The Game 3 Meltdown You Missed (Video)

MIAMI — The Oklahoma City Thunder weren’t the only ones who struggled with their composure down the stretch in their Game 3 loss to the Miami Heat Sunday night.

Another member of Team Thunder (the child in the video below) had a late-game meltdown of his own:


  1. Clemmy4Heat says:

    I bet the poor child hated Chalmers this time!!! LOL!!

  2. Jasper says:

    man…i wonder how the kid is after tonite…=O

  3. 4-1 says:

    no team had comeback to a 3-1 deficit in the finals history… not even the oklaHOMOS.. agerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! chalmers will be an all star next year…. hahah

    better luck next season kid…. be a miami heat fan next season

  4. Dr. Michaels says:

    It is really funny how many Heat fans there suddenly are. They were all Mavs fans last year, but only after they Mavs looked to be winning the series. People who jump on the winning bandwagon are nothing like true fans. And for the guys saying the Spurs should be in the finals, they are glad they aren’t, because the Heat would spank them in four straight. Not a fan of either of these teams, but just can’t help but laugh at all the losers who suddenly converted to Heat fans. LOLZ

  5. Rod Miller says:

    UNBELIEVABLE NO CALLS … Is the fix in? Home team advantage has taken on a whole new meaning …

  6. VicRod says:

    Sorry kid but get use to it. The NBA would love for the heat and lebron (the all american superstar team) to take the championship home, and they will. I’m sick of the officials and the calls they make determining the outcome of games; OKC has no business even being in the finals. The way the Spurs were playing all playoffs they really look like this years championship TEAM!!!!!!!! But of course the refs did bad call after even worse call game 6 and gave the series away. If you people all open your eyes and look at whats going on in the league, they want the new young up and coming players to go all the way.

  7. uih7866 says:

    Cute, but…. The Wisconsin hillbilly melting down on youtube after the greenbay peckers wet the bed in the playoffs last year was better. πŸ™‚

  8. baskethead23 says:

    Now that’s a real fan!

  9. TooLow says:

    i wish everyone would just stop the bias in their articles.. when OKC win its all about how they are good and unbeatable.. if miami wins its all about what the refs didnt call that made them win.. come on… both are getting miscalls… just stop with the HATE… all these commentaries and articles makes me sick…

  10. TooLow says:

    wow.. i mean this has got to be one of the most ridiculous thing i would see in this site.. i mean all that hate and you would go this low and post a video like this.. this is a joke… pathetic article… not even related to the game and just try to flame up more hate to a team..

  11. Labron James says:

    this is what young durant will be doing after we win

  12. Agudo says:

    Children are a reflection of their parents. Hitler wasn’t born a racist he was raised to be one. What!? I’m not saying the kid’s gonna grow up to be the next Hitler. I’m just saying parents shouldn’t raise their kids to hate so much. What a sook. acutally posted this video? Shame.

  13. ombre says:

    I just like what media is able to do with people. They make them hate somebody so easily….

  14. leo says:

    Its in cleveland… where haters spread LBJ hate Syndroms.. But its funny… Miami in 5

    • OKCKD35 says:

      i am not in cleveland or Miami, i’m in California, i am a Sonics/Thunder fan since the early 90’s. Its not that i dont like the Heat, i used to like them a lot in the Alonzo Morning days. I dont like LBJ, and its his own fault. i am sure he doesnt care, but i cannot respect a player who first off accepts the nick name of “king” especially when he has not won anything. Is it a play on the King James bible? if so he would be a false prophet lol. 2nd his media spectacle when he signed his MAX contract with the Heat and had a 3 hour show about it, while that was going on Durant also signed a MAX contract, how did he celebrate? with a tweet because he is humble and not a show boat that LBJ tries to be. 3rd, promising not 3, not 4, not 5 but 7 championships, the guy has not even won 1 yet and is calling for multiple titles, he leaves cleveland and rips into his former teammates that he didnt have enough talent around him to win, then he joins with Wade and Bosh and still loses. That is why i dont like LBJ, has nothing to do with heating the heat or the organization. i really liked Bosh in Toronto, probably still would if he didnt cut off his dreads

      • HeatFan says:

        He don’t care and neither do we….. Mr OKC fan

      • finals! says:

        keep crying boy.. instead of posting your dumb comments here, why dont you go to a bar and cry with the rest of the haters?

  15. Mbijimbiji says:

    The Kid liked OKC while Dad and Mom liked Heat
    I support Heat but as a parent myself i felt bad for the Kid
    I felt the same way when the Heat lost game 1.

  16. Sir Sam says:

    You get paid for Youtube videos that go viral. It’s about the money now but the tears will be real in just a couple of days. Buy the way that video was fun..haha…ny

  17. lebrunt says:

    This kid dissects the game better than Jon Barry.

  18. Mike says:

    “Why do you hate LeBron?” “I don’t know!”

    I feel like that, even from a child, pretty much sums up the average mentality of a Heat-hater. Quit hating on a guy because he didn’t join your team and enjoy the game. You’ll find he actually has quite a bit of talent of you take off the hater-goggles that are obscuring your biased vision.

    On another note, anybody who’s whining about the refs being the only reason Miami’s winning – shut up. There are a lot of miscalls both ways, and blaming refs for your team losing is only a simple way to falsely justify a loss without giving the opposing team credit or point out your teams’ flaws. I’m sure that the refs scored their way out of a 10 point deficit for Miami, turned the ball over to Miami in a critical late game play, and allowed Miami to have eight turnovers in the fourth, right?

    Again: Shut up and enjoy the game.

  19. HeatFan says:

    Sorry little one….. Heat got this and as much as you hate em, we love em!!!! Shame on your parents for staging and filming your little tirade, they found their moment of fame at your expense!!!

  20. keyway says:

    I feel ya kid. I cried when Joe Montana connected with Dwight Clark in the NFC Championship. I have no pity, but I salute real fans.

  21. joe says:

    wow. this video really epitomises the ‘hate-heat’ population. a lot of the people who ‘hate on’ or just bash lebron and the heat have the same sort of maturity as this child (no, im not hating on the kid. he’s allowed to react like this because he doesn’t know better).
    and even though it kind of makes me feel bad, I had to laugh at the ”don’t worry heat, you’re going down” and then cut to the kid crying hahaha mom, dad, you’re geniuses for exploiting your kids emotions like that

  22. dattebayo says:

    I am guessing this kid is not older than 8. Obviously he is influenced by his surroundings and is somehow a fan of the Thunder. It is ok to get emotional and cheer for your team and being disappointed at losses and losing games, but reactions like that just baffle me. Sports should be entertainment and competition, not a religion. This kid should not have a reaction like this and learn to distance itself from stuff like that. How many deep ties to the Oklahoma franchise could he possibly have that would legitimate an emotional reaction of this proportion? To me that is a parenting fail…

    Again, sports should not become a religion, there are way too many people taking this stuff too serious and getting way too emotional. Burning jerseys and gaining pleasures at other peoples failures are just petty actions/emotions to me. When I root for a team, I hope they will win and not that the opponent will fail…

    • Fish says:

      Im a Oklahoma Thunder fan and I hate how this bratty kid is immulating his dad. I bet his dad is the one who cuts you off in traffic because you had to cut in front of him to mis a real and dangerous hazard in the road. The truth of the matter is the thunder is flopping like fish out of water, with Harden at the lead. I like harden but come on, learn to play rough like men play. This isn’t high school. You are a professional and professionals don’t take glory in making the other guy look like he fouled you. Stand up and play ball. and at least try to rebound, or run while your in the court, or make freethrows ,or drive the lane with intentions to score, the list goes on. The thunder is letting miami beat them not because they are a whole lot better. but because they come to play. I guess its like going to the carnaval buying a ticket to ride all the rides and not riding anything.

  23. GoBulls says:

    Us chicagoans pretty much had the same reaction when d rose tore his ACL

  24. Denzyl says:

    is funny and very rewarding to see the haters crying, not the kid in the video. But the bunch of oklahomos in this column. GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Heat fan says:

    This kids a baby. He should accept the loss and actually be optimistic of the thunders chances of winning. You don’t see heat fans crying when they were down 2-1 to Indiana and 3-2 to Boston before winning. I would hate to see this kid when the thunder were down 2-0 to the spurs.

  26. Baller says:

    hey kid…blame westbrook for the missed three…probably right about Miami winning….but hating bosh… way, u can hate LBJ, but nobody hates the Bosh!!

  27. YHONZ says:

    hehe..2 more games of crying baby.. hahahaha

  28. Gwoei says:

    HAHAHA, too bad, he’s gonna cry 2 more times… and the loudest and longest the fourth time.

  29. that one guy says:

    Stop complaining about the parenting people and grow some balls. It is a KID i’m sure many of you if not all of you have said the word hate as a child. Find something else to complain about. At least his parents are watching with him and not seperated, stop being so negative. BTW GO THUNDER

  30. Shane says:

    you people are dumb as hell…”teaching your kid to hate”

    he’s a KID…children use words like “hate” without the animosity that an adult would use it with…

    it’s no different than a kid saying that he hates peas…you guys are morons, this doesn’t indicate bad parenting at all…

  31. CZRHOUND says:

    Kid, get ready to cry a couple of more times before it’s all over.

  32. Samuel says:

    If OKC loses tonight, they’ll be eating “snot” like this guy.

  33. LOLakers says:

    LOL! That is the typical Blunder fan!!! Only a bunch of crybabies wetting their diapers!!!!

    • OKCKD35 says:

      you are still in here? you still arent done hating on the Thunder for spanking your Lakers? you are worse than the Spurs fans. How is any OKc fan typical? they have only been a team for what? 4 years?

  34. please says:

    Its OK, south beach and the heat dont mind the hate, keep doing it! the heat are just gonna play with more intensity

  35. Jason says:

    Come on kid, this isn’t over. Your dad should know that and tell you. It’s a seven game series. The heat won the best of 3 by leading 2-1. Now, it’s a best of 4. Let’s see who wins that. It’s not over till someone wins 4 games. Heat won 4 in a row after losing Game 1 to the Bulls in the ECF and went to the Finals. OKC was down 2-0 against the Spurs and they won 4 in a row. We just have to wait and watch what happens. It all depends on who wants it more and who plays big for their team.

  36. HEATFAN DWADE3 says:

    Sorry kid, but the HEAT are winning Game 4 if not they are still winning the championship!!! LETS GO HEAT!!!

  37. THEKING says:

    keep crying little kid cause the KING is going to get his ring πŸ˜€

  38. heat says:

    be for real theres only 2 games left for OKC, soo yea try and keep him out of the kitchen or sharp objects in days game

  39. Aram says:

    Complimentary tissues are provided for OKC fans. Just ask the HEAT fan beside you. LOL

  40. TSK says:

    Well did dad do anything to stop “HATE”?? or is he promoting it instead? Nice parenting.. smh

    • nbafan says:

      ummmm… that’s not promoting heat. That’s a real fan. Swear I wanted to cry duirng a few games myself over the years.

  41. Leslie says:

    Hating people that you don’t know or disagree with is a simple sign of immaturity. How many of us made adult decisions in our lives that others may or may not agree with should we too be hated to the degree of encouraging a child to think hate is acceptable and expected. I agree that some REAL adult should have explained to the child it’s a game, WIN or LOSE, it’s just a game. Being a FAN is one thing, being an IDIOT is something totally different.

  42. Brian says:

    This is pitiful… The parents should be ashamed of themselves, and most of it seems staged (some of the stats the child mentions). Teaching your child that it’s acceptable to use the word “hate” isn’t cute to me.

  43. Rique says:


    Yeah, blame the refs… the Lament of The Losers! I wonder if Utah cried as much when Jordan fouled Bryon Russell…


  44. Roko says:

    I can feel for poor kid … there are millions which hates Bosh, LeBron and Wade πŸ™‚

  45. Carl G says:

    Im sick of OKC fans whining because of the officiating. If it wasnt for the officials OKC wouldnt even be in the finals. Game 6 of the western conference finals was the most disgusting display of one sided officiating ive seen since game 7 of the 2010 finals.

    • katsomehlo says:

      Game 6 Thunder/Spurs was almost as bad as Game 6 Kings/Lakers 2002, but I agree Carl G.

    • OKC!!!!!!!!!!! says:

      thats why refs gave game 2 to heat for that bad call at the end

    • OKCKD35 says:

      just like game 1 for the Spurs, funny how noone mentions that. OKC was up by 9 in the 4th and the Spurs got call after call, take that away and there would not have even been a game 6!. Samething for OKC in game 6, they got the home court. Same thing with Miami in game 3. Sometimes it helps your team sometimes it hurts your team, refs are something all fans have to “live” with.

  46. RJP says:

    hahahahhaha love it!!


    Proof that nobody wants the Heat to win…. unless you live in Florida..Even a young kid can realize the tragedy of LBJ..

  48. V says:

    I do appreciate fans LOVING their teams…. Hahaaaa….. Competition needs emotion…. Otherwise, play a board game…….. Allen, how did this even come to race vs race? The basketball is brownish/orange. Heat wear black, thunder wear blue.

  49. Jack says:

    What they forgot to mention was that this boy put his entire life savings on OKC winning game 3 πŸ˜‰

  50. jp says:

    It’s OK kid, any of us who appreciate basketball as a team sport without refs giving games away pretty much feel the same way.

    • Rique says:


      Yeah, blame the refs… the Lament of The Losers! I wonder if Utah cried as much when Jordan fouled Bryon Russell…


  51. Allen Yaya says:

    Poor kid, how can you sit there and record him while he’s upset, the dad should be explaining its just a game or at least OKC is nowhere near out of the finals. Generating baseless stereotypical hate, and if it was a country v country game it would border on generating racisim in your child because you are getting them to hate something for no reason expect that someone else is different.

    • Corentin LeVot says:

      Oh so right man, can’t believe NBA posted that either, don’t you have articles to wirte or something?