Fisher Took His Rings To OKC

OKLAHOMA CITY — Given their desperation with winning a ring, you wonder why the Heat turned down the chance to add a player with five.

Derek Fisher is with the Thunder now, and in a weird coincidence, could play a considerable role in preventing Miami from winning a title for the second straight season. Fisher and the Heat had eyes for each other in the past, and when he was waived a few months ago by the Rockets, who got him in a trade with the Lakers, the opportunity finally presented itself.

So what happened?

“It just wasn’t the right fit for me,” Fisher said.

Actually, the Heat never chased him hard enough. After giving thought to the the idea of bringing Fisher aboard, Heat president Pat Riley decided to stick instead with Norris Cole as the primary backup to Mario Chalmers. Who would you rather have in a championship setting, a rookie or a guy with as many rings as Kobe Bryant?

“Pat’s a straight shooter,” said Fisher. “He let (me) know they were looking for a big guy, and that they were happy with Norris Cole and Chalmers. So me and my people continued to look at other options and it led me here.”

Cole had a promising first few weeks this season, then dropped off the map (and out of the rotation) by the All-Star break. Fisher struggled mightily with the Lakers this season, shooting 25 percent at one point and looking too slow against younger point guards, leading many to believe that after 15 years, he had little to nothing left. Plus, his 18-game regular season with the Thunder was nothing special; he shot 31 percent in 19 minutes a night.

But his value was felt in other ways (leadership, etc.) in the post-season for a team that had never reached the Finals until now. When the playoffs began, Fisher found himself on the floor in big spots, where he was comfortable, and produced. He had 13 points in 23 minutes in one game against the Spurs, then scored nine in the clincher. Fisher’s play has been steady enough to where he’s getting almost 20 minutes a game in the playoffs and is OKC”s seventh man.

Even now, Fisher is willing to take a big shot, which can only help a team in crunch time. At least in that respect, Miami’s loss is OKC’s gain.

“I’m extremely happy with my decision,” he said. “This is a better fit for me.”


  1. RyU says:

    Bobby – BOBO KA!

  2. Dew says:

    Fish would of been a good fit wherever he went to for a playoff team. His ability to hit clutch shots down the stretch is paramount to any team’s success. He is fitting in perfect with OKC due to where players get their shots from. Fish likes the side shots more than anything as to where the rest of OKC seems to get them from the wings or top of the key off either pick and roll or mostly isolation with a dribble drive and kick out or hitting cutters. Fish stands out there until double teams are drawn and then he punishes you for leaving him open. Simple basketball really. He would fit in well with Miami all the same. I bet he ends up back in LA land with the Lakers next year. Maybe not as a starter as the Lakers might get Nash, Lin, or even probably start Steve Blake and use Fish off the bench as a 7th man possibly. Hell, he just might stay in OKC which I personally would like to see happen for another season.

  3. chris munoz says:

    i cant wait to d fish says i have one more than kobe

  4. Tommohawk says:

    Leadership is about mental toughness when things get scary and being able to communicate that to the team. Jacking up 40 shots a game has nothing to do with leadership. If you think it does, I wouldn’t want you watching my back in a war.

  5. specialfriedrice says:

    dont give this guy credit, its because of Derek Fisher that the NBA lock lasted so long. Shame on u Derek Fisher go MIAMI !

  6. dadedidudo says:

    the real leader of the team should be scott brooks.

  7. FrankL says:

    I am a laker fan and that includes D-Fish. If he played in Houston and made it to playoffs, I would have admired him more. Going to OKC is not helping the team but the other way around. OKC helping him to have another ring

  8. fla_sun says:

    Fisher had to take what he got.

  9. CT Drummer says:

    Derek Fisher’s presence alone causes locker rooms to come together. From his up standing character to his compelling speaches the guy is a proven and tested leader. I feel like if he went to the Heat he would’ve been that elderly figure for that team plus hes always good in clutch time. But either team he’s a heck of a player. If D-fish gets a 6th ring i wont be mad. Even tho imma heat fan.

  10. sanford says:

    D-fish,can also hit big shots,so can james harden and russell westbrook they should put in a plan when the game is on the line

  11. patrick says:

    please don’t insult Fisher, Ture leaders knows that there is more than one way to lead other than just talking. The fact that they are winning and co-existing so fluidly says a lot about the maturity of the team and the leadership behind all of it.

    • purpandgold says:

      I second that!
      OKC, too much team togethernness for the 2 man show. Thunder in 5!

  12. Carl says:

    Well Mr Fisher, you sir, will be fishing in a lake near you; after the Heats send you team off to your annual Summer vacation.

  13. DogBrother says:

    This is the American way – ignore those with experience. You see it sports, business, politics, we even ignore the wisdom handed down by our parents. Fisher’s worth is not his stats, it’s in his countless minutes of playoff/championship experience. It’s as my mother would say when we kids were ignoring her advice: “I’ve already been where you’re trying to get.”

  14. MIAMI 3 6 1 says:

    MIAMI didn’t get fish because the HEAT needs a big man in the middle….. Until now they still looking……2010 -2011 season they come to fisher….They are having a thought on bringing fisher aboard but Last season finals made PAT to rethink about bringing fish…. They need a big man in the middle…. They have Anthony but still lacking size…. But for me Anthony is a good Backup Center…..The HEAT need a contributing Center at the post…. Just like MIAMI 2006…. When Shaq rest Mourning fills the hole in the middle…..That’s why they settle for turiaf FOR NOW…. They are still in need of a TRUE CENTER……..

    • Deepac says:

      I totally agree with with you. Most teams in the Eastern Conference have true centers e.g Orlando, Indiana, New York, etc.

  15. DANITo says:

    people are funny about this fisher thing, how about if there was no kobe there was no championships or big shots for fisher. fisher is so overrated cuz he hit some lucky shots. he is just lucky playing next to legend before kobe and shaq and now durant. he had no talent never been to an all star game, he is a role player, that would been fishing long time ago if he is playing for a bad team. lets say he started his career at charlotte bobcats and ended it there , who would mention his name , he would be like anyother role player, the only reason he was in them situations, cuz his superstar teamate put him in that situation. not because of his plays

  16. CrankyOldMan77 says:


    Chalmers is a unsung hero man, he can score 20 and still not get noticed. His defence is very good and he can hit open shots with ease. He is the most consistent 3-point shooter Heat have at the moment.

    Remember the shot he scored at Kansas? One of the most clutch shots I have ever seen, if not THE most clutch.
    He is extremely clutch and steps up in the moment (remember 2011 finals?)
    If you want a new starting PG you are mad, he is a perfect fit for the Heat, and LeBron is the one who gets the ball inbounded to him most times anyway, so if you want Nash, you will only get an old, jump shooter who is very bad at defence.

    So do not wish for a new PG. The Heat don’t need one (Coming from a Heat Fan)

    • Bigdaddylef says:

      Chalmers is a hacker. He grabs and holds and will be the cause why the Heat will lose. He is toooooooooo agressive. it’s one thing to be agressive and play good defense. It is another thing to be a sledge hammer slinger. He fouls with an intent to destroy.

  17. durant basher says:

    westbrook is the star of this OKC team not durant durant plays out of position

  18. bu says:

    Fish is the X-factor, crunch time dagger player. His off-court leadership was mentioned so many times, even has Kobe’s respect. Miami indeed is a very bad fit for Fish, because there’re 2 super egos in LBJ & Wade already. They will NOT listen to Fish in the locker room. Fish will be wasting his time & his specialty with the Heat.

    Fish, at least so far in the playoffs, seemed to be a good balance factor & crunch time role player for the Thunder. Seems to be working out well.

  19. wooderson says:

    whats more, why does he even get colum inches? its not fisher i dislike its these people who right about players and things that dont matter and dont need bringing up.

  20. wooderson says:

    who would i rather have? youre kidding right? i wouldnt trade a washing machine for fisher

  21. wooderson says:

    um because fisher is the biggest joke the nba has seen. hack of a player has never been good and only won championships because for some reason phil jackson wanted him on his teams. thats why the heat didnt want him and the fact that he gets minutes for okc shows how shallow their team is.

    • purpandgold says:

      You must be more knowledgeable and have more rings than Phil. So I guess the best coach in NBA history didnt know what he was doing keeping Fisher around year after year.
      Nothing but idiocy spews out this guys bird brain..

  22. v says:

    does it really matter as long as the job gets done! leadership embodies everyone on the team!

  23. Bro Ron says:

    Look fellas, I am from LA and have watched and probably played more basketball than most who write on these blogs. There are plenty of guys who can put up crazy numbers, but where are their championships? The Lakers do not win all of those championships in the Kobe-Shaq – Kobe era without D-Fish settling Kobe down and the contributions of big shot bob. No doubt KD is the leader of the team, but it doesnt hurt to have another coach on the floor when it counts the most. Just ask all of the teams who overlooked D-Fish in the playoffs only to have him hit a clutch shot with 0.04 secs left.

  24. Me says:

    All of the above comments don’t matter. All you guys need to realise the following. These two teams who are in the finals where decided way before the conference finals even took shape. David Stern has wrecked this game by not only excepting money from under the table from the owner of OKC Clay Bennett to form this team in Oklahoma but to favour high profile teams like Miami. Until David Stem admits his illegal actions the NBA will continue to descend in popularity due to his actions. Money changing hands to make sure the outcome of certain games are altered destroy the love for this game that I and many others have. David Stern your not only to blame but you should be in Jail for your actions.

    • Sonny Ray says:

      To a degree, i agree with (ME). Im still a bit naive about the NBA being fixed but i will agree…No one wanted to see Boston and San Antonio in the finals. Two great teams and it would be good for the league with two teams with championship history, but the fans wanted LBJ vs KD, probably more than people wanted to see LeBron and Kobe face off.

      • Chris says:

        Sonny Ray, the NBA is made up of more than two teams. If i knew from the start of the season that there were only a handful of teams that will make it to the finals (which due to David Stern it is) i would not follow the NBA. Reguardless of if one of those teams being one i follow or not. This super team era we are going into will be the demise of the NBA. Sonny Ray i take it you are under the age of 25. Basketball like any sport should not be FIXED like it is and riddled with illegal activity from david stern and teams that what to appear the best on the outside. When i say FIXED i mean detirmeined by a third party like the NBA commisioner who should be jailed for the match fixing.

  25. Ariel says:

    Nah HEAT didn’t get him cuz Nash will be with them next season

    • NBAfan says:

      seriously…if the HEAT adds another star to their team…then really Lebron’s legacy is GONE…..ZERO! No matter how many championships he wins….

      Nash is offensive….they don’t need offense..they need a PG who can guard other PGs and hit the open shot…that’s all…..they don’t need nash….he can hit shots for sure…but he’ll be abused by athletic PGs

    • diamatthew says:

      and get even older, lol, good luck

  26. CP10 says:

    Fisher was clutch against Spurs and Lakers!

  27. Oula says:

    goodluck dfish. get another ring baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don’t call it a comeback….

  28. peopleplease says:

    fisher took his ugly shot to okc, and his rings will weigh down that 3 shot…. watch he is old, and desperate….

  29. Larry O'Connor says:

    I don’t understand why he didn’t produce for Lakers the way he is producing for the Thunder? How can he make all of these shots now but couldn’t hit squat for LA? It reminds me of my son who couldn’t clean his room at home so he had to move and then he keeps his room clean at his new place.

    • camotie says:

      Isn’t it obvious? To take a shot, first, you must have the ball. And in LA, you know where the ball is…

      • Bball fan says:

        lol, black mamba??

      • Fisher got the ball in LA, he was only shooting 21%. He is not the player he used to be. The only thing he is good for is leadership and he hits a few big shots here and there. He is slow in defense, he cannot penetrate the lane, and his FG% is horrible!!! The only reason he has 5 rings now is because of the Black Mamba, Gasol, Shaq & Bynum. If he gets a 6th it will only be because of Durrant, Westbrook, Harden & Ibaka. Fisher has been lucky to have played with great players and with a great organization his whole career. Any other team and he wouldnt be a 5 time champion, lets be real!!!

      • Fisher got the ball in LA, he was only shooting 21%.Not only did he get the ball he was the PG, he controlled the ball to start each play. He is not the player he used to be. The only thing he is good for is leadership and he hits a few big shots here and there. He is slow in defense, he cannot penetrate the lane, and his FG% is horrible!!! The only reason he has 5 rings now is because of the Black Mamba, Gasol, Shaq & Bynum. If he gets a 6th it will only be because of Durrant, Westbrook, Harden & Ibaka. Fisher has been lucky to have played with great players and with a great organization his whole career. Any other team and he wouldnt be a 5 time champion, lets be real

    • NC says:

      A lot of a “shooters” problems are in their heads…..When you’re a ballplayer and people are continously talking about how you’re not as good as you used to be – you usually try to overcompensate (as he did) and miss more shots…..

      He has now used his age (as evidenced by his number) to spur (ha) himself on to play like the Derek Fisher of old.

      Even though Kobe and he were friends – Kobe usually only gives up the ball when he is closely guarded and the other person also doesn’t stand a chance….Kind of like a QB who dumps the ball off to a runningback behind the line of scrimmage….

      Anyway, to the poster who doesn’t get it —Of course, KD is “a” leader on the team but they’d have to be idiotic to not take advice from Fisher…..Intelligent players try to learn from everybody

  30. oldiegoldie388 says:

    Whooooo cares about Derek Fisher. We don’t need him anyway. Go Heat!!!!!

  31. Le says:

    There are 2 different leaders … the one who lead the way for the team ( score 30 points every game ) and there’s the leadership of experience to help young teams like OKC. Derek Fisher is there to mentor the non Finals experienced OKC. Don’t forget he has 5 rings and maybe a sixth. Something most of OKC don’t have.

    • Bobby says:


      Do you really believe that when Fish says “you have to play hard every possession because that’s how you win championships” Westbrook and Durant aren’t just rolling their eyes “Thanks Fish, we thought we could loaf and win the championship” If Fish wants to lead, can he lead Perkins to the offensive boards occasionally?

      • Jbrye says:

        If they are rolling their eyes when Fisher says something like that you think the team would play the way they did? Team chemistry is the FOUNDATION of a GREAT TEAM. So if the Thunder are playing a “I’M THE LEADER” game then they are not gonna win this finals series. I know KD and Westbrook (and the rest of the team) gives so much respect to D-Fish and what he’s laid on the table. NO EXPERIENCE, NO CHAMPIONSHIP! I still believe Thunder cant do it without the EXPERIENCED PERKINS AND FISHER. Thunder is a very young team who needs some leadership from the experienced.

  32. Sea Pea says:

    KD has not proven to be the leader of this team. Until he can get Westbrook undercontrol he is not the undisputed leader of the team. The great NBA leaders of the past would not lest Westbrook go rogue the way he does sometimes.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      did you just watch the spurs series? obviously not, what was that 16 straight points in the 4th quarter of a road game tied 2-2, no he’s not a leader at all.

  33. 2e says:

    Let’s not make a big deal out of it. If Oklahoma City is expecting any miracles to come out of having Fisher, go back and check his record over the past couple of years with the Lakers. He should have never been a starter there.

    • QuestionMark says:

      There is one thing Fisher can do far better than most players in the league, and thats hit clutch shots when it matters, he has been doing that through out his career in the Playoffs and the Finals. Thats why the Thunder picked him up, to hit big shots and be a mentor and leader for the young players on the team.

  34. Bobby says:

    “But his value was felt in other ways (leadership, etc.)” I get tired of these comments that cannot be proven. It is also an insult to KD, who is and must be the leader of this team. Leaders don’t just make sage statements, they go out and get 30 points.

    • Banjo says:

      Then how do you explain Coach Brooks saying the same thing? Learn any team sport and you’ll see that even the lesser options can play a huge role in the locker room, how do you think Sean Marks and countless others made it through 10 years in the NBA without ever being ‘productive’.

    • Charles Barkley says:

      Don’t agree. The little things matter. Fisher has enough experience to help these guys perform better, not that they aren’t already, but there is always room for improvement.

    • Alex says:

      Are you serious? Would you rather have a player who so much experience winning championships or a rookie. You probably don’t play basketball but it’s experience that helps win games.

    • Liam says:

      Leadership has nothing to do with the stats they put up… And he just meant that in some way Fisher contributed or acted as a ‘leader’ tho. I’m sure even Durant respects him well enough to allow Fisher to speak before him just purely coz of wisdom etc.. but we all know who the ACTUAL leader is

    • hahaha says:

      what a noob.

    • Jbrye says:

      Come on now! It’s not an insult to KD. From what I know, KD is happy that D-Fish got on their team. No doubt the mindset of Fisher, when it comes to playing in the Finals (and playoffs), is on a very high level! team wins games. If you try to read it again it says HIS VALUE WAS FELT… I’m not saying the Thunder are not gonna make it in the Finals if not for Fisher but all Im trying to say is that his presence gave a + to the team. tough games became easy, easy games became easier. When you do get a guy (without losing a valuable one) with championship rings, all you could do is be thankful.

    • celtics4life says:

      leaders are also so suppose to have experience necessary, fisher is a 5 time nba champion durant isnt its that simplke come crunch time fisher will be huge for the thunder especially becasue kevin durant gonna guarded by lebron

    • Jonathan says:

      Kevin Durant is the clear leader of this team. No question about it. It does benefit the Thunder in having Fish with a lot of playoff experience who can provide valuable knowledge, especially to a young team. I do not think KD finds it “insulting”. Leadership can be proven in many ways and not just through scoring.

    • Brown says:

      ????? How could you be so arrogant to not understand the off court intangibles fisher brings? Have you not seen him constantly talk to OKC’s big three? Do you not think he has experience in this field? He’s a quality championship voice and LEADER.

    • Amitpal Bains says:

      Five championship rings speaks more then 30 points. For the most part guys those get 30 point aren’t great leaders cause they can’t relate to the role players. Those guys r stars and things come easy to them. Anyway if Kobe Bryant trusts you then you must be something special cuz kobe normally doesn’t trust anyone. If you put Lebron James and Fisher in the same locker room, people will listen to fisher more then lebron. Even Lebron would glady listen to fisher. He’s been there he’s done that, he’s made huge shots. Fisher is a natural born leader and will one day be a great coach.

      • Geo says:

        I defenitely agree…..fisher has hit more big shots than lebron atleast….Ill never forget his Rainbow threes…Killer in clutch

    • NBAfan says:

      Poor Bobby…I get what you’re trying to say…it just didn’t come out right.

      There are lots of Fishers out there. Guys who has been in the league and has won and knows how to win. J Kidd is like that. Duncan is like that. etc etc etc.

      But Durant…there’s only one Durant…that’s probably a better way to say it….

      IF Fisher gets a ring…and all the Kobe haters start rubbing that in his face…that’s BS you know…OKC would have still made it to the finals with or without Fisher…lets not hype Fisher too much….he’s an old PG who needed to be replaced…nothing personal..just business..

      When Lebron left Cleveland after treating him like a King….it’s his right…when the Lakers made a very obvious move by letting Old man Fish go….the lakers get blasted and now he is getting hyped….this is just silly.

      Experience is one thing….talent is another.

      • WisdomWins says:

        What everyone is saying is true. Anyone who has ever played on a team knows that experience, leadership, and a sound voice of reason through tough situations is always needed if you want to excel. No knock on Durant! He is the obvious leader on the court in key situations. However (REWIND) after the 5th title, Kobe said so himself that the true leader of the team throughout the years has been Fisher. If you look at Fisher’s stats he has never had remarkable numbers but his consistent leadership and sound voice of reason is what helps the teams that he play for make it through tough situations. Scott Brooks said himself that with them being down two games against the Spurs it was Fishers experience in the Playoffs that helped guys relate and understand. Adrenaline and Motivation can be sparked off having a guy like Fish in your locker-room. I dont think they would have beat the Spurs without the help of Fish…honestly. He put up end of the game numbers and remained consistent. Expect to see him play a BIGGER role in the finals.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      Durant himself has acknowledged the leadership qualities Fisher has taught him, to be more vocal andcommunicate on the floor. and this is coming from a laker hater lol.

    • Team is One says:

      Dude… sad to see someone so oblivious. D-Fish has made so much contribution in leadership – he doesnt need to score 30 just to help his team get to where they are now. He has 5 rings for heavens sake…

    • cp3 says:

      u want to have somebody who can be kind of a second coach offthe bench. Fisher may not be able to score thirty points a night, but he can help an otherwise young team to adjust tp the finals setting and provide leadership and a spark it tight situations. just cause someone scores, doesnt mean they are a leader.

    • casey says:

      But the heat needed a big man, not a point guard. Just think, they wouldn’t have had Ronny Turiaf! -Who Spoelstra doesn’t play anyway…. Oh wait, Spoelstra wouldn’t have played Fisher either! I guess it makes no diifference then! I mean they may as well have traded Joel Anthony away too, who doesn’t get any minutes. Bench can’t help if they don’t play!

    • chubbena says:

      How did OKC get past LAL so easily if not for Fisher?