Bosh Makes A Difference From Distance

MIAMI — The idea that Chris Bosh would be a difference maker in the Eastern Conference finals isn’t too far-fetched. But the idea that Bosh’s 3-point shooting would be critical was not a part of anybody’s Game 7 preview.

Since the start of the Eastern Conference finals, Bosh’s health has been a primary storyline, so much that Heat coach Erik Spoelstra quickly learned to just start his media availability sessions with a Bosh update before anybody asked a question.

In Game 7, Bosh proved why those updates were so important. In his third game back from a strained abdominal injury that kept him out three weeks, Bosh played a huge role in getting the Miami Heat back to The Finals, scoring 19 points in the Heat’s 101-88 victory over the Boston Celtics.

Bosh was the only Heat player in the practice gym on Friday. Since getting the go-ahead to resume on-court work, he’s been making up for lost time by getting as many workouts in as possible. And after shooting 6-for-16 in his first two games back, he clearly found his rhythm on Saturday, shooting 8-for-10 from the field and 6-for-8 from outside the paint, with his two biggest shots coming from beyond the arc.

After the Celtics took a two-point lead on the first possession of the fourth quarter, Mario Chalmers ran a pick-and-roll with LeBron James, drew the attention of Kevin Garnett, and found Bosh in the corner. Bosh drained a three to put the Heat up one.

Four minutes later, with the Heat up one again, James drove around Brandon Bass, got Garnett to commit again, and found Bosh in the same spot. Another three, and the Celtics never got another chance to tie the game or take the lead.

“We knew in big-time situations, that they were going to be open,” Bosh said of the 3-pointers. “LeBron and Dwyane [Wade] have it going so well, they need somebody to space the floor.”

Garnett had been roaming on defense all series. And with Bosh healthy and in rhythm, the Heat finally had someone to make him pay.

“Game ball automatically goes to him,” James said. “Without his production tonight, we don’t win.”

You can certainly argue that Bosh played an equally important role on the other end of the floor. The Celtics scored just 90 points per 100 possessions in Bosh’s 74 minutes on the court in the series. In his 272 minutes on the bench, they scored 103. And the Heat were a plus-26 in 31 minutes with Bosh and Udonis Haslem on the floor together.

The Heat are now 7-2 in the postseason with Bosh in uniform. And they go into The Finals against the Oklahoma City Thunder with one more offensive weapon and with the ability to play either big or small. The only question is whether or not Bosh will start or continue to come off the bench.

“We played tough [without Bosh],” Spoelstra said, “but we knew that for two years, he had been our most important player, because he makes it all work.”


  1. Rocabye says:

    Bosh was the reason they won game 7. Without a consistent 3 ball though, the Heat just can’t win. Seriously. The Spurs played lights out from 3 in game 6, and the Thunder came back from being down 20 to win it. Wouldn’t surprise me if the Heat get swept, but I expect them to win at least one game at home. At least. I don’t think they’ll win at OKC though barring a horrific shooting night for OKC. And I mean horrific.

  2. Dre' says:

    Chris Bosh was truly the x-factor in the boston series upon his return. People forget that he is a 7 time all star and I honestly think he is a bettter option than Harden. As game six and seven showed Bosh’s presence makes the floor spread which in turn makes it a lot easier for James and Wade to attack the rim. The finals is going to be a good series. I think Shane battier’s defense on harden/russel and mike miller’s ability to consistently hit the three will determine this series. On the other hand if Russel takes care of the ball and realizes that Durant is more important to the game then him getting his 30 that will greatly impact the series. I’m a dedicated Mavs fan and a true fan of the game of basketball. May the best team win.

  3. Barlo says:

    There’s nothing good left to watch since the best team in the league, the San Antonio Spurs, got eliminated…

  4. joecole says:

    cb4 is a great basketball player, miami needs t keep him involved in the offence!. An agressive chris bosh helps spread the floor and helps other move without the ball.

  5. trueballer4life says:


  6. No hater says:

    D.S. got his Finals. Well done Mr. Stern

  7. J.R. says:

    I’m happy for Chris.Everybody thinks that he’s just useless with LBJ and DWade on the court.Well Bosh turned a few heads with his play in Game 7.KEEP IT UP CHRIS!!

  8. Law064 says:

    The Celtic’s couldn’t get it done for 48 min. They had a great 1st half but started one of the famouse struggles they seem to have on offense and the heat got back into the game and eventually won the game. I give a lot of credit to Rondo who played great in that game. The Celtic’s bench added no help to score. Bosh was big making some key baskets, 2 three pointers in the 2nd half was huge for Miami. The Celtic’s made them work for the win but they couldn’t win. Anytime Rondo leads the team in scoring it shows that Pierce KG and Allen had a bad shooting night. Well off to OKC for Miami but before this series started I said that the Winner in the West would take the Trophy this year like Dallas did last year but we’ll see starting tomorrow

  9. Jay says:

    For almost 3-quaters and a half, the game could go either way because LBJ didnt go ballistic on the Celtics the way he did in game 6. But for some reason, Celtics run out of luck…or run out of gas.

    OKC vs Miami is a very good match up. Speed for speed, power for power. The “others” will make the diff’rence.

    OKC in 6!

  10. NorthPole says:

    Westbrook is the x factor in this series… Miami will let him do his and hope he will brick his mid-range jumpers, if he knocked them down, Heat will be in trouble…

  11. LeBronster says:

    Bosh really made the difference… his outside scoring, rebounding & defense is the key to Miami’s success last game w/ Boston… I really like Bosh than Wade (sorry dwyane)… Their significance is in this order: LeBron James, Chris Bosh & Dwayne Wade… GOOD LUCK GUYS!!! we will win this time…

  12. Michael says:

    Chris Bosh is clearly valuable to Miami – but could he be more valuable as trade bait?

    I spent some time thinking about the trade landscape in the upcoming offseason – check it here:

  13. Kwajalein Atoll says:

    BIG FAN of Miami BIG 3. What can I say? OKC get ready for the heat because they’re coming for you. LEBRON, DWADE, and BOSH. GOOD LUCK.

  14. Vrapz says:

    Heat big3 Played great….but took them a lotta effort to beat the old and banged up celtics.
    I dont think they can beat Okc ….esp. They got a homecourt advantage and great fans(not a bandwagon).
    Thunder in5!!!

  15. Marcus Vinicius says:

    Bosh who? OKC in seven!

  16. TeamBringit says:

    the Miami thrice Bosh , Lebron & Wade get the heat to Celtics C and quite the doubters and continue their quest for a champion dring good job guys

  17. Tammie V says:

    Bosh did make the difference! I’m not a Heat fan at all but am a Bosh fan. It was a matter of time before he he got better. It was a hard fought battle between Heat and Celtics. They just couldn’t get it done. DId you see Doc’s face at the end? Man he really does love those guys. It was like you know it is the end of them together. But it’s time to turn the page and OKC here they come. These guys are even more amazing. SHould be a great series!!

  18. luol dang says:

    Bosh is the most important front court player for the Heat, not the team’s most important player – that would be Lebron. The Heat are very weak in the bigs department and it shows when Bosh is out. If he reinjures his ab, kiss the Finals goodbye. If I were Bosh, I would basking in all the glory shining down on him now, because in the Finals, it will not be easy. Ibaka is younger and more athletic than Garnett.

  19. David says:

    Seems like I won’t have the Boston-OKC final I predicted going into the playoffs, but it was close 😛 Anyway, I don’t think the Heat will be able to win it, OKC is just too good, Ibaka and Perkins are a great defensive combo, Durant can shut down LeBron, same for Harden with Wade and Westbrook will probably have less defense falling on himself, he should have a great finals. Sorry LeBron, it won’t happen this time either! Go OKC!

  20. bosh was so amazing last night, get ready for the okc bosh

  21. Jack says:

    where are the C’s followers,..well sorry guys, miami is obviously better than ur team, I salute Doc for giving such a good fight, he made lebron a better player even more as he commended the later the last time he was interviewed. and where are the haters now?..haha silenced by the victory of the heat, cmon guys show up!!

  22. marlon green says:

    Conratulations to Mr. Bosh! He stepped big time last night and had an impact on both ends of the floor. Knocking down those 3’s made a big difference and the way he played on the pick and roll and helped teammates out on defense was awesome! He also did a good job on rebounds. Watching this next series reminds me of watching the Avengers. So many heroes all in one area, or should I saw one arena. Lets prepare ourselves for one of the greatest finals matchups ever!

  23. Lord P says:


    • Basketball gal says:

      lets just say it took the heat a WHOLE lotta effort to beat a crippled celtics team

      • Vibez says:

        Exactly. Yea the Celtics are older, but the main issue was that most of them had some sort of injury, they lost Green during the regular season, Bradley went down in the playoffs, etc.. Yet they still managed to make this Conference finals go 7 games. It’s a shame Jermaine O’Neal kept getting injured, and got waived in April, because a healthy JO would have made a big difference too. OKC has a lot of weapons when it comes to both offense and defense though. I was hoping Boston would win it all, but I am going for OKC, the other one of my 3 teams I was rooting for in these playoffs(Chicago was my other team, but we all see what happened there, which is unfortunate). I want Durant to get that championship.

  24. garfield747 says:

    miami heat in 6.

  25. PinoyFan.. says:

    its a great win by the heat..and its good that Bosh is back..its worth it to woke -up 4:30am (here in Dubai) this teams fight for the ring…this is what they want since last summer..we know that this will be a good series.. Good Luck OKC and Miami both teams deserved to in the Finals…..Miami in 6..

    Lets Go Heat!!!

  26. ergregqer says:

    If only Bosh played like that in Toronto…

    • NBEATZ says:

      Do you even watch BB.His last year with the raptors, he went for 24.0 PPG, 10.4 RPG, 1.3 BPG………………………….He has been doing this his hole career, you dont get to be a 7 time ALL-STAR for nothing.

  27. yhuan says:

    leave chalmers off the line up…he is the weakest link and did not even perform good defense on either allen or rondo…miami line up should be james, wade, battie, haslem and bosh…

  28. Fefe (Nets) says:

    I kept saying this: Bosh is the most important player for the Heat. The 3rd best, but the most important. Miami Heat can’t win the championship with Bosh being injured, so him coming back is a good news for this team. Now, the Heat have chances in the NBA Finals.

    I still see OKC winning 4-2 these NBA Finals.

    Good luck to both teams, even if I prefer the Thunder! Let’s enjoy these FINALS!

    • Showbaba7 says:

      @Fefe I love your spirit, you are good sport man even though you like your Okc nothing wrong you still gave due respect to the Miami heat. Just to let you know, I prefer the heat to win because I believe James Lebron with all his hard work deserves a ring and God helping him.

  29. akosibonik says:

    especially against OKC, he becomes miami’s x factor. if he plays well, and lbj is consistent, they have an edge. but if all three of them(wade) is consistent, okc will have their hands full, for me. it’s a tough call, i think the teams are equal, except the bench, that okc has a clear advantage.

  30. Martin from Austria says:

    Nice, Chris Bosh, Nice, you were so clutch tonight, you delievered, when it was needed most, you stood your man when it mattered most, without you it couldn’t have been done, hopefully now everyone sees that you are a huge and important part of this team, I always believed in you from the first point on and I will always believe, and though not everyone may support you, you will at least get my support all the time, It’s not the big 2 as many want to point out, IT’S STILL THE BIG 3, and this series should be testament to that statement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. RAPTORS says:

    So for all the Bosh doubters you saw the impact last night. Not only is he effective on defence but he as an offensive weapon as well. Make no mistake about it, it is the BIG THREE, combining for 73 points and ending the era of the FORMER big three in Boston. Congrats boys from Toronto, lets get a ring baby!

  32. Gil says:

    Mr. SOFT TOUCH (CB) blends perfectly with LBJ and DWade. GO HEAT….. 5 games max.

  33. water says:

    all the Bosh hating has been silenced

  34. hitman says:

    congrats heat!!!!! bosh your the x factor of the game 7. philippines are proud of you coach spo eventhough pacquiao was being robbed in his fight last night atleast we still have u coach.proud of you.. lebron james is my idol. idol of real players who play the game of basketball. haters are just riding with flow with people who doesnt understands the game,except from fans from cleveland,etc. who cannot give up of ating lebron. guys stop hating its bad in ur health.hahaha now boston fans i thought the heat have nothing to match in your team. well, im sorry guys end of the big 3 era. its leron time now. GO HEAT!!!

  35. thetruth says:

    The Great Final has come true! I think OKC will be able to do it, but you never know what can happen. Miami’s concentated talent versus OKC’s spread out talent. It’s going to be awesome.

  36. Hackgame says:

    I’m so glad to have Boshi back,that’s my boy.He is my Heat’s favourite player ,from the begining,I belive he is the one who’s really feel love for the team .!!What a tremendous game for the MIami Heat,Big 3 for the championship.Let’s go Heat!

    • Showbaba7 says:

      Oh my Bosh, that’s what I’m talking about. I do’t know why I might be wrong, I have more confidence to see Lebron and Bosh on the floor expecially in first and 4th quarter. Wade is a good player but has to do better in the 1st half of games especially with the Thunder team. Those guys meant business but I pronounce victory for Miami by God’s grace.

  37. OH MY BOSH!! says:

    Chrish Bosh was definitely…..not arguably the X factor in Miami’s win in Game 7. He makes it much easier, not just for Wade and James, but the entire Miami team, as he allows for spreading of the floor in offense and playing good D, causing havoc in the lane and crashing boards. I think it’s safe to say that if Bosh was healthy the entire series, Miami in 5…………..congrats to Miami. On to Oklahoma City.

  38. Bob says:

    But we m we for two years he was our most important player because he makes it all work,” said Coach. Talk about a rush of endorphins! Bosh is a 7’1″ guy that strokes a 17 footer and is a mediocre on-ball and team defender. The Heat get outrebounded consistently and have a hard time with strong defensive centers.
    Let’s give Chris some love for a nice game. He made KG pay for not staying home. Soak in it, revel for awhile because you will be going against a team with 2 more physical centers than yourself. And, they won’t be shadowing you either.
    When KD, Russell, and Harden real off their perimeter defenders, you are going to have to come out strong lest Dexter and Eddie get some time to make them think twice about dunking on y’all

  39. OzHeatFan says:

    Like a BOSH !!!

    • Showbaba7 says:

      Just waiting for Charles Barkley and Dr. Shaq to congratulates the Miami heat especially Lebron James for well done job, his effort was amazing. Want the duo Sir Charles and Dr. Shaq to personally recognise the effort of the most important player of the team, Chris Bosh. Kenny always praise him on NBA TV never had a bad belly against Bosh but the other duo has to tell us the truth now, that Bosh is great.

    • uoykcuf says:

      His last name is Dino