Blogtable: Worries for Heat?

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

If you’re a Heat fan, what worries you the most?

Steve Aschburner: If I’m a Heat fan, I’m not too comfortable with the idea that, from its lowest point in Game 2 (down 18-2), the Thunder outscored Miami 94-82. Now, I understand managing a lead and being in control and all that, so let me put it this way: OKC has come out without sufficient focus and hustle twice in two Finals games now, allowing itself to fall into early double-digit holes, and still it is a basket or two and a whistle or two away from a 2-0 lead in this series. There are some obvious things the Thunder coaches can clean up — like having your team ready! — and that could swing this thing fast.

Fran Blinebury: The same old thing, a nagging habit of having a hard time playing with poise down the stretch and closing.  Because of that, the Heat very nearly dragged an 0-2 deficit home to Miami.

Scott Howard-Cooper: That I’m playing a team that doesn’t know it should be concerned. The uniqueness of the Thunder is their inability to act their age. They are mature and grounded and play with a composure beyond their years, so losing home-court advantage and heading to Miami 1-1 will not make them sweat.

Shaun Powell: The lack of production from the bench. It’s nice that Shane Battier’s shot is falling, but if he has a rough shooting game, who takes up the slack? Also, Udonis Haslem was a rebound machine against the Celtics but has been mild so far in The Finals. With Chris Bosh in the starting lineup, Miami needs someone to rise off the bench. Who will that be?

John Schuhmann: I’m worried that the Thunder got off to two very slow starts and still were just a possession or two from being up 2-0. I also understand that Shane Battier isn’t going to continue shooting 69 percent from 3-point range, and that we may have to win ugly once or twice. That would require slowing down the OKC offense, which may be an impossible task.

Sekou Smith: Heat fans have to be worried that they’ve been here before, that they’ve smelled what looked like success in The Finals, only to have things break down the way they did against the Mavericks last year. They also have to wonder how long Shane Battier can keep this up, this being his wicked shooting from deep and his ability to be in the right place at the right time whenever the Heat’s Big 3 need someone else to make a play. You want to bottle up the energy, effort and efficiency of Game 2 — sans the fourth quarter nail biting, of course — and unleash it on the Thunder in Games 3, 4 and 5 and avoid making a return trip to Oklahoma City, where the pressure will most certainly have shifted back on the Heat, if the series goes that way.


  1. Jami says:

    OKC will win Game 4 on Tuesday, June 19, 2012!

  2. Bad Luck Bryan says:

    Worries for the Heat? The doubters and the media.

  3. GO HEAT!!! XD says:

    heat will beat the thunder in game 6 XD

  4. Boooooooo Heat says:


  5. MIAMI HEAT FAN says:


  6. rizz says:

    People seriously need to stop crying about the officiating. It goes both ways. If you keep whining about the foul call, which yes it was clearly a foul we all know it was, then how about considering the charge KD committed on Battier. Had that foul been called then KD would have never had the no call foul and there would have never been a late game rally for the OKC. Yes the officiating is not perfect they are human and don’t have the advantages of a high speed camera and multiple viewing angles like we do. They have to make these calls in real time which is what so many viewers fail to realize. The Heat are good because they are talented, they are athletic, and they work hard. Nuff said about that and yes they have won without the whistles. Whistles can’t make up for lack of talent, or lack of athleticism, or lack of dedication, or lack of determination. Heat are in the Finals because they earned their way here and they won game 2 because they outplayed OKC. That is all their is to it and if you can’t accept that then maybe it is time to watch a different sport. Now that is the TRUTH however hard that may be for OKC fans to swallow. Another fact HEAT were outplayed in 3 quarters of game 2 yet still won because they were able to hold off OKC. I think we should be wondering what the HEAT would do if they outplayed OKC for three quarters?

  7. Rocabye says:

    Durant must know how Rondo felt bahahaha. Wade smacked Rondo in the head and whaddya know…it was a no-call. And that was a flagrant foul in any other scenario!! Sad sad sad sad. Well its true that the Heat get the most superstar treatment of any team in the NBA. You know that going in. OKC just let the game get way too close by putting themselves in a huge deficit. Without a deficit the Heat would have a hard time keeping up for 48 minutes of great offense. If they can fix the slow starts they win the series. Callin it now. Imo Brooks should start Harden for the first few minutes of the game to get everyone going. He can go back to his normal sixth man rotation after the 1st quarter.

  8. heat2012 says:

    if wesbrook continue to be a ball hog, and not being a point guard as he is supposed to be, miami will win..

  9. HeatDreamers says:

    As lons as refs dont help Miami, Miami have to worry. OKC will be perfectly fine..

  10. First of all Lebron has the most overrated defense in the NBA. My largest point of all is when he OBVIOUSLY fouled KD at the end of game 2 and it was a no call. The Heat are good bc the NBA make them good. They should have been down earlier in the Boston series but the famous kick to the knee by Wade also wasnt called. This team is one of the largest jokes in NBA history and its amazing how no one notices. If they do win the finals make sure all of you bandwagon fans enjoy it because it wont happen again. Unless Howard and Rose and Avery decide to go down again and miss the playoffs. The Heat really have 3 amazing players but it would be nice to see them win without the whistles. Current Evidence….the foul on KD

    • Sam says:

      Your an idiot, did you even watch the game? If every 50-50 call was called Durant would of been fouled out on the Battier charge and that run at the end wouldn’t of happened so stop crying. The officials have been good for both sides.

  11. JustHeat says:

    Heat running back on defense is what they need to do,and more offensive rebounds is required!!!!

  12. Truth says:

    maybe someday it will be even

  13. Truth says:

    The game is fixed because of millions of dollars from viewers in a big market miami heat team. The better team (thunder) would have probably won in 4 or 5 but the league and espn want it to be a 7 game series, so they fixed game 1 and 2. The Thunder were good enough to subdue the officiating in game 1 with a monster rally but with a simple uncalled foul on Durant’s final shot, they fixed the series to be tied.

  14. James Harden says:


  15. Kevin Durant says:

    Miami is going to win it:( lebron is to beast to stop , sorry OKC fans

  16. Micheal Jordan says:

    Miami is going to take it, lebron is not even in his prime and already has 3 MVP’s, he’s an elite player and he will win it this year i think.

  17. Jamal&Aaron says:

    Jamal- What should miami be worried about?
    Well look at it as this OKC is a very elite team with three top scorers, but miami is beast anyway so they shouldnt have to worry about anything and miami will win these three games at home and win the NBA finals and lebron finally get his first ring! HOORAY!
    Aaron- im scared cause kevin durant is a good player and we need to shut him down in order to win the game, and dont give westbrook any wide open lanes, and stop james harden 3’s AND miami stop shooting so many 3’s… Except shane battier he is a good 3 point shooter..

  18. Gsmoke says:

    You guys keep saying that the heat could be down 0-2 right now but they also could be up just as easily 2-0 if the would have held off in the second half of game 1.

  19. King says:

    The Heat have put together 2 Good games in the hardest arena to play in at OKC. People keep saying that the Thunder should be up 2-0. Are you dumb? have you watched the games at all? The Heat should be up 2-0! Miami has out played OKC for the first 3 quarters in each game and had a 4th quarter melt down that let the thunder steal game one. Yeah OKC hasn’t played there best but its because they haven’t seen a defense as athletic as Miami yet in these 2012 playoffs, Thunder are used to just beating teams with there youth and athleticism. Not this time MIAMI ALL DAY

  20. Heat fan says:

    Old d wade can’t come back because lbj takes wades shots Lebron would have to lower his stats which he won’t do he would lose spotlight

  21. J says:

    Only two people in the league can stop Kevin Durant- Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. This series more about the role players on each team, rather than the Kevin and Lebron. No doubt both Kevin and Lebron need to preform, but eithers preformance wont win a game.

  22. Edjumacator says:

    Lots of Heat fans whistlin’ past the graveyard…

  23. chris ramos says:

    Go heat….beat russell westbrook very high aired..

  24. Neutral says:

    okc is a very good team but what i hate the msot is guys like kenny smith, these reporters, the bald guy that sit nexts to magic, they all believe the heat have no chance. Heat have a very efficient team but now when you compare bench all okc has is harden, THATS IT! sefolosha cant gaurd wade, he would foul kobe everytime he shot, its hilarious. bottomline this series will be won 4-2, okc will take one in miami but lebron is focused more then ever

  25. Mehr says:

    Heat can win this series 4-1 if they play hard all 4 quarters. OKC must be worried.
    Heat is the best team in NBA and Labron is the best player in the world.
    Go Heat. get a 4-1 win the same as NY series.
    Bosh is back and is doing a unique job. he is the best big man on the floor and NBA, Battier is playing amazing, bench is contibuting and Wade and Labron are the best players in NBA.
    just play hard. you are much better than OKC.

  26. Lebron fan says:

    Lebron is unstoppable. If wade steps up like he did last game, then I am sure that they can win. Lebron should defend durant. Lebron is the best

  27. Bev says:

    Very interesting article. The NBA is back thanks to these guys.
    Simply trilling !! These guys are amazing. And thanks nba,com
    for all your interesting articles. You all have certainly got my
    attention. Thanks for what you do!


  28. heatfan says:

    Not surprised to see another idiotic article from this guy.He is the biggest heat hater this year! Heat should be up 2-0 not the Thunder. Thunder has played there best games,they will not play better then the way they played in game 2. So if i am the heat i am happy with their position right now. The series is tied 1-1 and they have 3 games in Miami to close them out. I love the fact that Westbrooke jacks up 25 shots a game keep doing that. The only adjustment the Heat need to make is in the fourth quarter. They need to trap Durant and make Westbrooke and Harden jack up long contested shots. Thunder only have one great player on that team and that’s Durant. You contain him and its gonna be another big lead and win for my Miami Heat!!

  29. rizz says:

    First of all OKC won’t have the benefit of having home court advantage for the next three games which is HUGE. Second you can be sure Miami will come out aggressive and ready to play a full 48 minutes of basketball. Yes they may defend Battier a bit tighter but you forget that opens up defensive holes so Lebron and Wade can attack the basket easier. Now they have to respect Battier which is a good thing for Miami whether he is able to sink his shots or not. You can expect Chalmers to be more aggressive at home too so he can carry some of the load as well as Miller and Udonis will step up. As far as containing KD they need to put a body on him. With his height and his wing span his release point is just so ridiculously high that it makes him basically unblockable but by putting a body on him that makes his shots more difficult and that’s all you can really do with KD. The reason LBJ has a better time guarding KD is because he is bulkier and stronger and can put a body on KD. Another thing you have to worry about KD is his speed. For a 6’9” forward he is incredibly fast. He covered 60 feet of space in only two dribbles which is just utterly ridiculous. I do agree we need to slow down Westbrook That is where the bigs of Miami need to do a better job in rotation and help defense when Westbrook initially runs past the defender. Udonis needs to box out better and get them boards cause in this series it’s going to come down to the details. The rebounds, the steals, the hustle plays, getting back on defense those are the plays that are going to determine who the winner is. If Miami can do that which they have shown they can then I believe they have a great chance of winning it.

  30. Jamie says:

    OKC didnt turn up for 3 quarters of the last game and look what happened when they did, they got to within two and a rare easy miss by KD to tie the game… i think if brooks keeps playing perkins and ibaka, OKC wont have good starts, they dont seem to be able to rotate well enough to get to Battier which gives him open ‘practice’ 3point shots, and they will have to trail and get it back….. Heat should worry a little if OKC actually start playing their 2nd half performances for 4 quarters… OKC still havent played well as a team…. Even though Lebron is scoring the most points, i really think its Battier that is keeping them in the game. He’s on the list for finals MVP in my opinion ( based on season stats to finals stats )…

  31. Ivan says:

    LeGOD James will finally win his championship, he is looking strong willed and motivated, he set career highs in score in both games, so he’s not that big flop in the finals, Heat in 5

  32. Yeaahhh says:

    Lebron James iss WAYYYYYYYY better than KD if you ask MEEEEE… [[[Jordan makes Kobe]]] [[[Lebron makes Durant]]] is funn

  33. Yeaahhh says:

    like KD said, whitout westbrook they won’t make it there. westbrook is help for KD and the Thunders… “LBJ” Finals MVP

  34. Dirk Noshwitski says:

    The “Old Agressive” D-WADE is all we need. Once it showed up, This Finals is already over in favor of Miami.

    My memories of how he torched Us in Dallas 2006 series is a testament of his talent and brilliance.
    Most people don’t realize that D-Wade’s knee was drained in the Pacers series, and the Celtics and Doc Rivers strategy to “Shut him Out first” before Lebron made him look so bad. They double team and trap him at all cost in that Celtics series and that made Lebron do his thing without problems, because the number 1 defensive focus of the Celtics is Wade.

    We have seen some shadows of the vintage Wade in game 2 vs OKC. But still it’s just not the 100% Wade we have known for years. If his knee is already fine plus his agressive attitude, we will probably see a Miami Home court sweep this next few days.

    For us Wade is the Best. We got high respect for The MAN, Regards and God Bless to the “The Flash”.

    Avenge our loss against OKC. D-Wade for Life!

  35. Jwethe13th says:

    If you looking at the first two games with the spurs, the best way to slow Durant down is to make him work hard before he catches the ball. But most of all, Ibaka likes to go for the block specially on the weak side, miami needs to make him jump. LBJ, D.Wade, CD are unstoppable, the only unstoppable player in OKC is Durant; So make him work hard and stop all others. Miami walk with the gold.

  36. Michelle says:

    Honestly, here is the plain truth behind this entire debate and hate against the Miami Heat. So I am not sure if anyone else is aware but NBA bloggers are one of the most biased individuals. I hope my post doesnt get taken off because im actually speaking truth. Anyways bloggers basically upgrade and “HYPE” the player they like and the team they like, hence its biased. For example…..LeBron James gets 12 pts and Dwyane Wade gets 41pts, umm guess who will make the cover?….lol Lebron James. Dont get me wrong im a Miam Heats fan to the fullest but i see a lot of this “favor” game. Point is dont believe bloggers rather go to the Team website itself for whichever team you cheer for.. Cheers 😉

  37. mohammed aboobakar says:

    Last year they say that Miami will be out by Cenltics. Than they say Chicago will take them out in 6. Finally they were confident that Miami will win the championship against Dallas and Miami loose.
    This year first they say that Indiana will take the sereies as Miami do not have any answer for Hibbert, George Paul and Granger. Then comes Celtics series, after loosing game 5 someone make a comment “dig the grave for Miami”. Now all the blogger are sure that Miami will loose. I am positive that they will be wrong again

  38. danson says:

    still,,. the end will justify the means. go miami, beast mode, raptor mode and killer slasher mode…. hahaha

  39. Mik3 says:

    All Miami has to do is attack the rim and not settle for jump shots

  40. mr. king says:

    if dwayne wade is playing like in 2006 nba finals and to help lebron, nonthing to worry about ,and bosh in the board. but durant should guard by lebron james!!!! and to control the with the lead!!!

  41. Gabriel says:

    Thunder aren’t sweating this 1-1 series tie? Don’t make me laugh. They just suffered their FIRST post-season loss at home, and aren’t going to have that home-crowd behind them for 3 consecutive games.
    You say a few buckets/whistles could make the series 2-0 for OKC. I say a few less mental lapses, defensive breakdowns, and open/free threes for Durant on game 1 would make the series 2-0 for Miami.
    Shane battier isn’t going to start missing anytime soon, unless scott brooks changes his schemes/game-plan.
    Keep disrespecting Battier and leaving him wide open and he isn’t going to miss in the finals.
    Like someone said, “who said James is the only heat player desperate for a championship”.

  42. derrick says:

    the heat is going down its okc turn take the next two then bring it back to okc

  43. against heat haters says:

    what worries heat fans overrated negative comments against heat team no home court no bench contribution no help from wade and bosh and later LBJ poor end game clutch moreover i expect more comments if heat lose in game 3 but excite me if the heat beat against odds…
    what i believe MIAMI HEAT has been in this same shoes as last year finals and they will beat OKC with their confident and experience.

  44. musicinjuly says:

    Magic Johnson – the greatest point guard in the history of the NBA said Westbrook has to change his game and get his teammates involved first before jacking up his shots. Westbrook said “I’m not making any change.” With that said, I say there is only one that Miami needs to worry about then. Just shut down KD or slow him down and let the others try to beat you. Let Westbrook, Sefolosha, Ibaka or whoever, go off. I’d rather them having a good night than Kevin Durant having one. I don’t think Ibaka’s best, Westbrook’s best, Sefolosha’s best can beat the Miami Heat. But definitely, Durant’s best is dangerous.

    • HeatH8r says:

      If Durant is having a poor night, he’ll let Westbrook run the offense and then he’ll step up in crunch time when the Thunder need him the most.

  45. lahvs06 says:

    nothing to worries for Miami – OKC should get worried…
    You know why.. only 4 guys contributed well in Miami’s team so far, compared to OKC everybody can score. So OKC should be ready when the Miami bench get score as well… Miami’s big 3 can deliver anytime but when the bench involve it’s panic moment for OKC.. Miami will win at 6…

    • HeatH8r says:

      Except Miami’s bench won’t get involved. In Game 3 my bet is Mike Miller hits one three, two tops, and Shane Battier will lose his rhythm because the Thunder are going to be more aggressive in closing out to him and denying him an open three-point shot at the basket. Thunder in six.

      • pakyaw says:

        In game 3 my bet is westbrook will shoot 8 of 35 fg,(BALLHOGRISM) and KD only 15 attempt..,and they re gonna go to each other face. Harden gonna injured himself,coz of OVERFLOPPING… Miami in 5

  46. Jimsanity in Footwear says:

    I think people have and are still overlooking the influence of Westbrook…nobody in the league can catch up with this kid. Yes, KD has characteristics of a true leader and lebron is the chosen one, but the x-factor is in Westbrook…he is the only man that can stop himself…perhaps, this is a serie that we get to see Westbrook finally conquering himself…if i am a heat fan, i would just hope Dwade has enough gas by the end of game 3 to keep up with this kid

  47. seewhatyouwant says:

    In case you guys forgot heat did a wonderful job on defense for a guy who caught fire late in the game…other teams would have gotten rattled and give up that lead when kd shoot 7 for 7 and bails him out with that call against battier. Durant created a rhythm off of careless turnovers by both lebron and d wade (dwade strip, lebron stufff by ibaka) most of kd’s shots were three pointers (3 or 4) in a quarter and two short jumpers and a dunk transitional points it could of gone either way . Momentum shifted late in the game and the heat relied on their defense to get them through and the big three on offense lebron responsible for 6 points wade responsible for 6 points and bosh 4 shane battier 3 (it was a foul) and durant 16 but imagine if we had a run at the end of game and had them “back peddling” like in the 1st quarter. We slacked off and almost paid for it but now the focus and intensity is turned up because okc can get hot at the wrong time.

  48. dabz says:

    bench should do their jobs,,, if any of the big 3 got foul troubled.. its gonna be a big trouble.. wade prove himself in game 2 to the critic, hope that he deliver all the games.. bush pls dont get injured, team needed you..

  49. anonymoose says:

    I hope LBJ gets his ring this time. If not, i hope the Heat get a better coach. Spo doesnt know what to do with the superstars. Nobody can stop durant from scoring, but LBJ can dominate him any time. Best bet for heat is let Westbrook get all the ball and take tough shots. Westbrook will the the downfall of OKC.

  50. jm says:

    As a heat fan i’m worrying on their 4th quarter execution, mostly are isolation playss and melting the clock so much that gives them hard time when their initial play was broken up.

  51. Jayjoe14 says:

    They should be worried. The team with the home court advantage in the Finals always had that great advantage of even winning just 1 and they’re safe. OKC just have to steal 1 from Heat’s homecourt and that’s it. The Heat must finish this one in 5 games.

  52. O3 says:

    Old DWade should come back and this finals will be done

  53. Kmusic says:

    I get tired of hearing Heat haters and band wagging jumping Heat fans sit here and act like OKC is the best on the planet, and they don’t worry and the Heat don’t stand a chance if OKC starts the first half like the second half bs. If they could and did start the first half the way they play in the second half then they won’t play the second half the way they do but also the Heat are NBA players as well Remember the Heat has three of the best players in the NBA YES THREE Bosh cant be stopped. So with OKC having only one and Two Okay players in Harden and Westbrooks who do you think has the advantage in Miami the Heat so this series will end in Miami.

    • HeatH8r says:

      What’s the similarity between Chris Bosh and an atom? You can’t see either one! Bosh is like the invisible man. He needs to grow a pair and start getting rough in the paint against Serge Ibaka and Kendrick Perkins. Those sissy fadeaway jumpers Bosh likes to shoot from 14 feet away won’t keep going in, especially not when he’s tired, and when he goes inside Perkins and Ibaka will manhandle him. Thunder take two of three in Miami; Thunder win series in six.

  54. sam H says:

    I am a Heat fan and wish them the best. This team has maturity, great leadership and proven history in playing big in games that counted. I read a lot of negative blogs and a lot of ifs and buts. Remember they also have not played their best game in this round yet. I am looking for them to do that and they will. OKC will be a major force in the west in near future. I wish them all well. But not this year.

  55. Tim4Dallas says:

    I say win atleast two games at home then they win this series. Be mature James, you are above Durant and use that ability moron!

    • HeatH8r says:

      Durant’s more clutch in the fourth quarter. These next three games will all be decided in the final minutes of the fourth quarter, and Durant plays better than LeBron in that part of the game.

  56. supplanter33 says:

    these writers predicted that OKC will lose the series to the Spurs. Now they are predicting Miami will lose the series to OKC 🙂

    • HeatH8r says:

      That’s because San Antonio was riding a 20-game winning streak with a 2-0 series lead going to OKC, and didn’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing down. Then the Thunder won back-to-back games at home, the Spurs started unraveling beginning in Game 4, and the Thunder snatched two more wins to close out the series. I don’t think anyone expected the Spurs to fall apart the way they did, especially with four championships under their belts.

  57. supplanter33 says:


  58. jefrey says:

    whatever people heats gonna win game 3 by 6 points. I played it and I won by 6 points

  59. Bobby says:

    Did it ever occur to some of these guys that maybe the Thunder gets off to bad starts because of Miami’s fresh defense in the first half. Is it that the Thunder get’s off to bad offensive starts? Or does the Heat get off to good Defensive starts and maybe they will find a way to extend their good defense to the second half? Only time will tell. If I am the Thunder I am concerned that the Heat can control almost 3 quarters of a game with seemingly ease. Actually OKC is just that kind of team that trails the whole game and then comes back at the end they did it against Dallas and LA. They trailed in the series to the Spurs. I don’t know why but that’s just OKC. The Heat’s biggest concern is staying out of foul trouble and defending Harden in the first half and Durant in the 4th quarter. Maybe they should let Battier gaurd Durant in the first half and let Lebron guard him in the second half.

    • OKCFAN says:

      Fresh defense i find that funny. OKC has missed open shots if they start hitting those and the refs call the fouls that are there on miami then this series will be over quickly and lebron goes another year without a title.

      • pakyaw says:

        AWW PLEAZZZZZ.. dont put refs call excuses in your argument…, your making yourself like the others,sound of a LOSER… MIAMI is a defensive team!…. and FUNNY? LOL

      • Sick says:

        OKCFAN… HardLOSER

  60. SM says:

    Nothing worries me.
    Miami Heat is a better team tha OKC and the best in NBA.
    All they have to do is to play hard the whole 48 minutes.
    Also Coach need to use their big men more to give some rest to the starters.
    Heat can finish the series 4-1.
    GO HEAT. This is your championship time.

  61. Zieg says:

    You can’t stop Durant, even contain him, he will always score 25 or more. The best way to beat the thunder is to lockdown defense (like my idol Bruce Bowen) on Westbrook/Harden/Ibaka.

  62. LBJ_06 says:

    These bloggers are unfair… Hope and pray that HEAT will win the championship this year… That’s a slap on these bloggers’ face if that happens… Why don’t you quit your jobs y’all and go to OKC and write there for the rest of your lives??? That will help this league regain its integrity… You’re destroying the game with your blogs!

  63. Jordan says:

    I am so sick and tired of bloggers, NBA writers (Shaun Powell, John Schuhmann, etc) and the NBA media staff constantly focusing on that no call on Lebron. I wouldn’t care if they were unbaised and consistant, but they aren’t – like they basically don’t mention the Durant charge that would have seen him out of the game. Seriously fans may be biased, home court commentators will be biased, but an organisation should stay professional, which the NBA has not.

  64. darkacoustic says:

    Sometimes they worry too much… chill guys… Heat would definitely win.. I’m a wade and durant fans. but I guess Heat got the upper hand..

  65. Ken says:

    Key points for Heat:

    1) lbj continues to contain KD. lbj contained KD efficiently in the 1st half of Game2. pls keep it consistly. i dont happy that battier check KD again in the 2nd half. no one has conditions to check KD except lbj.
    2) D-wade attacks the rim aggressively. just keep attacking, dont fear ibaka’s block. play the way you are doing in all your career games.
    3) Bosh protect the board.

    Hope th Heat can win 2 home games and back to OKC in 3-2 lead. Go for champ.

  66. milan king james fan says:

    hahaha okc is the offensive team here and the miami is the defensive team here but i have a mvp and a finals mvp in my team both can deliver a heavy offensive threat if they double we had chris and shane and rio to make their open shot,,. ud and joel willjust bang body in the paint with the big guys of okc…
    durant is a killa ! daymnn.,,,

  67. Jumpshot = fail says:

    Heat easily win if LeBron posts up like hid the did celtics in Game 6. He doesn’t even have to shoot as well, the fact is Lebron shoots better 15 feet from the basket, then when he is at the top of the key isolated and take a step back or fadeaway past the fouline to the 3pt line.

  68. John Doe says:

    Keep LeBron on Durant so Durant won’t go crazy. But this makes LeBron work so much he can’t carry the offense. I guess there is a problem. And it is rightfully so. The Heat are not supposed to win rings – not just because they celebrated in advance…

  69. Michael says:

    This blog and everyone else making comments are so stupid and blindsided with their comments it’s not funny. “Oklahoma are not starting games well, if they improve that they will be comfortable winners”… well the simple fact for the moment is they are not doing that. Another simple fact is the heat are not finishing strong, does that mean if they solve that problem they would win comfortably as well? people are so bias… both teams have the same issue, just at different times in the game.

  70. rolandroi says:

    The only thing the heat needs to worry is about their consistency. They need to be hungry even with double-digits lead.

  71. Docta K says:

    Everyone’s saying if OKC starts the 1st half like they did the 2nd, the Heat would lose, but if the Heat start the 2nd half like they did the 1st, then OKC would lose! There’s always room for improvement, but for the most part Lebron is doing fine. Wade has been streaky all playoffs, we just need consistency from him. Bosh still gives 110% in hustle despite barely being given the ball. Battier picked the perfect time to be the best offensive weapon he’s ever been. We really just need more help from our roles like mario, udonis, etc. And i thought that during the Boston series, our crowd was least into it of all 4. The tougher the crowd, the more crushing atmosphere. (P.S. I know Westbrook is like the fastest player in the world, but someone else besides battier can feel free to attempt charges.)

  72. scott says:

    I don’t think Miami needs to stop KD or even slow him down as far as how many points he scores. I think they live with him putting up 30 or 35 every night, but they need to make him less efficient, so he has to take 5-7 more shots a game to get those 35 points. If he is shooting the ball alot and not being efficient, that may also give Miami the rebound advantage also. I think Miami should continue to give up the offensive boards, so they can get back on D quicker.

  73. ontifex says:

    all we have to do its believe in our team, and hep they can play a better basket then okc, no more than that. ´cause we are just fans. lets go heat

  74. MIami Fan says:

    I dont even know if People Know That the thunders Loss for the firth time at home this playoff.. Heat Play Good In OKC A win is A win no matter what ,, I dont see OKC Having a 100 Point game in Miami So miami fan we are good cause miami did what no team has done beat OKC In hes Home Floor

  75. HEAT!!! says:

    all I wanna see is the old D-wade and this finals is done!

  76. Aram says:

    So if you’re a big fan of OKC, you don’t have to worry anything at all? SUPER CONFIDENCE for OKC. Let’s wait and see…

  77. Ayman says:

    I’m a Heat fan, and my deepest fear is that D-wade dont unleash himself, for when he does the series will not require more than 5 games. If wade attacks, takes those basket ins that he likes to have, puts up a 30 or 40, and james is already putting up 30’s, only at this the series will end in 5, if not, the series will go game 7!

  78. KD is seemingly unstoppable in the 2nd half of every game. Wade has the tendency to turn the ball over too much and at the worst times. You have to figure that OKC will put more pressure on Battier. Someone else from the Heat bench needs to step up big. Difficulty of Miami’s play in the 4th quarter. All of this is a recipe for disaster for Miami.

    • Sick says:

      KD is seemingly unstoppable? then why he missed the last shot? LOL

      • QuestionMark says:

        He missed it cause he got hit twice by Lebron and no foul call. KD scored 26 of his 32 pts in the 2nd half, and he only had 6 in the 1st because of foul trouble, so I don’t know how you can’t call that unstoppable.

      • Sick says:

        You just answer your question… make him play defense and then you can stop him
        by foul trouble… He has no D…

    • Bryvy says:

      It’s seems like everyone wants to see Miami fall because of the broken promise last year. And it seems like almost everyone wants OKC to win this series, same thing that happened to Miami. A lot expected that they will win last year. But they didn’t. What if that will happen to OKC this year? Will they be cursed? Will there be more haters for OKC and Durant. I guess not, coz everyone just want to see Lebron to lose. But if Lebron gets the championship thropy… That will be a big SLAP for his haters and for the writers who always says that Lebron can’t make it happen. GO Lebron… GO MIAMI… This is your chance, PLAY HARD & GRAB IT!!!

  79. 3ptdagger says:

    The Heat need Mo Williams; he’s an effective point guard who knows how to play with Lebron. The Clippers have Chris Paul and Chauncey Billips, they can give up Mo for the other 7 Heat players who stay on the bench all Finals. Obviously, that’s in the future. Right now, their best bet to tug on Harden’s beard when the refs aren’t looking, pulling his head down and making him lose eye contact with the ball. Then they can be like “What? I didn’t touch the guy, his beard just got in my way.”

  80. stormy says:

    Very thoughtful comments all the way up and down the line on the most interesting finals in years. I became an NBA fan in the early 60’s when after church in the winter, with nothing else to do , I’d watch basketball. 75% of the time it was the Celtics so I became a Celtic fan in Oklahoma. I stayed a Celtic fan until Shaq joined them, then I became a Thunder fan. They are an interesting group and are easy to root for.

    The 2012 Heat seem to be getting their act together, but face a relentless foe in the Thunder. If I were a Heat fan I’d worry about their ability to compete up with the Thunder in the last 5 minutes.

  81. Fredwreck says:

    I love people saying “all they need to do is stop Kevin Durant and they’ll win”… As if nobody else in the league had the same idea before. The man is a scoring machine and has seen every defense any team can throw at him and still wins scoring titles while being efficient most of the time.

    It sounds as intelligent as saying “all the Heat needs to do to win is outscore the Thunder”… get real people, nobody stop KD in 2nd halves, the man has ice in his veins and never looks rattled. Westbrook on the other hand has been a little more inconsistent and has been nearly shut down before so I’d focus on shutting him down instead of the best scorer in the league.

  82. LBJallDAY! says:

    damn these bloggers all anti-heat be fair when writing

  83. A-Rod says:

    Heat are doing great but they need better D. If Thunder would start the way they do in the 2nd Half the Heat wouldnt stand a chance and they need someone on the bench to pick up the Slack cause i sure as hell know its not gonna be N. cole or Joel Anthony

  84. john becker says:

    and if shane battier gets shut down then theres always gunna be someone else to step up, for ex. when miami faced indiana.. their bench wasn’t sufficient at all..nobody was doing anything so dwayne and lebron stepped their games up and took over the whole team by themselves basically. that was probably the best performance ive ever seen by them too together..

  85. john becker says:

    ive been a heat fan for years and knowing dwayne wade, hes a clutch when it comes down to close games and as the series gets more intense, lebron james is gunna get more intense. they just have to shut down kevin durant on his jumpers and slow down westbrook frm driving into the lane…if they do tht then miami will definetly win it at their homecourt, winning the series 4-2

  86. HeatFTW! says:

    The Heat won on the road….to a magnificent OKC team. If the Heat could do that, then I say they’ll definitely get at least two wins…hopefully 3…on their home court. They’ll have the fans, they’ll have the refs (haha!!), and LeBron will not go down easy. The Heat have one thing to do when it comes down to the final minutes and the game is on the line…..put LBJ on KD. Or, just shut him down the whole game. I will admit… being a Heat fan, I’m a little nervous for this game. But I think the Heat can win it all on their home court

    • HeatH8r says:

      Heat win three in a row in Miami? Dream on. Thunder will take two of three in Miami, and will take Game 6 back in OKC.

      • pakyaw says:

        OKC will take two in miami? maybe 1 game ,yeah..but 2 game? BE REALISTIC here..remember this is on road,theres no loud fans gonna boost them to do their rally ,if their behind again..not gonna happen..

      • Sick says:

        OKC will not take any of the game in Miami… Dream On… lol
        Delusional OKC fan

    • Aracely says:

      Proud heat fan said they have the refs haha Yea heat fans know they’ll have the refs WoW what does that say about ur team can’t win without them proud of your team huh can’t win a decent game they have the refs smh they really do wade n lebaby are probably the only players I’ve seen gettin helped up by officials they so desperatly look for all the time smh

  87. designlords says:

    only one worries me.. Kevin DUrant. trap him and gamble with the other shooters, and Heat will win it al/

  88. AnoNymouS~ says:

    The bench only worries me. I agree that besides Shane Battier, nobody else has really stepped up. I always thought that Haslem would be some help due to his rebounding and his jumpers…but they are not falling and his rebounding efficiency has dropped a little. Mike Miller haven’t been getting big minutes and players like Norris Cole and James Jones don’t help much anymore

  89. H3@+ says:

    Steve, you atrribute OKCs poor start to lack of focus. Actually it’s Miami’s defense.

    Fran, you make a point on what nearly happened. How about the Thunder nearly got blownout, and Miami is the 1st to win in OKC this postseason.

    Scott, I don’t know what composure you’re seeing outside of Durant.

    Shuan, just two weeks ago we were hearing how much Miami’s bench stepped up, and now…

    John, Miami has slow down OKCs offense already. Durant got hot in the 2nd half of game two. He won’t be shooting that well on away games.

    Sekou, as usual you’re the one with the sensible comment.

  90. Amitpal says:

    What would worry a heat fan is that okc hasn’t even played it’s best basketball yet. If they start games the way they start second halves heat would get crushed. Plus I wonder how long battier can continue doing what he’s done so far. Cuz he’s making shots he normally doesn’t make.

  91. Patrickmarc says:

    100% Dallas for dallas last year.

    This year I am not a fan but
    I wish Lebron could do it at last,
    he is super good, but sometimes I have the feeling
    there is no point guard in this team, and specially at the end of the second match.

    OKC is so hungry, Lebron try to cool down, no happiness no sadness, keep focus, he is more like Nowitski this year.
    I like his new attitude.

    • NBAfan says:

      It all started with game 6 against Boston…and Lebron is running with it…..IF Lebron keeps this up for the REST OF THE SERIES….WIN OR LOSE he would have gained my respect and I’m sure hundred thousands more around the world….you gotta win everyone back 100,000 at a time I guess..

      Anyway….the HEAT did a great job fending OKC off late…but it was still very very very close…HEAT NEEDS TO BUILD A BIG LEAD to stave off OKC’s REALLY BIG RUNS LATE IN THE GAME….

      Offense vs defense…early game lead vs late game surge….artificial big 3 vs natural big 3….pretty interesting finals…

      Biggiest worry for the HEAT…they won one game on the road, but OKC STILL seems like the better team overall….

  92. akosibonik says:

    the only thing that miami needs to worry is KEVIN DURANT. enough said, they shut him down, they win, so many if’s and but’s! damn this bloggers. -heat fan

    • Dexter says:

      im a heat fan and mostly a lebron fan but i dont know if thats possible to shut down durant, but having games on him in the 1st half did alot, then when they switched to battier in the 2nd durant fired up. i think keep lebron on him all game cuz bron can slow durant but durant has size trouble against lebron

      • Luis says:

        Right on, Dexter. I totally agree with you. It seemed that Durant got fired up after Battier started to get hot. And yes, Durant seemed like he wasn’t the same good shooter when Lebron was on him.

      • Mett says:

        We all know the Heat are going to continue to have doubters in the press until they win it all. The bottom line is that OKC was UNDEFEATED at home in the playoffs against quality road teams like the Lakers and the Spurs until they met the Heat, which is a GOOD SIGN for the Heat to win their first ring. And sowhat of Battier goes cold, as the Heat have Chalmers, Haslem, and Miller that have the ability to go off as well.

        All of the pressure is on OKC to win a game in Miami because if they don’t they go home as losers.

    • Imad Akel says:

      im a heat fan too but its more than just shutting down durant.
      when okc starts cutting into the lead and chris bosh takes a 3, that’s what worries me…

    • cantooth says:

      @ ako si bonik.. nice one!!!

    • TreyZeroFive says:

      Actually, I would propose the opposite:

      Let KD shoot. And shoot. And shoot.

      He’s better than good. But he, just like LBJ, can’t win a championship on his own.

      If 5 Heat players defend 4 Thunder players, and let KD do whatever, how can OKC win?

      • bios says:

        well that’s a dumb question, durant is a player that can fill you up with 50 points easaly. so yes he can win the game by his own if you don’t guard him properly