No Extension For Tyreke Evans?

HANG TIME PLAYOFF HEADQUARTERS — Could Tyreke Evans go from Rookie of The Year to not even receiving a contract extension on his rookie deal from the Sacramento Kings?

It appears so. Three years into his career, Evans has shown flashes of All-Star potential, but he’s also been moved from the point guard position he played during his rookie season. A career 18.2-point scorer, Evans saw his job as starting point guard eventually go to rookie Isaiah Thomas this season. Evans did start 61 of 63 games this season, but was in an off-guard position once Thomas took the point guard reins.

Now comes word, via Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee, that Evans will probably not get a contract extension from the franchise this summer when he becomes eligible for one. Once thought to be the future face of the franchise, Evans has ceded that position to DeMarcus Cousins.

With the fifth pick it the Draft, the Kings are expected to take a player that could actually make Evans, and others, expendable:

The team’s leading scorer is guard Marcus Thornton, who has three years left on his contract and is due approximately $24 million.

Tyreke Evans was the Rookie of the Year in the 2009-10 season. But heading into his fourth season, the Kings are not expected to offer him a contract extension, though he will be eligible for one this offseason.

John Salmons had one of the worst seasons of his career in 2011-12 before being benched. After that, he started showing flashes of the player the Kings traded for last June.

The Kings also have Francisco Garcia and Travis Outlaw under contract and still could re-sign Terrence Williams.

Even with all the players on the wing, none in the group is an established star and all could be challenged for his spot.

That is a precipitous fall from grace for Evans. Whether it is deserved or not is another question. The Kings have had a tumultuous ride since he was drafted. And there was a time when the play of Evans was one of the few bright spots. To see him in this place now is a bit strange to say the least.


  1. BullsFan says:

    well now, once in a while people here do know how to agree on things.. Yes, Evans and the Kings should part ways 🙂

  2. Mavs says:

    Evans should join the Mavs.
    If he signed, the Mavs could either try to get D-Williams for the PG spot with Evans at SG or they could re-sign Terry and have Evans play as PG.

  3. KK says:

    Suns please sign him!!! He can be our next-big-name and we can build around him. After that, keep Nash around for another year to mentor Tyreke before trading him to contender (let’s face it, he deserve to be with one).

  4. Ty Thor says:

    Go to the Wolves Tyreke!! Rubio and Love will maximize your talents on your way to the playoffs!!

  5. Anthony Gohr says:

    He is Going to Boston End of Story Him And Rondo Are gonna be scary

  6. Anthony Gohr says:

    he is going to Boston to be ray allens replacement him and rondo together is gonna be lethal……….

  7. NBAfan says:

    Tyreke had a good rookie season but I think this is as good as it gets for him. he won’t improve significantly enough to make up for all the scouting reports on him.

    He’ll need to just join a title contender….Maybe the Magics to join Dwight? He will be third or fourth option at best.

  8. BBBB says:

    The Celtics should go for Tyreke Evans

  9. Evans: Future Laker says:

    Mr. Evans come to the Lakers. Your defense at the pg position is needed. And you will be the number one option in terms of scoring when kobe goes to the bench!

  10. portland says:

    if healthy..
    tyreke evans
    brandon roy
    nicolas batum
    lamacus aldridge
    greg oden

  11. portland says:

    go to portland..
    it would be great.
    tyreke evans
    nicolas batum
    wesley mathews
    lamarcus aldridge
    andre drummund

  12. toygun says:

    i think Evans will fit nicely in NO, with Gordon probably going else where (i think Boston will be on the radar to get him to replace Allen or be their starter next year), Kaman might go somewhere also with the possible entry of Davis, that will be a nice, young team to build. Possible destination also for Evans are Charlotte, Lakers, Dallas, Nets, Phoenix

  13. Danilo B. says:


  14. rehkhan says:

    as a laker fan i like tyreke, but we dont need him. we just need a better bench and some new quality role players to win our next championship next season. that is what we should be worrying about, not tyreke and kobes future.

  15. Derr3ll says:

    I think trading him as well as the Kings #5 pick to NOK for the #1 pick would be a great deal for both sides. Anthony Davis will be, at the very least, a good player (not to mention would pair perfectly with Demarcus Cousins); and with Tyreke, a former Rookie of the Year and a player with a ton of untapped potential paired up with Eric Gordon in the backcourt, it makes the most sense to trade him there along with a pick to ensure that the Hornets will also get a player who will add to their rebuilding process as well. It’s a fair deal that both sides should be satisfied with.

    • Jake says:

      This is good, but the untapped potential of AD is light years ahead of Tyreke’s. He didn’t gain anyone’s attention with this year’s performance.

  16. qwerty says:

    LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! ima huge laker fan and i think evans has to be a laker its his best option for being the face of a franchise hes the best option for taking over after kobe retires and not to mention the lakers are going to get beasly for sure cuz its been reported that all the wolves want for beasly is hill and maybe artest or blake to imagine the line up of evans bryant beasly and bunum its insane im so excited if the lakers get him

  17. GSW15 says:

    kings have ALOT of offensive power. how about evans + 1st round (5) for Iguadola + 1st round. Kings get legit defender that they need and Philly gets a distributor and scorer.

  18. Jay Moslehi says:

    Kings dont have a system for tyreke. Hes gotta be put into a system that can use his ability (Contenders would gladly take him….). Also 10 million is deep enough. If we let him go, i just hope we focus on having cousins be the face of our franchise. Hes a potential all-star next year and he fits well in this young team. Ill miss evans a lot. It seems like just yesterday I was at his triple double game against the raptors when he was a rookie. Now hes 4 seasons in smh..

    All of you saying off court issues…. He has not had multiple incidents smh. It was one time after his rookie season during the summer. Hes 4 seasons deep now.

    I truly will miss evans as a kings fan because the guy was so nice and at one point very talented. I will agree with some above comments.

    No one understands how dumb my Sacramento Kings Organization is…. Drafting Jimmer was awful when we could have had brandon knight, or kemba smh…

  19. Joe says:

    I would be very happy if the raptors signed him

  20. jexzer says:

    go to the bulls tyreke,,,!! you’ll compliment very well with DROSE!

  21. Tommy says:

    So they are not gonna resign their best player? Hmmm,makes a lot of sense!!!!

  22. ben says:

    i like how his final top plays were away from sacramento

  23. SOmbody says:

    How ’bout
    Tyreke and the 5th overall pick to the bobcats for the 2nd pick.
    Would that work?

    • Jake says:

      Not really. 2 – 5 are all similar talent levels. I put MKG, Beal, Drummond and Robinson in the same basket. Trading up would only be necessary if the Kings have a specific position need. ATM they just need best available except PF/C

  24. alvin avilo says:

    Evans can go to LA Lakers.. the Lakers need him at the point guard spot, and he, together with Andrew Bynum, will be the face of the franchise after the Kobe era…

  25. Loud City says:

    This guy is too talented to be let go. But if hes let go, he really fits with Lakers, Chicago, Wolves and the Hornets. He could fit in the Heat as well but they would still not win a championship. Haha. OKC for life.

  26. CBACK says:

    he´s very talented to be 2 IN SAC, he needs come back to PG position and get in into a new team, a BIG team, who needs his talents, HEAT would be a very good option, they r need a very good PG to complete the BIG 3, and that´s a very good opportunity to TEvans became a starter player and grow up, with a good coach and experienced teammates like james wade and bosh.

  27. bruno says:

    i think the kings are gonna lose an excellent player in the future for basically nothing if they let him go.

  28. kristianl says:

    Kings will regret this in the next 2-3 years..
    This is entirely owner’s fault..
    They don’t want to spend their money for better facilities, trainers, and especially players..

    Remember Hedo Turkoglu? Gerald Wallace? etc.. The blossomed when Kings traded them away..

  29. David W says:

    but he do be trashn it up in games some times

  30. Vhoi George says:

    i have a report that he will land to CELTICS next year.

  31. The Bandwagon says:

    Attention Lakers fans, let me dumb it down for you. First of all, Tyreke is a horrible fit for the Lakers while Kobe still thinks he has enough left in the tank to be a number 1 option, because he has no jumpshot. 2nd off, the only trade piece you have worth Tyreke is Pau Gasol, who you will not be trading for someone that doesn’t mesh with your current roster. /facepalm. Lakers fans are what is wrong with the NBA.

  32. josh says:


    Pau is still under contract and who in their right mind would trade for him on that kind of salary???

  33. marou says:

    i think the wolves should go for evans… the wolve will have to trade barea with beasly then get evans Outlaw and Terrence Williams

  34. John says:

    Tyreke’s third year in the NBA was his worst year. Definitely not the greatest sign when a player fails to improve upon his rookie season. It seems like Isiah Thomas Jr, Marcus Thornton, and Demarcus Cousins are Sacramento’s foundation at the 1, 2, and the 5, and it would probably be logical to let Tyreke Evans go to pursue strong building blocks at small forward and power forward. With the Tyreke’s contract available to trade and the fifth overall draft pick, there’s really no excuse for the Kings not to be strong at all five positions this coming season. It wouldn’t be terrible if they traded them for something like Paul George and Kenneth Faried.

  35. Dunsany says:

    Tyreke for Igoudala would be wonderful for both teams.

  36. M-MAN says:

    he’s a great player with nice talent i mean how many guys average20 5 5 on their rookie season

  37. fil says:

    brooklyn nets

  38. Nbadude says:

    Maybe he would fit in the Suns, learning from Nash would be cool. He can play as 2, then when Nash retires, he cam start as 1!

  39. sign and trade? says:

    why would you leave tyreke to free agency when you can get something in return, that would be a clippers kind of move, sign and trade him, get anything in return, a real small forward, maybe g.wallace or batum or anybody who is above the avarage..

  40. Judge says:

    Enavs is a good player and i think its not a problem if the Kings will not sign him. There are 29 teams interested to sign him…

  41. flip says:

    wtf are the kings thinking? why give away tyreke? hes a very young talented player that would be part of their core in the future i just find it very stupid to give a guy like tyreke away it just doesn’t make any sense. if they are thinking that isiah thomas is their point guard then let tyreke play the 2. what the kings need to focus on now is drafting a good small forward

  42. Avery says:

    NBA you’re shame. the dream of a real hoops fan is to see the player that RUINED this league, lebron, crying on the floor and go back home. a title like the 1st one of the home page cannoted be accepted, and i’m not even a celtics fan

  43. Henrik Jensen says:

    I Hope Celtics will sign him, then let him start over Avery Bradley with Rondo at Point

  44. Yoei says:

    dont like this player. he doesnt think team first he loves the ball too much!

  45. J.R. says:

    I hope Tyreke dosen’t end up like Iverson years ago.I hope lakers signs him.

  46. Mike(Akron,Ohio-North Hill) says:

    Hey I would not mind getting Tyreke to come and join Irving in the backcourt in Cleveland! then we could draft help for Tristan Thompson down low.Cleveland has never really had a legitimate SG,and the best SF we ever seen in Cleveland took his talents to south beach.

  47. Raúl Velasco says:

    If Evans become free Agent… Boston Celtics will be his next team as replacement of Ray Allen. No doubt about that

  48. zeroinkill says:

    as a long time kings fan. i can say the kings have become the most dis functional team in the league. i’ll tell you why they wont offer him a contract. #1 he’s not a pg. #2 he cant shoot. #3 he dont have the size for sf. Yet after three season, he produces consistent numbers every night. In three years, i’ve never once seen or heard a coach work with tyreke on his pg or shooting skills. Never once did he get reminded during a game of how he should play. As a fan, you see his mistakes and bad habits and you just wonder….why isnt his coach not getting in his ear about it. Than after two years they fire his coach, who treated him like a star. hires a coach who treats demarcus like the star and forgot tyrekes strength. time and time again we watch Marcus Thornton chug up shots in the clutch when two years before tyreke was the cold blooded killer that would’ve got you the win 50-60% of the time. For three years it was the kings organization that foul up not tyreke, but he’s the one taking the bad rap. With this news, they’ve only alienate tyreke, and obviously any other team would welcome his contribution.

  49. Manimal says:

    Pacers most likely to take him, they got the cap space

  50. shaked says:

    good choice! the kings played better as a team when Evens was off-court.. their isn’t enough balls to go around all this good young players. evens is the not fitting player, even with all this talent (a lot of talent!!!). Cousins is the future! Thomas is a better point (not player, point!) and you can play Jeemer as your 2g, and it will help the 3 pointers to better expend the defense. i think its a much better combination, and kings need to spend him, or get him of the bench for scoring when you face a problem or need a change of pace. i wish him well, and i know he will get his hands on a good contract with a team that is looking for a young talented G in their roster

  51. Angelo says:

    Dallas please….

  52. 15 says:

    evans to lakers steve blake and session to kings

    • qwerty says:

      i think the lakers need to offer gasol and either mwp or blake for tyreke and thompson to take gasols place and then trade hill and pieces for beasly its a done deal for the lakers


  53. William says:

    Good thing for Tyreke, bad thing for the league. This is just another example of a player quitting for his team so as to play for another. Tyreke Evans is a phenomenal talent, there is no doubt about that. The only reason for his fall from grace is a lack of effort and a lack of desire to play for the Kings. This is sad, it’s a shame, but in the end I think the Kings will be alright if they can reign in Cousin’s immaturity and keep Thomas on track with what he’s doing. Evans will find his niche as well, as long as it’s with the right team that can keep him motivated.

  54. semikalosi says:

    I hope he lands in Portland. Would be a perfect fit if they made the right moves to bring in a defensive C. Had this been known earlier, with Wallace at the 3, this team could have been something else.

    R. Felton
    T. Evans
    N. Batum
    M. Aldridge
    J, Pryzbilla (or acquired defensive C)

    Even with Pryzbilla, this is still a solid and balanced starting 5. The bench has 3 guards that are also solid, they just need some size, decent size! Not Thabeet size…

  55. jipz says:

    MIAMI wants you!!!

  56. semikalosi says:

    I’m calling it now… If he doesn’t get an extension, he will go to Portland should he accept a role at the 2.

  57. Yossarian says:

    Come to Phoenix, Tyreke. Nash will probably leave in search of a ring, we need to rebuild!

    • Jake says:

      I can see this happening, but only in a three team trade. Of course Nash will leave, but he will not go to Sacramento for a ring. I think LA or Miami would make this trade work.
      PHX : Nash to _____(Contender)
      SAC: Evans to Phoenix
      Contender: Sessions + Blake OR Chalmers + First rounder

  58. Mike NYK says:

    Great situation for Tyreke. Could help out so many different teams.

    Tyreke would be a great signing for Orlando, good piece to include to try keep Dwight around, Tyreke would really benefit from playing with a dominant big man. I find him best suited as a Shooting Guard who has great court vision. Perfect second option behind Dwight.

  59. HeatFan says:

    great player needs great coach and great team

  60. HEAT FAN says:

    i think he would be perfect for these teams
    if he wants to win a ring go to Chicago,Orlando or Lakers
    tyreke is a great player
    on his rookie days he average 20pts5rebs5ast
    just like jordan in his rookie days
    so he’s special

  61. Ariel says:

    It will be fun to see Tyreke in MIAMI HEAT! 🙂

  62. Choker says:

    Tyreke should join a team that needs him. The Lakers could use a point guard like him. The Nets can get him also if ever Dwill leaves. He can also go to the Heat or Warriors.

  63. Anthony Gohr says:

    I Think terek evans would fit in perfectly with the pistons cause then the pistons would have the dominate Sf beside greg monroe that would be a perfect senario C Greg Monroe,SF Terek Evans,PG Rodney Stuckey,SG Brandon Knight,SG Kyle Singler

    • Oliver Clark says:

      Tyreke Evan’s is not a small forward, he’s a 1 or 2 guard. Seeing as the Pistons have some depth at 2 guard, I doubt they’ll sign Evans. However I wouldn’t be surprised to see some teams like the Pacer’s TImberwolves, Hornets, possibly even the Celtics if they look to part ways with Ray Allen.

      Evan’ struggled after injuries the past 2 years, but he’s still a good player. Some of his problems deal with his perimeter shooting, shot selection, and poor decision making. Personally, I think the King’s over played him, tried too hard to make him ROTY and average 20pts 5 reb 5 ast that it couldn’t be repeated after nagging injuries from being overplayed and a lot pressure to succeed hampered him.

      • Peter says:

        Would be a good for the Celtics who NEED young scoring at the guard position, and will have a ton of cap space this summer.

        With all of the wisdom on the Celtics roster (from Rondo, Doc, Pierce and the other big 3 if they return) he could learn a lot, and his defense would probably improve dramatically just from being around those guys.

  64. mv3 says:

    Tyreke go to Portland.
    Kings can trade him for portlands 6th pick in the draft and maybe a few other peices.

  65. to NO.. says:

    Tyreke to New Orleans.., -not really a fan of this team, but with Anthony Davis likely to be no.1 pick, the team would have a good line-up; and that would perhaps lure Eric Gordon to stay.. (Evans, Gordon, Davis, Ariza, Landry, Okafor and Belineli rotation)

  66. dfrg says:

    i dont think tyreke will have any trouble finding a home if the kings dont sign him.

  67. NBAfan! says:

    I think that tyreke should go to the LAKERS because the lakers are searching for a fast and talented PG so that they can’t keep up with the era of great PG in this league and I think he is perfect..but on the other hand every team who are desperate to find a great PG should try to woe him because he”s a great great GREAT talent and a big time scorer and fast, just need to have a good coach who can teach him to be a great PG in this league like RUSELL WESTBROOK right now…

  68. skunk says:


  69. Lolz says:

    If tyreke Evans will not get an extension he should sign with the heat. 2012-2013
    Heat starters center bosh PF James Sf Wade SG Evans. PG Nash Lolz….

  70. Ted says:

    Tyreke would have been a better player if not for those plethora of wingmen in Sac town. You have Marcus, Salmons, Outlaw and Terrence Williams as wingmen.

  71. Stir IT UP says:

    I could see Evans working well with Dirk at the mavs ” Move the kings to seattle & move the clippers to las vegas ” wouldnt that be great? less cali

  72. mark2000 says:

    The heat needs a point guard like evans

    • qwerty says:

      i disagree with you there the heat dont need a PG they have james and hes the next best thing to magic, the lakers need him cuz tyreke is actualy a point guard and hes 6’6 and if the lakers can get beasly and sign roy its a done deal the lakers would have the biggest starting line up in the nba cuz the lakers need to offer gasol and pieces for evans and thompson lakers 2012-1213 line up

      EVANS 6’6
      BRYANT 6’6
      BEASLY 6’10
      THOMPSON 6’11
      BYNUM 7’0

  73. benson says:

    tyreke his a very good athlete maybe Sacramento is not for him. . . tyreke should go to other teams probably Orlando a much needed boost of talent and i think pairing with Howard and nelson will create a muck better Orlando magic team . . .

  74. BboyBaller says:

    GO GET HIM LAKERS. SWAP PAU or WORLD PEACE. GO to LAKERS The new shaq and kobe. BYNUM and TYREKE the Further . GET KOBE HIS 6th RING.

  75. Rockets are cool says:

    Rockets trade for reke. clean swap lowry for evans. win win situation?

  76. Ice042HeaTfan says:

    off to south beach just sayin hello pat feel me
    then get a true center in fab melo

  77. Mino says:

    Not this season but last season is what really screwed him up. He had Plantar Fasciitis, the most awkward sports injury to have. You feel like you can play but you cannot at all. It’s horrible, he was coming of an amazing rookie year, 20 5 and 5 and looking great. He lost the momentum and had a crummy season 3.

  78. flakker says:

    this is so veery strange, however, I think it’s good for the league, i’d really like to see him team up with someone else. Maybe Dwight Howard???

  79. hijam says:

    Bobcats. Although , idk if Evans would want to go through another “rebuilding” process but I think we can all agree that Bobcats need a player like Him.

  80. fabio says:

    tyreke to the clippers for randy foye and mo williams!! ahahaha dream!!!

  81. tratts says:

    I think they are saving the contract extension for Jimmer when he is develope. They have just too many guards and not signing Evans will save them money to sign cheaper pg like Thomas and Jimmer in the future. Evans will want that big contract. I hate to see Evans traded but look like that is the best scenario right now for the Kings team. They also have Cousin to consider in the future. At least they can trade Evans for some key player to make the team better or draft picks.

  82. GGreen says:

    If SAC does not pick up his extension the NYK should pick him up

  83. Mohcel says:

    Evans, i hope you go to Boston. You can thrive in there and develop your craft.

  84. Whatyourdoin says:

    If the kings would really not extend evans contract, Lakers are gonna take advantage of this and it’s ok cause evans is a good player a great player i mean and he could be the Lakers future when kobe retires then if the lakers could get howardthat would be sensational and the Lakers could win another multiple championships. I bet the lakers are waiting for this kind of moments……

    Or better be the Bulls Evans can play sg even though he’s a pg together with Rose,Evans,Deng,Gibson,Noah… The bulls can get back to the championship era again they could win multiple championships also…….

    Either of this two win Evans would be a perfect fit……

  85. Whatyourdoin says:

    If the kings would really not extend evans contract, Lakers are gonna take advantage of this and it’s ok cause evans is a good player a great player i mean and he could be the Lakers future when kobe retires then if the lakers could get howardthat would be sensational and the Lakers could win another multiple championships. I bet the lakers are waiting for this kind of moments……

    Or better be the Bulls Evans can play sg even though he’s a pg together with Rose,Evans,Deng,Gibson,Noah… The bulls can get back to the championship era again they could win multiple championships also…….

    Either of this two win Evans would be a perfect fit……

  86. NateDogg says:

    Please trade him to the Jazz! You could have a stud in Millsap or Jefferson who would play nice and be a good role-model for Cousins!!

  87. Tygger2K6 says:

    Go to LA. Learn the Art of Ball Hogging! and then be ONE!

  88. Oula says:

    Lakers GM & Management, kindly get rid of Pau Gasol’s 18.7 M per year to give you flexibility. Get Tyreke Evans/Nash, Lamar Odom and Josh Smith. Let go of most bench players except Jordan Hill, Blake ,EBanks and Gaudelock. Go Lakers!!!!

  89. Renato says:

    The Kings do have enough young talent.Despite the team´s problems,Tyreke has had enough time to show if he´s the real deal,or just another guard to this league.He´s a good scorer,but clearly won´t be the centerpiece for any franchise.Could be a really good role player tough,to a bigger franchise.

  90. Chris Murphy says:

    I agree with all here. That kid can play. He doesn’t settle for jumpers either. Who wouldn’t want a player like that. But maybe it is something that we don’t know, like his off court behavior. I know he was involved in some trouble awhile back, but thats behind him. This dude is 6’5 and goes strong to the hole. And has a nice mid range jumper. Defense isn’t the greatest, but how many players in the league are. Yeah, he would be better elsehwhere.

  91. Where To Go says:

    I pretty much like the idea of having Tyreke in NOH… a possible okafor,davis,ariza,gordon,evans first five…

  92. 17,6 says:

    please DON’T come 2 the lakers

  93. CManley says:

    Twolves will give Kings Beasley and Wes Johnson for him. Then we will have him play the two with Rubio. Now there is a backcourt. Opens the logjam at guard for the Kings, and opens the logjam at forward that the Wolves have. Win win.

  94. PetterTheViking says:

    This is the right move for the Kingfs, Evans is a great player who could help a lot of teams in system that he fits in, but The Kings dont have a system yet. This will also free opp room for DeMarcus Cousins as the Kings go to guy.

  95. NBAGuru says:

    Bold move by the Kings, but not necessarily a bad one. If he’s asking for $10million+ a season, I wouldn’t extend him either. Tyreke is a ways away from being a star player on a winning team, and may have more value as a trade chip if Sac can find a team willing to overpay for him. If Petrie can flip Tyreke for a leader at the 1 or 3 positions, he will be back to having the genius rep he had back in the CWebb/Divac days.

  96. ihaveaname says:

    The warriors should try and get Evans. IDK what they gave up for bogot so im not sure what they can offer, but evans could fit there.

  97. kings fan says:

    As a kings fan i have watched every game Tyreke has played no doubt that hes a good player but no one knows if his shot will ever improve or if he will improve all his numbers have done are decline. Also Sekou Smith has to be the worst sports journalist in history just because the don’t sign him in the summer of the season were he hadn’t improved at all why would they sign him to a big contract he is a good player with the potential to be great but has soo many problems, i don’t think the kings are saying lets get rid of him but lets see how or if he improves. Anyways just watch the kings next year were gonna be nice and as for the Lakers fans i bet none of you even live in California, bandwagon fans.

  98. Hello says:

    Hello? Chicago Bulls? You there? Yes? Okay! Now go get this kid on your team pronto!!

  99. Danny says:

    Lakers would want him..

  100. Victor Manoel says:

    Man, Evans is wasting his time in Sacramento. How can you trust in a organization which resigns one of the best young scorers of the league (Marcus Thorton) and IN THE NEXT MINUTE spends a good draft pick in Jimmer Fredette, a guy who plays at the same position???

    Isaiah Thomas is not established yet, so I don’t see the Kings trading Tyreke Evans. But right now the Sacramento Kings are looking like the Golden State Warriors and their 893-backcourt-players mess…

  101. Sac kings r bunch of looosssseeeerrrr, they actually got a lot of talents but can’t seems to make em gel. That boy Evans got game. TEvans this is ur chance to get out of this confused kings organization n find a better team n coach who can actually help u grow into even a better player. I watched his game few times n he got serious game but he needs a really good guidance from a good coach.

  102. Bernard says:

    This is a shock to me. I thought both him and demarcus are supposed to be the future of sac. Well, evans needs to play point guard, so they should bench thomas and move him to the 1 if they want to see evans in full bloom

  103. purplerain53 says:

    Come to the Lakers Tyreke. You can be a starter there for years to come.Play smart boy.

  104. purplerain53 says:

    Evans can be a starter for the Lakers, if the Queens did not offer him a new contract. We will do that right a way.

  105. smiley says:

    Please Bulls nab Evans! I don’t know how the salaries work but I’d be happy with trading Asik for Evans and Garcia!
    Then move Cousins to PF where he belongs!

    I’d even trade super reliable Bulls glue Deng for Evans, Garcia, Salmons! The Kings have a big backlog at SG/SF and the Bulls desperatly need those positions. LOL Salmons would be with the Bulls twice, Kings twice, etc….he is so up and down but decent at least off the bench!

    With Rose and Deng being out next year the Bulls need a PG, SG, and SF. Evans can play all 3 positions and Garcia adds some good depth off the bench!

    • Corey says:

      Yes, cause asik is worth more than evans… AND garcia too.. logical..

    • cool knicks fan says:

      If I were the Bulls I would rather have Asik over Evans and Garcia. I would never trade Deng if I were the Bulls, he too good of a defender. I would only trade him if I could get a star.If Evans doesn’t sign an extension then I think it would be a smart move to sign him since he could play shooting guard(a position need for the Bulls), he could play PG, and even SF to give Deng rest. But those trades would make the Bulls a lot worse defensively.

  106. Mitchell says:

    This is a good thing for Tyreke, his talents don’t belong with the Kings he needs to go to another team. I see how he plays he’s too talented to be 2nd option on a bad team. If he’s going to be a 2nd option atleast be a 2nd option on a good team.

    • NBEATZ says:

      The kings DO NOT appreciate the tallent that is Tyreke. Trade him to any team and he will be the #1 or #2 option on a good team, Or a team that accually gets on TV, that way the world outside of Sac can realize the hidden talent. I HAVE TO SAY IT………………….Go to the heat……………………………lol

  107. Dirty D says:

    I for one wish him well. Not a kings fan by far but when he came I felt that they were on cusp of something great again. But as we all know there are good winning players and bad ones. And there are good winning franchises and bad ones. I think that the kings are worse off as a franchise than tyreke is as a player. Free agency would be a god send for a player like him. I can think of at least 11 teams that would be better with a player like him. At the 1-2 or 3 or as the 6th man, in a harden-esque type way. If the kings just let him walk they are just proving me right…

  108. adrixe says:

    I say trade evans for another draft pick.

  109. Hg says:

    My comment comes as a question; is the rumors of Tyreke’s off court behavior a reason for his recline?
    I don’t know his full involvement with the police, but I do know that a person cannot always separate his personal life from his professional life. Therefore if one part hits bumps the other part usually follows.

  110. iknowdunk says:

    next destination: Lakers

    • J~T says:


      • R4 says:

        Toronto will end up getting him for a swap of players like Derozan and someone else. Or he could end up in Magic land.



    • qwerty says:

      @iknowdunk: HECK YEAH!!!!! i want the lakers to trade for him or sign him they should get the kings to agree on a sign and trade for evans and thompson for gasol and then do a sign and trade for beasly and give the wolves hill the lakers will be younger and better and they need to sign brandon roy done deal

  111. ko0kie says:

    best thing that could happen to tyreke evans… the team just couldn’t improve with all these different guards, it just distracted his development as a player.

    tyreke is a terrific player who imo hasn’t reached his zenith by FAR…