Heat, Fans Enjoy Their Moment

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh weren’t the only ones shutting up their critics during that Heat championship parade today through the streets of Miami.

The fans who lined up along those streets deserve a little respect, too. Maligned for years as a group of late-arriving, front-running, basketball novices, Heat fans took on the challenge of facing off against some of the best fans anywhere in sports and stood up to Oklahoma City Thunder fans in fine fashion.

They more than held their own in the battle of the dueling fan bases.

In fact, they reacted the same way fans in almost every city act after their team wins it all. They drove around honking their horns into the wee hours after the Heat’s Game 5 win over the Thunder last Thursday night. My main man and NBA.com’s  John Schuhmann and Sheridanhoops.com’s Jeremy Bauman can attest to as much, since the three of us had to walk through hundreds of screaming Heat fans as we made our way from AmericanAirlines Arena and down Biscayne Boulevard to our hotels after Game 5.

It was a wild scene, with everyone on the sidewalks operating pretty much in the dark as Miami’s finest kept a handle on things.

It’s always cracked me up, seeing how the fans respond to their team winning a title. It’s particularly hilarious to see fans in Chicago and more recently San Antonio and Los Angeles, celebrate every title like it’s the first time they’ve ever experienced such a thing.

But as the years go by and you witness the same visceral reaction from fans who have no other connection than an unabashed passion for their specific team, it starts making more sense.

This is not only the day every play lives for, it’s the day every fan of every dreams of. So enjoy it Miami. Wrap yourself up in the seemingly never-ending party that was Game 5, the confetti falling like rain, the smiles that you can’t wipe away and the endless parade of cars circling those downtown streets with everyone screaming “Let’s Go Heat!”

You never know how many of these moments you and your team will have, so soak it up.

Enjoy it all for as long as you can!


  1. I was there.It was amazing!!Thousands of Heat fan,everybody were so happy.It;s not only about Lebrom or Wade,we all deserve this championship,owner,coah,GM,players and fans,we all want it so bad!And we got,yeahh baby,we got it!The whole country aginst the team,media,espn,everybody joke about the “choke” last year against Dallas,but now I understand as our old and popular friend said “IT’S JUST ABOUT DAMN TIME” ,you haters keep hating,that makes this team stronger.

    Let’s go heat!!!

  2. Jack says:

    and u wont get any ring with just ROSE alone,..mark that BULLS fan…lol

  3. Jack says:

    laughing at this bulls fan,..idiot, a losing team and yet u are giving curse predictions to miami?..loser, rose cant win championship by himself,..this is the reality,..noah?bozzer?..nah way..they are all garbage to the likes of mike miller, UD, chalmers, cole and even jones,..see u next time bulls fans,..

  4. boyet santiago says:

    miami is a good example of what a real good team is. Everybody contributes for the success of the organization. the owner/coaches/players and especially the fans all over the globe.

  5. Mike says:


  6. GoBulls says:

    Next year the thunder will be back in force. The bulls are gonna sign nikola mirotic (a player in europe, yes, Europe, with enough skill to be an all-star) by 2014 and d rose will hopefully recover fully by then. Enjoy your ring, heat fans. You won’t get another in a long time.

  7. K says:

    This was great for the Miami organazation! Big ups to LeBron, DWade, Chris Bosh and the whole Miami Heat team! You answered all the haters and critics in grand fashion! Nobody in the basketball World honestly gave the Heat a chance against OKC; especially after the way they torn through Dallas, LA and SA! Miami as a team answered the bell! LeBron most definitely answered the bell! Miami moving forward will still be scrutized to a certain extent; because that’s what naysayers and haters do! But one thing for sure after everything is said and done; no one can ever takeaway what was achieved June 21, 2012,the Miami Heat crunched the overwhelming favorite OKC Thunder to become NBA WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!! 2011-2012 NBA WORLD CHAMPIONS (YOUR MIAMI HEAT)!!!!!!

  8. TiagoNM says:

    What’s the name of the song playing when they hit the stage?

  9. Lamontee j curb says:

    Im heat fan and on top of that i live in rockford ILL land of the bulls and bear’s i went threw alot as well as my team heat now the hatin has stop so on and so but since some authors want b funny saying enjoy well us heat fans all over the world because any time u have labron on your team he’s a weapon to b reackin with and now he is the king i really belive we can repeat wade is going to have his knee checked out now doing the off season he should b really for 2013 u guys better hope other vet players that never won a title doesnt come to miami to replace jones or miller and howard because he retiring as a champion and only fab 5 player to do so how bout dat funny guy with miller gone jones gone we need to get a few young players to back wade and james up extra penertaters oh dont forget ray allen is a free agent bring him in to back wade up and go get goratput him at center give eddy curry and extra year

  10. Bev says:

    I am so happy for the Heat !!! I live in North Carolina, but I am also a Heat fan !! And I am enjoying this moment too !!
    Gooo Heat.

  11. newklear says:

    what’s up with that durant jersey, and the grim reaper??

  12. NosTRADEamus says:

    “it’s the day every fan of every dreams of”
    say what ?
    p.s. Not sure if he’s being sarcastic…but he’s right.