Bosh, Wade Lend Helping Hands

OKLAHOMA CITY — What we rediscovered is Chris Bosh can start and Dwyane Wade can finish and when that happens, the Heat can make this a series.

Well, we have one. We have a sense of intrigue and the potential for an epic NBA Finals because LeBron James did not go solo Thursday. He didn’t have to, not like Game 1, when Bosh and Wade made him feel like a kid whose friends scatter after a baseball crashes through the neighbors’ window.

There was Wade in Game 2, slashing toward the basket, attacking the rim, dropping fallaway jumpers. And there was Bosh, being introduced in the starting lineup, yanking rebounds, making teams pay on the pick-and-roll, providing much-needed interior defense. Like old times. And in the nick of time.

Does this mean Miami is headed for a championship? Not necessarily. The Heat certainly aren’t beating the Thunder unless Bosh and Wade play to this level and keep James, already overloaded with burden and responsibility, from grinding into dust. Bosh and Wade had their Welcome To The Finals Moment, combining for 40 points, with Bosh chipping in 15 rebounds and Wade five assists. But it was the way they went about their business, doing it aggressively, the only way any team stands any chance of beating the Thunder.

Two nights earlier, those two were a vapor, raising questions about whether either would or could make an impact in this series. Wade missed 12 of 19 shots and appeared sloppy and lethargic once again during a sluggish first half, a disturbing pattern for him in the post-season. Bosh came off the bench and never developed any rhythm or played big near the rim.

That all changed in Heat 100, Thunder 96. Bosh scored 10 of his 16 points inside the paint, quite a difference from a game ago when all 11 of his shots were outside jumpers. Wade also took his game closer to the basket and Miami had 48 points, nearly half its total, in the paint.

“We wanted to come out and play a very complete game,” Bosh said. “We didn’t want to have any regrets.”

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra inserted Bosh in the starting lineup for the first time since Bosh returned from abdominal surgery and it was a wise move. The decision was made at practice a day earlier when Spoelstra called for the starting unit and Bosh stepped forward. And then Bosh never stopped. He started strong, with 10 points and 10 rebounds in the first half, and Miami’s biggest lead was 17. He played 40 problem-free minutes, his longest since post-injury. He’s in the starting lineup to stay.

“I knew I had to give the effort that I had given before, whether I was ready to or not,” Bosh said.

After Game 1, Wade had to endure more speculation about his health and whether he was aging before our eyes. His post-season has been sporadic, with bursts of brilliance followed without warning by disappearing lapses and an inability to finish plays. There have been few, if any playoff games where Wade was the dominant player on the floor for Miami. And that certainly wasn’t the case in Game 1.

“I know my abilities,” Wade said. “I know what I’m capable of doing. Tonight I was more aware of the opportunities I had in Game 1 and I was able to attack it.”

Wade escaped a close call when he lost the ball with 48 seconds left in a whiplash sequence that ended with a Kevin Durant three-pointer and suddenly a five-point lead fell to two. Free throws from James and a miss by Durant bailed Miami and Wade out, but that shouldn’t dismiss what he did in 39 minutes, when he made half his shots, scored 24 points with six rebounds and five assists and broke OKC’s defense.

“For the rest of the series I’ll continue to be aggressive,” Wade said.

If he follows through with that promise, then Miami has hope and OKC has problems. On a night when the Heat  couldn’t afford anything less, Bosh and Wade finally made for a Big Three and gave us a series. These Finals weren’t going anywhere unless Bosh, the only big man who’ll get OKC’s attention and respect, and Wade, who complements James, raised their game.

“Chris was sensational,” Spoelstra said. “And Dwyane, he set the tone at the beginning. You could see with his aggressiveness, his bounce. And we’ll need it.”


  1. Dirk Noshwitski says:

    The “Old Agressive” D-WADE is all we need. Once it showed up, This Finals is already over in favor of Miami.

    My memories of how he torched Us in Dallas 2006 series is a testament of his talent and brilliance.
    Most people don’t realize that D-Wade’s knee was drained in the Pacers series, and the Celtics and Doc Rivers strategy to “Shut him Out first” before Lebron made him look so bad. They double team and trap him at all cost in that Celtics series and that made Lebron do his thing without problems, because the number 1 defensive focus of the Celtics is Wade.

    We have seen some shadows of the vintage Wade in game 2 vs OKC. But still it’s just not the 100% Wade we have known for years. If his knee is already fine plus his agressive attitude, we will probably see a Miami Home court sweep this next few days.

    For us Wade is the Best. We got high respect for The MAN, Regards and God Bless to the “The Flash”.

    Avenge our loss against OKC. D-Wade for Life!

  2. steve G says:

    The NBA Fi nals always come down to heart and who wants it the most! There is more than enough talent on both teams to justify either one being the favorite. The national media creates these storylines and sub plots to get us all arguing back and forth about it to boost ratings.

  3. Heat play as a team!!!!!!!! Play as if it is your last game!!!!!! Play with all your heart.

    Go Heat!!!!!!!! Get the ring!

  4. DALE KOIA says:

    How you have played before is history, its how you play on the day. That said, i believe this series will come down to WHO WANTS IT THE MOST! DEFENSE is key and with all these ALL STARS going head to head its anyones game. Definitely the bench and role players impact. The most important thing is TRUST and working smarter as a TEAM. T ogether Everyone Achieves More. Remember last year: Dallas showed that they were the BEST TEAM. When all PLAYERS ARE clicking: this is basketball at its best. HEAT or OKC…………. WHAT ever we or anyone says wont make any difference…………….ITS WHATS GOING ON IN THE INNER CIRCLE OF EACH TEAM…..HERES the truth: The BEST TEAM WILL WIN! MIAMI or OKC time will tell………….Just enjoy the BEST GAME ON THE PLANET..BASKETBALL! props. much love much respect… Your not bigger than the game. PEACE!

  5. King Binh says:

    Miami in 6 maybe 5 games. That’s all there has to be to said!

  6. MIAMI 3 6 1 says:

    Totally Agree on Naismith……. Heat dominated the whole game…. on game 1….and on game 2 the heat took the lead from the start until the end….Okc lose the game because they got 2 teams that oppose them… first is the heat…. second is their own selves… at the start of the 2nd half… The HEAT focus on defense because they got a dependable cushion lead… okc focused on how to close in the gap…. they must defend and get points at the same time because the clock is not on their side…. give credit to the HEAT…. co’z they knew the thunders will make some run…. and they hang on their lead until the buzzer sounds… Blame OKC for putting their selves into a hole from the start of the game…. and they didn’t even take a lead from the start…………. The refs did their job just fine…. some miss calls some wrong calls some didn’t made a call…

  7. sam says:

    reply if u agree on my last comment

  8. sam says:

    everybody ! for those of you who think there wasnt a goaltending on ibaka , i think your wrong : after durant got a piece of it(the ball), the ball was still in the hands of bosh ; bosh shoots the ball after durant lets go off it (basically its like a normal shot because bosh is the last one to touch the ball on the shot), and then ibaka “blocks” the ball after it hits the board . so it is a goaltending

  9. Elden says:

    48 states picked OKC and people don’t know why. It is simple. The fans either don’t like Miami or they don’t think Miami is good enough (or both). Now that Miami is playing as a TEAM, both sides are great. So far, the games are very exciting, but it is too soon to tell who will win at the end. I was surprised that Thunder missed so many free throws last night; otherwise they would have won. Those guys don’t miss threw throws often, and Durant’s being in foul trouble could have affected his defense. Miami better untilize their home-court advantage, and if they even lose one game at home, they have to prepare for some real bar fights in OKC. As viewers, we love it, but some of the team fans think they have the birth right to call other people names and to insult the opposing team. They complain about the fouls that are not called, but if they insult other writers here behind their computer, what should we call it? Can someone come up with a word for that?

  10. Bee says:

    First of all everyone is entitle to their own opinion. All this talk about Shane Battier being foul by Kevin, anyone that watch the game, know clearly alot of the foul that was call, was’nt all foul. Durant should’nt had 5 fouls from start.. Secondly everyone clearly seen the foul LeBron James cause on Durant during the final 7 seconds of the game. Wade, James & Bosh was tired as hell. Miami was clearly save by a whistle them final seconds. They could’nt afford to go into overtime with OKC, because it definitely would had been a rap, Miami would have lost the game. I agree OKC needs to play OKC ball, Kevin Durant is the best offensive player since MJ and his squad is a beast when it comes to attacking the ball. OKC keep letting Miami slow the game down, like they did playing Boston, Indiana and the Knicks. If OKC play their level of attacking the ball….. Miami will definitely be grasping for breathe. Like Lebron said play like it’s your last breathe….It will be his last breathe for 2012 season. It’s time to smother the HEAT, put them flames out! Remember Miami to OKC is like playing the Spurs, but the Spurs had a better effort of WINNING, because their bench and starter can move the ball. Miami will need more then 3 to win the GAME… Shane 3’s will not always be in effect remember that…..OKC Winning!

  11. Naismith says:

    I don’t know how the Heat became the underdog in this series but after dominating the first half of the Game 1 and most of Game 2,its obviously the Heat are the better team. Now lets talk about foul calls . In game 1 during the third quarter OKC got several questionable calls that swung the game in their favor. From KD tripping over a team mate during a pick and roll, to Westbrook running in front of Chris Bosh and stopping to get a foul call, to a Thabo getting a foul call on Mario Chalmers that was not a foul during a fastbreak dunk. Fast Forward to game 2 KD should have gotten his 6th foul on the Shane Battier Charge that was ruled a block. So if we wanna get technical about it KD shouldn’t have been in the game to take the final shot in the first place. Now lets talk about the real reason OKC lost its because they got down early in the game they came out flat and Miami was aggressive from the beginning but unlike game 2 they finished the game. The Miami Heat are the better team. You don’t dominate a team on their home court 6 outta 8 quarters by accident.

  12. choi_NBAfan says:

    What a bias blogger… I could have click the UNLIKE button if there is… Miami clearly own game 2. It could have a no Durant in action if he was charged… GO HEAT!!! Take the ring…

  13. Chess player ( logic 0,1) says:

    Miami was supposed to win this game from the start… Kevin durant was supposed to be fouled out when shayne battier was supposedly trying to call a charge on durant wich would of put durant out of the game, hence no 3 pointers for durant during the last stretch of the fourth quarter. If this had happened, we wouldn’t be talked about the late no call in the 7.2 seconds left remaining in the fourth quarter. The ref did a good job at the end, because he knew that durant was probably supposed to be fouled out no battiers call earlier.

  14. baskballgod-10 says:

    as long as Miami keep attacking the basket , they will be winning this series.

  15. theking0522 says:

    How about Lebron James and those free throws at the end of the game? Seems like all those noisy OKC fans didnt bother his concentration at all. I dont know how they call that in the other 48 states who are rooting against the Heat, but in my neighborhood they call that CLUTCH.

    • H3@+ says:

      I was shocked to see him go 10-10 and Durant miss about three. Really weird but I’m not complaining.

  16. theking0522 says:

    Hey…I remember alll the talk about the Heat playing 7 games against the Celtics. That series made Miami stronger. Thank you Celtics!!! Many of the games were close and some of the last two were win or go home for Miami. I am soo happy the Heat got to play all those close games against the Celtics. We would rather see our team beating the opponent easily, but close games give a team character. There WAS NO WAY Miami would have won game two last year or during this regular season. But they have played so many important and close games in this playoffs that now they know how to close. They didnt panic yesterday and Lebron seemed to be in another planet.

  17. Nhoj says:

    Good Job Heat..see in Southbeach KD and the team

  18. Chicago says:

    Bulls win win next year. Michael planning to play again for 1 more year!

  19. Thunder Down says:

    Hahah it is great to see the roles turned. OKC has been down in nearly every first qtr since the beginning of the WCF and at times by 15-20. You don’t think they refs helped them back into it each time? Ironically most of those qtrs were followed by a new qtr and 4-5 quick fouls on the opposing team. Durant played 10 minutes without a foul, only because 3 obvious fouls were not called on him to allow him to stay in the game.

    GM1 was funny when 2 minutes in Harden does his leg kick to create contact and the announces proclaim his inability to get the ‘same’ flopping calls in this series. Boy does his head snap back when anyone is near him…

    • Jules says:

      It does affect a team’s momentum when it has 2-3 fouls called against it in the span of 2 minutes. I particularly hate that move where a guy dribbling up the floor suddenly stops before even reaching midcourt, just to force the defender to run into him and draw a foul. Cheap play, and I wish the refs wouldn’t call it if they think it was on purpose. Westbrook did it to Bosh, and it just looks unsportsman-like.

  20. Ramiro says:

    That’s funny, nobody talks about the ridiculously clear offensive foul on durant when he had 5 that the officials called a block on battier. It they called it right, durant wouldn’t even be on the floor to shoot that ball, and the game would be already over

  21. Jon says:

    Miami didn’t play better than OKC; they’re about even. The last foul call that was not made didn’t cause OKC to lose the game. It was their free throws! How many did they miss? Even Durant missed a couple of them, which was rather unusual.

  22. grega says:

    All the Heat haters yapping about LeBron’s foul at the end of the game are forgettin that a minute or two earlier Durant commited a no call foul over Battier that would have send him to bench because of fouling out.
    Further more, the type of foul that LeBron suposely commited on Durant rarely gets a call. Durant just threw the one legged fadeaway as soon as he felt a slight contact. If you want a foul call, attack the rim. Period.

  23. B says:

    Finally wade and bosh are being placed at the same level, behind Lebron.
    Those two played well last night, but they have to put up games like that every night.
    OKC is full of energy, but their lack of maturity is hurting them.
    KD has been shooting well, but he has to get to the line more by driving and pump faking instead of just jacking up threes.
    Westbrook has to slow down a bit and try to keep his composure. He has the ability to attack Wade from any angle, and he should use this to his advantage in order to get wade in foul trouble.
    Pressure is on Miami now. I think If OKC wins at least one game in Miami, they will take the title. Quite frankly, I don’t see Miami winning 4 in a row.

  24. The Truth says:

    Someday maybe we will have a fair basketball game.

  25. The Truth says:

    The game is fixed!!!
    Stern and the rest of the them dont want to lose the millions of dollars from viewers in a big city market such as miami,
    thus the game is fixed so the better team will not be able to win (thunder). It happened in game 1 but the thunder are such a good team they could overcome it. In game 2 i’ll admit we didnt play our best basketball but still whenever we made a run, the refs would make a bad controversial call in favor of the heat. And in the end with the game on the line Battier who had been fouling all night was fortunately called for a foul. Finally a good call in a sea of poor and i believe fixed officiating.
    Durant was fouled 4 seperate times on the last shot. Yet the Lebron rule i suppose is in check. The thunder are the better team
    although the league doesnt want it to be.

  26. pritz says:

    It will fall to game 7… both team deserve to be champion but only one will be lucky… OKC

  27. If Wade and Bosh play in the next game, the way they played in game 2, plus the supporting cast of the bench players–Battier, Chalmers, Haslem, Cole, Anthony, Jones and the Big men of Heat, OKC is in trouble!
    Never forget how you play the First half, and the Second half will follow. Just continue doing your plays like your First half or make them more better. Limit Durant, Westbrooke, in the Third and Fourth quarter including Harden’ s First Half and the Championship is yours! Go Heat!

  28. miami big fan-phils says:

    Obviously OKC has the deeper bench, advantage in height, more fresh legs compare to Miami… but the Miami big three are a franchise player, they will not consider as a superstar for nothing.. OKC much more favor to win the series which is nothing to loose for the team, unlike Miami ( James & Bosh) seems nothing tomorrow when they will lost this opportunity.. Look the game 2 the aggressiveness of the big three, they knew how important each game of the series, and I believe they will continue to play good and the only chance for the Miami to get the title is the supporting cast, because big three can deliver anytime.. Miami will win the series at 6.

  29. Bad Luck Bryan says:

    How come there were 5 HT Blogs about Game 1 won by OKC and there are just 2 HT Blogs about Game 2 (which Heat won)???? Wow! Just wow…

    • H3@+ says:

      EXACTLY! No mention of Shane coming up big. Just a couple excuse blogs on why Miami won.

  30. gohear says:

    I gotta say something, two minutes before game ends, KD attacked the rim, and they called Battier a defensive foul, but it is so obvious a offensive foul, he should be fouled out even before game, not to mention the clutch three, and everyone all see the questionable defense LB to KD before the final second, but nobody mentions the questionable foul KD to battier.

  31. seewhatyouwant says:

    unbelievable…how do you throw d wade underneath the bus after all of those sacrifices he’s made and how do you simply disregard chris bosh inside presence just to simply say it’s lebron’s team. you guys are playing horrible one on one aand somem one needs to tell lebron he can’t do it by himself that 3 pointer almost cost us the game instead of driving the ball hhe shot a three I would of liek wade taking that ball out and redeemiing himself for that turnover and also lebron you are holding the ball too long in the last five minutes you need to be more decisive with your plays that almost cost us george karl can coach tthis team better.
    Eric Spo doesn’t have any faith in wade anymore he doesn’t let him and bosh run plays more than 2 minuutes before calling a time out or subbing lerbon back in he is not doing a good job with d wade neither bosh

  32. Laos says:

    Miami played better. It seems Miami plays better in the first half and Thunder plays better in the 2nd half. A good game overall. I saw three miscalls from the refs. in the 4th quarter probably due to the angle they had:
    1) On the last clutch shot of Durant, James fouled him.
    2) Misscall on James’s foul on Westbrook at 6:06 in the 4th quarter. Westbrook had his forearm pushing off on James for the layup. James didn’t commit a foul there.
    3) Shane Battier’s 3-pt banker shot at 5:10 in the 4th quarter. Westbrook’s body bumped him while he was still in the air – it was a no call.

    • H3@+ says:

      There’s going to be missed calleds in everygame, just like missed shots. No one is perfect, but I think the refs did a good job that game.

  33. Gledi says:

    For all of you complaining and saying durant got fouled at the end, stop it. You forget that just a few minutes before Durant was supposed to foul out as it was a clear offensive foul on Shane Battier but the refs gave him 2 free throws instead. So stop complaining about a player that wasnt even supposed to be in the game at the end.

  34. SM says:

    Congradulation to Miami Heat. They deserv to win the next 3 games too. They are a better team.
    Just a note to the coach Eric Spo. Almost the whole 4th quarter he played the 5 starters. They were tiered and could not perform well. Although Chalmers is a good player, He is not a good defender.
    I think Coach should have substitued Chalners with eithr Haslem, Anthony or Miller to defend better.
    Chalmers was struggeling at both end in 4th quarter except the one steal.
    Please make sure the next games, you perform better in the second half.
    GO HEAT you are the best

  35. Spiller says:

    You guys do realize that Battier made 17 points, he won’t keep playing this way. Just saying unless he keeps scoring that way, the heat can’t keep up. The MIA bench made 8 points to OKCs 23 in game two

  36. Yaaaa budddddyy 1 down 3 2 gooooo. Finally Bosh n Wade showed the all star that they are. Forget about these sports writer they jump from team to team after each game n that’s their job.
    Let’s go south beach!

  37. Francisco says:

    Miami should try to control westbrook because durant is not a playmaker just and excellent jump shooter, he reminds me a taller ray allen, most of his shots were open looks, if miami control westbrook and then harden when westbrook is resting(they are the playmakers in that team) the heat wiin the series, let durant shooting his jumpers at some point he is going to start missing.

  38. FAN1 says:

    There HAS to be more recognition for Shane Battier! Come on! He was spectacular! What a player, he really knows how to step up in big games. He has already done so in 2 Finals game, if he can keep it up the rest of the series, Miami has a BIG advantage. Don’t forget that apart from making three’s, he drew KEY charges of Durant who almost fouled out and would’ve gotten Miami a much safer win.

    • MIA says:

      Durant should have been sitting long before the last seconds of the game. He should have gotten his 6th foul from that charge that Shane drew on him that the refs called a foul. it was so clear! but it is so funny that we are not hearing much about that!
      They always seem to focus on what the Heat does. Both teams got breaks and Miami won the game PERIOD!

  39. Jj says:

    I like how all the heat fans here think Heat won by playing better. Lebron fouled Durants last shot and he didnt get called for it, Yea Heats a good team but in my opinion they are the biggest flopping team and have the most uncalled fouls that are obvious. Ya won with the refs help. Such a sad team. Ya lost the lead ya had. Game shouldve gone to overtime if it wasnt for the stupid refs missing the obvious foul.

    • Az says:

      not a heat fan but get over it, every team has had its share of bad calls and flopping. the same thing could be said about previous thunder games but its pointless to bring it up, the heat came out hot and kept it up while thunder got back in a bit late.

  40. rich says:

    quit blaming the no call at the end of the game fact remains it was the first quarter that decided the game when okc went down by 17 after that they were playing catch up the whole game give credit to the heat for playing great defense and forcing okc to take jumpshots i am a heat fan and the heat proved they can win in okc i truly believe heat in 7

  41. marlon green says:

    Yes congratulations to Battier stepping up again and knocking down those 3’s! He has raised his level of play and good job Lebron for attacking the basket instead of bailing the defenders out with a barage of contested jump shots. But really how could the referee’s miss that foul on Lebron when he fouled Durant? That was clear as day! First he locked arms with him and then dragged his arm across his body and slapped his arm down on Durant’s leg. Yeas some of the contact may not seem like much but remember Durant is paper thin so it wont take much contact to throw his shot off. The Heat nor OKC are my favorite teams but I just want to see a good and FAIR game. That was just wrong, there is no way you miss an easy call like that. I was ingnoring some of the bloggers when they said the refs were helping the heat win but after last night I do wonder.

  42. ChriJohn says:

    People in here are saying Durant was foul in the last couple of minutes.. What about that supposedly foul on Battier that SHOULD HAVE been offensive foul? And the other 30 other fouls that it seems that the ref are sleeping when it should go to Miami.. Please…

  43. LOLakers says:

    See? What did I tell you Blunder fans? If Bosh and Wade play a decent game the Blunder have 0 chance! And now that the Heat have won on the road it’ll be easy to win three at home!! Like I said, Heat in 5!!! The doubters have been silenced!!! Wanna mock me again?!? LOL!!!

  44. s27m says:

    In all honesty I smell a game 7 series….It will be EPIC!!!!!!

  45. JOhnsin says:

    D-Wade should be beack on his lethal from like in 2006. I’m sure the real Batman will show-up!

  46. Law064 says:

    Big win for Miami but from what I saw. The Heat had a huge lead and got bailed out with the no call on Durant on that final shot. The heat at it’s best barely beat the Thunder who were not playing well not to mention KD in foul trouble. Shane hit 5 trey’s and that was the differance. Lebron is still not clutch but he made a big bank shot. If I’m Miami I’ll be a lil worried still they were up 13 and won by 4. They really should’ve been tied after Lebron foul on Durant. If that game went to OT Miami would be down 0-2. Good win for them but it’s clear that they are still in trouble. Good luck to both teams in game 3

    • Belizeboy says:

      Please shut up with the whole ref thing. I don’t see you pointing out that Shane got fouled on that bank three shot or the 2nd charge he took from Durant that went in OKC’s favor. Besides you’re a Boston fan so why don’t you go join them fishing?

      • KOBE says:

        heat lose cant find ya boy..they win u are all over hacked durant..u know it ..i know it..evryone knows it..and battier slid underneath durant…if u knew the rules u know that is a block..

      • Sick says:

        so do you know that Kobe is fishing? lol

      • Law064 says:

        @Belizegirl Facts are facts Durant was fouled and the heat had a huge lead and almost lost. If you look close Shane was still moving and indeed slid under Durant. It was close but a clear block. Lebron hit Durant twice and you say that I’m complaining about the refs Get a life I can care less who win the series but I have advvice. When the heat lose go kill yourself.

  47. Jacob says:

    You know, there were a lot of instances where I felt the officiating was far less than desirable. However, we as fans have no control of the officiating. We have to take it the way they call it! I don’t have as big a problem with bad refs as long as its called both ways. I think both games so far have been called evenly. James didn’t foul Durant there at the end. James’ arm was there, not extended, Durant’s leg came up, hit the arm, and James’ played it smart by letting his arm just slide off. Good no call. I wish all the players would stop flopping. Everyone does it now! But anyway, what people need to understand is that in late game situations, the refs become your worst nightmares. I’ve seen players get punched in the face going for the buzzer beater and the ref won’t call it. They simply don’t call end of game fouls. It’s an adjustment that the fans and the players have to make. So please stop talking about how the refs fixed the game (unless it was overwhelmingly one sided) and just have fun watching one of the best sports in the history of sports, accepting the results as they come.

  48. kurei says:

    nice game miami

  49. ontifex says:

    lets go heat, good game

  50. Pedro says:

    Yesterday OKC was gonna sweep, now the Heat is a unbeatable when the big 3 perform. People cant really decide what they mean. The fact is the Heat NEEDS this one more than OKC and yes LeBron, Wade and Bosh are the underdogs because they are playing 3 on 5 basketball all the time. Can they pull it? We’ll see.

  51. Cry Babies says:

    Lol @ all the losers on here always bringing up missed calls. How many missed calls were there on LeBron when driving to the basket. They even have a drive on with Harden smacking his arm and he STILL made the basket. Buncha losers on here always complaining and crying.

  52. This will be the beat series ever!
    Go HEAT!

  53. ChrisBrown says:

    It’s safe to say both teams deserves the title, it just matters who is more hungrier.
    @akosibonik i feel u bro, no need to talk about this performance because they were paid big bucks to perform that way.

  54. the heat win, hardly any comments, lmao haha the haters are choking on there breakfast rite this minute lol. heat in 5, go lebron get that ring.

  55. FirstPlace says:

    it’s going to take Wade, and Bosh having great games every single game to win this series. The Thunder played like trash and almost pulled it out.

    • Belizeboy says:

      Wade can produce 25pt games. Bosh may not get 15 boards again but he can put up 15pts and at least 8rebs. That’s as much as they need from them now that it’s going to Miami. At home the Miami backup actually looks decent like Haslem, Miller and Chalmers. The pressure is on OKC and I’m sure KD will step up with his shooting, but I GUARANTEE that the rest of that team chokes.

    • BBall fan says:

      “The Thunder played like trash” <——— because of the Heats defend….. or maybe they are like that – trash

  56. MVP says:

    this was the first time, i see the miami heat playing like they supposed to do. balanced sroring by numorus players, a (normaly) bench player stepping up, and not giving away the game..although this game should be won by double digit lead..this durant is a heck of a player who’s able to make every crazy shot..i mean 6 points to the half!!only harden got them back in the game and then exploded in the 4th quarter..
    if miami straighten up the 2nd halfes of the next view games, there will be no doubt, they win it all!
    so king james, take your team to the title!!

  57. kobe24 says:

    KD’s last shot cost them the game, period…..

  58. Coach Dee says:

    Finally, an article that doesn’t hype the performance of a LeBron James. That LBJ didn’t do it by himself. That LBJ can’t make it this far if not for Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade and/or maybe even the other Heat.

    • MVP says:

      oh wow so you understand the sence of teamsport!
      nobody says he can do it by himself..but yes, nobody did it by himself in his career than lebron has to do

      • Coach Dee says:

        Didn’t he promised 8 championships? Who is LBJ to say that on going to Miami? Had he proven himself to getting championship in Cleveland?

  59. Uncle_Champ says:

    I think you are not seeing the complete picture of the series. The HEAT stablishe huge leads for Game 1 and 2, although they weren’t able to sustain the lead, they are playing on the home court of OKC. Imagine what they can do on their home court. My prediction on this one is Miami will take 2 wins on their home court but need to snatch another win in OKC home. Miami wins it all in Games 6.

  60. flooper says:

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz OKC will take the crown know..that ‘s all

    • Morten says:

      your name might as well be james harden. i’ve really noticed how much of a flopper he is on defence. i like a lot of aspects of his game but in these two games i’ve hated watching him – especially on d.

  61. kukakuukjames33 says:

    boooooooooooooooomshakalakkkk!!!! the big 3 of miami finally together…and they will be together for the champ at miami in game 5 watchout creepazoid bloggersss…miami is gonna be champ nba 2012 and lbj finals mvp and season mvp all in one…2-1 then 3-1 then 4-1 yeah baby yeah i love ur way everydayyyyy…hehehehe…peace yo!

  62. jamesartemis says:

    I think, the two teams are great teams… they have their own strength and weaknesses its how they will use their strengths to win. But, to me, Miami will win this series… 4-1….GO HEAT!

  63. Tru Eye says:

    They’re on their way right now, they already got the rhythm, the tempo, and the momentum.

  64. The Truth says:

    LeQUEEN, his servant wadey and their puddle Bosh are gonna choke again. No worries, they are born to lose in the Finals year after year.

    OKC ! OKC ! OKC !

    PS: The refeeres bailed them out on this one. But only to prevent the sweep;)

    • C'hater says:

      Why do you even hate LeBron ?
      He is 24195412501250 Times better then you.
      He has 3 MVP’s and not you.
      If you hate the hear just becouse of LeBron not winning a ring ?
      Lol dude you should know that he have more pressure then anyone in the NBA history. So shut you’re mouth and respect. you dont have to love the guy but respect him,

  65. tikboy says:

    well, this was a good game for the Miami, increasing the HEAT of the series. Go Miami!

  66. jan_279 says:

    Why is Battier not even mentioned? Seriously, 5 threes in the game including one clutch three off the board from way downtown and key defensive stops? Come on NBA, don’t be too preoccupied with the Big 3. So far in the Finals, it’s the Big 4.

  67. nbafan says:

    I could not agree more with akosibonik. Each team has its own obvious advantages and rightly so. To make it seem like the Thunder are such favourites to win is blasphemous. Any team with the reigning MVP is dangerous. Combine that with a former finals MVP and a capable 20-10 bigman and you have a team that can win on any given night against any given team. OKC also lacks a offensive low post presence which has been responsible for most of Miami’s troubles this post season. All in all, I’m not here to preach a MIAMI WILL WIN 4-1 FOR SURE type of mentality, because that too would be blasphemous. I just think you should give the Heat more credit than just “they have hope” and “gave us a series”.

    One things for sure, it will come down to execution.

    Although, to cut you guys some slack, you guys have to write about something. If Miami does indeed win the next 2 games or so, you’ll be singing a very different tune. We’ll surely hear about the “inexperienced children” vs the Big superstars on court who have gelled so fantastically. OKC will have no chance and better luck next year.

  68. freddie says:

    agreed. as if it is expected that thunder sweep the heat?? give lebron and miami credit please, they do play well in game 2. better than the thunder i my opinion. it is gonna be one heck of a series and miami do need those two to play well together with bron. hope for exciting game from these two teams

  69. lakermig says:

    Is perkins even playing anymore ?

  70. mighty joe says:

    you’re right hitman, RING time

  71. Mantas says:

    Tonight the Heat was so different, agresive, not like in game 1, were all Lebrons jumpers did,’t fall, wade’s too… I think Lebron had too jumpers, 1 missed 3 and that bank shot, others were drives too the rim… OKC is a jump shooting team, they will be in trouble, KD can’t always hit those late game 3s… Sorry for poor english… GO HEAT!!!!

  72. Roy says:

    haha its funny how whenever the Heat lack something there is an article about it, while the Thunder only ever get praised and never have their weaknesses pointed out. Silly media.

    • Jules says:

      Let OKC lose the next game and I’m sure these guys will all have a list of the Thunder’s deficiencies. Remember how they were described after dropping the first two games of the WCF against San Antonio?

  73. mccoy says:

    I would like to see where is PurpandYellow now? last day he was talking about OKC sweeping Miami.. what an Idiot

  74. balboniz says:

    common sekou and shaun,!! both of you are so biased, cant accept the fact that the heat beat okc fair and square. this is a great series so can you focus more about the series and not always about the heat cant do or okc can do. this is one of the best finals in all tym, so stop focusing on the short comings of any player but instead focus on how people will be more interested on the game of basketball. wade is averaging 20+ ppg and westbrook a liitle under wade, so why cant u criticize westbrook on the other hald.. ill be not surprise if you’l be criticizing lebron or wade in case they loose in the finals.. be a responsible reporter or blogger.. Good luck on both teams..

  75. prix says:

    OKC are dead and soon be gone just like the Lakers and Boston..

  76. manok says:

    clear foul…

  77. JOHNNY says:

    I think heat will finally conquer the coveted ring 🙂
    LeBron’s time to shine

  78. renz says:

    Give Credit to Shane Battier, He also made clutch Plays including the 3 Pointer in the 4th quarter.

  79. pao says:

    lets go heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we can do it

  80. David says:

    Hello? OKC were robbed! LeBron fouled Durant with seconds to go and no free throws were given. CHEAT

    • go thunder says:

      you’re forgetting that durant charged into battier with 3 min left to play and if it werent the refs calling a block he wouldve left long time ago. try to be unbiased here

    • Belizeboy says:

      Battier was fouled on that bank three point shot…

    • DBowe says:

      Yea and Durrant fouled out when he charged into Battier earlier.

    • Idoubtit says:

      And Durant should have fouled out on the charge Battier took minutes before….so what?

  81. wat says:

    now this is a series . . . 1-1

  82. jep says:

    yeh biased….when the heat win they say that wade and bosh show up but if the heat loss they say that its the coach fault…did any of you say something about the OKC having a bad game…NO ……you only knew that win or loss OKC is a great team…. and the heat is a villain……come on be fair….just give the credit to the heat just for now..

  83. Adeuga Adekuoye says:

    From what i saw of the game dis a.m. in Lagos, Nigeria; OKC were just seconds away frm snatching victory frm D jaws of defeat cos it was clear dt The Heat really have no answer to their constant & probing pressure down d road.

    if dt game had gone into overtime, OKC would have ultimately triumphed & carried D day.

    Game 3 awaits!!!!

  84. 2e says:

    Now I like the heat when harden shave his beard I may change my mind

  85. Al says:

    LeBron’s not clutch? what?
    If it weren’t for Harden in the 1st half, this game would not have been nearly as close. And if Wade hadn’t turned the ball over with about 40 secs remaining and a 5 pt lead, then this game would not have made Miami uncomfortable at all.
    People don’t understand that OKC hadn’t seen a defense as good as Miami’s up until now. Miami got sloppy in the 2nd half of game 1…. hence they lost the game (it’d have been 2-0 miami). So, Miami will VERY LIKELY take this series

    • Belizeboy says:

      Well as a Heat fan I have to say James is semi-clutch. He makes big shots with more than 30secs left but rarely after. KD is the clutch king IMO. Still had James missed that shot or any free throws we would have heard the continued rants about him choking.

  86. hitman says:

    3 wins to go..lets go heat. i knw they can beat the okc. im happy for the heat for playing good offence and defence. really a team effort for the heat. i hope shane will always carry that momemtum. if that happens they are hard to beat. lebron shows that he belongs to one of the clutch players in the nba. its ring time baby. GO HEAT..

    • NBAfan says:

      congratulations to the HEAT for winning game 2….

      With that said…THE clutch shot of the game is Battier’s bank shot three pointer…that was the key possession…Lebron’s banked shot was “nice”, but it wasn’t the key shot…IF Battier had missed his lucky forced up 3 ball with defenders all over him….I think OKC would have won instead…

      Battier, 17 pts again on 6 for 9 shooting…can he keep it up? Chalmers already made up for his 1 miss game 1 with a 1 make game 2….how long can Battier shoot 6-9 every game…he’s making it seem like the HEAT is a BIG 4….

      Even though the HEAT now has the advantage because they won on the road….OKC is really a scary team….they can just make a HUGE run at you at the end of the game…..

      the heat did a good job staving them off….

      • Belizeboy says:

        If this, and if that. If Miami had more points in game one they would have won lol. Stop with the if statements because they don’t make you’re point any better.

  87. akosibonik says:

    biased? or making the heat underdog? bosh and wade are all stars, they are franchise players. all of them has off nights, and you can’t do anything about it. just because they had a good game today, you already say that they show up? come on dear blogger. you can do better than this. you sound that miami cannot win in this series, you sound like miami is already out of this. you sound that this was a lucky win because dwade and bosh had a good game? be more realistic. as far as im concern, any of the two teams are still gunning for it, no sure winner. write about something else,like KD’s foul trouble, westbrook’s bricks, the issue on the offensive and blokcing fouls, or just give credit to erik spoelstra who did a terrific job adjusting and coaching, we all should expect this from dwade and bosh.

    • q't18 says:

      right…very well said!but we can’t blame the blogger, that’s their job!

    • NBAfan says:

      I don’t know what Wade was thinking with them up 5 pts….at the end of the day…I think Wade is thinking…this is MY team…i’m the guy with the ring…not you….maybe clouding his judgment a little bit????

      anyway…congratulations Miami Heat for a game 2 win!

    • KC says:

      It’s not biased. The guys at Inside the NBA all think that OKC is favored to win. Every article I’ve read has people picking OKC. Even I think Miami is the underdog, and I’ve been rooting for them to win it all this season.

      The fact is, the Thunder are deeper and have a bigger presence inside. Miami has to play a nearly perfect game, and OKC has to miss a ridiculous number of shots (they usually make) in order to end up in the result we saw in game 2. As it was, the replay showed James clearly fouling Durant on the last no-call shot on the left baseline. Miami escaped overtime by a whistle.

      Like I said, I’m glad it happened because I’m rooting for Miami. But OKC came back from being down 17! If they didn’t take stupid jumpers in the first quarter (it’s like Barkley said, their half court offense is their only weakness), they wouldn’t have been down 17. But throughout the rest of the game, you could feel the dominance that team has over everyone. Is Battier going to keep making 3’s? So many things have to go Miami’s way in order for them to hold on for a win, but I feel like if the Thunder just settle down and play their game they are favored to win every night, on anybody’s floor. And no, I don’t want them to, but that’s just how it’s been going this post season.

      • s27m says:

        Man as a Heat fan also I can’t agree with you more!
        The Thunder are the better overall team and are favored to win every game and rightly so.
        Miami have to play every game like its a game 7 if they want this series!

      • C sparks says:

        I’m a Miami heat fan 100% and an all around basketball fan!!! I love miami and see okc as a great team, but all if this talk about what another spectator is saying, news papers are writing, whos bigger blah blah blah is ridiculous, base your opinion on how you feel and no one else, because we all got opinions @ the end of the day there are 2 great teams playing they will both have off nights and good nights. They will both get good and bad calls, but they both have to play good defense and make shots!!!! If your not doing both you will lose and that’s what happens to okc last night. Calls don’t determine a win and neither does size, it’s how you play the game and what you do and give to win. This series is up in the air and I’m loving every minute of it. To great teams determined to win, either way I like what I’m watching and can’t say who will when, but of course I want my team to win. Will they that is what we all will have to wait n see, but let your opinions be self motivated and not what you hear a sports broad caster say, news paper spectator etc. say be n believe your own opinion and thoughts. It’s ridiculous to base your opinions on the words of someone else.

      • Belizeboy says:

        @ s27m, the Thunder will also have to play each of these away games like it is a game 7 now. Both teams will have to go all out and the one who can consistanly perform will win.

      • DBowe says:

        I agree with you on everything except “escaping overtime by a whistle”. Had the refs made the right call when Durrant went crashing into Battier, Durrant wouldn’t even be on the court for the last call. They make some, they miss some, but both teams benefit from them.

    • Armaan says:

      Miam IS the underdog. Nobody can’t argue that. And this would have been a Thunder win, if the refs called any of Lebron’s fouls on that last play against Durant. Having an elbow on the chest of a shooter while he is going up is clearly a foul and after that you can clearly see on the slow motion that Lebron slipped away Westbrooks right hand while he was going for the rebound slam.
      Lebron is definetely the best allround player on the planet and Wade and Bosh are All-Stars but that’s not enough against the best offensive player since MJ and a squad which is so well rounded. The Thunder role players are elite in their role, that roster has every piece you need to win a championchip, great sixth man (Harden), shot blockers (Ibaka), post-up defender (Collison) , zone and paint defender (Perkins), perimeter defender (Sefolosha), veterans (Fisher), shooters, they also rebound well and have three certain guys who can drive, dunk, dish or shoot. They don’t need one or two guys do it all. And Durant is great offensively without having the ball in his hands all the time, whereas Wade’s, Bosh’s and James offensive abilities decline when they don’t have the ball a minimum of eight seconds each screen.

      4 – 2 Thunder …

      • Idoubtit says:

        Of course, Durant should have already fouled out by then on that charge that Battier took midway through the fourth. The refs must not have noticed that Battiers left foot had stopped moving before Durant ran into him. So he should never have hit those free throws or that three, or taken that shot. The refs give, and the refs taketh away.

    • Slider821 says:

      Regardless of whether the last play was a foul or not, the game was not decided by that. The thunder lost the game fair and square because they went down 18-2 in the first quarter and had to claw their way back. A team can only claw back so far and they couldn’t do it.

      To say the game was decided by that no-call is like people who arn’t fans of basketball saying only the last 2 minutes of a basketball game matters. It’s nonsense. There were flops, bad calls, and no calls made against both teams; thats the nature of the game. To win, you must score more points and the Heat did just that and got the W.

    • Ahmed says:

      I personally think that every blogger is going to be biased against the Miami Heat until they win a title because they (bloggers) are still talking about how Miami made a big deal the first season when they got James and Bosh and how they failed to win, so the Miami Heat are going to be scrutinized until they win a ring because thats all I’ve been reading for the past two years, and I dont remember anyone talking about how Magic Johnson had all those great players with him when he won his rings and when Larry Bird won his rings how many HALL of FAMERS did he have on his team? I dont know thats just how i see it but Miami only have the “Big Three” to work with and the other role players are doing their parts but they cant always be successful thats why its hard for Miami sometimes to always come out with a win but hopefully Miami will win it all.

      Miami fan since the day they drafted WADE!!!