Anatomy Of A Thrilling 1:47

OKLAHOMA CITY — If you thought Game 1 of the 2012 NBA Finals was exciting, Game 2 was all that and more.

Another fast start from the Miami Heat, another comeback from the Oklahoma City Thunder, and several minutes of nail-biting action down the stretch.

After Russell Westbrook tipped in a Kevin Durant fast-break miss, the Heat called timeout with a 94-91 lead and 1:47 on the clock. At that point, LeBron James was 0-for-2 from the field in the fourth quarter and Kevin Durant had been playing with five fouls since the 10:31 mark.

Here’s a breakdown of the next nine possessions, which would ultimately give the Heat some life in this series.

Score: Heat 94, Thunder 91
Time: 1:47

After the Thunder trap Dwyane Wade on a Wade-James pick and roll, the ball ends up in James’ hands above the 3-point line. He’s isolated on Thabo Sefolosha to the left side of the key with seven seconds on the shot clock. Sefolosha steps to James’ right side to keep him from the middle of the floor.

As James goes left, Sefolosha stays with him and Serge Ibaka steps in from the corner. James rises up about 13 feet from the basket. As he drifts left, he connects on a pretty bank shot to put the Heat up 96-91. It’s the first basket he’s made outside the paint all night.

Score: Heat 96, Thunder 91
Time: 1:26.

The Thunder run a staggered screen for James Harden, but it’s really to set up a Westbrook screen for Durant. The problem is that Durant doesn’t wait for the screen, and Shane Battier is able to elude Westbrook and challenge Durant’s top-of-the-key 3-pointer, which comes up short.

Westbrook attacks the glass and tries to dunk in the miss. The ball hits off the back rim and lands in Sefolosha’s hands on the left wing. Ibaka sets a screen for Sefolosha, who, for some reason, tries to attack Wade off the dribble. He spins toward the basket, but Bosh is there to block the shot. It goes out of bounds and, after a video review, the Heat get the ball back.

Score: Heat 96, Thunder 91
Time: 1:11

The Thunder press the Heat full-court. Mario Chalmers gets the ball across and the Heat run the same play they ran on the previous possession. James sets a screen for Bosh at the right elbow. Bosh fakes a screen for Wade and then curls over to the left baseline as James sets a ball screen for Wade.

Wade crosses over, splits the defenders, and attacks the basket. Ibaka comes over to help from the baseline, and as Wade goes up, he drops the ball off to Bosh for an easy dunk.

It’s Bosh’s 10th attempt and fifth bucket in the paint, where he didn’t take a single shot in Game 1. And it gives the Heat a seven-point lead with less than a minute to go. Game over, right?


Score: Heat 98, Thunder 91
Time: :53.8

After a timeout, Westbrook sets a screen for Durant, who flashes to the ball on the left wing. James closes quickly and Durant drives baseline. James stays with him, but Durant has just enough of an edge to put in a tough, contested layup. The play takes just 3.3 seconds and keeps the Thunder alive.

Score: Heat 98, Thunder 93. Time: :50.5.
The Heat choose not to call timeout, so they’re inbounding the ball from the baseline. Battier gets the ball to Wade, who is trapped in the corner and forced to take a timeout. And since the Heat inbounded the ball, they can’t advance it ahead and must inbound from the corner, 90 feet from their basket.

After the timeout, James inbounds the ball to Wade, who tries to dribble through the Thunder press. But Derek Fisher gets his hand on the dribble, and Harden picks up the loose ball.

Score: Heat 98, Thunder 93
Time: :44.0

As Harden picks the ball up, Sefolosha has a wide open lane to the basket. But Wade pressures Harden and by the time Sefolosha gets the ball on the left wing, James has caught up to him. Sefolosha gets the ball to a trailing Westbrook at the top of the key. Westbrook has an open three, but spots Durant trailing on the right side.

Bosh, also trailing the play, almost gets his hand on Westbrook’s pass, but it finds Durant, who is wide open beyond the arc as Bosh’s momentum takes him to the elbow. Durant calmly strokes a 3-pointer  and the pressure is now back on the Heat.

Durant has just scored five points in 13 seconds to make it a one-possession game.

Score: Heat 98, Thunder 96
Time: :37.5

The Heat have one timeout left after Durant’s 3-pointer, but they again choose to take the ball out on the baseline. After the ball is inbounded to Chalmers, Westbrook fails to get over to the sideline to execute the trap. Chalmers dribbles up the sideline and then passes the ball ahead to Bosh.

After the press is broken, the ball goes to James. Initially, Westbrook is guarding him, but he calls Sefolosha over to switch. The Heat spread the floor and James waits until there’s five seconds on the shot clock until he starts moving toward the basket. He doesn’t go far and pulls up for a 3-pointer from the top of the key that misses long.

After almost 48 minutes of attacking the basket, James gives the Thunder a chance to win by settling for a long jumper. Bosh tries to tap the rebound back to a teammate, but it lands in Sefolosha’s hands and Thunder coach Scott Brooks calls a timeout with 12.3 seconds left.

Score: Heat 98, Thunder 96
Time: :12.3

On the inbounds play, James is defending Durant on the left block, and he’s clearly anticipating a cross-screen. But instead, Fisher inbounds the ball directly to Durant, with James’ head turned the wrong way. Durant pivots toward the baseline and James looks to be beat. But as Durant puts the ball on the floor, James puts his left forearm in his chest.

The forearm seems to prevent Durant from getting all the way to the basket. He rises up off of his left leg from just outside the paint, and his runner comes up short.

Westbrook crashes the glass and James seems to hit his arm as he tries to gain control of the ball. James catches it after landing and Westbrook has no choice but to foul him.

There has already been a lot of talk about this play, and there’s sure to be more in the days leading up to Game 3. James could possibly been called for two different fouls in those five fateful seconds. But he wasn’t and the series has possibly turned in favor of the Heat as a result.

Score: Heat 98, Thunder 96
Time: :07.1

James had been shooting just 72 percent from the line in the playoffs through Tuesday’s Game 1. But he was 10-for-10 as he stepped to the line with his team up two, and he drained both to seal the 100-96 victory.


  1. Heat, limit your turn-over! Limit Durant, Westbrooke, Harden and th rest of the OKC. Always rest, but never relax! Go Heat!

  2. Shammalammadingdong says:

    Do you have to use bad grammer to post comments on

  3. salamaylobeletski says:

    it should be anatomy of a Thrilling 1:40

  4. kurapika says:

    A Lame post..Is there a foul??are you kidding me??
    On that last play durant shoved james using his right hand.
    As james was going for the ball to snatch it durant immediately elevated w/his right knee infront of james.
    Even durant knows it wasn’t a foul.
    It should have been a holding foul if durant insists in going straight to the basket rather than taking a fade shot.
    And how could you say Westbrook crashes the board??are you dumb??Westbrook wasn’t in control of the rebound, as he rushes to the basket, the ball bounce off the rim and he hit the ball w/his left hand then it bounce back to his right arm but he wasn’t in control of the ball. When you say crash the board you were either able to grab the ball using single arm or your both hands. And for the record james hit his palm not the hands so it wasn’t a can check it on the rules.
    You should be fair in writing an articles. I am not a heat fan but i am a basketball fan.

  5. W/E says:

    OMG there is too much censorship, cant even say an opinion on what we see….. refs should get FINED AND SUSPENDED every time they have outrageous performances like the one in game 2….sometimes they even forget the basic game rules….PATHETIC

  6. foul says:

    That last possession definitely was a foul by lbj, but the refs made bad calls both ways. OKC is clutch but they need to play better in the first half if they want to win. I hope next game the refs are better but even as an OKC fan all i can say is nice first quarter effort by the heat. Hopefully OKC can break this trend of horrible first quarters/halfs so they can just close out a game instead of having to comeback.

  7. David says:

    i bet that most of these Heats fans are fans of the heats because of LeBron -_-

  8. yuri says:

    we can call it a day…

  9. Play hard Heat! Play as a team. Never relax, you are playing with the OKC! Play naturally!
    If Wade, Bosh, and the rest of the Heat, Battier, Chalmers, Jones, Coles, Haslem, Anthony, etc. play like the way they played game 2 at OKC, while LBJ plays the way he played in game 6 at Boston, this coming game 3, 4, 5 at Miami, the series is over! Go Heat! Win at home. Last hope!

  10. OKC is coming back in game 3 at MIami! Heat prepare! Do not waste this golden opportunity, to slip this Championship in your home. You have the homecourt advantage!
    Play like game 2 at OKC arena. Play hard! Play as a team! Play with a heart! Then defend without fouling, from First, Second, Third and especially the Fourth quarter. Limit Durant, Westbrooke, Harden in the First, Second, Third and especially the Fourth quarter where they are good at rallying! The Heat was out-rebpounded in game one, go for the rebound big men of Heat, backs them out, the big men of OKC and foul them out by attacking at the paint early in the First half and early in the Second half as well!
    Step up Wade, LBJ, Bosh, and the rest of the Heat, Battier, Chalmers, Jones, Haslem, Jones, Anthony, etc. for the Championship! Do it now at home. Get the Championship at home, if you can. Last chance! If you did everything, and fate favors the OKC, lossing is not shameful, OKC is a great team, only they are young! Do not give them chance to play game 6 and game seven at their home!

  11. That crucial dying seconds where Durant was, is one in a million! LBJ guarded Durant’s shot to the rim at that time. LBJ slightly contacted Durant in that play, but not a hard foul nor intentional, from another angle it was a slight touch! So no whistle was blown! Beyond that Durant had a clear, clean, good shot, which he does not miss, but he missed the shot, this time! He shoot short! That shot was a golden opportunity to tie the game, forcing to overtime! Go Heat!

  12. OKC will be dangerous at MIaimi. So Heat prepare at home. Play as a team. Play like game 2 at OKC. Do not relax. Relax, if the game is over. Relax if you have a lead of 30. . . .
    Defend strongly, but do not foul!!!!!!!! Limit Durant, Westbrook, Harden’s offense, etc From First, Second, Third quarter and especially the Fourth quarter which the OKC usually comeback!

  13. Durant’s play was so crucial for tying the game, forcing an overtime. But LBJ gambled here it was a tense seconds, there was a slitiest contact when Durant aimed the rim, it was not a hard foul nor intentional, so the refs did not whistle. However, Durant had a good shot, clear, clean, open, he does that shot often, but missed this time which should have tied the game, and force to overtime. What a dramatic finish! What a game! Go Heat!

  14. HeatKingOfEast says:

    as expected, many would comment this blog. all blogs and articles that involves miami heat will surely be most discussed. just compared it to the blogs from nba writers at game 1. no one cares about those blogs. only few commented and i would say read those blogs. unlike here after game 2, a win of miami, blogs and articles written in nba would surely have many comments. ahahaahah heat in 5 or 6

  15. syetemeja says:

    This game will only make the Thunder dangerous in the next few games. This is one of the most exciting finals series. To all basketball fans please don’t fail to watch . Watch out for the Thunder.

  16. sanjay says:

    If durant was fouled out OKC would never ever come close! He is given too much freedom to shoot 3’s from his spot! Somebody needs to go to work on it! I am still not happy with heats zone defense! They cant let these come backs!
    James played the last call right! his hands were no were near durants face or anything! A brush on thighs is a call? That is stupid! Heat must be kicking themselves for not being 2-0 now! If they stop westbrooks shoot and jump shots and make things a bit tough for durant, the shooting spree of OKC will stop! If there is 15% improvement from wade and bosh, it will be very hard for okc!

  17. HeatDreamers says:

    Again.. the HEat loser fans are only seeing and accepting what they want to see.. Grow up and be homnest to yourselves that LEBRON James is the one and only NBA darling

  18. nyknicksbaby says:

    seriously officials constantly blow major calls in the final minutes of the game.The nba is the worste officiated game if players would stopp flopping maybe they can call a charge corretly. they should get rid of the charge it’s a punk out stepping in front of a player with as they drive. The real story is Durant has what lebron just doesn’t have. He’s clutch , and sop is westbrook and harden. Heat in five is a dream. The started great but in the clutch they continued to fail. the two points from the goal tending call won it for them. i wouldn’t be suprised if it’s OKC in 5

  19. Den says:

    Honestly though, it was Heats’ night yesterday. Everything was going their way:

    1. KD early foul trouble (total of 4 up to the end of 3rd quarter)
    2. Neither Wesbrook nor Harden sparkled yesterday
    3. lead by 13 going to the 4th quarter
    4. LBJ and Wade was playing their game

    What more could you ask for the Heats? Their disadvantage was only the Thunderous crowd; however, they still was not able to close the game till the last 7 second of the game. They blew the lead with KD getting his 5th early in the 4th quarter and playing extra carefully. The bottom line is that Heats did not win the game easily even with all these things going on their side.

    I do not know if such advantage will happen again. It seems to me that Heats is more or less the Caves with LBJ was there with Mike Brown. They are only able to play with the flow. If the flow is not going their way, they are certainly doomed.Thunders manage to come back all the time which we see quite often in this playoff, even in a 0-2 series against Spurs.

    Does anyone think that Heats will be able to come back and give such thrill to the thunders if they trail by 13 in the 4th in NBA FINALS? Game 2 was certainly Heats’ game but if that was all they could do to the thunders even with such advantages, I do not think they will win the series.

  20. rich says:

    okc fans your teams slow start is what did yall in getting down by 17 cost you the game besides ref always make bad and missed calls for both teams so just accept it and move on game 2 is over complaining wont do anything about it

  21. HunterH says:

    Miami Fans: note that the Thunder players and coaches aren’t complaining about the officiating. They never do. Even when Dirk shot 400 free throws against them last year, they always said, “we have to defend better without fouling.” That’s one of the best things about Brooks as a coach–he’s not the best X’s and O’s guy, but he knows that with a young, talented team, the most important lesson is always “no excuses.” That’s one big reason why they’ve gotten so good this fast.

    And, as they said after the game, the Thunder deserved to lose (narrowly) because they stunk up the joint the first ten minutes of the game and dug themselves too big a hole to climb out of, despite their furious rally. Miami deserved to win (narrowly) because they seized the opportunities provided by OKC’s poor play in the 1st quarter and did just barely enough to hold on.

    Why did the Thunder play so badly to start? I’d say it’s about 90% nerves–on O they looked really tight and missed a lot of looks they normally hit high percentages on (Westbrook’s misses were almost all at the rim, and Durant missed several jumpers that are usually pretty easy for him–the first half was the worst I’ve seen him play in years), while on defense they had that one beat of hesitation from being wound too tight that left too many people wide open. They’ve needed the emotional jolt that comes from desperation the past three games to break through the nerves. If they can find a way to loosen up (relaxed and intense as opposed to tense and intense) early on, then they look to have too many weapons for Miami. If they stay tight or get tight in key spots, then Miami has a good chance to grind them down. So, far, it’s a heck of a series and a lot of fun to watch.

    Now, as to the play in question: yes, LBJ did foul Durant (that was not a “light touch”–it was a forearm shove to the gut), and even the former ref ABC has on to review and explain plays said the refs blew that one. It’s a shame–I really would have liked to see how Durant would handle the pressure of having to make two to tie, and then to see what LBJ would do with 7-8 seconds left and the game tied. That would have been a lot more exciting–and would have told us more about those two as players. As to the Battier block-charge call–that’s a tough one. Battier was still sliding and leaning to one side AFTER Durant was up and gathered (you have to be in the air AND have the ball gathered up above the waist before the defender is set to get the block call in such situations, in theory), but he wasn’t sliding a whole lot. To me, that’s a 50-50 call, probably best left a no call, but NBA refs usually call that a block not a charge. Most of the rest of the game was pretty evenly officiated, with a fair number of blown calls either way (LBJ didn’t foul Westbrook on the and-1 late, but he did foul Durant twice on shots in the first quarter that didn’t get called; both LBJ and Harden got away with traveling–even by NBA standards for traveling–several times, and so on.)

    What people often don’t realize is that the refs usually aren’t biased in favor of one team or another (Joey Crawford excepted), but they are heavily influenced by conscious and unconscious expectations. When a great shot blocker goes up to block a shot, you expect it to be a good block and, unless things are really obviously otherwise, you see what you expect to see. Same thing when a great scorer drives to the rim: you expect him to make it or draw the foul, so that’s what you see unless it’s really obviously otherwise. That’s a basic lesson from the psychology of perception (it’s one big reason why eyewitness testimony isn’t as reliable as you think). The good news is that the refs expect what they expect because it’s usually right, which means they’re usually right.

    That said, in addition to reputation/past experience, the thing that influences expectations most for refs, I think, is a general perception of how well (especially how energetically) a team is playing. Teams that have great body language, great energy, and still look under control usually get the lion’s share of 50-50 calls. (Teams on a run get a LOT of 50-50 calls.) Similarly, a team that looks flat and hesitant or that looks out of control emotionally isn’t going to get the benefit of the doubt. So, the best way to influence the refs is to play high energy, high intensity ball, which is also the best recipe for winning regardless of the refs.

    LBJ, in particular, is a tough one to officiate: he’s so big that lighter fouls look like incidental contact (like with Shaq, once upon a time), but he also commits a lot of offensive fouls (clearing out with his off arm, lowering his shoulder into defender when the defender has good position) that almost never get called on him that do get called pretty often on other players. I’d rather they call the offensive fouls he commits AND the fouls on the people guarding him (that would reward skill more than strength), but the NBA usually goes the other way and lets both go unless the offensive player looks out of control.

    Going to be a great series!

  22. Azadi says:

    Heat won the game. Why is the media trying to ignore the fact. They won it on OKL court. Heat is the best one and deserve to be the champ.

  23. Yeaahhh says:

    i see how the fans are starting to talk the true, james is the best, he deserves the champion, the heat is a great team, they deserve anything, and OKC and Durant, Westbrook, “the shot bocker ibaka” the best shot blocker i ever see they will win in the FUTURE.

  24. Yeaahhh says:

    mmmmmm, 3 games in miamiiiii, i think this is HEAT time.

  25. justyouwatch says:

    Thunder showed up for the last quarter and a half and yet lost by 4. The first game showed that if they play for a full two quarters they win. Imagine what the score will be when they show up for all 4 quarters… can you say blowout?
    Goodnight Heat, you got your one win.

  26. thisguy says:

    This game was just like heat vs celtics game 2 all over again. The refs literally did everything in their power to take away the thunder momentum. How many offenseive fouls were called on the thunder? somewhere around 10!!. Plus that clear foul on Durant by lebron james putting him at the line. I have sympathy for the refs because i understand how hard their job is but its not ok when you miss clear fouls like that which could ruin the outcome of the game and call offensive fouls and ruin the other teams momentum

  27. Me says:

    kd clearly got away with a charge vs battier and lebron clearly got away with a foul at the end. thats the nba. u win some u lose some. stop crying.

  28. seamanboy says:

    “The forearm seems to prevent Durant from getting all the way to the basket?” come on….he hesitated to come because he sees bosh coming……what forearm?

  29. purpandgold says:

    Anyone who knows anything about basketball knows that the last play James fouled KD. James pushed, hooked, and slapped Durant on that shot attemt. That play could have changed the outcome of the game. However there were other missed called throughout the game for both sides. There were close calls that could have gone either way, like the charge on Battier. But some calls were too blaitant. The goal tending call on Ibaka on the double block shot war ridiculous. The ball was not on its upward trajectory, had no chance of going in, and had already been deflected by another player. The refs either dont know the rules or are doing what they can to ensure the prefered outcome. And Im sick of hearing the one sided commentary by Vangundy. He is annoying, be an impartial announcer, when asked of his opinion on clear foul calls, he always sides with James and the Heat. Breen is impartial and makes good commentary, but Vangundy needs to be replaced. Listening to his bias comments ruins the game for me. Back to the subject though, the Thunder got in trouble from the get go, Westbrook was trying to do too much in the beggining jacking up shots and playing too eratic. KD did was not getting enough touches to stablish any type of rythm and also got in early foul trouble. The game however is 48 min long, the Thunder made their come back and had a chance at the end. I can understand the refs allowing for the lose play but not calling a clear foul I think is too much. James was grabbing and smacking anyone in the vacinity, not once, not twice, not 3 times, but multiple times and at various players. The game was not lost in the 1st qtr, like some of the media Heat hypers claim. The Heat came out strong and aggresive and set the tone right away, I agree with that, but the Thunder came out in the 2nd half and specially in the 4th qtr reaserting themselves and resetting a tone of internsity. The game is 4 qtrs, and it should be officiated at such. Just because one team had a good 1st qrtr does not mean the game is over or it should be officiated a certain way the rest of the way. The refs cant look the other way and let things go just because one team is being more aggressive. If it is a foul, make the call. I look forward to better officiating in the upcoming games. If the refs do a decent job, it promises to be an exciting finals outcome.

  30. 4-1 for heat!!! says:

    even this writer can’t move on for the late foul situation oh men!!! c”mon!!!
    it’s playoff basketball anyway…..

  31. seewhatyouwant says:

    The Miami heat needs to play inside a little more I think bosh is going to waste last year lebron nor wade kept us in the bulls game it was bosh some teams favor a player and okc doesn’t favor lebron’s offense because it can be matched wade play making is a difference lebron needs to do more play making against this team when great defenders defend durant (wade bron) he struggles westbrook is taking alot out of wade because he is the fastest in the game and it takes evrything he has to try and contani him bosh has the easiest job ibaka just wants to block and is encourage to go after the ball if you sprea the floor and let bosh control the tempo from the right or left side it opens the floor for wade and bronn to attack at the same time it will work and it will be much easier to kick out to battier and them if it doesn’t…spo you need to trust wade a little more you are patly to blame for his disappearance

  32. Pedro says:

    heat clearly won… KD just missed, that simple.

  33. Person says:

    That last play was clearly a make up call on Durant’s charge. The refs wanted to make it fair on both ends.

  34. Kobron says:

    I’ve been a basketball fan for 50 years. Lebron James deserves a championship and I hope he gets this one. Kevin Durant will get his ultimately. Either way, a basketball fan can’t lose with this series. Funny how the reporter tried to goad Durant into complaining about a file during that crucial last play. Durant took umbrage and repeated, resolutely, “I just missed the shot.” Man, what a champion if ever there was one. I just want Lebron to win to shut up the haters. He left Cleveland and it was the best thing he could have done for his development as an individual. I lived in Cleveland once for about six months and thought I was in purgatory. Had Lebron not left, I would’ve questioned his sanity, seriously. GO HEAT!

    • bigmouth says:

      Its not about deserving a championship, it’s about earning it. Putting a team away by winning 4 games. One victory does not hand over the trophy. Lebrick is used to just being handed over whatever he wants. When he wins 4 games in a finals series, than he deserves it. Till then, Lechoke should just keep trying to live up to his own set expectations and the media over hype. There’s still plenty of basketball to be played before a champion is crowned! Go OKC..

  35. Nik123dj says:

    Last shot was too quick by Durant ( if he hit that shot Heat would still have ”7 seconds to win”). Down by 2 with seconds left, you play to the end and give yourself a chance to win or tie the game, why shoot so fast???

  36. LOLakers says:

    The blunder couldn’t even get it done at home LOL!!! Do you think they have a chance in Miami?!? Miami in 5, just like I said before!!!! To the doubters: you’ve been silenced!!!! Miami is well on its way to a 10-peat!

  37. Yousaf says:

    You think they will call a weak foul like that in the final play of NBA finals. Few years ago that would not even be a foul. There is no tuffness in the NBA left. If Jordan or Shaq played now (as they did in their prime) they be scoring 50 points a game with the weak fouls people want to be called.

  38. Lakers4Life says:

    all i know is the okc water spouts should realize this is lebrons year and theyre just in the way, every champion has to feel heartbreak and the thunder havent had their heart broken yet

  39. Francisco says:


  40. kidu says:

    if yoo like it or not heat are going down in front of there home crowd

  41. The Dunkard says:

    why is everybody whining about the non-call on Durant’s play, while there are so many calls wherein it should have been called… c’mon make the players do their stuffs especially in crucial times… the refs let them play and let them decide the game for themselves.. c’mon this is playoff basketball not just a bobcats vs wizards regular game.. and also for the fouls called for LBJ? can you imagine stopping that guy that fast and big storming in front if you without even fouling him? just imagine shaq or dwight! period!!

    a game is decided for 48 mins not just 12 secs left in the clock.. i’m a heat and an OKC fan as well, and this time OKC just got buried deep early in the 1st quarter… but still i love their resiliency and that never say die attitude.. so i really want to watch a game 7 of this epic battle between these two teams! give the heat the credit they came out focus and firing.. and stayed tough till the last second..

  42. joseph fusco says:

    Hakeem, Lebron is not unguardable. It is hard though, to guard someone or stay with them when they put an elbow in your chest or blatantly push you away as they drive. Which is want Lebron does everytime he drives. But to no avail, it is never called. Kobe tries this same thing and does get called for it. Miami will not win the series, because as we all have seen the last two games, Miami runs out of gas and is limping to the finish. With the foul trouble Durant was in limited his attack and Westbrooks poor shooting didnt help. But they were in this game and should have won. OKC is more diverse, and has way more speed, intensity, and drive than the Heat. They are just young,

  43. Den says:

    I have been a Thunder fan since 2008, but I do not like how Durant settled for a weak jumper and waited for the foul to be called. I say it was a 50 50 chance for the official to call that foul especially when there where only less than 15 second on the clock. Durnat should have gone up stronger. Wesbrook’s put back attempt was clearly fouled by James. I absolutely hated this. One 50 50 foul and another solid foul, the official called none. That was non-sense.

    Also, the Durant-Ibaka double block on Bosh was a bad call as well, and it was not difficult to see that durant blocked it first, the ball bounced off the board and it has no chance to touch the rim, then Ibaka blocked it again. What Ibaka did was no different than “trying to grab the rebound but the ball slipped”.

    Can’t wait for the next game!

  44. el stone says:

    The Heat played a much more complete game and did a great job of holding off OKC. OKC has to learn that it can’t take the 1st quarter off and expect to come back every time.

  45. Jay says:

    If people saying the league is fixed or on the Heat side. Just congratulate the Heat now on their ring. Whats the point of watching if you believe they want the Heat to win?

  46. CT says:

    You’re talking about Durant’s offensive foul on Battier. I suggest you go back to the tape and watch it carefully. Durant was already airborne while Battier was still trying to establish his position. Battier is known for his flopping expertise. It was a nice game that turned ugly because of the refs.

  47. basketball 101 says:

    really pathetic how this writer wants to discredit Miami’s win on this VERY LIGHT contact. If you want to nitpick every play I’m sure Miami had ALOT of questions about calls. (westbrook’s “and 1” on lebron where there was no contact. Harden & Westbrook flailed their arms a few times to get back in the game. durant’s charge/block/6th foul???? fact is… the refs missed some calls… but overall was decent. the last play was DEFENDED & REBOUNDED by Lebron & then he hit 2 CLUTCH freethrow to tie the series up. – Thats what happend and thats how it should be written (wrote…. or however writers put it lol) congrats to both teams for 2 excellent displays of basketball in both games.

  48. weaklegs08 says:

    Are you blind??? Wheres the foul there…??? I can’t see it no matter ow many times i watch it…
    The only clear thing to me is most of the people here are being biased (being a heater)…
    Durant tries to low post and james throw his elbow in the mid section in anticipation… Very common in basketball…
    It didn’t even hit durant at all… Durant Jump to shot & his leg catches james elbow… Its a very thin contact & it is a very crucial moment… The ref are just being fair… Its a fair call… Why don’t you guys heaters try to accept the miami win and move on… Hopefully your okc will win the next match…

  49. Ken says:

    (Im Heat fan) Like soccer, wrong/miss call become a part of the game. OKC fans blame for the miss foul against LBJ, its right. On the other hand, KD sld be fouled for charging instead of blocking foul against Battier in the last couple minute. Men, you can continue to blame the ref, who cares? Im glad that D-wade, Chris Bosh and Battier stepped up in Game 2. Go HEAT

  50. jj says:

    durant drive on battier was not a foul, it was a very close call and even watching the replay does not clarify the situation. much clearer fouls are the ones by james on durant. we’ve seen this stuff all season long, so i can’t help to think that someone has already determined who wins the championship, several months ago

  51. islander says:

    For those Heat haters, stop blaming the referees. KD may not had the call in the last play with the little contact, but he did over Battier, in a play that clearly was an offensive foul (number six) and he would be out. And on top of that, KD even making both hypothetical on the line, Miami would have the ball back for a last shut, with no time out for OKC. OKC lost not because a call, but because the Heat was better!!!
    Miami in 5!!!!.

  52. Viktor Knox says:

    This is a ridiculous article… Durant is not even complaining just as Manny Pacquiao!!!! Basketball is a 4-quarter game. OKC agrees they lose this game because of their poor first quarter… Not on that last play…

  53. Brian says:

    I dont know why all you OKC fans are still crying. Are you going to go back in time and make them win? All I see is bickering. The game was over in the first quarter, Miami made their adjustments that they needed to make after losing Game 1. This is the NBA Finals guys. Refs arnt going to call petty little fouls.

  54. smith me says:

    ringtime baby:>

  55. bruno says:

    i still think miami put themselves on a dangerous position in the last 2 minutes, they kept getting double teamed on the backcourt without much help from anybody, a silly turnover and too much isolation for tough tough shots. Still a great all around performance and if it wasn’t for harden in the 1st half and durant perfect shooting along the 3rd/4th quarters this would have been a 10/15pts win at least. Congrats Miami for a great game.

  56. chris says:

    David Stern has his NBA refs calling the Finals again for the Heat just like they did back in 2006 and made Wade untouchable, and clearly KD was fouled but again no call, even if the Thunder do get up at the start NBA refs are just gonna make sure KD, Westbrooke and them are in foul trouble.

  57. Sir Sam says:

    The inbounds play with James and Durant with 12 sec left was clearly a foul but that was a very makable shot for Durant. There was a a few no calls and a few calls that should not have been called. But at the end of the day you have two of the best players in the game today going one on one I think the refs should let them play. Although the foul was not called Durant should have made that shot. This was a great game as was game one ant so will be the rest of the series. Let the SUPERSTARS battle it out, thats what we want to see right.

  58. Hakeem Alonto says:

    LeBron is simply unguardable. Dwade too unpredictable. And bosh? Well, he will always make those open jumpers (and make those offensive rebounds). I think Oklahoma will not be able to match the diversity and intensity of the Heat, Durant notwithstanding. A 3-game sweep is suddenly looming in Miami. In 5 games this series is done.

  59. Jordan says:

    I don’t know what people are complaining about. All people are doing is pointing to the refs. They didn’t go on a 17-2 run in the first few minutes in a heat unitform, they didnt hit the shots that brought the thunder back. Yes there was bad calls, for both sides but atleast it was consistantly bad (and good for the most part, for that matter). As said in previous comments, durant could (maybe should) have been fouled out after drawing a charge on durant, and imagine if that had been lebron shooting that last shot but in miami…it would have been a whistle no doubt. But the foul count in the end was about 22 each, so people should start looking back at the players, and what an extraordinary series this is gonna be!!

  60. john says:

    The problem at OKC in last seconds is, Lack of plan where in Durant force to shot the ball, They are on position where in they could win….imagine 12sec left he force the ball… Unmaturity/ unexperience as well….But anaway good for HEAT to take 1 win in OKC floor…go HEAT lol

  61. Durant’s shot was short. And he had a good and clean shot, but ho only made it short.

  62. okay…for all you whiners out there about this foul – that foul….the NBA has made many statements that it is not going to end the game with a foul. (unless of course it is completely obvious or flagrant) but the point is that the NBA does not want a game to be decided by a foul call. NO referee wants to call a foul on a player at the final seconds. Just let them play the game and take the last shot. The fould in question – the LeBron “foul” on Durant in the final seconds – could be just one of 1000s of no=calls by the ref. The contact that was made did not alter Durant’s shot…he was not hit on the arm, he did not get pushed, he was not contacted in the air, you can see LeBron touch him with his left arm but that’s never gonna be called a foul. And for people who say “the missed call is why the Thunder lost” stop whining!!! The reason the Thunder lost is because they were down 10-17 points the entire game. They did dig themselves out to make it an exciting end but they put themselves in that position. I certainly don’t see any OKC players crying about not getting a foul call. They know that they did not make some clutch shots down the stretch (FIsher 0-4 3-pointers, Sefolosha missed under the basket with seconds left)…if either one of these shots goes in the game would have turned out differently. But it is time to stop whining about one call on one play at the end of a game. It;s not like they went out and played ONE play to decided who wins the game.

  63. Durant play’s on that moment was so crucial, his shot was. . . . If they fouled LBJ, it was so closed a contact, it was not a hard foul, and not intentional. Go Heat!

  64. jefrey says:

    I don’t see a foul on that contact

  65. NBA2Drama says:

    Is fair of course!!!
    KD should have been foul out way early during the 4th when shane was called for the blocking foul(which KD was actually offensive foul)
    he also held onto lbj arm several plays b4 the 4th n during the 4th which were not even called =.=

  66. ella says:

    i’m glad the NBA posted this article on their website, acknowledging at least one time last night that the refs made bad calls, or in this case, no call against James. Even the tv commentaters were acknoledging the bad calls throughout the entire game. the heat didn’t win this game (although, i admit, they did play well). the refs won this game.

  67. Are you one way ? says:

    It is interesting to hear as the two ESPN commentators, especially Van Gundy do focus on the alleged foul by LBJ, and barely mentioned the previous clear foul by KD against Battier, it is obvious this is another one who hates the Heat

    • Lakers fan says:

      What about the goaltending call that was obviously a block? what about D Wade getting free throws when nobody touches him? What about the Heat getting bailed out with about 2 seconds left on the shot clock by a lose ball foul called on Fish? If you watched the game you would realize Miami got the calls all night and Durant got one on a bang bang play. Not to mention the block/charge is the hardest play to call in the NBA. Seems you are the only one that is one way.

  68. LinLin says:

    Kudo to Durant, he didn’t complain about the foul at all. I am not a OKC fan, but Durant has won me as a fan.

    Prediction: OKC in 7

  69. Ge says:

    The officiating is disgusting. If you touch James or a Heat star, its a foul. But you can slap a Thunder player or ride their back and its ignored. The NBA is going to steal this from OK. I’m from NC and hardly care about the NBA anymore because the rules are unevenly enforced on the court in order to determine the outcome. Usually it only requires a few calls to change the outcome of the game. In these play-offs the refs intentions are obvious, they are hobbling OK so the Heat can win.

    • Scott says:

      You realize that the Thunder have shot more free throws in both games now, right? You can’t scream bias when OKC has shot ten more free throws in the series thus far.

  70. MIAMI 3 6 1 says:

    So a foul called on chalmers in game 1 is really a foul???? He didn’t make a contact… not even a single hair.. Yet it was called for a foul…. Don’t blame the officials…. Blame westbrook for making himself look cool…. Blame durant for not making his shot…. blame brooks for not designing a playing for durant but on westbrook instead…. A win is a win… no matter how huge the deficit are… may it be 1 point or 50 points…A win is still a win………….

    • this OKC fans are too blinded from their awesome players… if you gonna watch the reply.. there are a lot of contacts every time Lebron getting the ball but yet no call… now they’ll say its all reffed off.. BS!!

  71. khalifur says:

    ok guys, here’s a question: let me ask you people, how long have you been watching the nba or how old are you by the way. stop nagging about bad calls,,,just tell okc players to be more physical and be tough on both ends. this is the finals all you little boys… all of you complaining about bad calls and officiating…grow up !!! you are not real fans of the game, because you only know basketball anyways….

  72. AwwPlease says:

    OH MY GOSH! Here we go again, people crying about the non call of the foul. The foul didn’t get called, there are bad calls and no calls ALL the time. Get over it. Miami deserved the win, we headed to South Beach, LET’S GO!

    • Lakers fan says:

      Miami deserved it? It’s not about who deserves anything it’s about who earns it. If the appropriate call was made, Durant gets free throws and Lebron would go down and miss sending the game into overtime. The officials are ruining basketball.

  73. r.p babia says:

    let’s watch the games on a neutral perspective. we are making issues here for non calls because we are bias towards our team. this is a good series and exciting series, remember that the referees are not watching the action thru slo mo. A win is a win, lets give the credit to the winner as well as the loser for giving a good fight.

  74. dattebayo says:

    I don’t like it, when everybody is on the officials. They missed some calls, but they also had some great nocalls or right calls.
    The goaltending was questionable, but even the commentators had never seen a play like that and were unsure of the ruling. In addition to that, Durant only got his fingertips on the ball and it was a fast play, you can’t get mad at the officials for not seeing that Durant “blocked” it first, if you can even call that a block. Wade had a Phantom call, but Westbrook had one too, the 4th foul on James. James was backing off and going straight up, the contact came from Westbrook and that shouldn’t be a foul. James was fouled early in the 1st by Sefolosha and it was a nocall. Collison and Harden each had a flop, where they got the whistle and Cole and Wade got called for the offensive foul. That nocall on Hardens at the end was great though, when afterwards James found Bosh under the rim for the dunk. I think those last 2 plays by James were not fouls, there was a little contact no doubt, but not enough to make the referee blow his whistle and decide that game. Furthermore there are no guarantees, that either Westbrook or Durant would have made both freethrows, even though many would argue that they would have.

    You will never see a perfect officiated game, the game has become to fast, to quick, to physical and there are flops and 50/50 calls on more and more possessions. Both games were called unbiased to me and I am looking forward to Game 3 in Miami.

  75. MARKsman de la Riarte Arbuiz says:

    the bLocking fouL on Battier waz cLearLy a bLock..he waz stiLL sLiding hiz feet..haz not yet estabLished hiz position..

  76. vdh says:

    in actuality if the game was called like it should everytime lebron drives he is fouled, if u ever played ball before u would know this, he is too big and fast not to be fouled everytime, this is where the refs have to draw the line.

  77. vdh says:

    people calling kd must love for refs to influence the game. in that case kd should of fouled out on that blocking foul by shane which was clearly a charge

  78. HeatBRZ says:

    I seems to me that you writers are clearly against Heat

  79. Fairplay says:

    There was clearly no foul on both plays otherwise you are biased and partial!

  80. Talentz to Souf Beach says:


    Heat fans are sensitive about this subject matter of fouls because, in their hearts, they know they would be furious if it had been James on the receiving end. It must be nice to know, however, that if that were James there would have CERTAINLY been a foul call. No doubt.

    People argue that Durant would have fouled out on the Battier blocking foul. But Durant was playing with 5 fouls and foul number 4 (a blocking foul on James at the top of the key) was questionable. Durant usually doesn’t get into foul trouble so early. So the very fact that he was so deep in foul trouble is questionable. Again, it’s the old story of James can plow into players on the offensive and defensive end and get no fouls called. Yet every other player is held to a higher standard.

    The balance of the officiating controversy is falling against the Heat. It is making it look more and more to 90% of the basketball viewing public that there is a series officiating problem and that it inordinately favors the Miami Heat.

    • brad says:

      You’re just a thunder fan..And I’m not even a heat fan,i just hate to read those comments clearly one sided..

    • designlords says:

      Cry baby … cry.. wahahah.. OKC lose becaue westbrick took so many shots…even their coach agree…

    • NBAJAM12 says:

      soooooo true its so sad it has to be that way , give the thunder credit man i love how durant doesnt whine like at the end what a true bball player and lebron on every posession whines if the thunder make a basket his over there whineing i mean seriously i dont know how you can call yourself great and be that way its so immature

  81. The Watcher says:

    It is all so Clear that the NBA executive powers (David Stern and his chums) all want lebron to win the NBA finals championship and they have the referees doing all they can with their whistles to make this possible. It is a shame to watch !
    It not only the 2 fouls committed by lebron in those 5 seconds. All through Game 1 and here to Game 2, the referees have always made calls in favour of lebron. He never fouls even when he pushes or makes contact to alter the opposing players shots in the air. But if a player on the opposing team as much as sneezes near lebron, the officials do not hesitate to call.
    This has been the way the referees have called it right from the start of these playoffs for lebron. Even Michael Jordan didnt have it this good, he got fouled for real and most were hard fouls.
    The scandal of Game 2 is just something else at such a crucial point in the game. lebron fouled Durant on his shot, it was as clear as night and day and the official was right there in front of the play and he didn’t call. Then lebron fouls Westbrook as Westbrook gathered the rebound, and yet the official did not whistle.
    I get terribly annoyed and mad when a basketball is refereed as poorly and biased as these officials did. My spirit waxes cold against the Miami Heat.
    lebron and the heat didn’t win that Game 2, the referees basically blocked the opportunity to win that game from Durant and Westbrook’s Oklahoma City Thunder and then awarded a win to lebron and the heat.
    The Miami Heat and LeBron James will not get away with this.
    2 Games played, 4 more Games still available. By Blue heavens, Oklahoma City shall celebrate their victory in the NBA Finals 2012.

    Blue rules !

    • dream on .. like your Durant dreams for MVP

    • MVP says:

      how can someone in this world cry about fouls on james if he got durant on his team, who gets each and every call he wants..please stop it. durant wouldn’t even be in the game anymore if the refs whistle the right way. you can’t stop a lebron james 250lbs running threw the basket instead of charging.

  82. HUGO says:


  83. arnol says:

    miami in 5

  84. Ranth says:

    He has to pretend blind on that play for the Heat to even out the series. There’s no way the refs would let OKC come from behind against Miami, that would be a meltdown for both Wade and James = bad advertising for the NBA.

  85. carl mark says:

    lebron hits his elbow…. is that a fair?

  86. carl mark says:

    ahahahaahah… biased officiating officials… mostly the calls of james foul was so thin… so awful…

    • like you awful.. its hard to accept to lose in your own home court and your favorite star choked

      • LIVE Wire says:

        Durants was foul sure but what ever.HE CHOKED he could have just shot the ball while Lebron was choking and looking around. Lebron grabbed Westbrooks arm on the rebound out of pure desperation and thats all she wrote. NO FOULS NO WIN

  87. Truth says:

    If the officials don’t start making the right calls, people are going to start thinking the NBA is fixed… again. I sure do.

    • pakyaw says:

      ALL SPORT IN USA IS FIXED! (baseball,football,NCAA,nascar,etc etc you name it) SAD BUT TRUE… i think world cup is getting in there too,but not too sure…

  88. Coach Dee says:

    It’s like Pacquiao hits Bradley and judges saw it differently.

    -Same result,

    • Francisco says:

      you are taking about game 1 when okc had a couple of huge breaks, chalmers did not foul sefalosha at the beginning of the thrird, and westbrook push charmers , it was an obvious foul and it counted as a chalmers TO, that started okc rally

  89. Being bitter about a foul not called in the last 12.3 seconds just gives a dent to an exciting NBA Finals. Durant said he just missed the shot, so why make a fuzz out of it, it’s the Heat over the Thunder and that’s it. It’s down a “Best of 5 affair”. but lo and behold, it is the Heat’s homecourt, so could be a Game 5 clincher at American Airlines Arena…
    Heat 4 – Thunder 1. King James finally gets his crown…

    • Lakers fan says:

      Durant is just smart enough to know he can’t complain about the officials because he’ll get a fine. Look at the way he responded, he knows he was fouled. He had a forearm in his ribs lol.

  90. Mike says:

    The last seven footer shot by Durant boils to this. If your a Heat fans, that’s not a foul and if your a Thunder fan it’s absolutely a foul.
    Never had a neck to neck Finals since Rockets and Knicks. It will be more thrilling if it reaches Game 7.

  91. heat dynasty says:

    a win is a win

  92. BBOYBALLER says:


  93. Giuseppe says:

    Series even, if OKC will do what they did in Game 1, they will probably win the series and the title that Payton, Kemp and Schrimpf failed to win in ’96. And winning the series they will be the “CHAMPION BREAKER”. They could beat Miami as long as panic is absent. They beat the Mavericks, Lakers and the Spurs who won the combined 10 titles in 13 Finals Appearance since the ’99 lockout. They have Fisher, an ex-Laker, former 5 time champion, an on his 8th Finals appearance that could stepped up for OKC, just what he did for the Lakers’ in their 5 titles won on 7 Finals appearances. Though it is his 1st Finals without Kobe, I’m sure Derek will contribute as what he did in Mavs series and in Lakers’ series and he is the only guy had more Finals appearances than any of the SUPERSTARS in either team (Wade 3x, James 3x, Durant 1x, Westbrook 1x), so he should be able to handle the pressure. Don’t count out Perkins who made the OKC depth at front, with him and Fisher, OKC can count on them-Finals veterans.

  94. NBAfan says:

    It “may” have been a foul, but I think durant simply missed that shot. any contact made by james was just INCIDENTAL…I’m saying this and I’m NOT a heat fan and I’m cheering for OKC to win as a fan….

    OKC is such an exciting team…NO LEAD is safe with them…..

    Battier’s lucky bank shot three was what saved them overall…good on Lebron to make the freethrows..

    The way I see it…the HEAT is in the lead right now…cause they stole a game away….

    Lets see how OKC responds

  95. It was fair officiating to me… Durant crashed to Battier and should be charged a foul… but the referees did not want to make a huge influence on the result of the game and instead charged Battier a foul. The referees from then on consistently make LET GO calls in order not to influence the game. Any nonsense contacts were not called for both teams… and to me it was fair!

    • PRO Staf says:

      WOw Lebron has been KILLING IT!!!
      but the Lebron haters would still be laughing if Durant would have just shot the ball during Lebrons brain fart (looking around in desperation) while he’s guarding the NBA scoring champ and the obviouse go to guy on the other team.Instead he was lucky Durant trying to drive it…..which was kind of a choke cause he should have just shot the 5 or 6 foot basically a lay up.

      Battier knows just like the refs know you can’t just jump infront of a player while they are in the air. You have to give them room to land. Durant was already in the air therefore not Offensive foul really a foul on Battier. Lebron really looks to be playing with more heart and determination and was extremely futunate that the ref mis those two fouls on Durant and the arm grab on Westbrook.

    • PRO Staf says:

      I can live with the no call on the Durants shot because he should have just shot the ball while Lebron was choking and looking around but when he grabbed Westbrook arm on the rebound out of pure desperation Its hard to respect that and should not have been rewarded with a no call.

  96. Fel Mark de la Riarte Arbuiz says:

    in the video above, i think it shouLd have been the ref on that sideLine who shouLd have caLLed the fouL..because in that angLe, it can reaLLy be seen that James hits Durant’s thigh..and it sure Look Like a hard hit..and it didn’t even Look Like it’s the fore arm, but the eLbow part of James hitting Durant’s can even be seen that James bumped Durant with hiz knees on that baseLine drive..

  97. Jenny says:

    I agree. It’s obvious to everyone that Durant was fouled by Lebron, which would most likely have sent the game to overtime. What a shame that the reffing decided the outcome in this close game. I’m extremely impressed with the Thunder’s resiliency.

  98. mighty joe says:

    this a fair play. Not a foul. C’mmon guys.

  99. no foul says:

    i dont see any foul there. all incidental contact which was never initiated by James. Durant just missed an easy one, there wasn’t even a hand in his face.

  100. NorthPole says:

    Two fouls from Lebron in 2 seconds, wow… Westbrook would have rebounded the ball, if Lebron didnt grab his left hand, stop the video at 0:30… Horrible officiating on both sides however…

  101. I am wondering why in the videos herein provided, the Duran charge to Battier was intentionally omitted!

    That is not fair reporting!!!!

    Come on! do not be biased!

  102. CB4dWIN says:

    To tough to call.. but i side with refs for not calling the foul. The refs were right with just letting them play. Just let them play Mr. Schumann.. The refs already are given a bad rep about calling too many fouls even with the least contact..

    It’s the NBA finals, man.. 2 of the fastest teams in the NBA are on show and i don’t want to see a stinking free-throw contest… the game 6 of the 1998 finals where MJ pushing off Russel for the climactic winning shot was more of a foul than the two plays Mr. Schumann mentioned.

    LBJ put out a gutsy effort and rarely missed a beat in the whole 48 minutes of this contest.. There’s no need to discredit his performance by hinting controversy about the last 7 seconds of the game..

  103. manok says:

    I say its a conspiracy to make Heat win and make the series longer… NBA cannot be trusted anymore… If you watched the video on KD’s last shot, it was clearly a foul… James HHHUUUGGGEEE elbow was on KD’s arm. So who can shot properly with that HUGE fouling arm in your body… and when westbrook tried to rebound, James clipped WB left arm!!! there’s no bias there… just look at the video

    • Ken1120 says:

      I agree… how sad… it should be an overtime… But anyway, there’s still another game and I know Durant will do his best again!!! I love him for being so humble! He knows that there is a foul there but he did not even complaint!

      • cheega says:

        lets say durrant makes the shot, still 6 or 7 seconds left on the clock with a tie score, miami could of made a GW shot, just because durrant makes the shot the game isnt auto-matically going to overtime. same if they called a foul on lebron on wither westbrook or durrant. they would still have to make the free-throws and they had been missing free throws all game.

    • pakyaw says:

      if the official would “ve call all the right play.., then durant have no business to be on that situation

  104. Fel Mark de la Riarte Arbuiz says:

    wow.! breaks of the game, man..some missed free OKC’s dependabLe gunners at that..and those bad caLLs and missed caLLs by the game can probabLy Live with that goaL tend caLLed on iBaka when Durant aLready bLocked the shot initiaLLy because it’s stiLL earLy in the couLd stiLL haunt you, but at Least it happened earLy, and you can stiLL recover, which they did..but that one in the cLosing seconds of the game.? man, what an inopportune time to miss a caLL..dying seconds of the game, man..i know there’s that notion that the referee must not bLow the whistLe if there’s contact in the waning moments of a game but there’s no cLear fouL on that contact..but the way i see that pLay, DurantuLa throws up the shot possibLy trying to get a possibLe and one or troop to the Line for two charities because he feLt LeBron’s hands in the way..and what i”ve seen in that pLay iz that LBJ6 even hits KD35’s thigh..and the ref missed it..LBJ6 couLd have served az a spectator with 6 fouLs after that if the whistLe waz bLown..and Durant couLd have sent the game into overtime with two free throws..and in OT, the Thunder wouLd have the advantage..what with James heLpLess at the sideLines, probabLy just carrying pom poms..but, no..the ref just stood stiLL..and LBJ6 waz baiLed out..the break going to Miami..that’s basketbaLL for you..sometimes, games can be decided by the game officiaLs..especiaLLy if it’s a cLose one..a naiL-biter of a game Like thiz one..the referee can win it or Lose it for you..but the good thing about it iz that it’s just one game..yez, it hurts..and it might haunt you..but there’s stiLL tomorrow..and that’s for sure..just have to get a move on..just Let it rip, kiddoz..give your best shot, then just Leave the resuLts up to God..and if you win, praise Him..and if you don’t, praise Him..either way, honor Him with your actions and your attitudes..

    basketbaLL smarts by DurantuLa on putting up that shot when he feLt the contact from LeBron, though..veteran smarts dispLayed by a 23-year oLd youngster..

  105. LOL really says:

    Lol these people crying about bad calls, like the refs hasnt missed any calls for the Miami heat throughout the game. If the Thunder hasnt had a slow start, then they wouldnt have spend energy on closing in with the heat. As usual, the heat players doesnt get credit, pretty sure if the win it this season people will still find excuses about the heat. sad sad reality….

    • LIVE Wire says:

      OK good point because that shot the Lebron made off the back board was absolutly sick!!!!! but you dont have to worry about what people will still say even if the win cuz they won’t. I’m not a hater but there’s no freakin way I’d be looking around lost while I’m checking Kevin Freaking Durant in the final seconds!???! man God is mercyful cuz if Durant scores there the haters…man I dont even have to say.

  106. khell says:

    well.. what can i say… joe crawford and the other refs gave the W to the heat… good job boys! joe crawford really is the secret weapon of the heat… not a hater.. just sayin’…

    • pakyaw says:

      AWWWW… poor OKC fans… cant accept defeat…dont worry your suffer will end in game 5….

  107. David says:

    OKC were robbed. James fouled Durant. I guess it’s the only way the can win games in the Finals.

    • manny pacquao has been robbed

      • LIVE Wire says:

        Manny pacquao got whipped……………………………………………….just playing

    • Bad Luck Bryan says:

      Yeah, and the only way for you to play basket ball is by sleeping at daytime and wait for the dream to come.

    • Knickfan says:

      before your durant get robbed. heat got robbed. because of the blocking foul that the ref called for the clearly offensive foul on durant that will lead to the 6th foul of KD.

  108. markangelo says:

    okc fans are so pathetic.. keep on whining and complaining, durant got foul? really? then do the officiating job the next game, just learn how to accept defeat, damn retard basketball fans who don’t know how to play

  109. maberik says:

    Wow that was an exciting game, durant was super human in the 4th but the refs will not blow their whistle w/ a soft foul in the dying seconds of the finals, you can only see the foul when it was replayed in slow mo. durant can easily make that shot 9 out of 10 he just missed at the wrong time. I’ve seen worse and that’s not a playoff foul, it’s normal for fans to put the blame on the refs for a heartbreaking loss instead of looking at the 18-2 start.

  110. Gavin says:

    The games officiating was horrendous, what about the westbrook and battier running into each other call the foul on either, or the goal tending, or battier three, or westbrook put back with bosh hitting him, or the bosh being saved by miller on call, or james on either durant or westbrook. The list is endless the same issues happened in the second game of thunder vs heat in regular season poor officials can’t call the obvious ones. I’m just saying if your going to call them left and right in the beginning don’t stop and try to make it up later by not calling. Bosh should of fouled out by third, james would of had 4 starting 4, durant would of fouled out at battier charge. FYI i’m a thunder fan but i was turned off by how the game was called on both ends just saying let them play no blood no foul.

  111. Yes! Durant should have been out during a crash to Battier that was clearly a charge! But of course the referees did not want to make the calls at the crucial last minutes of the play to make the players win or lose the game!

    The referees were consistent though on the let players GO! So, IT WAS FAIR officiating to me!

  112. JOLSKIES says:

    what about the missed blatant offensive foul on durant that would’ve had him out of the game with about 3 mins to go!!!!!!

  113. Patricio says:

    All I can say is the officiating these 2012 Playoffs is awful. There are lot of bad calls for both sides.
    The last play is MAYBE a foul, but around 4-7 minutes left in the 4th (I can’t recall the exact time),
    as Durant drives into the basket from the baseline, He should have been called for a charging instead
    of a blocking foul for Shane Battier, and with the right call, Durant will not be able to play the remainder
    of the game. With Durant out of the game, it will be a tough time for Thunders to make the game a
    one possession game. And there will be no “Controversial Play” at the end.

    • andrei says:

      exactly! it’s clearly a offensive foul but that’s the call of the game so live with it…
      the author is clearly not thinking and just putting his side on OKC…

    • James says:

      Actually SIr Patricio, Battier was still moving his feet when the contact happened. I am a heat fan and I also was fuious Durant did not get his 6th foul then but upon wtahcing the replay, it was very clear that Shane has not yet sestablished his position. (look closely at his feet).

      • Are you one way ? says:

        Oh, you too ,… Battier was complety on place before the KD contact, c’mon haters stop talking one way, bad calls are bad calls but this was more clear than the last by LJ.

      • Scott says:

        You do not have to be completely stationary to draw a charge in the NBA, you merely have to have position before the offensive player makes contact. It was a charge, but its the hardest call in the NBA to make.

      • Knickfan says:

        are you blind? watch the replay and then tell me if battier move an inch.

      • pakyaw says:

        still moving his feet? watch the replay again in slow mo…thats y they didnt put this in highlight coz its obvious badcall,even goaltend by ibaka to bosh is badcall too.. did you notice all badcall is not on the highlights?

    • Nathan says:

      THANK YOU!
      Exactly right. That call should have been a charge or a non-call but not a blocking foul on Shane Battier. Instead the Thunder got lucky that Durant didn’t pick up his 6th foul…

      • Ben says:

        I don’t fouls should have been called in either case. That would have been quite lame to foul Durant out for a charge. I don’t think the official was right in charging a block. The official waited to see if the shot went in, then when he saw that it didn’t, he blew the whistle and called a block. No call – let them play!
        By now, everyone should know that only legit fouls, that definitely effect a shot, are going to be called in the final seconds. Yes there was contact at the waist, but I wouldn’t say it definitely effected the shot. If James fouled Durant on the arm, I would say it was a foul b/c it definitely effected the shot. IMO – The outcome of a game should not be changed due to a marginal call in the final seconds.

      • LIVE Wire says:

        If I glad from the free throw line and you step infront of me thats a blocking fouls your blocking my already in flight or motion progress. The refs no this you can’t run infont of some one whos already in the air. LOL….. you guys are silly if you could do that everyone would be out for the season lol….

    • Tobi says:

      Thank you…Just thank you…

    • josh says:

      well said Pat

    • BobMarley says:

      A M E N !

    • SayWhat? says:

      This guy knows whats going on

    • LeBronster says:

      I absolutely agree…

    • hyang says:

      I totally agree that blocking foul should be a charge.

      And also that Ibaka’s block on LBJ’s dunk is not a clean one. Ibaka’s hand clearly hits LBJ on the wrist and only manage to make contact on the bottom of the ball. I would say that is a foul not a block.

    • pongskiepogi says:

      you got it right man!!!!

    • naze says:

      i agree….

    • rj says:

      shane battier was trying to get the 6th foul of durant on that shoot but clearly durant was able to lunch the shot before shane battier established for the charge. anyways it is a miami win and clearly some referee calls are dubious but its part of the game miami win and better luck next time for okc

    • HOC says:

      Great comment. Stop talking about the last miss call, if the officials would’ve call all the right plays, Durant shouldn’t have been on the game the last five minutes.

      • PRO Staf says:

        WOw Lebron has been KILLING IT!!!
        but the Lebron haters would still be laughing if Durant would have just shot the ball during Lebrons brain fart (looking around in desperation) while he’s guarding the NBA scoring champ and the obviouse go to guy on the other team.Instead he was lucky Durant trying to drive it…..which was kind of a choke cause he should have just shot the 5 or 6 foot basically a lay up.

        Battier knows just like the refs know you can’t just jump infront of a player while they are in the air. You have to give them room to land. Durant was already in the air therefore not Offensive foul really a foul on Battier. Lebron really looks to be playing with more heart and determination and was extremely futunate that the ref mis those two fouls on Durant and the arm grab on Westbrook.

  114. Savvas says:

    How the officials missed the fouls at the end? Two different fouls and no one is called. The official at the baseline had clear view for both times and just went blind!

    • q't18 says:

      well, it’s as simple as this: you seen it as a foul because you’re an OKC fan…but for us HEAT fans it’s a thin foul, and it’s a let go!durant is a great shooter, he can make that shot a thousand times but he failed in a clutch just like other human who has nerves….just accept it, your team lose & moved on!it’s just a game 2 and they still have a lot of games….but the next 3 games is in AAA!the MIAMI HEAT will Sweep it, bring up the broom MIAMI HEAT!!!Let’s go Heat!!!

    • Knickfan says:

      How about the durant charge on battier? It’s clearly a foul. You dont agree? then watch the replay!

  115. climatecotroll says:

    Well you could say the same about Harden’s foul on james in the 3 on 1,Battier on the 3 and a couple more plays I thinks yes they were all fouls including the block on the dunk by Iblocka vs LBJ so I took it as the ref’s just let them play and weren’t sensitive in the call’s . Thow I didnt agree in many case’s ,it what we wont to see,meaning let’em run That was street credible,and professional,had a slight hockie spice in the brew.

  116. NBA Viewer says:

    HO, man what an exciting fourth quarter and What a biased comment from an NBA Author, wow, just because you can’t accept that your Predicted team lost you say those things, look again at the replay MR SHOEman, its a let go because it’s a thin foul and also the refs wanted the players to play, Just give the players and coach of Miami Credit for having mental toughness in the end game which the thunder won’t have ’cause the LACK experince in the NBA Finals..

  117. uoykcuf says:

    he hit his knee in front of the ref, is that a foul?

  118. nath says:

    the last play involving james and durant for me was clearly a foul. and that also the reason why the heat escape with a win. but overall, the heat did a great job to come out victorious. i hope thunder will bounce back in game 3 especially in the first half

    • Nope.. its not a foul.. only OKC fans will say its a foul

      • watcher says:

        nah, i think only heat fans will say its not a foul…

      • JesseO3 says:

        lol – even the announcers said that is CLEARLY a foul.

        Im not an OKC fan – but that was DEFINATELY DEFINATELY DEFINATELY a foul.

        Also, it really shouldnt have come down to that. When James bombed that 3 pointer when they were up 2…THAT is what LBJ needs to stop doing. Take the damn ball and DRIVE it…you get fouled and 2 shots, or u make the shot…or maybe get the rebound. Either way that bomb by james was TRASH city TRASH TRASH city.

      • Rocket33 says:

        Not an OKC fan. But that was a foul. To say it cost them the game is too much though. The 18-2 start was the problem and that was not on the officials.

        As a neutral fan I do think Miami get most of the 50/50 calls though. Benefit of the doubt to the superstar is always the case. The same thing happened in the Celtics series.

        All the Miami fans are calling for a charge on Durant to pick up his 6th. Firstly, I think a block was the right call. Battier was sliding across underneath him. And Durant may not have been in that position if the officials looked after him like they did Bosh. Remember Durant and Westbrook both had to sit in the first quarter with 2 fouls while Bosh got bailed out. The refs called on the contact by Bosh but then decided to call it on Battier to save him.

  119. nath says:

    the last play involving james and durant foe me was clearly a foul. and that also the reason why the heat escape with a win. but overall heat did a great job to come out victorious. i hope thunder will bounce back in game 3 especially in the first half

    • knickfan says:

      what about the durant play when he drove to the basket and get caught by battier, it’s clearly an offensive foul. It should have been a foul and durant should’ve watch the game at the sideline. sorry for my bad english.

    • Fredkyute23 says:

      this game was won in the first quarter…

    • Are you one way ? says:

      Bahh, ..why you don.t talk about ofensive foul by KD against Battier 2 minutes earlier…… are you blind like all those who hate the Heat ?

      • Den says:

        if you are talking about that offensive foul when Durant has already 5 fouls, I mean come on, that was a close call but Battier stepped in AFTER Durant gathered up for the layup. If the case is BEFORE, no question that would be a charge. Please watch carefully

    • Slider821 says:

      Regardless of whether the last play was a foul or not, the game was not decided by that. The thunder lost the game fair and square because they went down 18-2 in the first quarter and had to claw their way back. A team can only claw back so far and they couldn’t do it.

      To say the game was decided by that no-call is like people who arn’t fans of basketball saying only the last 2 minutes of a basketball game matters. It’s nonsense. There were flops, bad calls, and no calls made against both teams; thats the nature of the game. To win, you must score more points and the Heat did just that and got the W.

  120. Rackdaddy says:

    So the game ended with 7.1 seconds left?

    • Belizeboy says:

      “…seal the 100-96 victory.”…

      • yo heat!!! says:

        got noth in to say except the heat will win in 5 now.

        plus, if i stand corrected, it not just that, well, you can clearly see that what is really going on is somehting more like what there was shown when there are similar situations every where you look. they just dont seem to be watching where there is something there should be every single time. times change and you see everywhere, even in NBA games where we have certain situations. cheddar cheeze fries, for example. beer brats. where are the real stories that have the results and consequences? a real story line would be one in which the situation matched the result and consequences.

        So, HEAT in 5

      • JesseO3 says:

        WTH are you trying to say?

        Use your big boy words please so we can understand you.


    • akosibonik says:

      you made my day sir! haha.

    • papamis says:

      REally where are the 7.1 secs gone I can’t watch it on… WTF????????

    • leo says:

      common sense dude….that means there is no highlight in that 7.1 seconds left….and u knew what happened

      • the last 7.1 secs that every OKC fans won’t never forget. move on people.. Your Durant home boy choked the shot.. now cry

      • RAFAEL says:

        Duran didn’t choke as that’s something only Lebron does. On that last play he was fouled and that;s why he missed, it was a none call which is alright it happens there was other none call in the game that favor OCK also but to call that a choke is just unreal.

      • JesseO3 says:

        Um, no he didnt choke, Lebron fould KD TWICE very obviously…and then fouled Westbrook on the rebound, which wasnt so obvious.

        The first no call, is more evidence that certain powers want the Heat to win. Its bull___t , but it is what it is i guess.