Blogtable: LeBron’s Image Should Heat Win

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

What would winning a title, the way he’s going about trying to win it this postseason, do for LeBron James’ image? What should it do?

Steve Aschburner: It will enable LeBron James to exhale and lots of other people to relax. Some will immediately challenge him to win a second and then a third, and so on, because that’s what his talents seem capable of achieving. That’s one major way the NBA’s greatest players get judged. Plus, that’s what James himself yapped about when he signed with Miami. Others will decree that all pressure is off now and he’s forever beyond reproach from the “haters” by virtue of winning one championship. But that’s as artificial as the notion that he couldn’t be truly great without a ring.

The media already has been pushing the redemption angle and all but demanding that people bow now to James’ wonderfulness, even though they’re the ones who fanned and reveled so in his alleged villainy. The way I see it, everyone gets to make up his or her own mind about James and how he went about his business of chasing a title. Everyone gets to make up his or her mind about all of us.

Fran Blinebury: In the minds of the anti-LeBron crowd, it won’t do a thing. It’s not about the basketball. They don’t like him because he left Cleveland, because he had the silly “Decision” show on ESPN, because of the haughty premature celebration in Miami, because of “1-2-3-4-5…” and because he, Wade and Bosh tried to set themselves up as victims of their own celebrity. On the court, he’s already been a three-time MVP, eight-time All-Star and a scoring champ. Becoming a champion is often a process. It took Michael Jordan seven seasons, Hakeem Olajuwon 10 seasons and Dirk Nowitzki 13 seasons. For LeBron, it will have been nine seasons. He’s been the best, the most complete player in the game for some time. A piece of shiny jewelry on his finger won’t make him better than that.

Scott Howard-Cooper: Winning a title, if it happens, will greatly enhance his image, as it should. He has been criticized to an extreme for years, some of which was deserved and some that was overdone. A lot that was overdone, actually. Having a great Finals is the reminder he is the best player in the world.

Shaun Powell: From a basketball standpoint only, his image would improve. He’d no longer cast as a loser who couldn’t come up big when it counted — even though that was a stretch, because he has made big shots before. But he’ll still have detractors, who probably can’t remember anymore why they hate him. Should he win multiple titles and continue saying all the right things in public, time and sentiment will fall in his favor here in this build-em-up, tear-em-down, build-em-up-again sports society.

John Schuhmann: He was already the best basketball player in the world, and there was no question that he was the player you would most want on your team over an 82-game season. Well, now you can say he’s also the player you would most want on your team in any seven–game series. He didn’t shoulder all the blame for his teams’ previous failures, but there have been postseason moments (like last year’s Finals) when he didn’t make the most of his ability. This year, there have been no signs of passivity as he’s led the Heat to the brink of a title. And when they win, the change in LeBron’s rep will be about more than just the ring on his finger. It will be about the way he earned it.

Sekou Smith: His image, in the eyes of most, will not change a bit. Those who love him will love him even more. And those who despise him will continue to do so as well. For those of us who are supposed to be impartial, this removes James from that long list of all-time great players who don’t have a title in their backpack. Dan Marino will continue to be the greatest player that never won it all in this city. One thing winning a title, provided they finish the deal, should definitely do is silence all of those critics who claim James can’t carry his team at crunch time. He’s done all that and more throughout this postseason, leaving no doubt that he is the world’s best player. But there is no doubt in my mind that half the people will celebrate James when he wins his first title, and the other half will start complaining that he’s only won one.


  1. C. Sanders says:

    I am tickled by some peoples response of the heat winning it all, I stated to a close friend that some people would be upset after the heat win… I called game four and also said that game five will be a blow-out. One might add how did I know that the heat would win, first off everyone was saying how the the thunder had not played their best game , I thought the same thing about the heat we still have not seen a complete game from the heat with all players healthy. So stop with that Skip Tasteless. Secondly it seem as if the heat just do not care anymore what the public, media etc ..thinks. and Finally just like Lebron , Michael Jordan was hated by some who said he would never win it all because he was selfish..I for one agreed. but after his 3rd ring I had to admit that he is just good. So for those he think that the heat won’t get better get use to it , get on the bus or stand there and wait on the next one either way we are going on without you.

  2. ko0kie says:

    get this.. dan gilbert! 😛


    Lebron did not only prove that he is a terrific scorer.. He showed that he is an elite all-around player. He also demonstrates the real meaning of “unselfish” basketball. For me, whether all the Miami detractors stopnbashing them or not, the heat have already proven them wrong. a CHAMPIONSHIP is a CHAMPIONSHIP, period.

  4. dan dilbert was expecting for the king to het him a ring……lol. you better ask ur wife to vive you one. arrogant loser

  5. Peter says:

    Dont forget Boston..

    They came within 6 minutes of knocking Miami out this year, despite being unhealthy (Pierce, Allen, Stiemsma), shorthanded (Green, Wilcox, Bradley, J-Oneal) and old.

    This year they have a chance to get healthy again, and they have two 1st round picks and they have a ton of cap space to add additonal talent. A lot depends on KG returning, but as long as Rondo, Pierce, KG and Doc Rvers are together Boston is a contender.

    Just ask Miami who they had a harder time beating this year, Boston or OKC?

    • Peter says:

      I agree about Melo and Howard though.

      I just don’t see Melo getting a ring – he doesn’t seem like the type who would sacrifice his shots for the good of the team. I can see him shooting himself out of a ring until he gets into his low-mid 30’s and then trying to ride a wave of stars to a title.

      Dwight is just too childish and too selfish. He has more potential to then Melo I think, but only if he accepts the fact that he is a Scottie Pippen and NOT a Michael Jordan. He’s not accomplished enough as a scorer to be a teams #1 guy – he needs a high volume perimeter scorer (like Mnta Ellis, Eric Gordon, Deron Williams, Paul Pierce) for him to have a shot at a title.

  6. W/E says:

    melo and howard most probably will never win a ring cause of their attitude,OKC is the only team with a good young core that can be a thread to miami in the future

  7. Peter says:

    I am a Celtics fan, and years now I have had utter dislike for Lebron and his arrogant/immature attitude along with his apparent lack of true winners mentality.

    This year though Lebron has earned my respect.. Ironically it’s not from him winning a title, but from the way he carried himself in the Boston-Miami series. Regardless of age and health, Boston are a tough team to beat because they have a pride and desire to win that few teams can match. When they went up 3-2 they put huge pressure on Miami and from past experience I honestly thought Miami would choke under the pressure of game 6.

    Instead though Lebron took over and led Miami with not only by olay, but also by attitude. I never thought I’d say this, but he has earned his ring and my respect.

  8. sleepalot says:

    At least for me this will not change the image of him just because of leaving Cleveland. I think great players always had great characters as well and Lebron made the decision to go to miami after being in the Conference Finals twice. I fhe would have been in a team where he would have seen no prospective future to be successful in the palyoffs at all…alright but he left a team which needed only one to two good additions to maybe win a championship. So in my opinion he just lost too much credibility doing that.

    He still will be one of the best players the nba has ever seen but he definitely wont be one of the people we should look up to as one of the best on and off the court. (that includes loyalty to his team)

    Players like Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett (the bucks werent going anywhere), Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dirk Nowitzki, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Karl Malone are one of those people who are the best.

  9. Dubau says:

    where is the Cavalier’s Owner who said that Cleveland would win the title first than Lebron… i mean, the ring for than is maybe year after year get the 1-2-3 overall pick in the draft.. YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG

  10. DWade3 says:

    Durant will do it one time, melo and howard with their actual altitude? No way

  11. DWade3 says:

    Baaaaaaaaang. Perfect end for this series. They shoot okc s lights out. What do you say now 3D?? This was our time, next time ask me first 😉

  12. LeBron won't get past three rings! says:

    LeBron won’t even beat shaq with the ring count

    oh yea Dwight said he is going to the Celtics!

  13. mizzle says:

    i hate lebron for tagging up with wade…but the way he ran thru the playoffs and wasn’t letting up.his heart was pouring out on the floor.The big question is will he ever win one without wade..

  14. MIAMI 3 6 1 says:

    @From a Laker fans pov

    Haven’t you heard about CAP ROOM???? If you land CP3 the lakers might lose bynum too…. The HEAT cleared their cap room 1st before they landed LBJ and BOSH… That’s why they DIDN’T make it last season because lack of cap space… Most of their bench or their help signed for much less money and so does HEAT’s BIG 3….. they took a pay cut just to have or bring more players in MIAMI……

    Why don’t you just tell kobe to make a pay cut about 30 million dollars so that they can land CP3 and then ask him (CP3)also if he don’t mind getting his pay cut about 20 million or more so that they can retain bynum….

    How old are you kid…… Just finish School 1st… This is not a fantasy land… You have to know BETTER numbers co’z this is a PRO SPORT and Business as well…..

  15. Heat says:

    Its ridiculous for people to say that Lebron can never be as great as Jordan, Kobe or the rest because he won by joining Wade and Bosh… No one player can win a championship by themselves, Jordan had Pippen and other hall of fame players, Kobe had Shaq for his first three then another all star Gasol for the other two.. put Jordan or Kobe on the teams Lebron had in Cleveland and they would not of won either, its a team game and championships are won as a team.. The Heat are Lebrons team Wade even said so himself. its ridiculous to say Lebron only won playing for Wade’s team.. Look at every Championship team in history and they all have at least 2 all stars.. in Cleveland it was just Lebron..
    Congrats Lebron and company this was well deserved and won the proper way, a team effort!

  16. willie says:

    all eyes will now be on durant, melo and howard wether they win their own rings or not… personally, i want durant to have his as well… not howard nor melo though.

    i’m glad lebron and bosh got theirs

  17. sanjay says:

    There was no way he would win a ring in cleveland! At that time boston came up with 3 star strategy! Lakers had stars!spurs had 3 stars! detroit still had bunch of big players!
    It was totally unfair on lebron to deliver alone and he did take them to finals and was found wanting! All the contender teams have 2 super stars and one nearly super star and bunch of role players!celtics,lakers,spurs you name it! OKC now have 3!
    lebron had to win for lebron and not for any franchise! May be the party was overdone but he had every right to move after the contract was fulfilled! why cant cleveland put together a star team themselves?

    lebron would get paid easily 30 plus million wherever he would have gone! he sacrificed big money to chase the ring!
    That is the hall mark of a true champion!
    Had he not won the ring, Everybody would brand him as a choker and no body would care with whom he played for and where his loyalities lie!!!
    NBA is a club tournament and players can move anywhere to fit inn period!
    lebron got the ring for himself, to prove that he is one of the best. And it also needed solid support from his teammates!
    It is a team game first, individual second…! A great team player like lebron deserved a ring after all!
    After seeing game 6 with celtics, I had no doubts, he would get it!

    • Peter says:

      Not true about Lebron in Cleveland – he had a LOT of star power around him there, which is why year by year the general mindset in the league was constantly ‘nobody can beat Cleveland’.

      Lebron never won in Cleveland because he was arrogant, immature and lacked the pure mental strength and desire to win that has historically fueled guys like Jordan, Kobe, Garnett, etc.

      You’re also wrong about the ‘no ring’ concept. Lebron earned my respect this year in the Boston series, where he finally brought out that winner’s mentality. Even if Miami lost to OKC (or even if they lost in game 7 to Boston) it wouldn’t have mattered – he left everything out there that series, and he earned my respect right there.

  18. sanjay says:

    stefen A smith picked oakland in 6! what was he thinking?

  19. Robert says:

    The arbitrators were wronged in the entire series oklahoma, miami booed for apparently in this series miami personal fouls but was not its opponents if it was remarkable how many times you were the star of miami to the free throw line and Wesbrook durant and only two or three times until they whistled by blinking the fault Durant Oklahoma and more.

  20. alemarino84 says:

    I’m an italian Celtics fan, but first of all i’m a KG fan, until he arrived in NBA. They are not similar, but they are the most complete.
    I’m not angry for Lebron title, he deserve it more than anyone else in this league. Wade and Bosh are nothing without him.
    Game 6 of ECF is the turning point, the moment he stepped up and shows the world he is the KinG.
    In sports almost always the best win, now he is the best, the second best and the third best: no discussion about that.
    See you next year…..

  21. From a Laker fans pov says:

    I’m not going to jump on the Lebron bandwagon anytime soon, but I will do the following: I will not say that Lebron is not clutch any longer. I will not say he doesn’t have the will to win any longer. But here’s the thing, he still joined up with Wade and Bosh to capture this title. The entire way that team was put together stunk of lies and deceipt. I will never be impressed with him winning a title with that Miami Heat team. Then, when the Lakers are on the brink of becoming a contender again adding Chris Paul it’s blocked in the interest of fairness. WOW!!! So congrats Lebron, you’ve grown as a person. But I’ll never be a fan until you are a Laker 😉

  22. Verdict says:

    Congrats to Mismi Het. As much as I dislike Heat for the fact that the so called big 3 comes together, Lebron has show why he is the best in NBA now. But is that what NBA is really about? The slaty cap is there so that each team has a fighting chance. How on earth can Lebron not be the highest paid player cause he is the best. Championship that is won in this manner cannot be compared to the era of Magic, Bird, Jordan or even Kobe and Duncan. These guys stay true to the team and prosper.
    It doesn’t help when Celtics and Thunder chances of winning are being scuppered by the officials.

    All said and done, Lebron is the best but is this the NBA we want to watch. I predict Heat will dominate for years but it will no longer be the NBA that we love when the team that dominates are truly winning on and off the court.

  23. blair56 says:

    Yeah, this article is neat and all but you’re forgetting one thing. It’s fun to hate the Miami Heat. They’re the equivalent of the New York Yankees. Everyone loves to cheer for the underdog and with three superstars, Miami will rarely be the underdog. These two facts alone will keep everyone hating the Heat. Congrats Shane Battier and Juwan Howard! BOOOOOOOO HISSSSSS LEBRON, DWADE AND BOSH!!!

  24. kurt says:

    lebron will never be given a full credit for being a champion. he won it with the heat, which is wade’s team.

  25. B says:

    Even though Lebron won his championship, there will still be people criticizing him as well next season

  26. Gledi says:

    Someone said the celtics series should have been over in game 6 but the refs gave it to miami?????? DId the refs also make lebrons shots go in?

    • fans says:

      oh snap ive never heard anybody make more sense by using carcasim then the comment you just wrote

  27. Gledi says:

    More than half of the LeBron haters are Kobe fans that fear Lebrons abilities. Its funny to argue with them because they still think Kobe is the best player in the world even today.

  28. armin halvadzic says:

    If LeBron played in the 80’s and 90’s and finshed his carrier with no titles but stats like he has today no one would be blaming him today for nothing. He would still be one of the all-time best,just like Charles,Reggie or Ewing. But here is the thing. People want to much of him today. They see what’s he capable of and now they want their hero. They want someone like Michael who’s gonna dominate.And then when he didn’t deliver at least last year agains Dallas people were dissapointed. LeBron James is not Michael Jordan. He is not Magic Johnson or anyone else. He is LeBron James and let him have his own path and please people let’s appriciate his game while he’s playing. Because he deserves it. All the jokes,and choking and traveling and so on. That all is so disrespectfull and LeBron James does not deserve that. His game does not deserve that. In the history of the game there hasn’t bean a player more comlete then him. So let’s just enjoy what’s he giving the nba today.

  29. Ball fan says:

    Congrats to LeBron and the heat first off. Dont know how there is any hate towards lebron if you love the game of basketball. All good, mj use to get hate before his titles, then look what happened.

    All the legends in the Nba prior to lebron had hall of farmers and all starts around them. Think mj would have got them title with pip and the supporting cast? Kobe without Shaq? Magic without worthy or Kareem?

    Officiating is always horrible, but bother both ends of the court.

    Congrats lbj, keep playin the game and real fans will witness and appreciate.

  30. Congrats Miami and LeBron!
    All yo LeBron Haters smack yourself and stfu from now on.
    LBJ best all around player ever period and Dan Gilbert you can take that to the bank.

  31. mighty joe says:

    lebron james has always been the greatest basketball player that i’ve ever seen in my lifetime. the championship ring is just the icing on the cake, championship ring will come. lebron and the rest need to earn. they have to grind to it. one is enough to be legend. take note of kg, rey, and paul pierce. so if lebron will win multiple championship it’ll will be more than legendary. though i’d say lebron is happy for having one, but the drive is still there for wanting. one ring should silence the critics. and more championship should make this critics respectful on lebron’s court genius.

  32. Rick says:

    Cleveland will win a championship before Lebron does he said…

    • Estonia says:

      jep… i remember it also :D! LOL. Dan Gilbert must be crying at home 😀
      so sad 🙂
      LeBron was amazing….OMG!! adn Mike “badback” Miller… uuuh

      Today is a party in Estonia, HEAT WON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • All of Ohio except for clevland jumped on LeBron’s ban wagon as soon as he left I bet.

  33. MIAMI 3 6 1 says:


    Just cry…. Can handle disappointment??? Heat is a better team??? Nonsense comment….. Harden just evaporated… Miller Rio Cole Battier Shines… MIAMI Heat played great team effort…. Just enjoy the summer…. Go Fishing…. Or just simply CRY!!! LOSER!!!!

  34. Lakers-R-Us says:

    Congrats to the Heat! You are the best this year! I’m a Laker fan but you guys have the team and the heart! Way to go! D Wade, Lebron, Bosh, and the rest of the team! Again! Congrats to all of you! Enjoy the success! And Lebron! You got your ring! Silence the critics! You are a great player! I’m impressed!!!!!!

  35. Lakers-R-Us says:

    C’mon man, quit crying about the refs! The Heat are the better team! When the Lakers won people were crying about the refs! If you can’t admit the Heat are the better team you are just kidding yourselves! Look at Lebron James and the way he is playing1

  36. Martin says:

    This game is RIGGED by the Refs and their job is to give Lebron his title, he shot his mouth off when he came Miami about how many titles they were going to win. It’s all good, they will not win another one next year because everyone will be stripping that title from them. Maybe the Refs should be investigated for these games. I do not pay attention much to basketball until playoffs. Lebron should of approached the move to Miami a different way but what is done is done. Hopefully if they win this series, he will think before he puts his foot in his mouth. He is one the best players in his time but he will not win 5 tiltes with his own team not Miami. Jordan did it , Magic, Bird, Kobe, Dirk, etc…They did not cry, they worked with what they had..

  37. Gary says:

    Lebron’s image will be the same. The NBA got the outcome they wanted. The officiating has been terrible. Never has it been so obvious that the outcome is manipulated by the referees. They wanted Lebron vs. Durant. Period. The Celtics were taken out of the series right away by the referees to give the Heat the advantage. The Celtics were taken out of game 1. The Celtics basically won game 2 and the series should have been over in game 6. Celtics win. But that’s not what the NBA wanted. They wanted the Hype of Lebron for the people that hate him and the people that love him. More people hate him regardless of what the announcers are told to say. The NBA is an abomination and so are its pompous players. I love the comments made by Barkley made, everyone plays hero ball. In the NBA, now, there are no heros. Just egos. I get more excited watching old NBA footage (Larry, Magic, Jordan) even when I know the outcome. The NBA is as crooked as the government.

  38. Lakers-R-Us says:

    The Heat are gonna win the championship! They are the better team! Lebron James is a monster! He is unstoppable! The Heat-2012 champs!!!!!! Sorry Thunder; maybe next year!!!!

  39. don says:

    Far as LeBron’s detractors are concerned it has never been about Lebron winning championships or becoming respected after winning championships. People invest in hatred in America, especially towards arrogant individuals, so there will always be other aspects to be attacked by people who apparently have nothing better to do.

    Life, yo.

  40. euromax27 says:

    Almost half of Lebron’s career in the NBA had played in Cleveland. So for the people in Cleveland just move on and be grateful that the KING once played in your team.
    I also want to correct that he never leave Cleveland, Lebron finish his term in the team before he leaves…

  41. Aram says:

    Haters should start living their own lives. Hating doesnt give anything but hate inside you only and bitterness year after year after year upon seeing Lebron winning the title. So your name wont be called haters. You will be called Bitters. LOL

  42. ruthie says:

    lebron’s leaving cleveland is no different from us leaving our jobs when we seek better opportunities.
    it’s nothing personal, it was just business. why can’t people see that? those who refuse to acknowledge
    what a great player he is are the ones who do not know what basketball is really about.

  43. MGS12 says:

    Lebron, just like everyone of us, can not please everybody!!!

    Some will rejoice, some will not… But for me I see the transformation of Lebron from being a self-centered player to a focused and determined court leader. In a way similar to the path taken by Kobe. Though of course Kobe has the luck of having better teammates at the early stages of his career. This only proves that without maturity, tremendous talent will never be enough.

  44. W/E says:

    it doesnt matter he still has a long way to go..he said hes gunna get 8 rings with the Heat… so 1 ring doesnt really mean anything for a player who calls himself the King and The chosen one……hes a great player but he has alot of work to do to justify his words..

  45. Martin from Austria says:

    Lebron, Despite of what all the Haters say, you are the Man, I believe in YOU, Go get that WIN TONIGHT AND GET YOUR FIRST NBA CHAMPIONSHIP 2011-2012!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. kiker10 says:

    is it gonna be es equal for his image to winning in a shorter season than a regular?
    I dont think it is the same winning then in a long and normal regular season, it seems oportunistic.

    • BBall fan says:

      what the hell is different if this was a short season or long season….. as long as the post season is still the same 8 best teans from the East and 8 best teams from the West, right? unless people don’t think Miami Heats will made the play IF this was a regular 82 games season…..then you’re a F#cking moron.

    • K says:

      Haters and true losers will always find an excuse for every situations that goes against them! For the rest of time; everytime you look back into NBA history it will still read, 2011-2012 NBA WORLD CHAMPIONS the MIAMI HEAT!!!! Can’t change it Hater!!!!! Use whatever excuse you need to get you through the day, but in the end MIAMI HEAT will still be forever the 2011-2012 NBA WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!

  47. Greatness says:

    When the hell will people get over the not 1, not 2… thing! It was a spur of the moment thing, it wasn’t like he planned to go out & say that… he got caught up in the excitement & said it (now he can’t take it back), so GET OVER IT already!!!

    Lebron is one of the most talented & physically gifted players ever (leave championships aside for a sec)… We have a chance to watch such a great player every night & he is still booed in every away arena during player introductions.. it’s really ridiculous & uncalled for!

    Kids who didn’t see Jordan play in his prime should really enjoy & appreciate Lebron’s play ’cause he will end up being one of the All Time Great players!

  48. jamal says:

    we don’t dislike him because he’s bad, because he’s not. we just dislike him because hes a baby on and off the court. 😉

    • K says:

      You dislike him because you’re jealous! Let go of the crab mindset and find a way to better your life instead of hating on his!!!!

  49. HEATFAN DWADE3 says:

    Lebron will win his first title tonight!!! Mark my words!!


    I’m anticipating a major VICTORY TO NITE!! Let face it! How in the world would you hate on such an amazing talent? The DECISION wasn’t the best way but it’s in the past now! If you’re still grieving and groping abut it something then put the hate bottle down just for tonight. Learn to appreciate LBJ and Heat now. KOBE DWADE, KD, PAUL PIERCE, RONDO, KG, DIRK,,DWIGHT,JOE Johnson ,MELO , BOSH are all great contributors and excellent in their own rights… BUT THE LEAGUE HAS NOT SEEN ANYTHING AS LBJ SINCE JORDAN DEPARTURE!


  51. BENNY B says:

    Win a championship in a full 82 game schedule season, and then I’ll be impressed. Magic, Jordan, and Bird did not play partial seasons. Sorry Lebron, this one would be easy for you.

    • BBall fan says:

      so you’e telling us that Miami Heats will not made the playoff if this was a 82 games regular season? what does partial season have to do with post season?

      post season is always 8 best teams from the West and 8 best teams from the East…….

      what is your point?

    • pakyaw says:

      is that another EXCUSES for you HATERS? MOVE ON..Lebron is not going back to your CLEVELAND…

    • K says:

      BENNYB – MIAMI HEAT 2011-2012 NBA WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!! 20, 30, 40, 60, 80 game season doesn’t matter! Your hate, dislike are whatever your issues with the Heat will not change the fact that MIAMI HEAT are NBA WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!! You have the whole summer to deal with it; HATER!!!!!!!

  52. Mojo says:

    I agree with Tammie and Marco

    The people that hate on LeBron are just plain stupid. Get over it and stop being in a rut.
    When team trade players that have sacrificed all they had for the team they say it’s all business, but when players chose to go somewhere else they become disloyal. Loyalty goes 2 ways, teams have to be loyal to their players as well, not just throw out the “this is a business” card like they did with Monta Ellis and other players. If a player chooses to leave for a better team, it’s all about business as well. Stop whining and get over it.

    • K says:

      Such a simple comment, can’t understand why so many people are struggling to understand it! This very comment is why Dan Gilbert’s reaction was so unprofessional when LeBron departed Cleveland. “Just business” goes both ways! Some billion getting mad because he got played first by a mire million!!!!

  53. KOBEshigawa says:

    However, I think what no matter what happens, his performance (on and off the court) should really merit people cutting him some slack. He’s answered the bell during games (averaging 29/10/6 in 44 minutes!), after the games (staying silent and not saying anything stupid), while the Heat is winning with a complete team defense with contributions from everyone (so…not just a three man team). Wrote a little more here ( ) but even the biggest Bron bashers (I was once amongst them) have to pipe down a bit I think.

  54. canada says:

    Lebron is the best player in the world. okcl have tried every player to keep lebron but the heat still wining the serie. the thunder are inexperienced, panica, their coach panics a lot .ut eric knows the trick and can handle the pressure!!! I am 1000% sure that miami is closing the game tonight and james will accomplish his dream after working so hard. he is 3times mvp, alltar game 1000 times, valuable player, most scorred player, ….what else do you want to know, he is the best in basketball more better than michael jordan. congrat miami.

    • Corbin says:

      I can not believe what you just said haha if you really knew about the game then you would not say that Spoelstra is a better coach then Brooks. Brooks built this team added pieces and is a wonderful coach. Just pointing out OKC is not my team but Brooks is an amazing coach and he doesn’t panic he stays calm ands gets his team together. OKC is one of the most poised tames in the NBA hence why in games they are down but almost always come back in the 4th quarter and win. This can be seen the entire post season if you were paying attention. The Heat are not winning cuz OKC is panicking they are winning because they are a better team and are making more shots. the NBA is a miss or make league meaning that shots are either missed or made by those who shoot it and unfortunately for OKC they are just missing more then they make. and about the more better then jordan comment….. first off that doesn’t even make sense and second you can not compare the two because they are two different players that didn’t play the same position. Also just to let you know Lebron James is the best player in the NBA right now but he has a long way to go before he can be considered better then Jordan. Jordan wasn’t just great because he dominated the game both offensively and defensively he was great because he was amazingly clutch in huge moments. I’m not saying Lebron isn’t clutch but to be as great as jordan he has a lot to do and a lot to prove. so next time before u comment please do some research or at least watch sports center and gets some knowledge on the game

    • wadeallday says:

      i dont think lebron is better than micheal, because lebron is lebron. His game revolves around power and speed, while jordans game just flows. nontheless both are great players.

  55. He because top 5 to ever play

  56. Objectivity says:

    Totally agree with Slider821. I mean, you can hate him as long as you admit to yourself and to others that LeBron is an all time great and fun to watch; otherwise you’re just lying to yourself.

  57. Marco says:

    AwwPlease & Sekou Smith , etc

    You need to stop hating and enjoy the game … There was nothing wrong with the way Lebron left Cleveland. Player get traded all the time by teams AND its ok. Free agents can leave the team and goto any team in any manner they deem fit.

    ESPN manufactured the ‘decision’ and the ‘celebration’. GET OVER IT !!!

    Lot of kids enjoyed the cash from the ‘decision’. I am happy they did.


    • AwwPlease says:

      What are you talking about? I didn’t say I was upset about the way Lebron left, I actually don’t care about that, I’m talking about the people who ARE upset about it. I clearly said they need to get over it.


      • Hahaha says:

        @AwwPlease: It’s funny when people argue about a point which happens to be the opposite of what you actually said. Just makes them end up looking like a complete idiot when their goal was to make you look that way! Priceless.

  58. Tammie V says:

    Fran and media people like her still don’t get it! Imagine this if you will in simple terms. Imagine being in a family and all the parents talk about 24/7 is that 1 child 24/7 ignoring everyone else even if they too are doing great things. What do you think happens after awhile. Deep seeded resentment. This is all the sports media talks about . Lebron, Lebron, Lebron good or bad but believe you me it’s all Lebron 24/7. The public is sick of it up to here (pointing at neck) You the media have caused the “haters” by obsessing and not moving on giving a little attention to so many desrving athletes out there. So the next time you rant about Lebron haters look in the mirror ; You caused this!

    • Bingo! says:

      Excellent comment.

    • K says:

      Tammy V – I hear what you’re saying, but every sports league has a marquee player! For years Brett Favre was the NFL’s marquee player, then Payton Manning. MLB had A-Rod! Golf had Tiger Woods and so on…….. LeBron right now is the face of the NBA; just like his predecessor, Michael Jordan when he ruled the media circuit for over two decades! There are other stories on these sports blogs; they just don’t garnish the interest of the public like a story regarding LeBron James. The media controls information and unless you’re going to turn off every form of communication in your life, (internet, tweeter, FaceBook, cablevision, direct TV, newspapers, magazines……) then as long as LeBron James’ Brand is the going thing; then the media will continue to hype it up, until the next real good media magnet comes along! It’s called ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!

  59. Jay says:

    Not 1, not 2, not 3,4,5,6,7…8 Wow, his ego & his mouth overshadowed his skill.

  60. Slider821 says:

    Anyone who can “hate” Lebron has no appreciation for the game of basketball. Period. He is a magnificent player and a joy to watch.

  61. MsBevBlack says:

    I completely agree with Sekou Smith. Haters will keep hating and fans like me have
    champane here at home to celebrate when and if that winning moment comes.
    Goooo Heat !!!!!


    • NBAfan says:

      Sekou is not very good at sounding impartial. As much as his words look impartial, the overall tone is not….

      He is THE BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD for sure…NOW at least…win or lose this series, he has shown that he is the best player…

      Whether he WAS always the BEST player in the world….not so clear…winning one title in his 9th year does not erase all the title-less years before that.

      His stats are always good, but if it doesn’t translate to winning it all…how can you be the best player? Maybe his stat stuffing is actually not conducive to winning before….

      THIS post season..his stat stuffing is a result of his will to win….his STATS came AFTER the fact that he is trying to win….and not the other way around….


  62. AwwPlease says:

    I don’t think winning a championship will change Lebron’s image much because some people are STILL mad about the way he left Cleveland. If you ask me, I think those who are still salty about that just need to get OVER it and give him props where they are due. However, I do think he will get a little pat on the back for getting one of the seven rings that he talked about when joining the Heat. LOL

    It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out once he gets his ring. ALL EYES ON LEBRON!

    • NBAfan says:

      He’s focused this year it seems. He hit that clutch three last game. His stats are still very very good. He’s not talking as much….he’s just playing basketball and he’s no longer playing to not lose, he’s playing to win it seems….

      If he keeps this up, he’ll be more dangerous….and I’ll become a believer….that’ll be his new slogan BELIEVE.

      • pakyaw says:

        im wondering how many in cleveland commit suicide? after they found out LBJ got his ring before them… i just heard some RUMORS thats it…. and i heard some of them punch their on T,V., drunk theirself to death, quit their job out of frustration…something like that..