Blogtable: What’s Gone Wrong For OKC?

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

A lot of people picked the Thunder in this thing. What has gone wrong for them in these Finals? What has gone MOST wrong?

Steve Aschburner: The Thunder weren’t ready for this stage, this spotlight and obviously this Heat team. That step from the conference finals, where OKC stopped in 2011, to The Finals is approximately the same size as the cliffs Wile E. Coyote navigates so poorly chasing that bird – you almost could see Kevin Durant, Scott Brooks and the rest of the Thunder staring into the camera and holding up a “Yikes!” sign. It’s an experience thing – Miami has it, Oklahoma City had to acquire it – so the best thing about this series for the Thunder is that they’ll never have to go through their first Finals again.

Fran Blinebury: They’ve only played their game in spurts, sometimes late, sometimes early, but not the full 48 minutes it takes at this level.  Their transition defense has often been lazy and appalling.

Scott Howard-Cooper: Why are you looking at James Harden when you ask that question? At the time Miami got its third-best player closer to full strength, with Chris Bosh continuing to work back from injury, Oklahoma City lost too much of the impact from its third-best player. The Thunder’s advantage in depth takes a hit right there.

Shaun Powell: OKC hasn’t been outplayed, just outsmarted. And, a few possessions just didn’t fall in their favor. Otherwise they might be up 3-1. The biggest problem, obviously, is James Harden’s inability to get buckets. Nobody saw this coming after the way he tore through the first three rounds.

John Schuhmann: Ahem. Let’s make sure we point out that one of us didn’t pick the Thunder. It seems like they just aren’t ready for this. They’ve made too many mistakes – dumb fouls, careless turnovers, bad shots – over the last few games. Both teams have had the opportunity to win every game so far, but the Heat have had better fourth-quarter execution than OKC. The Heat have also done a better job of affecting Kevin Durant’s touches (via ball denial and physical play) than the Thunder  have done with LeBron.

Sekou Smith: I was one of those people. I picked the Thunder in 7. What’s gone wrong for them in The Finals is a combination of James playing like the desperate behemoth that he is and the Thunder’s inexperience on this big stage conspiring to derail their championship plans (and my prediction). The most troubling sign of all, though, has been the struggles James Harden has endured throughout this series. I would argue that the Heat wouldn’t be in the position they are in today if Chris Bosh was coming up empty the way Harden has in this series. He’s an easy target, since he’s the one star player from either team that has failed to play up to his usual standard in this series.


  1. simply put, its the lack of experience.. you can blame the refs all you want or even the players not showing up. but it all comes down to EXPERIENCE… hopefully OKC do better next year and maybe make it interesting.

  2. AKS says:

    The trajectory of the finals would have been different, had the foul on Durant in Game 2 being rightly called. Obviously Thunder would have won that game and would have never been under pressure affecting their overall game. It is a failure of the coaching staff who did not rested key players in crucial moments, as they were doing season long. They should have stuck to their successful game plan.

  3. Okc loooooooosssssssseeeeeerrrrrrrrrs.
    Miami will win championship n I granteeeeeed! Lol
    Amar boga kha!

  4. Kobe says:

    what’s gone wrong? its an easy answer….it was clearly westbrooke who made OKC cost their championship trophy. if you will watch the series again, you will see that Westbrooke shoots and holds the ball more than kevin durant which is the star player of the team. If they want to win the championship, they need to trade Westrbooke to a player like D. Williams or to a point guard that is willing to share the ball. TRADE Westbrooke! OKC have enough good players to win the championship. They don’t need Westbrooke on their team.

  5. Patrickmarc says:

    Durant and Westbrook didn’t give the shots to other players of the team.

    Lebron was the best point guard of his team.

    Lebron make his team play, it’s why Miller took all these three points.

    Durant and Westbrook wanted to take all the shot, Harden was waited by Miami defence, it’s why they have lost.
    The young players use to keep te ball for them.

    Lebron was more clever than Durant.
    More altruist.

    Remember“ Barea“ for Dallas.
    But what about the other good players at OKC, on the bunch, who didn’t play at all !

  6. the king says:

    OKC is severely over hyped, they’ve beaten 3 past champions in the west conf. ( so what???? )

    They have managed to only win 1 game in the finals, pathetic performance from KD and Co. these guys are the real chokers..

    HEY SEATTLE, you can have your team back, LOL

  7. the king says:

    OKC is severely overhyped, they’ve beaten 3 past champions in the west conf. ( so what????? )

    they’ have won only 1 game in the finals, pathetic performance from KD and Co. these guys are the real chokers..

    HEY SEATTLE, you can have your team back.. LOL

  8. the king says:

    OKC is severely overrated… they beaten 3 past champions in the western conf. ( so what????? )

    they’ve managed to only win 1 game in the finals, pathetic performance from KD and Co. these guys are the real chokers.

  9. Larvin72 says:

    Westbrook needs to grow up. He needs to redefine what a great player is. He has to look at the game from a different perspective and learn how to take care of his team mates when he is on the floor — by building up their confidence first and making them comfortable. Doing HIS THING of scoring is not gonna help his team mates. That’s what Michael Jordan did with Scottie Pippen. Westbrook needs to understand the demands of the position he is playing. He is no longer at the Shooting Guard position but at the Point. He has to modify a little. Once he accepts these hard facts Harden, Ibaka, Sefoloshia, Collison and Perkins will become better players, good enough to win championships.

  10. JayT says:

    Nothing is wrong with OKC, they just needed to go thru this. Look how young their core is. C’mpn nba lookout for the Thunder, though they did not win the ring this year, they are the team to beat. Look how this young dynamic team beat all champ teams just to get to the finals. Unfortunately, it was just Lebron’s turn, no doubt. Miami hit shots and was on a role how Dallas treated them last year when it was the Mavs time. Lets take time to congrat the Thunder. I’m guessing if they keep the core, probably obtain a more demading couch, it will be title town in OKC within the next 3 years!!!!

  11. THE TRUTH says:

    Let me be the one to speak the truth, this was by far the worst officiated series i have ever seen, EVER. The heat are very gifted floppers from the bench warmers to their top two superstars Wade and Lebron, and their popularity proceeds them even in the eyes of the officials. I used to like watching basketball before i realized just what rigged sport it is. The fact that so many of the calls went against Okc, and no calls went against Miami is laughable to me because i feel that Okc was just as aggressive in many ways as the Miami team and the disparity was too immense to overcome. None of the Okc players will ever openly admit that they believe that to be true nor do they have to, the proof is in the numbers. Miami should thank the nba and its officials for all of their help and support. Also ( Side note ) Did you see the flagrant foul fisher ( commited ? ) on Lebron, i’m suprised Lebron could stand after that one. LOL, what a joke the nba has become. Thank you David Stern for the greatest ( SHOW ) in the world after all this is entertainment right????, So is the WWE, Way to go.

  12. westbroke says:

    WESTBROOK is a ball hauler, selfish phenom. As a point guard, he did not made everybody involved..OKC needs more team effort, and thats what westbrook failed to do.

  13. Laker Fan says:

    Before the finals began I had a preconceived notion that the refs would favor the heat. I watched each game, and honestly the refs were consistent within each game. Watch game 4, the charges on okc were just as useless as the charges called on the heat. I believe the heat won through their ability to finish, lebrons near triple double play each game, and miamis supporting cast being able to step up when needed. Chalmers Battier and Miller were able to do what Ibaka, Perkins, Fisher, and lastly, Harden, could not.

  14. Tygger2K6 says:

    engenius is genius by his name here. just by that name and nothing more like a dinosaur. big with pea for a brain.

  15. teddys says:

    among the columnists,only 1 didn’t vote for okc (shurmann)

  16. Joe says:

    LeBron actually belives that the Heat were the better team !!! LOL … The officals had this series planned out long before OKC hit Miami … worst offiicating I have ever witnessed in my Life !!! I have lost ALL RESPECT FOR THE NBA after this series!!! The Real Finals already took place between OKC and San Antonio weeks ago !!! the refs did a number on S.A. as well but Okc is still awesome next to S.A. !

    GO SPURS !!! GO OKC !!! the two best teams the NBA has to offer !!! OFFICATING A-SIDE !!! Celtics are 3rd best to S.A. & OKC
    Lakers are 4th or and Miami is truly the 5th best team…

  17. BEAST says:

    i see bunch of Thunder fans whining and blaming it on the refs
    The heat won it fair and square, even Scott Brooks said that
    Stop complaining and deal with the fact that Heat won

  18. BG says:

    Great Season.
    Keep Westbrook as a cutting 2 and get a true Point Guard who can
    inspire off ball movement and can run a half court offense.
    I look forward to seeing you even more developed next year.
    Heal up Eric Maynor.

  19. READ THIS!!! says:

    not yet okc. not yet. you will have it one day but not this year.
    congrats miami.

  20. NBAFan13 says:

    OKC didn’t have Brian Cardinal .. nuff said…

  21. a real life person says:

    Westbrook: 4 for 19…ballhog…no defense.

  22. big dawg says:

    the heat get the jordan treatment with the whistle , they did all playoffs, oh well its the only title this heat team will win, lebron couldn’t hold MJ ‘s jockstrap and if he was the real king why did he have to form a superteam, if he was the real king he shoulve got it done in cleveland that is why he will never be an all time great

  23. Pedro Aify says:

    It is high time the complaining stopped. Miami was CLEARLY the better team.Some ruled against because of their struggles against Boston and Indiana.Those struggles eventually re-energized them.They were able to make necessary adjusments, and simply out-played OKC except in game one.OKC admirers wake up from your slumber and give due credit to Miami for the well-deserved victory..

  24. dana c says:


  25. MIAMI 3 6 1 says:

    Poor officiating again??? Come on…. Are there no other reason beyond that??? How about harden????You know all beard no brain….. The only hard part on this guy was his BEARD.. That’s all…………. Durant played hard… westBROKE?? i don’t know….

    Defense…. How about ibaka…..9 points 4 rebs. 2 blocks…. Wade 20 points 8 rebs… 3 blocks….

    ibaka calls himself defensive guy and manage to grab just 4 offensive rebounds …. really???? defense ain’t just blocking shots…. That’s why there’s a defensive rebounds…. ibaka 6’10 DWADE 6’4 wow for a big athletic guy…. Just shut your mouth and play BIG defense next time…. (ibaka) You’re not worthy of saying any word against LBJ you’re not there yet…

    perkins…. too slow for BOSH….

    Collison much better…….

    As for KD…….. What a waste on Durant’s Talent…… Someday you will earn one… just play your game…..improve your defensive skill….just like LBJ in the past (cavs) your time will come…..

    offense win games BUT Defense wins Championship…..

    MIAMI HEAT 2012 Champion

  26. dlhalcox says:

    Even for me, an end-of-the-season Heat fan, I felt the refs favored Miami a little — especially late in the game. But then I re-watched the last quarter. The refs did not give Miami a boost — Lebron did, Mike Miller did, late-game free throws did, having practically every ball they sent to the rafters come down through the orange hoop did. OKC can play ball, there is no question about it, but they simply did not want it as much as Lebron, and they simply did not put the ball in basket as many times as Miami.

  27. Bathory_23 says:

    Stupid comments out there!!

  28. engenius says:

    Nothing went wrong for OKC. When you play 5-on-8 basketball, there’s simply no chance you can win, period.

    – If you touch LBJ, you foul
    – If you drive to the rim, you foul (offensive)
    – If KD attempts to play defense, foul foul foul
    – If LBJ smacks/pushes you, that’s normal

  29. rigor says:

    here’s a funny facts since 2004,every teams who beats the San Antonio Spurs in the playoffs eventually loss in the finals,back then,in 04 the Lakers loss to 06 the Mavs loss to Heat,in 08 again the Lakers loss to Celtics and now OKC loss to Miami,man that’s a course LOL

  30. rigor says:

    this OKC team is to young for this stage,they just like a Orlando Magic in 95,there’s a lot of things to learn on this series,and for those who blaming the refs,why you don’t look on what happen in game 6 of OKC vs SA Series,the refs also help them to past San Antonio,thats a karma for them.kudos to Miami for winning the series,its almost a sweep,This OKC is just a hype.and Kobe should learn on what Dwyane Wade did on his team remove the ego and make everybody’s involve. and the big factor on this series,is the supporting cast of Miami Heat,give credits to Battier, Chalmers,Cole,Miller and Haslem,the Miami bench outscored OKC bench

  31. MIAMI CHAMPS says:

    wow! seriously?? When your team wins they are great and when they lost, bad officiating?? come on guys.. It’s plain and simple, OKC didn’t play hard enough as a team like what they did with the lakers, spurs, and Dallas series. each of those series they played as a team. That’s why they won. But the in the finals, only durant and westbrook is the doing everything. OKC didn’t get the same calls with the heat has? it’s because they are not attacking the basket more. Miami didn’t get all they calls they want also. there are a lot of times when lebron or wade drives the basket, they don’t get the calls.

    OKC needs more team effort i mean consistent team effort.. that’s why miami lost last year with dallas because the heat depended on the BIG 3. OKC will be back next time and this is a great experience for them.

  32. ivanz says:

    Oh yeah… Still blaming refs…

    Maybe you can watch the replays and see how many fouls or uncalled fouls favored your OKC too…

    Don’t be da*n one sided… When you cross a two way street, always look on both side coz’ it might kill you…

  33. LOL says:

    LOL at people who keeps on complaining at the referees/officials… did you ever play basketball? cause even in amateur games, you can’t always get what “you thought” as a foul or maybe a call that you wanted… it’s not always going your way.

    It’s always one of the issues but that is basketball / sports in general… players don’t argue so much at officiating at the end of the day, they just continue to play.

    so ignorant fans, stop being bitter, understand and move on…

    Congrats Heat. It’s a well deserved win.

  34. Watch your previous games OKC with the MIami Heat, they were close games! Miami Heat’s shots were falling, and yours were not! Just be healthy, play for the next season. Do not lose hope! Just be humble and respectful, your time will come, too. Nobody knows! And then you are there too. Keep on dreaming!

  35. OKC is a great and strong team! Miami Heat catched their breathe as they played with the OKC. The reasons they lost are, the big men of OKC were not taking offensive shots; they were not attacking the paint, etc. If Durant, Westbrooke, Harden, etc have a bad game and cannot find their offense, nobody steps up. Another is Durant, Westbrooke, Harden, etc must play defensive also, not only Sefalosia, Collison, Ibaka. And Ibaka, Collison, and Sefalusia must contribute to the offense, too. Sometimes, great players like Durant, West Brooke, harden, etc can get exhausted also. So they need, their bench to step up!!!!!!!! A promising tomorrow is waiting for this young team!

  36. B says:

    Because OKC did only win one game, I wouldn’t call these finals the “Dream Matchup”

    • QuestionMark says:

      Give a year or two, this is Durant’s and most importantly the franchise’s first NBA Final appearance. You can tell from the Thunder’s game they weren’t ready, they didn’t play like the Thunder that beat the Spurs, who were on a 20 game win streak, 4 straight games. They made it to the WCF last year, which is why they didn’t panic being down 2-0 against the Spurs. This is the first time they made it to the NBA Finals, and now they know what it feels like to lose. Next year OKC has the first 3 rounds of the Playoffs pretty locked up, Lakers can’t beat them, Mavs can’t beat them, and Spurs can’t beat them, unless any of those teams make drastic and good changes to their rosters, I don’t see OKC losing at all. Next year, if the Finals are OKC v. MIA again, OKC will be ready.

  37. KG21 says:

    this is one of the worst NBA finals in the last 10 yrs. Horrible officiating by the ref, i think it’s one sided in favor of the bigger franchise. Lots of fouls on KD not called. James and Wade is like playing on high school game that easily gets fouled with little effort. Moving forward, i think the Thunder should get someone who can instill defense. Coaching and decision making should be dynamic and precise. I personally think Doc Rivers and Rondo is a better fit for this team to complement the likes of KD, Serge and Perk. Good luck to Thunder next year.

  38. tony says:

    I would not blame the referee even I know they were not fair at all. The only person to blame is the coach Scott. Indiana was able to win 2 games against Miami, and Boston was able to win 3 games against them. I don’t think neither Indiana nor Boston are better than OKC. Coach Scott didnt change his defense, he kept playing man to man even it was not working at all. He should look at last year, how Dallas was defending Miami and even how Boston was defending them this year. Offensively, OKC were playing more as man to man not as a team. There was no ball movement.
    I think OKC can not win any Championship with that coach.

  39. Miguel says:

    the Heat must say thank you to BOSTON because they thought them how to play team basketball. they got a lot of exprience playing boston most esp on crucial moments.

  40. matt says:

    the refs did okc in one (1) of those 4 wins. lebron, wade, chalmers, and battier took the other wins. okc is a jump shooting team that has the ability to play great offense in transition. the heat played a better attacking game and slowed okc in transition. a couple of hustle plays by bosh and role players of the heat knocking down shots… heat=champions

  41. David Viernes says:

    The wrong is that they let Miami win the game 2 if they win the game 2 then Miami will have he advantage 3-2 then the next one will be for okc
    WE ROCK OKC!!!

  42. adrian calendas says:

    OKC played an individual game that is the reason they became loser. MIAMI played the basketball motto called team playing. MIAMI make the OKC THE BIGGEST LOSER IN THIS SEASON

    • Douglas says:

      Totally agree, how did they beat the Spurs and make them look weak and silly actually..? And then they come in and get man handled by the Heat? I relate it to playing sports against your older brother. You are 8 and he is 16, I always got beat. This is Lebron and DWade in a league of great players, they are just that much better. Defense won the series. I would love to see a highlight film of DWades defensive blocks, steals and extras. Definitely the best defensive player in the league or at least the Finals. And please do not blame it on officiating. Nobody can stop those players when they drive, not even with a foul. How many shots did they make after they were hacked so bad a normal man would be taken to the hospital!

    • THEKING!! says:

      you’re right dude!!haha OKC played well..WESTBROOK PLAY HARD BUT NOT SMART AT ALL!!

  43. Josepipo says:

    Well, the reason is plain and simple…OKC choked!!!!!LOL. Now the heat is the NBA 2012 champs and will not be changed whatever you say…basketball is a game and it is for us to enjoy…by the way, the refs position is open for those wannabe ref bloggers…it seems that you know better than the refs during the game…goodluck to you…congrats MIAMI 🙂

  44. ruthie says:

    OKC’s time will come soon enough. Miami was the better team and they beat them fair and square. Coach Brooks said so himself. time to move on guys. ’til next season

  45. jefrey says:

    whatever losers . Miami hot won yeah!

  46. DonMik3 says:

    Well this is about OKC so in shocking reality, OKC made it to the finals by beating proven title holders.
    However, Miami being not able to to make last year specially with the awesome BIG 3 in the line up made Miami’s reputation the not much title contender. This is the main cause why OKC lost: beating too good teams in the west then facing questionable Miami in the finals. Athletes have tendency to play more than what they can when facing opponents way too better than they are but against an opponent with less reputation they only play less.

    Well next year Miami’s reputation will be different. OKC will highly possibly be in the playoffs. The big blunder for them will be facing not a lot of title holders in the first 2 rounds then against title holder squads in conference or nba finals. Hopefully, OKC won’t forget how they play to beat Dallas, Lakers and San Antonio else these teams will have redemption and OKC’s quest for the NBA title will be start to fade away.

    ALSO: to all fans annoyed with calls, wake up because it happens all the time whether regular game or the finals. Champs always win it with big lead. The close game is just for everyone’s entertainment.

    Respect also the referees because they are really trying their best to make the game fair: accept it or not. =)

  47. the king says:

    problem with OKC is they are over hyped, much like westbrick and harden…

  48. nonsense comment blaming the ref…why all of you dont accept the fact that your team is not gonna beat the miami instead of blaming the officials!!!!!!!!!hay nku

  49. Alpha Base says:

    Congratulations on a well played series… Well played, very well played.
    Painful to watch.

  50. privaoist says:

    they shouldve been brought this bench team in a long time ago. to late now. they was doing much better than the people in the game. even when losing.

  51. Bonnie says:

    Sooooo wish they could come up with a consistant way to call basketball. If one play is a foul, then it should be a foul the next time too. Think I am done with B-ball. Just can’t stand the way it is called. Not to mention I watched an official run by the Miami coach and smack him on the chest?? WTF Now I remember why I quit watching. Just not worth it to see all the flopping and random calls! I guess that is why foootball is better They can at least keep it more fair!!

  52. JB says:

    I know what happened to OKC. I just saw it when Erik Spoelstra and a referee gave each other a pat which sure looks like it turned into a slapping each other five. Shame on you NBA.

  53. VintageBabe says:

    The problem with OKC Thunder is just as others have stated previously,,,bad calls on the Thunder and NO calls on the HEAT players for numerous, numerous fouls they have caused to the Thunder team members. The game is rigged and we all know it. SOMEBODY is getting rich off all this glory for the HEAT wins– even though we all know that it is all a manufactured win in my opinion. It is SOOOOOOOOOOOO obvious it is all a set-up.

  54. Lakers-R-Us says:

    The problem is that the Heat have the experience! And Lebron James! The Thunder are showing their youth and inexperience in this series! C’mon! They beat the Mavs, Lakers'(which is my team obviously, and the Spurs! The heat are a whole different animal! They have the same athleticism as the Thunder! And they play much better defense! The Thunder have to learn from this! The Heat are the champs! Plain and simple!

    • Rocabye says:

      And the officiating is terrible. Like terrible. OKC can’t even play the freakin game because everything they do is a foul. The number of turnovers off of fouls has been ridiculous. And the Heat have been bullying the Thunder all day, whereas if Durant gives a shoulder bump to Lebron its a charge? Lebron ran Fisher over and they called a flagrant on Fisher for trying to protect himself from getting killed!! Ridiculous! Its not even a fun game to watch, if I was OKC i’d be playing bad too with all that frustration built up. Its not even a fair game of basketball.

      • Bonnie says:

        I agee Rocabye!!!!! If you ask me it has been that way the entire season. Maybe instead of making the players pay a fine for flopping,, they should fine the officials for not being able to call a fair game!!!!!!

  55. Heat fan in Okla says:

    What’s wrong with OKC? What’s wrong with the whole stinking thing! I LOVE the Heat, but I am VERY disappointed that we have to win a title with the SORRY job the refs are doing! I would rather LOSE fairly, than to win like this!!!! I have just lost interest in the NBA for good! The lockout damaged the image of the NBA, and this finishes killing it for me!

  56. Rocabye says:

    Its just immaturity. That’s all. The problem is that the officiating is frustratingly one-sided because Miami has 3 superstars that get superstar treatment. Durant is an emerging superstar, but he’s not *quite* up there yet to get the same kind of treatment that jordan, kobe, lebron, wade, and sometimes bosh gets. Westbrook is not a superstar, Ibaka is not, Harden is when players like Harden and Westbrook drive they will not get the same calls that Lebron and Wade will get. That kind of differential can get in your head if you’re young and immature, and really throw you off your game. Let’s be honest here, those fouls are not the reason OKC has lost any game. The reason is that they’re too immature, so the refereeing is throwing them *off* their game, causing them to play too hard/too fast/over-aggressive, and make bad decisions.

  57. OctoPPus says:

    16going417 : AGREE !!!

    Rocket33 : Agree too – James is not so nice when he drives 0 Popovich was right – show some NASTY !!!!

  58. chicago Paul rooting for OKC says:

    sorry for the typos on this keyboard….mj never lost. go OKC baaaaby!

  59. FrustratedInOKC says:

    I’ll probably be fined by the league for saying this, but the officiating in this series may be the worst I’ve ever seen. Watching the obvious favoritism for the Heat has really dampened the finals experience for an entire city, Thunder fans, and lovers of the of the game. Even the TV and radio announcers can’t refrain from commenting about blown and/or missed calls.

    I applaud the Thunder for trying to play through as much as they have (and avoiding racking up fines during post-game press conferences), but anyone can see that their frustration with the poor officiating is affecting their execution.

    Having said all that . . . IT’S NOT OVER YET!!! THUNDER UP!!!

  60. Angel Villar says:

    I don’t think they’re not ready. Somebody tell me how they beated San Antonio spurs. This team won 20 game in a row and later lost 4 in row, unbeliavable. Don’t tell me now they forgot how to play or they’re tired.My big question is: are they the best 2 teams in the league?
    One of them without head and the other one without body. How did they got to that point?
    Either NBA referees are blind or they are the worst ones in the world. NBA basketball has to change.

  61. W/E says:

    Yeah the officiating is ridiculous and unfair but what really hurts is to see James Harden disappear….he was supposed to be the key 6th player who would own from the bench like he did in the regular season..but he is horrible in the finals i cant believe how bad he shoots the ball what is wrong with this guy

  62. Ryan says:

    Inexperiance plain and smple. Look at history. Mj didnt win finals his first trip niether did Kobe or lebron. Some players it takes one time one round in the finals to get comfortable some it takes multiple. whats for certain is that KD and OKC will b favorites to win the west every year and with more experiance will have a better opportunity of winning it all.

    • FrustratedInOKC says:

      Actually . . . . MJ did win the finals on his first trip . . . .

    • chicago Paul rooting for OKC says:

      mj NEVER lost in hte NBA finals!!! look it up. that is the gold standard in hte NBA…never lost!! okc will return no matter what like apollo creed (in rocky 3 ) said before the fatal blow that killed him and his chances ! Anyway Mimai will not repeat because this tiem does not have it like that! Again OKC will ne back..I´m sure

  63. Chris says:

    OKC is being ripped my the officials…. Fouls are being called every time Lebron or Wade drive to the basket… Not to many fouls are being called when Westbrook drives… OKC players being manhandled and no fouls… Check the ration between the two teams….the facts speak for themselves…

    • Cal says:

      as were the celtics

      The ref’s make LeBron that much better, they srewed up the Celt’s seriers and they continue to ruin this seriers. LeBrron fouls and there is no whissle, and you breathe on him the whistle blows prior to any contact. They have ruined the post season. And the killer Lebron knows it…maybe it will come out in his book someday

    • FUEGO says:

      So why did OKC have more trips to the line than Miami?

    • dana c says:


  64. Rocket33 says:

    OKC have just been too inconsistent, Durant and Westbrook have both been great in patches but not for 48 minutes. Collison and Sefolosha have done some good things but Harden looks scared to be out there. Another thing obvious to any non-Heat fan is that Miami are getting more calls than OKC. Thats a superstar thing, Dwyane Wade only has to go in there and yell “Hey!” and he gets a call. I don’t think its enough to decide the games but OKC are letting it rattle them. There are times Durant looks scared to drive in case Battier steps in for the charge. Forcing them to shoot from the outside while Miami keep getting inside. What I’ve not understood is why OKC haven’t been throwing bodies in front of James and Wade when they drive to force the officials to make a call. Ibaka only goes for the block so he’s not the one for the job. Collison perhaps?

    As a neutral fan I hope OKC get it right in Game 5 so the series can carry on. Durant is an incredible player but he has one major weakness. He’s too nice. Time to get some nasty or Miami (love them or hate them) will be celebrating.

  65. AnoNymouS~ says:

    i can say that their defense messed them up. They didn’t put KD on Lebron probably to avoid fouls so the put james harden…which can lead to double teams since he can’t do anything to him. Leaves perimeter shooters like Mario Chalmers and Shane Battier to knock down shots. Even Norris Cole and James Jones got some down.

  66. 16going417 says:

    Bottom line is they do not have the experience to play at this level. Their stars are 22 and 23 years old and this is their first trip to the finals. However, if you want to get specific here you go:

    Durant: Not playing as the scoring champ and making silly fouls.
    Westbrook: Not playing consistent. Must play like Rondo and penetrate Miami’s defense instead of taking outside shots.
    Sefolosha: Offense nonexistent.
    Ibaka: Not Ibloking anything and rebounding is weak.
    Perkins: Has not shown up at all. No offense, no defense and most of all no rebounds.
    Harden: Has not shown up and looks scared to shoot now.
    Fischer: Not playing like he has experience. Missing shots, driving to the hole erratically and having his shots blocked and making silly fouls.
    Collison: Playing average, but not at finals level basketball.
    Cook and rest of team: Nonexistent.

    Coach Brooks must look at tape from Miami’s series against Boston and see what Boston did against Miami. If Boston would not have run out of gas they would have beaten Miami.



    What went wrong is crawford is not referreing them, so no unjustified fouls, no mistaken fouls, no NBA fouls!!!

    No hype durant vs. lebron 4th quarter plays!!!!

    Overhyped pundits with no basket ball knowledge overhyped OKC TEAM being talked of as a future dynasty!!

    The only real team who could have beaten the Heat have been found unworthy and sent fishing by the Patrol

    • heat just better
      LeBron is the best player in the league, and the thunder put james harden on him in game 4?
      James Harden?

      • dpm says:

        who should harden be guarding??????
        he can’t guard chambers or wade either
        just bad matchup here
        lebron is getting the jordan treatment
        remember dirk last year and all those freethrows
        yet bat is allowed to wrestle duran
        they clipped miami last year
        but this year okc is getting clipped so you don’t even know what if both teams were allowed to play

      • kevin says:

        boston would have beaten okc, okc was over hyped bc of san antonio. a great team should never got beaten like that in the beginnig when they were down against SA. SA just ran out of gas bc of their age

      • Cal says:

        The ref’s make LeBron that much better, they srewed up the Celt’s seriers and they continue to ruin this seriers. LeBrron fouls and there is no whissle, and you breathe on him the whistle blows prior to any contact. They have ruined the post season. And the killer Lebron knows it…maybe it will come out in his book someday

      • Cal says:

        2nd period…PLEASE was that a foul??

        The ref’s make LeBron that much better, they srewed up the Celt’s seriers and they continue to ruin this seriers. LeBrron fouls and there is no whissle, and you breathe on him the whistle blows prior to any contact. They have ruined the post season. And the killer Lebron knows it…maybe it will come out in his book someday

    • OKCKD35 says:

      um you have no basis for your statement, if you actually knew what you were talking about Danny Crawford reffed Game 2, you know the no call o nthe last second foul by LBJ? and game 3 was Joey Crawford which the heat had 11 more FT attempts than OKC and were calling the Phantom calls on Durant to send him to the bench, the real reason is there is only 1 player on the court getting the superstar treatment and thats LEbron.

      • oryan says:

        the refs are human beings dont forget that. kd is too skinny and frale thats why he cant contain lebron an has to hack him. lebron put in thw work to get big an be great. kd needs to also

  68. doe columbus says:

    I believe the main reason OKC is not playing up to their ability is the inexperienced coaching of Scott Brooks!! he panics anytime a player gets 2 fouls in the first quarter Look Obaka and Perkins get fouls alot!! You have to TRUST your players!! The times OKC is playing well he subs!! If the lineup is playing well dont change it!! Dont sit Durant or Westbrook this 5th game or OKC WILL BE GOING HOME!! THUNDER UP!!!

    • derzmon says:

      Scott Brooks is doing it the right way. Ibaka makes bad fouls all the time so he has to take him out and if you leave Perkins in and he does pick up a third foul, a technical for complaining is coming with that because thats all Perkins does. In my opinion the Thunder need Collison on the floor anyways because he’s the only player who gives a 110% every single play. No one on the Thunder fights for the ball like he does. Oh, and the reason Durant isn’t getting his touches isn’t because of the Heat’s defense. It’s because people are waiting too long to get into the offense. Durant will be open for the first 10 seconds of the shot clock, but Westbrook and Harden are trying to iso from up top and its killing all the movement. Give Durant the ball on a v-cut in the first 5 seconds and he can get into triple threat every play and make LeBron look silly #thunderup