LeBron, LeMagnifique

BOSTON — If your attitude is still stubbornly stuck in 2010, circa early July of that year, and you get queasy just thinking about the man and the way he left poor little Cleveland, just stop. Stop the hate and start to appreciate. Get over it, and get behind this: LeBron James just painted a da Vinci, though not quite a Jordan, to save his team from an embarrassing elimination.

Isn’t that enough? As a basketball fan, shouldn’t that be what you want to see and feel and witness? Does anything else even matter?

Shouldn’t you and others with irrational and over-the-top despise for the three-time MVP concede that basketball is better when he’s on top of his game, as he was Thursday in a do-or-death night for a Miami team everyone wants to fail?

“A great feeling,” James said.

He pieced together his best game, all things considered. All things. Yes, he has scored more points, grabbed more rebounds, made bigger shots. He did drop-kick the Pistons in an epic series several years ago. But nothing quite like this. Not under these circumstances, this kind of heat. Not with the basketball world ready to pounce and choke him for, what else, being a choker if he didn’t deliver and the Heat didn’t beat the grandfatherly Celtics.

But win they did, ever spectacularly, ever thoroughly, thanks to the “absolutely fearless” performance by James, in the words of Erik Spoelstra. The coach added: “He was ready and willing. He said, ‘whatever you need, coach.’ He was determined.”

Players with at least 45 points, 15 rebounds, 5 assists in NBA playoff history
Player Date Opponent Pts Reb Ast FG pct.
Wilt Chamberlain April 10, 1964 St. Louis Hawks 50 15 6 68.8
LeBron James June 7, 2012 Boston Celtics 45 15 5 73.1

James made 12 of 14 shots in the first half, an indication that it was going to be a memorable night. There was no gloating, no chest thumping, not jersey pulling, stuff that other players might’ve done to celebrate a big night, just pure focus. He hit shots from everywhere and through everyone. Didn’t matter what the Celtics did. He finished with 45 points, 15 rebounds, five assists. He carried Miami and created a Game 7 that will be much-anticipated Saturday. He kept alive the possibility of us getting the People’s NBA Finals: Thunder vs. Heat, MVP vs. MVP runner-up.

“I won’t regret Game 7,” James vowed.

While this was solid stuff from LeBron, he wasn’t quite “God disguised as LeBron James.” That was a paraphrase of the famous Larry Bird line after Michael Jordan dropped 63 on the Celtics in 1986 at the old Boston Garden. The difference was Jordan did that against five future Hall of Famers (Bird, Kevin McHale, Bill Walton, Robert Parish and Dennis Johnson) and one of the greatest teams all time. His point guard that game was Kyle Macy, and Dave Corzine was his center. He went through Johnson to get those points. LeBron mashed up an aging team that looked tired and past its bedtime.

But it’s no disrespect to slot James’ performance after Jordan’s 63. Again, with everything that was on the line Thursday for the Heat (nobody expected much from the Bulls in ’86 and they were swept by Boston in the series), James met the expectations and crushed it.

And what kind of reward does he get for that? Another elimination game 48 hours later. Another chance to win or, Lord help him, lose.

If Game 6 belonged to James, then it might be necessary for Wade to rise up in Game 7. Wade suffered through another so-so first half Thursday; he’s had a string of them in these playoffs. Maybe he was guilty of being hypnotized by what James was doing. In any event, Miami doesn’t struggle when Wade enters blazing.

“We gave him the ball and got out of the way,” Wade said, who added that James “was the most locked-in that I’ve ever seen him. When he has it going like that you feed him, but you also know they’re going to need you, too. We have to help him a lot more.”

If there was ever any doubt, though, what Game 6 proved is that it’s up to James for Miami to reach the championship round and win the trophy. He’s the one Heat player who can’t have a tough game, who must maintain a high level. He’s also the one Heat player who is over-scrutinized and picked apart, who can’t do anything right in the minds of many. Even on a night when he did everything right.

You know some folks are sneering right now, happy to bring up what happened last June against Dallas and reserving judgment until they see James in the championship round for the third time in his career.

Let’s hope he and the Heat give us that chance.


  1. James fan.
    james suppose to play in the same way he played in game 6 to beat the bosston.
    king James for life

  2. Jack says:

    Heat vs OKC,..sure thing…stay away HATERS!!

  3. Kris says:

    I personally think the 2007 Game 5 vs Detroit was a better effort from him. But in terms of stats, this Game 6 was crazy. It was as if he could do nothing wrong. 73% from the field. That is unbelievable. Unfortunately this game would mean nothing if they can’t win Game 7.

  4. uoykcuf says:

    Wow, just wow. What a game from lebron. Admit it people, lebron got no love from you(probably partically his fault though) If he wins game 7, people will say okc will crush them and he needs 7 games to put out the old timers. If he loses game 7, oh boy. Those haters will be staying here all night cracking chokewise pun and celerbrate like no tomorrow. If you can look through his ignorance and the fact he ditched his hometown. He’s a pretty good player.
    Now give me OKC vs Heat, that’s all the fans want.


    GO HEAT! BEAT BOSTON AND HOPEFULLY THE OKC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHUT UP HATERS!

  6. BigBoy says:

    Good game LeBron, now it’s time for Wade and Bosh to show what they can do. James has done his part, so should they.

    WOOOOO!!!! Go HEAT!! Embrace the “HEATE”!

  7. breaker5 says:

    I believe James, for his team to be successful and finally get over the hump, needs to play with a little bit more of that selfish attitude when it comes to the Miami Heat’s offense. We all saw last night how he can truly carry a team on his shoulders when he is looking for his shot. Let the others get their opportunities, but if I am Lebron, I’ll look for my shot first, because the Miami Heat is his team and as Chuck said, that team can only go as far as he can take them.

  8. markangelo says:

    Lebron is just truly amazing.. one of a kind player.. no one’s gonna question his greatness, when i watch him play the other day, it makes me feel so glad it cures my sickness, and it’s worth to to watch even in a replay, Lebron is the best basketball player of this generation

  9. locoeye123 says:

    I appreciate what lebron did last night 45pts 15rbs and 5ast. I just hate when people keep saying that they should trade wade.. Wade did not have great numbers but the way he play the energy and the defense to rondo made the celtics offence very stagnant… Im not a lebron hater but people plss stop saying that they need to trade wade.. Remember dwade only took 17shts lbron took 25 if wade took another 8 he might made 4-5 shots for 10 pts then he would end up having 27pts and 8rbs 4ast 3stls on that game.. Lebron needs Dwade as much as Wade needs Lebron..

  10. chris says:

    no mario lemuix…

  11. el mejor says:

    wiii alll now tha miami can beat okc even if lebron score 41 point

  12. King06 says:

    A lot of people says that lebron had no great supporting cast in cleveland, and that if he had wade and bosh as teamates before he could have already won a ring or two..

    Then answer me this heat fans, why did lebron lose last year’s finals?

    What, he still needs dwight and kobe in the line up to win? LOL

  13. wickedforehand says:

    hahaha… Belizeboy is answering everyone… and I found some where he replied without having to understand what the other guy said… Ok, from now on, this would be his reputation in my eyes everytime I will see his name…

  14. LakersRus says:

    Listen man! I’m just wondering why you guys are not allowing me to blog in here right now! Don’t I have a right to my opinion like everyone? I’m not disrespectful! It’s frustrating!

  15. Erik Spoelstra says:

    Thank God! I don’t want to get fired! I want to keep my job 😦

  16. Someone says:

    hahaha its just 1 game and heat fan thinks that the win a championship
    they take too much to beat celtics (a game 7 they got 1 more to go to the finals) the cant beat a elite team like OKC

    when he choked is in a close game he play 3 quarters always good when game in the line he still choke!!

  17. Dwayne Wade says:

    Haters and Whiners shut up!
    Im just happy my teammate(Lebron) did a good job

  18. Miami Heat BIG Fan says:

    Beat the celtics! Go Wade, Bosh, James and co. Then win Championship against young thunder. Let’s Go HEAT!!! Miami Heat is the BEST team ever. The MIAMI HEAT is BIG.

  19. ohcre says:

    ..clap-clap-clap.. hahaha.. doing it against one of the oldest team there is.. let’s see him do that againt the thunder this finalz! as i’ve said over and over again.. it’s good when they are up 15-20 pts.. but if the game is on the line, i don’t think ( will ever think ) that you can count on him.. he has more booboos compared to his good plays during the dying mins of games.. now look into that if you don’t dig.. search..

  20. I hear people sayin why doesnt pierce get the criticism james gets when he shoots 4-18. Well here is the answer. Players like pierce,kobe,melo,durant etc dont get this criticism because they dont call themselves THE KING and they dont compete for stats. They compete for winning. And thats why lebron is a choke. But have to admit that yesterdays game was monstrous for james

  21. Matt says:

    Why do they keep calling OKC vs MIA the people’s Finals.

    Guess Boston and San Antonio Natives are not people.

    Anywho, I don’t really like LeBron as a person, but I don’t judge him, its just my right to not like him, he just isn’t someone I look up to.

    To me he’s like someone who didn’t show up to a fight because his friends couldn’t make it.

    I will say this, he is a young man and Cleveland was putting that whole city on his back and maybe he wasn’t yet strong enough for that kind of pressure, so I don’t judge him for his decision, doesn’t mean I have to like it.

    On another note it looks like they went to calling the Celtics the aging Celtics again, and somehow implying that James’ performance was less meaningful because he did it against “aging” grandfathery Celtics.

    Age doesn’t have anything to do with this team, they just put 3 solid games against the Media’s Champion, to keep the Media from getting the “Media’s Finals”.

    If aging means future hall of famers, then I guess they are right though.

  22. Let's go Celtics!! says:

    Mr. Powell,

    Great game by James in game six, but he’s still got to deal with one more shot by the “tired, old, decrepit” Celtics.

    Let’s go Celtics!!!

  23. Jermain Ennis says:

    Bron, is the best in the era of the game.

  24. Jack says:

    Lebron came right out of high school and never even had 4 year of college basketball to hone his skills. He’s the best there ever was and most of the negative comments are from bitter Celtic fans who are dreading last call at the bar.

  25. Mark says:

    When LeBron fails, the media says it’s epic failure. When he succeeds, the media says it’s epic success. He had a big game and the other team played poorly. That’s the reality. He should have big games. He’s really talented. If he’d had the big game and the Heat had lost, the media would be saying James came up short. Stop sensationalising everything.

  26. Lebron Fan says:

    I am always pleased to witness Lebron James’s greatness. He was abosolutely amazing in game 6 and even the people that claim to hate him had their eyes wide open. I really don’t care who you hate. In fact, you can do us both a favor and keep the negative comments to yourselves. You are not going to change anything, except maybe help us see more games that feature Lebron. Cleveland lost a good thing when they lost Lebron. If he never wins a championship, he will still be the best player of his time.

  27. Pedro Flores says:

    Yeah Goo Lebron I’m Counting on you boy do it For the fans please Lebron you Dwayne and Chris Can do It All you got to do is make good plays and defense!!!!

    Thanks By The Way Your Sneakers Are Banging Lol

  28. Ays says:

    i no longer care if miami loose game 7.., he already earned my respect!!he showed that he can if he wanted to,.and very unselfish at that!now to the haters if im lebron i would rather thanked you…coz u bring out the best out of no.6 com’n hate him more!!

  29. bruswayne says:

    Now everyone giving the king RESPECT!

  30. john says:

    Guys watch out tomorrow..PACQUIAO FIGHT…….PRIDE OF PILIPINO PPL….WITH coach SPOE

  31. Unknown Guy says:

    Lebron is a great b-baller alright, but if he is considered ‘king’, not even close to Jordan and any other greats that have won a championship ring. He will end up being the greatest B-baller without a ‘ring’

  32. ph0bus says:

    Sign Up Allen Iverson to Heat. Might have something left in his tank. His willing to get minimum salary just to play

  33. LakersRus says:

    OK, I wasn’t a big Lebron fan after he declared they would win about 8 championships! Having said that, what an amazing display he put on in that game! He won that game by himself! I have a new respect for him! Reminiscent of the game he played to close out Detroit in the playoffs! Great player!

  34. blair56 says:

    I agree, it was an amazing performance. I still don’t like that Lebron left Cleveland but you can’t stay mad at it because, in the grand scheme of things, who cares. I’m pulling for Oklahoma to win but I would also love to see Kevin Garnett go out on top.

  35. W/E says:

    Cant wait to see Heat vs OKC in the finals,the excitement is big but dont expect james to put performances like that every night and save the heat,crazy performances like that usually happen once a time in the whole career of a player,i dont think he can repeat that in the near future.

  36. Renato says:

    Look man,i´ve always criticized Lebron for his problems on some great moments his team needed him and he just choked.And those moments are going to hunt him until he can bring a championship to Miami being the best on the floor.But i have no problem saying that he has played fantastically against Boston.The whole series,he´s been incredible, delivering for him and Wade,who hasn’t been able to play like himself this postseason.A fantastic performance.There´s still a game to go,but his performance last night won´t be forgotten.

  37. People, Stop comparing players each one of them has its own characteristics and we should respect each one of them, for those out there that hate Lebron; He is a magnificent player and deserve all the respect as a good player, after all we are not in the NBA, we are spectator’s.. Go… Go… Lebron show them all who is the real MVP this year…

  38. Ivan says:

    Hi I’m from Serbia (BELGRADE), I was watching Lebron and that was a little reminder how Michael Jordan was playing on old good times. GO HEAT

  39. JMK says:

    This sounds familiar. Same things were being said after the 48 point game vs. Detroit.

  40. Fact says:

    It’s a pretty crazy how alot are comparing LBJ to MJordan already. Arguably the Greatest of All-Time is MJordan.

    Michael Jordan – The “Original” # 23

    NBA Championships – 6
    NBA Finals MVP – 6
    NBA League MVPs – 5
    NBA Scoring Titles – 10
    NBA Defensive Player of the Year – 1
    NBA Steals Leader – 3
    NBA All-Star – 14
    NBA All-First Team – 10
    NBA All-Second Team – 1
    NBA All Defensive-First Team – 9
    NBA All-Star Game MVP – 3
    NBA Rookie of the Year
    NBA Slum Dunk Champion – 2

    Averages for Career Season:
    PPG: 30.1 FG%: .497%(.50%) FT%: .835% 3P%: .327%
    RPG: 6.2 APG: 5.3
    SPG: 2.3 BPG: 0.8
    TPG: 2.7 PF: 2.6

    Averages for Playoffs:
    PPG: 33.4 FG%: .487&(.49%) FT%: .828 3P%: .332&
    RPG: 6.4 APG: 5.7
    SPG: 2.1 BPG: 0.9
    TPG: 3.0 PF: 3

    MJordan Averages the Highest scoring average in NBA History(Season): PPG: 30.1
    MJordan Averages the Highest scoring average in NBA History(Playoffs): PPG: 33.4
    Only Player along with AIverson to win both Scoring Title and Steals Leader title (MJ did twice)
    Oldest player in NBA History to score 50 Points in a game (He was 38 yrs old)
    Only player in NBA history at 40 years of age to score 40 points in a game
    Only MJ and Wilt have scored 30,000 points in a regular season
    Hold record for Highest scoring game in Playoffs: 63 points
    Undefeated in the NBA Finals: 6-0
    When MJordan’s father died, MJ retired from Basketball after just
    winning his first three-peat (He retired before the 93-94 season began)
    He came back with only 17 games left in the 94-95 season, after not playing
    B-ball for a year.
    The season after MJordan came back (1995-1996), he led the Bulls
    to the Best record in NBA History with a 72-10 season
    Hakeem Olajuwon & his Rockets won their back-to-back
    championships the season MJ retired, and the next when he had just
    returned from Basketball after a year.
    MJordan had a storybook career, and finished his storybook career
    It’s Game 6 of the NBA Finals, MJ playing in his last game, the Bulls are down by three.
    MJ scores two on a layup, and down to 1. KMalone get the ball, MJ strips him of the ball
    and gets the steal, 12 seconds left, Jordan drives, stops, and fires. And just like that,
    MJ had 45 points, and the Bulls led by 1 with 5 seconds reamining. Stockton misses and
    MJ and the Bulls win their 6th championship.
    MJ’s final shot, would ultimately be known as “The Shot”

    Though he still retired once again, and came back to play for the Wizards, alot consider
    that game to be his last, since MJ didn’t join the Wizards to win championships.

    Had Jordan not retired, its possible he & the Bulls would have
    won those two championships, and they would have won 8 straight.
    But we’ll never know.

    And of course, it’s only fair to judge Lebron when his retired. But as of now, LBJ has yet
    to retire. I wish him luck in his War for that ring.

  41. Meeu says:

    too much comparison on MJ is making him overrated and underestimating what lebron truly has, beastly physique and talent. while it’s true that trophies and awards speak volumes but people please, compare the circumstances of then and now. Many facets of the game had changed.

  42. Mohanad says:

    I honestly pray to god that the HEAT win this year’s championship so that he can FINALLY get the ring that he deserves. S that all the haters can shut up. But I know even when he wins one hopefully HATERS ARE ALWAYS GONNA HATE!!

  43. cesar says:

    si miami pasa a las finales es campeon creanlo, boston siempre a sido un equipo bueno contra lebron y wade pero los demas no, esos equipos se odian de verdad eso es orgullo puro en la cancha

  44. Troy says:

    THA KING IS ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!

    LEBRON thank you for the best game I have ever watched. It was amazing to see a true professional dominate and not let it go to their head, well done. If this performance doesn’t prove to every hater that they are watching a guy in his journey in be coming the greatest player ever than what will. I believe that Lebron will get the first ring this year because nobody and nothing but Lebron will stop him

    I’ll be watching from Australia but still thinking I’m there in the crowd


  45. luol dang says:

    Great individual effort by Lebron. Relatively poor effort by everyone else in both teams. The man was possessed. Gotta love that put-back dunk where he could have touched the rim with his elbow…
    Certainly redeems him from that mental error at the end of regulation in game 4, where the Heat could have stolen a game in Boston.
    Now for the real test: game 7. Boston is going to come with a nastier attitude than usual. The Heat should not expect the Celtics to play it cool. They are going to come to this game all fired up, especially KG and Rondo, who can light it up too and is the Celt’s series MVP. Wade better show up for this one – the Heat are going to need him. With Bosh playing tentative and the rest of the squad producing little offense, it can be slim pickings with Lebron trying to do a repeat performance. Get ready!

  46. NBA.... says:

    NBA is always riding on LeBron. Such high praise for a single outstanding game he had in the playoffs of this year and all of a sudden, he is compared to a legend. I don’t like this media attention and all the hype he is getting. NBA never goes this far with other players who have great games.

  47. DECREPIFY says:


  48. Will says:

    Lebron is a great player but the only real way to hush his critic to win it all and not just one game. That is clutch.

  49. Rohan says:

    “Not quite a Jordan”

    I know Jordan is one of the greatest and I don’t even like Lebron but this has to rank right there with some of MJ’s best playoff performances…

  50. digopmoraes says:

    He hasn’t won yet. For sure, he’s an amazing player and has able to put his efforts to win that series, but, there’s another game to show his skills and prove to us that he’s a true playoff player and, eventually… a championship player as well

  51. celtics says:

    Heat fans: leaving games early
    Real fans: cheering on your team for the next game even though you’re getting blown out with 2 seconds left
    LETS GO CELTICS we deserve this we have all the heart

  52. el stone says:

    LeBron takes a lot of criticism.

    But you know what? He deserves it.

    He’s the one that called himself “The Chosen One” and “King James” and tattooed those ridiculous names on his body.

    He’s the one that cries, whines, and complains when calls don’t go his way, often leading to a fast break basket on the other end.

    He’s the one that despite being a 6’8″ 270 tower of muscle flops like a feather when someone slightly brushes up against him.

    He’s the one that acts like a poor-sport baby when he loses.

    He’s the one that thought “The Decision” was a good idea.

    He’s the one that promised, “Not 1, not 2, not 3…. not 7”

    Look, there’s no doubt he’s talented. He’s probably the most phsically talented basketball player ever. Too bad he doesn’t have the heart and mind to go with his body.

    But I’m sick and tired of all you LeBron supporters pretending like you don’t know why people don’t like him.

    If he had come into this league and worked hard and been humble like Kevin Durant we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

  53. Donald says:

    Boston in seven!

  54. KG says:

    Lebron can’t handle the Truth. Thats what i will say at the end of game 7.
    Go Celtics Go!

  55. Pieter says:

    Even with examinations coming up, I watched this game at 2:30 (@ Belgium). LBJ, thnx for that ENORMOUS game yesterday, today I need to study all day/night so I can watch your game tomorrow 🙂

    GO HEAT!

  56. Jake says:

    Most of his “haters” don’t dislike him for Basketball reasons….we just think the guys a piece of trash and not a very nice person.

  57. Heatfanhialeah says:

    Do not waste time trying to explain anybody how great is Lebron… Haters do not care, they will keep hating, now is that he does not have a ring and I recall many great players without a single one so What.. but if he got this one or more in the future other excuses will show up for haters to deny his greatness, my advice: enjoy his game and of course everybody’s game, Durant, Parker, Chris Paul, Griffin, etc, etc, etc and leave heaters with their negative auto-damaging feeling and enjoy plenty NBA……

  58. Mazeas says:

    But seriously, why compare James to anybody ?! Writers sometimes look like kids, saying useless stuffs nobody cares about !
    And 2 days ago they were saying the Celtics were playing their best basketball and now they’re too old ??
    Give to somebody else this job please, i’m sick of reading kids comments.
    Good job Lebron as always !!

  59. James says:

    Also the greatest players dont give the ball to a bench warmer to take the last shot unless their just to scared to take the heat if the shot is missed. lebron james is not over rated. not at all. just over praised. he hasnt earned all the attention the media has giving him. thats why he is unliked. and the fact the the heat choked last year doesnt make it any better. im sorry, if you are as good as they say and you have bosh, wade, and a good bench and you still lose. MMMMMM…. MVP well at least not last year

  60. Pejvl says:

    just watch this and everything will be clear http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyqDlPWVqXs

  61. Christoffer says:

    Truly a great game by Lebron… I was really amazed about how locked in he seemed to be throughout the game…
    But I don’t understand Shaun Powell’s need to compare (and in essence degrade) this game by James to Mike’s game against Boston in 86′. Why would you 24 hours after you’ve seen one of the most efficient and greatest playoff games of all time be like “sure was a great game, but in my lifetime I’ve seen 3 or 4 individual performances that were better… Just wanted you guys to know that”, it doesn’t make any sense just like you wouldn’t leave a movietheater after having seen the best movie you’ve seen in years and say “That was a good movie. Nay a masterpiece… But Citizen Kane is still the best of all time… Just wanted you guys to know that”. Let the game speak for itself and cherish performances like this while you can (carpe diem ftw). You can even mention previous great performances, I just don’t understand the need to compare two unique and incomparable performances in playoff history

  62. noyb says:

    All this bluster and blow and yet STILL NO RING…

  63. king says:

    we are the one who chooce a greatest player in the nba. But the person that we mention , he never feel that he is a greateset player until he got the championship ring.!!!!! i lov miami,,,if without wade they cannot when against pacer!!! think about it? its a good combination wade and james!!!

  64. Mr.305 says:

    Newerraa.. Exactly what did he do last night? Now let’s all just enjoy basketball, and stop hating for your personal reasons. Who quite frankly nobody cares about. GO HEAT!

  65. KingJimy says:

    Please, Please Please,

    Lebron is best there is out there even compared to the Jordans the Kobeys etc. You cannot compare Rey Pele with Messi!!!! they are different times!!! Same thing with LBJ!!! he is much more talented!!! much stronger much faster then anyone today and history, individually speaking. Rings, titles, and trophies don’t make a difference when you speak about individuality. If lebron played to his level in cleveland, he would have given a ring to all those losers that played with him!! would the ring made the bench player a super star??? I don’t think so. . . pleople hate LBJ because they wish they where as talented as him!! the true definition of a hater! envy, jelousy, wanna bes etc. you could never be like him because what you are is a loser!!! Lebran MR. KING JAMES is a winner in heart!!! in talent and soul!!!

  66. Mr.305 says:

    Great game Lebron. Proud you made the haters quiet for atleast 48 hrs. In the blog “Layers Of Drama Pile Up For Heat”, all the Miami haters , and trash talking Celtic fans were out. Now their all hiding. Lol gotta love it. Let the best team win come game 7.

  67. Ed Atlas says:

    Lebron James unveilded his masterpiece rendition, dropping 45 points on his competition. He demonstrated talents with a wide array of shots, scoring from inside the lane, mid range and three point spots. He played with grace and power, finess, focus, and flair. He dunked one shot from the air up there. The King was unstoppable coming thru the lane as he commanded his domain. This barrage of buckets set off a fiery blaze, that left everybody in a daze. There was no stopping him; he was determined he would not be denied. He was scorching and torching any defender who tried. After the game he soaked his feet in a cold bucket of ice. If you are still a doubter, you better think tiwce. Lebron made his impression on the game, and will certainly send him to the Hall of Fame. This was a story that must be told; when he went of a scoring spree in the quest for the gold.

    • Ed Atlas says:

      Last line should read “when he went off on a scoring spree in the quest for the gold.

      This was a story that must be told; when he went of a scoring spree in the quest for the gold.

  68. john says:

    Accept dude…LBJ is the King..period……….maybe you are blind that could not see the video…Blogs says nothing to say….on LBJ performance..let see tomorrow night.,,,Nice job LBJ go Heat.

  69. Lebrong Tagalog says:

    Hey Belizeboy,

    James only has two ECF titles, not three. One in Cleveland (2007), and one in Miami (2011). Read your history books, Junior.

    Everybody is waiting for James to lose on Saturday. The world is waiting for that moment. Lol! Better luck next trade Lebron!

  70. I will say although I am not a Lebron fan really because he is over hyped but he put on a show last night! Thank you Lebron it was great to see that you actually stepped up. The last thing I would like to see is him in a close game stepping up and not relying on Wade for the last shots. It’s getting kind of ridiculous….every time this playoff the last second shots are going to wade….which I am not sure why he defers to Wade all the time???? Jordan for sure wouldn’t.

  71. Von says:

    I am a witness. The only reason I watch NBA is because of LBJ. I wish this man the best of luck in Game 7.

  72. yoyo says:

    btw i live in miami florida Lets go heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. BasedonStats says:

    I’ll start by saying beast game by Lebron and beast 4th quarter by Wade….Now on to the next. I said it when my C’s were up 3-2 and i’ll say it now when it’s tied 3-3. It’s not over til it’s over.

  74. yoyo says:

    i really and trully think lebron james will make it to be a HALL OF FAMER and go as big as MICHAEL JORDAN did 🙂

  75. Belizeboy is an idiot says:

    Getting angry and posting with exclamation marks doesn’t make you right. You claim that it is a common fact that every basketball fan knows that Lebron James won 3 Eastern Conference Finals. Get your facts straight. He went to the finals twice. Against the Spurs with Cleveland and last year with Miami. ECF championships in your mind where LBJ scores more than 100 points is not counted, ok?

  76. Brian says:

    Is it just me, or is Paul Pierce a terrible player? This guys field goal percentage is horrible! He can’t make a basket at home or away. Get rid of him!

  77. Arab basketball says:

    hi NBA fans, im in dubai but woke up early in 4am just to witness eastern conference finals so incredible to see KING crush the C’s and really love this game!
    Celtics great defense but LBJ got the tempo and rhythm and lift the heat force to game 7 love to see it…

  78. Dude says:

    History in front of our eyes… Thanks LeBron!

    From a Greek basketball fan.

  79. Burnette says:

    This game is about greatness and it amazes me how so many people hate on Lebron because he is just that. Loving this game will make a person play with such perfection while hoping to earn a ring that he knowingly deserves. I hope to witness the Heat win on Saturday but am more excited about witnessing another great game from Lebron.

  80. Celtic Fan says:


  81. Disq says:

    I’m from the Jordan era and a Celtics fan.

    MJ will always be the best in my mind. I hate when people compare Kobe, Lebron or anyone else to him.
    There will never be another Jordan,like there will never be another Kobe or Lebron.

    I can understand that people hate him for the cleveland – miami move that he did, I don’t agree with it either.
    But closing your eyes on this guy’s talent is just plain stupid.

    The performance that he gave yesterday was simply AMAZING. Even if I was pissed that my team was losing, I couldn’t deny Lebron’s talent.

    Give the man your respect for his skills,at least…..

  82. shanydawg says:

    Still with the Lebron haters. You people are pathetic, hilarious lemmings who make no statement that isn’t negative in nature and already popular opinion. It’s obvious that you’re all jealous because he doesn’t play for YOUR team. Please Please PLEASE keep on hating – cuz’ it just fuels him… and makes every landmark game of his SO much sweeter for ME. Yeeeeeee-Hawwwwww! GO HEAT!

  83. fanfantulipani says:

    from albania…..woke up at 2:30 am to see history being maden …..LeBron James !!

  84. HoopDream says:

    I’m not a big Miami fan, but if Lebron is to get his ring, I would love to see him do it against OKC. Durant is amazing, but not a big fan of Westbrook and Harden right now

  85. NBAMoody says:

    Not everyone wants LeBron James and the Miami Heat to lose. GO HEAT!!!

  86. LemW says:

    Kobe Bryant played NBA basketball on 3 Lakers teams:
    1) Shaq team
    2) Trade Me Team
    3) Pau Gasol Team
    Question: Did the “Trade Me Team’ win any NBA Championships? No. Why? Kobe Bryant was not surrounded by talent and Lamar Olden wasn’t enough. The “Rings” argument is getting old. Most NBA players play on Trade Me Teams! Is Robert Horry the greatest NBA player ever? Robert Horry has the most NBA title rings with 7?

  87. Montel Swaray says:

    Hey what more can i say he’s LEBRON and i like the spirit he came out with lastnight i could tell it was gonna be a different game and im very exited about the win cus the previous game at home we lost got me pissed off.. lol but thats the game and i just ask LEBRON..WADE>>BOSH and the rest of the TEAM to come out with that spirit lastnight and play like its the last game.. This year we WINNIG the CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! No more taking chances!!! So LETS GO HEAT>>>>>

  88. brod says:

    goodluck Lebron do your best to win game 7.
    we will support miami heat.

  89. Newerraa says:

    Lebron is not jordan and will never be jordan.. Lebron has labled himself in this league as king he wasnt given that name he actually step foot in the nba acting as if he wa going to the greatest ever thats what makes me not like him. Hes a great ball player a hell of a athelete if you ask anybody but he has to stop acting like hes the greatest thing on the court cause thats making people not like him. Hes what i like to call a media player he plays ball so people can talk about him on TV on the radio etc. he doesnt play the game for no other reason. He should stop playing for the media and just play ball and forget what people are saying about him and he should stop trying to prove a point cause hes not even doing that.

    • slim says:

      how is he not proving a point? yes he had 45 last night, but he has also has 30 every night, he’s not selfish with the ball, the only thing he did was take a terrible franchise and make them a household name (in the cavs) and after his contract was up he made an attempt to get on a better team. Mind you i dont think “The Decision” was in good taste but the chioce he made was a good one. and I say that and ppl forget that money made from “The Decision” went to the boys and Girls club where he’s from. the name King James was given to him when he was in highschool, and it has more to do with a play on his name then anything else, and good marketing for Nike. with all that said i really wish that people would read the article because all it does it put LBJ’s performance 2nd to Mikes 63point game, it says nothing about him eventually being Jordan

    • BEEBETO says:

      Lebron James is just a perfect player which even SATAN can’t deny it. Stop criticizing this guy and appreciate his efficiency. He is just the best guy to watch.

    • Unknown Guy says:

      He really needs to stop being a selfish guy. He is already one because he just wasn’t willing to stay in Cleveland and be with a less talented team. I’m not being a Lebron hater right now. I apologize if I offended anyone

    • Noe says:

      He just did !!!! 45 15 5

  90. Lauri says:

    I am from Finland and I woke up at 5 a.m. to watch Miami’s games. Lebron is the only reason I follow NBA. Thanks for great play. I love to see game seven against Boston and hopefully seven game series against Thunder!

  91. LemW says:

    Kobe Bryant played NBA basketball on 3 Lakers teams:
    1) Shaq team
    2) Trade Me Team
    3) Pau Gasol Team
    Question: Did the “Trade Me Team’ win any NBA Championships? No. Why? Kobe Bryant was not surrounded by talent and Lamar Olden wasn’t enough. The “Rings” argument is getting old. Most NBA players play on Trade Me Teams!

    • purpandgold says:

      The whole point of the game is to win rings. To win the tournament, to raise the championship trophy. The feeling no amount of money or other personal stats or accomplishments can compare to. The ringless king is after that elusive ring, believe that. One performance is not enough, one night of good stats is not enough, the mvp trophy is not enough. To raise that championship trophy is every players dream. So getting rings is not getting old. It will be something brand new for Lebron, and it will dwarf all other occomplishments in comparison, if he ever gets one.

  92. mr-plow says:

    24 hrs ago EVERYONE AND HIS BROTHER was saying LBJ was overrated,cant perform in the clutch.
    Now all you haters are suddenly giving him praise. This is why people in the world are so stupid.

  93. back to the topic says:




  94. Yupp says:

    Lebron will never be like MJ. Simple as that. No matter how much David Stern and the NBA trys to market him as the next MJ. Guys like MJ, Bird, and Magic have the heart and desire that makes them true champions, and Lebron just simply does not have it.

  95. Marque says:

    If I was a GM today. And I had the choice to get MJ in his prime or Lebron Today, I would be torn. I watched most of MJ’s games, also most of Lebron’s throughout their carrers. Tough choice. I’m not comparing the skills, I’m just speaking as if I was a GM.

  96. Ralph says:

    It’s funny how 45-15-5 won’t matter if the Heat lose Game 7. Even if they win, see LeBron do that against a team that actually DOES have the personnel to guard him.

  97. lrn says:

    Miami will win when DWade understand “Whatever you need, Coach”.

  98. LemW says:

    Kevin Garnett like Gary Payton is a great garbage man. Garnett talk trash shifting your focus. LeBron’s focus was not shifted and Miami Heat focus was not shifted. Result, blowout win.

  99. LeGeND54 says:

    That was a great game by Lebron, but unfortunately if he comes out flat for game 7 this performance is not going to matter because he couldnt get the job done in the end. Its sad!! As a huge Kobe fan it gets annoying hearing that he shoots too much or that he is too old so i understand how Lebron fans must feel about not being clutch or not giving his all for 4 quarters. I dont really care who wins the series but you have to give credit to Boston because im sure they are tired of hearing they are an old team, but yet hear they are battling.

  100. sanikbol says:

    the man is the greatest in his era . i blame the management especially pat riley for buying trash around this man. he will win the rings if he gets help

  101. LemW says:

    the look in LeBron’s eyes said “no more Boston Celtics psych games” just WIN. Boston Celtics trash talk was garbage.

  102. Ken says:

    I think Game 6 is the greatest performance among all LBJ’s playoff games this season.

    Solid support from D-wade.
    Bosh gave support on the defensive end which is very important for Heat. Bosh is just enough for Boston’s 2nd unit.
    UH protect the board
    Battier good defence on Pierce.
    3-pointers threat from Mario.

    Heat, GOGOGO in Game 7.

  103. Beverly says:

    LeBron James do your thing man, you did a phenomenon job against the Celtics last night. I feel most people have judged you because of a professional decision you made in your career, they never thought about all the positive aspects of your life, the great job you does in communities. Stay focus and keep winning, you deserves a championship. I am a 76ers & Grizzlies fan, of course they are out and I jumped on the HEAT wagon because of all the LeBron James haters!!


    I WAS A HUGE JORDAN FAN, but when the hell did Jordan score 45 on 19/26 shooting and have 15 rebounds. Lebron did it everywhere, and flew at times. Please don’t downgrade what he did by saying though “not quite a Jordan”. JUST STOP!

  105. LemW says:

    the look in LeBron’s eyes says WIN!

  106. LAKESHOW says:

    Lebron will never win a Championship! #24 Black Mamba is the best NBA player thus far and has the rings to prove it!!!

  107. WZ says:

    Hei guys, can I ask a question?

    What happened to Joel Anthony??? i have watched everyone Miami postseason game this year. I thought he played OK in the 2nd round. Why Eric is not using him any more? His minutes drop from 28 to 14 from 2nd round to the 3rd round. i think when Bosh is not on the court, Joel’s defense of KG is much better than Battier or Haslem. don’t you guys agree?

  108. BulLakerOKCMJKobeDurant says:

    Nobody can downplay or exaggerate this performance because it is what it is. A basketball masterpiece. LBJ fans have every right to celebrate it just like I enjoyed seeing KD take over 4th quarters and how i enjoy seeing kobe do what kobe does. The guy has amazing skills so i am not surprised he can do this, i actually expect him to do this when it matters because i believe he can do this ALL THE TIME. Fans can be fans but this media promotion bandwagon is to darn anoying. And a guy who has failed to win a gold medal for the usa (kobe and durant didnt), got swept ones in a finals, didnt show up in 4 4th quarters in a finals, is reluctant to take “the shot”, in the end of a game……has no right being labelled the chosen one or king. so he needs to think not one not two not three times before saying he’ll win six…..win one first

  109. dharnell says:

    lebron was not about to let them loose here, that would just be too easy for boston. Lebron did it last night, didn’t take bull from anybody didn’t even smile while he was on the court. Then to add it the rest of the team added something to heelp, because this isn’t a one man team. Last night Heat proved to the world that they’re not giving up yet.

  110. Anthony S. says:

    I really hope Lebron and company finish this series off and we get the “people’s NBA finals.” More than just MVP vs runner up, this matchup will be stellar Offense vs stellar Defense.Yes Miami also has a great offense, but there defense is one of the best. Defense wins championship..whether thats true in the NBA is hopefully to be seen

  111. Johnny M says:

    While last night was huge without a win in game 7 and THEN a championship it is another failure. Young or not he decided to stand-up in front of the sport and guarantee not 1, not 2, not 3, but MANY titles. You make your bed and you have to sleep in it in terms of the media and fans holding them to what THEY promised.

  112. WESC says:

    Even the Great Magic Johnson appreciated and amazed by Lebrons performance, so how come a regular fan/hater can’t see his greatness? One word = “HATE”.

    • E Night says:

      The King was awesome. He doesn’t need to be a Kobe or Jordan. He is “The King” different time different season. GO HEAT!

  113. samuel says:

    Labron is the best in NBA not only because of this game. He has been performing perfect in the season and the previous one.

  114. Geeeeeee says:

    just trade wade for dwight and get a better coach , and its on !

  115. still hate him says:

    i still hate him until he gets his 8 rings he promised when he joined miami…

    and please, a single game doesn’t make player great. and they have to win game 7 first then face OKC which will be a true test for him.

  116. BHAMLIFE says:

    The NBA has never seen a player like Lebron James .Karl Malone body doing the things he does. As a basketball fan. Can we just enjoy him. Enjoy the greatness he possess. Understand this. No basketball player in the history of basketball has ever been more ridiculed and ostracized then him. I played basketball at a high level and I can’t even imagine what he goes through. Yes he has had some very questionable performances but he has also had some that will rank in the history books for ever. Don’t compare him to Kobe or Jordan. They both had far better teams and coaching. We are witnessing greatness. Live in person. 50 years from now, we will be able to say we saw this man play. Let’s just enjoy it. He is an incredible talent.


    The lost in game 5 in the MIAMI HEAT home court.. I feel bad coz i am a big fan of Lebron James.. i was thinking after the lost there will be no more chance to win in boston home court.. and a chance to a championship ring for Lebron.. it hurts. But last night he carried the team alone and gave new hope for his teammates.. You can see in his eyes the pain in his heart cause by words throw at him.. When the team lose it blame to him.. people don’t think he is only human. So, I congrats Lebron for his oustanding performance! ” Aim small miss small”.

  118. Aussie fan says:

    um no doubt the 80’s Celtics were masterful and will remain one of the greatest basketball teams of all time, but are you telling me that his current Boston team with 3 GUARANTEED HOF’s and one probable don’t deserve any recognition? you’re writing like the series is already over. One more game to go buddy, and the Celtics are looking just spry enough to win it

  119. Tony says:


  120. james says:

    The only reason people hate on him is because of his image and the way he goes about his business if he wants people to love him just shut up about it and play ball.and maybe one day he can be loved like jordan.

  121. james says:

    heat is going to win the playoff games because they got LeBron James!!!

  122. bruno says:

    Jerome i agree with you, i’m from Portugal and every year i stay up until 5/6 a.m to see the playoffs and that james performance was just amazing, he was in lockdown mode all the game. A superb all around game one of the best i’ve seen live.
    lets hope that the guy even with a 20/10/10 performance at game 7 doesn’t get hated again, through the years he might have said some stupid stuff and the talents to south beach was a bit too much, put that aside and aprecciate one of the best players of all time (and i’m not the biggest lebron fan).

    playoffs are the best 😀

  123. Roko says:

    Regardless of his basketball skills, I just don’t like LeBron as a human being. I like Kevin Durant and I hope Kevin won’t transform his human behaviour and became like LeBron. LeBron is a gifted freak athlete with a big ego and so far he wasn’t able to handle properly the pressure that he sets upon himself. People hate him not because of the basketball skills but because of the sick image the LeBron & Co created around him.

  124. Manuel T. Ortega says:

    LeBron James, all things considered, life story before NBA, is a testament to exemplary behavior. Perhaps Mr. James exit from Cleveland was ill-advised. I lay responsibility on his advisers and youthful exuberance. He was 23/24 years old!

    Mr. James checks his ego in the locker room. Mr. James is a team member. Team player. I sense he derives greater pleasure in victories where all his teammates perform best. I sense Mr. James loves to play b-ball, period. I sense it’s the media laying, wrongfully, all sordid layers on Mr. James. Mr. James does not seek the spotlight. His extraordinary talent makes this impossible.

    What is without question is Mr. James is an extraordinary athlete. A philanthropist. And most importantly of all, a caring and loving father.

    May all continue to go well for you Mr. James. You earned it.

  125. amboy says:

    this is very amazing game of lebron james miami heat is a top team james can score 40 + per game wade can score 30 or more but the problem of miami heat is the center like chandler can rebound,follow up, block shots , dominant other center this team is more on forward like bosh joel anthony haslem james is not a center but he defend kevin garnett miami management make some trade

    • Ken says:

      totally agree. the main problem for heat to win the champ ring is its front court. Heat lack a decent big man who can protect the board and block shot (however OKC has many……)

  126. Jordan says:

    Misguided are all those saying wade is replacable. He won’t be traded… alot of what happens post season will reside in what happens in game 7 and the finals. If heat win it all, the only change I think they may try is to sign Nash, but he is quiet stubborn in terms of pride, especially on the topic of moving out of phoenix (though heat winning a championship may alter his attitude). Bosh is a maybe, as getting a true centre would really compliment Wade & James, though I’m 99% sure Howard is out of the picture (I can maybe see him going Chicago (possibly Lakers) IF they drop Boozer, but with Noah it would be hard). I’m more interested to see what the Celtics Big old 3 do after the season. If they win it all it could be curtains for a few of those guys. Having said all this, knowing NBA trends and what has happened in the past, probably no big moves will be made, and life will continue as it always did.

  127. OkC says:

    Durant is playing better carrying his team, Lebron has too much help in Miami

  128. David D. says:

    Stop hating. Stop comparing. LBJ did not even compared himself to Jordan. Rings? Well, Scalabrine has more rings than LeBron but Does that make him better than LeBron? (don’t even start with 9gag jokes) He is one (NOT THE ONLY) of the greatest player who ever played this game. Nuff said.

  129. Lebron James says:

    Come out Haters and Whiners witness the Greatness

  130. The Queen is back says:

    The Queen silenced all the critics…………………..for another day.

    Go Lebronder GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. MonteC says:

    If LBJ and Miami win a championship this year, they owe it to those young kids who were shouting ‘ Good job! Good effort!!’ after game 5 loss against Cs

  132. BOB says:

    What greatness, gets lucky in one game out of the playoffs & you guys think hes god. What ever

    Watch him FLOP THE NEXT GAME


  133. Contrell says:

    Now I am a Miami Heat fan from Chicago and i love that win last night to force a game 7 lest go to the finals and win heat

  134. Geo says:

    All this hate for a miami lebron…..dont forget that there wasnt half this hatred for cleveland lebron….and then in the end….Hes the same Lebron..King…james. ….failures, successes and all

  135. Pat says:

    Sports writing is so polarised… love and hate is the only model…. yesterday lebron was a demon and today he is a hero… im sure if its not next game it will be against OKC and lebron will be in the doghouse again…. lets learn to respect good games like this and be less judgemental when mistakes are made… the myth of perfection is a curse, which lebron wears heavily across his chest… would love to see him be swallowed up by durant tho….

  136. Damien says:

    Wow : “though not quite a Jordan”. To Shaun Powell : if you continue bringing Jordan to the conversation each and every time LeBron does something great, it’s obvious you won’t ever recognize greatness. How about comparing the all-around performance of both guys ? (Jordan is WAY below James’ totals in stats other than points). The funniest thing is that you summon the fact Jordan did his thing against 5 hall-of-famers, when Bron is only doing it against 4 of them (yeah, I think Rondo will make the list). You can say they’re aging, but don’t tell me Walton or Parish or even McHale weren’t aging by then. Plus, MJ did it in 3 OTs, so please, stop telling people not to hate when it’s obvious YOU ARE the HATER…!

    PS : I’m not even a LeBron fan, but still I respect the game and the performances…

  137. Billy says:

    I have a strange feeling that what would haters come up with after if the poor got the rings ? He’s got the only 1 ring but the great kobe has 5 bla bla bla … Thing is those kind if people thinks like they have the right to judge the people over them and by doing so feel little better in their miserable life

  138. Thunder Up says:

    Congrats to Lebron on an outstanding game. I actually felt bad for the guy. He’s human and there will be games when he might not be at his best, but he gets critize for every thing he does. For those hating on him for leaving Cleveland…I say get over yourselves. The league or most of the team do not give a flip about trading players when it come to do what best for them…Look at Derek Fisher for instance. We never critisize the owners or GM for letting certain players Go once they become expandanble for their respective team. He left cleveland, he had the DECISION, he(they) said several chanpionships will be won…So what?!?. Give the Guy a break. Hope they win Game 7.. because we want to play the best team in the FINALS.

    With all that said…Go THUNDER.Bring On The HEAT

  139. mhel06 says:

    no matter what they say, lebron will be lebron and nothing compares to him… others before him had thier ways and he is making his own history, not being based from any other legends but HIS VERY OWN WAY!!!! LBJ the best!!! lets go heat, go get that ring!!!

  140. Carl says:

    The sad thing about this is that he’s only silenced the critics until he slips up again…as if the man isn’t human.

  141. JACAS says:

    thnx ol who hate lbj.ol of u r idot.

  142. Melvin says:

    Great win today. I have never doubted the Heat with LeBron. Maybe some defeats shut them down but they (The Heat) have to remember why James scored 45 points to take game 6. It’s to win and go to the finals. The hater’s have been shut down. for atleast 48 hours. I just know they will win. Ring or no Ring. We love LBJ. Heat nation!! P.s pretty sure wade will step up. like a 41 pt game on the closer against the Indiana. haha. Go wade. P.s im a wade fan. and become a LBJ fan too. GO Heat. 🙂

  143. rjaklic says:

    I am not fan of Lebron, nevertheless his performance was amazing. Respect.

  144. fanbase says:

    Great perfomance by LBJ! I hope Miami crowd will give them a lift in game 7. They have the worst crowd in the league.

    Shout out to the Celtics fans. They supported their team even after it was clear they lost the game.

    by the way, won’t be a bad idea to make an article about the crowds. Part of the reason why OKC is so successful at home is because of their crowd. OKC got the 7th man of the league in their crowd.

  145. Bob says:

    I don’t dislike LeBron because of his game (which is great.)

    I dislike him because he’s an immature douche.

    I don’t care if he becomes the greatest of all time (which he probably will not). I don’t like how he calls himself King or the Chosen One from day one. I don’t like The Decision. I don’t like him leaving his home town to go play in Miami. I don’t like the on-court theatrics.

    Might all be the result of media influence, but players like Durant, Duncan, Nash and so on seems to be able to cope with NBA stardom a lot better.

  146. angel says:


  147. OKC2012 says:

    Between the ”BIG 3” in Miami and the pairing in New York, all this shows is that players have too much control over the executives who are being paid to make decisions. Stop worrying about playing with friends, this is not highschool. You guys are paid to play so play and earn your large amounts of money, people are being paid to build teams, stop forcing them into corners.

    New York is possibly the biggest bust ever, they got handcuffed by the hype and now they have a big man in Amare who needs a good point guard to feed him baskets, and a guy in Carmelo (who in my opinion is way overrated) who has absolutely no flow and his only skill is to play one on one isolation, you do not need special eyewear to see that it is not a good match….

    As for the Heat, again they allowed Wade to run the show and got mesmerized by the idea of having Wade and James flying down the wings before thinking realistically about the Heat organization’s style of play. I would say the only way to make a team like the Heat win rings is the get a coach like Mike D’Antoni and implement his nonstop speedy offence…this aint gonna happen. The players got greedy and got their way, owners got greedy and sold a lot of gear but this team will not win rings because they don’t pair well….

    I laughed when they all teamed up, SOO MANY better choices could have been made, here are a few..

    #1 Wade to Chicago….Championship last year EASY, all they needed was another guy to drop 20+ a game…DONE, plus Wade’s hometown, who does not want to go to their hometown and win rings lol silly man.

    #2 Bosh and Wade in Miami…. those 2 with a bunch of money left over for really good role players, bench?? ya kind of similar to Kobe and Gasol right, and no that’s not really stretching it because they would both have big roles and would not have to share with a third….

    #3 James takes control, becomes a man and realizes how good he has it…. NBA’s best player, hometown hero, he could have manned up and got a guy like Bosh to go to Cleveland instead of letting Wade pull his puppet strings. That Cleveland team with Bosh? lol championship I would say.. These are just a few but you get the idea, these type of teams make no sense and will not last long or win championships, simple…. Watch OKC for the blueprint lol!

  148. Biggest LeBron Fan says:

    I’m 12, and I understand the game pretty well. The first NBA player I adored was LBJ. Game 6 showed every reason why I adored him. Even though LeBron doesn’t show this type of game every night, he gives something similar to it: 25+ ppg. 7+ rpg. 5+ apg. Game 6 was a great way to shut all the “fans” out there in the world that don’t even know how the game is played. To dominate Game 7, he’ll need to come back to his Cavs’ ways. All in all, LeBron does everything he didn’t do last postseason.

  149. Sekou might’ve forgot that there’s still GAME 7. I’m a heat fan, and for me LeBron is the best ALL-AROUND basketball player in the world. The game lebron showed in game 6 is worth being appreciated, but not this much. Yes, they beat the celtics in game 6, but that was just Game 6. Literally, they have not beaten the celtics yet. The heat haven’t won against the celtics yet with what lebron showed in game 6. HEAT needs james in game 7 to show the same game he did in game 6, and they need more from wade, and bosh needs to heat up, and so all the heat players. That’s what they need to BEAT the Celtics.

  150. OKC2012 says:

    Hey I don’t like Lebron for many reasons, one of those reasons is that at times he seems to take his talents for granted and not come close to using his abilities the way everyone knows he can, but really last night he showed what he can do and that’s all that was shown, the Heat are a disaster and everybody knows it, he cannot do this on his own, Boston pretty much could not buy a basket last night and James just could not miss one if he tried but if they get to the finals they will be stepping into a team that is just far superior, and I’m not just saying that as an OKC fan but I think it’s just pretty obvious.

    Now these trade talks lol….. I commented about this yesterday, I don’t think anybody could ever trade Lebron James unless he forced it on the team. Bosh??? why would you trade him and also who do you plan on getting in return lol. The Heat will get nothing better in return for Bosh, he is the perfect style of big man to go with James, he is one of the best mid range shooters in all basketball and this pulls his denfender away from the hoop which is what James should be attacking 95% of the time.

    Now even though he is a fan favorite, nobody that knows about basketball would blink an eye if Wade got traded, for one he is the oldest of the big 3 and is best when he can create his own play, which completely takes away the point of having LBJ on your team. Wade has shown what he can do on his own, he is still young enough to trade and get back in return a quality big man that is defensive minded which is exactly what the Heat need ( somebody like Perkins who is a beast on defense and sets great screens on offense)., plus some bench players…

    On top of that the Heat would bank a lot of money getting rid of his contract this gives them options where they could rack up a couple of good starting role players who can actually play…. I’m sorry but Battier and Miller are just not doing it lol.

    All in all, this is the NBA not the AND1 Tour, Wade and James might look cool together but they cannot win together because their games do not compliment eachother.
    Amazing game by LBJ, Great player, Horrible team, OKC is waiting…..COME GET SOME

    • Geo says:

      I love OKC and the Heat
      We give you wade….you give us Ibaka….
      But I think Wade would blow a gasket if anyone tried to trade him

      • John says:

        Well Miami has beaten OKC so let not count them out yet. Remember OKC has not had to play againist Defense like MIami and Boston. It will be a good series It is good OKC has home court

    • Francisco says:

      you have great comments, if the heat beatst the celtics, the heat is much better matchup for the thunder than san antonio, personally I am more scared of the celtics than the thunder, the thunder are now the favorites because the way they beat San Antonio which had an undefeated aura, but once that conection was broken what was left, an aging Duncan, an old ginobili, and
      a good point guard in parker. Same thing happened last year but earlier, DO NOT USE SAN ANTONIO AS A BASELINE TO TEST THUNDER TALENT AS A TEAM.

  151. aficion says:

    Shaun, you just don’t get it. Some of us couldn’t care less about the ‘decision’ anymore. We could even be persuaded to overlook LeBron’s sense of entitlement. And sure, it’s cool to see him display his considerable talents once in awhile. But, the point is, fpr some of us, the beauty of a single player dominating a game can never compare to the beauty of a whole team being in sync, like a well-oiled machine. THAT transcends any single-player performance. That is close to divine. So, like the rest of the media, could you stop harping on ALL of us, thinking we’re still hung up on 2 years ago? Look a little deeper….

  152. Raul Sab says:

    The only way Miami can beat Boston is when the game is not close because Lebron can’t close out games.

    • purpandgold says:

      Agree. The choke master can play aggressive and lose in the first 3 qtrs and tightens up in the fourth ,if it is a close game in the final 5 minutes, good luck with James closing out the game. He hasn’t closed anything out yet, that’s why he is still the king without a ring.

  153. Armin Halvadzic says:

    There is nothing like waking up at 2 in the morning. Make some coffee sit down and watch LeBron destroy Boston. : )

  154. Kobe says:

    Come on Lebron, don’t let Durant get a ring before you do. Smash Boston Nation in Game 7, and then sweep the Thunders in the Finals. Legacy indeed..

  155. Fred says:

    Man, I would give my right arm to look at the face of this Shaun Powell when the Celtics win game 7.

  156. bheinteh20 says:

    his statistics are memorable for years, you can’t deny that!
    and to those who claim he doesn’t deliver in the important games:
    he put the 07 pistons apart with teammates like gibson, gooden and pavlovic and went to the finals.
    what did kobe do with teammates like that? nothing! his team was no factor
    lebron makes everyone around him better. kobe does not!
    last year he had a not so great finals against the mavs, yes! but this team was in the zone, nobody could stop them.
    but all the haters have forgotten what he did late in 4th quarters against the celtics and bulls. they surely haven’t!
    this year the heat were down 2:1 in indiana and he put up 40, 18 & 9. they were facing elimination in TD garden and he put up 45, 15 & 5. All that comes along with lockdown D!
    let’s face it haters: he’s definetly the best player in the world by far. he should also have won the defensive player of the year by guarding everything from 1 to 5!

    he is in a level with mj, bird and magic! but they had several HOF’ers (kareem, worthy, mchale, ainge, johnson, walton, pippen, rodman) alongside them to win rings.

    PS: Jordan was 28 when he got his first ring – lebron is 27! all the people doubted he could ever win one, he’s got six! make that eight, if he didn’t decide to play baseball in between.

    took it straight out off my mouth

  157. Kcage says:

    MVP all day everyday

    I am a huge Miami Heat and Lebron fan , and being from Zimbabwe were we get to watch only half the season games, today was special, Lebron proved his greatness with the season on the line. Brilliant basketball performance, i never got a chance to see Wilt play but to be mentioned alongside him represents a major achivement.
    Game 7 is going to be great, D wade came alive in the second half so props to him and expect Bosh to have a good game 7. Heat all the way to the final we really want to watch aganist the Thunder.

  158. JB says:

    Wow, what a performance! I saw the game here in Chile and I was really pumped to see LeBron play that way. I think the most impressive part is the fact that he could do all he did with all that pressure on his shoulders. As someone said in another post, LeBron might choke sometimes in the fourth, but he´s the only player that can crush a team single-handedly.
    I also agree with Tony, two nights ago KG a Pierce were on fire and now they’re too old? Come on, he just crushed a team with four future HOF.
    I hope Miami takes it on Saturday, but the rest of the team really need to step up, specially D-Wade, he´s been scoring like 5 points every single first half!
    Come one Miami!!!

  159. Heat BIG 3 says:

    Heat Nation.

    Outstanding performance by Lebrone last night!!!! Game 7, on our home court a must win game!! We got through game 6 lets pull together give an encore performance and get this job done. Absolutely no time for celebrating, our GOAL has not been accomplished.

    In game 7 Miami must,

    1. Protect the ball and limit turnovers
    2. Free throws, minimum 87% from the line collectively as a team
    3. Miami has to come out strong in the first and third quarter, we can not afford to struggle offensively especially in the third quarter.

    We take care of these 3 key points and we put ourselves in a great position to win and advance to the NBA finals.

    Coach Spo

    Thank you for putting Joel Anthony in the game. In my opinion the 3 minutes that he was on the floor made a HUGE difference on KG. Joel has been an amazing defender for us all year. He deserves to be on the court helping his team get to the next level.

    Once again Lebrone “OUTSTANDING” performance. I believe in you. Keep letting your game do all the talking for you. Because we all got Haters.


  160. jjman says:

    With all do respect to Lebron and the heat, this is not going to be enough to beat OKC.

  161. jince says:


  162. john says:

    lebron james is one of he greatest players in his time and it seems to be that no matter what he does not untill he wins the ring ppl is going to hate. If LBJ had a gud team in Cleveland he would have already had a ring maybe two but he did not have the runner up in defensive players of year another all star or the 6th man of year. Just saying that you need a team to win. Right know even with D Wade and Bosh this team still is on the shoulders of Lebron James. Wade still hasn’t showed up and Bosh just came back so stop hating on Lebron and give him his credit.

  163. gigioc says:

    wft man…who wrote this article …lbj had a monster performance and losers start to compare his match to a performance of jordan…no logic sincerely…when jordan played were his performances compared to those of chamberlain…no!…please get one thing straight…basketball in the 90 s was not like these nowadays…today jordan pippen and rodman would get maximum 1 -2 rings…! pathetic article

  164. Chris Patr says:

    He is talking about Jordan’s game 63 in td garden ,but he doesn’t talk about Lebron James’ game ,Eastern Semiinals 2008 ,45 p. ,6reb ,5as. against a celtic squad which won the championship .His teamates was Varejao and some noobs(when im talking about noobs ,i mean players who can’t do anything) like him .Are u kidding me ??The Best of the world right now and the best player to ever played the last 30 years .After Wilt Chamberlain ,he can’t be compared with anybody .The only disaadvantage of him is that he hasn’t realized it yet ,if he will ,the game of basketball will become much greater .
    Thank you Lebron James ,because you let us become a witness of historic performances!!!

  165. nmadel says:

    Le-Chocke is delaying the inevitable. If he doesn’t lose game 7, Thunder will crush him. King without Crown Forever

  166. Mamzo says:

    They expected him to deliver….he did that and much more…wether u hate or love him, u gotta admit that Lebron James is the greatest player in this league as we speak…I hope Wade gets going early on saturday though that would really help the team.
    We all know what this Heat team can accomplish when playing at a high level and getting some much needed help from the bench. Therefore I think they have a chance against OKC if they make it to the finals. And given how it all ended last year for us, I think they won’t go down without a fight this time.

    LET’S GO HEAT!!!

  167. Chris says:

    Yes, Lebron had a big game. A game he had to have to silence some critics. But this game was also a lot of Boston not making the shots they usually make. So let’s see what happens in game 7. Y’all know Boston doesn’t care where they play 😉

    And just some words to Jeff van Gundy’s comments during the game, that the pressure on Lebron is unfair. Is it? Really?! I mean, he forced it all himself by the way he’s handling things. Who called him King? Who said they will win multiple championships automatically? Who puts a towel in front of his mouth on the bench to backbite & laugh on opponents? It’s all himself, and that’s just a short list of his complacent demeanor. So for me it’s natural, that every possible critic is on him.

    Why is it so much easier for Kevin Durant? Maybe it just comes down to him being that much less arrogant than LePrincess James. Listen to KD’s interviews. He’s just saying what he thinks and people like him for that (ok, being a nice guy surely helps, too). Lebron comes up with flowery phrases and stuff of what he believes, people want him to say. I can’t see no honesty in all that. Even Popovic on a bad day is more entertaining in an interview.

    Hope OKC makes it this year. Greetings from Germany. Long time the Playoffs haven’t been that entertaining 😉 Luv it!!!

    • John says:

      Wow Mad much. Lebron has to use a towel over his mouth becasue there would be some media that would say James said this'” if you ask me that is smart but for you you think he was saying something bad, true sign of being a hater. He cant speak his mind in public becaue then he probably be hunted down and killed by hateful Boston fan. Boston bought there championship so why cant Miami. Kobe bought his Championships so why Cant Maimi. Why is it okay for KG to cry and whine and want to be traded becsaue he was on a loser team, and James who although probably not doing it correctly did the same thing. Let it go. I dont think his ego is any Bigger than KG, PP, Rondo on any other superstar out there it is just that he is the most watch. Heck He probably cant even use the restroom in private. Give respect man. Bosto won most of there trophy win there were like 10 teams and the had 7ft guys that no one else had. Do you think those team could win during this era?

      • Chris says:

        Not that this was my main point, but why would he have to use the towel if he was saying something nice??! 😀

  168. PeterW says:

    I think slotting LeBron James’ performance behind Jordan’s for the reasons you mentioned is very unfair. LeBron James did it against four future hall of famers who have been playing better together than they have in years. They only looked tired last night because of how out-of-this-world James looked.

    James had a more all-around game than Jordan with the rebounds and was a lot more efficient; LeBron James had 45 points shooting 19 of 26 (73.1%) where as Jordan shot 22 of 41 (53.7%). James would have needed to have gone 3 of 15 over his next 15 shots to equal Jordan.

    Plus Jordan’s 63 point game was a game 2 in a serious they weren’t suppose to win, no pressure of an elimination game, no pressure of knowing what LeBron James knew would be said of him had they lost.

    And most importantly, LeBron James won.

    Also, if LeBron James had 63 points in a double overtime loss he wouldn’t be praised, he would be killed by the media for being a choker.

  169. Laos says:

    Ok I said Celtics in 6 games. Well…now Celtics in 7 maybe?

  170. borado_36 says:

    go miami,,,,,,,to glory…? thank james you are great player.

  171. Don says:

    Still, KD is the best player on the planet today. beating Dallas, Lakers and Spurs. 10 championship in last 13 years.

  172. george the Greek says:

    I am a celtics fan, from europe and i like basket ball…

    1 lebron is a great player,no doubt. whoever believes the oposite has no idea of basketball….

    2 lebron does not and will not have the heart of the GREAT Jordan, the one and the only coz MJ won what he won with his will to win, with his heart….with his greatness……this made him a legent people….not his many points or i dont know what ever….

    3 lebron is already a hall of famer, thats fair…but will never be a legend….even with a ring or with three……he has no heart of larry magic mj AND HE IS NOT HUMBLE…….pitty…..could be more…

    4 i admire lebron and every proffessional player…i am not a hater,that is my point of view…HOPING THAT THE UNDERDOG PROSSEEDS…….

  173. WHOWE says:

    sorry ,james not jamse, my fault

  174. Rose says:

    I appreciate what he does but still not impressed. Do it without a superstar team mate. Remember when he was in Cleveland. They were swept by the Spurs.

    • Sick says:

      so what’s the CONNECTION??? hello, are you fine?

    • K says:

      Okay Rose can you please tell me who else has won a championship without another star player on their team? Even last year, Dirk Nowitzi wouldn’t have won without the great defensive play of Tyson Chandler and key performances by Jason Terry! I like LeBron James’ chance of winning a championship with this group of player in Miami vs the group he had in Cleveland! Not even a fair comparsion!

  175. WHOWE says:

    加油!a fan of jamse in china. love you forever

  176. Bev says:

    I liked Shaun Powell’s statement: “Stop the hate and learn to appreciate”!
    There are very few people in this world who could stand up mentally under
    the unpresidented mental crulity that LeBron has been under, and still
    perform in an epic, showcase manner! This game highlighted what I have
    been saying about LeBron all along. And that he is SOMETHING SPECIAL.
    He and D-wade makes a beautiful team with all the others on the team.
    People who over-strutinize and sneer at LeBron are robbing themselves
    of the enjoyment of watching HISTORY IN THE MAKING.

    Goooo Heat
    Lots of Love
    (MsBevBlack nba web page) A true Miami Heat Fan Win or Loose!!

  177. kyle says:

    Good for LeBron…not once in a while he blows out a team alone…since he came to miami its always the big three..hope 2 see the big three play again in a high level for them to win against the celtics and if ever against OKC..

  178. Rocks says:

    Lebron is a great player. One of the best in this era. No doubt about it. We just saw what he’s capable of. But what’s sad is that his chances of winning a ring still looks blurry. And it might happen that he ends up without one which scares me. I mean it’s always sad to see talent of this magnitude end a career without a ring. I remember when Allen Iverson retired. I nearly cried. Just remembering watching his first season with Philly, smoking and winning rookie of the year. Everybody was chanting praises saying he’s the next Isiah Thomas. And there are many players who deserve legendary accolades but denied due to their lack of championships. I really hope and pray for Lebron to do justice to his legacy because if he fail, the basketball gods will only whisper his name to the coming generations.

  179. Eric says:

    Great game. Had a lott of pleasure watching it. I’m a heat fan from Belgium and a Lebron fan.
    Lebron showed everyone why he is a 3x MVP. He is one of the greatest. Can’t say anything else 🙂

  180. TommyJay says:


    • Sick says:

      TommyJay aren’t you from Cleveland?? haha

    • Brian says:

      Tommy Jay, I bet you gave the Celtics their due credit it 08 huh?! They “bought” their championship as you like to put it! Stop hating and actually put some knowledge into your posts!

      • K says:

        You know it’s strange how that fact is never brought up when the media and all these haters out here start dogging Miami for signing LeBron, Wade and Bosh! Boston did the same thing when they signed Garnett, Allen and Pierce! It’s crazy how the perception by so many is so different when both franchise did the exact same thing!

  181. TommyJay says:

    blah blah blah….he showed you what can happen when you have no faith in your own teammates. He shot very well tonight. Period. The only difference that made this game soooo spectacular is the fact that he actually MADE his shots! Comparing him to Jordan is obsurd, and i wouldnt even compare him to KOBE.


    • Sick says:

      Kobe is already fishing idiot… LOL

    • K says:

      TommyJay you do realize that Kobe never won a championship without another all star being on his team? He won his first three with arguably one of the greatest Centers of all time (Shaq)! After Shaq left LA, Kobe didn’t win another championship until another all star big man showed up; name Pau Gasol! So did Kobe really make players around him better or was Kobe in the right place with the right players around him that allowed him to win 5 championships? LeBron has never had the priviledge of playing with a great big man! Imagine LeBron with Shaq, when Shaq was in his prime!

  182. Saied says:

    Labron Has been the best NBA and world basketball player during the last few years. He sometimes may have bad games too but people who critisize him, should keep in mind that the Superman is only in the movies. We should see the overall games for a player during a season and Labron has always proved that he is the best.
    G O L A B R O N – Y O U A R E T H E B E S T

  183. Aj says:

    if Lebron, Wade and Bosh play at the high level like what Lebron did in game 6 miami heat is unstoppable, and if the rest of the team play in their best, nothing you can ask for more.

  184. WeAreAllOriginals says:

    Before game 6 the jury was on lebron he is going to choke, Heat haven’t won 15 of the last 16 in Boston. After the game Lebron James is supposed to do this everyday, wait for game 7. You have to give credit where its due, Lebron shut down Boston + the refs and silenced the Boston crowd. If Kevin Durant put the same performance he is the best in the league, the talk is going to be he is the MVP and not James With all due respect Michael Jordan was Michael Jordan , Lebron James is Lebron James. That was one clutch performance and its not in the last 2 minutes of the fourth quarter, ihe was clutch the all 46 mins he played.

  185. nba fan says:

    I hope u all have already saw the performances of this incredible creature which is made for greatness and nothing else.This guy makes me stay from 2:30 am(starting time) in my country till 6 o’clock am.I’ve watched the game couse of his brilliant show ty LeBron King James i love you.

  186. John says:

    It was a great performance, but lets face it. Unless the heat win game 7 this game will be quickly forgotten.

    • Filipino Man says:

      The Best player on the planet today is King Lebron James …Keep it up, Just be yourself and be relentless,aggressive and focused ,,To Dwane Wade just be focused, your one of the best player on the planet today also .. I’m sure HEAT will be 2012 NBA Champion ….Go HEAT ,,again Just be yourself and be relentless,aggressive and focused Heat will be invincible ..

  187. true bostonian says:

    Dear all,
    first of all I have to say I am a true celtics fan. I thought we were moving to the finals yesterday but…
    …then came this young man. I must admit that right now, he’s the best thing basketball can produce. he can play from point guard to power forward! and his defense!!! Tremendous! For those who had a doubt, we saw an MVP yesterday.
    Good game but we’re still here…

  188. Petpet says:

    I disagree of what ball said. Yes, basketball is a team game but its wrong you said you cant compare James to Jordan. If he had Wade and Bosh in Cleveland, he will have more rings. Yes, James dont have a ring, but does it make Wade is better than James ? Nash also dont have a ring but does it make Fisher (5 Rings) better than him ?

  189. Amazing Lebron !
    His supporting cast must Serve right in game seven. Dwade please have a breakout game seven to help out lbj.
    Let’s go heats to the peoples Finals Miami vs OKC.
    Gaaaah !

  190. rolmeister says:

    greatness? hahahah, this series aint over, the playoffs aint over, lets do the talking if the can win this season nba title

  191. tommboy says:

    much love form Poland to all NBA fans, what I want to say, go KING ! go ! amazing performance, keep up the work.

  192. JONRAY says:


  193. lebron fan says:

    nice job lebron.. on game 7, double ur score on game 6.

  194. ian says:

    With minimum help from his team, King James delivers and proves in the toughest Basketball arena in the NBA who the best player is. Another elite performance from the MVP is an answer to all. Teams wins championships, not players but even if he doesnt win this one he will still be the best player on this planet. Complete domination keeps us Europeans up at 5 in the morning to watch him. thank you Lebron. LEGGOOO

  195. ThatTallFella says:

    I think the way Lebron played tonight look very similar to the way Dirk was playing this time last year ( & Dirk was finals MVP ) hopefully the same outcome for Lebron … oh & that guy who poured a drink on Lebron “Your a DOOSH”

  196. twistergear says:

    bla… bla… bla… he will never get a ring!!!

  197. Noel says:

    I like what E. Spoelstra said….. “Nobody wants to be thrown dirt on your face when you are not even dead”.

    …..to all non believers and sports commentators, take that!

  198. Rocks says:

    If this was an appetizer I can’t wait for the main course – Game 7. The next game is going to be interesting because both teams will be fighting to go through. And I’m sure the Celtics’ defence will be as tight as a virgin this time. The Heat will have to play as a team for the first time this season if they want to go to the show – NBA Finals. Now I’m thinking of Michael Jordan’s game 7 at Cleveland. Will it go there? I hope so. The Truth vs King James. Whoever get the last shot will make that game memorable. Let’s enjoy this one!!!

    • John says:

      believe it or not they played as a team last game. the ball was moving the all were playing hard defense not letting boston get offense rebounds for extra points. Hit important shots down the strech. Wade in the fourth scord 4 or 5 basket. They have a team that does not need 5 guys in double figures becsue you have James, Wade and bosh if the supporting cast can give them good defense and intesity and hit three when they need to Miami is hard to beat. Battier hit 3 3 last night Chalmers hit 3 as well. Bosh hit some jump shots which basically made KG have to play him. Yes James did go off but he only need 30 for Miami to win as long as Wade and bosh can add to it. Boston fans Will hate the day when everyone on Miamii shoots well, It would be like having Reggie Miller, Ray Allen on the team with the heat draining 3.

  199. nat says:

    The Celtics is now pressure…Heat is going to play home court and so this is game 7. LBJ has done it at game6 and never say die…NBA FINALS is on the line, HEAT supporting cast must stepping up in defense and offensive ends. LBJ plays great… that is all about the consistency of playing MVP every game. Go…Go…Go…Heat bring it on HIGH LEVEL…Take your time to win it HOME…

  200. miha says:

    Wade is crucial for Miami.. he is certainly in the top 5 players in the world.. D Wade basketball genius

  201. Slovenia says:

    nice game from Lebron…i hate to see Wade strugle agein though…hope he rises in game 7, becouse he is “the one” for the Heat team…this is his home team, not Lebron’s…

  202. ton says:

    now , i saw the serious of the miami heat team… in previous when they made some goals they are shouting or celebrating for that… now , im impress to when they made some goal i saw they tried to get back in defense and concentrating for that… thats good attitude for the team… i hope wade and bosh will big help to lebron… 3 of you need by the team and you also need all your team mates to win game7 and the nba finals… hope it will guys… take note: all of you are superstar so help each other to win your first championship .

  203. Let's Go HEAT says:

    Finally. Comments that make sense in reflection to what James did.

  204. ASDqr says:

    wow,, no haters here

  205. Rick says:

    Has James said anything about him being Jordan??? Most of the comments seems so,

  206. king james says:

    james does not need D wade, wade is overrated

    • K says:

      Dude LeBron had a great game but lets not get to crazy! DWade is definitely struggling but to say that he’s not needed is kind of crazy!

    • yoyo says:

      naw man dont say that,wade and james are like brothers they need each other….lebron cant carry the heat on his back all the games im a heat fan so i kno……….Lets Go Heat miami fl

  207. witness greatness says:

    he didnt compare them,he actually told us the differences and it was NOT like jordan..learn 2 read

  208. AK says:

    Lol ONE game and nba make him look like a god…


    • Sick says:

      just cry hater… LOL

    • heh says:

      No, that’s just Shaun Powell and he is a long time Miami Heat fan that is not afraid to show off his bias when writing these articles.

      • Belizeboy says:

        Haters aren’t afraid to show their dislike, so why should a fan (even if he’s a writer) not be able to write an article about a player?

    • Belizeboy says:

      Just like your one comment makes you look like an idiot.

  209. x-writer says:

    what is giong on here,why are u not posting my comments,is the truth not good for the nba busniess, i will open the eyes from everybody..

  210. Mico Webb says:

    Commissioner should review all the flops that celtics have made in this series. Horrible if the NBA keep on allowing this. They(celtics) should be called BOSTON FLOPPERS!!! Nice game for the KING!!!

    • heh says:

      You’re an idiot.

      • K says:

        Why is he an idiot? This was the same thing Miami was accused of doing by several teams (Indiana) throughout these play -offs! Now somebody excuses the Celtics of flopping an that makes them an idiot?

  211. wat says:

    45pts, 15rebs, 5ast – u cant see those stats in playoffs for almost 25 years. . . . and he did it facing elimination with his team in his shoulder . . appreciate what he had done . . . stop the hate

  212. jameshaterfools says:

    championship ring… seriously? its the only one excuse left for all the James hater fools
    a championship ring only means you are in a great team and tells absolutely nothing about how good a player is
    just look at Robert Horry, he has 7 rings and most people dont even know who he is
    you think Jordan would have won any championships without his great teammates like Rodman(one of the hardest working and best defensive player EVER) and the great Pippen
    also look at Iverson, he has 0 rings and he is one of the best point guards ever and you know why? because he had an useless team
    Robert Horry must have been better than James and Iverson lol…

    James haters you just make yourselves look stupid

  213. Pedro says:

    Man I saw his face right from the beginning. I said “he’s playing it real now”. Scary stats, but his determination was really something. I’m a Celtics fan, but I was happy for him. Let’s hope Paul Pierce has a decent game on Saturday, cause Rondo (and Garnett) can’t win by themselves. Do or die, game 7 here we go!

  214. Liam says:

    GREAT STUFF LEBRON!!!! i’m from Australia and have loved the heat for years, and you are the best name to be listed in the clubs history, so don’t listen to the haters and keep this stuff up! Deserved the MVP for sure! GO HEAT FINISH OFF THE CELTICS IN THEIR LAST YEAR AS CONTENDERS FOR GOOD!!!

  215. Jean_Phi says:

    I have always loved the basket-ball player and I think I always will. Did he leave Cleveland the way he should? No. I know life is like a comic-book, people always look for a super vilain but I am tired of the haters and the people who bring back MJ after each great performance.

    This guy is absolutely amazing and make the NBA worth to watch (along with others of course). He’s been carrying his team all year long despite the heat and criticism. I am French and I am not a team fan but a NBA fan. Even if I appreciate what Boston is doing right now, I hope the Heat will go to the Finals to see Lebron vs KD.

    I have a question for you : where is D-Wade? I’ve heard this is his team. I am just wondering if he will even show up?

    • K says:

      You know you’re right regarding DWade! Very disappointing performance from him during this series! He definitely needs to step -up come game 7 and most definitely if they (Miami) makes it to the World Championship series! If he chipped in 24-26 points consistently during this series, then this series would have been over in 5 games!

  216. faycal says:

    I stayed up to 6 here in Belgium though i had an appointment at 9 in the morning… but Lebron made the suffering worth it, i don’t care about this brain washed cheap american battery to him!!!!! sooooo unfair, just looooooved the way he silenced a whole country this morning.

  217. DON-DON says:


  218. Lord P says:

    That’s incredible how ridiculous haters can be..i’ve seen Cleveland fans became Boston fan cause they hate Lebron and want to see him fails..!!

  219. WhoCares says:

    What a great performances by LBJ.Go Heat!!! btw. boston’s fans are rude and nasty in my opinion first a fan throws the ball at Dwade head than at the end of game someone pours water down at LBJ as he walks into the locker room

    • Not Understanding - WWTA says:

      WWTA (What Was That About?) Poor Sportmanship….However, D-Wade handled that situation with poise, dignity and without a vigilante mentality and that was done to disrupt the attitude and whooping the Heat was giving the Celtics. If this is Celtics “PRIDE” as Boston calls it, I believe it slipped to Celtics disgrace last night – totally uncalled for! Taking your beating with “PRIDE”. ‘Bron laughed his off cause he knew his performance was definitely on point last night and he made a statement – I stand corrected STATEMENTS! He hushed the media. He hushed the naysayers and definitely the HATERS… People let it go. This man has a right to make a decision that will make a substantial impact on his life. If he felt a move was necessary to obtain a ring – he did that! Anyone would. ‘Cause at the end of the day or the end of his career he has to be the one to say, “I gave it my all!”……..

    • heh says:

      So you’re gonna sum up all Boston fans as rude and nasty because of the actions of two fans? And obviously you haven’t been to many playoff games lol that’s how it is everywhere.

  220. OE23 says:

    his statistics are memorable for years, you can’t deny that!
    and to those who claim he doesn’t deliver in the important games:
    he put the 07 pistons apart with teammates like gibson, gooden and pavlovic and went to the finals.
    what did kobe do with teammates like that? nothing! his team was no factor
    lebron makes everyone around him better. kobe does not!
    last year he had a not so great finals against the mavs, yes! but this team was in the zone, nobody could stop them.
    but all the haters have forgotten what he did late in 4th quarters against the celtics and bulls. they surely haven’t!
    this year the heat were down 2:1 in indiana and he put up 40, 18 & 9. they were facing elimination in TD garden and he put up 45, 15 & 5. All that comes along with lockdown D!
    let’s face it haters: he’s definetly the best player in the world by far. he should also have won the defensive player of the year by guarding everything from 1 to 5!

    he is in a level with mj, bird and magic! but they had several HOF’ers (kareem, worthy, mchale, ainge, johnson, walton, pippen, rodman) alongside them to win rings.

    PS: Jordan was 28 when he got his first ring – lebron is 27! all the people doubted he could ever win one, he’s got six! make that eight, if he didn’t decide to play baseball in between.

  221. King James says:

    If Lebron will display the same toughness and versality all through this remaining postseason this could realize his most desired achievement The Larry O Brien Throphy and a Championship Ring! This would be also become his ultimate weapon to silence all the Haters and prove his worthy and greatness as one of the most dominant player in the NBA. I’m expecting the same intensity from King James and lead the Heat to Championship! GO HEAT! King James for the RING!

  222. WhoCares says:

    GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!

  223. billy boy says:

    as expected few comments when the Miami Heat are winning… specially when Lebron did the win

  224. vein says:

    his time will come…

  225. hasan says:

    wade helped the heat to finish the pacers in game 6 scoring 41 points ! he is the second best shooting guard in league after the best Mr bryant. and you to second bosh for 40 years old nash that can give you maybe 1 or half season ? hahahahaha funny bro

  226. Heat fan says:

    The trophy will be in Miami if LBJ makes it get there, no doubt about. Saturday’s wont be only James it’s going to be an all around game from everyone. But look for James to start the fire then the others add Kerosine…. I just think its time for all who wants to see James fail, to start appreciate the man for his greatness both on and off the court.

  227. LBJ06 says:

    Come out haters witness the greatness hahaha

  228. phit_qat says:

    you include nash in those list of great players, but the last time i checked he doesn’t have a ring either…

  229. BigJ says:

    I’v always had a problem with people hyping Jordan’s 63 point game in ’86. First of all the Bulls LOST that game! Second it went to double OT with Jordan playing 53 minutes in all. Now don’t get me wrong Michael is the best there ever was, and people who saw that game live are going to start screaming bloody murder really soon, but isn’t winning games what the playoffs are all about? I’m pretty sure, that if you asked MJ he would trade those 63 points for a W. Oh and that “aging team that looked tired and past its bedtime” is the same team that everyone described as locked in, rejuvenated and full of veteran pride not even 24 hours ago. You media guys really crack me up sometimes!

    • K says:

      BigJ enjoy this moment because if the Heat lose on Saturday then the media will be right back on the Celtics bangwagon! Praise from the media only last 24 hours!

  230. bruce lin says:

    a player with his natural talent … he’s not even close to shaq and Kobe yet , let along magic , jabbar , bird , chamberlain , jordan is not in the discussion , no one is close to him

    • K says:

      Wow really! I think all those players you mentioned would beg to differ your opinion! Great players recognize greatness; even if the average hater fan doesn’t!

  231. An2ny says:

    LEBRON you are the greatest basketball player…

  232. toygun says:

    James was hot all game, it’s hard to stop a player when everything is going in his way regardless who the player is specially with his talent.. Boston’s last game was stiff, i thought they didn’t moved the ball well, most of their shots were not that great, Pierce and KG didn’t step-up and wasn’t aggressive enough, i just hope they put more pressure, I’m counting Boston to win game 7 if its close or low scoring

  233. gurgur says:

    Lebron has always been my favorite player
    and this article really says all that I’ve believed since 2006
    when I saw him defeat the wizards through clutch shots

    While most say that he took the easier route in going to Miami
    he took it only to fall into a trap
    Wade and Bosh are no where near as dominant as they were
    and the rest are just pretty much D-League players
    He has to do more, even more than he had to in Cleveland
    which is why I think there is no other person more deserving of a ring right now

    Even if they win gm7 however, they’ll probably lose to OKC
    which will no doubt evoke a ton of comments
    comparing Durant to Lebron
    No offense to Durant, but if anyone’s watched Lebron since the beginning
    They’ll know that Lebron did the exact same as Durant when he was his age
    Defeating the Pistons by rallying from a 2-0 series deflict
    hitting clutch shot after clutch shot in double overtimes
    carrying a supporting cast 5 times worse than OKC has right now

    Lebron may not ever be better than Jordan
    But the way he has matured, the way he fits into every role his team needs
    definitely makes him one of the best all-around players ever
    I’d say the BEST, but everyone has their opinions
    I just wish him luck whatever happens the following games

    • A says:

      Nice poem. But if Miami can find a way to win atleast one game in OKC(better if its the first 2) they should be able to beat OKC if they can take control of ther 3 games at home.

  234. Hotgirl says:

    It’s not easy to put up numbers like that 45pts 19-26 FG attempts plus 15 rebounds
    Especially in a playoff game like that! Down by 3-2 just to tie the series..

    So all the WHINERS and HATERS out there , get over it!
    Grow up!

    Don’t get me wrong I’m not a heat fan

    FYI I’m a bulls fan.. D-Rose fan! but Rose is injured xD

  235. Alonzo15 says:

    Game 6 was for all the Lebron haters! Im happy not just for Lebron but as a basketball fan. That is what an MVP supposed to do. He rose to the occasion and answered all questions after the game with HUMILITY. It’s gonna be a dogfight in game 7! May the BEST team win.

  236. Adrian says:

    Great article Shaun. Thanks.

    All for entertainment. Nothing beats Thunder vs Heat! Yeah, I agree, the People’s Finals. Yeah!

  237. NBAfan says:

    If Wade is the Flash….Lebron is the HULK…..I really liked Lebron’s eyes this game….I liked his scowl….I think we can see Lebron really determined….and finally…he is taking over….as he did in Cleveland…..will he do it again for game 7? We’ll have to wait and see….

    Whoever gets to the finals….I think they’ll deserve it..Boston or Lebron (not the Heat…the HEAT lost this series already….)

    • K says:

      NBAfan even when the situation can be nothing but positive, you still find something crazy to say to make it negative! LeBron is doing nothing more then what Jordan did with the Bulls during their 6 time championship run! If LeBron makes it to the championship series he would most definitely be the huge reason for Miami making the finals; but he couldn’t have done it by himself!

  238. afterkwiss says:

    “If your attitude is still stubbornly stuck in 2010 … ” We aren’t, you reporters are. You are the ones who systematically trash the man when his team loses and praise him when the team wins (whether he’s in Cleveland or Miami). Quit that clutch-non-clucth/great-not-great Lebron nonsense. Future will tell the mark he will leave on the league. Until then, leave the man be, because all the love-hate game you guys play with Lebron is getting a little lame and repetitive. GO HEAT!

  239. UCAlto says:

    Lebron had a lot of touches in the low post, and while his post game isn’t the most polished, it was more than enough to bring his game up to a higher level. Hopefully, Lebron will truly begin to understand what the other great playoff performers like Jordan, Kobe, Magic & Bird have come to realize – that having a reliable post-up game makes for a more efficient playoff performance. Posting up will mean less dependence on too much dribbling and short distances to cross when taking a shot. Less movement means more energy to the shot attempt, and less distance means more accuracy. Thus better playoff performance, where defenses are tougher.

  240. Monstarr says:

    The good thing about Lebron is that despite that so many people hate and critizise him, he just shove it off and stand BIG on every game. Despite he has no ring, he proved to be a real champion.

  241. BIG Heat fan says:

    Let’s Go HEAT!!!

  242. fish sticks says:

    @ball Whats wrong with comparing his game to Jordan’s game vs the Celtics? His Airness hadn’t won a ring and didn’t that season. And as you can see if you read the article, the writer said Jordan’s game still stood above LBJ’s. Haters look for anything they can i guess.

  243. Igor says:

    thank you James,nice evening was

  244. doods says:

    C’mon guys, we all know lebron is a great guy on and off the court, please stop hating lebron.

  245. Behemot says:

    Geeeez, why bringing up Jordan comparison? Can, we just apreciate the moment? Apparently sometinhg needs to be wrong in anyhing he does…

  246. Tony says:

    “LeBron mashed up an aging team that looked tired and past its bedtime.”

    Wow, 2 days ago you were all saying that Pierce and KG still got game despite their age. 2 days later they are all almost retired? Okay, MJ faced a full HOF line up, but LeBron did it against 4 future HOF. He deserves all the credits. Don’t get me wrong, MJ is the GOAT and his perfomance will never be past, I’m just saying it’s funny that KG got game and retired at the same time.

  247. Soban says:

    @ ball
    seriously 1 great play off game ?
    did u just woke up from come or what ? He is playing extremely well for whole series, carying the heat and keeping them in game for yhe whole time
    Remember that near monster triple-double with Pacers in game 4 or 5 ? ? Yeah, i do aswell
    And i am not mentioning any earlier play off games
    Its obvious that players do have good and bad games, u cant be on top for the whole time, cause that just un-human
    Aswell, as i am beeing a huge LBJ fan, i do think that comparing him to MJ at this moment, is a bit to early. These comparisiion should not happen untill LBJ has at least few rings on his fingers. However i am sure thats just a matter of time.

  248. it doesnt matter says:

    i wonder skip bayless wld have to say? 5-9 free throws? technical foul? ballhog? his headband, his shoes, his mouthpiece, his hairline? i am waiting

  249. Ali E says:

    Watched the game last night from the UK… An epic display by Lebron; showed all the ruthlessness that some have said he lacks. Next step is for him to do it, and continue to do it when the game is tight in the 4th… And he must win at least a few rings to justify his talent! IMO they’ll come in time, but as for not delivering when the stakes are big, well, they couldn’t have got much bigger for the Heat last night! Can’t wait for 19th July, GB vs USA over here!!

  250. Dennis says:

    Just like Jerome, i live in Holland to. 2:30 it starts indeed. Watching the stream on my laptop in bed.
    As a big fan of basketball and of Miami Heat, I’m super proud of LeBron or LeClutch performance. Just Amazing.
    Greets from Holland

  251. Arvid818 says:

    Lebron James , D-wade and Bosh are not going anywhere . They are staying together for a long time . They may need a better coach like Phill and maybe a better 3 piont shooter that can spread out the floor more .

    Lebron has always been great but lastnight he was just the best .

  252. idowu says:

    My friends think i am crazy waking up at 1.30am Nigerian time to watch a game of basketball, but with the magic performance of King James, i will do this again early sunday morning, simply an amazing performance from Lebron!

  253. kobe24 says:

    the king is going back to the finals baby…

  254. Pax says:

    Now, it was just like he’s saying “take that all haters”., served in their face… It was like a vindication from all critics.
    He was ALL FOCUS and you can see it on his eyes. MIAMI will go to the FINALS.

    Game 7 : more likely a close fight till the 4th quarter, but MIAMI will prevail.

  255. Shaun G says:

    Its performances like this were haters, such as Skip Bayless, need to give respect when its due.
    Can’t believe peoples are still hating.

  256. diablo 3 says:

    when both d wade and lbj is focused, then theres no stopping the heat..
    most of the time the two are guilty of taking it for granted relaxing as if they already won when theres still plenty of time on the clock.. also joel anthony should take on garnett.. i like his defense more than haslem or bosh does on kg..

  257. Hacktop says:

    Really!!?.I mean,why people hate Lebrom James,he a great guy,he is probably the cleanest player in the league,why,why?Because they envy him,he is the best player in the NBA,the World and the Universe,so shut t fu’ up and start enjoying this, we are lucky to watch him playing ,as people from the 80 and 90 were to watch Jordan.No rings!!just way for!

  258. NBA101 says:

    Where are all the Heat Haters now? This is the best lebron james game i watched.. so unbeliveable!

    • Kalbo!! says:

      They’re here.. Have you been reading before you ask? If you have, you can already tell that those hypocrites are still denying him of appreciation and finding other excuses to do so and down play LBJ…

  259. Christiaen says:

    This was a performance to be remembered…but then again, it will only be remembered as such if he delivers the dagger in game 7. That’s the way history works.
    Nice job, Lebron!
    Rise up to the challenge again, the Celtics will be waiting.

    A basketball fan.

  260. A football fan says:

    Lebron is the reason why i can appriciate basketball now. I’m still very young so i did not see jordan play in his prime and didnt really like watching basketball during Kobe’s prime. now that i’m older and i understand that basketball requires skill, talent, heart, hustle, and determination to become good or even great. Lebron has all that, but it’s still a team game, i know it’s hard to post those kinds of numbers all the time. D-Wade, and the rest need to step up and give the man some help, especially if he wants that second ring and more. Thnx to Lebron, I’m a basketball fan for life now. Show him some respect he is the one out trying to shoulder the team, not us the fans, when you’re in the position he is in then you could talk smack. in the meantime just appriciate what he does for the game.

  261. Beebz says:

    lebron james is the king of basketball, alone he can’t get the ring so we must see more of dwayne wade and bosh, bosh is excusable cause he just came out of an injury but i hope he feels better before saturday, good luck HEAT

    • dd def says:

      i agree whole heartedly, it’s been proven over the past several decades that even the greatest player in the game needs a strong team to take it all the way. i.e. mj, pippen, rodman, harper; bird, mchale, parish; detroit badboys; all had strong starting lineups through and through, and a couple few players off the bench that could at the very least hold the fort untill the first line came back in. when wade and james are BOTH going strong it is nigh unbeatable. bosh does make a difference because he’s a presence you have to respect even if he isn’t a dominant player. but wade needs to wake up, cause that tandum effort is gonna be needed to stifle the oklahoma city blunder.

  262. kedar says:

    Woke up early in India…and witnessed one of the best individual performance in HUGE game.King James delivered.hope to see LBJ vs
    KD final..

  263. Rocabye says:

    Doesnt change the fact that it was still hero ball..and hero ball does not win championships. It doesn’t change the fact that James took way too many jumpers and difficult shots. He had a great night, but on any other night that is a lot of bricks and wasted possessions. Hes not a jump shooter. On top of that Boston just happened to have an awful scoring night. Heat wont win game 7 like this

    • LeSLiE says:

      This is precisely why whatever Lebron does, he will be criticized… What he did here in game 6 to me is in the level of MJ. And you call him playing hero ball. When he did play team ball, he was criticized for not being aggressive enough; that he choked… Dig this, the man “choked” up 30 & above points in almost every playoff game this year… sigh… either way, Lebron will still be criticized.

      Love you Lebron, praying you’ll get your ring this year!

    • John says:

      Once again no credit to Lebron. It was becase Boston Had a bad game. Have you ever thought that maybe they had a bad game becasue of the defense being played or because they were getting there butt handed to them and they got a little rattled. Watching granett miss layup is not normal but whether you believe it or not having Bosh in the game makes a difference, You have to worry about block shot and on the other side you have to worry about his jump shot which is as good as Garnett. They have to guard him which means open lanes for James and Wade and Chalmers. Give the team credit. If it is not boston having a bad night it is the ref are cheating and James and wade are dirty players dont deserve to win have you ever thought that maybe Boston just got beat in every aspect of the game last period.

    • Rocabye says:

      Defense? Are you joking. The only one who showed up was Lebron. I give him credit…but the fact is that a one-man show does not win championships. Ever. He doesnt need his team to get out the way…he needs them to step up with him. The one thing Lebron cant do is make his teammates better. He needs to give them confidence to shoot the ball and shoot the lights out. Did you see how ppl stepped up in the Spurs OKC series? Lebron cant do that because hes not that kind of guy. He gets himself going first instead of his teammates. Btw boston had great wide open looks all night. They just weren’t falling…some days are like that. All im saying is if Lebron tries this again they lose game 7…fact. Team ball wins championships.

    • K says:

      Doc Rivers should have coined that phrase “Hero Ball!” So Rondo was playing “hero ball” when he went for 44 points in game 2? So every great performance throughout NBA history should be considered “hero ball” if a player steps -up and carries his team to a much needed victory? Well, I guess that diminishes the careers of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and every other great player who took over the game so their team could win?

      • Rocabye says:

        Lebron never gave his team a chance. Michael, Bird, all of those guys made their teammates better. You take over when you have to, like if your team isnt playing the right pace, or isnt hitting shots/being aggressive on offense, etc etc. Lebron took over from the very beginning and didnt involve his teammates early. Its crucial to get your teammates rhythm shots! Jordan and Bird understood this. They also took easy shots! All oj LBJ’s shots were difficult and contested jumpers except a few. He was hot that night so it worked out. Had he gotten cold Miami would have been screwed. Im not being a hater im using common sense. MJ never got a championship going at it alone! Ever! Theres a reason for that, it doesnt work!

  264. AR says:

    You mention Steve Nash yet he hasnt won a ring. Neither has Reggie Miller, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone, or John Stockton, so they arent team players either? I think you just hate Lebron by principle, thats ok he made a bad decision in that tv special to leave Cleveland, but the guy no doubt has amazing skills that I can appreciate as a fan. HIs career as a whole is not Jordan status yet, but tonights game was close. To shoot 19 of 26 is no joke, you could finally see in his demeanor he can have a killer focus, reminded me of Kobe on steroids.

    • Kalbo!! says:

      Re: LBJ’s shooting — Right. Let alone the fact that he was playing thru a very good defensive team.. That’s just a big punch right to their face on their defensive dignity…

  265. Ben says:

    The KING is in his throne!!!!!!

    Haters can hate.

  266. Jordan says:

    Jesus, this guy and the rest of the media will not let Cleveland forget that he left. It’s guys like this one that constantly bring up how Cleveland fans need to get over LeBron leaving. We have. Trust us. These guys need to find something else to write about lest they show their pitiful writing ability for not being able to be creative.

    As a Cleveland fan, I felt respect for what LeBron did tonight and thought he played one of his best games he’s ever played. This performance will go down as one of the best of all time, for sure.

    • K says:

      Jordan I belief a lot of Cleveland fans has gotten over LeBron’s departure! Unfortunately; it’s not Cleveland fans who are still hating on LeBron, it’s fans of other teams that LeBron ripped through even when he was in Cleveland! You’re going to always have haters in the sports World!

      • Kalbo!! says:

        Agree… Haters who only looks at stats, rings or whatever excuses or flaws they can use to degrade him even if it means jeopardizing their logical thinking…

  267. to the NBA... says:

    the NBA writers are just riding LeBron’s D***. From daily top 10 plays to articles… always about LeBron James. All the media attention goes to him. Give other players some recognition like this when other players perform like he did today

    • bball says:

      yea give wilt chamberlain his recognition. He was the last player to perform like Lebron did today. Retard…read what you write…nobody”s performed like this in nearly 50 yrs

    • Belizeboy says:

      This was the only game on yesterday so I don’t know what you’re expecting to be shown, written or talked about when he puts up a big game. Should they have thrown some vintage Kobe games or Blake Griffin dunks into the mix of highlights to appease you?

    • K says:

      Like who? Durant get’s his due! Rondo got his due when he had his 44 point game, in a lost! LeBron get’s his due when he has a performance like last night; but here’s the flip side, he get’s all the blame as well for everything that goes wrong with Miami! Paul Pierce get’s praise after he hit a big 3- pointer in game 5; but you don’t hear anything about his 4 of 18 performance last night! LeBron has to have nights like last night and win just to get any kind of positive press! If the Heat had lost last night after a 45 point performance by LeBron; the media would have destroyed him! Rondo’s 44 points in a lost and the media made it seem like the Celtics won the game!

    • dd def says:

      they do fool. rondo was in the spot light when he blew up for 44 pts and pretty much was the only one in a celtics jersey to show up to the game. there’s been numerous articles about duncan turning back the clock, kg stepping up and playing like he means it, you just don’t pay enough attention. also, one thing lebron has that no one else does is an ridiculously intense level of bad press regardless of what’s happening. i think a 45 pts 15 rbs playoff game deserves some attention, same as it did when rondo had a big game. but who else in this series has stood out like they have? battier? daniels? who you wanting to see here?

  268. Don't Call It A Comeback says:

    as a huge fan of the game , i cannot waste time to hate this man for his amazing talents. Im a huge fan of this kind of intense competition that you get to see lebrons full potential visually and making everyone break their necks

  269. sherwin says:

    lebron james 2012 finals mvp…

  270. MGS12 says:

    Lebron has been playing consistently at a very high level in the playoffs… The problem is the inconsistency of the other heat players specially Wade. I pity lebron everytime they lose. He scores in the 30s but still takes the blame eventhough it was Wade’s or Spoelstra’s fault in the end game. While lebron tries to find open teammates at crunchtime, wade often takes the “hero” role to the extent of forcing bad shots. Spoelstra on the otherhand can’t aford to give lebron some minutes of rest in 4th quarters of close games because there’s no other player he can rely on. Kinda Pat Riley’s fault (spending too much money for 3 people)…

    I don’t like the heat that much (im a spurs fan) but hey… A good player like lebron deserves to have a ring too.

  271. yhuan says:

    coach spo has done also a good job of controlling the momentum of the celtics something he failed to do in game 5…#letsgoheat…

    • K says:

      Championship are bust for Erik Spolestra! Whatever he did to get Miami ready for game 6, needs to be bottled up and repeated for the remainder of these 2012 play-offs! Otherwise; see ya Coach Spolestra!

  272. Poi says:

    game sliders.. 99..

  273. ian says:

    absolutely thrilling game to watch. i was in a room filled with Celtic fans and the silence was deafening. the complains were mum as that was probably one of the greatest individual performance anyone could deliver… As a basketball fan, it was probably one of the most serious mode I have seen anyone in. No nonsense just chipping along with his job and finally delivering a sledge hammer blow. Great job Lebron.

  274. Nbas25 says:

    Shaun, you nailed it. Just so many haters out there who are just fixated with his leaving Cleveland and have failed to see the great ball player that he really is, and even the greater ball player he is showing to be. It’s a great thing that most of you bloggers at nba.com, and most of the guys covering the games seem to recognize that. To not give credit to how much this guy puts in game after game after game, is to not know good basketball when it’s staring you at the face. Stop the hate and start to appreciate indeed!

    • el stone says:

      I think you’re wrong about this.

      Who says he’s not a good bball player?

      Nobody says that. It’s his actions that people don’t like.

      The whining when he doesn’t get calls. The hyping himself as “King James” and “The Chosen One” before he’s accomplished one thing.

      Telling us we must be “Witnesses” (to his huge ego I guess).

      Refusing to shake hands when he loses.

      The Decision.

      The – “Not 1, not 2, not 3…. not 7.”

      Hey, it’s all good if that stuff doesn’t bother you. But that rubs a lot of people (myself included) the wrong way. And for you to stick your head in the sand and act like we should like him just because he’s a good ball player is ignorant. He’s a petulant, egotistical child who happens to have a very athletic body.

      Durant is a perfect example of someone who can be both excellent at basketball and a decent human being. People don’t criticise Durant the same way because he’s humble, respectful and does things the right way.

  275. yhuan says:

    why paul pierce doe not get any criticism when he shot 4 of 18…if that is lebron im sure by now he is already devoured by those crtics…

    • kush says:

      because paul pierce has a ring

      • K says:

        Really! Well I hope he goes 4 for 18 in game 7! I bet your words will change then!

      • dd def says:

        which he wouldn’t have gotten if rondo allen garnett and perkins hadn’t come to his aid. just sayin.
        and if that’s the reasoning we’re going to impliment, than riddle me this: why was ‘melo selected as a starter for the allstar game in the midst of a garbage first half of the season? it ain’t the ring.

  276. u_r_a_hater says:

    blah..blah…blah….just accept the fact that lebron is one of the greatest.

  277. Eight says:

    LBJ has proven his worth and whether winning it all or not, one of the greatest player ever to play the game…i know that championship is one of the measurements of greatness, LBJ has touched the world in his demeanor and over-all impact…D-wade flash and James could win it all…its a game of basketball…one will win, one will go home…lets just enjoy this moment and love the game…Go Heat!

  278. dr iggy says:

    I think that you fail to see the difference with Bosh on and off the court. In the previous games Heat just didn’t have as much deffensive stability around the rim which lead to some offensive jumps and easy points from the Celtics…in this stage,Bosh is worth more than Wade…there won’t be a 100 point game 7,there’s just too much in stake. Defensive ends will decide.

  279. Gene says:

    James is a great player, no doubt about it!Please stop criticising the MVP, he is not the MVP for nothing – When it matters most you see his toughness. I expect to see war on Game 7.

  280. Agudo says:

    Thats how truly great this guy is. Whether he wins a ring or not, he will still go down as one of the greatest players ever! Simple as that.

  281. Nate says:

    Lebron finally stepped up to win the big game… oh nevermind, it was game 6, the equivalent to 3rd quarter. Go back and watch game 5 when he did horrible in last 6 minutes and realize that is what will transpire in good old game 7. I despise the Celtics too, but Lebron doing well in game 6 is like me doing well in a pickup game.

    • K says:

      There you are; HATER!!!!! Just couldn’t stay away could you? It was a big game nut; because it was an elimination game! You playing in a pick-up game just means you go to work sore the next day! The stakes are much higher when your competing for an NBA Championship! HATER!!!!!!

    • Dwade&LBJ says:

      COULD YOU STFU!?!?!?!? YOUR A HATERRRRRR! you just need to accept the fact that he is the BEST basketball player on this planet. you guys ALWAYS try to come up with something to hate on lebron for! its rediculous!

    • dd def says:

      i bet you one of the people that get mad if lebron and mj or kobe are mentioned in the same article, yet you compare you in a pickup game to lebron? little pretentious are we?

    • Scott the magician says:

      hahahahahahaha i see ur point, but give the guy some credit!!! hes sick and the most dominant force in the game!!

  282. dexter says:

    Oyeahhhh ..Go Lebron ..for the Championship .Your the best player on the Planet today. .. just believe in your self and just attack and attack and be relentless and aggressive until the End …YEahhhhhhhhhhhh

  283. FanoftheGame says:

    First of all, Lebron has proved that he can answer when called upon and he has shown that with this game and no one can take that away from him. Second though, it is only game 6, until he wins game 7, if he can, this is just doing what he needed to and nothing more.

    We all get he is a great player, you can’t deny that, but what we don’t know is if he is a winner. You could see it in the post game interview tonight, he was so defensive – though you can’t really blame him. Either way, great game by a Lebron James – no nicknames, no hate, nothing, just appreciate the basketball performance and move on to game 7.

    • K says:

      FanoftheGame; your correct it was only game 6, just like it was only game 5 when everybody started counting out Miami! It’s amazing how games get downplayed when Miami wins; however, when they lose just one game then their done even if you still have other games to play in the series. Nobody ever said it was going to be easy! Miami’s chances of winning game 7 is just as good as Boston’s! An if by chance Miami loses; it’s just game 7, not the end of the World!

      • dd def says:

        yeah i agree. “only doing what was needed” is more than the majority of nba players are capable of. as far as we don’t know whether or not he’s a winner i think the answer’s obvious. he is a winner. no one questions dwight howard’s greatness, or steve nash’s greatness, or chris paul’s greatness, or carmelo anthony’s greatness, or shawn kemp, or dominique wilkins, or reggie miller, or patrick ewing, or john stockton, or karl malone. how many rings do all of them have collectively: 0 how many of them would you consider not to be a winner?

  284. OzHeatFan says:

    *looking for all the complaints about the officiating*
    Hmmm, nope. GOOD. I hope we can all feel that way after Game 7, no matter what the outcome.

    LBJ came in and dominated every part of game 6. Nothing else mattered.

  285. Muhumuza says:

    Blazing saddles, if he keeps that momentum, then this will be a tight one. KD & Westbrook may not even be able to keep him on the ground. Go Lebron, go.

  286. Victor Manoel de Brito says:

    Man, I’m a longtime LeBron James fan, and this was one of the most amazing games played by him. It was just a blessing a game like this come in such a desperate hour.

    Miami needs Wade a lot more, because LeBron can’t do this every night.

    Anyway, until Saturday, there will be only joy in my mind. I witnessed (by TV, it doesn’t matter) LeBron crushing the Boston Celtics. I’m happy because certainly this kind of win shut some haters up. I think people would be a lot more light and unstressed if they did not compare James to Jordan, or James to Kobe, or Kobe to Jordan (by the way, MJ was bettter than both). Some times, all we have to (and should) do is relax and watch these guys play their basketball. In my head, performances like this are fantastic because they allow people to see the greatness of basketball; the hatred, very frequently, blinds us…

  287. Dr. "T" says:

    I couldn’t even watch the game tonight — too nervous. But thanks LeBron for stepping up and proviing the doubters wrong, at least for tonight. Now just do it again on Saturday and then GO GET THAT RING!

  288. Rusty says:

    BOW TO THE KING LBJ…….GO HEAT…..rusty from palompon

  289. anonymoose says:

    Im a Cs fan. but man that LeBron is a monster. I hope he gets his ring to shut up all the haters.

    • BFoulds says:

      How can you be a C’s fan if you hope the other team beats you?

      Jesus, some people are so….. ugh

      • s27m says:

        hey its okay man no ones a C’s fan now a days just Rondo Fans LOL

        They should be named the Boston Rondos haha

    • dd def says:

      even if he does they’ll just say “oh yeah well kobe has 5, jordan has 6” so what? richard johnson has a ring or two, nobody talking about him right? bill russel has like a million rings, where’s your kobe now? haha. haters gonna hate. they apparrently have nothing better to do than go online and talk ish about a guy that they’ll never beat in a one-on-one. Nor would they survive against any of the players he’s playing against.

  290. baller9 says:

    it’s was one of the greatest performances of a player against a proud Celtics team. he was in that same situation back 2009. he delivered today, and its was all amazing.

  291. tibursyo loslos says:

    not a single lebron hater in this post. lol

    • K says:

      Oh their there!!!! No matter what LeBron does you’ll have your haters out there!!!! LeBron was a straight beast last night; but still you have these straight haters who will try to down play his performance!!!! Let it had been Durant or for that matter; any other player, other then LeBron and it would have been deemed the greatest performance of all time!!!!

      • HEAT says:

        True that. Even if he wins a ring he will still be scrutinized for the rest of his career basically for not being perfect.

  292. caasi says:

    appreciate, don’t hate. 🙂

  293. Jepoy3 says:

    Great win by the heat… I’m glad LeBron stepped up to the challenge, but still, the heat is in a elimination game… 1 more LeBron…1 more…against this great Boston Celtics……… Prove us wrong……….

    • K says:

      So it’s not an elimination game for Boston as well? You speak as if only Miami is in an elimination game!

      • s27m says:

        pfft If the C’s win game 7 it will be because of rondo….not pierce, not garnett, not allen just rondo.

        shut him down and welcome to the finals heat.

        I sense a 50 pt game from LBJ….or….75 combined Wade & LBJ…but LeBrons 50 more likely based on Wades performance as of late

  294. Pater says:

    LeBron James is a true and only MVP right now. Nobody is at his level. To add the first comment, I woke up at 6 a.m. to watch this game in Kazakhstan.

  295. carlos trece says:

    GO LEBRON!!!!!

  296. Jack says:

    You all should see the argument on 4chan. It’s gross. Lebron did it tonight. I have no idea what will happen in Game 7, but it could be even better. Lebron proved everyone wrong. Critics should get off the hate wagon and appreciate what they have just seen.

  297. Lyndon Macasiljig says:

    For me, ball don’t lie. He is the MVP. No one beat’s Lebron, he doesn’t have to prove anything because the way he is right now and where is speak for himself. I hope they win Game 7 but whatever happen for me Heat is the champ. Go Heat

  298. clips58 says:

    LBJ haters were silenced. I tried to watch the whole game thru net. Im not a Heat Fan, but I was happy Heat won and James made it….. It so sad dat many people criticize LBJ, inspite of being one of a great player in the NBA today…. Go heat!!!! Win game 7 as u did in game 6.

  299. gurl says:

    he was determined and really wanted to win. You can see it in his face. i am a celtics fan and i hope boston will bounce back on saturday.

    • ZilchZillion says:

      couldn’t agree more….Lets go Celtics show them what you are made of!!!

    • Phil says:

      well, lebron james is really a great player. With his skill and determination he would eventually get an nba ring., no doubt about it.

    • No. 45 says:

      @gurl. Same here. A Cs fan.

      Hope we dash his dreams to pieces come Saturday night.

      Miami has super stars, but ain’t a championship calibre team

      • Basketballstudies says:

        and boston with only there 4 players, lack of defense is a championship calibre team..lol IF boston play OKC i wont evenwatch it bc it will be over in 5 games.

      • Peter says:

        Of course Boston are a championship calibre team…

        The NBA in this generation isn’t like the NBA of old, where you had two really dominant teams (mosly Lakers / Cetics, Jordans Bulls) and you KNOW who’s going to win. These days anyoe can beat anyone on any given day.

        That Boston are still standing against the Heat 7 games in (long after everybody insited they’d be gone) tells you that both of these teams are championship calibre teams – ultimately the entirely series may easilly come down to the final shot of game 7.

  300. ball says:

    seriously a single great playoff game and u start to compare james with jordan wht about all the other great players nash,tony,kobe he is still without a ring MVP ? last i checked basketball is a team game. iam not hating on him but let him grab some rings win for matches for his time then we will start the comparision.

    • kenny says:

      Dude stop looking to hang onto something to hate. He didnt compare him to jordan as a whole. Just the 63 point game. Nobody can be compared to MJ. Its funny that you say that basketball is a team game and yet you mention kobe!

      • schofield says:

        Lebron is ten times the team player Kobe is dont even mention kobe

      • Belizeboy says:

        What’s funny is he mentions Nash along with Parker and Kobe then says Lebron is without a ring MVP.

    • Shinzoo says:

      I dont think so, that its all about the championship ring. Thou MJ is a legend, James did something against all odds. I didnt find anything wrong about the comparison, since both players are great in their own way. 🙂

      • purpandgold says:

        There is no comparison, Lebron will never even touch the royal airness’s cloke. The choke master finally shut his big mouth and allowed his play do the talking. Good game James. He was dominant against all defenders put in front of him. He kept his team alive to see another day, against a team that is well past its prime and should have been eliminated in 5 or less. The question now is can he deliver the goods again. If he can’t he will have proven again he is nothing but a media overhype who still hasn’t won the big one. If he steps up and does what he is expected to do, than hewill have earned a chance at the trophy that really matters and all true great players posses. MVPs dont mean a thing if you aint got the ring. Good luck James, or all hell will come crashing down on you, by your own doing.

      • Tony says:

        There are many undeserving players who basically sat on the bench but have championship rings because they were on championship teams. They didn’t earn their rings. LeBron single MVP were earned because he had to work for those himself. All this nonsense about being incomplete because of the absense of championships is overblown. While LeBron did not play to his potential last year, it was not only because of him that Dallas won. And his case in 2007 is even greater. Kobe had a chance to develop playing in the shadows of Shaq. LeBron did not have that benefit. He had to carry his teams and even with other great players on the Heat team, he has had to carry the team this entire year.

      • Tony says:

        Here is a better example. If Miami were to go on to win the championship LeBron most likely would be the MVP. Outside of that award, everyone else get the same size ring. Eddie Curry will be recognized as a champion no different than Wade although Curry would have had no right to that since the only reason he played was so the Heat can have five players on the floor.

      • Knickfan says:

        MVP dont mean a thing? You make me laugh. With all the talented players in the league you are chosen to be the mvp and remember not only once but 3 times. Your just pure hate can’t appreciate what lebron james do

    • clean the lens says:

      the author did mentioned that james wasn’t near jordans level. Also nash didn’t get a ring . Also he is one of the best players in the nba statistically since he broke records got mvp 3 years in a row umm kobe can’t do that (but its obvious you would go for the “ring” defense) lol

      • Jameel says:

        Not three years in a row, D-Rose won it last year…Also, Kobe has 5 championships, so who cares how many MVP’s LeBron has…And the Jordan comparisons…SMH…No TRUE basketball fan would ever put LeBron in the convo with Mike…What has he accomplished?! 3 MVP trophies and two Eastern Conference championships?

        Mike has 5 league MVP’s, 6 rings & 6 Final’s MVP trophies, 10 scoring titles, Olympic gold, defensive player of the year, steals leader, All-Star MVP…whew, I’m exhausted and that’s not even everything…LeBron will NEVER even come close to Mike!!!

      • Jameel says:

        Oh, and Mike is undefeated in the Finals, 6-0…Lebron could never, ever say that!

      • Belizeboy says:

        Jameel, Lebron has 3 ECF titles which any real fan of basketball would know or did you just start watching two years ago to hate on James?

        Also this was never a story about Lebron vs Mike. It was a proper comparison and if you read the article you would know.

      • Kalbo!! says:

        So, you hate Karl Malone and the likes, and you think they have no right to be called great players because they never got a ring? How about going to the inverse proportion of this… John Paxon, Derrick Fisher and the likes are better than LBJ because they had multiple rings? Boy! It’s beginning to seem like iodine & iron are becoming rare & scarce elements on Earth nowadays…

    • Don Shongo says:

      C”mon dude! He didn’t do any comparison. Quiet the contrary, he actually did a contrast btwn the two. Read the whole thing!

    • LBJ says:

      to mr. ball correction, “nash” is also a mvp w/o ring … and by the way. all players that you mentioned are in PG or SG position, Look at LeBron … He can play all position, defend players in all position … isn’t that greatness ??? not to offend jordan we all know he is a legend, but give credit to LeBron my friend … He is great admit it …

      • marlon green says:

        Defending players is one thing but actually stopping them is another. Anyone can guard someone for a few possesions and then get credit for guarding different positions. He may guard different postions but I dont think he cant actually stop anyone like a Tayshuan prince, Jordan or a younger kobe has. And if he could then pierce would have never busted that 3 pointer in his eye and when david west and hibbert were giving the heat problems I dont remember seeing guard them.

      • Belizeboy says:

        @Marlon Green, are you kidding me? He stopped Rose last year who was MVP without injury, and you think he couldn’t have stopped Tayshuan Prince in his prime? LMAO! As for stopping Jordan that is an irrelevant argument because they are generations and worlds apart. But just to humor you could Jordan have stopped Lebron? Can Kobe? or even better, can Tayshuan Prince? LMAO again!

    • q't18 says:

      stop hating you stupid!!!FYI, nash still have no ring, stupid…think first before you post and not your narrow mind blind you!!!accept that LBJ is the greatest player of his time………can’t you accept it???!!or you’re just blind by your hatred?? LBJ IS THE GREATEST PLAYER EVER!!!!STF!!!!!

    • LBJ says:

      to mr. ball correction, “nash” is also a mvp w/o ring … and by the way. all players that you mentioned are in PG or SG position, Look at LeBron … He can play all position, defend players in all position … isn’t that greatness ??? not to offend jordan we all know he is a legend, but give credit to LeBron my friend … He is great admit it …

    • supplanter33 says:

      here we go again. haha! pls read the blog and appreciate. hater

    • KC says:

      Actually, I think the writer of the article went out of his way to indicate the James’ performance was NOT quite up to the level that Jordan established. So if it was a comparison, it was specifically to point out differences in Jordan’s favor.

    • NBAfan says:

      it’s just the media….45 and 15 in the play offs is good, but it’s no 69 points against Larry Bird and the Celtics, nor is it even close to rondo’s 44 pts and a bunch of other double digit stats….but it’s Lebron and it’s an elimination game….so it’s going to be hyped…..it was a good game…good on Lebron

      • DieHardest says:

        Come on now man, “hyped”? Why does an on the road in a hostile enviroment, playoff elimination game, in which ANY player drops a stat line of 45 15 and 5 need to be “hyped”? Hate much? So he didnt score more than Jordan, he contributed more with the rebounds and multi-positional defense and get this, HE ACTUALLY WON! Just do what the article says and APPRECIATE!

      • Elliu says:

        Ofcourse it’s gonna be hyped, you know why? Because a lot of people were rooting for him to fail, a lot of people already said that he’s gonna choke, a lot of people already counted him and the heat out in game6 intead he delivered 45 clutch pts, 15reb and 5ast and proved those people wrong.

      • K says:

        Dude are you crazy! Change your screen name from NBAfan to LeBronHater! LeBron’s game last night “was no where near Rondo’s 44 point game,” PLEASE!!!!! Your comments don’t even make sense!! Rondo’s 44 points came in a lost! LeBron’s 45 points came in not only a win, but a blowout win! So how in the World can you say LeBron’s game was no where near Rondo’s game? It’s almost comicial how; no matter what LeBron James does, you’re going to find somebody out there with something crazy and just utterly stupid to say!!!!! Your not a NBAfan; your a hater of LeBron James, PERIOD!!!!!! HATER…… HATER…… HATER…… HATER!!!!!!!

      • MVP says:

        he just compares two outstanding players playing in the garden in front of a fired up crowed..correct me if i’m wrong but didn’t jordan and his bulls getting swept by the celtics in the first round?this was a time, where young jordan has not figured out how to lead a team the right way, which he did later.. so the game by lebron james was by far more impressive and more important, more as a teamplayer than the performance by michael back then..tell me one player ever has the pressure that lebron has..

      • Erik says:

        Jordan played basketball back then with guys who are as skilled as some of todays college players, Larry Bird would not be as good if played today. Jordan was one of the few ballers who are athletic enough to play todays game, Bird would be an all star off the bench in todays game, not dominant like he was back then. Imagine Lebron or Durant playing in the mid 80’s. Please it wouldnt even be fair.

      • HEAT says:

        It’s all good. Keep on hating Lebron. We all saw what happened last night and it’s gonna be a Boston Masacre Saturday.

    • Jon says:

      They are comparing this game with the game Jordan had, not LeBron vs Jordan. And howmany times did we see Jordan take over a game? Sometimes one guy has to step up, and that’s what LeBron did

    • bballbliger says:

      You just a hater Mr ball, with one tear on your eye… Just admit it, Labron is thee best player on the NBA right now… Erbody knows, I think the comparison is just..

    • pacersfan21 says:

      first of all, you are hating. secondly, you clearly are failing to comprehend the enormity of this game. while jordan’s playoff averages were astounding, he was playing in an era of offense, teams would regularly put up 110+, nowadays, the world is ruled by defense, and yet lebron still dominated, the celtics have been the best defensive team over the last few years. so don’t hate. just shut up, and give him the respect he deserves

      • topacersfan21 says:

        Please don’t compare Bron to MJ…..MJ is on his own level. Bron is an awesome basketball player but one good game doesn’t make you a legend. This whole article doesn’t matter much anyways cause whoever wins this series is gonna get rolled by the THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and the real MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No offense to Boston they are a great team and I respect thier amazing will to make it this far as underdogs. I would love to see boston win just so Bron doesn’t get to the finals. If he fails this year what team will he jump to next?

    • KindaLikeTheHeatles says:

      Cut the **** , if it was Durant or Rose doing something like it they would be ready to a top 5 all time, as it is Lebron, “let’s wait ’till he wins something”. Stop, just stop being that way, because he is that damn good, you can’t argue about it !

    • Howard says:

      When did Nash win a ring? Who is Tony? I realize winning a ring is the ultimate goal but there some guys out there that have rings that have been forgotten, does that me them great players?

    • Sem says:

      What I have to say in regards to your post is short. This man wants that ring. Better keep your eyes open, cause some legendary things are about to happen in Game 7, and most likely the following series.

    • Carl says:

      Just shut up. This has gotten old. Respect the man’s abilities.

    • Geo says:

      When you compare somebody to someone else….your not saying that you are equal…what your doing is your putting their performances side by side, and actually the writer is differentiating between the two. He clearly states that though lebrons 45 was great it does not compare to the MJ’s 63. And then little weeners like you come along and cry …”oh no how dare he mention lebron and MJ in the same breath..” grow up, grow a beared…grow a pair….just grow please

  301. C says:

    I admit, I was wrong. I doubted LeBron and Heat coming into this game, and they proved me and a lot of people wrong.

    • Al says:

      much respect for admitting. Usually Lakers’ fans don’t

    • OKC1 says:

      Let’s see if the Heat can finish off the series and if so what they can come up with in the final. Too much weighs on LeBron’s shoulders, he can’t drop 45 every night he comes out.

      LeBron is a freak, but the rest of Miami have a big task ahead to help him against one of the deepest benches in the league, not to mention 2 all stars, a 6th man of the Year and runner-up defensive player of the year. Good luck Miami, you are going to need it.

      • Heat Liker says:

        Yup, hopefully it will be OKC vs MIA in 2012 NBA Finals so as it will be the People’s NBA Finals just like what sir Powell said.. though OKC have it all they still lack one thing, and that’s for them to discover in the Finals series..

  302. Cam Heine says:

    Good on Lebron, answering his critics like that. Now can everyone please stop all the hate? The guy his amazing he’s already one of the greatest ever and will be till the day he dies. In case your wondering, I’m a Lakers supporter.

  303. Belizeboy says:

    Love him or hate him, we all know he is a great player. Hopefully he realizes that he needs to be a bit more selfish with scoring right now. Also Wade is still very crucial to this team and they cannot win the championship without him…Bosh is looking very replaceable though.

    • ...wrong says:

      Wade is not crucial at all actually.. they should give him away for howard.. and give bosh for nash… and then u’ll see the not 1.. not 2.. not 3..

      • kenny says:

        Nash is a free agent! Why give away bosh for nash when you can just sign nash. Bosh will be better if they take nash. He has the ability to make big men into stars. Just look at amare in phoenix and amare in new york…

      • even more wrong says:

        i hope you realize givin up wade is a ridiculous move and theres no way miami can provide cap space for howard. I understand if you have dreams like this everyday =)

      • Don Shongo says:

        Wow dude! Stingy much?! What’r u, the nba killer?! It’s like merging Chris Paul with Kobe and Duncun. Too much yo! Lol!

      • qwerty says:

        bosh is crucial, u saw that wen he was injured

      • VI_284 says:

        You obviously don’t know much about basketball. It’s not only points that determines how great a player is/was. May be you should watch last night’s game again and then you’ll take that statement back…”Wade is not crucial at all…” Have you been under a rock YOU are funny!!!! LOL!

      • Sir Sam says:

        I would not give up D Wade or Bosh but I would add a big to backup Bosh, besides Howard have too big of an ego to play with other superstars he needs a team all to himself.

    • NBAfan says:

      Wade is the one looking replaceable. Any offensive bigman who plays with lebron AND wade will definitely not look like he’s useful since they dominate the ball so much and they create a tempo that is not BIGMAN friendly….

      Wade is the one who has shot nearly 33% for how many games in a row now….

      Heck of a game from the MVP…good on you Lebron….you may disappear late on key games…but you’re the best at blowing teams out on your own….

      • Francisco says:

        you have such a wrong perception that amaze me, he does not dissapear in key games, he has been there playing great in key
        games that the times he has not, go back, check and count please, did anybody mention his 3 points to tie game 4 with around a minute left, NO, BUT on the other hand PIERCE what a great closer he is when he made a 3 after having 3 bad quaters . Pierce dissapeared yesterday, I bet you he has dissapeared more times in BIG games than LEBRON, but wrong perception and media bias blinds people.I DO NOT HATE PIERCE , I JUST LOVE STATS

      • Jameel says:

        For everyone calling Dwayne Wade “Replaceable,” need I remind you that HE, not LEBRON or ANYONE ELSE pulled Miami through 4 straight games against Dallas in ’06. I respect LeBron’s game, but his hunger, his intensity -lacking when it matters most. Wade–been there, done that, has the T-Shirt…Actually, the “RING.”

      • manny says:

        i agree with nba fan. lebron is a very good player but his selection of shots during crunch time is very poor. taking 10 seconds of the clock to end up shooting a 3 point or a 20 foot jump shot when you have teamates with better 3 point percentage than him. With his gifts i think lebron could get 45 and 15 more often but it seems that he needs to be put against the wall to bring the best off him. Lebron is great and it would be nice to see him play every playof game like is an elimination game.

    • Sinan Cem Civili says:

      Wade must be traded this or next summer. Reason is he s 29 and he hasn’t developed his game to be a superstar at age of 32 or more. He improved his range a bit at his first years still inconsistent. He doesn’t have very good mid range game. His post up game not enough.

      Dwayne Wade is one of the best at attacking to the rim and he s really fun to whatch. But if i were a i Gm i would trade him this or next summer cause i don’t see him being a super force when his athleticism starts wearing thin. Think Jordan , a shooter and low post player he was at his last years at Bulls. Kobe also similar.

      Good lock with signing Nash to heat btw a 10m p year player to a team with 3 maximums lol.

      Bosh for Nash sing&trade sounds good but i prefer to have a big men who can play. If bosh stops being a little girl and starts fighting under the rim then there s no need to move him. He s a superstar potential but All star caliber player. He doesn’t like contact and that drives me crazy.

      • Grammar Patrolling the Paint says:

        Nash is a FREE AGENT. He will take the mid level exception to play for the heat and have a chance at winning a ring. Trading Bosh is crazy speak. He’s the only big man they have who can shoot a mid-range jumper and finish from the post (he’s got a great first step). The Big Ticket was eating them alive without Bosh to wear him out on D. Avoiding contact is part of his game in Miami because he’s smart enough to know that fouls mean you can’t be on the floor.

        Getting Howard is a dream that won’t happen. He is under contract for at least a year, young, and will definiately command max money. No way the Heat can sign him with their current load, and probably not even if they moved one of the three.

      • Well... says:

        Trade D-Wade…..that is foolishness. That is all!

      • MH 2012 says:

        See one thing the stats don’t really show is team chemistry… Dwyane Wade and Lebron both have unbelievable chemisstry which is super hard to find among huge allstars like them. Look at Knicks for example… So many superstars yet no chemistry… I think Miami’s line up now is a championship line up when everyone is playing their best. The reason they been struggling is because of Kevin Garnett really; he was too big for anyone to mark… And Lebron can’t defend all 5 players. When Bosh returned things change… And you will see the same result happening in game 7 as game 6.

        For anyone saying Wade has to be traded… do us all a favour and go find a wall.. then bang your head on it multiple times until this thought gets out. Miami is bigger than Lin! They’re the most watched NBA team. They bring entertainment so they need Wade there otherwise the NBA will start depreciating. If anyone should be traded… Get rid of chalmers and couple others and bring Nash yes! That line up will be unstoppable, however their one right now looks up there already.

    • ria says:

      you hate him because you do not like him,even me i hate celtic bec i do not like them,explanation and reason is simple as that. I can’t see if they play dirty or not,that’s why they have rules,they have referee on the floor,no whistle,no bad play,very simple as that hon,you do not like them bec you have your other favorite one.

  304. Jerome says:

    I’ve watched the game here from Holland. Living in Europe and all, i cannot say i am a Fan of any team. Just a true Basketball fan. And what i saw last night from Lebron is just amazing to see. These type of players keep me up at night (2:30am game start) to watch a good game of basketball. Hoping for the Heat to win game 7 and see the people’s Final!

    Thanks Lebron!!

    • Alex says:

      I feel you man. That guy is a force of nature when he has it rolling like he did last night. You can’t even call the distaste for Lebron ‘hating’ anymore, it’s just raw frustration/upset when somebody’s favourite team gets mangled like the Celtics did in last nights game. It’s June 2012, not post-season 2011. If that concept is difficult for the anti-Lebron crowd to grasp then I suggest they purchase a calendar and put a circle around Saturday, June 9th, when we can expect to see more incredible basketball from No.6. I’m not saying the Heat will win. I’m not saying Wade and Lebron will end up with multiple rings. I’m saying Lebron is an outstanding player. What a performance.

      • MVP says:

        that’s what i’m talkin about!
        i’ve watched every single game of miami..always stand up 2.30am. i’m from germany and love how lebron shut his hater’s mouth for at least 48h! he is the proven mvp and hopefully brings his heat into the finals.
        let’s turn green into grey!

    • Omar says:

      how about waking up at 5:30 AM?! King james wakes me up every single game here in Lebanon. Amazing performance by the amazing MVP. hope he gets his ring this year!

      • ratam says:

        i feel u guys, im in china watching every lebron’s game at 8.30am
        this one is the best ihve ever seen him playing
        hope heat will win game 7 & we will hve the people’s fnal !

      • Please read my comment says:

        Im a Lewade/ Heat fan from the Philippines and obviously cant cheer for our team. I hope all you miami heat fans who will be present on game 7 would go all out in cheering for miami heat during the game. Lets follow the example set by the kid who shouted GOOD JOB GOOD EFFOR after the heat lost game 5 and also the celtics fans who kept cheering for boston celtics even though the team already lost.. The crowed should be the seventh man during the game… Majority of the people in our office are miami heat fans… GO lebron! Go wade ! go bosh! GO chalmers! GO haslem! go anthony! Go battier! Go MIller! GO spo! GO HEAT!!!

      • Scott the magician says:

        Just thought i’d keep the multiple countries thing going. Im from canada and a Manba fan but what a game and what focus, way to step up when it mattered most. no one can question that mans heart. GO HEAT, win it all!!!!!

      • So What says:

        Whats up with these time zone statements, Chupzz, Considering the team is still playing I must say respect is due however this dude lebron needs to remain quiet and humble and realise that a star communicates through basketball plays. His Pride is holding him back, if he comes out and apoligises to the Basketball public for being so stuck up and proud then he is gonna get more fans including me. Hope he doesnt choke in game 7 because he usually wins the first elimination game and then gets too proud and does “stool” after!!!

      • Ahsan says:

        To “So what” I don’t know what you’re talking about cause LBJ has already apologized about the way in which he left Cleveland and was on TV saying that he wishes he had done the whole “decision” differently

    • Nate says:

      Yeah, that was a Great performance by LBJ, while watching the game I just couldn’t believe how he was making shot after shot and making them look easy too. Love or Hate the Heat, you gotta give James his props for last nights performance.

    • LeBron Hater says:

      You call people “haters” for a reason. Haters are always gonna hate. Lebron’s good game isn’t gonna stop me from hating him for what he has done. I gotta admit Lebron is a great player, but he still doesn’t have the respect from everyone that’s why he always will have haters. You cannot quiet haters, because when we hate, we always have something to say..

      • Tuesday says:

        Sad, sad little man. Hate – but appreciate. Unless you’re from Cleveland you really have absolutely no reason to hate him. Even Clevelanders should be looking to move on. Get over it. Kobe is respected, but hated. Garnet to some degree is hated but respected. So I guess you can hate on LeBron, but appreciate that he’s a great b-ball player who deserves that long-overdue ring!

      • Mrs. Mackey says:

        “Hate him?” How can you hate Lebron and you don’t even know him? You said you hate him for what he has done? What has he done to make you hate him? You did day one thing that was right, people will always have haters. Lebron is doing something right because he has you and people like you hating on him. Keep doing your thing LBJ!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Sir Sam says:

        Shack leaves Orlando for a better chance for championships and its a great move, LaBron leaves Clevland for Miami for a better chance for championships and its the worst move ever. Carl Malone stays in Utah and never wins a championship. A player greatness is epotimized not by $’s but by RINGS. Just ask George Gervin, Dominque Wilkins, Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, Allen Iverson, Pistol Pete Mavrich. I can go on and on. So don’t hate to fast on in the end you could be jumping on the bandwagon, and how follish you would look…

        P.S. Don’t the player hate the game!

      • rebuttal says:

        why do u have to hate lebron if he wants to transfer team? It’s his prerogative to do that and you have to respect his decision. Has there been any player in the nba like a superstar transferred to another team? There has been like Shaquille O’neil but was he scrutinized? no right? Give Lebron a break for Pete’s sake! and Please be fair to him. The Miami team is not all about Lebron James. It’s a team compose of a lot of players not just lebron. Win or Lose lebron will eARN MY RESPECT.

      • Knickfan says:

        it’s cavs fault that made LBJ leave. The management didn’t gave james teammates that can help him at least a chance to win championship.

      • nOpe says:

        This type of attitude is why people hate on Lebron. He deserves a ring? No one deserves a ring, you go and win a ring.