Bosh Out Of Olympics With Injury

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — LeBron James will be the only member of the championship Miami Heat Big 3 chasing a gold medal this summer.

Add Heat forward Chris Bosh to the growing list of stars who will not be making the trip to London next month for the Olympics. That leaves just 16 players in the pool for the 12 spots on the team that will compete in London:

Bosh is the second Heat player in the past three days to pull out of the competition because of injury. Dwyane Wade needs knee surgery and will miss six to eight weeks.

Losing Bosh, however, thins the big man ranks for considerably, given that both Dwight Howard and LaMarcus Aldridge are already out of the player pool with injuries. Derrick Rose and Chauncey Billups are also out with injuries.

Doctors recommended that Bosh not participate for fear that he would re-aggravate the abdominal strain that cost him nine games during the Heat’s playoff run before he returned in the Eastern Conference finals.

“He’ll be missed, but we have to move on,” USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo said in a statement. “We’ve taken four bullets with the injuries to Rose, (Dwight) Howard, (Dwyane) Wade and now (Chris) Bosh and it will now be a testimony to the infrastructure we put in with the national team roster. I feel very confident about our roster going forward.

“Adversity gives people opportunity, and guess what? It’s going to open up a couple of roster positions,” added Colangelo.

The 16 finalists will assemble July 5 in Las Vegas for the start of the USA National Team training. The 12-man roster will be announced after the team’s practice on July 7.


  1. Oh No! Rondo nowhere?

  2. kpow says:

    You know what this means…. Flight 9 is cleared for landing.
    Andre Iguodala is goin to London baby!

  3. BEAST says:

    kg has been a beast why isnt he in the usa team?

  4. JustOMatic! says:

    They should throw Garnett in the mix on this team… He would surely liven things up. The guy can still hoop! You need his intensity and he can grab boards unlike Blake when you put a body on him.. You always need a motivator like that on team. That would cap his career… He’s getting no more rings. Add Davis and D.Will to that mix along with love and Chandler and they’ll be alright..

    • Go Raptors says:

      This will never happen, Although I would love to see it! IT may be the only thing he can ever win ever again on the big stage particularly because he’s never gonna win again playing for the C’s.

  5. tenby says:






    Davies and Igoudala

    • NBAFAN1337 says:

      I like you called everyone by their last name and then called Lebron James “Lebron”

  6. HEAT says:

    As much as I hate rondo and think he’s just a little bitch who complains alot he needs to be in the PG spot for this team.
    PG Rondo
    SG Kobe
    SF Durant
    PF LeBron
    C Chandler
    LeBron and Durant are obviously reversable but I think LeBron would benefit from PF more as he palyed it most in the playoffs and Durant is a better perimeter shooter

  7. BEAST says:


  8. MaFox says:

    Choosing the PGs is gonna be toughhhhhh, i wouldnt choose westbrook though

  9. dattebayo says:

    With Howard, Bosh and Aldridge out, there is a lack of size at Center and PF, so coach K might have to adjust with personnel a little. If they want to commit to playing in London I would take:

    PG: Paul, Rondo, Williams
    SG: Westbrook, Bryant, Harden
    SF: Iguodala, Anthony, Gay
    PF: Durant, James, Griffin
    C: Love, Chandler

    I am not a Blake Griffin fan, but if he is healthy he will have a spot on the roster, due to the lack of Big Men. Love has played at Center at times, so he should be comfortable there. It also puts him in perfect position to outrebound the opposing team. James and Durant are big enough to play PF, they will need to be doubled on every low postup.

  10. kswizzle says:

    my us team

    deron williams
    kobe bryant
    lebron james
    kevin durant
    tyson chandler

    chris paul
    rudy gay
    carmelo anthony
    blake griffin
    kevin love

    anthony davis
    russel westbrook

    what’s yours???

    • Actually I think youre team is fascinating, especially with Anthony Davis on the outside looking in and more than prepared to just do some fundamentally sound–respectable play amongst the guys who’ve paid their dues, in addition to showing some skills of his own. Kevin Love also on the outside looking in is an excellent ready to go player. However. Is my imagination or is Tim Duncan only programmed for San Antonio’s program and is not the great that he has been made out to be….other wise, shouln’t his name or unselfish rebounder Marcus Camby have been there somewhere?

  11. underdog says:

    Healthy or not, Bosh isn’t needed in that squad. Lebron is at his best when playing at PF. Love is more than capable in holding that position off the bench. Carmelo and Durant also plays well offensively when at PF. Anthony Davis would be more useful than Bosh in that squad, Team USA should get him.

  12. France point guard says:

    That’s good news for our team,

    US Team, won’t be able to dominate without Howard, Wade and Rose. It was this 3 that had a major impact against us.
    We have seen it already,

    Howard’s interior presence made it hard for us to penetrate and made us rely only on our 3’s while Wade who is coming of the bench simply dominated and just unstoppable….he ran over us once he is on the court. His defense is also so tight and hard.

    This will be our time and other international team to turn back the tables. as well as SPAIN, GREECE, LITHUANIA,etc

  13. 6&3>35&0 says:

    We still winnin gold anyway

    • dude says:

      I rlly like your username haha, so true! Dwade and Lebron are better than KD and westbrick

    • dattebayo says:

      Spain: Gasol, Gasol, Ibaka, Calderon, Navarro, Fernandez

      France: Parker, Noah, Diaw, Pietrus, Beaubois, Batum

      USA without Wade, Howard, Bosh, Rose, Billups, Aldridge

      Lets put bubblewrap on Chandler and Love, so there will be at least 2 great players at Center and PF available for the US team…

      • PortugueseNBAfan says:

        What about Hibbert? As a Knicks fan, I actually would like to see the work load distributed between those two. And besides, Hibbert played really well in the Miami series. And you still have Bynum left. If he gets his act together like in the last Lakers games, I think team USA is pretty secure at the 5

  14. jone says:

    first to comment.. its very unfortunate that a lot of good players go to injury and unable to play for the Olympic game this summer.. It would nice to see d-rose, d-wade, kobe, KD, lebron, BOSH, d-howard. cris paul and blake griffin play together for team USA they will surely dominate and play with fun and beautiful highlights.. sad to know 4 of them will miss this game.. hope after 2years they can still play together to the highest level of their games..