Dumb Fouls Undo Thunder

MIAMI — The Oklahoma City Thunder were in control of Game 3 of the 2012 Finals. Kevin Durant (four fouls) and Russell Westbrook (too much dribbling) went to the bench with just over five minutes to go in the third quarter, but Derek Fisher‘s four-point play put the Thunder up 64-54 with 4:33 left in the period.

A minute later, OKC was still up nine, surviving without their two best players on the floor. And then things fell apart.

On the next Miami Heat possession, the Thunder played a zone defense for the first time in the series. That, in itself, wasn’t the problem. The Heat took some time to figure out what they were doing.

Then, with eight seconds on the shot clock, LeBron James took a dribble toward the basket from the right wing. Serge Ibaka stopped James from getting into the paint and James fed the ball to Shane Battier in the near corner. As Battier released a shot, Ibaka flew into him, a reverse cross body-block of sorts.

Both guys hit the floor, referee Joey Crawford whistled Ibaka for the foul, and Battier headed to the line for three free throw attempts.

Battier made all three freebies and the Oklahoma City lead was down to six. Then Thabo Sefolosha took an awful shot (from the left wing with his toes on the 3-point line and with 10 seconds on the shot clock) that missed everything.

The Thunder were still in OK shape if they could get a few stops down the stretch of that third period. But as Dwyane Wade brought the ball up the floor after the Sefolosha airball, the OKC defense was scrambling.

As Haslem screened Sefolosha, Derek Fisher stepped in to stop Wade. Wade found James Jones open in the corner and Fisher turned to close out on the shooter. But he closed out too hard and clobbered Jones’ right arm as the shot went up. James Capers blew the whistle and Jones was heading to the line for three more free throws.

Same spot. Same dumb foul two possessions in a row. Throw in the bad Sefolosha shot and it was a real bonehead sandwich.

Jones hit all three and the Thunder lead was down to three.

After the Fisher four-point play, the Heat finished the third quarter with a 15-3 run to turn a 10-point deficit into a two-point lead. The game was still in the balance, but the Thunder gave their opponent some real life with two mental mistakes in a critical stretch.

“That’s NBA basketball,” Thunder coach Scott Brooks said afterward. “You’ve got to deal with it. You’ve got to move on from it. You’ve got to learn from it. You’ve got to get better from it.”

What makes the two fouls even dumber is that the Heat shot 5-for-31 (16 percent) from outside the paint on Sunday. They basically couldn’t make a jumper all night. But the Thunder basically escorted them to the free throw line for six straight points.

This is The Finals. These have been three tightly-contested games and Game 3 was the ugliest yet. When points are tough to come by, you can’t put your opponent on the line with dumb fouls. That’s what the Thunder did and they’re down 2-1 as a result.


  1. MeanJean says:

    Oklahoma will win the game in miami tommrow night. go home and win the series ALL YOU HATERS kevin durant will make 45 points in the game.

  2. Nene Odonkor says:

    SOMEONE please explain to me why the refs are reluctant to make the big calls like Lebron’s foul on KD in Game 2?

    • TheRileyLegacy says:

      Sure I can. They were probably reluctant for the very same reason that well positioned Shane Battier got flying kneed by KD which would’ve fouled him out got a no-call. It’s called star status.

  3. Godrealm says:

    OKC pls trade Harden and Perkins, their making your team worst

  4. Vanity says:

    OKC fans are now complaining about the fouls which took the team to the finals. Great!

  5. TheRileyLegacy says:

    As “my-behind” stated, it’s simple that they get calls/no-calls due to superstar status. For those trying to single out a particular player for getting no calls, it just simply shows how much of a fan boy or hater you guys are. In OKCs case, it’s mostly bandwagoning to boot since I know for sure the vast majority didn’t give a damn about the Seattle Supersonics to the point where they had to move there. KD gets just as many no-calls as Lebron which is similar to how Westbrook doesn’t get any calls much like Wade doesn’t.

    For those who speak as if allowing hand checking would make these guys less effective are just being fanboys to the all stars of old, which although do demand the respect of true fans, should not be seen as if they were invincible. On a physical aspect, a guy like Lebron would still be the most dominant guy in his position as there were not many small forwards back then that had the level of dominance he has. Besides Scottie Pippen, who could’ve guarded him back in the 90s generation? Dominique? Pfft. Even in the 80s, it’d be laughable to think that small forwards like like Larry Bird or James Worthy could cover the guy well as Dr, J would be the only one I could think of at the time.

    Stop the hate and just admit that LBJ is at least a great player and perhaps the greatest SMALL FORWARD of the era with the potential to be the GOAT of that position

  6. Zach Gillette says:

    ““That’s NBA basketball,” Thunder coach Scott Brooks said afterward. “You’ve got to deal with it. You’ve got to move on from it. You’ve got to learn from it. You’ve got to get better from it.””

    That’s BAD NBA basketball, not championship NBA basketball.

  7. Westchoke says:

    Lol at the people saying that this is an easy series for OKC because Dallas eliminated Heat last year and they easily swept Dallas this year. The young ones in dallas got traded. The one you fought are all old geezers. Calm down and think about it before saying it.

  8. rigor says:

    i’m not a fan of any team here in the finals, but i think its about time for Miami to win the title this year, give lebron something he’s looking for,after their last year’s failure,its about time to redeem themselves, and for OKC,maybe next year,they’re still young and inexperience,there’s a lot of things to learn to win a championship, not just flopping, LOL,good luck for both teams,and may the best team win

  9. cds says:

    Both are good team. But OKC are dangerous because they are flash player (fast and furious)… If Miami won’t step up more OKC will win the championship. “

  10. my-behind says:

    LBJ always got the calls the same way Larry Bird, Michael and all other superstar get. During Larry Birds era, Jordan and the rest always complaining about how bird always get the call because of his superstar status

  11. Flopper says:

    According to Frank Vogel
    “Miami heat team is the biggest flopper in the NBA”

    Just like James Harden? LOL!

  12. vicbus says:

    nupe!!!!!!!!!!! the game is not over,,,,,,,

  13. WinnerTakesAllGame7Baby!!! says:

    Enough said.

  14. Rishan says:

    No matter what you said and done , OKC will bounce back and win the championship by 4-2

  15. prison12 says:

    Derelick Fisher is a dirty player!

  16. HeatFan says:

    Concerning ’06, ask Avery Johnson what happened. He said himself recently, they didn’t have an answer for D-Wade on offense or defense.
    Certain calls in the NBA finals refs won’t give to you, like when Shane Battier got fouled on a banked 3-pointer, the same game that KD supposedly got fouled but no call, but you don’t hear Heat fans crying about that.

    • Mike C says:

      Heat fans aren’t crying because they got the win from the refs. 3 or 4 calls go to OKC instead, and your teams down 3 games to zip. Heat fans would be asking for the refs head on a plate by now. NO, I’m not a thunder fan either. I do know all the heat fans should send Joey Crawford & his buddies in the striped shirts, Christmas cards this year.What a JOKE!

  17. toki says:

    bobcats in 4

  18. skullz says:

    The ref’s did their job right… It was just bad defense “at the time” by OKC.

    I want to know why Derek fisher’s shot at the three point line was only counted as a 2??? I mean seriously this is the NBA Finals, it’s not highschool. Things like that should be taken seriously, I know it’s only a point but things could of been different.

    I’m not a fan of both as I ‘m a Laker fan and i’m going for OKC mostly because i’m a west fan.

  19. Wiss says:

    Game 3 was within OKC’ hands due to Miami’s turn-to-jump-shots strategy during the 3rd Q that got them behind, the surprising amount of open shots OKC had, and the “weird” last 4 minutes outcome from DWade. That being said, the Heat only won because of concentrating defensively within 2 possessions (LBJ + Bosh on KD) in addition to LeBron’s effort on both ends of the floor for the whole game.
    A fatal weakness in OKC is their rebounding game and that’s what should coach Spo concentrate on. OKC bigs do not box out and they’re a bit soft while wrestling for a rebound.
    Harden is way better than this, I think he’s either under the Finals’ pressure or trying not to be attacked by the media as his 120MPH “point guard”.
    LBJ is on another level, he’s going for it, OKC can win if their 3 guys get huge numbers + LBJ has an off-night + rebounding – turnovers – stupid shots / fouls. (and that should happen 3 times!) Heat in 6

  20. review says:

    my number 1 suggestion is review every thing missed calls after every play n if some 1 missed a call or called some thing wrong there should be a challenge call

  21. Big Country says:

    It’s just ridiculous that it takes a shorter season, other hurt all-stars out(d-rose), and wade and bosh for Lebron to win a ring. This is his lucky year that wont happen again if he cant win this year it may never come.

  22. Jami says:



  23. Abekebe says:

    If continue in this pec, Miami will get the trophy.

  24. Crucial234 says:







  25. Abekebe says:

    We all watching these games, most of us are biased the way the comments are given. When we see the last three games, Game 1 was dominated by OK they won. G2 & G3, although OK had a chance to win, it was a better team Miami won. They were better in both attack and defence. Due to very quick play silly fouls called every time for both teams we have to accept the refs are humans not machiens. Therefore, no matter what the result is let’s appreciate the good plays and move on. There are many great individual talents, Among the tops KD & LJ, in this series LJ was the best. However, the game is still alive, it is any body’s game. The team with the best strategy (Coach) and team work wins.

  26. Thunder Up says:

    Mark my words…we will win on Tuesday…we’re gonna win on Tuesday.

    • Crucial234 says:

      u gotta be kidding me! If you are a superstar you need to protect your teammate your team! now what? what did you do in game 3? you cant guard LBJ they way he guard you… without your teammates OKC will not reach the FINALS.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      …..you words are MARKED !!!!!……… And I will be here to give you congrats for being right…… IF you are!

  27. kaiba says:

    there were soooo many foul calls in this game still.. even though the refs missed some and mistakenly called others. i felt like this was one of hte longest games ive ever seen. it was BORING… refs stopping the flow of the game every other minute

  28. TTan says:

    The 11-year-old girl that sang the national anthem. She’s a better singer than Jeff van Gundy as commentator.

  29. LOLakers says:

    Stupid is as stupid does and the Blunder is the dumbest team I’ve ever seen LOL!!! They need to sit back and watch how a REAL team wins a series!!! It’ll be Heat in 5, no contest!!!!

  30. BFoulds says:

    Miami was here last year with a 2-1 lead and look what happened.

    We still don’t know who’s going to win this series.

    GL to both teams

  31. carl mark says:

    hmmmmmmmmmm…. maybe the okc fans are right… officiating was the great factor of the losses of okc… so many bad calls in favor of the miami… ahahahaha! u cant admit that in the court miami are 8 and the okc are 5… even though im a heat fan… i agree to them… mostly the calls of the refs… so thin… then they call it a foul…. i agree to them…. im a wade fan.. not for james… hes not the king… he even got a ring…. then u call him king? oh come on!

  32. Windsurfer says:

    Thunder lose game 2 and 3 because the is no Derek Fisher in the end part of the game, coach brooks should remember that
    always use an experience player and has a championship ring especially in the crunch time of the game,

  33. el stone says:

    I can smell LeBron’s ego from my office in Texas. That’s right, it goes right through the walls.

  34. s27m says:

    MIami’s time is now. They have to seize it!

  35. Arnel says:

    the thunder coach should be using Fisher in almost all the end quarter of the game,, this guy is proven to have guts, killer instinct and experience in championship, he should play often during crunch time of the game, avoid using all young players in the end game since most of them are selfish players except for Ibaka, Westbrook and Harden may be good players but they commit a lot of force shots, Please Thunder coach always remember to use Fischer in the 4th quarter especially in the last minutes since he is a proven player already and a lot of championship! and don’t forget to use Collisson often ,he is a team player and a gutsy player, Fisher is the key for the thunder to win the championship, Not only offensively but defensively.

  36. smith me says:

    @OKC wahah keep dreaming dude,, i just cant see that, if westBROKE continue to play like that and harden playing like a rookie ? not to mention durant weak defense against james, wahaha will see you next year at the finals , be sure to be there cuz we will wahahaha ASA westBROKE :>

  37. Francisco says:

    I love Durant humility, he is a great guy, but LBJ IS THE BEST.where is OKCKD35 ?it is still game 4, he lost hope so easily.

    • KOBE says:


      • .....justplayball !! says:

        ……NOW you think JOEY sux!?!?!?!? I told you he is a ‘company man’….. doesn’t feel so good when the shoe is on the OTHER foot now does it?? Don’t worry, there will be more in the offing….. AND YES…… Where is the OKCKD35 with ALL the answers???? Good question??? Probably doesn’t want to talk about how JOEY DOES call the game the way the nba likes it…… ‘protecting the darlings’…. KD is NOT quite there yet ….when compared to bronbron !!……….. c’mon OKCKD……. do you think the calls in game 3 were fair across the board OR just a LITTLE biased in favor of the heaters???…… We had a conversation about Joey a couple of week ago and you thought it was inconsequential ???? How about now……. is it Just not hitting fouls shot and clutch 3’s at the end of the 4th …… OR maybe more than that ……just wondering OKCKD35…… lets hear it now!!

  38. Thunder Up!! says:

    This series has simply come down to two critical componenets. First, and most importantly, the Thunder are shooting 10% below their season FT % and the Heat are shooting close to 10% above their season %. If they were shooting at their averages this series would be 3-0 Thunder and all but over. Second, it comes down to poor decison making in fouling guys beyond the three point line and throwing up wild shots. I’m a Thunder fan through and through and will not blame this on the refs. The Heat have simply played better up to this point. I’m confident that the Thunder will re-bound though and win one of the next two. If they can get that done then anything can happen in front of the best crowd in the NBA!! If not, then as they continue to mature they will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come and they WILL get a few championships. Two years ago they got knocked out in the semis, last year in the Western Conference Finals and if the Heat get them this year then as a natural progression they are my pick for next year. And finally, to the idiot who earlier said KD is not an athlete, you are obviously clueless. There is not a coach in the NBA who wouldn’t want this athlete in their starting rotation!!!!

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ….’a natural progression’…… you mean that the Thunder ARE going to HAVE TO WAIT their turn?????….. Of Course they are….. but they had better find a way to keep the team intact during the off-season….. I will be hard to pay 3-4 players top dollar on the same team in this league…..

  39. EROCK says:

    The Heat will will the next two games, the Heat and David Sterns want the Miami Cry Babies to win the title this year, as you can see they don’t want Durant to play a full game without being in foul trouble because you know what will happen Durant will take over and win the game in the 4qtr, but now you can’t breath on Lebron without a foul being called. Just know that whenever there is a Pat Riley team they will cry to the NBA about how they are not getting the calls and 99% of the time the NBA will do whatever Pat Riley ask for. This year finals had the chance to be one of the best in history but the refs are controling these finals, let Durant play and I promise you this will go down as the best finals ever!!!!

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ….And Brooks didn’t know this going in……. He played, so he knows…..Also, shouldn’t have his STAR TRYING to play defense on a very offensive minded player in LJ…..calls ALWAYS go in favor of the ‘darlings’ of this league…..gotta beat the opposing team AND the jpoor calls…. it can be done…… Hit more free throws AND shots…. GO Thunder!!

    • Sick says:

      EROCK i think your the one CRYING…
      oooooh what a cry baby! want some candy? LOL

  40. nikko says:

    Two teams with tremendous talent who do well despite their average coaches; this time Miami pulled it off but only due to stupid plays designed for Harding, Westbrook and Durant.clearly demonstrated in the last 2 minutes of the game where they had every opportunity to win this one.

  41. maldito says:

    its not yet the end for okc…gogogo okc, show to us what we can, fell to them how hungry u are…show us how lebron cry….

  42. DizzyD says:

    Heat in 5 games, we all know David Stern wants Lebron to win because it would bring in more $$$ I’d like to see a “TEAM” wininng the championship instead of just Lebron, Wade, and Lizard. Everyones talking about fouls and the refs, but how many times did you see wade crying after he got fouled but wasn’t called and Bosh driving the lane and yelling trying to get a foul when no one is around him, lol play the game “Professionals” Don’t cry like Pau Gasol does

  43. OKC!!!! says:

    Guys you have a lot off comments but still the series is not end just wait who will be the best in the court…But remember the OKC they take down all the veterans team in play off Dallas, L.A. Lakers and Spurs…and i still believe that the OKC has a won the game…and we will be the CHAMPION….

  44. littleteapot says:

    I’m still picking OKC. Despite all I hear about the “resolve” of Miami, they’ve had more games where they just had complete discipline breakdowns in these playoffs than OKC, but got bailed out by the celtics running out of gas and the pacers running away in fear. OKC isn’t going to make these huge mistakes 2 games in a row.

    • JohnDoe says:

      why do ppl alwqays predict what a team can and won’t do? we’re not on the court with them. we don’t feel the pressure they feel. all we can do is cheer them on and hope they pull out the win. As per your comment “OKC isn’t going to make these huge mistakes 2 games in a row” it might be also safe to say Heat is not going to have 2 bad games in a row (bc as as much as they won they did not play their best).

  45. ger says:

    Durant guarding of James is taking the game out of him, he is in foul trouble in the last 2 games, james always getting the calls, maybe because of superstar treatment, adjustments should be made & brooks should let tabo do the job so as durant can be on the floor most of the game to let his offense explode & not be tentative because of foul trouble.

  46. Ndazcom says:

    Is this an ESL (English as a Second Language) forum? The grammar and spelling are atrocious (That was probably too big a word for this crowd. Maybe I should have said “really bad.”)

  47. Mike C says:

    Dumb Fouls? Oh, like when Wade drives the lane and kicks the defensive player in the chest? Or maybe you mean how Lebron charges over a guy who clearly has his feet set? Even better Lebron hitting Rajon Rondo in the face in overtime in the Celtics series. Oh, thats right, its the Miami Heat! They’re not going to get called for anything this post season. David Stern has his officiating crew staying up late, making sure they hand deliver a championship to the Heat. ITS BEEN DECIDED. Thanks again Stern for ruining the game I love. Back to watching some professional wrestling, at least their not QUITE so obvious !

    • DizzyD says:

      Totally agree, he’s making me not want to watch the NBA anymore, which is sad, And it is obvious, just watch the game closely instead of just watching Lebron. Down the stretch not only in this game but games before, the refs would not call some fouls on the Heat that were obvious fouls, they would let them play on. You can tell which ones those are, they are the ones that they never show a replay on. 2 more months til football

    • Outsider says:

      lol, yes…its a conspiracy….LAME!!!

      btw, if you are so sure then there is $$$ to be made EASILY!!! You really think Vegas would not have know about a fix?? You really think Vegas would let Miami be the underdog.

      If you truely believe your BS then you can make SO MUCH money on the “Fix”…….

      The truth is that you sadly can not handle losing. Suggestion is to pick a team that does not lose and cry about it 😉

      • Mike C says:

        Trust me, I’m looking into placing some bets for that exact reason. Maybe you need to go read Tim Donaghy’s book, and come back here and tell me certain plays are or are not being called at critical times in the game. The refs ARE controlling the tempo of the game. Does the 2002 Lakers verses Kings series ring a bell? Wake up man, the “FIX” is on.

    • vennyi28 says:

      your just a sore loser fouls go bothways! and the heat got fouls too!

    • Scott says:

      Fouls are nearly even in the series. You should do what your beloved Celtics are doing right now, take a vacation.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      Is this sort of thing New to you???……..the fans AND the OKC team needs to get used to it and find a way to win even IF the refs ‘blow’ calls….happens ALL of the time in the playoffs…… I have seen it for over 30 yrs….. it gets old fast though….. Good Luck Thunder, Beat Miami!!

  48. DavidSteyn says:

    kevin durant is just a bamboo tree that is swinging to a reatining wall like lebron james

    • NBAfan says:

      bamboos are strong and resiliant…man…watch more kung fu movies…maybe you should say Durant is like a toothpick….

  49. Ron says:

    There were a lot of dumb fouls…called by the refs. Not the Thunder. Too many whistles…

  50. jack says:

    all the west predictions sweeping the east team??…where are they?..they must be hiding now, anyways it gets 4 to win that ring and that focus is still in james wade bosh eyes,..miami in 5

  51. Destined to be says:

    I’m no fan of both squads but I absolutely believe its the Heat’s time. They have entered the finals for consecutively for the last 2 years, could anybody tell me any team who lost two consective times in the finals? If I’m right then history is on Heat’s side.

    • Twicks says:

      The nj nets..back in 02 and 03..they lost to d lakers and to d spurs..

      • Sebio says:

        Utah jazz to Chicago bulls, Jordan-Pippen vs. Stockton-Malone during ’97 and ’98.

      • Destined to be says:

        OMG! I stand corrected. Oh well, may the best team win then. But my heart goes to King James, he’s a great player and deserves to be a champion.

    • Jake says:

      i think the heat will win but there is another argument to be placed against and that is when the scoring champ and mvp met in the finals, the scoring champ won it happened in 93 jordan vs barkely and in 97 jordan vs malone, malone and barkely bolth mvp’s but they bolth came home without rings.

      • Diogo says:

        @Jake: C’mon man…that’s your stat? Jordan was always superior to Barkley and Malone. He wasn’t MVP on those years just so it wouldn’t get boring giving him MVP every year.

        I see a lot of people saying that OKC won 4 in a row to beat SA. But that series was completely different. They lost the first two games and then the momentum shifted because of they homecourt. This time, they are 2-1 with 2 more games at Miami. For OKC to have any chance, they have to get 1 in Miami. That said, Miami has a big opportunity here to close this thing out in 5. Game 3 was a terrible game for them. If they get things going a little bit better, it shouldn’t be a problem.

      • NBAfan says:

        Durant’s scoring champ given away by Kobe…so it’s meaningless….anyway….no need to argue…we just need to WATCH…

      • vennyi28 says:

        The Big difference between jordan and durant is jordan was a Two way superstar! He was not just great on offense but he was also great on defense! Durant is not a two way superstar and that is the big!

    • Bball fan says:

      Utah Jazz lost in 97 and 98 to the Bulls, you can’t forget about that. MJ rules

  52. ton says:

    2 more win games miami…the championship and ring are coming…. but make it seriously don’t make lazy, remember okc can bounce back ,they did it to spurs with 20 win straight … they give 4 straight win and take note spurs is best standing this season…good luck

    • ton says:

      and they beat the spur… remember also last year dallas straight miami with 3 win a row.. so learn the past experience …GOGOGO heat

  53. HeatKingOfEast says:

    the look on the face of haslem was so epic when harden flop a fall on him lol ahahahahaahhaha

  54. Jepoy3 says:

    The dumbest foul was the James harden flop that fired back near the end of the game…lol

    • NBAfan says:

      at worst it should have been a non call….they owe him at least that for calling a foul on him and giving wade the and 1 even though he LITERALLY did not touch a single cell….

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        …..”they OWE him”????? you are hilarious…… Harden has Earned NO ‘owe hims’ from this league….. he AND KD ….. Maybe KD shouldn’t have said that “We never thought we had to wait our turn”……. Don’t worry, the league will give them plenty of chances to WAIT!!!

      • Sir Sam says:

        Harder cused the ref to call the foul as Harden was not set and made it look like it was contact made. This is where inexperince comes into play. Flopping is a hot topic in the NBA so do Harden think the refs will give him that call in that game situation, in that position on the court against LBJ. NO! Harden shoulh have been playing defence, that’s what champoins do, not look for gemmes

      • NBAfan says:

        @ …..justplayball !!

        You are right..Harden has not “EARNED” any ” owe hims” in this league….cause he’s a nobody and he doesn’t even start..and Lebron James is the MVP…the King…the Choosen one….

        so didn’t you indirectly just say that Lebron and the HEAT are and will get the calls this series?

        Lebron and the HEAT are getting BAILED OUT like Wall Street…the sad thing is, with Lebron’s new found focus and play…I don’t think they need to get bailed out…

  55. wade says:

    thats was bcoz the miami heat still played as a team..even they are down by 10 they not panic..theyre looking for some plays to make than to rattle..

  56. Curtis says:

    Westbrook is feeling the pressure. 19 points in a game aint good enough to win against the heat if he had high 20s like 28 points maybe they win but 19 just aint good enough.

  57. MeAko says:

    They always blame the coaches for the loss but this loss was really Scott Brook’s.

    1. LEAVE KD in the game! He can’t sit, if he gets 5 fouls, then you take him out.
    2. Perkins does not work! He was a step late and Bosh was running rings around him, he also can’t do the Collison step up dunk. Collison should’ve been in.
    3. When Westbrook starts to go mad turning over the ball again and again, take him out and calm him down.

    • Ken1120 says:

      I agree on this post…

      Though I am a dying fan of OKC, they should let Westbrook out once he start dribbling and dribbling…
      What I have noticed on OKC recently, they all wanted to score and be heard! Please it would be better if you will play as a team not individual…

      Look at what Battier, Miller and Chalmers are doing they just defense their team and let the points with LBJ and Wade…
      They don’t care even if they don’t score as long as they defend their team…

  58. Curtis says:

    game 2s no call on lebron which really looked like a foul and could have tied the game and sent the game into overtime really looms large now. At the very worst I can see the heat going up 3 games to 2 on the thunder but odds are I think the heats going to win in 5 games. The next game is I think the make or break game for the thunder. Sure if the thunder somehow won game 5 they would have some life going back home but I really dont see the thunder winning the next two games in Miami especially not now. 3-1 is definitely a lot harder than 2-2. Game 4 is a must win for them I just dont think they will do it.

  59. Curtis says:

    You cant make mental mistakes in the nba finals and expect to win a nba championship. This game the thunder blew it is as simple as that. Bonehead mistakes cost them this game and very well possibly the series with two more games in miami. The thinder let the heat off the hook. Silly fouls couldnt make decent percentage foul shots too many turnovers in the fourth quarter. It all adds up to a ugly loss. Mostly played well unril the fourth quarter then they hit into a major tailspin and couldnt recover.

  60. ajbush says:

    its due time for MIami to win the championship series….

  61. manok says:

    And then these OKC loyal fans just change their names and join the cHeat bandwagons… I still root for OKC,,, win or lose, i will not count you out

    • NBAfan says:

      true fan right hur….they have a brither future….they are younger…this is Durant’s first finals…Lebron got swept in his first finals….so Durant has already done better by winning one game….maybe more…who knows…

      OKC is way more dangerous than the heat…they just need to dig deep and just play their game…..

  62. kukakuukjames33 says:

    miami will win games 4 and 5 coz of composure and resillency…attack and attack the basket relentlessly and not setting for outside shots..get into the foul line and get team mates involved..more defensive pressure and make the game as close as possible..foul trouble will result and the more experienced team will win…this is the 3rd time the heat went to finals 3rd time for lbj and dwade and okc the first…the pressure is on okc right now and miami will take more advantage to it coz theyve been there before and now its closing time….heat for champ..the big 3 project of miami is somewhat successfull and LBJ double MVPs….yeah! lets go!

    PS:to mr. riley and coach spo… next time get a good center (not an injury magnet like curry) and a good PG (nash for example)..retain of course the big 3, haslem,battier and chalmers and the rest change it..make the heat a more solid and deep group…the time is now!! hehehe

    • NBAfan says:

      Miami will win if Lebron has evolved and LEARNED how to be a closer…that or Wade wakes up and stops fooling around…..

  63. jep says:

    the player will not contest the shot if it is not the coach play… coach brook told his guys to challenge every shot and that’s the result… now its coach spo who outcoach coach brook…… the tide turn….HEAT in 5..

  64. carlotebis says:

    these fouls are 75% thunder’s coach fault.. basically he instructed to contest 3pointers at the highest level due to good 3point plays by battier and chalmers..

  65. against heat haters says:

    come on JOHN! now you blaming your bet team in the finals this is not fair..admit OKC was too early too young to capture supremacy RING and believe LBJ are more Hunger to Conquer the RING!

    • NBAfan says:

      I REALLY LIKE JAMES since game 6 vs Boston….but to be honest…did he really need to leave Cleveland for this? AT THE END OF THE DAY, HE IS CARRYING THE TEAM, NO MATTER WHO HIS TEAMMATES ARE….he just needed to grow up…he just sulked he couldn’t win the ring as early as I’m sure “the choosen one” thought he would….

      At the end of the day…he had to go into HULK mode and stop all this nonsense about him being the KING or being the CHOSEN ONE he just need t obe Lebron James the pro baller and win games!!! He could have done that in cleveland….

      I’m not a cleveland fan nor am I a Lebron fan really….but it’s such a waste….

      • TreyZeroFive says:

        Yes, he really DID have to leave CLV.

        Why do you say he is carrying the team?

        If is wasn’t for Bosh, OKC wouldn’t have to pay HALF as much attention to the paint.

        If it wasn’t for Wade, they could double up on LBJ all the time. Just because Wade isn’t scoring 40 pts a game doesn’t mean he isn’t a HUGE part of these wins.

        If it wasn’t for Chalmers, OKC wouldn’t have the ball movement they do now (and just in case you don’t know: It’s all that ball movemennt that allows all the opps for LBJ)

        If it wasn’t for UD, OKC would think it safe to drive to the basket all the time.

        If it wasn’t for Battier (and Jones, and Miller) OKC wouldn’t have to guard at 18 feet out ALL THE DAMNED TIME.

        Why do ya’ll hate LBJ? CLV wouldn’t get him any help. This had been in the works for 3 years BEFORE you knew anything about it. The other 14 Heeat players are mor than support.

  66. kobe24 says:

    king james, way too good..

    westbroke and that guy with the ridiculous beard, way overrated…

    heat in 5.

  67. Kevin Durant says:

    I agree, definitely, My teamates are just dumb. I’m the only one who could bail them out, and when I’m on the bench due to foul trouble. They are just lost.

    • Scott Brookss says:

      That’s rather unlike you, Kevin Durant. Usually you’re very humble. And it was your own fouls that put you on the bench, let’s not forget that.

  68. SYNCSHOCK says:

    It was really a grind with both teams piling turnover after turnover in the final minutes of the game. I thought the 3 Durant misses were due to CBs defensive presence. Miami went to the line more and were more aggressive late game. They made their free throws and that sealed the game. Despite the physical abilities of Durant, Harden and Westbrook, they cracked under pressure in a hostile crowd. Miami has learned its lesson from the past and is ripe for the title. I was anti Miami last year but this year I think they paid their dues and deserve to be champions

  69. theking0522 says:

    We shot 38% from the field and had 9 turnovers in the fourth quarter and still manage to win this ball game. OKC fans and Heat haters better be worry because this wasn’t our best basketball and still won. I am tired of those losers in Oklahoma blaming the referees after missing multiple free-throws. Durant missed a couple of free-throws in the last quarter also. Westbrick missed a wide open three to tie the game, multiple turnovers by their team and somehow the blame is in the referees? They said OKC was going to sweep Miami. Some said Miami was going to win one game at best. Now they cry because they don’t have an answer. Pathetic whiners. That shows how little many fans know about basketball. Nobody in its right mind would have picked OKC to sweep Miami. Now they can see that games are won on the court and not with pathetic predictions. Play on because when Miami wins, blaming the referees is not going to make it any less sweeter for Heat fans.

    • S Cherry says:

      Couldn’t agree more.

    • NBAfan says:

      a HEAT fan should know a lot about PATHETIC PREDICTIONS….

      not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4…ooops…lost to the MAVS….that’s a pathetic prediciton….

      2 more games…the HEAT needs to win two more games….AFTER they do that…maybe that’s the time to talk no? You might jinx them…

    • notamoron says:

      #1, Miami didn’t play their best basketball because OKC had great defense in the third quarter. Not hitting shots was our problem, and bad ref calls, which were obvious. Now, calling is losers is something, considering how you lost to Dallas last year, who we beat this year, considering we have a better regular season record, considering we beat the tar out of you game one, and SHOULD have won last night if you didn’t call fouls on Durant for getting CLOSE to wade.

      No one is “crying” because we don’t have an answer. That is what they said about Miami after game 1, and it was true. We will wrap this up and move on.

      “That shows how little fans really know about basketball.” Well, we’ve been down by two and won four straight against a better team than the Heat. We’ve gone through the NBA champs of the last 20 years to get here. We aren’t going to let a bunch of prima donnas defeat us.

    • JesseO3 says:

      I am not a fan of OKC or Miami…but i am TIRED of all the Heat fans saying that the ref calls are unbiased.

      I am seeing SO many calls go towards Miami, its redic. This goes back all the way to their Boston series – in which case I am STILL not convinced the best team took the Eastern Crown.

      Miami gets crucial calls at very crucial parts of the game – and to boot they are VERY obvious that they are biased towards Miami.

      Cry and whine all u want that I dont know what im talking about and that im just a Heat hater and that OKC gets calls too. Im going to say SAVE IT – its almost like the refs (or Stern) wants Miami to win…maybe NEEDS Miami to win…so they are…

      Looks like 2006 all over again…bailing the Heat out w insane biased. But whatever…the NFL starts soon. Im happy for that 🙂

      • TreyZeroFive says:

        If you want to go back to the BOS series and cry about fouls, PLEASE start wi the no-call when Rondo raked his hand across Wade’s face deep enough to draw blood.

        Do you even KNOW how refs are graded and which refs are chosen to call Finals games?

        Why would the NBA intentionally bias games toward the team that STATISTICALLY, according to EVERY poll you can find, is the LEAST favorite team in th NBA? When this series started HALF A MILLION people were polled about who they WANTED to win. The ONLY state that was pro MIA was Florida and even THAT wasn’t a run-away. If ANYTHING, the NBA wants to see OKC win and please the gazillion people that think every Heat player’s name begins with “Darth”.

  70. I told u says:

    I have learned something very interesting. Durant is not very athletic. What we have seen from him is all that he can do…..shoot. He is clucth in his shots but only if he’s standing still with no defense. LeBron has exposed him and as you all know, he CANNOT gaurd LeBron so he has to foul him. This series will be impossible for OKC because their star player is exposed.

    • Average Joe says:

      Actually, Durant is a very athletic guy. It’s just that his frame is too narrow and his bones are too small, hence the muscles are also small. I’m not saying he’s not strong. KD is very strong, in a wiry sort of way. And you might have noticed that he is very, very long (remember that KD entered the league as a 6 foot 11 shooting guard).The mismatch though, is that LBJ can match him in quickness and speed. LeBron also has the heft and strength to “bully” KD down low if he can’t outmaneuver the defense.

    • You wish you did says:

      wow Durant has been in the NBA how long and all of a sudden you’re exposing him? You must be very proud

    • NBAfan says:


      Nobody said Durant was ultra atheltic….and you don’t have to be an all around player to be a great player.. You don’t have to play like Lebron to be a great player…..what kind of thinking is that? There are many differnt types of players….the all around physical monster that Lebron is just one type…

    • Jango says:

      And how athletic are you? Hater

    • theprophet says:

      was larry bird athletic?

    • Carmen says:

      How old is Lebron? 28 YEARS OLD
      How old is Kevin Durante? 23 years old, what does that means?
      If OKC does not win this year, we will have OKC FOR YEARS!!!!!

  71. Bamz says:

    2 more wins miami……

  72. Steelheart says:

    “Dumb” is a strong word.

  73. Douglas says:

    Not to mention the flop foul that was called on Harden with James handling the ball late. Either way it was a no call but Hardheaden tried to flop. The ref called the foul on him! Right on man good call. He is turning out to be the biggest flopper in the playoffs. I hope they set this flopping rule straight this off season. Double the fines in the playoffs.

    • NBAfan says:

      Dumb fouls like the one that Harden supposedly did on D-Wade even though he clearly was not touched at all? Turned into an and 1….

      There was way MORE contact when D Wade tried to block Sefalosha when he stole it from him on half court!!!! That should have been an and 1….but no call…

      Yeah…stupid fouls….fouls called even though no contact was made…ticky tac fouls, whatever, all sorts of fouls were called…game 3 was a WHISTLE PARTY!!!

      You won’t be able to touch Lebron AND Wade this series the way the Mavs couldn’t touch an out of control Wade back in what, 2006? OKC just needs to put that basket through the hoop more times than the HEAT during regular play…that’s theyt only way they’ll win….Westbrook just needs to do his thing…let all the critics write about you…you just need to attack cause from your constant pressure comes out a lot of good things for OKC….may not be the way people wold want you to play…but if it works…do it!!!

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        ……get used to it…….could see it coming….. didn’t you??

      • Steelheart says:

        NBA considers retroactive penalties for floppers. This is stupid. Flopping is a skill done by a veteran, experienced and wise players and it is, yes, part of the game. If you are on the offensive end don’t put yourself in a situation wherein the defender will have an advantage on flopping. It is that simple. Stupid whiners Stupid David Stern

    • FUEGO says:

      Harden is the on ewho flopped lol so wthat are you really saying?