Gibson Wants To Remain In Chicago

HANG TIME PLAYOFF HEADQUARTERS — If he has his way, Taj Gibson will wear a Chicago Bulls uniform for years to come.

While many of his contemporaries have created ways to exit their particular situations around the league, the Bulls’ power forward is looking to make sure he maintains his with a contract extension. Gibson will be a restricted free agent at the end of next season but has no interest in testing those waters.

Gibson said as much Thursday, telling‘s Nick Friedell that whenever the Bulls get around to it, he’s ready to get something done:

“Really, it doesn’t matter (when it happens),” Gibson said. “I told (general manager) Gar (Forman) and (vice president John Paxson) how committed I am to just being with the Bulls. It’s not a thought in my head to leave Chicago because I love playing for the Bulls.

“I love wearing the Bulls logo across my chest. So that’s the last thing I’m thinking about right now. Right now, I’m just thinking about next year. Just come in and figure out how I can try to help the team better and just let the chips fall in place. A lot of guys tend to worry about that stuff, but I know I have a good agent in Mark Bartelstein and I have a lot of faith in what he does and I know I have a lot of faith in the Bulls organization so I’m just relaxing and practicing.

“I believe my future is here. Either mid-July or next year (for an extension), just have to be patient and just wait and see.”

Injuries to both Derrick Rose (ACL)  and Joakim Noah (ankle) forced Gibson into a more prominent role in the playoff this season. And he responded by being the Bulls’ most consistent player in their series against Philadelphia, averaging 10.0 points, 7.2 rebounds and 2.0 blocks.

While there seems to be some uncertainty surrounding the return of Rose, in terms of when he’ll be back and in what state he’ll be in at that point, Gibson is convinced Rose will return better than ever, telling Adam Fluck of

“I think he’s going to be better in my honest opinion,” Gibson reiterated. “It’s tough when you’re coming off so many different injuries. You [usually] don’t have time to work on your body [during the season]. But after this injury, he’ll understand more than ever how important it is to maintain your body and stay on top of your legs. As he works through this recovery, he’s already been pushing his legs and it’s great.”

Gibson said he’s seen Rose at the Bulls’ training facility grinding through his rehab in the way you’d expect from an All-Star and former MVP. The Bulls need all of the positive vibes they can get after that first-round exit against the Sixers. Gibson sticking around for the long-term is excellent news, but the news and views on Rose are even more encouraging.


  1. MTBrider says:

    Taj is awesome and I thought that Boozer would be good for the Bulls but he does a horrible job playing defense. I still remember one game in the Eastern Conference Finals last year against the Heat when Taj had two monster dunks, one that was right over Wade. We NEED Taj back starting!

  2. blue-zer says:

    Trade boozer for d12

    dwight + rose = champion

  3. MIAMI 3 6 1 says:


    What did the bulls achieved when taj dunked on DWADE face???? NOTHING!!!!!! He’s 6’8 – 6’9″ guy… He should be able to do that!!! Even if he dunk on Lebron or Bosh… still meaningless if they couldn’t past the HEAT….. Goodluck on fishing….

  4. lakermig says:

    i have a feeling that Drose is gonna be one of those great what if cases where he spends his entire career fighting injuries like a penny hardaway or a Tmac 😦

  5. HeatFan says:

    try to trade boozer for tyreke evans then they’ll be unstoppable

  6. Big Ticket PH says:

    @winston Boston has a small chance of letting KG go, especially to Chicago… Boozer in Beantown, big question if he can fill in KG’s shoes… 🙂

  7. NBA Expert says:

    Taj “Mahal” Gibson!!!!!

  8. Miami Heat BIG Fan says:

    Miami Heat can still beat bulls!!! Let’s Go HEAT and win Championship!

  9. Tygger2K6 says:

    Go and test the free agent market! You are just afraid ‘coz you will fail in other systems.

  10. Hero says:

    I’d hate to see DerrickRose go down the path of former stars like GilbertArenas, TracyMcGrady, and ShawnKemp, having their careers ruined by injuries

  11. cris says:

    Taj gibson the one who dunk in the face of dwayne wade and i agree gibson is more effective than boozer and i really love to watch him play wearing those bulls uniform it fits him well watch gibson grow he will be a all-star soon

  12. Ryan says:

    It’s a good thing that he wants to stay. He stepped up into the role they needed him to and every team needs solid role players. Everybody running around whining about not having the absolute best contract is tiring to hear, this is a breath of fresh air.

  13. rhys says:

    what did you guys expect when we got boozer? an athletic swcorer, defensive machine? he is putting updecent numbers like he was in Utah.. but is still a defensve liability. he always will be

  14. Radio says:

    This is why the bulls will be a force for years to come solid young loyal players, Boozer is not the answer at this spot. Maybe Gibson will be.

  15. TTKIN says:

    The Bulls are not my number 1 team, never have and never will be. That is for the Lakers. But Rose is my favorite player, and this group of guys is easily my favorite. They play selflessly, and in my opinion wouldve done some severe damage to the NBA if everyone had stayed healthy this year. But next year, they will come back with a vengeance and they are going to mow down opponents.

    A lot pf people are concerned about Rose’s health…he’s 23 years old and is one of the fastest guys in the NBA. Not to mention, look at pics of him in high school and pics now, he is built out of muscle. He will be back and he will be amazing again. I may root for the Lakers but there is no better group of guys playing together right now. SA is close, but had Rose been healthy all year, they wouldve had the best record. And OKC doesnt use it’s roster top to bottom the way Chicago does.

  16. winston says:

    Boozer out…Garnett in, if he leaves Boston!

  17. Rezi says:

    Trade Deng??? Are u kidding me. He’s the captain and he’s the heart of the team. There’s no way bulls will be the same spirit team without him. Management shouldn’t even consider that subject. But I do think they should somehow find a way to get out of Boozer’s contract and offer more money to shooting guards (e.g. James Harden or O. J. Mayo). Bulls have no problem on power forward spot. They have Taj who’s been phenomenal this season and apart from that he’s young and way more athletic than Boozer which is key to defensive minded teams. Just get out of Boozer’s huge contract and find a solid shooting guard and we’re good to go. Good luck next season and Derrick get healthy soon. We need you!

  18. Ed says:

    Nice to see that Bulls are still a team determined to stay together and win… and if they stay healthy, they will..
    Tibbs is a great coach, he has brought back that same philosophy that was in this team in Jordan’s era- they wana win every single game and are prepared to work hard for it!
    Go Bulls!!

  19. David says:

    After Rose and Deng, this guy is the Bulls most reliable and most athletic player. Very underrated, if he stays in Chicago he surely deserves more playing time.

  20. carlos says:


  21. carlos says:

    they should make taj a starter insted of booer

  22. Brian says:

    I am really glad to hear he wants to stay!!! We need him, way more than boozer. But I saw rudy gay is on the block. No disrespect to Deng but I wouldnt mind trying to swap SF’s and also picking up Mayo. Neither rare lockdown defenders but are decent and better offensive than their counterparts on our squad. And trust me it’s hard form me to say this cause I am a Bulls and Duke fan but what so

  23. David says:

    It wasn’t the trainers fault Rose got injuried. You can’t predict an ACL tear like you guys expect. Rose was coming off injuries to his legs yes, that most likely affected his knee being weak but it still has nothing to do with the trainer. But I do agree we need to dump Boozer and put Taj back in the starting line-up. I am a Boozer fan but he just has failed for us since he got here.

  24. Victor Manoel says:

    Man, Thibodeau is a master. He’s a top-5 coach in NBA, no doubt about it. Chicago is where it is because of his defensive schemes (and the play of Rose, too). So, Chicago fires Thibodeau and bring who? Sloan? Phil Jackson? Larry Brown? Spoesltra? Come on, man, respect the great coach.

  25. jesus carrillo says:

    the players they need to keep is rose, deng, noah, gibson, and korver, as starters and for the bench lucas, asik, brewer,

  26. smiley says:

    I’d love for Taj to joint Jo in the starting lineup and dump Boozer and his huge contract which will not be easy no doubt!

    The Bulls definately need a new trainer as I have never seen so many injuries and mishandling of injuries! If Rose wasn’t ready to go then he should have sat! If Jo didn’t go down later in the 1st round then the Bulls should have beaten the 76ers even without Rose!

    I sure hope the Thunder win it all this year! They are very hungry, young, and deserving…they are very fun to watch with Durant, WB, Harden, bigs Perkins and Ibaka…and good supporting cast after that! GO Thunder!

    I’m a Bulls fan by the way! :-O

  27. akosibonik says:

    who cares, chicago needs to hire a new trainor. a trainor that knows how to take care of their superstars. and not to force injuries.

    • Chris says:

      you’re dumb.

    • tortoisebrown says:

      Every single Bulls fan cares.

    • Adam says:

      There was a 66-game season that was squeezed into a block of time that would have barely accommodated 50. There was a lockout that meant that players couldn’t train with their coaches, etc. There was a high-intensity vibe to the whole season that produced several injuries around the league. Yet somehow, you pin this on the trainer…which, considering you couldn’t even spell the title of the position correctly, lends absolutely no credibility to your ridiculous argument.

      Nice try, but…nnnnnnnnnnnno.