Report: ‘Not A Chance’ Howard Remains In Houston If He’s Traded There

Amid a report that stated the Houston Rockets are hoping to amass enough trade assets to make a deal with the Orlando Magic for Dwight Howard — even though Howard would only be in Houston for one season before becoming an unrestricted free agent in the summer of 2013 — a source with knowledge of Howard’s thinking said Monday that there was “not a chance” Howard would be persuaded to remain in Houston if traded there, and would leave next summer to sign elsewhere. reported Monday morning that the Rockets, who currently have the 14th and 16th picks overall in the first round of Thursday’s Draft, were trying to move up in order to acquire two high first-round picks that would be sent to the Magic as part of a package for Howard. Howard decided to “opt in” to the final year of his contract late this past season rather than opt out and be an unrestricted free agent this summer.

But Howard has given no indication he plans to sign any long-term extension in Orlando, and the Magic are resigned to the fact that they’ll likely have to trade him sometime this offseason unless he has a dramatic change of heart. The Nets and Mavericks have been among the most ardent suitors for the 26-year-old Howard, who missed Orlando’s first-round playoff loss to Indiana after undergoing back surgery in April. Howard believes he’ll be back on the court in time for the start of next season.

The Rockets have made it clear that they are willing to take Howard with no assurances that he’d remain after next season. They’ve offered several different packages to different teams currently in the top 10. League sources said Monday that the Rockets have put guard Kevin Martin in at least two trade packages, and it’s believed that the Rockets are also shopping guard Kyle Lowry, who started at point guard before being sidelined with a bacterial infection that caused him to miss almost a month of the season.

Lowry subsequently said he didn’t think he would be able to play next season for coach Kevin McHale, citing unspecified issues. McHale told local reporters Monday he didn’t have a problem with Lowry and could coach him next season.

One league source said the Rockets hoped to make deals for the additional Draft picks using existing players, so they would have as many as four first-rounders they could put in a package to Orlando for Howard. One potential deal, according to a league source, would send Martin to Minnesota — presumably for the Wolves’ 18th pick in the first round — where Martin would play for former Rockets coach Rick Adelman; Martin had success playing for Adelman during their years together in Houston. But rumors of a Martin-Adelman reunion in Minnesota have been thrown around for months.

The Magic just hired its new GM, Rob Hennigan, last week, and fired assistant GM Dave Twardzik and several members of the scouting and basketball staffs over the weekend. Orlando reached agreement Monday with Pistons vice president of basketball operations Scott Perry to be Hennigan’s assistant GM in Orlando. Perry will have more decision-making authority with the Magic than in Detroit, where he’d been for all but once season since 2000, when he joined the organization as a scout. Perry spent the 2007-08 season in Seattle as assistant general manager.


  1. john says:

    howard to bobcats and will be called a SUPERCATS hahahah!!! made sense.. just perfect!,.. hehhe

  2. RocketMan says:

    As a Rockets Season Ticket holder I would rather they use the three 1st round picks and early 2nd round pick to get the best young players available in what many call the deepest draft in the last 10 years. Rockets will stink for a couple of years, but will then be able to compete with the young teams like the Thunder, Heat, Bulls, etc. It’s obvious all Championships will go through Oklahoma for the next 10 years in the West…

  3. john says:

    D-Howard and S-Nash will moved to HEat….welcome to Heat nation now……we have a lot of budget were the champion…lol

  4. Imad akel says:

    this is what Magic should do
    they should trade Ryan Anderson, JJ , DH12 and nelson to get
    Brian Scalabrine, A. Morrison and Luke Walton
    that’s gonna be best big 3 ever and they will go 82-0 on the season and 16-0 in playoffs

  5. specialfriedrice says:

    d12 is gona cop all that bad karma from paying out LBJ when he was going through a similar situation. so so funny, Howard will end up in Chicago, they have the stongest chance at bundleing up a solid trade package, and lets face it D12 and D Rose, thats a winning combo.

  6. Hey says:

    I say the Magic should trade Dwight to the Bulls for Scalabrine. That way, the Magic will have the best player in the league while the Bulls will have a whining center who will screw up the Bulls’ chemistry. Unfortunately, the cap space would not sufficient for this to happen.

    So I can look like a tool: #scalabrineisthebestyo

  7. J-Short says:

    Man I think this off season is very exciting, no matter where D12 lands the team will have to make cuts to afford him after this upcoming season. I wish him and Dwill would come to LA with Ray Allen coming off the bench but its all dreams. i dare say that this upcoming off seaon is more exciting than three years ago with Lebron going to the Heat.

  8. blair56 says:

    I wouldn’t want to ruin Houston’s legacy of great centers such as Sampson, Olajuwon or Moses Malone or Jon Koncak with this crybaby! BOOO!!! DWIGHT HOWARD!!! BOOO THE PRIMA DONNA ATTITUDE THAT AFFLICTS OUR NBA!!

  9. SYDALE says:

    Dwight to the Thunder would be excellent for both teams… It should be a trade Perkins + Ibaka for Dwight…

    The Thunder get the production of both players in one guy and can also get Harden an extension…

    The Magic will be set on the defensive interior… and Ibaka will get a chance to develop more offensively…

    Both teams will have a chance to contend… Win-Win IMO…

  10. GoBulls says:

    For the 2012-2013 season, there’s about a 50/50 chance he’ll either stay with Orlando for one more year or sign a 1-year contract with the Nets. After that season he’ll become a free agent, so who knows where his attitude will take him. Either Dwight changes his attitude or he’s gonna wreck the next team foolish enough to take him.

  11. thesegoto11 says:

    The Rockets need to go back to scouting the soccer fields of Nigeria. Dwight Howard is no Dream. He’s self-serving, an egomaniac, and a chump. Don’t do it, Daryl. DON’T. DO. IT.

  12. JHCT says:

    Dwight said to his agent that he wants to play for the Bobcats. He likes the idea of playing for MJ and he wants to give himself the nickname SuperCat. Bobcats have said they are willing to offer prized future stars… Byron Mullens. Dwight also said he likes the idea of playing in a state where the college teams are actually capable of beating the professional teams because he never got to go to college and this makes him sad.
    LONG LIVE SuperCAT!!

  13. Devon says:

    Okay pipe dream here….saying that up front.

    Jazz trade Jefferson, Harris, Miles and 1st round picks for the next 3 years for Howard

    Then they sign D-will on July 1st

    Howard signs long-term contract with Jazz

    This is my dream as a jazz fan…it could happen, right?……right?

  14. Squirtopus says:

    The next idiot who claims he knows anything about basketball and mentions the words Mario chalmers and trade in the same sentence I will personally take out to the barn to put him down. Chalmers was the ultimate difference that made the heat cruise to a championship this offseason. Dealing Chalmers would be to retarded to put into words.

  15. Extremedriver says:

    Enough already! Just send Howard to NY where he will fit right in and do what we need him to do!

    • Extremedriver says:

      Just imagine this lineup baby! HOWARD, STAT, MELO, JR SMITH , AND THE RETURN OF LINSANITY!

  16. Atoe says:

    Howard to Heat for Bosh 2013-14?

  17. Celtic Fan says:

    I don’t see Dwight going to Houston

  18. Dave says:

    You silly people. Everyone knows Dwight Howard is going to sign with the Phoenix Suns. It’s totally obvious with Hill about ready to retire and Nash about to say peace out, who WOULDNT want to be in purple and orange?

  19. Dwight with Thunder says:

    Imagine that. Best offense with Durant and best defense with Dwight.
    Durant & Dwight the double “D”


    Trade Bynum and Pau for Dwight
    Next get Deron Williams as a free agent. With the money trimmed with Bynum and Pau expensive salary gone the Lakers can afford Dwight.

    • okc 0 says:

      Dwight with Durant would be sick…but after a championship appearance who are you going to trade??? Certainly not one of the big 3

  20. Number1HoustonRocketsFan says:

    If we trade lowry we have dragic for backup. if we trade martin we have lee or a person from the draft. so to think of it its a bad idea because we lose 2 i guess “stars” for 1 superstar and its a good a idea because we have backup and we finally get a good center that can put up points and rebounds.

  21. dahaf says:

    That would be the stupidest idea. Howard would obviously leave cuz he wants to play with a superstar and contend for a championship. The rockets wouldn’t be able to get a player that Howard would want to play with.

  22. BI says:

    Looks like by the time Howard gets there (if he does), there’s not gonna be anyone left to play with him

  23. KnickerBocker says:

    Rockets need to start rebuilding. They already got solid draft picks but they should trade ther ”stars” for great draft picks and build around Dragic Buddinger and Parsons. And some gr8 picks like OKC

  24. charles says:

    The more he holds his nose up at teams by saying “there is no chance” the more he’ll take a public relations beating. Howard needs to pick a future and more on. We’re all tired of it so the Magic Organization must be going nuts by now.

  25. Brian says:

    Hakeem played for Houston, to say there is “no chance” in Howard signing long term there is flat out foolish.

  26. Chi says:

    Never even heard we were pursing Howard, and as a Rocket fan I know for sure he wouldn’t stay if he was to come here, mainly because he wants to be on a more champion contender type of team. Rockets have still been decent over the past few years with the Loss of T-Mac and Yao, which in most cases teams would lose hope and fall… Surprisingly they haven’t done so and if it wasn’t for their 1 week losing streak last season they would’ve made it.

    It’d be nice to see Howard here in Houston but I know he’d be put next year unless the Rockets were to make a good playoff push which I can still see happening so long as every one stays healthy.

    K.Mart > Luis > Howard > (Goran possibly) playoffs would be a def.

  27. Paul says:

    I don’t believe that DH 12 could not sign the extension from Houston. if the team didn’t make it deep into the playoffs, there’s a possible that he will stay for only one year!

  28. Mister Anderson says:

    Sam Presti is working on a trade for Dwight for Ibaka/Harden or Ibaka/Westbrook… πŸ™‚

  29. UrSoFunny says:

    Dwight to Heat?lol so lame how many stars still you need for the Heat just to win a Ring?so lame.

  30. Mister Anderson says:

    trade Dwight for Carlos Boozer and joakim Noah! lets get it on!

  31. EJG says:

    LoL…Theres no way, in my opinion, that the Lakers would want DH12 over Drew..Yes, Drew played 1 good year so far in his careers, BUT if you watched his development these past compressed season, he became a much better all around player than DH12 ever will be..Drew is better in almost all aspects over DH12, except maybe in shot blocking, rebounding and sheer athleticism…Lakers dont need DH12, they just need a good bench, a bunch of role players willing to make hustle plays, make some shot, or at the very least defend the other team..Sessions needs to man up and not shy away from the spotlight…and Pau to stop gunning for jumpshots and go back to his lowpost moves, the way he moved when he was in Grizzlies or during those back to back championships.

    DH12 would do will with the Bulls, but they are playing so good eventhough DRose is injured that theres no way theyre gunning for him…

    DH12, with Dirk, and DWill is very sensible, and i think Mavs is the home for him..

    Houston would just be wasting quality players to get a pampered superstar whos surely gonna leave by the end of the 2013 season.

  32. markangelo says:

    LOL! Lakers fans are really stupid! moron, brainless kind of person keep on dreaming that Dwight will become a Laker, KEEP ON DREAMING IDIOTS! HAHAHAHAHA… ,,!,,

  33. BoyHEAT says:

    I think Howard should go to Boston! yet, I love seeing him play for the Lakers or Bulls!
    He won’t land in Miami Im 100% sure of that! There is a 70% chance we can get Nash in South Beach!
    with KG making a one-more-run or retire desicion, I love to see Howard give boost to the Celtics roster! Who said the worst free-throw shootg team? they have Pierce and a good free-throw shooting bench in them! Will likely see another Kobe and Shaq moment with Howard on the Lakers and Maybe The best defensive team in the NBA if he makes it to the bulls (yes! I know we should fear this will happen HEAT fans but don’t lose hope!) My bet

    MAGIC Howard —-> CELTICS Garnett and Allen
    ” ” ” LAKERS Bynum and Gasol
    ” ” ” BULLS Noah and Deng
    SUNS Nash signs at Miami
    PACERS Hibbert signs at Nets
    Jason Kidd stays in Dallas

    HEAT vs OKC again next year! HEAT in 7

  34. Laguyo says:

    If nash wants a ring before retiring he needs to go to miami heat… But heat needs a center so if Dwight will be in heat well that’ts the start of BIG 4 ERA and its gonna be perfect team.. We’ll anything will happen so we need to wait because we can ‘t do anything we’re all just a big fans of NBA… all we can do is predict, dream.. wait.. and we don’ decide….

  35. tenby says:

    Lakers should trade bynum and gasol for dwight howard and hedu turkgulo. Get kyle lowry on board as well in place of Sessions. Finally, its high time for them to part with metta if hedu is already on board and use spare dollars for a decent power forward and young wingmen.

  36. NO KOBE ALLOWED says:

    For the Lakers Fans, you see that there is no other STAR (or maybe STARS) that would want to go with LAKERS
    unless if they are below average kind of players who just want to have exposure or try they’re LUCK with KOBE

    Aside from KOBE in The Lakers Team, Do you see other BIG NAMES?

    for me NO, its Just KOBE. .KOBE..KOBE, Stars Like D12 would not want to pair or come along with KOBE
    The Problem in the LAKERS is the ATTITUDE of KOBE that can affect the Entire team

    KOBE and Dwight? Goodluck for Dwight…..

    Unless KOBE will gone soon..

    Take Note: KOBE is Not a Team Player. .

    • Lolz @ stupid people says:

      It’s funny when someone talks about basketball doesn’t know anything about basketball. So I’m sure you’re talking about the post-shaq and pre-gasol era when Kobe carried his team by himself and played out of this world cause if your not and talking about the past year, you sir are a joke. Pau and Bynum in VERY inconsistent in this past 2 years though bynum seems to be getting better and if you watched the playoffs, Kobe did all he can to win. I Am a Lakers fan and love the play of Kobe ever since i can remember. Kobe asked for just one thing, ROLE PLAYERS, and when he got Pau (All-star Pau) he immediately went to the finals for 3 staright years. He Doesn’t need to team up with 2 other Super Stars (#Heatfans) to win a championship cause they cant do it themselves. It’s sad to see the the terrible trend Boston and Heat started affect the whole league. Dwight, if I were you i would do what a man with pride do and stay in Orlando and prove your selve in the whole league.

  37. he dont have a chance to won an NBA championship if he go to houston.!

  38. Jojomon says:

    Nash 90 50 40 is so consistent, and the best in the league to run pick and roll/pop. I want him to go to Heat, Knicks is a bad choice for him, remember Lin and Melo can’t connect to each other well Nash won’t either. Nash doesn’t need to play 36 minutes when he choose to play for Heat. As a Suns fan, I want our man Steve Nash to get a Ring.

    • KnickerBocker says:

      Nash would be a good fit for the knicks because remember his pick and pop with stat and melo will do the rest and nash doesn’t have to play a lot on the knicks because of lin

  39. fujimikan 1 [) 1 0 t says:

    having all-stars doesnt mean winning, role players counts as well idiot, heat only have 3 players playing

  40. EARCH says:

    I don`t get it. DidnΒ΄t the Rockets watch,what happened to the Knicks? The Knicks traded away half of their promising and rising roster to get Melo and now tey are stuck.
    Even IF Dwight signs a long term contract with the Rockets (what I really doubt!) giving away Lowry, Scola, Martin and draft picks will bite them back in the long term.
    They will be a mediocre team, playing for the 6-8 playoff spot and an early exit in the first round.
    The only teams who could really “afford” Dwight are the Lakers (in exchange for Bynum and 1-2 other key players) and the Mavericks who would love to put Dwight next to Dirk and are willing to give away almost all of their other players.
    And to all the Heat fans out there:
    You just won the championship, have 3 or better say 2 1/2 (super)stars, and you still want another player who is the best one on his position? (Lebron and Wade are and Bosh is probably top 5 on the PF spot (Love, Blake, Dirk and thats it (i didnt count KG and TD because they play more at the center position right now))
    But if they are willing to give away Bosh and some role players, anything is possible.
    Whats up with the Brookly Nets ? I thought Dwight wants to team up with D-Will, but on the other hand i dont even think Dwight knows what Dwight wants.

    • Crossover2 says:

      The Rockets could trade their 14, 16, and Lowry for Dwight, keep the 18, and resign Dragic. I think the Magc would like that, ESPECIALLY b/c the Magic were even looking at a trade for Brook Lopez. Maybe we could even sign D-Will and then keep Dwight, and not need Dragic. We win’t be trading away our roster, just one easily replacable person (Dragic or D-Will could be replacements) and two picks. With our 18,we might even be lucky and get PJ3.

  41. Hayden says:

    why do all these bandwagon heat and other team supporters think dwight needs to go to a contender team.. why cant he do what more admiral plays pursue and try and win a ring as them being a key like hakeem for the rockets with a solid support cast not get it the easier way like miami did where a player as good as bosh was there 3rd best player.

    dwight when you read this come to Houston and win a ring #noheatsupportscancomment

  42. Rob says:

    I’m keen to see who Dallas lands, they’re well in the mix to get some talent in free agency and I get the feeling they’ll either get Steve Nash, Deron Williams or Dwight. Dwight would be better, he fills the hole left by Tyson Chandler and while Nash and Williams are better than Kidd right now, it’s not by a great deal, Kidd can still run the floor. Who knows, perhaps Dallas might be able to get either Nash or Williams, then do a sign-and-trade to get Dwight involving either Nash/Williams/Kidd and perhaps Shawn Marion to sweeten the deal.

  43. ron52nge says:

    Dwight Howard to Lakers – people will say he followed Shaquille O’neal style…. but getting Championship ring is sure!!!
    Dwight Howard to Chicago – this might be a very big threat for MIAMI and NBA Finals.
    Dwight Howard to Houston – remove some players and get Deron Williams there as well plus Pau Gasol.

  44. mikeemanilaphilippines says:

    if Dwight goes to San Antonio this year, he’ll be going home with his 1st NBA Championship RING and Finals MVP.

  45. Manchild says:

    Dwight Howard is leaving the NBA to play pro-ball in Australia in the NBL for the Tasmanian Tigers! (coughs) That’s as credible aa any statement I’ve heard from the Magic camp all season long…

  46. mikeemanilaphilippines says:

    coach pop needs a big man like Dwight Howard

    • spacecoast says:

      lazy primadonnas aren’t a good fit for Pop. but where ever just get him outa ctrl florida so we can play some damn ball

  47. mikeemanilaphilippines says:

    go for san antonio with coach Pop Dwight, and for sure you’re a winner.

  48. mikeemanilaphilippines says:

    go for san antonio Dwight

  49. android 11 says:

    you all fools!if dh12 wants to acknowledge as superman,he will go to bobcats,and prove his supremacy as the best center in the league…????????????????????or else he is a second hand trying hard copycat and not bobcat…hahahahaha

  50. lester says:

    if howard wants a championship ring.. he must go to HEAT.

  51. jayvee says:

    just play in the d-league DWIGHT and work with your freethrows there for the remaining years of your career!!! hahaha πŸ˜› LMFAO

  52. dew says:

    If Howard were truely smart, he would go to San Antonio after next year or the Spurs would be wise to trade for him by possibly sending Orlando anyone they want other than the big 3 of SA. Players would be willing to do like Miami if they landed Howard to play with Duncan. Spurs will make another run at it next year as they still have a good team, however Dwight will help them win a championship in a likely Duncan 2-3 year deal for league minimum contract. Dwight would give the big man Parker and Ginobili desperately need late in ball games..not to mention with Duncan on the floor at the same time, the 1-2 punch down low would be insane…double teams down low would be crazy and open up 3 point galore in SA as well since we all know SA has more depth on the 3 ball than anyone in the league. Much like what Robinson and Duncan caused in 99 and 03 by punishing teams down low and opening it up for outside scorers. Howard to SA is the best possible place for him being coached by Pop who knows how to win with big men as the center focus of a team. If Howard wants to win, he will know that the Spurs will take him to bigger and better things. Just ask Duncan and the Admiral.

  53. dew says:

    I can see why Houston would do this. Howard gives Houston fans a reason to go to the games and a few more to ban wagon over to increase revenues for next year. Everyone rememer when Pippen went to Houston for a single year? With the built up bank, offloading Howard after next season as well as getting rid of Martin this year as well as some other contracts on the books, this gives Houston a huge amount of cap space to pursue however they want for the next 2 seasons after next to play with Dragic, Scola and their rooks they about to get. Would be a smart move as Martin or Lowry on the same team will not win you a championship against DWade and Lebron. Let alone, I personally think they are capable of playing in the NBA, but honestly not on a championship team. Perhaps late in their careers possibly, but not right now as OKC, Miami, San Antonio, and Chicago have way better backcourts then any combination featuring those two players. Houston could even pursue Harden and Ibaka after next year if they wanted to give them big pay days as OKC most likely will not be able to sign them both. Harden would be a great fit in Houston starting there with Dragic in the backcourt. Combine this with their draft picks of this year as long as they draft smart, could end up with a good young team with Dragic at the focal point at PG. Whether Howard would stay or not, who knows…but if the team shows potential, it is up in the air as to who stays, or who goes. At this point, I only see Houston trying to save money after next season and unload some unwanted payroll who have proven they will not see championship days with what they currently have.

  54. Bob says:

    A Heat trade with Bosh in the mix makes perfect sense. No doubt about it. Howard wants to make money and win championships. The NBA Finals are going to go through Miami for awhile. Imagine double teaming a driving LeBron and having Howard crashing the boards! If I were Howard, and based on what he has said, Miami is the perfect fit for him.

    • Mister Anderson says:

      he is not you, and you’re not him. so stop this bs. he’s not going to miami. he is likely to be traded to Dallas.

  55. har says:

    trade bosh and wade for dwight….. i love d-wade but cmon hes gettin older and bosh is no more than an average player….win-win situation for both the magic and heat…good for the nba also

  56. JayD says:

    Deron Williams to Lakers and D Howard to Dallas

  57. dwighttoLA says:

    trade BYNUM and PAU for DWIGHT!

  58. igorferrarin says:

    Good move Rockets! This team needs an urgent change! They have to sacrifice plenty of GOOD players to get a GREAT player. Otherwhise, Rockets will remain just a good team, not GREATteam.

  59. Rafael says:

    I say he comes to Houston. Basketball was just about fun in elementary and high school. But starting in college and in the NBA, basketball is a business. Business is ok when the team is doing well and making the play offs, 1st, 2nd round. You retain your local fans that way. But business is GOOD and profitable when you win championships from international fans and noteriaty. Rockets play with heart and are able to make the playoffs. Solid, considering the lack of superstars.

    Blow the team up. Our GM is smart, build the team around Dwight, get the necessary players to make us relevant again. Its been too long since we were a threat to anything but the 1st or 2nd round. Chase the larry obrien trophy, not the playoffs. Many players, (including Deron Williams) will want to play for Houston if the situation is right, its a great city, great organization, has great facilities, and most importantly, a winning culture.

    Lets go ROCKETS!!!!

  60. just sayin says:

    he wont stay with the rockets..i doubt D-will goes to Houston either..since he wants to go join Dirk if the nets dont get Howard…and he isnt going to any team with a name bigger than his…because of his ego..

  61. the Truth says:

    i’m wondering how many seasons howard will waste before he decides to actually start playing some basketball. Its time to buck up and choose a team that looks committed to becoming a contender, Any team. Unfortunately he’s looking for the easy way out like the heat. What a shameful trend.

    • SMF says:

      Why is it shameful to want to have the best possible chance to win? why would you go to a rubbish team that will end up in more heartache and a wasted career?

  62. myke says:

    No not the bulls he will just ruin the core and the attitude of the players.

  63. Gator says:

    Naahhh Dwight Howard is hungry for a ring, And he will do everything to have one, He is so desperate that he probably will sign for the league minimum in guess what,,,,,,,MIAMI HEAT!!!

    Just on the lighter (joke time) side…….

    DWIGHT HOWARD is signing for the League minimum to join the MIAMI Heat just to take a shot at the title-ring, while STEVE NASH will do everything and will sign the mid-level in the hope of also having a ring before he retires, Coz he knows he’s getting older, He’s a tired old dawg and it’s such a disgrace for not having a Ring from all those years of playing.

    2013 MIAMI HEAT Starting 5

    Center – DWIGHT HOWARD
    SF- LeBRON
    SG – D-WADE

    Rest of the NBA should learn their lesson and smell another conspiracy brewing,,,,,or else they should be afraid, Be very afraid. Once that line-up is formed, they should now give up their hope in ever winning a title in 5-7 years. Haha.

    MIAMI Heat Rulez!

    • gerald says:

      keep dreaming, buddy.

    • uoykcuf says:

      I think that’ll work on nba2k12, try that.

    • fujimikan says:

      Then try to get D. Rose, KD, and Kobe Bryant. Seriously, you heat fans are funny. How many more all stars do you still need to win championships?

    • yeahright says:

      Stop playing NBA 2k12 and get back on the ground!

    • Average Joe says:

      @all the others who replied to the post – Read first before you comment. He said “Just on the lighter (joke time) side” as a disclaimer. He wasn’t being serious. So get off your high horses before you make fools of yourselves. Frigging retards!

    • keep living in fantasy, keep living. Dwight Howard wouldn’t want to be overshadowed by James and Wade. He’ll probably go to Houston, get traded immediately and etc. And I’m pretty sure Chicago, Boston, Clippers, and etc. could compete with that roster. Peace. GO CELTICS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • HOUSTON?? says:

      THAT WOULDN’T HAPPEN IN A MILLION YEARS!! KEEP DREAMIN MAN!!!!! That would be a terrible idea!!!

  64. D says:

    Dwight would be crazy to move to the west. The Lakers, Spurs, and Thunder are already powerhouse teams, with the Grizzlies, Clippers, and Mavs just one piece away from being contenders. Why would he want to stay in that conference when he could stay in the east and only have to contend with the Miami heat, an ancient Boston team, and a Bulls team that won’t be playing it’s best basketball for months until DRose is back.

    • MackDaddy says:

      I’d rather deal with old Lakers and Spurs lineups in the west, than Miami or Chicago powerhouse teams in the east.

      Unless he plans to join Chicago or Miami, if I was Howard I’d be playing out west and wait to meet only one of them in the Finals.

      OKC is the one big hurdle for him out west… otherwise no one else really there to seriously contend against Chicago or Miami.

  65. Dan says:

    Agreed that Houston should do this in order to see Howard leave and end up with high draft picks to start the “OKC” rebuilding process.

    Who knows? They might happen to make WEst finals or even the NBA finals with Howard, and that’s enough for him to stay and Deron can come over. This is very unlikely though, and I’d more imagine he does leave as a “source” says.

  66. touch it says:


  67. heatCHAMPS2012 says:

    i think he should stay in magic.. besides he’s been the face of the franchise .. the rockets will be doom for sure.. and still it is still his decision if he wants to play in longer and his choice if he wants to be there for long.. i think he should stay..

  68. ATL Fan says:

    Trade him to the Hawks. Hawks can trade Josh Smith, Marvin Williams, and the 23rd overall pick for Howard. The Magic get an all star caliber player in Smith, a solid role player in WIlliams, and can fill another need with the draft pick. The Hawks could resign hinrich and have a starting 5 of Teague-Hinrch-Johnson-Horford-Howard. It works with all of the trade rules, I checked it on the trade machine.

  69. kwame brown says:

    he aint goin to the lakers or celtics! keep living in a fantasy world

  70. NosTRADEamus says:

    I dreamed Howard wearing Nets’ Home jersey..

  71. Alex says:

    Dwight and Rondo on the same team? it will be the worst free throw shooting team in history what a horrible idea C-up

  72. Red&Yellow95 says:

    There will be three scenarios that will play out if Houston succeeds in obtaining the #5 and #8 pick…

    1. Dwight Howard realizes playing in Houston isn’t so bad, as the team around him is much better than the team he’d have in Brooklyn, especially if Deron Williams signs with the Rockets, who he’d have to consider if DH12 considers staying put. As ESPN put it; rich history of winning, two championships, big man coaches who’ll be eager to teach (Caroll Dawson, Kevin McHale, Hakeem Olajuwon), 4th largest market, and has a smart GM who won’t screw up placing talent around his stars.

    2. Dwight Howard doesn’t like it in Houston, has a drama-filled year much like the Anthony saga, and Houston either trades him at deadline or they finish the year with him. With a gutted roster, Houston will tank the ’13-’14 season and try and obtain the #1 pick.

    3. Orlando refuses the offer of two draft picks. Houston proceeds to draft Andre Drummond and Jeremy Lamb or Austin Rivers. Develop their young players and force a youth movement, again trying to aim for a top 5 pick in the 2013 lottery.

    It’s a win-win for Houston regardless. Either skyrocketing to contention or barreling down to the bottom, but a chance at a franchise player in 2013 or 2014.

    • uoykcuf says:

      Nothing against Houston(used to be a Drexler fan) but I don’t think Howard will even go there for a year. This guy wants good supporting role players, one/two all-star(proven! Nelson DOESN’T count), location ie, Lakers New York, Brooklyn, Miami, He’s a pampered and high maintenance player, I say Houston for your own good, don’t do it!

      • dvr says:

        You obviously haven’t watch Htown play. They were the 6th seed about 2 weeks b4 the season ended. If they had Howard they’d win 55 games a year.

  73. Dja says:

    What the hell does he want. I don’t know if it’s a big market or another superstar or a horrible team. I’m not sure he knows. The rockets if they lose Martin Lowry, scola, and maybe dalemberts contracts have the money for deron. That team would bring him a championship. All rumors aside this should be what he is seeking.

  74. dont do it says:

    do not do this rockets. Omg can we be more stupid? we are going to trade our whole team for a person that will leave when he gets a chance? No. Trade the players we have like scola and martin, keep our draft pick for once, sign back Goran dragic. Thats what they need to do. keep budinger, Goarn, lowry and parsons. Trade everyone else and build around these people. All we need is one star. And we would have good support around that person. Howard would just mess everything up. so stupid.

    • Dja says:

      A few problems: goran and Lowry both won’t be with us next year. Also, unless we got a huge surprise from the draft we will continue to be mediocre. Coming from a rockets fan who hasn’t missed a game on tv in years I cannot continue to watch (although I will have to).

      • Dja says:

        Worded that wrong goran and Lowry will not both be in Houston one will be if we do not land deron

    • Mrs Durant says:

      I think we just located Rocket fan number 4…..our search is complete

    • Your Right says:

      I agree. The Rockets would be stupid to make a trade for somebody that has clearly stated he is not willing to stay. They made the same mistake with that looser Artest. They need to use all these picks and plan for the future.

      • Buschjones says:

        The thing is, even if Howard won’t stay, you can still trade him at the deadline to get better talent than we can trade for right now. The new CBA is designed to help the team that players are currently on so you don’t have the same fiasco like with “The Decision”. Either way, it’s better than treading water.

  75. markminator says:

    the truth is, in the summer of 2013, howard will be joining the heat, since mike miller will likely retire 1 year, or 2 years from now because of his injuries if he’ll ever play this season that could be his last, heat cap space would be better then. Not to mention that josh howard will also retire, maybe at 40, and battier with a 3 years contract w/ the heat is likely to be over that time.

    • DAYVON IS A BEAST says:

      that wont happen they are over the salary cap and he wants a long term deal

    • DJ3 says:

      Dude, this is what gives us Heat fans a bad name. CAP SPACE!!!! First, The Salary Cap issue is going to get worse over the next 1-3? years. And even if everything was the same then, Dwight would want at least 18M. Mike Miller + JUAN Howard (you don’t even know the players names?) + Shane Battier = about 9M. He will not take less like the big 3 and even if he took the same that the big 3 took they would still need 4M more (the big 3 took 13M i think). Take into account the cap space next time.

      • germ says:

        its JUWAN howard , do you guys know anything ? all your info is completely wrong , heat are only going to go after steve nash ray allen and chris kaman . they dont have anymore cap space for big contracts , just old guys who will take the minimum for the ring

      • MackDaddy says:

        Put Bosh in the mix and all of a sudden those figures dont look hald bad.

        Bosh is overrated and overpaid… so give him to Orlando and make the Three Amigo’s unstoppable for years to come.

      • uoykcuf says:

        Hey moron it’s “JUWAN” Howard (you don’t even know the players names?) Are all heat fans that stupid?

      • Hayden says:

        Do you know anything, wheres patterson and you just say trade martin and scola for what.. the bestdeal the rockets could make with martin could be the wolves pick 18 and thats nothing to want..

        All houston supporters have wanted since the era ofyao and t-mac is a new superstar and to trade for them at any cost..

        we tried with melo and Gasol allstar players, so why dont you guys have faith in the Rockets system to keep Howard he hasent said anyhting so dont beleive everyhting you read..

        my starts for next year if all works out.

        however if rockets where unable to get dwight all hope is not lost as we could still break into the top picks or even go free agency and try and lure someone like roy Hibbert a restricted free agent to our club #rockets

      • JW says:

        So for the Miami Heat to put themselves in serious contention again next season they don’t need to resign Eddie Curry, Juwan Howard, or Ronny Turiaf, trade Terrel Harris and Mario Chamlers, waive Dexter Pittman, and convince Mike Miller to retire ($14.8M). This should create enough cap space to acquire Steve Nash, Jeremy Lin, JaVale McGee, and Roy Hibbert ($13M) plus maybe a couple of D-Leaguers and/or Grant Hill. Not to mention their draft picks. I would shop Joel Anthony and James Jones as well…

      • And1 says:

        @ MacDaddy

        1, Bosh just proved how important he is to miami– there would be no ring without bosh. He’s an unselfish player who makes his shots, plays defense (not the greatest),stretches the floor and can run in transition
        2. .Howard, all though great, I just don’t see him taking shots away from wade or james. he doesn’t stretch the floor. hes not the greatest jump shooter, and he just clogs the lane– the lane where lbj and wade do all there work
        3. $$$$. bosh took less than max, and howard wants a long term MAX contract (imo).

        where do i think howard would fit? Boston (like somebody else mentioned earlier.) Though it looks unlikely he’ll end up there.
        IF garnette retires, IF allan signs somewhere else, a core of Pierce, Rondo, and Howard is BEASTLY. Rondo + Howard would be the face of a new dynasty.

  76. C-Up says:

    if KG doesnt resign with the Celtics then Dwight in green would be a perfect fit with rondo at the point

    • Erica says:

      I love this idea…not likely it’ll happen, but I would love to see D-Howard in green and white. Rondo and Howard would make an amazing team and let’s just move KG to the pwr forward position where he’d love to be anyway.

  77. Know-it-all says:

    Dwight will leave the east n come play w/ Kobe where the Lakers will gain back a strong cntr-man benching both Bynum and Gasol; this will be, especially since neither of them have the confidence to pound inside the paint.

    • uoykcuf says:

      You do know it all do you? And you do know the rapist’s wheels are coming off do you? You do know keeping Dwight, Bynum and Gasol are impossible salarywise/capwise do you? You do know you are an idiot do you?

  78. Ttime says:

    Sources close to Howard lie just as much as he does.

  79. Shakil Mirza says:

    Houston we have a problem!

    • Tyrant says:


    • sam says:

      if the rockets will get howard, they will trade him right away to LAKERS. They are pursuing Pau Gasol since last year and this might be their biggest chance to get him. with additional above average player the LAKERS will be willing to offer just to get dwight. ROCKETS WILL BE FINE. Lakers will be a championship contender once again. #HeatFan

      • olrem says:

        seriously?? you really think if the Rockets manage to finally get a superstar they’re gonna go ahead an trade him for an aging former star? come on, be serious…

      • Shoumic says:

        haha nice one

      • carlo phil says:

        olrem howard will hit the free agency next seanson ang there’s no way he going to sign for an extension with a team like Houston!! make your brain work

      • Another Sam says:

        He is serious. Pau will actually stay.

      • sam says:

        OLREM, i think you missed to read the title/subject of this article, right? #lol