!!…ONE MORE RING FOR THE CELTICS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. thetai says:

    KG is still the man…Lets go CELTICS!!!!

  4. Karlo Garcia says:

    KG is commin back! Watch this space.

  5. David says:

    Still the best defensive player in the NBA.

  6. Lol let this losers gooo he’s the biggest trash talking dirty cheap shoots crybaby in the nba.
    To all yo he ain’t winning jack shiiiiiiiittttt anymore so get over yourself. We can crown him the biggest cheap shot n trash talking player in the world.

  7. Kevin Garnett says:

    How dare some of you in this comments section call me greedy? I’m not greedy, I just like financial security. Plus, I have monetary obligations to many charities.

  8. ttfm says:

    A a Celtic fan for more than 60 years, I’m excited to see Mr. Garnett returning. Also, I really hope RayRay comes back -the poor shooting at the end was, of course, from the bad ankle. Be well, Mr. Allen, and GO CELTICS

  9. Dom says:


  10. Bersem says:

    Should sign with the Spurs : with Duncan and Rookie Leonard San Antonio would have a tremendous defensive line ! And i’m almost sure the Spurs would get the title in 2013 ! 😉
    Greetings from Belgium

  11. donn says:

    remember KG brings the celtics in the east finals..

  12. Rodel says:

    KG registered respectable numbers, he still has it.

  13. donn says:

    KG will be back in green..let do this one more time…

  14. Willy says:

    Can they make it to the finals without KG or Ray Allen? No! Lucky to have him back. Spurs Fan!

  15. Sadaght Ibn Ciese says:

    KG has done very well for the game and should be recomended. He is a top player, bravoo man, active play at top level for 17 yrs is not a small thing. KG is still a top player so i don’t think retirement should be an issue cos, he has the power to play at top level agian.

  16. marvz says:

    KG had an all at star performance in the playoff. He’s the best power forward on the playoff

  17. jayson says:

    KG back in the house, sounds great!

  18. makeitwork says:

    1 or 2 years, is chasing for another ring. The remaining year/s will be mentoring those big man.

  19. rondo-beast says:

    kg is coming back im excited

  20. Tim Duncan says:

    Come to San Antonio my Man !

    You and Me together in the middle, Left and Right? Now that would be a great 1, 2 PUNCH.!!


  21. Tim Duncan says:

    Come to San Antonio my Man !

    You and Me together in the middle, Left and Right? Now that would be a great 1, 2 PUNCH.


  22. MIKE says:

    AWESOME!!!! next step is to grab Ersan Ilyasova!!!

  23. Frankie says:

    i see 1 more ring in that 3 year deal

  24. BIGTICKET says:

    thanks KG. Now i knew that i will continue to watch the Celtics for 3 more years.

  25. gerald29 says:

    heat dont care!

  26. celtics!! says:

    The only way the celts can get back to where they were this year is if KG comes back

  27. R M says:

    I will be so, so happy if that Yahoo article is right. The C’s took the Heat to Game 7 with Pierce off his game, Allen almost non-existent, and extremely poor bench production. I really think they have a shot at it all if he comes back and they keep him at Center.

  28. MPceltics says:

    Kg is the best to play the game, one more season. For the 18th banner!

  29. You`re the best around, nothings ever gonna keep you down!

    Unless you retire 😦 😦 😦 2004 MVP

    Age = Experience

    Big Swedish Fan 🙂

  30. MIami Fan says:

    Rey Allen Wellcome yo Miami My Friend

  31. Alon says:

    He is an evidence of hard work and commitment, a true super-star player.

  32. Ralph says:

    Ummm did you guys forget what happened the last time they called him “OLD” ??!

  33. Tobi says:

    No way! Playing the right amount of minutes, KG can play for another season or so and make one more push for a ring

  34. Cedric says:

    KG 3 more years 0 rings

  35. Kevin Garnett says:

    i just signed a 34million for 3 more years to play for Beantown, i hope Ray will follow suit.

  36. saverios321 says:


  37. Jose says:

    KG signed a 3 year deal with the celtics so kg x 3 more

  38. Westbrook says:

    Please go to the Lakers!

  39. willie says:

    kg is greedy, all the team that wants him has to do is pay him a multi-million contract and he’s back…. it’s all about the money and blings for KG 🙂 …. he’ll be back

  40. Bruno says:

    If he truly returns he’ll be a great teacher for Fab Melo

  41. Danny Boy says:

    KG really is a warrior. He had a decent enough regular season, and put it one hell of an impressive playoff run. I’ve been a fan for ages, and seeing him still able to perform at this high level is really a treat. I’m not sure if he has three years left in him… but with the right conditioning, and if he can stay healthy, and if they utilize his minutes intelligently and shrewdly, you kinow what? I think he could do it! Well, we’re all going to get a chance to see – go KG!

  42. dwynn says:

    KG is a Sore Looooooosssssseeeeeerrrrrrrrr just like his Buddy Rondo!!!!

    • hugs85 says:

      what are you talking about sore loser? how?? and to include rondo in that comment as well???

  43. kit says:

    go to miami and sign for 5 years …heat dynasty . nyahahahaha

  44. Lazz says:

    I’m no Celtic fan, but KG is one hell of a player, retire? Madness. Play on!

  45. Krisha_celts says:

    OMG ! thankyou guys for the cmment. thank God Kg’s coming. Now it’s time for the true fight. LET”S GO CELTICS !

  46. Cedric says:

    KG is the second best behind Tim Duncan Go Spurs for life stayed with one team. Go Spurs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Krisha_celts says:

    please KG ! NOOOOOOO ! i’d really cry. the way you played , there’s no reason to stop. as a huge fan of celtics and as a KG lover. its just two letters Kg say “NO” . ❤

  48. Almin says:

    He can really help out Sullinger, and he has at least 2 more years in him…..

  49. Ed Monton says:

    Kevin Garnett is staying with the Celtics. The Herald has learned this morning that Garnett has informed the club he will be back.

    The 36-year-old considered retirement, but ultimately decided to return for an 18th NBA season — and more.

    According to an NBA source and a source close to Garnett, the sides are working out the details of a deal that will be for at least two years and could possibly include a third.

    “The decision came down to whether KG wanted to keep playing,” said one source. “And once he decided that he did, it was going to be Boston. He wasn’t going to leave Doc (River) and those guys and play anywhere else.”

    Concerns about the mileage on his body were alleviated when Garnett’s numbers improved dramatically during these last playoffs and indeed down the stretch of the regular season. The increases roughly coincided with his move from power forward to center, where he was able outmaneuver bigger centers and pull them out to the perimeter while taking smaller opponents inside and scoring over them.

    “Kevin was absolutely great this season, and he just wants to keep going,” said a source. “And when you look at how he was playing, there’s no reason for him to stop.”

    Yahoo’s Marc Spears reports the deal is three years, $34 million.

  50. Henrik Jensen says:

    I have followed that kid for more than 13 years, but i am from denmark, so i newer before had the chance to see him play live, i will go to USA, to Boston, or anywhere to see him next year, if he decides to stay, i really really hope that the man from Yahoo is right…

  51. Cepos says:

    He’s greed. 17 years of money making yet only one ring.. For sure he will not sign if the offer is less than 10 million annually. Greedy people will easily be bankrupt.

    • Makeitwork says:

      Yeah, maybe. but that time money is all the interest who is coming in nba. BUT, when the BIG3 happen all all star player wants a ring now.

      • Makeitwork says:

        and I think that is not greediness. because he lift the minny in his career there. but he cant get a sidekick that can help him. not like TD.

  52. Mardie says:

    KG a real warrior. props to you, but hmm not yet juz one more year pls! :>

  53. kobelover says:

    KG a real warrior. One more year!

  54. Rem says:

    KG still got some fuel in the tank. Sign with teams that have young players, he still got the fire and the intensity that will rub off on the youngsters. He still got game. Chicago maybe, or Oklahoma. after that loss to Miami. They need players that have a lot of experience. KG’s got experience, AND he still has game.

  55. someguyinsac says:

    Rumor has it that KG is returning to play for the Celtics for possibly 3 more years. Yes!

  56. super KG fans says:

    one more year pls KG
    i believe you must get the ring again

  57. Jonah says:

    There are 2 options for the C’s ,,KG can still play as PF / C at less minutes so that he can guide the young players in Boston (JaJuan Johnson and Fab Melo.. or he can be a full time trainer of those 2 big guys,Im sure it would be a big help to improve the skills Johnson and Melo.

  58. andie says:

    KG is coming back!!! Let’s Go Celtics!

  59. fly says:

    Kg is coming back on a 3-year 34 million contract! Cap space Galore! banner 18!

  60. JD says:

    He is about to sign a 3 year deal… Bad timing for this article LMAO

  61. Tom says:

    One last year in Minnesota, for the old times! 😀 It will be beautiful, and the team really needs some veteran to lead the way!

  62. Nathan says:

    lol KG actualy just finished agreeing to a 3 Year 34 million dollar deal!

  63. Uhrambuhroo says:

    NOT HAPPENING!!!! Marc J. Spears ‏@SpearsNBAYahoo
    Celtics to re-sign forward Kevin Garnett to a three-year, $34 million deal, sources tell Yahoo! Sports.

  64. Melski says:

    surreal to think of a league without KG… will feel a sense of loss if he leaves, while wishing him the best in everything in the world!

  65. M-MAN says:

    I have to say that i really do want garnet to stay but if he doesn’t we ALL have to respect his dicision

  66. QuestionMark says:

    I seriously would consider playing for OKC if I was KG, and OKC needs to trade Perkins, KG can give them the edge on toughness and unlike Perkins or Ibaka, KG can put up 15 and 10 every night, OKC needs inside scoring and defense, KG will give you that. KG has the best chance to win another ring with OKC before he retires, I would say Miami, but Miami has Bosh inside and there is no need for KG, Heat should be looking for Ray Allen or Nash instead.

  67. akira sendo7 says:

    KG please! one more run! . . .

  68. mike says:

    go to chicago

  69. cris says:

    play in miami…

    • LeCHOKE says:

      Are you dumb? or are you dumb. Chris bosh will becoming from the bench. HUEHUEHUE

      • uoykcuf says:

        Are you dumb as well? Or you are dumb? Bosh can play Center! He played C/PF in Toronto. Also, Bosh as a sixth man is a good idea IMO. Well, not that KG will go to Miami anyway. Too much pride!

  70. andie says:

    KG not yet not yet!!!!!!!!! One more year!

  71. stephen says:

    KG was the best power forward in the playoffs this year. Can’t believe he’s considering retirement.

  72. DANITo says:

    he have no reason to retire he still average 15 and 10. who can give u that beside maybe 7 other players in the league

  73. Kyle says:

    As a celtic fan, for the love of god don’t play for other team. 2013 banner 18 let’s do this.

  74. chris says:

    KG, one more season please!!