Knee Surgery, No Olympics For Wade?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The team representing the United States in the Olympics next month in London could significantly different from the team most of us expected to take make the trip.

With Dwyane Wade‘s announcement today that he’ll have knee surgery and be out of commission for six to eight weeks, that knocks another player off of USA Basketball’s master list of stars available for the competition:

“I’ve decided to listen to my doctors and get the procedure I need on my knee,” Wade told The Associated Press on Thursday. “USA Basketball said I had to do what was best for me. They want me to be obviously as healthy as possible so I can continue to play this game at a high level. They were very supportive and told me if I ever want to come around the team, I’m welcome and that I’m part of the family.”

Wade and his doctors are in the process of scheduling the surgery. Wade has been told it will be basically a “cleanup” procedure and should have him on crutches for only about a day afterward.

If all goes according to plan, Wade will be ready for the start of training camp with the Heat this fall.

“That’s the way we laid it out,” Wade said. “Hopefully nothing changes. … I don’t think it’s going to limit me too much.”

Wade’s first obligation, of course, is to the Miami Heat. So him missing the Olympics to get himself ready for the Heat’s title defense next season is a decision no one can argue with.

But his absence, along with that of Dwight Howard, and potentially others, have to rank as the stiffest blows to a player pool that seems to be shrinking as the competition draws near. There are just 17 players vying for 12 spots on the team that will compete in London.

The original pool of players to choose from was 20. But after injuries to Los Angeles Clippers guard Chauncey Billups, Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose, Portland Trail Blazers forward LaMarcus Aldridge and Howard.

Thunder guard James Harden and projected No. 1 pick in tonight’s NBA Draft Anthony Davis were added to the player pool earlier this month.

Still, Wade was the leading scorer on the team that won gold in Beijing and Howard was the interior centerpiece of that team.  Competing without both of them, as well as Rose and Billups, makes things a little more interesting for the home team and the rest of the field, as well.


  1. knicks fan says:


    • billy says:

      lol he can’t even save the knicks how the hell could he save team USA he is a great scorer but it doesn’t mean he is a winner

  2. Bayo-ok says:

    This will be the last time team USA could use franchise players in the NBA. What a bummer for Wade.

  3. tas says:

    team usa will still dominate the tournament.. only spain seems like a small threat.

    but you almost can’t lose if you got LeBron, KD, Kobe and CP3 on your team.. not to mention all the other great players.

  4. cool knicks fan says:

    We’ll still win without Wade, Howard, and D.Rose(Billups wuldn’t have made the team anyway). But it won’t be as easy. But LeBron, Durant, CP3, ‘Melo,etc. will still get us the gold.

  5. allaroundballer says:


  6. jone says:

    nice decision for wade.. and i know after his surgery, next season he will dominate again.. and the heat will be more hardly to beat.. Godbless you Dwade,,

  7. RONDO says:


  8. mr-plow says:

    Lebron just won that 2nd ring for you you punk,least you could do is thank the fans and play for your country!

  9. Elden says:

    Neither KG nor Rondo is on the USA Olympic team, but since Bosh and Wade are not going, maybe they will put these two players on the roster–at least, Rondo. How did Odom get selected? He hasn’t played in months!

  10. Dennis - Bulls Fan says:

    Lucky for spain 2006, in the World Championship, Greece knocked out the team of all stars NBA players such as Melo, LebROn James, Wade, Howard etc.. Were just too good. BUt they still dont get the credit they deserve. We are talking about some predominantly normal but fit people with regular athletisim for their age (up against these freaks in the NBA) – and Greece beat em? That you have to acknowledge is crazy. Imagine your high school team was playing the dream team that has all the praise before they have even won, its a game for the gold medal chance – and you beat them. Nothing they can do can stop you? Lucky? Yeah right, these werent NBA rookies. These were some of the best of best from the NBA – the all stars.

    So its not some sort of domination everyone in the states like to think it is. Spain also challenge very well. Turkey too. I think Germany and France are good cause of Nowitzki and Parker, but Greece is good because of its regular league players, and thats a big difference. I respect Turkey and Spain though. Those clubs can ball.

  11. Yeahhh says:

    yeah thanks to him, but you play well to.

  12. J.T. says:

    Yeah… Just in 2008 against Spain. The best team ever against Spain and… USA national team felt fear… D-League is worse than most of european leagues… 😉

    • cool knicks fan says:

      The best team ever is the ’92 Dream Team. Plus, where did you get the fact that they felt fear?

  13. Isaac says:

    IS everyone forgeting theres still lebron kd rondo kg cris paul blake griffen we use those guys

  14. dattebayo says:

    No Howard, no Billups, no Wade, no Rose, no Parker, no Rubio. Lets hope at least some players are healthy and decide to play in the Olympics otherwise there will be no good games to watch until October 😦

  15. LazyBalls says:

    Our D-Leaguers could win gold…US still gats this!

  16. Belizeboy says:

    I think he’s making the right decision.

    Also will US fans be upset that we have all those stars on our team? Isn’t that taking the easy way to a gold medal? Hypocrites.

  17. WADE is the BEST! says:

    That’s a great decision from WADE to put his Health first. He has already proven his capabilities by leading the US team and winning the Gold medal last 2008. He has nothing to prove.

    I admire his heart and determination from playing through pain in playoffs and Finals. And I’m sure he’ll be back quicker and stronger next season and finally dominate again as he used to and reclaim his “Main Man” status in the Miami Heat.

    Again Good Luck, good health and God Bless to D-Wade. You’re the Best……Maybe It’s better that you don’t join the Olympics so you won’t be able to punish our National team when we met the USA, because you are so dominating, haha.

    Greetings from Greece .!!

    Ruskiou Pampalopous

  18. hes already won a gold medal, 2 championships, one NBA Finals MVP…i think hell be aight if he skips this summer..but what a crazy season!

  19. LordP says:

    Man I was pretty sure that the lion were playing through the pain during these finals…this to shut down all those haters saying that he past his prime and other sh###…Sekou you’re one of them!!As a huge Miami fan and D-wade FAN we enjoy the title and we wish the homie to come back stronger!!Respect..

    • Greed says:

      this due is a liar. He hinted last season that he didn’t want to play for free. It’s greed and he never cares about his country. Oh well, I aint mad at the boi because he actually eliminates himself from my USA bball roster. I’m glad another well deserved player will be able to participate in the olympics to represent USA.

  20. Agudo says:

    True. Basketball is one of the few sports where an Olympic gold medal is not the pinnacle of the game. I’m sure most NBA players would consider an NBA Championship more of an achievement than a gold medal, but to represent your country is something else all together. Wade has been there done that on both counts, so hopefully he can get what needs to be done on his knee done and rest up and be ready for training camp in the fall.

  21. me says:

    lol he just doesn’t wanna play in that wack shyt…they’ll prolly lose to some international team anyway, even tho everyone gonna expect them to win. But that only makes sense seeing as they’ve played for what 4 months and haven’t gotten a decent break and now they are being asked to play some more, when next season is just in Septemeber.

    • Filipino Idiot says:

      Next season is on September? What did I miss?

    • cool knicks fan says:

      You’re an idiot. Team USA won’t lose. In fact, they’ll blow out every team. Stop hating on the U.S.A, you’re jus jealous.