Report: Garnett Considering All Options, Including Retirement?

MIAMI — He’s only spent five seasons in green and white, but it’s hard to envision Kevin Garnett in another jersey.

He’s become synonymous with the Celtics since the Big 3 was formed and he joined forces with Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo to form one of the league’s most formidable units.

So to hear that Garnett is considering all of his options, including playing elsewhere and even potentially retiring, is a bit of a shock. He played so well during the Celtics’ run to the Eastern Conference finals that I can’t see any reason for him to make his 17th season in the league his last.

It’s obvious he has more to give the game, be it in Boston or somewhere else. But Celtics boss Danny Ainge told that Garnett retiring is one of several options being considered:

Despite a strong finish to his 17th season in the league, the 36-year-old Garnett is pondering retirement and needs time to make a decision about his basketball future.

“Kevin and I had a good conversation last week and the conversation was mostly on how he needs time before he makes that decision,” Ainge said during an in-studio appearance Wednesday afternoon on Boston sports radio WEEI-93.7 FM. “I think we’ll talk within the next week, but I’m not so sure that’s a decision day for him. He may want to wait and see what sort of team we have. I’m not sure.

“I know that he wants to come back. I know he likes Boston, and I know he loves playing for (coach) Doc (Rivers). He loves everything about the team and the city and so forth. I think that his decision will be, ‘Do I really want to play? Or do I not want to play.’ ”

If Garnett needs additional time for a decision, it puts Boston in a tough spot with both the NBA draft approaching later this month and cap space tied up in holds for Garnett and Ray Allen when free agency opens in early July.

“It is complicated and the timing is complicated. Juggling all these different scenarios is difficult,” Ainge said. “But the reality is that, on July 1, Kevin Garnett is on our books for $21 million until we either sign him to a new contract, or renounce him, which means we can’t re-sign him. Otherwise, it really limits our cap space.”

Ainge admitted that renouncing Garnett — or any of Boston’s big-name free agents such as Allen, Brandon Bass, or Jeff Green — is unlikely. Ainge hinted that re-signing the team’s own free agents, particularly with a slim pool of available bodies on the open market, might be the team’s best approach this offseason.

With all of those decisions pending in Boston, it might be difficult for the Celtics to make it work without sacrificing another piece for the long-term future.

But the bigger concern here is that Garnett is contemplating calling it a career. That would be a devastating blow to the league to lose era-defining talents like Shaquille O’Neal and Garnett in back-to-back years.

KG has more basketball left in him!


  1. NBA CHAMPS says:

    Trade KG for Bynum and bring back Odom. LA will make it next year’s western finals. Heat will have the back2back.

  2. Celtics Fan Forever says:

    I’m a KG fan as well – would love to see him play again for a championship!

  3. sirc says:

    KG and Allen to MIAMI

  4. dattebayo says:

    I think they can convince Allen and KG to come back and even for less money, that should not be an issue.
    With they way things are now with the Lakers, Miami and the Knicks, I wouldn’t be so sure, that Boston will manage to get good/solid roleplayers off the market. I mean if you are Steve Nash, you will not join the Celtics, rather you will stay in Phoenix or play in New York or Miami.
    The Celtics need a backup for Pierce and KG, not necessarily replacing some of their minutes, but just being an option. It provides flexibility with the lineups and allows Doc to play Big once more. Too bad Shaq let himself go in his last years, he really was too heavy and too slow. Looking at guys like Andre Miller, Tim Duncan, Juwan Howard and Ray Allen, you can clearly see, that keeping yourself in shape just limits injuries. I think there is some truth in Doc saying, they could have won it in 2011, had Shaq been in better shape, even though he formed that statement as a joke.

    I hope the Celtics will come through and somehow get a roster that can contend. They play hard and with Rondo playing at the highest level they are a fierce competitor and fun to watch. Let’s see if they can get Jeff Green back or a guy like that and in addition a veteran big men like Kaman or Hibbert.

  5. Kamote says:

    KG and Allen should be back next year. Taking the eventual champs to 7 games despite of their age is something. Rondo can still develop, Paul and Allen could have been better without their injuries, KG was still a force despite his decline.

    The truth is, it was never the big 3’s (plus Rondo) fault for not reaching the finals. They reaaallly have a HORRIBLE BENCH, thus limiting Doc’s choices of playing the big 3 the right way. He can’t give ample rest to them and he can’t make the right rotations.

    I hope Allen would accept a vet’s minimum and be a lethal scorer off the bench. This can give them a wee bit of space to look for other free agents and Doc has that ability of squeezing what’s left from players past their prime. With the likes of Brand, Camby, Grant Hill, KMart, Redd, B. Diddy, TMac, Jamison and even Arenas available next year, I hope they can convince two players or three to join them push for another run. They may be old, but Boston always has that swag and attitude that other teams fear :).

  6. makrminator says:

    KG is considering HEAT!

  7. makataeus says:

    When I saw the word retire I laughed, KG isn’t going to retire at this point in his game. Anyone who believed it for a second obviously didn’t watch the playoffs where KG clearly showed he’s still got a lot of basketball in him. Steve Nash is going to turn 40 but he’s still not done with his game and there’s no one in the league that plays like him. KG is 36 and he wants another ring. He may be older than a lot of them but he’s also better too.

  8. lance says:

    kg to oklahoma is the best,, durant harden ibaka kg and rondo,, thats for the real chmpionship

  9. HOwdyPartener says:

    kg to chicago, would be like a awesome remix of the 04 pistons

    • Makeitwork says:

      why are these guys overating chicago and rose? Rose is a PG. We all know PG cant lift a team by himself in the playoffs or championships. i.e. Nash

  10. Heat Wave says:

    Garnett to the “MIAMI HEAT,” is the best decision for Kevin Garnett. He can play moderate minutes, post when he wants, knock down a 10 to 15 foot jumper when he wants, and help Miami win 2 to 3 more championships in a row.

  11. KG should join up with the Heat and go for his second ring next year.

  12. Ziieeloonyy says:

    KG please come back!

  13. Celtic Fan says:

    The only thing I don’t want is jermaine because even he is not grabbing rebounds. I would really like hibbert on our team

  14. Jerry Ries says:

    It was painful to watch the needle on the Celtics tank hin “E” for empty in the 4th quarter of Game 7 agains the Heat. Saw that movie before — two years ago in Game 7 against the Lakers. They need to bring KG back (yes, gotta LOVE the Big Ticket) but give him a supporting cast that limits his mintues to under 30/game. I don’t so much care whehter they move him back to the ‘4’ and add a center or not. He was great at the ‘5’. They just need depth, at his spot, wherever it is, and Pierce’s. Jeff Green is huge. Need to bring him back, too. I agree with the comments about bringing “Ray Ray” off the bench.
    I congratulate Miami with all sincerity. But if Bosh hadn’t come back, the Celtics would have been in the Finals. Or, if some combination of Green/Jermaine/Bradley)Wilcox had come back………………………………………….

  15. shink213 says:

    i can’t wait for the heat to roll tide on the east again next year….the bulls are the only ones they have to worry about (if derrick rose is healthy)….all boston did was add another year onto every one of their players . boston needs to move on from their big three and start getting some young talent to go along with rondo so they can develop over the next couple years and make another run at a championship.

  16. euro says:

    I think Eric Gordon would be a great fit for the celtics. they should let ray allen go and sign him instead.

  17. cesar says:

    hey garnet , retire now and be announcer for boston…cause you talk trash a lot ….

  18. Art says:

    Garnet to Oklahoma would be great………

  19. Liam says:

    KG said himself that he would not play for anyone other than Doc so it’s either Celtics or retire

  20. skullz says:

    Man this offseason is going to be huge I can’t wait! … Going to be bigger then the nba playoffs.

    Lot’s of free agents and trades proposels going though.

    D.Howard, S.Nash, D.Will, J.R Smith, C.Anthony … And that’s just to name a few off the top of my head.

    So looking forward to it.

  21. RU CHRIS says:

    KG is still a quality superstar that still has game!!! He is a 20 and 10 guy and would be a great big man for OKC. Imagine that

  22. Arvid818 says:

    Garnet to Miami would be a great fit or Chicago

  23. spguide says:

    Its time for a new Celtics era .
    I like the idea of Kevin Garnett returning to the Timberwolves , and a Rondo-Westbrook trade , since Danny Ainge wanted to trade Rondo before , maybe would be interesting for both teams, if another OKC young player could be involved .

    • RR9 says:

      Rondo for Westbrook??? Westbrook has a low bball IQ… Rondo is a coach on the floor!!!
      no way Ainge is trading for WB straight up…

      But Rondo in OKC = Dynasty!!!

  24. Guy with opinion says:

    KG should play for Miami. Actually, every free agent star at the end of their career should go play for miami 🙂

  25. yakitoko says:

    Hell no, KG can`t retire now, He still has two strong years. I think he will come back to the Celtics, at this stage of his career he is not playing for the money. KG, Pierce, Rando, Bradley and Ray will be unstoppable if they are all healthy, and KG knows it.

  26. spguide says:

    Would like to see a Rondo-Westbrook trade , IMO both teams would benefit wit it .

    • RR9 says:

      Boston will suffer with a Westbrook trade man… that guy can score, but he’s not smart… these players can never be good

  27. gregg thomas says:

    not yet KG pls.

  28. cheryl geisel says:

    i am from san fran. i just need to air that i think its disgusting and appauling how the nba referees HANDED miami the champshionship. they are not deserved. i will never watch any other game again. go forty niners

  29. Lakers-R-Us says:

    I wish Kevin would consider coming to the Lakers for the end of his career! The Lakers need a great defender along with Bynum! and I think he would work well with Kobe! Maybe it’s a pipe dream, but the Lakers need help right now!

  30. Jose Calderon says:

    No! We want KG! He can fit in our team (Toronto Raptors)

  31. Derrick Rose says:

    I need Kevin Garnett in my team (Chicago Bulls)
    I’m not able to play for about 8-12 months.

  32. Mike says:

    Spurs! they could use the help, Ray should go there too.

  33. Jami says:



  34. Jason James says:

    2012-2013 Celtics line-up

    PF-Jeff Green

    reserves –
    Nicholson or Rivers
    J. Johnson

  35. Aphelion says:

    i think Garnett will re-sign another contract with the Celtics.. there’s no way he will leave Boston, he’s not a quitter (with or without a ring, he would not abandon his team).. if he hadn’t been traded to Boston, he would still be a Timberwolf right now.

  36. venusdoom669 says:

    As they say in boxing, one more round! So yo, KG please one more run for the ring in Boston! Y’all know his numbers and other intangibles he’d shown during the play-offs; and that is on a shortened and much brutal season. Hey Danny, hate when you let Perk go so now be smart and surround the Big 3 + Rondo better and more capable people. Be more creative, more aggressive and if needed be more cunning in persuading quality big men to play for the C’s. One last hurrah, baby!

    • RR9 says:

      It saddens me to say this, but I don’t think Boston can make another run until after the summer of 2013, which is when Danny Ainge’s big plans will unfold.

      I’m a Boston fan, but next year will be more about the development of their younger talents in Rondo, Bradley, Jajuan and their draft picks. If KG signs for another year, that will keep things interesting… but likely not a title

      I thought this was an excellent season as a fan though… Rondo’s huge breakout, Bradley’s emergence, KG grinding it out against the Heat.. not to mention the 3 game winning streak in the conference finals!!!

      We’ve got an interesting offseason ahead #believein18

  37. Cedric says:

    KG is the number 2 Behind Tim Duncan the greatest ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. dmlevitt says:

    why don’t you stay? just a little bit longer. come on kg. one more run. 21 million dollars left on the table. nuts.

  39. ethan says:

    Wow a league without KG just seems unreal. Hope he does not retire

  40. Tony from Sydney says:

    Perfect fit for KG in OKC. Instant upgrade and pretty much flawless next season!

  41. champ4heat says:

    pg rose
    sg wade
    sf james
    pf bosh
    c superman

  42. BlackEcstasy says:








    • RR9 says:

      I really don’t think he’d be satisfied to leave now.
      Sometimes it doesn’t neccessarily mean one last championship, but to make a deeper mark on their legacy. If he stays on the C’s he can become a mentor for new talent, leaving his mark for many more years to come.

      Of course he can do this on another team, but would it feel right? probably not

  43. Dew says:

    KG could blow the door wide open for someone in need of a big man. After this year, he showed that he has a solid 2 if not 3 years of good basketball left in him. Especially playoff basketball. With Duncan hopefully taking less money and splitting with a good caliber player, I like the Garnett to San Antonio idea. Whether he would Start or not, who knows, I could see him coming in 2nd unit like Odom did in LA. Garnett coming in with Ginobili 5-6 mintues into a ball game would be amazing to see. KG is the piece in the middle the Spurs seem to be missing. I do not think it is likely KG would go to a small market team however, although I have seen players in the twilight of their careers go to San Antonio when they had good basketball left to play. Some even won a ring! Just ask Steve Kerr, Steve Smith, Michael Finley, and Mario Elie. The Admiral even won a ring 4 years after his first as his offense declined, he was still capable defensively. KG to SA is not impossible, the question is whether he wants to and if the cap room is there to make it happen. I personally think KG will either resign in Boston, go back to Minnesota, retire, or do the ultra dramatic thing and sign with Lakers to play with Kobe for a couple seasons to replace Pau. Only one stage bigger than Boston right now and that would be the Lakers, and KG does like the spotlight. Shaq played for both teams, KG could make history doing the reverse.

  44. wagner godinho says:

    KG is great! Who loves basketball would like to watch him in green and white.

  45. Jon says:

    I always thought that Howard would be great for the Celtics; unfortunately, he is not available yet. Garnett will eventually retire so it is time to start rebuilding the team. Since Celtics have problems with rebounding, they do need to find someone LIKE Howard. By doing so, they should consider replacing Allen and keep Bradley on the bench. Though Bradley is a great player, Rondo cannot play 48 minutes or more each game (He is too valuable to the team). However, other than Bradley, there isn’t any bench player who is consistent. Everytime when Hollins is on the court, my blood pressure goes up; that guy can’t even hold on to the ball. KG, Pierce, and Rondo can continue with the “Big-Three” era; at least, for a couple more years.

  46. David dejtiar says:

    KG should go to the nets with for gerald green, and kris humphries and the nets will have a great frountcourt with gerald wallace, KG, and brook lopez, they will also have marshon brooks and deron williams and they will be a playoff team

    • RR9 says:

      I think Gerald Wallace and Humps’ contracts are done in the summer 2012… and Deron might not even sign back with Brooklyn…

  47. Oh yeah don’t forget coach adelmann. The wolves would be back on top.

  48. Cmon back to the wolves big ticket and play with Rubio, Love, B easy, D will, Pek, Wes Johnson, Barea and Ridnour. You are the last peice to the puzzle. We finally built a solid team for you.

  49. Tom says:

    I agree with the Minnesota idea, partially because I live in MN but KG and Love in the front with Rubio, Williams and whoever the 2-guard is, perhaps webster or someone in the draft…would be interesting to see

  50. Spursfan says:

    He would be a great fit alongside Duncan in San Antonio if he would consider a smaller paycheck. Then the Spurs would be contenders again next year !

    • BUDOY says:

      If he to consider smaller paychecks. WHY go to SPURS. if he can play in BOSTON lol.

    • Average Joe says:

      He won’t go to San Antonio because SA already has Tony Parker.

    • Joe says:

      KG and TD would OVERWHELM THE NBA in the PAINT !!!! IT would be like the old Spurs ” Timmy D and the Admiral !!! ” I really doubt KG would take to the pay cut needed to play with TD , Parker, Manu & the NEW BAD BOY spurs with defensive minded players like Stephen jackson , Kawhi Leonard, & Tiago Splitter !!! Spurs would be the top defensive and offensive CLUB in the NBA overnight !!!!

  51. Jimbo says:

    He’s coming back….

  52. eddie says:

    i like the Minnesota idea

  53. Lovemaker says:

    Minnesota Timberwolves. He would lift that team into a big championship contendor.

  54. Gabriel says:

    Miami Heat 2013 starting lineup:

    PG: Nash
    SG: Wade
    SF: James
    PF: Garnett
    C: Fab Melo

    • DanDaMan says:

      Boston Celtics 2013 starting lineup:
      PG: Rondo
      SG: Bradley
      SF: Pierce
      PF: Garnett
      C: Howard

      You heard it here first.

    • RR9 says:

      I like Chalmers more than Nash for the Heat… Nash has never played off-ball offense, what would he be doing when Lebron or D-Wade are advancing the ball up the court

      Nash makes a ton more sense in NYK where he helped Amare reach nearly MVP status… and he can take over the role of Chauncey Billups back when Melo was in Denver… but what will happen to J-Lin then?

      • Average Joe says:

        Nash wants to compete for a championship in his twilight years, and he’s not going to do that with the Knicks, with weak defenders like Amare and Melo. The most logical decision would be to take a pay cut and go to the Lakers or the Heat. Nash can play off the ball as a shooter with LeBron as the ball handler. Or he can come off the bench and lead the second unit. With that said, I think the team that needs him most is the Lakers but I don’t think the Nasty One is going to LA.

  55. me says:

    @ dale, so what do you want? you want for him to be like T-mac or heck JO with all them injuries and with the latter, a permanent one b4 he retires. he shouldn’t mess himself up b4 he retires and besides celtics need to rebuild around the younger playas and not kG, that was obvious this year. I doubt boston will get better playas but still, this dudes (the big 3) need to move on sorry. what if the NBA remains a shortened season? they won’t even be able to survive it.

    • steagle says:

      Uh, I’m not sure if you watched this season but the Boston Celtics were the 3rd best team in the league when all was said and done and that shortened season didn’t mean a damn thing to them. Boston was just unlucky this year with some really intense injuries like Jeff Green & Chris Wilcox’s heart conditions and the season-ending physical injuries to JO and Bradley. Despite all that though, they nearly went to the NBA Finals for the 3rd time in 5 years. Old? Sure, in NBA years I guess. Time to move on? Tell that to a squad that pushed the Heat to near elimination.

      • RR9 says:

        Arguably the 2nd best team this year… considering they took the Heat to game 7.. and they only needed 5 games to finish off OKC…

  56. Paul says:

    Come back home GO LAKERS

  57. Sea Pea says:

    Finish it up in Minnesota. Legends like to finish where they started.

    • ugotshook40 says:

      I want him to come back to minnesota too! Basketballhas not been the same here!

    • steagle says:

      And what, play second fiddle to Kevin Love? This is probably the most unrealistic option on the table. KG moved on from Minnesota, he ain’t going back. He went on to bigger and better things – a much better support group for him and a Championship ring. Why would he trade that for a small market team that isn’t going anywhere? Plus, K Love is playing like a complete monster and is in the prime of his career. Let him flourish in Minnesota and become their new icon. KG’s place is in Boston.

  58. Dwight Howard joining Celtics says:

    Imagine Dwight Howard joining the Celtics



    • CsFanInArkansas says:

      DH12 is not going to play in Boston – which is okay…

      But, IF he were to come to Boston next year, Avery Bradley would be starting at the SG position (NOT Ray)…and that would make for a LOCKDOWN defensive unit…all capable of scoring the ball, too.

    • NBA Fans says:

      keep dreaming buddy…

    • Drew42Man says:

      You do realize Howard isn’t even a free agent right? You also have the top 4 players listed with him as starters. Do you honestly believe the Magic will give him away for free? You’re living in a fantasy world.

    • RR9 says:

      Dwight’s an FA in summer 2013… I think he’ll be traded to LA before then, probably for Bynum.. despite what he says, this guy’s a drama queen, he belongs in LA

      Not sure if Doc and Rondo can put up with Dwight and his attention-seeking personality anyways.

      I think Josh Smith and Andre Iguodala would be much better acquisition targets, and probably provide a more flexible cap!

  59. Dale says:

    I hope KG will make a lot of thinking on his decision to call it quits. It he decides to call it a career, then me as KG fan ever since his rookie year will be saddened by this but at the same time happy for him that he finished his career in a great fashion. Unlike other star players who have ended their careers horribly (injury, less production, etc). I mean KG can still play the game and he’s still a beast. I rooted Boston for 5 years because of him and my other fave player Ray Allen. KG can try one more season or two. Just not his year to retire yet.

  60. Dieymen says:

    I Hope he and ray allen can stay with this team! I love the big 4, AINGE please sing a big man such as ROY HIBBERT and we can go back to the finals next season!

  61. HEATCHAMPS says:

    KG to the HEAT

  62. toygun says:

    i don’t see KG playing else where, Boston should sign a bigman who’ll compliment KG, Boston will be fine and most probably be a contender again next season

  63. he stays in boston! 2 or 3 more years?

  64. Xman says:

    Garnette has plent of basketball left. There is no one his size with his skill level on offense and defense. If Perkins can start on a finals team and average less than 6 points and 5 rebounds then Garnett could play this game. I feel the media has encouraged us to place the primary focus on the players age rather than their production and contribution to the team. What do you guys think?

  65. dy4tone says:

    @steven: are you kidding no he will not play in utah jazz

  66. HEAT6 says:

    I think boston needs to pick another young foward with some presense down low to give Garnett space and help in the post down the stretch. I am not a fan of boston but i do think they can still make a run for their money keeping pierce rondo and garnett, allen umm i dont know he’s not the same with the intensity but he was also injured for a while so who knows. It was a short long season for everyone with the lockout.!!with that said GO HEAT!!!

    • beantownallday says:

      ya either that or we could do what u guys did and give the refs a few bucks and a pat on the bum.. idk probly not since boston plays REAL ball, get outta here u dumb P.O.S. by the way, why didnt u guys poor the gaterade over the refs and sterns heads after that illegitamate championship? dont hate on ur MVPs now

  67. OmyBlaze57 says:

    Like Chris said, I hate this article in the part that is pondering retirement, but I love that Ainge is still considering bringing him back to the Celtics. Ainge, forget about Ray Allen. He’s been inconsistent for the last to years. If he wants to come back to the Celtics, he should come out of the bench and give Bradley the starting spot. Bradley was so good playing along Rondo in the fastbreak and playing defense (real good), that it will give the opportunity the Celtics to play at a high level against other teams’ starting lineup and he will give the Celtics a good shooter and scorer out of the bench, something that the Celtics really needed in the Playoffs, missing it when Bradley went down with his shoulder injury. If its for less money, bring Allen back out of the bench. Boston needs Garnett at center once again. As long as Garnett stays active in the NBA, Boston should believe in another run. They still have an NBA Championship caliber team. They just need 1 or 2 more pieces to play at a high level and give the veterans some rest, like Bradley and Pietrus did, and we’re gonna be fine. Go Celtics!!!

    • Kel says:

      Wrong. He’s was hot until his ankle problem came up. He’ll get surgery and come back strong. I say keep him because the bench has been pretty terrible. He and Jeff can hopefully turn things around and Pietrus if he stays.

  68. Steven says:

    Kevin Garnett would be a great addition to the Utah Jazz.

  69. Chris says:

    the competition, the naysayers, the owners you talk so much….. I’m looking on him, Oh God the Truth….. exactly that Bubum Go to Bed…. love those lines of KG….

  70. Chris says:

    I’m a KG fan.. hate this article… 4 more years KG!!!!!!

  71. Adam says:

    KG’s numbers in the postseason show he still has it in him.. give him a quality big to play with and he’ll be a force once again! celticsssss

  72. eknujsra says:

    I think he still has two good years left.

    • 4 mroe years says:

      yeah, get it signed. it up for burritos and beans to play for that town in Boston. good for Doc. good for ALL> put a fork in it?, maybe a spoon, maybe a clown.???

      But one thing for sure:

      KG for 4 years. to

      TO THE FUTURE AND BEYOND!!!!!!!!!!
      DARE I SAY MORE????????

    • derzmon says:

      KG is one of the greatest 4’s of all time. There isn’t a GM in the NBA who wouldn’t want to insert Garnett in their rotation. My big question is will he take a paycut haha. We’re talking about a player who’s been making $20 million a year for 14 straight years. Gotta love the Big Ticket!