Could Rivers Play For His Dad?

HANG TIME WEST – He is his father’s son, all right, skilled enough to have a lot of good days in a long NBA career, confident enough to withstand the bad ones.  He is a guard, personable, smart.

Doc Rivers didn’t come to the draft with this kind of hype, though, partly because he wasn’t the child of someone who played 13 seasons and at selection time coached the Celtics, and partly because he simply wasn’t this much of a prospect. He went No. 31 in 1983. Austin Rivers, with a family name and his own name as one of the nation’s top recruits a year ago, has a very good chance to be chosen in the lottery on June 28.

That makes the likelihood of Austin lasting until Boston twin picks, 21 and 22, too distant to seriously consider. Except that he has. Out of curiosity, yes, and out of necessity because a lot of people bring it up to him, sure. But of course playing for his father has crossed his mind.

“I don’t think it would raise problems if we handled it the right way,” said the 2011-12 ACC Rookie of the Year, who became the third freshman to ever lead Duke in scoring and the first since 1983. “Handling it the right way is just knowing that it’s a business at the end of the day. Off the court, it’s father-son. But when it’s time to come between those lines, basketball wise, you’d have to handle it as a professional. It’d be hard, but I think it is manageable.”

Would it be harder on the father or the son?

“Both,” Austin said. “Because we’re both very competitive. I get everything from him. Obviously. He’s my dad. It would be different and be tough. But I think it could work out if it did happen. I don’t think it will. But if it did, I think it could work out.”

Wherever he lands, the younger Rivers will have the advantage of knowing better than most before playing a rookie game what is required to be successful in the NBA. There is a maturity to his approach, not just his game as a combo guard who wants to be in the pressure moments.

“I’m very competitive and I work very hard,” he said. “I take this very seriously. I love basketball. It’s my life. I think the thing I could bring is leadership, as a guy who’s going to come in and work hard. As far as on-the-court stuff, I think I’m just very versatile with what I can do, being a shooting guard and a point guard. I think I can be both. I think I can be a scoring point guard who can get everybody involved, someone like a Tony Parker or a Russell Westbrook. Deron Williams. Those are guys I want to be like in the NBA.”


  1. Joe says:

    Rivers is comeing to New Orleans

  2. lakerfantillidie.. says:

    i dont know bout this austin rivers going to celtics it would be bad because this father son thing on the same team wouldnt go together it would cause too many problems if AR doesnt reply right to what Doc wants for the team.. plus the main factor is that rondo is to good to be replaced by AR.. i would just send Rondo to the Lakers it be a better fit..

  3. Rony says:

    AUSTIN WOULD JUST BE ANOTHER WESTBROOK if a team chooses to play him as a point guard. The boy is a shooting guard not a true pg.

  4. Frank The Tank says:

    The boston celtics need Dwight Howard and Austin Rivers. If Austin Rivers is not a option the celtics could go with Kyrie Irving. I think Dwight Howard would be a great choice to the team, specially when garnett and allen retires, they will be star players ready to win championships.

  5. Greg kgathi says:


  6. .....justplayball !! says:

    …..What a stoooopid article!!! He will never reach past the top 12-15 spots……………. just couldn’t resist the obvious story….. even if it is NOT realistic…… maybe after a few years and he gets traded to bean town

  7. 4Quarters says:

    Austin needs to NOT be like Westbrook…He needs to work on his FG%…His accuracy is not wet. He is and can be one of the most premiere players like Iverson was when he came in the league…Iverson crossed up Jordan to say “Im here and its a new era”.But he has to be D.I.D. dead eyed d…

  8. Celtsfan says:

    he reminds me of Monta Ellis. I think if he were to go to the celts, it would be good for him to be a backup for Rondo and Bradley. Also, working with his father could go either way. His dad knows him better than anyone else, he knows his strengths, his weaknesses, and how to deal with him. But, usually when a parent and there kid work together, they are very impatient with each other. If they would do their best to avoid that, he would be a good fit in Boston

    • Jaygerr says:

      monta Ellis out of college was a point guard with no range and was a pure slasher , his game is nothing like Austin’s besides the love for getting the ball in the air to the hoop,
      His too ball dominate to play in Boston and doc and Danny know that, no way in hell well trade up for him his too similar to Paul pierce

  9. Jonathan says:

    In a few years, some of the teams in the top ten will heavily regret not taking austin when they had a chance to. He has star quality written all over him.

  10. DocRiver says:

    why did he not consider derrick rose?

  11. makataeus says:

    This one’s very intriguing, I think Doc will be very professional about how he plays his son and do what’s best for his team and not just put Austin out there because he’s his son, but there might be some emotions that come out and concern from other players which could be a little troublesome, would be interesting to see how this goes down.

  12. celtics fan says:

    he will make the celtics offence so much better!

  13. RipSonics says:

    What if he plays on another team and beats the Celtics..will his dad ground him

  14. Brian says:

    Reminds me of a better version of OJ Mayo

  15. marc says:

    it’s more likely intriguing if he goes to Lakers, Hehehehehe…
    I want to see how professional he is, playing to Celtics nemesis…

  16. Austin is good but he shoots way too much and that was the downfall to duke in the ncaa. if he got picked by the celtics that might cause a little trouble with rondo since austin loves to the hold the ball and shoot it by himself. There might be trouble in Boston with double Rivers

  17. jmndodge says:

    The magic of the game happens at PG, QB, Pitcher. By the professional level they all know what is expected, they all understand the game, and they all have exceptional skills, still some are able to see the game unlike others. They see who is where, understand where their teammate is going, and have the ability to understand what is possible for the defender. At this level, they all can see what is… but the special few see what can be. The setup to the rim, the open three as a defender leaves to double team, by the time I see it, it isn’t there, but those special few are a real gift to watch. Sounds like Rivers could be/become one of those. Good luck, hope you are drafted by a team that needs you, and uses you well!

  18. CallMeKD says:

    It’s just about time to surround Rondo with young stars.

  19. maddy says:

    He should go to the raptors or the hornets both i think are ideal fits

  20. Bulls Fan says:

    I think that drafting Austin is a bad idea, especially since they have Rondo, but also Avery Bradley who is showing he can be a pro.

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  22. The Celtics need help elsewhere first, but he is an interesting prospect. Could be great, could be another bust. Who knows

  23. AlexN says:

    It would be really cool if Celtics got to trade up to get Rivers, seeing a father-son combination would be intriguing. Obviously they won’t get to keep their two picks if so, but Doc and Austin on the same team would be great to see

  24. t mac says:

    Austin would be good for the Celtics, but it would be disrespectful if he didn’t go in the top five. He’s underrated just like Wade was when he came out of college.

  25. Celtic Fan says:

    Austin would be nice for the celtic’s to backup rondo, but we also need a big man

    • Rondo #1 says:

      Austin is a SG, he’s a Manu,Harden kind of SG short for his position,great ball handling,good atacking basket and a solid jumpshot. Austin is actually pretty underrated like Manu was so ofc he would be a good player for Boston.

      • Thunderhands says:

        Yeah C’s need to get him as a shooting guard and work on signing Dwight Howard. I think that would be the best way for them to start rebuilding. Rondo, Rivers, Howard, Garnett, Pierce. Wouldn’t be a half bad place to start the rebuild process.

      • leo says:

        they already have SG, Ray Allen…dont forget

  26. BiG FaN #6 James says: