Short Rotation Hurts Heat Late

OKLAHOMA CITY — When you’re paying your top three players about $48 million a year, your roster is not going to have a lot of depth. Such is the issue with the Miami Heat.

In Game 7 of the conference finals, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra got away with basically playing just six guys. That was enough to outlast the similarly shallow Boston Celtics.

But the Oklahoma City Thunder are not the Celtics in any shape, form or fashion. They’re younger, faster and deeper. And in Game 1 of The Finals, a 105-94 Thunder victory, Spoelstra couldn’t get away with playing such a short rotation.

Off the bench, the Heat got 34 minutes from Chris Bosh, 10 minutes from Mike Miller, and two minutes from Joel Anthony. Norris Cole and James Jones, who have each been in and out of the rotation in this postseason, did not play. The Heat said afterward that Jones was unavailable because of a migraine.

The lack of depth appeared to play a part in the Heat’s demise on Tuesday. After outscoring the Thunder 29-22 in the first quarter, Miami trended down. The second quarter was even. Oklahoma City won the third quarter by eight and the fourth quarter by 10, as the Heat seemingly ran out of gas.

“We know we have to have more production for sure,” LeBron James said afterward. “We’re going to have to have more guys in there to give me and D-Wade a rest. And Shane, Shane played a lot of minutes. But Spo will figure that out. We’ll be more conscious about it, just trying to get a minute or two here or there so we can finish strong. But I don’t think it was much of a problem tonight.”

Whether or not Bosh starts Game 2 probably doesn’t matter. With Bosh on the bench, the Heat got off to a great start. But Miami needs more than six contributors, especially against this opponent.

The question is, who will that other contributor be? Spoelstra didn’t seem to know after the Game 1 loss.

“I have to see who’s really available,” he said.

If Jones has recovered from his migraine by Thursday, he could be that guy. Miller is dealing with back issues and might not be able to play more than the 10 minutes he logged on Tuesday. Cole might be able to match up with Derek Fisher, but probably can’t get caught guarding Russell Westbrook.

Really, there’s nobody beyond the top six that Spoelstra knows he can rely on. At this point, going to his bench is just grasping at straws. And that could be an issue for the Heat throughout the series.

“Going into this game, we were going to try and keep it a tight rotation, maybe not as tight as it was, and give us our best shot,” Spoelstra said. “But I’ll probably try to go a little bit deeper in Game 2.”


  1. EMRS says:

    if miami wins = lebron did

    when Miami lost = blame Spoelstra come on !!

    LBJ fans are like’s kids .

  2. underdog says:

    I just love how the Thunder team plays and the way Durant just decides when he wants to score. If i was to build a franchise from scratch and I am to choose between LeBron and Durant. It’s a no contest for me. Ill take Durant any time of the day. He’s the anti-LeBron. Not arrogant, cares for team accolades rather than self-accomplishments. Lets go Okc! I know Okc will win. The only question is if it’s a sweep or not. Sweep the Heat!!

  3. Alonzo15 says:

    Miami needs a defensive presence. How i wish Alonzo Mourning is there manning the paint for them. They need defensive intensity!They were up 13 points and ending up losing and the Thunder looked like they were just playing practice in the 4th quarter. If you will lose you gotta go down fighting.

  4. OKCKFC says:

    the reason why lebron didnt go to college is… he couldnt handle the FINALS

  5. donald08045 says:

    the only way the heat can win is to kidnap duarnt in his apartment..

  6. Achilles says:

    Miami need to be big, in order to defeat OKC, BOsh, Anthony need in starting five along with, LBJ, Dwade and Chalmers, KD was excellent player, he definitely outplays LBJ esp. in the fourth quarter, LBJ need support also from DWAde, still im MIAMI HEat fan.

  7. Wade and LBJ must drive in the paint toput fouls on Ibaka, Colission, and S. Put them in foul trouble. The Heat must drive, but if Wade and LBJ can not find the basket, find an open man, who is ready and in a good position to shot; you will be double team or triple team. As Wade and LBJ drive in the paint, Haslem, Jones, Battier, and the big men of the Heat must rebound offensively for the second try. You were out-rebounded the First game.
    While Durant and Westbrooke scored in the Fourth quarter, the Heat were not able to guard them. Their baskets were falling. The Heat must limit the OKC in the Fourth quarter, if they want to win! If the Heat lead in the early stage try to sustain until the end game and win it. You can relax if your lead is 30. If not relax after the game.
    Match up. Heat match up the OKC, man by man defensively, the big men must guard the big men of OKC. LBJ must guard KD or Jones, Anthony, limit him, especially in the Fourth quarter; Westbrooke must be guarded by Wade, or Coles, Chalmers, etc.

  8. The Heat lead in the First Half. They played good in the First half.
    Then came the The Third quarter, the slowly crambbled; they were not organized, while the OKC got strong in the rim. And their baskets were falling! The big men gave many dunks without defense, perimeter shots and three point shots, etc. OKC worked hard in the Third and Fourth quarter. The Heat collapsped in the Fourth quarter, they were not able to care about their lead in the First half, they should sustain until the Fourth quarter or lead a bigger lead. . The Heat must end strong in the end game to hang with the young OKC, offensively and defensively. The Heat must prepare hard like the preparation of the OKC in the Third and the Fourth quarter. They must match that of the OKC in the offesive and in the defensive in the Fourthh quarter. Wade, Bosh and the rest of the Heat must step up, not only LBJ, in the Fourth quarter offensively and defensively, in the paint and outside of the paint. They must play stronger and defend stronger as a team than the OKC in the end game, or play like the OKC
    There is still hope, but the Heat must start now.
    It looks like the OKC are hungry for the trophy, but the Heat must be hungrier, if they want a Championship!

  9. SM says:

    Miami Heat is a better team than OKC. Miami Heat has better players than OKC when it comes to match-ups.
    What need to be done for Miami to win the series.
    1- Lineups – Simple with no complecations – Play Labron on Durant, Play Wade on Westbrook, Play Chalmers on Sefelosha, Play Bosh and other big men on OKC big men. Use Bosh as starter along with Anthony, Haslem, Pittman and Turiaf
    Use Battier as your 6th man and bring him in for Harden for the whole game.
    Alternatives from bench, M-Cole with his quickness for Westbrook, Miller and J-Jones for position 2 and 3.
    Play 3 big men at some the same time if necessary, where Haslem can contain Durant in position 3.
    Miami players are better than OKC just need to be utilized properly.
    2- Players – Trust yourself. Your are the best in NBA. Play hard the whole 48 minutes and every seconds of it. Dont relax even if you are up in double digits. Let only a 30 points lead satisfy you.
    I have watched lots of OKC Games and almost all HEAT games this season. OKC have their own weakness too. You need to play hard the whole 48 minutes with no relaxation time.
    After all it is the final and there is no return back if you dont win it. Even if you win a game with one point difference, You are the winner.
    So go for it. You are the best. Trust yourself and start each game with mentality for winning the series 4 to 1 . You can do it.
    GO HEAT. You are the best

  10. KD IS WAY > THAN LBJ says:

    the fact that the heat are eastern champions means they are the best in their conference. they play the same way of game every night to earn the a spot for the finals. unfortunately, OKC IS COMPOSED OF BETTER PLAYERS COMPARED TO THEI MIAMI COUNTERPARTS.

  11. Tom says:

    I think the thunder are just too deep for the heat to keep up with and with an obviously injured wade this is going to be a very tough series for them to win! i wrote all about this in my blog as well as how to bet game 2 right here so coem by and enjoiy!

  12. JD says:

    Don’t even know why he won the MVP honors….it should have been KD without a doubt….

  13. James Yup says:

    OKC to win 4-0… mark my word…. LBJ is not Barkley but he is not a team player. In basketball it is 5vs5 on court not Big-3 vs Big-3… OKC FTW!!!

  14. LebronshuddaStayedinCleveland says:

    You know, everybody knew this was coming. The Thunder went through the defending champ Dallas Mavericks in 4 games, then they handled the Lakers, then after going down 0-2 to what at the time seemed like the shoe-in for the championship, they come back and win 4 straight to beat the Spurs. Now Miami…….cake walk over the Knicks, fell behind against the Pacers but come on, even Larry Bird said it….S-O-F-T….and then they had a 7 game conference final against a Boston Celtics team they really should have ran out of the gym……..I’d say the writing has been on the wall for this Heat team all along, they just are finally to the point where their flaws are really exposed. NOBODY on that Heat team can pose a legitimate defensive threat to KD OR Westbrook, and that’s a problem. That was fool’s gold the first half of game 1 for Shane Battier and Mario Chalmers to be droppin 3-bombs like that. If that’s Spoelstra’s game plan to win the series, he might as well start polishin that resume now. I think Miami will get 1 at home, just off energy. Thunder in 5

  15. bu says:

    Heat is 2.5 super star team with egos & no team play. Did u notice Collison got 2 fouls which he didn’t commit in 4th quarter? There’s another 1 charge against Thunder in 4th which, clearly were not in their favor. Give credit to OKC, they didn’t even blink when things like that happened. They just played unselfishly & played good D & then scored the other end with poise!!

    I really wonder what the Heat is all about. They hv an almost healthy squad & with so much help here & there from the refs to reach the finals. OKC has a better team, group & coach. Stop interfering the game Stern!!

  16. gerald29 says:

    beating miami in game 1 doesnt mean anything,,they will come out strong in next game ,,its a long series ..

  17. jonas says:

    game 1 does not mean much on the series..thunder has done what they supposed to do win in their home..i’ll go with heat in 6..

  18. Dirty Bert says:

    I meant to say you can’t count them out yet I hate auto correct lol

    • Renato says:

      I´m not counting them out,i´m saying that if Wade keeps playing like this,tey´re out.

  19. Dirty Bert says:

    Heat won the first three quarters so their is a bright side they had control most of the game so u can’t ought themou yet

    • OKCKD35 says:

      Heat won the 1st Quarter, They tied the second quarter, thunder won by 8 in the 3rd and 10 in the 4th, why does everyone keep saying MIA outplayed OKC for 3 quarters, really they outplayed OKC for about 6 minutes, got a 13 point lead, thunder cut it to 7, stayed the same til half, then OKC dominated the entire 2nd half, i see MIA fans like to just make stuff up

  20. Dirty Bert says:


  21. Renato says:

    Where´s Wade?The main responsible for last night´s loss for the Heat suprisingly isn´t Jamesr.Wade asn´t played like himself the whole postseason,but coming to the biggest stage of the season i expected him to pick up his game.The Heat can´t beat the Thunder without Wade,he´s got to play better.Obviously,James didn´t play well in the fourth and once again,shold be criticized for that.While Durant was scoring 16 points in the quarter,James wasn´t able to stop him nor destroy the Thunder on the offensive end.Once again,he was dissapointing in the fourth quarter.As for the Thunder,what an awesome game from Westbrook,penetrating the defense and scoring almost every layup.His jumper has to improve tough.And Durant was unbelievable,dominating the toughest matchup in the league when it mattered the most.

  22. W/E says:


    • markus says:

      Errr… if spoelstra draws up a play for bosh to end up shooting a three, blame the coach.

      but if bosh shoots up 3s just because he just feels like doing it, blame bosh, not the coach.

  23. digitioli says:

    The Thunder are a team, they play together and they never give up. Once they got over their finals butterflies and played some D – game over. In a fair game the heat have no chance. Harden had 5 points. Gotta love Fisher! He’s on the right team – one with a lot of heart that plays the right way – very happy for D Fish. It’s got to be so refreshing for him to play with Durant, who is such a special player, a real leader, and not an egomaniac.
    d wade is paying for all of the flying flopping and diving on the floor – his body is beat – unfortunately, he stills gets some of those calls… Battier and Chalmers showed the best they’re going to do for the rest of the series and the Thunder still beat em pretty handily. Bosch is unbelievably soft with or without being injured. Did he even go into the paint in that game? bron bron is a front runner that becomes invisible when the chips are down.
    the heat have NO chance in a fair game against the Thunder – the real question is, will they get to play in fair games?

    • Renato says:

      Calm down man,I don´t think the Heat got unfair calls last night.I do think they´ll get some of them in Miami. And they do have a chance in a fair game against the Thunder,it comes to how well can Wade and Bosh play.

  24. King James says:

    I think Coach Spo should play bench players like Turiaf and Pitman they need big defenders too for the center spot that what Miami is lacking right now they are being outrebounded at both ends. And D-wade should play wise and avoid those costly turn overs they him at scoring right now. They need to get Game 2 or it will be difficult for them to catch up and win the Finals.

  25. Kb says:

    I’m guessing this is a 1 game series with the way everybody is walking over the heat like the thunder won the title last night. Not saying its gonna happen but the Bulls trumped the Heat in game 1 last year but the end result? Don’t judge too quickly. Let it play out and don’t end up looking like a fool

    • OKCKD35 says:

      everyone is talking about it because the Heat fans were in here calling for a sweep and guaranteeing they win Game 1, now deal with the consequences of their actions, its a long series, but some people just make outrageous claims and its funny to rub it in their face!

  26. sanjay says:

    come to think of it. Either pat has to coach back or have to get phil. He knows how to rotate folks. Heat have some beasts out there, other than the big 3! Also leb left cleve too late, he should have come to miami at wades peak!

  27. sanjay says:

    heats have couple of young beasts of their own to work in the paint! Eddy curry is 7 ft,dexter pittman is 6 ft 11.5!. Both are young and raring to go! Eric needs to use them! they will match up very well with okc! They also have good pt guard other than chalmers! heat can do it if they rotate well here!

  28. Saied says:

    Miami Heat is a better team than OKC.. They did not play hard on the second half of the game last night.
    Also the lineup was not good.

    Miami Heat need to play with the same lineup that they played with New York in the first round.
    They destroyed NY. With that kind of games, Heat can destroy OKC.
    Lets go Heat the next 4 games are your. You are the champ.

    • Jimmy says:

      Last time I checked an NBA game is 48 minutes long. I don’t know where these dillusional Heat fans think that you can play for 24 minutes and be the better team. Sorry, 24 minutes and 6 player rotation is gonna hurt. It’s gonna hurt so bad Bosh is gonna cry like a baby again.

  29. sanjay says:

    This is over quickly, if wade cannot get some of his magic back if not all! he has to score 25 point at least and lebron 35 and bosh 20 for miami to have any chance here! They have to find a way to shut down OKC, like lakers did spurs one time and heat did for dallas back in 2006! Infact last year was the best chance and they lost 3 in a row and james was not at his peak!
    And bosh also needs to step up!
    They needed inside presence after last years loss. Now you know what a fit shaq could do! If today shaq was there even at 40, he would have pounded the board even for 20 minutes and could have spread the floor to wreak havoc for james and wade!
    They need some presence in the paint period.
    game 2 is mission critical now and james need 50 points!

  30. iloveheat says:

    i love lbj,dwade and bosh, despite there are so many haters.
    but i know they can not win this year.
    and i wonder if they can win in the next few years under the current circumstance.
    it’s hurt to recognize it.
    but i need to accept it.
    i will keep praying for them.
    dear god, please let them win at least one championship,no matter when.

  31. haha says:

    YOGTF- you only get to finals hahahahahahahaa bye bye heat let the crying begin

  32. OKCREDNECKS says:

    OKC FAns chill the heck out pls.Now you’re acting like yo know something about basketball. It’s not COWball it’s basketball stick to raising cows and horses!!

  33. Kris says:

    The Miami heat are basically Cleveland Cavaliers version 2.0. No one other than LBJ is playing well. It is quite an irony because LBJ left Cleveland exactly for this reason – lack of supporting cast. And now 2 years on, he still is back to where he was 2 years ago.

  34. fillupdas says:

    Wade is history, He is OLD.

  35. fillupdas says:

    Wade is history, Wade is OLD

  36. Patou says:

    No matter what the outcome – MVP went to the wrong player..

  37. Nba FAN 101 says:

    PUSSIES lbj is the only miami plyer whose gud no one else d-wade past prime and bosh is bosh

  38. @law064 u moron, Lebron didn’t guard KD in the second half (maybe ony few positions). I don’t know why spo didn’t have Lebron guard KD at all times wtf is spo doing? When he guarded KD in the first half he did a great job containing him. KD is a pure scoring machine who will go down as one the greatest to ever play in the NBA which is we all are witnessing his evolution right now. Listen spo change ur line up big time here’s a suggestion (I’m no expert but play basketball myself)- starter- Mario, jones, Lebron, bosh, turiaf – subs -wade comes for jones after first five min to close out quarter n just attack Westbrook every time attack attack attack please wade attack the basket not jump shoots( Dwade ur better then what u showed in game one) then bring Shane to guard the beard man ( Shane can only match up with harden not KD) bring banged up miller to guard KD for few positions when Lebron take rest n rotate n have Shane guard KD for only few positions until Lebron comes back from resting- bring Haslam for bosh n Anthony for turiaf. What the hell is Eddie curry doing seating in the bench, is he injured n his not ready to get some min (spo could use his big weight to push Perkins n ibaka for few min).. I feel Lebron pain, he is consistent in every game but his team mates only shows up once a week to play or only for one quarter then banish. Lebron n Dwade this is make or break for u guys so attack n attack n attack the paint instead of shooting jump shoots. I don’t get why Lebron or Dwade is not cutting or back door cut or why not their big man settin multiple screens for Lebron n wade to cut n just attack the basket. Once one of them has the ball in their hand do Iso to clear lane n then rigt away shooters start running from side to side to confuse the defense n screens n Lebron n wade just attack like theirs no tomorrow. I would love to see Lebron at least win one title. However, I will be happy who ever wins this year championship becuz I’m rutting for both team but I just had to say all this becuz I was so i
    was frustrated seein miamis energy n offensive play calls in the second half.
    Let’s go heat make it a series at least.

  39. jmndodge says:

    Heat will have to win as a team. I have no doubt about James ability, desire, and competitiveness. He will attempt to take over the game, likely will have one or two like game 6 of the Celtics series, but the Thunder will use more people stepping up, and give a team effort. They have enjoyed success, but don’t have the pressure of the high expectations James carries. I remember watching Bulls vs Lakers, when Michael Jordan attempted to carry the load. Like James, who else would you want carring the load, but at the time out Phill Jackson kept hammering a question at Michael, “Michael, who’s open”. He didn’t answer until after the timeout, when he fed Paxton for 4 or 5 in a row. It takes a team to win. The thunder is the better team, but the intensity of James, Wade, and Bosh playing for their reputations will make this a great series. To early to count them out.

  40. larsonjs says:

    Since I have been a Laker Fan, I have traditionally rooted against the Thunder, but I have to complement them. They have continually improved as a team. Even though they are fast, they do not seem harried or out of control. They are backing it out more when they don’t have an advantage and playing both with athleticism and wisdom. They seem like they will be hard to beat.

  41. Francis N says:

    I think the press, bloggers, fans & commentators all have great ideas & good suggestion as to what the HEAT have to do to WIN – But as per their coach, they are supposed to CANCEL OUT all the noise that is coming from outside. So, they will never hear us & will never improve as players or a coach. Coach Spo will “have to make time for his family” soon.
    If Lebron & Wade respect & trust their team mates, then they will be WINNERS not if they score 30 and above.

  42. hale41 says:

    I have not taken the time to read ALL posts – I have been saying it for a while now. Spolstra’s has got to go. The defensive match up’s last night were terrible. Battier is a great defender but does not have the athletic abaility anymore to to keep up with Durant. I get the heat want to protect LJ from fouls and keep him fresh, but correct me if i am wrong KD checked LJ for most of the night so why cant LB cover KD. LB is one of the best defenders in the L after all its the its the finals.

    For those that dis bosh – Would you not like 19 and 11 in your starting 5? Be honest with yourself. Yes you would.

  43. Silentlook says:

    I’m a LAL fan but this OKC team is just too good and they deserve to win this year, I don’t see any other team at their level for next year either unless something big happens on the post season… so congratulations OKC!

  44. Ken says:

    1) LBJ sld check KD, Battier check Hardan, D-wade check Westbrook.
    2) D-wade and Bosh, pls stop ur terrible 3-pointer attempt, bad selection.
    3) How come Collion outplayed Bosh in 4th Q? come back pls Bosh!
    4) OKC in 4 if D-wade continue to perform like Game 1. (Im D-wade fan)

  45. LinLin says:

    1st round, lose 1
    2nd round, lose 2
    3rd round, lose 3
    final round, lose 4

    Congrats to OKC!

  46. Jordan says:

    Hate to say it but Dwayne Wade lost this game for the heat. Lebron and KD were pretty equal overall. On the other hand, Westbrook’s 27,11, and 8 just completely outdid Dwade’s 19, 4, and 8. Also, can’t blame the amount of rest because Dwade only played 15 more seconds than Westbrook. Also, as far as the rest of team category, the heat had more help. They guys other than Dwade and Lebron scored 45, where as the thunder other than Westbrook and KD only scored 42. Finally, Harden was no where near his best. If he picks it up in game two, this series could be over really quick.

  47. PAT RILEY says:


    • OKCKD35 says:

      thunder got lucky? you do realize they owned the paint points, rebounds, fast break points, bench scoring, and tied on Turnovers, not to mention OKc shot 68% in the paint, and help MIA to 4 fast break points (the lowest of the big 3 era)

  48. Brandon says:

    wasn’t even remotely a depth issue; Wade and Lebron played the same minutes as Westbrook and Durant, and they played at less energy. They just straight got outplayed.

  49. Jon says:

    Correction: It should be “Home Games”.

  50. Jon says:

    The survey shows 49 unites picked Thunder to win so only Florida chose Heat to be the winner. Wow! That is unheard of. I knew there are a lot of people who don’t like James and the Heat but didn’t realize it was that bad (or Thunder is that good). It is too early to say who will take the finals, but if Miami loses Game 2 and any of their home game, I think they should consider booking a vacation package for fishing. They are now the older of the two teams, and certain words can come back to haunt you. Game 1 was an exciting game from the stand point of a fan who is not bias. The referees didn’t make a lot of bad calls, and the game was not one-sided. However, it is obvious that the Thunder’s bench was better than the Heat’s, and neither Wade nor Bosh played well. James deserves a lot of credit for putting his effort into the game and for being the best scorer on his team without a lot of help from the other two so called superstars. I almost felt sorry for him, but we all know that we should not make promise that we can’t keep. The “not one championship, not two, not three, etc” statement is what brought him the criticism and resentment from the basket world.

  51. brown says:

    LeBum MVP ?? what a joke

    • KOBE says:

      i agree..there has been no other player with his talent that looks so lost in the 4th quarters of finals…he doesnt want the ball..he scored 7 points and took only 6 shots…he just stands around not wanting the rock…look at his stats in the finals..way down from what he does during regular the way his record is 2-9 …did wade bosh play bad of course they did…but when u r the so called king and continue to put those numbers up in the 4th u better reALIZE that he cant handle the pressure…THE TIN MAN HAS NO HEART

      • Francisco says:

        I know you are used to Kobe taking 15 in the fourth making 4 and winning because the big guys bail him out.jajajaj, I know the history of the game , there are logs that prove it.

  52. ivan says:

    i ttink thunder will win this bron and wade will get tired… and okc all of them have very incredible chemistry…
    erick espo.. he cannot do anything new because the players are not good.. i mean really…just imagine okc is moving all around the court and the heat is just standing there.. no plays or anything.. i really think they need to improve the offball offensive game.. its hard to isolate always.. change the whole miami bench ..

  53. JDish says:

    Lack of depth and relying on LBJ & Wade to carry the offensive load – plus getting out-coached, and playing a young talented hungry OKC Thunder squad- is whats going to doom the Heat in these finals. Make adjustments (DO SOMETHING FAST) Spro, or it’s gonna be another tight-rope-walking summer for you and the Heat Big 3.

  54. james says:

    there still have a man..why dont he tried again give more palying time on Joel Anthony he can match up perkins and collison on haslem can take a rest for a while or rather bosh jones matter he must have to be healthy on game 2 so wade can rest for a whole too..

  55. MTL187 says:

    I’m honestly jus wiating for Wade to get out of his SLUMP .. you forget he was once a finals MVP that averaged 35ppg. Everyones so focused on how Lebron performs and if he’s gonna deliver for the Heat ..what about Wade? Why isn’t so much pressure put on Wade? He’s CLEARLY the one that’s been inconsistent. Lebron gonna be Lebron I dont listen to tha Haters that say he chokes in the 4th, He’s earned my respect and yet if he chokes what is the team doing about it ..NOTHING! Everyone says its a TEAM game yet they want ONE hero night after night, wheres the clutch role players? Harden proving to be a clutch ROLE player! (NOT a Harden fan btw) Buh yeaa its on WADE .. MIA lost by 11, Wade scored 17 if he had at least a 25+ game you’re lookin at a different box score all together right now! Now saying Wade droppin’ 30 would secure a win for the Heat buh it would balance out the fact KD dropped 30+ and Westbrook having a great game like he did scoring 27 I believe.
    If Miami’s duo Wade&Lebron can match OKC’s duo KD&Westbrook and vice versa you,re lookin at a series that can easily be decided by the teams willin’ ROLE players that are WILLIN’ to step up!

    MIAMI in 6 !

  56. Gwoei says:

    Problem is, the Miami need to know who’s their main guy, their hero. look at chicago, pippen and jordan, 2 huge stars, but at the end, the team knows, pippen knows, jordan is the main man. OKC, westbrook has big ego too, but he too, knows that at the end of the day, do not get in durant’s way. but in miami, too bad d-wade cant keep his ego in check and accept that lebron is the team’s hero and let him do his thing, instead of trying to be the hero and think he’s on the same level as lebron, and too bad for miami, lebron is too nice a guy to tell dwade to know his role.

  57. Mitra says:

    I think what Heat needs to have three things very badly to strengthen its championship opportunity next year:

    1. A better coach.

    2. A better point guard.

    3. A bench with more depth.

    This year will be a losing proposition for Heat. I will not be surprised to see a 4 – 0 sweep in favor of Thunder because Heat does have very little answer to Thunder’s talent and explosiveness especially in the fourth quarter. They repeat this thing again and again in the matches to come.

  58. celtics 1000 says:

    heat would loose based on one principle of life.pride goes before a fall.the heat are such a proud team.yhey are only here not because they are so good but because they have met teams that aint that good.go okc and see a three time mvp make excuses again for why they lost

  59. sandy says:

    the bottom line is that even if heat gives up bosh n get another 2 good player, the wont able to win finals because the simple reason that lebron n wade are not clutch shooter like (durant, jordan, kobe, etc), sure they are are athletic, good defender, good ball handler, blows past by player driving in. but is that enough? both hesitate a little when shooting

  60. kiwisepp says:

    Heat’s problem is that two superstars get the payment, but do not deliver superstar’s things. The rest, bench players and role players, can not do what they do not pay to do.

    Heat’s model for getting ring is a failure. Good for the NBA.

  61. designlords says:

    well okc fans, piece of advice..don’t count the chickens before they hatch..

  62. alen x says:

    Why does everybody keep making predictions with such a a great belief that they know what the outcome of this series will be. It,s a basketball game, it’s only 1-0, these two teams are very good teams individually but also collectively.Both can play defense, both can play transition, and positional, both have great scorers that can take over the game.

    After OKC was 0-2 in the west finals everybody started claiming they are over,Time proved them wrong. I’m just a basketball fan and if it were by me i would have liked the Celtics in the finals because they’re an old fashion basketball team so I just want the best team to win. I belive this series will be very interesting and it can go either way.
    Stop predicting. Just enjoy the game.

  63. Sick says:

    Heat are Buffalo Bills of NBA

  64. Marlon says:

    Thunder up!

  65. Joel Antonio says:

    It’s very obvious that miami is not playing good basketball. Their doing all isolation plays only.

  66. anonymoose says:

    i bet coach Pop or Doc Rivers will do a much better job then Spo. Hell why not get Jerry Sloan?!

  67. el stone says:

    Hasn’t LeBron’s complaint always been that he hasn’t had enough help?

    Isn’t that why he brought his talents to South Beach?

    How’s that working out for you, LeBiatch?

    • Jimmy says:

      Guess he should’ve just stayed in Cleveland. No rings still!!!!! But at least people would still like him.

  68. Kumar says:

    @jep: r u serious……will talk once OKC will finish this in 4 or 5….

  69. Ted says:

    It would have been better if they didn’t sign Bosh. First of all, he is not worth 16 million dollars. Second, you could have gotten at least 3 role players with his salary. I don’t know what is wrong with Spoelstra playing Wade and James over 40 minutes every night. I know they need there but for them to be effective, they need rest. And they aint getting it. I’m not gonna blame Spoelstra though. He has no one in the roster that is an effective role player. Thunder in 6

  70. Jamie says:

    Wade cannot defend Westbrook, full stop… Once the Thunder made the adjustment to spread Collison etc wider, it was just a simple thing of KD and westbrook driving into the paint and thats a wrap…… no one can argue with 56 points going Thunders way through the paint…. No depth and a not so good coach will hurt the Heat ( in my opinion )….
    I really hope the heat dont win as i’d love for nothing More than the bandwagon Lebron/heat fan jumpers to whine for one more year…. I wonder how many Heat fans actually went for them before the Big 3 formed, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    • s27m says:

      I have been a LeBron fan my whole life so I didn’t jump on the Bandwagon just suporting my favorite player..BUT there are a lot of people that no nothing about basketball that have jumped on the bandwagon and its kind of annoying for sure.

  71. jimmydjam says:

    It is proven once again that Spankstra is not a good NBA coach, maybe high school. Time and time again, not only can he NOT call decent plays when the game is on the line, but he can’t even rotate his players wisely. Spankster doesn’t run the team and has no control over the players especially Wade or James. That was obvious when Wade benched Spoelstra in the Indiana Pacers series and nearly took Spoelstra’s head off and Wade had to be held back by his teammates.

  72. deyantee says:

    You guys overreact over everything. When read some of the comments i can’t believe my eyes. The shots that LeBron took are all shots that he could make, and also the same about d-wade. Don’t get me wrong I am a thunder fan but we just can’t write off the heat over a one game loss.

  73. RP says:

    Bottom line is making shots. I would like to see Lebron take it to the hole early and often. The same with D Wade and let Bosh take his outside shots early. The heat need Anthony to help clean up down low as well. OKC is diffinitely too fast for the heat so transition defense is a must for the HEAT IN GAME 2. Also you can see at times when the Heat play one man ball and fail to see open shooters. If the heat can clean up and figure some of these things out it will be a great series!

  74. ro says:

    cmon ppl, james thinks he can win more than 7 championships with this team..let us not discourage him by reminding him about the obvious depth problems. Go miami. Though OKC is a far better team than you are dont let go of your 7 championships dream.

  75. cesar says:

    this is only game 1 guys…. didnt you see the series against BOSTON ?? Didnt you see how they overcome expirienced Boston team ??? I know the heat will come back to win… and they will do it wether they are undermanned or not.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      OKC isnt boston, we actually swept Boston this year, the only reason and i mean ONLY reason miami beat Boston is that Boston was old and ran out of gas. OKC is not old and only press harder during crunch time.

  76. Big Ticket PH says:

    if the Celtics and Bulls have a complete and healthy lineup, they are a better match against the Thunder… Coach Spo needs more player rotation… it should have been a possible 1st championship for OKC, 7th for Chicago, or 18th for the Celtics if not for the injuries for Boston and Chicago… this series is a must-watch for everyone… 🙂

  77. flex says:

    Wade needs to step it up. LeBron has been carrying him this whole playoffs with the exception of a game or 2, Wade and Lebron need to both be dropping 30, else this is going no where.

  78. noypiAko says:

    LBJ 50 points, 15 rebounds…HEAT on G2!

  79. Newerraa says:

    This is all i gotta say the heat are a pathetic team they only rely on 2 players to win it all….They don’t believe in the word team whats so ever thats why Oklahoma will destroy them cause they dont care who scores the ball they dont care whos name is all up on espn every night they just have one thing on there mine and thats win every game.

  80. Law064 says:

    I would like to 1st say the Thunder really played well in the 2nd half. Someone said the heat are a better TEAM because they WERE leading. If they’re the better team they would’ve WON. OKC came out a lil rusty and not to mention maybe a lil nervous this is their 1st Finals game ever. The Heat have a chance but it’s very slim. Harden didn’t have a good game but KD and Russel played great. Most of you Miami fans said Lebron would shut down KD LMAO get real. The Heat shot well all 1st half and I knew that wouldn’t last. So much for Lebron shutting down KD

  81. LOLakers says:

    Okay Blunder, you had your 1 win, now prepare to get swept the rest of the way!!! Miami will win game 2 and all of the games in Miami. I’m still going to say Heat in 5!!! No worries, Lebron’s got this. Wade, you need to step it up though!!!

  82. s27m says:

    Look that was only GAME1. In all REALITY OKC was bound to WIN THIS GAME and it dont mean s***
    now if OKC takes gm 2 than we HEAT FANS have a Problem.

    One man cant win a series but he can sure win a game or two. Watch out for what Lebron brings in gm 2.

    Next thing… WHERE THE HELL IS WADE??? Listen, Wade can’t be scoring 19 points a game…Not acceptable!
    He must be at MIN 25 pts per game.

    No Doubt OKC is the BETTER TEAM but a Championship is built on the Merits of PURE DESIRE, A COMPETTE LVL HIGHER THAN THE ALPS OF EVEREST and it boils down to the selfish CHAMPIONSHIP STRUCTURE of WANT… JUST FLAT OUT WANT…Who WANTS it MORE. AND there should be no one who wants it more than LeBron.

    This Championship is a Valuable one probably the most in JAMES’s Career due to the fact of Adversity that came with this season and the match up he is provided with here in the FINALS. His TEAM needs to back him and start the LEGACY that was destined by the GODS.

    Lets give the Basketball world one to Remember!

    • OKCKD35 says:

      Legacy destined by the GODS, come on man, are you serious? LBJ’s legacy will bea great player who never won a ring, and over promised and undelivered. when you look up foot in mouth, LBJ’s face will be next to it, tired of his arrogance and promising things he cant deliver, the real MVP will walk away with the trophy, USA Basketball MVP, All Star MVP, Back-to-back-to-bakc socring champion, NBA Finals MVP, and a Championship for OKC all in the same year!

  83. wade need to step up..... says:

    Hey there okc fans just sit down and relax series isn’t over… I believe in coach Spolstra, i know he will make adjustments to win the game 2 like what he did with the Boston Team…

  84. Kay says:

    umm….how can they win in two?? it is the best out of 7…they have to win 4! D-Wayde is great but he is not the player he was in 2006 when he played the Mavs in the Finals because of injuries and age….he needs more help..the problem is they have a young Durant, Harden, Westbrook, etc.n in their prime who can play all out for the whole darn game!

  85. Jim Lim says:

    what i realized about miami heat last night is that the ball was on LBJ and D-Wade more…..on Game 6 and Game 7 between Miami and Boston…there is and involvement on the other guys…much more on Bosh…if only they give him much opportunity they could have won…im an LBJ and a heat fan….

  86. tpathi1 says:

    why in the world would Spo not put LBJ on Durant from the beginning of the game..if anything..i thought it would be the Thunder electing not to put KD on LBJ…I can’t even watch these finals if the two best players on opposing teams who just so happen to play the same position do not want to guard each other. What makes anyone think that Shane Battier is a worthy defender..the last small forward I recall who was wrecking him was Carmello Anthony in the first round..and he did it on a continual basis. The Knick had no chance to win the series but Carmelo definately got his against Battier. Whether its Lebron agreeing with Spo or Spo calling the shots, or LBJ just plain scared to expend the energy it takes to guard KD, that attitude just needs to stop. KD is the best player on the Thunder and LBJ is the best defender/player on the Heat. GO GUARD KD!!! Play him mano y mano…WTF! I seen the Heat switching on every pick, but if the Thunder are smart (which they will once they review the tape) they will notice that if Battier wants to guard KD, then KD will stop moving around, get the ball in ISO situations and own him…this is so dumb i have no idea what Spo is thinking and why it seems that LBJ cosigned

    • underdog says:

      LeBron guarding Perkins was for the switch if Perkins sets a pick for KD or RW. That was actually a bright idea if LeBron have executed that well. But he didn’t, and so Spo gets the blame..tsk

  87. carl jr. grant says:

    miami heat is a more experience professional team than the thurder in the miami heat will win the nba finals than you

    • OKCKD35 says:

      so were the Mavericks, Lakers, and Spurs, what did experiecne get them against youth, raw talent, and hard work? Oh Fishing? ok just checking.

  88. marlon green says:

    I just wanna know where are all of those people that were saying LBJ was gonna do this and that to Durant? Where was this great defense from Lebron that everyone was saying that he had? He cant stop Durant, he cant even slow him down. Yeah he started off guarding KD in the beginning but later on he backed away from the challenge. He had his signature moment when he chases down players on the fast break with KD and he didn’t try to block that dunk.

  89. AwwPlease says:

    I’m a Heat fan, but I don’t see them winning this series. Wade is obviously injured even though he won’t admit it and Lebron can’t carry the whole team on his shoulders every game because he is only human and will burn out! The rest of the team tries to step up but they aren’t consistent with it. Of course I am still hoping the Heat pull through but I won’t be surprised if they don’t. If OKC wins I’m cool with that because I actually like them as well.

  90. Angelo says:

    If the Heat continues to under estimate KD, the Heat will have a short lived series. KD, is the truth. We know what LBJ can do but you need to pay attention to how this 23 Y/O kid approach the game. Humbly and gracefully. He is not expected to outplay Kobe, LBJ, Wade and Bosh but he does on a consistent basis. He has been the league’s leading scorer for 3 consecutive years with no recognition. He plays for the fans and his team. Yes, LBJ is the MVP and he deserves it but KD is a scoring machine and he is only 23. Look out NBA he is the next great hype!!!

  91. Shaulin says:

    LEBRON for MVP! ^^…. Don’t waste this opportunity…… I have watched u since grade school to nba….. MORE THAN a Game right? 😀

  92. Shaulin says:

    Hey Miami Heat, why don’t you use dexter pitman for ibaka and haslem for perkins so that lebron can guard durant. wade for westbrook and battier for harden/fisher….. put wade/ lebron on the PG….. u can also use bosh for the 6th man and chalmers for changging wade… battier for mike miller and jones for lebron… us the bench for the key players’ rest… 🙂 Suggestions only…
    I’m a MIAMI Fan! Lets go heat!

    • OKCKD35 says:

      LeBron doesnt want to guard Durant, nor can he. That wasnt obvious by him clearly electing to guard Perkins, while Durant manned up and guarded LBJ?

  93. Vip81 says:

    One game down and everybody seems to knw the outcome of this series LOL, wake up morons, momentum changes after each game… Heat will win game 2 …. then the finals start!

  94. edgelao says:

    Don’t judge yet…it’s too early to celebrate.

  95. Nik123dj says:

    Oh well. The reason why Wade shot more than going to the rim was Thunder defense! Lebron did his thing, but one man can’t win games, ask Kobe who couldn’t rest on the bench against Thunder. Double Durant in next game and he will go to the free throw line more, at least that’s what happened in game one. Thunder played tougher defense in the second half, I like how Chalmers kept feeling elbows from Fisher… Just good playoff defense 🙂 Both teams got a taste of each other and will make adjustmets for game 2, you can’t relax with Thunder, they’ll keep coming at you 48 plus overtimes, all 7 games. The heat is on.

  96. seewhatyouwant says:

    I guess they didn’t want to win that game but also thunder had alot of help from the refs with 2 bogus calls for sefalosha and NO CALLS early for d wade when he was clearly being fouled…I mean talk about killing the tempo. but hey I guess now it is time to just let wade play the way he plays he made it this far and only one game in the series don’t count them out

    • OKCKD35 says:

      lol another ref whiner, missed calls both ways is a part of the game, OKC got to the line more because they attacked the rim while miami kept shooting jumpers. over half of their attempts were from mid-range/3’s

  97. Sean Sealy says:

    If the Heat do lose this series to OKC, I think Pat Riley needs to think about trading Chris Bosh and 3 to 4 players plus a draft pick to the Orlando Magic for both Dwight Howard and Ryan Andersen this summer because even though LeBron James had a great night for the Heat with 30 points, the team’s lack of depth and size really hurt them in the 2nd half of last night’s loss to OKC and it will definitely cost them the series based on the fact that the Heat are not facing a banged up Celtics squad. They’re facing a younger, faster, and athletic team in the Oklahoma City Thunder and they have more Depth on their roster than the Heat do now and that’s why I really think that Pat Riley should trade for Dwight Howard and Ryan Andersen because Dwight gives the Heat a dominant post presence which they haven’t had since Shaq and he’ll definitely take the pressure off of both LeBron and D-Wade plus with the addition of Ryan Andersen, he’ll provide a spark off the bench for the Heat that basically needs a true 6th man and if the Heat do lose this series, Pat Riley will desperately make a move for Dwight.

  98. Danny says:

    One more comment for L. James as soon as t he season ends demand a trade Look for a new trade give up some of your $$$. start over again then you will get a ring.

  99. designlords says:

    Westbrick will make his team lose in the succeeding games, He is very arrogant. Durant is very humble. when ibaka had a perfect game, it should be him in the news conference, guess who came out? WESTBRICK, this guy love spotlight. Take out Durant in OKC and they are nothing like the Cleveland…

    • HeatH8r says:

      I think Westbrook understands that he can’t be a gunner in this series, because he’s realized that if he takes too many shots he’ll sink the Thunder by himself. Game 1 proved that he’s beginning to finally grasp the situation.

  100. Danny says:

    Reffs might give the heat 1 game Okc wins in 5.

  101. whats d point of hiring 15 players if ur only going to use 6? these players are all professionals thats why they are in the NBA so SPO better start using them at least give the big 3 breathing space

  102. 360fadewaydunk says:

    whats wrong with this superstars?…

    when they lose, they blame their (payless) team mates. and when they win, they get all the credits.

    you guys paid BIG, so you’ll need to step up BIG.


  103. For all those Miami fans that keep on complaining about lack of depth. This is what you ALL ASKED for when the big 3 came together. But now that it’s a problem it’s like “oh we need now this person and that person….” We need Nash, or Ricky R, etc… HOW MANY SUPERSTARS/ALL-STARS doesn’t LBJ need to win a championship!? Everyone just needs to take a step back and wait to see what happens game 2.

    • Janice says:

      It’s no problem. I want all three because that is what it takes. Every team basically have that, but the losing teams. You will see in the end. It’s not the players, but it requires will and heart. When they play that way they always win.

  104. jan_279 says:

    If the Heat lose in this series, Pat Riley might want to go back to the coaching business. =)

    • Janice says:

      No, he doesn’t have to. They need to trust Pittman to help out some. He is just as good as perkins.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        Who is as good as one of the BEST low post defendersin the league? just asking as everyone knows who you are talking about when you say Perkins, nobody (except maybe miami fans) know who the heck pittman is

  105. Go Celtics says:

    James Jones didn’t play because of a migraine? Lame.

  106. kedar says:

    Bosh is totally waste in Miami..heat should trade him for a good point guard..

  107. NorthPole says:

    I´m OKC fan, but as for Miami, Bosh need to be more of a low-post threat and try to rebound more or this will be over quick. The Heat were outrebounded tonight and will be every game if he continue to play like shooting guard, just around the three-point line(I know he was 3-4 from there last game against Boston, but damn, that was his carrer high, not gonna happen anytime soon…)

  108. Nore says:

    What did James say again when he joined the Heat? They will win not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5not 6 not 7 Championchips?

    I know just like you and anybody else that it was meant in the way they will win every year but now
    im startin to think of we ALL got James wrong – he meant they will really win 0 Championchips HAHAHAHAHA

    An by the way … Don’t know what you talkin about KD > LeBUM

    And Thunder > Heat 4 Sure!!!

    GO THUNDER!!!!

  109. pol says:

    pat riley is the answer for the miami heat.

  110. DANO says:

    OKC play as a whole team with multiple threats on both sides and in all areas of the court.
    MIAMI play with two main individual stars with multiple D grade basketballers opposing little threat or ball movement.
    OKC has the better coach.
    Miami need a new coach, not a morale speaker.Someone who can handle the likes of LBJ,Wade etc and gain their genuwine respect. I.E Doc Rivers.
    OKC bench has the depth of players that in return would start along side Miami’s three main starters LBJ,WADE,BOSH if on the heat squad.
    OKC are humble in personal
    Miami are your hollywood personalities

    OKC have youth and are playing to their potential.
    Miami have a frustrated group of nobody’s watching their own dreams slowly fad away due to the supporting cast at hand.

    I’m sorry miami heat fans, your only in the finals due to the lack of competition in the Eastern Conference.

  111. jep says:

    yeh congratulate OKC for your 1st Runner up this season….. your still young better luck next season…..MIAMI IN 6.. mark my word….

    • el stone says:

      Just make sure you come back here after OKC wins to admit your misplaced belief in LeFlop, DWhine, and Bostrich.

      Because let’s face it, the Heat are 3 individual players, not a team.

      • Janice says:

        Most teams wish they had three players. The rest of the players are decent enough to complement them. What Spoelstra needs to do is use the full capacity of all of his players. He does not bring out their strength.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        OKC has 3 players that are MORE EFFICIENT than the 3 heat players, AND OKC HAS A GOOD BENCH! OKC in 6!

    • what??? says:

      i dont understand a word you are saying… the causeway cannibal ate your brains?

  112. SM says:

    Miami Heat is a better team.
    Just need to play harder with better defence.
    Labron and Wade took too many unnecessary jump shot. Just attack the rim. It is obvious that Heat is better . just dont blow up your chance again.

    • HeatH8r says:

      Miami screwed themselves by signing all those stars and then putting no depth around them. The Heat will lose this series.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      its obvious the heat are better? if you didnt realize the Thunder are A LOT bigger than the heat and play good pick and roll defense, its not the Miami wants to shoot outside, they are being forced to.

  113. james says:

    90% of these comments are so helpful.

  114. dan says:

    He is right ,no bench support for the Miami.Blame it on Pat Riley.There is no chance for the Heat to win this series if only if James can score more and get lucky every tough shot he make and D-WADE help him .then there is a little bit of chance.

  115. kirk says:

    Relax Heat haters…just wait until the series end before saying nonsense!!!!

    • OKCKD35 says:

      lol@heat haters, go back and look at the hang time blog before game 1, heat fans were in here talking all kinds of trash, just like the heat, then the heat lose and the fans make excuses, just like the heat. You and your team have a lot in common!

  116. e redd says:

    miami will win in game 2…double guard durant…

  117. Monstrox says:

    As I expected, everyone became psychic teller after the game 1. This is a best of 4 series and everything is unpredictable before it ends. Lebron is not in the Cavaliers anymore. Heat will win!

    • HeatH8r says:

      It’s actually a best of seven series, and LeBron is more of a choker with Miami than he was in Cleveland. The Heat aren’t deep enough to take OKC!

  118. Who That Guy says:

    i also agree with @Enrique if the heat cant sort it out & make it a series SPOLSTRA HAS GOT TO GO .. heat need someone like stan van gundy reunion perhaps?

  119. lordjim yap says:

    game 2 for til 6..i beliv miami gona win ds series.. go hot!!

  120. lakermig says:

    Well that was the obvious problem from the get go and the reason i really think that OKC will win.There is also a good chance Miami will never win until they address this problem especially since Dwade’s production seems to be goin down.
    Also I’m sure it contributes to Lebron James’ lack of 4th quarter heroics if you play a full 48 mins and the first 3 are a mile a minute i would imagine even a Kenyan marathon runner would be pooped by the 4th quarter, and the fact that he has to get to the rim to score doesn’t really help him it uses up a lot more energy.

  121. Ariel says:

    Oh well if Heat lose this series I’ll go for them for 2013 with LBJ,WADE,BOSH,NASH,TERRY now lets see

  122. MIami Fan says:

    haha Is just Funny How this people just talk trash when heat lose, All you Need is defend to win

  123. Hez says:

    Like a poster has already said. Its game 1 and far too early to judge. OKC were always going to win game 1, not only are they at home but they had 3 days more rest than the heat. Was anyone honestly expecting the heat to go out an win game 1.

    The teams are very close you can see that in the numbers, OKC were sharper to the rebounds and obviously miami didnt shoot to their normal standard.

    Wade is the key for miami, lebron has been consistent all season and playoffs but wade’s form has been up and down. he needs more of the up for the next 6 games otherwise it wont be 6 games.

    • RAyo says:

      If you watched the game, OKC played with nerve the first half…and KD said it.
      you better think what you are saying, how can u say that miami didnt shoot at their normal stadard…?
      so OKC neither, and they won…

  124. Heat will take game 2 and the series!

    • HeatH8r says:

      As soon as Bosh stops playing like a sissy and Spoelstra can coach on the level of Phil Jackson or Red Auerbach. Yeah, that’ll happen.

  125. clips58 says:

    Nice reaction OKC fans! If OKC is a better team than the Heat, then y the Heat lead during the start to end of first half & almost up to the 3rd qtr? If they are a better team than Miami, they supposed score more than Miami from the start to the end of the game to win the game…. Just watch til game 7 if who will win. MIAMI i guess!!!!! … I’m not a Miami Heat fan but i bet Miami to win..

    • STIEMSMA CREW says:

      Hey buddy, who won?

    • Bstarr says:

      If this …if that…man wake up! Celtics were up until the last 10 minutes in game 7, and we don;t even have to speak about their big lead in game 2 and losing after all…..SO WHAT’S YOUR POINT??? Heat won both games! So if Miami is better shouldn’t they had to lead those games from the start???? So in your opinion then the Celtics are better then the Heat?

      No offence but my advise to you: don’t bet your money….you don’t understand what this game is all about. Miami will be out in 4 or 5. Watch my words.

    • Nadeem says:

      and the award for dumbest comment goes to …. well you can guess

    • QuestionMark says:

      The Spurs led by 18 in Game 6 and still lost, 4 in row I might add after winning 20 straight games. So I’m guessing the Spurs are the better team? Then why didn’t they win? Especially when Manu was dominating the Series.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      The better team won, thats why the game is 48 minutes, obviously you have never heard the saying “its not how you start, its how you finish” That is also what halftime is for, making adjustments. If you knew anything about basketball you would realize this. OKC won many games after trailing to Dallas, Lakers, and Spurs. Obviously OKC is the better team out of all of those teams. This series will not go to 7 games.

  126. underdog says:

    I’d like to see this end in 3 games after this win. A sweep would wake up the leaugue on how to build a team without stealing a player that was supposed to make their franchise competitive. Look at what happens now if you buy your way to the top (MIA, BOS, LAL, NYK, and eventually the Nets), they DON’T HAVE DEPTH….. SAS and OKC are the models on building a franchise. I hope OKC wins in a sweep and win multiple championships. There is so much wrong in the heat team., from ego to the way they bought themselves to contention that’s why people love to hate them.

    • Janice says:

      I disagree. You can’t make someone stay in a place. Would you stay on a job when you were doing all the work, but everyone gets the same pay whether they work or not. In seven years, he went once to the finals. At least he had the chance of going twice since he has been with the heat. When a contract is up, you always have an option. That does not make you a traitor.

    • HeatH8r says:

      The Lakers DO have depth, they’re just getting old. And part of the attraction of playing for teams like the Lakers, Celtics, and Knicks is their history. Everyone wants to play for the Lakers or the Celtics because of the championship traditions those two teams have built. In defense of both those teams, they got good because of the skill of their general managers in working out trades to bring other decent stars onto their team. The Lakers got two championships and the Celtics got one with their system, so you can’t say it doesn’t work.

      • QuestionMark says:

        Lakers have 0 depth, Barnes struggled the whole Playoffs, Blake was decent, and they have no back up bigs for Gasol and Bynum and they don’t have a proper 6th man who can score when Kobe rests, this is where Odom is missed, letting him go was the worst thing the Lakers did, especially trading him for cash which was supposed to help sign Dwight, but that didn’t work out either.

  127. JoeOKC says:

    OKC have a more solid fundamentals. They rotate and distribute the ball better, plus their bench is really deep Heat is good, but the shallow bench is killing them. If LBJ can put up a 45-15-5 performance for another 4-6 games, and if his teammates can stop admiring his tough plays and instead play harder with him, then perhaps they can win it. But then again, OKC have shown great resilience so it might go down to winning 1 last game in the end.

  128. ibelieve says:

    heat in 7…

  129. miami 3000 says:

    if lebron james would of had the ball in his hands inb the last 15 minutes the would of won

    • KOBE says:


  130. Bstarr says:

    Well this happens when a team only try to play with 1 player to force everything. What a poor strategy performance of the Heat in game 6 in Boston. That night it paid of in a win but now it is OKC they are against!!! It reminds me of the all star game of this year….East team was a Lebron only show….very boring to watch. For the image of the NBA it is better that OKC wins the series to show the world that basketbal is NOT a 1 man game but a groups achievement. The Heat’s bench is not as good as the starters but doesn’t even get a fair chance to improve themselves on the court in the playoffs….Well at OKC they did understand this way much better and they deserve the title all the way!! Go OKC

  131. yup says:

    Lechoke did it again in the 4th. Same stuff different day. KD gets his first ring. OKC is a team. The Heat are just Lebron and Wade and one on one plays, no chemistry.

    • Francisco says:

      he had 7 points times 4 equal 28, same performance in all quaters

      • KOBE says:


      • OKCKD35 says:

        Francisco you obviouslt dont know much about basketball, there is a difference between your team being up by 13 in the second quarter, and down one to start the 4th. LBJ promised he would dominate the 4th quarter. At the same time KD with the game on the line scored 17 in the 4th. not to mention they both played the entire quarter, when the game was on the line he shot 2-6!

      • Francisco says:

        @okckd35,and kobe,… you are singing the victory tune too soon, it just game 1, I was not impressed by okc , I BELIEVE is wade plays at star level , MIAMI wins, because lebron has been a constant the whole season and in the playoff 30 points lebron with great shooting %, even if okc wins , the media is going to try to bring durant to top since kobe is is dead already, but whoever knows basketball understand that durant is just part of a great team , the biggest part , but still a jump shooter

      • OKCKD35 says:

        First off i have not been singing any victory tune, if anything i am just poking fun at the Heat fans who called for a sweep, also commenting on statments that make no sense like your one above, OKc still has a lot of work to do, but if we can give up 17 to Battier and 10 to Chalmers, Harden only scores 5 points and we get a double digit win, things are looking good, although nothing is promised.

  132. NBA FAN HERE!!! says:

    if miami lose in the finals. they should made a decision about trading a superstar. so that it can clear cap space and maybe they can build a deeper bench. there are so many role players in the coming free agent pool.

    • HeatH8r says:

      I’d trade Bosh for a big man who’s actually willing to get in there and mix it up. I’d sign KG (because he won’t demand offensive attention, he can concentrate on defense), and then see if I couldn’t acquire a decent power forward to go with him. They don’t have to be GREAT players, they just have to be good enough to maintain a lead while James and Wade rest on the bench.

  133. OKC 2012 champions says:

    and here comes the new champions my friends. OKC will dominate throughout the series.

  134. Wall says:

    looks like James would be another Karl

  135. Chris Ross says:

    The Heat definitely have some problems. They’re going to get consistent play from Lebron every night but I’m just not sure Wade is completely healthy. He’s just not getting it done like he normally does and the issue is that the bench just can’t sustain the type of play they had in the 1st half. That was an anomaly in an otherwise anemic bench, that really wasn’t supposed to be anemic going into the season. They’re going to have to fix some things but make no mistake, this is going to be a tight series.

  136. Adam says:

    Honestly, I love both teams. Wade needs to step up. I don’t know if he is injured or just not melding well with LBJ, or if SPO just can’t get him to listen, but dang….he doesn’t play anything like he used to. Seriously, pull up a video on youtube of Wade 3-5 years ago, and then watch the game on Thursaday. Two completely different players. Ya he makes the Carnival shots, wins a stuffed animal every time…but he rarely actually helps the game along. I mean when you are scoring near what your 2nd string guys are doing…and you’re a superstar..something is up.

  137. CoachD says:

    Heat loss:
    They Need Reinforcement

    Heat win:
    The big 3 is enough.

    LOL. what a shame

    • HeatH8r says:

      The Heat brought this on themselves by celebrating as though they’d already won a championship when they signed Bosh and James last year. And then LeBron had the nerve to tell the world they’ll win like seven or eight championships. I thought I could hear Jordan and Kobe laughing…

    • OKCKD35 says:

      if you want to summerize with no factual information that makes sense, now take into account they got like 27 combined points from Battier and Chalmers, then stopped moving the ball, playing ISO, blew a 13 point lead and lost by 11. That is a 24 point swing in 2 1/2 quarters, that is why the big 3 was not enough, they could not sustain the defense and ridiculous 3 point shooting in the 1st half, meanwhile for OKC you got people like Fisher, Sefolosha, and Collison playing almost the entire 4th quarter against Miami starters and blew the game open, the fact that Collison was too much for Bosh speaks to where this series is going.

      • Jimmy says:

        You forgot to mention Collison had two very bad calls, called against him in favor of MIA. The refs were trying to keep the game close and exciting but there came a point that they thought people would start noticing too many bad calls. Guess the refs can’t even help LBJ out this year.

  138. pba says:


    • yeah right says:

      Dominate the series by not playing well?
      that he can do

      • Bballfanatic32 says:

        Dude…he scored 30pts snd a near double double…have u ever scored 30 in your life
        if you have then you must know how hard it is.
        Such a comment of an inexperienced person

  139. j-head says:

    Looks to me like Wade is injured. He has no lift. He relied on fakes all night, trying to draw fouls that never came. He just can’t seem to jump. Bad news for Miami. I guess they’ll have to wait to try again next year.

    I go back and forth on whether Miami needs a new coach. Looks like Spo is in danger of losing the team after this series though. Too much reliance on the Big 3 led to injuries, and nobody can really take the place of their high production on offense. For Miami to have a remote chance, they need to reorient their offense around Lebron the way Cleveland did, with players facilitating to let Lebron come barreling down the lane, and to catch offensive rebounds when he misses.

    There’s no short-term solution for Miami’s woes. The Thunder are built to last, and Miami was built to beat teams that won’t make it past the second round next year anyway. Mario Chalmers is playing pretty much at his peak, as is Haslem and Battier. At some point, they’ll have to either trade one of the Big 3 or sacrifice draft picks forever.

  140. Getch says:

    Yo since Thunder are stolen from here Seattle, WE want them back here in Seattle as Supersonic . Go Sonics. we will see each other soon.

    • FirstPlace says:

      maybe if you would have went to a game or two they would of stayed. Nick and KD are the only one’s to wear a sonic jersey. This is OKC now live with it!

    • OKCKD35 says:

      i was a sonics fan, followed the team to OKC. Its unfortunate and everyone is mad at OKC for “stealing” the Sonics, the truth is year after year the city refused to renovate Key arena or build a new one, The City knew that team was being sold to an Oklahoma Native and still made no effort to fund the building. If the City cared about the Sonics the way the fans do they would have never moved. Blame your city and mayor, not OKC, the team was going to leave regardless OKC just had the appropriate loation, arena, and sports fan base.

    • SONICS ARE HISTORY!!!!! says:

      Please seattle let it go! OKC thunder is not your team anymore. Never was! If thunder is really the sonics then the LA lakers are still minnesota lakers i guess. You seattle people are retarded. Blame your city not oklahoma! Get out an old Shawn Kemp jersey and lower your goal to 8 foot and relive old times reinacting his famous dunks.

      • Jimmy says:

        That’s messed up! Like it though! Funny, I think Cleveland has actually moved on. How long b4 Seattle moves on?

    • QuestionMark says:

      I love how Seattle fans start complaining once OKC made it to the Finals, where were you when they started 3-29 in their first year in OKC or the last 2 years? Get over it, OKC had to make this team from the ground up as the Thunder, the Thunder made the Finals not the Sonics, only Collison played for the Sonics and Durant in his first year. So don’t make it sound as if the Sonics made this team and moved to OKC and made the Finals, OKC made this team, and they also have best fans in the league, so stop counting the Thunder as a Seattle team.

  141. Rocabye says:

    This is what happens when you throw a team together. Sounds great in theory, but getting people to work as a TEAM like that is not so easy in practice. Too many superstars = too many egos = no one stepping up to take control of the team and be a leader! Lebron isn’t leading because he doesn’t want to step on Dwade’s toes. Dwade isn’t leading because he doesn’t wanna disrespect Lebron. Spoelstra can’t stand up to either one of those guys and basically lets them do what they want. Miami needs a coach they can RESPECT. They also need a leader that ppl will rally around and *want* to play for. Do you think Dwade wants to play for Lebron to get his first ring? Heck no! He could care less if Lebron gets it. That is the problem.

    • FirstPlace says:

      Your right a team needs to come together like a puzzle. Spoelstra can’t manage their egos.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      you are dead wrong actually, Wade knows that his job is to defer to LeBron, there is no toe stepping, i figure a miami fan would at least watch the post game after eliminating the Celtics, Wade in that interview said that this is LeBron’s team and they will go as far al Lebron can take them. Next Excuse?

    • markus says:

      Blame the management for setting this up, not the coach.

      Any coach cannot contain a huge ego, let alone control two huge egos, or even three.

      Van Gundy in Orlando got kicked out because of one huge ego in Howard, whether the Magic management would admit that publicly or not.

      Phil Jackson got problems with two huge egos in Shaq and Kobe.

      could you guys imagine what a headache this might give to a coach?

  142. LebronIsMyIdol says:

    poor world, a lot of peple thinks they know a lot about basketball, in fact they dont. keep your mouth shut lebron haters until it’s done….hahahah

    • GetAnewIDOL says:

      You should really set your idol sights higher. Maybe to the likes of the real MVP KEVIN DURRANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. edison says:

    go OKC go.sweep…..

    • DM8488 says:

      100% OKC fan but i want this to end in game 6! lol i got tickets for game 6 or id want a sweep lol.

  144. Manok says:

    When will you all understand that Lebron James or Dwyane Wade is something like a God!!! They are just overrated players!!! Thats all!!! If they are really something God-like, they don’t need each other to win a ring… Wade obviously used Shaq to win 06, now he needs LBJ and LBJ needs him… Now, would anyone God-like need some help??? They are overrated players… OKC beat them in blink

    • QuestionMark says:

      Lebron and Wade together won’t win a ring unless they trade Bosh and get a defensive C like Chandler or trade Bosh and Wade/Lebron for Dwight Howard. History has shown you need a proper defensive big man to win a championship, this year if OKC wins, Ibaka and Perkins are the big men along with the underrated defender, Collison, last year, Chandler was the big man, the Lakers 2-peat, Bynum and Gasol were the best frontcourt in the NBA, 2008, KG and Perkins dominated defensively, 2007, Tim Duncan was a great big man, 2006, Shaq was the big man, and so on. The Heat doesn’t have a proper defensive big man, Bosh isn’t considered a good defender, Haslem is more of bench player, Anthony is good as a role player, Turiaf is also a decent back up, but they don’t have a true defensive big man. And if you noticed most of those big men that helped win championships for their respective teams are close to 7’0 and could average a few blocks and about 10 rebs per game, Haslem is about 6’9 and Bosh is 6’10, they don’t have size to protect the paint, especially against KD, who alone is 6’10 and has a wingspan of 7’4.

      • Big Joe says:

        I agree completely. Lebron is their biggest starter, and he plays the 3. Haslem (the Heats starting center) is one inch taller than Sefalosha (the Thunders shooting guard). Basketball is a game where size metters…big time. Not one player on the Heat (except Dexter Pittman who makes no difference in a game) has the size to be a legit center. Turiaf , Juwan Howard, and Joel Anthony are doing good just to hold their own playing at the 4. Haslem is the size of a 3, yet they start him at the 5. Bosh is their only interior guy who can make any difference , yet he thinks he is a spot up 3 point shooter the last few games. Miami does not need another shooter or outside guy, they already have two of the best in the league. If they move Battier back to the bench they have a great perimeter rotation. They need to put Bosh in the weight room and turn him into a 6’11, 250-260 lb back to the basket center, not a 230 lb jump shooter. Either that or go out and get a 7 footer who can defend and rebound and not get shoved around down there. Their starting lineup needs to be one of the two examples below.

        1. Chalmers
        2. Wade
        3. Lebron
        4. Bosh
        5. Legit 7 footer (Chris Kaman or someone who can score, rebound, and not get tossed around)


        1. Chalmers
        2. Wade
        3. A quick, shooting 3 man (not battier because then opposing teams will guard him with their 4 man ruining the lebron mismatch)
        4. Lebron playing at the 4 (matchup nightmare)
        5. A beefed up post playing Bosh


        1. Cole (wouldnt hurt if they upgraded here though)
        2. Miller (spaces the floor, scores, and rebounds well for a guard if he can get healthy)
        3. Battier (no brainer)
        4. Haslem (scores, rebounds, defends, but he is a backup power forward, not a starting center)
        5. Backup center by commitee (Turiaf, Anthony, Pittman, and what are they doing with Eddy Curry?)

  145. FInals says:

    I agree with @Enrique, Spoelstra should do a more better job in coaching Miami but I’m not against him or anything The heat should improve defensively and offensively..and avoid turnovers! damn turnovers is killing them out there even though they only had 10..I noticed that D wade always shoots without consistency I watched the game and Battier and Chalmers did a good job in the 1st half because there is ball movement but in the 2nd half the ball movement vanished that’s why those two had little chance in scoring D wade and LBJ should share the rock and should trust they’re teammates and Spoelstra should also give a chance to his other players to make plays I’m not an LBJ hater in fact I like LBJ because he’s a great player and my idol and I like both teams if Miami wants to win a championship there’s a way

    (Teamwork,consistency,trust the team because Teamwork wins championships,and trust improves team chemistry)

    • Angelo says:

      to be fair with Spoelstra, he’s doing his job the best he could. but it’s like playing chess with a king, a queen, a bishop, a knight, a rooke, and 11 pawns… hard to adjust against a team with a complete set…

    • ever says:

      hear of ending your sentences, bro?

  146. RespectTheBeard says: whoever said the heat could sweep this or even dominate just got a rude awakening. of course, the same guys are gonna start saying heat in 5 or something, until the heat inevitably lose, but oh well, i’ll be enjoying seeing their predictions fail the whole way through. it’s funny how they were virtually equal til the 4th qtr, where thunder won by 10. how’s that for a team without previous championship experience?

    i kind of want thunder to stomp personally, so we can go back to building a team the right way, not just stacking big guns and hoping for the best. i doubt it’ll happen though.

  147. What further hurt the Heat is the tendency of Wade to just throw away possession. He got careless most often and considering his star status always gets away of it from his coach. Now, to win the games, Wade should not be used as a starter. Spoe should instead use his two small guys [Cole and Chalmers] to battle OKCs guard at the start. That will tire out Westbroke and give Wade his second half heroics for himself.

    Spoe and company had the tendency to not capitalize foul troubles of the opposing team. Heat should capitalize on their power penetration first before going the distant three pointers. Zone defense is the most appropriate to deal with an offense pattern like that of UKC. All lanes are clogged up and outside shooters are within reach. Ask Doc Rivers for details.

    One loss does not end the series, however losing twice in a row in OKC meant only one thing… Prepare for the next season.

    James cannot win a crown in Miami, with a very limited support. Why not the Lakers or Knicks? Next Season!

  148. QatariCeltic says:

    frankly speaking Heat has no chance winning the series depthwise, thunder is actually better in every aspect. lets put it head to head , statistically
    – KD&RWB&Harden >wade&LBJ&chalmers , as far as scoring is concerned thunder 3 are better
    – Surge&perkins& saflosha>bosh&haslem&battier , defensively thunder 3 are better but sometimes not offensively

    not to mention fisher and his contributions as a reserve for the thunder

  149. earl says:

    Miami will win a game or two.
    but they’ll be overpowered by the oklahoma team. miami isnt playing a team. they are just relying James, Wade, James, Wade and James.
    This is a team game. You cant win w/ just two players!
    Long Live oklahoma!

  150. NBAfan says:

    Always very easy to do some back-seat coaching AFTER the game has ended already…

    Already setting Spo up to be the scapegoat I guess….

    • OKC1 says:

      Spoelstra is being out coached 100% and there have been instances throught out the playoffs in which this has been an issues, like getting Lebron to make an iso play from the top of the key with 14 seconds left against Boston was terrible, i feel like he forgets he has 5 players out there that can actually move when they don’t have the ball….

      • NBAfan says:

        The OKC coach made the exact same call against the Lakers….the difference is Durant made his shot and Lebron (and Wade) missed theirs….

        Spo gave the ball to the MVP…Spo gave the ball to the “best player in the world” according to all his fans….Spo trusted his players (a good sign of a good coach)….

        I’m pretty sure Spo didn’t tell Lebron to jack up a jumper in the defender’s face….and i’m pretty sure that at the end of the day, IT’S THE PLAYERS WHO DETERMINES WHO WINS AND WHO LOSES.

    • Eddie James says:

      Wade is the all time scoring leader for Miami, James the all time leader for Cleveland, and Bosh is number one all time for Toronto. Give me the all time scoring leaders in their prime for any three teams that has existed for more than ten years, plus 9 players capable of making an NBA roster and I could deliver a championship. Spo must GO!

      • NBAfan says:

        I don’t think there’s a coach in the world that will be able to handle the BS that Lebron and Wade brings…it’s clear Bosh is a team player and is as humble as heck….but common now…Wade has shown the whole world his true colors this play offs and we all know how the King feels about the King….

    • OKCKD35 says:

      agrred, Spo is being outcoached, Jon Barry said it 4 minutes into the 3rd quarter that OKC made adjustments and Miami had no answer and said the thunder would win by double figures, this is when OKC was down 4. So if an announcer can see it why cant the coach?

      • NBAfan says:

        OK OK..even If I agree with what you guys are saying…..that Spo is being out coach…

        Lebron is being out played
        Wade is being out played
        Bosh is being out played

        So what’s your point? Why focus on Spo?

        Who took over that game…Durant did…Lebron’s matchup…..
        Who shot poorly that game…Wade.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        who chose to put Thabo on LBJ? Who chose to have Westboork on Wade? Its funny that LEBron didnt even want to D up Durant, he was hiding and defending Perkins in the 1st half, wasnt this supposed to be the best defender ever?

  151. thinkndoer says:

    Nothing / None can beat the deadly LeBron / Dwade except the crazy-hatable complacency that they posses. We saw how Dwade won the finals against the big D in 2006, Lebron single handedly won numerous games with the Cavs and more recently with Boston. It is only the thought that they don’t see the need to win each and every game, which came back to haunt them in the finals last year. It is high time they understand that they could be fooled into the loop that they can play better with “their backs against the wall” as they keep saying. They just have to come out, unleash the beasts within and relish being dominant and invincible all the way, which they are.

    • Jimmy says:

      You’re right that Lebron took over Game 7 Boston series. But Lebron can’t do that every game, maybe a game here a game there. OKC can play as a team more cosistently. I don’t think Wade is purposely having bad games. And LBJ would have taken over every game at Cleveland to win a series. And I believe he did try to win a series or two by himself. Unfortunately (for MIA) basketball is a team sport. MIA barely escaped Boston (a very good team). But OKC beat SAS, a team that everybody thought was the best team they’ve seen in years. You got to give credit where credit is due.

  152. Dew says:

    Whistles in the Spurs series were pretty ridiculous. Like Pop said…pretty Hollywood script like for the OKC Thunder. On the key note of this article, the Heat are in trouble. OKC is too strong for Miami in every conceivable way imaginable. You look at James, there is a Durantula right around the corner. There is a Wade, there is a much younger and faster Westbrook. There is a Chris Bosh, there is a 6th man of the year James Harden coming off the bench to sink you. Role players…Fisher, Perkins, Ibaka, Collison are going to outplay Miller, Chalmers, Battier, Haslem, and Anthony every night of the week. OKC will have this thing in 5 games unless the refs whistles extend this thing out to 6 or 7. Only way I see the Heat really winning a game over this OKC team who is hungry for the next 3-5 championships. I personally do not see anyone stopping them for a while.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      wow, take that out of context much? Pop said it was “like a hollywood script” because the Thunder knocked out the Mavs, Lakers, and Spurs. (the only 3 teams to rep the west in 13 seasons) not that it had anything to do with foul calls, tired of the Spurs fans crying still, there was a difference of 13 FT in a 6 game series, thats basically 1 shooting fould per game, how can you call it any closer? not to mention a few of those games there were the intentional fouls to extend the game, which evened out the intentional fouls on splitter.(cuz i knew that would be your next crying remark) U think officials handed OKC 4 straight games? you are out of your mind, just like Game 1 when the whistle blew for the Spurs the entire 4th quarter when OKC had a 9 point lead, oh but its ok then because it helped your team win right?

  153. Realist2012 says:

    Miami needs to take a page from Tim Duncan i.e. if you want to win championships take a pay cut to free up space to sign some decent players. It’s not like they are going broke by any stretch they are all multi-millionaires and will never go hungry. I’ll let lebron and wade drop 30 every day so long as the rest of the bench of filler (no offense to the players) does nothing. You expect Wade and Lebron to have big games you don’t want a Battier, Anthony, Chalmers etc to be the difference makers. OKC has this series Congratulations KD and Co.

  154. PAO says:

    It’s the exact same thing that happened w/ the Spurs & Lakers…
    The Thunder were outplayed for the majority of the game by the Heat. But it was in the 4th Quarter where the Thunder won it.
    Not only was it a short rotation, it’s that the Thunder are CLEARLY the more conditioned team in out of the 2.
    That’s why the longer the series goes, the more it’s going to favor OKC

  155. M-MAN says:

    it’s only game PEOPLE DO NOT OVERREACT

  156. thunders says:

    humble thunders beat arrogant heats. nice story.

  157. Pete says:

    If you look at who scored for miami, Wade was the real issue. While both of the Thunder’s star players shot around 30 points, only bron scored 30 for the heat. Wade needed to produce, otherwise the heat got lots of unexpected production from people like Shane and Mario… Also, neither james or wade were shooting a very high percentage, if that changes, game over. I won’t comment on Bosh, since Harden also had a quiet night.

    • Slider821 says:

      You’re right Pete, Wade shot 7-19…shooting 36% will not get your team to victory. Wade takes up too much salary room on Miami to contribute that little. His salary would pay 2-3 role players who can actually make baskets and don’t have egos detrimental to their team.

    • Bballfanatic32 says:

      totally agree with that comment,
      I just don’t get Wade since lasty series,he had does what he wants on the court and doesn’t seem to put work until he feels like it.I mean didn’t this man win a championship,doesn’t he have the desire of wanting to be the best again and laughing at the doubters.I hope he wakes up cause Im sick of always seeing comments about “Lebron this” “lebron that” GET OVER IT PEOPLE…he is the most consistent player RIGHT NOW and on top of that he held his own for Miami and his own.He is avg great numbers and he should and deserve a freaking break for once,we all saw the game and saw Wade was lacking why isnt there more comments about that.I see more Heat fans commenting about Wade being an issue then those haters,it’s ridiculous how basketball has become a favoritism sport,we don’t even look at the stats anymore or the style of play.Coaches always say how Lebron is a smart player and knows how to do the right thing on the court,the man is multi-dimensional on offence and defense….It was just one game let’s let it play out before judging

      • mike says:

        I agree. Wade was not a consistent player, he always cry to the refs instead going back to the defense like last game.
        All in the eyes is in lebron, and lebron is doing his part unlike wade and bosh…they should trade wade and get much more reliable shooter or center.

  158. kobe24 says:

    LBJ may be the better player.. but like last year, he chokes on the 4th again…..

    LBJ > KD


    OKC in 5 or 6

    • Ariel says:

      Still can’t get over with you Lakers? LOL

    • JJK says:

      I don’t understand how LBJ is better than KD, take yesterdays game. KD beat LBJ in all levels. It all matters who can play good even with good defense. Tabo and KD guarded LBJ very well yesterday and he choked. On the other end no matter who guarded KD he kept on scoring. That shows the mark of a great player. KD is the best player in NBA now.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      looks like last night KD>LBJ

    • QuestionMark says:

      The Finals will determine who is the best player in the world, Lebron or KD, the two best players going face to face. So far in Game 1, Durant showed he is the better player, scoring 17 pts in the 4th compared to Lebron’s 7 and scored 36 points compared to Lebron’s 30. And like I have been saying not even Lebron can guard KD, he shot 12/20 from the field, 60% FG, Battier, Lebron, Wade all guarded him and he still went off, KD I think already proved he is the better player, but thats for me, once he wins that ring, he will be best player in the world. Shooting 12/20 on Lebron, while many people said Lebron would shut him down, shows how unstoppable he is, even more unstoppable than Lebron.

  159. Doc says:

    Miami needs a better coach… thunder plays team ball, Miami is so individual, they just need a better coach, a more experienced coach.

    • Leo says:

      Agree. All games are defined in the forth, basically. And Chris Bosh played horrible. didnt rotate well, bad defensively, allowed many rebound, Collins was too much for him.
      The coach wasnt experience enough to bench Chris, and design a better 4th quarter.

      • HeatH8r says:

        The Thunder have an actual offense…the three guys on the floor with Miami just stand around scratching themselves while letting LeBron and Wade do everything. Bosh needs to get into the middle and stop mixing it up, and stop being such a sissy.

  160. not a fan of this finals says:

    after getting all the help from the officiating, still cant get a win?? oh, miami!

  161. jef says:

    There is no way the Miami will win in this series with the OCK. Thunder are in another level now. LBJ will cry again. He will not get is ring again.

  162. not a fan of these finals says:

    after all the help from the officiating, can’t still win?? oh, miami!

  163. KD35 is unstoppable. He’s clutch. The only way Heat can beat the Thunder is through whistles like how the Thunder beat the Spurs.

    • ThunderAllTheWay! says:

      get over it! thunder beat your spurs because they’re just too good! period!

    • kenny says:

      Sure blame the referees that oklahoma burned you 4 straight games. Oklahoma is playing the best basketball in the NBA! All you spurs fans just got delusional because of that 20 game win streak and thought the spurs were invincible so now you blame the referees. Just Pathetic!

    • still bitter man? says:

      get over it.

    • Luis says:

      You mean Heat beat the Celtics -__- the only way they won. Celtics had game 7 if that didnt happen. Trust me they not getting that this series.

  164. HeAt Da BeSt says:

    No WaY tHe ThUnDeR cAn BeAt ThE hEaT. hEaT aRe Da BeSt. LbJ iS tOo GoOd. HeAt in 2.

    • Swingman says:


    • LUIS says:

      heat in 2?

    • Thanh says:

      Are you drunk ? You can put your house on Miami Heat if you still drunk .

    • amitpal says:

      I get why heat fans so dumb. It’s like how the lakers used to be. People those don’t even watch the sport right dumb comments about there team is the best or something.

      • leo says:

        what he meant was Heat will game 2…..that’s it

      • The LeBrons says:

        Right Heat fans are dumb. Learn to spell and write proper English, before trying to insult us.
        I think this is what you meant to say ” I get why Heat fans ARE so dumb. It’s like how the Lakers used to be. People who don’t even watch the sport WRITE dumb comments about THEIR team being the best or something”

        As soon as Wade wakes up and remembers how to play basketball this series is done. Until then we should be called The Miami LeBrons and Company, instead of The Miami Heat.

      • Jordan says:

        @Lebrons, You could also call them the cavaliers lol

  165. Enrique says:

    Bottom line is the Miami heat are being out coached again and are again being shown that this is a team sport offensively and defensively. Until they understand that two and a half players can’t win a championship they will never win it.

    • Master's in Basketball says:

      I agree with you. No doubt about it.

      Go Thunder, and win it all!!!

    • chris says:

      totally agree! if they should loose this finals series, they would be wise to ship out Bosh for at least two solid contributors and some cap space.

      • Saeed says:

        Bosh Must be sold out and instead they bring D. Andre Jordan plus Ricky rubio both of whom are paid less than Bosh himself!!!
        It would be better for them to buy another solid player with the remaining money.

      • Zach Gillette says:

        I’d rather have Bosh than Wade.

      • durant says:

        lmfaaooooooooo let me guess heat fans u need another superstar on ur team to win cry me a river who do u guys want nxt dwight howard n derick rose dream on heat r overrated they r never gona win a ring n when u guys keep saying trade bosh that makes my stomach hurt of laughter cuz he is ur best post player n u guys dont even know how to use him this is coming from a toronto fan bosh use to b insane but since he joined the heat hes so bad also maybe nxt yr

    • NBAfan says:

      2.5 players? HELL NO…The heat has 2.5 SUPERstars….Bosh is a legit All star….Lebron and Wade are legit SUPERstars… yeah..2.5 SUPERstars..

      Also…Battier and Chalmers shot well in Game 1!!!!! they played SUPERBLY FOR ROLE PLAYERS….if you’re expecting All star numbers from non-all-stars to supplement the poor play of your 2.5 SUPERstars…well..then why don’t you ask for a supermodel girlfriend and a spaceship while your at it!!!

      ball through hoop…ball through hoop..that’s the game…put the ball through the hoop…that’s all there is at the end of the day….

      • PC says:

        2.5 All-stars, superstars, megastars, Olympian stars, what’s the difference and point of argument? They’re still “players”. 2.5 superstars cannot win a championship. They had Battier and Chalmers’ contributions in the first half, but evaporated into the clouds in the second half. At that point, it was depended on the 2.5 SUPERSTARS and that cannot win a championship. Haven’t they learned from that since they joined together?

      • nrmn says:

        Out-COACHED? not really, i mean try to imagine yourself as the coach of Miami heat, how would you rotate that kind of a ROSTER with not so good bench players… its like leading a platoon of soldiers but only 3 of them are armed…

      • Ariel says:

        Bench of Heat are great too with Jones, Miller, Curry and Turiaf… All they need is focus training their bench and all will be good

      • NBAfan says:

        allstars, superstars, megastars, olympians, WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? If you’re asking that, then you’ll never get the argument….

        I now see what the Miami Heat fans are trying to say….They are trying to say that since Lebron Wade and Bosh can’t be touched….they have to blame the coach and/or the rest of the team.

        Battier scored 17. Who cares if it was mostly in the first half? do you want Battier to score 34 pts to admit that the Heat does have a good enough supporting cast. Chalmers missed like one shot right?

        My argument? Just to make it clear PC….if your plan is to spend all your money on Lebron, Wade, and Bosh, then they better deliver Ws (not stats, not individual trophies, WINS)….don’t blame the coach. Don’t blame the bench. Don’t blame the supporting cast. Blame the 3 guys getting the biggest share of the team’s salary cap.

    • Bengt says:

      so nice when honest work winn