Draft Deal Based On Pursuit Of Beal?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We go through this in the days leading up to the NBA Draft every year. One college star always seems to generate buzz and you start hearing the rumors about teams falling over each other to trade up and get him.

Former Florida shooting guard Bradley Beal is that player this time around. The Cleveland Cavaliers are fans of the player some Draft pundits compare favorably to Ray Allen when he was just a teenager and rumored to be interested in doing whatever it takes to trade up by Thursday night to acquire that No. 2 pick so they can select Beal before someone else does.

The Bobcats currently own the No. 2 pick but, per Steve Kyler of HoopsWorld, they are considering all of their options:

Since landing the 2nd overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft Lottery the Charlotte Bobcats have made no secret of their desire to move down from the #2 spot and try to secure multiple assets in this draft in efforts to rebuild the team around a youth movement.

The Bobcats met with Kansas big man Thomas Robinson over the weekend and are debating their options with the #2.

Sources say the team understands that Robinson is likely a can’t-miss prospect, but they do not appear to be sold that he is the franchise changer the team desperately needs. The same is being said of Kentucky forward Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Like Robinson, he is said to be a solid NBA prospect and really has a limited downside, but like T-Rob he’s not going to get the Cats into contention all by himself.

Enter the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Cavs hold the #4 and #24 picks in the 2012 NBA Draft and do not appear to want either pick. The Cavs have eyes for Florida’s Brad Beal and they know that if they stay at #4 they know the Wizards are taking Beal with the #3.

League sources say there is a standing offer of the #4 and #24 to Charlotte for the rights to the #2 pick and it seems if something better does not surface they may trigger a deal.

Like every Draft rumor, you have to be careful what you read and believe. But there have been multiple reports about the Bobcats being open to moving around in the Draft order. The infatuation with Beal, however, has come recently during the pre-Draft process.

During The Finals there was non-stop chatter about Beal’s stock rising and him making a significant move up Draft boards around the league. We love Beal’s highlight tape here at the hideout. He reminds us more of an Eric Gordon type than he does Ray Allen, but those are both solid comparisons for any rookie shooting guard.

And Cleveland’s interest in Beal makes perfect sense, what with him being the ideal running mate for Kyrie Irving in their backcourt of the future.


  1. helloo says:

    I must agree….. Bobcats will be smart to do that deal!!! and then trade the #4 to Houston for the three picks they own… that way they will have the 14th, 16th, 18th, 24th, and 31st… thats five new players that they could build a stong base upon!! They allready have Ben Gordon and the two rokies from last year! this draft if very strong they will find a building block in every selection!!

  2. Jovany says:

    This trade is very smart for Charlotte, because if they are looking at Thomas Robinson and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist at number two, one of those players will be there at 4 definitely, with Davis at one, and Beal being 2 or 3. Not like Washington can be mad, and try to take Charlottes pick if both of these guys are on table.

    at 24, they can get whoever else they feel has potential, idon’t think it would really matter. don’t forget they have the first pick in the 2nd round, so maybe possibly another trade, to go up more, 24 and 31 to go higher for a potential Kendall Marshall or Austin Rivers.

    This Draft could still be really good for them, but they have to be smart. which will be hard, knowing MJs history.

  3. Mou says:

    It is too much speculation. It is really hard to predict so much in these young guys.(that is why it is so interesting!!lol)
    I really believe that from the No.2 Pick to the No.5 it is the same. Robinson, Beal, Barnes, Kidd-Gildchrist, we probably never know exactly what will their future look like. All of them are very interesting players. All-Stars?, Franchise Players? Hard to know at this point.
    If the Cavs are so desperately to move up to No.2, and willing to give up No.4 and No.24, and who knows what else,,,, maybe MJ should realize, with the actual situation of the Bobcats, that this time maybe, more ,is better.

  4. Ain't no Saint says:

    I like this trade for charlotte, then they can get harrison Barnes and Austin rivers with the 4th n 24th…add that to biyombo, kemba, Gerald Henderson and u starting a foundation

  5. BG to Dj says:

    The only thing with the bobcats is they would want to trade the no2 Pick for Barnes and whatever else they can get with it as it seems as if there are no serious offers being put on the table for the no2 pick and they don’t want to risk the no2 pick on barnes if he turns out to be marvin williams take 2 as that would be another Kwame brown incident especially if beal turns out to be like ray allen/eric gordon if this occurred which would not be ideal for MJ.
    Where as if they took barnes at say the fourth pick he would be less of a risk while gaining either more picks(help rebuilding process) and possibly drop a bad contract with the 2nd pick which should give Mj harrison barnes if he is really set on him which is more of a win/win for him.

  6. The cats need to make it happen the pick, get Barnes or gilchrist at 4 and fab melo at 24. Things are looking up.

  7. ATG says:

    The Bobcats have a ton of holes and very little NBA quality on their roster at the moment, so they should be exploring all options that would net them another first round pick and/or future first round picks. If Cleveland wants Beal they will need to trade the 4th and 24th pick to the Bobcats to get him, otherwise Beal will be a Wizard.

  8. Warren says:


  9. Amitpal says:

    Beal, kyrie and Tristan Thomson. The future looks bright for the cavs. Give them a 3 or 4 years and they will be in the competition for a championship. I could see this big three get more rings then lebron ends up with. The thunder got there rivals for the final for the next decade or so.

    • dattebayo says:

      You are probably one of those guys, that believed Dan Gilberts promise of winning it all before Lebron, too.
      Irving is no Westbrook, Bradley will probably not be as good as James Harden and Thompson is definitely no Kevin Durant. The only way, those guys will ever get more rings than Lebron is them all coming off the bench for other teams…

      • Thomas Montague says:

        Actually, I think that Brad Beal will be better than Harden, at some point. I also think that the Bobcats would be short-sighted to trade the #2 pick. Brad Beal is a potential All-NBA performer.

      • jp says:

        I Like the cavs, but the chances of them getting a ring in the near future are futile. If Lebron couldnt get it done, their new core wont.Also, Cavs managment needs to bring in serious talent to keep Kyrie happy in Cleveland

      • HEATFTW says:

        just another OKC fan…

    • haters at work says:


    • Sick says:

      Tristan Thompson? Big Three???
      In your dreams… LOL