Blogtable: Finals Predictions

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Who? Why? How many? (Prediction)

Steve Aschburner: Since before the playoffs started – and with greater intensity once Chris Bosh went to his knees with his abdominal strain in Game 1 against Indiana – I’ve been convinced that the West winners would also become the NBA champions. Thunder or Spurs, didn’t matter, they struck me as deeper, more complete teams with far fewer flaws. But Bosh’s return, lack of rust and increasing impact, along with the play of The Other Guys, Dwyane Wade’s potential to shred a foe with circus shots or a flood of free throws on any given night and LeBron James’ newfound Grim Reaper mode has me reconsidering. To be consistent, I’m still picking OKC and its offense over Miami and its defense, but I believe now it will be closer. Much closer. Thunder in 7.

Fran Blinebury: OKC, because the Thunder are a team that has steadily improved, learned lessons and moved forward as a group. They have run the very bejeweled and credentialed gantlet of the Mavs, Lakers and Spurs to get here, so they’re definitely tested.  The Heat continue to seem like they’re still trying to figure it all out and that look of bewilderment that settles on their faces at times late in games says they still haven’t.  On any day, LeBron James and Kevin Durant are interchangeably 1 and 1A for “best player in the game.” The difference is LeBron Game 5 and LeBron Game 6 vs. Boston — not the gaudy stat totals, but the attitude.  Durant is more comfortable in his skin every night and so is everyone on the OKC roster.  Even in Big Three vs. Big Three, I’m taking the kids.  This is just the beginning. Thunder in 6.

Scott Howard-Cooper: Thunder in 7. Because this is a special team in a special time, playing wise beyond its years and playing its best at the right time of the year, thanks to the veteran playoff opponents that got them ready.

Shaun Powell: Thunder in 6. Too much depth, too few holes. Six games. Five if LeBron and/or Wade take one night off.

John Schuhmann: The only thing that would be surprise me is the series ending in four or five games. It’s hard to pick against the Thunder, because they’re 8-0 at home in the postseason and the Heat – given how tough it is to win all three of those home games in the middle – would probably have to win two games in OKC to win the series. But I just think that the Heat are the better team here. Furthermore, I believe that LeBron James doesn’t want to go into another summer knowing that he didn’t leave it all out on the floor. Heat in 6.

Sekou Smith: I’ve already gone on record as picking the Thunder in 7.  The only question left to answer is why? Kevin Durant’s cleared ever hurdle placed in front of him so far, and this is his greatest. After watching him go to work in this postseason without anyone being able to find a way to stop him, I just can’t see the Heat doing it either. I think this series has epic written all over it. And I expect spectacular effort from all around. As desperate as this Heat team seems to be, I think the this Thunder team is hungrier and in the end will be better thanks to Durant and a home court advantage that is the envy of the league.


  1. Hendry says:

    Stupid predictions, same as like year. Thank God John picked the right one. Save your faces. Congrats miami, from indonesia big fan

  2. Ken says:

    Only John predicted right. Impressive!

  3. Melvin says:

    at least one of the got it right

  4. wndlL says:

    For the writers (not including John), Now what?

  5. Perplexed says:

    Last time i listen to ‘expert’ predictions. Well done to John Schuhmann for predicting Lebron would leave it all on the floor.

  6. MIA03 says:

    The reason why I love being a Miami fan is because once the Heat hoist that trophy we can start laughing at people who hated them for no reason.. And there’s a lot of Miami haters out there. Being a Heat fan feels like me against the world.

    Been waiting for this championship since that ’06 ring

    Lets go HEAT!!

    Keep up the good hating articles. Fuels the team.

  7. Hey dude! where you at? have you left your brain at your house? Why aren’t you making some of your freakin’ noise? I haven’t seen any of your post when ock lost in game 2? WHAT THE HELL HAPPEN TO YOU? ARE YOU CRYING NOW? :)) ROFL! BTW I MISS ALL OF YOUR POST. :)) bwahahaha! #LETSGOHEAT!

  8. doc j says:


  9. lakerss says:

    okc in. 5 or 6 too much team i think they should win in iami in 5

  10. Tony from Sydney says:

    bulls not gonna win next year. Thunder will be at the peak for at least 2 more years, until something goes wrong, someone on the roster is going to sign better contact, or something else along the way. The best competition that the Thunder was gonna get this year was the Bulls. not the Heat, however it’s unfortnuate that Derrick Rose went down early. Bulls have the best defense yet they have a many offensive weapons to counter OKC. They have good individual defenders on their team in Luol Deng, Noah, Rose, reliable offense in Boozer, Hamilton and their back up guards. They have just as many weapons as OKC does. I was expecting that match up before the playoff began, but it was not to be. The bulls will suffer due to Rose’s injury next season as well, and as the age catches up wih some of the rosters, Bulls will be looking for trade again to rebuild for championship run. Even if they make it deep in the playoff next year, OKC will still be on top of them because OKC will be even more scary next season, as Kevin Durant and Westbrook still have room to improve, so does Ibaka and Harden. They have yet reached their prime. Imagine they pick up another veteran in the offseason, don’t need a really big name, but someone who can fit into the team a and provide valuable inside presense while on the court. They are unbeatable. As for Derrick Rose, his game is nearing his prime. He will need a good sidekick who will probably be better than Luol Deng or Carlos Boozer to possibly win a championship.

  11. MaloFolkks says:

    Chicago Bulls next season!! we got this.

  12. renz says:

    PREDICTIONS are just stupid thoughts that no one really knows if its gonna happen the way it said & done..All im gonna do right now is to watch & enjoy the show..Go LeBron!!! Lets go Miami Heat!!!

  13. Tony from Sydney says:

    playing good defense isn’t easy against the Thunder. The best defensive team so far agsinst the Thunder was the Mavs. Lakers can still play good defense but were inconsistent. I strongly doubt that the Mia defense will work well against the Thunder, it will take more energy away from Lebron and Wade, and it will effect their already stagnant offense as a result of the Thunder defense. It’s just too hard for me to see hwo Miami can win in this series, they will probably be needing 70 points a game from James and Wade, or 80 points from Wade James and Bosh, plus they need to play good defense at all times.

  14. Larry Fantastic says:

    OKC in 4! Probably in each on the next 3 games there will be a moment where you THINK the Heat will win but they won’t win one game. The Heat are going down Thursday, they are going down on Sunday and they are going down on Tuesday. LeBron will actually leave the game due to the blowout in Game 4 and you’ll see tears, my friends. – delicious tears that Westbrook will actually drink on National television. And LeBron will throw a punch at him but Westbrook will duck and LeBron will hit himself in the face – causing even more tears…

  15. Patou says:

    OKC All the way. No matter what the outcome – MVP went to the wrong player..

  16. COOL_Thunder says:

    Only THUNDERS can DESTROY the HEAT 🙂

  17. miamifan says:

    Miami in 6, that’s all I need to say

  18. rhyn56 says:

    miami should limit the score of okc…….. going 100 to 85 score……… they are just only a penetrating individual talents(okc)…. take a nice defends guys(mia)…… go heat….. good defends take okc down………

  19. rhyn56 says:

    miami should not give okc a 100 score…….. im taking sure of that, miami will win this series limit okc score…. they are only scoring in penetrating………. go heat……….

  20. HeatHayter says:

    To all you instant gratification Miami Heat Fans: OKC is an example of how you build a team. Through smart draft picks and trades. Not by colluding with each other leaving your former teams with nothing. James and Bosh: karma will come back and bite you in the @$$ for your off season antics prior to moving to the Heat. Look @ Melo, he was a MAN the way he dealt with his situation. He worked with the Nuggest to help his team get some good pieces in return for him. Heat will NEVER win a championship because they are just too over hyped. Spo doesnt even know how to get maximum output out of arguably the 2 greatest players in the NBA. Blow up the team, and close down the circus act. Get a complete team instead of 2 Superstars and a bunch of scrubs. Oh yeah, and you think Bosh will ever be clutch? Remember, he played for Toronto too long, so loosing is part of his game now. Game 1 is an example of Bosh’s softness. Instead of driving it inside, or posting up, he wants to be a 3pt shooter instead. Shaq was right all along. He is the Ru Paul of big men. HA!

    OKC in 4, maybe 5.

  21. awake says:

    1-0 thunder

    3 more to go , lebron get ready for the 3rd lost final

    arrogance is punished.

  22. Eric says:

    OKC in no more than 6 anyone who feels differently is either letting personal favoritism influence their decision or simply isn’t watching these games.

    • Eric says:

      Hell If the Celtics didn’t have a laundry list of injuries and the Heat wouldn’t even be in the Finals

  23. sancho says:

    Thunder 4-0

  24. sancho says:

    that guy got mad cause he spelled Dwaine Wayde wrong haha

  25. LeBronster says:

    HEAT… last year those 5 persons above said that MIami will win last year… says “when is the parade miami?”… but what happened..? dallas won last year… it’s all in the heart and mental toughness guys.., i will absolutely say that this miami heat team has the edge over the young thunders… & that game 1 collapse by miami will just be the triggering factor for the miami to step up their game… as a comparison.., this seasons 1st game by heat vs thunder.., the okc won… but their next meet ended to a very struggling game by the self-proclaimed mvp durant… HEAT in 5 or 6…

  26. LakersRus says:

    I disagree with people who say the Thunder are not defensively capable! How can you say that with Perkins and Ibaka in the paint! Having said that it will be a tough series! Lebron James has to be covered tightly! If not, he will kill the Thunder! Beware of getting big leads on the Thunder because they are incredibly capable of making comebacks and closing! They proved that in the West playoffs! I’m gonna say Thunder in 7! But, honestly, it is up for grabs! Two evenly matched teams in my opinion! I’m a Laker fan so I’m pretty neutral! Just think it’s a great finals series!

  27. Jackie Sanchez says:

    I always predicted OKC and the Heat were going to go to the finals this season, and look who’s playing tonight?
    As a Heat fan, I say the Miami Heat will take the championship! They have been waiting for this moment since last season and this is what they have been practicing for all along. LeBron will get the ring he’s been waiting for and deserves.
    Don’t get me wrong, the Thunder are a great team; therefore it will take the Heat more than 4 games to defeat them.
    It´s time to see the superstars show what they got! Get ready for the NBA Finals to begin!

  28. BOOM says:

    Heat in 6, The Heat’s big three will explode on the thunder leaving them stunned. ._.

  29. Luke says:

    We expect both Lebron and Kevin to step up; they will. We expect Dwayne Wade and Russel Westbrook to step up; they will. I believe that the Heat win in a hard-battled, savage 7-game series, even with all of Thunder’s weapons, athleticism, etc. Experience for Miami pays off. Lebron James will step up BIG TIME to prove to the picky media that he is the King.

  30. bkknight says:

    you people are so stupid,depth ?!? OKC USED 3 BENCH PLAYERS IN THEIR LAST 3 GAMES VS SPURS COLLISON,FISHER AND HARDEN(there was cook in one or 2 games but its not like they are 12 deep)… this is going to be very easy for heat mark my words,maybe even 4 0 sweep…Westbrook will lose games for thunder,he really isnt that good player as he thinks he is…expect wade james in rampage mode and bosh will be x factor,everyone talking bout ibaka and perkins, they cant guard bosh point blank not fan of either team but im just keepin it real

  31. Charlie says:

    I had OKC for the west since the start but the biggest reason they won spurs series was because they stoped Parker. I don’t see them stopping LBJ or Wade. Heta in 6.

  32. Kevin Durant says:

    Perkins don’t like Wade & LeBron. Today’s win will be for him. Gotta go, I have show to put on 2nite

  33. Swiss says:

    Just putting it out there but whoever wins game 1 will win the series. Stats say that will be OKC.

  34. @alex maaaaan what a hard question n the answer is noooonne. Next time come up with a easy question lol. KD is about to face a guy name Lebron James James n then his gonna say men shaq is right “man is a machine” .

  35. Lmfao@ all those predictions from sports writers and fans. Lets us just watch n findout what happens in this series. Game one is a statement and confidence for both team. Only 3 more hours till showdown for game 1 tonight. Sorry okc fans I believe it’s Miamis time to win a championship this year becuze NBA said so n NBA wants to bring back thunder even hungrier next to the finals by loosing this one just like they did to Miami last year. It’s a sports business so get use to it. 😉
    Let’s get this party started! Let’s go Lebron aka best all around player in the world!

  36. alex says:

    hey, can I ask a question? who is the best defender that Durant has ever faced in the playoffs?

    • AirWITness says:

      No one. One can argue Metta World Peace and maybe Marion. But Marion is sorta of low on the totem pole as in terms of a lockdown defender and Metta was coming back from a 7 game suspension and not to mention, he was no longer “Ron Artest.”

    • Luke says:

      Definitely Metta World Peace; made Durant a little uncomfortable.

  37. Luis says:

    I think OKC has the best team , but i have to agree with John Schuhmann. Lebron is not going to let this opportunity slip past him again, no way.

  38. shaurel says:

    OKC will win. OKC is just to deep. OKC in 6

  39. ROOSTER says:

    The true story is we have 2 great teams. & we cant say who is going to win.. cant be done.. gl every one & there team.. this is going to be a good 1…. glad its hear… 🙂

  40. Lakers fan says:

    Rooting for Fisher…fish-n-it…

  41. CuLebron says:

    OKC in 6 without any doubt. TEAM PLAY before single stars.

  42. rey4yal says:

    It’s like “been there done that” for the Heat. This is championship series. Every level of intensity will be up a notch or two higher for every player. They’ve been there with Lebron last season. They failed before but I think they learned from it. If Heat stays hot on defense with Battier, Anthony, Haslem and Bosh (whenever they’re on the floor). There’s a big chance they can snatch the trophy in Game 6. I’d like to see a game seven though. That makes it more exciting.

  43. generate heat says:

    OKC have no defence, seriously .. the boston/miami have the best defence in the league, okc fans are delusional, okc have nothing that can stop wade and lebron… expect to see a tuff series but really heat in 5

  44. The King says:

    The heat have a stronger Big 3 defensivley and their offense is amazing. If we can get stops on the thunder than we can win this series. Heat in 6

  45. b-rad says:

    OKC is the better team but it will be a hard fought series with interesting matchups. Bosch will bring Ibaka out from under the basket where he would definitly pose problems for James and Wade. That leaves perkins who will hopefully stay out of foul trouble. westbrook is the other wildcard. Hopefully he plays with intensity but under control. if so the thunder take it!

  46. Ron says:

    I think the heat are going to have a rough time with it and it will only go 5 games. Without layups or dunks the heat are nothing, they shoot the ball poorly and even worse the free throw shooting is horrible with james and wade. with james and wade not being able to hit free throws down the stretch i say thunder will run over them late in the games.

    Celtics didn’t have any good bigs other than garnett but the thunder have a few, its going to be a swat fest for the thunder as miami’s game is to drive the ball.

  47. The Future says:

    The refs have got this one. Hands down.

  48. spurs fan says:

    i want to pick thunders to win this series but we dont know if they play the same level as the 1st to 3rd round of the playoff all the way to the finals or bcome brick bcoz of luck of exp and alot of pressure in the finals.the only player they have with a exp in the finals is fisher..on heat hope lebron learnd his lesson to his 2 trip to the finals if lebron can be the same monster as he play this entire playoff the thunder is in trouble the only way the thunder can win this is the role players and there deep and they have a great a diehard spurs fan im very disapointed when the spurs lose to thunders but they deserve it scott brook is a very good coach the way they adjust form game 3 to game 6..gudluck to thunders and heat this is a hell of a series…and im sure the spurs will be back nxt year with a vengence hahahaa!go spurs go!

  49. Frankie says:

    heat in 4 …..OKC has no experience in this kind of

  50. rey4yal says:

    If Miami will play tightened up defense all through out the series, I’ll go for Miami in 6 games. This will be a clash of two elite teams hungry for a title. I’ll go for James this time who played exceptionally well under pressure in the semi finals series when they were down 3-2 against aging Boston. The media put so much pressure on him. How he responded game six in that series is enough for me to be convinced that he can lead Miami all the way. The MVP is hungry for a title and he has learned to play with his nerves in check. I’ve seen that in the semis series.. Do I need say more? Let the games begin and may the best team win.!!!

  51. rwanyonga says:

    ok i hate to bet on games but i m gonna go against my principle on this one

    i ll say OKC in 5, why ? because of one name Thabo Safalosha …… After witnessing Tony Parker quickness, and Kobe Bryant toughness in these play off and after witnessing how Thabo Safalosha shut them out …… and what followed once Kobe and Parker game were Knocked out by Safalosha……. i can say with confidence that Thabo Safalosha can easily take out D. Wade, once he takes out D.Wade…….i don’t think Bron Bron plays will make difference, and there will be none else to help Bron Bron once D.Wade can’t make play because of Safalosha……

    so i am going ahead and say OKC in 5,

  52. ches03 says:

    cant believe this predictions….but still heat will win this..durant cant score againts lebrons D…

  53. justyouwatch says:

    In OKC we know this: Team Is ONE. (THUNDER in 4 ~ !!!!)

    ~~~~ just you watch

  54. Devon says:

    I’ve got the Thunder in 5 games MAX….The heat only have a chance if Lebron, Wade and Bosh both combine for 100 points, which won’t happen.The Thudner are better all the way down the line from Durant to Cook to Brooks. And they’re hungrier than the Heat. I know how bad James want’s a ring, but I think he wants it so people will stop hounding him and that he can live up to his “legacy.” Whereas Durant and company just straight up want the ring more.

    If the Heat don’t win, then they need to blow the team up. They should keep James, Wade and Chalmers and dump everyone else. I love Bosh, but he is under used in Miami and Miami needs to dump his salary to get a more complete rounded team, rather than going for the “veterans” that don’t have it anymore for role players. Also coach Spo should be gone. I would love to see Sloan, Van Gundy (either Stan or Jeff) or Phil Jackson get a chance to coach them though.

  55. Meer Quies says:


  56. HEAT WILL WIIN IN 5 or 6!
    Everyone is taking about LeBron is going to choke in the cluth but you forget that Durant choked when he air balled that three the last time they played.

  57. Steven says:

    OKC in 5. Miami has no chance in hell of beating OKC

  58. LeBron James says:

    Thank all you guys for the support and the criticism to motivate us more and bring the title back to South Beach.

  59. JDish says:

    The OKC Thunder have the edge.
    The Thunder roster matches up well with the Heat. OKC have players that can make a greater impact than the players on the Heat.
    I pick Scott Brooks to win the coaching square off with Erik Spoelstra.
    The Thunder are just talented, young, and hungry, while the Heat are experiened and hungry, but its more of a hungry to shut the critics and haters up.

  60. kobe24bryant says:

    thunder in 7

  61. FirstPlace says:

    I predict that there will be 250 comments on hangtime tomorrow about bad calls from the ref’s. After the Thunder take game one

  62. Octavian4017 says:

    First game will set the tone – Miami has to dominate this first game in my opinion otherwise okc wins this series imo.
    It took 7 to beat the old man crew in Boston – but okc is young and can keep up so Miami has to break their spirit in this first game or they wont win.

    • BigERV says:

      Just cuz they win one game doesnt mean nothing for the Heat the Spurs won the first 2 against Thunder it didnt break there spirit they keep fighting and won the series which most teams dont do when they are down 0-2!

  63. BFREE2COMMTS says:

    Miami sure is nor favored in this one but it s has been happend before so 5 vs 5 no prediction just heart who really wins no matter what is the basket ball , i love miami but i love too Okis so but i must pick one heat all the way …

  64. BigERV says:

    Get out the brooms Thunder will sweep the Heat Lebron and Wade are choke artists, Lebron getting rdy to be 0-3 in the Finals he shoulda stayed in Cleveland where he almost won with a mediocre team and being with the Big 3 and cant win thats TERRIBLE!

  65. lebron james says:

    Wade,bosh and me will leave it all on the court to try to win this series.

  66. Go Thunder says:


  67. MrBigShot says:

    I’ve got to imagine this will be one of the best, closest finals in NBA history. I give a slight edge to the Heat because in the 4th quarter the refs give them the call every time they drive to the basket. It’s a little suspicious that the Heat and Thunder are in the Finals because that’s what David Stern wants. I don’t think it’s rigged but the refs do give the Heat the advantage late. However, good jump-shooting teams like the Dallas Mavericks last year can overcome that. It’s going to be hard for that young Thunder team to overcome the adversity and by that time Lebron will have it in top gear. Heat in 7

  68. Realist says:

    this will be a great series, i have miami in 7, with a break each before hitting game 7. OKCs best chance is to take it all in 6, otherwise miami have it. i think experience does play a factor in the result of being here done that. miami was WAY more hungry than dallas last year but the experience of the vets got them. you cannot disregard this fact. thunder have not played an athletic defense like miami on the road to the finals. miami are great at away games, they have been for 2 years now.

    key match ups? bench. it’s all about the bench. miami win just about all their games if their bench produces SOMETHING. if battier/miller/chalmers can hit those wide open 3s that lebron provides 4-5 times a game then miami all the way.
    if harden stays hot all series with collison providing some offensive rebounds and putbacks with cameo appearances from fisher then okc easily.

    miami in 7 – need to break once and hold 2 games at home then play finish it out in okc
    okc in 6 if they’re good enough – hold home games and win once away

  69. Habtamu says:

    Keeping in mind that Miami seems to lack what it takes under extreme pressure, ill predict OKC if the series lingers to game 7. If this is not the case im going with Miami to take it all under any other circumstances.
    Go heat! -from Seattle

  70. not disillusioned says:

    nets in 4, they sweep without playing a single game at home

  71. KYLE P says:

    Heat in 6.
    Wade steps up,Lebron keeps dominateing.

  72. Bobby A says:

    I see this coming, HEAT in 4. If OKC gets lucky, They will last up to 5 games. wanna bet anyone?

  73. Jumpshot = fail says:

    There is one way Heat can win this series. Stick one of the big men they have (Pittmen, or Eddy Curry) in the middle of the paint and tell them to stand there and take up space and not to worry about fouls. Second is every trip on the offensive end if its not a fask-break or semi-fast break, is to post up Lebron every single time, with Bosh on the weak side sitting offscreens for dwayne cutting to the basket. Or stagger screens.

    Litereally the heat could run 2 plays and get great looks, but everyone wonders why they don’t….

  74. I don’t need discussion of coaches or depth or nicer jerseys or any of that “I think I know better than you” garbage. THINK! Look who’s playing! That’s right! Hit yourself on the forehead! It’s DWYANE WADE! Thank you very much. That’s all I needed to say. Discussion closed.

    P.S. (Miami has nicer jerseys anyway.)

    • ………and just in case anyone thinks home-court makes a difference in this series, you’re off your trolley. You OKC fans can take your fancy metallic blue shirts along with everyone else in your section who got one and give em’ to the starving in Africa. Us TRUE Miami fans bring our White-Hot support from our own closet to Section 147.

      • it should be ILLEGAL for Miami to be this darn good.

        MY CALL IS:
        Miami in 0. The series was over before it even started. Hope you OKC fans didn’t pay too much for your tickets tonight. Then again, the halftime show might be entertaining… 🙂

  75. Ian says:

    Heat in 4

  76. joel says:

    joel anthony is the key to the series

  77. BBall Fan says:

    I predict, you predict, everybody let’s predict the out come of this game………..

  78. Thunder35 says:

    Heat can’t shoot freethrows which will cost them at the end. I was a houston rockets fan back in those tmac/yao days so i kno what shane can do…. he cant guard KD he just too long and talented he’ll have shane in foul trouble real quick. Lebron can’t guard him and our team overall is build off more than three well in miami’s case 2 people. they dont know how to use bosh so thats gone cost them even more

  79. mighty Griffin says:

    if HEAT finds a way to get Griffin in the team, then its Heat in straight 4-0, else OKC 4-3.

  80. Basketball Junkie says:

    OKC in 6 maybe 5……I believe Ibaka and Perkins and the whole team in general is gonna come out BIG. But we all know that OKC is good offensively and defensively too (but I think that OKC will actually show that they are the more dominant defensive team — even though defense is something Miami prides on)

  81. Jordan says:

    Either the Bobcats in 4 or the Flint Tropics in 5. 🙂

  82. DWillComeHome says:

    Miami gonna get beat down again by the thunder just like my Mavericks beat them down last year

  83. Get Real says:

    OKC IN 6

    Game 1 – OKC
    Game 2 -MIA
    GAME 3 – OKC
    Game 4- MIA
    Game 5 – OKC
    Game 6 – OKC

  84. Ladrones says:

    If you want a real prediction, you can ask to the referees, which are the ones who decide the game as happened to the Spurs.

  85. Gil says:

    i believe HEAT in 6 games max. Who can guard Wade at crunch time? who can guard LBJ 48 minutes a night with his speed at his size?

  86. It is 4 – 1 for Miami; the Heat will win Game 1, 3, 4, and 5.


  87. Celtic Fan says:

    Does anyone think there is gonna be a brawl in this series because for some reason, I do

  88. They all took the Thunder; I agree but am somewhat surprised. I guess I just figured one of them would have faith in LeBron James to carry the Heat to a championship.

    Here is my take (–nba.html). My prediction is the Thunder in six basically because I do not believe the Heat can win two games in Oklahoma City and I don’t believe that they can win all three games at AmericanAirlines Arena.

    Add to that the supreme confidence and focus that the Thunder have exhibited throughout the playoffs and the fact that Miami sometimes lacks focus, I can see no reason to pick the Heat in this matchup.

  89. juneauz says:


    • Octavian4017 says:

      I wish – not sure why Rondo didnt push the ball or shoot it himself as they kept him wide open in late 4th.

  90. SM says:

    Coching and match ups play a major role in winning or losing.
    If Miami Heat plays with their big man in position 4 and 5 rather than using Battier in position 4, Miami Heat has a better chance to wim.
    Miami Heat is a better team and the big 3 for Miami are better than big 3 in OKC.
    Comes all to the coaches to utilize them properly,

    I would say, labron on Durant, Wade on Westbrook and Battier on Harden. This match up will weaken OKC.
    Bosh and other big men can take care of OKC big men.
    Chalmers could start and take care of Sefelosha.

  91. AwwPlease says:

    I predict Bosh to break down in the hallway and cry if he loses again.

  92. BBall Fan says:

    is it game time yet???

    damn, six more hour to go….

  93. jerz says:

    Miami Heat will win 4 straight game 😉

  94. Zach Gillette says:

    The Thunder will win if Harden faces Miami’s bench consistently. The scoring punch will eliminate any possibility of a blowout and OKC has proven time and again that they are superior in clutch situations.

  95. KOBE says:


  96. AwwPlease says:


    Ahh shut up with all these predictions and talk about who’s hungry for the title. Lets just sit back and watch it all unfold because last series everyone was predicting the Spurs would win and look what happened.


  97. McLovin says:

    OKC in 4! Sweep baby!

  98. jefrey says:

    Heat will win no doubt about it.
    Heat has better defense than Lakers, Dallas, San Antonio
    LBJ will take care of WB
    Battier will take care of Durant
    Perkins is not really a big threat Anthony can take care of him
    Bosh can do jump shot will open up space for wade and LBJ since Ibaka will follow Bosh

  99. Cab says:

    Gantlet? Really?

  100. MGaM says:

    I pick Thunder in 6, after Stealing game 4 in Miami 🙂

    • BBall Fan says:

      you left out an important word ……

      I pick Thunder “OUT” in 6, after Stealing game 4 in Miami.

  101. rod says:

    i can’t watch the game..I’m afraid i would get heart attack.. but hope my team win the championship ring. Aim Small miss small.

  102. Jeremy says:

    Well, the Thunder is obviously the more built team. However, this series and how it plays out is solely dependent on LeBron James. If he plays like he did in Game 6 vs the Celtics.. Wade puts up 15 a game and bosh puts up 15 a game the Heat will never lose. In that Game 6 not only did LeBron show his ability to be impossible to guard but he also played lock down defense hence why Pierce went 4-18. When LeBron plays with hunger like he did then the Heat are near unbeatable. But if they play soft like game 2 at Miami OKC would have won that. They need to play at the top of their game.

  103. mistermatt says:

    The Heat fans are praying hard for OKC to be injured for them to win. Good sportsmanship.

  104. confused says:

    Im a miami fan but i think okc will win this, but if lbj and dwade continues to attack the basket frequently they will be a nightmare to anyone whose defending them any okc bigs in the middle will be in foul trouble in early quarters and will cause brooks some adjustment. But for me let destiny decides game and enjoy the finals.. Plus okc hasnt gone off in its shooting in the past 3 rounds who can say if its time to get off but if they consistently play well okc in 6. Still id like to hope for a lbj game 6 mode.. Kingkong mode.

  105. Daley the Dan says:

    Thunder in 5 HEAT cannot stop OKC and even limiting them to under 100 points will still loose as have no Bigs to speak of.For Miami to win OKC would have to shoot terribly for whole series. LAKERS will be back next year though

  106. Scorpio says:

    OKC will only win if westbrook play like rondo….

  107. lets says:

    this is very nice match up,but i predict miami in 6 or 7

  108. 3ptdagger says:

    I want the Heat to win, which is strange considering the closest city to me is Cleveland and I should hate him, but I don’t. I’m sure he doesn’t want a 0-3 Finals record. That said, OKC just looks unstoppable to me. They took out the last 3 Western Conference champions, in convincing fashion against a terrific Spurs team. I know, they’re ‘old’, like the Celtics- which at least game the Heat some competition. Miami’s best chance is to steal one early at Chesapeake, and then win all 3 home games. Once they have to go back to OKC, odds will be against them. I hope I’m wrong, but

    OKC in 7

    Even if so, I believe that’s the last time Lebron will make it to the Finals and lose.

  109. b0gdan says:

    I believe the diference will be made by the rest of the team, and not by the superstars. The superstars are kind of evenly matched, but OKC has Ibaka, Perkins, Sefolosha good 1on 1 defenders. MIA has no big guy in the paint, while OKC has 2.

  110. lebronwade says:

    Heat on 7…..

    Manny Pacquiao on rematch…

  111. seewhatyouwant says:

    b-ball you deep lol but I can’t predict anything I want to seee the attitudes of the players once the ball is tipped especially wade and I love how bosh is play and carry himself he is a true competitor hope you get it this time

  112. Sir Sam says:

    Russell Westbrook will lose his posie and gain his ego. Heat in 7!

  113. M-MAN says:

    Games 1and2 are important games .if heat takes any they’l win it all

  114. Nutty says:

    Heats will win in 6..unless DURANT,WESTBROOK and HARDEN bring their A++game
    then Thunder in 7. I’m Laker fan by the way.

  115. chandler says:

    it will go to a 7 game series and whoever wns that game will win its not whos the beter teem they are both grate it is who can close out when they need to

  116. Darwin says:

    Miami Heat on game 6

  117. Robert says:

    Kevin Durant is the only player in the NBA right now that Lebron James cannot guard.

  118. Matt says:

    okc is the better team, they have a good all around team and actually run an offense while heat just run isolation plays for lbj and wade and make them create something. also scott brooks is a coach, spoelstra is a cheerleader, brooks will find a way to solve all the problems that they will face (for example the spurs series) spoelstra’s solution is give it to lbj/wade. okc’s defense really improved when they faced the spurs and they were the best offense in the league and averaged the most points per game in the league, and the spurs struggled, and so will the heat. OKC in 5

  119. mia03 says:

    Miami got tested more coming into the finals while OKC had cruise control coming into the finals (except that Spurs Series). I really am thankful for the Pacers and especially the Boston Celtics for pushing Miami around. They are ready this time.
    Adversity makes winners.

    This is the first series Miami is the underdog. And I love it. they are so much better if their backs are against the wall. I am glad everyone is picking OKC. I just hope the Heat players know they are the underdog

    TO LEBRON, prove doubters wrong. Now is the time!
    TO WADE, wake up. I need you to be the player I “idolized”
    TO BOSH and UD, just grab those rebounds and make those Js
    TO CHALMERS and BATTIER, please hit those 3s and defend
    TO THE REST give it all you’ve got… just 4 games more!!!

    The obvious prediction is OKC. But I take Miami in 5 or 6.

  120. HEAT TEAM!!! says:

    HEAT will win!!! Not only the team but Lebron James deserves to win this year. I’m sure he will go all the way on this Finals. Can’t wait to see how LBJ gets his first ring in a couple of weeks!!! LET’S GO HEAT!!!!

  121. Miami says:

    Hard to pick one team…but i think itz gonna b Miami in 6 or 7.
    They are hungry and LBJ will def’ly get it done this time around.

    What ever happens we are gonna witness one of the best finals in recent times !!

  122. Ethan says:

    OKC WILL GET SHOCKED AT HOME AND LOSE THE FIRST. It will be all down hill from there—— MIAMI IN 6!!!!!!!

    • Sir Sam says:

      Yea in 20??

    • AwwPlease says:

      LOL Yeah in 7 they went home.


      *Chants for about 3948393483948 minutes

    • JDish says:

      Spurs in 5

    • BBall Fan says:

      you left out an important word ……

      Celtics “OUT” in 7

      • JDish says:

        I dont know about you all, BUUUT i will never understand how the Spurs went 2-0 over the THunder, and then lose FOUR straight games, without even winning one more. That after winning 20 straight PLAYOFF games. I totally understand and accept that the Thunder just demonstrated that they are a great NBA squad and that they played an awesome series to win the Western Finals. I just don’t know how San Antonio didn’t win one more to make a full 7 game series. Terrible, what ever the reason for this is, terrible.

  123. JDish says:

    For the record: I like OKC Thunder because of their youth, their talent, their offensive power. (BUT I was totally behind the Spurs to be in these finals). Because OKC demonstrated how great of a team they are, and how they have shown that they can totally turn the tide with their talent and youth against veteran NBA teams, I think the Thunder can win these NBA finals in 6 – maybe 7.

    I’m not a fan of the Heat, nor am I of Lebron. YET I totally respect Miami for being the great team that they are, and I respect Lebron James because I agree that he is the best NBA player in the league right now. The MVP without question.

    This being said, I think OKC has the offensive power in Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden to dominate the series. The Thunder are also full of youth and confidence, and are hungry for, not only a championship, but recognition and respect as truly a top NBA squad.

  124. aaron says:

    thunder in 6

  125. ro says:

    All the above predictions are wrong. OKC in 5. OKC is a far better team than heat is this year.

  126. MaddenLord says:

    Game-1 MIA WIN
    Game-2 OCK WIN
    Game-3 OKC WIN
    Game-4 MIA WIN
    Game-5 MIA WIN
    Game-6 MIA WIN
    Game-7 if thers injuries ??????? OKC/MIA ??????

  127. jzarecta says:

    I can see LBJ and Wade becoming more of a postgame players and come to take over games like they did in the past.

  128. regolo says:

    John Schuhmann is right the Heat will win but not in 6..HEAT IN explainations needed..let’s all watch the game..

  129. YoungGun says:

    In my opinion, Heat in 6, because Lebron is playing outstading and now that Bosh is back they have the man shooting 3’s . Cmon we have soo many weapons when it comes to shooting from beyond the arc and experience in the finals. LETS GO HEAT

  130. Jipz says:

    Teams who were once tested by rivals’ determination and luck will rise to the challenge and soon will become victorious. MIAMI @ 5 . . .

  131. nash manager says:

    and very obvious…thunder in 5 and maybe in 4 if heat cool off early…

  132. nash manager says:

    only the shoe’man pick the overrated heat, what a lame…

  133. MaddenLord says:

    This is going to be exactly what the media wanted and is getting. The number 1 and number 2 player facing off. Heat game six. But if any one of these teams has injury problems especially OKC its over. I think that the Hheat can handle almost any injurys except Lebron, and or Dwayne Wade, This canbe a problem becasue Wade likte to drive. he need to know that Lebroln and him have to play with 100% chemisty. Bosh with help with the big posting and allow Dwgade to do his normal game style. LIke i said earlier injurys like bosh gone with limt Dwyane Wades comptfort for driving and solo scoring. This will be Heat in 6 games. Obiously if if lebron and waded dont play togerher as opposed to playing like indivduials. so if OKC gets hatden out or someone else that not KD or Westbrook. they will lose for sure. the only team that can handle losing players is the Heat. Lebron is the exception to the rule

    • MaddenLord says:

      OKC can win with out a doubt but Lebron will not be stoped. Wade play your part. Hope no injuries for bothe so there is no excuses after. if OKC wind KD will be LeBrons most emothional loss in the finals. Good luck to bothe teams who deserve this oppertunity. I thnk this is going to be one of the greatest things that good of happened for fans but mostly for the NBA and the media.

      • MaddenLord says:

        one more thing Heat in 6 worst case 7. if Heat was at home it would be 5 and worst case 6. with no serious injurys. but if OKC had injurys they wont win. if Lebron gets hurt OKC in 5 depending on when the injurys ouccr

  134. LOLakers says:

    you OKC losers don’t know a thing about Heat. we got secret weapon in Joe Crawford. no one can stop. Joe + big 3 and miami heat dynasty begins.

  135. BBall Fan says:

    Game 1 – Miami by 8
    Game 2 – Miami by 5
    Game 3 – OKC by 9
    Game 4 – Miami by 3
    Game 5 – OT Miami by 1

    • Master's in Basketball says:

      You are funny. I am amazed you can predict each game. Let’s see what happens tonight in Game 1.

      I just have a feeling OKC will win this year’s NBA title. People are already forgetting about Derek Fisher. The Clutch winner expert in NBA Finals. He wants to win another ring to prove to the Los Angeles Lakers that they did the wrong thing by trading him to Houston Rockets. He bought out his contract, by going to Oklahoma City Thunder. Don’t also forget Kendrick Perkins that used to play for Boston Celtics. He too also wants to prove a point by winning another championship ring. He knows his former team Boston Celtics have been defeated twice in two straight years, so I am pretty sure his former mates will be encouraging him to win it all against Lebron James and the Heat. This NBA finals have so much on stake. Okc has never won a title, Miami has. And that was back in Year 2006 with Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem. So therefore, Okc is more hungrier to win it all. The only reason why Miami Heat is hungrier as well is because Lebron James and Chris Bosh have never won a ring. But overall, Okc as a franchise has never won a title, that’s why Okc is more hungrier. Hope you feel me. Therefore, Okc will win it.

      Master’s in Basketball…

      • BBall Fan says:

        i’m not a fan of either team…… but since “the pro” from this blog are all saying OKC will win the series. why not i be “the pro” also, and pull those number out of my A$$.

      • Bad Luck Bryan says:

        Dafuq?! Fisher would be the X-Factor then huh? What are you smoking man?

    • wat says:

      are u a psychic or what? ur prediction is more accurate than the rest of us LOL

    • AwwPlease says:


    • Get Real says:

      i HOPE THIS POST IS STILL UP TOMORROW. . . .lame heat fans, you have the same ego as the players and have not won nothing together yet! the heat or OKC are not my team but you heat fans are becoming like the LA Fans. . .which I enjoy seeing them lose now with a wack coach cause they talk too much and I will watch again the Miami heat lose and CRY. . .

      • BBall Fan says:

        sorry, i’m not a fan of either team. it just funny how people throwing thier “predition” left and right. majority people on here going with OKC, so i’m just going the opposite.

        All i wanted is a good basketball game.

  136. my take says:

    golden state warriors in 4

  137. cliffordberong says:

    OKC will win NBA tittle in 5 or 6,Thunders are playing great both ends on the floor. Kevin Durant is unstoppable! Westbrook is too fast! Harden is unguardable.Oklahoma City dismantled the former NBA Champions in the playoffs like the Dallas Mavericks in 4,LA Lakers in 5,San Antonio in 6, and of course the Miami Heat in 5 or 6.ty

  138. rolance says:

    okc on its first final appearance, its entirely a different ballgame … advantage MIAMI
    no more choking for LBJ, the time is NOW !

  139. HeaThunderClas says:

    Foul troubling will do to the guards of penetrating James,Dwade and even bosh..just like the troubled celtics. HEAT in game 5^_^

  140. kingjames420 says:

    lets see what durant can do if lebron guards him,wade guards westbrook and we got shane battier.the heat is hungrier and
    wont allow to lose again in the finals 2 straight years lebron is gonna go all the way on this one and so is wade and bosh,
    thay get past the mavs spurs and lal coz their old plus no one can guard durant and harden but we will see if lebron is
    in front of durant their still young inexperienced,yes their good but this year for the HEAT the thunder will be champs but
    not this year or the next,a lot of them predicted thunder but their gonna be sorry coz heat will definitely own the thunder
    for sure because of defense and defense wins championships.

    • FirstPlace says:

      what is the heat going to do when they lose this series? break up maybe, fire the coach! maybe lebron, and wade should of kept thier mouths shut instead of promising 7 rings. Thunder in 6. sorry for the heat but this team will be arround for a while!

      • MV3 says:

        @FirstPlace: James promised 7 rings not Wade. Im a BIG Wade fan since 2003 but as long as LeBron is in Miami, i hope they will never win a ring. I’m rooting for OKC all the way. Durant > James Wade>Westbrook. Thunder up

  141. arnold s. mendoza says:

    durant is to young to take lebron, the determination of heat will surely burn out the thunder…unlike heat there is always bosh who will always supply the flame to keep the heat always giving fire to burn out the thunder….HEAT your the only team that has the capacity to slow down the spark of the thunder…lets go HEAT for the win!!!!

  142. armin says:

    heat in 6……

  143. arnold s. mendoza says:

    durant is to young to take lebron, the determination of heat will surely burn out the thunder….HEAT your the only team that has the capacity to slow down the spark of the thunder…..go for the win!!!

  144. lakerfan says:

    i won’t be saying things like facts like so called expert fans and basketball experts do. As a fan, I’m rooting for the east’s beasts for this one. Let’s go HEAT!

    • Get Real says:

      yeah cause your lame team is out LA. . . so you want a east team to win. . .what a true fan you are?. get real you know OKC gave LA/MAVS/SPurs a beat down and they will do the same to the heat. . . .true NBA fan talking here.

  145. arnold says:

    i believed HEAT will win this game, there is always an advantage for the veterans…lets go heat lets burn out the thunder.

  146. being objective says:

    OKC in 6. Why? OKC is a monster in home court. The team is way more complete, especially the bench. Although, the Heat is not an easy team to beat, Im sure OKC will win a game in Miami so later, after two loses, they will crown themselves on the 6th game at home.

    • Sir Sam says:

      Spurs won 20 and could no remember that last home lost before the Thunder came to town. Home court is not a surtey in this series.

  147. agmanu says:

    It all comes to depth. It’s a series and some games eventually would go in OT. Both teams are good in transistion and have reliable scorers. The heat are a little better defensibly while the thunder are more consistent offensively. However the thunder have shown they can play solid defense like what they did against SA. Lebron and Wade might carry the Heat for two games the most while the rest goes to the thunder. OKC in 6.

  148. Hakeem Alonto says:

    Miami in 5. LeBron and Dwade simply cannot be stopped. Throw in a bosh and Miami will sweep. But okc will take game 2. And that’s about it.

  149. Yeaahhh says:

    D wade is gonna have a great series… better than Mr westbrook,

  150. Yeaahhh says:

    the nba pick OKC?

  151. OKCCCCC says:

    I know Heat wants to win so bad…but cant ignore how hungry these young lions are. THey have showed it times and times this postseason that Heart of aCHampion can be crushed….OKC in 6 or less….

  152. Firelion says:

    I honestly believed that OKC wins in 6 especially when lebron chokes and the miami heat shoots poor in the free is a team game and so far OKC is the one showing that.. they are now mature and ready for the big league.. this is the start of a new dynasty… GO THUNDER!!! Go Philippines!

  153. Rein says:

    All writters who predicted that this series will going to win by OKC were a true HEAT fan…they just want to motivate, and they just want the MIAMI to ignite because of their predictions…they pushing the HEAT to be the BEST out there…

    HEAT in 5 0r 6…

  154. LOLakers says:

    Heat in 4 or 5. The Blunder aren’t fit to lick Lebron’s shoes LOL!!!! They are way too inexperienced and will turn the ball over which means a Miami dunk on the other end!!!!

  155. David says:

    Miami in Four games. Many people think that K. Durant is unstopable but the facts are that Miam i heats have three unstopable players on Lebron J., K. Wade, and Chris Bosch that on record they might outperform K. Durant anyday, anytime, anywhere on the court. What people is missing is the facts that these three Miami players play very well together even if they have to lower up their average amounts per game; they will all average over 20 points per game anyday while in Oklahoma their team must rely on K. Durant to make 40 points or more if they want to have a chance to win because everybody else is average players that can easily be stop in the league. But for what is worst, I don’t see any team stopping all three tigers of Miami during the finals.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      what you are missing is the Thunder Big 3 have better numbers than the Miami Big 3, once again look something up before spewing garbage from your mouth. You do realize that durant outscores LBJ, that Westbrook outscored Wade, and Bosh averages 1 more PPG than Harden (WHO COMES OFF THE BENCH)

      • pakyaw says:

        STATS dont apply in playoffs or finals..coz if it is,then NUGGETS should be in the finals right now..

    • FirstPlace says:

      yep! you’ll be crying about the ref’s tomorrow just like the spur’s fan did

  156. wilson says:

    Coaches are crucial on this one? I disagree. Both coaches are basically “rookies” in the playoffs/finals and no disrespect but both seems to panic at times in critical moments. What they have are just Great Superstars that carries the team and them.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      I didnt see Brooks panic at all in the payoffs, not even down by 18 to the spurs, just kept playing our game and came back and won. There is no panic, how many games did OKC win in this years playoffs in the closing minutes? i canthink of at least 5-6

  157. ee says:

    anyone who had been watching these playoffs and not just thier teams would know okc are winning in 5 or 6 they are way to good the heat probaly would not have beat the spurs or lakers either

    • dattebayo says:

      I watched every Thunder and every Heat Game and it is not that easy to determine, who will win this series. The Thunder were favored in the Conference Finals and in the first Round by the refs to no end, that 4th quarter in Game 6 made that really obvious alongside those 6 noncalled goaltendings from Ibaka. Beside the Spurs series they were not challenged like the Heat have been with Bosh getting injured. Can you imagine the Thunder without Harden or Ibaka winning that series against the Spurs?

      If Harden, Westbrook and Durant can make their jumpshots and get foulcalls, they will be hard to beat. If Miami can defend against that, they have a good chance of winning 4 games.

  158. dattebayo says:

    Picking a Team is just wishful thinking. The first 2 Games will tell the story. Who will defend better, who will be more aggressive, who will have an off-night, how tight is the game called, how do the Thunder handle the pressure, how does Miami fare in that loud environment that is Chesapeak Arena?
    The Heat will face a much better offensive Team than what they faced in Boston, Indiana and New York, a Team that runs in Transition and has 3 great consistent jumpshooters. The Thunder will face the best defensive Team so far in the postseason. Will Durant, Westbrook and Harden be able to get past James, Wade and Battier? Miami has had to play small more and more, can they go big and play effective again?

    Both Teams have come far and proven to be contenders. I still like the Heat to win much more than the Thunder. If Wade and Bosh can be efficient offensively, they have the defense to beat the Thunder. I think the Thunder will go up by double figures in Game 1 and the Heat will come back to win it and come up with the perfect lineup in the 4th. Bosh James, Battier, Wade and either Haslem or Miller, depending on whether OKC stays big with Perkins and Ibaka or go small with Ibaka and Sefelosha.

  159. Bad Luck Bryan says:

    WestCrook’s ego will kill the team. Pride as big as his cheekbone. LOL

  160. Karl says:

    Okc gonna face the best defense they have faced so far. Miami was 3# in defense and OKC was like 17#. And LeBron won´t have a mental breakdown this year. Heat in 6

  161. Dope Boy says:

    Miami in 6
    It will be a showdown between KD and LBJ.
    I can see Sefalosha chasing wade all night and Chalmers sticking to Westbrook but will be left behind.
    Perkins setting up screens but Battier will be there.
    Bosh very sneaky with his mid range and some 3’s leaving Perk/Ibaka clueless.
    Harden making some 3’s but not enough.

  162. David says:

    The way the Miami heats are playing right now, more than likely they will win the championship in four games. I really doubt that Lebron James and Chris Bosh will take the chance to play a half wayin any of their games. Especially, because they want to earn their first nba championship ring. It is true that Oklahoma’s players are playing good basketball, but they will never be able to beat the Miami heats this year with Lebron and Bosch looking for their first championship and with the experience of K. Wade. By far this three players are the best of the nation and in my opinion they are just four games away from the championship ring and not seven games like everybody else is predicting. Miami heats will bring the heat to Oklahoma and then it will finish business in Miami.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      @David, i sure hope you are posting in here after the series! would be nice to watch your eat your ridiculous statements.

      • Master's in Basketball says:

        I guess you are wrong. Oklahoma city Thunder came back to defeat Miami Heat yesterday. They play with more confidence down the stretch of the game as compared to Miami Heat. So I guess, a sweep is no more like you said you see likely.

        OKC will likely win in 5 or 6. Their squad is much deeper as compared to Miami’s Heat squad.

  163. adrian says:

    pistons in 4

  164. bsj968 says:

    OKC in 5. They may even sweep. Just look at the playoffs and what they accomplished. The Heat were lucky to make it out of Boston. OKC had to go through the defending champions, the big three of L.A., and the best team in the NBA during the regular season. And they did it for the most part in late games and during clutch time. If there is one thing you can say about Lebron, he ain’t clutch in the Finals!

  165. Tank says:

    OKC in 6

  166. Ken says:

    Im Heat fan. Rationally, I think OKC win in 6. But if Harden is contained, Heat win in 7.
    Heat GOGOGO!

  167. timothy says:

    MIA, 4-0

  168. JENNY Q from the PH says:

    HEAT’s gonna take game 1. Dallas did the thing of just hanging around then stealing the show in the 4th against the Heat last year and eventually came away win the crown. MIAMI is the dangerous team because they’ve past the strong BOSTON, the extreme plaoff team.HEAT IN 6

  169. ALDRIN06 says:

    THUNDER are more of a team than the HEAT. MVP LeBron does everything he can every night. plus Flash D-Wade struggled against the Pacers and the Celts. OKC is the stronger team but we can never tell how THE OTHERS of the Heat can make significant differences. DO NOT COUNT OUT Chalmers, Miller, Battier and Haslem. DURANT is GOOD but I dont think he can do the same with LeBron breathing down his neck, and yes, it might take the MVP’s scoring away but he does so many intangibles. Harden is the problem, but I dont agree that he would really make his way in this series especially Wade is a man on both ends. I CAN SEE BOSH INJECTING THE BIGGEST SUPPORT,

    HEAT IN 6 or 7

  170. lakermig says:

    totally OKC to win they have too many weapons too little weaknesses and are simply a much better all round team.Plus just for good measure they don’t loose at home.

  171. mighty joe says:

    let offer a piece of MY prediction, i’d say HEAT at 6.


    • Get Real says:

      NO. . . .This is the same thing that was being said last year. . .but yet they lost and I predict OKC will win the 1 of their home games before going to Miami and pick up another win in MIA to close it out in OKC. . .OKC IN 7

  173. Bob says:

    I’m taking the Heat in 6. LeBron and Wade have a lot to prove since last year. When those two players take it strong to the basket and turn up the pressure defense, I don’t see any team beating them. I go back to the Chicago series last year and believe that experience taught them to be champions. They had had a major lapse in consistently playing aggressive ball. In the Celtics and Pacers series, they had to step up and deliver.
    The Thunder are a young team. I don’t see them taking the leap this year. For whatever reason, the Spurs stopped playing the game that dismantled every opponent. They played the Thunders game. I don’t think that the Heat will fall into that trap.
    The Heat should go in and press Perkins and Ibaka and make the series a grind, Riley ball. Bosh is hot and Ibaka will not be able to help-side D as much has he has been. The Heat have many big men sitting on the bench for a no layup rule. It’s going to be physical and pressurized. Take the experience grinding defensive team. Heat in 6

    • David says:

      I strongly agree with your post. However, I think that the Miami heats will win the championship in four games. Why? you just said it on your post. Lebron James, and Bosch looking for their first championship and the amazing star of K. Wade will probably be more than enough force to win it all. Furthermore, the rest of the Miami team tends to be very good in defense and replacing starters, they can make a big contribution as well as a better contribution than the Oklahoma bench team. I don’t even see Oklahoma winning any game during the finals considering the outstanding way Bosh, Lebron, Wade, Haslem, Anthony, Chandler and jones are playing right now. Miami heaats in Four games.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      The Spurs didnt stop plaing their game, the Thunder forced them to changetheir game by playing great “switch over screen” pick and roll defense, San Antonio had no answer once the driving lane was cut off, Perkins and Ibaka were killing Ginobili and Parker by popping out over the screens and being athletic enough to contest the drive to the rim!

      • pakyaw says:

        DUDE! theres a big differences between Ginobili and Parker vs LBJ and Wade when it comes driving to the rim.. HOW OLD RU ? 12?…

    • FirstPlace says:

      You 2 will be the same guys crying about the ref’s in tomorrows Blog.

  174. Melvin says:

    OKC has never been to Final’s ground. Heat will show them that Lesson. LeBron Didnt go all the way here to lose to the Thunder. He wants that ring and He and the Heat will get it. Heat in 5-6. I bet they’ll take game 1 tomorrow. Just a prediction. 😀

    • Josh says:

      I think you are right ! And i am a thunder fan…

      But this series remind me kind of the 1991 Finals… Lakers won Game 1 at Chicago, a team that never went to the Finals before… before losing four straight to the Bulls as they start their dynasty !

      Thunder will figure out a way to win this as a team.
      OKC in 6

  175. simpl3guy says:

    Lebron and KD’s production in the first 3 quarters would most likely cancel each other. KD has the “more proven” edge in the 4th.

    Wade and Westbrook’s production will most likely cancel off, if they decide to guard each other. But most likely that won’t happen. It is interesting to note that Westbrook’s over Chalmer’s defense is by far better than Wade over Sefolosha’s.

    In term’s of consistency, I’ll pick Harden over Bosh. Though Bosh could be the X factor for the Heat.

    No one on the Heat roster can out rebound or muscle up with Ibaka and Perkins.

    Not a fan of Coach Brooks, but no one in his right mind will have Spoelstra over him.

    Lakers in 5.

    • FirstPlace says:

      oh thats a good guess! But I heard Wade in a interveiw when he won the finals in 06 talk about how Sefolosha was the best defender he ever faced in the playoffs

  176. Decepticon says:

    Defence wins Championships… Miami in six!

    • FirstPlace says:

      teams win championships thunder in 6 or 7. They will have 2 chances to close out at home with the 2-3-2

  177. non-biased supporter says:

    the thunder will win, the only reason heat got past boston was because Avery Bradley was out, and okc have thabo sefolosha, he will shut down d-wade and KD is just flat out a better shooter than lebron. but the decisive factor will be rebounding, OKC’s frontcourt completely destroys miami’s non existent one. thunder in 6.

  178. defdun says:

    I believe these experts all predicted Spurs over Thunder, so consequently if here most writers pick OKC, we should be seeing Miami win the title!
    Don’t forget that suddenly the Thunder are realizing they are the favourites – for the first time. And this stage is The Finals, the defintely last series of the season. OKC will be somewhat nervous for the first time, and you won’t see the same kind of performances/numbers put up as they’ve shown before, so I fgureis Miami in 6 or 7.
    Still Thunder can be proud of what they’ve done this season and are ready to win it all next year (if they stay together and healthy).

  179. mico says:

    okc in six.. okc will be known as the champions killer after this series..

    • David says:

      Oklahoma, probably would have one the championship if they would have encounter the Boston Celtics in the Finals. But, they must face a strong Miami team with the hunger of three tigers such as lebron james, K. Wade, and Bosch plus a very good defensive bench team. In my opinion, Miami will win every game by more than 10 points and in just four games. Lebron, Wade and Bosch will be too much for Oklahoma to handle. Especially, because the Miami heats are finally playing team ball and probably will not take any chances to play close games against the Oklahoma team. Miami in Four games.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        haha @David, can i have whatever you are smoking, you do realize the Game Miamia played in OKC this year was a beat down. OKC by 16, and Miami barely squeaked out a home win against us. OKC got this, they are more complete, James, Wade, and Bosh have to rest some time, when they do they will be getting killed by Harden, Fisher, Collison, Cook, and Mohammed,

  180. Dwyane Fan says:

    Heat in 5. Hopefully, against all odds. It will be a battle of a lifetime, rooting for heat, i’d love to see vintage DWADE back on court.

  181. coming_soon says:

    thunder is too young… heat will win in 6!

  182. Charles Howell says:

    people writing off the heat like they havent been there before we are the ones with the experience and this is there first finals since 96

  183. Charles Howell says:

    i say heat in 4 or 5 end of story #TeamHeat

  184. HeatKingsOfEast says:

    i dont think the home court advantage is applicable in the finals, it is 2-3-2, if i wer to choose, i’d go to play 2 games away and at least split, and win 3 consecutive in my home court or at least 2, and go to game 6 to have a 3-2 lead, then end the series in 4-2 continuing the momentum in 3 home court games to game 6.

  185. andie says:

    OKC in 6. Sure the Heat are more motivated to win but they are also more pressured than the Thunder. OKC have nothing to lose here since they are young, and only few expected them to beat the Spurs in the WCF. The Thunder have a good front line in Ibaka, Perkins & Durant. They also have consistent bench production in Harden, not to mention 3 maybe 4 of their starters can contribute on the offensive end on a consistent basis. They have a good shot blocker in Ibaka. Miami rely only on James, sometimes Wade or now maybe Bosh. There was never a series that Durant under performed, Wade sometimes disappear. Miami’s best when they drive , but OKC have Perkins & Ibaka to protect the rim..

    • q't18 says:

      well, i think that’s good for MIami b’coz they’re UNPREDICTABLE!!!LET’S GO HEAT!!!
      HEAT in 5….

  186. Master's in Basketball says:

    This series reminds me of the San Antonio vs. Detroit NBA Finals back in year 2005. Back then San Antonio Spurs had home court advantage over the defending Champions Detroit pistons of 2004. It was so close to predict the outcome, but at the end of the day in Game 7, San Antonio came out on top. Both teams had depth in their squad. Due to OKC extra depth on their bench and for possessing the home court advantage, OKC will win.

    Likely OKC in six.


  187. HEAT631 says:

    As I said in the other article, the HEAT will expose the Thunder’s biggest problem —- Russell WestBRICK.. OKC fans start praying that WestBRICK ego will prevent him from shooting like crazy..

  188. akosibonik says:

    everybody is on okc’s side, as well as their series with the spurs, all of the people are in the side of the spurs, what happend? we can argu all day about this series, but in my opinion, it’s a close call, no sure winner, that’s why these writers picked okc, because of their depth. but i don’t think so, it is given that okc has a better bench, but if bosh will come off the bench and deliver, and then battier hit 3-4 3pointers, its very well in favor of miami, remember that miami is a defensive team. okc is good in defense, remember that miami came of 2 tough series, from pacers and celtics, a defensive series, miami is very well aware of this, they can win this with defense. OKC has a BETTER bench, in terms of scoring, and production. and the HEAT as a whole, is BETTER in their halfcourt defense. i don’t think KD can be shut down, miami just needs to minimize his production, and let westbrook shoot. with this said, miami with a better experience, and miami wants this more. i say heat in 6. those 3 straight home games for them are crucial. 1 win by the heat at chesapeake and it’s over. HEAT in 6.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      you just hinged your entire statement on battier hitting 3-4 threes per game, You do realize Battier average 5.7 PPG the entire season, so if Miami wins be Battier scoring 9-12 PER GAME i’ll take that, but its not going to happen, besides he looks like Frank the entertainer.

    • FirstPlace says:

      Really Miami had tough series. OKC beat The Lakers, The Mav’s , and The Spurs. those teams account for 11 of the last 14 finals champions. The Spurs won 20 in a row. 10 straight playoff games. And you really think that the Heat had some tough playoff series?

      • pakyaw says:

        YES! PHYSICAL series on pacer,and PHYSICAL and MENTAL TOUGHNESS on boston….anymore question?

      • Badandy says:

        Yes! A rivalry series against Dirty-Dirk and squad (more physical than the Indiana series). The Laker Series (no further commentary necessary), and the Spurs-more talented and mentally tough than Boston (aka, tougher series). Comparably, the Heat played their conference on the elementary school playground.

  189. jologs says:

    this will be a close series barring any injuries or suspensions, i like heat’s chances if they can steal any of the first two games in OKC. If that happens then Heat in 5!

  190. mark15 says:

    this is a great fight but i pick okc in 5 because lbj and wade is not enough to win a team unlike okc they share a ball

  191. carlos92 says:

    to me i think this is bron brons year hes hungry for that ring and it will be no surprise seeing multiple 40- point games out of him and Durant but to me this is Lebron’s year i doubt the queen would want to loose again but to me he’ll crush the thunders hope the reason heat will win in 6 is because to me i think West brook will choke allot in this the pressure from the finals is gonna be too much in this series especially if they put D wade on him but Miami in 6 and this is coming from a laker fan

  192. Heat fan says:

    HEAT IN 4 in those 4 games heat cruise period

    • Mitch says:

      the heat wiil fail under pressure. Thunder in 5

    • TEAM THUNDER UP!!! says:


    • Get Real says:

      Thunder from down under! LOL. . .Miami will lose. . when its crunch time and its time for the big one they will fall apart . . OKC TOO DEEP!. . . .

    • cool knicks fan says:

      SMH, you are a delusional Heat fan that doesn’t know anything about basketball. The Thunder are too deep, the crowd is too raucous and nobody has beaten OKC in front of that crowd in the playoffs much less cruised. Miami will NEVER sweep OKC, and they won’t win. Change your name to Delusional Heat Fan and THunder will win in 6.

  193. well, the basketball gods delivered..we got what we wanted..a marquee matchup between two star-studded squads..for me, i cant root against the thunder who have continued to improve throughout the postseason…heres my prediction:

  194. Data and statistical model predict OKC in 7 (17%), only slightly more likely than MIA in 6 (16.3%)…
    The same model had already predicted Thunder in 5 vs Lakers, and Thunder in 6 vs Spurs.

  195. shanydawg says:

    I am SO GLAD that the whole world is FINALLY not EXPECTING the Heat so win every game by 50 and sweep every series. They’re going to REALLY enjoy their ‘underdog” status. Don’t wake that sleeping dog! HEAT IN 6.

  196. Jepoy3 says:

    It’s alright if they are picking the thunder… I still believe the heat can do it… Better to be an underdog in this series… Goodluck heat…

  197. CManley says:

    Well Mike Miller is sure something, and Haslem is pushing a mean 6’8. Doesn’t anyone care about how much bigger the Thunder are than the Heat? Westbrook is shortest starter, and he’s as tall or taller than two starting positions on the Heat. Whose going to deal with Ibaka, and push Perkins around? And Collison and Mohamed? All those fools are 6’10 or taller. So short of James defending every athletic large person on the Thunder, the Heat are going to use people like Juwan Howard possibly to show some size? Really?

    Scoring champs beat MVPs anyway.

    • q't18 says:

      well, did you see how they push KG??who’s better that IBAKA & KG offensively…BOS’ bigs is way better that OKC’s bigs offensively..and when it comes to defense, they’re all foul prone b’coz of LBJ and WADE’s drive to the lane…..IT’S NOT A PROBLEM for MIAMI HEAT!!!LET’S GO HEAT……..let the babies of OKC cry!!!

      • OKCKD35 says:

        the lane wont be open for drives, OKc plays good perimiter and pick and roll defense, ask Tony Parker, who is much quicker than LBJ or Wade at getting inside.

      • FirstPlace says:

        OKC has the best Big’s rotation in the NBA. OKC dominated the Celtics during the season. KG is an aging big and gave the heat problems. Wade and LeBron are going to left crying to the refs for a foul just like Tony Parker and Manu.

      • Ms Mary says:

        Totally agree!!!! Let’s go HEAT!!!!!!
        HEAT in 6

      • pakyaw says:

        @OKCKD35…tony parker maybe quicker than LBJ,but,are u $%# serious? u comparing LBJ to parker? SMH..UR AN IDIOT..theres a lot of LBJ do that parker cant do.. remember that..

    • John says:

      It’s all about quantity (Scoring title) not quality (MVP). You can have 10 highlights a game, but what matters in the end is make sure the ball goes into the basket.

      Heat are struggling with Indiana (young, athlectic team), Boston (old, banged up team). How are they going to compete against OKC (young, athlectic team that are more complete and talented than Indiana and Boston combined).

      OKC in 5

  198. Jan says:

    Heat in 6.

    Durant won’t be as dominant with Bron on him. Westbrook will be the X-Factor both ways. If Miami finds a way to stop him. Miami will win.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      Durant averaged over 29 PPG against the heat in 2 games this year. Nobody can stop KD, NOBODY!

    • FirstPlace says:

      Your right Durant only averaged 26 point a game with Lebron covering him this year.

      • Jordan says:

        Only 26! Are you serious? Even if KD is held to 26, Westbrook will get 15-30 points a night on average, Harden will probably average 10-25, and Ibaka, Fisher, and Sefalosha will all chip in some good points. Miami has 3 guys and sup-par role players. I expect Lebron will be great, because on a level of ability he is the guy in this series, no question. However, D Wade might be great but he has been very inconsistent in the playoffs and Bosh is nowhere near the contributor that Harden is. So anyone who says the Heat are unstoppable need to learn more about the game. Do you know who wins championships? Its not great players, it is great teams. Lebron and Wade will not win. I dont care how badly Lebron wants his ring. At this point in time, the Heat are not a team and OKC has matured and evolved in the 2012 playoffs and it is quite obvious that they are the next great team given that they keep their key players and are able to build with solid role players. Basketball is a team game and OKC has evolved into a great team, because they have beaten champions and those champions can be called champions because everyone of them played ball like a team. The Heat struggled greatly against boston and indiana becauase both of those teams are great basketball teams. So if you need my prediction it will be OKC in 6 or 7.

  199. john says:

    it’s simple.
    LeBron James is unstoppable. He is too good to end up 0 for 2 in the NBA Finals ( like a Patrick Ewing or John Stockton)
    he signed up for the Heat for one reason. NBA championship.
    he is going to get a ring. now is his time.
    also, Heat has a Battie for good defense. when he was on the rockets, he gave Kobe some difficulty. he knows the OKC players.
    the Flash has been to the FINALS twice and he is 1 for 2. He knows what it takes to get the next ring.
    Healthy , with a lot of hunger for the championship and more experience than the young guns.
    The HEAT in six games.
    God bless the US military and God bless America

    • Josh says:

      You mean too good to end up 0-3 ? He lost with CLE in 07 !
      Jordan never, never, lost in The Finals… The best player ever ? Jordan, and it is not close.

      • Bronville says:

        Jordan is not better than Le Bron remember he was just a better scorer but Le Bron is a all around better player, championships don’t deside who’s a better player in that case Look at Bill Rusell he has 11 rings with Boston, does that mean he’s better than Le Bron or Jordan? no, so learn some basketball and stop hating on the King

      • John says:

        The “KING” without the “RING” – hahahaha

      • cool knicks fan says:

        That’s really dumb BronVille. Jordan is a lot better than LeBron. Jordan won 6 championships while the King has no rings. I could name a lot of players better than LeBron. Jordan is a lot more clutch than LeBron and is a 100x more heart than James. Russell is better than LeBron because of his rings and because he is a LOT better of a winner than LeBron. Russell is the 2nd greatest player of all time in a lot of people’s opinions. LeBron might be more talented than Jordan and Russell, but he doesn’t have the heart to win 6, much less 11 championships. If rings didn’t decide who was a better player, than Tim Duncan wouldn’t be considered better than Karl Malone, and Isiah Thomas wouldn’t be considered better than CP3. Believe me, I’m not a LeBron hater.

      • RAFAEL says:

        OMG Broneville are you kidding me, Lebron can’t even be mentioned in the same sentence as Mj. What makes MJ the best player who ever lived is the fact he made the people around him better. Scotty Pippen’s best seasons were with MJ not without him others like Stece Kerr, John Paxon, Horace Grant, BJ Armstrong etc had their better years playing along side with MJ. Lebron comes to Miami and and D Wade’s pruduction comes down in every aspect on the game and you cannot mention any player on the Heat roster who has benefit from playing with Leshoke James, sorry I meant Lebron which brings me to my other point, he cannot deliver when the game is on the line.

      • qwerty123 says:

        @Bronville. Lebron fans are all the same..always searching for a dumb reason trying to show why lebron is better than jordan. Okay, rings dont determine if youre better but when your “THE KING” and have bosh AND wade in your team AND still failed to win a championship, that takes you out of the jordan question. Jordan did it alone. He had pippen but he was nowhere near as good before or after jordan so he doesnt really count. PLUS he isnt on wades level because wade has the talent to run the team on his own while pippen was more of a backup. SO if you have THAT MUCH star power next to you and STILL dont win a championship while jordan did it, you CANT try to compare them. IF lebron wouldve stayed and won in cleavland, it wouldve been a different story and he couldve been compared but now with this much talent on his side, theres no excuse.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      tired of hearing people talk about experience, OKc has now been on 3 playoff runs. each year they have gone further, this year knocking out all 3 teams that have rep’ed the west in the last 13 years. OKC has a much better TEAM, and a better BIG 3, the numbers dont lie. OKC in 6!

  200. Jerwin says:

    I choose okc in this one. But Lebron is really aiming for his first ring. Westbrook is the key here. He must attack and do not shoot long range in transition. I believe that every game will be so close. A better clutch team will win this one. Durant shows already how clutch he is. So OKC in 7.

  201. dizwhar says:

    OKC in 6..this is a cinderella story for Durant and OKC..having to go over the process of rising up from below the ranking
    s for the past 4 years..this is their year,the start of a new dynasty..and maybe years of frustration for LBJ..
    maybe another epic rivalry in the making like the bulls and jazz (jordan and pippen vs. stockton and malone era)only this time the west champs will take the upperhand..OKC THUNDERup..

    • WuT says:

      If the Thunder win, I don’t think Miami will ever beat them if they meet again in the Finals.

  202. Mike says:

    I think if WB play smart like game 3 and 4 against SA, OKC will win in 5 or 6. But too much of WB will make th eHeat the new champ

  203. Hoops observer says:

    The Weather Channel has made its weather prediction for the this and next week …. a lot of HEAT everywhere and scattered thunder on the West.

  204. Kayla says:

    Heat in 7… end of story.

  205. Amitpal says:

    This is going to be a great series but I think okc wins it. Unlike the heat, thunder have learned how to play like a team. The heat still take turns going on 1 against 5. D wade and lebron don’t play off of each other and they don’t have great ball movement. Everyone always talks about the thunder half court offense but I think Miamis half court is much worse then the thunder. If the thunder play the way they did against the spurs and westbrook doesn’t make to Many bad decisions the thunder r going to win. But it has to be a team effort like it was against spurs.

  206. Go Heat says:

    Heat win in 7…Period..

  207. Marc says:

    I hate the Heat so much, but I know that Oklahoma City is gonna come out trying to do too much, and the Heat will be determined after last year. Heat in six.

  208. gerald29 says:

    thunder is a purely outside shooting team,,, if they knock down those shots they have a change for beating this motivated defence oriented team of heat ,,shane can help lbj to depen kd …heat in 6,,long live the king

    • WuT says:

      The Thunder aren’t losing in OKC but yet they storm into other veteram teams floors and kick them out. THE Thunder are going win. They adjust better than any other team so far. After the Spurs whooped them 2 games down. They just over powered them like they were going to win in the regardless of how many points they will score

  209. bob says:

    OKC! Miami is too old to keep up.

    • Jay says:

      how in the world is heat old….. they are all in their prime, get your facts straight

    • danieltheHEATfan! says:

      god ur dumb. the heats average age is 28 while the thunders is 26. get ur facts straight. the heat arent old and they will beat the thunder in 6 games. they will win games 1,3,4,and 6. im telling u right now ive been right about every series in these playoffs so far, and i dont plan to be wrong in the most important series. LETS GO HEAT!!!

  210. dirty_creek says:

    all’s just a big PREDICTION!all of you guys predicted that sspurs will win the west champs but you failed…i predicted the okc will go 4 straight after they feel 0-2 and they will face heat and see,it happened,right?so now my prediction,HEAT will win in 5!!!!

    • Josh says:

      I predicted Thunder will win in 6 against the Spurs… and I say Thunder take this one in six against Miami also, because it is a team game, not a “three stars and others” game. Thunder is a team, AND have 3 stars that come to play every night.
      The only thing is the inexperience of the Thunder that can cost them one game at home…
      But they are a formidable offensive team, and very good ont the defensive end too.
      Miami is exhausted, they should never have played 7 games against a banged up Celtics team (also they did not have Bosh).
      One more thing : Can Miami bench, and Chalmers, and Battier (seems like he will start right now) play big when it matters ?
      I don’t think they will do this consistently enough.
      Thunder in 6 !

      • HeatFan27 says:

        While I agree that the Thunder is a strong team, Lebron and Wade have the ability to cause problems for OKC on both ends of the floor. Also Miller hit some big 3s in Game 6 against the Pacers. The bench for the Heat can step and do some big things. I think Heat in 7.

    • cool knicks fan says:

      Maimi won’t beat OKC because of one reason: Depth. I know some people will say that everyone said the Spurs were deeper than OKC but look what happened. However, the Thunder were also a deep team, that is not the same story for Miami. Miami needs Bosh to play well, the role players must consistently hit 3s, and Joel Anthony has to have a BIG impact on the defensive end. I don’t think all of that is going to happen so Thunder in 6.

  211. Mike Richards says:

    Thunder is going to win. 4-2. I would say OKC will sweep them but miami will probably get lucky with 2 away games. They are going to drop like the spurs for sure.

  212. Ayane says:

    “Too much depth” – I think I’ve heard them talk about the Spurs this way. And we all know what happened to them.
    Nobody should take these writers’ (mis)predictions seriously.

  213. Chaelo says:

    OKC in 5 or 6..

  214. Thanh says:

    OKC in 6

  215. Cody says:

    I predict several OVERTIMES, winning by 1 point, and 7 games. Stats, and history is in OKC favor, but it will be hard fought. Thunder in 7, and 8 Overtimes over the coarse of the series.

  216. Danny says:

    wow picking all thunders lol

    heat wont let this one go away so heat will win the champ.

  217. charles says:

    OKC is talented and are an exceptional team. But the heat have enough talent for a whole team in just two people – Lebron and Wade are absurdly talented. But despite all of that talent, i just don’t think they can do it. OKC’s interior defense of Ibaka and Perkins along with sixth man Harden just adds too much for Durant and Westbrook to lose. Lebron looks refreshed and aggressive, but it would take him averaging a triple double along with Wade going for 30 every night to make a significant impact.

  218. cocoy says:

    Lakers in 5

  219. philipge says:

    the same guys predicting spurs will win the western conference finals. i dont trust all of your predictions.

  220. jzarecta says:

    I think LeBron greatnest will shine on this one. LeBron knows Durant and I think there would be a lot of competition between this two. But I see Dwayne being the big levelator.
    I surely wish the rest of the Heat can respond, but I doubt this will go to 7. I think Heat in 6.

  221. Aram says:

    Its predictable that Thunder will win but the unpredictable is that HEAT can win this in 6. LOL.

  222. Bobby says:

    Coaching is crucial in this one. The most significant area to me is OKC’s half-court offense. OKC – often stagnant half-court offense due to the lack of a big man who can handle the ball and draw attention. Heat – Lack of a big man that can stop OKC’s drivers (Westbrook, Durant, Harden) with Ibaka crashing the boards along with Westbrook. I believe the Heat must sacrifice some offense and play a lot of Joel Anthony to help keep OKC on the perimeter.

    • Miami Guy says:

      If we had Doc as a coach, I would say Miami Heat for sure. But with Spo I have a lot of doubts. But I still trust my team mostly to James and Wade..No one picked Heat in 2006 against Dallas but we beat him. We are lacking on coaching and height but motivation, and experience. Let’s Go Heat!

      • Nate says:

        OKC, simply because they have a more complete team. OKC has their Big 3 also, but they also have a defensive stopper in Stef. and two big guys in Perkins and Ibaka. Plus Durant has been the best Closer in the playoffs.

      • Ariel says:

        We need Pat RIley to go down coaching again

      • @ Miami Guy says:

        Hey guy, miami is gonna loose. after they loose, they will trade wade to dallas for haywood and roddy boubois + pick. then dallas get d-will. Mavs and Heat in finals next year. what do you think?

        Also, if you like mac and cheeze with hot dogs, dont experiment and use brats. regular hot dogs are best. use that as a metaphor for the HEAT. what shold they do? thats right. go find some hot dogs.

    • !!!!!HEAT-fan!!!!! says:

      Lebron will not let his team loose again in the finals.

      game 1, OKC won… so they had the juice tonight
      game 2, HEAT… cause they will get the juice back
      game 3, HEAT… still got the juice – at FULL FLAVOR!
      game 4, OKC… yeah, they get a little more juice on this one
      game 5, HEAT… they better win this, cause NO ONE has enough juice to win 2x@okc
      game 6, OKC… back at home, they have more juice
      game 7, HEAT… in the last game, lebron shows that he’s got more juice than anyone

      HEAT win 4-3

      im really not for the OKC. they just dont have the juice. but the heat got the right kind of juice.

      • HEAT-Juice!!!!! says:

        Yeah, feel the JUICE!!!

      • kobe > durant says:

        yeah, that right all fool out in over there! the LA Kobe’s are gonna be in finals next year. Bting the crackers and cheeze cause there’s gonna be pleanty of wine about this. but straight up Lakers to the king of the world. lakers and HEAT. Also, leave the cupcakes on the table – they’re gonna make you fat! Cheers !!!

      • Le-Brizzle says:

        Le brizzle hype up the road to the dunk show! Crackin a stack on them boards. The sizle and bizzle are flat out brizzle! stand up and shout it out YALL!!!!!!!!