Report: D-Will Brooklyn-Bound?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Even with the Draft on the minds of most everyone affiliated with the NBA, there is no shortage of attention being paid to the looming drama of the free-agent summer.

It makes perfect sense, considering there is just as much smoke involved in the draft process as there is in free agency.

The most discussed name on the free-agent scene is Deron Williams, who has made it clear that he has yet to make up his mind about his future and would appreciate those of us prognosticating about it (check his May 30 Tweet) taking a break from the speculation.

His wishes will not be adhered to, not with rumblings from the likes of Ken Berger of, who reports that a handful of league executives are convinced that the All-Star point guard is Brooklyn-bound:

Four rival executives and a fifth person familiar with Williams’ thinking told Tuesday that the Mavericks are becoming increasingly worried that the All-Star point guard will stay with the Nets when the free-agent floodgates open Sunday.

While optimists in the Mavs’ camp are holding out hope that they still have a “50-50” chance of landing Williams, who grew up in Dallas, executives working the phones Tuesday have detected a real concern from the Mavs that Williams will opt to join the Nets in Brooklyn next season. Free agency opens at 12:01 a.m. ET Sunday, and Williams will have a very clear financial decision in front of him.

Under new CBA rules, the Nets can offer Williams a five-year deal worth approximately $100 million — one year and about $26 million more than the Mavs, the only other team the All-Star is believed to be considering.

The recent vibe executives are getting from Dallas contradicts the word in the sneaker industry only last week. A high-ranking person in that field told that the feeling among sneaker execs was that Williams would prefer to join his hometown team at a discount rather than stay with the Nets. Such a decision, the person said, would be based on the understanding that Mavs owner Mark Cuban would be able to sway Williams that any lost earnings could be made up via endorsements and by the Mavs being better positioned to reload their roster around Williams and Dirk Nowitzki and compete for a championship.

For young stars like Williams and Dwight Howard, the year of earnings lost by changing teams is somewhat underrated; barring serious injury, they’d simply get the money back when they extend their contracts or sign new ones. This is perhaps more true for Howard, 26, than for Williams, who turned 28 Tuesday.

Williams and Howard have seen their names linked together for over a year now. There’s no reason to believe things will change until their futures are decided this summer.

The notion of them joining forces somewhere, be it in Brooklyn or perhaps somewhere else, in the future is what makes free agency the ridiculous fun it always turns out to be.

But we can’t imagine the Mavericks being scared off by the sentiment of a handful of rival executives who believe Williams would pick the Nets (and that extra $26 million) over the hometown Mavericks and the chance to chase championships with Nowitzki before he’s done.

July 1 can’t get here fast enough!


  1. UrSoFunny says:

    miami fans are so funny. lebron cant beat kobe? lol stop talking lebron just has one ring and kobe already have 5. think before you comment.yeah lebron is a great player but still he is still far away from what kobe have

    • boom shaQalaka says:

      kobe only won 2 championships so to speak. the first 3 championshiop ” RINGS ” were won by SHAQ…. so cum’ on kobe did not won 5 if it wasnt for the BIG DIESELS 3

  2. - D' WAD3 - says:

    Dream on for d-will to go to MIAMI…. but:
    ray ALLEN and serge BAKA will go to MIAMI…. for not just 1 not 2 not 3 but multiple championships….
    who needs dwight in miami….

  3. yoyoyoyo says:

    by reading this miami fans no northing about basketball bunch of speds

  4. Michael13 says:

    We know dallas including jason terry is already good in guard position they are only lacking of a good center that does anything nowitzki cannot do like rebounding and blocking. Example why’d you think dallas won nba finals with chandler because chandler do what nowitzki cannot do.

  5. Michael13 says:

    I want jason terry to stay in Dallas and not deron williams. Mavericks must focus on their forwards, and center. They should focus on trading Dwight Howard

  6. brendan says:

    They should trade miami for the heat

  7. Dwade says:

    Big D should also get D-Rivers as coach. What a line up for Big D! D-Howard, D-Nowitzkit, D-Wade, D-Rose, and D-Williams and their coach is D-Rivers! YEAH! BIG D RULES!

  8. Danilo B. says:


  9. Danilo B. says:


  10. Rafael says:

    Im a Heat and Lebron fan.. its so funny how so many people on think every free agent is going to Miami lol.

  11. really says:

    Lebron way too overrated just because he has one ring. D-Will should sign with the Lakers

  12. LA RULES!!! says:





  13. LA RULES!!! says:





  14. KB24 says:

    lakers will also have their Big 3 next season. 3Ks in laKers. – K-Bryant, K-Durant and K-Love. Their bench will be veteran K-Garnett and K-Martin. They will have K-Irving as PG. KB + KD + K-Love + KG + KMart + K-Irving = BIG Ks in laKers!

  15. basketball fan says:

    again, another NBA star is joining the Championship shortcut bandwagon instead of getting their own like MJ, or bird.. think lebron or dwight will be a legend like one of them? pls. they would just be remembered as hired guns.

    • Matrix1 says:

      Your not a fan your an Idi0T! No one has one a title on their own. Such a stupid comment kid..Lebron wont have a title without Bosh

  16. hoopsman says:

    can the people making stupid comments go to the childrens section. the word miami has no place in this article

  17. Dwade says:

    D-Wade and D-Rose will soon join the 3Ds in BIG D! haha. What a starting line-up for the BIG D. C – D-Howard, PF – D-Nowitzki, SF- D-Wade, SG – D-Rose, and PG – D-Williams! 5Ds in BIG D!

  18. Dwade says:

    Mavs will get a BIG THREE – 3DS in D-Mavs! I cant wait the for the big three (D-Howard, D-Nowitzki and D-Williams). POOR LAKERS AND OKC!. cant be in the championship for the next 5 years! hahaha!

  19. Dwade says:

    kobe and durant cant beat lebron! kobe and durant cant win Season MVP, Finals MVP and Championship title all at the same year! too bad for KB and KD…ur biggest nightmare is LBJ!!!

  20. Staouv says:

    How about this one Miami fans:

    Trade D-wade for Dwight!

  21. jonski22 says:

    KG should join the HEAT. The Miami win without a CENTER..and decent PG. They should sign NASH too. And get Rasheed Wallace out of retirement. LeBron, Wade & Bosh could win it for them.

  22. mga pota kayo says:

    anywhere D-will lands, It doesn’t matter for Big-D and the Mavs.. Big-D dont need another all star player just to win a championship, not like Lebron, a loser by himself alone, who ran and cried for help of wade and bosh just to have a ring and formed a Big 3 Loser against Big-D and the Mavs who have a bunch of oldies yet a good role players..What the mavs need is another bunch of role players to give Big-D a hand to carry the load to reach the Finals.

    • susie says:

      you mad bro? you’re either a fan of a team than Lebron churned or you just jealous the star on your team ain’t nowhere near the quality and awesomeness of a player and a person Lebron is

  23. YuhMudda says:

    Lebron is better than MJ

  24. Bob says:

    the mavs are getting too old to win a championship. the nets are young and have potential and also have the money do build around D-wil. It will take time, but the nets can become something

  25. marlon says:

    since Juwan Howard might going for a retirement and also Eddy Curry which is not use during the whole season. Dwight Howard might consider to join Lebron , Wade & Bosh…. that would be unstoppable…. Go Heat!!!

    • BIGMatta23 says:

      Yawn… come up with something atleast partly realistic…you haven’t even made an effort

  26. spguide says:

    A nice trade would be Nash and Howard to Dallas , Deron resigns with Brooklin , and Perkins and Westbrook traded for Rondo , 2013 would be full of contenders

    • zunder says:

      put all together the all star you want dallas and get another given championship lyk last cant beat the heat anymore!!!!!!!

  27. Bongskie says:

    D-Howard to Boston, Garnett and Nash to Miami, D-Will to Mavs.. 😀

  28. DRose says:

    Dwight should team up with Rose, Deron should go to Dallas, Brooklyn can finally start rebuilding process with enough salary cap.
    anyway dwight wont go to cha town, deron will stay in brooklyn and everything stays the same 🙂 just my thoughts…

  29. DWade3 says:

    @ Phillie Fiffla you re a damn stupide kid, no one thinks that d + d will come to miami.
    Stupids lebron? And the good guys melo and amare or what? Aha, i see. Well hate us or love us, we don t care,
    one thing counts for us. You know the Larry O Brien? Nash can easily join us, if he denies big D!

  30. hans1429 says:

    shaggy to dope i have two words for you. HARD CAP AND LUXURY TAX. actually thats five words but who cares. your idea is more stupid. heat no longer needs another star (and another humongous contract) they just need good role players and excellent veterans that will give up large sum of dollars for the league minimum to chase a ring. now thats more REALISTIC right?

  31. H-Town says:

    man dwight is gonna be a rockets for a good year. n if they get dwight then deron will come to houston too cuz he’s from texas so its like homecomin for him!!!!!!

  32. johnny says:

    Dirk, Dwight, Deron BIG 3 of Dallas vs LeBron, Wade, Bosh BIG 3 of Miami in Finals 2013 !!!

    Imagine that.

  33. Michael says:

    Be funny if Utah and D-will had a scheme planned and he goes back to Utah to join forces with that young core…….just saying though very unlikely.

  34. LakerFan says:

    lakers should trade Gasol and Draft pick for Williams

  35. Michael says:

    D-Will going to Miami is the stupidest comment ever, Miami has too much money involved into the Big 3 of James, Wade and Bosh and D-Will is not going to play for a 3M a year contract, which is the only thing Miami can give him.

  36. Phillie Fiffla says:

    Nash has a great personaility, He will not play with stupids like Lebron. NY would fit. Laughing about stupid heat fans who think D-will go to Miami,,,and Howard come too…yeah for sure
    Things will be very interesting in free agency with new CBA
    I find the rockets-rumours interesting..they plan something

    • susie says:

      people who say ‘stupid’ are themselves stupid. You are what you think, and you happen to blurb what you think. Get a life

  37. LA says:

    Go to the Lakers and support Kobe

  38. nrmn says:

    3D in BIG D!!!!!!

  39. Demetrios says:

    Deron William will sign with brooklyn Nets only because of one reason, MONEY!!! If Deron resings with Nets he will get the extra 26 million dollar bonus. LIke we say money talks and rules this world so i dont see Williams refusing this offer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Mavsfan says:

    this better not make the mavs a bandwagon like stupid heat

  41. i think d will stay at Brooklyn…he is Brooklyn new franchise player as a pioneer to the team..and Dwight as a teammate..his both jersey are on top of selling on market in the stay at the nets and Dwight to nets and make some money…lol

  42. SYDALE says:

    As for D-Will… I wish that he wanted to come to Philly… We already have a playoff team… We could amnesty Brand and give Deron a max contract… But, that’s wishful thinking… Besides, we need a big man more than we need a primetime guard…

    Hear me Dwight???

  43. SYDALE says:

    What SHOULD happen with Dwight is that he gets traded to OKC… If he was really about getting rings that’s where he’d want to go. But, I think that he likes the spotlight of the big cities more than actually getting a ring.

    Because Perkins + Ibaka for Dwight is a very reasonable trade for both sides… On the Orlando side. Dwight agrees to an extension and on the OKC side Ibaka agrees to an extension to make the money match up.

    (Dwight will be making about 17-19 mil a year I’m guessing and Perkins already makes like 8 mil, so 8-10 mil a year should do it for Ibaka. And, that’s reasonable for a good big man… 5 year- 50Mil total…)

    Anyway… Dwight is basically Perkins strength and Ibaka’s shot blocking defensively and he’s better than both offensively. Dwight + Durant + Westbrook + Harden = a big 4… and extending Harden will make quite the dynasty out of this group…

    For Orlando… They get 2 top defensive big men under contract for the next 3-4 years to build around… and Ibaka can develop his offensive game a bit more… (something that I don’t think would ever happen with the Thunder btw)

    That’s just my thoughts on the Dwight situation…

  44. MavsNation says:

    Lol did you Laker fans miss the part about D Will saying himself that he would ONLY sign with either Brooklyn or Dallas?
    Hopefully we get him in the D. And if Howard comes too, I’m def okay with that. #MavsNation

  45. NIbasketball says:

    I reckon Brooklyn should do everything they can to sign Dwight Howard in order to keep Deron Williams and then try and sign Brandon Roy if he makes his return. It just makes sense, these guys are looking to try and win championships, so why not try doing it together in a new city and a new arena. As for Brandon Roy, if he does in fact return, since he can not re-sign with the Trailblazers, why not make his return debute in a new arena and city and start fresh and playing along side Deron and Dwight will make his job much easier and take much of the pressure off him. It means they are strong at both guard spots and have an excellent big-man controlling in the paint to build around. I would hate to see them lose Brook Lopez but I don’t think it’s likely they would be able to keep him AND still manage to sign Dwight (however that would be a fantastic match up). All three of them could change the face of this franchise and make it a title contender once again.

  46. SYDALE says:

    You can only go over the cap when re-signing your OWN players.

  47. Just_truth86 says:

    Why doesnt anybody talk about D-Will goin to play in Orlando, with Howard, Good shooters and no taxes???!!!

    • susie says:

      because Orlando can’t afford DWill, unless somebody else is willing to take on Turkoglu’s big paycheck

  48. Koperboy says:

    Man, a lot of you are so easily aroused by trolls it’s unbelievable. You’re just fueling them. If noone responds, they will stop. Stop replying to things like…

    LBJ, D-Will and Kobe to Bobcats!!

    • susie says:

      whoa! I like that idea, finally Michael Jordan can be champion again!

      Go LBD, DWill to Bobcats!

  49. TTKIN says:

    I want D-Will with the Mavs but I think he’s staying put in Brooklyn.

  50. JJ says:

    LOL at heat comments.. They cannot afford DWill.. what do you honestly think he’ll sign a 3mil contract with 100mil contract available…get real already

    • susie says:

      those ‘fans’ are obviously joking or are trolls, real Miami fans know they don’t need anybody no more, the team is complete, they’ve just proven that by becoming Champions!

  51. Beatriz says:

    Any team can go over the cap. You simply pay a luxury tax if you do.

    • Average Joe says:

      And all the teams are avoiding it like the plague. The tax is exponential in its increments (the more your payroll goes over the threshold, the higher the percentage of the tax) so even teams like the Lakers and Mavs won’t dare going over it by much. In fact, even the Lakers are dumping salaries (the Odom trade) and you know that the current CBA’s tax rules are really punitive if the mighty Lakers are seeking to minimize their payroll.

  52. eric of Boston says:

    Lakers need D-WILL…get rid of Morris,Goudelock and Ebanks!…Lol!

    • susie says:

      actually the Lakers don’t need anyone. They have a pretty good lineup! 2 bigs in Bynum and Gasol, plus Artest is good enough. What they need to do is trade Kobe for Wade and they’ll be Western Conference champs again!

  53. thinkittwice says:

    Deron Williams NEEDS to join at least another all-star for at being competitive in the east. That’s why Dwihgt Howard sounded great. Deron needs another superstar because he simply doesn’t influence the Nets as a superstar. Joining Mavs could help him.

  54. MIami Fan says:

    Dallas I mean Old Players..

  55. MIami Fan says:

    People this days dont think Dallas is full of old people Why would he land in dallas

  56. Ballaholic says:

    Deron Williams will not resign in Brooklyn………..UNLESS they can pull together a Heat like summer. Remember when we all thought LeBron was staying in Cleveland or going to Chicago and the next thing you know the Heat signed two stars and resigned their star. This summer isnt going to be any different, lets just say wherever Deron goes, Howard will soon to follow. Just my thoughts!

  57. uoykcuf says:

    If Howard and DW are going to Dallas/Brooklyn, you think it’s wise for either team sign Brandon Roy as well?

  58. cesar says:

    i dont think he will go miami…CAP SPACE ??? not possible….NASH … POSSIBLE ….

  59. Lakers Fan says:

    I think Lakers will land williams ,Gasol traded to a first round pick namely Thomas Robinson.. gives cap space then sign williams.. trade bynum for howard then they will be champs again go lakers!!!

    • Average Joe says:

      Dream on.

    • Rodney says:

      That would be great AND it makes sense. L.A. is the only team other than Brooklyn that has a real legitimate chance to get D-Will and Howard on the same team THIS year.

      They should do the follwoing:
      1. Trade Gasol and Blake for D-Will, their draft pick and Deshawn Stevenson (he’ll be a cap filler to make the trade work)
      2. Swap Bynum and trade exception for Howard and another player of their bench
      3. Sign Odom (even though he’ll be available for them in December-its still a good pick up)
      4. Then resign Sessions (he’ll want to resign when he gets a load of that new roster.

      Starting lineup:
      C – Howard
      PF – Odom
      SF – Peace
      SG – Bryant
      PG – Williams

      Player from Orlando

      That makes sense and it’ll definitely be a major upgrade!!!

  60. laker fan says:

    d-will will come to the lakers why is every one leaving the lakers of picking him up this off season??

  61. Armin Halvadzic says:

    Nash to Miamia
    Deron Williams and Dwight Howard to Dallas

  62. Sukhee says:

    I like the way it is, Deron in Brooklyn, Dwight in Orlando. I am not in favor of bunch of superstars getting together in one place. If Deron leaves, it will be like in Cleveland. Teams need their star players.

  63. Knicks Title 2012 says:

    Nash to Knicks, perfect fit

  64. sina says:

    If Mark Cuban and Donnie were not really sure about Deron coming to Dallas, then they would have signed Chandler and all the players from that championship group. Im thinkthat they are almost certain that Dwill will come to dallas.

    • susie says:

      that hypocrite Mark Cuban! he was always vocal against teams forming great teams by getting big-time players, and yet he maneuvers so he can form his own big 3! If you will prove to be right and DWill does go to Dallas, then probably it will be safe to say Dwight will also be in Dallas next year after he becomes a free agent(if Magic haven’t traded for him by then yet). Screw you Mark Cuban and your lies!

  65. BROOKLYN says:

    i hope Dwight becomes a free agent and signs with Brooklyn next year. Dwight doesn’t really want to go anywhere else but Brooklyn. When he opted in at the trade deadline, he basically gave the Magic power to control his future, which was not smart. He should’ve become a free agent and sign woth Brooklyn. Instead he let the Magic control his future and he could possibly be playing somewhere he doesn’t.

  66. 3d in Dallas says:

    Imagine big three of Dwight, Dirk and Deron…the big 3D

  67. dahaf says:

    Deron should should stay with Brooklyn. They have enough cap room to sign solid free agents. Gerald Wallace should stay cuz he’s gonna play with a top 5 point guard. He’s the best point guard Wallace has ever played with. He got injured and didn’t really know how to play Avery Johnson’s playstyle. The free agent crop this year isn’t that strong so they should resign Wallace, B Lopez and sign solid role players.

  68. Denzo says:

    I THINK Howard is over rated. I prefer a solid player in the middle like a Ibaka, who is can shoot a little bit, block shots and can make a free throw with every bit the intimidation factor of a great centre.

    Howard really is useless other than the fact that he is a physical specimen. For his size, he has no post game, maybe complains a little bit too much for a guy getting paid that much and has so many fans, and when the games tight, people just foul him because he really cant shoot. I cant watch another season where he makes 3-11 Free Throws at the end of the game, and people call him a great centre please guys. Shaq couldn’t make FT but he was better than Howard – and he could dominate in other areas. Shaq couldn’t get stopped, he would just dunk it anyway. But its not about that. Look at todays Bynum, Ibaka etc.. they are still resepctable shooters and have a great game. Howard is so stiff when he plays it look un natural. So although he might be fun in the dunk comp, and I love a good dunk comp, he just isnt the 1s, 2nd, or barely 3rd piece to a winning championship team.

    If he went to the Bulls even, it would ve Rose, Deng, and then Howard. If he went to Dallas, it would be Dirk, Williams/NAsh then Howard.. Hes a a great player, a solid player, but elite? Maybe he is in the top 10 starting centres today game, and has a lot of endorsements.

    • DBlock says:

      Your crazy if you think dwight isnt elite.. he cant shoot free throws but he is definitely a player that can make a team a title contender

      • kush says:

        your right that dwight isnt a good shooter, but if he was wed be talking about one of the most amazing all around centers to ever play the game.

      • Dieter says:

        Dwight can’t shoot, his FT% is pathetic, he blocks alot but he ain’t an elite shot blocker like Duncan, he doesn’t have high basketball iq, he complains 2 much (about his coach, his collegues, management -> that alone should be a reason for not calling him elite).
        A more laid back Dwight Howard, who is the 2nd or 3th option on a team could win a championship. This Howard isn’t championship material. He doesn’t know what sacrafice means, hopefully for him he can adjust his game/mindset like Garnett and Bosh did.

        Orlando should start rebuilding their team with sending Howard away for multiple high draft picks. Just trade him to the Bobcats, Hornets, Wizard, Cavaliers or whatever, get rid of the guy who won’t bring you a championship.

    • Chitown-Goon247 says:

      What??? Dwight is t\THE center who has been taking advice and pointers from hakeem the dream which is why dwight’s game has went to an improving hook shot and inside game. Yes ibaka is a force, but I doubt ibaka can stick with people like bynum and the larger men. Dwight is fast and has a superb spin move that takes advantage of slow big men(most big men are slow). Did I mention his power where he can just dominate inside? Shaq? I’ve watched shaq throughout his years, he just stood there and dunked all day but he was bigger than howard not quicker, nor did he have the inside game howard has. As for speed, shaq was a monster and couldn’t move a lick, just don’t go near him. But howard has came from nowhere to make blocks that were once easy shots or layups because of his speed. There is no center better than howard…period.

  69. KingJames says:

    But i woudl LOVE to see Howard and Williamds go to Dallas,and build a BIG 3.

    • Rich says:

      That will be good. But as much as possible I don’t like the idea of superstars joining forces together to seek for championship. I would like Dallas to get a decent center, slasher and young point guard and win as a team. They proved last year that team work, the old fashioned way, can win championship.

  70. KingJames says:

    I dont think he will go to Miami….but IF,MY God,BRON SECOND CHAMPIONSHIP,FINALS MVP,MVP, AND FUTURE GOAT!!!! KEEP WINNING TITLES BRON BRO)N!! i like dirk and mavs too,pick one of them DWill.

  71. OD says:

    Dwight needs to come to Toronto an make History…

  72. bignbafan says:

    D-Will is such a diva! Utah knew exactly what they were doing by unloading him. Utah definitely got the better end of the offer. So many were under the impression that he could carry a team and that Utah would be nothing without him…let’s see, Utah made the playoffs and New Jersey finished with a losing record. If he was truly the All Star he has the talent to be he could have made more of an impact with the Nets but he instead coasted through the season with only glimpses of peak performance. I am really disappointed in his behavior and performance as I really thought he would make more of a good impression with the Nets.

    • susie says:

      yeah, exactly my sentiment. Deron is a good player, but not good enough to lead a team. He has games with some sparks of brillilance but he is inconsistent. Dallas would waste good money on him, better they retained Chandler and that pesky little pointguard and Stevenson. Heck that lineup won a championship for them! They would’ve had a better chance in the recently concluded playoffs had they chose to remain intack with that lineup from the 2011 champs

  73. Blah says:

    Deron Williams won’t go to Miami you idiot. And ICP is a terrible band.

  74. bowcheck says:

    Ur retarded, D-will is never going to miami

  75. billy boy says:

    will be great if they both go to Mavs and form their own Big-3 … though Heat will still win next season

  76. mikey ragz says:

    D-Will should stay in brooklyn, neither team will probably win a championship in the next few years. Brooklyn could be a complete turn around like when sonics became thunder.. i say take the money!

  77. epic says:

    Dwight Howard and Deron Williams to the Rockets

    • HOUSTON?? says:

      yea right!!! keep dreamin man!!!

      • Trade Talk says:

        So far their the only team making necessary moves to trade for Howard. How is this crazy? I hope he doesn’t but it’s a totally legitimate theory.

    • BIGMatta23 says:

      I was thinking this exact same scenario the other day…Rockets are making lots of moves to get the necessary picks and/or players to send to Orlando for Howard. Granted and as DA said, Howard wont resign with the Rockets as is, but they have the cap space to sign Texas native D-Will aswell. Now, Howard would have to think hard about signing an extension if he is playing with D-Will. It is not out of the realms of possibility. Stranger things have happened.

  78. waggg wun says:

    Kobe should retire along with Durant

  79. YuhMudda says:

    Charizard , wade and lbj .. miami all day

  80. Flying Raijin_41 says:

    considering and knowing that the the money will always be there but the chance of become a champion is hard to come by….

  81. many says:

    it would be fun to watch howard and rondo on the same team or nash and howard

    • CELTICS! says:

      Yea D-Howard should consider joining the Celtics. He’ll give both himself and the Celtics as a whole another real shot at winning the championship

  82. shaggy 2 dope says:

    D-Will is coming to Miami! Heat Championship #2 this season!

    • Ac Johnson says:


    • Ariel says:

      Agreed if D-will won’t join then it is Nash :))

    • miamifan says:

      Dude, im a heat fan but that’s crazy. It’s people like you that bring insult upon the heat fans. Get off the bandwagon because you dont know jack about cap space either.

    • MiamiSHORTSEASONchump says:

      3D in Big-D.. Mavs will definitely have this trade in their hand..that’s the major reason why they didn’t sign key players of their old championship roster that crushed and humiliated the Big 3 nigz..

      • Average Joe says:

        Never stopped you from calling the ’99 Spurs champs. That season was shortened by a lockout as well, and the teams only played 50 games back then. You’re either a hypocrite or you’re too young to remember the ’99 season. Either case, you don’t know jack about basketball. Haters like you should just shut up.

    • shaggy 2 dope is an idiot says:

      why not get dwight howard while you’re at it? Howard, Bosh, Lebron, Wade, and deron. I’m sure the thought of that line-up tickles the balls of stupid miami fans. *Sigh* whatever happened to proper appreciation and discussion of the NBA, especially on trades and drafts. We could only speculate and don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes. But useless and just stupid comments like the one shaggy posted is what makes me hate die-hard fans of any team.

    • elliot says:

      really? come on really? do you have no concept of the salary cap? no way would it be possible for the heat to sign d-will!

    • asdfadasdas says:

      f*ck you.that will never happen b*tch

    • Mind_Alter says:

      The Heat can not afford another top player…..wishful thinking!

    • You're retarded says:

      No. You are a special kind of stupid

  83. Ben H. says:

    I don’t think Dwight and Deron will play together, but it makes for a good story. If D-will does stay in Brooklyn it will be interesting to see who they can surround him with. Dallas is obviously is the better team though.

    • Cup Cakes!!!!!! says:

      Basketball is good. Offer him lots of cup cakes. a weakness for those things. it will work. and if not, then throw in a bananna cream pie. Basketball is here to stay. Let me get on my bike and ride to the cup cake store! you can have your cup cake and eat it too