Westbrook Complicates Brilliant Performance With Brutal Mistake

MIAMI — Russell Westbrook was having such a brilliant game. It was like he was waving one of those giant foam fingers at those who have criticized the way he plays, except it wasn’t the index finger that was sticking up.

He scored 43 points, making more field goals (20) than anyone else in any game in the last two seasons. He attacked the basket, while also shooting an incredible 9-for-12 from mid-range. And he carried his team late, scoring 17 points in the fourth quarter, including two buckets in the final two minutes to keep it a one-possession game.

He was doing it like he always does. There were no attempts to be the traditional point guard that he isn’t. No apologies for taking 32 shots in 45 minutes.

Yeah, he took 13 more shots than Kevin Durant. But that had a lot to do with the way the Heat were defending the league’s leading scorer, denying him all over the floor. And when he was shooting 63 percent, who’s going to complain about that?

It was a huge performance in the most important of games. Win and this is a 2-2 series, with two of the three remaining games in Oklahoma City. Lose and the Thunder are facing a 3-1 deficit that no Finals team has ever overcome.

Then, the brain cramp. A mistake that may have cost his team the game they so desperately needed.

After Westbrook’s drive made it a 101-98 game with 40.5 seconds left, the Thunder had maybe their best defensive possession of the game. They trapped Dwyane Wade on a pick and roll, they cut off Mario Chalmers‘ lane to the basket, and they forced Wade into a tough baseline runner with two seconds on the shot clock that didn’t hit anything.

Udonis Haslem and James Harden grabbed the rebound at the same time and with :00.8 left on the shot clock. With the jump ball call, the shot clock was reset to five seconds. Still, the Thunder were in a good position. Even if the Heat controlled the jump ball, OKC just needed to defend for five more seconds and they’d get a chance to tie the score.

Neither Haslem nor Harden controlled the jump ball. Harden tipped it a second time toward the baseline, where Shane Battier outhustled Durant, tipping the ball to teammate Chalmers on the left wing. And once Chalmers controlled it, the shot clock started.

Chalmers put the ball on the floor with three Thunder defenders between him and the basket and no teammates in position to score. Again, five seconds of defense were all the Thunder needed.

And then, there was Westbrook, darting toward Chalmers from the left elbow and grabbing him around the arm.

It was arguably the worst foul of the season.

The Thunder knew there were five seconds on the clock. “Guys were on the floor and guys that were on the bench pulled everybody together and reminded everybody that there was five seconds on the shot clock and not to foul,” Kendrick Perkins said afterward.

“Just a miscommunication on my part,” Westbrook added. “Nothing I can do about it now.”

The Thunder were 3-for-15 from 3-point range at that point. So it wasn’t likely that they would have sent the game to overtime if they were down only three with 10 seconds to go. But they never got the chance because Chalmers converted both of his free throws, and one more after Durant missed a three. Final: Heat 104, Thunder 98.

“That wasn’t the reason we lost the game,” Perkins said of the foul. “There wasn’t no single play in the fourth quarter that lost the game.”

So how do we look back at Russell Westbrook’s Game 4? Without him, they get blown out. But the foul …

The foul was dumb. There’s no other way to put it. It brought back memories of Josh Howard‘s timeout call in Game 5 of the 2006 Finals on the same end of the same floor in the same arena. That one also kept his team from getting a good chance to tie (the Mavs had to go full court in 1.9 seconds) and also put the Heat one win away from a championship.

Brilliant performance. Brutal mistake. And Westbrook continues to be a lightning rod for controversy.

“Let me get this straight,” he said. “What you guys say doesn’t make me happy, make me sad, doesn’t do anything. It’s all about my team and us winning a game. I don’t have a personal challenge against you guys, and it’s not me against the world. It’s not the world against me. It’s me and my teammates trying to win.”


  1. Kernel says:

    OKC dont hold no traps!

  2. K says:

    I see that alot people think Westbrook shouldnt be blame, well i disagree. This is FINALS BASKETBALL PEOPLE, it is almost definite the game will come down to the last second. OKC had a chance to win, westbrook ruined that chance before OKC could even make use of it with that stupid amateur foul. Once again, this is FINALS BASKETBALL, there are room for slip ups and mistakes, especially one as stupid as this one. It was a do or die situation, and westbrook chose die(accidently of course).

  3. helliott2016 says:

    Look, i will agree that it was a dumb foul on Westbrook’s part, but honestly that wasn’t the reason why the Thunder lost game 4. The Thunder lost the same way Chicago lost to the 76ers; Chicago stagnated their offense, and dribbled at the top of the key until there were 10 seconds left on the shot clock. Westbrook is a fantastic point guard, but he does make badd decisions. And for everyone to say that he is a bad point guard is a complete and utter blunder of that person’s judgement. The Thunder have a lot of work to do, but I am cautiously optimistic that they will pull the same performance like they did against the Spurs. The Thunder are in the same position they were, and they won the next 4 games. That shows the resilience of this team.

    OKC, just keep the ball movement up, and you will win.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ….NO, helliot…..They are NOT in the SAME position…… Not even close…….but you are right about ball movement though!!

  4. tanginathis says:

    RW did that “dumb” move because he thought that there will be 0.8 sec and a good chase will turn the ball over but instead a odd rule was introduced (5 sec rule) and his efforts were wasted and called a foul..

    it’s all about FOCUS! you cannot be called a NBA SUPERSTAR if you focus like a child looking for a candy..he knew that the clock was set to 5 and yet fouled an opponent right after catching the ball so he’s lost it and game was sent 3-1 miami.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      …an ‘odd’ rule “introduced” ????? Ithought these geniuses wer supposed to know the rules of the “GAME” they wer being paid millions to “PLAY” !!!!! I guess not!! Too hard to read up on your sports’ fine points in the offseason when they are out ‘spending’ freely…… Maybe he’ll have time this summer??

  5. Shiloh says:

    OKC the first team to come back from a three to one deficit in the NBA finals, trust meh.

  6. rolly says:

    this is not agains Miami nor against OKC.. BUT THIS IS FOR THE NBA..
    imagine OKC w/ the last possession needing to make a shot to tie or win..
    imagine MIAMI with a GOOD DEFENSE preventing KD from taking a shot down to the last second..
    BUT WAIT.. the wily KD showed the ball to Chalmers and they struggled to a jumpball with .5 second on the clock..
    BUT WAIT.. they need to reset the clock to 5 seconds for the jumpball at OKC’s frontcourt !
    WOW! What a gift for OKC and a penalty for MIAMI’s GOOD DEFENSE!

  7. Juan says:

    Durant was hit in his head by LeBron James’ elbow when he made his amazing gravity defying lay-up. The ref was in perfect position to make a call, there was none. Should have been a three point play. Instead, on the very next offensive possession for the Thunder, this time Durant goes in on the baseline again, this time against Dwyane Wade. Wade’s right arm pushes Durant in his side while his left arm slaps Durant’s left arm. This time an obvious foul! No call by the same exact ref in the same exact perfect position to make a call. I don’t know how many times I heard Mike Breen, who in my opinion, is the only announcer with enough guts to say that Westbrook and Durant were being fouled, but not receiving any calls. Shane Battier should have fouled out of this game with all of his body contact on Westbrook! I have been an NBA fan since the early 80’s, and this year’s finals are so tainted with refs not making calls at very inopportune moments, game 2 especially, that if the Heat do win, it will be a travesty. Yes LeBraon did hit some amazing shots, and yes he showed a lot of guts playing through his leg cramps, but it is all anti-climatic in my opinion, when Durant and Westbrook should have had a lot more free throws to have won the game by double digits.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      Been watching since the ’80’s and THIS is the worst (as far as perceived/real Bad calls are concerned) one you have ever seen??? PuhLEEEEEEase….. I could name a half dozen or more that were as bad if not worse……. Anyway, maybe OKC gets back sometime in the future for some more of the same —until they (and their fans) figure out how to win under ADVERSE conditions…..they CAN win it still this year(most unlikely) and have a good chance next year if they keep the core together…

  8. 23 says:

    1. Harden should not have forced the jump ball with .8 sec left on shotclock

    2. Ibaka didnt even attempt to keep checks on Battier during jumpball (1min into Video)

    3. RW committed a very bad foul

    Those r the reasons why OKC didnt really have a chance to tie the game with a 3 pointer.

    Btw, Wades block on Fisher was pretty BIG too…

  9. give me a break says:

    lebron finally got a clutch gene. lets see how long it lasts… with kd at the other side hitting clutch threes in a last battle in miami, and going back to okc for two games, with purpose, in front of that crazy crowd, the scoring champ and two of the most prolific players in the league with one coming off the bench and finally showing up, i like my chances. okc in 7

  10. hehateme says:

    well I for sure am tired of seeing OKC Vs the HEAT/REFs they constantly get ghost fouls. james or wade are good but the refs make them GREAT call after call goes their way listen to the commentary even they have a hard time justifying all these big calls in big moments going their way its like the refs have accepted to crown the HEAT as the best ever at taking a charge they get 9 charge calls in their favor out of 10

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      better get used to it if you want to be at the big dance alot….. and after a few of these then maybe OKC get a crown of their own!!! If they can keep this core together OR get better with drafts/trades…… GO_Thunder

  11. Al says:

    All What i want to say that the reffs rewind the finals,if they were fair it would had been 4-0 for OKC.

  12. okc 0 says:

    Can’t believe anyone is hating on Westbrook for one bad play that game… He was most likely so frustrated with the rest of his team that his head wasn’t in it. He was the only one scoring and the only one getting back on defense. Its just amazing he was able to keep up playing like that all game. He didn’t even have to flop and whine for 15 fta to get 43 like every other star does

  13. NBA Fan says:

    I thought this one was the most unbiased game all throughout this Finals series.
    Through games 1 to 3, there were unfavorable for both teams that in my opinion was in equal in terms of number.
    To all people still blaming the refs until now, or just RW, blame the OKC team instead, they have a 17pt lead and they just blew it in just a matter of 12mins,

    Do you watch the game Live? or do you just look at the box score? B*tch please, only those who doesn’t watch the game will tell that the refs was in favor for miami. Miami has + FTs in the games you’re mentioning because they are driving the lane harder than OKC, and KNOWS how to create the contact needed to have that foul, while OKC or your man RW has driven a lot in the paint, he’s fast, he’s swift, he doesn’t get that match call because he is evading the contact, he’s evading the defender, that’s why he only got that FTs for game 4. Miami knows how to play smart and not to foul and knows how to defend and they don’t need to put a body on the driver unlike OKC, they need to put a lot of body on LBJ, or wade because if they don’t they would score easily.

    Blame OKC for not finishing easy lay ups 🙂

    • Ella says:

      are you serious? If you watched the game then surely you heard the tv commentators mention on MANY occasions that the calls (and no calls) on OKC were bad. And the replays proved it. If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck…. It’s a freakin duck.

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        But they don’t change the outcome…..OKC STILL had a chance to win IF they (Harden, KD) would have MADE more shots….. Sometimes a shooting slump comes at the worst times….and this is one of them….for the OKC’s

  14. sphynx says:

    westbrook is 1 of the most exciting PG in nba, he can never be like stockton or the other great PG who can make great plays, but admit this guys, many of them that can never be like russ.. the only player who makes 43 points in finals with a less free throws.. let russ to play his game, okc will never be in finals if he didn’t play like that.. mistakes is part of being human..

  15. Kurt says:

    Russell Westbrook is taking a lot of heat (no pun intended) but how about Harden’s play before that? DWade’s shot didn’t hit anything, Harden should’ve just let it go. At 0.8 seconds I don’t think Haslem could’ve made a legit shot. Shot clock violation and Thunder get a chance to tie.

    At least Westbrook is playing hard, Harden is not contributing anything other than his game 2 scoring.

  16. LEBRON says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaa! waaaaaaaaa! okc fans still cryin

    • Juan says:

      I’m not an OKC fan, but an NBA fan. If the Heat do get the trophy this year, it will not be because they earned it or deserve it.

      • Sick says:

        YES your an OKC fan CRYING

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        …..I’d say they earned it…and I am not a Heat fan……..they LOST last year’s Finals and made it ALL the way back to the Finals AGAIN this year…… Does that sound easy to you???

  17. Wee says:

    I am a player and fan of NBA.
    OKC and Miammi had play great game.
    Just enjoy the game and who cares about the rules, it is just tools to make game more interesting and challenging.
    it’s just a game……………………………………

  18. Mason says:

    Westbrook played amazing last night!!!!! That was my mindset until……… the foul…. that put a sour taste of it in my mouth. It is going to be tough for Westbrook and the Thunder to stay hopeful and confident for the next games of the Finals.

  19. justin says:

    Give it up to Miami for coming together for the win. This is exactly why Lebron james came to Miami, so he wouldn’t be alone and after last night game there is no doubt he has help. Miami please finish strong tomorrow celebrate and prepare for next year because the thunder aren’t going away they are a future Dynasty.

  20. PeterParker says:

    Hero to Zero haha. Thunders out of luck.

  21. jlane says:

    as a hawks fan, its great to see another team have to deal with a player like this just like I do with Josh Smith

  22. etg12 says:

    And the finals MVP is….. Russel Westbrook, best player on the court…… for Miami !!!!!!!

  23. enzo says:

    all i can say MIAMI is a Veteran players and OKC is inexperienced players, the best man in ring is the one who can read the movements of his guard, and knows the weakness of his guard, LEBRON knows how to discouraged a player and knows what the weakness of DURANT. that is why in a Championship match you don’t need to be aggressive because that will cause some mistake and a downfall, like for example for what happen in game 4. WESTBROOK,4th quarter 16 sec. time clock, 5 seconds shot clock in possession of miami but what happen? he doesn’t know what to do but to foul, because of his aggressiveness he was blind of what defense he may occur and really a worse foul ever had by the OKC.

  24. TheRileyLegacy says:

    correction garnered and thank you B&B for pointing out the key to OKCs loss

  25. TheRileyLegacy says:

    Rofl that last comment from bee was pretty childish I might add. Ok let’s breakdown your rant shall we?

    #1 Bad foul calls or no calls usually have stars as the point of origin no matter what team they’re in. The Thunder have made it a habit to flop (Harden being #1 with KD behind him) and have even placed it in their strategy to get into the FT line early which helped them against both LA and SA. You don’t average 12+ FT a game and have such a high amount of them without flopping and it’s as simple as that. That stuff happened even before the no hand check rule with Jordan and Bird being infamous for forcing foul calls. Harden even goes as far as to specifically master a layup technique (which is actually fundamentally wrong) to force foul calls. Do Wade and Lebron get some bs calls? Absolutely, but don’t act like it doesn’t go both ways.

    #2 Just like there are many bandwagon Heat fans due to “the decision”, there are a ton of bandwagon OKC fans due to their recent success. I can guarantee most so-called “Fans” without looking it up on wiki don’t even know that they were the Seattle Supersonics evenless who the most famous Sonics players were which ironically one of them played just like Chris Bosh does now (hint: also a power forward). Hell most probably thought KD always played for OKC when in truth he was drafted as a Sonics player. To clear things up on this comment, I’ve been a Heat fan since the Pat Riley era (95) and have endured their many loses in the playoffs to their rivals the Knicks and the Bulls. The only fans more loyal would be those who endured the pain since 1987-1994 when they were the laughing stock of the NBA and only had Glen Rice as the only decent player they had.

    #3 Are we in the business of conspiracy theories now? Execs wanting to give a PLAYER (not a team) a ring? I’d almost say you’re a troll but I’ll just tag it as haters gonna hate. Look a guy who helped carry his team to not 1 but 2 NBA finals in a row and became the MVP over KD because unlike him he can also play defense which is the main role of his position anyway has earned his ring just like OKC would’ve if they were to win. Stop feeding in to the unjustified Lebron hate and think rationally. FYI Miami has already won their 1st championship in 06, so there is not much whining going around in that organization. They know and the true long-time fans know that no matter how many NBA Finals appearances they make, which we predict that with the current team will be many like the Chicago Bulls before them, win or lose they more than deserved their place there.

    Side Note- I find it funny that eventhough there are Big three’s that have existed prior to Miami’s like the Chicago Bulls during the Jordan Era, Magics LA Lakers and the Lakers now, Boston Celtics in the mid-late 2000s (who now have the big four) yet Miami’s get the most criticism because one player decides to move from sport’s cursed Cleveland to a good franchise like Miami. Was “the decision” ill-advised? Absolutely, but it shouldn’t have garned the hate that it did from anyone that’s not a Cav’s fan and especially those who’s teams were not even put into consideration.

  26. thalygart says:

    Look who’s calling somebody a cry baby. No excuses, as you said there will be a next year. OKC is good and will get better so don’t try calling people sorry excuse or cry baby or anything. These two teams are great, Westbrook carried the team, during game 4, mistakes were made as Lebron had, as Harden had, Dwayne did…sometimes it just gets zoomed in just because it is done late in the game. if Miami had a big lead then they wouldn’t be criticize as called “being helped by the referees”, if OKC had not blown it’s lead then Westbrook wouldn’t be criticized, but in both cases it didn’t happen so criticisms abound. Just get into the game, route for your team and give due to the talent and excitement this game, these teams have given us a great series and be graceful either our teams win or loose. OKC win or loose deserves to be here, They may still come back and win or they may next year, but they deserve to be here because they are a great team.

  27. B&B says:

    It’s called being human.

    Anyway, say he didn’t foul, what could have happened? Chalmers could have hit the jump shot, Chalmers could have missed and a teammate could have got the rebound and reset the clock, OKC could have had possession and missed (or had ball stolen, or fouled, etc etc etc). OKC could have made a two-pointer and still been down by 1. OKC could have hit a three-pointer, and still had to deal with Miami having the last possession. Could have gone to overtime and Miami could have still won. THE FOUL DID NOT CAUSE THEM TO LOSE. MIAMI CAME BACK FROM 17 DOWN AND BEAT OKC.

    On another note, I have a question. If you have been a die-hard LeBron James fan since he was still in high school, are you still a bandwagoner if you are rooting for him and the Heat to win?

  28. Stu.D says:

    @L0L at the Thunder bandwagon fans, WHAT is your NEXT excuse? says:
    Sorry I am jumping on this late, but I am in Australia and I moved house yesterday and missed half the game. Your comment about durant being a one dimensional iso guy, shows how little you know about basketball.
    To start off with durant is not an iso guy; he does play out of iso some times, but mostly receives the ball on the move. Either off picks or off 4 and 5 man rotations. Moreover, he is a great defender, rebounder and his playmaking skills are improving.
    You make all heat fans sound like idiots, which is disappointing as I have often commented on Lakers fans being bandwagon morons; and, after GSW, MIA is my favourite team because I really like the way they play defense and I love watching Lebron. When people make comments like yours however, it makes me feel ashamed to count myself amongst heat fans; and basketball fans in general.

  29. Rocabye says:

    More on topic, OKC is taking themselves out of the series. They have beat themselves every single game with these strange mental lapses, bad fouls, and just overall terrible mistakes. I’m not talking about turnovers caused by ball pressure, I’m talking about miscommunication, STUPID defensive fouls (like durrr stupid), *terrible* shot sleection…I just don’t understand what is wrong with them. Mentally they are just completely out of the game. Idk if its a “first finals” thing, or getting mentally distracted because of the call/no-calls, but OKC is closing themselves out of every single game.

    • phxandy says:

      Maybe you should use your head and say “that makes sense” instead of subscribing to theories that say a few men are perpetrating a gigantic fraud and risking millions of dollars in doing so. Does it have nothing to do with the media (and fans) building up the Thunder over the Heat as the next dynasty which made the Heat play hard and the Thunder play complacent? Hmmmm

      • phxandy says:

        Sorry that was meant for the previous comment. What is wrong I think is showing…lack of experience in the Finals. The Heat have many players who have played at this high a level and Lebron is playing huge defense against KD, but you are correct they are not closing out and miscues like RW at 0:17 are telling that this team is choking in the clutch. IMHO, this is just youth and lack of Finals experience.

  30. Rocabye says:

    You know its getting suspicious. I swear NBA execs must be betting on basketball games…because so far every team the media has hyped up has lost their series. Remember the Spurs? OKC was set as the underdog against them, then all of a sudden they lose 4 in a row and OKC wins. Cha-ching. Then OKC was hyped like crazy so the Heat became the underdog, then all of a sudden OKC loses 3, set to be 4, in a row. Cha-ching. Am I the only one who’s going hmmmm

  31. Darren Hines says:

    95 % of you out there are just plain, no doubt about it BANDWAGON MIAMI HEAT FANS! I’m an INDIANA PACER FAN and proud of it. I picked OKC in 6 over Miami because they had more momentum than any team in the playoffs! Does not mean I’m an OKC fan. I would just LOVE to see them win this thing in 7. MIAMI was up 2-1 on the MAVS last year and guess what- THEY LOST 3 IN A ROW!! Not saying it will be done, but it CAN BE!! Would love to see LEBRON AND WADE LEAVE THE COURT CRYING AGAIN!! THE BEST TEAM DOES NOT ALWAYS WIN!

    • Jimmy says:

      The best team is winning you idiot, OKC is the one that not playing team ball jsut look at it, so far only KD and westbrook scored in double digits, while miami has james, wade, bosh, battier, chalmers, MIAMI clearly played better team basketball then OKC ever can, all okc do it iso westbrook, iso durant…..And as for crying “trail of tears” back to Oklahoma is the scenario those OKC fans gonna see 2morrow…..

    • Sick says:

      IDIOT pacer fan… move on your team is just SOFT

  32. Thunder Up says:

    I hate to say that..Miami will win the Chanpionship tomorrow and Lebron will finally get His Ring and Finals MVP.

    I hope I am wrong but as a fan I have to be realistic…miami can’t afford to loose game five which means the end for us.

    Good luck Thunder!

  33. Godfrey James says:

    Look @ it this way,,When ever Westbrook is the top scorer for his team and the “star player” OKC always lose……He forgets durant in his quest to out score all…. so. Go WestBrook…..and GO HEATS!!!!

  34. tharok2 says:

    The jump ball rule is not stupid. There was a “Jump” ball called on the floor by the refs. What this means is that no team had secured possession of the ball, including the Thunder. The Heat were penalized for the shot clock being down to .08 seconds because it was not reset to the full 24 seconds. You are rewarded for a jump ball only if you win the jump, not because you were a part of it. It is actually more unfair that the shot clock is not reset to the full amount once a team has secured the jump ball, because it is, in essence, a ‘new’ possesion, not the same one that ended in a jump ball. In this situation OKC had the advantage either way- the small amount of time on the shot clock favored them and if they won the jump they would have a full 24 seconds to convert. OKC just blew there opportunity.

    • phxandy says:

      I agree with this statement of the jumpball, it is unfair. Also the guy who ended up with the ball wasn’t any of the big three for the heat, this was a huge blown opportunity for the Thunder.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      i completely disagree with this statement, okc played 23.2 seconds of good defense, forced an airball, and did not have complete possession of the rule, if anything Miami got bailed out by this terrible rule. If anything it should have been a jump with 0.8 left. Why would you reward the offense for throwing up an airball and the defense swarming to the rebound. Just a really stupid rule that was probably created from some obsucre instance from 40 years ago.How can you call it a new possession when the ball never hit iron and the defense never secured the ball? It was a complete bail out, there was no way Haslem would have gotten a shot off to beat the clock.

      • Juan says:

        He would have just thrown Derek Fisher out of the way again to secure the ball to dish to Chalmers for a wide open three again! Thank you again refs!

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        …..yeah and IF it was the other way around you would think the opposite OKCKD35……. That is what a fan does……. rules are rules …..if you don’t like the ‘stupid’ rules, see if You can get them changed!! Or watch something else less stressful……and YES JUAN !!!! You CAN thank the refs AGAIN……………………..for getting to the finals in the first place !!!! ……… good luck next year…..try and focus on how OKC can win the NEXT game…

  35. Bee says:

    OKC….Winning! I can honestly say, yesterday was the first time Miami actually won fair and square. It always comes down to the last final seconds of the game. Miami definitely had help winning the Finals. It don’t take a genius to figure out OKC is better than the Miami heat. It’s sad how most excutives of the franchise was behind OKC losing this series, because it will exposed the dirtiness of the game of basketball. These’s so call excutive will have to step up and do their job like OKC excutive have done,from scratch…. Yeah, yeah, yeah all you LeBron cry babies and Miami Heat rider! He may get a ring this time and sadly to say “he did’nt earn it”. OKC has earn their title of being Western Conference Champions and they work very hard to get it. There will be some major changes next year 2012- 2013 NBA league. Miami the number 1 flopping team of the NBA lead. YES Lebron can finally say he has earn his sympathy RING. Now he and the whole MIAMI team can stop crying..Just like his sympathy cramps, you can’t flop now I’ll act like I’m hurt. That’s the oldest NBA trick of the game. LeBron can never be a MJ, MJ game was on point and he earn every CHAMPIONSHIP ring giving to him and team. Lebron was more authentic in Cleveland….Wade is a poor excuse for a leader. Miami needed this game more than OKC, THERE WILL BE A NEXT YEAR! OKC has no reason to walk around sad, Russell,Kevin, Harden, the whole damn team, has done a tremendous job all season and they earn every play, besides the ones that was stolen from them….. OKC is always WINNING in my book. They are Our furture CHAMPIONS, you better recognize. NBA future rules. This 2012 finals has really made the NBA League look bad!

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      No kidding????…….for OKC fans ….NOW !………….y’all were yuckin’ it up when you had a MINI winning streak….but since then the refs who called games in YOUR favor had another job to do…..and now the officials are not ‘fair’…… Well, if you want to swim with the sharks- (be in the Finals) -you might want to get used to it, because it will probably continue like it has been for sooooooooooo many of these little tournaments…….. Good luck next year………. and go out an WIN this next game –(for pride’s sake)–to send it back to OKC Go Thunder!! ….PS: I think the viewing audience has seen a few….”Flops” from some of the OKC players as well……. or maybe it is just my eyes….lol

  36. TheRileyLegacy says:

    who to blame over Westbrook:

    * Scott Brooks- For deciding to let Westbrook get the ball in the first place in the last seconds of the game instead of KD the better clutch player
    *KD- Where were you that last minute?
    *Harden- Where were you that whole game? Missing layups?
    *Fisher- What’s with that layup?

    Westbrook had an outstanding game and that one bad foul nor his lack of ball handling Dwayne Wade style shouldn’t discount that. I’m a Heat fan and even I will give credit where it’s due. OKC lost as a TEAM, not due to an individual or officiating.

    • Juan says:

      Fisher was fouled by Chalmers reaching in on his way to the basket. Oh, wait, silly me! That would require the refs to blow their whistles for the Thunder. Why the heck would they want to do that?!? No, let the foul go and give Wade a block and fast break outlet to LeBron. It’s a broken record in these finals!

  37. Nice Try says:

    i think Miami coach did make the best call in history when he had to rest LBJ just to come back and shoot the 3pt. That alone really makes a different and surely the lead Miami needs to win Game 4. So thank you coach and mr. MVP.

  38. Thabos-Fan says:

    OKC, game 5::
    Lebron injured his knee, D-Wade his back and Bosh hasn’t 100% recovered.
    Don’t forget these young guys defeated LAKERS, MAVS and SPURS yesterday!!!!

  39. phxandy says:

    “Just a miscommunication on my part,” Westbrook added. “Nothing I can do about it now.”

    There is something you can do about it RW. Take ownership. Apologize to your team and your fans and THEN move on. Don’t just dismiss it as if it wasn’t relevant to the outcome of the game. You had a great game, but it was marred by this…instead of acting hurt that reporters are asking you about your mistake which contributed to your team’s loss and not focusing on your 43 points, man up and take responsibility.

    • Juan says:

      phxandy: I’d like to see you man up and say this to Westbrook in his face without anyone else around! By the way, Westbrook was man enough to score as many points as he did to even keep his team in the game. All the while Shane Battier was able to foul the heck out of him on screens, rebounds, and after made shots/layups after made baskets. If you recorded the game, watch how physical Battier was on Westbrook because the refs wouldn’t call fouls on him.

  40. chicken lil says:

    Stop blaming westbrook. With out him Thunder would of lost either way. He had 43 points guys. Its just a game I know its the Finals but what can you do. Westbrook ftw!!

  41. Will says:

    You know, I will say this. Even though the Heat are up 3-1, this has been one hell of a finals. It may be lopsided, but it has been so unbearably close in every single game. It was fun watching Westbrook do his thing. By far one of the best performances I’ve seen. Blaming it all on him is absolutely moronic. We can’t forget the missed layup by Harden, the 17 point Heat deficit that they came over in only a couple of minutes. It’s a team effort. Don’t put it all on one guy, especially one with such an outstanding performance.

  42. JG says:

    Heat fan here for years. Stop the hate on Westbrook, a game is not lost on a single possession but over the course of a game. Amazing game from Westbrook, one I hated to watch but we got the win at the end!

  43. Maaaaan I wish I had a lot of money to challenge Dan Gilbert right now because he said “Cleveland will win a championship before self claiming king an you can take that to the bank”. I know Miami didn’t win it yet n things could turn upside down for Miami but the entire heat nation can smell n feel that championship. I wonder if any rich guy challenge Dan Gilbert to take him to the bank??
    Let’s go heat, play like there’s no tomorrow n just attack n attack the paint becuz this is it live or die in ur home court.
    We believe!

  44. OKCsux says:

    westbrick and durrent are both stupid and useless players, lets face it already they just got lucky to get to the finals
    westbrick plays without brain and durrreent is weak like a worm and is only a jumpshooter
    i pity the fools who said okc in 5 or 6 aHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  45. C_E_Go_Boss says:

    If brain lock was a crime more than a few of is would be incarcerated. I could only imagine what was going through his mind when he committed that unnecessary foul. The coach should have used that time to drive the point home so that OKC knew exactly where they stood. In the heat of battle some things might fall through the cracks & unfortunately that was the one thing. Westbrook is often made the source of OKC’s failure, but I credit him with being a BIG part of their success.
    Everyone seems to forget that he rebounds, defends, attacks & the BIG One, learning to play the point. If those that criticize aren’t reaching out to him then they need to be quite. I was disappointed in Magic Johnson characterization of him after Game 2 when he wasn’t the only one playing poorly. If he was guilty of anything maybe it was trying to hard to make a difference. It took his father standing up for him for everyone one to change the idea of what he’s about. I’ll take him on my team ANYTIME.

  46. Nba FAN 101 says:

    I’m a miami fan but i do agree with that russel did carry okc and is now unfairly thrown on the hot seat

  47. nrmn says:

    looks to me WESTBROOKS gonna be traded soon… lol

  48. Ahahahahhaa lmfaooo stop it guys. Like Barkley n shaqtic said Westbrook can also play in my team.
    @okcfan u make a good point that thunder should trade Westbrook to Miami or maybe Orlando with Dwight Howard n magic send Nelson + someone else to okc would be great two monster team under Florida.
    @olanski u must be a sore Cleveland looooserr who just can’t let go the hate n be patience that something good might happen in Cleveland. Lmfao @ all those prediction from sports writers.
    Heat one more Just 1 mo
    Let’s go heat!

  49. Thabos-Fan says:

    I still believe young OKC will win in 7 😉

  50. MIke says:

    Everybody not named Russell Westbrook dropped this game for OKC! He practically carried them the entire game.

  51. Chris says:

    Well I guess I have to change my decision now, first I said OKC in 6
    now it’s OKC in 7

  52. M-MAN says:

    You guys remember before the series started the heat haters said okc in 4 PATHETIC

  53. Roy says:

    Maybe they would have won if Durant (apparently the 2nd best player in the nba) did something besides scoring. He is so one dimensional its painful to watch sometimes. At times in the game you just see him wondering around doing nothing but looking for an offensive chance to score its like all he cares about. And good game for russell westbrook but look at the stat sheet, nobody else besides those two players scored more than 10 points on a team that got to the Finals from their OFFENSE! I knew they weren’t going to win the championship no matter who they faced, because you know what they say “defense wins championships” and they sure dont have any great defense. Good, but not championship worthy. The Celtics would have beaten them.

    • Juan says:

      I don’t know much about stats, but I would be interested to see how many blocks Durant, Ibaka, and Collison have against Wade, James, and Bosh. I have a feeling, the Thunder are winning in that category. These games have been very close! It seems that the end of the games have determined the winner, usually the Heat, especially with a lack of fouls being called for the Thunder.

  54. runner44 says:

    Finals inexperience … that’s it. Stop it already.

  55. Dizzy says:

    I thought Lebron injured his knee, what a let down 😦

  56. 4realgirl says:

    I am disappointed in the officiating for the finals…I am not a Heat Fan or OKC fan but the officiating is BIASED…David Stern should be ashamed and replaced for the way that he is giving LeBron James a ring…It’s one thing to wIn because you are the better team but to win because the REF’s and the commissioner favor you brings shame to the sport of basketball. I think that the true fans of the sport are being done a disservice with the rigged games and foul calls that are going the heats way when OKC can’t even buy a foul…Yes OKC made some bad shots but so did the HEAT….I guess the more disappointing thing is that the Heat fans are okay with a gimme win versus a we earned it so they turn their head and make excuses for their teams lack of ability to win on their own merits…I guess if that’s what your pedigree is then you have no choice to accept it that you will always be sitting on the front porch until the owner comes home and runs the BIG Dogs away….smh

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      Is this the first time you have watched the Finals???????? this is NOTHING NEW !!!!… The team that is being slighted justneeds to score alot more baskets, that’s all………!!!

      • OKCKD35 says:

        so you agree now the Thunder are being shorted by the refs?

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        …… you haven’t listening/paying attention????? I like the Thunder…alot of fun to watch….. KD went to UT, Presti is from that organization from central or south tx…. they have drafted well and are coached well by someone who knows “a little” about playoff basketball ……. And yes ….of course there are terrible calls !!! …… It seems to be like ‘trial by fire’…..see how ‘much’ a team can take before it crumbles/snaps/breaks…… and IF the team Does make it through…. then maybe it will win a Title……. NEXT year or the year after that…… or…..see what I mean……. Maybe it just to make a team tougher….or to have more resolve…. whatever….but it sure is nerve-racking !!!! Don’t you think??

    • Sick says:

      reasons… nothings new

  57. kuyabest says:

    Westbrook foul does not matter because Miami’s score at the time is already out of reach. Chalmers could or could not make the free throws. He made the free throws and it is a credit to Chalmers, and no blame on Westbrook. And Mario Chalmers could have just thrown the ball to the basket, and a Miami player would get the rebound because all OKC players except Westbrokk were already exhausted.

    Should Chalmers missed, all Miami had to do was to make a GOOD DEFENSE, which Miami has been doing the whole finals series. Same result…. a BIG WIN for Miami!

    Give the credit to Miami, and give credit to Westbrook…. he was really great at the time all his Teammates disappeared to oblivion!

    I do not understand WHY there is A BLAME GAME! When the game is over, appreciations should be given where it is due. And praises go to Westbrook for being the only ONE playing great for OKC!

    And BIG congratulations to the Miami Team!

  58. nba fan says:

    give westrbooke a little respect here … he gave all he gat in this game .. he did’nt have the support of the others that’s all … Miami won give them the credit they deserve too …. great team effort

  59. Mark says:

    Yes, Westbrook’s bad foul was HUGE, but without him, they would’ve gotten blown out, the way the rest of the team was playing. Without Westbrook, OKC wouldn’t have defeated San Antonio, or the Lakers, and maybe even the Mavericks, so stop the hate. With that being said, GO HEAT!!! 1 win away from shutting up all the ignorant haters Lebron!

  60. wadeallday says:

    don’t know why everyone is criticizing westbrook. I blame it on durant and his inability to demand for the ball. This OKC team is durant’s team, however he’s not playing like it. Always taking those quick jumpers, and not attacking the paint.

  61. Jon says:

    Rondo scored 44 points against Miami in Game 2, but Celtics lost, and as his fan, I felt bad for him and for the team. However, Rondo didn’t make a serious mistake as Westbrook did last night, and as a point guard, Westbrook has much lower IQ than Rondo. I don’t think Miami is a better team though because the scores for a couple of games were so close and were won by mistakes or bad shots made by OKC. Even many of the free throws were missed, and OKC is suppose to be the best free throw team. Maybe they lack experience due to their age, but it is still too early to send them fishing. James has not been my favorite player, but in order to be fair, I must say that he has been awesome. Durant and Harden need to try harder if they want to survive this. So far, the series has been exciting and fun to watch, and since I am neither a fan for Miami nor OKC, I really enjoy it tremendously.

  62. afterkwiss says:

    No need to be harsh or to blame it all on Westbrook. The guy’s a beast of a point guard but yes, he also makes mistakes. Every player at that age does. That part of the processing of making errors and learn from them. With these playoff experiences and Fisher around, he’s gonna mature rapidly. LET’S GO HEAT!

  63. Jimmy says:

    Lets stop and think for one second, what if that was James that did that, will anyone cut him some slacks like the way you guys want for Westbrook? I think not!!!

  64. David says:

    I feel sorry for Westbrook, he will have an opportunity to redeem himself next year. They will not win it all this year and regardless of what Westbrook do in the next game or two; the Heat will raise the trophy.

  65. Jimmy says:

    History lesson: As part of the Indian Removal Act of 1830, Indians in Florida were forced to leave and travel all the way to Oklahoma. Their trail back to Oklahoma is known as the “Trail of Tears”

    History will repeat in game 5 ….

  66. There´s a great bunch of players (OKC) against a great TEAM with many great players (HEAT) and eonugh experience to conquer this years finals. Thank you Dwyane, LeBron, Battier for this new ring to come!

  67. markminator says:

    good job for coach Spoelstra having the adjustments from game 1…
    James was switched onto Durant after Game 1 when Durant scored 36 points and shot 12-of-20 with Shane Battier primarily covering him. Since, Durant is averaging 28.5 points on 23-of-41 shooting and Heat have won 3 games, taking a 3-1 series.
    he is really the best coach right now… having humble attitude, positive views and trust to each of his players…
    maybe he’ll be on hall of fame too : )

  68. LebronFan06 says:

    Man I wanted the heat to win no doubt, but I feel so bad bc Westbrook is the one who kept OKC inn it w/o him OKC yall was horrible but Westbrook didn’t know he thought the shotclock reset and the look on his face was like he wanted cry, I’m like man idc westbrook its alright bruh u young u gone get a ring bruh brillant game man dats heart.

  69. charles says:

    westbrook was attacking the basket all game and getting no calls. A player of his caliber not getting calls? Absurd.

  70. billy says:

    I guess this will go down in basketball history as one of the biggest blunders of all time next to Chris Webber’s 1993 faux timeout in the NCAA’s. But my biggest problem is with the Thunder’s play calling, not allowing Durant to take over as he needs to to help them get through these tight games but instead allowing Westbrook to hog the ball, thinking he’s the guy and when they finally give it to Durant, he’s out of sync.. Westbrook for no reason, should be scoring 43 points unless Durant was having a bad game, and he wasn’t. The Heat knows LeBron is the man, and if he struggles, Bosh and Wade knows when to step up, they learned that from last year. That’s why this series will end Thursday.

  71. That foul from RW may have cost them the game but it is also a lack of communication from Scott Brooks and the rest of the team. In the finals, every play is extremely crucial to the outcome of the game. It was a dumb foul but even a dumber decision from Scott Brooks to not call a timeout or communicate with his players. This proves that OKC are not championship worthy. Great teams are not just good basketball teams but also execute well on managing the clock with every play!

  72. Josh says:

    So what are we talking about here?….because the way i see it Durant had the two most important rebounds of his career taken out of his hands by guys who are “too small to guard him” in the first place.

  73. many says:

    love the heat but all i could think was wow what was he thinking bailing the guy that has no where to go and little time to shoot
    That foul and other silly turn overs

  74. MIA03 says:

    The only player in the OKC roster that I want to take more shots than Durant is Westbrook. When he attempts more shots than the better player on the team they lose.

    Thank you Westbrook.
    Miami Heat one game left! GO HEAT!

    I said before the series, I prefer the Heat to be the underdog. thank you media for doing this.
    Look at where Miami is now. they play so much better being the underdogs.

  75. seewhatyouwant says:

    the only thing what lebron can be is a magic johnson people might say he is great but rondo a no name came into the lime light when he had players who can play magic johnson had kareem worthy cooper byron scott and divac perkins if he didn”t have those players he would of been garbage you are only as good as your weakest link rondo would of been better than magic johnson and remember he came into a winning situation…birrd and jordan on the other hand only had like 1 really good player besides themselves mchale and pippen. lebron is amazing but losing to orlando made him realize he needed to get this thing done and he went with his friends if he hadn’t lost he would of been in the finals and the year after that he let boston win so he didn’t face orlando again. wade is not explosive anymore and he is relyinng too much on calls I see lebron gets foul and no complaints but I guess scoring doesn’t matter to him but that will be his downfall if he thinks it is not important they rely on this rhythm thing I rely on heart will determination drive that’s what gets you point when he got blocked by ibaka i knew that was it he loses his confidence easy and just play that role instead of playing the difference maker Lebron is almost buring himself out trying to keep his hold on the series but wade needs to put work in he is talented but he is not skilled any more on the offense and lacks confidence

  76. westbrook nonhater says:

    guys give westbrook some slack. The guy had phenomenol, record breaking numbers yesterday, and without him, OKC wouldnt have even been CLOSE to a win. It was a slight blunder on his part, but think about how many other things went wrong on that play. Why didnt kevin durant get the ball, why did Shane Battier outhustle him? It’s just psychology that we remember the mistakes that happen at the very end of a game, but considering the bajillion other mistakes that the team made throughout the rest of the game makes Westbrook’s foul basically nullified.

    So give the guy some slack. He put up some big numbers and deserves getting credit, not all this smack talk…

    • Anonymous says:

      The unfortunate thing is that at this stage of the game, costly mistakes overshadow great performances. Westbrook was the reason why the Thunder even had a chance to win or tie the game. He kept them in it. Because of what he did after the jump ball, that’s why he is being blamed for the loss. It’s nothing personal, that’s just the way it is. Lebron James didn’t lose the Finals last year. He was part of the reason why the Heat were there in the first place. But because of his lack of performance in the fourth quarters of the losses, he gets the blame for losing the series. John Starks was a role player who helped the Knicks go up 3-2 on the Rockets in the 1994 Finals. All people could remember is that he went 2 for 18 in Game 7.

      Westbrook is simply a phenomenal player who has a bright future in the NBA. He’s played in the playoffs 3 of the 4 years he’s been in the NBA, reaching the NBA Finals in his fourth year. Despite his athleticism and talent, he’s humble enough to take on the role that he has and knows that the team winning is more important than individual fame. That’s rare to find, especially among young elite players on contending teams. Westbrook and the OKC Thunder will be all right.

      Odds are OKC aren’t going to rebound in this series. No team has ever come back from a 3-1 deficit in the history of the Finals, but 8 teams have done in playoffs history. Until last year, 7 of 7 winners of Game 3 in the Finals after being tied 1-1 eventually won the series. The Miami Heat won Game 3 last year. Look what happened. History can still be made. It’s not over.

  77. LOLakers says:

    Westbrook is an idiot! He’d have thrown the ball in the other hoop if his coach didn’t remind him what team he plays for LOL!!!!!
    Lebron: greatest player of all time
    Westbrook: dumbest player of all time!!!

    • David says:

      I’m a Laker fan and I believe my statement is absolutely true: Kobe is the most selfish ballhog player of all time.

  78. Horrheh says:

    I think… the little mistakes are costing the Thunder the finals. Sefolosha and Harden are costing the team points. On top of all that, the officials seem to benefit the heat more often, specially when the game is taking place in Miami. Big flopping, I mean James is a 250 lbs. guy and gets all shaken up by a little shove or barely touching? So imagine, having to play not only against 5 other guys of the opposing team but also play against the officials or refs however you want to call them. I don’t understand why the interest on the Heat HAVING to win a championship, or more like James having to win one. It’s like a conspiracy to get James a ring. I know, Heat lovers won’t like this, but I don’t care if I get any bad responds, Maybe this is a finals rule or something, but I just wonder, why the order of the games ‘2 in OK 3 in MIA and 2 in OK’, why not ‘2 then 2 then 2 then 1’?, whoever won their conference finals starts at home. And the MVP, shouldn’t it been picked AFTER the whole thing is over? Let the players show what they got until the end. Just my opinion. I don’t want the Heat to win because once they do, it’ll be soooo much noise about it, they won’t shut up, the “fans” won’t shut up, the media won’t shut up about it. I don’t want them to win because of their arrogance, specially when they were presented officially as Miami players “we’ll win not 1, not 2, not 3…” and Wade with “Arenas will get full just to go see us, no matter where we play”, ugh! Thunder needs to fix those little mistakes that cost points, Harden and Safolosha need to amp up to be able to win against the Heat and the officials. They need to play like on game 1. I hope they win the next game, to also make it interesting and more exciting. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

    • JayBoy says:

      @Horrheh: You are a crazy thunder fan in denial. Your team is not doing well except for KD and RW. Just plain and simple. Your idea about 2-2-2-1 is so irrelevent and makes you look like an ignorant. The format was decided a long time ago…. in case you didn’t realize in the past years.It used to be 2-2-1-1-1. Yes, Thunder needs to make a lot of adjustments and attack the basket like RW. Also, Harden, Safalosa and the rest of the team need to step up and play some hard defense and score too. It may be too late this year… but may be next year. Hope it doesn’t become a one time deal for OKC (to the finals) like Orlando…. it took more than 10 years for Orlando to reach the finals again in 2010.

      On an another note: The way things are going in Orlando, it may be another 10+ year from now for Orlando to reach the finals again 🙂

      • Horrheh says:

        Your reply is IRRELEVANT. Learn to spell. Do this, read, COMPREHEND, THEN you can comment or reply. Never said I was an OKC fan, I simply like them better than the Heat. They’re not excuses, they’re facts. And I’m not an expert, never said I was, unlike many here who think they should be up there with Magic and the rest talking doing the show. If you people are going to comment, at least comprehend the content first. ok? thanks.

    • Jimmy says:

      All i see is excuses!!!

  79. John says:

    I don’t think Westbrooks misshap really had an effect on the game out come. He hustled, played well, and made many of his shots. Wish the others had a higher shot success percentage. I think it’s odd that the refs can call some of the really difficult to see fouls correctly, but miss some of the most visible. Both teams played well, but I do think if Thunder could have made many more of the shots they attempted, the Heat would have been logging a lot of catch-up time.

  80. Jack says:

    bench is deeper,..front is bigger,..what else??..durant is the league scoring champ,..what else?..oh by the way,..westbrook is??..oh you know now,..wiser?…LOL,…think of it, and the maturity thing will answer all those,…lebron not a good defender?..wade on being SHORT?..bosh on FAKE tough guy?…lol where these people now?..mybe they are crying in their hotel suite now,..dont ever under estimate one’s will,..it will come after you!! give the Larry O’ Brien trophy to HEAT!!

  81. olanski says:

    repeat after me….Lebron will never get his ring.Lebron will never get his ring.Lebron will never get his ring…ok, that will do.

  82. KT says:

    There is no doubt that it was an ill-advised foul, however we must give credit to OKC and these young players (minus Fisher, Perkins, and Mohammed) who, need I remind everyone are in the NBA finals for the very first time. They do not in the slightest resemble a team whose stars are at this point for the first time, their resolve to constantly battle back even after going down by large deficits to have the opportunity to win games in final seconds is astounding. I am a Laker fan and I have to admit that this team has a very bright future.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      if it stays together!!!

      • OKCKD35 says:

        now who knows nothing about basketball, oh you mean Durant, Westbrook, Harden, Ibaka, PErkins, Collison, and Sefolosha are all under contract next year? What about your aging spurs, shouldnt you be worried about calcium deficiency or something?

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        so you think that team is gonna be together for years……..lmao………everybody wants the big paycheck, just like all the rest …. I, personally, hope they stay together as they are fun to watch as a team. Just sayin it is unlikely……. hard to keep more than 3….Maybe 4 together for more than a few years……….. You Don’t know Cr*p about he Spurs. A few are old the rest are young…….go find out their average age and see where they rank in the league you’ll be surprised……… You have been listening to others too long…. go do your own research!!

  83. justyouwatch says:

    Heat fans take pride in knowing your team couldn’t win a finals game without 8 men on the court. The impact of one-sided calls that have continued throughout this series has crushed the Thunder’s mojo. And yet nearly all of these games have been close.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      how did the big okie fan—(OKCKD35)— say it…..oh yeah…”Cry me a river”……….. LMAO…….. the only reason your jumpshootin’ team is there …….is because of the refs in the last round……. Don’t be mad at them now!!!! lol……….lol

      • OKCKD35 says:

        hahaha you are such a hypocrite, in here talking a gang of mess to me for complaining about officiating when thats all you have been doing for weeks, grow up sissy boy

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        Already ‘growd’ up hillbilly….. .How bout you,12 yr old???? ‘talkin a gang of mess’…….wtf………wow!! you are sooooooooo cool!!!! I think you need to find a sandbox OR a School!!!

  84. sanjay says:

    what? A player called rondo had 43 as well and they lost!!! It is not about individual scoring. It is the whole team. Hardin cannot guard lebron nor kd. Both will run out of legs guarding him up and down and they will not have any energy in the 3 point jumpers! heat will attack the rim relentlessly!!! This will continue to leave chalmers and battier open( noel and jones). And they are in form to knock the 3 pointers down! And wade also has his inside jumpers going( but he cant take too many).

    These matches are own in the paint! And with lebron playing the post. OKC has no way out! Bosh and lebron will pound the paint letting wade to handle inside peri and 2 outside shooters to take care of jumpers!
    But the blistering pace set by brook( matched by noel and to some extant chambers) had the both team players panting!
    okc players were exhausted themselves and james had to limp as he had to do up and down! It completely exhausted hardin as well!
    So point guard running rampant is no good either( reminds me of young iverson!). Hardin cannot run up and down and than guard lebron at west brooks pace. There was no way they could keep up and hence the lead was gone!
    Miami team is a superb defense team! Only celtics come close to them!
    If lebron does not get cramps and miami plays tough defense again and pound the paint, It is over for OKC come thursday!

  85. Aram says:

    Now what? OKC fans really thought OKC gonna sweep the HEAT? LOL.. cmon.. start whining and see you next year! 🙂

  86. NBA says:

    Outstanding game by Westbrook, but really dumb foul at the end, if OKC doesnt wake up, Heat will be champs……….

  87. HeatKingsOfEast says:

    the problem with the chokelahoma is that their 2 star players dont play defense. they are just 2 big time offensive guys. durant got 1 rebound? really? playing the power forward position. westbrook on the other hand made 43 points but attempted 20 to 32 FG. lebron only need 19 to 26 shooting to have 45 points in boston game remember?

  88. Willem says:

    Westbrook was just amazing, i am a big Miamifan, but i can appreciate a spectacular player if i see one
    Yes he did make, lets say, not the smartest foul ever made, but still a brilliant performance….
    same as chalmers, somehow you still don’t expect that of him but he came up BIG, to put it in NBA-words
    Hope for yet an other amazing game on thursday and hopefully the heat pull out a win again!!

  89. really? says:

    Some of the comments in this blog are so much better than the blog itself.

  90. Sparhawk says:

    Yes it was a stupid brain fart foul that only westbrook and harden could do, but lets be honest, refs won that game for miami, so many no calls and phantom calls ftw right lechoke?

  91. Peter Konidis says:

    He played a good game and he tries hard. as someone with a big nose, I can appreciate hard work

  92. kaiba says:

    had the thunders played a better game, westbrook wouldnt need to make that foul… yes it is useless hindsight to say things like that but to be honest, they thunders just rode him the whole game. durant had a lot of points still but those points he had were “quiet” ones that did not make a lot of difference except to keep the thunders from getting blown out. check out the box score, westbrook and durant scored pretty much everything. no one else bothered to step up and give them a hand.

  93. for 3 says:

    CP# vs LBJ coming soon in this stage

  94. for 3 says:

    Clippers — Heat 2013 nba Finals

  95. Mary says:

    Don’t try to bleam R Westbrook,all the bleam should be on the coach.they were leading 17 point,and he decided to put Westbrook ,Durent on the bench.the coach Was the one who made the mistake for the past two games.you will never see a coach does something like that.He too need to learn a lot.

  96. for 3 says:

    lebroon james finaly, the first of 7 rings

  97. I Love Westbrook says:

    how can we blame OKC lose to any others one in OKC.. THis is a Team lose… so no one take a blame for this lose
    and i thought lose is just something need for winning, The important things is OKC need to learn from that lose.

    Go OKC, team up again and beat Heat.

  98. Clips Fan says:

    Westbrook had an incredible game! I say this as someone who isn’t a fan of his style of play, regardless of whether it works. But on a night when OKC needed him, he came through in the clutch – which was the entire game. He was unstoppable, and with KD shackled on D like that, he was their only hope. In saying that, yes he did balls up with the foul. He had no idea the shot clock was only at 5, so he needs to increase his awareness. But I cannot detract from that performance. If Chalmers had have shot 2 bricks at the line (unlikely, even without his hot streak), RW would be hailed as a genius and easily the player of the game. As it stands, he will undeservedly take most of the heat for their loss. On another point, to all the people saying “Harden shouldn’t have hustled”, if he hadn’t, Haslem would have rebounded the ball with about 2.0 left on the clock, leaving plenty of time to score. Right choice to hustle, unfortunate rules make it a bad one. But it also makes no sense to have a jump ball with .8 seconds left on the shot clock. A lot of gray area with the call.

  99. lets says:

    the champion will come from west lol,,,what happen now.

  100. ella says:

    Westbrook was on fire. Defiitely the best player last night. It was so refreshing to finally be able to watch a game where the refs were calling fairly. I don’t mind when OKC loses as long as it was a fair fight. The Heat have the refs to thank for games 2 & 3, and thanks to instant replay…. everybody knows it 😉

    • Aram says:

      Loosers always have something to blame on.. too bad you cant take the fact that your team flops and inexperienced still.

      • ella says:

        No, actually i just state the facts. Yes OKC flops (as does EVERY team), yes OKC is young and less experienced, and yes the ref calls were completely one sided in games 2 & 3.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      fairly officiated game? were you really watching it? How many times did both Durant and Westbrook get hacked in the paing with no call? Westbrook drove the lane a good 30 times and got 3 Ft the entire game and it was called fair? Battier took 4 jump shots and got 4 FT. not to mention Westbrook only got 1 call actually driving the lane which was his and 1, the other 2 Ft were on a jump shot. Its not that there were many bad calls, just the amount of no calls was terrible, you cant allow people to be mugged in the lane with no call, of course they will miss when you hack their arms.

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        go away with all the cryin’……. like you told the fans of the team that should be here anyway!!!!!! see you in the playoff next year if you can keep the team together!!

      • OKCKD35 says:

        oh are you talking about the SPURS AGAIN? STILL CRYING 2 WEEKS LATER, AND GIVING ME ADVICE ON HOW TO GET OVER IT. funny stuff @ just play with balls

      • Ella says:

        well that’s true, you are right actually. I guess I just got so used to the calls (and no calls) being soooo lopsided in games 2&3 that I felt like game 4 calls (and no calls) were at least bearable. Refs do make mistakes and i can live with that. But game 4 still in Heat favor, yes.

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        you know what OKCKD35…….. for starters get a REAL handle…….. this player idolization is pretty lame and Childish……. and still makin fun of names ???? I think the other poster WAS right you ARE 12 yrs old….. PS: folks like you NEVER get over it Happy summer!!

  101. Folks, stop this blame game. Lets call the spade spade. Miami won because they aretalented. As simple as that. Westbrook should not be blamed for the way it all ended. he is my hero, in as muh as I am a Lebron fan. At the end of the day he made my day becuase he played well but could not out play the best team in the league.
    be blessed.

  102. Al says:

    Westbrook is a decent player, but the kid is a punk. He will have the team at each others throats the next 2 seasons, and I would imagine by the third half the team will leave

  103. OKC-Miami says:

    It doesn’t matter anymore… it really happens in a game… “miscommunication” yeah it really happens… even ur a pro it happens… RW mistakes? nah… no one to blame here.. never judge them, they were the one’s whose on the court, playing with all their effort and with all their heart… trying to win each and every game… and in this game, its Miami’s game… Well, congrats to Miami…

    Go Heat!!!

  104. tony says:

    Whoever is blaming Westbrook, he must be really crazy. The only person to blame is the coach. He is very stubborn by not making any adjustment from one game to another. Harden should not play yesterday more than 5 minutes, he was terrible and yet Scott let him play all fourth quarter. Against the Spurs they played really as a team and now they are just playing one to one.

  105. lungstam says:

    @Thunderfan Noooooooo!!!!!!!!! We don’t want him, yall must keep him!

    I find Westbrook really annoying and I dislike him even more after reading this article!

  106. Last call for all Lebron jokes says:

    Get them in while you can. By tomorrow they will be invalidated 🙂

  107. Chris says:

    Thunder are rubbish. It’s starting to become clear that the real championship playoff was between the Heat and Celtics.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      the real championship is between the Heat andthe Refs.

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        ….. Can it CRYBABY !!!

      • Francisco says:

        you are sooo in pain, there is still a chance , are you a real fan? stop crying?

      • OKCKD35 says:

        funny to see you two losers reacting to everything i say, just because OKC beat your teams you have to scrutinize everything, you are telling me to quit crying, my game was yesterday, your teams have been out for weeks/months, and you are still in here talking. who really needs to get over it? SPURS AND LAKER FANS, guess what? OKC is still playing, your teams are not, now you are heat fans, its really funny, at least i dont bail on my team in adversity, i back them up, i dont jump to the next bandwagon when my team is eliminated, i dont know why i am wasting my time on you trolls

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        we react because you are soooooo funny homer

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        I’m no heat fan…. I just told you that the time is gonna come when the refs WON”T make the calls you like(when you are winning) and then you will see it from a different angle….. it has — and you have. NOW— All you do is complain about the refs when your team is having problems getting the most out of 2 of your big 3 and NO production from inconsistent bigs……. talk basketball and quit makin fun of peoples names —because it is real funny/amusing to hear a fan of a newly relocated team call fans of the Spurs an Lakers losers when the okies are just now sniffing the Finals for the first time……. you say you back you team up??? How?? by whining about the calls instead of looking at the game in reality……. Harden and even KD are in a slump….not forever …just for a few games….it happens …….. PS: Real fans still watch and read after their team has been eliminated AND I was pullin for the Thunder no matter what YOU think, young man. I just get tired-(as well as some others here on this blog) of all your cryin—– so don’t go throwing around the term ‘loser’ unless it has some meaning!

  108. AwwPlease says:

    It’s funny because in the beginning people (including me) were saying that the Heat can’t beat OKC with just 3 superstars, but now I’m noticing that some people are saying the same about OKC. Funny how the tables have turned? It’s awesome to see Chalmers, Jones, and Battier step in and bring some help to Bosh, Wade, and James. This last game OKC’s bench failed to step up and help.

  109. Simon says:

    Westbrook is an amazing player, young and brilliant.
    Those criticizing this guy, even Magic on what he said on game 2, are just a bunch of dumb heads.
    These are the same saying “Lebron has no title.. Lebron is bad in 4th quarter and blablabla…”

    Get a life and respect these incredible players.
    Humble and gifted.
    It is just a pleasure to watch them give us so many emotions.

  110. AwwPlease says:


    I like OKC too but they are a young team and this is their first finals appearance, Of course they are bound to make mistakes, it’s all a part of gaining experience. Next season, they’ll know more than what they did coming in this year. I say give them some more time to grow and to develop and they will be a force to watch out for.

    I give props to Westbrook, he’s a really talented player. I’m kind of disapointed with Harden, but it could be nerves and the pressure of performing for such an important game. I dont know, but I still respect them as a team. Nobody is perfect.

  111. AWOL says:

    Westbrook turned into Michael Jordan for a stretch of the game…..and then that foul. I’m not sure you can teach brains so I don’t know if he will ever be considered a truly great player…that’s a shame.


    Harden and Durrant. AWOL. They’re why OKC are down 3-1.

    A lot of credit to Lebron and the rest of the team for their D. They close the middle so well, just like they shut D Rose down last year, Harden has nowhere to go.
    If Lebron was having the series Durrant is the media would be cutting him to pieces right now.

  112. el stone says:

    Didn’t Westbrook commit a stupid foul at the end of game 3 as well?

  113. yeah. yeah, yeah, we all know Westbrook made a bad decision at the end…but let’s take a look the final 40 or so seconds of what could have been an OKC win. What about old man Fisher’s lame attempt at a layup on a fast break…with LeBron on the floor and hurt lying under the other basket!!!!!!!! All he had to do was HOLD the ball and get on open man. Miami could not call time out, LeBron obviuosly could not run back to help defend, so what did Fisher do??!!!!! He put up a cream puff layup that my grandmother could have blocked. COME ON!!! There were 3 HEAT players under the damn basket!!!! What was he thinking!!!!!! Also on the next possession Harden’s defender FELL DOWN and he hesitated to take a shot. Stop the tape and look at Harden’s face when he shoots the ball…he has a blank stare like he doesn’t know where he is or what he is supposed to do. And Sefolosha’s 3-pointer (that Wade got a hand on)…Yes, Wade made a great defensive play but it took Sefolosha 2-3 seconds to shoot the ball! Catch and shoot!!!!!!! So…yes, Westbrook made a mistake. But it was only one of many in the final minute of the game that gave Miami the win. On a side note…where was the team that dominated the Spurs in the 4th quarter for 4-5 straight games!!!!

  114. HEATLES says:

    6 minutes left on the clock is what NBA coaches attribute as clutch moments.

  115. Mike says:

    See you next year Baby Thunder!!! time to grow up.. Where’s your prediction that OKC will win in 5 or 6??? for all Miami Haters, Shut UP!. Ibaka go back to Congo and block shots. That’s the only thing you know.stupid comment.

  116. gbacch says:

    oh!oh!oh! PUT THAT RING ON IT……..LBJ Miami in 5

  117. Heatitup says:

    Russell Westbrook has tremendously athleticism. The closest thing to a current day Michael Jordan. But, the guy’s iq has got to be very low. You can’t teach smarts. You’ve either got it or you don’t. Definitely as another poster pointed out, a 2nd guard not a point guard. He lost game 3 and game 4 for OKC. Throwing the ball away at the end and taking a bad 3point attempt killed OKC’s chance in game 3. Game 4 he blew it big time. I watched alot of OKC games and announcers always complained about bad defensive decisions Westbrook made guarding players who became wide open for 3 point shots. What do you expect. He’s from UCLA. LOL. Go Trojans!

  118. bheinteh20 says:

    as far as i remember this Heat team is labeled as 2.5 stars plus the nobody’s, and OKC as the complete team. How ironic?!

  119. Charles Barkley says:

    Brooks did a really poor job coaching this game. That was more significant than the foul.

    • pakyaw says:

      I AGREE.. Brooks refuse to make adjustment in last 2 games, they’re still playing 1 on 1 bball.. thats why BOSH leavin his man open all the time on defence… coz no ball movement..

  120. Law064 says:

    Great game from Westbrook to shut the critics up. Did he make a bonehead foul yes but he was the reason that the Thunder was still in the game. KD was a non factor in the 4th Harden has been invisible in the past 2 games. Russ just made a bad decision to foul they had time. Westbrook is not a true PG more of a SG but that’s because he’s a scorer. I give him credit and have to give Chalmers credit. He was the man for Miami because without his big game the series could be tied. It looks like the Heat will win for sure and Lebron will get his ring. I think the refs missed a few calls in favor of both teams and this game was about the best game they have officiated in this series. Bad move from Russ yes but he is the reason they were close and in a position to win. Congrats to the heat they will take it unless they have a major meltdown

  121. MIAMI 3 6 1 says:

    It doesn’t matter if you scored 100 or more… If you still can’t win…… it’s meaningless….. The sad thing about westBROKE is…He kept okc alive early in the game but he is also the one who killed them late in game…. 5 secs. why foul??? There’s still a time on the clock… Let him take that shot and grab the rebound… Where’s ibaka to get the ball anyway???

    As for ibaka…. where’s your D???? If I were you I just keep my mouth shut and then Grab more rebounds…. True you’re a shot blocker… Your rejected D-WADE shot… but D-Wade rejected more shots than you did… and it’s much bigger block because it came late in the game….. He rejected fisher shot who’s going to force a layup to make the lead … But D-WADE saw it coming…. That’s how you block a shot…. convert it to a point….

    Hey WestBROKE Thanks man… Do it again in game 5!!! I promise I’ll cheer for you…..uLOLS….

  122. ThunderFan says:

    Trade westbrook to miami… he’s obviously selling the game to miami, maybe he wants to join lebron after his contract expires

    • bheinteh20 says:

      good excuse mate!

    • ko0kie says:

      are you kidding me? you can’t be a thunder fan.. without russel westbrook, thunder would’t have reached the finals.. NEVER.. and without him they would have gotten blown out by miami..

      • I Love Westbrook says:

        are u really THunder Fan…. As a thunder fan i thought u need to cheer for OKC until the end of the games, but not to say something like this……

  123. rich says:

    Im a heat fan and westbrook is a great player give him his props for what he did yesterday. But as the heat have shown it takes a team effort to beat them not the performance of one super star. If anything blame the okc role players and bench for not stepping up the way miamis role players and bench have!!

  124. mR. cLuTcH! says:

    RW was sensational in that game but for that mistake its unarguable. miami for the win in 5!

  125. ism says:

    Haha, nice first paragraph. Haha.

  126. Swizz Guy says:

    its a strange situation..
    take okc’s season, or take this game 4:
    russel brings SO MUCH, he’s like the engine. they wouldn’t compete without his NRG, his 43 pts for example.
    then again, they die bc of him. mistakes, his immaturity. Its ok to be like that in this age, but still..
    I’m thinking: maybe if they had a REAL point guard / ball distributer, maybe they could manage to get KD and Harden going… . I feel like OKC can’t win if KD Harden don’t score 50 combined. As a playmaker, you have the responsibility to make your scorers get the ball the right place, right time.
    Or was it just the Heat Defense which shut down those two just enough to grab a W?

    So I wonder (for the future): Would it make sense to move RW to the two spot? Let another player bring the ball and stir the ship?

    He’s a terrific player, no doubt!! Like I said, without his energy and explosiveness they wouldn’t be where they are. I’m looking for things for OKC to improve here.
    Somebody compared it to rondo’s 45 on Miami: the Heat knows how to win games when the opponents ball handler scores big. It sounds stupid, but every time that happens the rest of the team gets not involved enough, so it gets like a One-on-Five (or three) game. Can’t win this way, OKC.

  127. EasySam says:

    Thunder’s good. Just can’t beat a team that has 8 men on the court at the same time. If I was a Heat player or fan I would be ashamed about how these last couple of games were given to them by the refs.

  128. ver says:


  129. jefrey says:

    all the authors saying OKC will win is mad at westbrook cause the prediction they made isn’t coming soon. My prediction in game 4 is 10 points but 6 points will be fine. Game 5 heat will win by 9 points with 10% of 4 points

    • OKCKD35 says:

      my prediction, heat will win game 5, the game will be very biased again, heat will have another 10 FT more than the thunder, they will be allowed to hack OKC in the lane all day, and they will still barely squeak out a 4-6 point win, just like every other game in Miami.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        the Thunder had a total of 8 more FT than Miami in 2 games in OKC, Miami has had 11 more in game 3 and 9 more in game 4, how is this not biased based upon arena?

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        goin out on a limb there??

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        …..don’t worry about it….just score more points……..MR HIGH SCORER GUY !!!!!! OKCKD35 !!!!

      • MVP says:

        instead of blaming refs you should tell your “personal mvp” to play better defense or to grab some rebounds?!

  130. Mugetsu says:

    Mr. Schumann was right . that foul is not dumb , but VERY DUMB .
    miscommunication ? that tells us how Westbrook’s not mentally ready for a FINALS game .
    this shows him how inexperienced he is , how young he is , how immature he is .
    this is the PLAYOFFS FINALS , not a game of tag . sure , that will sting him for an eternity .
    the Thunder could have just defend the ball with seconds remaining .
    sure , that foul cost them .

  131. ver says:


  132. Windsurfer says:

    poor coaching as usual! There is no Derek Fisher in the last 4 minutes of the 4th quarter, It doesn’t matter if Fisher has less playing time of the first 3 quarters, the most important is the end part of the game, Scott Brooks does’t realize that they loss only in the ending game. Game 2, 3 and 4 was inexperience loss. because there was no Derek Fisher in the end game,

  133. leohimself says:

    westbrook is incredibly talented but not smart enough to use his talents right.

  134. bballerholic says:

    Common people, cut him some slack. Westbrook kept the Thunder in the game. He was their offense throughout the game and just one mistake you pounce on him? Seriously? imagine if he had a 20-points game….it would have been a blowout. Obviously, the Heat wanted the win more and it shows in their aggressiveness. I will choose 43pts over a foul on any given day. Russel was a hero last night!

  135. spiffy says:

    russel westbrook is now bombarded with criticisms. . . why? without him, thunder will never get to nba finals.. why dont you compare his mistake to the things that he did in the nba playoffs.

  136. Viktor Knox says:

    that’s game. somebody loses because somebody made an error.. last year it was James. this year year its westbrook..

  137. Zack says:

    Westbrook maintained okc in the game with dissappeared and harden missing, thats foul its a no brainer but okc didnt loose the game for that play

  138. OKC Fan says:

    They blame Westbrook for doing that unnecessary intentional foul, I blame the Thunder Bench for not standing up. Westbrook had a monster game, and for once, it was acceptable that he’s called a ball hog. He was even more dependable than Durant today. If only players other than the two of them were able to create decent numbers for the team, he wouldn’t have made that “under pressure” intentional foul, rather, they would be enjoying a smooth lead towards the end of the game.

    • OKC says:

      blame harden dumb jump ball and durant not making plays

      • OKCKD35 says:

        just wondering why a team would get awarded 5 seconds on the shot clock when the shot did not hit the rim and individual possession of the ball was never established, sounds like another Heat rule.

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        really don’t know the rules now, do you Mr. smartguy…….lol…….. You got plenty of time to bruch up on them over the summer…… good luck next year

  139. Monstrox says:

    it’s funny the way Westbrook reacted and pointed his hands on the clock after realizing what have he done. It’s like “WTF, its only 5 secs God#!@#!

  140. Chad... says:

    we can’t deny that “wespoof” really did an excellent job! getting those numbers will be remembered until finals is over. but the stupidity that he keeps on doing will stay on him for a lifetime…

  141. Derby says:

    Westbrook wanted to do what LBJ did against boston in Game 6. But the heat are not going to submit. Chalmers stepped up his game when his team need him the most. It was his turn after Battier. Durant & Westbrook cannot do it alone. Harden looks like the 16th man instead of the 6th man he was during the last series. I don’t see this series going back to Oklahoma if their other players wont help with the BIG 2.

    Where are the people that wrote whoever wins in the west was the 2012 NBA Champions?

    • OKCKD35 says:

      The officals must not have agreed, they obviously want miami to win. Even non Thunder fans watching the game are appauled by some of the calls the heat are getting on little to no contact, also how much Miami is allowed to do whatever they want to Durant but the moment someone touches LBJ its a foul.

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        ……..What the officials have something to do with who wins or loses…….NO !!!!!!! NO WAY !!!!!!lmao

  142. Dave Macho says:

    The article is a bit harsh on westbrook, it was a judgement call and the players instinct is to stop the time. Remember that when Wade shot the ball there were only 4 seconds in the shot clock and Harden should not have fought for the ball that resulted with the jump ball. Haslem was down on the floor and has no scoring opportunity, had Harden not grabbed the ball the shot clock would have expired but no one is blaming Harden unlike westbrook who has been receiving a lot of criticism. Let’s not forget in the crucial minutes of this game Harden missed 2 open three point attempts turned the ball over 2 times and missed a break away lay-up coming from a steal. Does Harden deserve to be criticized no the same with westbrook, because that’s all part of the breaks of the game.

  143. rxmacc says:

    They are in the Finals because of Westbrook, he knows how to make plays and decision. 43 points in the FINALS??? who the hell can get that points even Lebron can’t get that FAR.

  144. rxmacc says:

    They are in the FINALS because of Westbrooks, he knows what he is doing.

  145. u_r_a_hater says:

    hahahaha……westbrook just played the best defense against his own team..thank you russ…keep it up.

  146. akosibonik says:

    Westbrook is definiteley not a natural PG, he is more of a 2guard. but argueably, he got game in his arsenal, he just need to play smart, he can be a franchise player of the other teams, he just needs to grow up, how old is he? in 2-3 years, maybe he will carry a team, but not now. MIAMI is schooling OKC for being to over confident. what ever people say about officiating, miami is winning because OKC is falling apart. miami is just taking advantage of it.

  147. Depressed says:

    i feel sorry for westbrook, hes getting all the blame, James Harden was a non-factor the past 3 games, he shrunk in the big moment, everybody went cold. its always 1v1 basketball plays during the OKC-Heat matchup

  148. DumbPlays says:

    Harden’s jump ball was a smart move. If he didn’t grab it, Haslem would have put in an easy two right under the rim. Poor plays by OKC cost them the game in that same play. Durant should have boxed out better on Battier, Westbrook shouldn’t have fouled, its that simple. Not thinkin smart. But we like it. Gives Miami a chance because they have the experience against the young team. Next year is for OKC, but Miami wants it more this year. Just like Dallas wanted it more last year. Can’t wait for a year of critics jumpin down Westbrook when they will have nothin against Lebron after this. And that is if Miami wins the next game. If they lose, OKC has a chance going back to Oklahoma.
    Lets go Miami.

  149. Thank You, Russel Westbrook says:

    What now Thunder Fans? Blame the refs? :))

    • OKCKD35 says:

      what are you another 2 year heat fan? Thats all Miami fans ever say. what now blame the refs? Dont think its a coincidence every time Miami has been down i na series they get a bunch of BS calls that allow them back in? Down to indiana, bunch of BS, down to Boston, we all saw game 2 and game 4, down 1-0 to OKC we all saw the terrible no call o nthe game tying shot, and the blocked shot that was awarded as a goal tend, we all saw the phatom calls on Durant in game 3, you know where he didnt even touch wade, picks up his 4th and gets sent to the bench, the one opportunity Miami had to come back, we all so RW getting no calls the entire game even though he was bumped, slapped, and pushed all night? You didnt hear the announcers talking about it? When Ibaka jumps on the floor with Bosh and they call Ibaka for a foul, When Battier pushed RW on a jump shot in the lane, when Durant was hacked loud enough to be heard on TV? Get real, Miami fans throuw this at everyone else because they are 100% aware they get the majority of the calls.

      • MVP says:

        oh me oh my…
        frustration is one thing but to call out the refs because thin durant has to guard a monster, that’s just stupid..the only reason why your OKC team is in the finals, is because of the refs! now for the first time in these playoffs they play against a team which destroy them with their own weapons: athleticism and transition plays..by the way nobody on this team has an answer for the MVP..no dominating big man, who grabs rebounds..even your little boy durant isn’t able to catch rebounds,,too sad you have to take the refs as an excuse..this finals are great and both teams play well..last game westbrook showed up but it wasn’t enough..get over it

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        …..leave their fans out of our frustration and take it like a man….

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        .. ” Your ” frustration that is……OKDKD35

      • yoyo says:

        boy shut up okc fan……..what?…what?….heat nba champions….what?…..lolo u already know!!!!!!!!!!

  150. Depressed says:

    Its over, no wayyyy OKC can win, Heat in 5. Lebron finally got his ring. the ringless lebron joke will die within 2 days 😦

    • Look at the bright side says:

      Now we can make jokes about how a player as great as LeBron only has one ring! Technically, he won’t even get the ring until sometime next season anyway. Also, we can still make fun of his receding hairline! Not as funny as the no ring jokes, but it’s all we got now :/

  151. polacs says:

    the last 13.8 seconds in the life westbrook…

  152. westdumb123 says:

    westbrook so dumb, overrated, ballhug, boastful, inexperienced. its so frustrating that it looks like lebron will get a championship ring.

    • Mat says:

      LOL “it’s so frutrating to see LeBron get a ring” wtf dude, are you one of those guys that said the heat are overrated and will never win one with LeBron but will stop following the NBA because he does win a ring? pathetic

  153. shera says:

    give the kid a break. he’s just human like everybody else and make mistakes.

  154. haha says:

    hahhahaha lets wait for this thunder fan comments tomorrow. im expecting something like this…

    “omg the ref are so bias, they are obviously playing for the heats.”

    heres a new one

    “omg westbrook is getting paid by the heats to throw the game away”

    hahah wait for these excuses tmrow

    • OKCKD35 says:

      the refs are biased, look at the box scores the 2 games in Miami, KD has fouled out 1 time in his entire career, yet 2 games ina row he misses a bucnh of time with fould trouble and gets 5 fouls both games, how can you even say there was no biased officiating? Are you telling me RW only got fouled driving the lane 1 times the entire game?

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        SHUT UP>>>>>>>> I told you that in the SA series and you wouldn’t believe it…. So how does it feel when the tables are turned !!!! Oh, wait…. the calls in the SA series were Great ’cause they went in your favor …. like the 31-18 free throw disparity in one game…. but now …when YOUR favorite team is on the other end of the calls you can honestly say the refs are bailing out the Miami’s….. WOW , what a short little memory you have…… Russell was a force to reckoned with no matter HOW it ended…, Go Russell…. don’t listen to all the pundits…. You are one of the best in the business and are jsut gonna get better with age and NOW experience!!! good Luck next year!!

      • OKCKD35 says:

        @ just play with balls. I admitted that game 6 was lopsided. we got favorable calls. Your Spurs also got favrorable calls in the 4th quarter of game 1, OKc up by 9, whistle fest to slow the game down.

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        right ….. and would NOT have won without those calls and then….. a game 7 in SA….. would have been fun to watch .PS: Game 5 was terrible as well but alas…. it was NOT to be …. and OKC got to get some Finals experience/pressure and I’m sure they are better off for it !!

  155. polacs says:

    thunder coach did not accept his team’s “finals inexperience”

  156. Daniel says:

    I watched game 4 of the Miami Oklahoma game. It was superb. Westbrook had a game and what a game he had. He has a great future as an NBA player. Congratulations to all the players, and a nod to Miami. I hope you get the championship. If Lebron plays healthy, they have a chance, if not then Bosh and eveybody else must contribute. I’m wondering why Anthony is no being used. He plays very well with the team.

    • Knickfan says:

      it’s because everyone in the thunder players are athletic, if you put joel anthony on that game they cant defend 100% so they put james or battier in the 4 to at least hold the transition game of the thunder

  157. cindy says:

    man its tough i can’t put blame on westbrook. he was the only reason okc was even in this game, he has what durant doesnt and thats the ability to get to the rim whenever he wants. he was the only guy out there who was aggressive, durant couldnt even out muscle wade to get the ball. he made a mistkae but the blame for the loss isnt on him. its on harden, who didnt show up again, and on durant, who is a one-dimensional player

    • OKCKD35 says:

      The refs were the only reason Miami was in the game, OKc builds a 17 point lead and the whistle just stops, Miami is just allowed to mug OKc players driving to the paint with no call, one of the ones on durant the foul was so hard i could hear the slap on my TV, still no call, RW driving to the lane ALL NIGHT with 1 foul call on a drive the entire game, yet they call hand check fould against OKC, get them in the penalty, then let miami live at the FT line.

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        …..sound familiar OKCKD35!!!! That is EXACTLY hoe the Thunder beat SA…. Told you it would happen….Now I am lmao You can feel it coming ….can’t you ????……………… “Turn out the Lights……the Party’s OVER” !!!

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        … exactly ‘HOW’

      • OKCKD35 says:

        exactly how? the thunder spurs were seperated by 13 Ft the entire series, the last 2 games miami is +20 FT. Funny how that works. The problem with your spurs was age! Once Parker was shut down everyone else was too slow to keep up. Miami plays hard i’ll give them that.

      • yoyo says:

        blablabla u just mad cus the heat are gonna become nba champions and the thunder are no match for the MIAMI HEAT….get it in your head 😀

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        ….the PROBLEM with your team is age …. just NOT mature enough to take the pressure….. kinda obvious…. to most reasonable fans anyway…. even some of the OKC fans know it is true….. but you still need to say the refs are NOW against you when they were ALL for the young upstarts in the last series……. You get to be the team that gives LeBron his first ring and that is how it will go down in history …….. your ‘wrong’ #’s say this …. it is 7 FT a game that is ‘keeping’ the scoring champ and the best benchman in a slump….. bad logic….uh… I mean NO logic. The superstar shooters can’t shoot that kind of % all the time….. and ALWAYS remember, teams that rely ONLY on the jumpshot will ALWAYS die by the jumpshot…. so IF the Thunder want to win a ring, they wioll have to have a ‘consistent’ inside presence and not just a shotblocker and journeymen !!! Or maybe they could just get a little better???

  158. gurgur says:

    I’m a heat fan
    and personally, I’ve never really liked westbrook with his style of play
    but the ironic thing is I play his style when I’m on the court :p
    he was phenomenal tonight,
    Nobody’s discussing it but I’d love to find out when the last time a player scored 43 was.
    like Perkins said, it wasn’t about that play
    OKC didn’t lose because of westbrook’s foul
    just like the heat wouldn’t be here without lebron,
    yet 1 missed shot in the closing minutes of 4th qtr and he’s devoured by media
    it’s a cruel world in the finals
    I give westbrook and durant all my respect
    but, yeah, go heat!

    • Wow says:

      LeBron scored 45 in Game 6 of the ECFs and Rondo scored 44 in Game 2 of the ECFs… Not too long ago. So don’t act like it’s some super rare accomplishment. It’s amazing, sure, but at least know what you’re talking about before posting something like that

    • Lebron did says:

      Lebron scored 45 agaist boston in game 6

  159. 3ptdagger says:

    Really? You’re going to criticize one mistake of a guy who shot 20 of 32 for 43 pts and kept his team in the game? Even as a Heat fan, I find that ridiculous.

  160. Kobe says:

    Did anybody noticed that the shot clock before the jump ball was 0.8 of a second and after the jump ball was 5 sec????
    Whats up with that?

  161. biomech says:

    For sure russel westbrook is a big scorer, sure his energy is impressive but…I think this guy need to grow up. He’s like a mad dog and as a mad dog he is brainless. He is a very gifted child but he is a child. KD needs to teach him how to concentrate at each moment of the game, instead of being amazing during some moment and incredibly careless some other times. It’s not over for OKC because they are a great team, and if one team can come back from a 3-1 deficit it’s them! (even if I would prefer seeing Lebron winning because the best player must win the championship.)
    I’m from France and here we don’t care about the stupid story with cleveland, but haters, be honest, who is the best player in the league? If he wins the title LBJ will finally take place where he belongs, at the top! And look at his stats and then look at MJ stats and you will be force to admit that Michael Jordan is no longer the best player in the history……….but he has 6 titles so until lebron wins a ring haters will stupidly carry on mocking the best player in the history.

    • Gus45 says:

      You must be joking. Jordan, five MVP’s, defensive player of he year, nine all defense selections, 14 all stars, 10 scoring titles, and six finals MVP’s. Also, lebron getting one ring does not equal Jordan’s six. Simple math. I think Lebron has a shot to equal Jordan’s resume (he is only 26) but o say he is the best ever already is ridiculous

      • yoyo says:


      • .....justplayball !! says:

        yeah….OKCKD35 can’t take the …..pardon the pun…. can’t take the HEAT !!!….. Wants a storybook ending and when one is not forthcoming…… a (verbal) fit is thrown. You can’t win them all no matter HOW good a team is….period !! This seems to be the heaters year…. maybe in the not too distant future the okies will get one….. or won’t get one……you just never know until its over !!!

    • ClintinXtra says:

      Whoaaa bro hold ya horses… LBJ is no Michael Jordan I dont care if he get ONE ring… U sound dumb like the writer said in this article… He is a great player but 1 ring to 6 rings?? Yea I’ll take 6 any day and MJ earned every one of em by CLOSING the series by his self most of the time… The best has to play like the best n as the best you have to be able to close and thats what MJ did.. They haven’t won the ONE ring yet bro…

      • True but Not True says:

        I think lebron james can be a michael jordan. Yeah tru what MJ has accomplished thru out his career is incomparable. His individual acheivements and double 3peats as a champion.. countless big shots and highlights. But to go back to lebron james.. other than his jumpshots, through out these playoffs, he’s shown that he can arguably be mentioned the same breath with mj.. IF he continues such great performances for the rest of his career. And as we all know MJ didn’t win 6 championships by himself, Lebron James can win multiple championships with such a strong supporting cast. The Heat is only getting better… Just an opinion..

      • OKCKD35 says:

        i think LBJ was trying to be Jordan, guaranteed he is faking his injury, next game he’s gonna have the flu, watch, just funny ot me that he fell, wasnt hurt, took a while to get up, then got a fast break drive to the basket, then all of a sudden he hurts, sure had plenty of lift on that 3 ball he shot. Having players carry him off to the side, for a cramp? what a baby.

      • LBJ FAN says:

        i believe that LBJ has the atheleticism and skills to be a MJ but i feel that he is not COLD BLOODED enough if you know what i mean he has to be able to close em for good nd i think thats is developing in him bcuz lately he has been clutch so if he gets more ICE VEINS he will be able to win ships which will lead to him becoming a MJ comparison

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        Now you think it is funny a player is hurt….. Pretty low, OKCKD35……. surely you can do better than that !!!

  162. sam says:

    I hope the haters will not think that westbrook’s foul was a bad call… #LOL

    • OKCKD35 says:

      no that was the right call, but what about calling it both ways? RW took much more contact all night driving the lane then he did with Chalmers, granted it was an intentional foul. all i am saying is the 2 games in Miami the calls have not been consistant both ways. Miamia + 20 FT in 2 games in Miami. Ive backed the officiating in the entire playoffs saying sometimes bad calls help sometimes they hurt, however these arent bad calls, they are NO CALLS.

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        calls……..calls………calls……….. give it a rest OKCKD35……just go back to whatever you were doing before you thought okies would win an NBA title….. as they sing…” Turn out the Lights, the Party’s OVER!!! ” Maybe management will keep the team together for another year or so…… if some players think TEAM over big paycheck!! Good Luck…… se you in the 2013 WC playoffs….maybe!

      • OKCKD35 says:

        lol your spurs will never get back to the WCF! at least not in the Duncan Geno-billy era. What are you even doing on here? coming back for some sense of accomplishment through a team you dont even like, you are a troll. At least i am in here talking about my team. At the end of the year, even if we lose, i will take great pride in knowing we beat your team, because you are a weak individual.

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        OKCKD35 Are you sure you are not–(like the earlier poster-pakyaw claims)– just a 12 year old?? Makin’ fun of names again….. 2 words for you twice……. 1st, waaaaa, waaaaaa and 2nd …..grow up !!! because you are the WeakEST…. a non-individual !!…. just part of the herd!!

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        you are not talking about YOUR team …. you are complaining endlessly about the ‘calls’ like you have NEVER seen this before …. nd Don’t like the FACT that I told you the Finals would be full of call you would dispute….. And NOW you act like the thunder will bee in the WCF every year……… I said …see you in the “WC playoffs”…… you made the instant leap to the WCFinals….not me ….. I know better. It doesn’t matter how ‘good’ your team is ….’cause sometimes it takes more than that ……. sometimes you NEED the calls to go your way more often……… Been in that situation in Many of the last 22 of 23 years…..seen many a game in which the calls were hotly questioned by the losing team/coach and their fans….. so if you want to be in the big scene you will always be under the big microscope ….that’s the way it goes….just hope you get more calls next year …OR even this year, but probably not….. ’cause you have already taken ‘pride’ in beating the Spurs, as you should….just like you should in beating the lakers and mavs as well….. good, but then there was another level…. a ‘next level’. One they have never experienced ….until now…

  163. KC says:

    Miscommunication? Between whom and whom? Westbrook’s brain with the rest of his body?

  164. Dumb writer says:

    2 straight posts with the word “dumb”

    Mr Schumann, play one-on-one with Mr. Westbrook. Then we’ll see how “smart” you can play against him.

    • Scott says:

      This is sound logic. We should all probably have to become politicians before critizing our politicians as well, right champ? It was a terrible, dumb foul, you don’t have to play one on one with Russell Westbrook to acknowledge that fact.

    • Willy says:

      Yes it was crucial at a critical time but hey he made all the plays the entire game. He was there again at the end trying to make the big play. Where were his team mates? Uh watching him. He kept them in the game the entire game and yes without him they are not close. I am still a fan! 3 games could have gone either way?

    • rxmacc says:

      your right. hahaha +9 race to 10…

    • NBAfan says:

      The Schu will calculate in his head with warp like speed all the possibilities when playing Westbrook one on one…and just as quickly as he can compile all the stats he loves to blog about, he’ll realize he has exactly 0.000000001% chance to hit the rim with the basketball, and 0.000000000000000000001% to even stop Westbrook from scoring….

      That’s playing SMART….he’ll lose…but he’ll play SMART.

    • NBA Viewer says:

      Mr. “Dumb Writer” don’t fault an NBA author for using the word dumb because what Westbrook did was not only dumb but idiotic, that cost them his team’s game and his performance was overshadowed by this loss, and why would you play a professional against such a writer, of course the pro will win, besides he already played moments ago, westbrook has room to improve though especially underclutch situations and if he can improve those mistakes then next year they will see finals again, but this year it’s Miami.

    • Confusious says:

      I don’t think anyone on this blog is pretending to be a professional basketball player or is claiming to be able to take Westbrook 1 on 1. Your argument is pointless. The fact of the matter is Westbrook is playing against the Heat for a ring. Not anyone 1 on 1. You can give him a hand for putting up 42, but just like Rondo in game 2, they lost so it means nothing. He also lost them the game with 3 bad decisions late.

  165. The Game says:

    You should have questioned james harden instead 0.8s remaining forcing a jump ball?
    4.2 in shot clock and 13.8 in game clock if he didnt foul, time remaining would be 9.6 what if mario chalmers
    attacked the paint and gets fouled? or manage to kick out and shoots a three instead? many people criticize
    mr. westbrook right there what happen is just a miss communication on their part. what if ur the one playing
    maybe u have done the right thing or just the same way he did.

  166. sakitingbata says:

    Ouch! That will sting for long time.

  167. Scott says:

    This brought back memories of Chris Webber’s timeout in the NCAA’s bac when he was with the Fab 5. Russell Westbrook always, always plays hard. But he doesn’t always play smart.

    • Russell Westbrook says:

      Pretty sad but true he needs a better basketball I.Q. It’s those growing pains and you hope he’ll get it soon. Btw, all those haters hate on RW has to realize he’s still pretty young and will eventuallly develop to a better decision player. Remembered those airballs kobe chucked? Look what he’s at right now.
      If you took away what happened at the end of the game, he pretty much was beasting the whole game.
      Great clutch game by James and Chalmer, wish OKC can get it together for next one!

      • Mrs Durant says:

        Heat Fan here…..
        You know heres the feeling i get seeing OKC…..Theyre going to lose this series……BUT ……BUT …….theyre going to get through this…..and realise that they had to go through this one series loss to win the 3-4 championships i am now sure they will win. Watching Durant, westbrook and Harden play the way the do…and knowing how young they are…they are set to take over from Lebron and old man Wade….thats just the truth …
        HEAT fan

      • Larry O'Connor says:

        If OKC wins how are they going to keep Ibaka and Harden? Their stock will soar and the Thunder cant afford 4 “All Star Salaries”. If they lose then they will do whatever it takes to keep them around because they came so close and hope to win next year and the next. Harden played great in the Western playoffs but he struggled here because he was the x factor and Miami made plans to x him out. Up until the finals Bosh’s averages against Ibaka’s were competitive. LeBron’s avg’s against Durant’s were close, Wades against Westbrook’s too close to pick. But then there was Harden and Chalmers. Harden on paper was ready to put OKC over the top

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        Nothing is for certain Mrs DU Rant……NOTHING !!!!! the OKC’s will be a different team next year with some different parts….

    • Slider821 says:

      I will forever remember that game…another odd rule. Techincal foul for calling a timeout when you have no timeouts left.

  168. The Game says:

    I dont know about that? you should have questioned james harden instead 0.8s remaining forcing a jump ball?
    4.2 in shot clock and 13.8 in game clock if he didnt foul, time remaining would be 9.6 what if mario chalmers
    attacked the paint and gets fouled? or manage to kick out and shoots a three instead? many people criticize
    mr. westbrook right there what happen is just a miss communication on their part. what if ur the one playing
    maybe u have done the right thing or just the same way he did.

    • True but Not True says:

      That’s irrelevant to the discussion. Every single play in basketball should be designated to increase the possibility of winning the game. Westbrook’s miscommunication nullified the possibility of winning game 4. But as he said, nothing he can do about it now. Harden’s lack of confidence and other players’ lack of support certainly are things for improvement, but Westbrook’s mistake is ultimately what put the Thunder in the worst situation in that moment.

  169. thats what the no enough experience in times of battling in a seconds game left……..now theres no more excuses about the heat win the game evrytime time the heat win tha game they said its about the refs…and now what are your excuses for now!!!!!come out and make your comments but i think you cant cus you dont have a reason ta say why the thunder not win!!!!!people think that the heat are not gonna beat the thunder but now we can see that the heat team not beeb beaten by the young thunder!!!!!!many people said that the bench are so deep for the miami…but now their is no bench help for the thunder!!!!!!oh what a loser thunder fan i think there crying now and eat wht they said in the early of the series on more to go heat!!!!!!!lets get the ring

    • Pascal says:

      You are the reason y there are so many heat haters! Igonorant, boastful, the same reason the heat didn’t win last year! And maaan grammar check plz! “there” and “they’re” are two different things!

      • joe says:

        Attacking someone’s grammar when you use ”y” instead of ”why”, mispell ‘ignorant’, mispell ‘please’?

  170. kobe24 says:

    westbrick, ballhog and overrated..

  171. L0L at the Thunder bandwagon fans, WHAT is your NEXT excuse? says:

    common sense before even the Finals started.

    If Thunder were to win, it’d be because of Westbrook. If they lose, it’s because of Westbrook.

    and Durant is just so one-dimensional. He has to learn how to play in a NBA system.

    and Outside of those isolation plays, he’s very below average.

    • Russell Westbrook says:

      Yes, it was a dumb mistake but without RW this game wasn`t going to be even close. They should really question why Harden continues to be a no show in this series. Bench plays (Sixth man and role players) supposed to be our advantages over Miami.

    • NBAfan says:

      A Lebron fan (obviously cause you’re taking a shot at Durant not OKC) talking about EXCUSES….what irony!

      First it’s because he had no help in Cleveland…
      Then it’s the role players not being good enough…
      Third, it’s the no name coach they have…

      The HEAT is up 3-1 and they are looking very good…but lets not forget what happened last year and all the EXCUSES all the HEAT and Lebron fans made….

      It’s Lebron’s TIME…HEAT OR NO HEAT. I think he would have won a ring this year anyway….should have just stayed in Cleveland…

      • Johnross says:

        I find it very funny that this post is titled “bandwagon fans”…clearly the poster IS a Miami bandwagon fan, one of those sad people who only got on board when the 3 all-stars (well, actually just 2…and Bosh) came to town. They were most likely a Laker fan before that but changed sides once LA started loosing.

      • wadefan says:

        @johnross.. ever thought some people may have been miami fans before that happened.. honestly i like the team less now.. i think it was a bad choice to make.. especially with bosh being a part of the picture.. cant really argue with adding lebron because of how good he is.. but its caused wade to lose the ice in his veins a little bit.. trade lebron for dwight and bosh for any decent-good point guard

      • Imad Akel says:

        If lebron stayed in cleveland, 3 things would have happened:
        1) the NBA would have been much less interesting than it is now
        2) even if he found a way to beat the celtics with cleveland, the current OKC team would have blown them to bits (it would have been embaressing, and the finals would have been boring)
        3) Lebron would have turned out much like allen iverson with the sixers: another great player who had what it takes to be legendary and put among the likes of jordan, shaq, pippen, kobe, bird, magic, olajuwon etc… but instead he is put with the likes of stockton, ewing, malone, reggie miller, and charles barkley.
        All the players above were phenomenal, all of them are hall of famers, but you can easily filter out those that were champions at some point vs. those that deserved it but tragically never got it…

      • nitro says:

        He chose not to stay in Cleveland, it was a business and professional decision that he chose to make. Stop acting like its the first time a player made that move. No one complained when Kareme left the Bucks and went to LA. No one complained when kevin Garnett went to Boston. It was his choice whether you like the way he announced it or not.

      • nitro says:

        Johnross is bitter.

      • Logic says:

        Johnross and when did you become an OKC fan??! Maybe just last year when the NBA started talking about Durnat and Westbrook and all their potential?! OKC fans can never call Miami fans bandwagoners because they’re the exact same even worse. and Trust me no Lakers fan will switch teams, even if they become to worst team in NBA!

    • William.nization says:

      Live by the 3 and die by the 3. Westbrook remind me of Kobe. Forcing shots after shots, attempts more shots than Durant. Basketball is a simple game…penetrates to the basket, if you don’t score atleast get fouls and put the oppoenent in a foul situation and get to the free throws. Stop shooting OKC!!!! Especially Westbrook, stop shooting!!! U are a point guard, a playmaker, act like one!!!! Miami deserves to win by penetrating and putting OKC in foul trouble and they also dished it out when there is no open lane to penetrate. Kobe and Westbrook should learn from this!!!!

      • basketballstudies says:

        Im a heat fan but Westbrook is not a point guard. He was forced to play it. Without him they get killed. Durant was on lock point blame period(the took all his space away)

    • OKCKD35 says:

      my excuse for once is the terrible officiainting, Westbrook drove the lane at least 25 times and got 1 foul call and shot 3 FT for the night, meanwhile Bttier chucks up 4 jumpers and gets 4 FT. Miami is a very biased + 20 at the FT line in just 2 games in Miami. Where as the games in OKC were officiated much more fairly with a difference of +8 to OKC. Miami fans are talking all this while game 2 has given to you, and i know all miami fans wil say LBJ didnt foul Durant but it was clear as day. Game 4 was given to Miami as well, ridiculous Phantom calls on OKC where no contact was even created. As well as no cals for OKc in the paint. I dont know how many times RW was fouled but if he got what should have been called he would have gone over 50 and OKC would have won. Plain and simple, only one superstar is getting the superstar treatment in this series, they must feel bad for LaQueen

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        OK OKCKD35 !!!……. I TOLD you to NOT bring all the “bad Calls’ cryin’ after you and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many other okie fans chastised Spurs fans(Long Time Spurs fans) for calling out JoeyC……… BUT her you are ….. in all your whining glory……. complaining about the refs….. I said you would get your chance to experience this first hand, but you were too arrogant to think it could EVER happen to SUCH a Talented team…….. WELL, WELL, WELL……… lemme see if I can remember one of those ‘full of myself’ comments by the PHANS of okla……. ‘Well how does that winning streak feel now’ ??? OR how ’bout….. ‘You Spurs fans are just sore LOSERS !!’ So… how DOES you little 5 game winning streak feel now OKCKD35, now that your’re working on another streak….. 4 loses in a row……. just like you doled out to SA……. at least the Spurs held home court in the first 2 games…… the Thunder couldn’t even do that knowing they were playing 3 in a row in Miami…….. but it is as I thought …….. the Thunder did NOT lose…. The Heat did NOT win….. the refs Stole it ….right ?? lmao…… see you next year in the WC playoffs …. If you’re lucky!! btw, I thought Russell had a whale of a game… made difficult shots and played outstanding …. the last few plays notwithstanding ….

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        ….Only room for ONE per game, bubba

      • joe says:

        so its fair when OKC gets more foul calls then Miami?
        OKCKD35 – you are an idoit.

      • joe says:

        *idiot hahah damn it, i made a idoit of myself (deliberatley mispelled it the second time)

      • pakyaw says:

        just dont reply to OKCKD35…HE’S AN IDIOT!… he’s a 12 years old kid OKC fan.. all he does just whine about refs.. HE’S IN DENIAL,just cant accept whats happening on his team…JUST DONT REPLY & JUST IGNORE HIM.. this is my last reply to him too….

      • clippers fan since the start says:

        stop crying damn! Your team lost , get over it . The game was played fair but the heat was just the better team .

    • Drose better than Westbrook says:

      OKC’s offence are pick and roll with Durant and Westbrook….like you saw with all of Westbrook’s jumpers..They set a pick on Dwade and gave Westbrook space to shoot or drrive to the basket….



  172. Ken says:

    Westbrook, thanks very much for your last spectacular foul.


    • NBAfan says:

      I don’t think it’s fair to place all the blame on Westbrook.

      There were two key moments for that game…from which point the result could have gone a different way

      1. With the score tied at 90, Lebron waved off his teammate trying to go one on one with Ibaka (even though he doesn’t care about what he said)…only to slip on the floor and lose the ball……only for old man Fisher STARVED FOR ATTENTION DESPERATELY TRYING TO PROVE THAT HE IS AN INTEGRAL PART OF THIS TEAM to get blocked by Wade on a lay up..

      2. With the score tied at 94, Lebron…hit A CLUTCH..yes, a CLUTCH 3 pointer….there were more than 2 minutes left, but yeah…that’s CLUTCH IN MY BOOK….

      blaming Westbrook when there’s only 16 seconds left and they are down 3 points and the HEAT in possession…SEEMS LIKE A SILLY THING….better to praise Lebron’s 3 ball and Fishers BS decision making

      • Mrs Durant says:

        Absolutely agree…..
        I was kinda sad, to see the foul happen, cause yes I wanted the heat to win…but I also wanted Westbrook to be remembered for his 40+ Point performance NOT for the worst foul that he ever committed in his career..
        Come on heat fans….lets give credit when you see a good performance and Westbrooks game was absolutely phenomenal…..I mean come on…

      • RIght on!!! How about Harden forgetting how to shoot the ball after his defender FELL DOWN…or Sefolosha’s weak attempt at a 3-pointer that Wade got a hand on because it took Sefolosha 3 seconds to shoot the damn thing…not taking anything away from the HEAT, they closed out that game like champoins. However, OKC let it slip away with some of the most asinine b-ball in the finals that I have ever witnessed!!!!!

      • TWizz says:

        There were a lot more key moments in the game. Like all those bs fouls that the refs were calling for Miami. How about all those bs non-calls that the refs decided not to call for OKC. Refs won that game for Miami. We all know that NBA wants close games for rating purposes, but come on… Don’t make it so obvious..

        FYI, I AM NOT A FAN OF OKC… I’m a fan of basketball in general.. and basketball has been ruined the last decade or so because of greedy people..

      • Spurrred says:

        Yes you can not blame Westbrook for this. Yes that was the worst foul I have seen in forever, but there were more play than that one. The series has gone exactly as I thought it would so far.

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        ….ditto……. He had a Great game!! The mistakes will make him stronger in the long run…..As they say…..nobody’s perfect

    • Slider821 says:

      It was a mental error, a costly mistake made by RW. That being said it is an interesting rule, one I don’t quite understand. Logistically, can someone explain why 5 seconds should be added to the clock when there is a tie up under 5 on the shot clock?

      To me it seems like if the offensive team got tied up under 5 seconds on the shot clock, they shouldn’t be rewarded with more time. In other words, the defensive team creates a jump ball and gets punished for hustling to do so? In hindsight, Ibaka should not have hustled for the ball…is the NBA insinuating players not to hustle for a tie-up if under 5 seconds on the clock?

      Not a fan of either team, just wondering why. OKC definitely got punished by that rule since haslem was falling to the ground with 0.8sec on the clock. Can you tell a player not to hustle for the ball in certain situations? Weird.

      • Imad Akel says:

        It is simple really. The purpose of the jump ball is to tip the ball strongly to your teammate. This tip could take the offensive team a lot of feet away from where the jump ball was called (i.e. where the offensive possession had paused).
        It seems fair to allot some time in case the offensive team wins the ball in order for them to reach the point they were at.

        Just like time is added to the shot clock when there is a reach in foul, because when you inbound the ball it’s as if the offense has to set up the play all over again.

      • nitro says:

        So9 how do you explain them jumping the ball instead of Miami taking the ball out with .08 seconds left. It may be a stupid rule but a rule non the less that they knew about. Stop trying to change the rules because it didnt go your way. thats being a sore looser.

      • Larry O'Connor says:

        I agree! What a stupid rule.

      • Slider821 says:

        Imad: I understand extra time for a foul, that pusishes the defending team for fouling the offensive team as it should. A jump ball though should not punish any team. If the offensive team ran the clock down below 5 seconds, why should they be rewarded with more time becuase the defensive team made what is considered a good play by causing a tie up? The offensive team had their 24 sec and if they squander if down to <5sec I don't feel they should be rewarded with more time due to a good play by the defense…

        nitro: I'm not a fan of either team and I don't have a 'my way' for it to go. I am a fan of basketball, the game, not any team. This is a discussion about the game of basketball. I felt the rule was detrimental to the game and you say its being a sore loser. People like you the reason why I don't like fans of teams, you'd rather rub it in the face of your opponent than feel happy for the way your team played the game. You can't even discuss the game without pointing and name calling, pathetic.

        Larry: I never said it was a stupid rule, I'm trying to understand why it's a rule. It doesn't make sense to me still but the rulemakers must have a reason, I'm trying to determine that reason.

    • Knickfan says:

      he said thanks but not blame westbrook or anyone on his comment. read carefully man

    • bigthings 2012 says:

      haha i hope lebron gets his ring to silence haters but i don’t like all the criticism westbrook seems to constantly come under, OKC made it to the finals thanks to him, durant and solid overall team, and now they are losing against another great team in very close games. can’t we just sit back and enjoy the amazing ball being played right now? is it westbrooks fault miami have the MVP, 2 other all stars and great defence?

      • Larry O'Connor says:

        I picked Heat to win against OKC at the first day of the season, but once the playoffs began I thought the Spurs were going to the finals and changed my pick to SAS beating Miami. Then when the OKC pulled off the 4 game sweep and made me cry, I changed again to OKC to win over the Heat. I AM SOOOO CONFUSED!

        If OKC pulls this out then it will be the greatest playoff run ever in my mind. Here is OKC so young and they defeated Dallas (last years champs) in the first round. Then they defeated Lakers (5 recent rings) in the second round. They defeated San Antonio (4 recent rings) in the third round. All three teams full of veteran players, winning attitudes, and Spurs even had a 20 game winning streak going with an all time great coach at the helm. If OKC beats Heat it will be a playoff run for the ages!….If the Heat win than I was right…from the start. lol bandwagon….bandwagon….bandwagon.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      first off how did the Heat get 5 seconds back on the clock when the clock clearly said 0.8 on the jump ball call

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        ….rules…..remember those pesky details??…….. doesn’t matter ‘ cause hitting a 3 was a tough deal for the OKC’s last night for some reason…… Westbrook was splendid !! He showed why he is All-Star caliber ! the bad decision at the end should Not take away from such a great performance……. He was incredible….. As was chalmers….who saw that coming?? Harden’s slump could not have come at a worse time for the Thunder. I personally wish he would have had one or two like that against the Spurs….. but he was hitting almost everything (with his eyes closed..lol) in that series…….. that kind of ‘hot’ shooting can’t last forever though……, Still ….. the thunder need to try anything to win the next game to send it back home…… It will take a ‘herculean’ effort though as the Miami’s have all of the MO……. Good Luck Thunder !!

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        I thought you said you’ve been watchin’ for years and years……. but don’t know the rules??? WOW !!

      • Francisco says:

        ohhhhh your are back okckd35

      • OKCKD35 says:

        i guess i have never seen a jump ball with less than 5 secondso n the clock in my 20 yers of watching NBA. Terrible rule, basically it did not reward OKc for playing sound defense, terrible rule if it is one.

      • pakyaw says:

        ohh ur back OKCKD35..whats ur excuses this time? the 5 sec on the clock? ITS THE RULES… like i said before,OKC dont have a MENTAL TOUGHNESS in them.. they have the talent but the immaturity is whats killing them..

    • Changmin says:

      Don’t just blame Westbrook because Harden kinda messed up on that play as well. The Heat only had 0.8 seconds on the clock, so most likely they woulda been called for the shot clock violation or they woulda just put up a desperation shot which probably wouldn’t have gone in.

    • Vic says:

      You cant bame it on Westbrook for the foul you should blame the REFS for these no calls for the Thunder But every foul for heat.

      • dwade3 says:

        then if the referees are with Miami, total team foul should have a greater difference? ayt?
        but total fouls are 18 OKC against 20 Miami? think hater! lol