Smith-For-Gasol Rumors Rise Again

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The Josh Smith for Pau Gasol trade rumors are apparently on again on the eve of the NBA Draft, per The Los Angeles Times.

Rekindling a rumors that began some 18 months ago, the Times is reporting that the Hawks “aggressively tried to trade” Smith for Gasol after the Lakers were eliminated by the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference semifinals.

Smith worked out last summer in Los Angeles, when the rumors bubbled up again during the lockout. This is another twist for two players who seem to always find themselves in the middle of trade rumors in recent months and years.

From all indications, it sounds like the Lakers are openly shopping Gasol one way or another, same as they were at the start  of the 2011-12 season, with Smith potentially being their desired target:

In separate activity leading up to Thursday’s amateur draft, the Lakers are also open to trading Gasol to a team with a high first-round pick because they covet Kentucky freshman Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Atlanta holds the 23rd pick and cannot help in that area.

No deals were imminent for the Lakers, who hold only the 60th and final pick in the draft. They have not had a first-round pick since taking Javaris Crittenton in 2007.

Last season, Smith averaged career-highs in points (18.8) and rebounds (9.6) for the Hawks. He is only 26, five years younger than Gasol.

If the Lakers struck a deal with Atlanta, they would lose the height advantage that made them one of the longest teams in the NBA — Smith is 6 feet 9, three inches shorter than Gasol — but would instantly become more athletic.

Smith is an incredibly active defender and has career averages of 1.3 steals and 2.2 blocked shots. Two years ago, he became the youngest player ever with 1,000 career blocked shots.

He has one more year on his contract for $13.2 million and becomes an unrestricted free agent in June 2013 unless he signs an extension. The Lakers would also benefit financially from a deal involving the two players: Gasol has two more years and $38.3 million on his contract. It is unclear which player would accompany Smith to the Lakers in such a scenario.

The Hawks have an interesting draft-night dynamic to work through with outgoing general manager Rick Sund and his replacement, Danny Ferry, both expected to be in the Hawks’ war room Thursday night.

Sund was well aware of Smith’s trade demand of over a year ago and the Hawks never acted on it. So there is little reason to believe that Ferry will do anything three days into his tenure.

For a player who was supposedly unhappy with the Hawks, Smith put together his finest professional season in his eighth year in the league. In addition to his career highs in points and rebounds, Smith also averaged 3.9 assists, 1.7 blocks and 1.4 steals. He finished the playoffs as the league leader in rebounds (13.6) and the Hawks’ leader in assists (4.8).

Gasol’s stock has dipped in the eyes of many with back-to-back playoff outings that saw him struggle mightily, last year in a sweep at the hands of the eventual champion Dallas Mavericks and this season in that series against the eventual Western Conference champion Thunder.

Strangely enough, both Gasol and Smith were drafted by the Hawks. Gasol was third pick in the 2001 Draft and was traded to the Grizzlies, while Smith was the 17th pick in the 2004 draft by the hometown Hawks.

They would rank, technically, as two of the Hawks’ three best draft picks (along with Al Horford, No. 3 in 2007) of the past 11 years.


  1. yea jason terry to the heat

  2. LAL4Life says:

    Okay I’m a Laker fan too, but you all are crazy. Nash, Howard???? Why would you even want Howard over Bynum??? If theres anything you all should be worried about it should be getting rid of Metta World Peace, besides his defense his game is useless, and he brings nothing but negativity. I suggest this.

    PG-Ramon Sessions
    SG- Kobe Bryant
    SF-Andre Iguodala
    PF- Josh Smith
    C- Andrew Bynum

  3. EZfoRPREZ says:

    i say, trade smith to the nets, Accure Kris , marshon brooks, and give us josh smith, Then we can trade brook lopez for Dwight. . . and then. BROOKLYN WILL BE THE SPOT! otherwise, in a fair good trade, For my NYK fans, Trade amare for josh smith…will benifit both players great!

  4. rigor says:

    i think the Lakers desperately needs some major changes on their roster,but it doesn’t mean,they can compete against younger teams in the west, yes Kobe can score more than 20 pts or 30 pts,but he’s not getting younger, Bynum, lack of consistency along side MWP,Sessions is just a average point guard and the bench is not productive, and i dont think is there any stars wants to join Kobe on the same team, and if Kobe will do,on what Dwayne Wade did on Miami,maybe it will be better on the Lakers

  5. lebronheat says:

    all the heat haters cant even give the heat credit for how good lbj was and the heat to win a championship noone cant say he chokes if u do your a dumb***. than someone will say its was because he teamed up with wade and bosh. i mean seriously people are so dumb. Think about it of kobe or durant were to be drafted by the cavs do u really think they would stay there whole career? the cavs cant even afford a another all star to play with him and seriously who would want to even go to cleveland and take their talents to cleveland. Face it nba fans hes the best in the game..hes going to win multible championships and people cant admitt it. Look at jordan he didnt win a ring until he was 28 and lebron is 27 winning one. another reason why lebron haters are dumb, they heard him say not 5 not 6 not 7…he said at the end IF he never guaranteed it and he had the heat crowd going. Bottom line Heat are the defending world champs and they much deserved it go heattt

  6. lebronheat says:

    at boomboomboom: whatever your name is… who choked this year? yea thats right not the HEAT. LBJ the MVP was the most clutch player in the playoffs along with wade and now the heat have the momentum for number 2!

  7. lebronheat says:

    No matter if this trade happens…the miami heat will STILL be the BEST team in the NBA. i mean who can think of another team who can beat the thunder in 5 games in the playoffs only the heat could and the lakers lost in 5 games to the thunder hahah. literally who cares about this trade pau gasol is an old man GO HEAT!!!!!

  8. vanz says:

    WHAT!!!! JOSH SMITH to PAU GASOL!!!!!!!! bad move for LA

  9. also just saying the magic would never trade dwight for bynum they lakers would have to add someone else.

  10. dont not trade josh smith for pau gasol if you do that it is a stupid move by the hawks you would be trading a younger better player for a older worn out player and unless they added another young player to the trade like pau gasol and josh mcroberts then do not trade J-SMOOVE !

  11. Westbrook is amazing says:

    Don’t trade JSMith for Gasol, it’s not fair…..JSmith is younger and more athletic while Gasol is already worn out. Lakers will only get the better end of the deal.

    The best thing to do is ask your Ok but inefficient guard, Kobe “Ballhog” Bryant to have a pay-cut and sacrifice for the sake of the team, That’s the only way they will have more room in their salary cap and be able to afford big time draft picks and free agent’s. The problem is, Black Mamba is a selfish, attention seeker, prima-donna, “shoot a lot-brick shots just to get 30 or 40 points”, overrated “hey gimme the ball” ballhog.

    He needs to get off his high horse coz he’s old and almost worthless already. Unless he takes 40 plus field goals attempts a night. He won’t even reach the 20 points per game average. OKC will just ran over Lakers for the coming years because they are younger, fresher and more athletic. Kobe is already DONE and worned out.

    OKC owns LAKERS. that’s a FACT!

    • Ifyoujustplayball says:

      ……..beat a team ONCE in the playoffs and you think you ‘own’ them………. lol………. you barely made the finals …….good luck next year when you will have a target on your back !!

  12. boombooroomboomboom says:

    to all HEAT FAN in this BLOG with ALL your mockering words for LA? Will have to see the results next june… and I forgot Your HEAT team will not get their 2nd RING.. because their all CHOKER..

  13. lebronheat says:

    laker fans face it your team is done…there washed up kobe is getting old and now its the heats turn to take over the nba and the thunder will take over the west a bunch of young legs…..and also heat will be getting nash to add to that big 3

  14. jet says:

    Go for the trade then try to find a decent PG.

  15. Chris says:

    j smith for gasol will be a great trade but LA will need a point gaurd like nash to get the ball to the bigs plus they should trade bynum for howard and they will have a great linup.we will would see the lakers make a run for another championship. Nash Kobe mwp j smith howard

  16. gdfhhhh says:

    trade pau for kg and sign allen

  17. TTKIN says:

    Im a Laker fan and am down, but I dont see why Atlanta would do this. Gasol and Joe Johnson would be taking up half their payroll, who else are they going to put on the team? Cuz with a core of gasol and johnson, ur not going to win the first round in the east let along a whole title.

  18. Alex says:

    I say trade pau for smith, pick up garnett from free agency, we have enought to get him after letting pau go, plus garnett at his age is a lot tougher than pau, line up would be (need pg), kobe, j. smith, garnett, and bynum… all we need is a point gaurd, i suggest get nash

    • Ifyoujustplayball says:

      …..pick-up………get………. The salary cap and luxury tax issues will keep them from ANY blockbuster anything…..just sayin’

  19. Bugegong69 says:

    Good Deal. Lakers need a defensive athletic stopper for kevin Durant, Watch out OKC , Here comes the Lakers!!!

  20. Danny says:

    Hey I’m a heats fan but this laker-hawks rumors is really a good opportunity for the lakers… They should trade gasol for smith and Kirk and should then trade Bynum Ebanks and a second pick for Howard and a pick… What y’all think

    • Danny says:

      And should add sessions in the hawks deal and the lineup would be
      PG Kirk Hinrich
      SG Kobe Bryant
      SF meta world peace
      PF josh smith
      C Dwight Howard

  21. Abkb24 says:

    Don’t do this Lakers

    Pau gasol is better then J.Smith

    We need a point guard

  22. merryhairyfish says:

    I like Pau Gasol, but Josh Smith is better. He is more athletic and younger. Lakers would get the better end of the deal there.

  23. Nicholas says:

    jospeh03 i like wat u said esspeciallly about trading for that 23rd pick but i dont think we can get kendal marshal that late hes projected to go 12 to the Rockets

  24. True Laker Fan says:

    Yeah that will be a great trade!!

    Gasol to J. Smith

    but ADDRESS this to M. Kupchak,

    PLEASE TRADE A. BYNUM to Superman and I’m pretty sure we will get our Championship hope BACK here in LA!!

    • Ifyoujustplayball says:

      bynum for howard?????? you’re deamin’……………california dreamin’ this is…….!!!!!

  25. benhiphop says:

    the only important thing is that lakers release their worst enemy:
    Metta World Peace

  26. ATLienC4 says:

    Hold Out on this trade ATL…. Dwights coming home soon…..

  27. Dom says:

    ohh come on… pau must stay in L.A.

  28. NAHK says:

    The Lakers need a point guard, they haven’t had a good point guard since…Magic Johnson!! Derek Fisher was pretty solid and he helped them win championships. The Lakers need cap room to maybe sign Goran Dragic. Or wait until next year and see if Jose Calderon leaves the Raptors, Both are young, solid point guards. I think Ramon Sessions could have been good, if he learned how to play with Kobe, Bynum, and Gasol. He just needed time.

  29. Josh says:

    ok lakers fans, y r u talking about getting steve nash, if u want him ur not a true lakers supporter & d-will has announced he will go only back to brooklyn or dallas, wat u want for la r some consistent scorers who can provide defence at a higher level than wat fisher was providing, so mo williams i agree with who ever said that, & people dont call kobe underrated he’s 10x the player lebron is

    no repeat for heat

    • Sick says:

      10x your @$$.. you’re Kobe is just ballhog
      No superstar can team up with him… LOL
      repeat repeat repeat…

    • Ifyoujustplayball says:

      ….lakers will be a completely different team next year…….who knows…maybe the kobester trades disneyland for disneyworld??

  30. mark says:

    i like josh smith for la

  31. Oldhawk says:

    The Hawks definately need a proven scorer and gasol is not that person he could help the team but another piece is needed at the 2 or 3 spot

  32. AUSSIENBAFAN says:

    If Kobe wants another title he needs to take a pay cut or gtfo.

  33. JJ says:

    Trade Hill with Roy Hibbert, then get a talented piont guard that can make plays,score and help them be a championship team again. Get some good benches…….especially Odom get him, his bad in Dallas, also get Ersan Ilyasova for 3 pointer…and a good SF……. thats alll….

  34. skullz says:

    Could it be possible too ….

    Trade: Bynum for Howard, do this above trade of Gasol/Smith and sign D.Will and resign sessions asap????

    C: Howard
    PF: Smith
    SF: MWP
    SG: Bryant
    PG: D.Will

    That lineup would be one of best

    • Dale says:

      Wow! Talk about non-sense basketball. How would you even pay for that line-up???

      • Ifyoujustplayball says:

        …..lakerfan treats the rest of the league as their own private farm club….. without ANY regard to the cap…

    • DJ3 says:

      HOW??? Orlando will NEVER accept Bynum straight up for Howard. And the Lakers in no way have 16 million in Cap Space to sign D-Will. STUDY NEXT TIME LAKER FAN!!!!

  35. Bob says:

    It will be a win-win for both teams if this trade happens. And LA doesn’t need Howard, Bynum until playoffs performed just fine, he just need to mature. Lakers need mostly a charismatic PG that doesn’t let Bryant taking so many shots, cause last season Kobe was kind of a liability.

  36. gregg says:

    I want J-smoove for the alkers but pau is more hardworking than him gettng three offensive or more revounds in one possession but Jsmoove can make lakers a champion with andrew bynum and kobe bryant they will be the in the western conference

  37. treco minus says:

    I want to start by saying I Love pau. I think many foget that in the 2010 2011 season he was tired from having played three straight nba finals( Hint Hint) . This season he was playing in a new systeam with new players (couldnt hit the Broad side of Barkley )also with a new choach but most deadly of all in a new role with a short training camp/season.HE is the best power forward in west overall and most important of all a laker in every move he makes. I am a laker but i will say this to the lakers if you are going to trade him get equal value and or M.K.G. Forget that dont trade him

  38. WOW says:

    This trade benefited both teams (or, damage both teams in the future?” The Lakers will finally get someone with athleticism and the Hawks can start their twin tower plan (though a little late…) Both teams will have worries, Gasol is already 31 yrs old and his production took a hit from previous seasons, I’m not talking about scoring, which would be affected by Bynum’s breakout, but defensively. For the Lakers, Smith is no question a high-fly talent but could be a hot head in some case. How does he adapt to become No.3 on the team behind Kobe and Bynum is also intriguing.

  39. jep says:

    Put smith,nash and even Howard along with kobe….they cannot stop the heat heheheh…..Go for the second ring…Its the HEAT dynasty…….nobody can stop the force of nature….NBA Finals 2012 – 2013 HEAT vs ??????

  40. donnakris says:

    i want gasol stay in L.A.

  41. Blix says:

    Scalabrine for both of them!

  42. Joseph03 says:

    This makes sense for both the Hawks and the Lakers, The Hawks send Smith and another player to match salaries and get pau in return who in my opinion needs a change of scenery. The Hawks aren’t to be considered a contender after this trade but definitely better because Pau is more of a center on the court which will benefit Horford, Johnson and Teague too. They aren’t that undersized anymore inside and are a much well rounded team with Pau. On the other hand, the Lakers will lose their length advantage but it wouldn’t matter because Mike Brown does not know how to use it anyway. The upside is Mike Brown’s system of defense is very good but needs a very capable help defender and none of the current lakers can do that. With the looming trade for Mo Williams the lakers are slowly filling up their roster needs and tailoring it to the specifications of Mike Brown.

    The problem is sometimes is that certain players don’t fit a particular system. Mike Brown isa coach who doesn’t yet know how to fully utilize two seven footers at the same time with a ball dominant guard, and if the lakers could entice the hawks to include their 23rd pick then the Lakers can grab Kendall Marshall, Will Barton or Tony Wroten. All are point guards who could actually defend the PG spot (since none of the PG’s they had last season could defend). Resigning Sessions is not such a wise decision since he has already shown that he can occasionally score but opposing PG’s get by and isn’t as reliable an outside shooter as people had hoped.

    Then Trading World Peace for a younger wing defender also would be nice.

  43. LIHAO'sVIEW says:

    This will benefit the Lakers, his not the same Gasol that we have seen this couple of years. Kobe is aging, having young front court is a good start to rebuild a dynasty.

  44. brendon says:

    love to see this trade happen then… get mo williams and beasely!

    mo williams

    2013 champs

  45. Patnubay Calaycay says:

    i want kobe bryant steve nash andrew bynum and josh smith

    • DJ3 says:

      Too bad. Lakers in no way can sign any free agents. Except for the Mid-Level I guess. But Nash doesn’t want that.

  46. mike (Akron,Ohio--north hill) says:

    DUMB trade for Atlanta Hawks,SMART trade for La Lakers!!!

  47. Nicholas says:

    i am a huge LAKERS fan my second favorite team is the HAWKS and my favorite player is JOSH SMITH but i also am a huge KOBE BRYANT fan and i hate gasol he is so weak and he cost the oklahoma series so seeing josh smith in that # 5 jersey with the lakers would be awsome this is the trade i would want to see Pau Gasol for Josh Smith and if possible Marvin Williams for Metta World Piece or Matt Barnes i hope this trade goes down…..

  48. Francisco says:

    I love that, the lakers are going to keep their problem “KOBE” the overrated , unefficient, take credit, game seven choker, robin for shaq Bryant.

    • remz says:

      game 7 choker like what he did so the big 3 of boston celtics? lol, get ur facts right haha!!! kobe attracts triple team unlike any other player out there!

    • Don Oyo says:

      Francisco!!! You are an obvious Immature Kobe Hater!! LOL!!

    • AlexN says:

      He’s 5th all-time in NBA scoring… overrated, really?

    • DJ3 says:

      Dude if you are a Heat Fan like me, GET OUT!!! Kobe is in no way overrated. Will he be as good as LeBron when they both retire? Probably not, but let’s save that argument for later.

  49. karoLT says:

    NOWAY!!!! this is going to be a DUMB trade for the HAWKS if they pull the trigger….

    • susie says:

      exactly, unless LA throws in some picks(which they don’t have), and/or some other players, but I don’t think Atlanta would want anyone from the Lakers

  50. Mino says:

    this could benefit both teams greatly, however smith was the hawks best player last season, joe johnson once again under performing horrifically

  51. MountainMoney says:

    Susie, smartest post yet.

  52. SNARF says:


  53. susie says:

    do you really think the Lakers want Josh Smith? Think again, what they really want is to dump Gasol’s expensive salary, and then later on also trade JSmith + someone/something else to Orlando for Howard. JSmoove is a good player but not good enough in the eyes of Laker management, especially in their situation where Kobe is aging and can’t lead the team anymore past the 2nd round of the playoffs. They need Howard and/or Deron Williams if they want to have at least a better chance to get past the 2nd round.

  54. robatlfan says:

    I love Josh Smith, but if he doesn’t want to be a Hawk anymore send him to the Lakers and yeah send Marvin Williams too. I want to see Al Horford and Pau Gasol play together. Too bad we can’t get rid of Joe Johnson…

  55. jonski22 says:

    i love Gasol, and the fact that the moment he arrives in LA, instantly they became a champion. It’s hard to get the same value for Gasol, no matter what they say. But with this latest rumor of JSmoove for Gasol make sense. The Lakers needs athletic defender, somebody who is a good help defender. It’s either they deal Bynum for Howard or Gasol for JSmith, the Lakers will be relevant again. They can sign Felton, re-sign Sessions..or get MoWilliams to get a decent PG, hopefully somebody that can defend and knock down outside shots.

  56. mj says:

    i suggest nash,smith,billups,garnett and allen for lakers it will help kobe to have 1 more ring. go heat!

  57. Leo says:

    Smith For Gasol Would Be A Good Move . Lakers Would Like To Have A Player Who Would Explode To The Rim .Nd Josh Smith Is That Guy . It Used To Be Shannon Brown With The Explosions For The Lakers . But Now That He Left To Phoenix , Smith Could Replace Him . Nd For Atlanta , Gasol Would Help A Lot For Al Horford . Gasol With Joe Johnson Nd Al Would Be Great ! Gasol Helped Andrew Bynum A Lot , So Now Playing For Al Horford , That Would Be A Great Atlanta Hawks Team .

  58. 1lt says:

    showtime lakers again!!! well, hopefully…

  59. Richard Denson says:

    As long as you take Marvin Williams in the deal, I dont have a problem with it.

  60. wow says:

    to be honest pau is great underrated alot though lakers need a true point gaurd nash?williams?calderon?lowry? they need someone to improve the entire team also we need odom bak

  61. LebronLames says:

    yeah… and trade bynum for howard straight on…

  62. FrozenShaddow says:

    Pau for Smith? Yeah! smith is more athletic than Pau. It will be a great trade dude! knock it off.go lakers and be defeated again in the Play offs. HEAT-BRON FAN!

    • wow says:

      wow he won his first title n ur getting excited -_- also it would b a great trade pau is a big guy who can shoot n rebound n has proven himself to be a champion so yes it is a good trade

  63. dahaf says:

    that would be awesome if the Lakers got J-Smoove. With him and Bynum up front, temas will have their hands full. But the question is, who else would they put in the deal? Im pretty sure the Hawks want more than just an aging 7 footer.

  64. dylan says:

    it would be a bad move for the draft pick so they need to get josh smith

  65. DAYVON IS A BEAST says:

    i love josh smith get the deal done, just hope he signs an extension with us

  66. Jake says:

    i want to see smith wearing lakers uniform

  67. JustMeJip2 says:

    i want to see gasol wearing hawks uniform