Finals Numbers Of Note

MIAMI —Some numbers of note from the Miami Heat’s 121-106 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 5 of the 2012 Finals, giving the Heat their second championship:

    • LeBron James became the 14th player to win a championship in the same year he won the MVP award. The last was Tim Duncan in 2003.
    • James tied a postseason career high with 13 assists in Game 5. The Heat were 20-2 this season when he recorded at least eight assists. Both losses were in Orlando.
    • The Heat are the first NBA champion to have trailed three in three of their playoff series. They were down 2-1 to Indiana, 3-2 to Boston, and 1-0 to Oklahoma City.
    • The Heat became the third team to sweep the middle three Finals games at home since the 2-3-2 format came into play in 1985. The others were the 2004 Pistons and the 2006 Heat.
    • The Heat’s 14 3-pointers in Game 5 tied a Finals record, set in the 1995 Finals by both the Rockets and Magic.

  • Game 5 was the first time in the 2012 postseason in which James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade each scored 20 or more points.
  • Juwan Howard won his first title in his 18th season. The only player to go more seasons before wining his first championship was Kevin Willis, who won with the Spurs in 2003, his 19th season.
  • Wade had the highest plus-minus in the series at plus-41. Serge Ibaka had the lowest at minus-42.
  • The Thunder won Game 1 and then lost the next four games. It was their first four-game losing streak since April of 2009.
  • With the Thunder loss, the team that hosts Games 1 and 2 is now 20-8 in The Finals since the format was changed to 2-3-2 in ’85. The last two championships were won by the lower seed (and won in Miami).


  1. RIO says:


  2. jayvee says:

    there would be a much longer conversation here if they faced the lakers ing the finals… ami i ryt? 😀

  3. Congratulations Miami Heat. Hard work always pays off. Congratulations Lebron James. I was so pissed with you last year when you guys lost. I thought you gave up or played to soft. But everything is for a reason. That loss fueled you and the heat to work harder in the off season and come back and totally dominate the finals.




  4. jude michael velez says:

    i’m a big miami fan since alonzo mourning wore the red jersey. to wade and LBJ and the rest of the organization….congratulation and THANKS for the memories.

  5. cyberalex_clan609 says:

    Wow! I’ve NEVER been impressed by the Miami Team.
    Except last Thursday when they did it AS A TEAM.
    When the bench help – 6players in double digits and 4 players in 20+
    Miami is incredible! Oh, is this the first time it happened in their post-season?
    Salute, you earned my respect.

    By the way, I’m a Bull fan. And I can’t wait to see my Chicago Bulls team
    put a HecK’u’va fight to stop LBJ and Heat next season.
    And have a Finals MVP trophy and a ring on the hands of Derrick Rose.!

  6. asasa says:

    no idea why DWade wants lebron in miami, thats sick and now we have 1 superstar and dwade is normal player

  7. Josepipo says:

    oooppppssss!!!!!! heat haters on the loose!!!!! ill bet they will hate Lebron and the MIAMI HEAT for not getting their second ring even if the next season havent started yet…..sore looosers….why not just enjoy every game and cheer for your team….

  8. Don France says:

    Oh you people. Lebron is hated because he took the easy way out to get his ring. He doesn’t like Miami. He only went their for a ring. He will never be the greatest player of all time because Michael Jordan is the greatest player of all time. Bask in the ring & he will most likely get a few more but so what. Your judged on your character in the end. Leaving Cleveland was a bad decision & winning a ring doesn’t make things OK. Do you really think if Kobe replaced Lebron on the Heat this year Miami would have lost. It’s not getting their that really matters it’s how you get their.

    • Belizeboy says:

      Wow you’re stupid. Kobe couldn’t beat OKC with two dominate 7 footers so what makes you think he could have in Miami? Also if you’re judged by character then you should really be on Kobe’s case because rape, infidelity, greed, and self-righteousness don’t compare to Lebron’s decision.

  9. Felix says:


  10. More Realism says:

    if you think about it, if ray allen and avery bradley hadnt been injured, boston would’ve won the championship. so sad

  11. MIAMI 3 6 1 says:


    Realist??? or should I say SORE LOSER…….What are you watching yesterday???? I guess Glee… Or Highschool Musical…. Give the man a break….What??? Can’t handle disappointment???? Geeez… You sound like justin bieber right now…

    uLOLS……. LBJ Reg. Season MVP,FINALS MVP… and he earned his RING… so STFU justin”Realist” bieber…

  12. pete says:

    at 27 years old, he has accomplished more feats than michael jordan..Jordan won his ring when he was 28 years old. at age 27. michael jordan NO championship trophy, 1 mvp and 6 all star appearance..Lebron at age 27, 1 championship ring,finals mvp, 3 mvp trophies and 8 all star appearance with 2 all star!! More to come Lebron and more power!

  13. MAX says:

    IN YOUR FACE DAN GILBERT!… You were WRONG when you said Cleveland would win a title before LeBron.

  14. Trebliw30 says:

    Still bitter about losing the series… Get over it Realist did you see the game it’s lopsided. Just embrace hist greatness. Maybe next year your team (Thunder) will have a chance but for now accept the fact that you lose to the greatest/better team)..Congrats LBJ,CB,Dwade,Miller,RIo,Shane,UD and all the Miami Heat..It’s a team effort..!!! Congrats to the first Filipino coach who guided them. Congrats Erik hope you will bring your team here in the Philippines…Go Miami Heat!!!

  15. kumag says:

    OKC never made adjustments down the stretch when the Heat 3s are falling, they just keep on their zone defense to stop Lebron but never stopped the shooters outside. And their offense is one sided, too many isolations for westbrook, durant and harden (specially westbrook) and never really moved the ball like they used to. OKC paniced at the biggest stage of them all and never recovered.
    Congrats Heat 2012 champs

  16. Nick says:

    Congratulations for graduating. It is the season yet nothing beats it. I’m happy for you in the midterm of it. Thanks. Is it the way it should be? There will be a long way they said. Please copy and tell that championship is contending again. Let’s hope there is another world. Nothing else. Finally.

  17. airtupas says:

    2 more rings Miami!

  18. Gabby Zamudio says:

    How can he be the money making machine if everyone likes you hated him?

  19. JaRon3 says:

    My respect goes to LBJ, congrats Man. You deserve it. Congrats Miami team for the balance attack. Got a superb game from the big 3 and the needed bench support. Hope you will win another championship next year…

  20. Giebby says:

    Haters are now quiet seems like they are still wiping their tears. Cry all year LOSERS!

  21. clippersfan says:

    Gratz to the whole miami organization for a job well done
    for lebron man u deserve it hardwork pays off as u said u deserve it more then anyone congratz and im so happy for u
    all the other heat players it couldnt of been done without u if lebron could do it by himself he’d have himself multiple championships.. dwade and bosh stepped up along with bench players and took the trophy home

    My man KD sorry man.. i think u gotta bright future u will win it later.. OKC is a team tahts gonna dominate over the next couple years.. u defied the odds and won against 3 championship teams keep ur heads up u guys learned a lot and thats only gonna help u get better in the future. and more importantly u guys played with heart.

  22. supplanter33 says:

    Congratulations to LeBron and the Heat! now that the season is over as a Heat fan im now looking forward to the next season. To be able for the Heat to help them more in getting back to back Championship, i think this may help:

    – Get a consistent Center who can rebound better who is not below 6’11. Bosh cannot continue to be their Center. Noteworthy free agent Centers i think they can afford: Omer Asik, Spencer Hawes, Jordan Hill, Greg Oden* they need to give this guy a chance if not injured he is effective.
    – Don’t deal Chalmers and Cole. They compliment Wade and LeBron because they are already comfortable playing with the 2 superstars and Chalmers is great in the perimeter while Cole is a better defender which they are flexible.
    – Just in case Miller retires they need a good 3pt shooter to compliment the new Lebrons post move dish out. Noteworthy free agent 3pt shooters they can afford are: Steve Novak, Jason Kapono, Marco Belinelli, Carlos Delfino, Randy Foye, Ray Allen and Jason Terry.
    – With James new found post moves. He still should improve on his jumpshot coz in the finals he missed alot.
    – Wade needs to get Healthy
    – Bosh needs to develop his Strength
    – Draft a quality BIG MAN
    – DO NOT TRADE ANY KEY PLAYERS LIKE DALLAS DID. Battier, Cole, Chalmers, Jones, Haslem, Miller.

  23. macel says:

    #6 palying guard, center, forward any kind of positon only the king can do that and its LEBRON JAMES…..try to stop me,,,you can’t….hahahahaha….thanks also to MILLER with his 7 shots in the 3 point line…it helps a lot….also to battier keep shooting three’s men…^_^

  24. dfgfdkgkdf says:

    MJ is still better then lbj

  25. dfgfdkgkdf says:

    lebron won his first ring , how cute Kobe said

  26. CONGRATS! MIAMI HEAT. may LEBRON JAMES, CHRIS BOSH, DYWANE WADE be bless by GOD. may the all seasons will be like MICHAEL JORDAN’s LEGACY in the NBA; —they wining everyday whether in seasons or in playoffs. MAY GOD BLESS THE THREE KINGS OF THE NBA!!!!!!!!

  27. Jose Calderon says:

    Haters of Miami Heat must eat bacon with mayonaisse until you get fat!

  28. A Regular NBA Fan says:

    Let’s see if they can deliver not just one …

  29. mike says:


    Not much more needs to be said.

  30. Boogie says:

    NOT BETTER THAN KEVIN DURANT? WHAT? Are you kidding me? Look, KD is an amazing player. I’ll never hate on that man’s game. But better than LBJ? that’s insane. I don’t care who anyone’s favorite player is, how can ANYONE look at Lebron’s game and say he’s NOT the best in the league? My goodness…people really need to learn how to be objective…CONGRATS TO THE HEAT!!!!

  31. edgar says:

    Great game 5 Mike Miller!!!Congrats

  32. miamifan1 says:

    The whole team is amazing. It cant just be THE BIG THREE but the coaching and all the other players did amazing. GO HEAT!!!!!

  33. trueballer4life says:


  34. Jerome says:

    Thanks for a wonderfull season!
    Grats Miami Heat!
    Grats Lebron James!

    A Job well done 🙂

    Till next year

  35. EMTAN says:

    Finally, humility makes you a great champion. For the Heat trio, you all deserve to win the championship. Continue to be humble and love the game of basketball not because it is your career but for the LOVE of the game. You deserve to be at the podium and i can tell that the three of you in the future will be part of a great and momentous history for basketball fans around the world. Despite all the criticisms and negative comments, continue to improve for when you were down you would always realize that something’s great is going to happen. Once again, CONGRATULATION Miami HEAT especially to LBJ, DW and CB for finally capturing the elusive title that even basketball fans dreams of in a realistic manner. Finally, to coach Erik Spoelstra, keep them as your treasure and make them as humble as you. For you deserve to be a great coach and a family member of the HEAT team. Like Wade said: “We are a family.”

  36. Bfan says:

    Congrats Miami, they deserve to be the champ. In my opinion, there’s nothing to be proud of, what do you expect, three star players from different teams in one.

  37. Ima Jokin ;) says:

    @Realist do u wake up every morning with so much hate in your heart? Maybe all the haters do?
    LeBron is the best player in the NBA right now and a Champion and Dan Gilbert can take that to the bank.
    Congrats to LBJ and Miami for 2012 Championship

  38. Aram says:


  39. Yow says:

    ^ so much hate to LeBron that you cant accept his achievements this year men. Just Respect the Champions because we all saw that he worked hard to earn the Championship this year. Don’t worry because the Thunder are still young and they will also have their time to win. Just go play 2k12 first and get your revenge on the heat. LOL

  40. GILTZ says:

    Go heat… Humble always…

    king james deserves his title and he is matured..
    all i can says miami heat deserving with their title and OKC learning their mistakes..they are young so they cannot handle the FINALS situation coz finals is different from playoffs series..good luck next year..

  41. wolverine says:

    congrats to MIAMI & especially to LBJ…YOU REALLY DESERVE TO BE THE 2012 MVP AND FINALS MVP…..

  42. MIamiHeatChampions2012 says:

    Another Hater and mostly ” BITTER ” here lol 🙂

  43. purpandgold says:

    Well well! The Heat finally stepped their game up! Good job of coming together as a team to overcome throughout the playoffs and specially in the finals. The others stepped up and came thru in the clutch to provide the consistancy they had been lacking all season long. The Heat showed trust in each other when it was needed most. I’m not a Heat fan but I have to admit they played great team ball in the finals, the reason they are now partying till 6 in the morn. Even Lebron, the teacher’s ( David Stern) pet, showed that he had grown some. At least he didn’t make a jack out of himself too much in the Heat’s victory. His comments in the interviews after the game where he gives himself credit for getting back to the finals and winning the championship was just another reminder to me of why I can’t stand the guy. He might have grown as a player but still needs to grow as an individual. A little humbleness goes a long way. It was a team victory. But some how the media and everyone around made it all about Lebron. It became a Lebron victory. Some things just never change..

  44. akoy1pinoy says:

    hey fans, dont forget who orchestrates this win. Congrats to Coach Spoelstra and President Riley. Well done!

  45. tommy says:


  46. Nietzsche says:

    Being an idiot about is more like it, damn all your conspiracy theories, OKC had their shot this year and they are bound to to have a couple more down the line, Miami was the better team this year, hands down. Kevin Durant is a scary player, even scarier with Westbrook on his side, but the fact of the matter is Miami was better, and like Wade said about Dallas having their time, this year was Miami’s time. Two years from now it may be Thunder’s time, who knows.
    One thing is certain Miami are the 2011/2012 champions and no matter how much conspiracy theories you fancy up or how many hate you direct at them it won’t mean a thing. Miami won, LBJ got his ring, thank you ladies and gentlemen Elvis has left the building. Hope to see you hatin’ in the next season because an NBA season isn’t the same without bandwagon haters or bandwagon fans.

    Peace and Love

  47. john says:

    toink…Haters hahhahaha you cant sleep after heat become champion this season..?????better luck next year dude…..pray 10x a day to win OKC…hahhahahah loser

  48. Jami says:


  49. JG says:

    And the landing on the moon was staged at a Hollywood studio.

    Let the conspiracy theories rain. Who gives a bleep, WE WON.

  50. Lemon James says:

    New King? Wasn’t he already the self proclaimed King Julian the third, etc., etc., hurray (Madagascar stile :))? He got super lucky with all those 3 point shooters around him. Otherwise his tallents would still be waiting for an NBA ring. Wade is by far the man of the team. We’ll see him next year. If Miami gets another one then yeah, I give Lemon his crown. Until then…the fossa are attaking…:))

  51. Laker for Life says:

    Laker for Life

    They is a respectable way of getting a ring and short cuts don’t always work. That’s the same reason caps where put in place to even out the league, this one time combining stars because they premeditated playing together and even went to the extent of settling for lesser salaries just shows you the extent to which they had to go to win a ring.
    No doubt LBJ is a good/talented or whatever you want to call it, but the thing is he was crown-less king for 9 years and finally he has a crown and now he can be called a king.But remember he is just a king , but there are Kings of Kings, lets see if he can 3-peet like all the greats.
    He has shown some signs of maturity , as he said he was not trying to prove him self to critics but went back to the basics of the love of the game, like wise Melo and Iverson need to humble them selves.

    Now to the conspiracy theories, if you have ever watched LBJ’s bio, More than just a game * LBJ was a tall skinny kid all the way from elementary to high school and then his first year as a pro he became some monster.What am i getting at , Roids !!!!he before had the typical basket ball frame, all the greats Kareem,Jordan,Kobe,Russel,Magic,Bird,the list is endless all had the the same altheltic bulit,except for Shaq. For LBJ’s size the Bio-kinetics don’t add up, same reason he has never been in a Dunk contest ,the speed still leaves a lot of unanswered questions. All boils down to sports performance enhancements. Who knows ?????

    Second theory
    The Mob – the mob is in control , they make the rules, its like match fixing, how many bets were placed and what the stats had the odds as . It might sound crazy but Boston where up 3-2 and failed to close the series. The Thunders first game in the finals and the seasons results, the Thunder had the best odds and even the come back in game one and the lack of defense in the rest of the season .People made a huge profit of this .Who owns Miami Heat((((Micky Arison)))) have you ever asked your self where he is from or who he is…………..,also look up in detail Mark Cuban,Jerry Reinsdorf , Jim Buss and H. Irving Grousbeck found out what they have in common.

    Well theses are just theories…………. there is always more to the truth than meets the eye.

    • Belizeboy says:

      He never tried to take a shortcut. 7yrs of playing on one of the worst teams and taking them to the best in regular season twice with minimal help only to be continually defeated by teams with two or three stars in the playoffs. He’d be a fool to have stayed. Also Magic, Kareem, Bird never 3peated. But while we’re on the subject of threes remember he holds 3mvps and will likely get more rings.

      Conspiracy theories? Bah!!

  52. benjie says:

    congrats to the Miami,Lebron james was great and healthy and got more air miles to go.Somebody said wade is fading.Arrrrr you kidding without wade lebron is still ringless.He gave way these year for the team.Wait until his healthy next year and will be watching a better and unbeatable heat.Wade still got 5-6 yrs to play,He might be slowing a bit but his the best blocking guard at the moment and draw double teams that open the three pointers.Lets go heat..time to shine I think will have 5 or 6 rings before Miami breaks up.

  53. cesar says:



  54. Ladrones says:

    The ref do a great job compared to the help OKC recive vs SPURS and LAKERS. OKC get to the finals for all the free throws and bad calls. For all the bad calls SPURS and LAKERS slow down their game.

    View OKC play is like being in a circus, all they do is try to fool the referees, those crybabies spend more than half of the game on the floor.

    And finally to complete OKC are the team that more faults give.

  55. lebron#6 says:

    i bet half the people congratulating lebron are former lebron haters but anyways congrats to lebron and the rest of the miami heat

  56. brown says:

    regardless of the championship, “LeBum” is still a loser….with his arrogant and narcissistic attitude…

    (and the “heat” logo looks like a hemorrhoid, pretty much defines the “manufactured” team)

  57. ROOSTER says:

    nice job heat. dont for get guys go USA..

  58. LOLakers says:

    2011 was a historic moment, it was the last time anyone but the Miami Heat ever saw the trophy this decade!!! Miami 10-peat!!!!!

    • QuestionMark says:

      Yeah except in less than a decade, Wade, Lebron and Bosh are gonna be about 32-36 years old and thats when players are out of their prime and start to lose their touch, just ask Kobe.

  59. .....justplayball !! says:

    ..congrats LeBron !!! you have my respect as a fan !!!!

  60. ryan garlitos says:

    LeBron, LeKing, LeChamp

  61. sonnies says:

    congratz lebron

  62. les says:

    i hope they will get TMAC next season

  63. Cuppa Joe says:

    Much props to Miami. How ridiculous was it Miller knocked down majority of those threes, man….what a game.

  64. HeatFanSince2000 says:


    No. 2!

    More to come!

    It’s Wade county, but LeBron and Chris are nice additions!

    And don’t lose Rio Chalmers, he will become amazing!


  65. MoMO says:

    There were to many what ifs this season. The Heat won, but what if the season hadnt been shortened, what if there werent so many injuries to key players.

  66. BubbaBomb says:

    Congrats LBJ.
    Let this be the first ring of more to come…
    Congrats Miami Heat.
    Two titles and counting…
    Respect KD and the
    The way they came back in the Spurs series was epic…

    And now ?
    2012 Olympic Gold Medalists !!

    Kevin from Belgium.

  67. afterkwiss says:


  68. Realist says:

    You’re not a true champion if you are the “chosen one”. LBJ is Stern’s money maker, LBJ with a championship = more money. Despite LBJ’s huge ego, he is not a better player than KD. KD was the true MVP of the 2011-2012 season. That trophy was “handed” to Stern’s money making machine. Just being real about it.

    • Belizeboy says:

      Riiiiggght….So Lebron wasn’t the better player than KD this year? If that wasn’t evident to you from this series then you’re just a bias, bitter, Lebron hater.

    • Michael says:

      Spoken by something who knows nothing about basketball. No one in the league plays at his level. Give due respect.

    • Flakers says:

      I bet KD would disagree with you, you sad sad little man!

    • water says:

      If OKC won , KD would be Sterns money maker because they play in the same league, sorry to point out the obvious.

    • designlords says:

      hahahah. cry,,, cmon,,, just cry…let it flow..

    • designlords says:

      cry baby,,, cry.. cmon let it flow.. wahahahahahha.loser!

    • bball says:

      being real about it is facing the fact that chokelahoma city lost!! that’s reality. not the fictional conspiracy theories you come up with in you head.

    • Respect says:



    • derbison says:

      you certainly didn´t watch the series, did you? from numbers game, it´s just sooo clear that the defense spoelstra applied made durant containable. and harden was also ineffective because of the defense that put him into jump-shooting mode instead of driving for layups. fyi, the real money makers are the lakers. the revenue that lakers anually earn is the highest in NBA. but still, OKC has sent them fishin.

    • LBJ is your father says:

      my man , hate is a bad thing brah… you should stop it… it will only make you bitter and sad… kinda like KD “the SECOND best player” yesterday

    • None of Your Business says:

      IF KD was sooooo much better why didn’t OKC win? Don’t make your hate for LeBron cloud your judgement. LeBron is the complete package and KD needs to work on other stuff than his shooting.

    • casti says:


    • Flex says:

      Keep dreaming LeBron had a ridiculously good season he well deserved every award he got this year.

    • H says:

      Yeah, it also took 9 years, it looks like David Stern decided to not use his money maker for several seasons. Not to mention MJ was also the face of the league during his time but can you also accuse him for not being a true champion?

    • rico says:

      Dude stern doesnt vote for the mvp. The media does and the sport writers does. What are talking about?

    • cris says:

      Lakers fan here congrats to LbJ about damn time.
      i am sick and tired of hearing ppl say that KD is better than LBJ.

    • Robin says:

      Please tell me more about your conspiracy theories …

    • BEAST says:

      Realist, you are the biggest retard ever

    • Average Joe says:

      Man, as a realist, you have an awfully distorted view of reality. In what universe is KD better than LeBron. Granted, the guy is a better shooter, but in everything else, LB is much, much better. LeBron could get a lot more points than Durant if he wanted, even in a team that has Wade and Bosh, but his first instinct is to make plays in the offensive and defensive end, not to score. LeBron is a better rebounder, playmaker and defender than KD. Surely you must realize that. Don’t let hate cloud your judgment, bro. And this isn’t boxing where a single fighter is a promotional outfit’s cash cow. This is the NBA. Every team is aiming for revenues and, as with all corporations, Stern has a fixed salary given to him by the league’s board. Surely, you’re not dumb enough to overlook that fact, Please keep your hate to yourself, man.

    • J-ster says:

      sure you are, sure you are

    • HEATERS says:

      how do u nknow that? plsmove on until now u cant get over, its done since game 1 the statistic and not only that the heart of LBJ is more bigger and the maturity like durant his young and no experience at all..

    • sinner says:


    • LOL says:

      haters still hating

    • where's the facts says:

      prove it because going by conspiracies without proof makes you very small lol

    • KD says:

      Another LBJ hater?

    • Cee says:

      And you are a champion “Realist”? wow! I respect KD for his talent, but you as a fan, I think not… Go check the stats for the whole season, get your facts before posting this.. if LBJ is Stern’s fave, he would have won it waaaaaaaaayyy back then… Why don’t blame Westbrook for not giving KD the ball.. as you said yourself, “Just being real about it”…

    • wolverine says:

      sourgraping….i think you dont know how to play basketball or should i say you dont know anything about basketball….

    • jonny96 says:

      Just keep telling yourself that, so David Stern scored 121 points? You’re not a true basketball fan, just another hater. Miami torched OKC, Lebron James is the best player in the world. Accept that truth

    • Wow says:

      ur just a hater buddy. . . admit it . . . u just cant accept that OKC lost and MIAMI wins

    • Amir says:

      poor loser

    • ton says:

      did you know what are the hell you talking???? did you watch all season long???? how lebron bring miami in the playoff ??? with some injury of his team mate …. please check it before you talk… so lebron become MVP of the season.. regardless you won or lost .. the statistic is base… not only become number 1 leading score.. see nash become mvp bec he bring phoenix on the peak of the season that time… lebron is all around player this year.. so he deserve to become mvp..

    • dom42 says:

      Your pretty much retarded……..

      Durant will never drop a triple double in the playoffs. Let alone the finals…

      Lets go Heat

    • Baller says:

      Are u high. U just sad lebron got his ring.

      I know umad bro

    • SawOne says:

      never thought I’ll see a hater here who sees the player with most points better than the person who also scores a lot but not as much as the scoring champ.rebounds a lot,makes his teammates better by good playmaking and a hell of a post move.but I think MVPS are won by the player who scores 44 pts and 2 asts.-_-.

    • Wtf says:

      KD is 3-4 yrs away from LeBrons level. He may be scoring champ but he doesn’t run the show. I don’t know what finals you were watching but he proved to me (after I doubted) that he is the TRUE MVP. When KD racks up a reg season triple double let alone a close out finals game then we will talk.

    • joma~ says:

      KD is a scoring machine no doubt about it~but LBJ does it all,thats how he got the MVP.sorry but I disagree with you.~

    • Derby says:

      For a guy who’s name is realist.. you sure are the opposite.. KD being the mvp?? Get off the weed!

    • Bob says:

      You are too funny.

    • Sick says:

      CHAMPION is CHAMPION… Haters will always CRY.. lol
      Congratulation to the MIAMI HEAT

    • Bryvy says:

      This REALIST is an illusionist!!! hahahahaha…. I know KD’s good, Better than Lebron? I don’t know. but it’s not impossible that KD’s better than Lebron. I’m a KD fan as well but why did OKC lost the game? AGAIN MR. Illusionist… basketball is a team sport… and for those whose saying that Stern’s earning a lot of money??? that’s where you should be a realist… I’m just saying.. How can you run this organization if you don’t have enough money to run it… you have to promote… you have to introduce great players and entertain NBA fans… You won’t see your precious KD if stern doen’t have Money…

      Just an NBA fan…

    • yeah? says:

      and how did they manage that? did westbrook and KD just lie on the ground for the whole series? no, they didnt. they had a crack and played as hard as they could but in this case the heat had too much for them. give credit when credit is due.

    • pongskiepogi says:

      what a loser…tsk tsk tsk,c’mon buddy move on…

    • jjgonz says:

      Is that what you called being real? I don’t think so… it’s more on being jealous with LBJ and the HEAT. Why are people always throwing out accusations to other people despite of the latter doing everything they could to make things happen. C’mon man, GET A LIFE!!! If you wanted to be like LBJ and the HEAT, go out and make things happen instead of throwing stupid accusations that you still need to prove! Tsk.tsk.tsk….

    • supplanter33 says:

      Realist or Stupidest

    • NBA FAN says:

      Man look on the statistics. KD is scoring champ no doubt about it and hands off to that but overall performance is with LBJ. stats show everything, KD won in PPG LBJ is second but in RPG, APG and SPG. Lebron win it by mile over KD.. MVP is not meant for scoring champs but to the player who showcase all aspect of the game. LBJ is even close to win the defensive player of the year. he plays from point guard to center. so if your being real to your self and if you’re a real basketball fan you must know the stats. being realistic is someone who knows the game well and knows the true aspect of the game.

    • Carltz says:

      what? ….To Many Excuses to made…!…

    • zunder says:

      nothing to say just look at the game 5 replay and see hw your team nailed down if your an okc fan.

    • Jim Fippin says:

      “Just being real,” huh? And if things had gone the other way? It’s amazing how some people let poor sportsmanship define their entire outlook on a game (and it is just a game) that presumably they enjoy watching. It was a great, competitive series, the Heat were due for a breakout and it happened when they needed it most. Were last season’s finals a fix as well? Or is it only a fix when the team you were backing loses?

    • Bball18 says:

      You think you know everything huh? That something must have a conspiracy reason behind it? you are one of those people that never accept failure and defeat? congrats man and live with that..hope you are happy with your life while US the real basketball fans enjoying the games, moments, and journey of a champion team and learn the positive lessons from those. CONGRATS MIAMI HEAT THE CHAMP OF 2012.

    • chris says:

      Realist are you mental???? Lebron had either had a double double or close and then the triple double in game 5…. Durant scored…. Lebron could do the same and have more points, but he’s a complete player… Durant doesnt get double digit rebounds when he is the longest player…. 1 more thing…. usually MVP’s are handed out to people who win??? smh they won 1 game and your giving durant props.. Lets say it got to 7 yeah you could give him props but losing by 20 in game 5 is just…. ” whatever the hell Stephan A Smith says about stupid things” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    • CyberPunks says:

      Get over it LOOSERRRRRRRRRRR…. the fact that we just witnessed an epic basketball finals between MIA vs OKC, why can’t you just be happy with it??????????

    • LeBronFan says:

      dont you have anything else to say ?
      money maker? really?
      if you cannot respect LBJ for his ring so dont.
      Respect him for his skills,talent,power and shut up. you are not any better and will not be.
      you need to learn to accept that LeBron is the best player.
      I respect KD but I have to agree that he will not get a ring.
      LeBron is way hungy. you can see that KD dont have his team on his back. only russle was there.
      2 players cannot get a ring.

    • manny says:

      do you even know how the MVP is chosen?

  69. theking0522 says:

    I am sooo happy for Lebron James. The guy who has never raped or being accused of raping anybody (see Kobe Bryant and Ben Roethlisberger). The guy who has not killed dogs (see Michael Vick). The guy who has never been accused of DUI or for possession of marihuana (see……MULTIPLE EXAMPLES IN PRO SPORTS). Fans can forgive players who cheat on their wives (see Kobe Bryant again) or brake the law. But don’t you dare go on ESPN and raise money for POOR AND SICK CHILDREN. Don’t you dare go on national television to raise money and help children. America won’t forgive you for that. America would rather forgive a rapist or a criminal than a guy with a CLEAN RECORD. Hypocrites!!!!!! It doesn’t matter anymore. Who cares now? The King has a ring and nobody can or will take that away from him. Many of you are a bunch of losers. Lebron has a ring and he is going to have a nice and beautiful summer………Have I mentioned the guy never broke the law?

    • Belizeboy says:

      I fully agree. I know James may have rubbed people the wrong way, but the kind of dislike people put on him is nowhere near what it was like for players who broke the law. Anyhow he is now a 3x MVP, NBA Finals MVP and Champion. So haters can eat their words for saying he’d never accomplish it.

    • Mark says:

      I get what you’re saying, but never breaking the law? That’s a load of BS. I remember a few years ago he got pulled over for doing 100 mph on the highway, and that’s just one instance. Nobody is perfect, even the greatest athletes of all time. I’m happy for Lebron, but don’t you dare bring the 2nd best player in NBA history into this conversation (Kobe). With that being said, the Heat deserve this title, but OKC will be back better than ever next season.

    • BBall fan says:

      i love this…..

    • real heat fan says:

      you must be old as dirt.. still spelling mariJuana with that H, huh

  70. haters don’t have any more lebron jokes, huh?

  71. work hard play hard!
    GO HEAT!

  72. Lester Hernandez says:

    I´m a cuban fan of Miami Heat since 2005.

    I want to congratulate Miami Heat for the Championship, specially Lebron James.

    Let´s Go Heat !!!!

  73. KnixFan says:

    Congrats to the Heat. With the 3 of the leagues best players they could get more.

  74. Team work and hard work were the keys to winning, Miami Heat!!!!!!!!

  75. Miami Heat, 2012 NBA Champions!!!!!!!!

  76. Congratulations to the Miami Heat!!!!!!!! Stay humble and simple!

    • ACE says:

      When were the Miami Heat ever humble and simple? I guess you didn’t watch their party when they sold out their teams to go join a super team. Are you even a bball fan?

  77. tanginathis says:

    where are the haters?

    i miss them…

  78. Stan Francisco says:

    OKC is the team to beat next year.

    Wade is starting his decline a little early. James may be getting a little better or leveling off, but Durant and Westbrook are going to torch the league next year.
    -Wolves fan

    • Jairzinho says:

      Lebron leveling off? Are you kidding?! He’s just hitting his prime and getting better every season. He was smart to go to Kareem to work on his low post which was a key factor in him being a complete player. Not settling on jump shots anymore. And now he has the versatility of a Magic on offense and defense. He has the drive and the hunger to win and continue to improve. I’m a Golden State Warrior fan (unfortunately) but can’t help to respect and be impressed with LBJ’s focus and winning attitude this year. But no…not levling off my friend…just the beginning…

      • Paul says:

        Agree. Lebron will spend the summer improving his jump shot and comback next year even more deadly. Bosh will continue working on his inside game to complement his mid-range game. And Wade is far from his decline. He will get his knee fixed and be ready for 2013. The Heat will add a few more players from free agency and only get more depth. But what we saw in the playoffs is a team finding its leader and its “identity”. They looked pretty dominant and that will carry right into next year. It can only get better. Poor OKC. Poor Durant. They will have to find a way to beat an even better Miami Heat team next year.

      • Lebron a Complete Player?? I think not… if he can shoot like Durant, Melo, or Kobe can (the 3 best scorers in the league) then H’es a Complete Player. But He isn’t yet, he’s just smart enough not to settle more on jump shots, which he knows he’s not that good at.

      • and by the way, i’m a huge fan of Lebron, and for me he is the best ALL-AROUND Player in the league. Not Complete Though 😛

      • uoykcuf says:

        hakeem not kareem.

      • ko0kie says:

        he did not workout with kareem but with Hakeem (Olajuwon).. 😉

    • Belizeboy says:

      KD and Westbrook remind me of Garnett and Marbury.

  79. Law064 says:

    Congrats to the heat pulling off the win and really dismanteling the thunder. The heat plaeys really stepped up and helped them win the finals. Will they reapeat, who knows but now that Lebron has a ring people can get off his back a little. I’m no heat or Lebron fan but I have to say he really earned it. OKC really fell apart and rolled over, very disappointing. Congrats to Miami and OKC you’ll be back for sure so learn from your mistakes.

  80. K-IN-G says:

    Okay Heat fans, we all know the big three,especially LBJ, desrves the ring. Let’s show Lebron’s maturity and NOT say “Where all the haters at?” or NOT post on haters bad comments. Let’s know the other teams to watch their back, beacause the Heat are bound to make third straight Finals apperance, and hopefully, another ring!!

  81. adrian calendas says:


    • marie says:

      for lebron my idol. criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.citics like to build you up, tear you down, and then if you are lucky, build you up again. coz, if you have no critics likely you’ll have no success. DON’T HATE YOUR HATER’S, THANK THEM FOR MAKING YOU STRONG. i love you lebron

  82. Mantas says:

    Now James knows how to win it,, and i think some more jewelery awaits for him, and it will be easier 🙂

  83. joma~ says:

    for Juwan Howard~

  84. matt says:

    im just glad that everyone can stop the mindless hating and criticizing James and the Heat based on not winning a championship

  85. BJLfan says:

    Congratulations BJL ! You must be very happy now because i feel you after reading your 2011 loser quote :

    “Because at the end of the day, all the people that were rooting for me to fail, at the end of the day they have to wake up tomorrow and have the same life that they had before they woke up today. They have the same personal problems they had today. I’m going to continue to live the way I want to live and continue to do the things that I want to do with me and my family and be happy with that. They can get a few days or a few months or whatever the case may be on being happy about not only myself, but the Miami Heat not accomplishing their goal, but they have to get back to the real world at some point.”

    yea…go hug that trophy and cry yourself to sleep…zzz

  86. Ice42hHEAT.FAN says:

    where are all those haters? Miami Heat champions LeBron MVP

  87. MIamiHeatChampions2012 says:


  88. superlebronfan says:

    Congratulation to the Miami Heat and Lebron James…
    season MVP, Finals MVP and 2012 Nba Champion…

  89. jar says:

    what an awesome display of teamwork for the Miami Heat! everybody did their part…results….a championship! congratulations…p.s. LBJ is the best player in the NBA at present!

  90. PeterDpanda says:

    Reminds me of LA losing to Boston on 2008 4-2 then winning next year 2009 4-1. Same thing happen to Miami losing last year to Dallas 4-2 then winning this year 4-1. Weird huh, guess history repeats itself.

  91. akosibonik says:

    i know this is only championship for LBJ and the big 3 era, but does it feel so good, happy for lebron, i know haters and critics won’t stop bashing him, but this is one of the steps to become a legit NBA all-time great. i know LBJ will be there! congrats!

    • DopeBoy says:

      U knew it’s the ONLY championship? How?

    • Jairzinho says:

      Miami still favorites next year. LBJ is now in a league of his own. He was never in my discussion of “Greatest of All Time” until yesterday. He’s now IN THE ROOM, but not sitting in the dinner table =-) Win another one, and he’ll be a guest sitting with Jordan, Kobe, Magic, Kareem, Russell….win 3 in a row….ok….let’s talk.

      • Team is One says:

        No – i cant believe you can say that. Lebron will never be as good as Jordan, Magic, Kareem, or Russell. He’s no where near Kobe yet and Kobe isnt with those four. Cmon, man!

      • Matt says:

        Sorry but you put Kobe before Bird,uh oh. Wait you didn’t put Bird in there at all.

      • Belizeboy says:

        “no where near Kobe” yeah I’d have to say he’s far ahead of him.

  92. hitman says:

    congrats miami heat. 2012 NBA champions. lebron james you deserve it finals mvp.

  93. OzHeatFan says:

    Congratulations to the entire MIAMI HEAT franchise and especially the team that fought so hard to get there.

    Redemption for LBJ and the team for last years collapse. They beat the best team in the league to become the best team in 2012.

    Who was it that was saying Heat had no bench..???

    • BP says:

      Congrats Miami Heat and Lebron James. Good team work!!! Let’s do it again next season….

    • FettaFetta says:

      Cangratulations referees for handing Lebron and the Heat their ring on a gold platter. You guys did an excellent job at making sure they got their ring, no matter what.

      • GJ says:

        Well said. It was ridiculous to see the amount of calls going the Heats way. Not sure how they missed lebrons arm go across Durant at the end of game 2 to cost them a chance at overtime and swing momentum. It seemed everytime OKC was ready to make the run to close the game out a stupid call would go against Durant (Game 4 3rd quarter). They need to be more consistant with their calls if they call it for one make sure the same call is made at the other end. Too bad they can’t review if the player was fouled in the last 2 minutes since some of the calls could make the difference.

    • Elvisto says:

      thank you so much for the question….I want to see someone actually answer that question