Duncan And Garnett Twin Towers?

HANG TIME PLAYOFF HEADQUARTERS — Talk about an odd couple.

Stoic Spurs superstar Tim Duncan and live-wire Celtics superstar Kevin Garnett have lived at opposite ends of basketball’s emotional spectrum for their entire careers.

But could they be on the verge of joining forces in silver and black?

If we are to believe the rumblings coming from San Antonio, it’s not as crazy as it sounds. The two veteran, free agents to be are both on the Spurs’ radar, per the great Buck Harvey of the Express News:

Now they are unrestricted free agents, and, as always, contrasts. While Duncan is expected to quietly re-sign this summer with the Spurs, no one is sure what happens next in Boston. Garnett added to the uncertainty Saturday night, leaving the locker room without talking to reporters.

Garnett could retire. He could sign another contract with the Celtics. Or the Celtics might not want to sign him so they can begin rebuilding.

“Hopefully management can do something to bring [Garnett] back, maybe add some pieces to this team that we need to get over the top,” Paul Pierce told reporters Saturday night. “If not, it’s been a tremendous run.”

The Celtics reacted after the loss Saturday night as if they knew the run is over. And if that is true, and if Garnett wants to continue playing, teams will line up to sign him. He can still defend, and he averaged more than 19 points, 10 rebounds and 36 minutes in the playoffs.

Some will have more money to offer than the Spurs will. Some might have more young talent to put around him. All the Spurs could give Garnett is the closest thing to what he had in Boston, a veteran core with a chance to contend.

But it’s the pairing of Garnett with Duncan that would make this free-agency signing a stunning story. While they would fit together on the court, they never have as people. They are similar in size, ability and birth (one month apart), yet have been opposites.

This spring told of that again: Sports Illustrated wrote Duncan “hates (Garnett) the way liberals hate Sean Hannity.”

I remember someone singing a song or making a movie about there being a “thin line between love and hate.” And I dare anyone to lie and say a Big Ticket-Big Fundamental pairing wouldn’t be intriguing, even at this late stage of their Hall of Fame careers.

Yeah, it would have been off the charts six or seven years ago. It would have been the sort of Twin Towers 2.0 pairing that could have changed the landscape of the league.

Garnett showed in this postseason that he still has plenty left in his tank. And Duncan showed flashes, too. Neither man appears read to call it a career just yet. Seeing them ride into the sunset together, playing on the same frontline for Gregg Popovich, would be worth the price of admission every night.


  1. #1Wadefan says:

    I would love to see KG go back to Minnesota, him and Love would be a good big man duo and with Rubio,Wesley Johnson, and a good draft pick this year I believe they could make the playoffs. They might not go far but it would give Rubio,Johnson,and Love some playoffs experience. The only reason i would see KG going to the Spurs would be to win another championship which i dont think the Spurs have another run in them to make it as far as they did this year.

  2. ricson says:

    I’m a Big Fan of KG Since rookie Year… If KG wants a Championship ring He must leaved CELTICS and Play with young talents. perfect fit for him is Chicago Bulls. pairing with D. Rose & Deng. We all knows that KG’s Defence was Excellent. Both KG & Noah brings intensity and energy to a team plus offenssive core from Deng & Rose… Championship

  3. FACT says:

    OKC in 4, Kevin Garnett would love to play with Oklahoma Thunder along with Derek Fisher.

  4. dluke says:

    kg to miami and then we can start talking about the championships that lbj d wade and bosh spoke about in their inital press conference…………………..as for ego and money he took a cut when he left minny to become a c………….the man has enough money he wasnts to get another ring and show …which he did in his last series that he still has it

  5. Dr. Dolittle says:

    The Magic should pair Garnett up with Dwight. That would be a dominant force. Big Baby wouldn’t be happy playing behind KG again, but O well! If Dwight was to get traded during the season, you’d still have KG to play center with either Ryan Anderson or Big Baby at the 4.

  6. momo says:

    if KG were to join the Spurs. Duncan would be overshadowed by KG, i doubt San Antonio fans would want that. i guess it’s better for San Antonio not to sign KG.

  7. james says:

    Garnett going to the spurs seems like a good fit they need more size and someone to help Duncan out because he is not the player he once was, I think if any team gets him it will be a contender that pays him a meager salary in terms of the nba. The lakers could possibly get him cheap cut gasol even though they dont care about a cap and go after someone to fill the void they have at the pg position. and also if you think KG is leaving the east because he is afraid of a team that is horibly coached with no real championship chemistry to go play in a superior division where teams that are over .500 dont make the playoffs then you might be from miami

  8. Danny says:

    Celtics should do all they can to sign KG for two more years. Noone out plays KG so what is an age issue?

  9. Tony from Sydney says:

    best place for garnet? sign with OKC next year and back up perkins or Ibaka, or start for perkins or Ibaka. Eitherway, OKC will be pretty much flawless. The only area of this OKC team which can be improved pretty much.

  10. spurs fan says:

    this is my dream for many years..duncan and garnett in the same team specially in san antonio with coach pop im sure before they got retired they have 1 more ring for sure.the only reason why the spurs lose to thunders is luck of big man if kg go with the spurs that’s unstoppable in front..well i know its only 10% chance that Kg will join the spurs hehe!but im still keep dreaming

  11. KEYSHAWNJ says:

    Would love to see Garnett on the Lakers but he is going to the Clippers why? because David Stern said so!!

  12. monjo says:

    if garnett and duncan would be team up on silver and black it would be a great basketball team this coming next season and they can win 3 to 5 championship in a row…i wish this thing would happen..go greg make this thing happen for san antonio community go SPURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. renz_garnett says:

    how about KG going to chicago or to the lakers.. or to the clippers.. maybe good in thunder.. if he still wants to stay in the east.. he should go to BULLS.. there is no way celtics can beat heat 4 out of 7 games.. sorry celtics fan but i am also a celtics fan.. just accepting the fact.. KG WILL NOT WIN ANOTHER RING IN CELTICS.. GO TO BULLS OR LAKERS..

  14. motard says:

    i respect Kg i have been watching NBA since 1989 when i was still 3 yrs old…and i have seen garnett in his first period of game..he is in 30’s but as you can see every team have game plans on him bring 2 players against him so i would say garnett has still power to play….love to see him in OKC/SAS…

  15. Aphelion says:

    in my opinion, Garnett will still be a Celtic in the upcoming 2012-2013 NBA season.. he’s the heart and life of the Celtics, he is their core, their foundation.. without Garnett, Boston Celtics wouldn’t be a championship caliber team..

    i like the idea of Garnett coming back to Minnesota.. if he did come back to Minnesota, i’d like Ray Allen to come along with him.. after all they’re both Timberwolves before.. (this isn’t impossible, they’re both free agents after this season..)

  16. PJ Celtic fan 4 eva says:

    I think KG will stay. Why cant he come of the bench, imagine that. Get rid of ray ray, keep peirce and start Jeff green. Seriously we need to rebuild. I cant wait for offseason moves…Bring it on….

  17. Tommohawk says:

    Let’s not forget that everyone is that bit older next season which does make a difference to teams that are already old this season. I love both players but I’m not sure TD and KG will both be playing at the same level they did this season. The decline in effectiveness is steep when players hit mid to late 30’s.

  18. HoopsFan12 says:

    I have a strong feeling that KG will re-sign with Boston. He’s always been a pretty loyal dude, he stuck it out with Minnesota and never demanded a trade, even after multiple losing seasons. I don’t see him jumping ship now on a team where he won a championship, made a finals appearance, and had a few deep playoff runs. I still think the Celtics could make another run at a title with the proper adjustments this offseason, but their window of opportunity is getting smaller and smaller with each season, and pretty soon Danny Ainge is gonna have to start rebuilding around Rondo.

  19. LALAKERS34 says:

    Kevin Garnett and Avery Bradley for PAU GASOL!!!

  20. jkheat says:

    i love kg and i wish to god that he joined in miami heat,and it will be fantastic 4

  21. Dave says:

    Just a thought =)

    G – Derrick Rose
    G – Aaron Afflalo
    C – Joakim Noah
    F – Kevin Garnett
    F – Rudy Gay

    • Tommohawk says:

      another thought – who would want Boozer’s salary? The Bulls have created an untradeable monster with that little “damn, we better make BIG deal now LeBron’s off the cards” signing.

  22. Nore says:

    Hey i know its not the Topic but this is just 2 funny 😀

    What did James say again when he joined the Heat? They will win not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 6 not 7 Championchips?

    I know just like you and anybody else that it was meant in the way they will win every year but know
    im startin to think of we ALL got James wrong – he meant really they will really win 0 Championchips HAHAHAHAHA

    GO THUNDER!!!!

  23. Celtics fan says:

    KG is gonna stay in Boston he has a nba title with them he will either retire with them or sign a contract

  24. Nore says:

    I don’t know if i realy like the idea of KG joining the Spurs because i think his character wouldn’t match up with this kind of team – they have manu, parker and Duncan who are Spurs since they are in the NBA if i remember right and all of them listen to Pop and do exactly what they supposed to do – don’t get me wrong – of course KG does what rivers has to say but he has more own will power – is not like a puppet and not so soft (i know you die hard Spurs fans want to kill me right now but i ever thought of the Spurs as a soft team, and i am very aware that they are multiple champs!) – KG is also a guy who relies on his energy – force! – just like Amare in his old days and Duncan is just about efficiency – lay up after lay up – gay block after gay block – sorry duncan and duncan fans – don’t take it personal but i always hated how the Spurs play even i have to admit it “always” was efficiant! So if KG wants to join them he should go – i shouldn’t care less of it but he doesn’t fit anyway in my oppinion. I like the Idea of retiering in a T-Wolf uniform …

    I watch NBA since ’99 by the way so i remember well seeing him in a t-wolf uniform …

    I don’t know who posted it anymore but to trade Ibaka for KG is the dumbest move OKC could do … Ibaka is one of the best PF in the league! And stillvery young! To my mind also the best defender in the league with Dwight …

    So forget the idea of OKC trading him for anyone … Durant, Westbrook, Harden and Ibaka should be OKC Member until they retire – would love to see that -i like them as a team – they play hard, together, for each other, unselfish, the best offense in the league and to my mind also one of the best defenses:-)

    So even this is not the topic – to all who said – Heat will win the finals – go to sleep 🙂 Thunder will wrap this up in 6!


  25. Blake says:

    If KG is willing to take a pay cut, I don’t care where he goes. He can help a proven team, or go elsewhere and help a team on the brink. The Nets need to get their hands in this.

  26. HeAt Da BeSt says:

    No WaY tHe ThUnDeR cAn BeAt ThE hEaT. hEaT aRe ThE BeSt. LbJ iS ToO gOoD. hEaT iN 3.

  27. JC says:

    KG will end up in Miami, LA Clippers (Championship wise), Minnesota, New Orleans or Denver (teaching big guys wise). If he wants to finish his career on top he should go to a contender like the first 2 were he would make an instant impact but much won’t be require from him. If he’s nostalgic and is looking to go out with his pockets full of cash then he should consider the last 3. He’s still be making a significant impact on his new team, and to his personal account.

    FANTASY SCENARIOS: I’ve always been a fan of KG’s so I’ll love to see him go to Miami to compliment their BIG 3. But imagine him playing with CP3 and teaching how to play in the low post to Blake Griffin; or Kevin Love or Anthony Davis or Kenneth Faried and JaVale McGee.

  28. shawty says:

    Don’t like KG, but as usual I disagree with Sekou Smith. I think that the two could unite to make a run. The Spurs have to do something pretty drastic or they won’t compete next season. KG can’t stay in Boston. He could also work for a team like the Magic if they can somehow pull a miracle out of their hat and keep Dwight. But…they’d have to be able to pull out a couple of other trades. Timmy has another 2 years…they should go for it so they can compete next year.

  29. billythekid says:

    KG is deff stying in boston. i see him in a spurs uniform thoe. KG has proven that he can still play D and score 15 points along with 8 or 10 rebounds. his playoff strech was a lilttle above his normal with 26 points and 14 bords. normally he will get 15 and 9 to 10. IM a celtic fan but if kg leaves it will def be with a ligit contender not philly or timberwolves … maybe teams lik mavs or spurs. if lakers can gett the right pieces that would be a decent fit. shipped gasol out to boston along with artest and they bring in kg. Celtics i think for the most part celtics are ok for one more ligit run at it with the right pieces around rondo. bring in dwight howard maybe for kevin and ray allen. But make a longer story short.. i dout kg will leave . ray allen i hear might be going to the knicks along with steve nash possibly. we all no nash is outta phinox this year so. we will all see what happens

  30. byron says:

    OMG The big ticket and The Big Fundamental wow But dont they Hate eachother???

  31. Cedric says:

    I dont like KG but good fit for Spurs.GO Spurs GO look out for the Spurs with out KG .They are going to be Good any way

  32. bbfk says:

    What’s with all the KG hate? This guy is elite at stretching the D on the offensive end and is still a super star defender who can play solid minutes. Realisticly KG should look to sign with Philly and help lead their young but able frontcourt to dominate. As for the Spurs they shouldn’t change a thing, all their young guys should develop enough in the offseason into some mean guys.

  33. joe says:

    For me the KG, Timmy partnership would be a farce. Neither of them are playing like true big men. KG’s game has changed so much that now he has beome more of a jump shooter. Hardly posts up the way he did say 2 or 3 years ago. Hardly drives to the basket either. The same applies to Tim Duncan. Has also become a stand alone shooter. To get the best out of Timmy and KG together means they will have to play like the true big men they were in their youth. Their age doesn’t allow them to play this way anymore so essentially offensively the Spurs would just be getting two big men who can drain a high percentage of 12 footers. Thats it. The partnership would be most effective defensively where both have a high percentage of blocks and play tenacious defense. Thats about all the Spurs would get

  34. JIMMYBEAR says:


  35. MaxSu says:

    KG to the bobcats and Micheal comes out of retirement….

  36. joe,,, says:

    I think KG will agree to spurs to complete their veteran lineup for coach Pop and it would best if Ray allen will also suited SPURs and let see what is the number of jersey, because number 20 belongs to manu Ginobilli..

    2013 NBA Champions…

    and tony will be the youngest…

    your biggest enemy hahaha

  37. adrian calendas says:

    twin towers works. it work with the spurs. they win a championship. big ticket-big fundamental is a most good idea. just one big nba championship. spurs will be the 2013 nba champion

  38. NBA FANATIC says:

    Duncan, Garnett, Leonard, Ginobli, Parker VS Perkins, Ibaka, Durant, Harden, Westbrook… HMMMM I still can’t see the spurs overcoming these odds.

  39. And1 says:

    I want this! So full of story lines like a Hollywood movie. KG will surely fit in with the Nasty tag. Since Celtics are interested in Danny Green. We can sign and trade plus Blair and Bonner.

  40. SpursFan says:

    Kevin Garnet and Tim duncan, that would be the greatest nigntmares of all teams this next season, hope it will come true, ginobili and parker together with duncan and garnet is a perfect team… it would be a lot better if garnett and allen will combine with SAS…jejejejejeje

  41. CeltFan says:

    As a celtics fan, i would love for them to try one more time with a healthier line up. After that, I would love to see KG go back to the wolves. KG and Kevin Love will be so good to watch and i think KG will be a good mentor to the young wolves.

    I would have loved to see a KG and Tim Duncan match up in the finals though, but them playing together doesn’t sound too bad. All in all, i think there is a big possibility that KG will stay if he is offered by Danny Ainge and i think he would love to retire as a celtics (who wouldn’t?). But hey, nothing is really impossible. I just don’t see KG playing for the heat or Lakers though. I see him playing for SAS, Twolves or even the Bulls next season if he doesn’t stay in Boston.

  42. tropa says:

    garnett to philly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Imad akel says:

    KG + TD = nightmare for KD and LBJ
    at least KD will get his ring this Finals
    next year will be SA ring with KG.
    after that the rise of Thunder, Wolves, Clippers, Pacers, 76ers and Bulls will keep LBJ from winning a ring
    this year is LBJ last try. too bad durant is taking his first
    sorry LBJ not1, not2, not3/////////

  44. Sick says:

    do you know that San Antonio average age is younger than Heat? ofc you don’t know. you just become a heat fan last season. don’t worry i am already seeing you will be OKC fan after next two weeks

  45. Oula says:

    i respect kg’s game. should fit in well with the lakers since he will get wide open shots once bynum and kobe are double-teamed. money shots all the way!!!!!!!!! lakers like to slow the pace down which will help kg as well. spurs are currently trying to speed the tempo with parker & ginobili.

  46. atomrolf says:

    Would be nice to see Timmy and KG ending their epic run together. But it all depends on what Garnett wants. Is money still important to him or not? Is he ready to come off the bench? Is he willing to play Center?
    If I\’m KG, I\’ve made almost 300 millions on salary alone, so money wouldn\’t mean anything to me. I\’d be looking for a team playing for a championship that could still use 25-30 minutes from me. San Antonio is still a possible destination, but there are other interesting possibilities.
    Miami could defenitely use KG playing the 5. Chicago would be a nice fit if they\’d find someone to take Boozer\’s contract. Until that happens it\’d be too much of a logjam with Boozer, Noah, Gibson and KG. Orlando is intruiging if you think of a Dwight and KG pairing on D but they don\’t look like contenders right now. Maybe the Knicks? I think that\’s it for the East, no offence to the Pacers.
    In OKC he could share playing time with Perk and Ibaka. We know what KG and Perk could do in Boston and a KG/Ibaka pairing sounds nasty. The Lakers have to deal with their roster before you consider them. But if they get a nice SF or PG for Gasol it would be a great fit. They could even gamble and keep Artest, hoping KG keeps him committed. The Clippers. KG mentoring Blake and DeAndre while giving them quality minutes? Nice one. Dallas could be interesting if they get the right players in free agency.

  47. atomrolf says:

    Would be nice to see Timmy and KG ending their epic run together. But it all depends on what Garnett wants. Is money still important to him or not? Is he ready to come off the bench? Is he willing to play Center?
    If I’m KG, I’ve made almost 300 millions on salary alone, so money wouldn’t mean anything to me. I’d be looking for a team playing for a championship that could still use 25-30 minutes from me. San Antonio is still a possible destination, but there are other interesting possibilities.
    Miami could defenitely use KG playing the 5. Chicago would be a nice fit if they’d find someone to take Boozer’s contract. Until that happens it’d be too much of a logjam with Boozer, Noah, Gibson and KG. Orlando is intruiging if you think of a Dwight and KG pairing on D but they don’t look like contenders right now. Maybe the Knicks? I think that’s it for the East, no offence to the Pacers.
    In OKC he could share playing time with Perk and Ibaka. We know what KG and Perk could do in Boston and a KG/Ibaka pairing sounds nasty. The Lakers have to deal with their roster before you consider them. But if they get a nice SF or PG for Gasol it would be a great fit. They could even gamble and keep Artest, hoping KG keeps him committed. The Clippers. KG mentoring Blake and DeAndre while giving them quality minutes? Nice one. Dallas could be interesting if they get the right players in free agency.

  48. Greg says:

    Intriguing indeed. Personally, I cant stand KG. He is a definition of a cheap shot artist who has taken 10 years to become a clutch player. I also cant stand the way the media gushes over him…remember the push ups and how all the media types ejaculated over themselves??? What the hell??? Anyways…I wouldn’t mind playing KG if I was Timmy. Why? BECAUSE TIMMY IS A TOP 7 PLAYER OF ALL TIME REGARDLESS OF POSITION & HE HAS CONSISTENTLY OWNED EVERYBODY…NOT JUST KG!!! Tim has got nothing to worry about, he can walk into any locker room of any generation and stand toe-to-toe with any player and they would give him props.No question. The same can only be said of only a handful of players (Hakeem, Mike, Larry, Magic, Russell)
    For all of KG’s “intensity” it amounts to nothing when he consistently gags in the big moments…everybody knows that to be the truth, whilst Tim was dominating the regular season and playoffs. I could go on but whats the point. Come on Tim…give KG a call and see what’s up!!!

    • NYKnixfan says:

      Honestly would like to see KG go back to T’Wolves.
      They have a good young core who just need a top notch vet on their case every game.

    • Dunky says:

      ur just a spurs fan greg. tim is good, but not top 10 calibar

      • Vladimir says:

        You are dead wrong there mate, Timmy is considered by many, Shaq, Barkley and Kenny from TNT included, as top 3 PF of all time… That alone puts him close to top 10 players of all time, and considering his personal achievements and rings, his contribution to the team and his overall, declining due to age, consistent production, top 10 would be well deserved…
        KG is like an inch below that, no disrespect, KG is one of my fav players altho im a SAS fan since 1991… If there was no KG in Wolves to give him competition, and The Admiral to give him guidance, i reckon there would be no Timmy as we know him @ Spurs…

        It would be fun to see two bitter rivals from the past as teammates in the near future, one more run, one more drop of gas, maybe KG and his personality is what SAS would need to jolt them a bit, to rattle those old bones one last time and get one more ring… Who knows…


    • alex_ says:

      Greg are you serious? KG is BETTER than duncan believe it or not .duncan got 4 rings garnett got 1 that the only category that duncan is better than kg ..he was playing for minessota all this years have you ever seen a game of him with this uniform? with parker and ginobili i can win titles too.KG of 2004 is the best PF that i have ever seen playing the game..

      • tide23 says:

        you can make the case that 2003 and 2005 kg was also.Kg hurt himself with his unselfishness and was the greatest defense talent of all time in his prime.Duncan was a better inside scorer thats it, since 02-03 garnett has been clutch just hasn’t had a team and been in big games to show it. JESUS is lord

  49. Go For It says:

    honestly, I like Timmy but hated KG, but do not mind them teaming up with the Spurs. Just imagine Timmy on the left wing and KD on the right wing… it will be at lease 50+ win next season.

  50. Jose says:

    I would go for Dwigth Howard if I was RC , you’re talking about making big money and bringing more championships to SA. That’s the kind of help that Timmy need in the middle to play center while he do his PF work..Get rid of Tiago,Diaw,Bonner and create money to sign Howard,Ladies and gentleman we’re talking total domination in the West and 4 or 5 more NBA CHAMPIONSHIPS

    • uoykcuf says:

      I bet prima donna DW will NEVER go to SA. He needs attention and fan boys around him. Not gonna happen

  51. Mohd Eesa says:

    The Miami Heat can sign Kevin Garnett so they can have a starting center along with CB at the frontline…

  52. Skinner says:

    That would almost certainly guarantee a finals presence next year against the Heat.

  53. toygun says:

    now that will be fun, they should both go to Dallas and be the oldest team in league history, hehe

  54. Evan says:

    If Garnett joined the Spurs, they would likely beat the Thunder and challenge the Heat for the title. Of course, the Spurs might of beaten the Thunder this year too if the refs didnt call a foul on 9 out of 10 possesions in the 4th quarter of Game 6, allowing Ibaka to goaltend on 4 consecutive shot attempts by Parker (and the announcers called the refs out on this). On most of those fouls, the Spurs players barely touched them. Still, I can only imagine how the Mavs felt in 2006. Cuban got into it with Stern, and after Game 2 if you touched D-Wade with your pinky, he was going to the line. Anyway, I’m clearly just a bitter Spurfan 🙂 But if Garnett and Duncan hooked up, it would be the best defensive frontline in the league tbh.

  55. Nosleeptillbrooklyn says:

    Spurs are going for the oldest team ever !

  56. Niko says:

    Let the offseason chatter begin!. No way this will happen, Timmy truly hates KG & I don’t blame him, I remember seeing KG walking up behind Duncan in a huddle & giving him a good whack on the back of the head… Garnett got away with it & from the look on Timmys face he wanted to kill him… I’m guessing he hasn’t forgotten about it.

    • Bball fan says:

      as long as it’s good for the team and a chance to regain the crown, why not. remember rodman joined jordan and pippen in 96 and went on to a 72-10 record.

    • uoykcuf says:

      LOL, that was one incident( and btw not during huddle! They want to seperate the players that was arguing) Anyhow, KG and Tim are friends, if you follow them long enough you’ll know.

  57. LOLakers says:

    LOL! Kevinina Garnette is just scared of the Heat! Bad news for you though the Heat are unstoppable even if you join San Antonio! All your doing is adding more fossils to the museum LOL!!!

    • Chris says:

      You may want to hold off on your boasting to see if your Heat can even take care of business with OKC. They have the advantage in every single facet of this matchup. I don’t know if you’ve actually ever looked at the Heat’s roster, but they have a lot of fossils on their squad too.

    • Sosay says:

      well, i guess we’ll see if the heat are unstoppable these next 2 weeks.

    • cool knicks fan says:

      No way are the Heat unstoppable, Miami has a lot of role players that are old and have to face a young and athletic Thunder team. Thunder will win in 6. Also, Garnett is not afraid of the Heat, where’d you get that bogus idea. I still think the Spurs could still be a contender as long as Duncan plays good. If they do sign Garnett( I doubt) and Duncan, then watch out for the Spurs.

    • Darklander says:

      scared of the heat? garnett is the reason why the heatles got the biggest scare of their lives in game 7. what have you been watching lately? WNBA?

      • Fredrick Wells says:

        Garnett may return to Minnesota and retire a T-Wolf. He had a stellar career which featured one NBA Title, 2 Finals appearances and 4 appearances in the Conference Finals (one with Minnesota and 3 with Boston). One year is sufficient for him and he is a perfect fit with TNT, NBA TV, or ESPN/ABC.

      • iamacelticsFOREVER says:

        LOOOL! So true and im actually laughing at the WNBA joke even tho im a girl 😐

    • james says:

      whys this guys name lollakers? is it cuz the Lakers franchise hasnt won 1 more not two more not three more ect. championships then the Heat ever will? KG is afraid of the heat as about much as he is of the Bobcats, and also the spurs are a far superior team then the heat, if the spurs get KG and can make it to the finals then they will sweep the heat if they meet in the championships next year.

  58. K says:

    Texas maybe, but not San Antonio! I could possible see Garnett signing with Dallas and teaming up with Dirk Nowitzki. Of course this would be after Dallas makes a run at Dwight Howard!

  59. Larry O'Connor says:

    It would be exciting though if it were to happen in a fantasy world

  60. Larry O'Connor says:

    Not going to happen no way no how! Popp respects Duncan too much!

  61. Douglas says:

    I was thinking he might be a Laker along with Linsanity, bring back Odom after they lose Gasohol. With the Spurs? For how long? Not sure its a fit in my San Antonio way of thinking. Good luck to him, get out of Boston!

    • Chris says:

      You are obviously a young Lakers fan who thinks they can just buy all the talent. The problem with your idea is the extreme rivalry between the Lakers and the Celtics. There is no way Garnett leaves to become a Laker.

      • Jack says:

        If you dont know but KG is really good friends with Kobe and he lives in Malibu so anything can happen.

      • NYKnixfan says:

        I don’t think Odom will return to LA but could end up signing with the Heat.
        I hope KG doesn’t return to BOS, too old to carry a team.
        Ray Allen and Paul have been invisible this season.
        BOS should let both KG and Ray walk and use the truth as true trade bait.
        Time for them to rebuild ASAP.

      • Voltron says:

        It’s funny how you call out that last post being that of “young fan”, yet you believe that the players of the NBA live in this dream world where Lakers and Celtics actually hate each other because they play for the Lakers and Celtics. This is a business and these guys are living out dreams by playing in the NBA, and no player in 2012 would refuse an offer from a team because of a fan-created “feud”, that they could care less about. If the situation and money were right for KG to be a Laker, than he would be a Laker.

      • Zach Gillette says:

        Shaq became a Celtic. Garnett is a TWolf first. Just saying.

  62. eknujsra says:

    I definitely agree with the idea of teaming them up..they can still content for the last time next season..

    • Maybe says:

      What about KG and DHoward?? i dont know if its possible but the magic should try to do something to keep dwight and i think KG is a step foward.

      • Miko4rm206 says:

        Nah son lol…. okc should resign James harden and let serge ibaki go and sign garnett….. Now thats a lineup Perkins and Garnet reunite in okc with the scoring of the big 3 and interior defense

      • Spurrred says:

        SO you want OKC to keep the “one trick pony” Harden, which can be gotten anywhere, and let go of the best defensive big in the league. Not making sense Miko4rm206