Heat Playing Dangerous Game

OKLAHOMA CITY — Against almost every other team they have played, the Miami Heat are best served playing their half-court game and having it be better than their foe’s.

When you’re as a good of a half-court defensive team as the Heat and have two of the world’s best offensive talents in LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, that makes for a sound strategy. Against the Oklahoma City Thunder, however, that strategy could backfire.

The Heat seem resigned to the fact that injuries and a lack of speed, outside of James and Wade, makes running with the Thunder a foolish idea. They were torched 24-4 in fast break points in Game 1, the weakest output for the Heat in the Big 3 era, with most of those OKC transition baskets coming off of Miami misses than turnovers.

A short rotation makes it tougher for the Heat to run anyway, so they’re trying to lure the Thunder into matching them possession for possession the same way the Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs tried to in the Thunder’s three previous playoff rounds.

It doesn’t always work the way it was drawn up, as Heat coach Erik Spoelstra and his staff had to see after reviewing the tape of Game 1.

For whatever mismatches the Heat believe they can, and would love to, exploit in a half-court game, the Thunder have proved all playoffs that they are immune to such things.

Their ability match the competition in their preferred style is the reason the Thunder have gone this far. And they have mismatches of their own to exploit with Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden all capable of abusing defenders in a variety of ways, be it in transition or otherwise.

Still, it’s hard to tell James or Wade that they should abandon the things that have worked for them all these years, especially when they believe in their style the way they do.

“Every game is its own,” James said when asked if the Heat are at their best when he and Wade are flowing in that two-man game. “Sometimes we’re good, we’re great when we’re playing our two-man game. Other times it has our offense stagnant and it’s now allowing us to get the ball from one side [of the floor] to the other. I think we’re good offensively and in the half court when we’re attacking … that’s when we’re at our best.”

Whether or not the Heat’s half-court best is good enough to beat the Thunder remains the biggest question heading into Game 2 tonight (9 ET, ABC) at Chesapeake Energy Arena.

Because for all of the adjustments that will be made by both teams, the Thunder won’t change their fundamental stripes. They’ll live by the same mantra they have all year, and that’s grinding more than the opposition for 48 minutes or however many minutes it takes.

It’s the same thing they did to rebound from that 13-point deficit in the first half of Game 1.

“The only adjustment we made was playing harder,” Durant said. “I can tell you guys all the Xs and Os and the schemes, but it comes down to playing harder.”


  1. ador quinto says:

    i have a dream that MIA will win the series coz they made adjustment teamworks.

  2. truth says:

    Try watching a nba finals game from previous years, maybe even previous decades, try watching a big Jordan game, it might be enlightning: in these games the greatest player of that game never tries to force things and always prefers to trust his teammates to execute! Whenever 1-2 players are supposed to hit 80% or more of the shots you are watching tennis, not bball. I really dont know what happened to the nba, so much talent, so much skill from individual players and yet no team basketball and no system (unless flopping and/or expecting every call to be in your “star”‘s favor is your system… im really disgusted by how the Heat play this game. You really should not take this comment as”hate” against Lebron or Wade or even as a hint for lack of ability in their coach since i find that applies to most nba postseason games ive watched. Its also a shame that the “stars’ are protected so much, allowing for *teams* with no basketball craftiness to reach so far. OKC at the moment really doesnt do anything sophisticated either, they just know their advantages and play them (e.g. if u think the aggresiveness of Westbrook is a bad thing then imagine him not pushing it and instead having their offence stagnate when KD doesnt get his shots).
    My belief is that NBA tries too hard to *produce* star players that even if and when they achieve their personal goal it will be meaningless; legacies in basketball are made by teams not by individuals. One player in a team may stand out but if its not a team game its not the sport i know and love to watch and play.

  3. anonymoose says:

    MIA wins game 2! nuff said.

  4. MIAMI 3 6 1 says:

    Nope Miami dominate the game….. It doesn’t matter how big or small the points are…. A win is a WIN…..
    @sick okc get through dirk kobe tim…. okc got easier conference playoff matches…than MIAMI….. dallas is not the same team…. last season…lakers…. just defend that ball hogger and you’ll win in an instant…. spurs… they aren’t elite… they are just good in regular season that’s all…..remember last season…. they couldn’t even past memphis………

    I must say yes they don’t have enough experience in FINALS…… only fisher and perks had…. Don’t be sad… OKC still an elite team for more years to come… No one can tell about what’s gonna happen in this series… But something is clear…. It’s MIA and OKC era… sorry lakers,celtics…. Time for a new breed of basketball greatness…..

  5. OKC 2012 champions says:

    still OKC will dominate 4th quarter

  6. james pearce says:

    Miami Heat are a joke,
    I guess eventually they will win a titlr not this thyear though, maybe when they come up against some injurered sides then they can win a title

  7. Sam says:

    This was a really good game for both sides, could of went either way. I like both the Heat and the Thunder, but I would rather the Heat win so I can stop seeing stupid articles like this. Lebron and Wade have to be arrogant when they’re constantly put down by the media and fans, sometimes their own fans nowadays I saw trade Wade posts the other day, how disrespectful after everything he has giving that francise. They need to be arrogant and confident to survive in this league because who else is supporting them, no one. Same thing happen to Kobe and Jordan. Media and fans are waiting to tear them apart after a poor performance, theres to much hate in basketball not enough appreciation and its sad to see that happen. Its good see Durant in his early superstar career hasn’t been affected by it, but in saying that Wade was humble and working as well.

  8. Yoga Fire says:

    remember that they will be in miami for games 3, 4, and 5. game 2 is a must win for OKC.

  9. Dallasfan says:

    @miami boy i’ve seen a powerforward/center shoot that good and even better from ANYWHERE and his name is Dirk Nowitzki. OKC will be Champs this year.

  10. Mehr says:

    If Miami plays with the same lineup they played against NY, They should be in a much better position.
    Just play hard. Have the big men play in pos 4 and 5. You are the winner.
    GO HEAT. trust yourself. You’re the best in NBA.

  11. OKCandMIA says:

    Uhhmmmm.. no need to be biased though. 🙂 just watch the game, either of the team can make a comeback.. MIA or OKC it doesn’t really matter to me who will win the championship as long as the officiating is fair on both teams. 🙂 i’m a HEAT fan but just to be fair.. 🙂 jah love!

  12. LETS GO THUNDER says:


  13. marlon green says:

    Erik spoelstra appears to have no confidence in his own bench. They helped get you to this point so continue to use them. Sure change the game plan but when your starters need minutes off the floor give it to them. If he continues to basically play his stars almost the entire game they are going to be out of gas late in games everytime, Honestly I dont think there is anything they can do to stop OKC’s offense. It’s kind of like the Matrix when the machines were attacking the city, these just keep on coming at you until you are completely overwhelmed.

  14. Ultimo says:

    The Heat’s offense if far too stagnant. When the Heat can score in transition and sink their defense in they usually win, but when the Heat are forced to score repeatedly in the half court their offense is only average. Wade and James can be defended the same way by clogging the lane with defenders and playing a bit off Wade and James to force them to be jump shooters. And I think Wade and James are good jump shooters, but not great jump shooters. Plus no one moves without the ball on that team. The Heat’s half court offense in game 1 wasn’t very exciting or effective in the second half. They seemed effective in the first half only because Battier was hitting 3s. Unless the Heat can add some variety and versatility to their half court offense I don’t see them winning the series. In my personal opinion, James is better suited with a play making point guard or a spot up shooting guard than Wade, and I like Wade so no disrespect to Wade. Wade and James are just far too similar in play style to properly compliment one another.

  15. I love this dramas!

  16. tavares1978 says:

    the heat need to watch Wade and Lebron’s minutes?? last time I checed KD and Westbrook played the same minutes….so how come they aren’t fatigued…they got out played in the second half and didn’t play together as a team like The Thunder did

  17. Sick says:

    why are heat fans keep saying thunder lack of experiences will cost thunders? Thunder already went through dirt, kobe and tim. especially spurs are better than any team that heat faced in east. what more experiences do they need? they know the feeling of losing at big one in WCF last year they know what it take. heat on the other hand has more pressure. they build that super team and if they couldn’t will the blame will be on them and that will stress them out especially on LBJ. if he failed again this time he will become Buffale Bills of NBA. that put so much pressure on him and he can’t handle pressure well that will mess him up. i don’t think thunders will play another home game after tonight for this season. OKC in 5

  18. Fedor says:

    My list of players better than Bosh
    1. Lebron
    2. KD
    3. Howard
    4. Kobe
    5. Westbrook
    6. CP3
    7. D Will
    8. D Wade
    9. Love
    10. Rondo
    11. KG
    12. Duncan
    13. Dirk
    14. Melo
    15. Rose (no offense meant that I put him here, just slipped my mind, when healthy he’s top 5)
    16. Bynum
    17. Aldridge
    18. Cousins
    19. Marc Gasol
    20. Harden

    That’s just a small list of people I’d rather have over Bosh, I’m sure there’s more if I think longer.

  19. HeatJoke says:

    The heat’s gonna win multiple championships probably… they just didnt specify that they will only win Eastern Conference Championships… hahahhahahhahaha… Miami heat is such a joke…

  20. el stone says:

    When LeFlop is 35 and still hasn’t won a title, maybe the Thunder will pick him up to be their 8th player off the bench.

  21. Kumar says:

    @M-MAN: Yes you are right, I totally agree with you, but you are missing one MAJOR point. Basketball is the TEAM game not the one man show game.

  22. kiwisep says:

    OKC is just simply a much better team. LBJ is the best all around player. Ward and Bosh are just average stars, but got paid as superstar. Too bad for LBJ, he can not win a ring with this Heat team.

  23. Durante says:

    Hey M Man who outplayed who in the last quarter of the finals… Hmmm durante 17 points to lebricks 7… And can you name the last clutch shot he has made in these playoffs.. Lechoke needs a sports psychiatriast cause when it comes to crunch time he constantly gets showed up. Lebrons offensive game is completely destroyed by that of iceman durant!

  24. seewhatyouwant says:

    Let’s go wade, james, bosh, miller, howard, haslem, battier, chalmers, jones, turiaf, cole, curry, (why aren’t you playing), pittman, anthony; let’s get it. No excuse let’s play ball and block this out, even me. But still take in some of the nay sayers opinions and remarks…I think the “heat” likes when you guys throw wood on the flames…Is that cherry oakCCC mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm heat’s favorite. Let’s have a fair game refs lololololol good one.

  25. Lakers4eva! says:

    If the heat don win tonight, is all over for the heat and the big 3 they will never win a championship..

  26. M-MAN says:

    i’m sick of all you stupid heat haters saying durant is too good NEWSFALSH lebro james is the 2011-2012 MVP and Durant is not
    do you even know what it means to become the MVP?
    it means out of all this talent in the NBA your simply the BEST

    • The Empire says:

      this man is the only one with common sense out of all you people

      there is a reason why LeBron is MVP for 2011-2012. HE IS THE GREATEST. PERIOD

      • purpandgold says:

        Individual #s during the regular season dont mean anything, filling up the stat sheet against sub 500 teams like the Bobcats and teams that dont have a chance of even making the playoffs. Lets see if he can win the finals MVP. Oh, I forgot, that honor is reserved for the player on the winning team. The champs, with the trophy Lebron will probably never get his sticky hands on.

    • Peace of Mind says:

      Please forgive the length, but I feel I have much to say.

      @M-MAN – your comment is erroneous. MVP does not mean the top talent in the NBA. It stands for Most Valuable Player. Also, it is awarded twice: once for the season, and once for the finals. And it means different things in both cases. Usually finals MVP is reserved for the best player of the finals, but the season MVP should be for the one who means the most to their team compared with players on other teams.

      LeBron may have won it several times, and maybe the NBA is transiting to a point where MVP is for the best player in the league; not the most valuable. However, there is a difference. I think Miami could have survived quite long in the playoffs if LeBron was injured, because they had two additional superstars to carry the load.

      However, think of all the old MVP winners. Steve Nash was not the best player in basketball…it just meant that he meant more for his team than any other player did for their teams at the time. Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan: yes, they all had a great supporting cast, but there is no question that without them, their teams would be in serious trouble and would not win like they did. They were special because they made the players around them better when they played on the court. Derick Rose meant more to the Chicago Bulls this season than LeBron did for the Heat. The reason he didn’t win had to do with politics and popularity in my opinion.

      The Bulls were penalized because they still finished with an amazing record despite Rose’s injuries and hence he was counted out of MVP contention with LeBron, because the team apparently didn’t need Rose as badly as you would think. But think, how badly did the Bulls need Rose to make it anywhere in the playoffs?

      Think about Kevin Love. The reason he didn’t win was because 1. usually the MVP has to be on a team that makes the playoffs and 2. You have to give some case or indication of how badly your team needs you (usually via suspension or injury) and so it is advantageous to be injured for part of a time, but not too much because if you are injured too much, people feel you don’t deserve MVP status anyway.

      Kobe didn’t win because 1. he has two other superstars to rely upon (3 counting Ron Artest AKA Metta World Peace) and 2. He’s not in his prime anymore.

      Think about Dwight Howard and what he meant to the Magic. Why didn’t he win the MVP for the Magic? I believe it was because 1. He’s not as popular as LeBron and 2. He was injured for too much of the season, particularly toward the end where the push for the playoffs is really important 3. his season was over pretty much at the time of the voting and I don’t ever recall a season MVP winner who’s season was over prior to the balloting.

      The reason is similar for CP3 on the Clippers. He didn’t win because 1. They could still do well if he were injured with no shortage of great point guards to choose from, including a Finals MVP winner like Chauncey Billups, and 2. Other able superstars or near superstars who could handle the load fairly well.

      Danny Granger was penalized for being a team player on a team; same with Ty Lawson. They didn’t really enter into the discussion because of popularity; despite meaning a ton to their respective teams. Rajon Rondo also got little consideration, but for the opposite reason, because there are 3 other superstars on his team.

      Steve Nash and Derron Williams did not get consideration because their teams didn’t make the playoffs, but think how terrible their teams would have done without them? Same in Kevin Love’s case.

      None of the Celtics players won because again 1. More than one superstar to rely on to carry the load and 2. None is individually as popular as LeBron.

      Spurs players had the same consideration as the Celtics, penalized for having three big name superstars. Yet for some reason this didn’t apply in the Heat’s case. Tim Duncan and Paul Pierce didn’t get near the same consideration as LeBron despite having at least 3 superstars on their teams, but being the best player on their teams. 1. LeBron individually is better than these two, and 2. the Heat are somehow exempt from the multi-superstar consideration of why they shouldn’t win MVP.

      Dirk didn’t win because the Mavericks had declined in their prowess and almost missed the playoffs before being swept under the rug by the Thunder. But again, if he was injured, how far would Dallas have gone? Certainly they would miss the playoffs. Also, Dirk did not do as well as last season, and you almost never reward a player for a dip in performance.

      In short, people are correct in saying LeBron is arguably the best individual player in the league today. However, MVP for the season I strongly disagree he was more valuable to his team than Derrick Rose or Dwight Howard were for their respective teams. They made it nowhere in the playoffs precisely because they lacked their crucial MVPs.

      Finals MVP traditionally (but not always) goes to the best player on the winning team for the Finals. If the Heat win, I have no gripes about LeBron getting that award for Finals MVP, but I think it was really unfair to give it to him for the third year in a row as season MVP, especially when D Wade and Bosh are there to help support the team in the event he gets injured. I strongly believe Miami would have made it to the playoffs and at least past the first round, and possibly further, had LeBron been injured in the same way that Rose or Howard were. That’s of course is just my opinion, but M-MAN, besides grammar issues and spelling issues (“your the BEST” should be “you’re the BEST”), you are wrong to say the season MVP is for being the BEST in the league.

      Though it may be starting to change, the season MVP was meant to award the player who was the most important component to their team compared to all the others. Yes, LeBron is the most important component for the Heat, but compared to the components serving the same role in other places, such as Rose or Howard, I believe the Bulls and Magic needed their most vital component more than the Heat needed its most vital component. I strongly believe any team with multiple superstars should not get the MVP for the season, simply because if you are a team with one superstar and you lose that superstar, your season is over usually; and sadly, if you manage to do well despite not having your one superstar as much as you want, it hurts them because it is as if they don’t need their superstar to succeed, which is really unfair in both Rose and Howard’s cases this year.

      The MVP makes players around them better. I am not convinced that LeBron makes the players around him better. Wade and Bosh average much less, and I don’t think the Miami bench is made significantly better by LeBron’s play as compared to when he isn’t on the floor. Again, that’s my opinion, but I think I’m not alone in proclaiming this. Thanks for listening.

      • reginald lee says:

        r u serious derrick was injured and the bulls still ended up with thebest record in the east take lebron away from the heat and they lose to the pacers with chris bosh lebron means more to his team then almost anyone he carried them this year if durant gets hurt his team is still gonna be pretty good u r dealing off hate of lebron and not the facts open your eyes

    • Kumar says:

      Yes you are right, I totally agree with you, but you are missing one MAJOR point. Basketball is the TEAM game not the one man show game.

    • Rocabye says:

      MVP doesn’t win championships. Btw i’d rather be a postseason mvp than a regular season mvp. That *usually* wins championships. And guess what? Durant will be the postseason MVP, count on it. Lebron puts up the best numbers but all I care about are letters, and thats the W! Besides Durant can actually match Lebron in terms of numbers on a higher FG% anyway. At the end of the day, the best player wins the championship. Individual stats mean nothing, you have to *lead* a *team* to victory over EVERYONE. Lebron has yet to do that ever in his entire career. This is why i find it hilarious we compare him to Kobe and Jordan and those other legends. Until Lebron can lead a dynasty, he can’t touch them. You have to be more than an athletic freak of nature.

    • KOBE says:

      yea ..MVP TAKE OVER IN 4TH QUARTER OF IMPORTANT GAMES…THEY DONT SHY AWAY..LEBRON 2-6 FROM FIELD 6 POINTS.. had only one basket over the first 8:15 of the fourth..DURANT SCORED 17 POINTS ON 7-11..ENOUGH SAID

      • Francisco says:

        again this the same stupid comment, let me explain you again 2 out of 6 plus 2 free t, it could be 3 out of 7 , not bad considering he was doubled , 7 points is good for any quater, I know 30 is good for everybody else but Lebron , the jump shooter of okc , Lebron barely defend Durant , most of his shots were open and with a 6,’4″ wade on him, he is a great shooter but that is it
        the rreason for the victory was bad heat defense, and Westbrick who started the third strong with a little help from the ref as van gundy said , okc had its break.

  27. RAFAEL says:

    I think OKC will win this series but don’t count the Heat out just yet, I mean thinking they will be sweep is just none sence. This is a game of adjustments and we all agree thet coach Spoelstra is outcoach by coach Brooks and is not very good at in game adjustment that is not the case of game to game adjustments. The Heat have proved to be very good adjusting from one game to another mainly because they have a mastermind like Pat Railey in the front office who will sit with Spoesltra and give him a piece of his mind. Look for the Heat to rebound but still OCK wins in 7.

  28. Boooooooo Heat says:

    I Doubt that James will even get a hand on the Thunder.

  29. Boooooooo Heat says:

    The Heat were only up by so much early because of all the 3s they took… and made. The Thunder were a little shaky at first too, but then they started to heat up and almost every Miami shot was a brick-Just what you are about to see tonight on ABC. (Go Thunder Boo Heat-mostly LeBron)

  30. DRUM says:

    Kevin Durant – M V P

  31. The Empure says:

    All you Miami haters watch when lebron slaps okc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Boooooooo Heat says:

    Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Heat! They have no chance of winning ONE GAME verses OKC! Keven Durant is tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo GOOD! He will silence all of you heat fans and LeBron Lovers!

    • gberge says:

      no chance of winning 1 game? come on people OKC has a deeper team but this still has the makings for a great series. Miami won game one last year and we all know how that turned out. dropped the next 4 out of 5. lets try not to be biased and/or ignorant. you can choose which one applies to you

    • LOL says:


  33. Laos says:

    I predict Thunder sweeps Miami. In terms of skill,
    Thunder have above average starters and above average bench.
    Miami has above average starters and below average bench.

  34. digitioli says:

    The heat have no recourse. It’s a design that 3 players came up with that is good enough to win against teams that they are more talented than, which does not include the Thunder. No only do the Thunder have a better team, they have a much better design and so the coach has options. The Thunder know if they play hard their chances of winning are very very good. Their weakness should be their immaturity and inexperience which shows at times and which they overcome with short memories, more effort and zero quit – they have heart, and they believe in each other. They are really fun to watch. In the age of one on one basketball, flopping, traveling, bad officiating, the Thunder are a breath of fresh air.

  35. bball says:

    Try watching a nba finals game from previous years, maybe even previous decades, try watching a big Jordan game, it might be enlightning: in these games the greatest player of that game never tries to force things and always prefers to trust his teammates to execute! Whenever 1-2 players are supposed to hit 80% or more of the shots you are watching tennis, not bball. I really dont know what happened to the nba, so much talent, so much skill from individual players and yet no team basketball and no system (unless flopping and/or expecting every call to be in your “star”‘s favor is your system… im really disgusted by how the Heat play this game. You really should not take this comment as”hate” against Lebron or Wade or even as a hint for lack of ability in their coach since i find that applies to most nba postseason games ive watched. Its also a shame that the “stars’ are protected so much, allowing for *teams* with no basketball craftiness to reach so far. OKC at the moment really doesnt do anything sophisticated either, they just know their advantages and play them (e.g. if u think the aggresiveness of Westbrook is a bad thing then imagine him not pushing it and instead having their offence stagnate when KD doesnt get his shots).
    My belief is that NBA tries too hard to *produce* star players that even if and when they achieve their personal goal it will be meaningless; legacies in basketball are made by teams not by individuals. One player in a team may stand out but if its not a team game its not the sport i know and love to watch and play.

  36. cheega says:

    @ underdog.—-team accolades? durrant is the 3 time scoring champ lebron is 3 time MVP.. hmmmm scoring title seems more “selfish” of a award then MVP. love them both not bad mouthing KD but… Lebron by a little bit is a better player then durrant.. KD is the best scorer in the league.. not to be confused with the best player LBJ

  37. FisherFan says:

    one word = TEAM…and OKC have a better one… it takes 5 players..not 3 to make a great basketball team…

    • Bball fan says:

      Team and CLOSER, OKC sure have one and he will only get better. I am rooting for miami and lebron this year to win so people can get off his back, i think lebron plays brilliant for 40-43min. of the game, but come to crunch time I really hope to see DWade takes over like 2006.

    • Aram says:

      OCK in 8!

  38. LOLakers says:

    Heat are fine. Their shots just didn’t fall in the 2nd half but when their shots fall they can beat any other team in the NBA by double digits! There’s not one team that has the talents of the Heat! We have 3 of the top 10 players in the league and nothing can compare to that! The Heat just need to get aggressive and they can easily take these next 4 games! Heat in 5!!!

    • Mark says:

      Bosh is not Top 10 player, and D Wade at this moment would sneak in at the bottom of the Top 10.

    • Axe says:

      3 of the top 10 players? Try one MVP, one who’s maybe on the brink of top 10 (the way he’s playing in this postseason is not a top10 player) and one who is far away from being a top 10 player. Also, I think that Heat cannot win, especially in 5 games – they just don’t have the team.

    • Sameer says:

      Dude i know u r a crazy Heat fan bt can u plz stop predicting that Heat will win 4 matches on the trot….. Cos trust me if OKC wins the game tonight and u come to the next article & write Heat in 6 u will become (if u aren’t already) the laughing stock of this entire blog….. Don’t base ur opinion cos of individual players bt on the team effort & on that front I believe OKC wins…… Cnt predict the winner cos this will b a long interesting series and a lot depends on the supporting casts of the big 3……

    • P_LaW says:


      Are you counting Bosh in the top 10 players in the league? You serious or just stupid?

      • Brad T. says:

        He’s counting Chalmers

      • miami boy says:

        u dising bosh he is wat u call a power house have u seen a powerfoward / centreshoot that good from the arc and see his defense and rebounds mate i think u better think before u write cause bosh isnt a force to be rekoned with and also rember hes just come out of injury

      • Yeah Right says:

        he is seriously stupid

    • LOLakers says:

      Of course I count Bosh as top 10. How many other big men have the shooting stroke he does and also the ability to drive and and rebound that he does? He’s normally a 30 and 10 player. He doesn’t get much chance to shoot since Lebron is so amazing but if he has the opportunity he can put up big numbers. To me the top 10 players in the NBA are:
      1) Lebron
      2) Howard
      3) Durant
      4) Love
      5) Wade
      6) CP3
      7) Kobe
      8) D Will
      9) Bosh
      10) Blake Griffin

      • Sparhawk says:

        No DRose? Dirk? Those 2 would already knock bosh out of the picture.

      • LOLakers says:

        I’ll give you Nowitzki but Rose is just a volume shooter. If Lebron got as many shots as Rose does he’d average 45 points per game. Derrick Rose is way overrated as proven by the Bulls getting the best record even without him.

      • el stone says:

        Tony Parker is undisputedly top 10.

        And the fact that you don’t list Rose in the top 10 means you’re a total fool. Or a fotal tool. You pick.

      • Bucky says:

        What about Westbrook, Parker, Rondo?? And if Lebron was so amazing he’d get Bosh more involved and they might not lose this series.

      • GO THUNDER says:

        Funny stuff, where is probably the best PF in NBA, future hall of fame TIMMY DUNCAN??? I can pretty damn sure that almost everyone (aside of some die hard Heat fans) would say Duncan is way better! Also, it is a joke if you are not considering Rose, Westbrook, Rondo, Anthony, Paul Pierce and Garnett (I don’t think Paul and Garnett is top 10 but if Bosh is, why not?). Funny thing is you are rating Kobe lower than Wade and LOVE!!!??? You are just a JOKE…

    • purpandgold says:

      Championships are won by teams, not by 1, not 2, not 3, or by any individual. The Heat are incomplete. Thunder from the top to the bottom of the roster are complete. The depth efficiency is the reason Brooks can change rotations and rearange lineups.
      Heat better make adjustments in the offseason if they want to have any chance next year, cause this year is over. Thunder in 5!

  39. akosibonik says:

    everybody is on OKC’s bandwaggon, just because of their winning record? just because they are favored? im disgusted with NBA writers, commentators and some fans. if miami wins this championship, you’ll all see what i mean.

    • Brad T. says:

      Just because they are AWESOME

    • el stone says:

      Maybe it’s just that people are tired of NBA stars acting like arrogant A-Holes. The Heat have a team full of egotistical me-first players that rub the average fan the wrong way.

      The Thunder on the other hand have players that work hard, are humble, don’t believe 7 championships should be handed to them, and are just plain likeable.

      My favorite team is the Spurs. Normally I wouldn’t be rooting for the team that beat them. But I really like how the Thunder play and how their players carry themselves.

      I don’t think I’m the only one that feels this way.

    • Stupid Thunder says:

      Everybody’s all over the Thunder, just because of their winning record, just because they ended the Spurs streak and beat them in 6 games, just because Kevin Durant is the scoring champ, just because James Harden is the Sixth Man of the Year, just because they got two All-Stars at the age of 23 and an All-Star coach to accompany them, just because they went from a 23-59 record in 2010 to the finals two years later? I don’t know where they get off!

  40. The heat are being stretched thin..should be interesting to see what adjustments spoelstra makes tonight..I’m just tired of Lebron being blamed for everything: http://www.mindofmattman.com/2012/06/dont-take-lebron-james-for-granted.html

    • NBAfan says:

      If you’re the King, if you’re the MVP, if you’re being given the title of “best player in the world”, and if you promise not one not two not three in a parade before your first practice with the team….yes…he will be blamed….COMES WITH THE TERRITORY…

      Nobody should blame guys like Battier, Chalmers, Miller and Turiaf….they are just pros trying to do the best they can…they are not getting paid as much as Lebron Wade and Bosh…nor do they have shoe deals, nor do they have the green light to do whatever they want….

      Nobody should blame the coach either…..cause coaching can only go so far…at the end of the day…it’s the PLAYers who needs to make the offensive and defensive PLAYS…….

  41. underdog says:

    I just love how the Thunder team plays and the way Durant just decides when he wants to score. If i was to build a franchise from scratch and I am to choose between LeBron and Durant. It’s a no contest for me. Ill take Durant any time of the day. He’s the anti-LeBron. Not arrogant, cares for team accolades rather than self-accomplishments. Lets go Okc! I know Okc will win. The only question is if it’s a sweep or not. Sweep the Heat!!

    • Kumar says:

      its SWEEP…For sure…..

      • purpandgold says:

        I was impressed with how Durant reacted when Brooks called his attention on the sideline about having to be more forceful, KD listened attentively and respectably, he even slapped hands with Brooks as a response of appreciation and thankfullness. I love that type of attitude and humbleness in an all star player and arguably the top player in the league. Thats the reason Im a KD fan. Rolemodel and leader without the stuck up Im too good for yall extra attitude. OKC has too much team unity and unmatched leadership, the two and a half man show have 2 chances, slim and none! Thunder in 5..

      • NBAfan says:

        Durantula….he’s the next Mamba…I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again and again and again…the boy wants to learn, wants to win and he’ll fight for that ring…he doesn’t think he deserves it, he will earn it…unlike a couple of guys in the Heat.

        I’m not saying he’ll win this series for sure..that’s still up in the air, but I think it’s pretty obvious he has a brighter future than Lebron…(barring injury of course…knock on wood)

  42. Pad says:

    I’m sorry guys, but you all put Miami against the wall. Why? I don’t know. Of course OKC is another team that anyone they have faced till now. But y’all have to see that Miamis Defense in the first half was one OKC hadn’t seen for a long time. Of course there was also luck (don’t know) to knock down these threes with the numbers they had (they were wide open, but so were a lot of Paul Pierces shots throughout the East Finals). What do you expect from the next games. KD was hilarious, how much better can he get?! Not much. Russel Westbrook took a lot of shots but hit them in the 2nd half – how much better can he get?! (in my opinion only worse but that aside:) Not much. Ok, James Harden was a non-factor. He can really get better. But that would mean less shots for Westbrook or Durant. But on Miami’s side. Especially 2nd half. How many jumpshots were falling for James and Wade?! – Not much –> There is a very good chance that this won’t happen again! I mean, look at James numbers, there’s no way that he will have another night where even layups won’t fall. So don’t count Miami out. Miami also took the lead over Dallas last year and midway through the 2nd half looked like going up 2-0 for sure… Just saying…

    • PC says:

      no ones putting Miami up against anything. They just discussing their problems in which to improve upon.

      Oh and the young Thunder trio can still improve. They young right now. That is why they’re gunning it and just sprinting & jumping at the rim with ease. Once they aged a bit, they’ll come to learn that they can’t just gun it every time as their body might not be able to take it. They will learn in the years to come in developing post up moves. Kinda like what Kobe Bryant is doing at this stage in his career.

    • Nene Odonkor says:

      Do not know how people make their argument. Let me put it out there that I do not like the Heat but to be honest they made really bad mistakes on defense and rotation. This is why they lost. period. When it comes to the finals it is not who is a better player. It is about team execution that is all. Even if James scores 50 points and his team do not come together they can still loose and in the end he had a better individual game.

    • NBAfan says:

      IT’S NOT ABOUT THE HEAT, IT’S ABOUT OKC!!! The Heat didn’t lose the game, OKC won it. They just seem to be able to overwhelm their opponent just at the right time and win the game….they did it to the lakers. They did it to the Spurs.

      Durant and OKC can control the flow of the game….unlike Lebron and the Heat….

      Lebron is like a muscle car going max speed from the beginning..but he runs out of gas near the end….Durant is like one of those fast and the furious cars….he presses the NOS at the right time and he ends up winning…..

      If people just start focusing on the flow of the game, people will realize who the true masters of the games are…

      Let lebron have his stats….Durant will get the win….

  43. defdun says:

    Kudos to the Thunder for winning Game one without Harden showing up and after being down 13 points or more.
    Still I believe the Heat are gonna come back if D-wade stops taking erratic mid-range jumpers and instead show flashbacks of his Flash game, Yes, Spo needs to go a bit deeper so that James&Wade are a little more rested for the 4th quarter, but that shouldn’t be too much of an issue. I mean why hide Anthony, Miller, Turiaf, Cole and Jones like he did in G1 – they can all play the game and have shown they can score and defend and get the Big3 a rest here and there. Just trust the team a little more and don’t put everything on James&Wade’s shoulder. Tied series when it goes to Miami tonight.

    • QuestionMark says:

      OKC’s bench is far better than the Heats, Harden, Fisher, Collison and Cook will tear Anthony, Miller, Cole, Turiaf and Jones apart. That is why Spo isn’t playing them, if Lebron or Wade sit for a minute, OKC will make a run, Its better if you bench both Wade and Lebron simultaneously, bench Lebron near the end of the 3rd, and play Wade and Bosh, then bench Wade and Bosh and play Lebron, then play all 3 at the end of the 4th. But either way, Miami can’t beat OKC.

      • defdun says:

        See, it happened just the way I had predicted…
        I didn’t say that Miami’s bench is better than OKC’s – I just said LBJ and Wade need some rest and that Spo needs to trust the bench/team…