Do Celtics Still Have Another Gear?

BOSTON –– The way the fans serenaded the home team with a “Let’s go Celtics!,” was that a plea for Game 7 in Miami or a thank you for an era well done?

Given a chance to win on their home floor, the Celtics folded like a paper airplane, raising suspicion that their best game could be behind them.

“A bunch of fighters in this locker room,” said Kevin Garnett. But these “fighters” lost by 19 points and looked like an old heavyweight who just absorbed a few too many blows. They were victims of a great performance by MVP LeBron James, no doubt, but also their inability to repeat the shots and plays they made in the previous three games, all Boston wins.

Besides Rajon Rondo, the Celtics had nothing. No fire, no steely determination, no grit … all the elements that helped them venture this deep into the postseason.

“We got into the locker room after the game and there was a great sense of disappointment among everybody,” said Ray Allen. “And anger. This was basically our Game 7.”

The Celtics quickly turned their attention to Saturday and what Rondo said will be a “confident” team. But can the Celtics possibly be a better team? Against Miami? Against LeBron? And in their 20th game of a very long playoff stretch?

The signs aren’t terribly promising. Allen isn’t going to miraculously develop a better ankle. He made three shots Thursday, one a 3-pointer, the only three in 14 tries for the Celtics team. Paul Pierce hit a big 3-pointer in Miami, but 48 hours later, he was meek. He made one more basket than reserve Marquis Daniels and had no answer for James. It could very well be the schedule is finally catching up to the Celtics, who must play tremendously to win Game 7 on the Heat’s floor. Not to say that isn’t possible. But really, what are the odds for a team that has overachieved?

“It’s been tough for us all year to get to this point,” said Pierce, “and why wouldn’t it be tough now?”

They’ll be asked to beat Miami for the fourth time in five games, something that hasn’t happened to the Heat all year, and they’ll have to do it against an energized James, still smoldering from 45 points and 15 rebounds. Nobody would fault the Celtics for losing in seven against Miami;  just reaching the East finals was an accomplishment alone for a team that had a losing record a week after the All-Star break.

But there was just a sense, in the way their shoulders dropped with each James basket, in the manner in which they regretted letting a golden opportunity slip, that Boston’s best has come and gone.

“We left a huge opportunity on the floor,” said coach Doc Rivers. “But we have another opportunity. And that’s what the playoffs are all about.”

We’ll see. The Celtics have won much respect for stretching this season out despite losing their best two bench players and dealing with Allen’s lingering injury. They’ve made it this far on pride, more than anything else. But that takes you only so far.

Like, to the doorstep of the NBA Finals. But probably not through the door.


  1. Boston Hater says:

    As I said, all this bunch of despicable Boston team all falling apart, as they deserve. Rondo became one of the most stupid player in their inevitable relation with the media…..Know for all the Boston fan, I’m very sorry for waste your money that way, and for that who has season tickets run to return it, your are not going to see the light in the next seventy years!!! ha

    • boston hater hater says:

      o yea, the celtics may have lost this season but guess what? the heat would not have won without battier (injured bradley), Haslem (injured oneal). so next year, when all of the celtics big four is back, and every celtic is healthy, we will kick every miami heat player’s butt

  2. wut says:

    Boston will lose because of stern


  4. Joe N says:

    As long as the Celtics make it to the Finals, everyone in Boston will be happy, because there is no way they can beat OKC


    • Gocelts says:

      This morning when I open the and read the comments I felt nauseated and betrayed. How is this possible that on the national site to be that commentary ‘sorry Boston, a final OKC Heat is a heaven for basketball fans’. Is everything already set? The referees too got the directions?
      It is really heart breaking to see this; not only as a Celtic fan but as a basketball fan. How can David Stern read that commentary and see the shirt and feel that fans should respect him and the NBA?

  6. beantownallday says:

    Powell (writer of this article) EATS CORN THE LONG WAY. Just cuz u were never a good athlete if one at all doesnt mean u shuld take out ur anger against the celtics, who won 3 outta 4 times vs miami this season. Have made it a to a game 7 which one could say is lucky for the heat becuz the refs threw game 2. But hey it is what it is and now its on tonight baby! go to bed powell ya clown. No way the refs will throw this game tnight with the entire country watching! lets do it agian boys cmon!!!!

  7. Ben dOver says:

    Disregarding game 6, game 7 could go either way both teams have good players but basketball is just to unpredictable

  8. Wing says:

    How dare this man make fun of a team that has surprised so many? And how dare he make fun of the Celtics fans for being loyal? This writer is neither professional nor ethical!!! Does anyone really believe that James alone beat the entire Celtics team? No, he had enough help from his team in defense, and Celtics just didn’t play well. It really doesn’t matter whether Celtics can beat Thunder; what matters to the Celtics fans is to see their team win the conference final and to watch them together (big-3+) one more championship series. Too many people including the media believe that Celtics are over the hill, should go fishing, need to wear bangay . . . etc. The guys want to end the big-three era with pride and dignity by going out with a big bang. For James, he only wants the fame along with the ring that he wants so bad that he can almost taste it. I have never seen any ball player who looks more creepy than he did at Game 6 Some might call it “Determination,” but all I could see was a hungry wild jungle cat. I guess he doesn’t want to end up selling men’s underwear after he retires. At least, Jordan has a ring!

  9. Vrapz says:

    Powell u sound like a kid…who just wtch hilights and never undertand the game of basketball.
    Go write more against celtics…or kiss heats as.s.s.s.s

  10. Radu says:

    Mr Powell, you sound like a bloody bandwagonner. And rather presumptuous, too. You say “If the Heat win Saturday, basketball wins.” And if the Celtics win, what? Basketball loses? Some twisted views you parade around there. You go on saying about the OKC – Heat match-up “Don’t you think we deserve it?” And all this time I thought the Finals were about the two best teams – that is why we have a best-of-seven series. Let this Game 7 decide the best team and please stop talking of the Gods – you sound like a God-touched basketball prophet – pretty corny.

  11. Az says:

    like how this guy writes about a thunder-heat matchup being great and everything, time to see if david stern will let a game play out or set it up to have that matchup actually happen

  12. Im a a laker fan… im here to say that miami will win game 7 as for me lol xD yes we know and im also surprised when boston came as this far “game 7” its a WOW factor for me for boston.. but when you think of it miami lose 3 times straight ryt?? i dont think so miami will do the same mistake.. game 6 was a fantastic for miami.. Im agry bec. when miami lose miami fans blame refs and when boston lose boston fans also blame refs.. it is a nba play off.. comon guys be realistic.. in that 3 game win for boston is a tough game, 2-4 deficit.. for me as a fan of lakers hey boston fans dont laugh at me when im saying this one its just an opinion from another team fan… im going to miami going to finals.. sorry boston celtics you are great and strong team but miami is more efficient team to fight OKC in the finals… no doubt miami will win in game 7 maybe 5-10 deficit..

  13. BOSTON CELTICS says:


  14. Chuckles55 says:

    Heat 107, Celtics 83. Time for the old boys to look for more age appropriate activities in the coming years…

  15. Andrew Stark says:

    Come on C’s, you can do it one more time! Remember what you’re playing for, probably the last shot at a championship and the last time you could be playing with each other within the BIG 3 era!

  16. Kevin Khan says:

    What kind of stupid article is that …. instead of showing that your about the heat, why don’t you be a real columnist. This is a freaking game 7 between the celtics and the heat. What could be better (RIGHT NOW before the finals) than this. I’m a boston fan and i wouldn’t mind if boston lose that game because i know that they would have gave everything out on the floor. Look, the only i’m asking is to be neutral and make article. If you want to post YOUR opinion, just do like us, LEAVE A COMMENT. Hope boston wins it and win it all for the last time for the big 4 (rondo included).

  17. Karlo Garcia says:

    I have Boston in OT(OverTime).

  18. Bob says:

    I’m sorry Shaun, but your posts lately have been completely over the top. No, the Celtics aren’t done as they’ve proven the past games, and no, not everybody wants to see the Heat in the finals. In fact, the best basketball match-up for purists would probably have been Celtics-Spurs. Team play over athleticism.

  19. kirk says:

    miami heat by 10 points lead..

  20. Odyss says:

    Through the last five years the Celtics are contentders, I have never – not even once – read an article by Mr. Shaun Powell, that said something positive about Boston team. It’s more like, whenever I read something about the Celts being counted out, underestimated, or in the newest article here, being rooted against, it’s like – who’s writing that? Oh yes, Shaun Powell, who else? So you all know what, I don’t know what Mr. Powell has against Boston, but just because of him, I hope the C’s win it all this year.

  21. Midnite says:

    Still upset with the Spurs’ loss but that’s all in the west. As a Celtics fan I hope to see more from Rondo, Garnet, and Pierce. However the return of Bosh has made a significant boost to the Heat, putting them on a more comfortable spot than when CB was out. James was obviously the play maker on game 5. I doubt he can pull another 45pt game on Saturday but there is always D Wade to pick up the pace on Game 7. Whoever wins Saturday should defeat OKC cause I just can’t stand their attitude. I think LBJ deserves the ring better than Durant & Westbrook.

    • Rocabye says:

      I just dont understand this. Durant is the most humble guy in the NBA, doesn’t run his mouth, doesn’t call himself Chosen One, just quietly does his job and plays great basketball. How could anyone dislike his attitude?

  22. klipster says:

    in game six lebron games is a better shooter than kobe bryant, kevin durant and dirk nowitzki. i’ve been watching all lebron games. that game is his most excellent outside shooting performace in his entire career. remember this the ball is round.

  23. klipster says:

    in game six lebron games is a better shooter than kobe bryant, kevin durant and dirk nowitzki. i’ve been watching all lebron games. that game is his most excellent outside shooting performace in his entire career. remember this the ball is round.

  24. x-writer says:

    very funny, my opinion u dont want to post anymore?or why u zensored my comments??is it so true thats dangerous for the business?NBA image? deleted or dont post it, that s makes me believe in it more , now i see i´m right and all the others , this year is a BS finals,not the best teams are in the finals, just a showgame…

  25. MIAMI 3 6 1 says:


    Do you think the celtics just relaxed during game 6??? the answer is NO!!!! If you’re up 3-2 lead and in home court that’s the best scenario for home team coaches…. to seal the deal…. Too bad the celtics get destroyed by LBJ single handed… literally!!!! destroyed…. He’s been guarded by pieRCE all the time… But he just run past over him… Then they put pietrus on him still the same result, then allen and yes still the same result then rondo and after that kg… but still same result…

    LBJ destroyed boston celtics…. nough said….

    OKC vs MIA is more exiting game than kobe and pierce era….. The battle between young superstars…. Durant and James…

  26. EST says:

    i almost hate the nba site…. every time team loses they start pushing them down. I remember when heat lost 3 in a row… then they said that Boston is so good and Heat dont have a chance, Lebron cant play under pressure and it would be it for the Miami… so whay now this story? Because Boston lost at home? You will be suprised 😉 Boston is going to WIN….

    by: Fan from Estonia 😉

  27. Shawn says:

    I love how all the headlines on (the LEAGUES OFFICIAL SITE) are begging for the Heat-Thunder final…. You could at least not make it as blatantly obvious that your trying to control series.

  28. CeltFan says:

    Okay, i know i will come off as a pathetic boston crybaby fan right now, but has anybody else read this?

    Shaun Powell is supposed to be a writer for the NBA. If he writes like that he should just quit and write for the heat. That article was very disrespectful. True basketball fans what? True basketball fans don’t count nobody out just yet CAUSE THE SERIES IS NOT OVER. The celtics may be old, over the hill, needs a lot of ben gay, underdogs, weak, slow but they still have a chance, and they have proven to everybody that they still have what it takes to win championships.

  29. Matt says:

    Yes, LeBron had an insane game 6. But Celtics fans have to remember that the Heat still have role players that can do damage. Miller, Chalmers, and Battier can all hit threes. And D Wade can play better. So, Celtics fans, remember that LeBron isnt the only Heat player the Celtics have to guard. GO HEAT!!!

  30. jawo says:

    great game 7 for sure. go heat, not on our house

  31. mac says:

    without LBJ heat will even hardly go to semis!GO boston celtics the true team-spirited basketball team!

  32. KG_5 says:

    Win or Loose Boston will be Boston, a good, strong and proud TEAM in the NBA. They have proven a lot, and they will still prove it on game 7, it will never be easy for them to take it, so as to the HEAT!!!! Go CELTICS!!!!!!!!!!! BEAT THE HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. LakersRus says:

    This has been a great series! 2 teams with a lot of heart! The Celtics are surprising me actually! I thought the Heat would dispatch them rather early! I’m thinking game 7 will be a dogfight, but I have to go with the Heat!

  34. Mohcel says:

    I Dont believe this guy. Haha Too bias. When im reading his article and say “i want to kiss Lebron”.

  35. W/E says:

    It would be pathetic if the Heat lose to the celtics in their homecourt,if Dwade and Bosh were more consistent they would be clearly the superior team

  36. Rajon says:

    Every writer and commentator roots against Celtics. Even when C’s were up 3-2 the still placed the odds in Miami’s favour. Sure the game is at Miami but the score is tied at 3-3 for a reason, Celtics have beaten Heat in Miami and can do it again.

  37. Minghuo says:

    Celtics missed a lot of easy shotings, that the reason. LBJ is perfect in game 6, but can not be always perfect. It’s not the end of the series. Celtics till has the chance to win in game 7 though it is not easy! Think about game 5! Nothing is imposible.

  38. digitioli says:

    The horrible officiating continues. bron bron couldn’t miss, and the refs STILL totally worked it for a game 7. Every time the C’s saw a glimmer, some bs phantom call or no call shut them down. They obviously had too many turnovers and couldn’t make a shot – so why not let them lose on that basis? Not a Celtic fan, but not a fair game by any stretch – anybody who can’t see that doesn’t know basketball.

  39. dattebayo says:

    I wrote the Celtics off long ago and they proved me wrong by going up 3-2. I wrote off Miami, when Bosh went down and they were behind 2-1 against Indiana. I wrote off OKC when they trailed 2-0 and I was desperately hoping the Nuggets would beat the Lakers. I wanted to see James chase Parker and see whether SA can score enough against Miamis defense. I am done wishing and hoping and guessing. Obviously every team left deserves it and is capable enough of being a finalist and becoming the champion. Will Pierce finally show up, will Wade? Will Rondo go nuts again or will it be Lebron? Can Ray Allen find some timely threes, can Chalmers? Who will turn the ball over and crumble under the pressure, who won’t be able to defend in transition? How will the referees officiate the game? A lot of questions and only time will tell.

    I am rooting for Miami, but should the Celtics come through again I will take my hat off to them and root for them to beat the Thunder. I know OKC plays great and deserves this shot at the title, but seeing just how many much better players came before them with few or even no shots at a title, I don’t want them winning it all after just 2-3 seasons together and them all just being 23 or younger. I’d much rather see the old guys claiming their second ring or Lebron finally prove all his critics wrong…

  40. Law064 says:

    Horrible shooting and execution from the C’s yesterday. I’m not a fan of Lebron but he really handed it to the C’s. Can he repeat that performance possibly but I doubt if he shoots anywhere near that good. Lebron made some tough shots and a lot of contested mid range shots. I give him credit for playing like his series was on the line. The Celtic’s fought back but missed a lot of open looks and turned over the ball way to much vs the heat who live off mistakes like TO’s. Can Pierce shoot 4-18 again and win I doubt it but I have faith the C’s will take game 7. If they played a avg game they could’ve won but missing as many open shots as they did made it a blowout. Ray and Paul will have to shoot better to win this series. Go Celtic’s also I agree with comments. When the heat win Boston’s to old when Boston wins it’s the Heat gave it away smh.

  41. thisguy says:

    Let’s be honest the Miami Heat were very lucky to win this game. They did not play good by any means. I mean only 2 players in double figures and Lebron almost outscoring his own team. Miami played pretty bad as a team. The only reason they won was because the Celtics played just absolutley horrendous. Their minds weren’t in this game and didn’t run plays and just played a really bad game. But this is where their veteran mindset gives them the advantadge. They will come back and play better, Doc will make adjustments and show them what they did wrong and then this time, Lebron can have a 60 point game and it won’t be enough because everyone is saying the Celtics play bad but so did Miami. My prediction: Boston takes game 7

  42. meme says:

    the boston will win in game 7!! no one can beat them they have allen KG pierce and especially rondo!!

  43. Belizeboy says:

    Celtics gear shift only went up to five, Miami shifted into six, but we’ll see who can perform like they have a seventh on Saturday.

  44. Jon says:

    Someone said Rondo looks like an alien; are we having a beauty contest here or did I miss something? Did anyone see the eyes of James last night on TV? It reminds me of a hungry beast who is ready to kill for a piece of meat. How pathetic!!!

  45. billy says:

    One thing about this series is you never know which team will show up in each game although I had this feeling in my gut that the Heat was going to win Game 6 only as a way to silenced the critics. Obiviously, the Celtics must like being in difficult situations because it seemed like they were phoning in their performance last night. Getting blown out at their own court and having to return on the road would bother other teams but not them. Hey, they won in Miami so it’s not like they have any fear of losing the series. The pressure is still on Miami. Boston was a fifth seed, they weren’t expected to get this far. They were far from looking like a championship team this season and they struggled against the eight seed Sixers. But somehow they have survived the chaos and if Game 7 is the end of the Big Three/Four era, then at least they had a better showing this post season than last year. Garrnet, Pierce, Rondo, and Allen had their magical season in 08, but their age(except Rondo) is what kept them from winning multiple championships. At least they didn’t come out and brag about winning championships like LeBron and the Heat even if they win this series against Boston, there is a super locomotive by the name of the OKC Thunder that I doubt they can stop.

  46. a-train says:

    The way I see it, the playoffs is all about adjustments. Boston won game 5, Miami made adjustments and came back to win game 6. Boston is in the better position right now, because they can only adjust to what they did wrong in the last game. The Heat do not have the grace of hindsight on their side right now because they are coming off of a win. Barring an amazing game by Lebron AND Wade (yes they both will have to step up for this one), the Celtics determination and coaching staff will see them to the Finals. Don’t think that Lebrons game was all about him, Spoeltsra put him in better situations to score the ball judging on what wasn’t working in Game 5.

  47. adrixe says:

    Hats off to LBJ for playing a really good game. Beating the whole celtics by himself. I think Celtics didn’t have the energy last night and having to think that even if they loose game 6, there’s still one more game. If you notice how celtics blow every lead they have in every game. They tend to relax. They like it when their backed against the wall. I hope that they will fight for 48 mins on sat and just give everything. win or loose, they proved how good they are and how resilient they are. A great run by the old celtics against the younger guys.
    Let GO celtics! may the best team wins! 🙂

  48. MrBigShot says:

    Mr. Powell is honestly stupid when it comes to playoff basketball in the NBA. After game 1 he said Boston was only going to have it coming at them worse (they have won 3 of the last 5 since). After game 2 he said these exact words, “Boston is not going to beat Miami.” He said it so boldy it felt as if he said they were going to be swept. Then after game 3 he said that Boston dug deep to win, but they weren’t going to win another game (they won the next 2). After game 4 he just blamed Miami for letting the Celtics back in the series. He talked as if he were a mad Heat fan who really wanted them to win. Then after game 5 I really got pissed off at him. He rose the question “Boston is clutch, Miami is clutching. Does that tells you what separates the Celtics from Heat now”? Such an idiot. This is the same guy who basically said Miami was going to just all out dominate and came out and boldy said Boston has no chance. Now he’s saying they have no chance AGAIN. Knowing how stupid this guy is, Boston will probably win game 7. Then there will be an article stating how he knew Boston would fight back. He is literally the worst writer I’ve ever seen.

  49. 305 says:

    This is only a taste of what the series would have been like if Miami had the intangibles of Chris Bosh for the other 5 games.

  50. Chris says:

    I guess he won’t listen to me. But can ANYBODY please tell Shaun Powell, it’s better to think before writing?! I read many of his pathetic articles all season. We all know you love Lebron. Though I can’t understand that, I won’t lie and say he isn’t a very good player. But is there a chance for a reporter (or columnist) to stay a little objective?
    Yes, Boston had some rough nights, yesterday was one of them. And Miami is the younger, much more athletic team. Having problems at times to score and find the right spots at offense against a very good defensive team is nothing condemnable, i guess. Especially, when most of the time you’re a step slower, ’cause you’re hurt and a felt 10 years older than your opponent. But criticizing Paul Pierce for having problems guarding a machine down low (most of the time alone), that was obviously red hot last night? C’mon Shaun! That’s ridiculous. Even for you. By the way, did you ever play ball? I wouldn’t wonder if the answer was no.
    Lebron brought his A-game last night and made shots he usually doesn’t make on this high percentage. But I guess he won’t be shooting that well again in game 7. Even with Boston having an off night on offense, game 6 was relatively close for long stretches. If they can make only some of the shots they missed today and play a little better on D and on the boards, again it will be very tough for Miami on saturday. Boston doesn’t need another gear next game. Just a solid game on both ends is enough against this Miami team. Don’t know about the potential OKC series though…. 😉
    …by the way, thanks Mikael Pietrus for giving Miami a taste of their own medicine. Keep floppin’! 😀

  51. Jack says:

    The Celtics had their chance, the ultimate opportunity to advance to the Finals and they simply blew it! Now the uphill climb begins with game 7 in Miami, and given the performance of Lebron James It is doubtful that they will be able to beat the Heat in Miami.The Celtic Team, bar Rajon Rondo seemed like a bunch of slow moving old men on their way to an AARP meeting, the Heat ran circles around them, and one particular Celtic player who never , ever show up? it’s Stemsma, what was he doing on the floor while Garnet is sitting on the bench at a crucial time of the game 6, is beyond me. Turnovers, bad shot choices, the slow pace, lack of spirit, and many stupid fouls contributed to the demise of the Celtics in Game 6, hope that in Game 7 they open their eyes, regroup, rethink their strategy and game plan if they are to hope for a win in Game 7 in Miami.

  52. littleteapot says:

    Quick! Someone tell KG he’s old. In all seriousness, the one good thing about getting blown out this bad is that pierce and KG both only played 30 minutes, so maybe they will be able to rest up a little more. Either way, there’s no way they play this horrible in an elimination game.

  53. stavros says:

    today’s journalists=wherever the wind blows …….I want Celtics to reach the finals cause i love them so much ,not because it will make guys like you eating their words

    • Kel says:

      So true. I love this team, I don’t want Ray or KG to leave. I think KG will stay, but Ray will have to be willing to maybe have a sixth man role. I don’t think at this point they care about money. But it’s harder to argue for them to stay together if they lose… Let’s go Celtics!

  54. Boston hater says:

    I would sleep well on Saturday when I’ll see all this disagreeable Boston team falling apart like yesterday, after that Miami could lost against OK or Mars crash the Earth or Pujols hit 5 home runs in a game…..

  55. CeltFan says:

    If the heat win, they are so great. If the celtics win, the heat let them. Come on shaun powell! I think the guys in green deserve a lot more respect than that. Of course lebron was great last game and the celtics didn’t deliver, but can you please be more fair? Let’s just look forward to game 7 cause I’m certain that the celtics still have the will to fight. The heat won a game and lebron did really good, but let’s not forget that the series is tied 3 games each. Let’s go celtics! WIN or lose you will forever have my respect.

    • Mike C says:

      Well said! I have never seen media coverage this lop-sided in my life. ATTENTION ALL SPORTS WRITERS! Celtic’s took three games away from Miami. There was nothing the Heat could or couldn’t have done to stop them. They earned every point. END OF STORY. WAKE UP!

      • Mike C says:

        Sorry Boston fans, my mistake. The Celtics took 4 games away from Miami. I forgot about game two that the refs had the fix on to make sure the series would be extended. Heat fans can thank David Stern for that one later!

  56. Tim says:

    I was at the game last night and without a doubt their best player had a great game. It was also without a doubt one of the most poorly officated games I’ve ever seen. I know it’s a tough economy but the NBA should really get out of the business of giving the business to get more business. The C’s never could get into a flow, even though they did stink it up. Everytime it seemed like there would be a run I would end up looking at the people around me questioning whether the call was what was actually made. The kick??? the Rondo neck grab??? the elbow by Lebron??? I am not sure if you were there but it was bad. If I did my job like they did I would be ashamed to collect my ckeck.

    • Belizeboy says:

      Get real Tim, the officals had nothing to do with this win for Miami. Celtics were demoralized by halftime. The refs made examples out of Chalmers and Garnett. With that in Mind Celtics probably couldn’t use some of their *cough*dirty*cough* tactics.

  57. DaPlayaPresident says:

    That’s why they play the game. It’s simple as that. Every time a team loses, the so called “pundits” write them off. Just yesterday leading up to the game they were writing off the Heat and suggesting that they fire the coach, trade D. Wade, etc… NOW, it’s the Celtics turn. It’s part of the business.

  58. Heat-Thunder 2012 Finals says:

    Ray Allen on their last game: “This was basically our Game 7”
    Even Jesus Shuttlesworth admitted.. 🙂

  59. Ann says:

    That was about 3 point play of Boston which didn’t happen.Pierce and Ray didn’t give enough. They just desperately were trying to tie the game. I loved the crowd cheering ‘Let’s go Celtcs!’ for about 3 minutes there at the end of the game. KG was shaking his head in that rhythm. I think that’s a huge stimulus for them.
    If there’s a game left, then, there’s a chance left for the Celtics.

  60. Miami Heat Fan says:

    Heat will win Game 7. No Doubt.

  61. Mike C says:

    Shaun your an idiot! I dont know who is more desperate to kiss Lebron’s butt? You or Van GUMBY! As a Celtic fan, I can appreciate what Lebron did last night, he just flat out beat us. But be realistic, he had the absolute game of his life. Shot 73% from the field. 85 % the first half. Does anyone on the planet believe he can repeat that performance? And, in the very next game? Its NEVER giong to happen. Miami had to have their absolute best game, while Boston had to have its worst, for this series to continue. By some miracle that happened. Saturday its our turn, WATCH. Celtic’s shoot over 60% as a team and show idiots like you why they have 17 titles!

    • Belizeboy says:

      Mike don’t be so bitter. You’re upset at a writer questioning the Celtics with good cause. They had a closeout game at home and the momentum was in their favor. Lebron took over and they looked like deer in headlights. Keep in mind you’re going back to Miami where now James doens’t have to put up 40pts, he just needs Bosh and Wade to be themselves. The bench players have been solid for the most part at home. Advantage Miami.

      Bringing up the Celtics 17 titles is real relevant huh? 11 titles won when there were probably 15 teams, and Russell was the biggest player in the game. If you want to really talk titles then compare the one hard earned 08 victory to James having zero. That would be relevant.

      • Mike C says:

        Can you seriously tell me with a straight face, you think Lebron is going to have another game like last night, on saturday? As a Heat fan, why wouldn’t you think that? Let me understand. Its only happened twice in NBA playoff history, but Lebron is so amazing he’s going to pull it off twice in 48 hours. Is Vegas taking this action, cause I want to bet my house & pension fund on this one. WOW, KEEP DREAMING!

    • Sick says:

      Hey Mike that Celtic team has only 1 title and the other 16 is way before
      the Miami joined the NBA… so don’t talk about 17 titles

    • Scott says:

      Mike C demonstrating a severe lack of basketball knowledge here folks. As a team the Miami Heat shot 48% to Boston’s 42%. If you take out LeBron’s spectacular night the rest of the Heat shot a dismal 36% and only Dwayne Wade hit double figures. Miami ALSO had a terrible game as a team. Take off the Celtic’s blinders and look at the box score, the numbers aren’t lying to you. Miami has just as much potential to perform better as a team as the Celtics do, and they’ve got LBJ.

      P.S. If you’re going to call someone an idiot, you may want to spell “you’re” correctly.

      • Mike C says:

        Thanks scott. YOU’RE an idiot. Yes, thats much better. If you can read, you can see I was talking about Lebron’s shooting percentage, not the entire team. They dont really matter anyway since they wouldn’t even make the playoffs without Bron Bron.

  62. Rhedz says:

    Heat vs. Okc is the match to watch….Okcs good but it’s not their time yet to hold that finals trophy…maybe next year or in 2 years but not this year….James and the heats destined to win that elusive ring…and nothing can change that cuz it’s already been said and will be done in a few weeks time.

    as for boston..I salute them..for giving all they’ve got…they had their time…this year is not one of them…They won’t win this one…that’s what i feel…whatever they do and try…they won’t take that championship home…

    • Belizeboy says:

      If it is OKC vs Miami there’s no telling what the outcome will be. I’m a Heat fan but who’s to say LBJ doesn’t up an disappear again. Durant has a determination in him that will not be easy to discourage. Westbrook is in attack mode and the OKC bench is going to be a problem. No in the Heat’s favor we can hope that Wade is just reserving his best games for the finals, and hopefully Bosh can contribute 15+ each night.

  63. LeBron will come out agressive like last game, DWade getting his stas in the fourth, and if miami contain rondo and role players hit open shots, the heat will win

    Go Heat!

    Celtics must hit shots and keep it close, don’t let DWade score at the end

  64. lakermig says:

    Im sure that OKC are gonna be praying for the celtics match up

  65. lakermig says:

    without the usual barrage of 3’s from ray allen im surprised they got so far but KG and rondo have stepped up big time although KG cant keep that level consistently i mean nearly every series has gone the full distance. If the Celts some how pull it off i would be extremely surprised but then they would get run over by OKC they would nearly go out with more pride in game 7 on sat i would imagine then a sweep in the finals

  66. IAmACeltic says:

    They should’ve won Game 2. I am 99% sure that the Celtics will win Saturday. I just worry about the refs in Miami.

    • Tim says:

      Imagine what Tommy H is saying. He was probably rolloing over laughing at how bad the refs were. He always comments that the one ref last nigh, the biggest ref out there, can not give the Celtics a fair game. That’s why the NBA and ESPN would not have the local broadcaster do the games.

      • Belizeboy says:

        Wow blaming the refs on game that was pretty much won by James in the first half. I’m sure that like these writers you will flip your statments to match whatever the outcome of game 7 is.

    • Kel says:

      True, but unfortunately what’s done is done. LeBron played like a monster in Game 6, and the Celtics had no response. I believe that they can beat the odds once again and win in Miami. They weren’t the underdog in Game 6, but they certainly are now. They seem to do better in that role. Also, I think PP is angry at himself, and KG must be disappointed in his performance in Game 6. Rondo was good, but not his dominate brilliant self that he’s capable of being. You know Doc probably has a few tricks left in the book as well. Heart of a champion, don’t count them out. But the Heat have so much pressure to win. I’m done trying to predict what’s going to happen anymore. Particularly after seeing the Spurs-Thunder series.

  67. Wha? says:

    Replace this Powell dude with someone that understands the game of basketball even a little bit. We’ll perhaps have fewer idiotic posts like this!!

  68. the2.writer says:

    nice too see that critcal post , u dont want to be posted here , ok even here it is nba busniess, no space for free opionion, better to go to syria maybe their it is free….give it to the okc and heat ,, ridiculous even here

  69. Angry Birds says:

    turns out one man CAN beat the celtics.

  70. Who da heck wants to see okc vs boston Grandpazzzz? Lol…
    Miami got way better chance to beat OkC then senior Celtics expect rondo (his only a child). I seen rondo in airport few years ago n he look like an alien. Lol
    We people of this ok nation want Miami vs OkC finals.
    Let’s go heat it’s time to join OkC in the final!

  71. ton says:

    when they play like that this game 7 , i sure boston will be in hard to win… but i know their coach is very good in execute defense … but not like erik , not good in execute of play especially in end game , hope he improve it.. so heat can win east finals and next step nba trophy .

  72. Guy says:

    Powell decided the outcome of this series before it began, he repeats himself over and over again.
    The facts are that the Celtics were the better team in 4 out of 6 games in this series, they were better on game 2 and lost in overtime due to bad luck (not to get into any conspiracy theories), they did win game 5 in Miami.
    Game 6 was a combination of a great performance by LeBron and a very weak game by all Celtics players – LeBron had good games all season long – will he have another monstrous game like the last one?
    We saw that 30+ point games from Lebron are not enough for the Heat to win and in this game 6 no other player contributed.
    Will the Celtics have another no show game?
    The series is open – to early to write the Celtics down yet.

    • John says:

      Have you ever thaought that Boston was having a bad game becsue they got rattle by James Performance. Pierce in the second was trying so hard to score and that is why they missed shot. Give Miami credit they can play Defense and can score to. When Miami had a bad game it was all about how great they played and how the defend. Have you every thought that maybe Miami had a bad game. Miami has been known to have a few bad games in a row and then win 6 or 7 look at waht they did to Indiana. If wade gets hot along with James look out and if Bosh comes alive it will be a lot differrent. Boston Played there hearts out in Miami and barely won. Add Bosh to the mix it is a different game

      • Rocabye says:

        You are giving wayyyyy too much credit to Lebron. A great performance isnt making a veteran team miss shots. They just had a bad night. Wide open shots…great looks…just didnt fall. Some nights it doesn’t go your way, and that had nothing to do with Lebron.

  73. Xhoi says:

    I am a celtic fan but i think that the only team that can stand up to OKC is miami boston fought hard to this point but the veterans are getting tired and rondo can stop Durant,Harden,Westbrook, and Ibaka by himself.

  74. Monstrox says:

    The Celtics will fight back and that’s a guarantee, but it would be tough for them to win. The Heat on the other hand need double their teamwork and effort especially Wade who is struggling most of the game.

  75. kirk says:

    if Lebron play in game7 like the way he played on game6 and Wade add more points surely they win game7. Lets go Heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. ppaniqq says:

    really man he shot 90% at half time taking fade away jumpers, that’s the shot Boston want him to take, if he shot 60% still good and above series average. Boston would have been with in 5 as bad as they played at the half

  77. Gil says:

    Ha ha ha. Wild dream.HEAT will take 1 game in OKC and will end 5 games at South Beach.

    • stephenh says:

      Who says they will even get past the conference finals? I still have alot of faith in Boston and the celtics still has something left in them!

  78. dy says:

    i guess when a team loose, all writer will said :can they pull it through; are the big 3era ended; does LBJ can handle game 6 …n so on. but till game 6 both team has proven YOU wrong..KG stood up; LBJ in game 6 give a show.
    but for old team like celtics to be on the Finals has shock every one inc. Celtics fans (maybe) …
    and on Game 7 saturday ..they will submerge and fight …they dont wanna game 7 against the lakers repeat!!

    • John says:

      Everyone have you not figured it out yet that what writers do. they do this becasue they get paid to do this. He probably dont even really mean the thigns he says in this story but we are hear talking about it right. That was his job and he did it, It will happen no matter what team it is when SAS had the adnavtage it was all about them. Now that Miami won it is all about them. If Boston win it will read The Miami Heat will dismantle and James will have to go into early retirement. I just wish people would give Players credit James played a super game and yet I am surprised no one is blaming the refs or saying that Lebron Cheats and the Wade cheated and punch KG in the face. It is just media

  79. Bandu says:

    Pierce was terrible on offence. Le bron was extremely super in game 6. The scoring average for the celtics was more even than for the heat.THEY HAVE A BIG CHANCE! they should get ray taking more shoots than pierce.

  80. Kobe@Manila says:

    Comm’on guyz.. Miami just one another one.. It’s not a big deal.. Celtics is celtics… They will win game 7.. Miami will trade and trade after game 7…

  81. Wing says:

    It is true that James played very well in Game 6, but he couldn’t have achieved that if the Celtics had played better. Now, the table has turned; Celtics have to go to Miami for a do-or-die bar fight. If Celtics doesn’t win, Game 2 of this series will never be forgotten. However, win or lose, the Celtics still deserves a lot of recognition because most people didn’t expect them to come this far. James, Wade, and Bosh will never get the same kind of respect as the “Big 3” in Boston.

    Go, Celtics! It is not over until the fat lady sings!!!

  82. BIG Heat fan says:

    Let’s Go HEAT!!!

  83. Henry says:

    They fell victim to a great performance by Lebron James tonight, nothing else. I don’t blame tiredness or age or any of the typical complaints we hear from the media. This is a talented and aggressive Celtics team who have proven they can play just as well as the Heat and their superstars. I’m a Celtics fan and I don’t fault them tonight; Lebron was on a mission to get to game 7, and after the upheaval that was game 6, the C’s couldn’t keep up. However, now they have seen Lebron’s drive to reach the finals, and they know just how tough it will be to get there themselves. Lacking home court will make things harder still. But I guarantee a better performance from the Celtics on Saturday than what we saw just now. All the faults we typically hear from the media will be nothing compared to the C’s determination to get it done now when it’s all on the line. They won’t let Lebron do what he did again. I can guarantee it’ll be close, and I have incredible faith in my team that the original Big Three will be back in the finals once more. Judging by the rallying cries in the Garden at the end of the game, a throng of other fans agree with me, too.

  84. Derrick says:

    Gorod you say they have proven over and over again to win game seven and thats a dead lie i believe in 2010 the black mamba destroyed them in game 6 when the celtics had a chance to close them out and now history will repeat its self again but king james doing this time

    • ZilchZillion says:

      just don’t forget that K-Perkins was injured on the 1st half of that Game 6 and Celtics were up in that series, 3-2, & they need him so bad because of his defense,screens & intensity on the court & also because of Lakers two towers in Pau & Bynum..then after that things are open up for your black mamba!..then most importantly in Game 7 Kobe didn’t played well had worst shooting game in that series, but they won in that game because of team effort & world peace & most especially THE CELTICS WERE BEING ROBBED OF TITLES BECAUSE OF THAT HEART-BREAKING INJURY period.

  85. KKamenov says:

    Mr Powel is a typical example of a writer who can only say the obvious after a game, then completely change his opinion the following day. After the first 2 Miami wins, he deleted the Celtics out of existence. Then they won three in a row, and he was very hyped about their performance. Now its 3-3 and they dont have a chance again. If they win in game 7, there will be an article about their huge grit etc etc.

    I honestly dont think the NBA writers should be that flat and without any depth in their comments.

  86. datu hakeem says:

    game 7 between boston and miami will be one helluva game. it could go either way. that’s just NBA playoff basketball. one thing certain though, lebron will be double-triple teamed…and wade and bosh will have a field day making their shots. miami by no less than 10 points. as for okc, it will have a really difficult time against a well-oiled, highly-motivated, veteran team like miami. Heat in 6.

  87. shrey says:

    Every team looks destined in the playoffs.
    the best example that we have seen this year is perhaps the Spurs.
    SO it is very certain that anything can happen and destinies an change very much come playoff time.
    If boston reaches finals , i think the desperation to win the championship might as well show something that has
    been never seen before.
    But they need to overcome James.Pierce need to step up in a big way, maybe a reminiscence of what he did enroute to his earlier championship against lebron. 4-19 for pierce and 2-9 for allen arent making them climb over lebron , who might choke in clutch possessions but not in clutch games.

  88. OzHeatFan says:

    Love the drama every time a team wins or loses… one minute they’re playing awesome… next they are overachievers… hahaha then the media and bloggers search in vain for the words to convey an explanation.. It’s just 1 loss.. they just had 3 wins in a row.. Do some people think it is easy to beat Miami 4 times in a row?

    Boston are a great team, that’s why they are still here. Still battling. Their heart and determination belie their physical ability now, but to come this far. Win or lose game 7, to me they’re still champions. Much respect.

  89. Jepoy3 says:

    As a heat fan, I don’t count out the celtics just yet… They are a great team, lots of respect to them, they won’t fold easily… Everything’s on the line on Saturday… Win or Go Home…

  90. Glory says:

    I bet the Celtics will WIN on Game 7. But both teams were great, but only 1 team will win and that is CELTICS.

    • Sick says:

      it’s the HEAT

    • Belizeboy says:

      This was said yesterday by Celtic fans. I’m not making predictions about either team at this point because I thought it would have been Miami in 5. Game 7 will be a suprise to me no matter who wins.

  91. boston.rondo says:

    its funny how evryone counts the celtics out… when boston wins its what miami didnt do.. when miami wins its the celtics are too old.. i mean boston is going to take over experience wise…boston is just like that.. credit to LBJ great game i mean if he wasnt there his team wouldve gotten blown out..Chris bosh was the x factor..i mean whenever we would spark a run we would turn the ball over we cant do it against miami.. whenever rondo and boston has a bad game.. they come back strong and plays better… pressure will be on miami..pierce will step up and so will rondo and KG.. boston-okc finals.. id love to see my team win.. if boston wins it it will be in 6.. if it goes seven.. boston do have a chance kg and pierce are going to realise that this may be their last time they will step it up

    • chalice says:

      I agree with you that it seems that when boston loses, they are old and miami was great and when they win, it’s what miami didn’t do. That said, it’s not miami’s or lebron’s fault that the media spins it that way. I’m a miami fan and would love to see LBJ against Durant but I have to (reluctantly) admit that boston looks like it has a better team while miami has better individual players. I wouldn’t count the celtics out just yet, they have proven people wrong all playoffs. The boston bench is much better IMO than the miami bench. We’ll see what happens saturday but game 7 is really anyone’s game.

      • Kel says:

        People always overreact. Remember just a couple days ago when people were saying the Heat’s big three era was over? Boston knows this is their last chance. They will come to play. I doubt PP and KG will play that poorly again. They simply picked a bad time to play a subpar game. LeBron was huge. Let’s be honest. He’s the ONLY reason the Heat won last night. Can he do it again? Probably not like last night, which means the Heat bench must step up. I’ll be really upset if the Cs don’t pull this one off.

  92. Alpha Base says:

    Awesome performance. Althought the job’s not done yet for LBJ. Game 7, let’s see him exorcise some demons. Its LBJ’s team now.

    As a fan, I personnaly want 3 more games of Bos and Mia.

  93. gurl says:

    celtics will do whatever it takes on saturday. GG by james though.

    • understnds says:

      the CELTICS must be at their best on Saturday … to prove the MIAMI doubters that they are a championship contender this season … every team have their ups and downs .. and by this time … it’s decision time … it goes to a one game decision from a great series … it’s indeed UNPREDICTABLE … no one can surely predict the outcome of the game … the only sure thing in game 7 is that the Greatest team in the East is the team standing tall after the tens of a second of the decisive game 7 run dry … MIAMI or BOSTON …. #hope it will be the HEAT ..go lbjwade

  94. Gorod says:

    Don’t write the Celtics out so easily … They have proven over and over again that they can still come back and win game 7 … but the Finals ?? that might be a tough call against a OKC team which looks destined for the trophy this year …

    • gurl says:

      he is an obivious heat fan.

    • ZilchZillion says:

      This is what is been like for the Celtics 3 years ago, they’ve been always counted out before they proven them wrong, how sweet it is!!They may look look old,banged up,say what you want to say but at a time like this this is what makes them energized,fired up for the next game because no matter how restless the body is its good thing that the their HEART & SPIRIT NEVER AIL…..

      • s27m says:

        ………………………All they got is Rondo if he leaves lol………your full of heart celtics will be a 35 win team next year, that is if they can still run

      • thisguy says:

        With heart you can go places wherever you want to go the celtics will never give up and us boston fans will never sleep on the celtics even when we are down 20 and and 20 seconds left and we showed it with our monstrous chants. It is expected for you to say such garbage but then again what else would you expect from bandwagoners. Doc is gunna make adjustments and your going to look like a fool come saturday

    • haha says:

      its his job to jump around his predictions game by game

    • Jasper says:

      OKC is just an offensive team. If they cant defend the celtics properly they cant get the trophy. Im a OKC fan and hope they can have the ring this year

    • Belizeboy says:

      Just yesterday before the game everyone wrote off the Heat (most of which were Boston fans).