Blogtable: How Many Titles Can Heat Win?

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

LeBron predicted multiple championships for Miami. This morning, how many do you see out of this group?

Steve Aschburner: I’m thinking Miami will win one more championship as currently constructed. Biggest reason: Dwyane Wade’s mileage – he has looked worn down through this postseason and, even if much of it is attributable to a specific sore knee, those sorts of aches and pains will only increase in coming seasons. He’ll need to have his minutes budgeted and the Heat’s payroll won’t allow for much more help around him and the other two stars. Second-biggest reason: Oklahoma City isn’t done as a Finals threat, other franchises have talent and ambition, too, and the sheer odds in a 30-team league against a dynastic run are too great to predict three-peats and beyond.

Fran Blinebury: 1-2-3-4-5?  It would be as silly and presumptuous as us to pick as number now as it was for LeBron to start counting them off that night back in July 2010. Could the Heat win a handful?  Yes.  But it takes good health, good fortune and some hellaciously good play to win again and again.  All we can say for sure is that the Heat — assuming the Big Three stay healthy — should be in the championship picture every year for the foreseeable future.

Scott Howard-Cooper: Multiple is still realistic. It’s hard to say whether that means two or three, but these Heat do not have the one-and-done look. They have youth, a couple special talents, a front office that does not settle, and the right look to attract free agents for less money than they may get elsewhere. Players want a shot at a championship. Players like the idea of living in Miami. The Heat will be around a while.

Shaun Powell: They could win a total of two IF Dwyane Wade stays healthy. That’s a big if. And the second one better happen next year. LeBron can opt out in 2014 and return to Cleveland. Which is what I think he’ll do if he wins at least one title in Miami.

John Schuhmann:  I see two.  I definitely think they can come back and win next year, but I don’t know about Dwyane Wade’s ability to remain healthy and explosive beyond the next year or two. I definitely question their ability to put a stronger supporting cast around the big three under the new luxury tax rules that going into effect in 2013. And of course, the Thunder will likely be back with the same type of experience and hunger that the Heat have this year. As we’ve seen in this series, OKC already has the talent to win a championship.

Sekou Smith: They better get this one first, as Shane Battier reminded us all Wednesday at the media gathering following the Heat’s practice. A team that looked primed for multiple championship runs looks considerably different to me right now. Dwyane Wade isn’t getting any younger. And the Thunder, in spite of their recent stumbles in this series, appear to be primed for a return trip or two, or three, so it’s hard to envision the Heat winning anywhere near the number of titles they imagined they would when the laser-light show kicked off. If they win this first one, I could see maybe one more from this group, but no more.


  1. Gator says:

    Miami will win 3 more. D-Wade will undergo rehab and surgery for his knee, And will surely be stronger, quicker and more explosive next year. he’s a competitor and defies the aging effects.

    Just on the lighter (joke time) side…….

    Also DWIGHT HOWARD is signing for the League minimum and join MIAMI just to take a shot at the title-ring, while STEVE NASH will do everything and will sign the mid-level in the hope of also having a ring before he retires, coz he knows he’s getting older and it’s such a disgrace for not having a Ring from all those years of playing.

    2013 MIAMI HEAT Starting 5

    Center – DWIGHT HOWARD
    SF- LeBRON
    SG – D-WADE

    Rest of the NBA should learn their lesson and smell another conspiracy brewing,,,,,or else they should be afraid, Be very afraid. Once that line-up is formed, they should now give up their hope in ever winning a title in 5-7 years. Haha.

    MIAMI Heat Rulez!

  2. GLENN ECLAVEA from PHIL says:

    I believe MIAMI can come back next year and win Eastern Conference Championship but as the current happenings in LA Land the pursuit of MITCH to bring talents in LA will be a big hindrance to MIAMI.OKC will comeback, SA will comeback, KNICKS will get stronger but one thing KOBE will try his best to get his no. 6 ring. Remember KOBE in 2009 and 2010 when his playing with injuries but the killer instinct is at still the highest level. If just Bynum and Sessions is as consistent as they are in the playoofs they can beat the OKC and eventually the MIAMI HEAT. But by now Sessions will come back,Kobe, IGGy will get in exchange of GASOL and Bynum then they will get a perfect no. 4..Mitch will sign Gerald Green..and the LAMAR will return too.

  3. Douglas says:

    after it is all said and done. They could win a few more, maybe 2, but really any team in the playoffs is capable of winning it all. OKC could have lost to Dallas in the first round with a few timely plays from the Mavs, the Lakers will make a better run at it these next few years and San Anton is not done yet. Each series on both sides EAST and WEST could have gone either way. Could have easily been Indiana and San Antonio? Thats what is so good about the NBA these days. Can’t wait until next years short season again! LOLOL

  4. marlon green says:

    Saying they keep the big 3 together they will only win 2 more titles. The league has too many other title contenders and big injuries are bound to show up. Wade especially is looking older. The Thunder will definetely be back and will win soon. Other teams just need a few tweaks such as the Lakers, spurs, and celtics. Lets not forget about those clippers either. And who knows if the Mavs land howard and williams to form their own big 3. And if the Spurs would have beat OKC I think this years finals would have ended a whole lot differently.

  5. kuyabest says:

    Shaun, do not dream of Cleveland for LeBron!

    It is a very bad idea!

  6. JunB says:

    Yes… they can still win. Three straight as maximum.

  7. Jim Diaz says:

    Am just amused reading these blogs..most are biased opinions , very very few are objective, anyway, the King is crowned nothing all of you bigots can do about it. Multiple or not that is what the future holds for the your heart out guys..

  8. Alpha Base says:

    2 at least.
    Today is the 1st after the flagrant foul on Fisher.

  9. rafa says:

    will be back against all ods and agenda and refs

  10. rafa says:

    i call it 4 games of shame.
    never again.
    next year real winner not an imposter.

  11. rafa says:

    chalmers do the deeds refs are blind

  12. rafa says:


  13. rafa says:

    mr.stern agenda is winning and who sales more got the tittles.
    hope the refs will get the rings too,they do a great job.

  14. rhorie_rasta says:

    this is so awesomeee… i love you heat!!! all the way from the phili[ppines!!.. i wish i cud watch u live sumday.. u all rock my world!!


  15. Deshaun Parker says:

    Everyone but Sekou is mentioning the fact that the Heat HAVE NOT won ANYTHING yet. I understand that they will probably put this away, however give respect to OKC first and talk about the Heat’s Championship at the end. Just saying….

  16. ian says:

    The Thunder will always be on their way for a quest of a championship in the upcoming seasons. Look how young the Thunder are and imagine what they can do 2-3 years from now.

  17. Jorrel says:

    yes MIAMI needs to be healthy in order to win multiple championships.. 🙂 funny thing is that all of the commentators predicted that OKC will win in 5 or 6 no one really voted for the heat to win! i have watched their comments and reactions before game 1 started and the 3 commentators are just laughing at the heat. but now the heat will laugh at you people if they get this title.

  18. mike says:

    It’s only their second season, and it’s still incredible that they will win their first championship on their second season, so yea multiple championships is possible…

  19. Prediction FAIL says:

    IT’S FUNNY THAT “STABLE OF SCRIBES” PREDICTED OKC WILL WIN. NO ONE VOTED FOR MIAMI. LMAO AT YOU!!! Hopefully they can win multiple championship. you’re definitely correct that it needs a HEALTHY TEAM!

  20. Jorrel says:

    BOOOO!! for the commentators!! last time i have watched them they are laughing at the HEAT because their bet is OKC will WIN! they cannot even say straight that the HEAT will WIN this series!! BOOOOOOO!!!!

  21. Jack says:

    They’ll win more……….. that’s all there is to say…. Good luck to both Miami and Oklahoma… They’re all winners for giving us “fans” the match of the decade…. Hope to see them back next year and another year, and another year….

  22. Sam says:

    This season was hard on Wade, it was a short season and he his body hasn’t recovered. I expect him to bounce back but he’s not gonna post the same numbers cause he’s sacrificing his game for Bron so he can win a championship. If Nash does come I don’t know how that will effect his numbers, but I do see a lot more production in Bosh. I can see Wade with or without Nash with about 24ppg cause he can recover and work on his game with longer breaks between games next season.

  23. Chinoux says:

    Cant believe this guys!!! they wrote a week ago that the Thunder would claim the Championship in 6 or 5 games… sincereley I dont respect any opinios of this so called sport journalists

  24. for 3 says:

    bahhh, wade getting olderr, blaa blaaa blaaa… some guys don’t get hurt by the age, wade is one of them.

  25. V essex says:

    Who should Miami thank if it wins this Finals Series? First of all – God no doubt! Second – Indiana and Boston! Why? In the East Semi-Finals, Miami is 1-2 against Indiana and Bosh in the injury list, a situation critical indeed. Solution: Play as a team – Miami won 6-2. Then in the East Finals, Miami is 2-3 against Boston, their backs against the wall. One loss and their post-season is over. Solution: Play with composure and maturity – Miami won 4-3.

    Miami should thank Indiana for making them play as a team and Boston for giving them experience to play with maturity and composure.

  26. zerimar13 says:

    is this some kind of a jinx or what? this one ain’t finished yet. darn!

  27. charles says:

    first one tonight. I can see at least 1 more in the future.

    game2, 3, 4, 3 games in a row, it is not because of luck. There is reasons why they beated OKC 3 games.

    they have the playoff experience that OKC does not have yet.

    and I think the heat can handle the pressure once again tonight and get the ring.

  28. HEAT fan says:

    need to be the champ first. .. stop the speculations until the whole 48 minutes is over and HEAT are the declared as champions. . . go HEAT!

  29. RipSonics says:

    I think the heat more than likely will win the game tonight, but if they lose, I can definetly picture OKC taking the next 2 games at home. Anything can happen..

  30. rav says:

    Heat will not win multiple championship. They will be lucky to win this one tonight. They have to make roster changes this off season. Trade one of the big three to get a point guard and center.

    • Scott Brooks says:

      Make Roster Changes? Yeah they can always improve but OKC and the rest of the NBA need to seriously make roster changes. If the Heat had a decent coach it wouldnt even be fun to watch as the Heat would sweep everybody

  31. Frank The Tank says:

    don’t claim victory while the war is not over…

  32. V essex says:

    As for OKC, it can dream again. LA will always come back to reclaim its niche in the west. Championships are won by team play not by individual skills – this is glaring in OKC’s last three games in the Finals. Trade Waste-broke with Chris Paul, get the young Gasol for Perkins and viola – another run to the Finals next year!

  33. V essex says:

    Miami should win this one first! Repeat? Yes it can, but with a stronger frontline! They need a center – who can man the post in the mold of Tyson Chandler and a real point guard – in the mold of Rajon Rondo. I say in the mold because these players are not in the free agency by July,The Heat should look around for players with similar talents that Rondo & Chandler possessed and they will repeat 3x more than the Bulls.

    Win today’s game and start planning for 3-peat!

  34. W/E says:

    The heat seems like they will continue to dominate the eastern conference and be a regular NBA finals contender unless another team in the east manages to create their own young big 3 in the near future..

  35. David says:

    Every writer but one said that Heat won’t win this year, now you are all saying that they’ll win more than one, what the bleep?

    • el stone says:

      Actually David, most writers have considered the Heat as the Champsionship favorites for most of this season. So I don’t know what sources you’re reading, but Sesame Street isn’t a reliable source when it comes to NBA basketball.

  36. 16going417 says:

    I say put up or shut up. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. They have not even won the championship this year and you guys are already talking about next year and the year after that. LeBron’s mouth is why people love or hate Miami now with his 5 or 6 in a row before they even played one game.

    Don’t talk about it “DO IT” and then you can brag……………..

  37. Blah says:

    I would love to see LeBron return to Cleveland again and finish out his career there; maybe even win a championship. But the fans and management there hate him still which I don’t understand. When your next best player is Mo Willams, I wouldn’t blame you for leaving. He single handedly brought relevance to Cleveland sports and gave them a trip to the Finals while earning numerous awards along the way. And while it was a bad way to leave Cleveland via “The Decision”, it would’ve never happened if the Cavaliers’ GM actually surrounded him with good players to begin with. If I was Cavs fans, I would boo the GM, not LeBron. LeBron has also done a bunch of charity work over in Cleveland and throughout Ohio in general. Also, if it wasn’t for LeBron leaving, Cavs fans would never have gotten Kyrie Irving (just sayin’…). So unless Cleveland changes its mind, I honestly cannot see him going back there, especially if he wins multiple championships in Miami.

  38. benjie says:

    The reason wade is not on his level cause his hurting with loads of injuries.When summer comes and he will skip olympic games in london ,he will have extensive physical and training just like he said on the interview get his strength back.
    Miami is winning even with wade performing under 100%.What more if his really healthy .
    Can say how many more they will have but I’m sure just like MJ and the bulls they will attract more role players just for the ring.
    Lebron james could still go on the distance even if wade gets to 34-35.Wade my advise have that knee drain or you’ll end up like brandon more cartilage and synovial fluid and have early retirement.Wade trainer is from Chicago same trainer as MJ so there is a chance that the flash will be back with his A level game.

  39. JREEDY says:

    Seriously…even on the brink of winning a championship, people are still writing The Heat off and talking about how great OKC is. Don’t get me wrong, I love OKC and I think they are a great team. But news flash – Heat is currently beating Thunder 3-1. *Right now* they are a better team.

  40. Whatsoever says:

    DJ3, actually they r only better than Rondo, Garnett, Pierce and Allen becuz os their ages…Otherwise Boston would rip them….Anyways, I guess they r able to get more championships if they win this one.

  41. AP says:

    I think it’s safe to say that this might be there only shot at winning a championship. With young teams like Thunder, who if not this year will win one next year as long as no injury, the timberwolves will be up there in few years, the bulls will be back, the pacers have cap space and good young talent. Paul George is special and he hasn’t proved that yet, Boston might be back with more deth, clippers are rising, if new york can get healthy and come together. Anyway there are a lot of young talented teams starting to figure things out and with Miami’s cap position, they aren’t getting much better, as a matter of fact I think Miami has almost hit it’s peak point, cuz DWade, Bosh, and Lebron aren’t getting any better. Only room in improvement is either chemistry wise or young players like Chalmers and Cole. So like I said probably 1 but max 2.

  42. JG says:

    To be the best, you have to beat the best. LET’S GO HEAT!!!

  43. Yvin E. Fanfan says:

    With this current Heat team and eventual good draftees, Miami can win up to 2 more championships, besides tonight. They are dream team aiming at winning several championships. May God be with them!

  44. me says:

    man this shyt is so disrespectful to okc and ignorant on the writer’s part. I mean damn the series ain’t even ova yet and heat HASN’T WON YET! and here they are insinuating that heat has won a title as in the title this year. I hope OKC makes a great comeback and make these folks eat their words….Personally, I think they will be lucky if they win one

  45. jesse says:

    wow some of the posts in here are just plain crazy with the tlk bout wade being injured and what not… not only is he injured but he’s also going through legal issues right now… whether he’ll admit it effects his game or not we all knw better than that… mental stress = physical stress.. n wut not. so once he gets that out of the way he can focus on his knee getting fixed n return with a bang… plus he handed over the reins 4 a reason… he is gettin old n he jus wnts 2 b the wingman 4 now.. to alow 4 himself to nt get injured worse than he already is..

  46. Monz Reyes says:

    I can;t believe these douchebags. These are the same guys who predicted OKC would win. Have a little bit of shame and don’t try to reach for something negative to throw at Miami if they haven’t won a title yet.

  47. stanford weier says:

    i imagine D.Wade being the sixtth man in the foreseeable future. winning the that award for a number of reasons. Chalmers is only beginning to imagine what he could be and coupled with Cole in the back court, this is going to be a backcourt not to be ignored. as far as lebr n goes, once this certain monkey gets off his back then in the quiet of the storm he’ll then control. the counting truly begins. there will come an understaning of what players suit this team similar to what the Spurs demonstrate. A team of such basketball intelligent players will understand how they can improve and have already committed themselves to doing so. the anti flopping rule will serve into Lebron’s and Dwaynes favor, so all you haters be careful what you wish for cause it definitly will come looking for you like the sweet taste of a thousand cigarettes in a marathon!

  48. Oj says:

    People don’t seem to realize that the nba or any other sport is all BUSINESS.Miami is a bigger market than Cleveland is,and as good as the big three are ,they could not win a title in Cleveland despite having the best record in the league for many years.And if they win one in Miami ,that proves my point.OKC is not as big a market as Miami is for now.

  49. @Mark says:

    Trader? or Traitor?
    Lier? or LIar?

  50. LOLakers says:

    10-peat easy. Lebron is a force of nature and will win a championship every year until he retires of boredom!

  51. bob smith says:

    if the refs still like them next year they’ll win again, and if the nba sees money in them as well they’ll surely win for sure

  52. DJ3 says:

    Just some hater lines you can say to fans of the Finals teams.

    LeBron wasn’t lying when he said ” NOT 1, NOT 2, NOT 3, NOT 4,”
    When LeBron was a kid, he used to play with his friends from Cleveland. Then he took his talents all the way to Akron.
    Dwayne Wade is so old, he’s getting a divorce.

    Derek Fisher isn’t only the president of the NBPA, he’s also the president of overrated point guards.
    KD’s so clutch, he spelled his name wrong in his first kindergarten test.

    These aren’t mine, they are courtesy of the internet.

  53. el stone says:

    I just hope LaBronna’s menstrual cramps don’t return. Dang, that looked painful (except when he was hitting 3 pointers, then he looked fine).

    • OKCKD35 says:

      exactly, he hit the floor, got up, saw he had a fast break, ran to the rim with the ball and made it, then he hurt, same thing on the 3, looks like he was just fine until he hadto run down on defense, he’s just trying to be jordan

  54. Mark says:

    Ha, ha, ha! I love watching that “welcome miami” video. It’s 3 players that literally carried their team themselves, but can’t win a single championship yet?! But let’s say even if they beat OKC, doesn’t mean they win another championship ever again!

    Prediction: Maximum one championship.

    Good luck to you trader, quitter, lier, whatever you want to call him LEBRON!

    • Your ignorance is showing... says:

      traitor? liar?

      Thanks for clarifying the demographic that still hates on Miami and LeBron.

    • HEATFAN DWADE3 says:

      Wow such a hater mark!!! You can’t even appreciate the game of NBA basketball much less Lebron!!! Lets see you on the court; you won’t even last a game. Keep hating if that’s what to be known for. LETS GO HEAT!!!!!!

    • LOL says:

      seriously move on

    • Eddy says:

      mark u are an idiot!

    • BermudaTriangle says:

      Trader? What is he trading? Quitter? Hmmm…he’s still playing ball in real life while your still playing NBA on PS3. Lier? Not sure that’s a word…you mean Liar!

      Prediction: Miami winds two Championships and you’ll still be an idiot!

    • mark must be a ock fan who’s still crying right now

  55. kuyabest says:

    The Heat will be Champions while LeBron is there for 7 times!

    My wishes!

  56. Jones17 says:

    Hopefully players like Nash and Garnett don’t join the Heat. If they do it’s good night Vienna!

    • Jean_Phi says:

      And how the Heat would afford those guys?
      Some fans forget that there are rules in the NBA and those rules apply to each and every team. Even the Heat. Shocking.

      • DJ3 says:

        Mid-Level my man. I could see Nash, if he REALLY wants to play here. He could win in Indy, OKC, L.A. (clips), Chicago, so he would only accept the small Mid-Level that Miami is going to get if he likes Miami. It’s not about winning anymore, iit’s about which team he likes best. Garnett would NEVER, I repeat, NEVER sign with Miami. I could see him signing with OKC to be with Perk, but he, Paul, Ray, and Rondo HATE, DEEP HATE, LeBron, Wade, and Bosh for being better than them.

      • wadefan says:

        @DJ3 im sorry but that isnt right at all.. i dont see paul pierce or rondo ever going to the heat.. but ray allen even stated that he’d consider it.. i also dont see garnett having a huge problem doing it.. he hates them now because he isnt with them.. thats part of his spark, he thrives with it.. just like he loved minnesota when he was there.. now he loves boston.. he went there to win a chip.. why not go to miami and be the center on a team that has a big hole in the middle

      • cool knicks fan says:

        I think Nash cares more about winning now. Riley must convince Nash to sign for less money. Nash is desperate for his first championship. Plus he could mentor Chalmers and Cole and turn them into greeat players. But I hope the Knicks somehow sign him. Let’s GO KNICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • joe says:

        easy – drop mike miller for ray allen. not only his miller an incosistent player, he’s consistently injured! allen will play for what miller is getting paid now, but no way does miami get both of them. im a heat fan, but im not stupid.
        concentrate on game 5 heat! focus, ‘weather the storm’, and ‘play to your identity’ as spoelstra would say

  57. MiamiFan says:

    WTF is this?! An article trying to rev up OKC or something? We have not yet won anything….. Lebron made a dumb joke (prediction) of winning multiple championships, and was hated in return.. Now your trying to fuel something again by counting chicks from eggs that hasn’t hatched yet?

    Game 5 that is all that matters right now…. Just Game 5, nothing more… One game at a time….

    • billy says:

      Wise thinking. OKC has been in all these games and still have a shot. If they go down, they are going down knowing they gave it their all. Miami isn’t going to relax like Boston did and allow OKC to return home. They are taking this game very seriously.

  58. MsBevBlack says:

    What! I can’t beleive what Shaun Powell said. “LeBron returning to Cleveland”! Then he will have a host of
    haters in Miami. The man can’t win. Haters are not allowing him to recover. No player is sports history has
    ever been so critisized. Unbelievable!!
    Best wishes to LeBron and the Heat.
    Lots of Love

    • DJ3 says:

      If he does I will understand why Cleveland hates him right now. Why would you go to a different team, win 1 championship and then return to that same team? It doesn’t make sense. Although, Kyrie, LeBron, Tristan, + whoever they get this year would be better than the Big 3.

      • DHK says:

        Remember he played there for seven years. Played two entire contracts and then left becasue he was sick of carrying a team when the owners couldn’t do anything to get him support. Remember there was a trade where pheonix wanted to trade STAT for JJ hickson? Where is Hickson now? Next season STAT made it to west finals. The team just rode him and his popularity right to the bank while not really giving him a chance. He was commited to the team, they were not committed to him. IF he goes bakc it will be to the same team brand, but not to the same “team” as since his departure the management has been on a fanatic mission to make the team great. When he was there they were just happy that he was great.
        He’s also from Ohio so it would make sence

  59. Jean_Phi says:

    How about they start with one?
    It seems like thursday’s game is already played.

    • Imad Akel says:

      indeed im a heat fan but im not a fan of these kinds of speculations
      last year when we had home court advantage we thought we’d win it all. Then came game 6 and just like that in 48 minutes the whole thing was over.

      Lesson learned; dont count your eggs before they’ve hatched

      • DopeBoy says:

        I have no idea “your” eggs do hatch…

      • Bucky says:

        Well said! A game at a time, anything can happen in the NBA.

      • WuT says:

        Yea if the heat lose tonight it could be trouble like what happened to the Spurs who whipped them badly in the first two games. The Thunder found a way to win and never looked back.

    • NBAfan says:

      I think they can win one (this year)….they COULD win more…but a lot can happen….injuries, getting older, falling outs, OKC getting better and better, LAC getting better and better, Memphis getting better and better….ROSE coming back, Dwight getting traded to an already title contender…

  60. Jason says:

    I can see them winning multiple championships. The way i see it is, that they win tomorrow; win number 2, win next year:3, and 2 years after that. I think because Wade knows he’s getting older that he’ll train harder, get stronger, and come back more explosive than ever.

    • WuT says:

      Once your explosiveness leaves you can never get it back but you can maintain what you have still which is dwindling before your knee’s give out. Wade needs to develop his game and get crafty show some veteran savy cause crashing into people all the time will shorten his career.