LeBron Vs. KD – Who’s The Next Champ?

MIAMI — LeBron James and Kevin Durant are the two best basketball players in the world. Come June 26, one of the two will become an NBA champion for the first time … at the expense of the other.

Three-time MVP vs. three-time scoring champ. Head to head. Defending each other for 40-plus minutes a night for (likely) six or seven games. Who could ask for anything more?

KD-LeBron is enough to get you excited for the 2012 NBA Finals. But championships are won by teams, not individuals.

The Miami Heat vs. the Oklahoma City Thunder is a Finals matchup that many of us foresaw back in December. But both teams overcame adversity in the conference finals — Oklahoma City was down 0-2, Miami was down 2-3 — to get here.

Now that Chris Bosh is healthy, both teams have three legit scoring threats. The series could very well be decided by which team gets its stars into the paint and to the free throw line more often. But the play of role players can have a big impact.

The Thunder have been the better offensive team all season, while the Heat have been the better defensive team. Dwyane Wade‘s health and Russell Westbrook‘s decision-making will be key storylines. And two young coaches (OKC’s Scott Brooks and Miami’s Erik Spoelstra) will be under the microscope.

Miami has been here before, but the Thunder have home-court advantage, hosting Games 1, 2, 6 and 7. The team with home-court advantage has won 20 of the 27 Finals since the league switched to the 2-3-2 format in 1985. And only twice in the 27 years has the other team won three straight games on its home floor.

LeBron James. Kevin Durant. Heat vs. Thunder. It begins Tuesday.


  1. Xavi says:

    the ring belongs to the officials those guys are the big three of miami. Just my opinion.

  2. Jared Jones says:

    I’m a celtics fan, i hope that kevin durant his ring before lebron because the heat beat the celtics. we should’ve won the series but, it is what it is. in my opinion OKC wins series 4-2

  3. Jackie Sanchez says:

    They are both AMAZING players, but this is ,my idol, LeBron’s Championship!

  4. cord says:

    Also Thunder cant be beat at home right now thunder can beat heat at home i say game 4 will be that game

  5. People can hope all they want, root for who they want, but, outside of the fact that this WILL go 7 games, I don’t see how anyone can call this series. It’s the Finals, anything can happen. Personally, I’m not interested in what happened during the regular season, I don’t care about what happened last year or seasons before. NOW IS NOW and this could go either way. I love both of these teams, I’m rooting for the Heat but, to be honest, if OKC wins, I can’t get mad about it. They have proven themselves to the world and they deserve all the props they get. I do want the Heat to win, if for no other reason than to see what new reasons the Lebron haters will come up with for hating him. Good Luck to both teams.

  6. Rocabye says:

    The heat are in trouble. All I’m going to say. They just don’t have enough stuff unless they can find it within the series.

    Heat can’t shoot free throws, the Thunder are GREAT at free throws. Free Throws often decide a game. Not a good sign. Also the Thunder have won their series more convincingly against superior teams. The Heat have yet to show the ability to quickly close out series. Game 5 at Miami was a very bad bad sign of what this Heat team tends to do. On top of that, Lebron and Dwade cannot outscore the Thunder Big 3 like they could do to Boston. The only way the Heat win this series is through a significant contribution from their bench players. Quite frankly, its a very unlikely scenario because their coach is a buffoon.

  7. NBA FAN says:

    I hope OKC wins.

    Would be nice to see some youngsters win it all to let the world see that quality rules above this so called experience.
    Both teams have players who can make the difference, but OKC has shown they can figure out their opponents game.
    Even against an experienced team like the SAS who played them out in the first 2 games. Anyways, I’m ready for the finals!

    Go OKC!

  8. RazRah says:

    Everyone forgets D-Wade!!! This man is second on his team in blocked shots (Joel Anthony #1) Wade also has shown up in the finals more than ANY other recent Superstar. The true X-Factor is D-Wade! He is a top five talent of the entire league and he is the only Superstar with a RING!!!! Wade didn’t have a great Bulls series last year leading to the finals but when the lights were there brightest, he was the best player on the court!

  9. ches03 says:


  10. Luch Romeo says:

    This is gonna be an epic series but I think the young gun thunder will win – Kevin Durant all the way

  11. South beach in 4 !

  12. Bob says:

    If the Heat play aggressive from beginning to end, they win. If they play the Thunder like they played the Celtics, they lose. The Thunder have too much offensive talent to take quarters off on D. You have to trap and force turnovers in general, make them uncomfortable and get their bigs in foul trouble.
    I’m rooting for LeBron, but after watching Game 7 , it made me think that OKC could make much better runs and they stepped up on defense during their run. If you asked me after the Pacer series, I’d say the Heat will win it all. After the Celtics series, I think the Heat lose the edge too often and a hot team will beat them.
    I wouldnt want to predict the outcome of the Championship. I know that it will be the most focused team and that will win it all. Defense wins championships, the Heat are a better defensive team, but too many lapses, as of late. It’s going to. Be a good one

  13. Ashu says:

    OKC will win and LBJ will never win his title because a new era will rise in OKC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. jason says:

    i believe its lbj time , he has benn showing it throughout the playoffs , if the heat dont win is because LBJ just decide not to, he knows that he has more to prove than anyone else . he is the mvp for the 3rd time and in the final for the 3rd time as well nothing is promissing. i believe d wade going to do his thg so nowits up to lbj. even his been playing great this post ceason , i believe he has to show up as well in the final. i dnt thk lbj wld want kd to get that one, not this is one, if okc miraclely happen to win, lbj legacy going to suffer big time. he has to have the biggest ego on the court and be the best player on the court if thats happen i believe the heat will take in six. miami heat in 6

  15. bigboy11 says:


  16. peopleplease says:

    whoever wins this first game, regarding fans, stamina, and charisma will win it all…. look for miami first game upset…. by alot……. and okc crowd to win it for them the second game, miami will do the rest

  17. Fish says:

    LBJ is a better all around player than KD at the moment, BUT OKC is a better team,miami bench cant score the ball, and of course OKC has Derrick Fisher,the outstanding uber clutched veteran leader whos gunna come off the bench and hit the last second winning clutch shot in game 6

  18. gerald29 says:

    stop all ur nonsense comments ,,,just watch the series and see how it goes….

  19. aaron says:

    its gonna be a great finals, im going with the Thunder in 6 games. They’ve proven this season they can beat the best, and i believe they will do it once again. The Miami bench has no one who can match Harden’s offensive output. Sefalosha can slow down wade, and Ibaka can defend Bosh. I dont think anyone can guard Durant, especially if he is making his jumpshot; . If the game is close, the Thunder (Durant especially) has show they can close out big games). and if Westbrook can play under control and make smart decisions, the Thunder will win this series. The only way I see Miami winning is if Wade and LeBron combine for at least 70 pts a game.

  20. Jimmy Jam says:

    Heart and defense wins championships, not money. Go OKC!!

  21. DJ BLAKK says:


  22. Lenry says:

    GGOoo Thunder.. XD Kevin Durant is the Best.. Nobody can step his.. XD πŸ˜€ Oklahoma City THunder Champions.. 2011-2012 Season.. XD

  23. Fedor says:

    George you’re one to talk lol.. Are you kidding? OKC has played extremely tough teams.. Dallas may have been gutted, but still a way tougher than the Knicks. Lakers would dominate the Heat with size and OKC over came it. And San Antonio was on a 20 game win streak.

    OKC had a way tougher schedule to get to the finals it aint even a question

  24. George says:

    I want Miami to win. I think Miami will win. OKC has been firing on all cylinders and still had some knockdown drag-out fights against a largely gutted Mavericks team. Although them were swept, a couple of those games were nail-biters. Likewise with a directionless Lakers team and finally an antiquated Spurs team. I do realise that the aforementioned teams were all ex-champions, but that has little bearing today because they are obviously not the same teams as yesteryear. Miami, on the other hand, has had to dig deep collectively to play on a richer level then they had done so before due to Bosh’s early exit in the second round. Bosh is now back, and is going to play side by side with mettle tested role-players. The point being that Miami can now shift into top gear and play at a level we’ve not seen as of yet. I belive this final shift will be plenty enough to rally the Heat past this young and ambitious Thunder team. Go HEAT!!

  25. Is Durant “G” enough to lead OKC to the title? http://clicky.me/793y

  26. HeatH8r says:

    I’m not ashamed to admit that I absolutely despise the Heat. Being a Laker fan, a team with a long history of winning championships (without guys up and leaving their teams in free agency to all come and play on the same team), I have disliked the Heat ever since the Big Three got together. The Lakers tried winning championships with a Big Four of Gary Payton, Karl Malone, Shaq, and Kobe, but they got beat 4-1 in the Finals and learned their lesson. The Thunder have more depth beyond their Big Three, which I think will be their saving grace in this series. This will be a seven-game series, which means that by Game 6 and Game 7, the two Big Threes involved in this series won’t have the energy to carry their teams by themselves. That’s going to be the key factor that sinks Miami: LeBron and Wade will both play very well in this series, but they’re going to try and do too much in those last games. They won’t have the energy to perform in the clutch. It will come down to how Spoelstra and Brooks carry out their substitutions. I strongly believe Brooks is a better coach than Spoelstra, and I believe that Brooks’ rotations will be better. Spoelstra will let LeBron, Wade, and Bosh do whatever they want, while Brooks will keep better control over Durant, Westbrook, and Harden. The Thunder’s Big Three will perform well in the clutch in Games 6 and 7, and that will be the deciding factor that gets them a championship.

  27. Bob says:

    People keep going back to the regular season. that has nothing to do with right now. lebrons on a mission and the heat are playing better now. stop worrying about what happened in the regular season and accept the facts…Heat in 6 πŸ˜€

  28. Law064 says:

    I’m no heat fan or OKC fan however I like KD and RW. Wade is the only player on Miami I’m a fan of. Everyone saying that Lebron is going to shut down KD is crazy. KD is a pretty good defender as well so he’ll make it tough on Lebron. Wade will be guarded by Sefolosha and is giving up height. Thunder have a overall better team and they have beat some tough teams and had a few good comebacks. The Heat barley beat Boston and without game 2 they would’ve lost the series. Everyone fails to realize that if Wade guards Westbroon then Sefelosha will have Chalmers on him. He can’t stop him down low. The heat have no true big man and Perk and Ibaka are great defenders so they can shut down the lane. If Wade and Lebron have to be jump shooters the Thunder will win easily. OKC has great shooters but Harden KD and RW score in the paint also. Should be a good series but I give OKC the knob simply because they’re a deeper team.

  29. K-evin Durant
    D-idnt win to LBJ

    Heat will win in Game 5/6

  30. i think lebron and durant deserve to have a championship ring,both are good. the only thing they need is to have a support to their teammates, their teammate needs to step up, and the team who play better, he wins a championship! but i think Heat wins in 5/6.Miami is better than OKC.

  31. LOLakers says:

    James easily. Lebron is the greatest player of all time and will win 10 championships in a row!!! The only chance anyone else has is when Lebron decides to retire out of boredom!!!

  32. Daniel LBJ06 says:

    LeBron James Gonna win it this year, his not gonna let it slip again!! Big time Fan from Australia Good Luck LeBron.

  33. AwwPlease says:


    The Heat, we in this baby!!!!!

  34. AwwPlease says:

    I am glad the Spurs, Lakers, or Celtics did not make the cut. I am sooo tired of seeing them play in the Finals. I like to see new blood. Yes the Heat were in the Finals last year but this is another chance for Lebron to do what most people dont want – GET A RING!

    • no ring - got bling says:

      LBJ WILL GET A RING… when he get marry!!! which will never happen cause who would marry such a terrible basketball player? i tell you who. no one

  35. sweetdayo says:

    I don’t know why people are talking about this is everyone’s dream finals match up. I personally just believe that the teams who earned the right to be there should just be there. I don’t care if the person/team is on superstar status (even though i love OKC). I just want to see good basketball no matter who is playing. So, I wish people and the NBA will stop trying to speak for every fan out there talking about this is what we all wanted. If they listened and cared about what the fans wanted then Stern would be gone and much need changes would be implemented.

  36. sanjay says:

    I am airing my thoughts and you want to be my english teacher? you douchebag Heard the word malarkey? I guess not!
    80% of the people including folks like you were singing their demise when they were 3-2 down. And what happened now?
    I do not expect any coach to read my thoughts. If that is the case it would be an honor. At 6 am in the morning, I might have got my spelling and structure got messed up. Hey like it with 2 masters. you read the message and did you read latin?
    I know the game more than you will ever know your wifes be…ver! And let the finals roll we will see!

  37. Desmo1234 says:

    Well said people but everyone here is mssing the key point. DW (Dowayne Wade) I have been watching his play and if he continues tto struggle defensively then the Heat have no chance.

    Lately he can ‘t defend well! he is like a sieve. Everyone runs threw him and dunks the ball. He doesn t take any charges when someone goes to the basket. An to me, he seems slow.

    On offense he is hit or miss.

    I reallly feel this is something to watch how Wade responses. Defense or no Defense

  38. mirko says:

    LET GO HEAT ,LET GO D WADE !!!FLASH OR MV3 will destroy the thunderbolts and will be the 2ndtime FINALS MVP AND CHAMPIONS !!!

  39. mirko says:

    LET GO HEAT !!!

  40. okcforchamp says:

    sure it will be a good match. but i think kd will be a good match for lbj.

  41. KINGJAMESFAN says:


    • COMMERCIALS says:

      im so excited for the commercials. its gonna be seweet!!!!!

      lebron – 40 ppg
      wade – 22 ppg
      bosh – 15 and 15

      durant – 35 ppg
      westbrooks – 30 ppg
      harden – 15

      but the key is norris cole. can he rise up and overcome?

      i predict heat over the thuder is 11 games.

  42. Jayc says:

    LBJ is in the same league with other great players such as Barkley, Malone, Ewing, Stockton, Reggie Miller and etc,. Good or a BEAST infact but he is not going to win any title at all .. Not in this planet … Sorry LBJ fans… He got that jinks you know .. so for a laker fan like me .. i think thunder is gonna win..

  43. PeerLess says:

    Damn, that’s gonna be so tight – go get em’ OKC!

  44. snowfox says:

    the problem of Lebron, he has a nervous breakdown when it comes to a crucial games like the battle of the The Western Conference champion Dallas Mavericks defeated the Eastern Conference champion Miami Heat, 4–2, Dallas get the title NBA Champions 2011.

  45. Mr. 305 says:

    I love the matchup this year! KD vs. LBJ. Wade vs. Westbrook. Defense wins Championships people. Whoever plays better defense wins the trophy. So go play defense now.

  46. Basketball Fan says:

    I just Hope Lebron dosen’t go MIA like last year’s final. I would want to see both teams fighting at their best! This is going to be EPIC!!!

  47. Viper139 says:

    One-on-One OKC does not stand a chance against the Heat – LeBron is too strong, Wade too fast and Bosh just too skilled…
    BUT you basically can lay off Miami bigs (Anthony, Haslem…) and that means the best shootblocker of the season can guard the rim – taking away all those driving layups and dunks. And now it comes down to jump shooting. And even if LeBron does have one game like Game 6 against the Spurs (where he could have closed his eyes) – he just still is not a good outside shooter. Neither is Wade – look at their percentages.
    The only valid outside threat is bosh – and he will have his hands full with Perkins who will push im around.

    OKC just has more rim protection, the same speed and can handle pressure (which LeBron could not handle in last years finals).
    And I really dislikee that not 5, not 6, not 7 – show LeBron put out there when they joined together in Miami. For me he could go without ring for the rest of his career – if he does not get a little humble. Making fun of Dirks health in last years finals – and then just not showing up in any of the forth quarters when it could have mattered against the MAVS. He does show glimpses of greatness- for sure – but to me character is just as important. And that is what both him and Wade are really missing.

    OKC in 6

  48. MavsFan says:

    A lot of people are talking about Lebron being an elite defender and that he’s going to shut down KD. I agree with him being amazing on both offense and defense, but he is not going to shut down KD. In the playoff hub for the Finals they gave some statistics. KD’s points per 36mins with Lebron on the court and off the court. KD actually scored twice as many points per 36min when Lebron is ON the court. Just sayin, the stats dont lie. I haven’t seen anyone one stop KD, not even Lebron. But either way it goes, this should be a crazy series!!

    • MavsFan says:

      HAHA never mind, read it wrong. He’s actually scores 11 points fewer when Lebron’s on the court, but still averages about 20 with him on the court. The interesting thing will be if Sefolosha can shut down Wade the way he shut down Parker in the Spurs series. But we’ll see what happens. There are so many amazing athletes and scorers on both teams, it could easily go either way.

  49. LBJ says:

    HEAT HATERS you need to face the F face…accept the F TRUTH…..HEAT HATERS….

  50. PARUMAN says:

    All I can say is let them play ball.. All of your prediction are just prediction, let their game talk.. Who want’s it more! OKC IN 6!

  51. PARUMAN says:

    Sanjay what are you talking about dude? haha! The OKC force the spurs to match up their speed. Becoz they know that the spurs can’t match them.. You know the word COLLAPSE.. all of the game plan of Gregg Pop has vanish becoz they COLLAPSE..They don’t want to play the pace of OKC, but nothing they can do.. All of your saying was true off the court but if your on the court you will play the pace of OKC.. No matter what .. Nothing the HEAT can do..

  52. TWolves Fan says:

    I am an unbiased fan of the NBA. The Thunder will win the finals. Although Lebron has a slight edge on KD in terms of overall talent. KD is a far superior basketball player. He leads his team and closes games far better then Lebron. Lebron is the best #2 guy in the history of the game. He just wants to be one of the guys while KD has the basketball killer instinct. The Thunder are also the more rounded team. With two excellent guards and two top third bigmen in the league. Thunder win in 5

  53. Carlito says:

    Take note also, the in the series against the Pacers and the Celtics, Cris Bosh hasn’t played in more than half of that.

    Miami is 7-2 in the playoffs when Chris Bosh is playing. That is nine games in total and only 2 losses to show. They’re going to play OKC a maximum of seven games, and I don’t see them losing 4 games.

  54. word says:

    To the few people that are saying the mavs/lakers were easy wins this playoff series for the Thunder… the Heat lost a game to the Knicks (lol) and they struggled with the Pacers, a younger team than the Thunder…. everyone is giving the Celtics way too much credit for being the best defensive team in the league or even thinking they are that much of a trial for the Heat. The Thunder not only gave the Spurs (arguably the best team out there) their only 3 game losing streak this season, but their only 4 game playoff losing streak in… history. The heat could have and should have rolled through the East, but the fact is they only have the three threats. Their bench just isn’t deep enough to take a championship. Thunder has it all right now. OKC in 5 or 6.

  55. AJ says:

    Did you watch the OKC-San Antonio game? We had no choice, the NBA wanted this matchup. How else do you explain the 700 calls that went the Thunders way in their “amazing” comeback?

  56. Heat don't have a chance says:

    I see a lot of comments about how all the teams the thunder beat were old. Just because Duncan and Ginobli are old doesn’t mean the Spurs were old. Lakers aren’t old at all.. I will pay the mavs though. But really all the heats “younger” run and gun style gameplay is going to feed OKC turnovers which will convert into easy points. Ibaka and Perkins will clean up the boards getting either easy transition points or offensive put backs. No one on the heat could guard rondo and they sagged the hell off him. Unfortunately westrbook can shoot AND drive and Heat don’t have a big man to seal up the middle. KD’s jumpshot is pure and he will score even with lebron on him. And in a close game in the clutch.. well you only have to have watched any of OKC’s games to see KD dominating the 4th quarter.
    OKC in 5.. though i would prefer 6 because i like it when the winning team wins on their home court.

  57. MIAMI 3 6 1 says:


    Hey celtics fan…. what are you doing here?????? I thought you’re out there fishing?????hhh you’re riding bandwagon with OKC now…….. Okc beat old dallas old lakers and old spurs…. Heat Beat star studded NY, young fast and big elite pacers team… old veteran big three plus 1 celtics….

    Dallas is not the same dallas last season… did the HEAT blow them in the start of the season???? lakers got 1 on a incomplete heat that time…. but the heat beat them also….so does with spurs…..

    OKC and MIAMI got a split regular season standings….. It should be great…..

  58. rigor says:

    it looks like it s gonna be a FLOP series, 2 teams have a good floppers, may the theb best flopper wins LOL

  59. ferdie says:

    heat in 4 or 5…….

  60. ferdie says:

    Heat in 4 or 5

  61. NBAfan says:

    For the HEAT to win..they have to BLOW THEM OUT 4 games….because if the game is close..Durant will close them out and OKC has proven they can win from behind…

    Momentum is on OKC’s side for sure….

    Interesting fact…1st rd, Miami lost 1 to NY; then lost 2 to Pacers, then lost 3 to Boston…so in the finals…they will lose 4??? It’s a nonsensical pattern for sure…but it’s interesting….

    • Carlito says:

      If Durant was able to do his damage against other teams during crunch time, no way with LeBron James in front of him.

      He’s going to have the worst shooting percentage of his career in this series. And he will be owned by LeBron James.

      Ask Rose, ask Pierce, and the others who have had an unenviable opportunity of being guarded by the most fierce perimeter defender on the planet.

    • LBJ says:

      DWADE will guard WESTBROKE…..you will see what WESTBROKE doing in NBA FINALS….nyahaha!!!

  62. sanjay says:

    I am reading to some of the most immatured statement coming out of comments here!
    when heat was lagging behind celtics by 3-2 , every one was singing their demise! Even after 6 they did the same!
    And since when western team was ever better defensively? Barring spurs and some time lakers at their beak most of the matches are own by high scoring! We all know that east coast defense beat west coast defense hands down!
    how did chicago bulls made mince meat of all these high scoring teams like okc? how did heat over came fast paced dallas ? And since when OKC is a better defensive team than celtics, which just heat defeated with wade struggling all through the tournament and bosh sick!
    Remember newjersy high scoring team totally vanquished by lakers and than spurs? we have seen these high scoring young blood falling flat in finals! OKC is on tear, we all agree! but if heat has to win this, it has to be on physical hustle play and defense. Heat has won matches by restricting teams and not trying to outscore them!

    The lakers and spurs had good defense at their peak( the moment they lost it, it was gone! same with dallas. They need to have tough defense to win the trophy). East coast defense beat west coast defense any time( it has been proved from celtics, chicago to detroit! I hope heat do not forget it and rely on it.
    Slow the okc down and half the battle is won!
    enough said!

  63. Dylan says:

    Rockets fan here. Before season started I said it would be Heat – Thunder Heat in 7. The reason being that it is plain simply LeBrons time to win. It doesn’t matter who did what in the playoffs, what matters is who wants to win more and if Lebron wants to win more, then he will. I can see it in his eyes. I love OKC as Durant is one of my favorite players being a huge Longhorns fan. Next year it will be reversed Heat Thunder in Finals Thunder in 7

  64. Josh says:

    Okc is good but Heat are gonna win, LBJ is on a mission and is just a better all around player compared to KD. Its just the truth. Ibaka and Perkins will have trouble with Bosh cuz he has a post AND jumper. It’ll open up holes in the paint. OKC has better bench but Heat a little better but hardest play will win

    • marlon green says:

      Who is Bosh going topost? Perkins and Ibaka outweigh him by at least 30 pounds. They going to push Bosh around like a rag doll. As a matter of fact bosh isn’t as big as any of OKC’s big’s so he will have no choice but to shoot jumpers.

  65. sanjay says:

    OKC ‘s weakest link is they are terrible defense team! can anybody defend better than the celtics? hello? They only way heat can beat OKC is slow them down. Play at heats pace and not OKC’s face. They have jump shooters after jump shooters. wade can cut ibaka, westbrook pg is no better than rondo,bosh can take care of sofolosa, haslem can match perkins,james have to bully everybody, choke duran, do not give them jumpers ever! let them try in the paint! no stand and deliver jump shots! But if wade goes to work OKC can be matched in speed too!
    wade in finanls is totally different animal, so watch out!
    The spurs made a deadly mistake of matching speed with OKC rather than slowing it down at the pace of duncan! The heat is a better defensive team than okc on any given day. And we have seen that defensive teams are the ones who can outhustle these fast scoring teams! chicago,celtics,detroit , heat anyone?

    okc is fearless but so does james! some how james have to rise above them all! Unbelievably it is hist 3rd trip to finals and has missed 2 more trips by a whisker with cleveland and man is just 27! jordan has his first ring at 31!
    If heat has to play really really physical game ala celtics than they have a chance. They should not make a mistake of matching okc who are deadly in transition and 3 pointers! so trap them there and get the war to the rim( not paint) attack rim period and there is no way james and wade can be beaten there!
    And do not make a mistake of starting off the blocks slow on tuesday! Durant is good but did he have 30 plus games in all 7 games that too against a top defensive team like celtics? hello!
    so do not write off heats!

  66. william says:

    oklahoma wins

  67. Zero says:

    One of the best finals series ever! But I’m rooting for D-wade so Heat in 6-7!

  68. Uhm, I do believe this Thunder team has been together longer than the Lebrons. So stfu with the experience thing it’s all about team here. And team is Thunder. Thunder win easy. Better team. Better chemistry. Done.Β 

  69. Osten says:

    Can Lebron score a game winner yet???

  70. Victor Manoel de Brito says:

    Man, I hope LeBron get this one here, to shut up some mouths and stop all the nonsense criticism he has taken for all his life (specially the last two seasons). If LeBron get his championship, I don’t mind if OKC Thunder get the nexty five (because they’re good enough to win five titles in a row, man!).

  71. Hoops observer says:

    Heat in 5, perhaps in 6.

  72. OKC, Yo will see says:

    ok ok folks, Miami has no chancess, baby. OKC is no old and bold(with all the respect) Boston. Bosch is ain’t no real center. MIami would have a chance if they had a strong big guy, but OKC will dominate the paint plus KD, end of story.

  73. Marye Lynn says:

    So this seems to be the much-awaited NBA clash.
    I’m a huge fan of Kevin Durant because of his perseverance to go up to the finals. That’s why I will really be glad if they will win the championship. And I believe they can.
    Lebron’s been too decorated with the three MVPs and that he is really hungry for the title but OKC will not permit him to get it.
    It’s for the young Thunder this time.
    For the win Oklahoma! FTW Thunder.

  74. Joe says:

    Thunder win in 6. The reason is the role players and depth. Besides the big 3 for the heat, the have nobody who can score 10 or more points. Ibaka can get a double-double. Thabo can knock down some 3s. Derek fisher can come in and get some great minutes. Who do the heat have Juan Howard? Kid Clutch will be holding the gold ball. THUNDER UP

  75. Bray Moore says:

    Not here to argue with anyone nor your opinions I’m a die hard OKC Fan so Im taking the thunder to Win it they Had the hardest & Best teams in the league to play in the playoffs also the teams the put out are the teams who have been winning rings these last few years from the Mavs, to the Lakers, and the Spurs who had the #1 seed in the entire league this year

  76. MGS12 says:

    No player in the league can stop LBJ… He is such a gifted athlete. The only one who can shut him down is HIMSELF. I hope he realizes that… But of course, a determined LBJ is no guarantee for a Heat victory. It’s a team game! Wade needs to focus. He has been struggling in first halves and we all know that any team can not afford to play bad in any single quarter against OKC. They did it against the Spurs. The Spurs plays solid games in only 2-3 quarters per game that is why they lost.

  77. Stinger says:

    OKC in 7 . Check out the LOSS of OKC:
    OKC (4) vs MAVS (0) = 0 Loss
    OKC (4) vs LAKERS (1) = 1 Loss`
    OKC (4) vs SPURS (2) = 2 Losses
    See? 0-1-2 . So whats next?
    OKC (4) vs MIA (3) = 3 Losses
    So OKC Loss would be 0->1->2->3.

    Go OKC!!

  78. LG says:

    Durant can’t stop LeBron. He’s not a bad defender, but he’s just average. LeBron is an ELITE DEFENDER, proven. Check out the 9 (!!!) turnovers he forced KD to make in their last game. He will hold KD more than any other defender before.


    LeBron has become the most versatile defender in the league the last couple of years. He’s played great defense against great players, from point guards to power forwards. He’s even guarded some centers efficiently. Durant can barely guard small forwards.

  79. Chantel says:

    So pumped.. Kevin Durant & the thunder ftw obviously!! lol..lebron

  80. CREEDIS1 says:


  81. SOLO says:


  82. manok says:


  83. This is Lebron’s time to shine. If he doesn’t win this week who could take him seriously as being one of the best in the world as people like to say i.e…fransico…I mean he would be 0-3 in the finals (as they say 3 strikes and you are out lol). I mean he is already 0-2. That’s why the pressure is on and he knows it. Last year he had a great series right before the finals against the bulls and then did horrible in the finals…it will be interesting to see if he can get his act together. OKC I believe have a better team from top to bottom overall. But the only way the heat could win is through their inexperience. Also if OKC does win Lebron would not be the best small forward in the game it would have to be KD. But on the bright side this whole playoffs Lebron has kept his mouth shut and acted mature believe it or not. It took him 8 or 9 years in the league to finally mature but I guess everyone matures at different times

  84. SWISH41 says:

    Sefalosha will own them, like, big time!
    This finals just have some good hypes since lebron and KD are playing againts each other. But if you look at the team match up, OKC will punish them all around they won’t even know where they got hit!hahahha

  85. Heat-Fan-Ever! says:

    LeBron will fulfill and honor his word: “not one, not two, not three…Eastern Conference Finals Championships!!!!”

  86. dwynn says:

    prediction…prediction,,,Blah…Blah…Lets just wait ang see whats going to happen…just enjoy the game all of you!!!

  87. BBallerholic says:

    All those saying the Heat can’t match up to OKC, remember last year’s finals? when Dallas were the underdogs and people kept saying “the HEAT in 5”? remember what happened to them? don’t go counting your chicks before they’re laid. it could go both ways so let’s just shut up and enjoy great playoff basketball…#RealTalk

  88. Durant35 says:


    Better PG
    Sixth Man of The Year
    Three Time scoring CHAMP.
    Experienced Big men
    Leading Blocker
    And Better Back up PG

    EASY RING FOR KD AND EASY WIN 4 OKC !!!!!!!!!!!111

  89. Durant35 says:

    Whoever says LEBRON can “Guard” KD is stupid. In the regular season games KD had over or just about his average against the Heat w/ Lebron all over him. And D-Wayde is a horrible defender James Harden will DESTROY him. And nobody Can “Guard” Westbrook. && Serge and Perk are bigger and better than any of the Heats Big men. The Thunder also has way more bench depth.

  90. Scrumhalf says:

    Let me start by saying that both the HEAT and THUNDER earned where they are. All this hoopla about the Spurs being better…..blah,blah,blah. Spurs are fishing right now for a reason. KD is a beast! Although I do like Lebron(alot of haters out there) KD is longer and has a quicker jump shot. In defense of Lebron, that game he had 30 points at half at 86% shooting is crazy sick efficiency. Both LBJ and KD are ballers. The only person that can slow down KD is Lebron. As well, Durant will shoot over Lebron. This is going to be the sickest finals since the days of Jordan. Kobe’s watching, Spurs are watching, Celtics are watching. Both teams earned this and it ought to be one hell of a series. As much as I like LBJ, KD has the eye of the tiger……OKC in 7.

    • Scrumhalf says:

      Almost forgot…..Let’s hope the officiating isn’t a reapet of Lakers-Kings. There have been a lot of questionable calls during this post season!!

  91. MiamHeatChamps says:

    The Heat will steal game 1 from the Thunder, just like thae Pacers and Celtics it will take a few games to learn how to lock down the Heat Offense. (CFG1: Heat blew them out, G2: It was close, but then they started doubling Wade) So The Thunder will lose game 1 but then win Game 2. The Heat will win 2 outta 3 Home games and then win either of the next two road games. I believe they win in 6.

    Russell Westbrook will be guarded by Dwyane Wade more often then people think in this series and Wade is a much better defended than Ramon Sessions/JAson Kidd/ Tony Parker and he still has struggled in the playoffs with Dwyane Wade on him he will have a much harder time penetrating and finishing or dishing it out. I also feel that Russell will turn the ball over a lot. Then LeBron is just as fast if not faster than KD but is a whole lot stronger so KD will not be as afftective offensively especially after chasing someone around for the first time in the postseason. KD has gone up against Shawn MArion, Metta World Peace and Kawhi Leonard/Stephen Jackson who are no where near as aggressive or skilled as LeBron so I think Lebron edges KD.

    Dwyane and Lebron should be able to have some wide open lanes without the contest of Serge Ibaka or Kendrick Perkins because they will be guarding the mid range jumpshooters in Chris Bosh and Udonis Haslem. I think thus series is really in favor of The Heat. They got an answer for every posistion. Also Shane BAttier could be guarding James Harden that means KD vs Lebron. Wade vs Russell Westbrook. Shane Battier vs James Harden. Those three defenders for the heat are way better on defense than their three is so I feel like the Heat will have an easier time on Offense than them.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      that would make a lot of sense if Westbrook struggled the entire playoffs, the reason he had a hard time with San Antonio is because they play as a TEAM, close out defensively and play the pick and roll very well, at the same time Westbrook recognized the defesne and became a distributor and thats why OKC won! Now answer me this, what happens when Miami goes to the bench? you think Ibaka wont be enforcing the lane, if you actually watched basketball instead of just spew garbage from your mouth you know the defense will play a step or 2 off of LBJ and Wade and force them to shoot jumpers (didnt u see them play in the Reg season) which will stall their drives to the lane, If you also didnt notice OKc can rotate on defense no matter who is on the court, didnt u see perk playing ginobili and parker? same thing with Ibaka, the point is that we will alsys have a rim defender in the game and our rotational defense is good enough where haslem will not be able to keep him out of the lane! i welcome Bosh shooting outside for the series! especially with Perk throwing a body on him, we all saw how well that worked for Tim Duncan!

  92. Harrison Barnes says:

    sorry KD but it’s Lebrons time to win a championship not yours, im sure you’ll win one just not agaisnt the Miami Heat.

  93. Oz says:

    Well, someone has to say it! OKC is going to murder Miami. You guys are forgetting OKC is a complete team, Miami is not. OKC in 5. I would like to see Miami win, but I don’t see how with just 3 players.

  94. Air J says:

    Yawn. Excuse me while I go and watch the Bulls vs Knicks from 1992 instead of this over hyped garbage.

  95. jose says:

    i stopped hatin on LBJ this year jajaja,… but that doesn’t mean that I like him as he is just another player to me. OKC35 2012 Champs 4- 2.. mvp35

  96. Hey everybody! says:

    @Francisco! You are an idiot!

  97. twice the fun says:

    I wish they can somehow have two finals, Spurs vs Celtics and Heat vs OKC

  98. Yeaahhh says:

    this is itt , like Russell-Chamberlain, Magic-Bird, Jordan-Drexler, James-Durant will be a Supergreat series.

  99. #KD>LBJ says:


  100. #KD>LBJ says:


  101. #KD>LBJ says:

    KD is going to TOAST lebron! kd goin put lnj in the toaster and turn the dial not to 2, not 3, not 4, not 5….

  102. jack goody says:

    durant is going to toast lebron! kd goin put lnj in the toaster and turn the dial not to 2, not 3, not 4, not 5….

  103. Ryan B. says:

    This is exactly what I hoped would happen, LeBron all day.

  104. Mike t says:

    This is lebrons time to capture the title…Durant..probably next year

  105. Yeaahhh says:

    Yeahhh, LBJ will dominateeeeeeeee KD

  106. W/E says:

    And LBJ is alot more valuable to a team than KD who is just a shooter basically,just imagine if we swap teams for KD and LBJ,current OKC with LBJ isntead of KD would be one of the best teams in the history of the NBA

    • OKCKD35 says:

      i think its funnier everyone thinks LBJ is that much better than Durant, the only think he has is a few more APG. What would OKc do when LBJ dsappears in the 4th quarter? at the same time KD led the NBA in 4th quarter scoring, i think if we swapped then Miami would have home court as Durant is a game winner where LBJ is 3 quarters of a game winner. LBJ is Tebows oppsite, Tebow does nothing for 3 quarters and dominates the 4th, LBJ dominates 3 quarters and disappears in the 4th. We will see as OKC wins one of the games in Miami and closes it in 6!

  107. W/E says:

    the 2 best teams in the NBA,possibly for the next couple of years also

  108. Jon says:

    Oh, it’s Durant, and I meant basketball fan, not game

  109. Jon says:

    I am neither a fan of the Heat’s nor Thunder’s but hoping for an exciting series with no bad calls, no injuries, and no one-sided games. James is a very good player; unfortunately, his ego has caused him–respect from fans and at times, the media. His desire to get that ring makes him tougher but also burdens him. Wade has been having problems with first half and can cause his team to get behind. Bosh is not consistent, so is Westbrook, who sometimes acts like a wild money, but when he is on, he is shinny. Duarant is the best shooter in NBA and is not afraid to be the closer. Ibaka is one hell of a blocker, and Harden–the 6th man–is awesome. Perkins should not be underestimated; Boston still regrets letting him go. There is Fisher, older but experienced and can still shoot the ball when he has the opportunity. Look how long and how hard Miami had to fight just to beat Boston, a team that was “injured, too old, and wearing bangay.” Now, Heat is the older team of the two! This younger team might not have much experience, but they are fearless, and they have speed, energy; most of all, they don’t have to worry about criticism if they lose.

    In all fairness, I think it is a great match for the finals; both teams have enough skills to win. However, Thunder’s bench is stronger and healthier than the Heat’s; hence Thunder is a better team (collectively). As a basketball game, I only wish for one of the most exciting and memeoralble championship final series. May the best team win!!!

    • Francisco says:

      do you see oklahoma beating the celtics without harden, remember Miami did not have their tallest man and one of the three.
      I personally allways feared the celtics more than OKC, they beat weak team is dallas, and one of the weakest(the lakers). Dallas was not near to last year team, the lakers were horrible, they had kobe playing for the rival. San Antonio won 20 in a row because they were the most consistent team which can play constantly in the 5 speed , but when you force them to the 6 speed
      they could not get it, San Antonio is old like the celtics , but they do not have the defense.same story than last year for spurs.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        lol the Lakers were the 3 seed, a better 3 seed than the pacers. are you going to say New York was better than Dallas? withut Lin and a self injured Amare? Are yo ugoing to say the Pacers were better than the Lakers? the Celtics better than the Spurs? each round OKC beat a higher quality opponent thatn miami did, there should not even be a discussion about this, yes Dallas is not the team they were last year, that is why they were a 7 seed, still better than the injured knicks though.

      • Francisco says:

        PACERS 42 AND 24
        LAKERS 41 AND 25

  110. Saah says:

    We have the big three – KD, Westbrook, Harden. And then we got the two best defenders in the NBA in Ibaka, and Perkins. I’m picking Thunder in 6. We’re young, our offense is great, we also play great defense, we got the best finisher in KD. And finally our fans is the best in the NBA. It’s so loud your TV will break into pieces. Let’s go OKC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. JR says:


  112. ROOSTER says:

    it is lebrons year to shine he is just shy of his prime iam thinking game 6 will end it miami wins 4 to 2

  113. michael11 says:

    okc game 1, miami game2, okc game3 , miami game 4, miami game 5, miami game6

  114. purpandgold says:

    The Heat have 2 chances, slim and none. The Thunder right now are at their prime. The Heat were barely able to get past an aging and slow Celtics team. The Thunder are young, athletic, fast, and full of energy. Plus they are also hungry for their first championship. Dont expect for the Thunder to run out of gas in the 4th qtr. The Heat weren’t able to pull away or take leads until the elder Cs ran out of gas late in the 4th. The Thunder players can go wire to wire without missing a beat, and would have plenty of gas left in the tank for OT, as if that would be necessary. The yound thunder also have veteran championship leadership with the well tested Fisher. OKC has grown and shown it, they know how to close out a series. The deeper Thunder will outgun the Heat and run them down in 5. Sorry Heat fans, but the self rightious king will continue without the top prize.

  115. MIA03 says:

    I believe you gotta earn your championship.
    Last season, Miami had a smooth sail to the finals. This year, they had to earn it.
    OKC on the other hand did not really get tested this year. Lakers are not the same, Dallas is not the same last year. Only the Spurs tested them but the Spur’s lack of defense caused them the series.

    I think the Pacers and Celtics series was a character builder for this HEAT team.

    The HEAT have too much to lose and they will play like every game is a game 7..

    Miami has the defense to lock down on OKC shooters and Lebron/Shane to guard Durant.

    By Paper, I pick OKC. By heart alone, Miami. OKC has heart but Miami wants it more than them.
    Mami in 6

    Wade has to come out like he did in the Indiana series. Chalmers has to cut down his TOs and make those 3s. Bosh and Haslem has to defend the paint and rebound and make those Js. And Lebron has to stop beating himself. The only one who can stop him is himself.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      are you really saying boston, indiana, and Ney York were more difficult than Dallas, Lakers, Spurs?From what i am seeing the Teams the Thunder played won 10 more games in a tougher conference than the teams the Heat Played. Just because they pushed the series with the heat didnt mean they were better teams, to me it means the Heat struggled with lower quality opponents than the Thunder did against higher quality opponents,

      • Francisco says:

        the only good rival was San Antonio, the other two teams were done, living in the past, they beat the champs which were a shadow of the DALLAS2011, they beat the lakers, they were horrible, you are thinking about legacy, the past.The pacers are a better team than lakers and dallas and they had a better record.You forgot that the heat won without its big man and now the guy is back.

  116. luol dang says:

    The Thunder are a better rounded team. The Heat have the experience and craftiness. Both have excellent scorers and go-to guys. The questions are: a) will the Thunder let the importance of the moment get to their heads; b) can the Heat overcome the paint stuffer called Ibaka and establish their most important weapon – penetrating drives to the basket. The answer to these questions, barring injury to major cast members, should determine the winner of these Finals. If the answer to both is YES, the Heat are favored. If the answer is NO to both, the Thunder will roll. Any YES/NO combination means a protracted 7 game series with a nail biting finale.

  117. Royale says:

    Wade has has been the 2nd best player in the league for some years now i dont know why everyone doesnt see it

    • Francisco says:

      I do, he and lebron were head to head , it is there in the stats

    • STIEMSMA CREW says:

      Must of been second best to KD then because Durant is the best player in the NBA

      • Francisco says:

        hahahahah, the best joke in a while, the unidimensional jump shooter durant the best in the league , what a joke!. he has been the leader scorer later because he wanted to be unlike other stars, I remenber lebron last year with cavs being ahead of him and not playing in a bunch of fourth quater while durant scoring to get the meanigless title.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      Wade hasnt even been the 2nd best PG in the league, i’d take Rondo, Westbrook, Deron Williams all ahead of Wade.

  118. kilner111 says:

    lbj will get what he deserves : no ring

  119. JR says:


  120. Jean Junior BOUTIN says:

    Motivation, Youth and Conviction are both sides. But, a key factor that is by the HEAT only is EXPERIENCE.

    No Doubt! This is LBJ turn to earn the ring. He worked for it, and will get it.

  121. Unknown Guy says:

    I will say that the game should go into seven games since neither team truly has an edge against the other though the team that won the conference finals in less games is usually the winner, Chicago in 98′ was an exception so not sure

  122. Thunder says:

    Heat fans saying KD will not score over LeBron, remember the game they had in March? Oh yea, the Thunder lit it up and won by 16 pts….

  123. LBJ's #1 fan says:


  124. seewhatyouwant says:

    unbelievable wade is better than kevin durant and wesstbrook durant said it himself he knows but their team gel alot better than miami because of depth…james harden is the xfactor for okc and the big three evenly attacking for miami it is going to be full of energy and highlights though because okc is not as near a good defending team as miami

    • OKCKD35 says:

      Dont think i’ve ever heard KD say Wade or Lebron was “better” than he is, he did say James deserved the MVP but thats Durant being humble. To even think Wade is better than the back-to-back-to-back scoring chamion is just absurd. Myself at this stage in his career i’d put Wade behind Westbrook, maybe not 4 years ago, but this year.

  125. Imad aKel says:

    this is BS tho. celtics won 4-1, game 2 was given to heat by refs. and spurs/okc should have been 7games series. game 6 was given to okc by the refs also. david stern made this happen cuz LBJ VS KD finals make a lot of $$$
    NBA starting to look BS. staged draft lottery, protecting floppers and now staged finals. i will not be watching the finals.
    for that matter i might not even watch NBA anymore. heck i like NBA so much but this is starting to look ridiculous. i might as well go watch Euro2012 cuz over there at least the refs give red cards to diver and not really terrible as NBA refs. goodbye WWE oops i mean NBA

    • Sick says:

      move on pls….

    • OKCKD35 says:

      serious, time to move on, getting sick of hearing that OKC was handed game 6 as San Antonio was handed game 1, things even out, refs kill games, but the better team perseveres, thats why its a 7 games series with rotating officials

  126. shirokuronekochan says:

    Finally, my dreamed Finals…Oklahoma Thunder X Miami Heats….
    Both are amazing teams, going to the Finals having eliminated fantastic teams, San Antonio Spurs and Boston Celtics, respectively.
    I’ll be happy with either team winning…However, because I’m also Lebron James fan, and people keep criticizing him too much, I hope he finally gets the Championship this year.

  127. Jack says:

    LOL on those experts and fortune tellers wannabes who are pronouncing OKC is the champ,..and another hater of miami is here,..haha okei welcome to HEAT OKC pages were not hating here man,..were just loving the PEOPLES FINALS that is being serve for us,..enjoy the game people, STOP hating!!

  128. shirokuronekochan says:

    This was my Finals dream…Oklahma Thunder X Miami Heats…
    I like both…They proved they are fantastic teams, beating their respective amazing opponents…San Antoio Spurs, and Boston Celtics.
    I’ll be happy to see either team winning this year Final…However, because I’m Lebron James fan since many years ago, I want he wins this year… he’s one of the most impressive players I’ve seen, and people keep criticizing him too much.

  129. Hey media, I don’t see an article about KG n Rondo not shaking hands with Miami last night after getting eliminated? Uummm I wonder if that situation was reversed then u guys would come up with ten article about how lbj didn’t shake his hand after getting eliminated in the playoff. Just like the year lbj n Cleveland co lost conference final against magic n he didn’t shake his hand n u guys just hammered him on that. KG n rondo left right away after they lost m didn’t shake hand , where’s the sportsmanship now??? Now u guys come up with article about oh stop hating on Lebron when clearly u guys make him the victim of every Lil things he dose. Great job media.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      at the same time KG and Rondo aren’t calling themselves King Rondo or King Garnett, they can sign a contract without making a media circus, they didnt guarantee 6-7 rings, everyone cries about how the media rips Lebron, but if he were a humble player who didnt crave the attention then he wouldnt get it, you dont see people talking about Durant the way they talk about Lebron, itc called humility, being humble and working hard. Everything Lebron gets he brought on himself!

  130. Jack says:

    well honestly, i think both teams has its own power to make it to the top, it all boil down to “whos gonna want it more” thing. all the adversities the heat encountered this season, it all went off positive on their way here, and that is what somehow will carry them in this series,.OKC is complete team and young, their bench had been proven compare to the heat, but i think it will all goes down to 0 as we begin this finals series,..team advantage?..equal, athleticism? equal.

  131. juncena14 says:

    heat in 6 …

  132. Celtic Fan says:

    Lebron not winnig a ring is what makes the NBA fun!!!!

  133. Jack says:

    haha a wannabe basketball expert,..kiss the **s of KD and be great as you talk as if you know everything,..

  134. Citizenryopinion says:

    Western conference is quite challenging. Thunder came out a champion by beating San Antonio and Lakers – especially. Thunder has an excellent chance of becoming the next NBA champion. They haven’t been a champion, but their competitiveness speaks for itself!!!!!!!!!!!!

  135. justafan says:

    season series is tied 1-1,
    KD scoring champ
    Harden 6th man of the Year

    LBJ Season MVP

    what not there to hype it all up??

    my gut is telling me that OKC will win not sure in how many games.. since they have more bench and role players but a crucial factor is missing, championship experience in the whole team not just in fisher and perkins..

    for wade and LBJ this is their 3rd finals,(both separate and teamed together) they know what it feels to be here..

    LBJ is better than durant if i’ll put it in numbers LBJ is around 94 while KD is around 92, plus putting on durant guarding LBJ will seriously wear him out since it is very hard to defend against a freight train.
    thabo is definitely no match against wade
    RW has an advantage against chalmers
    ibaka and bosh will have a grueling match-up at the 4 spot
    the centers are not quite there interms of scoring but they should be there for defense which gives perkins an edge against either haslem, anthony or turiaf.
    but 1 key here is obviously fisher, can’t count him out since he could strike as a lightning when it counts the most (game 4 of LAL-ORL when he drilled key 3pointers to get the W)
    should be an exciting series..(was earlier hoping for SAS-BOS to have an oldies but goodies match o well having a young-gun shootout is also exciting)

  136. DrCroteau says:

    I am a Celtic fan and to see them lose in a game seven against Lebron I just want him to lose.

  137. DrCroteau says:

    Thunder are gonna win, Lebron has had his chance and he has failed go Durant

  138. Baby244 says:

    This series will be so exciting, it is so difficult to determine a favorite.
    Miami Big 3 vs OKC Big three, MVP vs Leading Scorer
    Wade vs Westbrook
    Bosh vs Harden
    Good roster

  139. Eugene says:

    Let’s goo heeeeaaaaatttttttt i can hardly wait!!!!!

  140. Stinger says:

    OKC in 7
    OKC (4) – MAVS (0)
    OKC (4) – LAKERS (1)
    OKC (4) – SPURS (2)
    See? 0-1-2 . So whats next?
    OKC (4) – MIA (3)
    So it would be 0-1-2-3.
    Go OKC!!

    • hahah says:

      wow.. you do know your addition mathematic well………..

      • Stinger says:

        LOL. What? Am I adding something? LOL…
        What I am pertaining to this is the LOSS of OKC would be . From 0-1-2-3 . Hahaha. The last “3” will be with Heat , So its gonna be 4-3 . That’s whys its OKC in 7.

      • real math says:

        real math would begin with the three cardinal trapezoidal formatins in the diagram. both yall dont know what yall talkin about. WOW.

    • real math says:


  141. jojo says:

    this time the test of both best player of the NBA.A scoring champ and mvp..some said that it’s time for LBJ to win championship ring but never under estimate the thunder.They have KD-RW + the sweet shooting touch of the six man awardee james harden.This is one of great NBA finals about to experience of season..

  142. shaked says:

    the two best players in the league, same position, one is still better then the other, one is a better clutch finisher for sure. this is a great series, but i still would have liked to see the uprising rondo and co. against the team who played the best BB this year, the spurs. basketball wise seeing the Celtics and Spurs play would be a great finish and a great all team effort- a true basketball teams! OKC is close to that, but not there yet! Heat is the true non basketball team but their star player is one of the best team players there is! gonna be interesting for sure!

  143. Zevz says:

    Westbrick best PG in China i don’t think so πŸ™‚

  144. Roy says:

    LeBron James will completely own Kevin Durant in this match-up. James is better at EVERYTHING except for jump shooting. And Durant has nowhere near the defensive capabilities to stop LeBron. This series will be decided by OKC’s bench, if they score well then Miami will lose. But I don’t see that happening against Miami amazing defense.

  145. cvqqqq says:

    The script was written since the start of the season, a Lebron vs KD finals which would bring the best TV ratings. The refs sure did their job to make it happen, just look at that disgusting 4th quarter of game 6 of the western conference final, and box score from last night’s game: Heat 14 fouls, Celtics 24 fouls, need I say more? I sincerely hope that both teams play horribly so that this year’s finals would be the lowest rated nba finals of all time!

    • pakyaw says:


    • OKCKD35 says:

      quit crying, look at the 4th quarter of game one in San Antonio, was the same exact thing, OKC had a big lead and the whistle kept blowing, at the end of the day there was a difference of 13 FT in a 6 game series, which is 1 fould call per game, quit crying!

  146. OKCFAN82 says:

    4-7 doesn’t matter, OKC will win this series. Rarely have we seen a young team with so much talent be so humble and team oriented. From Kevin Durant to Royale Ivey, every member of this team will leave 110% on the floor for their team and their fans. Never personal glory, that just happens all on it’s own. We will witness the Thunder prove to the world they have what it takes and the founding of the next great basketball dynasty.

  147. ism says:

    I am neither an OKC, nor an MIA fan. I really like Durant. I was “Mavs all the way” last year. But this time, I am rooting for LeBron! OKC – as much as I love the way they are playing, displaying discipline, athleticism and team spirit to equal parts – is just too young (both the players and the franchise in that city), too new, too trendy and just doesn’t grasp me emotionally the way teams like the Spurs or others do. I am rooting for LeBron (and because of him, for Miami) because first of all OKC will most likely get their title some year anyway, and all that LeBron needs to improve his legendary status is at least one ring. He is showing some true sportsmanship these days that has even mee cheering, although I was against him this time last year. I think, although MIA can only win as a team, LeBron has to rise up to the challenge, and maybe accept that his role is not so different now from back in Cleveland. We all like team basketball, but the most exciting thing about Miami is seeing LeBron being egoistic, and succeeding. And of course his tandem work with Wade, who might still dominate games. I like seeing LeBron switching hands in mid-air, deciding from which side to put it in and drawing a foul along the way. His legacy will be great even without a ring, but it’s the true legends that make the NBA so special, and those legends carry rings.

  148. Francisco says:

    I like the fact that the tallest in the court will be Bosh, Perkinks and Ibaka are 6’10’ and even LBJ could be use in case of emergency, The heat has the star power and the thunder is playing better as a team.

  149. gurgur says:

    Lebron is better than KD, and anything KD’s doing he’s done it better when he was his age
    KD looks cool with all those game winners
    But the thunder wouldn’t have needed them if KD played 48 mins of good ball like Lebron does

    Even though James is MVP however,
    Wade doesn’t seem as good as Westbrook, while Bosh and Anthony can’t compete with Ibaka and Perkins
    James Harden wins single-handedly against the entire heat bench
    so, OKC in 6…
    which would make me really sad but,
    gotta face the facts.
    Of course, I will be rooting for Miami. GO HEAT!

    • Francisco says:

      wade does not seem as good as westbrook, ohhhh, Wade actually is better than Durant, wade has been the best guard in the nba the last 5 years

      • chuck nasty86 says:

        keep dreaming about wade being the best guard in the last 5 years he cant make free throws jumpshots or anything else until the fourth quarter going 6 for 18 thru three quarters is not the best guard in the nba last 5 years no way. westbrook kills wade who barely kept up with paul george for indiana wade will go home with lebrons head in his a$$ for making his team lose.

      • Francisco says:

        @chuck nasty86-hey dude , wade is still doing better than wesbrook check stats please wade 22.9 ppg shooting 47% while westbrook 21.7 and shooting only 43,7%, and injured or underperformance wade is still better than westbrook who lacks identity
        and basketball IQ

      • OKCKD35 says:

        @ Francisco, So you are comparing 15 games against a 66 game season? why dont you look at the real numbers and see what PG led the league in scoring, oh wait that was Westbrook , who also gets more RB than wade. also look who the Heat have played in the playoffs, of course you will get numbers playing against the Knick and Pacers, I wonder what his numbers would have been against the Mavericks and Lakers.

      • Francisco says:

        @OKCKD35, well let us bring the regular reason, westbrook who is a pg and does play like a guard against dwane wade.
        wade 22.1 ppg shooting 49.7 , westbrook 23.6 shooting 45.6, great disparity in shooting % in favor of wade, westbroke, or brick
        shot two more shots per game to get 1.5 point more.DO NOT YOU THINK IT IS UNFAIR TO COMPARE WESTBRICK THAT SOON WITH WADE.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      hmmm the tunder are 12-3 in the playoffs, talk about not needing game winners, what was the heats record in the playoffs? 12-6? Twice as many losses, who needs to play better? maybe you should check your facts πŸ™‚

      • pakyaw says:

        playoffs is not about how many win or lose u have.,,its how u close out a series…IDIOT! ..like i said here before ,u may have won a lot of battles, but u never win the war…

  150. Mike says:

    If you think that Miami is as good as Dallas, laker and SA then you are insane. Heat is lucky to get two games max….

    • pakyaw says:

      if you think Miami is OLD as Dallas, lakers and SA then you are insane..

    • Sick says:

      No they are not good as Dallas, Lakers and Spurs…
      They are way BETTER.. lol

      • marlon green says:

        The one thing that the Spurs lakers and Mavs all have that this heat team doesn’t is RINGS. This heat team doesn’t count because Wade and Haslem are the only to players off of that championship team in 2006

  151. I think that LeBron wants it more then Durant after all the 2011 finals 4th quarter drama.
    He will not dissapear this year.
    Heat in 7!
    Durant ballin

  152. arshdeep says:

    if okc can beat spurs the way they did watch out miami its gonna be long series for u

  153. MGS12 says:

    LBJ needs to continue being consistent offensively. And I think he is one of the few players who can stop Durant. If Durant can’t get the ball, Westbrook will take a lot of shots… And OKC is in danger when Westbrook is forcing his shots. Wade has been a little bit out of focus in first halves of their past games so he needs to solve that. Bosh, Chalmers, Battier and Haslem need to bring their AAA games too.

    For OKC, the big question will be how can they stop LBJ? I think the only one who can stop LBJ at this point is himself! So I hope he doesn’t choke.

  154. jjman says:

    Sorry Heat fans this is not your year either.

  155. vik says:

    KD>Lebron, westbrook>wade right now, ibakabattier, perkins>haslem

    On top of this, the thunder have homecourt advantage, and a better bench.

    Thunder in 6.

  156. Durant is going to join Miami after the expiration of his contract.
    There will be a big 4 in the future to compete with Kobe and my beloved Lakers!

  157. garfield747 says:

    i think heat will win this series in 6. Lebron will really overpower KD, KD’s offense will suffer because he has to guard LBJ the whole game. As long as LBJ stays aggressive offensively, KD will have his hands full. LBJ should post-up against KD more often.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Lebron won’t be able to score in the post against KD, he has a 7’4 wingspan, he did against Pierce and well Lebron has the advantage over Pierce in everything, size, strength, age, etc. KD has the advantage in age and length, and age matters in the sense that they will have enough energy to play. Plus Lebron has to worry about Ibaka’s shot blocking if he drives and same goes for Wade, it makes them think twice about taking into the paint or not, Westbrook can drive it down the Heat’s throat all he wants, niether Bosh or Haslem are shot blockers. I think Wade will struggle at times against Sefolosha, Bosh will struggle against Ibaka and Perkins, so it all comes down to whether Lebron can play well night in and night out and if he can hit clutch shots, also if the bench plays well, we all know Durant will play well, Westbrook will play well and Harden may play well.

  158. Chris says:

    Let’s look at this in a logical sense:
    The heat have Lebron, Wade, and Bosh for offense and that is it. Nobody else is consistently stepping up on either side of the floor.
    OKC has Durant, Westbrook, and Harden. Then add on an elite shot blocker in Ibaka. An elite post defender in Perkins. A legendary clutch player in Fisher. An elite wing defender in Sefelosha. And a solid big man to bring more depth in Collins. Not to mention an overwhelming advantage in the coaching department. The heat couldn’t handle the Mavs last year and OKC will do them in this year. It’s about teams built the right way playing the right way.

    • pakyaw says:

      my friend ur logical opinion is all about stats..but i respect that.. Winning a championship is all about physically and mentally prepared.. miami knows athletiscm doesnt win championship(ask them about dallas)..heat show physical series to pacer, show physical and mental toughness to celtics…thats y they are in the finals again,….. dont get me wrong on this, OKC is winning only coz of their youth and athletiscm and heat can match that speed too…think about it.. but i know this is gonna be a good series.. PEACE!

      • Chris says:

        It isn’t necessarily all about state either though. the Thunder have faced their own share of adversity and growing pains over the past few years. Add that to the fact they have more weapons, a better coach and home court advantage and I think it adds up to OKC in six.

      • QuestionMark says:

        OKC showed they can perform under pressure and they are also mentally tough, Heat still haven’t shown they can perform under pressure, not consistently atleast, Lebron missed a few clutch shots against the Celtics and so did Wade, 1 of the games they won in OT, and the other they lost in OT. Durant has shown time and time again he can hit big shots, example: Game 1 against Dallas, hit a gamewinner, against the Lakers, hit a game winner over MWP, against Spurs, hit a big 3 over Leonard to take the lead after being down 18 pts, I might also add he scored 16 straight in Game 5 against the Spurs. Lebron has proven he can play big under pressure because of that 45, 15 and 5 game, but he still hasn’t proved he can hit gamewinners. This Finals matchup is gonna be really close, so it all comes down to whether or not if Lebron and the Heat can make plays and score with under a minute left in the 4th quarter, OKC already has proven they can, Westbrook hit a jumpshot, Harden hit a 3 and well KD hit tons of clutch shots in the Playoffs alone.

    • pakyaw says:

      WHAT? Heat havent shown they can perform under pressure? LOL.. how about ur facing on elimination game? not pressure enough?….lebron and wade may have missed clutch or winning shot, but they never let their self down…they may have lost in a battle, but they won the war… I know durant been a clutch and closer all in his carrer,but how about his shot suddenly not going in?or westbrook or harden and cause them a game…how they gonna handle it? OKC dont have that MENTAL TOUGHNESS yet…PHYSICALLY? maybe…

  159. Chris says:

    OKC in 5, all but one will be close games. OKC has learned to close out teams, they are young, talented, tough and deep. Defense is Miami’s strength, but if you watched the other okc series you know that they have way to many offensive weapons, you simply cannot stop them all. Harden will have a great series against Miami, and Ibaka will go on an offensive blitz if they double Durant like they did on march 25th. Its too bad that Miami put together so much talent at the wrong time in NBA history, for the next 5 years it will be OKC coming out of the the west.

  160. randellonology says:

    go OKC!! Beat the Heat! Durantula will dethrone the King!

  161. Brain32 says:

    IMO it will most likely be a sweep, OKC is a much more complete TEAM…

    With Euro2012 in full power giving me enough in sports department atleast I don’t have to bother staying up to 3:00 AM to watch the overhyped finals, recaps will do just fine…

    • uoykcuf says:

      lol recaps will be just fine? Oh my.
      I hope they’re not showing recaps at the bar as well.

  162. Lyduville says:

    It’s time for King James to get his first of many rings to come ….OKC are a great team but D-Wade & James destroy oppositions defense. #MiamiHeats 2011/2012 NBA Champs

  163. LBJ says:

    King James will get his first ring!! GO Big Three, GO Heat!!

  164. Saied says:

    Labron is the best basketball player in the world and Miami can win this series if they use their big men in center and power forward position. Size matter. Battier should play in pos 3, 2 and 1.
    Match up should be, LBJ and KD, Westrbrrok and Wade. Chalmers on Sefelosha. Bosh and Anthony on Ibaka and Perkin.
    Then Battier come from the bench replacing Chalmers to take care of Harden. and so on. Size matter . Just refer to Q4 of the Boston game where Miami played with bigger size. That will work for Heat the best.
    Go Heat.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      also refer when any team has tried to play the Thunder big, The Lakers had much more size (Twin 7 footers), their own coach admitted the OKC players wore their bigs down during the series, OKC just will run past any team who tries and play them big as well.

  165. samuel says:

    Miami Heat is a better team LBJ is better than KD but the coches and the lineups is the most important factor.
    Example is the last night Boston game 7. Miami could play much better in Q4. Why? they had 2 big men in postion 4 and 5.
    Miami must play their big men in pos 4 and 5. Bosh Haslem, Anthony, Turiaf and Pitman.
    Miami will be the winner if they do that.

    • BFoulds says:

      Play big men in the big mens spots. WOW. What did you think they would do, play them at the 2 and 3?

  166. wasd says:

    BIG TRIO OF MIAMI! lets go get it. They have learned a lot from last year and they will come hungrier than ever!!!

  167. gerard zion says:


  168. marlon green says:

    I am so happy that this Finals series is about to take place! 2 of the best teams with some of the most exciting players are gonna go head to head. Now that everyone is giving Lebron all of this praise about his defense, now we will really see if he is as great as people are saying he is on the defensive end now that he has to guard KD. Congratulations to the Heat for eliminating Boston, Battier and Bosh were HUGE! And cant forget about Chalmers with those lay ups. I really did not want to see them in the finals again. And plus those guys have rings. What I like most about this Finals match up is that one or three great players will be getting the ring for the first time. I’m leaning towards OKC because I dont think all those guys will stay together due to contract issues. Harden and Ibaka will be offered more money from other teams and I think they both deserving of what ever other teams offer them.

  169. gerard zion says:

    It will be james first ring ,heat in 6

  170. Imad Akel says:

    This is how NBA history gets made. Superstars vs. Superstars.
    I think this series will be one of the most memorable ones in the past decade, because these are teams stacked not just with talent and skill and defense and good teamwork, they are also stacked with personality and showmanship and a huge sense of ego and desire to prove oneself.
    This is a first of what may become a very strong rivalry and maybe even a new era in basketball history. There may not be another Jordan era, but we might be in the midst of another Bird – Magic era.
    Great time to be a basketball fan πŸ™‚

  171. Swish says:

    This should be a good series

  172. rago says:

    This will be the worst nba final series ever. I don’t even know if i am going to watch any game.

  173. Celtic Fan says:

    DURANT is gonna beat LEBUM every game! GO DURANT, PERK, WESTBROOK, AND OKC!!!!!!!

    • Sick says:

      Poor Celtic Fan… ahahahaha

      • Celtic Fan says:

        When was the last time you rooted for a team if they knocked your team out of the playoffs? Btw, OKC is my second favorite nba team.

      • uoykcuf says:

        true, celtics put up such a good show though. Hope they keep those core and add some piece for another run.

    • STIEMSMA CREW says:

      Celtics fans know how lucky OKC is to have Perkins in the paint, while Miami’s centers are a joke.

  174. lebron fan says:

    go heat lebron

  175. Mark says:

    This will be an exciting match.. but I say.. Go Miami…

  176. Jay says:

    OKC in 6!

  177. akosibonik says:

    dream match for hoop fans, OKC has an advantage because of harden of the bench, okc has a deeper bench, but miami has a better team defense, o course james, wade and bosh, i think, the x factor for okc is harden, for miami it’s bosh, its even, im a heat fan, i say HEAt in 6.

  178. Likcky says:

    Well, i don’t see miami beating the thunder in a million years folks. I remember lebron’s “not 1, not 2, not 3….not 7” i may add not 8, not 9, not 10, not 11, not anything while Kevin Durant, RW and Ibaka are wearing the same uniform.

  179. Ken says:

    LBJ vs KD, D-wade vs Westbrook, for me, they are even.
    How Battier check James Harder, Ibaka check Chris Bosh will be the key in this series.
    Hope that the Heat can steal one in the first two OKC home game.
    Go heat!!

  180. Mihail Marinov says:

    It will be a great matchup,One of the best of all time! GO HEAT GO!

    • OKC vs SPURS was the finals says:

      WRONG! How is this a good matchup? Lebron and baby wade and chris “i’m an allstar for no reason bosh” cannot alone beat the arsenal of the thunder. Who’s guarding westbrook? Who’s not getting blocked by Ibaka? Who’s gonna push Perk around in the paint? NO ONE! Lebron will probably score alot and gaurd KD good but KD will still get his buckets and the thunder will win easy in 5. I’m giving the heat one game at best

  181. underdog says:

    i hope the Heat is swept. But I think it will go 4-1 Thunder

    • pakyaw says:

      SWEPT? lol.. thunder havent met a team caliber like heat in the playoffs , a team that can match their speed….REMEMBER the thunder beat the OLD dallas,OLD lakers,and OLD spurs….think about it…

      • DMAVSFan says:

        Mavs fan here and I firmly believe our GM got it right…this Thunder team is better than they were last year and would of beaten my Mavs even if they had kept the same team. The Thunder have learned the concept of Team bball and do it with some freakishly young and athletic players. I honestly think the Heat are not as good defensivly as they were last year…wade and miller are kind of hobbled and haslem is a step slower…and for sure they are not consistent. I think the Spurs Jackson is a better scorer and defender than Battier and he did little to stop whoever he was defending on the Thunder. I really do believe, regular season stats aside, the Thunder have a superior defense than the Heat…evidence of how the stopped and disrupted one of the best offensive powerhouses in the NBA. The Heat have not met a team as good on both sides of the ball, while OKC has. I think the Spurs/ Lakers/Lakers/Nuggets had a decent chance of beating any of the top 2 teams out of the East in the Finals. Everyone said the same thing last year about the Mavs…Heat had an awesome defense that the Mavs had not seen and they had the Big 3. Team bball and a good bench overcame it last year and will again this year. If the Thunder do lose a game its because they are star struck and the Heat hit over 90% of their freethrows. I doubt any of those will happen.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        havent met a team the caliber of the Heat? if i recall the Spurs were the hottest team in basketball had won the last 10 to end the season and the first 10 of the playoffs, OKC beat them 4 in a row. SPurs team was much better than Miami’s team, the role players for OKC will step up just like they did against the SPurs, food luck bug 3 against a good 8 man rotation.

    • OKC vs SPURS was the finals says:


    • uoykcuf says:

      sweep and 4-1, seriously what’s the differences?

      • STIEMSMA CREW says:

        4-1 is perfect for OCK to win it all infront of those crybabys from south beach

  182. Robert - Basketball Fan says:

    Across the board- it looks like the Thunder will win! Especially when you think about the Thunder is a better free throw shooting team, Thunder is a better rebounding team and they have a great shot blocker in Ibaka. I even think that the Thunder has a better coaching staff. For the Heat to win this series – they will flat out have to TAKE it. FREE THROWS will be critical this series.. And DWade sir YOU need to wake up and play from wire to wire. Leave your B game at home. Bring your A game and stop playing to the crowd.

  183. Ayush says:


    • Sick says:

      KD will go down…

      • OKC vs SPURS was the finals says:

        Okc has a serious chance to sweep this terribly coached star struck drama queen heat team. At best they will win 1 game. Okc just beat the spurs who were the best team in the league until now. OKC is! Spurs and OKC was the nba finals. Its over OKC wins! GO THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • uoykcuf says:

        as the MVP finals.

      • Sick says:

        Spurs vs Okc is boring.. Lets see who will be sweep haha..

  184. wat says:

    Miami Big 3 VS OKC Big 3 . . . this will be an exciting series

  185. Ayush says:


  186. Fiiiiinnnnnlllllllyyy got my dream match up πŸ˜‰
    I hope lbj gets his first ring. Miami will win only if lbj gets help from rest of the team.
    Come on Dwade be more aggressive n score more points n don’t just show up in the second half becuze okc ain’t no joke.
    If miamis supporting cast don’t help in scoring then they will get blown outta the building by these okc monsters.
    Okc is a scary team. Good luck to both team.
    May the best team win πŸ˜‰
    I love this game, NBA where amazing happens!

  187. mark christian says:

    let’s OKC..let’s go KD..it’s KD time baby :))

  188. MexicoBear says:


  189. Overdosage says:

    i hope in the nba championships there would be no home court advantage, they better do it in the other place so there would be no advantage,

  190. Master's in Basketball says:

    I just have a strong feeling Kevin Durant and his team will triumph over Lebron James and the Heat in this year’s 2012 NBA Finals. For OKC thunder to knock off the former defending Champions Dallas Mavericks, Kobe Bryant and the Lakers, and Tim Duncan and the Spurs, you have got to give your hats off to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Okc Thunder went through a difficult path en route to the 2012 NBA Finals. And at this time, I can’t see Miami Heat winning. Especially when Miami Heat doesn’t have home court advantage. Don’t forget, Okc Thunder is still perfect at home this year in the playoffs. Enjoying an 8-0 record in this year’s NBA playoffs. Okc is the favorites. Go Thunder!!!

    • uoykcuf says:

      do you remember spurs 20 win streaks? Undefeated means nothing. Don’t get me wrong though, I am rooting for OKC!

    • DJ3 says:

      Well, I am a miami fan, and I too think the thunder will win (im hoping for the heat but the thunder are more well-rounded) but i must point out some things. First, The Mavs and the Lakers i feel had nothing left. The Thunders first test came against SAS in which i though the spurs quickly lost energy. The thunder might underestimate the heat, and if they do, say goodbye to game 1. Like ^ said, undefeated means nothing in the Finals. This matchup might turn into a new Lakers-Celtics for 3-4 more years.

  191. M-MAN says:

    if wade stays healthy miami’s gonna win


  192. Rick says:

    I’m really excited!!! Fans really anticipate this matchup in the finals since the start of this season. Good luck to the OKC Thunder! Thunder UP!

  193. Mark says:

    Great Match-up. Win or go home baby, Go D-wade! I’m hoping that he could bounce back from his bad-shooting.

  194. jayR says:

    go miami!!!!!! bosh must play!!!!! he is the missing piece!!!!

  195. Okc35 says:

    This is OKC’s year. OKC in 6. LeBron might get 1 or 2 wins, but OKC have too many ways to hurt Miami.

  196. NBA fan from Latvia says:

    Oh yeah! That will be GREAT series, can’t wait!

  197. CELTICS says:


  198. lakermig says:

    first off wow does d wade kiss his kids with that jaw……hahahahhahahaha.
    Now to more serious matters OKC if they pay well could literally sweep the heat i mean perkins 2008 champ,ibaka leagues leaing blocker,harden sixth man of the year,durrant leagues top scorrer 3rd season in a row and MVP runner up and westbrook leagues best pg. against lebron james doesnt even seem fair …but i guess we wil see

  199. rice4noodle says:

    This series will determine whom the MVP should’ve gone to.
    This is the series people will bring up in the future, when comparing LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant.
    Please take it to game 7!

    • DieHardest says:

      Lebron is the MVP and earned it by being the ONLY player who can play 4 positions on O and all 5 positions on D. He is the most dominant force in the league and has been for years. Durant is a purer shooter than LBJ, but thats it. James is by far the better all-around player.

  200. rice4noodle says:

    Yes this is what’s gonna be on news for the next few weeks….
    I can’t say for sure which team I would support, but the outcome of the series will determine for a fact who’s the better player.
    Screw the ‘team’ talk. This is the real indication of this year’s MVP.

    • Carlito says:

      There is never a question as to who should’ve won the MVP. It was close to unanimous, and anybody who knows a thing about basketball knows LeBron James played better, no one comes close …

      If the Thunder wins the series, it doesn’t mean KD is better than LBJ. Not now, not ever. If they win, it is because he has a better team. Basketball is a team game, and no matter how good LeBron is, if his team won’t help him he’s not going to get anything. The same goes for past champions, including Kobe, Shaq, Dirk, Tim, KG, Pierce, Pau.

      As to who the better player is, it’s not even debatable. You all know who’s the best basketball player on the planet.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        we all know who the most overhyped player on the planet is, stat wise he had what 4 APG more than KD? rebounds were the same and KD had 1 more PPG, but more important his team won mroe games and has home court in the playoffs. Not to mention who led the league in 4th quarter and clutch time scoring? Oh the same one that has 3 game winners in the playoffs?

      • Francisco says:

        @okckd , your comments do not make sense, study stats a little bit before typing, honestly looks ridiculous, OKC won a game more than miami big deal, Miami lost 2 against the wizards without lebron, wade and bosh who were resting while durant kept playing to get his scoring title.lebron scored 1 poInt less with a higther shooting %, higther efficiency(BEST IN LAST 5 YEARS IN A ROW), OKC plays like a team , LEBRON THE BEST PLAYER IN THE LAST FIVE YEARS WITH OR WITHOUT RING)

  201. Japra says:

    Two best team at this time, againts Two best player at this time too. what a final ! can’t wait to saw it πŸ˜€
    Go Lebron & Go KD Play your own best

  202. SPURSFAN says:

    real basketball would have been a finals between the celtics and the spurs.. those teams play great and apply teamwork philosophy!!

  203. alaeh says:

    thanks to the celtics for a wonderful EC series. too bad my fav underdog team didnt come thru.next stop OKC hahaha dont get me wrong i dont go for hyped up team like this HEAT team. DURANTULA will hold those 2 golden basketballs before june ends.yet again the “not 1,not 2, not 3… wut” promise will not happen. sorry lebron although im liking the way you play as of late you will go down as the elgin baylor of your generation, bosh will go down as the fake tough cheerleader/KG wannabe and wade atleast had a ring thanks to shaq and co. will go down as the dirtiest thug of the game who play the shooting guard who cant make long range shot consistently. OKC will spoil every chance the HEAT has to win a championship.

  204. sam says:

    ridiculous, wrong headline::!!!!!it must be:david stern who is the next champ. iΒ΄m not a boston fan or spurs. I love the game but now it is over with nba for me

  205. Joachim says:

    This will be games to remember. I think Heat will come out top, even though in my opinion they are slightly underdogs.

  206. Leiron says:

    Bosh and Haslem are everything in the finals series. If they can knock down jumpers they will draw perkins and ibaka out of the paint and leave it open for Dwade and Lebron. Defending Westbrook will be the heats biggest problem. Lebron should be able to guard Durant effectively and minimize his production. Harden struggles against superstar shooting guards. Should be a great series.

  207. Ron Ron says:

    I love the matchup, what can I say? KD! KD! KD!

  208. HEAT631 says:

    The HEAT will expose the Thunder’s biggest problem.. And that is WestBRICK

    • Kalbo!! says:

      I don’t hate Russell, but I think WESTBROKE is better.. LOL πŸ˜€

    • OKCKD35 says:

      the same “problem” that has them in the finals? the same “problem” that is a 2 time all star? The same “problem that changed his entire game to ourperform tony parker? Nice “problem” to have.

  209. BIG Heat fan says:

    Let’s Go HEAT!!! Win CHAMPIONSHIP…


      no the heat’S isnt gonna win nothing. its the time for the hornets to get up there with all these greats and get theirs! Kobe to the hornets! unstoppable. lebron to the wizards so he can run for president. president of clowns dancing in the street! maybe some spaghetti with meatballs will be better than basketballs!

      Durant: this is your one chance. your team is too old. too slow. get it now or never.

      wade: time for you to switch over to football. DB or maybe punt returner – can you imagine how well he dunk over the goal post?

      bosh: time to run for VP with lobron the pres.

      wessbrooks: youre too old. time to switch to the spurs.


      • Wil says:

        what is wrong with you @Lebron for president Durant is only 23, Westbrook is not even 25 yet and is younger than Durant The Thunder have the potential to be a dynasty even if they lose this series because their stars are all younger than 24

    • ??? i dont know either says:

      lebron cant be president – he has to be 35.



  210. Frankie de Frogia says:

    My dream is seeing LBJ and the Heat winning the final.
    He kind of deserves it because of his exceptional carreer, his astonishing feat with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and not to forget mentionning this clubΒ΄s nasty and ungrateful attitude toward him. This year has been a consecration for him.

  211. Francisco says:

    I love the matchup, what can I say , LBJ,LBJ,LBJ.

    • Grizzle says:


      • NO HEAT - GOT BEAT says:

        its goin on!!! forava yo know it! heat is gonna be tha be bops of the galaxy. the thundas is gonna fly through tha screen door and sting em!

        but the key of the series is gonna be who gets all down and dirty chasin them balls over the floor. ITS GONNA BE A SCRIBBLE SCRABBLE! Scrabble up all them loose ball and catch them rebound and yall will see who is the real king! it comin down to da last second and which way the wind is blowin (although all yall know there aint no wind blowin)

        james: you gotta hit them 3

        durant: you gotta hit them 4!

        do yall know what im sayin?

      • most interesting says:

        all yall dont know what to make of nothin cause the skills on display are forever shown on the network tha has an interest in the outcome and participants of games on high level so that the skils and markets are a match ensuring that some teams and not others will represent the conferences of both east and west in the most intriguing matchups possible!

      • sizzle says:

        no it wont – it gonna be a forefit. da heat wont show up cause OKC is too hot to handle. gotta wear you some oven mits. the sizzle iis sizzlin!!!!

    • tim says:

      hopefully LBL will win his ring!!!

      a fan from holland

      • this will be GREAT!!! or, great? says:

        never in the life of the NBAs is such a match up of greatness going to be as great as this one!

        greatness is at its greatest when two great teams with so many great players display great skills!

        HEAT: the grest lebron will be nothing short of great! wade and bosh not as great as their ability, but nearly great. The heat defense is great, and they will play great gmea.

        THUNDER: not as great as heat overall, but they will play great this series. durant is great and will be even more great. westrbook is not always great, but will play great as well.

        i think the series will be…. great!

    • Bulls Fan says:

      The Miami Heat will win because Lebron can contain KD Unlike any other defender. Also thunders inexperience will cause westbrook to turn it over and the thunder will give the king his first ring.

      • QuestionMark says:

        Again with the inexperienced comments, OKC pulled through more tough games than the Heat did in the Playoffs, Game 1 against Dallas, Game 4 against Dallas, Game 2 against L.A, Game 1,2,5 and 6 against the Spurs, and they pulled through to win all those games, especially game 6, they were down by 18 and came back to win against a team who won 20 straight games. And no one player can contain KD, MWP who is arguably the best defender in the league couldn’t guard him, Marion couldn’t guard him and Leonard couldn’t guard him, and all 3 of those are good defenders, only difference is Lebron is a beast offensively so KD will have to put in more effort. Westbrook is playing like a true PG and showed that in Game 3,4,5,6 against the Spurs. OKC has something the Heat don’t, 2 great big men, Ibaka and Perkins will be able to contain Bosh, they will also be able to score since Bosh and Haslem are undersized and OKC also has a bench.

      • Willem says:

        and seriously, MWP best defender in the league,,,what a joke

      • Kalbo!! says:

        Spurs fan here, I like the Thunder as 2nd.. I don’t really like the Heat but I don’t really hate them as well.. Still, I would like Lebron to get his ring as a major step in SHUTTING UP LEBRON’S BIASED CRITICS & HATERS.. This is not about his match up with KD.. Besides Durant has more years ahead compared to James who is older and been chasing the ring longer.. But I would have to disagree with @Bulls Fan.. Every proven team, before getting their first championship, had started as “inexperienced”.. It doesn’t take losing finals series for experience, then just coming back next year to win it all.. It may just suddenly happen.. On the other hand, Some teams only made it to the Finals and that’s about as far as they can get and never won any ring.. They had the experience, then what?

      • OKCKD35 says:

        Durant average 29 points against the heat in the 2 games this year, Lebron averaged 26. Who played better D on who?

    • storm says:

      Durant will stop lebron,,, Go thunder.!!

      • LG says:

        Durant can’t stop LeBron. He’s not a bad defender, but he’s just average. LeBron is an ELITE DEFENDER, proven. Check out the 9 (!!!) turnovers he forced KD to make in their last game


        LeBron has become the most versatile defender in the league the last couple of years. He’s played great defense against great players, from point guards to power forwards. He’s even guarded some centers efficiently. Durant can barely guard small forwards.

    • Kalbo!! says:

      Agree.. The only consolation I can get out of seeing my Spurs get eliminated.. Haha! Now, wait and see here.. Any soon critics of Lebron would start piling up their dirty comments.. & overconfident fans of the Heat will be doing the same.. Before you all throw out your uneducated opinions, let me just tell you first.. Whatever you say, it won’t make any significant impact to anything at all, whatsoever.. You can only post comments and that’s about as far as anyone can go.. So stop wasting time and just enjoy basketball, at its best.. Besides, if the prophecy is true, this might be the our last NBA Finals.. =)

      • Tom says:

        Lol, what prophecy? The ancient mayan long count calender? They never predicted the end of the world anyway. . . Don’t buy into the media’s ridiculous hype of yet another “end of the world” scenario. http://www.2012hoax.org/
        We’ll have plenty more NBA Finals to come. Go HEAT!

    • Jayc says:

      True laker fan here. I love to see LBJ get his first illusive title. But i guess its not gonna happen with the type of lineup that they are up against – thunder. Sorry miami fans… next year maybe.

    • NO HEAT - GOT BEAT says:

      its crazy to think that kibe isnt playin for the heat! just imaging how bad they would be. kibe and lebron all crying and whining at each other. trying to get that last shot. it would be some mad dogs in the junk yard fighting for a bone. LAKERS next year!!!!!!! Lakers-Hornets in finals!

      • what???? says:

        what are you talking about? does anyone know what this person is talking aobut?

      • ??? i dont know either says:

        that just weird. plus that wont be the finals anyway.

      • SAS -V- NYK 2013 says:

        no cryin will get you tryin!!! that wat i was told when i was young. it has served me well.

        the SAS are terrific, but now they are about to decline down the rosy path to a boggy swamp in new orleans.

        the NYK will do same but in oposite direction and with opposite goals in mind.

        if the SPURS let up on the gas, then their car will simply stall. to keep it going through the night and day of the seasons is the main goal. i dont mind the playoffs – its time to give the crown to the regular season winner.

      • where is kobe??? says:

        has anyone seen kobe???

        oh yeah, he goin over to the knicks or hornets!

        this years finals mean very little casue kobe will get another 3 in a row

      • NOT 1? 2? 3? 4? 5? says:

        NOT 1? 2? 3? 4? 5?

        i will tell you. lebrons will win 3 and a half. just like he should have won vs spurs, vs mavs, i will count those as half. and then, when he blow out the durants this week, that will be worth 2 and a half, cause lebron is as good as 2 and a half players.

        lebron scores 47, 43, 23 (with 18 reb), then score 55, then 50. all over, the heat win 5-0 for series sweep. that last game is just for a statement.

      • BIGMatta23 says:

        Dear Lord, please give me the strength to endure the uneducated ramblings of others.

      • DM8488 says:

        i dont but hell he doesnt either!