Nash Says The Magic Words, Will Consider The Knicks In Free Agency

MIAMI — The words Knicks fans wanted to hear finally came flowing out of Steve Nash‘s mouth yesterday. The two-time MVP and soon-to-be free-agent point guard says the Knicks are on his list of teams that he’ll consider playing for this season.

He praised the Knicks during a promotional appearance in Manhattan, telling

“The Knicks are a great franchise and I live in New York City (each summer), so I’d definitely consider them if they were interested.”

The Knicks’ interest should be high, considering their muddled point guard situation. Jeremy Lin is also a free agent and there is no guarantee he signs with the Knicks this summer. And Baron Davis had knee surgery and it’s not clear exactly when he will return and what shape his game will be in when he does.

Knicks coach Mike Woodson knows his team needs solid point guard play from the start of this season and who better to orchestrate for Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire (Nash’s former teammate in Phoenix) than the Nash?

There should be plenty of competition to sign Nash, 38, who has made it clear that he feels great and can see himself playing three more years:

“I want to wait and see what’s actually on the table,” he said. “I’m open and excited. I’m looking at every possibility right now. It sounds like there are a number of teams that are interested.”

Other than playing for the Heat or Magic (alongside Dwight Howard?), there isn’t a more intriguing destination for Nash than the Knicks. He has no plans to make a decision before free agency kicks off July 1.


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  2. milesfan says:

    Will Nash be labled as selfish, arrogant, etc if he abandons Phoenix and signs with someone just to win a title, like reuniting with Nowitzki? just asking

  3. Cla says:

    I’m a diehard Celtics fan, diehard Suns fan, and diehard Nash fan. Unfortunately the Knicks, Heat, and Lakers are the three most likely candidates for Nash, and my three most hated teams. But if I had to pick one, I’d have him on the Knicks because they’re a “real” team (as upposed to the three-men-shows in Miami and LA) that he could contribute to.

    • milesfan says:

      very silly comment on your point…you obviously didn’t watch the playoffs this year if you think the Heat were not a real team as you put it

  4. Graham says:

    all these fans wanting nash to join the heat
    my god how many players do the heat need to have to win?
    mine as well just have heat play as the eastern confrence all stars in the all star game cause they seem to be gettin the most help ive seen any team ever get including from the refs im not a hater i just see it for what it is.
    im all for good basketball but because of the heat u r goin to get teams with three or four all stars on it and there will be hardly any competion out there.
    whatever happened to the days when great players played AGASINT other great players instead of takin the easy way out and teaming up.
    teams like the thunder and bulls i actually respect cause they drafted and made real trades to get their teams to where they are at now.
    My point is put together any 3 all stars and they will likely get a ring example the celtics even tho ray allen and garnett were far past their prime still they were deadly and now the newest big three the heat which i thought was a cop out cause these guys couldnt win by themselfs they had to piggy back on to eachother in their PRIME oh well another big three will come or a big four will come and take it

    • dattebayo says:

      I hate to burst your bubble, but the general rule with some exceptions is, that only teams stacked with at least 2-3 great players (Allstars, All NBA Team, All NBA Defensive Team) surrounded by some solid or good roleplayers win a Championship. I only know the Rockets that defied that rule in 1994 and 1995.
      In the 80s, the Celtics and Lakers each had at least 3 players every season who were later inducted into the Hall of Fame. The Bad Boy Pistons had 3 stars in Dumars, Thomas and Rodman. The Bulls had Jordan and Pippen and later also Rodman. The Spurs had Duncan and Robinson and later Parker and Ginobili. The Lakers had Kobe and Shaq and later Gasol along with Bynum and Odom. The modern Celtics only won with Garnett, Rondo, Pierce and Allen. Shaq joined the Lakers to win his rings and later Miami, Clyde Drexler left Portland when they were rebuilding and won his only ring with the Rockets in 95. Both those guys are members of the NBA 50th Anniversary Team, honoring the 50 greatest players in NBA history.

      And yes, you are a hater and the refs don’t help out Miami, they help out the Lakers. The Lakers got away with more travels than any other team and somehow Kobe never commits offensive fouls and gets phantom foul calls in every game…

    • milesfan says:

      I wonder how you would have felt if Dirk, Steve Nash and David Lee (or any guard and two forwards) would have signed with the same team to win a title? and if think what LBJ and Bosh did was take the “easy way out” then you must not have watrched the playoffs…to want to somehow tarnish the Heat’s accomplishment implies some other motive on your part not the argument you’re making

  5. edit to my post ^ says:

    All you people that think Nash to the Knicks is bad are insane **

  6. You guys are crazy. says:

    All you people that think Nash to the Knicks are insane. Novak and JR Smith are lights out shooters from the arc which if you watch Pheonix this year Nash can easily find his shooters for easy shots. Amare would have better production because now he has a true point. Plus with Nash running the offense it would put Carmelo in positions where he doesn’t have to make his own shots. I also don’t know what team you guys watched this year but the Knicks were a defensive first minded team. They were good on D this year, and Carmelo before Woodson yes was subpar on D, but ever since the all star break he was playing monster defense! The Knicks are up and coming. The only problem with them is they are a streaky team. If they get Nash who consistently makes players around him better, and you have 2 superstars on the team already, a top 5 center in the league, and a great bench, why would they not be in a position to be a contender next season? Don’t just follow stereotypes of players and base your knowledge off stats. WATCH THE GAMES. God.

  7. CC says:

    No NBA players want to play with the Bean. He’s the worst teammate in the history of team sports.

  8. HeatersOn3 says:

    Nash & Allen to Miami.

    Riley will get it done.

  9. moe says:

    steve nash is comin lets go we got a ring



  11. KWill says:

    Nash is going to miami…providing they can disguise his defensive weaknesses, best and most obvious opportunity to get a ring. With Lebron moving “differently” (post and inner offensive areas) in the new heat offense, the primary ball handler Nash, will have two incredible options in the pick and roll, spot up shooting by Nash will be enormous, and fast break pts will be in the 20-30 range nightly. A few slight tweaks in Nash’s game, he wont be handling in the clutch like he’s used to, and the fit is nice. Camby would fit nicely there too.(Blocked shots = more fast break pts) How about a refurbished LAmar Odom… Dont know if I like this idea but I can see Deron Williams going to New York. Lin back up, they gave him a shot and he’s a smart guy, stay where you get the most love and grow.

  12. Laker Fan says:

    Nash is a true PG. He is unselfish! He would be the perfect fit for the Lakers, Heat or Knicks. Would love to see him in that Home Laker Gold and Purple. The lakers would be perfect for him if they do not Trade Gasol or Bynum. All the Lakers need to do is put Gasol down on the post more, not have him catching the ball at the free throw line. With Nash they can put both Bynum and Gasol down low. Looks like Odom is going to come back in December, so this is a even better scnario for Nash. When the lakers put Nash, Kobe, Odom Taylor and Bynum or Gasol on the floor. Gives them great balance! Nash is smart and has a high IQ. So is Blake. Even with both of them on the floor with Kobe Odom and Gasol is dangerous offensively. All the lakers need is another three point threat. Ray Allen? Put Ray Allen in the mix and there you have it. Kobe gets his 6th ring, Nash gets his first. This does not help them in the long run with a Point undless Sessions re-signs and leanrs under Nash. But its a way to get a ring in the next two years!

    Starting Line up


    Lakers were only 5 turnovers away from being in the Western Conference Finals!

  13. Rajon Rondo says:

    Im the point guard in BEANTOWN.

  14. Germain says:

    The older Nash is, the better he plays. It would be nice to see Nash in Knick Uniform playing with Linsanity, Amare Stoudamire, Carmelo Anthony, Tyson Chandler, Shumpert, Novak, and the rest of the crew. Do not underestimate the Knicks. Their bench is solid. They are a contender to win it all next year.

  15. jj says:

    nash should be goin to the kniks, but that wont be enough to win things. i hope woodson works on the defence, especially melo needs to work hard on the defensive end.. or maybe they should just sell him and get a serious 3. maybe a less glamorous name, but someone who works team. maybe exchange him for a player like luol deng

  16. Andrew says:

    I prefer he joins Heat to win the ring but Knicks and Lakers are not bad either to get the ring.

  17. Calor says:

    Knicks need more than nash …they have to get carmelo to play team ball and Amare to stay healthy and not hurt himself

  18. nash manager says:

    i have big disappointment on thunder…i bet thunder…and i think its better spurs win west…bout’ nash on knicks may probably make nyk next and next to next nba champ…if they made to west finals before by just stoudamire at suns…now, with chandler and stoudamire to benefit from excellent contributor nash then they most probably made it now and also considering melo on the line….

  19. Ferdz says:

    Jeremy Lin should sign with the Thunder,


  20. Nomelo says:

    Want a better team? Get Nash and trade Melo for Granger.

    • Extremedriver says:

      Have you gone mad???? I like Granger mostly because I watched him at University Of New Mexico (I’m from Albuquerque). But trading Melo for Granger is just madness at any level!! Granger doesn’t have what Melo has, but we cold use Granger anyway if he were available, and if we had someone not so valuable to trade.

  21. Nash at 39 would only be great with a playoff or championship contender. Age is a factor here but the Canadian can still play better than most PGs in the NBA. Like Calderon of Toronto he is a defensive liability. Lin had a great season but at best he is a exciting but average PG in the NBA. If he wasnt Asian no one would give a damn but hes a pioneer. Lin will make sure bullied Asians will be in the NBA in the future. Pretty much every nationality is represented in the NBA with plenty of Turks, Mexicans, Spaniards, Croatians, Iranians, Chinese.
    The NBA like the world has changed and it aint just black and white. That being said congrats to Chris Bosh on getting a ring. Now next year will be Kobe and the Lakers where Nash might just head to.

  22. E317104 says:

    I will support Steve Nash to any team that he might choose.. Just do not bang your head against the wall by choosing Phoenix again ok? 😀

  23. Bob says:

    If Nash wants a title the only team where he could fits it’ s Miami. The Knicks needs him more since Lin is injuried and we don’t know yet if he can become a true PG. Too bad NY aint a team that will have a shot at the title since it’ more focused on the show business and to entertain Wall Street guys/ Spike Lee.

  24. netwolff says:

    I think that could possibly be another good reason for Jeremy Lin to stay in NYC.
    Who else would you want to learn from, as a point guard, than Steve Nash or Jason Kidd?
    Give Nash another starting season and then another 2 backup seasons and Jeremy Lin will blossom at his position with Nash’s coaching and attitude.
    About the championship…well, don’t know about that but definitely more chances there than in Phoenix.

  25. adv916 says:

    It is clear if Nash wants to win a title the best choice would be to join the Miami Heat..Not only would the heat get nash next year but they can also get a couple of other key players. Just throwing a couple of names out there. Chris Kaman,Marcus Camby,Ray allen..thinking that Juan Howard and Mike miller retire and some other tweaks..The heats roster next season would look like this…

    C-Marcus Kamby
    PF-Chris Bosh/Udonis
    SF-LeBron James/Shane
    SG-Dwayne Wade/Shane
    PG-Steve Nash/Mario Chambers/ Cole

    Players leaving: Joel Anthony, Juan Howard, Mike Miller, James Jones

  26. aljon says:

    i want nash and howard together in the team

  27. powty says:

    nash would fit perfectly with miami eaven as a back up to keep the hunger alive

  28. powty says:

    why not trade west brook and perkins for d howard then get nash (nash, durant, howard, ibaka, harden)

  29. Gabriel B says:

    Miami shouldn’t make a run at nash because mario chalmers and norris cole is perfect for their style of play. mario chalmers is a very good defender and is perfect for their system because hes able to score without getting in lebron’s or dwade’s way.getting steve nash would ruin the flow of their offense imo. What miami should focus on is getting a true center and possibly a backup 2 because mike miller has been disappointing for them despite his great performance in game 5

  30. Lakersfan2417 says:

    if he goes to the knicks then he is not serious about getting his ring. He should sign with a legit contender like miami or los angeles

  31. xouki says:

    he needs to win one. i feel so bad for stockton not winning. please dontt make it another white doode not win

  32. Anonymous says:

    Whether Nash stays or goes, I’d like to see the Suns bring back Goran Dragic (who will also be a free agent). I didn’t really like the original trade for Aaron Brooks; Dragic was just beginning to show potential, and he almost took the Rockets to the playoffs this year. Brooks, meanwhile, was stuck in China for the entire season, and he didn’t seem to help much when he did play for us.

  33. joseph says:

    nYK? forget it, join the UFC instead, HEat? you got your ring

  34. Thomas says:

    Shut up you stupid Miami fans! Stop being greedy and just be happy THE REFS HELPED YOU GET A TITLE THIS YEAR, which will always have an asterisk in front of it as far as I’m concerned! Nash is not, nor has he ever been a FLOPPER, so he definitely doesn’t fit in Miami!!!!

  35. Thomas says:

    It’s so funny how all the Heat fans want Nash! He isn’t going to play for Miami; he will most likely be playing for the Knicks or Lakers next year. However, the Bulls and OKC would be an excellent place for him, because he would be able to come off the bench and probably play for several more years….and both of those teams have a better chance of winning next year than Miami, BECAUSE THE REFS AREN’T GOING TO BE ABLE TO WIN IT FOR YOU EVERY YEAR!!!

  36. tybrowniepack says:

    they should get nash and lin have nash because he is older be sixth man but split the minutes between the two so lin can mature with nash and nash can get a riing but they need a back up center or powerforward and work on defense

  37. Extremedriver says:

    Knicks (Ewing Era) fan to the front office. We need D. Howard, We need D. Howard, We need D. Howard, We need D. Howard! Or if you can’t get him, then maybe Garnet if he becomes a free agent. Thanks, and Go Knicks!

  38. Da_RoCk says:

    Go to MIAMI!!!

  39. CMO says:

    MANN it would be so exciting to see Nash reunited with Amare like old times, no one can feed the ball to Amare like Nash can, He might not be that fast anymore but he plays smart. He can hit the 3’s and can run the offense for any coach. Would def make the Knicks that much better.

  40. teerodd says:

    For all the people that don’t know basketball, if you compare nash in his Sophomore year and lin, clearly lin has more potential. Besides that, the man is in the nba and has played well for his Sophomore year, to call him garbage because of turnovers is dumb especially when some of the top point guards and shooting guards in the nba at many times this year were in the top 5 for turnovers. Are they garbage? Is Westbrook garbage? or Rondo? or Kobe? because I remember seeing their names there multiple times this year even halfway through the season so to call the man garbage because of that just means you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  41. KF says:

    If OKC has Nash, they can have their first tittle, let’s sell Westbrook for Nash!!

    • Extremedriver says:

      You want to sell Westbrook?? We’ll gladly take him right now! That is we Knicks fans will take him right now! Sell him to us right now if you would please. Thanks!

  42. Extremedriver says:

    I don’t doubt Nash’s performance because he seems to get better with age. But unless he can play like superman until he’s 50, then he’s not the right fit for the Knicks. Why?? The Knicks need to add another highly talented PG, but a younger one. Why?? We need a LONG TERM solution, not a short one. Unfortunately, I think the Knicks will do what every other team seems to do. And what is that?? I can think of numerous ways that teams can trade for the players they want, but fear is what stops them. Anyway! No matter what happens, I’ll still be a Knicks fan regardless of Nash’s involvement.

  43. josh says:

    If he did go to the knicks and jermey lin disected steve nashes brain the knicks would be unbeatable.

  44. Knicks Fan For Live says:

    Honestly the smart thing to do is to sign nash as starter and keep lin as back up but rotate them so nash wont kill his body, cause he isn’t young anymore. Then in a few years when nash retires, we have lin which has learned from nash for two years so far. Lin will be beast, even more then he already was before he got injured.

  45. aussie basketballer says:

    First of all I’m from Australia so I might miss a few things but I love NBA and I’ve read a lot of the posts so far. I also go for Denver

    Nash obviously wants a ring and not the money (according to Bleacher Report his career earnings are $107 million) so if I was him I would go to Miami. The reasons being are that Miami could get him cheaply for such a good player, Miami are the only real contenders without a great PG (OKC-Westbrook, Bulls-Rose, Celtics-Rondo, Spurs-Parker and the list goes on). Steve Nash with his 3 years could coach Chalmers who in this finals series has shown his potential. Nash could provide a great show with him chucking up alley-oops, it would help Bosh develop his inside game even more (from what I’ve seen his strength is mid range jumpers) as well as LeBron using his low block which many have said he needs to use.
    NYK would better off getting a better defensive PG as other than Chandler their D is shocking for a team trying to contend. Miami could also afford getting a better offensive play than defensive.

    Nash if you’re serious about getting your ring GO TO MIAMI

  46. Tanto says:

    I hope he doesnt go to MIAMI, one of the best PG all time doesnt deserve to be turned into just a regular player, like it happened with Wade and Bosh, no one can shine next to Lebron the guy is a beast

    Wade a former finals mvp is just a side kid and bosh, an all star, now is just a guy to do the dirty work. Nash needs the ball to be awesome and that just not going to happen

    We dont need more stars to go die in the shadow of lebron

  47. Liquidcobra says:

    Let’s cut the BS here. If you’re planning for the future you OBVIOUSLY need to consider Lin.

    If you’re looking for a missing piece right now to make a good run for the title then Nash is your best bet.

    Like the user said earlier the Knicks should try to get both. I honestly don’t see the Knicks winning a title even with Nash or Lin.

  48. phillipjpark says:

    Steve Nash is obviously a better point guard than Lin. But Lin is their FUTURE.

    Lin will get better every season and he is only 23. Steve Nash will not be able to play much more basketball at a high level, a few years at most.

    Lin is a MUCH better investment for a team. Plus, the profits that the Knicks/NBA made from Jeremy was ridiculous.

  49. Shadow says:

    I personally think the Heat is the only team without a great PG that nash can win with before he retires. The Heat are most likely going to win the finals this year, and after adding Nash, it would be that much easier.

  50. Vivek Chaudhary says:

    Steve Nash is the smartest play maker right now. He was never give a good team in Phoenix. With this smart move, he has let every one know that he is looking. My gut feeling is that if he is looking for the ring then it will be either Miami, Chicago or LAL and if he is doing this for personal reasons then it will be Nikcs.

    I agree with most of the enthusiasts on this forum that Nicks is not a championship team because they don’t know how to play defense. Also they have chemistry problem. Remember when Lin was not injured, Amare and Anthony couldn’t play much.

  51. kevin says:

    nash going to l.a to get the ring then he has a good teamete like kobe or else you can go in dallas the gret fighter for the past teamet dirk nowitzki is the best of all forward

  52. KD35D-Rose1 says:

    If he want’s a ring HEAT will be the team. Let him be the mentor of chalmers and cole but Bulls and Thunders might spoil the party.

  53. Lakers Addict says:

    I’d be much pleased to see him coming to lakers, and i’d argue lakers is one of the few teams that has a legit chance for him to win a ring. Considering the lakers wanna do something with their lineup, adding a much experienced player like nash would be a realistic and a productive move for the franchise. i see how nash can improve a young player with a great potential like lin, but that goes the same with sessions. and kobe bynum and gasol are way above camelo and chandler in terms of winning a championship, nash would be much interested coming to the lakers than the knicks, where u see no defense or chemistry even with the league’s most talented players.

    Many talked about nach going to miami, but i think thats jus waste of talend and money for the both parities. miami would rather sign a young, talented center who can run the court w lbj and wade. it is no doubt that nash has the best shot at ring if he goes to the heat considering they’re now about to win the championship, but im jus not sure if heat would sign nash in this competitive market. Basketball is all about chemistry and defense when it boils down to winning a championship, and aquiring nash wouldn’t help the heat achieve neither. Miami is a young, talented group that has both of the factors. Adding nash is sure good to “jus have him,” but signing centers or young pgs who show great potentials would be more rewarding for the heat.

    • CAT says:

      Nash would hate LA… He’s use to a different breed of fans ( great fans in PHX and Dallas) and he only knows how to be a TEAM player, and that’s not the LA concept/////

  54. MyIdolisSwish41 says:

    PLEASE come back to Dallas.. Pretty PLEASE.. unite with Dirk, you will form a new force in Dallas.. 100% Champion..

  55. John says:

    Go to miami is the best choice for Nash, Miami fans are waiting for you. And hope Nash will decide to join in miami team, it will be incredible.

  56. islander says:

    Nash been in OKC become a backup PG right away. And that’s not fear for him. He needs a 50/50 time with another PG like Chalmers, who is not a “pure” PG…Both can share some time on the floor, Chalmers playing #2 (shutting guard), while Wade is resting or so. Will be a more smooth and seemly transition for him…and still having a shut for his deserved ring…

  57. Mr TKO says:

    wat is everyone smokin on here nash will help the knicks if we had a solid pg the heat wouldnt b playing in the finals right now the knicks won most of their games toward the end of the season and yes with defense and with nash we r not an seventh seed thats for sure evryone put forth the effort to play d and it showed on the court no pg play is wat kept us from winning

  58. leohimself says:

    Nash will NEVER win a ring with Carmelo and Stat on his team. They’re just born losers.

  59. Kevin NY says:

    I’d like Nash to play for the Knicks but I highly doubt the Knicks would be able to sign him, hope he could come though!

  60. David Perez says:

    Steve Nash should play for the Chicago Bulls. Rose is out till maybe the whole season and CJ Watson is awful

  61. islander says:

    Nash to Miami. Not for Miami benefit, but for himself. If he wants a ring, going to another place is a risk for him to high to afford. Everybody knows Miami will be a contender for years to come. Miami is better this year comparing with 2011, and will be even better the next and so. They will adjust the team adding some missing links until create the machinery PR has in mind. Nash does not have much time to spare. So, if he can play at least for two more years, for sure he will get a ring been in Miami, because Miami will get it at least one more time in the next two years, if not both. He will be playing less and less every season, so, his impact will not be the same…Like Mourning in the end of his career, Mourning was a superstar, but he got his ring been a backup center…More o less the same scenario for Nash…
    The other option for Nash would be OKC, but RW is too good to share time….
    Hopefully Nash goes to Miami, to have his ring, while enjoying south beach!!!!
    … Like LJ, DW and CB….

  62. PLEASE come to okc, we need a leader/teacher for our young uber talented but needing much polishing westbrook!

  63. Tyrone Lu says:

    Nash might as well go to the Miami Heat, he would at least win one or perhaps more for his final years. Steve, you deserve a ring

  64. Ryan says:

    Sign Steve nash and have Lin as a back up PG. Title contender much?

  65. Zach says:

    I find it odd that people have the balls to say that Carmelo Anthony isn’t a winner when he has literally won every single championship in basketball besides the NBA championship. High school, college, and the Olympics.

  66. Tiao says:

    This guy is a true hero

  67. Hoops in my Heart says:

    Although New York is nice fit Chicago is clearly the wisest choice, here is why.
    Derrick Rose is doing great during rehab and will be available at some point next season.
    Steve Nash deserves a “True” chance at a championship, and the roles are perfectly align for the future Hall of famer
    Steve Nash can come in and run a title contender, while the franchise player rehabs and gets to soak up an incredible amount of knowledge. I can really go in to detail why this would be genius but this is not platform for that.

  68. Hisham says:

    With Nashs age factor, i see him going to Dallas. Miami needs a solid center and a point guard. If Nash goes to Miami, hopefully so does Gorat. Then we have a solid Miami team. I would trade Anthony and Mike Miller for Gortat.

  69. NashFan says:

    Just let Nash go to Heat. EVERYBODY, I mean everybody want him to have a ring right? He deserves it. The obvious choice would be the Heat. It’s ok to hate on the Heat or anything but don’t hate on Nash if he goes to hit. He DESERVES a freaking ring.

  70. Westbrook says:

    Nash is too old. he will be like Baron Davis, old and injured. He should join the Lakers, Knicks is a loser team, they need to trade amare and get Garnett.

    • Extremedriver says:

      Seriously!? Trade STAT for Garnet!? NO WAY HOSAY!! The Knicks need STAT!! Also! If I were the Owner, or GM of the Knicks, I would only get Garnet If he was a free agent, and if his asking salary was what I consider to be reasonable. As for trading… I would have traded for D. Howard, D Rose, and maybe Eric Gordon the first year in office.

  71. hov says:

    Dump Bibby & Davis (already out for the season) then sign Nash and Lin! It only right for the Knicks to give Lin another season for what he did for the team last year.

  72. sexy says:

    i might sound crazy but i think nash would be a good fit for the thunder, just think about him and KD

  73. ndog says:


  74. Sam says:

    If he wants a ring he should be still considering Miami. New York would be solid but in saying that Melo loves the ball, but Nash would revitalise the old Amare (sorry for the spelling). For this team (with Nash & Melo & Amare) to get past the likes of Miami, Boston (depending on FA) or Chicago in the playoffs is unlikely, sure if they clicked great offence but you need to play both sides of the court to be a contender (they have shown improvements, but is Nash is another liability). If Nash comes to Miami he will start in respect, but Chalmers will get most of the minutes because Nash is winding down.

  75. Tygger2K6 says:

    Nash to the Knicks won’t work…

  76. Jayjoe14 says:

    Jeremy Lin will still sign for the Knicks, I’m sure of that.

  77. god says:

    Nash back with Amare? They could just pick up where they left off, they already know each other’s game.

  78. Swizz Guy says:

    Absolutely NYK
    Knicks would get better for next 2 seasons, and in that time Lin can grow with Nash as a mentor. I can feel how they booth could get along: they’re intelligent and humorous. One already had, the other has yet to prove himself; booth are unusual nba bodies.. what a great teach. Sorry, B-Davis.

    At the end of Nashglory, NY probably won’t have a ring, but a heck of a competitive season, and good ball distributor for the future.
    If he really wants a ring, he can go play for Miami for free. Do not think so.

  79. RipSonics says:

    The Heat are already beast, but imagine what they would be capable of with Nash on their side. I think they could get 70+ wins in the regular season and win the title.

  80. free the couch says:

    nash off the bench for Miami. Because mario has earned the starting spot after these finals so far!!!
    nash to lebron / bosh in the post.
    might take them a few months to really click, but holy freaking wow…
    could be most entertaining!

    on the other hand… if he goes to NY, they’d have to bring some Defensive presence like?????

  81. Dew says:

    Nash to Orlando makes sense. Howard is a much bigger and better version of Amare and Nash would easily inflate Howard’s offensive stats amazingly. If Nash were to come aboard the Magic ship, other role players would want to flock there to rival the Heat in Florida. Would be great to see a south beach showdown. Out of all teams Nash could go to, I would like to see him and Howard team up in Orlando before anywhere else. Orlando already has the role players in Hedo, JJ, Richardson, Baby Davis, etc. Nash would fit in nicely here. Nelson is good, but they can not seem to win with him and need a change of direction to get everyone involved. Nash does that. Marcin Gortat would be a no name player if not for Nash.

  82. JayT says:

    NASH 2 MIAMI — They will win every year he’s there. No team in the league will be able to match that core.

  83. Dew says:

    Nash to OKC would be fitting if he wants to win. Westbrook is more like Dwayne Wade and would be an excellent shooting guard in this league being set up for shots and plays off the ball as well as getting the ball for isolation once in a while. He just needs to bulk up a little bit, but he will get there. Nash would be a great PG for this team setting up Westbrook, Durant and Ibaka off the dribble. All 5 of those players can defend. Harden would easily be a 6th man of the year again on this team with numbers being increased by Nash causing havoc in the lanes. Westbrook or Maynor could easily give Nash a rest at PG duties when needed as well. OKC should be Nash’s first choice if they can afford him, however, they probably do not have the cap space to bring on board Nash if they wanted to. Perhaps if he agrees to take the same amount Fish did, then I can see that working out. However, there is better money along with a chip shot elsewhere also I would think.

  84. TTKIN says:

    Oh and remember, Lin doesnt play defense either, so it’s not like theyre losing that. Instead they would be getting one of the best offensive point guards in history who at 38 looks basically identical to how he looked years ago.

  85. W/E says:

    That would be the biggest mistake of his career,Nash should stay away from NY,their is no hope to win a title with this team.

  86. TTKIN says:

    Imagine Nash running the pick and roll with Amrae again, setting up melo for those deadly mid ragngers, and throwing lobs to tyson. If he goes to NY they are in the top 3 in the east no doubt in my opinion. they wont do much defensively, but they wont need much D when scoring 120 a game.

  87. JDish says:

    Nash don’t go to Orlando. The Magic don’t have a coach, don’t have a GM, don’t know what Dwight is gonna do, and there best big man presence is… Glen Davis… nough said.

    It’s simple, Nash will be looking for a contender, sort of like Derek Fisher signing with OKC. Nash is looking for a contender, and it’s possible that he could go to the Heat. He could go back to Dallas if Dwight Howard goes to the Mavericks. That would be a very interesting situation.

    Marcin Gortat will be crying himself to sleep for a month after Nash leaves.

  88. ZIp says:

    Nash+Anthony+Stoudemire has to be the worst defensive combination since… I can’t even think of a joke because there is nothing worse.

  89. JDish says:

    What wrong with They do know that Mike Bibby is still alive right…? I think he plays for the Knick, he Is a point gaurd, and he can still bounce a basketball. Poor dude can’t get a break man.

  90. James Harden says:

    I would like to leave OKC and put Russell my position as shooting guard and would invite Nash as the point guard so my former team will get the ring next year

  91. @steve Nash (fake Steve Nash posting comments) Ahahahah rofl lmaoooo. I just had a great laugh.
    Anyway , the real Steve Nash should open his eyes n see where he can go n win a bling n it’s south beach!

  92. Ali Asim says:

    anyone noticed ramon sessions decided to become a free agent? Nash get your Canadian/ South African keester to LaLa

    • TTKIN says:

      he wants to remain a Laker though. he opted out to get a long term deal (same thing as Deron Williams)

  93. Alexandre says:

    Come oooonnn Nash, Miami is waiting you.

  94. Jerry says:


  95. AndreiG says:

    To those that have commented that they should invest in Lin instead of an old fart like Steve Nash, I say, have them both, there’s no amount of coaching that can compare in terms of point guard development to having Steve Nash as your big bro guiding you practice and in games.

  96. JDish says:

    LOL this is so funny – “Nash Says The Magic Words, Will Consider The Knicks In Free Agency”. Yea but they forgot to add the final bit of what he actually said after the “magic words,” … “uhh yea and im also open to playing for any team other than the Knicks that can offer the best situation for me.”
    I’m really not trying to rain on anyone’s parade but Nash can pretty much play for any team that makes a go at him during free agency. Other teams are ready to make moves and acquire Steve Nash, besides I think he’s looking for the best shot he has at getting an NBA championship. I’m not saying the Knicks aren’t that team, but they either need to elevate their game with the players they have now, or make several more moves to accomodate Nash and his wish to chase (and capture) a ring.

  97. Elmar says:

    You guys should realize(okay i’m dutch so dont critisize me on my spelling) that Nash (even consider that i am a huge Suns fan for several years now) could be just the thing Knicks need. especially Stoudemire. Besides that i think Nash could preform 2 more years at the top of the NBA and in those years he could be just the mentor Lin needs. He’s talented, but getting your streak of fame is relatively easy staying there for 15 years is Hall of Fame material. And that is what Nash could bring to the Knicks and to the future point guard of the Knicks. I have to say i would hate to see him go, but i totally understand he wants that chance for a championship ring!

    If you need to go Steve go and be the best there ever was at your spot!

  98. Blah says:

    If he wants a ring, why is he even contemplating New York?

  99. spurs fan says:

    knicks or magic is the perfect fit for nash..if he goes to the knicks they should trade carmelo for atleast 3 hi caliber role player..u cant win championship with ball hugging carmelo..yes his a great player but great player cant win championship,great team does..and nash can maximize again the skill of amare and chandler and sign just a caliber role player and the knicks will be a title contender maybe not this next season but definetly one of nash remaining 3 years he got ring for sure,,in magic nash is a great player and he can maximize the potential of a player example gortat and amare..gortat average is up teaming up with nash and amare is superstar when he teaming up with nash now without nash on his side his nothing knicks think amare can play without nash signing him max deal that ****!if the magic can sign nash and sign coach d’antoni that hell of a team imagine pick and roll with dwight howard that’s instant contender and im sure dwight will be happy teaming up a real point guard.. 😉

    • JDish says:

      Nash just don’t go to Orlando please, you will get stuck like a rat in a maze that ends up taking a wrong turn and into a dead end.

    • Extremedriver says:

      How dare you! We need Melo! We can’t win without Melo! He is just one major piece to the puzzle! I HAVE NO DOUBT IN MY MIND THAT WE WILL WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP WITHIN THE NEXT 5 SEASONS!

  100. watcher says:

    Nash would be a great fit to OKC, imagine this lineup,


    and have harden sefolosha maynor collison as backup

  101. kuyabest says:

    @Steve Nash

    Is this really Steve Nash?

    What kind of English… pay for Boston, and guarantee you?

    …. you’re going to win it all for the next 5 years when you retire?


  102. Rocker says:

    Sorry LA but Nash is not gonna sign with the Lakers he said that he cant see himself Wearing a Purple and Gold jersey there is only 3 places that he has talked about going so far that I know and that is Phoenix if we get a 25-30 point shooter every game he’ll stay and Miami Heat cuz he said he’ll listen to Lebron if he talks to him about going to Miami and now New York Knicks I know this cuz he was on a show and they asked him questions about his free agency and these were some of his answers

  103. Steve Nash says:

    Hmm.. after reading this comments.. I come to think of going the Miami Heat.. It’s true, I would have a better chance getting my Ring there. Will see.. thanks for undying support people.

  104. VMX says:

    Nash should join the Heat. He would be perfect shooting open jumpers off of Wade and James’ penetration and running the offense. Opposing PGs already go off on the Heat, might as well get some better and more efficient scoring for the PG position. (Mario’s big game notwithstanding)

  105. DANITo says:

    howard and nash to the lakers, i can see that happening. bynum for howard. nash kobe, howard , gasol, igudala. lakers back baby

  106. OD says:

    Nsah is reaching Toronto next season 4sho…. Toronto taking over the NBA next year

  107. Hardcore says:

    Jeremy Lin will score 50 sometime next season

  108. Grievous56 says:

    I still think Nash has the best chance to win a title in Miami.

  109. Nba FAN 101 says:

    go to canada, nash there will be so much love for you there and not to mention a canadian retiring in the raptors. sounds fitting.

  110. cherrywaterbuffalofarts says:

    Knicks get Nash – keep Lin, so Nash can tutor him. Get rid of Anthony and his Ball stopping and poor defense and your left with a quality trade for Anthony to help the team ‘fit’. Obviously he knows how to work with Amare. Fields is a great team player and probably quality 6th man to work with Nash and Amare.

    Nash, Amare, Chandler is a STRONG 3. Then Fields fits right in, in that type of team. That’ makes a Quality 4…Then the Anthony trade equals a number of options. Depending on JR ‘jack’ smith, he could be trade bait, or molded (if it’s possible) to fit the equation a bit better, he’s not a bad defender…

    I dunno, I think they’d have a very solid chance of getting to the finals depending on who they get for Anthony.

  111. magic says:

    steve nash needs to go to the magic

    starters: nash, ray allen, hedo, ryan andersonad dwight howrd

  112. Eric says:

    I’m a knicks fan but nash probably will go to the heat

  113. 2 says:

    Steve Nash should go to the Miami Heat.

    Rumor has it Greg Oden might join the Heat too.

    PG – Steve Nash
    SG – Dywane Wade
    SF – LeBron James
    PF – Chris Bosh
    C – Greg Oden

    Mario Chalmers
    Norris Cole
    Shane Battier
    Udonis Haslem
    Joel Anthony
    James Jones
    Mike Miller
    Ronny Turiaf

    • NBEATZ says:

      I’v been saything this all year long. Bring in Oden Amnesty Miller, Give Oden 22-28 minutes a game and I could see him giving the Heat 6-8 PPG 7-9 RPG 1-2 BPG, This leaque is no were near as tall and as big as it once was when Shaq, Hakeen, Mutumbo, Robinson, Ewing, Sabonus, Smits…….. and so one. So they would not need to play him all that much. Bosh is a decent Center. But when the team plays a heathy Howard, Bogut, Mark Gasol, Pau Gasol, Bynum,Hibbert, then Oden would be able to handle them. I could see his FPG being hig, around 4.5 a game, but he is big, strong……………… and he is still only 24. Younger then Bosh, Lebron, Wade, Miller, Haslum, and Chalmers. If Oden COULD and DID stay healthy for the next part of his carreer, when Bosh, Wade and Lebron hit there mid 30’s and start slowing down and playing less minutes, you could through it down to Oden who would be playing 1-8 feet around the basket, high quality shots………… in 5 yrs age 29 I could see him with 14PPG 9.5 RPG over 2BPG playing 33 MINUTES PER GAME…….. IF HE IS HEALTHY and if the Heat could keep him a Heats uniform, and the only wayt thats going to happen is if the Heat take a Huge rick and sing him for 3 or more years……… NASH TO THE HEAT.

    • dattebayo says:

      Why would the heat take on another center, that just flatout can’t play for whatever reason? Pittman and Curry lack athleticism, Pittman also lacks maturity and height. Oden needs microfracture surgery and there are no guarantees that he will be able to keep up and play in this league. Do you think Portland waives a prospect like Oden just for the fun of it?

      If Curry can get his act together and get fitter and into gameshape, he could contribute significant minutes to the team, so would Pittman. Otherwise they could resign Turiaf to complement Anthony at the Center position, who to me is still more than capable and the Heat’s best Center. Keeping 4 Centers again next season, with 2-3 Centers that you can’t rely on in terms of effort and minutes, would not be an improvement for this Heat team. They already proved, they don’t need another Center to beat bigger teams so let’s see what they will do this offseason.

      I am baffled though, that Spoelstra’s strategy worked out so fine against the Thunder. Before the Finals I was almost sure about the Heat having to play big with Turiaf and Anthony for significant minutes, at least 25 in every game. Imagine how this strategy would have backfired, if the Heat’s shooters would have shoot the ball as poorly as they did vs Indiana…

  114. b-rad says:

    Nash would be good for the Knicks who have limited time before Amare’s body gives out and melo starts to slow down. Why not get him and make a charge for the championship. They would be hard presed to beat the Heat, Chicago or Okc however with that lineup. He would clearly get a ring in Miami but I dont want to see him go here.The heat don’t even need a real point guard. Look at Chalmers, He brings the ball up gives it to Lebron or wade and then waits at the 3 point line for an open shot which he has been getting and hitting. Nash could do the same plus he could distribute the ball better. He could get the Lakers into contention especially if they are able to get dome decent players in a Gasol trade which is imminent. Should be an interesting off season.

  115. thetruth says:

    nash will not likely end up in knicks and heat because they paid big money for a lot of players like bosh, lbj, carmelo tyson chandler and etc. if he wants to end up in that team most likely he wil get a small paycheck. nash should stay in pheonix cause the suns have been saving a lot of money lately so this draft they might get a nice pick like anthony davis or gilchrist

  116. lop says:

    Take your talents to south beach Nash!

  117. jooon2xy says:

    if i were you Steve Nash, you should go to play MIAMI! for sure you get a ring.100% guaranteed! ~_^

  118. MJ #BOBCATS says:

    Nash would be perfect for our young core in Charlotte. I am sure he will be one of the highest payed players if he come to this up and coming organization! Playoff Ready!

  119. King James #6 says:

    We could always need a great talent like Steve Nash on our team even after we win the championship today. If he comes here I GUARENTEE THE CITY OF MIAMI A CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. Faruque says:

    Knicks should try to get Lin not Nash. Nash is a better player but Lin has potential. I don’t see Knicks winning the championship within next 2 years. They need to get better and I see them doing that win Lin. With Nash, the window of opportunity is only 2 years and Knicks cannot compete with teams like Miami and Thunder the next 2 years. Knicks focus should be to get Lin and build the team up to be a championship team.

  121. Bryan says:

    I would love Nas to get a ring but he may not really be eyeing that, otherwise he would have left Phoenix long ago. He became the president of Canadian basketball which is based in Toronto. It only makes sense to come North of the border and help out that team. Raptors got a great pick last year in Jonas Valančiūnas (finally a true centre) and they should get a good piece this year. They love to play for Casey. NASH TO TORONTO.

  122. Real Big 3 says:

    Nash go to NY… you know how to make Amare productive on the floor.. You can also teach the young Lin to play better BBall..

  123. Blindtoe says:

    If the knicks take nash it should be to not only go for the ring,but to groom Lin as well. Knicks have the talent to get it already,but they need someone like Nash whos leadership skills will get them to the next level. Basically so they have the fire under them all the time other than just when Lin was making is mark.

  124. Robert says:

    Go to the heat and he’ll win a ring his first year there

  125. Ismael says:

    Steve come to the lakers we are in need of a great point guard in the city of angels

  126. Jim says:

    If the Knicks get Steve Nash they will be an instant Contender for the title. The knicks lost to the heat in the playoffs due to a lots of turn overs at the point. The knicks dominated the heat in defense and even beat the Heat in the playoffs after the knicks comitted 20 turnovers. The knicks are one of the best defensive teams in the NBA in rebounding, blocked shots, pick and roll
    ( chandler) and transition defense. Nash will make the knicks a more efficent team because he doesnt commit that many turn overs and everybody can see that most of the knicks loses came because of turnovers.

  127. Nash come to Lakers says:

    Artest used to hate Kobe and now he is with him.
    Nash hates kobe so now join him.

  128. The King says:

    Nash should seriously come to Miami, that’s his best chance of winning a ring. But I also hope The Knicks dominate this season, I wanted to see Knicks and Heat in ECF. Maybe next year.

  129. willie says:

    if you want a ring, dallas is where you should be,backing up D-will. 🙂

  130. Steve Nash says:

    I am going to pay for the Celtics. They have offered me a good deal of 85 million dollars for 2 seasons. I am looking forward to playing with rondo. I know im not going to play with him in the starting lineup but we will be good friends. I can teach him, and he could teach me. I guarentee all of you, we’re going to win it all for the next 5 years when i retire.

    Steve Nash

  131. purelyunderrated says:

    Steve Nash or Lin to LAKERS

  132. Smart if knick gets nash, it will help amare get a few more touches in games. Heat could also us nash. But nash wont get a ring in new york.
    Go to the heat!

  133. timberwolves says:

    If Nash wants the win, take a pay cut and join the Heat.

  134. nash to heat says:

    why would you not join the heat, they can offer more money, and you are walking into a championship

  135. joe says:

    come to lakers n play with kobe bryant, guranteed a ring for sure we can use you as back up for d will or devon harris

  136. kris1223 says:

    If I were Nash, these will be my options: East = Miami, NYK, Chicago, ATL West = LAL, Dallas, Memphis… Miami,Chicago, Lakers, Dallas and Memphis are contenders if he is chasing for the ring. But looks like he will narrow the choices between NYK and LAL

  137. herbert says:

    its not about the money. its about having a championship.. if steve nash thinking how much knick will paid him, i think he will never get a ring.. if you what to be champ.. go to miami heat, you have biggers chance to get a ring as back up point guard.. think about nash you old.. you cannot play like you in phx..plllsss go to south beach you a better chance, dont think about the money if you want a ring

  138. Jeremey Lin says:

    id love to join Lakers 🙂

  139. Kobe Bryant says:

    Jeremey lin should come to the lakers

  140. heat for the chip says:

    Just imagine Nash leading the break with DWade and Bron on both wings, with Bosh as the trailer… *shudders*

    • 27 says:

      That would be some scenery!

      Nash will join the HEAT for sure, D-Wade & Riley will convince him… Heat’s the only TRUE contender that doesn’t have a superstar point guard (Bulls got Rose, OKC got Westbrook, Spurs got Parker, Clippers got CP, Celtics got Rondo, Dallas will get D-Will)… LA & NY have many holes to be TRUE contender!

      • Respect and Dignity says:

        If he is a true competitor he would not join Heats. I would lose all respect for him if he does just like I lost all respect for Shane Battier joining the Heats. C’mon adding Nash to Heat? Why not sign Dwight as well then the whole team will be complete. Dwight, Bosh,LB, Wade and Nash. Actually add Chris Paul too they will be a champion team.

      • Sick says:

        Shane Battier just destroyed the OKC…
        He doesn’t need your respect.. lol

  141. newyorksteelo says:

    OMG, come on Steve Nash, come to the Knicks. You would be loved, idolized, and very much needed. Knicks need to sign both Nash and Jeremy Lin if they want to make it to the Finals. If Nash signs a 3 year deal, the team can come together in as little as 2 and take it all with the right direction from Mike Woodson. Jeremy Lin could learn a lot from Nash’s skills and his work ethic. As Nikey often says in their commercials, JUST DO IT!

  142. cesar says:

    Bad move for knicks if they get NASH… I mean … there is a YOUNG JEREMY LIN there…y do they get an Old point guard who also have back problems?? NASH must go to MIAMI if he wants to have a ring….. and for the knicks,, RE-SIGN JEREMY LIN…

  143. Pinoy Baller says:

    Stevie, please don’t waste your remaining years of basketball with the Knicks. Better join the Heat, an instant championship contender . Miami really is the place to be!

  144. Fernando says:

    I’m a Knicks diehard fan, but Nash is a better fit for the Lakers. Is that simple.

  145. kallz says:

    Watch Nash join Miami. WATCH!

  146. CAT says:

    anyplace he goes will be better!! I hope he stays in PHX where he is loved and they can add a few good piayers for him (that STUPID steve kerr killed PHX and hopefully it can be fixed)

  147. popito26 says:

    Go to the Magic … help Dwight get that first title in Orlando!

  148. Gabriel says:

    (Heat Fan)
    I read an article, which talked about if Nash was a right fit for the Miami Heat. Since he needs the ball in his hands (although he could always be a primary ball handler when wade and lebron sit, effectively optimizing Bosh and co).
    But after reading this. WE NEED TO SIGN HIM – REGARDLESS.
    If Nash goes to NYK, it would be close to doom for Miami. He would elevate the level of play of Amare, and more importantly give Tyson Chandler the PG he needs to be most effective.

  149. Oscar says:

    Please Nash, don’t waste yourself in such a horrible organization and such a horrible mesh of players…go to the Heat or Lakers please please! You will get no ring in NY…

  150. Supersizeme says:

    Why not go back to dallas?

  151. shink213 says:

    play for the heat nash, imagine how many oops you would throw to lebron and wade…plus it would be good mentoring for chalmers who seems to be developing into a pretty decent player.

  152. Durant - SCKS says:

    NASH use your common sense… JOIN THE HEAT if you want a Ring before you retire…… regardless how much they offer to you.. what important at this point and time is to have a TITLE SHOT.. considering your AGE factor.. and you can achieved that by playing with “QUEEN JAMES” and D’WADE.. twak..twak…

  153. Steve nash is a great guy, fierce competitor and a floorleader. He should bring his talents to the Miami Heat. He can penetrate and kick or spot up for the three, he can do it all. If Miami can add him to their roster and he stays healthy (no signs why he shoudn’t) I garantee Miami has the best papers for winning consecutive championships. he complements Dwayne and Lebron perfectly with the skills he brings to the table.

    • Alexies says:

      No way Nash would work in Miami, he need the ball in his hands to do his job which means taking the ball out of Lebron’s hands, not going to happen. LJ is not the kind of player who plays well with other player having to create for him, that’s not his game.

      • Average Joe says:

        I disagree. LeBron can play off the ball if he needs to, so can Wade, Bosh and the rest of the Heat. And Nash can definitely play off the ball with LeBron as the PG and imagine how many open looks that will get him. If he makes even 40% of the shots he is given (and they are open shots, most probably), he will be a very effective as a shooter. And imagine James, Wade or Bosh in a pick and roll situation with Nash. The possibilities are infinite since these four stars can make plays. Bottom line, Nash will make the Heat even better and the Nasty One will be that much closer to his first ring.

  154. dattebayo says:

    The Knicks will have a long training camp to come together, the defensive system has already been established this season and with Nash at the point, the Knicks could finally prove to be a force in the East. I like it and I hope he gets there.

    He would have a better shot at a ring in Miami or Chicago, but I don’t think those teams could sign him for 3 years without roster changes. The Heat would have to amnesty Miller or something and Chicago would have to get rid of a Big Men so I don’t see that yet.

    No matter what happens, as long as he won’t join Kobe in lalatown, I will be happy for him 😀

  155. K says:

    If he wants a title, he would go to the lakers

  156. Ariel says:

    If he wants a ring HEAT or KNICKS can give that to him

    • Average Joe says:

      Knicks aren’t championship contenders, even if thhey add Nash. Heat on the other hand would benefit Nash more because they have a great team defense that can pick up Nash’s slack. And the Nasty One’s ability to make plays would surely boost the Heat’s chances of getting a Larry O’Brien trophy next season. If Nash wants a ring, Miami is the most logical place to go.

  157. kapz says:

    how about join LA LAKERS, they need a PLAYMAKER point guard

    if nash join LAKERS, for sure he can get a title shot there…


    • JJ says:

      so they got rid of fisher to add another old and slow pg in a western conf. w/ pg’s like westbrook, parker, CP3, harris, lawson, and possibly Dwill ? i guess no championship again for la nation..

    • noyb says:

      Nice! But isn’t that like going back to Derek Fisher only with less D?

    • Detroit1 says:

      kobe hates nash and vice vesa, will not happen!

    • oscar villasenor says:

      Nash is like Magic Johnson, It’s time for kobe and the rest of the laker to start running nash can and will put the ball were it belong’s for easy basket’s. Kobe will regain a better shooting percentage and display a dunking ability’s the the laker’s from the magic era had. and he can shoot.

  158. slarjee says:

    join the heat you and will get your ring!!! 🙂

  159. john says:


  160. jikii says:

    well i thought he would consider joining L.A Lakers since KB24 needs someone who can support the him at the backcourt lineup

    • chubbena says:

      Time to bring Fisher back? Just kidding!

    • Thunder says:

      anyone think he can fit on the Thunder? Move Westbrook over to SG, since we all know he is more of a scorer. Or is that too small like Curry/Ellis of Golden State? Nash is used to playing an uptempo game in Phoenix so I don’t think he’ll have a problem fitting in with the Thunder. Not likely, just saying though.

  161. deborah says:

    NYK is not a good team for Nash. They’re not even a contender, they all want is a show not winning just like Denver before.
    Nash will fit to a team who lacks point guards and are contender for winning like Lakers.

    • jlee says:

      all sounds good except for lakers.
      lakers got sooooo many things to do and adding nash doesn’t promise anything.
      want another ring? do something w/ bynum, gasol and kobe first.

  162. Q says:

    Steve Nash,Ray Allen, Carmelo Athony, AMARE STAT and Tyson Chanler * starting Lineup*
    backup: Jeremy Lin,Douglas, Fields, Shumpert, Novak, Harrelson.. **FREE AGent*
    2012-2013 NBA CHAMP

    • 27 says:

      looks like a nice dream… but Defence wins championships (not offence)… this team would still have defensive holes (even though they have Chandler) – Carmelo & Nash are weak defenders… If Nash wants championship, Miami would be the best option! will be an exciting summer with big teams making some splash!

      • Chitown-Goon247 says:

        He doesn’t want it THAT WAY lol. I think ALL of nba teams goal is TAKE DOWN the heat, not join em. The thing you have to remember is, the stunt that was pulled only made teams and players want to beat them. This sport is FULL of competitive players, jordan and magic didn’t want each other on their teams because they love the challenge. That’s how the sport is, teams will only get better next year. I’m looking forward to seeing the moves everyone makes, it’s going to be an awesome season next year I feel it in my bones. Teams will make splashes, I feel lakers will get a good PG, knicks will work on transition and defense and don’t count them out. I saw how few people said chandler was the only defensive threat, not true. Shumpert has already established himself as one of the top defensive guards in the league and he’s a rookie lol. Bulls will come back HARD, heat won’t make too many changes as I don’t think they need to(although I’d be worried about the aging of wade as he will be 31 next year and is showing signs of bad knees already, doesn’t help that the way he plays is throwing his body all over the place as if he’s 24). I’d like to see what the clippers and the nuggets are going to do also. Portland I feel is going to make a statement, they’ll make the playoffs next year. Spurs will still be a force, and boston I think is running it’s last course(then again, I said that last year lol). The pacers are young and have great potential, so do the 76r’s. The pacers will be one to watch out for in the playoffs next year also. The magic will lose howard next year, where ever he goes will make a team immensely better at shot blocking and points in the paint(yes, he’s THAT good). Heat fans, no he’s not going over to miami so save your breath(heat don’t have anywhere NEAR the salary cap to afford him). Plus, I think he’s up for the challenge also he’s probably one of the MOST competitive players in the nba other than james and cp3. Heat fans, just believe in your team I doubt chalmers want to read you guys asking to get all-star PG’s as if he didn’t contribute at all. He did a great job, I’m actually surprised and all of you guys should be going “Iknew it, I said it all along” not “Hey nash, come to the heat!” “If paul wants a ring he should come to the heat” “the heat should get rid of bosh and get howard”. Like, are your serious? Have faith in your team, and stop trying to build an already all-star team into some type of superficial monster it’s insane. You got your title, enjoy it for now and just be in the moment.

    • cool knicks fan says:

      They’ll never sign Allen. But it would be nice to have Nash to mentor Lin and turn him into a beast so that the Knicks will be geared for the future.

  163. Caine says:

    He was good but Knicks would still need a good backup point guard because Nash’s minuets is going way down due to the age factor. But he does deserve a ring!

  164. Derrick Rose says:

    New York Knicks must get Steve Nash in their team because there’s a big possibility that Jeremy Lin is going to play for my team Chicago Bulls while me (Derrick Rose) is still injured. I’m looking forward to play with him

    • Naveed says:

      Nice to see your comment here re: Nashty!

      When are you expected to play again? We missed your show in this years playoff.

    • cool knicks fan says:

      Rose wouldn’t want Nash on the Knicks because he knows they’ll get better. But I’m glad to see you like Lin and that you’re not a racist hater. 🙂

  165. Bob says:

    Yeah, the Knicks will be the first to say, Screw the luxury tax, I’m like Steinbrenner!! They would have a real nice team, if they just went over the cap and ate the tax.

  166. B says:

    why do the knocks want Nash, they have Lin

    • B says:

      Sorry, why do the Knicks want Nash, they have Lin

      • jwood says:

        you just compared lin to nash. are you serious. lin is no were near the greatness of nash. obviously you dont know basketball. knicks would be lucky to get nash instead of lin.

      • BullzPhan says:

        HAHA?? Is this a LEGIT question? That “LinSanity” was a fluke, he is garbage.. and to Compare him to Nash?? haha ur not even close to compare other great players even Chris Paul to Steve Nash let alone Jeremy Lin

      • joe says:

        i disagree, lin has the advantage of being young, and has shown incredible potenial. more importantly though, he can be bought for cheap as a restricted FA (because teams wont want to risk too much on him yet – needs him to be established back from his injury) – and the money he’ll bring in will be proportionatly more than what they pay him (linsainty fans buying merc, tickets, etc).
        in saying that, who better to guide lin than a vet like nash? none of the PG’s in this league can say they had a mentor like that

      • Ian Chan says:

        jwood ur right so much i just hate how lin was so overrated beccause alot of ppl liked him only cus he was ASIAN nothing else

      • NBAfan says:

        I think Nash to the Knicks is EXCELLENT….Amare will be more effective because of Nash, and they’ll have a facilitator that will stop Melo from never giving the ball back.

        More importantly, Nash can MENTOR LIN…will help Lin be a better player…Lin is smart of course (Harvard) and just like Nash, they need to play smart and with skills because their physical abilities are not through the roof.


        All they need to do is trade B Diddy and M Bibby for a decent PF/C back up….Knicks should be pretty good

    • Slider821 says:

      The Knicks don’t have Lin just like the Suns don’t have Nash. They are both free agents and can go wherever they decide.

      • Greg says:

        Knicks should invest in Lin and not in Nash tbh. Lin is still young and already has shown much potential, while Nash is in his final couple of years in the league. They should only get Nash if they feel they can win a ring with him in the next 2 years, which by the looks of the other teams in the NBA, is not looking so great.

    • cool knicks fan says:

      (To BullzPhan): You are a racist hater. Get out of your shell that Asians can’t play basketball, you must hate Asians. Your jealous of Lin and don’t know anything about basketball. He’s not as good as Nash, but to call him garbage? You’re obviously racist and can’t get out of your shell.

      • Idiot above me says:

        Your stupid first of all he never racially discriminated him and second lin averaged about 7 turnovers a game thats garbage basketball.

      • Court of Owls says:

        So calling something “garbage” = racism? Stretch much? Maybe the guy doesn’t like the Knicks.

      • Idiot called Idiot above me says:

        Lin averaged 3.6 TOs this season and this is the only season he’s played a substantial amount. Great job lying about stats just to make a player look “garbage”. That’s definitely not discriminating.

    • Jepp says:

      Why not sign them both. Lin is not as good as Nash, but Lin is younger than Nash and he has more potential. In short, Lin can learn from Nash.

  167. phamie says:

    It’s good to see nash for phoenix again, hoping for that.
    But his decision will highly respective for him to take a shot for the title.
    Wherever he goes, I’ll be with him.
    THANKS STEVE NASH for the great leadership on and off the court.

    • Tagarci2 says:

      As a lifelong Suns fan, I would love for Nash to stay here in Phoenix and fight the good fight, but I would love even more for Nash to go to a true contender and win a ring. I’m a Nash Fan wherever he goes.

  168. eknujsra says:

    .still wants to play at 41..hope he can have his ring before he retires..

    • STEVE says:


      • NO! says:

        man, that just dumb. steve is goin to pizza land to play for them other team over across the river!

    • shink213 says:

      he’ll never get it if he signs with the knicks…no one on that team knows how to play any defense at all besides chandler.

      • Idoubtit says:

        Casual fan making sweeping remark, right? Right.
        Fields make the effort, and has the reach to develop nicely.
        Shumpert is a couple of seasons away from being a defensive wizad, and already plays better D than 90% of the league.

      • Peter says:

        Fields is also an unrestricted free agent, and many predict he will not return to NY…

    • cesar zepeda says:

      he is still good though