Ibaka: ‘LeBron Is Not A Good Defender’

MIAMI — Thunder forward Serge Ibaka has a bone to pick with all of those NBA coaches that helped LeBron James pile up the most votes on the All-Defensive team balloting.

Not only does Ibaka think little of James as a defender, he hasn’t seen anything from the Heat star in The Finals to change his mind … not even that fourth quarter work James produced in Game 3 defending Thunder star Kevin Durant.

In a hard-fought series that has been short on extra curricular drama, Ibaka’s words, per Tom D”Angelo of The Palm Beach Post, would qualify as the closest thing anyone has seen to real trash talk:

“LeBron is not a good defender,” Ibaka said about the player who received the most votes for the league’s all-defensive team, which is selected by the coaches.

“He can play defense for two to three minutes but not 48 minutes.”

James was switched onto Durant after Game 1 when Durant scored 36 points and shot 12-of-20 with Shane Battier primarily covering him. Since, Durant is averaging 28.5 points on 23-of-41 shooting and Heat have won two games, taking a 2-1 series lead into Tuesday’s Game 4.

“LeBron can’t play (Durant) one-on-one,” Ibaka said. “They’re playing good defense like a team.”

This is probably not the kind of chatter Thunder coach Scott Brooks needs his team worrying with on game day, but he has no choice now.

And for the record, Ibaka’s view of what makes a “good defender” differs dramatically from ours. We’ll give him a pass this time, it’s the least we could do for the league’s top shot blocker.

But if he’s going to pick a verbal fight, he needs to choose an easier target next time.


  1. Denzo says:


  2. LALAKERS+LeBron says:

    UR only a shot blocker but u cant defend well in pick and rolls..
    so if ur the best defender try defend guards with such height of 5’9…and get an average of 3 steals per game!!!.
    so why speak with that words…
    u can only do is to block!!!

    • Denzo says:


  3. Jalil says:

    Personally, I kind of agree with Ibaka. Lebron doesnt guard the best player on the other team every game. he does stuff the stat sheet quite often but to say he is an all league defender might be giving too much credit. D-Wade is a better man-defender than Lebron is. I’m not sayin’ that he isn’t a good defender. Im just sayin that there are just too many defenders in the NBA to say Lebron is even in the top FIVE. Sorry fans, but I dont follow the hype. I watch the games,

  4. jerseyguy says:

    jordan and kobe played the same position they the same size thats y u can compare them, lebron plays a different position and carries around way more weight on his body and on his shoulders from haters like yall, wilt chamberlain as i said is statistically the best player of all time, and as far as championships go we all know bill russel got everybody beat….soooooo they all are hall of famers no matter how u look at it, lebron is rich as hell and might be worth more than all of them when its all said and done, and none of yall can do any hating that can change that, let that man live man get off his back, he deserves more respect than comparisons and verbal lashings

  5. C_E_Go_Boss says:

    Gentlemen, can’t we all get along. mom always said opinions are lie a-holes, everybody has one. Got in to a conversation w/ my son about the very point. Old School remembers when the game was played 1 on 1, but since Shaq was so dominant the league felt the need to go to the college game & allow teams to play zone. It is what it is, but in defense of LoLakers, leBron makes others around him better which can’t be said about MJ or Kobe. Magic & Bird are another story. And having said that, I’m out! And for those of you that might get the idea I’m too young to know the Old School players, I’m 55 years old. Lata!

    • Denzo says:

      You just said MJ didnt make the people around him better? R u Serious! Can we dekete this idiots comment?!!!

  6. hey basketball fans out there! I thnk the eat will win the nba Finals.The have a(3-1) lead.

  7. HeatFanSince98 says:

    You sound stupid for comparing MJ to LBJ…Lebron never said he was better than Jordan and never compared himself to Jordan dummies. Everyone else does. All the other Greats says he will be ONE of the greatest players of all time. People who hate Lebron are ignorant and probably not that bright because you hate someone you don’t even know. How many families he feeds,charities he donates his money And time, communities he helps….So what he came to Miami to play, jordan had a Great supporting cast to help him win multiple rings and the greatest coach ever and so did Kobe.

  8. MG20 says:

    Lebron is a terrific player, definitely the best currently and a close contender to MJ to say the least, but I have to agree on Ibaka with this one. I’m not really sure why he got the rep of a great defender, it seems all superstars do, just for the sake of their legacy or what not. In truth, no player who is so valuable for their team offensively plays great defence, not so much because they can’t, but because they have to watch out for foul trouble…

  9. James says:

    Fvcking Westbrook. Taking the game by himself. Inviduals win games but teams win championship. Yeah baby!\

    He wanna be the star !

  10. G says:

    LOLakers says: Idiot! He’s schooling the entire Blunder team in every area of the court! He is the greatest player of all time and he will demolish you for that remark! Heat in 5!!!

    Please let him win 6 titles first then we can call him the greatest, or at least great, now he is ok, not great, and we will see how he will play with the injury, I think he is the kind of player that injuries, if they keep coming, will hurt his career tremendously, cose he is not a great jump shooter, and he will now be able to drive to the basket regulary very soon, thet it will be over for him and the heat…

  11. theKING says:

    ahhh okay maybe IBAKA is referring to Durant defense? KD cant stop Lebron.. hahaha

  12. theKING says:

    SERGE IBAKA? such a LOSER!!!! tonight game 4 = 4pts, 7rebs, 1blk, 27mins? common man!!! where’s u DEFENSE? you nothing!!!

  13. Paul says:

    So many comparison talks to MJ. Why??
    MJ did not shoot unnecessary 3’s in the fourth quarter like LJ. College training – simple.
    When your up by 3 points with 1:20 to go, you burn the clock and go for the high percentage 2 pointer to go ahead 2 possessions. YOU DON’T burn only half the clock and jack up a 3 – one of LJ”s trademark playoff mistakes in the 4th quarter since he came to the NBA.
    MJ would have had more than 5 MVP trophies because there were far more legitimate superstars to compete against for it back then.
    LeBron doesn’t have to fight many players for that trophy. Not as many proven superstars to compete with today.
    Unfortunately for LJ, he had the wrong coach in Cleveland and didn’t have Scottie Pippen beside him. Had Lebron been coached by Phil Jackson with a prime Scottie Pippen, then LJ would be doing exactly what MJ did and would be considered the new equal of this era – simple.

  14. Tony Snow says:

    lebron is nowhere near goat.

    he might get the most calls and rigged games…and cant forget the best traveller of all time

  15. KC says:

    Lebron is probably immune to Ibaka’s childish mental strategy. Does Ibaka think they’re still on the playground. After everything Lebron’s been through, hearing a cheapshot from a nobody like Ibaka isn’t going to faze him at all.

    In a way, he’s disrespecting his own teammate Durant. Newsflash Ibaka, your buddy Durant is UNGUARDABLE. As in, nobody in the NBA can guard him 1 on 1. Thing is, action is always going to be faster than reaction. Only lucky anticipation is going to allow you to be there in time, but then all Durant has to do is fake and that’s that.

    Ibaka should talk. He goes after blocks to the exclusion of good team defense at times. It’s a team game Ibaka, and when you figure that out you might even be as good as your teammate Collison, who seems to understand that it’s not about stats but about playing good basketball and helping the team win. Check his plus minus and compare it to yours Ibaka. You might learn something.

  16. The Game says:

    Serge Ibaka ur not a good defender either! *game1 no Blocks *game2 5 blocks
    *game3 2 blocks *game4 1 block. ur a shot blocker not a tight defender.
    may be even you cant guard KD 1 on 1 u cant even guard lebron james 1on1
    u think ur the best? ur not even the crowned defensive player of the year.
    lets talk again if u can guard Dwight Howard 1on1 at the post.

  17. MIAMI 3 6 1 says:

    Does ibaka made a big impact on his blocking skill??? uhm NO duhhh!!!! It doesn’t matter if you can block 10 time a game and still keep on losing…. I’ll stay with LBJ Grabbing rebounds to win………….

  18. HeatKingsOfEast says:

    lebron is a terrific defender. ibaka is saying that lebron can guard for 3 to 4 minutes, cant he understand that lebron is also exerting effort in offense. he cannot play 48 mins with full offense and defense, no one does. and another thing is that, does lebron need to guard the person who had the ball? at least the person standing next to him is automatically out of the offense.

  19. AJ says:

    whaaaaaaT? LeBron is not a good defender? are you out of your mind Serge to speak like that, the coaches pick lebron for the all defensive team. they know the ability of lebron that you can’t see. noob ibaka.

  20. googergieger says:

    He can’t play good defense. The refs let him foul. I mean clear as effin day. Whoever defends him gets in foul trouble or has to play soft defense on him, meanwhile he is allowed to push, pull, scratch, and anything else you can imagine on defense and he is never in foul trouble. Anyone can be a great defender with that much leeway. See tonight for an obvious example.

  21. willan joseff says:

    i think lbj is a very good defender. but not as good as advertised..hes playing a lot well in the series.compared to his first two previous finals appearance..he is finally learning to play in high pressure situations.

  22. yam says:

    Ugh always rings, rings, rings, as an individual Lebron has is showing that he can be the greatest of all time, it’s too early to say if he is right now but he has the potential. Rings don’t always say who’s better come on people, there are tons of people with rings but not many are better than Lebron. It’s a team effort to win and allstar players are key but they are not the only ones playing.

  23. LMAO, atleast James can put up points while Ibaka can barely put on points and relies heavily on Durant, Westbrook, and Harden (who is playing teribble.)

    Besides that, James is defending well enough. Ibaka should start playing better defense as well AND put up points before trash talking.

  24. WAPAK says:

    GOAT? not at all, but he has the potential. Basketball is evolving right now, Comparison makes no sense, lets just say they are the greatest, only on their time. The level of competition is continuously maturing, basketball today is a profession. I still believe MJ is the greatest, but to think that he including Magic and Bird can match Kobe, Durant & LBJ when they are in the same age.

  25. JayM says:

    Poor Ibaka Im sure he’s coaching staff voted on LBJ!

  26. cedric says:

    so he thinks he’ll be like dikembe…its to early…good luck mr ibaka

  27. ascedric says:

    funny to say for someone coming from the help side to get his blocks Ibaka in this one really look stupid no offense but i’m right

  28. uriy says:


  29. Janarth says:

    yo for yall tht think lebron’s greatest, find a different sport to watch cuz i don knw wha u sayin bout lebron’s the greatest. the top 5 all time r jordan, chamberlin, magic, bird n kobe

  30. Nkpume says:

    Bottom line is that Ibaka made a grave mistake. Now, the Heat will have his quote sprawled all over the locker room for motivation. Great competitors never make this mistake.

  31. AP says:

    Just for the records MJ and Kobe Bryant are by far better players than Lebron. Lebron only has one obvious advantage, he is physically stronger than MJ and Kobe and that help him score more baskets when they dont put pressure on him. When you put pressure on Lebron he’s averaging mediocre number. He will choke again just wait and see….Miami should thanks the referrees for all the stupid fouls they are calling on Durant. To me thats a set up!!!! Durant is a superstar, let him play!!!

  32. Dew says:

    I will say that Lebron has shown signs of being a good, if not great defender at times. The bad side of his game as well as the entire Heat team is the flops and bailouts they constantly look for from the refs as if they are part of their team as well. The Heat play a different brand of basketball is it is one that consists of traditional ways of scoring and defending, but if they feel pressured and their backs to the wall, they will look to ”force” the contact and issue with fouls going their way whether they do it by flopping, exaggerating contact, forcing contact on offensive shots, and drawing charges on the defensive end. They play within the rule books for now, and for another 20-30% of the Heat’s game, they get bailed out and often works out in their favor to win ball games. They see it that if they can not themselves stop you from playing good defense, they will force the issue and have the refs do the other work for them by drawing the contact to get others in foul trouble so that the other teams can not score. The Heat in my opinion are more boring than the San Antonio Spurs. I see more whistles blown in a Heat and Thunder game than I have in 5 Spurs games. The Heat and Thunder are always shooting free throws, drawing charges, running into people, flopping, and the whistles blow every other possession. The flow of the game is rediculous. At least when San Antonio plays, its up and down, shot after shot, defensive play after play and entertaining as a basketball fan. Sure what works for Miami might get them a win or the Thunder is some cases, however it is not a good brand of basketball and despite the big names and dunks on the team, the highlights we see are not at all what watching one of their games is like. Too many calls in these teams games, players arguing with refs or looking at them, too much flopping, and the games progress too slow to get any excitement going for me to care about this Miami or Thunder team. The highlights are more exciting to watch since they leave out all the stuff I do not want to see. Least San Antonio played the right way and would beat teams by putting the ball in the hole, not worrying about getting the calls or forcing pointless contact. The Thunder beat the Spurs with forcing calls, getting flops and was ridiculous to watch. Now with two teams trying to do it, looks even more ridiculous. Pop was dead on talking about this being a ”Hollywood Script”.

    • David says:

      I absolutely love that the thunder are complaining about foul calls, when they played the Spurs they got every foul call they needed .

  33. Marisa says:

    Boo Ibaka! James is a great defender and Ibaka will taste his own words when MIAMI wins this year!!!

  34. Miyayo says:


  35. Miyayo says:

    Why doesn’t Ibaka just shut up and play the game instead of losing 2 straight and talking smack to the media. he just mad Miami taking them down LeBron is a top 5 defender. who would u rather have guard Durant? Kobe? NO LeBron and Durant scored 4 points in the 4th when LeBron was guarding him

  36. Udonis Haslem-MIAMI HEAT says:

    You’ll pay dearly for this tonight IBAKAAAAAAAAA!

  37. OctoPPus says:

    OKC will be back home – the vengeance will begin !!!
    FRY DURANT , FRY !!!!!!!!

  38. OctoPPus says:

    Kevin : if you breathe on Lebron or Wade they are on the foul line

    Example – Harden’s steal attempt – Lebron pushed him away because he felt Harden almost got a steal that could change the game – and who’s pushing and who’s on the foul line??? Refs – a bit of justice, please …

  39. Graham says:

    also kevin makes the truest posting on here
    wade and lebron get so many calls when the thunder get robbed
    this makes me not even want to watch the nba its good to see that there are ppl out there that actually see the games for what they are

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ….just pure entertainment……. supposedly non-scripted…..but it DOES make you wonder sometimes ..doesn’t it

  40. Graham says:

    lol all these ppl yapping about lebron being one of the best players ever??
    why cause hes won three mvps?
    or cause of his stats?
    there are tons of players that win mvps and are stat stuffers but i wouldnt call them the best players ever in the nba

    i think most fans of lebron are new to the nba and havent witnessed the greats such mj and kobe and others
    even if james does get his one ring he did with dwyane wade one of the most explosive and atheltic shootings guards in the game

    send wade to play with kobe or any other contender and they would win also

    my point is lebron needs 2 of the top ten best players on his team to win a title

  41. Rocabye says:

    Lebron should get missed calls because every ghost call in the game goes to Dwyane Wade. Honestly I think the refs love Wade more than anyone in the league. If the refs actually gave Lebron calls and kept the ridiculous calls for Wade no team would ever be able to beat them. Wade gets gifted more free throws than Ginobli and Harden combined. Ugh.

    As for the topic, Ibaka is talkin smack because his team leader used Lebron 1v1 the entire night in his own house. I mean if my top dawg was putting Lebron on his highlight reel for 48 mins, I’d talk smack too. Course Ibaka has no room to be talkin smack, but you know how it goes. Cheerleaders will be cheerleaders!

  42. JMC says:

    By the way the greatest player for the game is Michael Jordan. The best player would go to Wilt Chamberlain (the guy shot balls that were undefendable).

  43. JMC says:

    Serge Ibaka is the last person on this earth that can critize Lebron James. One on one Lebron would tear him apart because the fact is the game is won on both sides of the court.

  44. james is one of the greatest player i’ve seen in NBA.. i’m pretty sure serge ibaka will pay on game 5, i’m really sure james will prove him wrong…. and for the record, no body, i mean no other player can do what the King does… he got his own swag 🙂

  45. Big Lebron's Fan says:

    HEy man got a lot of respect for what you have accomplished but that doesnt put you in the position of criticising The BEST PLAYER in the league so keep blocking your shots, be quiet and let JAMES do what he does best: PLAYİNG BASKETBALL

  46. RB says:

    No doubt michael jordan is the greatest player ever. as for having rings then robert horry should be the greatest then. how many great players from the past never won a ring lets see: Karl Malone, John Stockton, Reggie Miller, Charles Barkley, patrick Ewing, Clyde Drexler, etc. and even some of them are hall of famers. I am not saying that rings dont matter, they are a player ultimate goal. LBJ with a ring or not is going to be a future hall of famer weather some people like it or not. And we have to admit he is a great defender, scorer and the best all around player.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ….. no we DON’T …..Because he is not the ‘best all around player’…… plain and simple……..and and over-rated defensive player….. way above average….But NOT a ‘great defender’…….. that is not how his reputatioin was made….. but he is learning and getting Alot better !!!

  47. Kevin says:

    The referee’s keep putting Durant in foul trouble because if they don’t he will take over the game. It’s pretty sad too, some of the calls have been rediculous. Lebron be holding and pushing Durant and he can barely get a call, but if you breathe on Lebron or Wade they are on the foul line. They shot 11 more free throws last game and only won by 6 points.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ….and Thunder shot 13 more that the spurs in a win….. I guess ‘it evens out’ …..like so many of the thunder fans were eager to ‘point out’…… ……ONLY by 6….OR by 26 , it ids just a win….What separates the great players is how they deal with the loses…… I guess we will see tonight in game4

  48. Jono says:

    Just fuel for the fire! Stupid thing to say, All that’s gonna do is make LeBron play even harder! What a fool!

  49. jojo says:

    you know why ibaka? because lebron has to do his offense of 30 plus points too not like you so shut up.

  50. Kevin says:

    OK, so I’ve read all this nonsense. First of all, Lebron is a good defensive player because they don’t call fouls on him. If they referee him the same as everyone else he will foul out some game and play a lot like aggressively in most games to keep from fouling out. He commits offensive and defensive fouls on the regular. You’ve neever seen Bird play with Magic, Jordan play with Barkley, Duncan play with Garnett, etc. I agree a Superstar needs to have another star and good role players on his team but I’ve never seen the supposed best player in the world playing with another guy who is considered to be the second, third or fourth best player in the world. They should be competing against each other. That’s having heart, deciding to play together to make it easier to reach your goal is having no heart. Basically you want to take the easy way out. Lebron is a good player but if you’ve been paying attention teams haven’t doubled him they double Wade. That’s why Lebron has been able to have great games. Let D-Wade get hurt and you will see the different in this series.

  51. MannyFresh says:

    What the hell is Ibaka thinking you dont talk garbage on the MVP of the league espacially when you cant even hold Lebron”s jock strap. You are a bum and if you think you guys are going back to OKC you are a bigger idiot than i thought. Miami will close you guys out im Miami and all that garbage you where talking might send you to another team because lebron is the last person you wanna get goin you idiot lol

  52. HAshim says:

    It’s because people are jealous of Lebron but they won’t come out and admit it. That’s why alot of players take shots at Lebron even when doesn’t say anything about them. These players are mad of all the media attention Lebron gets and all of his endorsements etc. especially when he was in cleveland when Lebron was in cleveland he was loved by the media and players were jealous because of the attentionand praise he was getting you couldn’t say anything bad about Lebron or the media would crucify you so players kept how they felt about Lebron to themselves but when the media turned on Lebron for the decision and going to Miami alot of the players in the league were happy as hell because now they could say how they really felt about Lebron from the beginning and not get bashed in the media for it because the media had turned on him. These people are pathetic it’s like why are you always giving Lebron all the attention and praise i’m a good player too what about me. WHere are my $100 million endorsements how come yall don’t pay attention to me!!!!!!!!!! that’s basically what alot of players are saying without saying it they are jealous of Lebron. That’s why when the media has been bashing Lebron these hormonal players have been loving it. You got scrubs and bench players taking shots at Lebron when he says nothing to them he goes out and just plays it’s not by accident jealous haters can’t take it. Lebron is right every team they play some clown has something to say.

  53. Daniel G says:

    Well who cant defend someone that is way smaller then them.Thats why lebron was so effective against Rose. all im saying is can we really call them superstars when it takes three of the best players in the nba to get 1 ring.(lbj,Wade,Bosh)yeah you say jordan couldnt do it without pippen but i strongly doubt that. and how are u goin to compare pippen against wade. wade got a ring without lbj n bosh .pippen on the other hand .not. and then bosh ,who can u really compare him to horace grant ,luke longley and rodman .lol.no camparison.Give credit where credit is due.Lbj Great at runnin down the block against their opponent. ibaka best defender off the bench ever. Does it really take three years for the supposedly greatest player in the nba to get a ring with all that HELP!?

  54. Choker says:

    yeah…. its now always about blocking in defense…. rebounding also….. Ibaka is just a fool

  55. MiamiAllTheWay says:

    As much as Lebron is a great player i just want to talk on the lebron being the greatest basketball of all time and I think thats going to far however he is a great offensive player and well defensive player but you have to wait until he is near the end of his career to start making big comments like that. On the Ibaka topic i would think that Ibaka should not be making comments like that and just for stating that comment in game 4 and 5 expect lebron, dwyane, chris bosh and the rest of the heat to do some serious damage because these are the type of things that get players motivated.

  56. Aram says:

    Serge Ibaka was too eager to block shots (he had only two), which led to his fouling Shane Battier on an attempted trey – dumb foul by a dumb defender

  57. heeg says:

    People you’re all out of topic………

  58. john says:

    Has anyone else heard the context that Ibaka said this in? English isn’t his first or even second language, so it’s entirely possible he’s not completely aware of what he was saying. He very well may have meant that LBJ can’t guard KD for 48 minutes. Honestly, I don’t think anyone in the history of the league could stop KD for a full 48. I don’t see this as “trash talk”, it’s probably more of a language issue.

  59. jnash says:

    you’re talking way too much out of topic. this is not about LBJ’s greatness. this is about Ibakas critique about LBJ’s capability of being a good defender. well i’m for LBJ. Ibaka’s a kid. he knows nothing about a team play. if you’re a better defender individually, and keep braggin about it, then why should we have 5 players on the court? why don’t we watch a 1 on 1 pickup game instead. basketball is about team play fools!

  60. Pau Gasol says:

    I am taking my talents to South Beach

  61. OctoPPus says:

    Maybe Ibaka is not Howard yet, but he’s doing pretty good. Ibaka should have been given – Defensive Player Award – rescpect for Chandler, but they’re not far away one from each other … when Knicks played Heat did Chandler show as many moments as for No 1?

    IBAKA keep doing what you r doing !!! – I guess many people overestimate James

    IBAKA – SHOW HIM !!!

  62. chinny says:

    this coming from a a cherry blocker

  63. CP3 says:

    Yo Blake Griffin is better defender than IBAKA

  64. OctoPPus says:

    IBAKA take a RED SCARF – James will try to bully you – be the TOREADOR !!!

    – you know he’s doing that when he loses )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  65. Jim Rome says:

    What people have to understand that the competitive drive of the NBA stars back then is much different from the drive we have now. There are so few with that drive now, and those players are people like Chauncey Billups, Kobe Bryant, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, so and so forth. Those guys also came from a generation where physicality was an absolute must. As for the enemy comment, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Mag Johnson, Isiah Thomas, all those guys were too busy wanting to destroy each other on the court before even thinking about coming together as a team.I do miss the old scoring duels between Lebron and Wade though, they put on some good shows.

  66. W/E says:


  67. MrKnowsTheGame says:

    I am truly amazed at some of the comments, either people are attempting awful, dry humor, or most of these people don’t know the game of basketball. #SMH

  68. cris says:

    When ever Lebron’s name is mentioned, there is always a flood of comments. That shows that he is not an ordinary player. Even haters want to comment daily, ignore him and don’t comment if he is an ordinary player.

  69. ClaudioC says:

    You dont piss of LeBron watch out for game 4 thats all im saying

  70. dhom says:

    not a good defender? hmmmmm, let me think…. I can’t agree with you. You may have said that but to think of it lebron is a very tough defender especially when he comes from the help. lebron is not a good defender ‘coz he needs to play offense and has to worry about getting into foul trouble, but to tell he is not a good defender is very crazy. and guess what? I think lebron will block mr. ibaka tonight so MR. IBAKA be better watch out coz you’re gonna get one tonight!!!

  71. Tay Eazy says:

    It’s funny how a guy is so good and yet people still deny what they see with both eyes. Larry Bird, Scottie Pippen,and Magic Johnson are among the many greats who acknowledge what Lebron is, Lebron haters you don’t have more credibility than them…sorry

    • NBAfan says:

      Lebron fans also don’t have credibility…MJ himself isn’t praising Lebron…he praised Kobe….so Between Magic, Larry, and Scottie…I’ll take what MJ thinks ANY DAY….

  72. littleteapot says:

    Ibaka’s dead wrong but I like the attitude. Don’t respect the team you’re playing; hate them.

  73. pure basketball says:

    You are right 27 about Durant picking up 4 fouls guarding James while James only picked up one. But this is the problem in today’s NBA bias refereeing gives you the twisted notion Lebron never fouls anyone. It’s a bunch of bull. Lebron play very physical defence so there’s no way in hell he can defend in this manner without making fouls. I saw Game 3 and it was like watching pro wrestling. The refs doing a fine job of helping the Heat win and making us fans lose

  74. Sabungero says:

    Lebron is a good defender. He is quick and strong to guard (some) players 1 to 5. He was effective guarding Rose. I don’t believe he can guard Duncan (2007). He had his chances to guard Nowitzki (last year’s finals) but never been as effective as he was on Rose. He was chasing Jason Terry on the perimeter on last year’s finals most of the time and still, Terry was shooting clutch 3 point and mid-range shots right in his face. But that’s how good Lebron is. Everyone is giving him the challenge to do it all. This season (not all time) he is maybe the most complete player. He deserves a ring. It will not be easy against the scoring champion and the rest of the Thunders.

  75. robert says:

    hands down kevin lebron one on one kevin will take out lebron…most of yall commentin probably never even been on a basketball court….durant got robbed MVP…if heat dont win its sad to make a super team like that just cuz they dont want to fight there way to win a title they wanted pretty much handed to them…and lebron take that dam XVI mouthpiece off u havenet sweep one team they almost lost to the pacers….where r they from….ha that a disgrace me im san antonio fan…had it n lost it next year we fly under radar all the time i like it like that

  76. realist2012 says:

    Seriously? Lebron the greatest of all time? Jordan…won every finals he went to…72-10 record didn’t have to say it he showed it. Mr. 4th quarter took over every time and executed. I like lebron so don’t think i’m bashing but proof is in the pudding he can’t even touch kobe’s achievements yet let alone jordan. Elephants dont swat flies the end.

  77. Miami Guy says:

    Just Imagine Lebron James with an elite coach like Phil Jackson. James have not have the luxury of playing with an elite coach yet. He even did not have a chance to play with a decent center yet. Check out how many rebound he grabs during the play offs..

    • NBAfan says:

      OH COMMON Miami Guy!!! COMMON!!!!

      Do you think Phil could win a ring without Jordan AND Pippen? Without Shaq and Kobe? Without Kobe and Pau? He recently said that he won’t coach the Knicks…if he’s so great…why not coach the cavs and have them win a ring before Lebron does….AT THE END OF THE DAY, IT’S THE PLAYERS WHO DECIDE WHO WINS AND WHO LOSES…NOT COACHES.

      First…he doesn’t have enough support…he teams up with Wade and Bosh.

      Second..the bench and role players aren’t good enough…have you seen Battier on fire this series?

      Third….you say their coach is not good….well, they are up 2-1 now….and have momentum

      Fourth??? What…the rim is not wide enough? If the rim was wide enough Lebron would win more rings?

      I know you’re a Lebron fan…and I really respect how he’s playing since Game 6 against Boston..IF he finally wins a ring this year…I feel he deserves it…finally…but lets stop GIVING EXCUSES…you blame everybody around Lebron if things don’t go well and give all the praise to him if things do go well….what kind of teammate is that?

  78. samzan35 says:

    @LOLakers how is Lebron the best… Kobe is better, Jordan, Bird, Magic, Jerry West, Wilt, Kareem, what do all those players have that Lebron doesnt… they knew how to win.. Lebron has the best team in history stacked with superstars… but he cant win!!… he should have 5 rings with the teams he has had… he shuts down in the final secondsssss… the thing Lebron is GREATEST at is fastbreaks… you SFI!!!

  79. DanDillinger says:


    June 19, 2012 at 9:34 am

    “Refs will allow Lebron James to get away with murder, then give him free throws. There goal is to ensure a Miami victory.”

    excatly anyone whos doesnt think the NBA fixes games is ignorant & havent been watchin bball in the last 10 years,, Wade in the Finals in 06 was ridiculous, 30+ freethrows should never happen, fixed! couldnt even breath on wade without it being a foul

  80. Ahmad says:

    I would like to clear all this up and say the best player is wilt chamberlain. The guy scored 100 freakin points for a center and back when there was no such thing as a three pointer. He averaged 50 points per game and about 15 rebounds per game the guy was a beast and he was a center at that for crying out loud.He averaged like 30 points per game at his worst you wanna talk about the best the NBA has seen Wilt is that guy. Yes Jordan was a great player and im a huge jordan fan but jordan wasnt able to accomplish as much as Wilt Chamberlain. That says it all right there.

  81. dy4tone says:

    i think serge ibaka should focus on game 4 not on this that lebron is not a good defender it just his opinion

  82. BoyHEAT says:

    This Ibaka is showing the LeBon James mocking that the MVP did last year!
    LeBron mocked Dirk before Game 4 started and in the end they lost!
    I’am sure LeBron knows how it felt but now, it’s the other way around. And many x for Ibaka because, explain how LeBron is not a good defender when Durant’s shot percentage got down and is getting into early foul trouble? How come LeBron scores 30 points a game and majority of those were from set plays? how come you buy into pump fakes by Bosh and Wade during game 2 and had a tough time guarding Shane when he’s hot on the 3-point line? Hopefully…… you will feel that LeBron James hatred that happen to LeBron last year against Dallas! LeBron has matured from what he did last year emotionally and physically! Maybe you can get one on Miami but you can’t win the trophy this year with that attitude and play! I still have respect for this OKC team but this layed me off a little! HEAT in 5 or 6! HEAT NATION!

  83. Tots8087 says:

    hmp.he is out of his mind.how can a plyer like himself,can easily broadcast a message like that,what do you want to proved?are you comparing yourself to LBJ?who do u think u r?KD?yes you are the top shot blocker this year..just this year,can u consistently do it again in the next year?and i want to remind you that.ur jst the top shot blocker.not the DEFENSIVE PLYER OF THE YEAR,have you got some idea what LbJ already proved and done in all of his career?

  84. Hoopz says:

    Yeah, this comming from a guy who has done such a great job defensively on Shane Battier…

  85. Lechron says:

    Funny how people forget that Lebron quit on Cleveland and is looking to hand-pick a championship by joining two other superstars. That is the most help any player has had ever more than Jordan, more than Magic, more than Bird and more than Kobe. The guy hasnt worked hard to get where he is…he just quit and joined a superstacked team more stacked than any team in NBA history…

    Anyway Ibaka is right Durant has shot 56% for the 3 games which is amazing, Lebron’s defense is overrated just like everything else about him

  86. LBJ-D-Wade says:

    Ibaka is Stupid

    True Story

  87. covermequick says:

    hey Idiot-baka have you ever tried guarding rondo or rose in the dying seconds of the game and let them missed? answer this first before i will agree to your nonsense shi*

  88. s27m says:

    Ibaka you will never be a Mutumbo

  89. PHguy says:

    hey ibaka,

    make OKC win in game 4 and dont let LBJ points above 20 then I Will believe in what you said here. LOL. Who told you that Shotblocking is the only key to make a player the best defensive guy in league today? haha u cant even guard a point guard right? shut up. u only know how to jump and wait for the ball to be release and take the credit..


  90. bunbury says:

    lebron is not a bad defender, but he is certainly an OVERRATED defender. I think Wade is a better defender. Period

  91. Melvin says:

    Serge we would like to watch you play defense for 48 minutes LOL

  92. bullsfan2000 says:

    that being said it is much easier to defend a post player than a perimeter player as the latter have many more offensive weapons in their arsenal. this comment would’ve been better from the mouth of elite PERIMETER defenders from the past. However, since ibaka said it, the only logical way to solve this matter is this: let lebron and ibaka play each other in game 4.

  93. Heat will scorch your Thunder tonight! watch your words young man.

  94. Scott says:

    Serge Ibaka, the only man in the NBA to let Shane Battier go off for double figures in a series. You play some great D, bro!

  95. gregory says:

    Greatest player was and will always be Wilt the stilt baby, next would be Oscar and then Kareem, then bird then West then M.J. then Kobe then Magic then Duncan then Malone (both of them) then Shaq then Kidd. Greatest defenders of all time D-12 then Bill Russell. then Zoe then Bird

  96. Mike says:

    Ibaka you’re just a shot blocker. LBJ is a scorer, rebounder, shot blocker, and a lot more.. shut up! Heat in 5

  97. bullsfan2000 says:

    Lebron is a good defender but i think he is overrated in that department. Durant couldn’t be as aggressive due to the fact that he had 5 fouls and an unfavorable whistle going against him. That said the Ibaka vs Battier argument doesn’t really have relevance as your asking a post defender to guard a perimeter player and the only players (front line) who have really proven they can do that are taj gibson, joakim noah, and josh smith. Ask dwight howard to guard battier and it would be the same result. conslusion there are different types of elite defenders. ibaka is elite in his department but i don’t think lebron belongs in conversations with scottie pippen, michael jordan, ron artest, or bruce bowen who could completely dismantle their opponent.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      his hype precedes him in the voting…..even in the defensive dept…..!!!!

  98. WTF?? says:

    Lolz I think this is much it for OKC I like Durant cause he’s a scorer but Lebron my idol ever since the first time I saw him play in the NBA and Serge your a good shot blocker I give you that but Dude what happened in the Pacers series is most likely to happened again you just woke up the BEAST IN LBJ by saying he’s not a good defender!!He’ll be in your face in game 4 and just like what the Pacers did for mocking LBJ with the choke thing @.@ Lebron is driven by criticism and the dude love the game and wants to win and he deserves to win!! The critics will be silenced once LBJ gets his ring for sure

    Go MIAMI!!

  99. heat2012champs says:

    every lebron hater needs to shut up about lebron not having a ring, because lebron will own the thunder tonight in game 4 and beat the thunder in 5….thunder are too young and unexperienced. GO HEAT!! and ibaka your high.. mind as well say he isnt a scorer

  100. zen says:

    Lebron james is one of the greatest players currently in the nba and in the history of nba…. im not 10 so jameel or his little puppets dont come to me asking about the dream team or wilt who existed prior to dream team or russel … dream team didn’t even have isiah thomas for the sake of basketball… IBAKA is a FOOL to think lebron is not a great defender…. the man puts durant 12 points short of his original scoring if he’s guarded by someone else…

    durant vs opponent => 35 points a game
    durant vs james => 23 points a game

    says a lot about durant playin lebron one on one…
    lebron > not phased by durant’s defense nor Ibaka aka wana be mutumbo….

  101. noslen55 says:

    i feel bad for ibaka saying that lebron james is not a good defender…and also saying he can cover durant one on one when you win th defensive player of the year and mvp than you talk the trash that you want to talk.to let you know that not going to get in lebron james head or his teammate they are going to saty quiet and eat you alive in the court.

  102. Amitpal says:

    I don’t get what the big deal is. Ok lebron is not as bad as ibaka says he is bur he’s also not as good everyone says he is. He hasn’t done a good job on Durante cuz durantes been able to get whatever he wants. If anyone has stopped Durante it’s the refs. Other then that kd still got 34 in game 2 and had a off 4th quarter in game 3.

  103. gbacch says:

    It’s BLING TIME for LBJ!

  104. Jumpshot = fail says:

    Well Ibaka is wrong here.

    With Shane on Durant, Durant shooting perecentage has dropped what 8%?
    With Lebron ON Durant his shot % has dropped 11%?

    I mean You’re not going to STOP Durant. But you’ll make him shoot tough shots. Though Durant hits Tough shots like normal shots anyway.

    • Too Funny says:

      Um, Durant is shooting 57% in the finals vs. 50% during the regular season. So he’s actually shooting better against Shane and LBJ. So to answer your question his percentage has dropped 0% and went up 7%. Glad to help you figure that out.

  105. Kevin Durant says:

    Stop hating on my team mate. IBaka is probably a better all around talent than James.

  106. BO says:

    Serge is right, dude is overrated as a defender. He’ll chase down point guards for blocks from behind but he gave up when Durant was in front of him to avoid getting dunked on. Players routinely blow by him and he stands there looking stupid. They protect him by letting him guard Baron Davis, David West and Kendrick Perkins more than Melo, Granger and Durant so far in the playoffs. Plus if you go off on him in a game you are guaranteed to be in foul trouble the next game so that he can’t keep getting exposed. Ask Pierce and KD. As an offensive player he is great but as a defender not even close. You want to believe what the voters say then answer this. How does DPOTY Chandler not make the NBA All Defensive First Team? Bogus. All of you LBJ meat riders can spare me your responses I watch ESPN too so I already know what you are going to say since you repeat everything you hear and ignore what you see.

  107. OKC. says:

    Umm, Lebron’s not that good at defence. Tbh, Sefolosha is way better defender and people just starting to notice that. HOW DOES REBOUNDS HAVE TO WITH DEFENDING? OFFENSIVE REBOUNDS I GET. But, rebounds have nothing to do with defence defence is defletctions, steals, blocks. ONLY. So stop getting on the Lebron is great defender bandwagon. AND LOLLAKERS. You must be high lebron wont even be the TOP 10 greatest players. 1. Michael Jordon 2. Kobe Bryant. ENOUGH SAID.

    • uoykcuf says:

      i think wilt’s going to haunt you until you put that rapist off the list.

    • Too Funny says:

      I’m a HUGE Laker fan but you’re wrong. With or without a title LBJ will go down as one of the all time greats and as much as it hurt me to admit being such a huge Kobe fan, he’ll go down as better that Kobe. Lebron’s all around game coupled with his ability to score stands alone in the NBA. So far in these finals he’s also starting to show some clutchness and willingness to be “THE GUY.” Once he becomes legit clutch, look out. Titles will be pouring down in bunches. We may see this excact same series quite a bit in the next few years.

  108. Ghostface_Jdilla says:

    -___- LeBron is the best perimeter defender in the league and Ibaka is the dumbest player in the league. End of story..

  109. Charles Barkley says:

    Who cares? Don’t talk trash when you are down 2-1 and have the next 2 games in Miami.

    Good job lighting a fire under Miami’s butts. Now they’ll come out and execute even better, you just gave them more motivation to whoop you.

  110. shink213 says:

    serge ibaka doesn’t even sit at the same lunch table as lebron james. James got the defensive nba 1st team because he guards positions 1-4 on any given night and most of the time comes out on top, of course durant is still going to score on him….dude is 6’10 has 4 foot long arms and his release point is at about rim level, not to mention he is arguably one of the top 2 players in the nba. As for ibaka, yes he gets a lot of blocks but i don’t see him out there covering positions 1-3, he always guards the bigs or camps in the lane….don’t get me wrong, ibaka is sick at defending the basket, but if he is so good at defending against the best, how come he hasn’t stopped lebron and wade from getting to the basket during the finals? I hope lebron shuts ibaka up tonite.

  111. ClevelandRocks says:

    Ibaka’s statement is just as dumb as Ruben Patterson claiming he is a “Kobe Stopper”.

  112. NotReally says:

    Ibaka’s just jealous that Lebron has outrebounded him in every game so far. He’s leading defensive rebounds 20 to 12.

  113. spiros` says:

    LOL Ibaka would know alot about overratted defenders, there’s one right in the mirror buddy.

  114. 27 says:

    First of all, Ibaka is is only a great shot blocker but he’s a terrible one-on-one defender!!! He can’t stay down on shot fakes & bites every time picking up the silliest fouls! Lebron is a smart defender, he can guard any position without picking up unnecessary fouls… he defended Durant pretty well in the last game (even though i believe Durant is unguardable with his length & quickness)… Lebron did as good a job as anyone on Durant & picked up only 1 foul (while Durant picked up 4 early fouls trying to guard James) & Lebron pulled down 9 defensive (& 5 offensive) rebounds – most in the game!

  115. Davi Boruszewski says:

    My coment was moderated because I like the Bad Boys era.

  116. Knuckz says:

    It’s always the most irrelevant member of a team that provides the “locker room” material.

  117. chrisleensanity says:

    IBAKA is right Lebron is not a good defender he’s strength is offense i know ya’ll love lebron but it’s true. he cant defend face up he’s good blocking shots from the back.

  118. masterkukai says:

    whenever the heat lose, blame it on Lebron. whenever they win, blame it on officials

  119. ft22 says:

    HOW ….some of you guys are acting like the chamionship is over with, OKC is only one win away from going back to OLK……

    • Too Funny says:

      They’re forgetting that San Antonio was up 2-0 and then didn’t win another game. They’re forgetting that if OKC wins just one game they’ll be back HOME with that crazy home crowd. They’re forgetting that Durant is a better closer than LBJ. Thunder in 7.

  120. Dentertainer says:

    Ibaka is an idiot, when you look LBJ, he is probably the best defender in the league when you look at him guarding every position on the court, I haven’t to many other players doing that, I’m sorry Shane Battier you’ve been guarding every position too.

  121. el stone says:

    Wow, anyone that can defend 48 minutes a game is obviously on a pretty bad team. So bad, in fact, that everytime they got the ball on offense, the would turn it over instantly.

    Most players probably play 18-28 minutes of defense a game since they’re on offense the rest of the time.

    I like Ibaka, but that was an idiotic quote. Especially when you’re team is down 2-1! Why would you give LeBron more fuel to play better?


    IBAKA don’t know what he is talking about.

  123. Marcus says:

    The Heat hasnt won yet! Most of Lebrons defence on Durant is him holding Durant or fronting him so he cant get the shot when Durant gets the shot he will score +50% of the time. Durant is long and skinny and not as strong as LeBron. If you compare LeBron to lets say a Rodman or a Pippen of the 90´s he is not in that league.

    • tony says:

      lol, right, ibaka you are too young to say that….lebron cant guard durant in 48 mins , but i will ask you can you or durant to guard lebron in48 mins also… before you say everythin , think it first

  124. go thunder says:

    honestly serge i m ashamed of you. of course no one can guard durant 1 on 1, thats why hes number 2 in mvp voting. and you re not on the floor during crunch time to defend lebron so cheap shot

  125. Tony says:

    The greatest player of All-Time and no Championships……give me a break. Thunder in 7.

  126. Tiffany says:

    Hold on attacking Ibaka. His English is very limited and his words do not come out right a lot of time. Hold off on the harshness. If he meant LeBron is not a good defender then he is wrong about that and I bet LeBron knows that Ibaka didnt mean it like it is interpreted. For one thing KD and Ibaka are very close off the court and are both friends with LeBron. But there is no way in hell LeBron is the greatest player of all time. Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Kareem Abduhl Jabar, Kobe Bryant (may still move up) on this list are the greatest in that order. They never choked.

  127. TP says:

    Anyone who can shut down D-Rose or slow down Durant, they
    re among top 3 defenders in the league. I’d love to see Ibaka trying to guard Lebron 1 on 1 next time. Oh wait, he did, and got in foul trouble. Stop being so butthurt and maybe someday u can become the best defender not the best shotblocker

  128. leonard says:

    IBAKA should shut his mouth with all of his GOAL-TENDING blocks.

  129. Fisher LOL says:

    Funny coming from Ibaka cause Ibaka isn’t a very good defender either. Averaging 4 blocks doesn’t make you a good defender, it just means you get a lot of blocks every game. From help side – may I mention.

  130. lebronmvpballer says:

    I guess Ibaka is not all there? Lebron is the best defender and player of all TIME!! HE has completely demolished the Thunder so far and every other team in the playoffs single handidly.

  131. Coach Popovich says:

    Ibaka is not good defender period!

  132. andrey631 says:

    Gentlemen, this is GAME 4!

  133. BenchPerk says:

    How’s that defense on Battier coming along Ibaka?

  134. Who asked IBAKA? says:

    Seriously who asked Ibaka a question? Next time please forward your questions to Durant, or the coach.
    Who listens to Ibaka, seriously?
    Lets watch today’s game and see who wins….

  135. Ibaka is Retarded says:

    LOL. I loled at this. I think everybody here disagrees to Ibaka. But the most epic part is that he said that James can’t one-on-one Durant. Hahaha! Somebody tell Ibaka that James is 10x stronger than Durant.

  136. Tommy says:

    i want people to know how i feel about ibaka saying this about lebron james

  137. Lee Hans says:

    James is good defender as well as Ibaka. But refs. are making some big mistakes sometime whether for willing or not. And this days NBA refs. are clearly with the Heats. I am watching NBA from Europe and thinking NBA refs. have not any consequence about their mistakes.

  138. mj says:

    ibaka trolling like a BOSSSS..

  139. zach says:

    well lol, that was really stupid of ibaka……hasent he noticed this year when someone is downing lbj he comes up big…..and hes not the best player he is one of them tho. but theres still plenty infront of him 🙂

  140. pedro says:

    ibaka is right! and as for who ever wrote this article please dont include people who really know about basketball not just talk about lebronas big bald head all the time.

  141. NBAXLover says:

    I started to despise this game, it’s becoming boring to watch, it is poorly officiated, too many bad calls, players are unable to drive to the basket without someone standing in front of them drawing charges, what a ridiculous rule, Shane Battier has been doing this all season long and officials are falling for it, anybody can draw a charge, heck.. put me in a game I will do that all day long. If you notice the heat is always trying to put the opponent’s best player into foul troubles they did this to KG and Pierce in the Boston series and they are doing the same to KD now, what a cheap way to win a championship!! you don’t have to play well just keep drawing fouls and go to the line. If the Heat win this championship this will end my 25 years of love to this game.

    • Davi Boruszewski says:

      I´m with you, 100%.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      If all you want to see is ‘practice shots’ all game long then fine….. but this is not ‘horse’…. almost all shots are contested , so much that when someone Does get an ‘open shot’ is is a Big deal….. and you better make it!! Charging/Blacking is one of the top 3 worst calls to make in the game….. either re-define it or use replay

    • Average Joe says:

      Rules are imposed on a game for a reason. They standardize the game. But basketball has so many versions on its rules, depending on what league you play in. If you don’t like the NBA style because of the way charges are drawn, that’s your prerogative. It should enlighten you though if I state that before the no-charge semi-circle was installed in the NBA rules, drawing charges was even easier. Just ask players who play in FIBA rules. Anyways, players are instructed on how to use the rules to help their team and drawing charges is no exception. If KD or LBJ or Kobe can’t adjust their game enough to avoid silly charges, then they shouldn’t be in the league. Point is, if you don;t like the rules, go find a league whose rules you like or better yet, make your own league with your own rules.

  142. JG says:

    Ibaka before you call out someone else, maybe start by looking at your game, picking up more rebounds, show up blocking in more than one game, help your team defense a little more. I don’t know…. play better D than the person you are calling out, maybe?

  143. Bob says:

    Miami is a very good defensive team. I think we all agree on that. Of all Miami players LBJ has the best +/- this season. But how does he produce that +/-? The answer: Offense!

    Stats from 82games.com

    The Heat Points per 100 Possessions on offense is 111,5 with LBJ and 98,5 without LBJ = +12,0
    The Heat Points per 100 Possessions on defense is 101,1 with LBJ and 102,0 without LBJ = -0,9

    Looks like a major defensive impact.

    Ibaka is a little bit more impressive on defense:
    The Thunder Points per 100 Possessions on defense is 102,9 with Ibaka and 105,7 without Ibaka = -2,8

    If you take a look at Dirk Nowitzki for example, a player permanently considered a bad defender:
    The Mavs Points per 100 Possessions on defense is 101,7 with Dirk and 105,8 without Dirk = -4,1

    Who do you think has the greatest defensive impact of those 3 players? LBJ does not make his team better defensively. He plays acceptable defense, but he is essential to Miamis offense. At times he can also shift a gear on the defensive end, which he has done several times in these playoffs. But even then he is no lock-down defender. Team defense is the key to Miamis success.

  144. Gus45 says:

    Tbh, the best five perimeter defenders in the nba are, in some order, lebron, tony Allen, Rajon rondo, iman shumpert and either Chris Paul or Loul deng, depending on whether you think cp3 over commits to get steals. To comment that anybody can stop durant, or any of the other top ten to fifteen perimeter scores in the league one on one is stupid. With the rules as they are, with no hand checks allowed, the nba is geared towards athletic wing scorers. There is no doubt that lebron is one of the best, but he can’t guard durant one on one, just like no one else can, and no one else can guard him one on one, or rose, wade, Kobe etc. and no one else can guard everybody from Derrick rose to Kevin Garnett as effectively as lebron. He makes them work for their points, and in the nba today, that’s all a great defender can do

  145. oolong says:

    Ibaka is the most arrogant player in the league…hands down!!!!….do not like that guy…!!!

  146. Moe says:

    James is the one of the few who can guard all position. IBAKA will melt against a good guard like Rando or Wade. IBAKA will not be able to guard a breakaway but James is the best defender and blocks most breakaways from behind the play.

    IBAKA is shot blocker and that is about it.

  147. timberwolves says:

    THUNDER if you want to win, put Ibaka on LBJ and KD on Battier instead. Take advantage of your bigs, feed them on the post. Perkins and Ibaka will most likely draw fouls, getting Bosh in foul trouble.
    If you don’t do this, HEAT will own you.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ….very true….. jump shooting your way to a Title is darn near impossible…

  148. Willy says:

    A young comment from a young team? On and off the court. I sure hope they stay together could be real good in a few more years.. But please don’t make LBJ angry now! Can’t wait to see them meet 2 feet above the rim!

    • BBall fan says:

      they won’t be together for long…. Russell Westbroke wanted to be the number one guy on this team, his ego is higher than his talend and QI combine,

      just like when kobe kick out Shaq. kobe and Shaq should have not 1, not 2, not 3…. not 7 maybe 8 rings by now if they stick together.

  149. Ben says:

    “He can play defense for two to three minutes but not 48 minutes.” yes Ibaka he cannot defend for 48 minutes, unfortunately he has to play some offense too, unlike you

  150. Yeaahhh says:

    only Wade and Doc Rivers give James the credit in speak, the players from this era don’t give james the Respect he deserves as a ”’ kiiiiiiiiiingggggg”’

  151. Lebron2Toronto says:

    Along with Blake Griffin and Dwight Howard, Lebron gets more missed fouls against him than any player in the league. Sure, he might get a missed call or two in his favour over the course of the game, and of course those are the calls you bandwagon thunder fans jump all over.
    Like somebody else said, if it was rigged for Miami why did they go down in such catastrophic and unexpected fashion last year, where if I remember correctly Heat players were collapsing and crying in the hallways, one of the biggest upsets ever..
    Thunder fans didn’t say anything when they got favourable calls in the WCF, so stfu about one maybe foul from Bron on Durant in the dying seconds, over the course of 48 minutes that means nothing.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ….lost last year to learn an NBA lesson…..Don’t show up the leagues management and choose your team and then throw a party and claim you will win MANY titles…plus Dirk’s last stand…. That is why they crashed and burned last year…. this year is a different story and another team is considered the upstart….. So what do you think is gonna happen???

    • Too Funny says:

      It means everything in the final seconds you idiot. During the course of the game they tend to balance out, usually, but in the final seconds that’s HUGE. It was the difference between a possible overtime game or a definite loss. Pay attention to the game a little bit more and maybe one day you’ll have a descent understanding of the game.

  152. Yeaahhh says:

    hahaha no ibaka cannot guard all 5 , not even the 4 or 5, he just block some shotsssssssssssssss

    • Average Joe says:

      The difference between Dwight Howard and Serge Ibaka? D12 can actually guard the 4 or 5 and has the quickness and athleticism to bother most 3s. While both are masters at the weak side help block, Ibaka’s instinct is only to play defense down low and almost always ignore the shooter. This is actually his weakness and since he guards Shane Battier in this series, he may be in for a very rough wake up call.

  153. Yeaahhh says:

    lebron is a GREAT defender, ibaka is talking too much, ibaka is a great shotblocker not a great defensive player at all, just block shots…

  154. B3RN says:

    BTW IBAKA. . . you know that LeBron in this series grabbed 23 DEFENSIVE rebounds whereas you only have 12 . . . while he scores 91 points and and you got only 22 pts. . . sure Lebron has no blocks in this series but he made great stops . SO you got nothing on LeBron JAMES!!!!!! Just shut up and play the game. . . and don’t criticize on his defense when he’s winning the series . .

  155. FisherFan says:

    OKC WILL win the finals…heat will lose AGAIN… get ready…because here it comes 😉

    • lebronmvpballer says:

      you are wrong. The Thunder are young and weak and are getting out played. HEat in 5 easily. start thinking about next season brotha.

    • Lewis96 says:

      Haha eat your words, OKC aren’t getting a ring anytime soon. It’s too bad Spurs didn’t get through to the finals, it would have been a more competitive series. Heat in 5

    • john says:

      serge u must of just woke up or must be mad because your guy K.D is not a very good defender as is James you need to worry about your own situation on defending shane battier

  156. rich says:

    Lebron a bad defender!? If im not mistaken doesn’t he defend against all 5 positions. Can Ibaka guard all 5???

  157. Flex says:

    Ahh come on…. Ibaka i really liked you. And to say LeBron can only defend for 2-3 minutes is like the craziest comment i’ve heard this year.

  158. justafan says:

    i like ibaka since he could do a lot of blocks in a game, but calling james a not so good defender is just BS, come on LBJ can defend from 1-5, he can shutdown a person. with his speed he can do chase down blocks, steals, pressure shooters what can ibaka do?? block shots only.

    what makes a good defensive is not the stats he post but the presence he brings to shut down the opposing team..

  159. gbacch says:

    Go Heat lets ROLL THE THUNDER out of Miami in 5.

  160. droly23hp says:

    playing best defense for 48 minutes is not even possible because playing good defense alone can put you in foul trouble before the 40th minute, and playing the best defense can put you in foul trouble in the 36th minute, then fouling out in the 40th.

  161. B3RN says:

    Hey Ibaka. . . . LeBron is the best two way player in the league. . yes you are a top shot blocker but then he’s MVP. . that means you might be slightly be better than him on Defense but do you really think your coach would pick you rather than LeBron???

  162. Are we really going to take press releases seriously during the finals? I agree with him though that James is not the best defender in the league… As for offence, in the clip above he should have been called for a charge on Durant, his feet were planted perfectly and the first sequence when he got blocked and landed he didn’t release the ball. I get the feeling that the refs are calling in heat favor in the last game and when you see the scoreboard, that made a huge difference in game 3.

    • RH says:

      You’re just hopelessly biased if you think that should have been a charge. Durant saw James get around him, and tried to get away with leaning, on one foot no less, but at Durant’s height it’s impossible for the refs (or the overhead cam) to miss such a lean. (Who me? I’m just chillin on the scene with a… TWEET!!) And people saying that Rose was near his point average in last years playoffs against James is willfilly ignoring the fact that he was uncharacteristically inefficient getting there, and struggled uncharacteristically to get his teammates involved. Ibaka’s comment is just sheer noise. What LeBron does better than almost anyone, at least anyone with plans of putting out any effort on the other end, is minimize the amount of focus that his teammates need to put toward a star opponent, without the opponent doing MORE damage than usual. That being said, of course he missed Bosh’s length as backup when Bosh was out, because nobody can, or does, guard the best players totally one on one anymore. That went out the door when the Lakers’ 5 couldn’t stop Alan Iverson while playing what was, at the time, illegal defense, albeit uncalled… and the league had to put a fig leaf on the Lakers’ “victory” by allowing zone defense after that… as if it retroactively applied to that finals.
      And I suspect LeBron guarding Jordan, with the old true-one-on-one rules, would have been a little more effective than Jordan trying to guard LeBron, since Jordan was more a Sefolosha type… and that Jordan trying to score in the paint against today’s legal cluster-d wouldn’t go as well for him as it does for LeBron. Which doesn’t mean that Jordan, and the “illegal defense” days, weren’t more fun to watch.

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        …great thought about the lakers and AI….. It was very hard to watch ….. being call the Finals and all………

  163. Jwill says:

    Enrique idiot.. Stop talking as if you knew a thing about basketball.. It’s a team sport , it’s not about durant being unstoppable the fact they lost means he can be stopped, I think who makes a more visible impact on the game, control and dictate the tempo should be given credit, Lbj is doing it at this stage of the series, he can give Durant all day shooting contested jumshot but it has less effect on the game.. But Lbj driving it’s a different story… He dictates the phase of the game slowing it down… 6’9 290 5% body fat .. Next best thing is you’ll hope he’ll miss or better yet commit a foul.. As long as his aggressive miami has this on the bag. I hope he’ll continue driving not shooting jumps hots.

  164. ibakaWHO? says:

    imature of ibaka only 22yrs old and speaking like it in any aspect…

    want to say this to ibaka “youre not a gud defender either,only by blocking shots…”

  165. Hess says:

    It depends who you’re comparing Lebron to. Since he’s so often mentioned in the same breath as the ‘greatest players of all time’, let’s compare him to Michael Jordan as a defender. Arguably, MJ could defend 4 positions on the floor, while Bron can defend any of the 5 positions in many situations. I think you’ll find that Jordan was statistically superior in terms of blocks & steals per game (stats nerds out there?). But more importantly, for me at least, if you watch tape of both of them on defence, I think you’ll find that Jordan is a more consistent, intelligent and outright ferocious defender who gave his man, and the whole opposing team, more trouble overall than LeBron does (and I’d say Scottie Pip would do the same). Take a poll of NBA players past and present as to who they’d rather NOT be guarded by down the stretch – my money would be on MJ. It’s the difference between a good defender and a great defender.

  166. aaron says:

    hes a good post defender…but other than that he’s not a great defender…he gambles alot on D for steals and his chase down blocks are impressive, but its all hustle, and ive seen possessions where he doesnt even bother to contest shots (not even getting a hand up)…and it’s completely true that the Heat play great team defense and thats y his D gets hyped up…he’s a good defender, but definately not great…….for the record, Ibaka only blocks shots and thats not all that makes a great defender either

    • Average Joe says:

      While that may be true, the most obvious thing about this whole business is that whenever someone from the opposing side says or does something that’s disrespectful or offensive to LeBron or the Heat, they almost inevitably lose their next game. Game 4 is gonna be interesting. I’d like to see what kind of defense Ibaka brings to the table when LeBron decides to flex his muscles.

  167. Don says:

    Ibaka’s actually dead on. Even Joakim Noah can drive on LeBron from the top of the key.

  168. Ray says:

    Ibaka, you are an imbecile. Do you think upwards of 30 coaches in the NBA could vote wrong?
    you have no concept of what defense is. You so just happen to be athletic blocking shots but your baskteball IQ is awful.

  169. Lance Stephenson says:

    i did a choke sign, and then we are eliminated, omg serge, take this back while the game is not yet starting. or else!

    • Average Joe says:

      Too late my man. You may remember that you apologized for your behavior before the game, didn’t mean a thing. LeBron still throttled your @ss. Game 4 is gonna be interesting, to say the least, because of Ibaka’s comment.

  170. Danny says:

    You serious a good defender needs to play 48minutes all the time? Ibaka aint all that great defender anyways, you can only block shots ebcause of your vertical leap…just quit the talking and play ball.

  171. blair56 says:

    Finally, someone says it.

    • BBall fan says:

      says what????? ibaka is a moron? 30 coaches are wrong on their vote?

      stop the hating…. just enjoy the game….

  172. akosibonik says:

    WOW, last time this happened the pacers got as* whooped by the heat. be careful, ask lance stephenson, do not wake up another beast in lebron james mister ibaka.

  173. gurgur says:

    one word

  174. HEATLE says:

    Thank you for these kind words Ibaka. I actually like you but you are an idiot for this remark. Just know that this remark just cost you guys a shot to win! Maybe next year brother.. Heat in 5!!!! HEAT 2012!!

  175. Hugues says:

    Don’t take this too literally, he’s just trying to bait lebron into a one on one defense.

  176. angessmoke says:

    He is making a fool of himself, and he will leran it the hard way.

  177. AL2ZERO says:


  178. jerry says:

    i agree he slows down his defense on the 4th quarter but thats most likely to save his energy for all the offense everyone has expected him to play. im a lakers fan and i personally dont like lebron but he is talented . i believe that ibaka is going to step up for game 4 and game 4 only game 5 6 7 (if they make it to either 6 or 7 which it most likely will) hell play them like serge iblocka does any other night but game 4 hes going for a finals record on blocks and expect some very aggressive plays from ibaka i believe this is the spark the thunder need in order to start off strong and stay strong.

  179. Reality says:

    Greatest ever LOLAKERS? Perhaps greatest ever who never wears a ring.

  180. G-regg says:

    Ibaka averages around 27minutes a game….Nonetheless he was an amazing defender this year in the paint. Still, Shane Battier has been left open like the Kwik-e-Mart by Ibaka and Perkins to go 11/15 from outside the arch. They have had 3 games to post up much smaller defenders in the paint but cannot manage to lean on small forwards!. Please…check yourself……

  181. THEKING says:

    If LeBron is not a good defender then Durant is a horrible defender because he’s been getting in foul trouble for the past two games..

  182. patrick! says:


    • Too Funny says:

      LBJ cannot defend a good center. Howard or Bynum would put him under the basket and dunk the ball onto his head. I’d say he’ an effective defender against the 2, 3, and 4.

  183. karoLT says:

    like the Great Sheed once said The NBA is like the WWE nowadays… pure entertainment & the winner is decided by the REFS. sad but true….

    • Justin Case says:

      Apparently your team lost/is losing. Fouls go both ways…..but the bright orange ball going through the hoop cant be fixed.

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        …..yes it CAN !!!!!…… “foul called another player”–(other than shooter)–…… BASKET does NOT count……. see….. it’s easy..!!! Seen it with my own eyes over the years… and JUST recently for that matter !!!

      • Average Joe says:

        So true.

  184. Bad Luck Bryan says:

    If LBJ is not a good defender, then what are you?

  185. Pgilrene says:

    ;'( bitter? Trashtalk from ibaka? Nahhh! It doesnt make sense. Blocking is not the only way to defend Ibaka, LET ME REMIND YOU OF TWO HEAD FAKES FROM LEBRON AND BOSH TO AVOID your blocking shots. In those plays you look like an idiot cause the only thing that you know is when the attacker show his shot youre gonna jump and aim for block nahhh! Even you is not a good defender. Try to play inside offense not a jump shot LOL! And BTW the waiving finger is signature of Mutombo try to make your own like putting your brief on your face!

  186. hooikid says:

    to be frankly honest english is ibaka’s 3rd or 4th language. maybe he’s meant to say it in a different context….if he spoke in spanish it’d probably be decent.

  187. I told u says:

    It was hard trying to read some of the comments simply because people just can’t spell!!!! Stop watching the NBA and go to school.

  188. chinoseis says:

    lebron never went to college im not a miami fan but i recognize, lebron matured in the nba unlike jordan he matured in the nba, and just an fyi how long did it take jordan and kobe to get a ring at a point in their carrer they both wanted to leave the team. I watched basketball my whole life lebron james when his carrer is done he will be the greatest that ever did it .

    • Bball fan says:

      False, please do NOT bring MJ to the conversation. He never said he would leave chicago, he worked hard year and year and won his first ring in 7th years 1990-1991 season (age 27). Kobe on the other hand, not sure if he was serious about leaving the Lakers or just trying to send a message to the Laker management to get him some pieces and help him win championships. this is Lebron’s 9th year, get it done man.

  189. Mike101 says:

    30 NBA coaches voted LBJ as the league’s best defender. And you Haters think that you’re better than those coaches? And who the hell is Ibaka among the present day NBA greats? He’s a decent shot blocker, I’ll give him that. Nothing else. Does he think he’s better than those coaches or is he merely trying to get into LBJ’s head?

  190. Defending_Champs says:

    Lebron the best player of all time?? I just threw up in my mouth a little bit…and so would MJ, Wilt, Russell and a few more I could name if they read that. When someone has a rep of throwing in the towel after three quarters and has zero rings, “greatest of all time” shouldn’t even cross your mind. He’s a great player, probably the most talented in the league right now, but he has a lot to prove. He is a good defender, Ibaka could have phrased his words better. I don’t think he’s the best in the league and maybe that’s what Ibaka was getting at. You can’t deny the Heat’s ability to defend and that James is a huge contributor on that end but to say he’s the best in the league is heavy, too heavy. Bottom line…Ibaka needs to step his game up and help his team get a W instead of worrying about All-Defensive team balloting.

  191. D-Shackle says:

    Ibaka is so infatuated with his own athleticism that he probably gives away as many points by biting on shot fakes as he stops by swatting shots. The comment he made about LBJ not being able to play with defensive intensity for a full 48 minutes is laughable coming from a guy who semi-regularly doesn’t see any action for an entire 4th quarter. On a broader topic, Durant is a freak but should never have come as close as he did in the MVP race to LBJ. Apart from scoring (which they both do equally well, basically) there is no area that Durant comes close to rivalling The King.

  192. rr says:

    When one player is allow to do things others cann’t, some people might think he is great because he didn’t get called for that infraction, the difference is the Refs allow him to do it, but denie other players from doing the very same thing. There are lots of people that see what what’s happening and there are those that don’t. It’s not that Lebron is any better than anyone else, its The Refs and the favorable calls they give Lebron James.

  193. Jr says:

    Idiots I-Blocka is not refering to himself as the best defender in the game.

  194. Dwade3 says:

    “He can play defense for two to three minutes but not 48 minutes”

    Lebron can play defense when it matters most.

    No player can play the full 48 minutes both offensively and defensively.

    Defense is not just blocking shots dear “ibaka”

    Miami’s been great on defense as a team, because they make each other great on defense.

    Its because everyone is doing their job, in basketball, sometimes defense is the greatest offense!

    Just play the game and we’ll see it from there!

  195. max says:

    huh, not a good defender? hey serge, is lebron a good scorer?

  196. gameface says:

    Ibaka will eat his words. Taunting Lebron before a critical game in the Finals is probably not the wisest idea. Get ready for another monster game from The King.

  197. Not A Heat Fan says:

    Fame and attention is getting into Serge head and that will be a conflict soon for the OKC, they will choose between Harden and him and with the way he’s talking like he’s on the same level of KG, i think OKC will be having problems with him. Just a simple advice, Stay focus and concentrate, LeBron already through with that and all and will not effect him anymore, Just play ball and stop talking, Yeah you’re a great defender and you must focus on your game.

  198. enrique says:

    By the way the video has nothing to do with his defense.

  199. enrique says:

    Lebron is a decent defender for moments of the game when the refs will give him the benefit of the dought 95% of the time. End of game two being case and point. He is over rated in every area accept his talent. He cant play under pressure (He is slowly learning), he is selfish and quites when it counts. This is coming from someone who actually likes Miami.

    • Orin says:

      Learn English, you are giving real Miami fans a bad name.

    • Bad Luck Bryan says:

      Another troll Miami fan, that is what you are sir.

    • jc says:

      what drugs are you smoking? that lebron is selfish- wade gets his pocket picked and then puts up an ill advised jump shot and 5 pt lead was cut to 1 within the last minute of the game. lebron was not selfish enough in the past and cost them games- when he takes over the game as he should being the best player for miami they win – period – you should watch the games before talking nonsense

    • None of Your Business says:

      First of all u need to learn how to spell.

    • Grammar Nazi says:

      Too easy.

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        lmao !!!!!!! Really!!

      • Greatest player ever LMAO!!!! says:

        Actually Ibalka has a point. HeI’s a good weak side shot blocker and can play great one on one in spurts. The Heat rotate quickly and that’s why Lebron looks so good as a defender. He also gets away with fouls like the mugging he layed on Durant in game 2 in the final seconds. Thunder in 7.

      • Too Funny says:


    • Bryvy says:

      Well it seems like Ibaka’s Way over his head coz he thought that blocking LBJ with a foul makes him a better defender. He can’t even shoot a jump shot while Mario Chalmers is in front of him. Let’s just say that LBJ can’t go 1 on 1 with Durant. How about a 23 year old LBJ 1on1 with a 23 year old Durant or a 40 year old LBJ against a 23 year old Ibaka. everyone knows who’ll be the victor! But it’s a team basketball in this series. Let’s see if Ibaka can last against Miami if he can play more than 36 mins. HEAT in 5… 🙂

    • regs says:

      well, aside for defending one on one..defensive rebounding is also a part of defense.. it’s the biggest part of it why LBJ was name as one of the top defender in the league because of his rebounds that helps his team a lot..
      defense isn’t just blocking mr. Ibaka so grab some rebounds..

  200. ontifex says:

    well, ibaka this time iam not with you dude, maybe he que cant play one-one with durant, because if he do that miami will lost again, he just need 2 guard durant some time no all the time, btw durant is unstoppable, and lebron know that

  201. Chad says:

    He is just trying to play mental games, get Lebron to guard Durant for 40+ minutes to wear him down so he isnt as effective late in the game. I applaud Ibaka’s efforts but i dont buy it. Tough talk from a guy who hasnt been around long and maybe should worry about his own defensive struggles with…cough cough..shane battier???? Come on Ibaka…

    • MELO says:

      Yes your absolutely right he just want lebron to be aggressive in game 4 and once he is aggressive he can commit so many fouls that could ruin lebron’s game

  202. AL2ZERO says:

    BITTER 🙂 haha

  203. ontifex says:

    well, ibaka this time im not with you dude.

  204. Laker Fan says:

    wow those are strong words from Ibaka… LeBron is a very good defender.. I mean you can’t just contain Kevin Durant, the guy is unstoppable but he did make him struggle in game 3 at least in the 4th.. so I expect Ibaka to make a big impact today and help the thunder get the W

  205. ike fontaine says:

    Hey Ibaks! Have you been a Defensive Player of the Year? Nah. been an MVP nah. Then shut up because you’re only thinking about blocks while LJ23 is thinking of all other stats other than blocking prickin shots ok.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      Ibaka should have won DPOY this year, and the MVP is a media hype, you are telling me that KD leads the league in scoring 3 consecutive years, 3 years ago when they gave it to LeBron is cuz his team had a better record, then they gave it to Rose for the same reason, then this year KD’s team had a better record and it still went to Lebron, its cuz the media rides his jock. How many MVP’s does Kobe have? How many rings does Kobe have? How many MVP’s does LEbron have? How many rings does Lebron have? MVP doesnt mean anything other than the player was the MEDIA’S favorite person

      • hooplover says:

        that pretty much sums it up!

      • Basketball Fan says:

        An obvious hater, Get a life man those sentiments about ring is too old to be talked about, I think if LeBron wants that Scoring Title he could have get it years before. Just enjoy the game and let the game do the talking and for now you can shut up momentarily because the Heat have the series advantage, Continue talking after your Thunder wins the Finals, =)

      • David Williams says:

        Lebron is the best all around player in the NBA PERIOD!

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        ….NO …. it went to someone who plays All of the definition of defense…. not just blocked shots……. Maybe if he was still in Dallas their fate would have been different. AND…. not the time to start chiding the other team when Your team is down 2-1….. As if there is Ever a good time for big mouth trash talking…….. just another sign they are not ready yet for the next step…… but Good luck, Beat Miami!!

      • Ant says:

        The MVP goes to the player that is most Valuable to his team. You telling me that when LeBron was with the Cavs he wasn’t there most valuable player? You’re a fool. Just because you lead the league in scoring doesn’t mean that you are the most Valuable player. Statistically Lebron James’ numbers are better AND he plays defense. Durant does not play defense nor does he make his teammates better. Look at what happened to the Cavs after LeBron left. First to worst in the league. Lebron guards every position on the court too. Durant will just switch off to play a guard if he is in foul trouble. Before people start talking they need to do their HW. Kobe has only one MVP because he had Shaq and played second fiddle to him. A lot of great players only have one MVP. Wade has zero. Iverson led the league in scoring a ton of times and only has one. SCORING IS NOT EVERYTHING! Rose wasn’t the media’s favorite person and he won last year. NBA experts agree with the choice for LeBron as MVP, not just the media. Without Lebron the Heat would just be another good team. They are playing with misfits. Also, Wade missed a ton of games this year and Lebron carried the Heat. Did any Thunder players miss time? Westbrook? Harden? Don’t say “Harden missed games” either. It was the last couple games at the end that were meaningless. LeBron is the best overall player the league has TODAY. Durant is a clutch scoring machine but that is all.

      • peter says:

        It’s kinda true these days…

        Rose wasn’t a media favorite? Are you kidding me!?! Rose was the most rediculous MVP chchoice in the last 10 years…nowhere near deserved. Rose got MVP because his team had a great record, and he was the ‘media favorite’ on that team.

        Rose has nowhere near MVP talent and sure as hell isn’t more valuable to his team then KG to Boston, Kobe to the Lakers, Paul to the Clippers. Without those players, none of those teams make the playoffs. Without Rose Chicago had a top 3 record in the NBA.

    • jaylon says:

      OKCKD35 it is obvious that KD is NOT a MVP. What stats has he done to deserve it? MVP is more than being a scoring leader.

  206. Kobe Bryant says:

    its true actually

  207. rr says:

    Refs will allow Lebron James to get away with murder, then give him free throws. There goal is to ensure a Miami victory.

    • Common Sense says:

      Are you one of those people that said the same thing last year? I’m sure you are. And how did last year end? Oh that’s right Miami lost. So are you going to say it every year until Lebron wins? Grow up.

    • Miami Guy says:

      James is the most abused player in NBA while he is attacking to board. Jeff Van Gundy even said James do not show with his body language that he got hit that is why most of the refs do not call for that reason.

  208. Jean_Phi says:

    If a good defender is a player who can defend for 48 minutes, well, let’s say there would not be any good defender in the league. Indeed, I don’t think there’s any player averaging 48 minutes a game. Not even Ibaka.
    It’s impossible to defend all game and is as much productive as Lebron id on the offensive end.
    In the end, I don’t think we need any trash talk to make these Finals interesting.

    • Armaan says:

      Lebron is an elite defender in this league but the point is, Ibaka is right saying that he can’t defend on that level for the whole game. But it’s not that he isn’t able to do so, it’s just that he has lot of offensive responsibility, the whole Heat offense runs over him. So he can’t guard the opposite teams best player all the time cause that would cost him too much energy. Ibaka is also an elite defender and he knows what he’s talking about but he let out this important fact. Anytime the game is close you see James defending like a beast in crunch time most times defending the other teams stars from 1 to 4. And when he’s at his best no player can score easy points. I saw a lot of games where guys like D.Rose, Kobe, D.Wade in the past and other great players struggle when James were defending them. Durant is a special case. He struggled against James in the past, look at his stats from the last two years in games against Heat. But now he seems to be matured to the most dangerous player offensively. He does things Kobe, Nowitzki and other greats did in the past. Propably he is the only guy at the position from 1 to 4 James really can’t defend most of the time, even if he just concentrates on defense.

      • Bballfanatic32 says:

        really….?I dnt even know what to say to this…Ibaka needs to be quiet!!!!If u can cover all 4 positions doesn’t that make u a good defender,what coach would entrust someone to cover all four positions if he knew his defense faltered……

  209. lol says:

    Someone should tell Ibaka that defending is not only blocking shots…

    • Theboss says:

      SO TRUE! 😉

      • regs says:

        yeah! he should have known that defending is not just about blocking..rebounding is also part of it.. LBJ grabs more rebound than you so, you should grab more rebounds than LBJ before you say so.. :))

    • Spurrred says:

      well said. Bruce Bowen was one of the better defenders in the last decade and he was not a STAT guy, just solid on ball D.
      Well done LeBron

      • HN says:

        Don’t forget a few elbow hits and punches well placed…
        He was the “under the radar” guy…

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        ….just like he took them as well….q

      • LL says:

        (yawn) Some of y’all are only talking about kids in the past decade. There are MANY quality defenders. It’s sad y’all speak from your keyboards and not with your game. Coaches do help teams, but don’t “play” the game. If that were so, many teams would still be in play – including this year. Get all your negativity out another way!!

  210. LOLakers says:

    Idiot! He’s schooling the entire Blunder team in every area of the court! He is the greatest player of all time and he will demolish you for that remark! Heat in 5!!!

    • Jameel says:

      While I don’t agree with Ibaka’s comments, I must say that you’re the idiot in this one…How can you say James is the greatest player of all time?! How old are you? How long have you been watching basketball? Have you ever heard of Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant??? Do your research before you make stupid statements like that!!!

      • hooplover says:

        jameel, the “babies of the game” all believe that lbj is the best player of all time, i just let them have their way! it goes without saying who the best players of all time are. i guess he’s never heard of the dream team either, lol……ijs!

      • Jameel says:

        Whoever “Jameel’s Teacher” is, you’re an idiot as well…Quoting LOLakers “He is the greatest player of all time.” Those were his words! If you can’t comprehend what you’re reading then get off of the site and stay out of the conversation…You’re the only moron here!!!

      • Miami Guy says:

        We saw how far Kobe and LA went w/o Phil Jackson! All those players including MJ had one of the the best coaches of their time unlike James. LJ and MJ are different type of players!

      • Jnewt94 says:

        Hey don’t leave out Wilt Chamberlain. The list is great, but with 71 NBA records, 62 of which by himself, I’d have to put him in there. Don’t forget that he STILL has FOUR of the top five individual scoring averages, most being 50.4ppg and 37.6ppg, which he did in his rookie year. He also has the most 60 and 50 point regular season games, with 32 and 118 respectively; Kobe’s in second for 60pts with 5 and MJ’s in second for 50pts with 31. Plus, he was the greatest rebounder of all-time, with
        Bill Russell at a close second Oh AND he won ROY and MVP IN THE SAME YEAR! I’ll stop rambling now haha

      • Gbad says:

        Kobe Bryant!!?? He is such a punk!!!

      • LL says:

        (yawn) Some of y’all are only talking about kids in the past decade. There are MANY quality defenders. It’s sad y’all speak from your keyboards and not with your game. Coaches do help teams, but don’t “play” the game. If that were so, many teams would still be in play – including this year. Get all your negativity out another way!!

      • Blaah says:

        @Miami Vice…uhm Guy, yeah you are right, LBJ and MJ are very different, LBJ has 0 rings – MJ has 0+6 and he is also unanimously regarded as the GOAT no matter who else will be playing this game, so you made a nice observation there.

      • Willem says:

        @blaah…you know jordan was only 5 months younger than lbj is now, before he got his first ring right?
        Lebron will get his rings, thursday or sunday probably his first…
        Not that i want to say lbj earnt Jordan’s status by now, but we’ll see…

      • Jami says:






      • Ganger90 says:

        Lebron NOW[27 YEARS OLD] : 3 MVPs, 0 championships Jordan at 27: 1 MVP, 0 championships. Explains all

      • Francisco says:

        Lebron beat them all statistically except Jordan, so please remove the 3 others or bring an evidence(no rings accepted because so many mediocre player have them and it is a collective achivement)

      • NBAfan says:

        @ Francisco

        No rings accepted??? So why is Lebron so desperately chasing one then if Rings don’t mean a thing? Why don’t he just stay in Cleveland and have MVP trophies all year until he retires and even try to average a triple double???

        Dont’ you mean to say that NO RINGS ACCEPTED UNTIL LEBRON GETS ONE????

        You like stats? Wilt averaged 30 pts and and 23 rebs for HIS CAREER..throw in 4 asts…lets see Lebron beat that….and who knows how many blocks he and steals he had per game…they didn’t even count those…

        Now, if you say that the game was different back then. then there’s no way we can tell who the GOAT is…only who the greatest player of HIS GENERATION is…and yeah…Lebron is …just like Kobe was..and MJ was…

      • NBAfan says:


        Uhh…Jordon won his first championship in the 1991 finals..when he turned 27….

        Uhh…Jordan was 21 in his rookie year…Lebron was 19 in his rookie year and had 2 more years

        So Lebron with 9 years in the NBA….3 MVPS…MAYBE 1 ring…MAYBE if the win

        Jordan with 9 years in the NBA…3 MVPS…and 3 rings

        SO YEAH..even if Lebron wins this year….HE AIN’T NO MJ…

      • JesseO3 says:

        WILT?! lol…hes good yea…but really you should know that he dominated a predominately WHITE and SHORT league…go learn something. Wilt would not come CLOSE to dominating today’s league.

        End of argument.

      • Denzo says:

        What @NBAFan said.. 100% people. Look at how much time they have played. you cant compare someone who wasnt playing. We are taling about dominance. Theres a big picture to consider. Malon has more points than somebody, obviously hes a great player to get that many points.

        But was he as dominant in the shorter time span of Jordan, Obviously not. Same for Kobe, Kobe came in without college, he got extra time too. LeBron came in straight for school as well.

        If MJ came in early, and didnt retire twice! He might have like 9 rings – and thats real.

        It should be noted, an incredible thing that MJ did that sets him apart for a lot of people… when he retired the first time, he came back at 32/33 y.o.

        Thats how old KOBE is now for those that dont realise or know. MJ made a COME BACK at that same age. A comeback? After being out for 2 years from professional basketball!! Then when he comes back he drops 55 first game.
        So he plays the few games left that season, and lost with the Bulls in his short stint back in the ECF against Orlando, but he doesnt quit – he said to himself I can do this. Comes back the next year, sets a record 72 WINS, MVP, and gets a championship. Oh yeah – and he sweeps that same Orlando team.

        He leaves 3 years later at 35/36 years old the second time as the most dominant player in basketball again. A guard, at Grant Hills age, the most dominant again? R U serious? Look at D Wade or even Allen Iverson – and ask them what its like to play 30 and stay competitive – let alone the greatest – forget about the games Mike had when he was 40 y.o.

        Then comes back again, at 40 y.o. and has some game winnning shots and still drops 50 point games – in the nba? R U Serious?

        Man its all good watching LeBron now in his 8th or 9th season (rookie in 03-04 right?), and finally watching him peak – but he aint clucth. He hit some free throws when his team WAS ALREADY UP. That aint hard. Not hating I play ball too locally and I love shooting FTs when we up.And dont forget – thius is LBJ in his prime, lets see when hes 35, what he’ll be able to do, that way you can make a real comparison. Cause if your going to go on season for season, MJ has this locked the heck down.

        Peace – Dont fight it, MJ was just a master of the game, LBJ, Hill, Penny, Garnett, Barkley, Robsinon, Wade, Bron, Nowitzki, Kobe – all amazing players.. But you ask them who they wanted to be like.

        Like MF MIKE!!

      • Jersey guy says:

        technically the best player to play the game stats wise is Wilt Chamberlain…and as far as rings go that would be Bill Russel, so none of yall are right…MJ was the most spectacular player in history but numbers dont say that he was the best

      • Dieter says:

        Francisco says:
        June 19, 2012 at 7:50 pm
        Lebron beat them all statistically except Jordan, so please remove the 3 others or bring an evidence(no rings accepted because so many mediocre player have them and it is a collective achivement)

        Remove the others, because they didn’t have the same statistics? C’mon… Lebron James ain’t Magic Johnson or Larry Bird. Does he have the basketball iq of Magic: Not even close, what about leadership: Not even close. Can he shoot the ball like Bird: Hell no ! Lebron James is the best player in the league right now, but he ain’t superman (and no I’m not talking about that dude who can’t even make a free throw, but who is in many people’s opinion the best center in the nba, lol)

    • qwerty says:

      greatest player of all time? you’re messed up dude

    • go heat!!! says:

      its is a demolish. true to you! theres no better d in the world.. its a clown town for the D- here!!! throw up a shot and come down with the flu!! its nothin to you!

      lebron is a d-monster. he tha game! nothin is the same. i rhyme for a dime. i’ll eat a pickle for a nickel.

      HEAT in 5

    • Jameel says:

      @hooplover…LOL, obviously not.

      @”Jameel’s Teacher,” what you seem to misunderstand about this whole thing is that I am not taking anything away from Lebron. I respect his overall game, and I couldn’t even come close to doing what he does, so I am not one to criticize in that regard. However, any TRUE fan of the game cannot seriously think Lebron is anywhere near these Elite players that I mentioned; he hasn’t even won a ring yet. These guys are proven, and two things would separate them from Lebron, even if they all played in the same era. (1) They never joined forces with the “enemy,” they were always out to prove that they were better, and (2) they all had that killer instinct that Lebron lacks. With the title on the line, these guys never folder, not ever…Lebron has done it twice already. He has to show me a lot more before I even put him in the conversation with MJ’s or Bird’s shoes, much less being greater than them!

      • Leslie says:

        Could someone please tell me who the “enemy” is? None of these guys are real enemies. They all get along quiet well until they are playing each other. Anybody in their right mind and who have some level of maturity would understand that making a decision to reach whatever your goal in life is has NOTHING to do with anything else. People are so stupid being angry and hating someone for making a decision in their life for their life. He (LBJ) plays where he wanted to pay and I’m sure things would be different if he had done what you and everybody else thought he should have done. At the end of the day, NOBODY, but him is paying his bills. Foolishness is bound in the heart of children, apparently there is some growing up that need to be done in and around the NBA fans.

      • DGago says:

        Jameeli will not put in cause your knowledge about the nba past, present, about the players,… (sorry if my english isn’t the best, i’m from portugal) but i think that LeBron can be considered one of the best of all time not in the rings way (i hope that i can get ther) but in terms of playing, A.I. was a GREAT player but he doesn’t have a ring, i see my point i believe. And he didn’t joined with the enemy, lots of great players needed help, mj had scottie pippen, kobe had shaq, magic jonhson and kareem, larry hadparish and kevin mchale, so as you can see LeBron and Wade are just like them and bosh is a player that just joined the “party”, but everyone have thier point of views and ways to see it and this is my opinion. Greetings DGago (;

      • NbaBigFan says:

        Leslie , as much as you wanna defend LBJ, that’s thrue he had to do what he had to do, but it came at a price! He will never be regarded as a legend for sole decision he made to go join forces with another great player(D Wade) I can disregard Bosch. Do u research en you will find almost if not all the players we view as great remained in their teams en got support from there, they never abandoned their teams. A true legend leads his to team to greatness!!!

      • Denzo says:

        @NBABigFAN Cpuldnt agree more, some guy who is super talented and acts like Diva, doesnt make him the greatest.

        Even AI has more respect around the league than LBJ – cause in their primes – they were unguardable – and AI wasnt playing with a team of All Stars. If he did, Im sure he would have gotten a ring as well.

        Saying someone is the greatest player ever is a big thing – you cant just say this because you like someones dunks? Or that he blocks really cool. He needs to have ice in his veins, be loyal to his team , but most important – he needs to dominate the game for a long period of time while he is playing. Now he joined up with his boys in South Beach – thats good, hope he wins a couple – hes a great player and deserves a ring despite what people get mad about his disloyal move.

        But as for being the greatest, I still rate players such as Charles Barkely, Garnett higher, cause they were individually able to dominate a game just like LBJ – but did it without being disloyal and blaming their team. High status to me.

    • Miami Guy says:

      Ibaka is right if playing defense is only shot blocking. But he is WRONG! James can play with all type of players unlike Ibaka. Ibaka, go try to put ur D on Rose or Rondo and see what will happen?

    • ridinsolo says:

      Ain’t that somethin, thats probably why your team, the Fakers, sittin at home watching the finals. James cant play defense just like his cousin Carmelo. And he has his awards given to him, i havent seen his earn anything yet. And for the greatest of all time, ha, he’s missing a few things dont ya think…..like hmmmmm some rings for starters. So if you gon speak on a subject, at least do us al a favor and do some research and know your information

      • Corentin LeVot says:

        So you mean to say he hasn’t earned his three MVP trophies? wow I would like to see you go one on one with him haha at tennis, bball or chess anyways

    • TeeJay says:

      @Jnewt94, everything is right except the fact that Wilt did that not in his rookie season, and Blaah or whatever, your an idiot. Michael Jordan Had one mvp, 0 rings, and a record of 1-9 in the playoffs befre Scottie Pippen got drafted to Chicago. LeBron James made it to the Finals once by himself and 3 mvps, but 0 rings at 27

    • jaylon says:

      To all those who are saying do research how about you do yours. LeBron’s 45pt and 15 rebound game has only been done by one other player and it is NOT MJ. There are other records he has broken since game 6 of the Boston series that again MJ is not on the list. Rings aren’t everything. I see this “baby” has to teach the old heads because that can’t comprehend current stats. I am a Lakers fan but I can give recognition where it is do and I have to admit LeBron has done things even Kobe hasn’t.

    • OKC!!!!!!!!!!! says:

      NNNNNNOOOOOOOTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!! durant is better

      • David Burger says:

        I agree with you. No player has ever been more dangerous with a basketball than Magic. And Magic played decent defense. He grabbed alot of rebounds for someone playing point guard. He could play any position but was most effective at point guard where he could create plays. Magic had had an amazing ability to control the pace of a basketball game.

    • Rich says:

      magic johnson is the greatest player of all time. I thought you knew

    • mr-plow says:

      look up a gentleman named Bill Russell when saying best of all time

    • Hook says:

      OK SURE never called for fouls Lebron is a hack

    • NBAfan says:

      Lebron is far from being the GOAT…and based on his first oh 8, 9 years in the league…I think no matter what he does..he’ll never be the GOAT…he can only hope to be in the discussion…

      I agree and disagree with Ibaka…yes, he doesn’t play D for 48 minutes like he would…but that’s because Lebron is not just a defender…he’s the HEAT’s offense too…so even though he may not actively play defense as best as he could all the time….his constant offensive threat for the rest of the 45 minutes is good enough defense…

      a good offense is a good defense….

      I have a theory…Lebron and all his 250 lbs of muscle doing all the high speed things he does on the court gets tired near the end of the game….what do you think?