Call It A Comeback For Brandon Roy

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Brandon Roy‘s retirement from the NBA looks like it might only last one season.

The former Portland Trail Blazers All-Star is apparently headed back to the league, with a host of teams interested in acquiring his services for the 2012-013 season and beyond.

The Bulls, Mavericks, Pacers and Timberwolves are all, according to Yahoo! Sports, among the teams doing their due diligence to investigate Roy’s readiness for action. And they are not alone:

Roy’s recovery from chronic knee problems has been recently spurred by undergoing the platelet rich plasma therapy procedure that Lakers star Kobe Bryant popularized with NBA players, sources said. The blood spinning procedure gave profound relief to the knees of Bryant, Tracy McGrady and baseball star Alex Rodriguez.

The Golden State Warriors have also expressed strong interest with Roy. The Warriors’ general manager, Bob Myers, was Roy’s agent with the Wasserman Media Group.

After Portland doctors pushed Roy to stop playing in 2011, the Blazers used the league’s new amnesty provision to pay him the remaining $63 million on his contract and made Roy a free agent. He’s been working out for several months and planning a return.

Pacers executive Kevin Pritchard made a draft day deal for Roy in 2006 as Blazers GM, and his relationship could play a pivotal part in Indiana’s recruitment of Roy, sources said. Roy trusts Pritchard, and values the fact that he brought him to Portland. Nevertheless, Roy hasn’t begun the process of narrowing his list of possibilities. After Thursday’s draft, more teams could express interest in him.

Roy played five often fabulous seasons for the Blazers, where he became a two-time All-Star and one of the NBA’s best and most popular young players. The chronic knee injuries started to take a toll in his final two seasons, and Roy struggled to play 47 games in the 2010-11 season before Portland used the amnesty clause after the lockout. In his five seasons, Roy averaged 19 points per game.

The year off for Roy has probably been more beneficial than anything else he could have done for his knees. And if the procedure he had does anything close to what it did for Bryant, who played like an ageless wonder this season, the team that winds up with Roy could end up getting the steal of the summer.

I watched him play spectacular basketball, in flashes, during his final playoff campaign with the Trail Blazers. If he can provide that sort of mercurial play — even if it comes off the bench in his next stop — some team will have a rare find on their hands.

If Roy is still capable of scoring anywhere from 16-20 points a night in a reserve role, he could join his best friend, fellow Seattle native and former Trail Blazers shooting guard Jamal Crawford, as one of the best sixth men in the league.


  1. Knixfan says:

    I just hope he doesn’t end up on the Knicks.
    I love Roy. Great player and great person.
    I just rather get MJ out of retirement right about now as a Knicks lifer.

  2. chrisj221 says:

    what about off the bench for the lakers

  3. Ham says:

    Heat should sign Roy and Oden, then have the big 5. Unstoppable force if they are all fit!!!!!

    I’m a blazers fan and I’d rather see them at the blazers, but hopefully they make successful comebacks wherever they end up!

  4. jer says:

    Bottom line he is a tremendously skilled player. Like Kevin Durant, he represents the league nicely because he is a gentleman and has talent. I am a Portland TrailBlazer fan and have been since 1989. I love Brandon Roy and I could almost break down watching him put on Laker Gold or Miami Red, but out of respect for who he is and what he did for our city as far as bringing some original and incredible to our fans, I will respect and support any decision he makes. I think the Blazers tried amicably to handle the situation the right way and I would hope he’d come back here to play if at all possible. And if not, he’s still Brandon Roy and he’s one of the best I have ever seen in a live game in the Rose Garden.That includes Nash, Duncan, Kobe, Durant, LeBron etc….

  5. Dan says:

    To get the most out of his future, he must sign with the Lakers for the vet minimum or the mini mle. He performs well and his knees gets better and better, then he becomes the franchise player after 2 seasons. The Lakers by far is the best opportunity for anyone! Biggest market, biggest spenders and most of all a franchise player with under contract for only two more years. He actually can afford to play for “peanuts” but the championship is the key, and the lakers will kill the rest of the nba next season to get that.

  6. ahmed says:

    Roy man come to minnesota we are the one that drafted you for a reason but the gm accepted the trade for some reason and that’s was wrong from him and kevin love needs you in minnesota and we need to go to the playoffs this season so plz come to minnesota man or if you don’t want to come to minnesota go to chicago with derrick rose the MVP at chicago you guys will be good friends your choice GOOD luck

  7. cav says:

    roy said he had to retire right before season, Nate said he was going to be his guy and wham Roy annonces he would be a cripple if he played. The team with what was in front of them and at the time Roy didnt want to do overseas treatment…alleged……the blazers should have rights to him for coming back one year later, if he does play and doesnt look at coming back as a blazer dont show your face in this town,,,,

  8. Chuck says:

    Quite honestly if I were him I would go to the Bulls. We don’t know how long he has left even with the surgery so the Bulls would give him to best chance to get a title quickly. And with DRose out for the beginning of next season and erratic performances from Rip he would almost be guaranteed a major role in the offense.

  9. Tim says:

    Out of the 4, Chicago has the biggest market for him to make a big come back. Where ever he goes I hope he can stay healthy, he is such a sick player.

  10. robbyapril says:

    He should join the Kings so that next in the next few years he’ll be back in his hometown as a Sonic!

  11. I would be lmfao @Blazer Orginatzation, if Greg Oden come join Miami or some other team and stay helathy and start producing at a starter level becuse that boy got game but just injuries took a dump on him.
    Roy, if u wana have any chance of winning a championship while u fully recover is to join Miami when Miller retire becuse of his serious back problems ( we all gota wait and findout whats going on with Miller). So what if Roy is an all star player, he can come of the bench to back up wade and james while playing limited mints to get his legs and game togeather for 2yrs and win championship then join some other team or stay with heat becuse wade is deceling. Roy, where ever u go im sure its the best fo u and ur family. Miami is the destination for recovering by playing less mints n not worring about scoring loads while u help them win more championships 🙂
    Roy u one hell of a player !

  12. likejoeybrowner says:

    Believe me, I know…..unfortunately, That’s why the Blazers have no comment. BRING ON THE LOTTERY….OUR NEXT ROY/ ALDRIDGE OPPORTUNITY.

  13. likejoeybrowner says:

    And he’s afraid to go to the cup, In contrast, he wants to adjust his game to be a jump shooter…similar to how Jordan changed his game late in his career….but it’s not late in Brandon’s career and he’s not Jordan… I’M TELLING YOU HE’S DONE.

  14. likejoeybrowner says:

    HE’S DONE….WATCH (will never play a full season).

  15. Brandon Roy says:

    sorry guys aim taking my talent to south beach and win not one not two but three championships .I also talked to pat Riley saying they put me in starting lineup. I also want to team up with james and wade FYI iam only interested in Miami

  16. Calvin says:

    I hope Brandon Roy will come to Chicago. Rose need a consistent SG.

  17. JayveeROSE1 says:

    PG: Derrick Rose
    SG: Brandon Roy
    SF: Luol Deng
    PF: Carlos Boozer
    C: Joakim Noah

    GO BULLS! =)))))))))

    dont be so scum heat..

  18. JayveeROSE1 says:

    pak lebron! pak HEAT!!! all of you are noobs!

  19. Andrew says:

    I’m a blazer fan and I sure hope he comes back on the Blazers again besides LaMarcus Aldridge we need another All Star on are team.And hopefully help are team become a Power House!

  20. Joe says:

    U guys are sooo stupid. If brandon roy kept playing he might never walk again. He didmt take a “break”. He retired. Ya it might be unfair that he gets paid even when he doesent play, but do u think he cares about money. This guy was going to be a hall of fame player if he didnt get hurt. Imagine what that is like. You think he cares about the millions of dollars he is making. He put in years of work to get where he was.

  21. Jipz says:

    PG: Wade
    SG: ROY
    SF: James
    PF: Bosh
    C: Howard?

    Just a possibility in 2k12 😀

    • maldito says:

      out of ur mind? where u get money to acquire that solid team? heat is over on tax already

    • BullsFan4eva says:

      that lineup would just never work the way ud want it to on offense. Beastial lineup on D though 😀

  22. Joe says:

    Where is the BOB CATS? They dont need strong roster? Oh cumon Mike. hhehehe

  23. Lionel says:

    Doesnt matter whether he is a starter, 6th man, role player or bench warmer. I believe we are just glad to have him back.

  24. Sam says:

    I would like to see him go to the Bulls, cause he will get whatever he wants a starting role, a bench role what ever feels like and they are a contender I don’t any other team can offer him that. I’ve been a Wade/ heat fan for quiet some time, but I’ve always admired Roy, I couldn’t believe he retired but this is good news I can’t wait to watch him play again.

  25. Juanito Diaz Jr. says:


  26. Choker says:

    Broy needs to go with a team who lets most players play…. i can see him with the spurs and he could play as a role player like Sjax

  27. Bok says:

    I just hope that Roy can come back & play good quality basketball like Grant Hill, Tracy Mcgrady. Good luck Roy.

  28. vincent says:

    I think Brandon Roy will stay in Portland out of gratitude but if he will go, I hope the blazers fans won’t hate him for leaving.

  29. Brandon Roy says:

    Sorry everyone…. as much as I would love to play for a contender, I’m taking my talents to North Carolina and joining the Bobcats. I like the fact they have hired a coach who I can dominate and tune out anytime I want, as well as playing with committed and hard working players like Tyrus Thomas. And Michael Jordans track record as a front office worker/owner has me believing we can achieve a .200 record this season.


  30. bball_fan822 says:

    If the rumors are true about Danny Ainge letting Ray Allen go to (dare I say) the Heat, or anywhere else, then the Celts could definitely use an offensive punch at the SG position. The C’s are poised for a makeover, and I can definitely see B-Roy being a part of that.

  31. Max says:

    B-roy, do not go to OKC. Seattle will hate you if you do lol…

    • QuestionMark says:

      As an OKC fan I would love to see him play there, but its not gonna work at all, Harden is already a proven scorer and Sefolosha is a stopper, I don’t see Roy fitting in.

  32. jwelle says:

    I would love to see Brandon Roy back in the court, he’s such a talent! Good luck Brandon Roy!

  33. allstar1223 says:

    We should get him in Los Angeles:

    PG-Chris Paul
    SG-Brandon Roy
    SF-Caron Butler
    PF-Blake Griffin
    C-Deandre Jordan

  34. kOBE says:

    Bench? Hes 1 of the best sg’s in the league

  35. jrnogi says:

    Brandon roy should sign with the knicks

  36. MurphSonics says:

    All the ignorant comments about Roy double dipping with pay checks and getting payed twice and this and that and everything else your throwing out there. No he will not. That 63 Million will be all he gets for a few years to come. Blazers are going to save money because of his return to playing. Please think before you throw bombs about suing and such. That’s all. Hopefully the Bobcats get him and eventually he ends up back in Seattle when the Bobcats move.

  37. badsnickerz says:

    Bobcats haha

  38. says:

    Roy should fit perfectly in MIami .giving D-wade or lebron a good rest ,perfect candidate for 6th man of the yr . so he can kill James harden type players giving ,Miami great depth of the bench

  39. Tyrone Lu says:

    Brandon roy would be a good fit for Chicago, Indiana and portland. Well portland would be best cause they failed to make it to the playoffs without him. He just has to stay healthy and free from injuries.

    • likejoeybrowner says:

      is this Lu the PG that Iverson hated?….don’t worry about Portland…..we were in contention for the play-off’s….and will be better with two (top ten) lottery picks. If we wante Roy, he’d be in Portland. He doesn’t show up randomly to the Bulls game, he love’s Portland, but Portland knows he’s done.

  40. REALWOLF says:

    Beandon Roy needs to come to the Timberwolves.. We need a shooting guard…
    pg. Ricky Rubio
    sg. Brandon Roy
    sf. Michael Beasley
    pf. Kevin Love
    c. Nikola Pekovic..

    This means playoff time for us!!!! Go Wolves

  41. Jordanian says:

    Roy needs to rest for one more year just to make sure that he becomes healthy. So with that, Roy should sign with the Bobcats! It’s like being in a team of standup comedians, laughter is the best medicine you know.

  42. mavericksfan says:

    Even as a Mavs fan, I loved watching what he did in the 2011 playoffs in the first round against the Mavs. No matter which team he goes to, I hope he can make a return to the NBA. A tremendous talent and great to watch. Hopefully his knees permit it.

  43. Mavs Fan says:

    I think Roy will fit nicely into Mavs. Their medical team has good experience with long term injuries (recent examples are Butler and Azubuike). Mavs are weak in the SG position after Terry’s likely departure. If (a big IF right now) Mavs can sign D-Will and a solid center then they can instantly become a legitimate contender!

    Team next year (best case scenario):

    PG: D-Will, Kidd, Beaubois (PG/SG)
    SG: Carter, Roy, Jones
    SF: Marion, Azubuike
    PF: Nowitzki, Wirght (PF/C)
    C: New Center, Mahinmi

    In this case, there is not too much pressure on Roy to perform and even if he’s a bust, Carter can probably still play 20 minutes, Beaubois can play 20 minutes and Kidd can take the remaining minutes (pushing D-Will to SG).
    With the draft being so deep this year, Mavs should be able to pick a good rookie capable of playing 15 minutes per game with their 17th pick.

  44. TSFR says:

    it feels good jus to imagine lakers acquring both roy and nash even though i kno its not possible lol

  45. Dennis says:

    a nba tras o que a de melhor no basket bool esta um luxo show de bola parabens

  46. David says:

    He’s a 3 time NBA All Star. Just because he couldn’t play in the 2010 game doesn’t mean he wasn’t selected.

  47. JocoJap says:

    New York Knickerbocker wish list:

    5= Chandler
    4= Amare
    3= Melo
    2= Brandon Roy
    1= Steve Nash (sorry Lin.)

  48. treco minus says:

    wow;The man is back the second best (2) guard in the west. I hope he does comeback ashell of him self but given his love for the game I personally dont think teams going after him have any thing to worry about ,thou I will say they shoukd still practice due diligence.

  49. carlo dela cruz says:

    Roy would best fit Lakers. If his legs are back it would help the Lakers offense in the backcourt. And with his good play-making skills and quickness (I’m expecting he’s fully rehabilitated), then Lakers won’t need any point guard anymore.

  50. Edward says:

    Suns should get Brandon Roy

  51. mark says:

    bring BRANDON ROY to the CHICAGO BULLS, ROY is the only missing pieces to the BULLS to get the CHAMPIONSHIP RING

  52. rubioooooo says:

    come to minessota brandon.starting 5:rubio,roy,derick,love,peckovic bench:buddinger(well i didn’t like that move),ridnour,barea,beasley(i hope he stays),milicic + a shooter and we are a top 4 team in the west.

  53. Black Mamba says:

    are you kidding me? they’ll become the best backcourt if he goes to chicago? well you can see that Drose has Knee Injury and putting Broy with him will make no sense, they will both end up retiring this season.

  54. motard says:

    for me it is time to get a real ball…play in t’wolves or clippers…along with fellow L.Aldridge…Clips/Wolves sign them up…

  55. J-Short says:

    He could land anywhere but it wont be back in Portland I think. This off season will have a slew of change of pace impact players nash, jason terry, ray allen, man it will be all about what team can maximixe the best group collectively.

  56. justin says:




  57. Black Mamba says:

    are you kidding me? they’ll become the best backcourt if he goes to chicago? well you can see that Drose has Knee Injury and putting Broy with him will make no sense, they will both end up retiring this season.

  58. stockton2malone says:

    Doesn’t an amnestied player have to clear waivers?

  59. Reid says:

    BRoy is whack yo

  60. Ak says:

    i think Heat will be a better choice. He can be backup for dwade and lebron, therefore limit his min so he can recover on the go while playing. Playing for the bulls or mavs might require him to play more mins since they in need for sg/sf. Since he going to get pay the same everywhere MIN 1ish millions, I do believe the Heat is the best place for him or atleast until hes fully recover and his old contract expires.

  61. sharinglanguage says:

    Brandon is back??? I can’t believe it. Definitely, NBA is where Amazing happens!! I can’t say anything else.

  62. Franco2112 says:

    Portland dumped him for the salary. If they had kept him he would count against the yearly cap. Their option not his.

  63. Sharquay says:

    I don’t really care who he goes to even though I am a Spurs fan, it is just great if he can come back… Best of luck B.Roy

  64. alex says:

    if he does come back there is a big change that the lakers will acquire him

  65. Fefe (Nets) says:

    I would love to see him coming back to the NBA!!! He was one of my favorite players for the past 5 years and I hope that he can one day come back at his best level!

    Good luck Brandon!

  66. Marcin says:

    For me i doest t matter where he will play he is a big talent and when i heard that he wont play i thought it was a big loss for the league

  67. jayjigga says:

    man he coming to chi-town to hook up with rose, to become the best back court in the league.

  68. jjumpman says:

    Roy really should go to Golden State. We need someone like him to play along side Curry, Lee and Bogut… i would love to see that happen

  69. Oula says:

    Lakers would be a good fit for Brandon Roy. Shoot wide open jumpers off of Bynum and Kobe’s double teams…..Shwash!!!!!!

  70. Celtic Fan says:

    If the heat get both Nash AND Ray Ray, please tell me they won’t chase for Roy.

  71. Pat says:

    Come to Golden State! The only piece we’re missing for a legit playoff run is a good small forward. We shift either Roy or Klay Thompson to SF and keep the other at SG and we’ll be a lock for the playoffs! Seriously though, I can’t imagine this line up finishing anywhere below 8th place:

    PG: Stephen Curry
    SG: Brandon Roy
    SF: Klay Thompson
    PF: David Lee
    C: Andrew Bogut

    A good draft to accompany Nate Robinson and Dorrell Wright on the bench looks pretty dang good as well.

  72. 6&3>35&0 says:

    Miami if you want a ring!

  73. 6&3>35&0 says:

    Likely won’t happen but miami should sign up roy to add to their already great 3-point attack(chalmers, battier, miller?).
    If he is healthy, he can help any team in the leauge.

  74. zykez says:

    bulls + brandon roy = championship caliber team fo’ sho’

    • Belizeboy says:

      Injured MVP + Recovering All Star still won’t be ready for Miami next year. But I love that Roy is making a comeback.

  75. cooljuhl says:

    We’ll that’s how amnesty works. It allows team to cut a player and write off his salary from the books rather than having him sit there and not have anybody else. Player get his contract cash and the team admits it made a mistake a moves on.

    There are a lot of amnesty players out there. Do you research you’d find out why some players are signing for the minimum because they already got their paycheck somewhere else.

  76. Mahmoud says:

    maybe with the wizards, if u think about it, it makes sense, the wizards have a good player for each position, but the SG position isn’t that good, I like jordan crawford, but he isn’t that good right now, he’s got alot of potential though, but if the wizards draft bradley beal, then no roy shouldn’t go, but if the wizards draft MKG which I hope they do cuz MKG I think would be a better fit, and ariza could play SG, having Roy off the bench as a 6th man behind ariza or crawford would be great for the wizards

  77. BIG says:

    Great news. Love it anytime to see a player that love the game so much come back.

  78. QuestionMark says:

    I think Roy can fit in with the Mavs, if Terry is gone then they have their next sixth man, or make VC the sixth man and start Roy, either way if D-Will ends up there, then Dallas is back as a contender. I think the Bulls are a good team for him go to as well, but it may be too much of a risk, since Rose and Roy both have severe injuries, not to mention Noah got injured as well.

  79. Belizeboy says:

    Roy is going to Miami…just kidding but he’s my 2nd favorite player after Lebron so I’d love to see that.

  80. SSD LAKERS FAN says:




  81. Tobi says:

    Hold up. They paid him $63 million dollars……WTF are you kidding me..Why?

  82. Glosh says:


  83. StevePizzle says:

    did u guys read the article?
    “After Portland doctors pushed Roy to stop playing in 2011, the Blazers used the league’s new amnesty provision to pay him the remaining $63 million on his contract and made Roy a free agent. He’s been working out for several months and planning a return.”

    Blazers got him to retire so they could bring in someone else and write off his contract, one of the many bad moves Blazers have made.

    • Big Joe says:

      Yes, I am pretty sure the Blazers need to fire their medical staff. They have had a list of players on the in injured list every years for years, and they have a young team! If other teams can keep older rosters healthy and the Blazers cant keep their young roster healthy something is going on. The blazers said “Darius Miles cant play anymore” and released him, he went on to play for two other teams. Now the same thing is happening with Roy. The Suns medical staff took a crippled Grant Hill and have gotten years of production out of him, and he is in his late 30’s. Send Roy and Oden to those guys.

  84. Greg says:

    Roy please go back to portland. its your home. they need you there.

  85. Nathon says:

    That would be absolutely amazing if B-Roy played alongside D-Rose. They’re already considered the best in the East when healthy, so adding Brandon would just make it more special. I hope he goes there.

  86. Sea Pea says:

    He should have to pay the Blazers back every dime. They should sue him. Makes you forget all about the Oden situation.

    • Sea Pea says:

      Not to mention he knew he was hurt before he signed his big deal. He’s either a con artist or a great business man…..or is that the same thing?

      • Travis says:

        He doesnt get two paychecks. There is no need to sue him. He was paid out the rest of his contract and HAD to retire which wasnt his choice. Whatever deal he signs when he comes back into the league will reduce the $63 mil he gets from the blazers so basically nomatter what he will get $63 m and no more. This isnt a way for him to get extra cash.

  87. kush says:

    really nice to see that his knee is getting better, felt really bad for him that he had to stop playing at such a young age, hopefully he makes a full recovery.

  88. dahaf says:

    That would be awesome if the Bulls signed him. Rip Hamilton is old and his good years are behind him. But hes still good enough to come off the bench. If Roy goes to Chicago, the Bulls would be a dangerous team. With him and Rose (when hes healthy and returns from injury) in the backcourt, they could be enough to beat Boston and Miami.

  89. orlando says:

    i really don’t care if he will play as sixt man ,seven or eleven, i’m just verry happy for him, a polite guy who played like superstar! hope to see u asap brandon……

  90. bring him to Indiana it would be an honor to work with such a great player.

  91. Ac Johnson says:

    Roy neeeds to sign with the Heat
    if he wannts to play real ball

  92. Zach Gillette says:

    Don’t spend too much on him; knee problems are very easily season-ending.

  93. BullsFan4eva says:

    Would love to see him on the bulls too though. He would be the perfect combo guard player with rose. Hamilton is ok but even at his best wouldn’t really be a great fit with Rose. On the other hand Roy’s skill set makes him a perfect match with rose and an additional scoring threat on a team that desperately needs one. It might or might not project them to the championship favorites but even a not so fit 14pt a game Brandon Roy would help the bulls tremendously more than it would help the other teams making offers. And if he’s at or near the top of his game…i mean before his knee injuries he was the best 2 guard in the West not named KB Bryant.

  94. Ells says:

    Seattle SuperSonics

  95. riverman says:

    As a lifelong Blazer fan, I’ll always be a BRoy fan as well but something is fishy about his retirement…3 days before training camp he was feeling great and ready to go. 1 day before training camp he said if he played he’d cripple himself for life. Blazers had no choice but to amnesty him and signed Crawford on the fly. Immediately we wanted to hang his jersey from the rafters. Just seems wrong on a lot of levels. I think if a team pays you 63mil after retiring you should retain first rights to resign him if he fixes his health and returns. The CBA should address this. Retire, get two paychecks?

    • Sea Pea says:

      Blazers should sue him. You will always be a fan no matter what?

    • JHCT says:

      yeah that’s what I was thinking. This guy got his £63 million AND he now gets to go and play for a team of his choice AND get paid from them too!! How is this guy not more hated then LeBron was after “the decision”???

      • JW71 says:

        because brandon was forced to do this,you think he wanted to retire? are you insane? who WANTS to retire?
        but i agree with the statement about the cba

      • TSFR says:

        It just seems bluntly wrong if he gets paid 63 mil, takes one year off, chooses any team of his choice, and gets paid on top of everything else. Don’t know what really took place, but surely these things need to be clarified.

    • Jake says:

      He won’t get 2 paychecks. Well, he will but, whatever he signs for(probably the minimum) will be deducted from what the Blazers have to pay him. It would be different if it was a medical retirement. The Blazers took weeks to decide which option they wanted to take. They took the amnesty route so he could have gone to another team right away. It was the Blazers medical staff that decided he couldn’t play so it’s hard to blame Roy for going to get better treatment somewhere else and coming back after getting somewhat better…

      • Ben-jammin says:

        Now this guys using his head, dang haters just wanna hate. Hell the Trail Blazers might resign him for a steal of a deal you never know in these uncertain times.

      • Rocket33 says:

        Thanks for explaining that. I seem to remember when Luc Longley was forced to retire due to injuries, the only way he could get paid was to never play professionally again. Was wondering how Roy was going to do it without getting sued. But yeah by the amnesty clause its no different than with Gilbert Arenas. Paid off, do what you like. People are attacking Roy, its not his fault Portland doctors said he was done or that the team went the way they did. And would he even be able to go back to Portland? The amnesty clause took his salary off the books to free up cap space which they used. Surely signing him back would be against the rules. As somebody who can’t play anymore due to injuries, I say good luck to him.

      • Anthony says:

        Agree. if anything, Roy retired out of good faith. Furthermore, It was not his choice. How can one be liable for a choice he himself did not make? He did not choose on his own, out of impulse that “Ah, maybe I should retire now.” He did not choose to be amnestied, the organization did. They had the choice of keeping his contract even if he were to be sidelined, but they didn’t. Rather, they chose to stick with their amnesty privilege. Before alleging something, at least look at the situation objectively. Roy has exhibited himself as an exemplary player of the NBA. His demeanor is calm and you cannot question his work ethic, even with a bad knee. That should at least be taken into consideration as to what extent does this “fishiness” of him look like, both before, during, and after his retirement.

    • james says:

      He did not get 63 millions, he got THE REMAINING of the 63 million dollars contract, it’ s a big difference. I guess he played for Blazers only, so he spent 5 years with them, I don’t know for how many years the contract was done….There might have been a year left or so…

  96. charles says:

    T-Wolves are the ones that drafted him and made the mistake of trading him for Foye. Time to make up for that mistake and sign him now. His experience would be invaluable to this young but talented team.

  97. Marcus says:

    It will be nice see that happens.

  98. Cord says:

    I guess he is going to be a lock for Indiana this year, they could definitely use him as a scoring punch option. I would count Atlanta as a darkhorse fav to land him.

  99. bluline3 says:

    Umm off the bench? If he goes to chicago, rip hamilton or no rip hamilton brandon roy is starting