‘Cole World’ Jump Started Heat Rally

MIAMI — The Miami Heat can thank Norris Cole and the whiff of raw competition for cranking up the energy and jump starting their comeback from a 17-point early deficit against the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 4 of The Finals last night.

Without a mercurial seven minutes and 53 seconds from the high-top fade-wearing Cole, Mario Chalmers might not have gone on to tie his career-playoff high of 25 points or drain those 12 fourth quarter points to help the Heat hold off the Thunder.

Chalmers might not have felt the internal pressure to raise his game to another level without the contributions of Cole, a rookie point guard thought by many to be Chalmers’ possible replacement this season.

When he entered the game for Dwyane Wade with 2:59 to play in the first quarter, the Heat trailed by 13. When Shane Battier replaced him with 8:30 to play in the second quarter, the Thunder lead was just two points and the Heat had already completed their soul-crushing comeback.

Eight points — a driving layup and back-to-back huge 3-pointers, the first with 3.1 seconds left in the first quarter to ignite the crowd — from Cole forced Chalmers to answer that internal challenge. It also put LeBron James in play-maker mode and sparked his aggressive nature on offense.

As much praise as was heaped upon Chalmers after the game, Cole deserves his fair share for his work as well. Fellow Heat reserve James Jones handled that after the game in the Heat locker room when he called Cole the “man of the hour.”


  1. kuyabest says:

    As a Miami fan, I feel this Game 4 is the sweetest win for Miami because Cole and Chalmers are the heroes of the game!

    Love this BIG win!

  2. Mr.305 says:

    Miami is the better team. They have the MVP, and two VETERAN all-stars. Not taking anything away from OKC, their an amazing bunch of young kids. Great talent may one day be the best in the league. Right now though, it’s Miami.

  3. HEAT fan says:

    close the deal in game 5 . . . dont celebrate yet , 1 more win to go before we can say that the HEAT is the champion . . . overconfidence sometimes can lead to disaster . . . remember that OKC cameback from 0-2 deficit against the Spurs and win the WCF . . .
    HEAT fan here

  4. Dom says:

    To poster about shot clock, the rule by NBA rules. Not refs. Is reset shot clock on a jump ball to 5 when clock is less than 5. Can’t blame refs for that. And for the series fouls r almost e en, and okc has-auto fouled at end of 3 games now. So fouls r close. Miami is better. Just Soak it up and come back next year to face Miami. Good jib Cole.

  5. Tyrone Lu says:

    Miami only won because even though Wade had a good first half, he shot 5-15 in the end, that is where the bench needed to show some production, because they might get a little sloppy near the end. And Chalmers and Cole pulled it off.

  6. TheRileyLegacy says:

    Congrats to the point guards of Miami! For once you’ve had your day and lived up to your true potential. Keep it up!

  7. .....justplayball !! says:

    ….Yes he did….. and it made ALL the difference !!! From that point on the Thunder started to question themselves and it showed in the play of some of the players.

  8. Charles says:

    I feel poetic,

    44 seconds on the clock .. tick tok tick tok
    King James could not walk, run or even throw powder in the air
    But the haters forgot something .. all he needed to do was shoot
    and shoot he did
    When the heat and dust cleared … all that was left on the court was
    a bucket
    a bucket of KFC

    — charles Nwokoma

  9. kuyabest says:

    I am thrilled to see Cole and Chalmers to both shine!

    With LeBron, Wade and Bosh around, there is no more room for the other members of the Team to shine really bright… but on this rare occasion, the 2 shine!

    Congratulations to both of YOU!

    Miami in 5!

  10. Props go to Norris Cole for the outstanding game, he was amazing! http://pulsefeedz.com/why-the-miami-heat-won-game-4/

  11. MsBevBlack says:

    It is just as Shaun Powell said, “If the Heat can win this, they will need production from the bench.”
    Well, that is what they got. And the Heat showed a “depth” that many critics said they did not have.
    Lots of Love

  12. hdub says:

    All Miami need next season is to upgrade the 5th by drafting a young player or sign/trade a solid big man.

  13. akosibonik says:

    YES, very true. but why don’t we also credit that dagger-clutch-awesome-sweet -onefoot THREE by LeBron James? if not because of that, OKC might had stole the game?? it gave miami a confidence booster, and the LEAD! you should have a blog, explaining, and letting NBA fans see that LBJ now is clutch, these bloggers show they are biased, and against LBJ. anyway, they don’t wanna emphasize that they predicted wrong in their BLOGTABLE? they all picked OKC in 6 or 7. what’s up now? HEAT ALL THE WAY.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      these last 2 games in Miami have been ridiculous, i have tried to rise above complaining about the officiating, but when a guy like Westbrook drives to the rim all game long, getting fouled all game long ends up with 3 FT and 2 of the 3 were from a jump shot foul. OKC cannot win in Miami because the officials do not allow it to happen, yes westbrook made a stupid foul at the end, but whats up with resetting the shot clock to 5 seconds when it clearly said 0.8 when they called the jump ball. IF OKc wins in game 5 it will be because the officals actually called a fair game, how did Battier get more FT than westbrook? he took 4 jump shots and got 4 FT. OKC is the better team, when the game is played by the rules and called correctly/ this has been atrocious and now i know why OKC is not playing Boston in the Finals. Whats funny is the officaiting wasnt even bad in the 1st half, even when Miami cut the 17 point lead, that was all Miami, however the 2nd half of the game was all the officials! Its funny because in the 2 games in OKC OKC had an 8 FT advantage, in Miami the Heat have a 20 FT advantage which was disgusting in game 4 because OKC was the aggressor

      • wadefan says:

        im pretty sure the fouls were 18 to okc and 20 to miami.. the fouls were close.. doesnt mean the free throws will always be close.. also that is simply the rule about the shot clock, i dont know why.. but if its under 5 seconds and there is a jump ball they reset the shot clock to 5seconds.. thats not bad officiating.. if you want to complain about something then complain about the rule

      • DJ3 says:

        Keep making excuses. Miami won, go back to your farm in Oklahoma and get of the Internet!!!

    • Bad Luck Bryan says:

      Exaclty. Those fools predicting OKC in 7 must be ashamed right now.

  14. QWERTY says:

    MIA one win away. LEBRON’s FAULT